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Chapter 426 Giving You Away
Music Recommendation: Existence- Tim Wynn


Days quickly passed, and the night before the wedding, the Hookes and the Moriarty families' guests occupied the mansion's guest rooms.

In one of the mansion's rooms, Eve now stood in front of the window, looking at the number of carriages parked outside the mansion against the snow background. A gentle wind whisked in the atmosphere and somehow passed through the crack of the window that made her shiver.

"One would think that the mansion is warmer, but it seems like it takes quite a long time for the heat of the woods to spread in a large room like this," Lady Aubrey said, while standing in front of the fireplace.

Eve turned away from the window and said, "You should wear my coat, Aunt Aubrey. The chilly weather is going to continue to remain for another month or two."

Lady Aubrey waved her hand, "I am fine. Why aren't you wearing your coat, hm? It would be terrible if you were to fall sick tomorrow. I wonder how many people know what Vincent has prepared for tomorrow." It was because only Vincent's parents, Eve and Lady Aubrey knew about it. She walked to where the bed was, sitting on the edge, she patted the surface of the bed, "Sit with me, Eve."

Eve walked towards the bed and took a seat next to her aunt.

The older woman picked up Eve's hand in hers, enclosing it with her other hand. She said in a soft voice, "You seem tense about tomorrow. Everything will be fine and go smoothly, Eve."

Eve nodded, taking a deep breath before exhaling. She said, "It didn't sink in until now. It had only been an idea that I am going to be married to Vincent. But now that it is near, I feel the tickle in my stomach."

Lady Aubrey looked at Eve and asked, "You are sure that this is the man whom you want to spend your life with, right? If yes, then it is good nervousness. I had those butterflies in my stomach when I was supposed to get married to your uncle. Those were some really good times, so savour the time and the emotions that you feel tomorrow. Because this is the important time of yours and Vincent's lives."

"I will cherish them," Eve promised, smiling before she confessed, "It feels like a dream. And I worry that I will wake up to realise that what's happened so far was all a dream."

Eve felt Lady Aubrey squeeze her hand, and the older woman said,

"Everything is very real and is happening. I know the sadness and the disappointments that you buried, when women younger to were getting married. You deserve happiness, and this is your time. It is without a doubt that I will miss you, when Eugene and I will need to go back to live in Meadow, but I am happy. Knowing you will have a family of your own with a person next to you, who loves you and will protect you always."

A smile spread on Eve's lips, knowing Vincent wasn't like the few other men of the high society, who had stranded her and then thrown her away as if he didn't know her. Only a few hours before they would be called husband and wife, and she doubted she would be able to sleep in the nervous excitement and anticipation she felt in her mind.

Eve said, "I will come to visit you as frequently as I can, Aunt Aubrey. I promise."

"I know you will. But let us not worry about such things," Lady Aubrey said, and when she looked down at Eve's hand, she noticed something that she had failed to notice earlier. "I didn't know you had inked your skin?" She murmured as she stared at the wings.

"Vincent said it is a bond between two people. Pureblooded vampires used to do that," Eve explained, and Lady Aubrey nodded in slight awe as she had never heard something like this before.

Lady Aubrey was glad to see how sure and firm Vincent Moriarty was when it came to Eve.

The older woman had fostered the mermaid since the time she was small, and she had grown into a respectful woman who was loving and kind. And Lady Aubrey was glad that the girl had been matched with someone strong.

In the past, many men had tried to woo Eve. Some had even come to Dawson's doorstep to ask Lady Aubrey for Eve's hand in marriage; even if Eve had picked someone from Meadow, she would have disapproved of it. Eve was an outcast, a creature who needed to be careful as threats lingered around the corner, and the girl needed someone to protect her. But most importantly, someone who would love and accept the girl however she was.

Lady Aubrey said, "I will go see what Eugene is up to. You should get some sleep."

"Let me come with you," Eve suggested, standing up with Lady Aubrey, but the older woman shook her head.

"Don't worry about me. Nothing is going to happen to me in a house of vampires," Lady Aubrey started to walk towards the door and said, "You forget that I have been in a room full of vampires in the past. Have a goodnight sleep, Eve," the older woman kissed Eve's cheek.

Stepping out of Eve's room, Lady Aubrey made her towards the servant's quarters. Upon reaching Eugene's room, she knocked on the door, and when he didn't open the door, she turned slightly worried. She turned the doorknob, and on opening the door, she noticed Eugene was not in there.

At the same time, seeing Alfie, who was walking by, was stopped by Lady Aubrey, and she asked him, "Have you seen, Eugene?"

"Eugene? A few minutes ago, he said he would be going out for a bit, milady and he would return later," Alfie answered. Lady Aubrey pursed her lips, wondering where Eugene might have gone.


Chapter 427 Letter Left Behind

Music Recommendation: Betrayal within- Johannes Lehniger


Eugene took a walk with his hands in the pockets of his coat. Strolling on the darker side of the streets where the lamp post's light didn't reach. He wore his ragged coat that had two sewn patches on it. Though the fabric had turned old, it still gave him the warmth he needed, and he didn't feel the need to throw it away.

A few snowflakes from the sky drifted in the air, moving past Eugene.

When he changed the colour of his eyes from black to bright red, he could hear the wind much more clearly than a few seconds ago. It felt as if his vision had magnified a step forward.

As he breathed in the cold weather through his lips, fog escaped from it. When his fangs ached, he clenched his jaws before shifting himself back to his human side.

"How far are you planning to walk?"

It was Timotei, who had followed the newly turned half-vampire.

Eugene stopped walking and turned to notice the black cat standing on the soft snow, "What are you doing here?"

Timotei clicked his teeth, "Did you forget that I am your nanny until you feel better? I cannot leave a newborn out in the open, especially when the wedding is tomorrow and we have to focus on it."

Eugene responded, "I don't need you to nanny me. I am fine."

"Mhmm," Timotei drawled before he said, "You think you are fine, but I can clearly see you aren't fine. Let me give you a demonstration. Now where can we find a human at this hour," the black cat moved its head left and right, while its ears stood straight.

"That sounds more like an instigator," Eugene replied, and he started to walk, soon to be accompanied by the cat, who walked beside him.

Timotei asked, "What are you even doing here? Having a hard time sleeping? Even I haven't been able to in the worry of when I will be turned into a vampire. It has been sleepless nights."

"I needed to go somewhere," Eugene murmured with a serious look. 

Timotei raised his head to look at Eugene, "Where to?" he asked as they continued walking.

And when they finished walking, they came to a stop and Timotei stared hard at the mansion that was in front of them. The black cat asked, "Whose mansion is this? Are we here to hunt blood? If we are, I am not going to dirty my fur, but I would like to have a cup of warm blood. It will be just splendid to have some heat in this cold wea--"

"This is the Wright's mansion. This is where the Hookes are staying," Eugene revealed to the cat.

It had been three days since Eugene had seen Rosetta and he couldn't help but wonder how she was doing. The vampiress had saved his life and he would forever be grateful towards her. The woman was kinder than most of the vampires he had come across, and though naive, he had built a bond of acquaintance with her.

"Ah--ha!" Timotei nodded and snickered, "I am guessing it is for the fair maiden?"

Eugene didn't respond, but walked towards the mansion.

Timotei was quick to follow him. He said, "As much as Rosetta will be ecstatic by seeing you after three days, you know her parents will throw you out."

"Who's come here to meet them," Eugene stated, and he jumped over the compound wall of the mansion surrounding it.

The black cat climbed up the creeper plant and jumped on the ground. They hid behind the bushes when they noticed three guards who were making a circle around the mansion. They were the guards who were assigned by Lady Aurora to make sure her daughter would not leave the mansion, nor would anyone enter.

"Do you know which one is her room?" Timotei asked in the dark.

"I will find it out," Eugene replied and came to stand next to a pillar.

The black cat didn't want to trouble itself by getting caught and said, "I think I will wait for you right here. If I see anything strange, I will call you."

"Suit yourself," Eugene replied. He climbed the pillar, getting himself on one of the balconies, and disappeared from the cat's sight.

On the other hand, Timotei decided to find a good spot, but then he paused and muttered, "What if he attacks a human? What if a vampire attacks him?!" He was on duty to look out for Eugene, and he walked towards the pillar, "Even though I am such a small being, I am doing such a remarkable job. Is there anyone as amazing as me?" He then started climbing up the pillar.

When the black cat found Eugene in the room, he noticed the man standing at the desk with a burning lantern on it. Timotei asked, "What are you doing standing there? We need to find her!"

"She's not here," Eugene replied with a frown.

"Of course, that's because this is not her room," Timotei answered with a huff and jumped on the bed, so that he could meet Eugene's eyes. But instead, he caught the man holding a parchment in his hand. "What's that?"

Eugene looked up and said, "She ran away..."

"What?" Timotei blinked.

Eugene read the parchment letter Rosetta had left behind for her parents. The content in the letter read--

'Dear mother and father,

By the time you two see this letter, I would be gone far away from here. Forgive me for leaving without informing you both anything, but I doubt you understand how I feel right now. I have always been wrapped in the cocoon in which I thought you were protecting me. But it is only now that I realise there's a world outside that is more accepting and kind.

I thought I would be okay marrying a man of your choice, but it is the fact that you are willing to trade me to solve the problems when I am unhappy, which deeply hurts me. You might call it to be circumstantial, but I doubt there would be a change if things were different. I have always dreamt of marrying a man, who would love me. Who would place me first, but I cannot expect it when my parents discard my happiness for theirs. Maybe I am not a lovable person, which is why these things are happening to me.

Forgive me again. I will miss you both.dearly.

Don't look for me because I don't want to be found.'

Eugene noticed a small drop of wetness on the parchment, that was on the verge of drying and ready to leave a crisp surface behind. His eyebrows furrowed, and he said, "She should be somewhere nearby and not too far."

Far away from Skellington, Rosetta walked in the cold as she dragged the luggage in her hand on the snowy ground. With the non availability of the local carriages at this hour and her parents keeping a close eye on their only carriage for tomorrow's wedding, the vampiress had no other option but to travel on foot.

It had taken her more than an hour just to get away from the mansion as she was scared of being caught. Thankfully she had escaped from the guards sight, and had also placed pillow in her bed before covering it with blanket. She hoped her parents would have the heart to forgive her. She wondered if she would ever be able to see Eugene again...

The tears she had earlier shed before jumping out of the balcony without anyone's notice, had turned her cheeks cold. She used one hand to wipe her cheek when a fresh tear slipped from her eye now, and her heart felt heavy.

Even if Vincent didn't marry her, Rosetta was aware that her parents wouldn't stop trying to use her for marriage to another wealthy family, forcing her into a marriage she didn't want to partake in. Her nose had turned red as she continued to sniffle, trying to stop her nose from dripping. While leaving in a hurry, she had forgotten to carry her handkerchief in her hand. Getting away from the mansion without anyone's notice had been the hardest.

The vampiress didn't know how far she had walked, but she was sure she had walked past some town. Not to mention, her stomach growled out of hunger. She murmured,

"I should have eaten something."

Earlier the day, during the time of supper, Rosetta's mother had given only the minimum food to eat, so that the young vampiress could fit into her wedding gown, which had a narrow waist.

Rosetta's legs ached because until now, she had never walked this much. She huffed for air, wondering if she could get some rest for a few minutes before continuing her journey. On hearing a distant sound of a tower bell, she quickly headed in that direction and sat down at the edge that was built around the tower bell.

"Was it always this cold?" The vampiress murmured to herself, with thick fog escaping from her lips, and she pulled her black coat closer to her body.

An eerie silence spread in the atmosphere, with not a single person in sight. Rosetta, who sat alone there, turned scared when she heard some noise. Worried that her parents had found her missing from her bed, she quickly pulled her luggage and walked up the spiral stairs of the tower bell, where the bell was attached.


Chapter 428 Vampiress At The Tower Bell

Music Recommendation: Voice of the Wind- Fredrik Jonasson


When the wind blowing in the town increased, Rosetta pulled her coat closer to herself. The snow that had settled on the ground lifted in the air, turning the town slightly foggy. With her back leaning against one of the four pillars at the top of the tower, her body slowly slid down, and she sat on the ground.

She knew she couldn't stay here for long as she didn't want to risk her parents catching up to her if they noticed her not sleeping in her bed or the mansion.

Seeing how the harsh wind carried the snow from one direction to another, Rosetta pulled her knees close to her chest and hugged it.

"I should have written a letter to Eve and Eugene," Rosetta said. But the last letter she had written for Eve hadn't reached her friend's hand.

And as days passed since she revisited Skellington, Rosetta felt that something bad had happened because of her letter. After all, even Aunt Camillie's butler, Miles felt, had indicated that was what had caused her aunt's death.

"Maybe it is better this way," Rosetta pacified herself.

The vampiress was well aware that if it wasn't for her parents, everyone would have known that Eve was the rightful bride-to-be of Vincent. She couldn't gain affection from Eugene, and she wondered if she had annoyed the man at some point. At least she was able to give him her blood and make herself useful. To feel useful... to be needed out of love, she wondered how it felt.

"I don't think the wind and snow are going to stop anytime soon," Rosetta murmured and decided to continue her journey in this weather.

Pushing herself up to stand, Rosetta took a look at the town from where she stood. She walked closer to the edge of the tower, admiring the quietness. Raising her gaze to look at the horizon, a sigh escaped her lips.

In the meantime, Eugene and Timotei jogged on the snowy ground not too far from where the tower was. Eugene asked,

"Are you sure she has come to this side? The wind must have taken away her scent. And it's not like you are a dog."

The black cat moved its head left and right, and replied, "No matter how strong the wind is, I can still pick up the vampiress's scent. In the last few days, I have been around her so much that I remember it well. How do you think I helped Eve find you and Rosetta in that closed room, while you both were romancing with each other? I have the best nose, Eugene."

Eugene's eyes had shifted from black to red so that he could have a better vision in finding Rosetta, but so far he had no luck finding her. The vampiress was undoubtedly impulsive in her decisions, and at the same time, he couldn't hold her to be in the wrong, considering how her parents treated her. He hoped she hadn't gone far, where it would be too late to reach out to her.

Timotei's nose continued to move as he sniffed the air and also the ground, and Eugene asked the black cat, "Are you sure you were not a dog in your past life?"

"So funny, you make me laugh. I should perhaps let you search for that vampiress yourself," Timotei huffed, rolling his eyes, and when he took one step to the side, ready to turn around and leave, it was when his eyes fell on the vampiress. He exclaimed, "Suicide!"

"You don't have to commit suicide for such things, Timotei," Eugene responded and the black cat quickly climbed on Eugene's coat and then one of his shoulders.

"Look there at the tower! Rosetta is going to commit suicide!" Timotei raised one of his paws in the direction of the tower. He clicked his tongue and scolded, "Poor girl wants to die after you rejected her. How heartless are you?"

Eugene quickly ran towards the tower, while looking at Rosetta, who stood at the edge with a blank expression. He shouted from where he stood, "Lady Rosetta! Lady Rosetta stop!!"

Rosetta turned startled on hearing Eugene's voice and wondered if she missed Eugene so much that she was able to hear his voice even when he wasn't with her.

"LADY ROSETTA!" Eugene continued to shout her name, finally gaining her attention to look at him.

"Eugene? What are you doing here?" Rosetta frowned, feeling an ache rise in her chest.

"Don't go! Come back home!" Eugene shouted. "Let me come there--"

"NO!" Rosetta shouted back, her voice firm as she had made up her mind.

Timotei whispered to Eugene, "You should say 'come in my arms'. Has romance died in this world? As I am older than you, I shall help you bring your lady down here. Believe in me and my power, my intelligence--"

Eugene pushed Timotei off his shoulder and said to Rosetta, "Please come back with me, Lady Rosetta." But Rosetta shook her head.

"I have no home... The home I knew will be seized by someone else and my parents will send me to a house I don't want to go to. I have already decided to stay a spinster the rest of my life," Rosetta turned emotional, and she pursed her quivering lips.

"Poor thing, you heartless man," Timotei remarked, looking at Eugene, and received a glare from the newly turned half-vampire.

Eugene ignored the black cat and said, "Running away is not the solution to any problem. It isn't easy to make a new life and live. You have us here. Miss Eve, Lady Aubrey, Mr. Moriarty... and me. I am here. So please don't go."

Rosetta's eyes mellowed and whispered, "But one day you will marry someone..."

"What?" Eugene asked, unable to hear her over the wind.

The vampiress clenched her hands into fists. She shouted, "I cannot see you getting married to someone else! I may not say anything now, because I know I should respect your decision, but I cannot watch you marry another woman. I will die, Eugene! I am not so strong."

Silence filled the place for a few seconds, and Rosetta continued, "This is for better. Me going far away from everyone. This way, your future-wife won't be cursed by me through my eyes and my parents will not get to use me anymore as their little doll to be sold."

"You surely don't want something like that," Eugene replied, his lips setting into a thin line.

"No no. I have decided to live in a hut and make fire. I will learn to cook, if not drink blood from an--animals--"Rosetta's words turned muddled as she couldn't get it to her lips with her overwhelming emotions. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and acted as if she was strong.

Eugene stared at Rosetta from below, noticing the vampiress must be cold even though she was a creature of the night and wore a coat. After a few more seconds passed, he stated, 

"I don't think it would be nice to have you curse my future wife. Not when it could be you."

Rosetta controlled her tears and said, "You are telling things only to appease me, so that I can return to Skellington. Don't say things you don't mean.... You don't have to tell it out of obligation because I saved your life." Eugene's words were raising hopes that she had buried.

"But I do mean it. Rose," Eugene said with a serious face. Timotei's head snapped to the side, staring at Eugene and the vampiress. Eugene said, "There have been a few who have tried to capture my attention, but they left quickly when they found my status and class. You are the only one who persistently chased me. I have come to like you a lot more than you think I do, and I promise that it has nothing to do with you saving my life or taking you back to Skellington now."

Rosetta felt butterflies starting to flap in her stomach. Her tears stopped, but the rim of her eyes and the tip of her nose were pink. She said,

"Tomorrow... my parents are expecting me to be married and once my parents come to know the truth that I won't be marrying Vincent, they will take me back to North..."

Rosetta's parents wouldn't stay in Skellington, and she would be forced to return with them. Even if her parents wouldn't force her, the society would look down on her, as she would be the woman the groom didn't want to marry.

"It's not like you are in love me and want to m--"

"I am a person from the servant-class, and your life won't be of comfort. You will need to work every day. Morning till evening. If you are okay with it," Eugene paused, letting his words sink into the vampiress's mind, and he then proposed to her, "Let us get married, Rosetta," he said loud and clear.

Rosetta's mouth fell open, and she stared at Eugene. Did he ask her to get married to him?

All these years, since Rosetta was young, and until a few months ago, she had believed that she would be chased by a prince who would own many lands and be well known by the people. But it was the simplicity of this man, who stood on the ground that moved her heart.

Wait, she hadn't answered him.

"Y--YES! YES! YES!!" Rosetta shouted, feeling more tears forming in her eyes and this time, it was out of happiness.


Chapter 429 Timotei’s Future Job

Rosetta used the back of her coat sleeves to wipe it before explaining to Eugene, "I--I forgot to carry my handkerchief." She stared at Eugene, while carrying her emotions on her sleeves. She couldn't believe that he had uttered those words to her.

"It's okay," Eugene tenderly smiled at the vampiress. He dipped his hand in his coat, pulled out his handkerchief, and said, "You can use mine."

"Now might be the good time to come down," Timotei remarked, and Rosetta didn't waste time throwing the luggage from the tower to the ground, which was cushioned by the snowy ground. Next, Rosetta jumped, and Eugene caught her in his arms before gently letting her on the ground.

Rosetta couldn't stop the tears that continued to spill from her eyes, and she used the handkerchief that Eugene gave her. The black cat said, "Someone is going to mistake you and me to be kidnapping her," when he heard the vampiress blow her nose into the handkerchief.

Eugene agreed and said, "Before we came here I noticed the chapel of the town open. Let us go there."

Rosetta, who was done wiping her eyes and nose, asked him, "But we won't be able to find the priest there at this hour." How could they get married without a priest?

"I have got you both covered on it. There was a time I was so bored, and I decided to read the entire book of marriage oath. I am as good as a priest," the black cat quickly made its way towards the chapel.

Eugene went to pick up Rosetta's luggage, and she quickly came to stand on the other side to help him. She offered, "Let me help you."

"That's fine," Eugene smiled at her thoughtfulness. The vampiress had changed since the first time they had met, and he said, "I am not a human, but a vampire with more strength. I have got this."

Rosetta pursed her lips and closely followed him. On the way, she and Eugene now and then stared at each other in quietness. She had a stunned expression as everything still felt like a dream, and Eugene smiled at her.

When they reached the chapel, Rosetta pushed the doors of the chapel, which was left slightly ajar.The chapel felt warmer with no wind blowing around, and Rosetta relaxed her shoulders. Many candles burned at the front, leaving the inside of the chapel bright. She noticed the black cat prancing around before standing in the middle of the altar. Timotei spoke,

"I wonder if I can be a priest once Eve turns me into a vampire. I would be excellent in the job, especially taking in the confessions. Imagine the number of dirty secrets I will get to hear and they will be blessed to get advice from me. Come children, stand in front of me." 

Rosetta turned shy, and she walked carefully towards the altar. Eugene, who reached there first after leaving her luggage to the side, he turned to look at her and said,

"We don't have to hurry. We can do this some other day, when you are ready."

But the vampiress shook her head and said, "No. This is perfect as it is." This is what she wanted, to marry him and it didn't matter if the wedding was small or big. But then she realised, "We... don't have rings."

"Give me a moment," Eugene said, raising his hand and pulling out a dull-looking ring from his finger and saying, "This is all I have for now as I wasn't prepared. I promise to put a better one, when I will earn enough and give you what you deserve."

Rosetta took a deep breath so that she wouldn't keep crying. She nodded with a smile, and Eugene turned relieved. As much as the vampiress loved him, he knew she deserved a proper ring, not a shabby one. The truth was that when he had left the Moriarty mansion earlier, he had no plans to propose to her.

Eugene doubted there was any other woman who was like Rosetta. The woman wasn't perfect, but she was doing much better than before, and he knew with time, she would improve to be the woman she wanted to be--the right kind.

"Alright! Let us start the ceremony before we are interrupted by someone or they catch me talking," Timotei hurriedly said and cleared his throat. "Dear beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company of witnesses to join together this man and this woman to be married to each other. Though if you ask me, in the beginning I thought that it was a strange match."

Eugene and Rosetta turned and looked at the black cat, who continued, "But as days have passed, I have come to understand that love has the ability to surpass class and kind. Eugene is a kind man, sometimes stone hearted when he doesn't serve my food on time. And Rosetta can or is naive and hard headed."

"We should have waited for an actual priest," Eugene muttered, and Timotei was quick to hush him,

"Shh, don't talk when I am talking to God," Timotei glared at Eugene. The black cat said, "But they have been there for each other during their hardest times. I believe they will balance each other, and be there for each other. The ring."

Eugene stretched his hand forward and asked Rosetta, "Your hand."

Rosetta felt giddiness entering her mind, and she quickly placed her hand in his without making him wait any longer. She felt him push the ring onto her ring finger and her heart skipped a beat.

Timotei asked, "Rosetta, do you take Eugene as your husband?"

"I do," Rosetta replied with her heart racing.

"Eugene, do you take Rosetta as your wife?" Timotei asked, with his tail moving. When it moved too close to a candle's flame, he quickly pulled his tail to his chest and blew air on it.

Eugene nodded, "I do."

Timotei said, "Then the power vested in my paws and my intelligent mind and thanks to my nose for finding Rosetta, I pronounce you husband and wife. You can now kiss the bride."

Rosetta stood there in her place, overwhelmed with joy and slight nervousness slipped in when Eugene took a step forward. When he kissed her, all her worries and anxiousness melted away. It was a kiss filled with warmth that she hadn't felt in a long time.

As Eugene pulled away from their kiss, Rosetta turned into a puddle and the smile on her lips was wide. She whispered, "I am your wife."

Timotei, who was done blowing air on his tail, said, "Now, this is just a temporary wedding and you will need to redo it in front of everyone." He hopped on the ground and said, "Now, we need to have her back before the clock strikes evil at us!"

Rosetta, Eugene and Timotei made their way back to Skellington. As easy as it was to jump out of her balcony room, the vampiress realised it wasn't easy to get back with the luggage in her room.

After spending an hour, where they avoided the guard's eyes and helped Rosetta back to her room, Eugene and Timotei returned to the Moriarty mansion, climbed into the bed, and fell asleep.

Rosetta slipped into her bed when she was done peeking through the window until she couldn't see Eugene anymore. She bit her lip in shyness and raised her hand that Eugene had slipped his ring. She had Eugene's ring! No, she was his wife!

She pulled her blanket close to her and grinned.

Suddenly Rosetta's room door opened, and Lady Aurora took a peek at her daughter to ensure she was sleeping.

On feeling someone in her room, Rosetta quickly closed her eyes and behaved as if she was fast asleep.

Lady Aurora moved closer to Rosetta's bed, watching her daughter before stepping out of the room. With a satisfied nod, she closed the door and turned to Blythe, her maid, "Make sure you keep guard. Nothing can go wrong, and soon our family will be able to restore the way it has been."

"Yes, milady," Blythe bowed and stood in front of Rosetta, where both the women were late in finding what had occurred since they had seen the young vampiress. Not knowing that she was now married to a person Lady Aurora would never marry her daughter to, lest imagine it.

Hours passed, and finally, the sun rose with the clouds not hiding it anymore.

The people in Skellington as well as other towns, were excited to see the wedding that was going to take place today and wanted to be part of it. While most had received the latest wedding invitations from Vincent, there were a few handful people, who still believed that he was going to marry the marquee and the marchioness's daughter.


Chapter 430 Arrival Of Happiness

Music Recommendation: Hilltop Road- Lake Isabel


The whole of Wright's mansion was busy with the marchioness scolding the butler and the other staff of the mansion for being slow. Lady Aurora demanded from her late sister-in-law's butler, "Myles, are the flowers here yet? I specifically told you that they should be here by eight and it's going to be nine!"

"Milady!" A maid came running through the hallways, while carrying a bouquet in her hand. "The flowers."

"Finally," Lady Aurora huffed and ordered the butler, "Make sure the carriage is decorated abundantly with flowers. I don't want it to seem to others that the Hookes are thrifty and have no money."

"I will take a look again, milady," the butler bowed, and the servants hurriedly continued to walk back and forth.

Lady Aurora wore a golden-brown gown, with the back hem of the dress that swept the ground and her sleeves were long till her wrist. She turned around and made her way towards her daughter's room. Bursting through the door, she stepped inside and her eyes fell on her daughter, who was in her wedding gown. Behind Rosetta stood Blythe, who was keeping an eye on her daughter, as per her order.

"Look at you, Rose! So lovely, just like a bride should look," Lady Aurora stepped forward and air-kissed her daughter's cheek. "When you walk down the aisle, not only the Moriartys but also the others will know what a gem you are."

"Thank you, mother," Rosetta had a wide smile after what had happened the previous night.

"You look so happy. I told you he was the right person for you and you did everything well so far, Rose. Just a little more and everything will fall into its right place," Lady Aurora picked up Rosetta's hands with hers, and the young vampiress's eyes fell on her bare fingers.

When Rosetta had woken up this morning, she had pulled out her wedding ring and had hidden it in her wedding gown's pocket. She didn't want her mother or any other servant to find out about the ring and be suspicious.

"I should have trusted you from the beginning, mother. If you didn't send me here to Skellington, none of this would have ever happened," Rosetta confessed the truth, and after the last three days where she had been filled with sadness, she was finally happy. No, not happy. She was ecstatic.

"I knew you would one day realise that I am doing this for your own good," Lady Aurora smiled at her daughter for being obedient. She then looked at the streets outside through the window and said, "The streets of Skellington seem busier than usual. We will be having a lot of guests attending the wedding. As the chapel is far, we will be leaving in thirty minutes. We don't want you to be late. Not that it would matter, considering they have to wait for you, the bride," the older vampiress chuckled.

Rosetta turned to look at her reflection in the mirror and noticed her lost smile had returned. She couldn't wait to move in with Eugene and let everyone know that she was his wife and he was her husband.

"Mother," Rosetta stopped Lady Aurora, who was about to leave the room.

"What is it, Rose?" Lady Aurora raised her eyebrows.

Rosetta took a step forward and wrapped her arms around her mother. She held her mother tightly because she knew this was the only time she had with them, and once she would leave this mansion, things wouldn't be the same anymore.

"Oh, dear. What are you doing? Your dress will crumple," Lady Aurora said without moving, and she continued, "Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere soon and will in this mansion--"

"Can you hug me, mother?" Rosetta whispered, while her chin rested on her mother's shoulder. "Please," her eyes teared up.

Lady Aurora looked surprised by her daughter's request and put her arms around, patting Rosetta's back. She then said, "Now, let me go and get that necklace!"

Rosetta blinked back the tears as she nodded. She took a step backwards. Her mother quickly stepped out of the room, while she stared at her mother's back.

Not far from the Wright mansion stood the magnificent mansion of the Moriarty family. Alfie helped inside the mansion, while Eugene had taken up the responsibility of assisting the guests inside the carriage, where some of them had already left to the chapel where the Hookes were soon going to head to.

Inside one of the rooms, Eve had finished wearing the off-white gown Anaya had made for her. Being the seamstress, the young she-wolf had taken herself to help the bride get ready. Apart from them, in the room was Vincent's youngest sister, Allie, who was already dressed in a peach dress.

Eve's hair was parted to the side before her golden-blonde hair was tied into a low bun at the back. Three pink roses were inserted to the bun along with white baby's breath flowers. The translucent veil had already been pinned, leaving a trail behind her.

When someone knocked on the door, Anaya quickly walked to the door and opened it. It was Lady Aubrey, who stepped inside the room and gushed, "Oh! You look absolutely beautiful, Eve! Such a beautiful bride." She turned to the side and dabbed the corner of her eyes.

Eve's smile spread on her lips, and she replied, "Thank you, auntie."

Lady Aubrey had imagined Eve wearing a white gown, but seeing her in it felt surreal. She took a deep breath, dabbing the corner of her eyes one more time, and smiled. She raised her hands and said, "Come here, let me take a closer look at you."

Eve stepped in front of the older woman, who placed her hands on Eve's arms and remarked, "I am so happy, Eve. That you are finally going to be married. Though I am a little sad that I won't be able to see you every day."

Eve hugged her aunt, who hugged her back. She said, "Thank you, Aunt Aubrey. For loving and taking care of me all this time."

Lady Aubrey gently patted Eve's back and said, "You will always be my daughter."

"Always," Eve whispered, and when they pulled away, the two women smiled at each other. She then introduced her aunt to the she-wolf, "Aunt Aubrey, this is Anaya. She is living in Duke Noah's mansion with her parents."

"It is good to meet you, Anaya. Thank you for looking after our dear Eve," Lady Aubrey thanked the she-wolf, who offered her sincere bow.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Aubrey," Anaya replied. She said, "Excuse me, I will go see where Noah is."

Eve nodded with a smile and watched the woman leave the room. She then turned to the little girl and asked, "Allie, could you go to where your brother is and see if he is ready?"

Allie quickly nodded and dashed out of the room, leaving Eve and Lady Aubrey alone. The older woman remarked, "Today, I got my hands on the two invitations. The chapels are in different directions and should give enough time for things to go smoothly."

Her aunt was talking about the old invitation of the Hookes that held the wedding location in a chapel that took forty minutes to reach, which was where the Hookes were headed. While the new invitation that Vincent had picked was taking place in the chapel of Hollow Valley, which was in the opposite direction of where the first wedding was taking place.

Lady Aubrey then said, "You know Eugene got me really worried last night because he wasn't in his room."

Eve eyebrows furrowed, and said, "Earlier, I saw him in front of the mansion."

The older woman nodded, "I did later. I guess he went out for some fresh air, that's what Alfie told me."

"Vincent told me that Eugene is having a better control on his body and thirst than the other new vampires. So there will be less chances of him attacking someone randomly," Eve explained to her aunt, who sighed.

"That's good. I hope he won't feel awkward living with me. I wouldn't want him to be worried that he might pounce on me," Lady Aubrey replied with her lips setting themselves in a thin line.

Eve remembered Eugene mentioning living elsewhere, and it seemed like Aunt Aubrey already imagined it even without having to be there when he told it.

Far away from Eve's room, Allie hopped like a rabbit in excitement, making her way towards her brother's room. But before she could reach there, she suddenly ended up in front of Marceline, who was dressed in a beautiful maroon gown with her hair flowing down her shoulders.

"Sister Marcel--"

"Were you planning to make me trip and fall now? As if you haven't done enough already," Marceline stated in a low voice that only the little vampires heard her, while the guests nearby only saw the elder vampiress smile down at her younger sister.

Allie turned startled by the question and she quickly shook her head, "I was only walking to--"

"By hopping and crashing into me?" Marceline's eyes narrowed, while her lips held a smile. "Showing off that you have both legs?"

Allie looked like an animal whose ears wilted from being scolded and she stayed quiet.

Marceline, who had hidden in her room all these days, had finally stepped out in the mansion's corridors. Outwardly, she looked perfectly fine with her long flowing gown and her lips tinted pink to hint innocence in her, as she didn't have it.

But it was only when she took a step forward did her posture change. She was still not used to walking on the false leg the physician had taught her to strap on her right thigh.

Every step Marceline took made her feel humiliated, and she could feel the servants staring at her as if she was an outcast. But when she turned to catch them, they would have hurried away. When one of the known guests came to walk near Marceline, the young vampiress smiled.

"How are you doing, Lady Marceline? It feels like it has been years since I last saw you. You even missed the soiree that Mr. and Mrs. Smith held four days ago," said the man.

"I was busy with family duties. You know how busy it gets when weddings are near," Marceline politely answered and then asked her sister in a nicer tone, "Where were you going?"

"Mm, to see if brother Vincent is ready," Allie innocently replied.

"He must be ready. We are going to leave the mansion in a few minutes, aren't we?" Marceline stated, only to be interrupted by the guest, who replied,

"We still have a good time before we head to Hollow Valley."
"Hollow Valley?" Marceline questioned with a frown, and Allie slipped away from there as her sister was busy with the guest. She said, "I think you are mistaken, Mr. Lambton. The wedding is taking place in the chapel of Brigade town."

The guest stared at Marceline as if she was joking before he chuckled, "That was a good one, Lady Marceline. I almost fell for it," and he said with a bow, "I will see you at the chapel."

Marceline held a look of confusion on her face, and she made her way towards the stairs and then to the guest rooms before her hands fell on the new invitation the guests had received. With a look of disbelief, she said in a low voice, "Vincent is marrying the governess?" This couldn't be true, and her brother was going to break the blood oath he had given in the Council along with the signature?

When she reached the front of the mansion, her eyes fell on the governess's servant, and she called Eugene, "You there! Prepare a carriage for me."

But Eugene didn't respond. Marceline turned angry that the servant was ignoring her order. When she started to move towards him, her mother suddenly appeared in front of her and said, "Good that you are here, Marcie. Get in the carriage. We need to be at the chapel."

"You are letting Vincent break the blood seal agreement made? Do you know what it means, mother?" Marceline asked with wide eyes.

"Yes," Lady Annalise calmly replied, and when the carriage door in front of them opened, she said, "Now get inside the carriage. We are going to be late for the wedding."

Carriages travelled towards the town of the Hollow Valley in a trail, passing through the forest path. Eve sat inside the carriage with Aunt Aubrey, Allie and Timotei, who sat on the little girl's lap. It took several minutes before they reached the actual chapel, where the wedding was going to take place.

Most of the guests had already settled themselves inside the chapel, while Vincent and his family got inside to take their position, while Vincent and Eve were yet to see each other.

When Eve stepped outside the carriage, she placed her foot on the snow-covered ground. She wore a white fur coat that wrapped her body and kept her warm.