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Light- Part 2

When Lucy arrived at the cemetery gates, the sun was still yet to rise in the sky completely, and the colours in the sky were still changing to turn into blue. The forest around her was quiet except for the birds singing their morning song.

Instead of carrying a bunch of bouquets, Lucy this time carried four roses with long stems. As Lucy continued to walk where the graves were located, she first placed the flowers at her parents graves before moving to spend time with Ruby. While she stood there in silence, she heard the crunching sound of the leaves on the ground. 

"Old habits don't die, do they." 

Lucy turned her head to the side before turning entirely and she saw Theodore, who stood not too far away from her. 

"What are you doing here?" questioned Lucy before turning back to face Ruby's grave. 

"To do the same as you," replied Theodore, and Lucy heard his footsteps. With every step he took, his shoes crushed the dry leaves that were spread on the ground, letting Lucy know which direction he was walking. 

Lucy couldn't believe that Theodore was here at the same time when she was trying to get away from the castle and him. In all these years, she had never known there was someone lying in the cemetery whom Theodore cared for. But she should have known, thought Lucy to herself. It was hard to tell who was in the grave and who wasn't.

Not that it mattered as many of the graves were decades old, and they were people who didn't have visitors. Calhoun had turned their grandfather's pureblooded royal vampire cemetery into his personalized cemetery. 

Lucy didn't have to guess too much to know who was in the grave that Theodore had come to visit. But why was he here today and at this time? 

"Did you follow me from the castle?" Lucy asked Theodore when she was done with paying her respects to the dead who deserved it while standing a few steps behind Theodore. 

Theodore turned around to meet her eyes, "I wouldn't dare, milady, especially after you clearly stated you are capable of taking care of yourself," he said in a calm voice, but Lucy didn't believe him. 

Lucy noticed Theodore didn't wear his glasses right now, and his face looked familiar to how it was in the past. Seemed like there was no one for him to impress here, therefore he had kept it away for now. 

"I find it rather strange that you showed up at the same time when I am here," stated Lucy. 

"If it makes you feel better, I was here even before you entered the cemetery. It would be more appropriate to say that it is the other way around," he bowed his head and started to walk away from the grave. 

Her eyes widened before narrowing when his words sunk in and she said, "It seems like you have turned quite brave to not worry about your head being part of the body by insinuating something like this." 

Theodore stopped walking and when he turned, he offered her a smile that she was not pleased to see. "Is that so? I don't think I realized it, but if you have said it, it must be true. And may I add, it was you who said I was following you."

Lucy was not sure if Theodore was following her or not, but she had stepped out of the castle for some peace of mind.

"I thought with the years that have passed, your hate would have reduced a little." 

"Why should it?" asked Lucy, her eyes not leaving his as they stared at each other. A light breeze passed through the cemetery, picking up the leaves before putting them down. "Why should I stop hating you?"

For quite a long time, Theodore had been watching Lucy from a far distance, and though she put a smile on her lips, it didn't reach the way it did in the past. Some part of her innocence had been lost, and he knew he was partly responsible for it. 

"Aren't you happy with the Duke, Lady Lucy?" Theodore asked her directly.

Lucy was taken aback by his question, and for a moment, she felt lost before retorting back, "Of course I am happy with Samuel! What kind of absurd question is that?" she demanded. "Samuel is so much better than how you are and what you did to me. Someone who takes care of me, and makes sure he knows what I care and what I don't like. Keeping my feelings in"

"I don't understand why you would be angry at me then," stated Theodore, putting his hand in his pocket to pull out the golden framed glass. 

Theodore didn't like hearing what Lucy said, and somewhere even as twisted as the situation was, he wanted her to confess to him that she was sad and unhappy in Samuel's company. Even though she didn't tell anyone, Theodore could tell that her heart was as lonely as his. 

He had posed the question to her, hoping she would give in, but Lucy was stubborn and her emotions were controlled by hatred and anger towards him. Many times, Theodore had wanted to break down the news about Samuel's debauchery to her, but Lucy spoke so highly of the man that Theodore decided to keep the information to himself a little longer before he would let her know. 

Caught off guard by Theodore's words, Lucy now blinked at him. His words did make sense, but it was right! 

She lifted her chin, "I don't need you to tell me what I should and I shouldn't do." 

Theodore bowed his head in acknowledgement and said to her, "If I have the permission to speak to you, milady-" What was he doing until now? asked Lucy in her mind, "-isn't it better if we dissolve the old hatred and start afresh?" 

If Lucy said no, it would let Theodore know that she was not happy in her marriage with Samuel, and Lucy would not show it to him. But at the same time, she didn't know if she could see Theodore in a place where her heart wasn't involved. 

Lucy hadn't forgiven Theodore for leading her on in the past before telling her to marry Samuel. The bitter pain continued to linger in her heart, but being from the Hawthrone family, she had her own pride to uphold and she said,

"It is getting late. I should head back to the castle." 

She walked past him, when he said, "Milady, you wouldn't mind giving me a ride in the carriage, would you?" 

Frowning, she asked, "You didn't come in your own carriage?" 

Theodore shook his head with a gentle smile that threw her off guard, "I came here by walk. I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't following you." 

Lucy didn't want to spend more time with Theodore, but she didn't have a mean bone in her body. Even if she did, it was because of Theodore. "You can ride in the carriage I came here," said Lucy before walking towards the carriage and Theodore smiled, following her. 
Light- Part 3

Theodore and Lucy travelled back in the same carriage to the castle, and while Lucy looked outside the small window, Theodore watched how hard she tried to keep her eyes glued at the window. 

Lucy didn't remember when was the last time she had travelled in the same carriage with Theodore or spent this much time with him after she was married to Samuel. She felt him watching her, but every time her eyes tried to meet his, he was looking in the other direction, making her wonder if she was only overthinking and being too receptive about the situation. 

Maybe she was behaving too childish by having a dig at every opportunity, but she didn't mind it. Her hand clutched on to her clean skirt when she remembered the tears she had spilt after Theodore had refused her feelings. 

When they finally arrived at the castle, Theodore opened the door and stepped down from the carriage. A stool was brought forward so that Lucy could step down on it, and Theodore stretched his hand for her to use it as a support. 

Lucy stared at Theodore's hand, a hand that she had familiarized in the past, and her gaze then moved to look at his red eyes. 

"Are you scared to take a simple hand that is being offered, milady?" taunted Theodore, and Lucy placed her hand on his to hold, and she got down. 

"You might be scared, Advisor Theodore," said Lucy as they let go of each other's hands, "I have never been the one to be scared of things," she offered him a smile before walking inside the castle.

Lucy had not bothered to look at the time when she had left the castle, and not even the time she spent in the cemetery, not realizing there was someone who had caught sight of her and Theodore stepping out of the same carriage. 

As she walked in the halls, Lucy came across her aunt, "Good morning, Lucy dear. Where were you? I was looking for you all around the castle," smiled Aunt Rosamund. 

Lucy made a slight bow, "Good morning, Aunt Rosamund. Was there something you needed?" she asked curiously. 

"Yes, Calhoun said the tailor would be arriving early this morning, and I thought I would let you know so that you could be ready to give your measurements. But it seems like you went outside. No worries though, the tailor has not arrived yet," informed Rosamund. 

"Is that so," responded Lucy. "I will change my clothes to something more easy then."

"Of course," Rosamund agreed, and when her niece was about to head to her room, she said, "By the way, Lucy." 

Lucy stopped walking, and she turned around to meet her aunt's gaze, "You should be careful with whom you spend your time with. If word was out about what you do outside the castle and alone with a man, the slander will be something hard to handle, isn't it?" smiled Rosamund before leaving the corridor. 

Even in the past, her aunt had been subtle about hinting her and Theodore spending time even though they didn't speak much in the corridors, thought Lucy. 

When the tailor arrived with his assistant to take the measurements of the ladies of the royal family and who was going to be part of the Hawthrone family, the measurements were written down in the book. Lucy tried to ignore her aunt's words because the woman often liked to comment on things that had nothing to do with her. 

Away from the room where the ladies were gathered, Theodore entered the room where Calhoun and Markus were speaking. 

"Oh good, Theodore is here," said Markus, "How are things going on with the tailor? Did the ladies decide what and how they want?" 

Theodore offered the man a polite smile, "I don't remember me joining the tailor with his work, Mr. Wilmot," he replied to Markus before turning to speak to Calhoun. "King Castell has agreed to your demands but he has his own conditions that he would like us to fulfill." 

Markus looked appalled by Theodore's audacity in answering back to him. 

"Did you bring the parchment?" inquired Calhoun and Theodore pulled out the scroll. 

"It came this morning," informed Theodore. 

When Markus left the room after a while, Calhoun said, "He has some suspicion that something is in there in the dungeon."

"He won't stay quiet for long," replied Theodore and Calhoun smiled. 

"We can take advantage of him being a blabbermouth," responded Calhoun. "I know he and Rosamund are waiting for a chance to call the High House. Let them do it because I am waiting for it." 

During the time of midnight,Theodore was making his usual rounds in the castle corridors when he caught sight of Lucy walking towards the West Wing. He wondered if her old habits were hard to let go of. In the past, Lucy loved walking in the quiet side of the castle, dancing on her toes and she also had the habit of leaving the castle without anyone's notice. 

Pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose, he started to follow and saw her stop. When he got a little closer, he caught sight of Samuel who disappeared behind the doors of one of the empty rooms. 

Theodore was torn between letting Lucy continue to follow her husband and somewhere he wanted to catch hold of her hand to stop her. But it was time for Samuel to disappear from her life. He had given the man many chances to fix his relationship with Lucy, and she didn't deserve it. 

If he knew in the past that Samuel would turn out this way, he would have never sacrificed her like this but it was done. He was done sheltering Lucy and it was time for her to step into the light to see what kind of scum her husband really was, thought Theodore. 

Theodore's eyes fell on Lucy's bare feet on the cold ground. From where he stood, he could tell she was nervous and anxious, her heart beating as she made her way towards the door. For more than five minutes, Lucy didn't move as she was still contemplating and he watched her finally place her hand on the door before, pushing it as slow as she could. 

Theodore saw her face turned pale like a ghost, her eyes wide in disbelief and shock. Even from where he stood, he could hear the gasps and moans that came from the room. 

And it was then that Lucy's heart cracked before shattering into pieces. Tears started to slip from her eyes, rolling down on her cheek as she stood there in shock, watching Samuel being pleased by a maid. 

Theodore knew he was cruel in letting Lucy witness Samuel's deed's, but he doubted if he had told her by words she would believe him. And even if she did, and then asked Samuel, he would have lied to her all over again. 

When she had seen enough, he walked to where she was and he placed his hand over her eyes that were wet. He wasn't going to let anyone hurt her again. 
Messed- Part 1

Rosamund had only stepped out of her room, walking in the corridors to meet her son Markus so that she could discuss with him the next step they should take in their plan, she caught sight of Theodore and Lucy together in the corridor. As she stood in another corridor that was far away from where they were, the other two people didn't catch sight of her, but Rosamund saw them and a wide smile came to form on her lips. 

Theodore was pulling Lucy to the dining room, and Rosamund wondered if they were stupid enough to think no would come to see them at this hour of the night. 

She always knew something was going on between them, but to think they had gone for so long keeping their feelings as a secret from others even after Lucy was married, Rosamund believed it was only right to let every person in the castle as well as in the kingdom to know what kind of sister the King of Devon had. 

Rosamund made her way to the dining room, trying to listen to what they were saying or rather doing, but the doors were thick, and so were the walls to hear what was going on the other side. Unable to resist herself, she pushed the door open and caught sight of Lucy and Theodore standing in front of each other. 

"My my. What do we have here?" she noticed her niece appeared taken aback by her sudden presence. "I hope it's not rekindling memories in the middle of the night?" 

Lucy replied, "We came here to drink water." 

Rosamund smiled at Lucy. Did they think she didn't know what was going on between them? She always caught one of them staring at the other. "Funny that none of us have water to drink in our rooms and we are all here at the same time, isn't it?" 

She then looked at Theodore, who stood there unmoving along with his expression, "Are you going to pour me a glass of water or not?" 

Theodore replied to her words, "I am an advisor of the royal court milady and only Calhoun's servant to serve. I will tell the maids to refill the water in the jugs in your room." He offered his bow to both of them and left the dining room. 

He didn't want to continue unnecessary conversation with Rosamund because he knew she was just like her mother, Morganna. At least Morganna was impulsive, but Rosamund was more patient when it came to drawing out her plans and waiting for it to happen. 

But Theodore didn't leave the place. He had taken a seat on the roof, watching over the dining room and listening in on the conversation that took place between the two vampiresses.After a while, Lucy stepped out of the room, upset and not wanting to spend more time with her aunt, and Theodore decided not to follow her and give her the time she needed. 

Lucy was more than upset after finding out about her husband cheating on her and knowing this wasn't the first time, and she felt humiliated. In shock, she returned to her room and laid down on her side of the bed before pulling the blanket. She laid there awake as the scene of Samuel and the maid played in front of her eyes. 

After two more hours, the door to her room opened, and she heard Samuel's footsteps. He walked around the room, stopping in front of her side of the bed. Even though awake, Lucy had closed her eyes, and she could sense Samuel watching her sleep. She tried not to open her eyes and kept her breathing even. After a few seconds, he finally walked around to sleep on the other side of the bed. 

When the next morning arrived, during the time of breakfast, Theodore noticed how Lucy had not appeared in the room along with Samuel and it was just him. The Harris family were yet to arrive in the dining room.

"Where is Lucy?" asked Calhoun to Samuel. 

"Lucy is not doing that well and she has been feeling weak since she woke up. She said she would rest and join the next meal when she feels better," answered Samuel in a polite tone. 

"Weak?" Rosamund murmured, "I hope it isn't something she caught last night." 

"What happened to sister Lucy?" asked Sophie to her mother. And even though Rosamund had murmured her words, everyone at the table had heard it.

In the meantime, Theodore only stared at Rosamund without changing his expression. Nothing had happened between him and Lucy except for the exchange of heated words regarding Samuel. Lucy was upset.

'You knew it, didn't you? You knew it, and you didn't care enough to tell me about it!' 

More than her husband, Lucy was furious with Theodore, and though it was questionable, he could only deduce that she found it easier to deflect her pain and anguish towards him. 

Rosamund didn't play coy, and she turned her gaze towards Theodore, "We should ask the person with whom she was last night. She might have caught a cold."

Calhoun, who wasn't paying much attention to them, now looked at Rosamund and then at Theodore. 

Samuel's eyes narrowed at Rosamund, and he asked, "Is there something that you want to share with us, Lady Rosamund?" he asked the woman. Samuel then turned to look at Theodore with a questionable look. The man sure had the audacity to control Lucy when he was the one doing the dirty deed, thought Theodore. 

"You should be careful with how you phrase things, Lady Rosamund," stated Calhoun, "It seems like you were having your own time. As if you have been up to no good," one side of his lips pulled up. Rosamund was about to say something, but on seeing the Harris' family Calhoun beat her to it, "Now let us all have our breakfast in peace."

And even though it was ordered by the King to bring up the topic, Samuel was not pleased with what he just heard from Rosamund. When they finished their breakfast, Samuel caught up with Theodore, who was talking to one of the ministers not too far away from the royal court in the corridor. 

"Advisor Theodore, if I may have a word with you," said Samuel. 

Theodore had only finished speaking to Minister Fitzwilliam when Samuel arrived at the corridor. Turning to the man, he asked, "How can I help you, Duke Grivelle?" 

"Maybe we could go to a quieter place than this where people aren't walking back and forth?" proposed Samuel. 

"Sure," answered Theodore, knowing this was going to happen one day or another. They moved to a quieter place and Theodore behaved oblivious to question, "What is it that you wanted to speak about, Duke Grivelle?" 

Samuel stared at Theodore for the longest seconds before he asked, "I would like to know if what Lady Rosamund said in the dining room was true? Were you and my wife spending time together last night?" 

Samuel wasn't sure how it was possible, considering Lucy was fast asleep when he had entered their room and he had made sure to check she was still asleep before getting into the bed. 
Messed- Part 2

This morning, Lucy had not got out of the bed and had instead looked dull. He could only guess that something had happened without his notice, especially with Rosamund's words hanging in the back of his mind.

Theodore stared back at Samuel, his eyebrows subtly raising, "I think you missed what the King said, but it would be better if you don't phrase it that way for Lady Lucy's sake," his reply struck a nerve in Samuel. 

Samuel let out a chuckle from his mouth, "You don't have to worry about it. Lucy is my wife, and I know how to treat her. Answer my question." 

"Like I said earlier, Lady Lucy and Lady Rosamund happened to join me in the dining room when I went to drink water. It seems like the maids forgot to fill the jug with water in their rooms and mine. We all happened to turn thirsty at the same time," replied Theodore, his expression impassive until a faint smile appeared on his face that Samuel caught on to. 

"You should watch your back, Advisor Theodore. People, especially the King wouldn't be happy if he were to find his advisor buzzing like a bee around his sister who is married," warned Samuel. "I know Lucy is beautiful and it is hard for people to look away from her, but it would be better if you don't cross your lines." 

This time it was Theodore who chuckled, "I think you are letting your imagination run wild, Duke Grivelle. Hold your horses because what you are insinuating is also something that the King won't tolerate. I wonder where you got the idea, but it would be better if we don't speak about this any further." 

Theodore was about to start walking when Samuel said, "Don't think I won't be watching you."

"And I will watch you too," said Theodore before adding, "Your back of course," he offered the man a smile before leaving the place. 

Samuel gritted his teeth and his hands clenched together, wanting to punch Theodore for acting as if he was superior to him. He went to the room, opening the doors to find Lucy sitting at the table in their room and having her meal. 

"How are you doing now, Lucy?" asked Samuel to her, placing his hand on her head and then on her shoulder. 

Feeling Samuel's hands on her, Lucy's grip on the spoon tightened, but she tried not to react and behaved normally as if nothing happened. 

"I still feel sick. I think I must have caught something," replied Lucy, and she stood up to walk away from him, moving towards the basin to wash her hands and mouth. 

"This is why I always tell you why you shouldn't spend your time in the cemetery. You never know what those deceased bodies contain or carry near them," responded Samuel. 

Lucy was too dazed and still in shock from what she had seen and heard that she failed to respond to Samuel's words. 

"Lucy?" Samuel had to call her name twice, and she finally broke away from her dazed state, turning to look at him. Samuel's lips were set in a thin line, and he walked to where she was. "Look at you, you look so pale and fragile, you make me worry about you." 

Lucy stared into her husband's red eyes. All these years, she had trusted and depended on him. After catching him red-handed without his knowledge, it allowed her to understand why Samuel had tried to cheat on her. 

After a few months of their marriage, it felt like she was his wife just by name, and apart from it, there was no other meaning to their relationship. 

"I love you so much, do you know that, Lucy?" asked Samuel, and she stared right into his lying eyes. "Do you think we should return to our mansion? I am not sure if the castle is suiting you as you were doing much better in our home." 

Lucy shook her head, "It has nothing to do with staying in the castle. I just need some rest," she said, turning her head to the other side. She doubted she would feel better any time soon.

Samuel knew something was not right, and he wondered if Theodore and Lucy had confessed their feelings for each other. 

Lucy was his wife! Only his! 

"I know this is not the right time to bring it up, but your aunt mentioned something about you visiting the dining room with Theodore," he drawled his words so that Lucy could clarify it.

"Hm," Lucy responded. "I was too sleepy, I don't think I even remember meeting my aunt last night." 

"Is that so," replied Samuel with a smile, and he then looked at the clock and said, "I am getting late to go to work. I am supposed to go meet the magistrate again-"

"Would you mind me if I come with you? The time in the castle is slow," added Lucy, wanting to see what kind of work Samuel was working on. She looked at him curiously. 

Samuel's smile faltered, and he said, "You will be utterly bored there and also it is hot outside, not to forget, you are still not well. Maybe some other day," saying this, he stepped out of the room. 

Lucy stared at the door even after it had been minutes since Samuel had left her in the room. Going to bed, she sat at the edge of it. Things which she had failed to see and notice earlier, she could now clearly see it. In their own little world, Lucy was unaware of Samuel's deeds. From one cage, she had moved to another to never spread her wings again, and the sad part was that until now, she had never taken a note of it. 

She wanted to confront him, but she wondered how that would go. She needed some time for the information of what happened to sink into her mind to completely grasp the situation before taking any decision. 
Messed- Part 3

More than anything, right now Lucy was angry at Theodore. 

Theodore knew it, yet he had not mentioned a word about it. Lucy felt like an utter fool who was humiliated by her own words. She covered her face with her hands, remembering the times where she had boasted about Samuel, and all that time, Theodore knew Samuel was cheating on her.

"I should find and talk to the maid," decided Lucy before getting ready and stepping out of the room to look for the maid in the castle whom she had seen with Samuel. 

But even after she had walked around the entire castle, she wasn't able to find the person. Where did the maid go? 

And as much as everyone had been looking forward to Calhoun and Madeline getting married, life in the castle never went as expected. 

In a few days, Lucy found out Markus had his issues with the King and had tried to frame Calhoun for a murder that he didn't commit. Her cousin had called the High House members to the castle, but instead of going in Markus' favour who had informed them, he had fled from the castle, and her aunt and her cousin sister Sophie had been put behind the iron bars in the dungeon. 

She had wanted to bring up her issues with Calhoun, but with everything that was going on in the castle and their family, she decided to wait until some of the matters were settled. 

Right now, Lucy had come to the dungeon to visit her aunt and her cousin. Never would she have imagined something so bizarre. Sophie tried to pull the bars of the cell she was in anger,

"I don't know why I am even here! I was minding my work in my room when the guards came and dragged me from my room! Where is Markus?!"

"They are still looking for him," whispered Lucy. 

"How can brother Calhoun put us or me in the dungeon?! I didn't do anything!" yelled Sophie.

Lucy sighed, not knowing how to react to it. It was as if one problem was not enough, and another arose right on time. While she was spending time with them, Theodore appeared there.

"Lady Lucy, the King, has summoned you," he informed her. 

Lucy nodded her head and then turned to look at her aunt, "I will be back soon." 

"Be careful, Lucy," whispered her aunt. "You never know if you will be the next person to be thrown in the dungeon or to be killed." 

Theodore and Calhoun knew that Rosamund would try to brainwash Lucy by feeding her things to go against Calhoun, which was why Theodore had tried to stay close to the dungeon, listening to them speak. 

As Lucy and Theodore walked out of there, heading inside the castle, Lucy halted and asked, "Is it true?" 

Lucy had been kept in the dark for a long time, and he doubted he was the right person from whom she should hear the truth. He was also worried that the anger that she had for him, it would blow out of proportion.


Theodore caught sight of the doubt that was in Lucy's eyes as she asked, "What Aunt Rosamund said...Is it true?" 

But before he could answer her question, the members of the High House had arrived in their carriages, and he asked, 

"Would you like to stay witness the trial by the High House in the court room?" 

"Yes," she nodded her head. This wasn't about a land dispute or the matters that concerned the commoners but about her family. Lucy wanted to be there. 

While Lucy waited for the High House members to make their appearance in the corridor, Theodore watched Lucy and asked, "Where did Mr. Greville go?" Samuel had been disappearing from the castle more often than he expected him to. Something didn't seem right about it. 

Hearing Theodore's question, Lucy turned annoyed, "Why don't you ask him yourself?" 

There was the anger, thought Theodore to himself. She refused to meet his eyes. Though Lucy covered her emotions in anger, he could see the pain behind it in her eyes. She felt betrayed by him, and he wondered if it was because she still believed in him.

When Theodore bowed, Lucy turned perplexed, "If there's anything I could help you with, please do let me know." He wasn't in the position to directly be there for her, but he would do his best in the shadows. 

"Why?" asked Lucy as she stared at him. Her heart clenched in pain. All she wanted from Theodore in the past was to return her feelings. 

She wondered if he understood how hard it was for her to be in the same room as him. It was as if someone was pushing millions of needles into her chest. After all this time, now he wanted to help? 

"You should have told me the truth. It was up to me to believe or not to believe you," said Lucy when Theodore didn't respond to her. "Did you enjoy seeing me make a fool of myself?" 

"It was never my intention. My apologies for my past mistakes," said Theodore. 

Lucy shook her head as if not believing they were discussing this right now. She then remembered something and asked him, 

"What happened to that maid? The one who was with Samuel that night?"

Theodore stared back at her, "I thought her presence would bother you, so I took her to the forest." 

Even though Lucy understood what Theodore actually meant, it took her a few seconds to sink the information and her mouth parted before it closed. 

"You didn't have to do it," whispered Lucy. 

"I wanted to," replied Theodore and Lucy turned to look at him. 

Soon the High House members appeared in the corridor and Lucy lost her opportunity to question Theodore further. After the High House held a trial that day for Markus as well as Calhoun, the head of the High House Helena announced Calhoun to be not guilty while Markus was held accountable for committing treason against the King. 
Cutting the strings- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Through the Trees- BPMoore


Lucy had not gone back to her room and had stayed away from people for long hours because of what had happened to her cousin Markus and what she heard from Calhoun. Until now, she had hoped none of the family members would get at each other's throat, but one of them had already been executed because of treason. 

The first treason Lucy had come to see was her grandmother who had tried to kill her father and...she finally found out that it was Calhoun who had killed her parents. 

When Calhoun revealed the truth to her after so many years, Lucy knew she should be angry at him, that she should go to the High House members and tell them what she just heard. It was the most right thing to do as she was the previous deceased King and Queen's daughter. But she didn't. 

She didn't forget that day when she had found her parents bodies surrounded in their own pool of blood. The horror had shut her down. She loved her parents dearly, and she had cursed the minister whom she believed had killed them. It was only right to show her ire back at the person who had killed her parent's, yet now Lucy wasn't angry at Calhoun. It wasn't because her anger had simmered down over the years, but it was because it was Calhoun who had killed them. 

At first, Lucy had only heard the rumours, but she had later found out from other people regarding Calhoun's past and his mother. 

She wasn't ignorant about the sins her parents had committed, especially not with Ruby's death either. Her grandmother had been punished, but Lucy knew her mother was the reason behind Ruby's death. It was her mother who had informed the previous Queen on the maid's mistakes. If her mother had not gone to tell her grandmother, her dear Nana would have still been alive. 

Lucy was conflicted with her thoughts, and she wanted some time alone for herself. The castle had turned a little empty with Markus dead, and her aunt and her cousin sister were ordered to never step inside the castle or meet any of the royal members of the Hawthrone family. 

Calhoun was her big brother. Even though they didn't share the same mother, they did share the same father, and to Lucy, the King was her own brother and the only one whom she believed in. 

Lucy now sat in the garden, away from the people and the maids so that she wouldn't be disturbed with anything. She wanted to be left alone with her thoughts, and another reason being, she was avoiding Samuel. 

'Are you alright, Lucy? We should head back to the castle,' Samuel had said to her on the day her cousin had been executed. 

As days had passed by, the reality only struck harder over what Samuel did and how he behaved in front of her as if he had done no wrong. The lies continued to pile, and she watched it. 

After spending some more time in the garden, Lucy started to feel a little faint under the sun, and she got back inside the castle. On her way, she caught sight of Madeline, who was coming in the other direction. A look of concern appeared on Madeline's face, and she asked, 

"Are you alright, Lady Lucy?" 

Lucy had been avoiding people from meals, giving them reasons for her being sick. She felt guilty for lying and making people worry about her.

"I...I will be alright," answered Lucy with a soft smile on her face. 

"Would you want me to accompany you to your room? I am not doing anything in particular right now. Please," Madeline offered her help.

Lucy nodded her head, "Thank you, Lady Madeline," and as they started to walk, she asked, "How are you holding up with everything?"

Lucy was aware that Madeline was having her own problems to deal with because her parents had that look of worry on their face.

Madeline tried to muster a smile, "My parents are disappointed with Elizabeth, and she...I am hoping she will come around." 

Lucy nodded her head. It was hard to think Madeline's sister had attempted to kill Calhoun on Markus'
words. Even though Calhoun had killed her parents, he was there for her when she needed him, and even though they came from different backgrounds, Lucy realized she did trust Calhoun's decisions over anyone else's. 

Madeline then continued to speak, "I didn't expect her to do it, and hopefully she will come around. I spoke to her a few moments ago."

"We all commit mistakes, Lady Madeline, the only question we need to ask is if the person will commit the mistake again without a guilty conscience," stated Lucy as she stared ahead of her. This wasn't about Elizabeth, but about Samuel, who continued to lie to her face. 

Madeline pursed her lips before asking, "Are you angry at Calhoun?" 

Lucy was surprised by this question, and she turned her head to meet Madeline's eyes. She wondered if Calhoun had told Madeline the truth about her parents death or if Madeline was speaking about the actions he had taken on their relatives. 

"The loss of our dear ones are often hard to digest, but if they are going to cause more damage, it is only right that we be protected from it," replied Lucy. "Calhoun did what he is supposed to do as the King."

When they reached her room, Lucy had not expected Samuel to be there. 

"There you are! My beautiful wife!" exclaimed Samuel. Lucy wouldn't have returned to her room if she knew he was here. Every touch and word that came from him had started to repulse Lucy, and when he was about to hug her, she dropped her handkerchief on the ground. 

Madeline, who had accompanied her till Lucy's room, caught sight of the little action which seemed far from being noted as coincidental. 
Cutting the strings- Part 2

Samuel had been waiting for Lucy to arrive at the room as she seemed to have disappeared on one of her walks. Since the last few days, Lucy had been extremely quiet, and he couldn't help but wonder if something had happened. 

He still needed her to get information in the castle to continue looking for the dark angel. Noticing Madeline's presence, he put the loving husband's facade on his face and stepped forward to greet Lucy, which was when her handkerchief slipped from her hand, and she bent down to pick it up. 

Before Samuel could say something, Lucy decided to spin a lie, "Lady Madeline and I were going out. And I came here to change my clothes." 

For a moment, Madeline was confused if they had a conversation on it but seeing Lucy turn around to her, she decided to go along and nodded her head. 

"Yes," Madeline replied with a smile, "I needed something for the wedding and Lady Lucy was kind enough to spare her time for me." 

Samuel didn't know why, but he felt something to be amiss here, and he questioned his wife, "Where are you both going?" He wanted some time with Lucy, but it was hard to talk to as she would either be in some corner of the castle or talking to the guests or resting in the bed. Somewhere, Samuel was irked with the thought that Lucy was secretly meeting Theodore without his knowledge.   

Lucy was such a good wife, listening to every word of his. But lately, since they had arrived at the castle, she had failed to listen to him. Right now, he didn't want her to leave the castle, and with a smile on his face, he said, "I thought I told you before that we are going out? Not that I mind you going with the future Queen."

He saw Lucy frown before she said, "I don't remember you asking me. It must have slipped out of my mind." 

"Of course, it must have. You have been sick. That's alright, dear," said Samuel with a warm smile on his face, and he said, "You can go with the Queen, and we can go out some other day. We wouldn't want to upset the Queen or the King, considering what happened to the Wilmots." 

Lucy's hand clenched, and she walked past Samuel before opening the cupboard. Her temper had raised, and she doubted if she could hold back the words that had been brewing in her mind any longer. 

With her back facing Samuel, she said, "You are right. We shouldn't upset the King or the Queen, but I think it would still hold the same value when it comes to the King's parents or sister, isn't it?"

She was tired of people treating her like a showcase doll who was just pretty to look at with no other value. She was no puppet, and today she was going to cut those strings that held her arms, legs, and her very mind. 

Samuel, who was unaware of what Lucy meant, asked, "Did someone upset you? Tell me, and I will deal with it. Is it that, Theodore?" 

A dull smile appeared on Lucy's lips. It was funny how Samuel worried about Theodore, when in truth, he was the one to commit those unlawful sins, tainting their marriage. 

She couldn't believe her marriage had come to this state. Her mother and grandmother had been eager to get her married to Samuel, and now she was bearing its consequences. But as angry as she was with Samuel, she was hurt by Theodore too, for not doing something before it was too late. Everyone had turned her into a laughable fool. 

Out of anger, she murmured, "He sometimes annoys me." 

Hearing this, Samuel's temper reached its peak. He knew it! Indeed, something had been brewing between them, which was why Lucy had been distant!

"What did he do?" Samuel demanded from Lucy. 

"Nothing. He did nothing," said Lucy. If only he had done something, she wouldn't be in this situation.

She had lost so many precious years between them, and at that thought, Lucy shook her head. 

She was tired of everything going on, and she couldn't put up a pleasing face for people anymore. Samuel didn't understand her. She thought he did, but she was so wrong and blind with anger and pain that had consumed her, and now she felt sorry for herself. 

Samuel took Lucy to sit on the bed, but his actions did not move her. 

On the other hand, Samuel was more than pleased to hear that Lucy was annoyed by Theodore's presence, and it made him internally smile. Finally, there was a reason to throw Theodore out of this castle and away from Lucy forever. 

He placed his hand on her back and said, "I will deal with Theodore. You don't have to worry about it. People like him are nothing less to insects. He is the servant of the castle, of the King. I will speak to Calhoun and make sure Theodore is punished."

Lucy could feel her skin crawl at Samuel's touch, and she said, "I need some time, Samuel. No, I need time away." 

Hearing Lucy's words, Samuel's mood brightened even more than before. He had been waiting to leave the castle as it was hard to move in and out of the castle with Calhoun and Theodore present here. 

Samuel then said to the vampiress, "Of course! I have been thinking about it myself. With Markus' death, I am sure you miss home. It has been quite long, and you must be missing home which is quite understandable as you never go out anywhere and stay out long." 

In excitement, Samuel started to pull out their clothes and other things from the cupboard so that he could start packing them. When he was done packing both their trunks, her things in a different trunk and his in a separate one, he said,

"I will have the carriage ready so that we can leave-"

"Samuel," Lucy called his name. "I meant time away from you. I want some time alone by myself."
Cutting the strings- Part 3

Lucy had waited until Samuel finished packing his things to make it easier for him to leave the room. For days, she had been pondering on what to do and how to do it. Being the former princess, she knew people would not take it well to separate from her husband, but she doubted she could live with him like this anymore. 

Samuel seemed more than shocked by her words, and he snapped his head around to look at her. "What? That's ridiculous. Why do you want time away from me?" he questioned her. He looked at Lucy as if she had lost her mind. 

It was only a few minutes ago that she mentioned her displeasure towards Theodore, so how did it end up in her wanting to be away from him?! 

"I think I got used to spending time away from you," responded Lucy without meeting his eyes.

The smile on Samuel's face fell, and his eyes narrowed at her, "This is not about you wanting to spend time by yourself. It is about that bastard Theodore, isn't it?" 

Lucy didn't feel the need to answer him, and she got up from her place and went towards the cupboards to make sure all his things had been packed in the trunk. Picking a few things of his that he had not picked, she placed them in his trunk. 

Samuel's hands turned to fists. This was because of that Theodore!

"Did you remember your time of the past because of the wedding that is going to take place? Lucy, you cannot be seriously doing this. Answer me, Lucy! I am your husband!" shouted Samuel. 

"Husband? What kind of husband?" Lucy whispered as she stared at Samuel. How dare he try to suppress her after doing what he did without thinking about her. "Have you truly been the husband you should have been to me?" she asked him.

Samuel's eyes narrowed before it widened on hearing Lucy's words, "I know you have been sleeping with other women."

How did she find out? Samuel's eyes narrowed in suspicion. There was no way the maids had uttered a single word about him, and his face contorted in anger. 

"That's an absurd allegation!" responded Samuel, "I have done nothing but love you, and yet you repay me with this? It is all because of that Theodore, isn't it? He must have fed you with lies and you believed him? I cannot tell how disappointed I am today."

Lucy closed her eyes. 

The amount of lies only kept piling up, and she wondered why she was being punished. 

"Please leave," Lucy slow said, "Take your trunk and leave." She didn't want to see him anywhere near her. 

Samuel couldn't believe his sweet, naive wife was kicking him out of the castle right now. He gritted his teeth while trying to keep a calm composure. Lucy was easy prey, and she just needed some convincing words from him to change her mind. 

Once he would find that fucker who had told Lucy, he would kill that person himself, thought Samuel to himself. 

He tried to speak to her with a softer voice, "Lucy, you cannot leave me like this. I would never do anything to hurt you. I love you, you know that, don't you?" he paused for her to look into his eyes, "I don't know who fed lies to you, but you should stop believing them." 

Lucy then said, "I saw you...with my own eyes. Leave," she said, breaking her gaze away from him. 
Samuel stayed there for a few seconds, hoping Lucy would change her mind, but she didn't move. 

In anger, he stepped out of the room without taking the trunk he had packed earlier. His hands shook, and his eyes turned red in rage. He knew exactly who had tattled to Lucy. Walking in the corridor, he looked around and caught sight of Theodore, speaking to a servant. 

Theodore was speaking to a servant to get the carriage prepared when he caught sight of Samuel making his way to where he stood. In time, Samuel's fist came flying right at his jaw, and he allowed it without dodging it. 

It wasn't that Theodore was a masochist when it came to pain. 

For quite some years since he had started to find out more about Samuel's deeds, it had only wanted him to beat the man into a pulp. But being the King's right-hand man and Samuel being a Duke, it was a hard thing to do. 

"You fucking asshole! How dare you try to feed things into Lucy's ears?" Samuel held Theodore's shirt before landing another punch on him. 

The servants around them gasped in shock, not knowing what was going on, while Theodore continued to have an impassive look. 

"I don't know what you are speaking about," stated Theodore. 

Samuel didn't hold back, and he punched him again to have Theodore stagger a few steps behind. "I knew you have had your eyes on her for a long time. Don't think I don't know. You have crossed your line and I will make sure you are punished for it!" 

Theodore ran his tongue inside his mouth to taste blood, "Did anyone tell you how pathetic you are?" he asked, his hand touching the corner of his lips to see blood. 

His words only angered Samuel, and soon a series of punches broke down between them. 

"Lucy is mine! I will kill you for even thinking you can have her!" growled Samuel as he moved his fists. 

Theodore didn't hold himself back and was more than happy to beat Samuel, a faint smirk on his lips. He made sure to hit Samuel in places covered by his clothes so that if someone looked at them, it looked like Samuel had received fewer injuries while Theodore was badly injured. 

"I think you have got something wrong here," said Theodore. He pulled Samuel to him and whispered, "She was never yours to keep," and within a second, Samuel's back hit against the pillar as Theodore had kicked right at his stomach.
Missed opportunities - Part 1

Samuel's back hit with a loud thud against the pillar, and for a moment, he lost his balance, staggering to the side before standing straight again. In anger, he looked at Theodore and he spat the blood on the ground before raising both his hands forward. 

"I think it is you and not I who is forgetting here, Theodore," said Samuel with a smug smile on his lips. "Lucy and I have been married for nearly two decades. If it still doesn't sink in your mind let me tell you, Lucy has slept with me on the bed. What a satisfying girl she is with the right curves and dips, I am sure you would like to hear how-"

Theodore's fist came flying to hit Samuel's face once again. Hearing the cheap words from Samuel's mouth, he wasn't able to hold himself back, and he continued punching Samuel's face in anger as the emotions that he had sealed until now had started to escape. 

"If you loved her so much, why didn't you protect her? Why did you cheat on her over and over again?" questioned Theodore, and Samuel pushed him. 

This time, Samuel kicked and punched Theo, fists flying one after another while one of the maids who had witnessed the fight quickly went to call Lady Madeline or Lady Lucy. 

"You bastard," Samuel cursed Theodore. It was indeed Theodore who had told about his time with the maids to Lucy. "I am going to make sure you are going to pay for it. It must be vexing to think the woman you loved was in another man's arm."

At the same time, Theodore raised his leg for it to hit straight at Samuel's jaw that left a bruise. "Sometimes, people end up in wrong places, but after knowing where she has been all these years, I think it is time to bring her back to the place where she rightfully belongs and that's definitely not where you are," said Theodore in a low tone. 

"I will not let anyone have Lucy," glared Samuel, "She is mine. My wife, my woman. You would wish you never tried to fight me." Drops of blood had started to spill around them while their knuckles were bruised. 

When a couple of more punches were passed between them, Samuel was too intent on beating Theodore, not noticing Lucy had arrived at the end of the corridor. 

Lucy had an alarmed look on her face. 

"Sam! Samuel! Stop it!" Lucy shouted from where she was before hurriedly walking to where they were. 

Hearing Lucy's voice, Theodore stopped throwing punches at Samuel. But Samuel sent another blow with his fist at Theodore, and the latter took the blow without backing away. Because of the impact of the fist, Theodore staggered a few steps back from Samuel, leaving a reasonable distance between them. 

Lucy was angry at both the men for different reasons, and somewhere she wanted to hit Theodore too, but this was not what she had on her mind. She knew she was immature in wanting to hurt Theodore because of the way he had hurt her all these years, but seeing him covered in blood she quickly came to stand between them so that they would stop fighting. 

But Samuel didn't care if Lucy stood there as his hand came right at her, and before it could hit her, Theodore had caught hold of Samuel's hand, and he pushed him back. 

Lucy's eyes widened as Samuel's hand had come too close to her face, and the little hope she had for the man had utterly dissolved right now.
She stared at Samuel, who had minor cuts compared to Theodore, and she could only guess that Samuel had attacked Theodore first, taking advantage. She had asked him to leave the castle, and he had instead picked a fight with Theodore. 

"What is wrong with you, Samuel?!" demanded Lucy.

Samuel glared at Theodore,"It is because of him. He is the one who tried to come between us and spoil our marriage!" 

Lucy couldn't believe that Samuel was still spouting lies. 

"I told you, Theodore has nothing to do with it. Stop making a fool of yourself and me, and leave the castle now," said Lucy to Samuel, holding her hand forward so that he wouldn't take another step forward. She then looked at the servant and ordered, "Get Mr. Greville his carriage ready, so that he can leave the castle." 

Samuel looked taken aback by his wife's words,  "Are you trying to humiliate me, Lucy? You are my wife." 

Lucy realized it was time to make the decision for which she had taken so much time until now since she had found out about his affairs with other women. It was time to let the man and everyone know about it and she said, 

"I think you have done plenty enough for both of us where I don't have to do anything. I dissolve the marriage between you and me. We are no more husband and wife. If needed, I will run through an official proceeding to free you from this marriage." 

This time it was Samuel who was shocked and he couldn't believe that his naive wife was doing this. When his eyes fell on Theodore, there was a triumphant smirk on the man's face and it only made Samuel that much angrier. 

Samuel then scoffed, "Of course, else you would feel ashamed that you are having an affair with this servant." 

Lucy stared at Samuel, watching the way how his expressions had slowly started to change, expressions she had never seen in the last two decades. There was a snide on his lips and the eyes were not polite or gentle anymore, but rather harshly looking at her now. 

"You should be happy that brother Calhoun is not here," she said to him. If Calhoun was here, Samuel would not be spared and would have been beheaded right this instant. 

The servant to whom Lucy had ordered returned, bowing his head, "Lady Lucy, the carriage is ready." 

Lucy stared at Samuel while Theodore stood right behind her, "Take Mr. Greville's trunks from the room and put them in the carriage. Make sure he returns to his house safely." 

Samuel was more than pissed off right now because it was not Calhoun or any other person, but Lucy who was kicking him out of the castle. The rage he felt only increased as the servants had started to gather around looking at him. He turned around, walking away from them and then Madeline so that he could leave in the carriage. 

He had never been humiliated like this by anyone, especially by a woman and with that thought, Samuel decided he wasn't going to leave things as it is. He was going to return to the castle to settle things with his dear wife. 

When he reached the carriage, the coachman opened the door. But before Samuel could get in, he said, 

"Take me to Cossington town." He would get his revenge on Theodore soon. 

When he reached the place, he dismissed the coachman and reached a building where the demons and the half angels with whom he was working, lived there. Upon entering, one of the men looked up at Samuel.

"Look it's Sammy," sang the demon with complete black eyes. "What is with the trunk?" 
After Samuel explained how he was kicked out of the castle, the man who had a beard came forward and held Samuel's head before slamming it against the wall. 

"Do you know what you have done, Samuel? Screwing with women when you know exactly that we need someone at the castle so that we can find the lead to the dark angel?" glared the man. 

Samuel felt his head turn dizzy and he was let go. He ran his tongue over the corner of his lips as it had a cut there. He looked down at the ground and said, "Forgive me for my negligence. This won't happen again, Greyson!" 

The bearded man glared at Samuel, "We have lost demons and you have the audacity to take things lightly. At this rate we will all perish! You fucking bastard!" the man said in a low voice.

Samuel gritted his teeth, "I will fix this right away. Lucy will forgive me-"

"You are not going anywhere near her until we find out where this dark angel is! The King already killed some of our men and I cannot deal with the loss of more demons on our side as we need them when we hunt the dark angel. Don't fuck up my plan, Tony. Else I will make sure you regret what you did," threatened the demon.
Missed opportunities - Part 2

Music Recommendation: What if? - Guy Jackson


Theodore stood in front of the basin of his room, splashing water on his face a couple of times before he raised his head to look at his reflection in the mirror. The cuts on his face looked deep, and the bruises had started to darken. He looked straight into the reflection of his eyes, and he recollected what just happened a couple of minutes ago in the main hallway of the castle. 

Turning away from the mirror, he picked up the towel that was nearby, and he dabbed it on his face, which caught drops of blood in it.

When he went down to meet Calhoun, who had returned from the forest after burying Lady Madeline's grandmother, Calhoun raised his eyebrow at him. 

"I thought something was wrong with the way the servants were scurrying away in the corridors. What happened?" questioned Calhoun looking at Theodore's bruised face. 

"It was Samuel," replied Theodore. 

Calhoun's lips twisted into a subtle amusement, "Did you finally beat him up?" 

"Lucy must have confronted him before he came to fight me. She said she wants to dissolve her marriage with him and doesn't want him in the castle," explained Theodore and instead of being angry, Calhoun smiled, but he didn't comment on what was on his mind. 

"It is good to see him out of the castle as well as from Lucy's life. She finally decided to take a stand," murmured Calhoun, pleased with his sister's decision. "Send the servants to fetch her clothes and things from the Grivelle's mansion. I would prefer her to not go and meet him again. She can stay here in the castle."

Theodore nodded his head, obliging to Calhoun's words. 

When it was night, Theodore had returned to his room, and he lit the candles to bring light to the room along with the fireplace. Thinking back about what happened today, he looked at the door. He had waited for years.

In the past, he had tricked himself into believing what he was doing was for Lucy's good as she was a married woman. 

Before coming to the castle, his past reputation was where he had slept with married women, and people who were in the same circle were aware of this. He didn't want to taint Lucy's name, and he had kept his distance, watching her from afar. Samuel had been punished by none other than Lucy herself, and Theodore couldn't tell how pleased he was by this. 

He knew earning back Lucy's trust and feelings would take a long time. 

Theodore also knew he had played dirty with Samuel to gain Lucy's sympathy, but Samuel had been playing dirty for a long time. Right now, Lucy had no husband who could control and manipulate her, no aunt who could taunt her. The princess was finally free to do what she wanted with no strings attached to her.

The night continued when Theodore caught sight of light appearing outside his door along with a shadow. He frowned, wondering if it was a servant who had been sent by Calhoun for important matters but he heard the person behind the door sigh, he realized it was Lucy who stood in front of his door. 

As he walked towards the door, he felt nostalgic. The last time she had arrived at his door was when he had broken her heart. 

He opened the door to find Lucy in her night dress, holding 
the lantern in her hand and in another hand he caught sight of a box. She looked like a deer being caught during a hunt.

"Want to come in?" Theodore asked her before stepping away from the door. 

Lucy stepped inside his room, placing the lantern on the ground and looked around his room. 

"Were you going to sleep?" she inquired, noticing the bed and the covers. 

Theodore was happy to see her here. He had been watching her for so long in the shadows that it was impossible for him to get anything wrong because he knew she would come to see him. He pulled a chair for her to sit on.

He answered, "I had a few parchments to go through which was given by Mr. Fitzwilliam over the tea estate in Humsbrey." 

She nodded her head, but didn't take a seat on the chair that he had pulled for her. "I bought the first-aid box." His wounds didn't look like they had gotten better and it was her fault he had been hit. If she hadn't uttered Theodore's name to Samuel, he would have never gone hunting Theodore. 

As if reading her mind, Theodore asked her, "Do you hate me so much that you said something to Samuel that made him punch me?" 

Hearing this, Lucy pursed her lips. She remembered the times when Theodore had hurt her and then said, "Sit, so I can tend the wounds." 

Theodore noticed the blood rushing beneath Lucy's pale skin and it seemed like he was right. 

He removed his glasses before taking a seat on the chair. He watched her open the box and pick up the cotton as if everything was back to normal between them. It was only a couple of days ago that Lucy was dodging him, not wanting to stay in the same room, but here she had come to his room out of her own will and kindness. 

Lucy then stepped closer to Theodore, leaning forward and she started to tend the wounds with the cotton dipped with medicine. Her heart squeezed and she tried not to meet his eyes. 

"I apologize for what Samuel did." 

Theodore could hear her soft breath and with her face so close to his, it distracted him from little pain he felt from the cuts and wounds. Her lips were rosier and her eyes not once looked at him as if they were concentrating on healing him.

"You shouldn't have stepped between us earlier. I had only started to enjoy the fight. Ouch! Did you come to tend or worsen the wound?" Theodore asked her when she pressed the cotton on his wound. When a chuckle escaped his lips, Lucy felt her heart skip a beat. 

Why? She asked herself. After all these years why did her heart still beat like this. 

It seemed like they both had hurt each other and Theodore didn't seem to mind it. But she hadn't healed and she was still wounded from the past. She realized she had stopped dabbing the cotton and was now staring into his eyes, their faces in front of each other. 

Quickly Lucy stepped away as if she was done tending his wounds and she started to put things back inside the box. 

She heard Theodore ask her, "How are you doing now?" 

Lucy wasn't sure how to answer it. Somewhere she was sad that for all these years Samuel had lied to her and then somewhere, she felt relieved that she was not part of
Samuel's life anymore. It was a mixed feeling and her coming here to Theodore's room, she didn't know what she was thinking. It must have been her guilt and worry, but that didn't let her forget the pain and the amount of tears she had spilt. 

Theodore let Lucy know, "Calhoun will support whatever decision you make." 

"I know," whispered Lucy. She knew Calhoun would always support her, since he had arrived at the castle years ago, he had always protected her and that was why she believed in him. 

"I should get back to my room," said Lucy, picking up the first aid box in her hand. But before she could reach the door, Theodore called her name. 


There was no 'Lady' or 'milady', just pure Lucy and it had her clutch the box she held in her hand. When she turned to him, she saw him stand and raise his hand towards his face. "Thank you for this," there was that gentle smile on his face, the same one that had made her fall hard for him and she had scraped herself in the past. 

Their gazes didn't break and Lucy realized she was not ready to break her heart again. Not again. 

"Goodnight," she whispered, picking up the lantern that she had brought with herself. 

"Goodnight," Theodore responded back to her, watching her take her leave while he heard her heart thudding in her chest. He still affected her like no other had.