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Chapter 431 Time In The Chapel
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Lady Aubrey stood with Eve outside the chapel. Lady Aubrey said, "This seems like an old chapel, and not many use it." It was, after all, far away from the centre of the Hollow Valley.

"Vincent said his parents got married here. Viscount Eduard and Lady Katherina," Eve responded, watching the outer appearance of the church, which was made of black rock-like stones. She noticed the long windows, which had multicoloured paintings on them.

"They must hold this place very close to their hearts," Lady Aubrey nodded, and she also knew it must be expensive to hold a wedding here.

While the Moriartys and the members of Dawson's family were in Hollow Valley, not far from the town, Rosetta got her carriage to ride towards where the actual wedding was taking place.

"Milady, the marquee told me that the wedding was taking place in Brigade town," the coachman replied in nervousness as Rosetta had got him to turn around when the other carriages were not in sight. It was with great difficulty that she had gotten her mother to agree to let her ride alone, by explaining that she didn't want to ruin her beautiful gown by having more passengers in her carriage.

"There's no wedding taking place in Brigade town. You will see when we reach Hollow valley," Rosetta ordered the coachman.

"Then the other carriages? Did you hear it from the marquee or the marchioness?"

"The cat told me."

"Cat? M--milady," the coachman didn't want to be punished.

Before Rosetta had left her room, Timotei had appeared and revealed to her that her best friend Eve was getting married today and she didn't want to miss it. Right now, she changed into her evening gown inside the carriage.

Back at the town of Hollow Valley and in front of the chapel, before the music could start, Alfie stepped outside the chapel and informed with a bow, "Lady Aubrey, your presence has been requested inside the chapel."

"Now?" Lady Aubrey asked with a frown.

Eve said to Alfie, "Aunt Aubrey is walking me down the aisle."

Alfie replied, "It is just for two minutes, Lady Aubrey."

"I will go and see what this is about. I will be back in a minute," Lady Aubrey assured Eve and followed Alfie inside the chapel.

Eve turned away from the chapel doors behind which she had been standing. She looked at the town, where snow covered the trees, roofs and the ground. Because of the weather, and as it was early in the day, there weren't many people walking up and down this side of the town.

She wished her parents were alive so that they could witness the happiness she was being gifted with today. That not every mermaid and siren's life was meant to end cruelly. As she smoothened the front of her wedding gown skirt, she noticed the hem of her dress had twisted. When she went to bend and fix it, another pair of hands appeared.

"Allow me." Noah knelt to fix the hem of her wedding gown, and he looked up at Eve once he was done.

"Thank you, Noah," Eve thanked him when he stood up. She noted how the Duke wore a dark brown suit and a white in-shirt. His hair was neatly combed to the side, and the beauty mark below his eye was more evident than usual.

"You look as beautiful as any other day, Genevieve," Noah complimented her, and when he smiled, Eve noticed the corner of his eyes crinkle.

"Where is Anaya?" Eve asked him, looking behind him and noticed only the Head Council making his way towards the chapel from his carriage.

"She's inside. I had some work to finish and had to use another carriage," Noah explained, and Eve nodded.

"You have turned busier than before, Noah. It feels like it has been years since we met in the Meadow, hasn't it?" Eve fondly asked as she recollected the memory of them always walking on the streets to find each other by surprise, talking for several minutes.

"We have known each other for a long time," Noah nodded, and as heavy as his heart felt, it took a lot of strength to come here. He asked her, "Is no one here with you?"

Eve replied, "Aunt Aubrey was here, but she was called for some reasons and I am here now. She will be back in a minute or two," she carefully craned her neck to the side, her blue eyes looking around.

Noah looked at the woman who had been holding his heart until now. Her features were gentle yet refined. Her lips moved as she spoke about the weather, but he paid partial attention while he smiled and felt his heart ache.

"It is starting," Eve whispered in nervousness when she heard the music coming from inside the chapel that belonged to the xylophone, harp and the people hired to sing. She wondered what was keeping Aunt Aubrey in the chapel.

Realising she was still wearing her furry white coat, she quickly removed it and looked around before Noah stretched his hand towards her and said, "Let me keep it inside."

Eve nodded, murmuring a thank you and saw Noah step inside the chapel. Not a few seconds later, she saw Rosetta waving at her and running towards her.

"EVE!" Rosetta shouted with a broad smile, while she noticed the coachman running behind her, calling the vampiress.

"Milady, we should head back before it is late!" The coachman shouted.

"Rosetta, how did you come here?" Eve asked her, "Where are your parents?"

"They must be in Brigade town now," Rosetta replied, out of breath.

When the coachman caught up to the vampiress, he wheezed and said, "M--milady. We--we need to... back." But when he saw Vincent standing at the altar, he turned confused.

Rosetta said, "Go tell mother and father that I am here." And she turned back to look at her friend, "You look so pretty, Eve! I really love your dress!"

Eugene stepped out with Noah, and a shy smile appeared on Rosetta's lips. Rosetta said, "I am one of your maid of honour, aren't I? I cannot miss it." The vampiress had automatically decided it by herself.

"Miss Eve," Eugene offered Eve a bow, and during that time Rosetta nudged her head to her hand.

When Eve's eyes fell on Eugene's ring on Rosetta's finger, her eyes widened. Was this why Aunt Aubrey had found Eugene to be missing from his bed last night?

Soon Clayton and Allie stepped out of the chapel. The Head Council said, "Everybody position yourself. The wedding is starting."

Vincent had got Clayton to be his best man, who now stepped back inside the chapel, walking down the aisle with Allie. Rosetta said to Eve in excitement, "I will see you inside, Eve," she offered a small bow to Noah before hooking her hand around Eugene's arm and stepping inside.

Eve softly chuckled at Eugene and Rosetta being together. Everything had indeed fallen into its right place, where everyone was happy. But Aunt Aubrey was still missing, and Noah stretched his hand towards her once again when she was about to crane her neck. It was only two seconds later did she realise.

"You are walking me down the aisle?" Eve asked with a hint of surprise, as she hadn't expected Noah to do it.

[Music Recommendation: Twinkling Lights (reimagined)- Auni]

Noah had no plans to do it until he received the letter from Vincent that had read--

'To the Duke of Woodlock, Noah Sullivan.

As you are already aware, Eve and I are getting married this Thursday. But this isn't an invitation, but a request from me to you. She lost her family when she was young and doesn't have any male to walk her down the aisle. You have known Eve for a long time, and I know you care very much about her as much as she does about you. On the wedding day, I want you to walk her down the aisle, not as a father but as a friend she cherishes. If you can't, that is fine and I will arrange for someone else to walk her on her important day.'

In the beginning, anger had bubbled in Noah's mind after reading the cruel letter that Vincent Moriarty had written. Even though he had never expressed to Eve about his feelings, the vampire was well aware and felt like he was only rubbing salt over his wound. But as hours passed, Vincent's request made sense.

It was because he knew Eve more than anyone, as he had spent time getting to know her and had cared for her until this very moment. She looked extremely happy and it made him happy seeing her like this. And as she would marry Vincent, to belong to someone, this would be him handing over her care to the pureblooded vampire.

"Shall we?" Noah asked and Eve nodded, putting her hand around his arm.

Though the chapel looked old from outside, the inside held small chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, brightening the place even more. There were intricate paintings on the ceiling, and it looked beautiful.

Eve walked next to Noah, entering the chapel, and they started to walk down the aisle. The guests had stood, watching her walk, and she felt very aware of the gaze. The guests murmured praises amongst themselves about how she looked. When a slight nervousness started to enter her skin, her eyes fell on Vincent, who stood at the altar, waiting for her.

Vincent looked ridiculously handsome in the black suit and had combed his silver hair backwards. His dark red wine-like eyes watched Eve walk towards him, and there was a faint smile on his lips.

Eve didn't look away from Vincent as it gave her the courage to walk now. When she finally arrived at the altar, she let go of Noah's arm, and he leaned forward before kissing her cheek. He pulled away from her, and looked at Vincent,

"Take good care of her."

"Always," Vincent smiled, stretching his hand towards Eve and she took it in a heartbeat. She took two steps and now stood in front of him.

The priest came forward with a book in his hand, who was wearing his coif. The guests sat down, and the priest said, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of God-- to join this man and woman in a holy matrimony..."

Vincent couldn't get his eyes off his bride, who looked gorgeous and no word would do justice to what he wanted to tell her except for his actions. He squeezed her hand and felt her heart skip a beat, bringing a grin to his lips. Though Eve was already his, the pureblooded vampire knew how much a marriage ceremony meant for her, and he would walk anywhere she wanted him to with her.

Eve's cheeks turned warm, noticing how Vincent stared at her, while his lips held mischief that promised things for when they were alone. She was finally here at the altar with him, getting married to the love of her life, and she took a deep breath when she felt her heart and chest fill up.

The priest continued to recite the words from his book in his hand, "....before God-- because marriage is one of His most sacred wishes-- to witness the marriage of Vincent Moriarty and Genevieve Barlow."

After a minute, the priest turned to Vincent and asked, "Vincent, do you take Genevieve Barlow as your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honour and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish her with all your heart, for as long as you are alive?"

"I do," Vincent responded without a gap.

The priest then turned to Eve and repeated, "...to cherish him with all your heart, for as long as you are alive?"

"I do," Eve replied with a smile.

"You will now exchange rings as a symbol of your commitment and love which you as husband and wife have promised to each other," the priest said, and they brought the rings forward.

Eve was the first to put the ring on Vincent's finger, and he did the same by pushing the ring onto her ring finger. Everyone watched the stunning couple, while holding their breath.

"Having witnessed your vows before God, Vincent and Genevive, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride!"

Vincent curled his hand around Eve's waist, pulling her firmly before he leaned forward and kissed her lips. It was a sweet, toe-curling kiss and as she kissed him back, Eve felt the butterflies in her stomach finally release and fly. When he pulled back, a broad smile etched on his lips, and she whispered,

"I love you, Vince."

"And I love you back, my beautiful girl. With all my heart that belongs to no one else but you," Vincent said to her. 

Everyone who stood at the altar couldn't help but be happy for the couple, and the guests clapped to congratulate the new couple. The priest said,

"It is my pleasure to introduce you to you for the first time. Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Genevieve Moriarty."

Chapter 432 Missing Groom And Bride

Music Recommendation: Violin Concerto No. 2 RV 315- Antonio Vivaldi

Marquee Hooke and Marchioness Hooke, who arrived in front of the chapel of the Brigade town, noticed the few carriages parked just a short distance from the chapel. Lady Aurora asked her husband,

"It seems like not every guest has arrived and are probably on their way. Even the Moriartys are yet to make their presence."

"Looks like it, dear," Marquee Hooke answered his wife as he straightened his coat. He then looked in the direction they had come and remarked, "Where is Rosetta's carriage?"

"It should be here in a minute or two at the most," Lady Aurora replied, and she took a quick look at her reflection in the chapel's window. She curled the back of her hair, which now rested on one of her shoulders.

But even after five minutes passed, their daughter's carriage that had left from Wright's mansion was nowhere in sight, and the Hooke couple turned a little agitated. Lady Aurora said with a frown, "Rosetta was very excited and happy today, there's no way she would have returned to the mansion."

"I find it quite strange that none of the Moriarty members aren't here either," Marquee Hooke's lips set themselves in a thin line. He said, "Let me go take a quick look at the guests inside the chapel."

Marquee Hooke stepped inside the chapel, and Lady Aurora followed him. The guests greeted the couple,

"Good morning, Marquee Hooke and Lady Aurora. It is good to see you here, some of us were wondering if we got to the wrong wedding venue."

"Is the wedding going to take place later than the mentioned time? I thought it was going to be sharp at ten, but it is already ten past ten," said another guest.

"Has the bride arrived? I am sure she looks as beautiful as you did in your marriage, Lady Aurora," one of the women praised the marchioness. "Where is the groom and his family?" She asked.

Lady Aurora stiffly smiled at the guests, greeting them and she said, "They should be here soon. Excuse us," and she pulled her husband out of the chapel and hurriedly whispered to him, "Walter, these are only our guests! I don't see any of the Moriartys guests. Something isn't right!"

Even the Marquee, who had noticed it too, turned worried before a scowl appeared on his face, "Don't tell me that the boy isn't going to uphold his marriage deal. Did he decide to cancel the wedding?!"

"Impossible!" Lady Aurora dismissed her husband's thoughts.

Because the seal was made in the Council's registry with Vincent's blood and his signature, there was no way one could turn back from the deal made. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Do you think Vincent and his family did something to Rosetta? What if they took her somewhere to delay the wedding?"

"We should go and meet the Council right away," Marquee Hooke suggested, and then he asked in doubt, "But what if we are wrong?"

"Rosetta's carriage left right along with us. It should have been here by now! The reason it isn't here is because the Moriartys had kidnapped her!" Lady Aurora spoke angrily, ready to breathe fire through her nose. She called Lady Camille's butler, who was their coachman for the day. "Myles!"

The butler quickly reached where the Hook couple stood. Bowing his head, he asked, "Milady?"

"Pull the carriage. We'll be going back to Skellington," Lady Aurora ordered him, her voice turning louder.

When one of the guests who sitting inside the chapel's entrance heard the vampiress's, the person came out and asked, "Did you forget something, Marchioness? Allow me to send my coachman to fetch it for you from your mansion." The person only wanted to maintain a good relationship and gain favour from the Hookes, who were of a high status.

Lady Aurora shook her head and put on a polite smile, "Thank you for the offer, Mr. Sleetcliff, but this is something we'll need to go and get it done by ourselves."

A few more guests stepped out of the chapel, and one more guest asked, "Marquee Hooke, is the wedding hour being postponed? Is everything alright?"

Marquee Hooke raised his hands, smiling, and said, "The wedding will be taking place a little delay as the bride and groom are yet to reach."

Considering how the time was being changed, some of the guests got suspicious, and someone asked, "Did something happen to them that they weren't able to come here?"

"The path of the forest does look the same everywhere because of the snow. Maybe they got confused?"

"Maybe the wedding isn't going to take place," another guest murmured, and more whispers emerged. "Do you think the bride eloped? I don't think the Viscount's son is a coward to run."

Marquee Hooke noticed his wife losing her cool exterior and he quickly convinced their guests, by saying, "Everyone, please take a seat inside the chapel. We will be back soon. The wedding is going to take place today. Forgive us for the delay and the inconvenience caused at the moment, but we hope you will bear with the time."

The butler, Myles, who had gone to bring the carriage that he had only parked a few minutes ago, returned with it and jumped from his seat. He opened the carriage door, and Lady Aurora walked towards it.

But before Lady Aurora and Marquee Hooke could climb inside the carriage, they heard the sound of the hooves and the neighing of the horses, accompanied by the sound of the wheels of the carriage. Soon a carriage came into view.

"That's Rosetta's carriage!" Lady Aurora sighed in relief on seeing the carriage and she then turned to the side and remarked, "My daughter is not one to elope. The Hooke's are no cowards to run over simple things as a marriage. We are a reputed family.."

The guests who had earlier remarked hide behind each other before nodding at the marchioness's words and one of them murmured, "Pardon me for my words, Marchioness." Soon the coachman pulled the carriage in front of the chapel and got down with a look of nervousness on his face.

"Open the carriage door," Marquee Hook ordered, before harshly questioning the lowly servant, "What took you so long?"

The coachman looked terrified and didn't dare to raise his head to look at his master and mistress. He stuttered, "S—Sire that… Lady Rose-setta..."

"What happened to Rosetta?" Lady Aurora's eyes narrowed at the coachman. She quickly reached near the carriage door. Placing her hand on the door handle, she pulled it open and saw her daughter's wedding gown. But her daughter was missing and she demanded, "Where is Rosetta?!"

Though the weather was cold, the coachman began to sweat. Instead of telling the truth about how he had listened to the young mistress's order, he said, "Mr. Vincent Moriarty and Lady Rosetta are in the chapel of the town Hollow Valley, milady."

"Who told you to drive there?!" Marquee Hooke demanded.

The coachman gulped and replied, "Lady Rosetta…"

"So this wasn't the venue? Why weren't we informed about it?" One of the female guests inquired. "We should all go there if the bride and groom are there."

The guests climbed inside the carriages one by one and left the chapel, while the debt collectors, who had self-invited themselves, stared at the Hooke couple from afar.

When the last guest, next to the Hooke's carriage, inquired, "Marquee Hooke, why did you change the venue?" Marquee Hooke replied,

"We distributed the wedding invitations to the entire town and other acquaintances of ours. Maybe the Moriarty family didn't inform us about the changes," and he quickly climbed on the carriage before riding away from there.

The debt collectors stood afar, witnessing things happening outside the chapel. One of the debt collectors, Mr. Etsbury spoke to another debt collector, Mr. Hotham, "It looks like Marquee and Marchioness Hooke's daughter won't be getting married."

Mr. Hotham clicked his tongue and said, "It looks like the Hooke's are going to be broke soon."

Soon one more carriage arrived, and it was two officials from the Council. One of them noticing only the two debt collectors standing there, asked, "Have you seen Marquee and Marchioness Hooke?"

Mr. Etsbury replied, "They just left for Hollow Valley. Do they owe you money too?"

The councilmen held a serious expression, and one replied, "There is an arrest warrant filed against them."

In the moving carriage which was on its way to Hollow Valley, Marquee Hooke turned to his wife and demanded,

"Why did you send Rosetta alone? Couldn't you keep the maid or have her ride with us?"

"She didn't want to crumple her wedding gown and needed space. We didn't know about the wedding taking place there, but she knew it," Lady Aurora said in a low voice, while she fumed in her seat. And the same wedding gown was now lying on the inside of the carriage floor as if it was a mat. Her daughter had behaved as if she was happy about the wedding, which was why this slip had been caused.

"Drive faster!" Marquee Hooke ordered the coachman, who tried to increase the speed of the horses that now galloped. He asked his wife, "Haven't you been watching Rosetta? She hadn't left hom." Lady Aurora clenched her jaws.

"He's planning to marry that lowly human! I think he doesn't understand the severity of his situation, then not he or even us can cancel the deal that was made in the registry," Lady Aurora replied in haste as the carriage headed towards the chapel where her daughter and the members of the Moriarty family were now.

Chapter 433 In Discarded Company

In the chapel of the town of Hollow Valley, Eve and Vincent held each other's hands and stepped out of the chapel with smiles. As the newlywed stepped out of the place, flower petals were showered on them.??

While most of the invites there were happy for the newlywed couple, one person in particular, didn't hold a smile but a scowl on her face.??

Marceline Moriarty was appalled that her family was going against the Council's rules. Though she was the sister of Vincent Moriarty, she had not bothered to take part in his marriage and refused to believe it had taken place. She continued to sit inside the chapel in the front row bench.??

The vampiress was bitter because of the humiliation and shame that was brought to her by her family members.??

Marceline gritted her teeth when she felt people stare at her and then at the hem of her dress as if waiting to find her missing leg. Rumours about her rotten foot had spread farther than the Skellington town, and most of the guests were curious to see if it was true.??


Marceline heard a male's voice, and when she raised her head, she noticed it was one of the men in the society, whom she had ignored.??

"Would you like me to help?" The man politely asked, but his words only turned Marceline angry. She bluntly remarked,??

"I am perfectly capable of getting up by myself without help."

And when Marceline pushed her hands on the surface of the wooden bench she had been sitting on, her wooden leg creaked and she turned embarrassed by it. Two women, who stood afar inside the chapel, whispered amongst themselves.

When Marceline finally stood straight, she staggered and as her wooden foot stamped the front of her gown, before she could do anything, she fell on the floor.??

The same person whom she had rejected a few seconds ago, returned to her aid and bending down said, "Milady, let me he窶能"

"Get your hands off of me!" Marceline shouted at the man, receiving a few guests' attention who were yet to step out of the chapel.??

This time the man turned annoyed, and said, "I only meant to offer you my help. There's no need for you to behave as if I am an untouchable person," saying those words, he left her side without looking at her.

No one dared to go near Marceline, because of her previous outburst and they quickly stepped out of the chapel. With the other Moriarty members busy outside, they didn't witness what happened. One woman Marceline had shunned appeared in front of her, who was none other than Jennifer, the woman she had recently visited after stabbing Eve's servant.??

Marceline tried to stand straight and not to stagger, feeling the squeaky stiffness of her wooden leg.??

"Marceline, you look lovely today. How are you doing?" Jennifer asked Marceline.??

"How am I doing?" Marceline snapped in anger. Her eyes had turned wide, and she was livid with her life. "How do you think I am looking?!"??

Jennifer looked surprised by Marceline's outburst, and so were the few others who heard the young vampiress burst. Marceline Moriarty had always been the poised young lady in their circle of society. The image she had built up for so many years had crumbled, and everyone was surprised by her rude behaviour.??

"Not so good窶?" Jennifer innocently answered. The woman could tell Marceline was in pain. "I heard about what happened to your leg. I am sorry about it."??

As if this wedding and her family didn't remind her enough of her plight, Marceline felt people judging her now. She couldn't believe she was standing next to the least popular woman in the whole of Skellington town, and the people who often flocked around her, no one wanted to look at her or smile.??

"Did you hear that? So it is true," one of the women whispered, who belonged to high society.??

"I told you something wasn't right about her," said another woman next to the one who had spoken in a low voice, but Marceline could hear them well. "She tried to behave as if she was superior to us, and even talked down to me. Serves her right."??

"Who do you think you are talking about?" Marceline snapped at them. Lady Annalise, who had stepped inside the chapel, heard this and pursed her lips with a frown.??

"Marceline," Lady Annalise looked angry as she made her way towards her elder daughter. She pulled the young vampiress to the side and asked in a low voice, "What are you doing?"??

"What am I doing? What are you doing?" Marceline asked in confusion and a hint of hysteria. "You are going against the Council rules. No against the King and Queen's word!"??

"That is something your brother will handle. If you continue to make a scene, we'll have no choice but not send you to the South mansion," Lady Annalise had lost patience with Marceline, and there was no other way to handle the young vampiress, but with strict words and ultimatums.??

Marceline clenched her hands and said, "If you were really my mother, you would have known what I am going through. You would be there to wipe my tears. Instead, you are encouraging the wedding of my brother, a pureblooded vampire to a lowly human. I thought we were alike! You didn't want Vince marrying a human from that lowly place either!"??

Lady Annalise's eyes softened for a moment before they hardened, and she said, "It is true. But I also know when heart and love triumph and precedes everything. Something, someone I knew taught me. Today is a day of joy, if you don't want to take it, sit quietly."

Marceline didn't stay there to listen to more words from her mother, and walked away from there as fast as her wooden leg could carry her. She stepped away from the couple who were being hovered by people, and when she walked around and reached the backside of the church, she noticed the Duke of Woodlock standing there.??

The young vampiress, who was walking, slipped and fell on the snow. Noah, who caught sight of this, quickly helped her.??

"Lady Marceline," Noah helped Marceline stand, and Marceline didn't bother to hide her wooden leg so that she could get his sympathy. "What happened to your leg?"??

"My leg, I had a bad infection, Duke Noah窶? they had to cut it," Marceline hid her face behind her handkerchief.??

"I am sorry to hear that. You should have sat inside than come here," Noah suggested.??

Marceline felt a sudden pain in her chest when her feelings for him returned. She concentrated on the pain, and it disappeared. She wondered what it was about. She then returned to look at Noah and offered him a smile.??

"I saw you standing here and thought it would be rude to not greet you," Marceline replied sweetly, before she said, "Duke Noah, can I suggest that we窶能"

The pain in her heart came in full force as if someone was trying to rip her heart out, and she placed her hand on her chest, while her face twisted in pain.??

"Lady Marceline?" Noah turned worried. "Are you okay? Shall I call your family?"??

Marceline looked as if she couldn't breathe and took a step away from him. This couldn't be happening! It was as if every time she tried to get closer to Noah, she couldn't speak more. It took her a second before her eyes widened. No窶?

There was no way the ritual the witcher spoke of had another sacrifice. Did it pick sacrificing her feelings for Noah?! It hadn't gone through窶?She hadn't seen the dagger glow!

"Don't tell me it wasn't one but two self sacrifices," she whispered, with her eyes turning as wide as a saucer.??

Marceline looked back at the Duke and said hurriedly, "Excuse me!" Turning around, she left in haste.??

On the way, Anaya came across Marceline, who staggered as she walked past her without a greeting. The she-wolf turned and watched the vampiress, and in time Noah caught up to where she stood. She curiously asked, "What was that about?"??

"I don't know. One moment, she seemed to be in pain and then she wasn't," Noah replied with the frown still on his face.??

Anaya asked him, "Do you want to walk to the front of the chapel?"??

Noah nodded, "Sure."??

As they came to the front, Noah's eyes fell on Eve, who looked happy next to Vincent. Today he had done something he knew he would have to since many years ago, but it was in a literal way, where he had handed his love away to another man. He watched the way she glowed. They both had come a long way, and he exhaled the air through his lips.??

Anaya said, "They make a beautiful couple, don't they? She said, "What you did inside earlier, that was a very sweet thing to do, Duke Noah. You must have a very strong mind and heart."

Anaya was talking about Noah walking Eve down the aisle. He smiled and said, "Sometimes you turn happy if the other person is happy." The she-wolf noticed how the Duke had a calm expression with a smile on his lips and wondered how true it was.??

"Duke Noah?"??

"Yes?" Noah turned to look at the she-wolf, who was already looking at him.??

"I heard about this place to have breakfast. Do you have time for it? I am hungry" Anaya asked. Noah smiled at her question and he stretched his hand forward as if for them to start walking.??


Chapter 434 Unbroken Deal

Music Recommendation: Violin Concerto No. 4- RV. 297- Antonio Vivaldi


The feeling of being married was something Eve couldn't put into words, but it showed on her lips. Even though her parents weren't here today, she was surrounded by people who cared for and loved her. More importantly, Vincent stood beside her, unapologetically holding one of her hands as they received best wishes from the guests who had attended the wedding.

The sunrays faded by going behind the clouds and returning to the cold weather.

Eve's eyes moved through the guests, and she realised that Anaya and Noah had left. It was only a moment ago, did she see the pair and now they had disappeared.

"Genevieve," Lady Annalise came near the newly married couple. "It is time to throw the bouquet and head back to the mansion for the after-soiree of the wedding." 

Eve stared at the bouquet in her hand and politely requested, "Is it alright if I preserve it?"

Lady Annalise looked startled by Eve's request, and she then nodded, "It should be okay."

"Is it for the one who isn't here now?" Vincent asked Eve.

Eve smiled and said, "I thought it would be nice to give it to Anaya."

She had noticed Anaya troubled when she had gone to get her wedding gown, and she wanted to wish the woman to find her happiness with the man who would make Anaya happy. Even though they had known each other briefly, Eve considered the she-wolf dear to her.

Viscount Eduard informed the guests, "Everyone. Thank you for coming here and attending the wedding of my son with Genevieve. We would like to invite you all to enjoy the wedding after-soiree in our mansion."

But before everyone could start to walk to their carriages, a couple of carriages that left Brigade town came and stopped in front of the Hollow Valley's chapel. The Hookes' guests got down one after another and turned confused as it seemed like the wedding was over. When they looked at the bride, they turned confused as that wasn't the marquee and marchioness's daughter Rosetta Hooke. Though the bride looked familiar, they tried to place a finger on who she was.

"Looks like drama and humiliation is going to ensue," Vincent hummed as the corner of his lips pulled up and his eyes held mirth.

Not a moment later, Marquee Hooke and Lady Aurora's carriage arrived at the Hollow Valley's chapel, along with Rosetta's empty carriage. Rosetta, who stood at the back, her eyes went wide and felt nervous. She had gone through this scene several times since this morning, but nothing could compare to the tension she felt.

Rosetta's parents stepped out of the carriage. They looked shocked when they saw Vincent and Eve standing beside each other. One of the Hooke's guests questioned,

"I thought the Viscount's son was marrying your daughter. Was that not how it was supposed to be?"

"Looks like the wedding ceremony is over. What a shame," one of the female guests whispered at the back.

Marquee Hooke walked to the front with his wife with a hard expression, demanding from Vincent, "What do you think you are doing? Have you forgotten the deal that we made?"

Vincent tilted his head, while raising his eyebrows, "What deal?"

Lady Aurora couldn't believe that the lowly human woman wore a wedding gown and she stood next to Vincent as his wife. Turning to Lady Annalise, she questioned, "Rosetta was supposed to get married to your son. How dare you have him married to this wench?"

Lady Annalise replied with a serious face, "I am sorry, Marchioness, but I thought I made it clear with you when we discussed earlier that I would go along with what my children want. And you know how stubborn children are. They don't listen to us and do what they want."

Eve watched the marquee's and marchioness's furious gazes at her.

Vincent remarked, "We sent the new wedding invitation to your family, did you not receive it? Rosetta did."

Marquee Hooke's face turned red, and he asked, "Young man, do you know what you have done by breaking the blood seal and the deal that we had made in the Council? The blood seal was brought by the royal family and your actions are nothing less than going against them."

Vincent and the marquee intensely stared at each other, and the young pureblooded vampire smiled, "I am aware of the rules, Marquee Hooke. If I didn't know, I wouldn't be working for the Head Council."

Lady Aurora couldn't believe the nerves of this young vampire. His arrogance preceded hers, and she wanted to show him what it meant to go against the Hookes. Against her. She said, "You crossed the line, Vincent. You and your family will have to pay for breaking the seal."

"What seal?" Asked one of the guests, murmurs of questions started to spread around.

"Are they talking about the blood seal in the Council? What do you think it was for?" asked another guest, and one more, who stood nearby, said, "This is a happy occasion, we can discuss these things later."

"No," Lady Aurora's eyes narrowed and asked, "Where is my daughter? Rosetta!"

Rosetta closed her eyes when she heard her mother shout her name. She had heard the same pitch of her mother's voice many times before and it was often followed by hitting her. She wiped her clammy palms against her dress and walked towards her mother.

One of the guests, on seeing Rosetta, remarked, "She isn't wearing the wedding gown. Perhaps she wasn't going to marry today."

"Whatever it is, it seems like a big confusion," whispered the person next to the one who had just spoken.

Rosetta's back straightened when she felt her mother's eyes fall on her. Her mother's eyes narrowed, looking at her from head to toe as if wanting to question what was she doing here in another dress. To be on the safer side, the young vampiress walked to where Eve stood, which was also where her parents stood.

In an airy voice, as if she had no idea why her parents were angrily looking at her, and nonchalantly asked with a smile, "Yes, mother?"


Chapter 435 Further Confusion

Lady Aurora became annoyed by her daughter's lack of awareness and asked,

"What do you think you are doing here, Rosetta? You were supposed to be at the Brigade town's chapel."

"But the wedding is taking place here," Rosetta replied, blinking at her mother.

With gritted teeth, Lady Aurora said to her, "You were supposed to get married to Vincent today. Instead, you let this woman get married! Have you no shame left in you? To be attending the wedding, which was supposed to be yours?" The marchioness demanded, not hiding her frustration.

Rosetta could tell that her mother was going to lose her temper, and she decided not to dodge anymore. Gathering courage, she apologised, "Forgive me, mother. But Vincent and Eve love each other, and it is right this way. I don't even love Vincent," Rosetta's words didn't sit well with Lady Aurora.

Her dumb daughter was useless and fit for nothing! Lady Aurora clenched her hands and said, "I will deal with you later." She turned to look at Vincent and said, "I will make sure you pay heavily for this humiliation that you have caused and for breaking the deal."

"Marchioness, you must have mistaken me for someone else. Because I do not remember making any deal that you are talking about," Vincent remarked with a frown.

The marquee and the marchioness glared at Vincent, ready to make a hole in his head. Marquee Hooke, on noticing the Head Council standing at one side, he quickly walked to him and complained,

"Head Council! You were there that day when it happened. We would like you to punish Vincent Moriarty for breaking the deal he made with us in the Council."

Lady Aurora said to Vincent, "It isn't too late. Leave this lowly woman, and marry my daughter."

"Lowly woman?" Vincent asked, clicking his tongue. "She is my wife. You should speak about her with respect, Lady Aurora. I wouldn't take it kindly if you or anyone were to speak to her with demeaning words. In front or behind my back."

Lady Aurora turned angrier, as if she was losing control of the situation. This man couldn't be married and she didn't want to think the worst that could happen to her family.

She turned to Clayton and demanded, "Why aren't you locking him up yet?" In desperation, words spilt from her lips, "This man killed my dear Camille!"

Whispers and murmurs broke between the guests, as they stared at the scene that was taking place. One of the guests invited by Vincent, said, "Lady Aurora, I understand that you are upset that your daughter isn't getting married, and I think it would be better for you to take a seat inside the chapel."

"Telling Vincent killed Lady Camille? And she was going to get her daughter married? It seems like the marchioness is losing her mind," whispered one of the guests to another at the back.

Vincent crookedly smiled at the marquee and the marchioness, who still looked confident that they had all the good cards and would corner him in time. He said,

"Lady Camille was one of the most respected women in our town. We are very sorry for what happened to her, but to think you would blame it on me, don't you think it is unfair?"

Marquee Hooke noticed how the guests looked at him and his wife as if they were crazy. He said in a low voice, "Once the registry is brought in front of you, you will remember everything. Especially with your sign on it."

Clayton raised his hand to his personal guard, who often followed him everywhere. He ordered, "Bring the registry. It is in the side compartment in the carriage."

Marquee Hooke looked pleased that the Head Council had brought the registry along with him, and it would save time. The guard fetched the registry and returned in two minutes, giving the registry to Clayton.

"Marquee Hooke," Clayton handed the registry to him. "You will find your deal here."

Lady Aurora came to stand next to her husband, who opened the book and turned the pages, while everyone stood in silence. The Hooke couple were in haste and found the deal they had made with Vincent, which was written in detail. Marquee Hooke exclaimed, "Here is the deal! We will be filing this under the complaint—"

"Walter…" Lady Aurora tried to stop her husband by placing her hand on his arm. It was because she saw the name there wasn't Vincent's, but some other man.

How could this happen? She was right there in the Head Council's chamber and had seen Vincent sign his name with his blood.

Marquee Hooke turned to look at his wife in question, "What?"

"Look at the name of the signature…" Lady Aurora's face was pale. Till this moment, she believed she had the Moriarty family in the palm of her hand. But now that she opened her palm, there was nothing there. Her gaze lifted and she looked at Vincent, who had a cunning gleam in his eye, "How did you do it?" she asked him.

On the other side of the crowd, Marceline, who stood silently watching the scene, softly chuckled to herself. She felt good seeing that it wasn't just her who was in a bad mood and was suffering. That there was someone else suffering and causing a scene in front of so many people.

"Do what, Lady Aurora?" Vincent feigned ignorance and walked to where they stood, looking at the book and saying, "It says here that Rosetta is supposed to be married to a person named Eugene Weaver and you have approved it with your signatures."

Eugene? Marceline's eyebrows furrowed deeply. Wasn't that the lowly woman's servant? No ways… How did she not know about it until now?!

"Who is Eugene Weaver?!" Marquee Hooke exclaimed. He turned to Clayton and questioned, "Did someone modify something in here? Torn a page? Did you do something here, Turner?"

Rosetta's eyes lit up in confusion, and she turned to look at Eugene, who offered her a smile.

Clayton's eyes narrowed, and he glared at the marquee. He said, "You should keep your wild allegations aside, Marquee Hooke. If you take another look, you will find your and the marchioness' signatures in there. You agreed to wed your daughter to this man signed in there and that's all I know."

They were being set up! Lady Aurora fumed from where she stood. Everyone in here was colluded in this sham.

When Lady Aurora's eyes fell on Marceline Moriarty, the one person who had helped her in the Council that day to frame Vincent for Camille's murder. She walked to where the young vampiress stood and questioned, "Marceline, dear. Tell them that you were there that day when your brother had signed using his blood in the registry for the deal we made. And that he agreed to marry my Rosetta."

Eve turned slightly nervous.

"Tell them the truth, Lady Marceline," Marquee Hooke pushed the vampiress.

Suddenly everyone's eyes fell on Marceline, who had been standing at the corner, while her eyes shifted from Lady Aurora to meet Vincent's eyes, who stared at her with his dark red eyes.