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One Year After the War (2)


I can hear our twins giggling happily from a distance. When Regaleon and I were able to see them from afar, we saw someone happily playing with them on the picnic blanket laid down the firm grass. Tricia and two other maids were at the side watching them carefully with smiles on their faces.

The one playing with our twins was no other than Regaleon's father, the previous king of Grandcrest. After the bloody battle for the throne between Regaleon and his brothers where Regaleon emerged triumphant, his father gave him the throne with a light heart, and he retired in a countryside manor he had built for Regaleon's mother. He was peacefully living the remainder of his life in peace and tranquility.

Regaleon and I walked towards his father and the twins. The maids and Tricia bowed when they saw us approaching. Our children and father in law were both giggling happily that I cannot but help smile seeing them.

"Father." Regaleon called out. "It is nice that you have visited us. If you have mentioned you were coming, I would have made preparations for your stay." He said.

"Greetings father in law." I gave my respectful greeting.

"Ah, no need for formalities." Father in law replied. "Sorry for coming here unannounced. It is just a whim of an old man when I got on a horse and rode without a destination in mind, hahaha." He joked.

"You rode here on horseback?" Regaleon was shocked. "But it is a few miles from the manor to here. You are not that young father. You must watch over your health." He said worriedly.

Actually, it was not that far from the countryside manor to here in the capital. In horseback, you can travel three to four hours tops. But because father in law is gaining in years and ailments started to appear, that long of a horse ride can be bad for his health.

"Oh, nonsense. I am still as strong as a horse. Look…" Father in law took Aerith who was crawling on the picnic cloth and carried her high up and twirled around. This made Aerith giggle harder and was so happy with the sudden movement. "Hahaha, you like that my little princess?" He asked and put her down. "Your turn my little prince." He then carried Alphonse and like the same with Aerith twirled him around that made him giggle hard.

"Hah…" Regaleon sighed in defeat. "I understand father, but I will not let you return now that it is late afternoon. Better you spend the night here."

"Haha, you are worrying too much my son." Father in law replied.

"Leon is right father in law." I said with a smile. "It would be better to spend the night here. It will be dark if you go back to your manor now. And also, I am sure that Aerith and Alphonse would love to play with their grandpa even more." I gave him an offer that he could not refuse, and that is to play with his grandchildren.

"Then I guess I cannot refuse, hahaha." Father in law replied to me. "You really found a good woman my boy. Take care of her well." He winked at Regaleon.

"Do not worry father." Regaleon smiled. "That is what I intend to."

I was happy to see that the relationship of Regaleon to his father has been going along quite well. I remember back then when he was still wearing a mask, he wore it so that his father will not let him see his face that resembles his mother so much. The misunderstanding between the father and son has been on the mends for a while now and it looks like it will be getting better even further with the twins' arrival.

"Tricia, please tell Theon to prepare a room for father in law to spend the night." I ordered. "Make sure that he gets the one that is warm now that the weather is getting cold especially at night."

"Yes, your majesty." Tricia bowed and walked back inside the palace to relay my order to Theon.

"We will be just there at the gazebo nearby father." Regaleon said. "Do you need anything?"

"I am good, no need to worry." Father in law replied. "You two go and take your afternoon break. I am sure you are quite busy because of the many work the newly formed empire has in store. Do not worry about me. This old man will just be playing with these two youngins here."

"If you need anything, just tell the maids father in law." I said.

Father in law resumed playing with the twins and Regaleon and I walked towards the gazebo nearby. The tea and snacks were neatly arranged on the table. Regaleon helped me with my seat, and he took his seat right next to me. A maid who was at the side poured our cups with the hot steaming tea. The aroma of the tea was fragrant due to blue rose petals placed in it. I took a sniff and sipped carefully the hot tea. After tasting it, I felt the stress wash away from my body.

"I really love the tea with blue rose petals in it." I said. "It makes me feel quite relaxing."

"The blue roses have some effects like that." Regaleon also took a sip from his cup and sighed. "I am happy that the budget I placed for the research of this blue roses have been quite productive."

As I remember, Regaleon gifted me beauty products that contains blue rose essence in them. The blue rose extract has quite many good effects in health and beauty.

"Hmm, I am happy that we are living such a peaceful and comfortable life now." I exclaimed. "Now that the war is over and there are not so many conflicts, we can focus on improving the lives of people for the better."

"Hmm, yes." Regaleon agreed. "If we can take care of those b*stards that are disrupting the peace more quickly, then there would be not so much of a problem. We could focus more on improving the empire."

"I know that they are giving you quite a handful but be patient my love." I advised. "Those people are just having a hard time coping up with the changes that is going on after the founding of the empire. I am sure that we can turn to a peaceful solution for them to surrender I am sure we can meet each other's expectations."

"If you ask me, I will just want to use force to make them submit." Regaleon said with a sour face.

"Doing that would just make you look like a tyrant my love." I said. "I do not want you to be seen as the founding tyrant emperor in history. I want you to be known as a just and benevolent leader." I advised.

"What would I do without you, Lili." Regaleon's sour face smoothened out and became warm. He looked at me with love and affection and kissed the back of my hand lovingly. "You are my angel and salvation."

"You are teasing me again." I said but I can feel a blush creeping on my cheeks.

"But it is true." Regaleon smiled warmly. "You are the best thing that ever came into my life."

"And you in mine." I replied.

Regaleon leaned forward and planted a kiss on my forehead. After that he kissed me on both my cheeks and then my lips. His kiss lingered longer on my lips. I can taste the blue rose tea on his lips, sweet and tasty. When he retreated, he had a lovely smile on his face. He leaned over and whispered to my ear.

"I cannot wait for tonight." Regaleon whispered. His words made me blush even more.

A year may have come by and gone but we are still living a newly wedded life. Because Regaleon was still in his youth, he was very energetic and passionate, and so Anatalia had prescribed me some birth control medicine.

'You would not want to be knocked up again, right?' I remember Anatalia saying. 'I am sure you two would like to experience the youth of your life so, take this once a day. It is a natural birth control and has no side effects, trust me.'

And for sure, the birth control medication is seemingly quite effective. I can say that because even after a stressful day of work, Regaleon is still so energetic in the night. I also asked Anatalia for something to boost my own energy to meet my husband's expectations.

'Learn how to say no from time to time.' I remember Anatalia scolding me.

But what can I do? I also want to do it with my husband.

"T-Then I will wait for you in our bed chambers." I said shyly.

"My wife is still shy." Regaleon teased. "I love you so much, my Lili."

"And I love you too." I smiled back.

I hope that our peaceful days will continue longer. We did not know that a dark shadow is hovering in the horizon, waiting to wreak havoc in the still fragile empire.