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Chapter 427 - The Newly Risen Atlantia (1)

I was in my office like any other day working on the paper work ȧssigned to the empress. The day is nearly at its end when a knock on my office door was hear.


"Come in." I replied.The door opened and someone I did not expect came inside."Uncle Dimitri.

" I called his name. "What brings you here?" I asked.Dimitri got very busy when he was given dominon of South Atlantia. After the war with Queen Patricia, Atlantia had riseb from the bottom of the sea once more. The land was a barren dessert being it was submerged in the sea water for far to long. Dimitri worked together with Gladiolus and their sacred beasts to make the land habitalble once more, so that Atlantians can come back to their home land."It has been a while your majesty." Dimitri greeted with a smile."Yes it has been a while." I replied with a smil and stood up from my seat. "We were so busy that we cannot meet each other for a cup of tea. How are you uncle?" I walked towards him and gave him a warm hug.After knowing that Dimitri was my mother's half brother, I was so happy to know that I have another Atlantian family."I am doing fine, your majesty." Dimitri returned my hug with equal warmth.

 "How about you?""I am doing fine as well." I replied when I stepped back. "As you can see, there are so many paper work until now." I sighed."All of us have been busy since the empire was established." Dimitri smiled."Come take a seat." I offered. "Please tell the kitchen to prepare some tea and snacks for my guest." I ordered a knight that was standing guard outside my door. The knighr bowed and carried to so my order. 

"Tell me uncle, how is your work in Atlantia fairing?" I asked."Well, that was the reason why I am here your majesty." Dimitri took a seat."Is that so?" I asked in enthusiasm. "I am excited on what you are going to report.""As you know your majesty, Gladiolus and I were working hard this past year to cultivate the lands of Atlantia." Dimitri replied."Yes, I know all too well." I replied and took a seat across him. "I am hoping that everything is going as planned.

"The reconstruction of Atlantia has been the most awaitef thing of the Atlantians. After a long time, they can now come back to a place they can call their home."Everything is going according as planned, your majesty." Dimitri smiled brightly. "Actually, the re-cultivation is going better as planned.""Really?!" I was surprised and excited with the news the same time. "That sounds great!

"When the plans on the re-cultivstion of Atlantia were presented, it was given a two to three years time until it will come into fruition. But hearing that the plan is in a better path means that the time would have been shortened."With the original plan, we thought that it will take two or three years until the land coild be habitable." Dimitri said. "But with the help of Virgil and Carrick, the time shortened immensely."The attendant came in to brong the tea and snacks I have asked for. Dimitri and I enjoyed them while talking."That is good news." I replied brightly. "My mother would love to hear this, and of course the Atlantian people as well."Mother is now living peacefully with father in one of the vacation villas in the provinces of Alvannia. But even with having a retired life, mother cannot but help still want to include herself in any agenda regarding Atlantians. She had been working hard alongside me in helping Atlantians in living in the three countries while waiting for Atlantia to be habitable once more."That is why I am here your majesty." Dimitri replied. "I am here to invite you on a tour of the Atlantian lands.""Really?" I asked feeling grateful with the invitation. "I am so grateful with your invitation. 

But thinking of the work I will leave..." I look at my desk that is still stacked with some paper work."Your mother also thought that you would say that." Dimitri chuckled."You have talked to mother?" I asked in surprise."Yes." Dimitri replied. "I extended my invitation to her first and she agreed. She also told ne to give you this." He handed me a letter."For me?" I asked and took the letter and read intently.My dear Alicia,How have you been my sweet girl? 

Your father and I are doing well so no need to worry about us.Dimitri came and invited me to tour the re-cultivated lands of Atlantia. Of course, how can I refuse. And that is why you cannot refuse as well. I know how busy you have been ang you also need a vacation. I have already sent a letter to your husband beforehand and I am sure he had given his permission. Of course, how can he say know to his mother in law.Let is have a mother and daughter bonding in this vacation. It will be only the two of us with my little grandchildren. I am sure we will have a great time.PS: Yes, it will only be the two of us with the kids. Your father and husband will have to sit this one out. And yes, your father is being like a spoiled kid but I told him he needs to visit Richard who is working hard in Alvannia.Love you always,Mother"Did Leon also agreed for me to take a vacation?" I asked Dimitri."Yes, your majesty." Dimitri smiled. "Before coming here, I went to his majesty and informed him. It looks like your mother's letter came earlier and he was informed. He knows you have been working hard and needs a vacation with the children as well.""Really?" I asked. "Then I guess I will take you up in that offer. Of course, I will talk to Leon first.""Of coursr, your majesty." Dimitri replied. "Then I will be going. 

I would like to visit Philip while I am here.""Oh, of course. I am sure you also missed Philip." I replied. "I believe he is with the twins now.""Then I will take my leave, your majesty." Dimitri bowed and left my office.The idea of going on vacation was on my mind and made me excited. Since the empire was established, I was not able to travel outside of Grandcrest. Thinking of having to travel with the kids made me excited.I stood up from my seat and walked outside my office heading towards Regaleon's office. My pace was a little fast and not empress like, but I was happy to ask Regaleon about the trip to Atlantia.

I was in front of his office door when the knight guarding announced my presence."Her majesty the empress is here." The knight announced."Let her come in." I heard Regaleon's voice.The knights opened the door and I saw Regaleon walking towards me."I knew you will come here." Regaleon said and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek."You received a letter from mother?" I asked instantly."Yes, the letter just arrived earlier today." Regaleon replied. "I believe you would love to have a trip with your mother and the children.""Yes I would love to. But the work..." I said with a sad face.

"Do not worry about the work." Regaleon said. "While you are away, Theon can do some of the work concerning the palace. For those that need the empresses seal, I can look into it.""You ate not coming, right?" I asked with a sad face."I cannot be absent far too long." Regaleon replied. "But I can come and visit once in a while. With Tempest, the travel will not be a problem. And your mother would like a bonding time with you and her grandchildren as well. "I felt sad but it cannot be helped. Regaleon was an emperor of a neely established empire. He needs to be here in the capital if anything occurs."I am going miss you." I said."And I am also going to miss you." Regaleon planted a kiss on my forehead. "But it will be just for a while, my love. I can visit you anytime I want so do not worry."This will be the first time since the war was over that we will be apart. I was excited with the trip at first but now I am not so sure."Just think that this will be your first trip with your mother and the children." Regaleon said. "I am sure it ks going to be fun. Next time, we will have our own family trip. Okay?" He asked.

"You promise?" I asked with my lips pouting."Of course it is a promise." Regaleon smiled his sweet smile and planted a kiss on mu pouting lips. That made me smile as well.I am beginning to look forward on this upcoming trip.

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