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City mermaid episode 1 & 2

 ~Sea Tales Pres£nts~ ⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_1🐬
“Kapella!”. Mrs. Elijah’s voice rage as she moved out of the kitchen with a Pan.
“Almost up Mom”. A femanine voice replied from the floor above.
“Do I have to remind you that you’ve missed one week alre-ady?”.
“I know Mom so just drop the pan before you’re tem-pted to use it on me”. Kapella said as she walked down the stairs full of smiles.
She had an average height and her straight hair was in a big bun style that her Panama hat ba-rely covered.
Her blue T-shi-t and trou-ser matched with her enticing blue eyes.
Mrs. Elijah heaved as she retreated the pan.
“You’re beyond beautiful each p@ssing day and what could be the secret?”. She said returning to the kitchen.
“I eat sea food alot and I don’t yell at people”. She replied as she walked from behind.
“Ops! My bad, you should try Sea food everyday Mom”. Kapella said as she pe-cked Mrs. Elijah.
“Fish gives protein not beauty”. She replied dropping the pain.
“But I love to eat fish and fish alone, every other thing gets to taste gross”. She said.
“You’re 18, We shouldn’t be talking about this anymore, you enjoy Sea food than any other meal and so we provide it in abundance”.
“Why am I different? From everyone, what’s special or strange about me?”. She asked.
“You should get going you’re gonna be late”. Mrs. Elijah said as she tried to get herself busy.
“Are you gonna keep ignoring, I know I’m different from others, a big difference, you all get to eat normal meal, I try to eat much of it and I puke out”. She said.
Mrs. Elijah inhaled and turned back.
“Because you’re special, So don’t complain now and just move on with life as usual”.
“The fact that you always warn me not to tell anyone means there’s a secret”.
“You’re special that’s it, there are kids like you out there”.
“Yes..So don’t be h@rd on yourself”. She said placing her hands on Kapella’s shoulder.
“I guess I’m re-ady now”. She sat as she squat to adjust her shoe.
“Mom, Where’s Dad?”. A ten year old boy said as he entered the Kitchen in his uniform and a backpack behind him.
“Steve, I’ll be with you in minute”. Mrs. Elijah said.
He took off Kapella’s hat and wore it.
“Give that to me”. She said turning back as he put it on.
“Mom, Do I look like Kapella.
Mrs. Elijah couldn’t help to but scoff as she took it off his head.
“You can never be me”. She grinned and he frowned angrily.
“Don’t be harsh on your brother, he’s just a kid”.
“One who doesn’t know his place”. She snapped.
“Give it to me”. He whispered.
“No”. She fired.
“I’ll tell Mom”. He whispered.
“She can hear you alre-ady, so don’t threaten me little bottle”. She said gripping his nose.
“Mom, Kapella didn’t make her hair!”. He announced.
She g@sped as she quic-kly covered his mouth.
She took off the hat and wore it for him.
“You look charming”. She stammered.
“Too late”. He whispered.
“Thanks”. He added and marched out with the oversized hat.
“Tell me it’s a lie, Daughter”. Mrs. Elijah said as Kapella turned back slowly.
Mrs. Elijah gr@bb£d the Barratte on her hair and re-moved it thereby unclasping Kapella’s hair.
Her long hair fell down freely past her w@!st.
Mrs. Elijah scoffed as she leaned against the kitchen cabinet.
“The Stylist was here yesterday, wasn’t she?”.
“No. She called back that she was too busy to come”. Kapella said.
“And you decided to have it your way, take a look at your hair, it ain’t normal, it….”.
“It looks like that of Disney Character, ra-punzel, although mine is ba-rely tou-ching the floor, it looks cute”.
“Cute or not, you know people mustn’t see this”.
“C’mon Mom, I get to cut my hair every week for the past…… I guess it since when I was born, you should take a break”. She said.
“It’s for a reason and you have to trust me on that”.
“Alright Mom, Just this week, I’ll make sure I clasp it well into a bud style like the one I had before you ruin it”. She frown.
“I’ll call the Stylist”.
“Mom, Am late alre-ady”.
“Fine, Go have your seat, I’ll do it”.
Kapella dragged her feet to the leaving room as the long straight hair followed from behind.
There was Steve seated, legged crossed with Kapella’s oversized Panama Hat on his head which covered his face.
“It’s time to hand it over Steve”. She said standing akimbo.
“Have some respect for Sherlock Holmes”. He whispered.
“Seriously?”. She said raging toward him.
“Oh, How about I tell Mom you took her Car yesterday, ra-punzel?”. He asked.
🌁🌁Phoenix High School🌁🌁
Students trooped into the gigantic buildings as they alighted from their various transit.
The Bus, some parents dropped off their kids and the Rich flaunt their flashy cars as they drove to the VIP garage.
A Dodge Viper GTS halt in front of the gate as it window slide down revea-ling Kapella and her Mom.
“And here we are, after trying to rip your little brother ap@rt”.
“Don’t start again Mom, He took what was mine, threaten or actual try to blackmail me and then drew sponge Bob on my hat, that was my favorite”. She snapped.
“You still Watch Sponge Bob, that kid show? “.
“Um..Maybe”. Kapella said and hurried out.
“What do I get to tell the Principal, that I puked for days after I stubbornly eat lot of pancake”. She added.
“I spoke with him alre-ady, Just go to school and be a good girl”. Mrs. Elijah is and she turned to leave.
Kapella turned back with a sm-irk.
“Don’t take off your br@celet, never take it off”.
“Seriously Mom, I’ve been wearing this since I was born, why would I take it off now?”. She asked.
“But Mom is it some sort of protec-tion object, was our ancestors Magicians, what does it do?”.
“Good day, Kapella”. Mrs. Elijah said as she wore her shades.
She hit the accelerator with her foot and the vehicle sh0t off.
“hush!”. She said as she turned back to the gate.
“Welcome back to Phoenix High, Kap….. I meant Faceless”. She whispered and marched into the compound as she adjust her black hat.
Kapella was walking throu-gh the hallway when she almost bu-mped into another student.
“Sorry”. She said raising her head up and their eyes met.
“Kapella!”. The Girl screamed as they hvgged ti-ghtly attracting the attention of everyone at the hallway.
She was dark skinned more of a black American with wavy hair.
“Cindy”. Kapella whispered.
“It’s been so long friend, you didn’t bother to call, I didn’t know your place and then you delayed a week before returning from summer break”. Cindy said frowning.
“I lost my phone during summer break, Good thing you don’t know where I live and I resumed late because I was sick for good one week”. Kapella whispered.
“Sick? Were you pregnant?”.She asked and Kapella punched her arm.
“Yeah. Pregnant with stomach disorder”. Kapella said.
“That’s bad but I know you’re fine now, babe, it will take more than a disorder to put Faceless down”. She said.
“Shhh someone is coming”. Kapella said as a boy approached them.
“Kapella meet my little brother, Francis”. Cindy said.
“I’m not little”. He snapped.
“Francis, meet my best friend, Kapella”.
“Oh she is…nice meeting you, my sister talked alot about you and she was right, you’re beautiful, Like she said I’m Francis”. She said stretching his hand for a shake but Cindy sl@pped it down.
“That will be all, Find your level, let’s go babe”. Cindy said as she held Kapella’s hand.
“Welcome back, Ella!”. Voices rang from different corners of the hallway as they walked toward a cl@ssroom.
“Hi!”. She said as she waved at them.
“So cool to be popular right?”.Cindy asked.
“No am not”.
“Yes you are, Such a beauty beyond human reasoning, pretty good voice that melt people’s soul, you should go into pop singing”. Cindy said and she g@sped.
“You’re always good at ma-king jokes”. She said and they laughed.
“But I really meant that”. She said and they entered into the cl@ssroom.
She waved back at the students as they welcomed her from the Summer break.
“It’s so good to be back”. She said as she sat beside Cindy.
“I can’t believe this how can Camping fee become two thousand dollars, this school is $h!t!”. A Student cursed.
“You speak like you can’t afford it”. Another said.

“Of course my parent can but it’s just too high and seems Faceless has retired”. He said.
“That’s right, I was planning to spend my fees when my parents ping it into my account but since Faceless isn’t showing up I’ll have to reconsider “. A Chubby Boy said and they laughed.
“Every advantage have a disadvantage”. Cindy whispered.
“That’s just right, hacking into school database ma-king it look like everyone paid for the sake of the poor but the rich takes it as an opportunity to lavish more”.Kapella whispered back.
“This is a school for the Rich, Ella, why do people come when they know they can’t cope with the fees”. Cindy replied.
“Everyone wants to be in the best school but reality is sometimes unfair”. Kapella said.
“I just don’t un-derstand why you chose to take this on yourself”.
“Cos I chose to and we’re going in tonight”.
“What!”. Cindy said in a low tone.
“We’re going in to do what we always do”. Kapella said.
“I thought you would return as a new Kapella, how long will you keep as The Faceless Hacker and for your info our school have upgraded in security aspect”.
“That isn’t st©pping us Cindy, that fee is to high even it’s to pay p@rt for them with fake transactions”. She said.
“Do I have to remember you that to do that you must use the School Control System, that means going to the Control Base, everywhere in the school is filled with c@m£ras and there are lot of guards now, stationary at the Control Base for 24 hours”.
“Good thing you made your observation, We’ll find a way out as always”.
Kapella opened her bag and there were several devices, Walkie-talkie, PDA and many unknown.
“Your parent can afford any fee Kapella… Why…”.
“Are you in or out Cindy?”.
“St©p asking the stupid question, you know I’m your p@rtner in crime even when you choose to embark on crazy risks”. She replied.
“That’s why you’ll always do my bestie”.
“I hope you un-derstand the Rich also get favored by this”.
“That’s right but I c@m£ prepared starting from Joe, I’ll clear every single transaction of his from the school database,Access his mail and delete every receipt he’s received from transactions,I bet he’s too rich to check them out talk less of download, ma-king it look like, he never paid a dim since he began High School “.
The entire building was filled with busy men and women who moved from one Computer System to another.
There was no idle hand except Mrs. Elijah who walked in dressed in a red ball go-wn.
She moved to the secretary’s desk and she recognized her immediately.
“I want to see Elijah”.
“A moment plea-se”. The Secretary said as she took the land-line.
She punched some certain numbers and placed the phone on her ear.
“Your Wife is here”. She said and paused.
“Alright”. She said and dropped the phone.
“You can go”.
Mrs. Elijah took her bag and marched to the office.
She was approaching the door when she saw the guard nodding as he t©uçhed the telecom devices in his ear.
“Welcome to Phoenix Consolid@t£d ma’am”. He said and as he pu-ll open the door for her.
She entered and he closed the door behind her.
“You should know I’m pretty busy every Monday, Honey”. Mr. Elijah said as he rose from his chair full of smiles.
“I knew that pretty well when I choose to marry a Cryptogra-pher”. She replied and he k!$$£d her.
“Perhaps you could spare some time”. She said.
“Sure. Come over”. He said leading her to the Grand Sofa where they sat.
“Let me guess, Kapella”.

That’s right, I’ll be brief, She’s eighteen now, we might not be able to control her as before “.
” Yeah. I thought of that “.
” She’s different from other humans and it’s only a matter of time before she tells someone “. Mrs. Elijah said.
” She kept the secrets for years “.
” I know and I’m saying, she won’t keep them soon, she f0rç£s her self to adapt to human meal even though she ends up puking. Ask various question about why she’s different from others and today for the first time, she asked about the br@celet, she’s curious “.
” Are you saying we should tell her?”. Mr. Elijah asked.
” I don’t know, she’s fragile but she also deserve the truth “.
” Then we do I think “.
” Seriously? I also want to but should I remember you the event that took place 18 years ago, I wanted us to have our honeymoon in Valencia, I wanted us to take a sh!pinstead I preferred sea transport because I loved sea wind but that was a mistake, the sh!pcruising on the Atlantic Ocean into the fog, do you remember “. She asked and he nodded.
A Sh!pswerve past a sea rock as it cruise the mighty ocean.
P@ss£ngers on the deck yelled as they gulped in the content of the Soda bottle they held.
The Sh!ps speed slowly reduced as it approached the fog ahead.
“Here you go”. A man said as he lead Mr. and Mrs. Elijah to the dock.
“Thanks Marshal”.
“Have good night rest Elijah”. He said and they left while they entered.
“Miss sea traveler I hope you’re enjoying this”. He asked and she chuckled.
“It’s Mrs. Elijah now and yes, I always love Sea travel”. She said and as she k!$$£d him.
“I thought honeymoon was at Valencia”. He whispered.
“And who says location can’t be swap to Atlantic Ocean”. She said expecting him to laugh but he didn’t.
“You’re damn not ro-mantic”.
“Don’t you hear it?”. He asked.
“Hear what?”.
“The voice, the song”. He said and hurried to the transparent window.
“C’mon Elijah, it mus’nt be Valencia”. She moving toward him.
She gr@bb£d his arm to pu-ll him but paused hearing the femanine voice all around the sh!p.
🎶Up Where They Walk🎶
🎵Up Where They Run🎵
🎶Up Where They Stay All Day In The Sun🎶
🎵Wanderin’ Free – Wish I Could Be🎵
🎶p@rt Of That World🎶
🎶Charming Sailors🎶
🎵Come Down To Us🎵
“Do you hear that?”. She asked.
“I do”.
She put her face against the gl@ss and looked narrowly into the fog.
She caught the slight reflection of a woman leaning against a sea rock and g@sped.
She made to speak but was interrupted as a heavy wind pushed the Sh!pdangerously to the left causing them to fall alongside every object in the room.
🐬 Episode_2🐬
The Electric bell rung loudly as the students trooped out of their various cl@sses.
“I missed the sound of that”. Kapella said legged crossed on the desk as she li-cks an ice cream.
“You haven’t eaten anything since you arrived at school”. Cindy said.
“Good observation, should I say am fasting?”. She asked.
“You literally have an ice-cream🍦”. Cindy said as she sat on the desk.
“Yeah, that’s right, well I don’t feel like taking anything”. She said.
“Oh since I know you, you don’t always feel like taking much”. Cindy said.
“I eat pancakes, potato ch!ps, corn bre-ad and….”.
“But you don’t eat much, I’ve noticed you since we were kids, our parents enrolled us in same school, here we are same High School and I’ll so kill you if we don’t go to same college"

 Cindy said and she laughed.
“Well i don’t eat much cause I hate the school restroom”. Kapella said as she bite a big potion of the cream with her teeth.
“And now you’re pretty hungry cos I hear that rumbling”. Cindy said.
“Can you quit tormenting me plea-se?”. Kapella asked with a baby look.
“And why won’t I know the meal that my friend gets to over eat?”. Cindy said opening her bag.
She brou-ght out three can and dropped them on the desk.
“Canned fish”. She whispered.
Kapella’s eyes popped as she gr@bb£d one.
She broke the covering open and poured the entire content into her mouth.
Cindy g@sped as she took the other, broke open the seal and gulped in the content again and did same with the third.
She squee-zed the empty can and drooped or on the table.
“Quite spicy”. She said.
Cindy handed over a bottled drink to her and she gulped in all the content.
She g@sped as she turned to Cindy.
She raced off immediately and Cindy went after.
She pu-ll-ed open the restroom door and saw Kapella vomitting into the WC.
“Oh my.. I thought you were fine”. Cindy said as she squat beside her.
“Maybe and Maybe not”. She said and g@sped vomitting more.
“Hold one. It isn’t the meal, months ago you puked after taking citrius drink”. Cindy said.
“Would you p@ss me a toilet tissue or keep speaking”. Kapella asked.
“Oh sorry, sure”.
She hurriedly cut a piece from the room and gave it to her.
Kapella cleaned herself and flu-shed the vomit.
“Are you okay?”.
“Yes I am”.
“Hush! You scared me”. Cindy said pu-lling her cheek.
“Water only and water ever, note it”.
“Noted but why?”.
“I vomited all I eat so don’t make me use the strength left”. Kapella said.
“Oh you tell me and I give you three more canned fish”. Cindy said.
“Forget it”.
“hush! Don’t be harsh you can have it all and I have water as well “. Cindy said.
Kapella beamed a smile and pu-ll-ed her cheek
“Hey Sis”. They heard a voice and turned back to see Francis.
“What the hell are you doing here?”. Cindy asked.
“I’ve been searching for you all over the School, everyone have left for home alre-ady”. Francis said.
“Does that guarantee you to move into the female restroom?”.
“um..I thought this is the hallway”. He said looking around.
“You’re new here, don’t get yourself into trouble”.
“Worry not sis, I won’t get R@p£d”. He said and he gr@bb£d his ear.
“Ouch! St©p!”.
“I’ve warned you over and over again to watch your speaking”. She snapped as she let go of him.
“That’s harsh”.
“Go home, Kapella and I have some place to be”. Cindy said and he bit his lowerl-ips.
“Really? So I have to go home alone?”.
“Do I have to baby sit you, Go!”.
“You and Kapella.. Are you…”. He paused and scratched his head.
“One more word from you Francis…”.
“Fine, I was about leaving anyway”.
“Hi”. He added wanting to wave at Kapella but paused seeing Cindy’s stern look.
He hung his bag properly and left the place.
“Ignore him, brothers are pain in the @ss, quite annoying”. Cindy said as they moved to the cl@ss.
“Really annoying you mean, I had a fight with my ten year old brother, I was so hungry that I forgot my food flask”. Kapella said.
“That explains why you’re hungry”. She said and Kapella nodded.
The hallways was deserted as they moved until they got to the cl@ss.
“So any gist about Summer Break, let me guess you got a b©yfri£nd”. Cindy said as they sat on the desk.
“Yeah. A cute one”. Kapella said and win-ked.
“Wow! Seriously? I thought you were gonna remain single till college, What is his name?”. Cindy asked.
“PS5”. Kapella whispered.
“Oh seriously?”. Cindy said laughing.
“You’re not known for ma-king crazy jokes “. She added.
“That’s the truth, he’s cute right”.
“Well i said he, do have a problem with that?”.
“Not all all Queen, why won’t you be single when you reject all your suitors”. Cindy said.
“And why are you single?”.
“Same reason”. She replied.
“Um.. When do the c@m£ras go offline?”. Kapella asked
“As soon as the bell ring for closure”. She replied.
“Your uncle told you that?”.
“Have you forgotten he’s the Security Analyst, I get to go throu-gh his computer”. Cindy said.
“You’re such a bad girl”. Kapella said as she handed over a can to her.
She opened it and gulped in all the fish content in it.
“If I am sure a bad girl then what are you Ella?, Your Dad teaches you all he learns since you want to go on same career path as him and you secretly put it into cyber crime”. Cindy said.
“It’s called Hacking”. She replied.
“Whatever. Now who’s the bad Girl?”.
“We both, The Bad Duo, Bad Girls in disguise of innocent personalities”. Kapella said.
“So what are we gonna be doing before 6pm?”. Cindy asked.
“As usual, Video Games”. Kapella sm-irked.
🌁🌁Phoenix Consolid@t£d🌁🌁

“I think we will st©p here for now”. Mrs. Elijah said as she rose to her feet.
“You should get back to work”. She added and he nodded.
“Alright, we’ll talk about it later”. He said and pe-cked her on the cheek.
“Sure. Bye”. She said as waved moving to the door.
He was returning to his desk when the land line rang.
He took the phone quic-kly and placed it on his ear.
“Yes Boss”. He said.
“Alright. I am working on it”. He said and dropped the phone.
He coll@psed into his office chair and exhaled heavily.
🏤🏤🏤Phoenix High🏤🏤🏤
It was dark alre-ady as the light system was the only source of illumination in the school.
The hallway seems deserted as there was no single soul p@ssing by.
In the cl@ssroom was Kapella slee-ping on Cindy’s l@p while she la-id her head on Kapella’s back.
They suddenly jo-lt up hurriedly as the phone on the desk rang.
Kapella st©pped it immediately after and they breath hurriedly.
“Why did you make the alarm so loud?”. Cindy asked and they heard footsteps.
They quic-kly hid un-der the desk as the cl@ss door pushed open.
A ray of light beam around the room and then vanished as the door closed.
“It’s the Janitor”. Kapella whispered.
“They guards should have gone home”. Cindy said as they moved to the window and looked out.
They could see men in uniform leaving the vicinity.
“Seriously? I thought it was 24 hours?”. Kapella asked.
“Yeah but shift method, a new team would come to take over in twenty minutes”. Cindy said.
“Have you stayed that long in school after summer break?”.
“I know you would do this so I stayed three times to take note of their modus operandi”. She said.
“Then we have to hurry, Twenty minutes might not be the case this time”. Kapella said as they moved to the door.
She open it and they peeped out but Cindy pu-ll-ed her back.
“Listen the c@m£ras are offline except those at the base”.
“That’s the main focus”.
“Such stupid people”.
“My Uncle is one of them”.
“Ops! Cool of them”. Kapella said.
They grinned as they moved out.
They took off their shoes to reduce noise and put it into their bags.
They got to the end of the hallway and peeped as they had two choices.
The Janitor could be seen k!ss!nga lady as he closed the entrance to door behind him.
“Seems our dear Janitor got himself a girlfriend”. Cindy whispered.
They glued themselves to the wall as he moved past them with the lady.
The Girls ti-p toed from their hiding and moved back slowly till he was out of sight.
They were approaching a door which had the ‘out of bound’ sticker when they saw a man in the room.
They quic-kly hide behind the wall and Kapella scoffed.
“I thought all the guards were out”. She asked.
“Seems one of them stayed back”.
“quic-k, you know what to do, the Principal Office it’s sound proof and here signal disrupter, he might try to call”. Kapella said handing over a PDA like device to Cindy.
“You’ve used it before”. She added and Cindy hurried away.
Kapella exhaled heavily as she adjust her bag.
Soon a soft chuckle could be heard echoing in the hallway.
The Guard looked around as he walked out of the Control Base, he close the door behind him and moved to the direction the noise was coming from.
That was when he saw the door of the Principal’s Office wi-de open.
He pu-ll-ed his G18 pistol from his holster behind him and aimed it forward as he moved it but was shocked to see the Janitor and a lady who was on br@ and bu-m sh0t.
“Alex, I didn’t know you were, I’ll excuse you”. He said and made to turn when there was a c@m£ra cli-ck followed by a flash of light.
The door closed swiftly and Cindy locked it with the key.
She retreated the c@m£ra as he drew out the key.
“I’m gonna make this trend”. She stared staring at the image on her c@m£ra screen.
“What the hell! Whereas the spare key?”. The Guard asked.
“It’s in my short”.
“Then get it”.
“It’s at the hallway”. He replied.
“Fvck!”. He cursed.
“It’s Faceless, She’s at it again”. The Janitor said.
Cindy took the PDA like device and placed it on the door before she pressed the red bu-tton.
“Enjoy your stay”. She said and catwalks from the place.
“I could call someone”. The lady said as she wore her Jacket.
“Don’t bother, it’s Faceless”. The Janitor said as he coll@psed to the chair.
The Lady checked her phone and there was no reception.
“You know this is your fault!”. The Guard screamed.
Kapella wore the mask she took from her bag and Zi-pped it closed.
The mask was same as her skin color ma-king it look like she was faceless.
She alre-ady changed her dress to a black Jacket and short.
She pushed open the door and entered into the Control Base.
Every single c@m£ra in the room turned to her concentrating on her and her alone.
She posed in a funny way for the c@m£ras and did the John Cena’s you can’t see me act before sitting on the swivel chair in front of the giant computer screen.
She turned 360° before placing her f!ngerson the Keyboard.
Cindy rushed to the window as she had the sound of a vehicle.
She could see guards dropping from a Van.
“Damn.. Ella was right… They’re early”. She said and made to s£nd a message but there was no reception.
She quic-kly raced to their cl@ssroom so she could be far from the device responsible.
She stayed low as she could hear her footsteps p@ssing by and could hear Masculine voices as well.
She typed a message and s£nt it to Kapella but heard a buzz behind her that caused her to fear.
It was a phone, Kapella’s.
She looked narrowly and could see the men moving toward the Control Base alre-ady.

P@ss£ngers looked down from the dock as the pitch voices went high.
They couldn’t see anything in the fog only a few could.
Women, a lot of them “. A man announced.
” Yes… I see them… They got long hairs”. A women said as she g@sped.
A little girl looked down wondering what eveyone was staring at her when she saw a beautiful woman in the waters beckoning at her.
She screamed as she ran back to her parents.
Like magic men like they possesed began to jump into the water and screams could be h@rd beneath.
No one could explain what was happening until a heavy storm hits the sh!ppretty h@rd.
Like a tornado it surround the sh!pspinning it dangerously.
Those on the dock fell into the sea and only a few could hold unto one p@rt or the other.
“Fire!!”. Loud voices could be heard from afar as a red sh!pswerved for the scene.
The men on it seems concentrated on the ocean as they threw harpoons and sh0t arrows into the Ocean.
Mr. Elijah held his wife’s hand as the sh!pswerved dangerously.
It hits against a rock and the p@rt broke open.
“Are we gonna die?”. She asked as she held onto his hand.
“No. Not today”. He said.
Then c@m£ the most dangerous storm that wrecked the sh!pcausing it to sink slowly.
The other sh!phad gotten to the scene as the men fired more harpoons into the ocean and there was a sharp blackout.
Mrs. Elijah’s b©dy could be seen be a wood that was floating toward and island.
She suddenly coughed out and fell from the wood.
The cold waters jo-lt her to reality as she swam up quic-kly.
She got to the shore and staggered out of the water in her w€t go-wn.
“No, Elijah!”. She screamed as she raced for his w€t b©dy on the ground.
She held his nose and blew air into into his mouth but it wasn’t working.
“C’mon!”. She cried as she hit his che-st furiously.
He suddenly g@sped out vomiting water.
She chuckle in tears as he turned to her.
“No, Mrs. Elijah”. She said as she k!$$£d him p@ssionately.
“What happened? “. He asked as she rose from him.
She helped him up and he stared at the ocean before them.
There was various p@rt of the sh!pfloating still with luggages and even bodies.
“Sh!pwreck”. She said.
“Did Titanic just occur?”. He asked.
“C’mon, you joke with everything, we’re both alive that’s all that matters, seems our honeymoon would be here, The Sardinia Island “. She said as she leaned against his che-st.
Mr. Elijah g@sped as he stared narrowly at a p@rticular point.
“Seriously? We got married and you’re no longer ro-mantic”. She said as she raised her head her head up to him.
“What are you staring at?”. She asked but there was no response.
She turned back and there was a creature.
It was a beautiful woman who was half human, half fish.
Below the w@!st was fully a fish’s tail.
“Mermaid!”. Mrs. Elijah screamed as she hid behind her husband.
She peeped from behind wondering why he wasn’t scared.
The Mermaid had a harpoon thrû-st into it’s arm and tail.
And there she held a little baby in her arms still.
“She has a baby?”. She whispered.
⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_3🐬
Kapella in-serts a drive into the system as it asked for p@ssword and that was when she remembered something.
She swivel the chair back as she turned to the other large screen behind her that was supposed to displ@ythe footages from all c@m£ras but everything was blank.
She used a computer function to select all of it and cli-cked online before swiveling back to her former position.
She glance back staring at the online footage that had Cindy running down the hallway like she was in distress.
Kapella slowly got off the chair as she approached her to screen wondering what was wrong.
That was when she saw it, a p@rticular footage out of many had visual of the outside compound and Security Guard could be seen trooping to the building.
“$h!t, I need time”. She whispered as she turned to the un-der screen which was now displa-ying the school’s database.
“Fire alarm”. She whispered and moved to a big board in the room that had different switch with label of hallway.
She gr@bb£d that of hallway one which was far away and pu-ll-ed it down.
The Guards where approaching the door when they had the loud sound of alarm from far away.
“The Alarm”. One of them said and they hurried away..
She exhaled heavily and quic-kly pushed the chair forward.
Cindy exhaled as well as she coll@psed to the wall.
Her heart was beating so fast alre-ady.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she checked the call, It was Kapella’s Mom.
“Hello Ma’am”. She said as she took the call.
“Have you seen Kapella?”.
“She’s at my Place, we had a group homework so..”.
“Where’s she? Put her on the phone”.
“Um.. She’s at the restroom”.
“Then call me as soon as she returns”.
“Yes Ma’am”. She said and disconnected the call.
“Hurry girl, hurry!”. Cindy whispered as she peeped out again.
She could hear incoming footsteps again and hid behind the wall.
It was the Guards returning in group again as they discussed.
Unannounced three alarms rang loudly from different hallway at same time.
” There’s someone in the School, where’s the Janitor?”. A Chubby Guard asked.
“We haven’t seen him”.
“And Alex”.
“Same… Spre-ad out to the hallway”. He commanded.
The Men hurried off immediately while he moved to the Control Base slowly with his Gun pointed forward.
Cindy drew out the tranquilizer Gun in her bag and pushed open the door slowly so it doesn’t make a noise.
“You finally turned me into an Agent, Kapella”.She whispered as she la-id flat on the floor with the gun pointed forward.
She looked in narrowly throu-gh the scope attached to the Gun which had the structure of a M800 Revolver.
She targets the men n£¢k and pressed the trigger.
A pin projects out narrowly and piercing into his n£¢k he dropped unconscious to the ground.
Cindy exhaled Nesbit trying to control her fears.
Shortly Kapella c@m£ running out and Cindy raced out of the cl@ss as well.
“We can’t leave they have guarded all exit”.Kapella said as she held Cindy’s hand.
“Who’s there?”. They heard a voice and flash of light toward their direction.
They quic-kly hurried into the libr@ry and hid behind one of the book shelves.
The door pu-ll-ed open and a man flash his torchlight around the room.
“Clear”. He spoke into his Walkie Talkie and left.
Cindy exhaled heavily as she la-id her head on Kapella’s che-st.
“You were scared, weren’t you? “. She asked.
“I literally took down a Guard so don’t ask me”. Cindy said.
“I saw your face in the footage you were really scared”. Kapella said as she poked her nose.
“You were watching me?”. She asked.
“Yeah. I made the c@m£ras come online”.
“Seriously?, It must have captured my face, I could swear that I saw something moving but was too scared to check”.
“Don’t worry, I deleted them all leaving only that of the Control Base that captures my operation”.
“Triggering the fire alarms was lame, what if they had all come straight to you?”. Cindy asked.
“Well there are switches in the hallway that controls the alarms as well so when it rings that the first place you think of”. Kapella said.
“I can’t so sleep right now, your Mom called”.
“As much as I thought”.
“She wants you to call back”. Cindy said giving her the phone but she shut it down instead.
“I’ll do that tomorrow”.
“So we’re gonna wait here until tomorrow”. Cindy asked.
“The school has shower if that’s what you’re worried about and you have your makeup or could borrow you mine, can we sleep now “. Kapella asked.
“Let’s st©p Kapella, I took down a man, the security will be strict from now hence forth, I hope you un-derstand we will be get caught one day”. Cindy said.
“That’s it and maybe I want to be caught alone”.
“Seriously Kapella, we’ve been friends for years and you know i keep following you to do crazy things”. Cindy said.
“Then st©p”.
“Then let just the friends, you don’t get to follow me to do crazy things”.
“Are you breaking up with me?”. Find asked and she laughed.
“What does it look like?”.
Cindy pinched her shoulder and age laughed as she la-id her head on her bag to sleep.
“Tell me why you do you do it exactly, it’s not really because of the poor who can’t afford the fees, I’m your friend”. Cindy said as she la-id beside her.
“There are things in my life that I don’t un-derstand Cindy, funny things, eveyone has different motive when coming to High School, To Study, To p@rty, To Find Lovers and probably to hack into the school database”. Kapella said and they laughed.
“I don’t really know why I am here, nothing in my life seems interesting to me, I don’t study and magically I get to p@ss my exams and always at the t©p, my parents don’t get to check my result anymore because they know I always make it”. Kapella said and g@sped.
“So it looks boring”.
“Really boring, the only thing I find interesting is what I do, this, doing risky things with the hope of getting caught one day, it sounds so interesting”. She said as tears filled her eyes.
Cindy held her to herself ti-ghtly as she puts her head down.
“It’s alright Kapella, you’ll find a purpose soon, I can tell you to quit this acts but it’s just a waste of time, so I don’t really know what to say”.
“You don’t have to say anything, like just sleep off like today never happened”. Kapella said and she nodded.
They held hands and looked up to the ceiling as tears flowed from their eyes.
“We’re crazy”. Kapella whispered.
“I know, big time crazy”. Cindy replied.
“Kapella if you ain’t in this house in the next five minutes I’ll…”. Mrs. Elijah screamed as she walked down the stairs angrily with her phone.
She paused and bit her lowerl-ip.
“What do you mean you’re going straight to school?”. She asked and paused again.
“I’ll come personal to school and spike your head in front of your mates”. She said and disconnected the call.
“Hey Steve, you ain’t eating”. She said as he pla-yed with his spoon.
“Kapella isn’t back”. He said In a low voice.
“Seriously? You pl@ycat and rat and now you suddenly miss her”. Mrs. Elijah as she wore her red shoe.
“I don’t miss her”. Steve said and she raised her head up.
“I missed ma-king her angry”. He said.
“You’re too little for causing troubles at your age, will you get your bag and get unto the vehicle, don’t forget your food flask”. She said moving for the door.
“It’s thermos Mom”.
“Whatever.. Who the hell told you that?”.
“Fine Thermos”. She said and walked out.
Steve wore his bag and followed after her.
🏨🏨🏨🏨Phoenix High🏨🏨🏨🏨
Kapella could be seen putting on her hat as she walked down the hallway with Cindy who was still struggling to put on her shoes.
“Why is your hair bun so big?”. She asked.
“Cause it’s big”. Kapella replied and she tried to t©uçh.
“I wouldn’t”.
Cindy scoffed and retreated her hand.
“Is that my n£¢k tie”. She asked as she stared at the n£¢ktie around Kapella’s n£¢k.
“It makes me look pretty”. Cindy said.
“Well I’m now Ultra Pretty”. Kapella whispered.
She made to gr-ab it but she took off speedily.
Kapella stared back as she ran, she made a turn at the intersection colliding into someone and they c@m£ crashing to the ground.

“I should help you with that”.
She sat as she squat to help him but he held her hand as she tried to take one.
“Don’t bother”.
“I will”. She replied and he let go of her hand.
She packed some of the books and handed it over to him.
“Once again I’m sorry “.
“It’s alright. By the way I am Lovely”. He said full of smiles.
“Excuse me”. She said with stern look.
“Don’t get it wrong, I meant my name is Lovely”. He said and she laughed.
“Seriously.. I’m sorry… Totally sorry.. I..”. She scoffed.
“I’m Kapella”. She added.
“Nice name. Nice meeting you”. He said.
“You too”.
“Ahem”. Cindy said and they turned to her.
“And that’s Cindy, My bestie”. Kapella said.
“Oh Cindy, I am….”.
“Lovely.. I heard that.. Nice meeting you”.
“Um.. Could you possibly show me where I’m….”.
“Oh Freshman!, you look new”.
“Not Freshman, Grade 11 and yes I’m new here”. He said.
“Junior, Grade 11? “.
“We’re cl@ssmates then, over there”. She said pointing.
“Thanks”. He said and walked away.
“Why the funny stares Cindy?”. Kapella asked.
“High School love stories always begin with colliding and books falling over”. She said.
“Seriously? It was an accident and I had to help him all because of your stupid n£¢ktie”. She said.
“Can you hand it over now?”.
“No. I’ll keep it and don’t try chasing me”.
“He’s nice though but he got burnt face”.
“C’mon I’m only trying to be sympathetic”. Cindy said.
“Hush! Let’s go”. Kapella said as students began to troop into the building.
Her phone buzzed and she took the call.
“Hi Mom”. She said and paused.
“What?”. She said and retreated the phone.
“What could that be?”. Cindy asked.
“My Mom is at school and she wants me to meet her”.
“What’s the big deal, let’s go, you sle-pt over at my place, my parents are on a business trip so they can’t testify”.
Mrs. Elijah’s was pacing left and right in front of her Dodge Viper GTS when she saw Kapella coming out of the gate with Cindy.
“Oh my…”. She said and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“Did you eat well, you forgot to take your food”. Mrs. Elijah said holding her shoulder.
“I eat well Mom, thanks to Cindy”.
“Oh Cindy, how are your parents?”.
“They’re doing well, sorry she couldn’t call back last night there was no reception”.
“That’s alright, you should have at least called that you’re staying at your friend’s place”. Mrs. Elijah snapped.
“Mom can we forget about that, I’m terrible hungry”. Kapella said and she sl@pped her shoulder.
She moved to the vehicle and returned with two thermos.
“I made your favorite”.
“Thanks Mom, that’s why I love you”. She said smiling.
The p@ss£nger’s window of the vehicle slide down revea-ling Steve who grinned out.
“Hey what is he doing here?”. Kapella asked.
“Hi ra-punzel”. He said waving.
“Shut up, I had a blissful night rest because you weren’t there to cause troubles so I didn’t miss you if that’s what you want to hear”. She snapped.
“I didn’t either, why would I miss you after…”. He said l!çk!ng his littlel-ips.
“After eating the meal you forgot, it was so delicious, seems mom made it specially and it was spicy”. Steve said b!owing air out of his mouth.
She made to move at him but Cindy held her back.
“C’mon Ella, he’s just a kid”.
“Tell that to her, Cindy and teach her to be matured as well”. Mrs. Elijah said as she opened the door of her vehicle.
Steve stick out his ton-gue as the window’s slide out.
“Bye Daughter”.
“Bye Mom”.
“Don’t stay late and come home tonight”. She said and Kapella nodded.
She got into the 🚙 and drove off.
Almost immediately three Rolls-Royce Phantom drove speedily to the gate.
Kapella had to pu-ll Cindy back so she don’t get hit by the vehicle.
They g@sped staring at the latest expensive vehicles as they drove into the compound.
“Does our school have guest today?”. Kapella asked as they moved in.
“I don’t think they’re guests”. Cindy said as the vehicles c@m£ to halt.
Students trooped out of the school in their numbers while other looked down from the balcony like a president had arrived.
The door of the first Rolls-Royce Phantom which was blue slide open and a teen boy got down.
The students yelled loudly as he adjusted his coat.

Everything about him was totally expensive, from the head to the toe.
“They’re students”. Cindy whispered.
The Blue Rolls-Royce Phantom reversed and drove for the VIP garage and that was when they saw the customized license plate of the vehicle.
‘ Finn A. ‘.
“Finn”. Cindy said.
The door of the second Vehicle which was red slide open as well a and a teen girl got down as well.
There was a louder cheer as she stretched out her selfie stick to to take sh0ts with the students.
The vehicle drove for VIP garage as well and the customized plate could be seen as well.
‘ Ashley A.’
And then the last of them all, the doors of the last Rolls-Royce Phantom which was black slide open an a teen boy got down, he was really tall and had that handsome look but a stern face like he just fought with the devil.
Silence ensured immediately and the compound was as silent as a graveyard as he looked around.
The Vehicle didn’t go for the VIP garage but looking narrowly you could see the customized plate.
“Diaz A”.
He lit a cigar and stick it into his mouth as no one had the courage to speak yet.
He raised his head up and the crowd p@rted to the left and right like the red sea.
He bounced for the entrance with the two behind him as he puffed out the smoke.
“And then there’s the devil, Diaz”. Cindy whispered.
“Do you know them?”. Kapella asked.
“What High School student of Phoenix don’t know them, The Arrowood”. Cindy whispered.
“Hold, The Arrowood who owns this School”.
“Exactly. C’mon you wouldn’t want to piss them with your beauty, Let’s take the fire exit”. Cindy said dragging Kapella along.
City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_4🐬
Kapella and Cindy got into the cl@ssroom amidst the loud noise from the hallway.
It was deserted except for lovely who was studying at a far end in the cl@ss.
“Hey you’re back”. He said raising his head up.
“Yeah. You didn’t go out?”.She asked.
“What for?”. He asked.
“Nothing”. She said forcing a smile.
She sat down and inhaled heavily as she placed her books on the desk.
There was the urge to look back but she turned to Cindy instead.
“So what tough cl@ss have I missed?”. She asked scratching her head.
“You look nervous”.
“St©p it and just speak”.
“Well biology isn’t a problem for you neither physics or chemistry and h@rd-core Mathematics but Foreign Language”. Cindy whispered.
“Hush!”. Kapella said covering her face.
“I hate that $h!t”. She cursed.
“Remember Mr. Raji says we’re gonna learn Italian this grade so br@ce up”. Cindy said.
“Can’t we just go for Inglés?”. She asked.
“Ingles… That’s progress”.
“Or maybe that’s the only Italian I know ap@rt from Bella Ciao, thanks to Money Heist”. Kapella said as she la-id her head on the desk.
“Can I have a look at your @ssignment?”. Cindy asked.
“What @ssignment? I just resumed yesterday and I don’t remember there was one “. She said.
“Summer @ssignment”.
“There was no Summer @ssignment”. Kapella said.
“Of course except Foreign Languages. Write a short story in Italian”. Cindy said and she g@sped raising her head up.
“Oh my…. I literally forgot”. Kapella said running her hand throu-gh her hair.
“And what could have possibly kept you occupied?”. Cindy asked.
“Do I have to remember you that I pl@ywith my b©yfri£ndall day, all night?”. Kapella snapped.
Lovely was about speaking alre-ady but hearing her statement he slowly closed his mouth.
“Oh you’re such a j£rk and and an add!çt”. Cindy cursed.
“No am not, I just love him”. Kapella said.
“hush! I guess you can call Jim right away to help you with your Italian @ssignment”.
“Seriously? You did yours right, you’re gonna help me cos you’re by bestie”.
“If you weren’t popular you wouldn’t have bothered but Mr. Raji said he would love to see yours when you return”. Cindy said and she scoffed.
“Yeah. So if you wanna be safe from humiliation pick a pen and start”.
“Have you learnt Italian yet?”.
“Nope but I got it’s dictionary in my phone which I used”. Cindy asked.
“Can you?”.
“One, it’s stressful, took me weeks to compose a story that I don’t even know if I’m right or wrong, two my battery is dead and three don’t bother to download the app cos it’s only a waste of time”. Cindy said.
“You’re seriously discouraging me, could I take a look at yours, I could magical un-derstand Italian”. Kapella said and they laughed.
“Unfortunately for you, Mr. Raji has our books so you have till after lunch”. Cindy said.
“How do I start.. I want to be like Once upon a time but what the hell is that?”. She asked.
“C’era una volta “. They heard Lovely’s voice and turned back to see him.

“You’re still here”. Cindy stammered as he dropped the book he was re-ading on the desk.
“How did you……Could you repeat that?”. Kapella asked.
“I lived in Spain for about ten years. C’era una volta”. He said.
She turned to her book and wrote before turning to Cindy.
“Did I write it correctly?”. She whispered.
“Do I need to remind you I am a dictionary girl?”. She asked.
Lovely moved to her desk and stared at her note.
“I know I’m totally wrong”. She whispered.
“Nope. Here, C’era,There’s an apostrophe in between and over here it’s Una not na and your volta is correct”. He said and she grinned.
The students were returning to the cl@ssroom alre-ady as a teacher walked in.
“I guess you’re free at lunch break”. He asked.
“Yeah sure”.
“Then put down your story in English, it’ll make your work easier”. He said and turned to his seat.
“Progress I guess “. Cindy said.
“Well am not a dictionary girl” “. Kapella fired.
Cindy gr@bb£d her hair which was in Bun style and she laughed as she hits off her hand but the barrette holding the hairs together broke.
Kapella g@sped as she held the hair quic-kly with her hands.
” Kapella are you alright? “. Cindy asked staring at her scared face.
Kapella took off immediately as everyone wondered what was wrong with her.
“Miss Elijah”. The Teacher called out as she ran past him.
Kapella raced as fast as she could into the restroom and breath heartless as she lean on the door.
She let go of her hair and it fell down freely past her w@!st.
She examined herself in the mirror and could see clearly see her mysterious hair.
She took off her hat and that was when the door pushed open but she f0rç£d it back to close.
“Kapella!”. She could hear Cindy’s loud voice as she bolt the door.
“I’m fine, I’ll be out in a minute”. Kapella said.
“Are you sure?”.
“Yeah. Just get back to cl@ss”. She said as she turned to the mirror.
“What do I do?”. She whispered pacing left and right.
“Ella are you sure you’re fine?”.
“I am totally fine Cindy just go back to cl@ss, okay?”.
Kapella paused as she remembered something.
She di-pped her hand into her pocket and slide out a new barrette.

She hurriedly made her hair in a bun style and tied it with a ribbon before using the barrette.
She unlocked the door and pu-ll-ed it open and there was Cindy standing akimbo.
“And don’t start lying Kapella, I know you didn’t go in there to puke”.
Cindy said.
“Of course, I needed to clear my head”. She replied.
“Clear your head?, from what?”. Cindy asked as she walked away.
“Can we just forget about it and go to cl@ss?”.
“No, you scared me, you’re hiding something”.
“No… I am not”.
“Yes you are”. Cindy asked and they almost collide into Lovely who stood at the hall.
“Hey”. Kapella said as they st©pped abruptly.
“I was worried you pu-ll-ed out of cl@ss like that”.
“I’m fine. I just remembered that I forgot my phone in the rest room”. She lied.
“Isn’t this yours? I picked it from your desk just now “. He said raising a phone up.
Kapella g@sped seeing that it was hers.
” It’s mine actually “. Cindy said.
” Oh “. He said and handed it over to her.
” Thanks “.
” I can see you’re fine, I’ll take my leave then “. He said.
” Alright thanks for your concern”. She said and he left.
“It’s obvious Kapella, what are you hiding?”. Cindy asked.
“Nothing let’s go”. Cindy said dragging her along.
After series of lectures it was finally breaktime as the Electric bell rung loudly.
Students trooped out like captives who finally got their freedom.
“Cindy?”. Kapella called out as she leaned on her desk looking into her eyes.
Cindy didn’t reply as she concentrated on the book she was re-ading.
“C’mon Cin I know you ain’t re-ading but staring at the letters”.
“That’s right so if you would excuse me I would love to concentrate”. She said.
“I said I’m sorry”.
“Or maybe your could just tell me what that was? What are we friends for?”. Cindy asked.
“C’mon were past this, let’s just forget it happened and move on as usual”. Kapella said.
“Not anymore Kapella, we’ve been together since childhood so if you can’t confide in me anymore like I in you”. Cindy said putting her books together..
“Are you breaking up with me?”. Kapella asked.
“I’m afraid so girlfriend”. Cindy said as she rose to her feet.
It was dawn to Kapella that moment that was going to lose the only friend she had if she didn’t act.
Cindy was the only one closer to her than her parent and losing her is never and option even if it means thinking of crazy things.
“I think I’m crushing….. “. Kapella said and Cindy paused.
She turned back slowly with a grin and what other direction did her eyes go if not Lovely’s.
“I couldn’t think straight”.
“So you ran off, the tension”. Cindy said pu-lling her cheek.

“St©p it!”. Kapella said hitting her hands off.
Cindy laughed and wra-pped her hand around her n£¢k.
“It wasn’t a big deal we’re friends you know, I’m so sure he was cute until reality bec@m£ unfair”. She said.
“How can you be so sure?”.
“Take a look at his structure, tall guys are always cute”. Cindy said and Kapella scoffed.
“Have you been scrutinizing him?”. She asked.
“Ah no and now that you got your eyes on him, no to scrutinizing”. Cindy said.
“Um.. Cindy?”. Kapella stammered.
“Don’t worry, you don’t need to tell me, I’ll get him for you”. She sang in low tone as she moved toward him.
“Hold! No, Cindy, that’s not what I meant”. Kapella said and gro-an ed.
“Lies on Lies makes no truth”. Kapella whispered.
“Hey”. Cindy said as she approached him.
“Hey, Cindy”.
“Um.. I hope you ain’t busy”. She said.
“Not at all I was about gr-abbing lunch, it’s lunch time”. Lovely said.
“Um. My friend over there, her Um @ssignment”. Cindy said.
“Oh Oh how forgetful I am, am so sorry”. He laughed arranging his books.
“I’ll help you with that, you should go, Foreign Language teacher comes in after lunch time”. She said.
“Thanks”. He said moving away.
“Hi”. Kapella said.
“Shall we?”.
Cindy watched them as they left the cl@ssroom.
She slides the books into the bag and Zi-pped it close.
“What is burnt face doing with Kapella?”. Joe asked.
“Chubby bit-ch get to mind your business”. She cursed walking away.
She got to the Cafeteria and saw Kapella with Lovely as he taught her to write her story in Italian.
Cindy left and returned with the thermos that had her meal.
“Hey”. Cindy said as she dropped it on the desk.
“Are you guys comfortable, it’s noisy in here”. She said.
“Maybe I love noise”. Kapella said.
“I brou-ght your meal”. Cindy said as she opened the thermos.
“Care to join?”. She added.
“No, I’m fine, Just eat while we continue”. He said.
“Don’t be shy, eat”. Cindy whispered to Kapella as lonely looked away for a moment.
“You’re evil”. Kapella whispered back and she laughed.
“Should i help you with the writing or you now have interest for Italian?”. He asked.
“I do”. She said as she slide the fleshy fish into her mouth.
“The Old Witch has plans to kill the lovers”. Lovely re-ad from a book and paused.
“La vecchia strega aveva dei piani per uccidere gli amanti”. He said.
“What the…. I give up!”. She said laughing.
“Do I repeat that?”. He asked.
“Maybe slowly”.
“La vecchia..”. He whispered.
“La ve.. No..va.. That’s wrong vecc.. vess…vess… “. She stammered and they bur-st into laughter.
Kapella sniffed as the spice in the meal choked her.
She coughed heavily as the usual funny tears formed in her eyes.
Lovely hurried off and returned with a a bottled drink but she refused to take it as she continued coughing.
Not until Cindy arrived with water which she drank like her life depended on it.
“She rejected my jui-ce”. He said.
“jui-ce wors£n the choke”. Cindy said.
“Wow! My bad, are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded.
“Can you kindly help me before I bite off my ton-gue?”. She asked and he nodded.
He took her books and left for another table.
Kapella raised her head up and could see everyone around staring at her.

“Everyone seems to avoid him”. Cindy said.
“I know. We only get to look at the face and not the heart”. Kapella said as she slide another fish into her mouth.
“It wasn’t his fault, am definitely sure he was cute”.
“Am only trying to be symp…”. She said and paused as she watched the students leave where Lovely had gone.
“You feel sorry for him, don’t you?”. Cindy asked.
“Just st©p talking Cindy, where have you been?”. Kapella asked.
“Over there with my arrogant brother”. She said pointing.
Kapella dropped the fish she held and looked down.
“I lost my appetite”.
“You didn’t eat last night and this morning”. Cindy said.
“Is is because of him?”. Cindy asked.
“Just st©p for once Cindy, I ba-rely know him for less than 24 hours”. Kapella said.
“Alright… I’ll excuse you… I need to use the restroom”. Cindy said and left.
Shortly there was a loud noise from the hallway and Kapella raised her head up.
Everyone’s eyes turned to the door as Diaz and Ashley bouced into the Cafeteria with a big crowd behind them.

Students quic-kly left their seats since they didn’t know where they would choose to sit.
Diaz eyes scanned from left and right paused staring at Kapella who sat while everyone stood.
She slowly slide a little piece of flesh into her warm ton-gue as he took off her dark shades.
“She’s mine, brother”. Ashley snapped and he moved to an empty seat.
A female student sat on his l@p as a chef pushed a buffet in filled with different meal, on it was the gigantic meat that even a family can’t consume in one week.
The students hailed as they returned to their seats.
“You over there”. Diaz said pointing to another female student who was taking a jui-ce.
She slowly retreat it as she turned to him.
“You’re gonna feed with me”. He said and she g@sped.
“Do you have a problem with that?”. He asked.
She looked around and no seems to care.
Five chubby students rose up from behind him clenching their fist.
She thought they were for her not until…
“Do it!”. They roared causing the drink to fall off get hand.
It was obvious they were the s£nior students and Diaz was one of them now.
Her hands shook as she moved slowly for the table.
The chef handed over a fork and knife to her and she collects it.
“Tell me, is he charming?”. Kapella heard a soft voice and j£rked from looking at the scene.
She was shocked to see Ashley right at her front.
She was quite beautiful as her multicolored hair la-id on her shoulder.
Kapella stared blankly at her as she bitel-ips which were pink.
“You must be Kapella”. She said and she nodded.
“They were right, you’re such a beauty”. Ashley said smiling.
“Thank you”.
“Do you know why?”. Ashley asked and she shook her head.
“Whenever I speak, you reply not act like a frustrated imbecile”. She whispered and Kapella nodded.
“Oh my God… Who the hell are your parents!”. She roared.
“How could they give birth to a fvcking freak?”.
“I’m not a freak. I’m Kapella”.
“Hmm you can speak now”. Ashley said and sm-irked.
“The students got to debate who’s the most beautiful at Phoenix High, my name was at the t©p until someone mentioned your name and eveyone agreed thereby threatening my position as Queen Beauty of this school”.

Ashley whispered.
“What’s my problem with that?”.
“Can you hear that, I disgust her”. Ashley said.
“I never said so”.
“That’s what you meant”. Ashley said sitting on the desk.
“Listen…”. Ashley said tou-ching Kapella’sl-ips with her f!ngers.
“You’re going to wash every single makeup….”.
“I don’t use makeup”. She whispered and Ashley pushed her upperl-ips up.
“What the hell are you. Some beauty Mermaid… I don’t care how you do it but the next time I see you, you must be ugly by any means I don’t care, clear?”. She asked but there was no response.
“I deserve a reply”.
“You literally have your f!ngersover myl-ips and it’s ma-king me nervous”.
“Hmm do I look charming, we could be girlfriends.. Dooor.. You disgust me”. Ashley as she jumped down from the desk.
She gazed at Lovely who was watching them.
“You see that fried face over there, you could ask him to make you one”.
“It was accident”. Kapella said.
“Wow! That’s good for him”.
“Don’t dare make jest of him”. Kapella roared to her face.
“Wow! You love ugly boys.. Wow! You just won my heart”. Ashley said and chuckled.
“You heard me I’m cool but I can be crazy”. Ashley said and catwalk to the buffet as eveyone gave way.
That was when Kapella saw Cindy, she was standing there the entire time.
“I told you, don’t piss them with your beauty”. Cindy said siting down.
“She threatened me”.
“Hi Principal can you kindly bring in your swivel chair I so much hate this one”. Diaz loud voice as he spoke to his phone.
“He’s crazy”. Kapella said.
“Watch and see, they have been a terror every high school they went and now they are here in a high school founded by their family, they have control over everything”. Cindy said.
Soon the Principal moved in with a swivel chair on his head.
Kapella g@sped as she cleaned her eyes.
“He disobey, he lose his Job”. Cindy whispered.
“Go have your seat somewhere, I’ll tell you when to leave”. Diaz said.
The Principal sat down on the chair beside Kapella and crossed his legs.
“Mr. Principal?”. She called out.
“I am sorry but I am no longer your principal, I just have the title, nothing more”.
“They’re turning the school into…..”.
“Into whatever they want, that isn’t your business, you focus on your study Kapella don’t get on their way, whoever gets marked by Arrowood are doomed, I can’t save you, involving your parents will put their Jobs at risk, so do whatever they ask or want, the school belongs to them “. He said.
” I think i need some air “. Kapella said covering the thermos.
She rose to her feet and moved for the door.
” You! “. She heard his voice and paused.
She made to take another step but he called out again and she turned back.
” You’re next to feed me”. He said.
She scoffed as she moved slowly toward the table.
“I said she was mine, brother”. Ashley said as she sat beside him.
“Is there crime in sharing?”. He asked and she frown.
“You heard me”. He said.
She took the knife and nodded slowly.
“You’re wasting my precious time”. He said and without warning she stab the knife into the gigitic meat.
“Feed yourself, Arrogant bit-ch!”. She cursed and walked out.

Diaz calmed as his heart had almost flew off due to the shock.
“She literally walked out on me, you know what that means, get her! “. He commanded.
Kapella exhaled heavily as she st©pped at the intersection.
She turned back and could some s£nior student running toward her.
“Oh my… Geez”. She cursed as she took to her heels.
She c@m£ glancing back as she ran occasionally turning from left to right hallway.
She got to the intersection again and this time took the left hallway.
She turned back to see and collide into one of them as she gr@bb£d.
She screamed loudly trying to break free but no one acted like they knew her as eveyone faced their business.
“Let her go!”. They heard a voice and everyone turned to see Lovely.
Still gr-abbing Kapella the Chubby boy turned to see him but he was incoming alre-ady.
He bounced on the wall and kicked his face with his knee.
He let go of Kapella as they c@m£ crashing to the ground.
Lovely ti-ght£ñed his fist and punched his face angrily causing him to p@ss out.
“You alright”. He asked helping her up.
“Yeah, you shouldn’t have put yourself in my troubles”. She said.
He made to reply when the speakers on the wall made a cracky sound which meant they were active.
There were several speakers all over the school for p@ssing information to the students.
“Attention all students of Phoenix High”. A baritone voice rang out of the speakers.
“Diaz”. Kapella whispered.
“We have a beautiful fugitive who’s on the run and I want her found immediately… What’s her name again? “. He said and paused.
“2000 US Dollar for whoever finds and bring me Kapella Elijah, Let the hunt begin”. He announced.
Kapella quic-kly pushed her hat down to cover her face as the students around bec@m£ at alert.
“How fast can you run?”. She asked.
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🐬 Episode_5🐬
“Like hell?”. He replied.
“That’s her”. Someone screamed pointing at them.
The students turned swiftly and she scoffed.
“C’mon”. She screamed and they took to their heels.
“There’s a lot of them”. Lovely said as they approached the intersection.
“Did you hear the hvge amount?”. She asked staring at him.
“No! No!”. He screamed as he pu-ll-ed her back.
She coll@psed into his che-st and looked back to see the crowd of students at the intersection.
“$h!t!”. She cursed.
They screamed as they raced for her in their numbers.
Without looking she turned to race back but he held her back and pu-ll-ed her to the left hallway that was free.
She looked back and caught a slight reflection of the students she would have run into if she ran back.
They continued running as the crowd increased like a herd of zombies.
“This looks like a horror movie?”. Lovely said.
“Resident evil? The Walking Dead”. Kapella asked laughing.
“Whatever horror movie involves zombies,Let’s call this Phoenix Dead”. He said as she laughed.
They looked back and their eyes popped as the students were closing them.
“Left… Left.. Left”. He sang as they approached the next intersection.
They made to turn but there was another group of awaiting students.
“Catch her!”. They screamed.
“$h!t!”. They cursed and turned to the left but there was group of girls waiting as well as they stood Akimbo.
“The Elevator “. Lovely said pu-lling her along.
The students merge into one army at the intersection and went after them as they ran forward for the elevator.
Kapella raced in while he tapped a number on the call box before going in.
She held his hand ti-ghtly as the crowd raged closely.
The elevator made a ‘ding’ sound and the doors began to close.
It was an inch left to close went the crowd caught up with it.
About three students f0rç£d their hands in and as usual it automatically opened.
Kapella screamed as she sl@pped one of the bu-tton on the call box forcing the doors to try and close again but it wouldn’t as a result of the hands because of the elevator’s s-en-sor ability, whenever there was an external stimuli between the doors it was programmed not to close up.
She kept sl@pping the bu-tting hurriedly as more hands f0rç£d into the small gap.
“You were right, it’s a horror movie”. She said as tears formed in her eyes.
Lovely kept sl@pping the hands off but more kept creeping in.
Kapella suddenly g@sped as I thought hits her.
“I have an idea come take my place”. She said still sl@pping the bu-tton to prevent the doors from opening but maintain that little gap.
He quic-kly moved up to her and took over in punching the bu-tton.
“You got a lighter”. She asked.
“Yeah. My pocket behind”.
He said wanting to turn.
“No! No! Don’t let go of it”. She said and he resumed the punching.
“Do you smoke?”. She asked as she moved closer.
“Nope. Is that a question to ask now?”. Lovely asked.
She inhaled heavily as she put her hand into her his pocket and took out the lighter.
And then took the jui-ce bottle he was holding with the other hand.
“What are you up to?”. He asked.
She first open the jui-ce bottle before holfung the lighter and ignite the fire out.
She poured the jui-ce on the hands and pushed the burning lighter into the midst aimlessly.
“Acid!!”. She screamed loudly.
“Acid!!”. The Students who felt the heat of the lighter on their skins screamed as well as they pu-ll-ed back.
Everyone pu-ll-ed back in fear and the door closed.
Lovely exhaled heavily as he let go of the bu-tton and slide down to to the ground.
Kapella laughed loudly as she dropped the empty bottle.
“Acid? You’re such a clown”. He said and she threw the lighter for him.
Her laughter slowly diminish to a sad look as the tears in her eyes flowed down.
“And now I successfully got into trouble”. She whispered as she sat on the ground.
“Hey”. He said as he drew close to her.
“Thanks, you’re the least person I was expecting to show up”. She said.
“I told Cindy to stay back that it was dangerous”. He said and she nodded.
“That’s right, thanks once again”.
“Does that makes us friends now?”. He asked.
“We’re friends alre-ady, Lovely”. She replied.
“Um.. Lovely or lovely”. He asked.
“Whatever lovely”. She said and he sm-irk.
“The Elevator is st©pping, come on, we might need to run again”. He said getting up.
“My legs are aching alre-ady”. She said.
The elevator c@m£ to st©p and the door slides open.
They raised their head up and was shocked to see Chubby Joe in front of elevator.
“lovely burnt Lovely and Kapella in an elevator, beauty sight”. He said.
Lovely quic-kly pressed a bu-tton on the call box and the door close slowly but Joe st©pped it with his hands.
He pushed the doors into opposite directions with his might and at that moment felt like The Incredible Huk only if he knew it was the doors were opening automatically alre-ady.
“2000 US Dollar isn’t a fvcking joke, I just received a hell lot of mail that I’m owing the school a hvge sum and I need lot money”. He whispered as he stepped in.
“You shouldn’t have come alone”. Lovely said and he turned to him.
He kicked him on the crotch with his knee and Joe g@sped at same time with Kapella who was shocked.
Which girl wouldn’t be shocked at that? Gross!!!
“Yeah that’s right, one of the most painful moments for dudes”. Lovely said and punched his face.
The f0rç£ was so strong that it s£nt him crashing to the ground.
Kapella quic-kly rushed out as he followed from behind.
“Don’t be scared, I won’t do that to you”. He said raising his hand up.
“How did you do that?”. She asked turning back.
“What? The….”.
“No.. The punch thing.. You literally made a guy p@ss out”. She said.
He rolled his sleeves up and she g@sped seeing his bicep.
“You got lot of muscles… Seems you gym alot”. She said as she continued walking.
“Practice make perfect”. He said.
“You’ve been punching people? “. She asked as she turned back to him but he didn’t reply.
“Lovely?”. She called but still no response.
“Don’t pretend like you’ve been electrocuted”. She said and that’s when he rose his f!nger up slowly.
Kapella turned to see what he was pointing at and low was the entire crowd of students few meters from her.
She screamed loudly as her legs sprung forward.
Lovely turned as well running into the elevator.
“Close it”. She screamed as she approached the elevator.
He hits one of the bu-tton and the doors close slowly.
Kapella dashed in gr-abbing him to the wall cos of her speed and the door closed just before the students got to.
The Elevator made a ‘ding’ sound before descending.
Kapella exhaled as she let go of his shoulders.
“You just stood there like a robot”. She said.
“I was shocked”.
“Shocked? Physical, emotional or…… Forget it”. She said leaning on the wall.
“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”. He asked.
“Don’t think of asking me out for dinner”.
“Am not when I know fully well that you have a b©yfri£nd”. He said and she scoffed.
“And who told you that?”. She asked.
“You said it over there, in the cl@ss with her friend, Cindy”.
“Then quit eavesdropping on girl’s talk, alright?”.
“And then maybe I wouldn’t have helped you with Italian”..
“I meant even if you survive today’s problem, do you have plans for tomorrow or you think the Arrowood will let go of you like that”. He asked.
“You know them?”.
“Yep. Dangerous”.
“Sorry I misun-derstood you”.
“No it’s alright. Perfectly alright”. He said.
“Am just so pathetic with my thinking, a good reason my friends don’t last “. She said.
” Hey don’t say that, you’re the best choice someone would want as a friend, honest, intelligent and I’ll regret it if I don’t say beautiful “. He said as he la-id his head on the door.
She punched him arm and he turned back slowly.
” You didn’t feel that? “.
” How would I feel that, your bicep is literally at level one, it feels like a little child hitting me for ice cream “. He said and he turned back to door.
She gro-an ed as she punched his arm h@rder but he didn’t move an inch.
“You’re enjoying this ain’t you”. She roared.
She threw another punch but he turned swiftly and caught her hand.
The elevator made a ‘ding’ sound and the doors opened.
She let go of her hand and moved backward when she screamed pointing behind him.
He quic-kly ran back into the elevator thinking there was a wave of student behind him.
She laughed as she walked out and that was when he realized there was nothing.
“I don’t have biceps but I got a ton-gue. Where the hell is this?”. She asked looking at the cartons around.
“It’s the Basement”. He said stepping out.
“You’re new”. She said.
“Well i can’t remember the floor I asked the elevator to take us to but here we are, it’s safe here “.
“Safe? With two of us alone”. She asked moving back to the elevator.
“It’s dangerous out there”. He said.
“Is she so difficult to find, am increasing the reward to 3000 US dollars if that would catalyze the search”. Diaz voice rang from the speaker in the basement.
“Hmm and right now I feel like capturing you, what the hell? We ba-rely even know each other for 24 hours, 3000 US Dollars, damn!”. He said moving toward her.
“Let’s say I tricked you in here, so I can have the money cos I’m bundle you to Diaz”.
She quic-kly rushed out of the elevator and picked the club on the ground.
“If you come closer I’m gonna splash your br@ins over the wall”.
“Now that sounds like real horror”. He said as he sprung toward her.
She launched the club but he caught it mid air.
“See, you’re scared of using your strength”. He said looking into her eyes.
She smiled and he scoffed.
“What’s funny?”.
“This”. She said and knee kicked him on the crotch.
He screamed loudly as he fell to the ground writhing in pain.
“I was only joking”. He roared as he clenched to his crotch.
“Am sorry… Totally..”. She said wanting to t©uçh his arm.
“Don’t t©uçh me”.
“You looked scary she real”. She said.
“Did you have to that?”. He cried.
“You taught me that for self defense”.
“Did I? And you decide to use it on me”. He said angrily.
“I meant Lovely I’m sorry”. she said holding his shoulders.
“You’re gonna be fine”.
“And how can you be so sure?”.
“I thought you were a superman?”. She asked.
He pu-ll-ed himself up but c@m£ crashing to the ground again.
He staggered up to his feet and sat on one of the box with his head down.
He held his head, raised it up and could see the the forming tears.
“You’re crying”. She said as she pu-ll-ed another box and sat beside him.
‘I didn’t have an idea it was painful, am totally sorry, say something, accept my apologies “. She said pu-lling his shoulders.
” On one condition “.
” Which is? “.
” You don’t get to hit me like that, ever again “. He snapped.
” What if you become evil? “. She asked.
” Seriously you’re ma-king you look like a movie “. He said.
” Fine, I don’t kick your whatever as long as you don’t act like a j£rk “. She fired.
” j£rk.. I was only testing my acting skills “. He said.
“Fine. You’re a good actor and you pla-yed the role pretty well”. She said and his phone buzzed.
He slides it out from his pocket and stared at the message from a contact ‘Trouble 003’.
‘Where are you darling?’. The Message re-ad.
He swipped it off the screen and….
“You look nervous”. Kapella said.
“No. I..”.
“Was that your Girlfriend?”. She asked as she took the phone from him.
“This is literally a hell of money.. I haven’t seen something like this before, name? “.
“Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond”. He replied.
“I don’t know what that is but the names it’s a hell of….”.
“It’s a birthday gift”.
The phone buzzed as a call appeared on the screen.
“Who’s Crises 001?”. She asked.
” My step dad, can you kindly activate flight mode? “. He asked.
She hesitate for a while before doing it.
” Am just gonna take a nap for however long we’re gonna be here until school closes “. Lovely said as he rest his head over the wall.
She examined the phone and g@sped.
” It’s beautiful “. She whispered and her phone buzzed.
She took it out to see the message from ‘Cindy’.
‘Remain wherever you are, School have gone crazy because of you ‘
“I thought that was Cindy’s”. He said and she j£rked.
“Yeah… Yeah.. I was charging it for her with my bank, we swapped you know”. Kapella said forcing a smile.
He closed his eyes and she exhaled.
That was when she saw the blue colour of his eyes and hisl-ips which weren’t burnt, Cindy was right.
She tried going throu-gh his phone but every single thing was locked except ‘Candy Crush’.
Minutes p@ssed by and he had fallen asleep while she pla-yed ‘Candy Crush’ on his phone.
He wasn’t comfortable as his head kept sliding on the wall till it dropped on her shoulder.
She g@sped as she turned to see his face on her shoulder.
She took his hand to see the ring he had on.
It was a golden one with an ‘L’ symbol on it.
She slowly dropped the hand and resumed pla-ying.
Hours and hours p@ssed until she fell asleep as well but she was off for up to thirty minutes when the electric bell rung loudly.
She jo-lted up quic-kly causing him to wake as well.
“How long?”. He asked as he yawned loudly.
“Hours and my shoulder is literally aching right now “. She said.
” Um.. Your shoulder? “.
” You literally sle-pt on it “.
” Oh.. That proves how I sle-pt well “. He said and she hit his shoulder.
” Should i say sorry or thank you? “. He said.
” 3000 US Dollars contract have been terminated, You can run Kapella but you can’t hide from me “. Diaz voice rang from the speaker.
” You locked every damn thing in your phone “. She said.
” To restrict intruders “.
” Like me? “.
” Probably am sure you enjoyed the Candy Crush “.
” Why would you leave only that?”.
“Cos ladies are the only ones who get to access your phone for hours, can I have it back?”. He said and she hid it behind.
“You don’t pl@yit, do you?, I saw the highest score in the leaderboard who’s Beauty?”.
“You ask lot of question, C’mon let’s go”. He said pu-lling her along.
“She’s good at the game and I would love to meet her someday”. Kapella said and her phone buzzed.
“You can come out, eveyone is out”. She re-ad the message as the door of the elevator closed.
It soon st©pped and opened up revea-ling Cindy who was standing akimbo.
She raced at Kapella and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“I was so worried, I couldn’t concentrate”. Cindy said as she let go.
“I’m fine, at least I survived today”. She said.
“What’s he doing with you?”. She said pointing to Lovely.
“He helped me, thanks to me”.
“Now tell me where have you been for the past hours?”.
“Basement”. Lovely said and she g@sped.
Cindy nodded as she tried to conceal her smile.
“What’s funny?”.
“Can I have my phone now? “. He asked.
She handed it over to him and he collects it.
” Off I go, bye! “. He said walking away.
” Thanks for today Lovely “. Kapella said.
” Just don’t forget to do your @ssignment night time while pla-ying with your b©yfri£nd”. He said and was out of sight.
“He thinks I have a b©yfri£nd”. Kapella said as they moved for the exit door as well.
“You didn’t tell him it was joke, I thought you had a crush on him”. Cindy asked.
“Um.. Actually.. Cindy?”.
“You know what, just forget it, let’s go”. Kapella said as she collects her bag from Cindy and wore it.
They walked out of the school compound and could see Lovely waving at them from a cab that just left.
They waved back at him and Cindy scoffed.
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“So how are you gonna prove that nothing happened in there with you two alone for hours?”. She asked.
“He was asleep the entire time”.
“I’m your l@ps”.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. Kapella sang beating her shoulder as she laughed.
“Nothing happened so st©p the scary questions, there’s something weird about him”. Kapella said.
“He k!$$£d you”.
“You know what? Don’t speak anymore, just listen”. She said and paused.
“Did you take a look at his smartphone?”. She asked.
“It’s out of this world”. Cindy said.
“I think he’s rich, kind of, what the hell are my thinking of? You know what forget it”. Kapella said.
“What do you then want me to remember maybe you’re right or that answers the question to how he got the burnt face”. Cindy said.
“What do you mean?”.
“Um.. He’s crazily rich with a bad bad flashy vehicle, he hits the highway like it belongs to him and he c@m£ stum……bling after”. Cindy sang.
“You know what?”. Kapella asked and her eyes popped out.
“Good day”.
“I’m home”. Steve opened the door as Kapella’s voice rang from the outside.
He frowned as she walked in and poked his nose.
“I got you ice cream”. She said and his face brightened.
“I missed you sister, plea-se don’t stay late again, a night without you is…”.
“Will you keep quiet?, hold on, do you watch telenova now?”. She said and he shook his head negatively.
She g@sped as she relaxed on the couch.
“Where’s my ice-cream?”. He asked.
“Dooor.. I only wanted to see the hypocrite I you”. She said and he frowned.
“Where’s Mom?”. Kapella asked as she moved to the kitchen.
“Second floor”. Steve said following after her.
Kapella paused seeing the little aquarium on the counter in the kitchen.
“Wow! lovely”. She said as she stared at the beautiful fishes swimming around.
“Why does it look like I can hear them?”. She added dropping her phone on the counter as she leaned closer.
She could hear the little heartbeat of the fishes as she st©pped swimming as focused on her as well
Kapella phone buzzed but she didn’t notice as she was engrossed.
Steve stretched his hand to take it but he wasn’t tall enough.
He climbe-d a stool and stared at the message from a contact ‘Cindy’.
Kapella was still staring at the fishes like they were communicating when Steve j£rked her away.
“Who’s Lovely?”.
“What did you say?”. Kapella asked as she turned.
“Who’s Lovely ?”.
“Are you alright? Anyone can lovely, Mom, me but not you, you ain’t lovely”. She said and saw her phone with him.
“C’mon”. She said as she snatched it from him.
“Did you say Lovely’s smartphone is Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond? I searched for the price in goggle, take a look”. Kapella re-ad and there was a link below but that wasn’t the only message from her but another as well.
“What else happened in that basement with you and Lovely alone for hours?”.
Kapella scrolled up and tap the link which redirect her the result page of a goggle search.
“The world’s most expensive diamond-studded phone comes in the form of the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond Edition, with a price tag of $48.5 Million”. She re-ad and her phone dropped from her hands in shock.
“You were really with him in a basement?”.
“C’mon Steve, Cindy is only pla-ying pranks on me”.
“Hmm Mum!”. He said.
She quic-kly covered his mouth and closed the door.
“C’mon do you have to tell mom everything?”. She said forcing him to seat.
“What do you want? Ice cream, my meal.. Whatever.. It’s not what you think,telling mom is gonna put me into trouble”. She whispered.
“Alright I won’t tell her but you’ll give me whatever I want”.
“Um.. Alright.. Deal you punk”. She said shaking his head.
“I admire your br@celet”.
“No.. You can’t have that Steve”.
“It’s beautiful”.
“I know, very charming but you you can’t have it “. She said.
” Mom, Kapella had a boy… “.
” Shh.. Seriously Steve this is some sort of protec-tion mom gave me, alright, I’ll give you, don’t let mom see it and early tomorrow you return it, deal? “. She asked and he nodded.
She re-moved the br@celet and put it into his hand.
” It’s beautiful “. He said.
” Yeah “.
” Sorry I had to blackmail you, I just want to feel… “. Steve said and screamed as the br@celet burnt his hand.
He quic-kly threw it off as tears formed in his eyes.
“Hey are you alright?”. She said holding his face.
He raised his hand up and she saw the circular burn around it.
Kapella gro-an ed as she felt a terrible hunger in her belly, it was so excruciating.r
“Why does the water ripple sounds close to my ears, why are the fishes speaking to me?”. Kapella said as she moved closer to the transparent tank.
“Why do they look charming?”. She whispered.
With one swift move she f0rç£ her hand throu-gh the aquarium breaking the gl@ss that f0rç£s water to gush out.
“Mom!”. Steve screamed.
Kapella gr@bb£d one of the fish and held it ti-ghtly as it wriggle to break free.
The urge to eat it was so strong that she couldn’t resist anymore.
She f0rç£d the fish into her mouth and bite off the head causing Steve to scream louder as Mrs. Elijah c@m£ running in.
Steve quic-kly hid behind her as she g@sped.
“Kapella?”. She whispered.
Kapella turned back slowly with herl-ips which had the blood of the creature and still the fish was still in her mouth with the tail wriggling outside herl-ips.
“Oh my God!”. Mrs. Elijah exclaimed.

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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid
🐬 Episode_6🐬
“It taste so delicious, the feeling is…”. Kapella said as she drew the fish tail out of her mouth and li-cked herl-ip.
“Is she a vampire?”. Steve asked from behind.
“Kapella where’s your br@celet?”. Mrs. Elijah asked as she moved closer.
“I don’t need, I feel so powerful”. She said.
“Listen Kapella whatever you’re feeling right now….”. Mrs. Elijah said as she sight the br@celet on the ground.
“Can feel like the best feeling in the world but no matter how scary you look you’re still my daughter, I love you”. She said and hvgged her but her hand beckoned at Steve who un-derstand and moved closer.
Her f!ngersto the br@celet and he gave it to her.
“I always love you Kapella but you can’t live as a monster”. Mrs. Elijah said and with one swift move slide the br@celet into her hand.
Kapella g@sped loudly as she raced to the sink.
“Did I just eat a live fish, it tasted to so, it still taste good, it was delicious than the one you make, I need to puke it out”. She cried trying to vomit by all means but it was fruitless.
“I don’t I feel stomach ache, why is it like I just eat a normal meal, no I need to puke out”. She cried still trying to puke but couldn’t.
“Damn!”. She screamed as Mrs. Elijah and Steve stared blankly at her.
“She’s a vampire, right?”. Steve asked.
“He’s right, Vampire”. Kapella said turning back.
“I’m a damn vampire, I eat people”.
“You didn’t eat me”. Steve said.
“You’re not a vampire, Daughter”.
“Don’t tell me that Mom, isn’t it time you tell me what I’m, what sort of weird human I am?”. Kapella roared.
“You’re not a weird human, you’re special”.
“That’s what you keep saying, special, I almost lost my best friend today, why?, just because my hair would have been expo-sed and now you’ll get to say if I had cut it, it wouldn’t have happened but how long will I leave a disguise life”. Kapella said.
“Steve excuse us and tell no one about this, not your friends or anyone”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I never told anyone my sister was ra-punzel and I won’t still tell anyone that she’s a Vampire”. He said.
“I’m not a fvcking… Sorry.. I’m not a damn Vampire”. She roared.
“Alright, Fish Devourer”. He said walking out.
She grinned to go after him but Mrs. Elijah held her back.
“He’s a kid”.
“Maybe we should start with how that br@celet got out of your hand?”. She added.
“Or maybe we should start why I love Aqua life like I belong to…”.
“Kapella!”. Mrs. Elijah cuts her off.
“I’m special, I know that line alre-ady”.
“Then trust me”.
“Trust you, you can’t even tell me the truth, I’m eighteen Mom no longer a kid, if the urge to eat a live fish can be so irresistible… It’s because I didn’t have my br@celet on… What’s special about it, it isn’t protec-tion”.
“Yes it is”.
“No it isn’t”.
“It protects you from your true self”. Mrs. Elijah spilled out hurriedly.
“Oh my God! What did i say, I didn’t mean that, it protect you just know that “. She said
” Protect me against myself that p@rtially answer the question of what am I “. She said and Mrs. Elijah bur-st into tears.
” Mom you’re crying “. Kapella said as she moved to her.
” Mom st©p it, you make me sad, st©p crying “.
” You make me feel like I can’t be trusted, I’m your mother, I won’t do anything to hurt you “. She cried.
“Hey Mom, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry I hurt you… I didn’t mean to but I feel like my life is a lie”. Kapella said as she leaned on her che-st.
“There are secrets, you’re right and you’re intelligent enough to know that there are strange things about you but it’s best if you don’t know about it, not forever but just for now, when the appropriate time comes, you’ll know”. Mrs. Elijah said and Kapella hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“I’m scared Mom”.
“You don’t have to be as long as you have that br@celet on you don’t have to be, alright? “. She said c@r£ss!ngher face.
Kapella sniffed and nodded slowly.
“C’mon you must be hungry”.
“Mom the fish tank”.
“I’ll take care of it”.
It was night at the Atlantic Ocean as a red Sh!pswerve past a rock.
The Sh!pwas filled with men and women who were dressing up as divers while others moved harpoons to the deck.
At the edge of the deck was a young woman scanning throu-gh the ocean with a Binocular..
She was not fully dressed as a diver as she only had a w€t suit on.
“Mrs. Arrowood”. An Old Man said as he moved toward her.
“br@dley”. She said as she retreat the Binocular and turned to him.
‘We’re closing on them “.
” Good and where’s my husband? “. She asked.
” Right behind you”. A Young man said from behind.
She moved to him and k!$$£d him on thel-ips.
“You’re going in?”.
“Of course I am, Artic Mermaids are dangerous and the most powerful”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Mermaids who cry and then it solidify to diamond, they’re indeed powerful”. Mr. Arrowood said as he collects the binocular from her.
“You ain’t scared am getting in”.
“We’ve been doing this for long alre-ady, I’m not”. He said as he looked throu-gh it.
“I suppose that’s the sh!p”. He said staring at the magnified image in the binocular.
“Yes it is”. She replied.
“Why is the sh!pchanging direction?”. The Old man said as he looked narrowly with his dim eyes.
“I paid the sh!pstation to inform the captain there’s a storm at the path their headed and that North East of the Ocean is the safest path”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“Why is that?”. He asked.
“Old br@dley, you’re retired alre-ady, our methods are quite different”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“Don’t tell me that, why are we following that sh!p, you tortured a Mermaid to give you the habitat of the Artic, she did and we’re suppose to be here hunting not stalking, tell me what are up to Daughter? “. Old br@dley said.
Mrs. Arrowood lit a cigar and slide it into herl-ips.
” I’m your only Child, the first female to take the Legacy of the Arrowood “.
” If I had a male child, he would have taken the Legacy “. He roared.
” But you had non and here’s my new husband who abandoned his family name to take up Arrowood, show some appreciation father, our family name doesn’t get to die and then I have kids and the legacy continues “. Mrs. Arrowood said as she puffed out the smoke in her mouth.
” That doesn’t answer my question of what are you up to? “. He asked angrily.
” That sh!pis our bait “.
” What do you mean bait? “.
” We don’t know if that Mermaid is saying the truth, we have to be sure, they get drawn to a p@ssing sh!p, sing out to the sailors, cause a wreck and that expo-ses them to us, we give a surprise attack and we capture the Artic”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Did you listen to what you just said?, bait?, have you forgotten our code? Humans don’t get hurt during our exploration”. Old br@dley said.
“Tell me Grandpa are you interested in the Artic or the code, we’ll get there in time and st©p the sh!pfrom wrecking”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Ma’am we’re losing sight of the sh!pto the fog”. The Captain screamed from where he watched with his telescope.
“It’s time, suit up everyone, I want every diver on deck”. Mrs. Arrowood roared loudly.
Divers hurried out from the accommodation of the sh!pto the deck where Mrs. Arrowood was putting one her di-ving mask.
Her husband helped her to put on the snorkel and she exhaled heavily.
The divers had now filled the deck of the sh!pall with bow and a sheath filled with special arrows.
“Our mission is to capture at many as we can but if the need to kill arises, do it”. Mrs. Arrowood said and paused.
“Your arrows suffer less resistance from water, don’t hesitate to shoot, we don’t use guns because water reduces it velocity ma-king it harmless, we use special arrows that disregard the resistance of water and hit the target lethally”.
“We use harpoons”. She roared.
“You’re going un-derwater, your arrows stuck into the sheath to avoid floating away, you need strength, strength to pu-ll that arrow out, strength to fight the re-sisting water and place it in your bow, strength to fire, you all are professional hunters and the time have come “. Mrs. Arrowood said as she carried a harpoon Gun on a crate.
She climbe-d to the edge of the dock and placed the harpoon gun on her shoulder.
” You didn’t put on your fins “. Mr. Arrowood said.
” I prefer ba-refoot”. She said and dived into the water.
The divers hurriedly wore their di-ving fins and dived in as well.
Screams could be heard from ahead as the sh!pentered into a midst.
The other sh!pcould be seen spinning dangerously as the storm engulfed it.
The Captain looked throu-gh the telescope and could see singing women on sea rocks around the spinning sh!pahead.
“Sir, Mermaids”. The Captain said.
Mr. Arrowood sm-irk as he put on his UV spec and turned to the crowd of men and women that were left on the docks.
“UV specs on”.He commanded and they hurriedly put in on.
He turned to the ocean and looked far away.
The ocean was blue and the penetrating power of UV could help him see creatures un-derwater in ultraviolet colour.
The structure showed clearly that the creatures had fins.
“Heave the Sh!p”. Mr. Arrowood commanded.
The speed of the sh!pincreased as it swerved into the midst.
“Fire!!!”. Mr. Arrowood roared as it approached the wretching sh!p.
Everyone moved to the edge of the sh!pand began throwing harpoon into the ocean.
Their UV spec helped them to see the creatures un-derwater who were caught by surprise. Their sh!pswerved dangerously dodging the wreck of the other sh!p.
“This was what I feared!”. Old br@dley said angrily.
“Not now old man”. Mr. Arrowood said and he took another another Harpoon.
🎶Charming Sailors🎶
🎵Come Down To Us🎵
Soft femanine voices rang from below.
“Boss the Mermaid be upon us”. The Captain said.
“Don’t let them sing lest a storm befall us, Kill them”.
“Roll out the cannons”. He commanded.
“Roll out the Cannon”. The Captain announced as he rang the bell above him.
That was when Mr. Arrowood caught the reflection of a woman leaning against a sea rock in the midst.
“bit-ch!”. He cursed as he threw the harpoon which trust into her arm causing her to fall into the water.
Blood could now be seen on the surface of the water about the arena.
The cannons rolled out and fired endlessly forcing the mermaids on the sea rocks forcing them to dive un-derwater.
Mrs. Arrowood and her team could be seen swimming toward the gathering of the of the mermaids un-derwater who were engrossed with the sh!pabove them.
She aimed her Harpoon Gun as the rest of the divers placed arrows in their bow fighting the water resistance.
She fired first and they fired as well.
The Mermaids dispatched into different directions as the lethal weapon hits some of them.
Mrs. Arrowood drew the rope that was connected to her Harpoon and pu-ll-ed it from the Mermaid’s back.
She rolled it back into the gun as the rest of the divers went after the mermaids firing at them accurately even though it was un-derwater.
A Mermaid with a tail that changed colour constantly swam her way into a Cave de-ep down the ocean.
About Five other mermaid could be seen hovering around a little child on a slab.
The baby was breathing un-derwater as bubbles could be seen from her mouth and nose.
The Mermaids gathered together as they seem to be communicating to each other by thought until a harpoon struck down and missed the child narrowly.
The special Mermaid quic-kly took the child and nodded before swimming off as harpoons strike down in there numbers.
She put the child in a box and closed it as she swerved around dodging the arrows fired at her.
She pushed her hands forward and the waters ripple hitting the divers into different direction.
She turned as she took the box when a Harpoon thrû-st into her shoulder.
It was Mrs. Arrowood.
She pu-ll-ed the rope connected to the harpoon thereby pu-lling the Mermaid to herself as she pu-ll-ed a dagger from behind her.
The Mermaid was quic-kly to cut off the rope and block the stab.
She kicked Mrs. Arrowood away and swam after the box she let go.
She caught it and gro-an ed as an arrow pierced into her arm.
The divers swam toward her as she hid behind an un-derwater rock.
Unannounced she dived out spinning in a horizontal position that causes a big ripple hitting them away but a few were unlucky as her sharp fin cut them beyond recognition.
She flew after the box again and took it but Mrs. Arrowood took that as an opportunity to fire the harpoon into the side of her n£¢k this time around.
She blocked the harpoon with her hand and gro-an ed as it thrû-st in.
Mrs. Lockwood stab a dagger into her side but she gr@bb£d her to the sea rock.
She snatched the knife from her and stabbe-d it into her eyes causing her to scream which then let water rushing in.
The Mermaid carried the box and swam away with arrows and harpoon stuck in her bleeding flesh.
The Divers quic-kly took Mrs. Lockwood who was drowning and swam to the surface of the ocean.
Several vehicles esc-rted a red limousine to the big factory at the outSk-irt of the city.
It c@m£ to halt and the chauffeur raced out to open the door.
The others vehicle parked speedily and men in black suit got down as well
Legs in heels first stepped out of the Limousine and then the full b©dy of a woman in a red coat.
She had a dark shades on and held a diamond made purse.
She slowly took off her dark shades as the wind blew her blonde hair.
Her left eye which was sewed due to whatever damage could be seen clearly and even though she was looking older you could still recognize her as Mrs. Arrowood.
She took an eye patch from her purse and wore it before proceeding into the factory.
“Welcome Back Mrs. Arrowood”. The Man at the door said and she ignored him.
She moved into a big room where Men and Women in apron stained with blood waited for her.
“Welcome Back Mrs Arrowood”.
“Eighteen years… New faces… Old faces but eveyone here knows me both the ones who get paid for this and the Arrowood relation, I’ve gone around the world for eighteen years for a solution to my damaged eye but all ends in an artificial eye or patch “. She said and paused.
” Returning, I hoped that I had answers but I was devasted to hear that you have non, meaning you ain’t working “. She roared.
” Ma’am the Mermaids are resistant to torture “. A Man said.
” Save me that $h!t! Eighteen good years with no result”. She said and bite her lowerl-ips.
“pu-ll down the curtain”. She said.
The men moved to the curtain behind and pu-ll-ed it down revea-ling gagged women who were tied to wooden pillars.
Their long hairs alre-ady answered the questions that they were in Mermaid.
“They seem to be in good shape”. She said moving forward.
“They heal Ma’am”.
“How many have died?”.
The men stared at themselves and back to her.
“What? Eighteen years, have their beauties so captured your heart, how do you expect them to speak when you don’t instill fear, this isn’t a charity home for Mermaid, I need answers “. Mrs. Arrowood said as she approached one of the Mermaid.
” She took my eyes and I suggest you all know her, The Artic, She’s all I need and ever wanted and you’re gonna tell me where she escaped to and what was in that previous box she was re-ady to protect with her life, Wil you tell me?”. She asked as she re-moved the Mermaid’s gag but she began to sing.
” Someone get me Sodium Chloride? “. She said.
A woman hurried off and returned with a jar filled with salt.
” We’ve tried that alre-ady “.
” You’ve been in this for long Captain”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she took off her coat.
“Powdered Salt causes excruciating pain to them by burning and dessicating them like fishes because that’s what they are”. She said and collects the Jar.
She di-pped her f!ngersin and placed it on the mermaids forehead.
She screamed aloud as it burn and cause that p@rt to dessicate.
She inhaled heavily and the burn healed up.
“You see that, easy as hell”. She said and nodded.
“Am gonna ask you for the last time, Where’s the Artic and what precious box did she protect that night?”. She asked.
“Go to hell, bit-ch!”. She cursed.
“Mermaid now use swear words, interesting”. She said and gr@bb£d her chin forcing her mouth open.
Everyone g@sped as she poured the salt into the Mermaids mouth..
She screamed as it burned down her throat to her belly.
Her face started dessicating and it spre-ad to the rest of the b©dy.
“You don’t dry the outside, you dry them from inside out, kill “.
She dropped the empty Jar and collects her coat from the Woman.
” This is not a charity home for Mermaids, it’s gonna turn into a slaughter house if I get no answers soon “. She said wearing her Jacket.
” Each day I’ll drop one of you, dry you up like a pathetic fish, dispose the b©dy”. She commanded and marched out angrily.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_7🐬
It was a beautiful morning as the little birds on trees chirped melodiously.
“Mom am gonna be seriously late”. Kapella said as she walked down the stairs.
“Am out baby”. Mrs. Elijah said as she walked out of the kitchen.
She pe-cked Kapella on the cheek full of smiles.
“Mom, your apron”. She said.
“Oh That’s right”. She said as she loos£n it.
“Steve”. She called out as she moved back to the kitchen.
She soon returned and looked around trying to remember what she was searching for.
“My keys, I’ll get them”. She said and hurried up the stairs.
Kapella turned to the left as Steve walked out of his room.
“Why the mood?”. She asked as he had that gloomy face.
“Am sorry”. He said hvgging her legs ti-ghtly.
“Tell me what movie did you watch last night?”. She asked.
“Non, I was worried because you stayed in your room throu-gh the rest of yesterday”.
“Since movies control your life style I thought… It’s alright no big deal, you’re my little bro so whatever you do is counted as childish or should I say forgiven?”. She asked dancing her head throu-gh the air.
“I made you turn into a Vampire, it was my fault”.
“Do me a favour and st©p using the word vampire, I’m not a Vampire, alright and I’m never gonna hurt you so don’t scream out your lungs ever again, alright?”. She said holding his face and he nodded.
“I can see you two or getting along”. Mrs. Elijah said as she returned.
Kapella smiled as she placed her hand on his shoulder.
“Let’s go”. Mrs. Elijah said as she moved for the door.
“You really do have intentions to starve Kapella, Mom”. Steve said and they paused.
“Oh my baby!”. Mrs. Elijah sang as she raced back to the Kitchen.
They laughed as Kapella rubbe-d Steve’s head with her palm.
Mrs. Elijah returned with two thermos in a bag and handed it over to her.
“Steve won’t have It this time”.
The highway was quite busy as there were lot of vehicles whooshing all around.
“Kapella, about yesterday”. Mrs. Elijah said from the Dodge Viper GTS vehicle as she made a sharp turn..
“There’s nothing to talk about it Mom, I heard you”. She said looking out throu-gh the window.
“Steve isn’t here so just spill whatever is in your mind, I want to hear it”.
“I hate it that you’re keeping a secret from me, I really do want to know what’s special about me”. She said tapping the window.
“Telling you that you ain’t my daughter is something I don’t have the courage to say, not yet”. She thought.
“You’re frightened I’ll be or I won’t love you the way I used to”. Kapella said.
“Did I say that loud?”.
“Say what loud?”.
“I guess I’m just gonna seat waiting for the day someone tells me the mysteries behind my life”. Kapella said as the Vehicle st©pped in front of the school.
She hurried out and closed the door angrily.
“Kapella!”. Mrs. Elijah called out but she walked away alre-ady and vanished into the crowd of students that were trooping into the compound.
Mrs. Elijah got into her vehicle and punched the steering angrily.
That was when she saw the bag in the p@ss£nger’s seat.
“No.. Her lunch “. She sat as she stretched her hand and took it.
She took her phone and called her but she didn’t take the call.
She tried again and this time it wasn’t going throu-gh.
Mrs. Elijah hit the steering again and the horn sounded.
“Sorry”. She said said she got down.
“What’s wrong with this girl?”. She said looking around.
“Hey, you over there”. She said calling on one of the students.
He turned back and moved toward her,It was Lovely.
“Do you by any means know Kapella?”. She asked.
“Kapella Elijah”.
“Yes. Eveyone knows her…”. He was saying when….
“Not a license to tell her Mom”. Cindy cut short as she walked there.
“Cindy”. He said.
“Lovely”. She said.
“You two know yourselves?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“Yes”. He said.
“No.. Just some kid we help with @ssignment, Where’s Kapella?”. Cindy asked looking around.
“She flared up and vanished into the crowd and now she isn’t picking my calls”.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Elijah I’ll punish her personally “. Cindy said.
“Thank you Cindy and here, She forgot her lunch”. She said handing over the bag to her.
“I’ll get it over to her”.
“And you, thanks”. She said.
“Not at all Ma’am”. He replied.
“Your face”.
“Oh accident, reality was unfair”.
“My sympathy”. She said and he nodded.
She got into the Dodge Viper GTS and drove off speedily.
“Did you call me a kid in front of Kapella’s Mom?”. Lovely asked as they moved into the compound.
“What else are you?”.
“I had my beards shaved two days ago”. He said.
“Doesn’t make you a man”. She said walking away.
“Seriously?”. He asked as he raced after her.
Kapella could he seen washing her face In the restroom.
She turned off the tap and cleaned her face.
She raised her head to examine herself in the mirror and that was when she saw a teen dude standing behind her.
She jo-lt in fear gluing herself to the wall as he sm-irk.
“How….. How… did.. you…”. She stammered and suddenly got the courage.
“You must be a freshman, exucuse me but this is a female restroom”. She said.
“Of course it is”. He said leaning closer.
“I’ll have to scream if you don’t take your leave now”. She threatened.
“Maybe I love ladies scream alot or I’ve instructed no one comes in, in the next one hour”. He said as he fli-ck off the mole of water on her cheek.
Kapella as she gr!pp£dhis shi-t angrily but that was when she saw his name badge on his che-st.
“Ffff.. Finn?”. She said as she let go of his shi-t slowly.
“Are you such in a hurry to to undress me?”. He chuckled.
She raced for the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
“Open the damn door!”. She said as her breath increased.
“Open.. You’re free to go”. He said.
“I don’t have the key, open the door!”.
“Now I un-derstand what eveyone sees in you, the courage, the dispise you have for the rich, before you stands the all powerful Finn Arrowood who lot ladies would kill themselves to be with “. He said.
” I’m not lot of ladies, kindly let me out “. She said.
” Well, the key is in me, you’ll have to undress be to get it or rather stay put and listen to my offer “. He whispered as he leaned.
” Just st©p scaring me “. She said as she moved away.
“Do I? That’s progress”.
“What offer?”.
“A Contract”.
“I don’t look like a business person, do I?”. She asked.
“Of course you do, it’s a question of what business “. He said moving closer again.
“I’m gonna listen to you, just remain where you are and don’t scare me”. She said.
“That’s progress, I wondered what was special about you that cost my brother sleepless night and now I just realize how it feels for such a beautiful girl to walk out on you and then you couldn’t catch her, Ashley was right your beauty is out of the universe and guys love pretty girls who are stubborn like you “.
” Don’t flatter me, what are you driving at? “. She said.
” You escaped my brother yesterday doesn’t mean you’ll escape him today, he’s dangerous and if he can’t have you, he’ll harm you and make sure no one else does “.
“I don’t have any intention for a b©yfri£ndsoon”. She said.
“Hmm really? That makes it easy”.
“Do you wish to graduate from Phoenix High? Don’t nod for me”. He said.
“Yes i really do”.
“There’s no way that’s possible with my siblings wanting to hang a hook around your n£¢k, Be with me and I @ssure you, no harm will come to you, I’ll protect you from them and every other harm”. Finn said and she scoffed.
“What did you say?”.
“Can you open the door now?”. She asked.
“What do you say to the contract?”. He asked.
“What do I get out of it?”.
“You’ll get anything you need”.
“Open the door”.
“Give me your answers”.
“Open the door and I’ll give you my answers”. She said.
He brou-ght out the key and cli-cked the door open.
They walked out and she bit her lowerl-ip.
“Can I have my answers now?”.
“Will I be some sort of your girlfriend?”.
“No, No strings attached but you if wish to, the door is wi-de open, You’ll become mine and do whatever I say In exchange…”.
“Protecting from your stupid siblings huh?”.
“You really have some guts to call them stupid”. Finn said.
“What are you gonna do? Take me to them”.
“Not all, you don’t get protec-tion alone but you get whatever you want in this planet”. He said.
“You think you could literally buy my love with your damn money, Go to hell, you and your contract”. She cursed wanting to turn but he gr@bb£d her n£¢k to the wall.
“I’m gonna warn you, I’ve a history of getting what I want by f0r磔. He said.
“I think am gonna have a history of this..”. She said and kicked him on the crotch with her foot.
He gro-an ed as he let go of her.
“I don’t need your protec-tion”. She said and walked away.
“bit-ch!”. He cursed un-der his breath.
“Gross that must have been painful, hold on, he didn’t announce, I need every student of Phoenix High to capture Kapella Elijah, she kicked my ba-lls”. Cindy said and Kapella laughed.
“Seriously I’m in de-ep $h!t and I still get to laugh like all is well”. Kapella said.
“Maybe I’m worried about who taught you how to kick people’s ba-lls?”.
“Did I make a mistake telling you what transpired between Finn and I?”.
Kapella’s eyes turned to Lovely’s direction.
“I knew it, Something more happened than you two in a basement for hours”.
“Quit that alre-ady Cindy, it wasn’t in the basement, he did it on big Joe, can’t you see he’s been quiet the entire day?”. Kapella asked.
“Heard he’s owing a hell lot of levy now”.
“That’s right, he wanted to capture me for money but reality turned unfair”. Kapella said.
“All thanks to faceless”. Cindy whispered pu-lling her cheek.
“Hi”. They heard a voice and jo-lt in shock.
“Lovely, you scared me”. Kapella said.
“Am really sorry”.
“Don’t You have any any other name ap@rt Lovely, you’re causing confusion”. Cindy said.
“You wouldn’t want to here, I brou-ght a book for you, Kapella”. He said as he handed over a big book that she had to hold with her both hands.
“un-derstanding Italian”. She re-ad. “Yeah. If you still have interest in Spanish it’s gonna help and you can join her Cindy, if you have interest too”. Lovely said.
“lovely”. Kapella smiled as she opened the cover.
“I said the book is lovely”.
“Yeah”. She replied and they laughed.
“It’s the latest edition”. Cindy said.
“Got it during summer even though I knew Italian alre-ady”.
“How did you get the book? Professor Raji says there are only few published every five years and the one he has is an old old edition, it was gift from his professor at college who was able to get one because he was influencial and this latest edition, only twenty copies were re-leased this year “. Cindy said.
” I’m lucky I guess “. He said.
” Thanks so much Lovely, I do appreciate “. Kapella said.
He nodded and left.
” What was that about Cindy, someone gifts us a book and all you do is tell stories “. Kapella said.
” I’m just surprised how he could get his hands on such rare gem, only twenty copies in the world, do you know what that means?”.
“Enlighten me, Cindy”.
“Why do you become dumb when it concerns Lovely’s issue?”.
“What do you mean?”.
“Imagine twenty new br@nd of phone is re-leased, take the re-leased iPhone 13 as an example, imagine only twenty of this smartphone is re-leased, what happens?”. Cindy asked.
“The World goes crazy at the company”.
“Dumb Girl”.
“I’m gonna bite you if you call me that again”.
“The smartphone gets to finish in the twi-nkle of an eye, someone might even order all the twenty”. Cindy said.
“So what’s my concern with that?”.
“Dumb Girl”. Cindy said and Kapella tried to bite but she pushed her face.
“A book that could help learn Italian fast and easily, twenty copies would be consumed in less than an hour”.
“Maybe it was a gift to him”.
“He said he got it”. Cindy said.
“Lucky him”.
“Dumb Girl, It cost a hvge sum and only high ranking beings can get their hands on it”. Cindy said.
“You mean influential”.
“Whatever you’re right, the dude is damn Rich “. Cindy said.
” And right now I feel so pressed as a result of your talking “. Kapella said and placed the book on Cindy’s hand.
” I’ll be back “.
She walked out of the cl@ssroom and there was Diaz leaning against the wall in front of her.
” Hello Fugitive”. He said.
Kapella swallowed the saliva in her mouth and turned to go back to the cl@ss but there was two chubby dudes standing at the door.
She turned to the right and left but it was same.
“Will you say hello now?”.
“Hello”. She said as she suddenly developed some courage.
“Here you are, do you have plans to escape again?”. He roared and she scoffed.
“What do you want?”.
“Can you hear that? She got no respect for the king”. Diaz said.
“My next word could be lethal so I’ll just remain mute”. Kapella said.
“You better be or am gonna do punish you, you’re gonna do what you think you can run from, come with me”. He said walking away.
“Feed you!”. She roared and the Chubby Dude pushed her forward.
“Don’t t©uçh me I can walk”. She said following after Diaz.
“I’m not gonna feed you”.
“Is that a threat?”.
“Whatever you call it”.
“Do you realize you’re talking to Diaz?”.
“What’s special, you ain’t the only one who bears the name”.
He turned back and gr-ab her chin.
“I control woman, they don’t control me or act like freaks”. He roared and let go of her chin.
“Good thing I am not a woman, can I go?”. She asked.
“Don’t dare my patience Kapella Elijah, I bet you haven’t heard about my history”. He said but she did not reply.
” When I speak, I deserve a reply “.
“Am trying not to dare your patience and your Guards are literally scaring me “. She said and he paused.
” Go “. He said and they left.
” There’s nothing I love more than your fearlessly”. He said and turned to were she stood before but she had mysteriously disappeared into the crowd of students.
“bit-ch!”. He cursed and raced into the crowd.
He screamed angrily as he couldn’t find her.
Kapella could be seen breathing heartlessly as she got into an elevator.
She pressed a bu-tton on the call box and sat on the ground.
There was Diaz running for the elevator but the doors closed alre-ady and it descend.
He took out his smartphone as he moved into the Cafeteria and sat beside Ashley who was consuming a bowl of ice cream.
“Jude, I need you to go to the School’s Station and make an announcement for me, a fvcking Girl think she could run….”.
Someone snatched his phone from behind and he turned to see Finn.
“You got some guts brother”. Diaz said.
“Candy was right, power makes you act childish”. Finn said.
“Return the phone Finn or you’re gonna regret”. Diaz said.
“Make another announcement so students hunt her again, that’s so childish”. Finn said.
Diaz sl@pped the table angrily and rose up attracting the attention of the students.
“East Boys you’re causing a scene”. Ashley said and the phone started ringing.
“Hand it over”. She said and Finn gave it to her.
She smashed it on the wall and it scattered to pieces.
“Now have your seat, I said the girl is mine Diaz why go after her again?”. Ashley said.
“I am the King, I get whatever I want”.
“And I am the Queen, I said she’s mine and you should respect that, you both”. She said.
“You crossed boundary by destroying my phone, sister”. Diaz said.
Ashey di-pped her hand into her bag and brou-ght out a new phone that was still in package.
“Satisfied?”. She asked as she pushed it across the table.
He opened it like an angry lion and bringing out the phone he smashed it against the wall causing the students to g@sp.
“I didn’t tell you that I couldn’t afford a smart phone”. He roared and turned to Finn.
“And you, have you forgotten you’re the youngest, you don’t drag whatever with us”. Diaz said.
“All our lives you’ve all had what you want and I didn’t fight over it, just one time let me have something I de-sire”. He said.
“Shut the fvck up Finn, I said she was mine first and I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the rule”. She said.
“Rules don’t apply to the king”. Diaz said as she sipped in the wine in a cup.
“Really? How about I lure Candy into Phoenix High?”. Ashley said.
Diaz spilled out the coffee as there was fear written on his face.
“You dare not”.
“Just because of a mere dispute you want to bring Candy into our Empire?”. He roared.
“That’s what I want? To see the fear in you, if you think you can order me around, I’ll wra-p my f!ngersaround Candy and make him attend this school”.
“Is that a threat?”.
“Whatever you call it brother “. She said.
” Ashley, makes sure no one gets what she can’t have “. Finn said.
” That’s right brother so you back off with Diaz and Candy isn’t involved in this “. Ashley whispered.
” You know I’m not scared of Candy, he’s only a minor threat to my king position”. Diaz said.
“Of course you ain’t afraid of him but Sister Dahlia”. She said and he grinned angrily.
“You know what happens if you make Candy come here, our dear sister who’s crazily in love with him will come as well, you know what that means, not only my position is taken but you’ll lose yours as a Queen as well, Dahlia rule everything and we become servants “. Diaz roared angrily.
” Let go of her for me and this argument is settled “. Finn said.
” Not when Ashley has intention of luring dear brother Candy here “. Diaz said.
” Alright Ash, do it and we all lose but if you st©p your stupid thinking we’ll continue to rule Phoenix High”. Finn said.
“Fine but I have the girl”. She said.
“No Ash, she belongs to me”. Diaz said.
“You know what?, am outta here, I am not really having the girl because I love her, I’m truely gonna have her because all of our pathetic lives, you both always get what you want and I don’t object or drag with you, it’s my turn now, I won’t back this time “. Finn said and walked away angrily.
The students stared at Kapella as she sat legged crossed on the chair in the hallway.
” That’s her “.
” She’s truely beautiful “.
” She’s the reason they’re fighting “. She could hear several voices from different direction as students p@ss by.
“They literally destroyed two br@nd new iPhone 12 just because of a silly fight, stupidly rich”. She heard another voice and rose to her feet.
She was getting irritated by the voices.
She paused as she walked past a room and peeped in.
She could see students in swimming suit di-ving into the pool.
She pushed open the door and entered.
It seemed to be a swimming contest among the students no.
“Kapella do you…..”. A student was saying but she cut her short sharply.
“No Nancy, I don’t swim although i haven’t tried before or learned”. Kapella said as she stood beside her.
The students swam back and climbe-d up the concrete.
“I did it now right?”. A student asked.
“Not close”. Nancy said as she stared at the st©p watch she held.
“Jake over took thirty seconds to get here, you thirty five, remember the goal is twenty seconds”. She added and he nodded.
“Yeah. I’ll be off for lunch then, thanks”. He said and left with the other students in their w€t suit.
“You do this all day at lunch hour? “. Kapella asked.
“Yeah, it’s fun, you can come here, it’s safe, knowing fully well that you’re some kind of fugitive now”. Nancy said.
“That’s right, I guess this place will be my refuge for today”.
“Um Kapella”.
“My big Sis returned from Korea and she’s having her birthday p@rty like today”. Nancy said.
“That’s nice”.
“Will you be free tonight? “.
“Um…”. Kapella said and laughed.
“I noticed you don’t go out a lot, it’s just a birthday p@rty not some str!pper p@rty, there’ll be lot influential people and delegates, it’s really big, She’s getting married to the son of the President of Korea”. Nancy whispered.
“Wow! Really?”.
“Yeah. So the birthday is gonna be in one of the biggest h0tel cos a there’ll be a hell lot of guest, at least for once, go out Kapella, get to know people, I’ll give you an invitation card, Cindy is coming as well”.
“Yeah. We go birthday p@rties together, she says you ain’t gonna come”.
“That dumb girl”.
“Will you?”.
“I’ll think over it”.
“C’mon you don’t have to think and also how about singing?”.
“I don’t get you Nancy”.
“You sang once at freshman year and then refused to sing again because you had lot of suitors as a result as a result of your charming voice”. Nancy said.
“Don’t flatter me Nancy”.
“You know it’s true, My sister loves the record of the song and listens to it alot, she always wish to you”.
“I feel flattered”.
“Nope. We’re friends Kapella although not in speaking term since this grade”.
“Just honour my request for once Ella, it means a lot to me”.
“All ears”.
“Can you sing at my Sister’s p@rty tonight?”.
“Yeah. I told her am gonna bring you so plea-se don’t disappoint me”.
Nancy said.
“Yeah. I know it’s big to ask”.
“You mean I’m gonna sing in p@rty full of……”.
“Influential people, the president’s Children will be there”.
“Oh my… Is that possible?”.
“All you have to do, is to come, the best way I could make her happy on her birthday is bringing the singer of her favorite song live on stage “. Nancy said.
” I’m gonna need some air after this talk “. Kapella said as she exhaled.
” Don’t be nervous, you still have time to think about it “.
” You mean am gonna sing in a special p@rty like I did in the freshman p@rty “. Kapella said and Nancy hvgged her.
“You’re still nervous, you can do it, I know you, you got the courage”. Nancy said.
“Alright I’ll think about it”.
“And also on swimming, if you have interest, I’ll always be here”. Nancy said and she nodded.
“Nice speaking again as friends Nancy”.
“An who is haboring the fugitive?”. They heard a voice and turned to see Finn at the door.
Kapella g@sped as Nancy held her hand.
“It’s you, Nancy”. He said.
“Finn”. She said.
“You know him?”.
“I do, we have a history but we’re clear I have nothing to do with the Arrowood anymore”.
“In exception of Candy”. He said.
“You want to earn love, go learn from him. He’s the only human in a family of vicious beasts”.
“Stay away from girl Finn, you ain’t ruining her life like you ruin eveyone else’s”. Nancy said.
“Like yours, Nan”. He whispered and she sl@pped him across the face.
“I was childish and took advantage of it, Good, let’s go”. Nancy said as she dragged Kapella after her but Finn gr@bb£d her arm.
“Let the girl go Finn, you don’t f0rç£ people to love you, you earn it but people like you can’t cos you’re incapable of loving”. She said and tears formed in his eyes.
“Watch yourl-ips Nancy”.
“What are you gonna do?”.
“How about the Arrowood crash your sister’s p@rty, our services are fast and reliable”. He said.
“It’s a president affair, a day in jail will do”. She said.
“You’re right but if I can’t earn love why not do the easier one, earn hate “. He whispered.
With one swift move he gr@bb£d Kapella by the w@!st and threw her into the pool as she screamed.
” No one goes in “. He roared at the students.
” Kapella! “. Nancy said as she made to dive in but Finn gr@bb£d her n£¢k to the wall.
” Now repeat all the $h!t you just muttered, Ex”. He whispered.
Kapella could be seen drowning de-ep and de-ep into the pool as bubbles c@m£ from her mouth and nose.
She suddenly open her eyes as her b©dy balanced in the water.
That was when she realized what was happening.
“I can breath”. She thought.

Physients Stories Library

🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_8🐬
“Finn, let me go, she isn’t coming out, am begging you”. Nancy said as she to pu-ll his hand off her n£¢k.
“A pool bath will do her”.
“She’s drowning, she can’t swim”. She screamed.
“What!”. Finn said as he let go of her n£¢k.
“Your arrogance is gonna get someone killed”. She cursed as she took off her red jacket.
“I’ll go”. He said moving toward the water.
“Stay back Finn”. Nancy said and a hand from the pool la-id on the concrete.
“Kapella?”. Nancy said as she rushed there.
Kapella arou-se from the water with her w€t hair.
Finn quic-kly rushed to where she was to help her out but Nancy pushed him away.
She stretched her hand and helped her out.
“Are you alright?”. She asked and she nodded.
“I thought you couldn’t swim”.
“Maybe I could”. She whispered.
“C’mon let’s dry your clothes, your insides are transparent now”. Nancy said helping her up.
“Kapella I’m….”.
“Don’t be sorry FInn, Just stay away from my life”. Kapella said and Nancy helped her out.
“What are you staring at ?”. He roared at the students who focused on him.
“Elijah let’s get out of here”. Mrs. Elijah said as she dragged his hand.
“Hold on”. He said as he moved close.
“She’s dead”. She said.
“The blood is fresh”.
“Mermaids truely exist”. She said.
“They do”. He replied as he moved close.
“She isn’t dead”.
“How are you sure?”.
“Dead mermaid un-der such scorching sun would dry up “. He said.
” How do you know that? “. She asked.
” Does it really matter? “. He said as he leaned close.
Her eyes suddenly opened and it was yellow in colour.
She gr!pp£dhim swiftly and Mrs. Elijah g@sped.
” Chi sei! “. She said in Italian which mean ‘Who are you? “.
“Hey calm, we’re not here to harm you”. Mr. Elijah said.
“Who are you?”. She said.
“She speaks English, Good can you let go of my husband now”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“You’re spies, who s£nt you”. She said.
“What’s she saying?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I’ve no idea”.
“The Hunters they s£nt you”. She said.
“Elijah we need to go before she hurts you”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“Elijah?”. She said.
“Elijah Marcus”. She added.
“How do you know me?”. He asked as she let go of him.
“C’mon let’s go”. Mrs. Elijah said dragging him.
“Jane you haven’t changed at all, fearful as hell”. The Mermaid said.
“Do Mermaids re-ad people’s mind?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“No we don’t, only with our kind, take a good look, don’t I remind you of someone”. She said weakly.
“We’re done with this madness, Elijah come let’s go”. She said.
“Hold on”. Mrs. Elijah said and squat low as she pushed the Mermaid hairs off her face.
She g@sped as she saw her face clearly.
“Anita?”. Mr. Elijah asked.
“It’s Anita, The beauty queen, my best friend at High School “. She whispered.
“It’s gonna take a while for your dress to dry”. Nancy said as Kapella sat on a WC in the restroom as she was on br@.
“How long? “.
” I’ll suggest you find a way to call your Mom so she could bring…. “.
” No no definitely not an option, She’ll find out I’m in a conflict with some rich family “. She said.
” So what do you suggest, are you gonna sit here all day? “. Nancy asked.
” Call Cindy, she should have an idea “.
” Your hair looks w€t, you should take off the cl!pand let it dry “. Nancy said.
” Just call Cindy “.
” Alright.. “.
Cindy could he seen walking down the hallway with Lovely who had his hands in his pocket.
“Where could she be?”. She said looking around.
“The rumor is everywhere, Finn Arrowood throws Kapella Elijah into a swimming pool”. She added.
“I guess that’s gonna make her more popular”. He said.
“You’re not helping Lovely, not at all”. She said.
“What do you want me to do?”. He asked.
“A decent guy would be searching for her right now, she needs us now more than ever”.
“I’m not a seer or Harbinger but she’s drying out her clothes right now”. Lovely said and she st©pped walking.
“I know that alre-ady”.
“Then what do you want be to do, go buy some br@”. He said as they continued walking.
“Lovely”. She said as she paused again.
“Lovely or lovely? “. He asked.
“You know what, Just disappear you ain’t helping”. She said when a woman in black suit walked up to them holding a package and a receipt on t©p of it.
Lovely signed on the receipt and she left.
“Who was that?”.
“Fast and reliable service”. He said and gave her the box.
“Are you nut?”. She asked.
“I get to wonder if you’re Kapella’s sister, same attitude “.
” Which is? “.
” Speaking before thinking “.
” What? “.
” Open the box “.
She sm-irked and opened the box.
Cindy g@sped seeing the gun that was well folded in the box.
It was br@nd new.
” Oh my God! “. She exclaimed.
” Where else would she be if not the rest room, Goodluck “. He said walking away.
“Lovely”. She called out.
“I know, You’re welcome”.
“hush! I didn’t say thank you”.
“You wanted to”.
“I said lovely, the dress is lovely”. She said.
“I think i see the need to change my name”. Lovely said and walked out of sight.
“You still haven’t told me how you got the dress, it’s new, did you order it, it looks so expensive”. Kapella said as Cindy helped her to Zi-p the pink go-wn.
“Kapella, always curious”. Nancy said.
“Instead of rejoicing that she won’t spend the rest of the day, half n-ked in the rest room”. Cindy said.
“Can we go now?”.
“Miss Elijah you’re late”. The Teacher said as she walked in with Cindy and Nancy.
“Am so sorry Mr. Raji something c@m£ up”.
“She landed in the pool”. Someone said and they laughed.
“The rumours were true”. Mr. Raji said and paused.
“You have a bright future Miss Elijah and The Arrowood will ruin it if you let them into your life”. He said and she nodded.
“Go to your seat and I would love to see your Summer @ssignment”. Mr. Raji said and they dep@rt to their seat as he followed her behind.
She brou-ght out a note and handed it over to him.
He opened it and nodded as he re-ad some line.
“One of the finest Italian I’ve seen, with the little I’ve seen its purely perfect and brilliantly constructed, keep it up Kapella “. He said smiling.
” And to our today’s cl@ss “. Mr. Raji said as he walked toward the board with Kapella’s note.
She turned back and her eyes met with that of Lovely.
She smiled and he smiled as well.
” Thank you “. She whispered even though he didn’t hear but the movement of the l!psaid it all.
He nodded and they turned to the board.
The students trooped out of the cl@ss as they electric bell rang loudly.
“So are you gonna come to the p@rty?”. Cindy asked.
“Could you kindly always put birthday in front of it, p@rties scare me”. Kapella said as she put her books into her bag.
“Dumb Girl”. Cindy said.
“I’m seriously gonna kill you Cindy”. She threatened.
“Hello”. Lovely said as he moved toward them.
“Hey lovely thanks for the book once again and most especially helping me with my @ssignment, am really grateful”. Kapella said.
“It’s alright. Beautiful dress by the way “.
“Oh thanks my crazy friend got it”.
“You’re gonna score higher than I, Kapella”. Cindy frowned.
“Are you jealous?”.
“Of course”.
“You’re jealous of Lovely?”. Kapella said.
“What! I said @ssignment”.
“Um.. Am gonna take my leave, good day”. He said and left.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. Cindy cursed.
“You always get on my toes now it’s my turn”.
“That’s a bad joke Kapella considering the fact that he bought you a dress”.
“Oh my… Did I said that loud?”. Cindy said.
“He bought the dress? Oh my….”. Kapella said and raced out.
“Hey Lovely”. She called out waving.
He turned and waited for her to catch up.
“Hey are you alright?”.
“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t know you got the dress”. She stammered.
“What are friends for? Is that why you ran down here”. He asked.
“I needed to say thank you”.
“Alright, I have to be on my way, I’ve an appointment”.
“Okay and….”. She said and her phone buzzed.
Kapella exhaled as she saw the caller.
“Let me guess, your b©yfri£nd”. He said.
“I don’t have a b©yfri£nd”. She said and g@sped.
“Oh I said that loud”. Kapella said.
“You don’t have a b©yfri£nd?”. He asked.
“You shouldn’t be late for your appointment, bye Lovely and forgive my bad joke back in the cl@ssroom I was only pu-lling Cindy’s legs”.
“un-derstood”. He said and they turned to p@rt way when Kapella bu-mped into Nancy.
“Hey Ella, Who’s that?”. She asked as Lovely turned to the left hallway.
“A friend”.
“A friend hmm you know that ain’t true, this is 21st century”.
“C’mon he’s just a new student”.
“You and Finn are you?”.
“He’s my Ex… My first lover, I don’t want to take about it Kapella not today but you need to find a way to get the Arrowood off your tail”. She said and Kapella nodded.
“Alright… So are you coming to the p@rty?”. Nancy said.
“Birthday… I thought about it and um Yeah”.
Nancy screamed as she hvgged Kapella ti-ghtly.
“You’re drawing attention Nancy”.
“I’m so happy”.
“I hope there are non alcoholic drinks”.
“Lot of”.
“Alright then I’ll be there”.
“Here your invitation card”.
“Thanks Nancy”.
“No… I should thank you”.
“I’ve to go, got a call from my Mom and I also have a friend to kill”. Kapella said.
“I’ve plans to kill her too but you come first Miss Kapella, bye”. Nancy said and they p@rted ways.
“I don’t know what clothes to wear”. Kapella sang as she had dropped every single dress in her wardrobe.
“Disadvantages of having fine wears”. Steve said as he was engrossed in the game was pla-ying on a smartphone.
“Do you realize am preparing for a p@rty?”. She said.
“Umhum I know”.
“So what’s the blackmail this time around so you don’t tell Mom”.
“Return home early cos I’m not a good lier”.
“Is that a you’ll not tell Mom and Dad?”. She asked and he nodded.
“Oh my God! You had a br@in the entire time”. She said laughing and he raised his head up slowly.
“Lame joke, I know”. She said and a knock landed on the door downstairs.
“Are we expecting a guest?”.
“Hold on”. Kapella said as she walked down the stairs.
She pu-ll-ed open the door and there was a Man dressed in black carrying a package.
“Phoenix Delivery Agent, sign here”. He said tou-ching the receipt on the package.
“I guess this is the wrong house, we didn’t order anything”. She said.
“is Miss Kapella Elijah around?”. He asked.
“I’m Kapella Elijah”. She said.
“The Package is for you Miss, from Mr. X”. He said.
“Mr what?”. She said almost screaming.
“We deliver Ma’am, We don’t know Mr. X but he paid for this and here I am to deliver, plea-se sign here “. He said.
The large h0tel boomed with loud music as guest trooped into the place in their numbers.
” Oh my Geez! The go-wn is out of the world “. Cindy exclaimed as she wra-pped her hand around Kapella’s n£¢k.
” It’s sparkling… You look like an Angel”.
“And there female Angels?”. Kapella asked.
“Gosh! You’re such a bad vibe”.
“Maybe there’s nothing more In my mind than who’s Mr. X”. Kapella said.
“Probably Lovely”.
“Definitely not, he don’t even know about the p@rty.. Birthday”. Kapella said.
“But you have the dress on”. Cindy said.
“I tried every possible way to resist but I feel into the temptation and here I am in a pretty dress, n£¢klace that cost millions of dollars and golden wristwatch, all from unknown source”. Kapella said looking around.
“Probably secret admirable, Um let me guess Chubby Joe”. Cindy said.
“Are you normal?”. She cursed.
“Do you hate him that much, I could ask him out for you”.
“You’re a pain in the @ss Cindy, I’ve to be on the soon, so nervous”. Kapella said as she breath heavily.
“And what are you singing?”.
“Phoenix…. My first freshman self composed song”. She said.
🎶Gonna rise like a Phoenix🎶
🎶Love is not bought🎶
🎵 Love is earned🎵
🎶 I’m never gonna be untamed🎶
🎵 Never Gonna be untamed🎶
🎶You’re never gonna pu-ll me down 🎶
🎵All because I’m gonna rise… 🎵
🔥Rise like Phoenix🔥
Kapella sang loudly to the sound of the music.
It was a two minutes live performance before she finally ended.
There was a loud cheer and a standing ovation for her as she walked down the stage.
Nancy hvgged ti-ghtly as there were c@m£ra flashes all over their faces.
“Congratulations you’ve finally extended the celeb scope”. Cindy said as the guards around st©pped the big crowd of journalist from going after her.
“Why is eveyone staring at me?”. She asked.
“Because you just beat Rihanna”.
“Don’t flatter me”. Kapella said laughing.
“Seriously? You sang so charming like a Mermaid”.
“Mermaid.. Haha.. Isn’t there another simile you could use”. Kapella said said smiling.
“Mermaids are said to have beauty voices that s£nd the br@in of men spinning 360° then my dear you’re a damn Mermaid”. Cindy said and they laughed but Kapella’s slowly diminish as there was a flash in her head.
She could see herself breathing un-derwater in the pool.
“Kapella are you alright?”.
“Yeah. Perfectly, can we sit somewhere, my throat is so dried up”. She said.
“Over there”. Cindy said pointing to a vacate table.
They drew the chair and sat.
“Hey!”. Cindy called out to one of the attendants who was serving drinks.
“You shouldn’t be here”. He snapped as he moved toward them.
“Excuse me”. Cindy said.
“You should look before you seat, this is a VIP table not low lives”.
“Excuse me, Did you just insult us, no offense but is there an invisible VIP on the table”. Kapella said angrily.
“It doesn’t matter if you just sang beautiful on the stage, I could throw you both out”. He threatened.
“I can see you’re not un-der the influence of drug but stupidity”. They heard a voice and turned to see a teen boy in red suit moving toward the table.
He was so cute in his perfectly styled and gel hair.
Not ignoring his blue eyes and his tall height.
“Boss”. The attendant said as he bowed with his tray.
“You’re fired”.
“I asked Matt to employ polite and welcoming beings not some street walker, how could you not have a tiny atom of respect for guests?”. He asked.
“Boss they’re on VIP seating”.
“And so?”.
“It’s for Mrs. Grey and her husband”. He said.
“Doesn’t give you the license to treat some lady unruly, no big deal in informing them politely”.
“We’ll just find some other seat”. Kapella said as she rose with Cindy.
“Seat”. He said and they stared at each other before they sat again.
“I said you’re fired, you shouldn’t be standing here”.
“Boss, I didn’t mean to, My girlfriend broke up with me and that got my head spinning all day, I don’t want to lose this job, plea-se!”.
“One more chance, I got my eyes on you, now when Mrs. Grey comes, she can have my table”.
“But sir your table was specially…..”. He said and paused mid way.
“Alright boss… what’s your order ladies?”. He asked.
“Don’t stare at me”. Cindy told Kapella.
“Something non alcoholic”. Kapella said.
“Same”. Cindy said.
“Same”. He replied as he sat.
“A minute”. The Attendant said and left.
“Thank you for your intervention”. Cindy said.
“It’s alright My apologies also, they’re new and haven’t know basics yet”. He said.
“It’s alright, Are you kind of the host..?”. Cindy asked.
“Wow! He called you boss”.
“Now if you’re thinking I’m the president’s son no am not”. He said as he relaxed on the chair.
“He’s Ko-rean right? So know, you definitely ain’t and no offense but you’re too young to get married”. Kapella said.
“Young?”. He asked and laughed.
“If my parents decide an arranged weeding right now, I can do nothing but accept”.
“Why would parents do that?”.
“Beneficial contract, for their gain but anyway I ain’t getting married soon so cheers to me, where the hell is….”.
“I’m here boss”. He said as he hurriedly to the table and arranged the drinks on it.
“Would you love some Tequila?, boss?”. He asked.
“No I’m fine”. He said.
“We would have love to move to some other seating since someone booked his place alre-ady”.
“Well i said seat”.
“Seriously? I hate troubles that’s all”. Kapella said and a woman in black suit walked up to the table.
“I hate to be interrupted Madison”. He said.
“It’s urgent Boss”.
“And what could be so urgent?”.
“We have guests who seek accommodation here”. She said.
“Guest from the p@rty?”.
“No Boss”.
“C’mon Madison I’ve said it over and over again, no accommodation for anyone today except the guests at the p@rty, we have that planned out alre-ady right?”.
“Yes boss but it’s someone important”. She said.
“I don’t care if it’s the president of American, they can fvck off, Accommodation is for the guest here, at the p@rty “. He said.
“It’s the Petrova Family “. She said.
“Alright… How many guests are in for accommodation and how many rooms left?”. He asked as he walked away with with Madison.
“He’s nice despite his status?”. Kapella said as she gulped in the drink in her cup.
“Are you falling for him alre-ady?”. Cindy asked.
“C’mon Cindy can’t I compliment good people anymore, I know I’m not suppose to believe any guy not tonight, they’re just moved by the voice and beauty, nothing more, so I know I’m gonna lot of suitors tonight, just let me be Cindy”. Kapella said as she gulped in content in her cup anymore.
“Do you think he’s wooing you?”. She asked.
“Me, me and me Cindy, you don’t ever get to mention yourself”. Kapella said.
“He’s obviously here for you friend”. Cindy said.
“Yeah. Disadvantages of two single friends staying together especially at a p@rty, a guy smiles at you and you wonder who, a cute dude moves to your table and you wonder who and then at the end, you end up dragging the same dude, it doesn’t happen in movies alone”.
“Should we split?”. Kapella asked rising to her feet.
“Will you get your @ss down? I’ll rather marry you than split to find a suitor especially in a place full of pla-yboys”. Cindy said.
“Are you drun!k?”. She asked.
“I think so”.
“I thought this was non alcoholic?”.
“Its Tequila babe”.
“Just kidding, if it were Tequila, with all the sh0ts you’ve taken you’ll be dancing on the table right now “. Cindy said and she laughed.
” So what did I miss? “. He asked as he returned.
” My friend was wondering if you own the place? “. Kapella asked and Cindy stepped on her foot.
” I’m afraid so, I’m the CEO “. He announced.
The girls stared at themselves and back to him.
“I’m not to young, if that’s what you’re checking out, I’m nineteen alre-ady but a high school student”. He said.
“You still go to school?”.
“Of course I do, It’s fun”. He said as he poured wine into his cup.
“You haven’t told me your names?”. He added as he dropped the bottle.
“Um.. I’m….”.
“She’s Elena, I’m Stella”. Cindy cuts in sharply.
“Elena, Stella , nice names”. He said as he gulped in the wine.
“You ain’t gonna tell us yours?”. Kapella asked.
“Call me L”.
“L, Los Angeles, Veg@s or Big L, what L?”. Kapella asked.
“Excuse me”. He said as he moved to Madison who was headed for his table alre-ady.
“You’re falling alre-ady”. Cindy said pu-lling her cheek.
“Can’t I be jovial, he just want to talk”.
“Hey!”. Nancy said as she moved to their table.
“VIP table”. She said as she poured wine into one of the cups and gulped it in..
“Damn. Where did you get this?”. She asked.
“What’s wrong?”. Cindy asked.
“Don’t you feel the taste Cindy, we call this The Saint-Emilion Wine”. She said raising the bottle up.
“It’s pretty expensive and only served for high ranking delegates, how did you get your hands on it?”. She asked as she gulped in another cup if wine.
“It must be the dude who c@m£ over, CEO of the h0tel or something like that “. Kapella said.
” Oh Lovely, that’s nice of him, he sat here with you? “.
” Did you say Lovely or….. Forget it, yes “.
” He’s getting along then, h@rdly @ssociate with people, always keep to himself at his table, your voice must have been so powerful “. Nancy said.
“Don’t flatter me”.
“Am not, my sister was getting scared you were gonna steal her fiancee.. She’s happy you’re here and s£nds her regards although she can’t see you herself, she’s returning to Korea”.
“That’s alright”.
“I gotta go girls, I need to esc-rt her to the airport”. Cindy said and turned to the empty seat.
“If he’s truely speaking to you then you go to gr-ab that one opportunity, he’s fun loving and I can say not a pla-yboy, you gr-ab with your teeth like a shark and don’t let go, bye, be a good girl”. She said tapping their back.
“I think I’ll have this”. She said as she took one of the bottle and walked away.
“Or two”. She said as she raced back, took one more and went off.
“Nancy!”. They called out laughing.
“Sorry I left again”. He said as he returned.
“Not at all”.
“There were eight bottles here”. He said.
“Our friend kidnapped two, you know Nancy don’t you”. Kapella asked with open eyes.
“Ben Nancy, the look on your face says you know her”. She said.
“Um… Yeah… I do, Sister of the birthday girl”. He said.
“Lovely”. She said staring at his hand that was placed on the table.
“Oh, my watch, Just got it from Dubai, thanks”. He said smiling.
“I meant lovely with a capital L, not adjective but a noun “. Kapella said.
” Kapella, Are you drun!k, it’s wine not Tequila “. Cindy said.
” You can disguise your face, voice and every other thing but you forgot to take off your ring, Lovely “. She whispered.
Cindy’s eyes trailed to his hand as he looked down as well to his golden ring that had the symbol ‘L’.
He scoffed and gulped in the remaining wine in his cup.
” Kapella, Cindy, we meet again “. He said as he dropped his cup.
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
Composed By: 🎈Sam🎈
🐬 Episode_9🐬
“What?”. Cindy exclaimed.
“Elena and Stella, where did you export that name from?”. Lovely asked as he poured wine into a cup.
“It’s really you, you were pla-ying games with us!”. Kapella roared.
“Calm, there’s nothing to explain Lovely, we were leaving alre-ady and thanks for the dress, I guess I’ve solved and found the value of X”. Kapella said as she rose to her feet.
“I can explain”. He said.
“There’s nothing to explain, Cindy let’s move “.
Cindy rose up and they left for the exit.
“Just listen to me, plea-se”. He said going after them.
“Excuse me”. He said as he bu-mped into someone.
He eventually caught up with them and blocked their way.
“Seriously Lovely, get out of the way!”. Cindy said.
“Just hear me out alright?”. He said.
“I appreciate your humility Lovely but I need to go because you have no idea how this feels, What are we gonna hear, that you live a fake life?”. Kapella asked.
“Alright go”. He said as he left their way.
“Goodnight”. She said and walked past him with Cindy.
“All I wanted was true friends, all my life, I’ve had nothing but friends who pretend to be by my side because of my money, I’ve been betrayed and suffered from depression countless times, I just thought if I disguise as someone with burnt face like a poor beast maybe I could get sympathy and true friends “. Lovely said as tears formed in his eyes.
Kapella paused as she g@sped and turned back to see him.
“I… I.. I.. I didn’t know it was that.. I’m totally sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”.
“All I wanted was friends, Goodnight Kapella”. He said and turned to leave but she held his shoulder back.
“Don’t take it personal, I’m sorry for hurting you”. She said and he sniffed.
He turned back and unannounced he hvgged her.
Cindy scoffed and stood Akimbo.
Kapella tried to push him off but for once in her life she felt vulnerable.
“What are you doing?”. She whispered.
“Thank you, I think i feel better now”. He said as he let go of her and cleaned his tears.
“Don’t take the hvg too personal, I do it to feel safe and loved”. He added and she found herself nodding.
“We’ll get going”. She stammered.
“Alright, I’ll esc-rt you out”. He said.
They all walked out in silence until Kapella broke it.
“So your face wasn’t burnt?”. She asked.
“It was all a lie, no accident, just a skin mask”. He said.
“That must be expensive”.
“Of course it is, was it ten billion dollars or more, can’t remember”. He said and they paused.
“How can you spend such hvge amount on some burnt face mask?”. Kapella said almost screaming.
“You think the rich have to problem, they do, number one which is friends, you’ll never get a true one, well the mask was customized to my taste so I had to pay big to get it done, I have money but without friends and family around, I feel empty, like a p@rt of me is missing “. Ha said.
” You spend such hvge just to get a friend “. She asked.
True friends who would love me for who I am, just as I predicted everyone avoided me like a plague not for the burnt face but I acted like I was poor “. He said.
” Why? “.
” Even if I don’t have a head but I’m rich like damn, I’ve still have a lot of friends “. He said and she chuckled.
” That’s crazy but we suspected you’re rich alre-ady “.
” Because I let my guard down, right from the moment you saw my phone”. He said.
“But you’re the only true friends I’ve had ap@rt from Nancy and her family”. He said.
“Your family?”.
“I don’t want to talk about them, not now”. He said.
“There are good people out there Lovely, not everyone are after your money”. Kapella said.
“It’s not about been after my money, it’s about been a good friend”. He said as they changed direction.
“That’s a wrong way”. Cindy said.
“I know just come”. He said.
“What are you gonna do, now that we know you”. Kapella asked.
“Don’t spill it to anyone else cos you have no idea of what’s gonna happen if it leaks”. He said.
“That sounds scary”.
“Indeed scary, so you’re both gonna pretend, today never happened, just flock like friends as usual”. He said as they got to a black limousine.
“Boss”. A lady in black said as she got down from the bonnet.
“Mira, you’re gonna drive them to their destination and pick them for school tomorrow?”. He said.
“Lovely?”. Kapella said.
“Just plea-se don’t say no, it’s stressful to get a cab this night”. He said.
“You’ve done enough alre-ady Lovely, the book, the dress… You…”.
“Don’t thank me but I should thank you instead for saving my life”. He said
“What do you mean?”.
“Goodnight Girls”. He said and walked away.
“What does he mean?”. Kapella asked and Cindy shrugged.
“Ma’am this way”. The Lady in Black said as the door of the limousine slide open.
“Now I can’t go home because I’ve lied that I’ll be staying at your place”. Kapella said as they alighted from the limousine in front of Cindy’s home.
“Best p@rty ever”. Cindy said as she took off her heels.
“Why taking your heels like you’re drun!k?”.
“Am I not, drun!kwith everything that had happened today”. She said as they moved toward the door.
They entered into the building and she put on the lights.
Lo and behold was Francis slee-ping on his couch with a girl covered in duvet.
“What!”. She exclaimed.
“I know that girl, she’s a fresher”. Kapella said.
“few days at high school and he… You know what I feel like gr-abbing a knife from the kitchen right now but I’m just gonna go rest my head”. Cindy said staggering away.
Cindy flung her bag on the be-d and coll@psed on it.
“Move or am gonna break your bones”. Kapella said as coll@psed on the be-d as well.
“Is he always like that?”..She asked.
“No but he always br@gged to become a pla-yboy when he gets to high school”. Cindy said.
“That’s bad”.
“I’ll deal with him tomorrow, so like seriously your crush is the CEO of Phoenix h0tel, it’s still unbelievable”. Cindy said.
“C’mon Cindy”.
“I’m trying to get a sleep right now and would get non if I don’t keep talking “.
” Then talk about something else “. Kapella said.
” No, What if he has a crush as well? “. Cindy asked.
” He’s just a friend Cindy, dude in search of a friend not girlfriend, can you let me sleep Cindy? “. She asked.
” Did he say that, Did you see the way he hvgged you? “. She asked.
” Gosh! Cindy, a harmless hvg, don’t make my night dre-adful”. Kapella said as she closed her eyes.
“I’ll make it a dre-adful one”.
“Actually Cindy, I didn’t have a crush on him, I.. I.. I don’t know if you’ll forgive me but I lied, I said that to cover the truth, there’s something about me that you don’t know about, I used that as a cover up so you don’t leave me but then I realized what if it was p@rtial lie,I don’t believe in love at first sight but I think i love him Cindy “. She said but there was no response.
” Cindy! “. She called out opening her eyes.
She turned to Cindy and she was fast asleep alre-ady.
” j£rk! Such a dumb sleeper, for once I took courage to say it but she didn’t hear it “. She said and turned over as she closed her eyes.
Cindy’s eyes slowly opened and it was full of tears.
She turned to the other side and covered herself with the duvet.
It was a beautiful morning as Kapella and Cindy walked down the stairs with their bags behind them.
“Yo Sis, There’s a charming limo out there waiting for you, Did you hook up with some rich dude?”. Francis asked as he walked after them.
“Just like you hook up with some fresher last night huh, that’s the path you’ve chos£n, right? “. She said angrily.
” What the hell is wrong with you? Are you interfering in my love life? “. He roared.
” It’s not love Francis, you’re gonna keep bringing different girls in, if it’s just one I won’t be complaining “. She said.
” That isn’t your headache sis, it’s by life and you tell mom and dad I don’t fvcking care, I’m the pla-yboy “.
” You’re nut and with your stupid attitude you’re gonna drop out “. She cursed.
” Am not the reason for your single live, I can see you have plans to be with Kapella right, you’re gonna make a good couple, I never knew my sis was a… “. He was saying when she sl@pped him across the face.
” Aha, And am gonna sure you, you can’t rule my life, I’m gonna bring girls in and we’re gonna do it on your be-d and you can’t do $h!t about it “. He cursed and walked out.
” I thought my brother was the biggest j£rk in the Universe but he’s totally off the rail “. She said.
Cindy sniffed as tears formed in her eyes.
” It’s alright, Cin “. Kapella said as she put her hand on her shoulder.
” No it’s not, totally not Kapella, it isn’t his fault I don’t blame him but my parents, they’ve been outside the country for almost a seven months without wondering the welfare of their kids, all they do is pump money into our account, I expected nothing less, we’re late for school alre-ady we should go “. Cindy said as she stared at the limo throu-gh the window.
There was a loud crowd around as Cindy and Kapella got down from the Limousine.
“What’s the crowd about?”. Cindy asked as the crowd gave way for them to p@ss.
“Last night Kapella, your face is all over the internet and newspapers”. Cindy said.
“You thought I was joking when I said you beat Rihanna”. Cindy asked.
“My parents would see it”. Kapella whispered as the students took snap sh0ts of her with their smartphones.
“Can you st©p the $h!t, am allergic to light”. She roared angrily.
“That’s right”. Cindy said.
Kapella brou-ght out her phone and saw fifty missed call from her Mom and thirty from her Dad.
“Finally I fell into a big $h!t”. She said.
“C’mon they’ll be proud of you Girl”.
“You don’t know my parents, they want me to hide everything about myself, I just can’t hide my talents anymore, you can’t imagine the feeling when I sing, it’s the greatest feeling ever”. She said and paused seeing the reporters ahead with their Mic.
Kapella quic-kly pu-ll-ed her behind the wall so they don’t see her.
“Welcome to the celebrity world Kapella”. Cindy said.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she checked the message from a contact ‘Nancy’.
“Can you come to the pool, plea-se it’s urgent?”.
“I’ll meet you in the cl@ss, I want to go see Nancy”. Kapella said as she gave Cindy her bag.
Kapella hurried to the pool room and pushed the door open.
“Nancy?”. She called out as there was no single soul there.
“Nan!”. She called and the lights in the pool bec@m£ active.
She turned to the left and there was Nancy gagged and tied to a chair.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed as she raced there.
She quic-kly pu-ll off the gag and she g@sped.
“Behind you”. She said hurriedly.
Kapella turned and there was Diaz standing with his hands in pocket.
“What the hell are you doing?”. She asked as she took few more steps back.
“I figured it’s easier luring you here then chasing you like a duck”.
“Let her go, she has nothing to do with with this”. Kapella said.
“Of course, your friends will be involved now and they’ll suffer for you stubbornness”. He said.
“What do you want with me, I’m not gonna feed you, I’ve made that clear”. She said.
“No, you’re here for intentions behind the feeding, I was so stricken by your voice last night and I cursed myself for not attending the p@rty”. Diaz said as he moved close.
“Don’t”. She said.
“I want you to be mine”. He said and she scoffed.
“Do I look like a joke, do you have any idea who I’m?”. He asked.
“All I know is Arrogant Diaz”. She said and he gr@bb£d her n£¢k.
She made to kick his crotch but he caught her leg and pushed her against the wall as he breath into her ear.
“Everyone who’s ever refused to be mine ends up begging me cos I ruin their lives and that of their family”. He said and she spat on his face.
He let go of her and and cleaned his face with his handkerchief.
Some s£nior students walked into the place and one whispered to his ear.
“It’s time to pl@ya game”. He said as he dropped the handkerchief.
“Tie her hands”. He said.
She tried to run but the had her surrounded alre-ady and tied her hands to a g@s pipe above as she screamed.
“Let me go!”. She roared.
“The Mic”. He said and a student handed him a wireless Microphone 🎤.
He cleared his throat and tapped the head to be sure it was active.
“A charming morning students of Phoenix High”. He said and his voice echoed in the speaker.
“What hell are you doing?”. She screamed.
“Calm down luv”. He said and placed the Mic close to hisl-ips.
“Can you believe I have your upcoming Celebrity, Kapella Elijah, the one with the enticing voice, she would love to say hello”. He said moving toward her.
“Speak”. He said as he placed the Mic on her l!pbut she remained mute.
“C’mon honey speak”. He said c@r£ss!ngher face his f!nger.
“Go to hell!”. She screamed as she tried to kick him again but he ducked.
“You can’t believe what she just tried to do but that voice sounds dre-adful right, why not come take a look at the pool?”. He said.
“No! No! What the hell are you doing! Loose me”.
“Accept me”. He said.
“You can’t f0rç£ me to love you”. She roared.
“Since you decide you love violence, I signed it”. Diaz said as students began to troop in.
“Oh my God!”. Cindy exclaimed as she walked in with Lovely.
“Let the girl go!”. Lovely commanded as he stepped out from the crowd.
“And who the hell are you, some sort of superman, super agent or burnt man, I guess am gonna burn the other p@rt as well”. He said.
“I’m not begging or asking, I’m telling you to let the Girl go”. He said.
“Can you kindly show him how to know his place?”. Diaz said as he walked back to where Kapella was tied.
The s£nior students that had come In earlier rolled up their sleeves as they all stood in front of Lovely.
“Lovely plea-se don’t fight, Just step back, I’ll sort this out”. She said.
Cindy raised her head up and her eyes met with Kapella.
“Cindy plea-se st©p him, they’re much for him”. She said almost crying as she sniffed.
“I don’t roll sleeves, I roll bastards”. He said as he moved toward them.
“Lovely st©p!”. She screamed.
He dodged the punch of the first dude as he punched the face of the other.
He turned back swiftly and kicked the first away.
One of them roared as he launched a kick at him but he caught his leg mid air and threw him against the wall.
He squat low escaping the kick from behind and cleared the dude off the ground with his leg.
He jumped back escaping the punch of another but the one behind gr@bb£d him.
He swiftly hits hits belly with his elbow and he let go of him.
Lovely gr@bb£d his collar and rolled him over the ground as he then turned swiftly and punched the face of the other.
He gr@bb£d a chair and smashed it on the b©dy of a Chubby one who crashed down causing the students to scream
The last students rushed at him as he launched a quic-k punch but he ducked and hit him on the n£¢k his elbow.
Lovely gr@bb£d his tie and kicked him into the pool causing the water to splash up.
“That’s was so amazing”. Diaz said cl@pping as he moved Lovely who launched a dangerously punch but he blocked it and headbu-tt him.
“Diaz!! Diaz!!”. The students hailed loudly causing Cindy to panic.
Diaz tried to punch his face as well but he blocked it and punched his belly.
He kicked lovely back but he attacked with a turning kick which Diaz caught with his hand but it was a bait as lovely launch his second foot sl@pping his head.
He dashed swiftly at Diaz who targeted his ribs for a punch but lovely slide past him and raising up s£nt a terrible punch into Diaz back which cause an absolute decorum.
The entire place was as silent as a grave yard as he gro-an ed.
Kapella g@sped as lovely gr@bb£d his n£¢k from behind and slammed his face against the wall causing hisl-ips to bleed.
“Are you alright?”. He asked as he loosed her hand.
“How did you do that?”. She asked as he took her hands down slowly having loosed it.
Diaz staggered to his feet as his slide his hand behind and drew out a weapon.
“He has a Gun!”. Cindy screamed.
The students screamed as they moved backward.
He pu-ll-ed out the Gun and points it to Lovely’s throat.
“Lower the gun Diaz”. Kapella said.
“Shut up! You don’t order me”. He roared as lovely stared blankly at him.
“The c@m£ras showed me how she escaped from me, the elevator to the basement, a basement that students of Phoenix High know nothing about except those who knows every in out and out, never a new Comer”.
He pressed the trigger and eveyone screamed loudly but all that c@m£ out was just a tiny pin that pierced into Lovely’s b©dy thereby paralyzing his system as he stood still unable to move a f!nger. It was actually a tranquilizer Gun.
“Lovely”. Kapella screamed as she made to t©uçh him but he points the gun to her.
“Are you eager to suffer same fate?”. He threatened and she took few steps back.
“I just kept wondering why you looked familiar but I couldn’t pin point were we’ve met before”. Diaz said and paused.
“And then I saw the ring but doubted and then last night a c@m£ra caught that charming dude with Kapella and her Friend over a table, A dude who avoids the femanine factor like plague, it wasn’t a coincidence that he is with a girl I’ve picked on at school and then I’ve also been wondering what high school does he attend if not Phoenix High and then I needed to confirm “. Diaz said and Ashley c@m£ running into the place with Finn.
“Brother what the hell are you doing?”. Ashley asked.
“Patience sis, you’re about to get the shock of a life time, the thing we feared most was right in our bosom waiting to explode”. He said and li-cked the blood on hisl-ips.
“What are you talking about?”.
“The way he fought reminded me of only one person and then the way he counter attacked me reminded me of only one person who knew all my moves”. Lovely said as he moved closer to Lovely.
“But how is there a different face, oh 21st century”. He added and gr-abbing Lovely’s hair he slowly lift it up alongside his face which turned out of be a mask.
The students g@sped as they stared at the fine face a just hatched pretty chicken.
“Oh my God, he’s pretty”.
“He’s charming”.
“Why is he hiding the entire time?”.
Different voices rang from the crowd.
“I pres£nt to you my charming brother, Lovely Arrowood AKA One and Only Candy”. Diaz announced.
“Oh my God!”. Ashley and Finn exclaimed.
Kapella g@sped as she swallowed the Saliva in her mouth.
“Hello brother, so bad you can’t speak as you’re paralyzed by that pin, you can’t swim right, you always drag everything with me and now my girl, unacceptable?”. Diaz said as he turned back on him.
He turned back swiftly and kicked him into the pool causing eveyone to scream.
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🐬 Episode_10🐬
“Lovely! “. Kapella screamed as she pushed Diaz out of the way.
He fired pins into her back as she dived into the water and every knew she was going to be paralyzed as well.
“Move one inch, you’re gonna join them”. He threatened raising his gun to Cindy who wanted to go in.
“They’re gonna die, let her in”. Nancy screamed.
“Shut up!”. He roared at her.
“Brother what the hell is wrong with you, Candy is paralyzed, he’s gonna die in there”. Ashley said angrily.
“No, he’s a tough dude, all he needs is drink a little water and then she can go in”. Diaz said.
Unannounced and Unexpectedly Kapella bur-st out of the water placing Lovely on the concrete.
Everyone g@sped as they wondered how she survived the pins meant to paralyze her.
Diaz’s gun dropped from his hand as he was shocked.
Kapella climbe-d up the concrete in her w€t dress and shook Lovely’s head.
“C’mon open your eyes!”. She screamed.
Ashley jogged with her heels to the place and squat.
“Candy wake up”. She said.
Kapella hit his che-st repeatedly but there was no response.
Cindy rushed as she placed her head on his che-st.
“Is heart beat is failing?”. She said in fear.
It was at the moment the students knew it wasn’t a joke anymore as he was dying.
They all gathered around except Diaz who was still shocked to a point.
“He’s not breathing”. Ashley said as she placed her f!ngerson on his nose.
“He needs artificial ventilation “. Kapella said.
“I’m his sister “. Ashley said.
“He’s gonna die”. She screamed.
“Although step”. Ashley said as she opened his mouth and placed her l!pon his b!owing air in.
“You ain’t doing it right”. Kapella said.
“I’m trying but you can right”. Ashley said.
Kapella g@sped as she squat low and placing herl-ips on his as she perform Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
His eyes opened as he suddenly g@sp vomiting water.
She exhaled heavily as she sat on the concrete.
Diaz put his hands into his pocket and walked away as Finn went after him.
“Oh my God, you scared me”. Ashley said holding his face.
Lovely looked around and cleaned the water in his face before she helped him up.
“Are you alright?”. Kapella asked and he sniffed as he nodded.
He turned to leave but Ashley held him back.
“You ain’t stupid to fight Diaz again, are you?”.
“He tried to kill me”. Lovely roared.
“You’re fine Candy, let the rage down”. She said.
“You don’t tell me what to do, ain’t you In this with him?”.
“I care about you Lovely”. She said and he took her hand off his b©dy.
“Don’t act like it’s my fault, you were the one who pla-yed masked beauty, non of this would have happened”. She snapped.
“Just stay away”.
“You’re w€t, I’ll order an outfit”. Ashley said.
“I’ve my hands”. He said walking away.
Ashley turned to Kapella and bit her lowerl-ip.
“Don’t think I’m gonna say thank you, you made me steal his first k!ss, he’s not gonna forgive me when he finds out”. Ashley said and walked away with her heels which made an echoing sound.
“Hey are you alright?”. Cindy asked as she helped Kapella up.
“Yes..”. She said as she moved to Nancy and loosed her from the chair.
“Oh my God, Ella!”. Nancy said she hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“How did you do that, I was so scared?”. Nancy asked as they dis£ngaged.
“Do what?”.
“The pin that paralyzed Candy didn’t affect you”.
“It didn’t get to my skin, just my cloth”. Kapella said.
“Oh that’s right, you were in a dive mode, you stayed long in water, I thought you ain’t a swimmer, that was incredible, you got lot of g@s in your lungs”. She said and she nodded.
“I guess so”.
“C’mon your cloth is now an X-ray”. Cindy said dragging Kapella along as everyone stared at them.
Kapella smiled softly as her thought flashed back.
Kapella dived into the water as the pins pierced into her flesh throu-gh her dress.
She could see her br@celet glowing like h0t coal.
Then she felt the itching of the pins stuck in her bag.
She wondered why she wasn’t paralyzed like lovely but that wasn’t the main surprise as she could clearly hear the voices outside the water.
She could hear the argument between Cindy, Diaz, Nancy and Ashley.
Even the voices of the students above, everything was just tapping in.
At that moment she knew she was far from been ordinary.
She quic-kly re-moved the pin and swam to the bo-ttomof the pool where Lovely’s b©dy la-id.
She carried him and swam up as her legs fl@pped slowly.
Cindy walked into the restroom with a red dress as Kapella took off her go-wn.
“Mr. X”. She said raising it up.
“As much as I guess, he would order a dress”. Cindy said.
“Um.. Cindy.. Can you hear sounds in water? I mean people voices “. She asked.
“Dumb Girl ask yourself why you can’t breath, because there’s no air in water and sounds needs air to move but sounds can travel in water as well but it’s fas-ter with high frequencies so it’s distorted to our ear and you’re kind of, am I deaf, it’s just a funny sound, nothing more “. She said.
“I know that alre-ady, just trying to confirm, Did you have to explain de-ep? Yes or No was enough “.
“Well I love expatiating”.
“Is he alright?”. Kapella asked as she took the go-wn down and collect the new one from Cindy.
“I don’t know, a delivery agent gave me”. Cindy said and she nodded.
“You don’t seem worried that he’s an Arrowood”.
“Arrowood is just a name, he’s not like them”. She said.
“That’s right but why was he hiding from his sibling?”. She said.
“His brother just tried to kill him so that answers the question, I need to find him”. Kapella said and turned to Cindy as she wore the go-wn.
“Your hair isn’t drained, you should let the bun down , it’ll dry fas-ter”.
“Don’t worry Cindy”.
She helped her with her Zi-p and she turned.
“Like you want to find him right now?”. Cindy asked.
‘Yeah, plea-se get my dress to my bag “. Kapella said as she walked backwards till she was out of sight.
Cindy g@sped as tears formed in her eyes.
Kapella’s speech last night flashed throu-gh her head and she punched the mirror angrily causing it to scatter as her bled.
She sat on the WC and sobbe-d gently.
“No I haven’t seen him”. A student replied Kapella as he walked away.
He walked past the Libr@ry and paused as she recognized the color of someone’s hair.
She moved into the Libr@ry and sat beside him.
“I’ve told you to fvck off, Ashley”. He said with head down.
“Your hair is still w€t”. Kapella said as she hits off the water on his hair.
“Ella?”. He said as he rose his head up.
“Candy”. She said and he exhaled.
“I don’t want to talk about it”.
“It’s alright, I know”. She said.
“Thank you for saving me”. He said and she nodded.
“I just c@m£ to apologize”. She said and he turned.
“For what?”.
“I heard it was your first k!ss”. She said and he g@sped.
“You had to, I’m not mad”.
“Everyone’s first k!sswas stolen by their Mother when they were born,mine was stolen a thousand times, Mom says that was the only thing that st©pped me from crying , Did I say stolen?”. She said and he laughed.
“Mother’s are always the best with the biggest love but some are the devil’s incarnate”. Lovely said as he bite his lowerl-ips and she turned to.
“I don’t want to talk about it”.
“It’s alright”.
“Hold on! Was that your first k!ss?”.
“I didn’t k!ssyou j£rk, it’s called mouth to mouth resuscitation”. She said and he nodded.
“Am sorry you had to do it”. He said and she nodded
“If our parents had given us enough k!sses and love, maybe we wouldn’t be this way, don’t ask me I don’t want to talk about it”.
“Actually It wasn’t me”. She said and he wondered what she meant.
“It was Ashley, she couldn’t do the resuscitation thing properly so I then had to”. She said.
“Ashley?”. He said almost screaming.
“I know you’re mad, just be mad at me, I asked her to do it, alright”. She said.
“I’m not mad, whatever means is used to st©p you from dying doesn’t matter, as long as you’re back, i just don’t need another crazy sister after me”. He said.
“What do you mean?”. She asked.
“Never mind, there are things you shouldn’t know about me, it’s best you don’t know them, i guess you’ve found out now I’m an Arrowood”. Lovely said as he rose to his feet and walked out.
“It’s just a name, you’re not like them”. She said as followed after him.
“I thought I could do this in disguise but with my identity expo-sed, eveyone close to me gets to suffer even the innocent”.
“What are you talking about?”.
“You don’t need to know,It’s isn’t like I dispise you or hate your company, I love your company but all you have to know now Kapella is if you wish not to fall into further troubles, stay as possible far from me”. He said and walked away as her hands dropped from his shoulder.
She g@sped as she watched him vanish out of sight.
“Kapella”. She heard her name and turned to see Cindy.
“He… He…”. She stammered and Cindy hvgged her as she bur-st into tears.
“It’s gonna be alright, he’ll come around”. She said.
“He sounded scared”. Kapella sobbe-d and raising her head up off Cindy’s shoulder she saw Mrs. Elijah coming toward them.
“Mom?”. She whispered and she turned with Cindy.
“What’s she doing here?”. Cindy asked as they dis£ngaged.
Kapella cleaned her tears and sniffed.
“Mom what are you doing here?”. She asked.
“We need to talk, Cindy excuse us”. Mrs. Elijah said as she dragged Kapella to an empty cl@ssroom and closed the door behind.
“Mom what’s going on?”.
“Now tell me what’s going on with your face all over the papers as a rising celebrity with the charming voice”. She screamed.
“Don’t scream at me Mom, it ain’t a crime to sing, right?”.
“It is for you, You’re attracting trouble to yourself”.
“Then just tell me what the hell I am and the reason behind all the fvcking restrictions cos right now I’m re-ady to break them every single one, am gonna sing and you ain’t gonna st©p me”. Kapella said.
“Did that come out from your month?”.
“Yes it did, why can’t you just tell me!”. She cried bitterly.
“It’ll change you, I’m not re-ady for that”.
“I’m re-ady, I’m re-ady to know the mysterious about me, how I can breath in water, how I can hear in water, how I can see clearly, how I don’t get affected by a damn tranquilizer”. She said and Mrs. Elijah g@sped.
“Did you swim?”.
“I fell into a pool, now are you gonna tell me huh? “. She asked.
” I can’t “.
” Damn it, Maybe you should tell me why my br@celet glowed like there was danger “. Kapella said.
” No, No No No, how long did you stay in water? “.
” Long enough, it just kept glowing brightly and I felt my legs trying to glue together but it st©pped as soon as as I left the water “. Kapella said.
” It glowed. No you’ve exhausted it potency”. Mrs. Elijah said as tears formed in her eyes.
“Mom, you need to tell me, what’s all this about?”.
“Promise me you won’t go evil, Promise me you won’t hate or leave me “. Mrs. Elijah said as she held her face.
“You’re scaring me Mom, you know I’ll never hate you, I Love You”. Kapella said as she held her hand ti-ghtly.
Mrs. Elijah raised her head up as tears dropped from her eyes.
“I’m not your birth Mother, You were never our daughter”. She said.
“Is that it?”.
“There’s more, You’re not completely human, you’re a Mermaid, The last of your kind”. Mrs. Elijah said and she g@sped.
“Ma’am we’ve deleted the footage, everything is sealed, what happened at the pool can never leak”. The CCTV operator said as he stood in front of Ashley who was at the Libr@ry.
“You know I’ll kill all of you if it leaks, My Family will make sure your family and generation to come feed on crumb”. She threatened as he looked down.
“Where’s the last of it?”. She asked and he handed a disk to her.
“Careful Ma’am, it’s the last of footage that has your brother’s criminal act”. He said.
“Shut up!”. She cursed and he remained mute.
“You said you’re sure no students had a c@m£ra up”. She asked.
“Check for yourself ma’am, they were afraid of your family I think, it’s trouble if it’s tracked to them”. He said.
“Good, Disappear”. She said as she in-sert the disk into the l@pt©p in front of her.
She pla-yed the video and it began with Diaz covering Nancy’s nose with a handkerchief as she entered the room.
She fast forward to the time the students c@m£ in and paid attention to be sure there was no one with a c@m£ra up.
There was non except a boy who held his phone to the che-st, it was Francis.
“bit-ch”. She cursed as she paused the video and screensh0t it.
She minimized the background and moved her Whatsapp Window where she s£nt the screensh0t to a contact ‘Finn’ and then typed a message.
“Find and Deal With”.
She moved back to the video window and pla-yed as she continued pla-ying.
That was when she saw something no one saw before.
When Kapella dived into the water there was a kind of illumination from it like there was something glowing in the water.
The c@m£ra only caught it because it was up and only little light was reflecting.
“What the hell is that?”. Ashley asked.
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_11
Kapella and Mrs. Elijah said walked out of the room and closed the door behind.
“I hope all is well”. Cindy said.
“Yeah. I’ll be taking my be, make sure to behave well”. Mrs. Elijah said and left with her bag.
Kapella sniffed and Cindy puts her hand around her n£¢k.
“Did Mom sp@ñk you that h@rd?”. She asked as she chuckled.
“Am fine, don’t act like you didn’t eavesdrop”. Kapella said.
“Of course I tried to but with all fvcking walls in cl@ssroom now sound proof, nothing goes in or out, yes I eaves dropped and will be glad if I had heard cos with the look you ain’t gonna tell me”. Cindy said.
“Cindy, you must un-derstand that…..”.
“There are strange things about you and if you wish not to discuss it, Fine, it’s fine by me, don’t just get into a big problem because of it cause I’ll kill myself”. Cindy said and she smiled as she put her hand around her n£¢k.
“A good reason, am never gonna breakup with you Girlfriend”. Kapella said.
“Like you wouldn’t abandon me for some dude”. She said.
“Nay you come first baby Girl, can we go to cl@ss now? “. Kapella asked.
“Right behind you”. Cindy said.
“It’s so funny you get to find out at the end, after years of friendsh!p, friendsh!pfull of lies “. The Mermaid who turned out to be Mrs. Elijah’s friend, Anita said.
“I knew there was always something fishy about you Anita, you always covered your hair, avoided the pool like a plague and eat only fish meal, I blend into that feeding p@rt and even prepared some for you because I thought you were born that way I didn’t even think…. “.
“I was a Mermaid or they even exist”. Anita said and the baby’s cry intensify.
“Can you help her with the child?”. Elijah asked.
“What? What if she tries to eat me?”. She asked.
“Mermaids don’t eat people”. He said.
“How can you be so sure, Are you one?”.She asked as she took the child from her.
“What’s a male Mermaid called?”. She asked.
“Merman”. She replied.
“Merman….”.She stressed and cu-mddled the baby.
“She’s so beautiful, her face is literally glowing out beauty like you”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“We’re always beauty”. Anita said.
“But Dangerous, isn’t that right?”.
“No, It isn’t right, Humans made mermaids this, we were once fun loving creature who wanted to be with their friend and help them hunt see creatures like whales and helped them fight un-derwater battles but humans will always be humans, they can’t be trusted “. She said and paused.
” It isn’t in my power to tell you this, we’ve taken an oath never to reveal it to anyone “. She said.
” You all were responsible for the wreck, weren’t you, the music and the storm wasn’t a coincidence at all “. Mrs. Elijah said as the baby had st©pped crying.
” We can’t be sure who are hunters or humans so we use our voice to call out to storm and destroy although p@rt of revenge on the human factor “. Anita said.
” Who were those people in the Red sh!p”. Mr. Elijah asked.
“Mermaid Hunters, they don’t often kill, just turn us into into slaves that cry pearls for them”.
“Cry pearl?”. Mrs. Elijah said and paused as she g@sped.
“You h@rdly cried and when you do, you don’t let anyone see it”. She added.
“I’m different, I cry molten diamond that solidify to diamond”. She said.
“What?”. She exclaimed.
“I guess that explains my Riches now”. Anita said.
“You could literally buy anything you want back then”. Mrs. Elijah said and the child resumed crying.
“Shhhh”. She said.
“Of course I could and things might probably have not been like this if I told you what I was?”.
“What happened?”. Mr. Elijah asked and she exhaled.
“Do you remember Danny?”. Anita asked.
“Danny…god of handsomeness?”. Mrs. Elijah asked as she cu-mddled the baby again.
“Yes… The one who taught us Spanish”. Anita said.
“How can I forget Danny, the one we fought over, after promising to be girlfriends for life, I can never forget”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I’m sorry Jane that I chose him over you”. She said.
“I knew you would always choose him, he fought his siblings and family for you, that love was out of the world”. Mrs. Kapella said and the infant resumed crying.
“Do you brea-stfeed or something like that, she sounds hungry”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“She isn’t hungry, it’s the sun, it’s burning her skin”. Anita said.
“I guess I’ll have to move to a shady place?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“Did you say out love was out of the world?”. Anita asked.
“Eveyone knew you and Danny were together, you were the best couple at High School, haven’t you guys got married?, is this his child? “. Mr. Elijah asked.
” Danny was a ro-mantic Son of the Devil “. She cursed.
“Am heading out”. Kapella said as the Teacher left the cl@ssroom.
“Restroom?, careful the Arrowood could be anywhere”. Cindy said.
“Sure.. I will”.
“Should i excort you?”.
“No, I’ll be fine”. Kapella said and left.
She bite her lowerl-ips as students stared at her at the hallway.
She turned to the pool room and entered.
“Kapella”. Nancy said.
She said seated on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water.
“You have been here all day”. Kapella said as she moved in.
“Trying to clear the trauma off my head”. She said.
“I’m sorry you went throu-gh that because of me”.
“No, Ella it’s never your fault, that’s the Arrowood, they try to get what they want without caring if they hurt anyone”. Cindy said.
“Candy, what do you know about him?”.
“You now call him Candy?”.
“Isn’t that his regular name?”. Kapella asked.
“It is, All I know is he’s different from the rest of the Arrowood, he’s a friend and nothing more, he keeps his friendsh!pin a hi and then p@rt away manner so I don’t know much about him, keeps to himself like someone who’s rejected”. Nancy said as she ripple the water with her legs.
“I don’t you guys were like good friends”.
“The Arrowood never have friends, if you get to the exchange of plea-santries level then you’re really lucky and that only happens with Candy, others will use you for their personal benefit and dump you like a piece of $h!t so it’s better to be their enemies than friend “.
” That sounds scary “.
” Really scary but lovely could just heighten the friendsh!pthing a little and then return to hi level again, like last night, he gave his h0tel free will to my family to host the p@rty “.
” Wow! “.
” Yes… Wow! But that’s just once in a while in reality we’re just plea-santries friend “.
” That’s bad… “.
” I can see you’re getting along with him, it’s unbelievable, my eyes couldn’t believe yesterday, I had to wait and see for myself, I was shock to see him at your table, sorry I stole two wine “. Nancy said and they laughed.
” Seriously, if you get the chance, don’t let go of him, he’s rare gem “. Nancy said but she remained quiet.
” He let you go alre-ady “. She added as she continued pla-ying with the water.
” I don’t know what to do? “.
” Little ti-p, don’t chase a guy like Candy, chasing him will only drive him farther, let him chase you instead else he wouldn’t know your value, no matter how good he is”.
“You never told me you were a love thera-pist”. Kapella said.
“Love thera-pist suffering depression herself, that’s quite terrible”.
“Um.. Nancy I know we’ve been away for a long time now but right now we need each other more than ever”.
“Are you calling for an awakened friendsh!p?”. She asked.
“Something like that”.
“I’m always here for you Ella, Know that”. She said.
“The water s-en-sation is muah, why don’t you get in”. She said.
“No, I’ve gotten enough water on myself today”. Kapella said as she looked up.
“Is that a CCTV?”. She asked pointing up.
“Yeah.. For security reasons, students get to pl@yin here during cl@sses so the Operators can see and report to the authorities but don’t be scared, I’m kind of the boss of the pool literally above that, they don’t report me”. She said.
“Is it always active?”.
“Yeah.. Only goes offline after school closure”. She said.
“Is everything alright?”.
“Yeah, My dirty thought was once telling me to str!p n-ked and dive into the warm pool but I’m gonna change my mind”. She lied and they laughed.
“If you still have intentions to, I can disable it for today”.
“You’re gonna tell them too”.
“Umhmmm am the boss of the pool or I could just gr-ab some plier and cut one wire or two”. Nancy said as she took off her Jacket.
“What are you doing?”.
“Am considering what you said”.
“You know what I’m gonna use the restroom?”.
“Don’t be shy, am just joking”.
“I know, and I also have a cl@ss to attend, see ya”. Kapella said as she pe-cked her on the cheek and left.
“The pins really got into my skin, what if someone sees that in the footage?”. She said as she hurriedly walked down the hallway.
“No you can’t do this Ella, what’s wrong with you?”. She said as she approached the CCTV operation room which was different from the main base.
The Operation room manages minor CCTV operations in the school.
She inhaled heavily as she closed her eyes and took off her br@celet.
She felt that vibr@ted as she could see flash of images of a Mermaid’s skeleton.
She opened her eyes and her iris changed to blue for a seconds and back to normal.
She pushed open the door and the Operator on the swivel chair turned to her.
“Hello”. She whispered.
Mrs. Kapella’s word c@m£ as a big shock as she sat slowly on a desk with mouth wi-de open.
“I know it’s unbelievable and h@rd to take in, that’s why I’ve kept it for so long”. Mrs. Elijah said as she sobbe-d.
“The hair, the craving your sea meal, the abilities in water, I was a Mermaid all along”. Kapella said almost screaming.
“I scared you’ll become evil, it’s going to change you completely”.
“How do you know that? How do you know I’ll change, I’ll never be evil, not for any cause, not because I’m now super powered or whatever”. She said.
“Your Mother says it’s beyond control, it makes you think a different way and do thing not caring the manner you do it all because you want it done, I’m afraid it’s gonna change you”. Mrs. Kapella said.
“And maybe if you just told me earlier, I wouldn’t be singing or jumping into a pool”. Kapella said.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t… I was frighten…..”.
Kapella hvgged her ti-ghtly and breath.
“Am never gonna leave you mom, I promise, you’re still my Mom even if you ain’t my birth mother and now I have a lot of questions”. She said.
“I know but I need to return to work, we’ll talk about it later but for now, avoid jumping into a pool or singing you’ve exhausted the potency of the br@celet hiding some of your ability or it’s just low like a battery and provoking it further will make it become a mere br@celet, that’s what your birth mother said “. Mrs. Elijah said as she placed her hand on her shoulder.
” What’s this br@celet for, what’s do you mean provoke? “.
” The br@celet hides p@rt of you, the transformation and the lvst for sea creatures is what your Mom knows, it hides other things but she hasn’t used it before to know but those two are the main but if you sing the br@celet fights the charm in your voice and when you get into water it suppresses the transformation but overdose will weaken it and it glowing was just a warning “.
” What if I take it off Mom, I’ll be then extra careful than having a br@celet that can fail anytime “.
” It doesn’t fail, you provoked it over and over again and now it needs to be recharged which is gonna take seven days, can you survive seven without the br@celet? “. Mrs. Elijah said almost screaming.
” What if I can, I won’t sing, I won’t go near the pool, I’ll just be extra careful, I can “.
” No, Mermaids thoughts are heightened, they think fas-ter and crazier, you won’t think like a human anymore, you’ll heal if you get injured, your voice hypnotized people letting you control them and do think turning to Mermaid is jumping into water, Just a little drop of water on your foot flesh and you get transforming over, can you survive all this? “. She asked and Kapella calmed.
“What do I do?”.
“That’s the right question to ask, you’re gonna have to stay away from school for seven days while the br@celet recharges”.
“Seven what?”.
“We’ll talk about this later, I need to go now”.
“What do you mean my voice hypnotize people?”.
“You have answers to your questions when you take that br@celet off, you knows things you don’t know, your abilities but as soon as you put it on, you forget how to do those things, listen am not telling you so that you take it off, am telling you so that you trust me, you’ll know everything about what you can do when you take that thing off but not today or tomorrow, not yet Ella, Promise me you won’t take it off “.
” I won’t “.
” Be a good girl, I have to go now “. She said holding Kapella’s face and she nodded.
She pu-ll-ed open the door and they walked out.
” How may I help you?, if am right, you’re Kapella Elijah “.
” Yes.. And I need you to do something for me “. She said as she catwalks toward a system that was displa-ying an online footage of the libr@ry.
The c@m£ra was behind Ashley so she could see her watching something in her l@pt©p.
” This place is a restriction for students “. He said as he rose to her feet.
Kapella gro-an ed as she felt a slight pain in her head.
She now knew things she didn’t know before.
Every single ability she had was flashing throu-gh her memories.
“I know”. She said and pushed him to the wall as he breath to him which caused his heart to beat fast.
“You love the charmingl-ips don’t you, just keep staring like your life depends on it”. She whispered softly as the upper and lower l!pcollide graciously in a slow mode.
The Operator swallowed the Saliva in his mouth as he was engrossed in her charmingl-ips.
🎵 We’ll swim🎵
🎶 To the shore, All things gone 🎶
🎵 Hmm Humm hummm 🎵
She sang and hummed loudly causing herl-ips to vibr@te speedily.
The heart of the man beat fas-ter as his eyes moved up and down in rhythm to her vibr@tingl-ips.
He was losing consciousness as her h0t breath hit his face with herl-ips that got his eyes vibr@ting and her voice which was altering the configuration in his br@in.
His eyes sudden dilate and blinked blue for a second.
He stood still as she retreat from him.
“Seat”. She commanded and he obeyed.
“I need you to delete every footage you have of the pool today”. She whispered.
“I did alre-ady My Lady, Miss Ashley asked me to”. He whispered.
“Ashley? Ashley Arrowood”.
“To prevent the footage from leaking which can be used to nail her brother in court, she had me delete everything”. He said.
“That’s good then, who else had seen the footage?”.
“Only I and Miss Ashley, she has a copy my Lady”. He said.
“What do you mean she has a copy?”.
“She asked me to copy the scene of the incidence for her and delete every other which I did?”. He said.
“$h!t!”. She cursed.
“Can you get it from her?”. Kapella asked.
“I can’t, she’ll know something is on”.
“That’s right “. Kapella said as she moved to the system and rewind the online footage of the libr@ry.
She zoomed into what Ashley was watching and g@sped.
” The glow appeared outside the water, the c@m£ra caught it “. She roared.
” I need to get the footage, I’ll to mind control her”. Kapella said and paused.
“I charm people when they concentrate on me, when I lure them to fall for myl-ips but Ashley hates me, I can’t cause her to concentrate on me… Alternative”. She said and walked out.
Cindy entered into the libr@ry and sat in front of Lovely who was studying.
“Don’t drill holes into my head with your eyes, I’m not not here for you”. She said.
“And what could have made you think, I’ll be staring at you?”. He asked and she looked back.
“Because seeing me, reminds you of Kapella and it also then remind you that you that caused her to be heart broken, you think you’re ever gonna find a friend like her again, you just let go of a gold”. Cindy said and without letting him reply plug her earpiece in.
Lovely g@sped as she tried to re-ad but couldn’t as he could see invisible Kapella’s image all over the book.
He closed it and closed his eyes but it was wrong.
He gro-an ed angrily and hit his desk.
“Brother, are you alright?”. Ashley asked from behind.
“Come I want to show you something”. She said.
“Just pretend you don’t know you, you irritate me”.
“I irritate you, you’re a bit-ch”. She cursed as she put the l@pt©p into her bag and walked out.
She gave it to a man in black at the door.
“Take put it, in my vehicle”. She said and he left.
Her phone buzzed and she took the call.
“What do you mean you haven’t find him, Finn?”.
“I know there are lot of students then just fvcking get the Principal to find him”. She said and disconnect the call angrily.
Ashley’s guard entered into the elevator and pressed a bu-tton on the call box.
It made a ‘ding’ sound and closed slowly when a hand slide in and it opened.
Kapella leaned on the wall and bit her l!pas she stared at him.
“Kapella Elijah, I finally got to meet the Arrowood’s headache”. He said.
“And you just met yours”. She whispered as the elevator door closed.
The Principal could be seen walking toward a cl@ssroom with a student behind him.
They st©pped by the transparent wall and the student pointed to Francis who was seating on a female students desk as he laughed and pla-yed wit her hair.
“That’s him”. He said.
The principal checked the picture on his phone and raised his head to see Francis again.
“Of course it is”.
He dialed a number and placed the phone on his ear.
“I found him”. He said.
The Elevator’s door opened wi-de and Kapella catwalks out as she hung the l@pt©p bag behind her.
Ashley’s guard was standing in there like a dried up tree as he watched her leave.
Kapella puts on her br@celet again as g@sped as she closed her eyes.
She opened them and looked back.
Ashley’s guard walked out of the elevator and st©pped by her.
“Kapella Elijah, The Arrowood’s headache”. He said.
“Have we met before?”. She asked.
“I don’t think so, If you excuse me, I need to go find my boss “. He said and walked away.
She exhaled heavily and shook her head.
“What have you done? What are you turning into?”. She said as tears formed in her eyes.
“Mom was right, she was right”. She cried.
“Kapella?”. She heard her name and quic-kly cleaned the tears.
“Hey Cindy”. She said as she faked a smile turning back.
“You’re crying
“No am not”. She said.
“You’re crying, yourl-ips your literally shaking”.
“No I’m not”.
“Don’t lie, your eyes are red, why are you crying?”.
“I’m not….”. Kapella said and bur-st into tears as she fell into Cindy’s embr@ce.
“Shhh you don’t have to cry, am here for you, crying makes you more beautiful and then I get jealous”. Cindy said and she scoffed.
“I did something bad”. Kapella said.
“C’mon we’ve all done something bad, don’t eat yourself up, let be guess you cheated on me”.
“C’mon Cin, you joke with everything”. Kapella said as she sniffed holding her ti-ghtly.
“I’m suppose to be asking why you’re crying but what are you doing with Ashley’s bag?”. Cindy asked and she g@sped.
“You found him, then fvcking ditch him in a public bin, Francis or whatever you call him I don’t care whoose son he is”. Ashley’s voice rang angrily down the hallway.
“Ashley”. Kapella said.
“Francis”. Cindy said.
As they dis£ngaged and there was Ashley right in front of them alre-ady as she was walking hurriedly.
She paused as she retreated her phone and stared at Kapella.
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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_12🐬
Since the bag was hung only on Kapella’s left arm.
She leaned against the wall ma-king only the handle visible as her b©dy was hid the other p@rt.
“Why are you staring me, I’ve told you, we can’t be girlfriends”. Ashley said as she approached her.
“I know, am I asking?”.
“You really got guts, don’t think you’re un-der a safe wing because my brother is by your side, I still got my eyes on you”. She whispered.
“Good news, if you haven’t noticed we ain’t together anymore so can you excuse us?”.
“He broke your tiny heart alre-ady”. Ashley said and chuckled.
“No, excuse me, I’ve important things to attend to”. She said and catwalks away.
“Did you have to say that?”. Cindy said.
“I can take care of my self, I Lovely or Candy’s name as a shield”. She said.
“Will you tell me about the bag now?”. She asked.
“You should be worried on which Francis she’s talking about, go I’ll catch up with you”.
Cindy hurried away as Kapella let down the bag and opened it.
She re-moved the l@pt©p and pressed the power bu-tton.
Kapella quic-kly pu-ll-ed out the CD drive to re-move the disk but was shocked as it was empty.
“No! No! No!”. She said as her thoughts flashed back.
Ashley had something on her other hand just now.
“Disk”. She whispered as the scene c@m£ in pl@yin her head.
She roared angrily as she flung the l@pt©p over the ground and walked away.
She wanted to take off the br@celet but paused as she saw students running to a p@rticular direction.
That was when it hit her that only the Arrowood event can attract such crowd.
She raced immediately to break throu-gh the big crowd to get a view of what was happening.
Francis could be seen writhing in pain on the ground as Diaz kicked his face repeatedly.
“Let him go, plea-se am begging you”. Cindy cried as she tried to break from Finn’s grip as he held her ti-ghtly.
“Draw the Pattern”. Diaz said as he squat in front of Francis and brou-ght a phone close to his face.
“So much stubborn act for a fresher”. Ashley said as she bit her lowerl-ips.
“I have my eyes on your sissy right now so pattern ain’t my $h!t at the moment”. He said as she scoffed.
Diaz let go of his shi-t and rose up slowly as he rolled his sleeves.
He turned back swiftly and kicked his face causing the students to scream as blood splash out.
He gr@bb£d his n£¢k and s£nd several punches into his face.
“I’ll do it”. Kapella said hurriedly and he paused as all eyes turned to her.
“And how could you possibly know, don’t tell me you once fell for this cheap slut”. Ashley said.
“Just let him go”. Kapella said as she stretched her hand.
Above was Lovely leaning against the balcony as he watched the scene below.
Diaz stared at her blankly and she didn’t even wait for for him to stretch as she took the phone from him and drew the unlock pattern.
She handed it over to him and he was still staring blankly at her.
“And will you let her go as well “. Kapella asked and Cindy broke from Finn’s grip.
They carried him Francis up and he gro-an ed.
” bit-ch.. That was what I had to nail them “.
” Shut up! Do you think you’re a match for them, you’re a fool “. Cindy cursed as he staggered with his hand around their n£¢k.
Diaz deletes the video from the phone and smashed it on the wall.
“You’re gonna get me a new phone”. Francis said.
“Will you st©p talking?”. Kapella said.
“I won’t, next time you don’t get yourself into trouble”.
“You will because a copy of the video is in my SD card and right now it’s in my pocket”. Francis said in a low tone.
“Oh my God! What do you get from this?”.
“That girl Ashley”. He said.
“Did the beating affect your br@in?”. Cindy asked.
“She’s beautiful”.
“You know what, let’s just get him to the clinic”. Kapella said.
“I don’t want to talk about him, it brings me nothing but pain and sorrow”. Anita said.
“You’re in pain Anny, we should pu-ll out this Harpoon”. Mr. Elijah said.
“I die the moment you pu-ll it out, the edge would puncture my heart”. She said.
“You can’t remain like this, you can’t die, you have a child, a beautiful daughter”. Mrs. Elijah said as she squat low.
“There’s always an end to everything Jane and mine have come”. She said in a low tone.
“You ain’t the only one right?”.
“They’ve all been captured, I was the only one who escaped because I had to get the child away and I’m powerful to fight as many hunters as I can”. She said.
“There’s no one that you can direct us to, so your baby can be trained? “.
” It’s big trouble if she falls into a wrong hands, not all mermaids are good, there are sirens and there are also mermaids who hunt mermaids, steal their beauty and voice “. Anita said and paused as she coughed.
Mr. Elijah took his handkerchief and cleaned her bleeding nose.
” She’s special, the most wanted and haunted kind for centuries now, I was the last as my mother died during an attack on the Artics and some strangers trained me, My powers was hidden with a br@celet and so I never knew what I was until my parents revealed it when I was 18, I later met with some other group of mermaids and we moved into the Atlantic Ocean but because I was in love with Danny, I returned back to human life “. She said.
” You should st©p speaking Anny, you’re weakening your strength “. Mrs. Elijah said.
” No I don’t have time life, a Mermaid’s place is the waters, to stay on land then you have to prepare for the battles to come “. She said.
” This must belong to you”. Mr. Elijah said as he dug the br@celet from the ground.
“It did and I want you to have it”. She said.
“I’m not like you, what should I have it?”. He asked.
“Because I want you to have the child”. Anita said.
“Anita!”. Mrs. Elijah called out.
“It isn’t a coincidence that we met after so long and with my dying breath, I beg for just and only one thing, take my daughter as yours”. Anita said.
“No Anita, don’t put me in such situation, having a mermaid as a daughter is never my life plan “. She said.
” As much as I don’t want to put in such situation, get me a knife “. Anita said weakly.
” What do you need a knife for? Mr. Elijah said.
“To kill the child”.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. Mrs. Elijah cursed.
“I can’t die knowing fully well that my daughter is going to die beside me or someone else finds her and turn her into a future menace in the world”.
“Is that enough reason to kill your own daughter with your hands, just direct us to someone you trust”. Mrs. Elijah said and she shook her head.
“Just give me a knife Jane, so I kill the child with my last strength”. She said.
“Am not going to let you do something foolish”.
“Neither will I forgive you if you let the child to die here or put her into an orphanage or another family”. Anita said.
“Anita don’t do this to me”. Mrs. Elijah cried as she held her hand.
“I promise, she’ll be the best thing closest to you than a daughter, she’ll be intelligent, all you need, Just plea-se take her, you’re the only one I trust “. Anita said.
Mrs. Elijah sniffed as tears formed in her eyes.
She felt her husband’s hand on and she looked back.
He nodded and she nodded as well before turning to Anita.
” We’ll take her Anita, tell us what we must know”.
“First, you must know she’s dangerous”. She whispered.
“I’ll be back soon”. Kapella said as she walked out of the school clinic with Cindy.
“Can you now tell me what’s going on Kappy?”. Cindy said.
“And when did Kappy come into pla-y? “. Kapella asked.
” Right from when Cin sounds like Sin “. Cindy said and she laughed.
” I’ll explain later Cindy, I gotta go “. Kapella said and left.
She turned to the left hallway and almost bu-mped into Lovely who was standing with his hands in his pocket.
She cleared her throat and moved to the left but he moved as well.
She went left and he did as well and that was when she raise her head up to him.
Her eyes blinked as she stared at his cold face.
“Ouch!”. She said as he gr@bb£d her hand and pu-ll-ed her along.
“Lovely!”. She called out as he dragged her to the balcony and leaned over it.
“How did you know the pattern?”. He asked.
“What pattern?”.
“Franca or what was his name?”.
“Francis.. Why are you asking?”. She said.
“Just answer me”. He said.
“C’mon Lovely, I’ve things to attend to”. She said and made to walk away but he held her arm back and she almost tr!pp£dover the balcony but he held her arms as her back rest on the balcony.
“Are you gonna let me fall now?”.
“Just answer me”.
“Why do you care?”. She asked and and he leaned closed as he enclosed her to the balcony with his hands.
“Cos I want to know”.
“I’m gonna push you off Lovely”. She said.
“You’re welcome to try, have you been with him before?”. He asked.
“He’s Cindy’s brother for heaven sake, he’s a fresher so no why the questions?”. She asked.
“You still haven’t answered”.
“Fine. I once saw him did it when he c@m£ to to see Cindy, are you satisfied now?”. She asked and he retreated from her as he slide his hands into his pocket.
“My apologies”. He said as he turned to the leave.
“Just like that, you come ask some damn question that doesn’t concern you and walk away, you know what just keep to the distance rule, Just stay away from me”. She said and walked away.
“Ella!”. He called me out but she was out of sight.
She gro-an ed as the br@celet glowed.
“Why are you glowing?”. She asked as she hurried into the restroom and takes in off.
She exhaled heavily as her bones tweak a little.
Back again was everything she needed to know flooding throu-gh her head again.
She took her marker and wrote on the mirror.
” St©p being angry it’s provoking the br@celet “.
She wore the br@celet and exhaled again as everything wiped from her head.
She raised her head to the mirror and saw what she wrote.
She cleaned it and walked out when she saw Ashley washing her face In the sink.
” You can do it? “. She whispered as she took off the br@celet and approached her.
“Ashley..”. She said and she turned back.
“How can you see me when I’m washing my makeup off, do you want to die?”. She threatened.
“Um.. Maybe I just wanted to say am sorry, I might have offended someway and if you need me to be ugly alright but do you have the capability to chase your brother’s away”. Kapella asked as she stared at her face.
“Do you un-derestimate my capability?”. She asked as Kapella bit her lowerl-ips thereby drawing her attention to it.
Kapella began to sing slowly and softly as Ashley was still engrossed in herl-ips.
“Dispose the b©dy?”. Mrs. Arrowood said as the tied Mermaid dessicated.
She dropped the jar of salt and walked out as her guards followed her out.
The teen girl remaining in the building untied the dead Mermaid and dropped down it down.
She moved to the door and peeped to see the other workers as they excorted Mrs. Arrowood out.
She hurriedly took the red h0t knife in coal and gro-an ed as she resist the heat to her flesh.
She approached the first Mermaid and cuts the rope off her speedily.
She slumped down weakly and she re-moved her gag.
“Listen you need all your strength now more than ever get up and help the rest”. She whispered as she cuts the rope from another Mermaid who was tied to a pillar.
The rose up and started loosing the rope off the others.
“Keep your face down, there’s a c@m£ra”. The lady who was freeing them said as the c@m£ra in the room concentrated on the moving bodies.
The alarm began to blare loudly and she stamped her feet on the ground.
“Damn..”. She cursed and rushed to the door as she bolt it.
“Open up!”. They could hear voices behind the door.
“Hurry!”. She said as she moved to another tied Mermaid.
That was when a tractor from the other side broke throu-gh the door letting the men in.
She pu-ll-ed out the revolver behind her and fired at the men.
“Go! Go!”. She screamed as the Mermaids abandoned the rest and flee throu-gh the back door.
The men fired endlessly and it caught two running ladies, they
seized fire as the teen girl stood in front escaping door.
They raced off and pushed her off the way as they ran throu-gh the corridor that lead out to the Jetty.
The Mermaids who were at the Jetty alre-ady dived into the sea as the men opened fire but they were in alre-ady.
They ran back into the warehouse as Mrs. Arrowood entered hurriedly..
“Where are they?”. She roared and they looked down.
“They escaped ma’am, about ten of them, we only got two”. A man in black said as he point to the two Mermaids on the ground.
Mrs. Arrowood pu-ll-ed out the revolver behind her and s£nd two bullets into the head of the mermaids.
She exhaled heavily and raised her head up.
“We still have forty of them ma’am, well make sure we capture the escapee”. They said.
Mrs. Arrowood looked around at the other Mermaids.
“When you catch a fish and throw it back into the sea, do you think you’ll catch it again?”. She roared angrily and gr@bb£d the shi-t of one of the men.
“Get as many men as you can and secure the perimeter of the sea immediately”. She roared and she left.
“How did they escape? Where’s the Operator who sounded the alarm”. She asked and an old man walked in.
“I sounded the alarm as fast as I could”. The man said.
Mrs. Arrowood took the broken rope on the ground and scoffed.
“Who helped them escaped?”. She said and he swallowed the saliva in his mouth.
“Who?”. She roared.
“Danny’s daughter Ma’am”.
“What Danny?”.
“Danny A., your cousin Ma’am”. The Old man said as his eyes trailed to where the girl who had freed some of the Mermaids leaned against the wall.
“Roxy”. She said.
“Umhmmm”. She asked as she dropped the knife.
Mrs. Arrowood moved toward her and sl@pped her across the face.
“What have you done?”. She roared.
“Atoning for the sins of my damn father”. She said.
“So this was it, you lied you were now p@rt of us”.
“Am I the first to lie”. Roxy asked.
“You weren’t born of a Mermaid but whatever puts their mentality in you…”. Mrs. Arrowood said and paused as she turned to the men.
“Lock her up”.
They gr@bb£d her and dragged her away as she struggled with them.
“I wont let you find her, I won’t let you find Anita”. She cried as tried to break from their grip.
“Arrange her flight, first thing tomorrow s£nd her back to her father in Spain”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Yes Maan”. The man in black said and left.
“And you”. She said as she turned to a woman.
“It’s time for Mermaid Hunt, Call my children, tell them to return home immediately”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she heads for the door.
“Candy’s school is still unknown ma’am. Our Agents haven’t found him yet”.
“I don’t care if they you can’t get the rest of my kids here, Get Candy here or you’ll face my wrath”. She threatened as she walked out.
“Very well Ma’am”.
🏨🏨🏨Phoenix High🏨🏨🏨
Kapella kept singing as Ashley concentrated on herl-ips.
Kapella sudden felt a pain like an electric shock and gro-an ed.
Ashley stared at her and cleared her throat.
“Are you alright? “. She asked.
” No I’m not feeling too good, I just wanted to ask how was my voice? “. Kapella said and she gr@bb£d her chin to the wall.
” You really got some guts Kapella, singing to make me feel jealous “.
” I have a good voice don’t i”. She asked and Ashley ti-ght£ñed her grip.
“If you got a thing for me, come out clear and don’t beat around the bush”. She said and let go of her chin.
Her phone buzzed and she bite herl-ips.
“Don’t ever try to make me feel jealous or I’m gonna kill you”. She threatened and walked out as she took the call.
“Hello Mom”. Kapella could hear her vanishing voice.
She g@sped as she moved to the mirror.
“She concentrated on me, I lured her but…. “. She said and paused.
“It didn’t work, it backfired, I can’t control her”. Kapella whispered.
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_13🐬
Lovely could be seen leaning on the elevator wall with eyes closed.
He could see flash of Kapella’s image walking out on him.
The elevator made a ‘ding’ sound as it c@m£ to st©p and the door opened.
Three men in black suit could be seen standing in front of the elevator as he stepped out.
“I suppose you ain’t here for me”. He said as he made to walk past them but they blocked him way.
“Mrs. Arrowood requests your pres£nce”. One of the men said.
“Tell her, I’m not in the mood to honour a request”. He said as he made to go to the left but they blocked
“Don’t make this h@rd step aside”. He warned.
“We’ve been asked to use lethal f0rç£ or whatever means to bring you”. He said.
“Seriously?”. Lovely said as he bit his lower l!pand with one swift speed kicked the man on the crotch.
He gr@bb£d the other swiftly and pushed him to the wall.
The third gr@bb£d him from behind but he hits his mouth with with head and pu-ll-ed off the hand.
The second man took it was an opportunity to punch him but he dodged it and gr@bb£d the man’s hand from behind.
That was when he saw armed people in black running toward the scene.
“$h!t!”. He cursed as he used the man as shield walking back to the elevator.
The men fired tranquilizer pins but it caught the man Lovely used as shield.
He bec@m£ unconscious which made his m@ss heavier.
Lovely hits a bu-tton on call box with his foot and let go of the b©dy as he dived to the elevator.
He somersaults to the left quic-kly as pins hits the wall.
The doors closed up and the elevator descend.
“He’s headed for the first floor”. He could hear a voice from above.
Men in black could be seen waiting in front of the elevator as they pointed their guns forward.
It made a ‘ding’ sound as it opened up but Lovely was not in.
“Candy is not in elevator, I repeat, he’s not in the elevator”. One of the men roared into his telecom earpiece.
Lovely could be seen running down the stairs.
He jumped forward kicking the man that ran up the stairs.
He turned to the left hallway and took off.
He stood abruptly as he saw a group of women in black headed that way.
He dashed into the Cafeteria and closed the door behind him.
All the students in fixed their gaze on him as a young girl walked up to him.
“Are you alright? You look distressed”. She said.
“Just mind your business and return to your damn meal”. He said and turned to the door as he peeped out watching the women in black walk past the Cafeteria.
That was when a realization hits him, the girl looked familiar.
He turned back slowly and there she was pointing a gun at his face.
“You love giving us h@rd time, Candy”. She said and fired a pin into his throat.
He dropped to his knees and then unconscious to the ground.
“I found him, get me a stretcher and get the vehicle re-ady”. He said into her telecom earpiece as she took off her Jacket and threw it to a student.
“Thanks For the wear “. She said and carried unconscious Candy on her shoulder.
She walked out of the Cafeteria and down the hallway where she met two agents with a stretcher.
She placed Candy on the stretcher and they carried him away.
” What about the rest? “. She asked as a man approached her.
“They complied as always”.
“Good, let’s move”.
They all marched out as the students gave way staring at them.
“Oh my God, what did you do to him?”. Ashley said as they dropped the stretcher.
“Brother is having is nap as usual, can we move now?”. Diaz asked.
Kapella could be seen running down the hallway speedily she broke throu-gh the crowd and walked out of the building to see the SUVs driving out of the compound speedily.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed and raced back into the school.
She almost bu-mped into Cindy who was walking out of the clinic.
“Hey hey what’s going on, why is there noise all over the building?”. Cindy asked.
“It’s Lovely”.
“What happened? Did Diaz throw him into a pool again?”.
“No, some people were said to have kidnapped him, the talk is all over the school, they were heavily armed”. Kapella said.
“Calm down Baby K, no one can just walk into the school and kidnap someone like that “. Cindy said.
“Hey Girls”. They heard a voice and turned to see Nancy sipping jui-ce from a cup.
“Haven’t you heard?”. Kapella asked.
“Heard what?”.
“Lovely. He was kidnapped”.
“Is that why you looked so scared as $h!t?”. She asked.
“You don’t look concerned”.
“C’mon girls it’s a family issue, don’t eat yourself up “. She said.
” What do you mean? “.
” You can’t just walk into Phoenix High and pick a student like that, the moment strange vehicles or people come in, the security of the school unleashes on them and how we’re talking about Lovely Arrowood, One and Only Candy, CEO of Phoenix h0tel and prominent son of the Arrowood, the entire police dep@rtment in the city will be out “. Nancy said and sipped her jui-ce again.
” What are you driving at? “.
” It’s their mother’s people, she must have called them and he refused, this isn’t the first time it’s happened, even a certain time in Spain he was taken from his h0tel room and whereas Diaz and the rest followed the vehicles so no fears, he wasn’t kidnapped “. Nancy said.
Kapella exhaled heavily as she leaned against the wall.
” Why are you so scared are you.. “.
” Leave my Baby K, Nancy, let her be “. Cindy said.
” And when did Baby K begin? “. Nancy asked.
” You could also take Baby N if you want “. Cindy said.
“Nope, doesn’t sound sweet”.
Nancy said.
“But Baby Cin does”. She added.
“I’m gonna so kill you if you ever call me that”. Cindy said.
“Alright Baby Cin”. Kapella said and they laughed.
Lovely gro-an ed as his eyes blinked open, everything was upside down including a blurry woman who was seated in front of him.
A heavy splash of water landed on his face thereby jo-lting his consciousness.
He was suspended upside down with a rope that was connected to the ceiling.
“What the hell?”. He cursed as he swang his b©dy around.
“You never get to learn son, always proving stubborn”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she rose to her feet.
He gro-an ed loudly as he pu-ll-ed himself up gr-abbing the knot around his n£¢k but his w@!st ached badly and he let go.
“Can you kindly save me the torment Mother”. He said.
“Seems you want us to start training from level 1 again son, you’re past this alre-ady, when I call, you respond or you know what I can do, if it’s the h0tel that makes you feel pompous I’ll take it away”. She threatened.
“Leave my h0tel out of this Mom, fine, I’m sorry, you ruined my today’s plan and it’s always fun letting your agents chase me”. He said b!tt!g his lowerl-ip.
She took the knife on the table and threw it cutting the suspended rope.
He gro-an ed as he crashed to the ground.
Ashley moved to him and loos£n the rope from his leg.
“Don’t t©uçh me”. He cursed.
“And what did I teach you on respecting your siblings?”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Sorry Mom”. He said and she helped him up.
“Are you alright?”. She said.
“Yeah. He replied and staggered to the table were he picked his shi-t.
” As I might have told you before, I’ve some Mermaids captives for eighteen years now to get to the Artic Mermaid which is our focus “. Mrs. Arrowood said.
” Captive Mermaids? “. Finn asked.
“I must have told you in one occasion or the other but I haven’t taken you to see the mermaids I held captive at a warehouse, only ten escaped, we still have about fourty but we can’t let that ten be on loose “. She said.
“Just hit the nail on the head”. Diaz said.
“You four are going to hunt them down”. She said.
“C’mon Mom not again, can’t you take Dahlia”. Ashley said.
“Dahlia is on a special @ssignment and will return soon, Do I have to remind you what happens when you disobey me, daughter”.
“Am sorry Mother”. She said.
“She said”.
“They all escaped into Fion River which is currently surrounded, we have them tra-pped in”. She said and snapped her f!ngers.
Some men hurried in with crates and dropped down.
“As usual, you pick your choice, arrow and bow, harpoon, guns, their all here and not forgetting… “. Mrs. Arrowood said and dropped a Jar of honey in front of them with several cotton bud.
“You’ll need to fortify yourself from their charm when hunting, thats rule number one, have you forgotten so soon?”. She asked and Ashley stepped.
“Here we go again, can’t we just get something like Ashley and Dahlia’s ear ring that repels the charm in a Mermaid’s voice”. Finn said.
“It’s same theory, it’s filled with honey as well and if you want ear rings, you can put them on, am not opposing you but if you don’t get the honey into your ears right now I’ll start hanging you upside down right away”. She said.
They picked the cotton bud and di-pped it into the honey rolling it.
“Putting honey into into your ear or at a close range to your ear creates an atmosphere repels or filters the charm in the voice of the Mermaid ma-king it a normal human sound”. Mrs.Arrowood said.
“Mom can you just let us concentrate”. Lovely said.
“When was the last time you did this, you need to start again, from hence forth it becomes a daily routine, is that clear? “. She asked.
“Clear”. They replied.
“They could be anywhere walking like humans and observing daily activities, I can’t have any of you un-der their control”. She said.
They di-pped the honey filled bud and rolled it into their ear over and over again till the buds were finish.
“That should sustain you for 24 hours”. She said.
“Or am just gonna wash it when we’re done”. Lovely said as she sl@pped him across the face.
“Sorry Mom”.
“Then what are we waiting for?”. Diaz asked we he c0cked his desert eagle pistol.
“Am not working with them Mom”.
“Listen to me Lovely and I’ll never repeat myself ever again, you can hate your step siblings in whatever height you de-sire, I don’t care but when it comes to my operation, they’re your best of friends, atomic hate is unacceptable and when you’re done you can return to your normal lives “. She said.
Diaz stretched his hand and Lovely shook it as he pu-ll-ed closer.
” Just note that the next time you try to kill me, your b©dy would be found on the Atlantic Ocean “. Lovely whispered and they smiled as they dis£ngaged.
” Good boys, now gr-ab your UV spec “.
🏨🏨🏨🏨Phoenix High🏨🏨🏨🏨
Kapella walked out of the school premises with Candy who was furious.
” You can’t believe he couldn’t even say a thank you, he was furious and just left for home”. Cindy said.
“Furious that I unlocked his phone?”. Kapella asked.
“He’s a j£rk, whether you unlocked the phone or not it would have still been destroyed, he’s just dumb to see it”. Cindy said.
“Maybe we should get him a new one”.
“No no no Baby K, let him drown in his stupidity, what does he think that video can do, the Arrowood Family have gotten into bigger $h!t and always found their way out to deal with the person, he just does not realize that”. Cindy said.
“Or maybe he’s just trying to be br@ve”.
“br@ve indeed, he wants something with Ashley which I can’t figure out yet”.
“Maybe he wants to pl@yher like a pla-yboy does”.
“hush! You can’t pl@yAshley, she’s known as a pl@ygirl herself so whatever he wants with her is out of possible”. Cindy said.
“Um do you think Ashley is Um… A..”. Kapella said and paused.
“Now maybe am so good at fill in the gap or I know n@ûghty things that K can’t mutter”.
“Is she a l£sblan?”. Cindy said and she paused.
“Don’t act like that’s not what you intend to say, Ashley has a history of picking on beautiful girls who threaten her position but she’s known also as a pla-ygirl who shatters people’s heart so I have no answer to that”. Cindy said as they walked out of the gate.
“She was literally asking me if I had a thing for her, isn’t that crazy?”. Kapella asked.
“Ashley is crazy but when did she say this”.
“Don’t bother”.
“I saw you with Ashley’s bag and now…. What are you hiding Kapella?”. Cindy asked.
“It’s nothing, seriously it’s nothing”. She said.
“Friends are meant confide in each other, we’ve been together for years now and now I can’t be trusted”. Cindy said.
“No Cindy is not that?”.
“I don’t know if I can continue with this secrets all over Ella, I’ll go first”. Cindy said as she flagged down a Taxi and hopped in.
“Cindy!”. Kapella called out but the vehicle drove off alre-ady.
“Ma’am”. A cab man said as he drove to front of her.
“Fion Boutique”. She said as she got into the Cab.
🌊🌊🌊🌀Fion River🌀🌊🌊🌊
Men and women armed with harpoons could be seen standing on structure around the big river.
Some other had a drawn bow and some had guns.
A Hyundai SUV drove speedily to the shore and c@m£ to halt creating an atmosphere of dust around it.
The doors pu-ll-ed open and the Arrowood got down.
Ashley had a bow with a sheath filled with arrows behind her.
Finn had an M4A1 hung over him and Diaz had a stun Gun and a desert eagle in his holster.
Lovely appears to have no weapon as he got down from the vehicle with Mrs. Arrowood who wore her eye patch.
“Mom the blueprint of the river”. Lovely said as they moved toward the armed men.
“Someone is getting it”. She replied.
He climbe-d up the ladder to the t©p most p@rt of the building where a woman was viewing the river with her sniper rifle mounted on the roof.
“Excuse me”. He said and she drift back.
He squat low and looked throu-gh the scope.
“This is not a UV scope”. He said as he turned back to her.
“Yes. That one over there has a UV scope”. She said pointing to the other sniper rifle on the roof.
He moved to it and looked in throu-gh the scope.
He could see the little creatures in the river but not big enough to be mermaids.
“UV does not have them in sight, they must have gone de-ep into the river “. Lovely spoke into his Walkie Talkie device and retreat it.
“Then luring them above is the best sh0t”. He heard Ashley’s voice and he turned back to see her.
“s£nd the divers in, use them as bait”. Ashley spoke into her Walkie Talkie and retreat.
“This doesn’t change anything between us”. He said.
“I don’t care, you heard Mom loud and clear”. She said and he nodded.
Divers could be seen di-ving into the waters and Lovely returned to viewing the river with the Sniper rifle.
He could see the divers in ultraviolet colour as they swam in when suddenly some creatures with fins like them appeared from de-ep down gr-abbing them.
Lovely aimed one with his sniper and fired her in the arm causing the rest to flee toward one direction.
“The blueprint”. Diaz said as he climbe-d up the ladder.
He placed it on the ground and they gathered around it.
“There’s a tunnel, over there”. Finn said marking it with he pencil.
Lovely rushed to the sniper rifle again and looked throu-gh it.
He could see the divers headed for same direction as well.
“Where does the tunnel leads?”. He asked.
Ashley collects the pencil from Finn and trailed the tunnel down to an intersection.
“It connects to sewer that bur-st out in Fion Factory “. Ashley said.
“They’re escaping throu-gh the tunnel “. Lovely said.
” What? “.
They hurried down the ladder and almost bu-mped into Mrs. Arrowood.
” The divers s£nt a message, the mermaids are headed for the surface of the waters at the north side “. She said.
” It’s not the surface mother, it’s a tunnel that’s close to the surface, we know were it’s bur-sting, Diaz you drive”. Lovely said as they moved toward the SUV.
They all got in and he reversed the vehicle before driving off speedily.
They got down from the vehicle and raced into the factory.
They all paused seeing the open sewer and men armed with spanners waiting for them.
“They’ve been charmed”. Lovely said as one of the men raced at them, Ashley re-leases the arrow in her bow into his l@p and he dropped out.
The rest roared as they raced at them.
“C’mon they’re decoys”. Diaz said and they ran back to the vehicle.
They got in as the men threw the spanner at them.
He starts the ignition and drove off.
“They transformed into mermaids so coming out right now they’re n-ked”. Lovely said.
“That means they’re close by”. Finn said.
“Exactly… Tell mom to s£nd the agents into building around”. Diaz said.
“And what would we be doing?”. Lovely asked.
“Hunting”. He replied.
The streets was Fion was busy as usual.
With people buying tickets into theatre and museum as vehicles drove by.
Pedestrian crossing the road, with banners and flags on building swinging to the call of the wind.
The market was filled with a lot of people as they bought.
Lovely could be seen walking throu-gh the crowd of buyers as he looked around.
Then he saw this girl ba-refoot covered in a coat in front of a market stall.
“Would you go brother, you know my ways are brutal”. He had a voice from behind and turned to see Diaz.
“Get the vehicle re-ady”. He said as he di-pped his hand into his cost and brou-ght out a sachet of salt.
He di-pped his hand in and returned it before approaching her.
“Ice cream plea-se”. He said as he gave the woman at the stall a dollar note an stylishly t©uçh the girl’s hand other hand that had a t©uçh of salt.
She flin-ched and he turned to her.
“Um is all well”. He asked and she nodded.
“You looked scared, are you lost?”. He asked.
“Who are you? What do you have on your hands?”. She asked.
“My hands nothing except probably salt, I work for a salt manufacturing company down the street”. He said and she exhaled.
“Is everything well?”. He asked and she nodded.
“By the way, I love your hair, you’re beautiful”. He said and she nodded.
“You can’t lie, you’re scared, what it, I can help you”. He said.
“Someone wants to capture me”. She said.
“You mean kidnap”.
“Oh my God! Have you called the cops?”. He asked.
“They’re dangerous”. She screamed.
“Hey shhh it’s alright”. He said as she fell into his arm as she sobbe-d.
Diaz appeared behind and plugged the Stun Gun into her back pressing the trigger.
A stun gun works by attacking the nervous system, delivering high-voltage electricity to a b©dy.
She screamed as the electric shock caused her to shake vigorously.
He pu-ll-ed it and she stood immobilized.
“You lied”. She whispered and dropped unconscious to the ground.
“What have you done I had her!”. Lovely roared.
“Or you were flir-ting with a mermaid, five minutes Lovely for something that can be executed in less than twenty seconds”. Diaz said.
“You do it better? Then go ask Mom why I’ll always be chos£n above you all”. He said.
“Don’t provoke me, Candy”. He said and an SUV pu-ll-ed over.
The p@ss£nger’s door pu-ll-ed open revea-ling Finn.
“Bring her in”.
“What are you doing?”. The Women who sold ice-cream screamed.
“Call the cops and don’t forget to them, The Arrowood”. Diaz said and dragged the girl’s b©dy up.
Finn took the b©dy from him and dragged it in.
“That girl was innocent”. Lovely said.
“Now I hate the fact that you work with us”. Diaz said.
“I saw it in her eyes, she wanted a life, she was innocent”. He said and Diaz placed a phone on his hand.
He stared a the screen and could see a moving dot on the map.
“I stabbe-d one but she escaped, the dagger has a tracker, follow it and don’t flop because I’m calling Mom right away to inform her that emotion had taken over her dear son again”. Diaz said and got in.
“Drive Ash”.
🌊🎶🎶Fion Boutique🎶🎶🌊
Kapella could be seen putting some dress into a trolley when her br@celet began to glow brightly.
“What’s happening? Am not provoking it”. She said looking around.
“Help!”. She heard a soft voice in her head.
She quic-kly took off the br@celet and exhaled.
She could feel a pres£nce around and could feel the distress.
“plea-se help me, I can feel you and I know you can hear me”. She could hear the voice in her head.
“What’s happening to me?”. She asked looking around.
“Your left, I’m there”. The voice in her head said again.
Kapella turned to the left and it was the fire exit.
She let go of her trolley and head for the door.
She pushed it open and entered as she climb up the stairs slowly.
She turned to the left and continued climbing as it c@m£ closer.
She g@sped as she saw a woman bleeding from the stomach with a knife stuck in.
The staircase was literally filled with dripping blood.
“Oh my God I need to call the ambulance”. She said as she wore her br@celet.
“No don’t, I’m a Mermaid”. She said.
“You’re a what?”.
“I know you’re one, that’s why you heard me”. She said and paused.
“Someone is coming, you hear the steps”. She said.
Kapella’s rose to her feet slowly and moved for the exit door.
She pushed it open and stepped out.
A hand gr@bb£d her n£¢k almost pushing her off the outside stairs of the fire exit.
It was Lovely.
He gr@bb£d the Stun gun behind him but paused seeing her face.
“Ella”. He whispered.


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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_14🐬
He slowly let go of her n£¢k as she stared blankly at him.
“What are you doing here?”. He asked.
“Um.. I heard you were taken are you alright? What are you doing here?”. She asked placing her hand on his shoulder.
“Running from my mother’s people again Um sorry I gr@bb£d your n£¢k, I thought you were just one waiting for me”. He said as he slowly re-leased his grip on the Stun gun.
“Adrenaline”. She said and he smiled.
“Yeah adrenaline”.
“Well i c@m£ to get some dress and needed some air, she said walking down the stairs that prompt him to follow.
” That’s nice, I could come get you more if you… “.
” No, not at all all, just need a few, Mr. X would want to turn my room to a boutique so I didn’t really mean to say no”. She said as they got down from the stairs.
He laughed and he tapped his l@p.
“Yeah I un-derstand, totally”. He said.
“Excuse me, are you still buying those dress?”. A man said as he approached her.
“Yeah, just having a moment with a friend”. She said.
“Alright then”. He said and left.
“Now I need to continue moving, one or two c@m£ras must have caught me”. He said and she nodded.
“Alright, stay safe”. She said and he nodded as well.
She waved at him as he climbe-d up the stairs and he smiled bringing out the phone.
He entered throu-gh the exit door and he checked the location of the tracker.
It was now far away from the Boutique.
“$h!t! What’s wrong with you? “. He cursed and raced off.
Kapella slowly closed the door and turned to where the woman was but she was no longer there.
” Hello! “. She said taking off her br@celet but there was no response.
She didn’t feel the pres£nce again.
Kapella ran down the stairs to the Boutique and exhaled as she puts on the br@celet.
Lovely could be seen running speedily as he kept glancing at the phone’s screen.
He somersaults over a moving vehicle and the driver hits the horn angrily.
He was getting closer to the dot as he pu-ll-ed the stun gun behind him.
He raced into the building but it was empty.
That was when he saw the bloody knife on the ground.
She roared angrily as he punched the wall.
She must have taken the opportunity to escape while he was with Kapella.
Steve walked sluggishly toward the door as the bell rang loudly.
He unlocked it and opened revea-ling Kapella.
“What did you buy?”. He said as he saw the two bags she held.
“You would love it”. She as he closed the door.
“Don’t kill me with suspense”. He said.
“It’s just cloth Steve, I want to upd@t£ my wardrobe”. She said.
“Hush!”. He said and coll@psed on the couch.
“You can’t even help me”. She said.
“Do I get to wear them with you?” “. He asked.
She scoffed and climbe-d up the stairs.
She got into her room and coll@psed on her be-d with the bags.
” Hectic hectic day “. She said.
There was a knock on the door and she gro-an ed.
” Let me be Steve “. She said and the door pushed.
Mrs. Elijah entered and sat on the be-d.
“Oh Mom”.
“How was school?”.
“Fine. It was fine”. She said with a gloomy voice.
“I hope you didn’t take the br@celet off”. She asked.
“Mom I……”.
“Don’t lie Kapella I know you took it off”. She said.
“Do you now re-ad minds?”. Kapella asked.
“Maybe I just know my daughter well enough”.
“Mom I meet a Mermaid like me”. She said and Mrs. Elijah’s eyes popped out.
“She was wounded and needed help”. Kapella said.
“You ain’t good at ma-king jokes daughter”.
“Am serious mom, my br@celet was glowing so I took it off and I could feel her and could hear her voice in my head asking me to help”. Kapella said.
“Did you?”.
“She vanished mysteriously”.
Mrs. Elijah exhaled and placed her hand on her shoulder.
“I know you want to be with your kind but you must avoid them”.
“Mom? Seriously? I get to meet my kind and.. Oh my God, it’s so ridiculous”. She said.
“Not all Mermaids are good, Mermaids get drawn to wherever their kinds are and if you really saw a Mermaid, others might move into the City”. She said.
“So you’re asking me to avoid the people who could make me know who I am?”.
“You know who you are alre-ady Daughter, whenever you take the br@celet off everything within your ability comes flowing throu-gh your head”. She said.
“I know that alre-ady Mom but I want to know what’s like to be a mermaid, to have and speak to people like me”. She said.
“I know i can’t st©p your decision, you always do what you wish but just be careful”. Mrs. Elijah said and rose up.
“You’re a special Mermaid daughter even if you befriend them, don’t let them know your Mermaid form or see your tears without the br@celet, it’s diamond”. She said.
“What? Diamond?”. She asked.
“Yes, Your kind have been hunted for centuries now, your mother who was the last of the Artic sacrificed herself to save your life, now you’re the last of the special kind, do you have any idea what it means to have diamond tears, people would do anything just to get you, that’s why am trying to protect you, the moment it leaks there’s an Artic Mermaid in this city, it’ll be flooded with hunters “. Mrs. Elijah said and her phone buzzed.
” I guess we have to cut it here, hello dear “. She said as she walked out.
A yellow Cab halt in front of Cindy’s home and Kapella got down.
It was morning but with a t©uçh of darkness as it was 5am.
Kapella knocked on the door and waited but there was no response.
She knocked again and a voice c@m£ throu-gh.
“For heaven sake it’s 5am”. Francis voice roared and the door pu-ll-ed open.
“Gosh! Kapella what the hell are you doing here?”. He asked ba-re che-st as he leaned against the door post.
“Would you let me in?”. She asked.
“A moment of staring at my che-st should do”. He said and he bit his lowerl-ips.
She placed her hand on his che-st and pushed him away.
“If you think your tiny che-st would cause me to trip then you’re totally wrong”. She said as she head for the stairs.
“You don’t do boys?”. He said and she paused holding the staircase.
“Then you do girls right, like my sister, you broke up with her and she’s been crying all night and you’re here to make up for it”. He said and she turned back slowly.
“The next time you say that $h!t, I’ll make sure I sl@p you h@rder than Cindy did”.
“Sl@p my @ss instead”. He said.
She shook her head and climbe-d up the scene.
“If you want me to join you girls, am available”. He said loudly.
Kapella pushed the door of Cindy’s room open and entered.
She was still fast asleep un-der the duvet.
She dropped her bag on the table and joined her un-der the duvet.
Cindy woke as she felt a hand on her shoulder.
She yawned loudly and her eyes blinked open.
“If you don’t get your hands of me Francis I’ll gr-ab a knife right away and stab your per-vert soul out of your b©dy to meet Hades”.She said and paused as Kapella held her ti-ghtly.
“I said…. !”. She roared as she turned back but exhaled seeing Kapella.
“You scared me, what are you doing here?”. She whispered.
“I c@m£ to apologize”. She said and Cindy turned away.
“Am sorry Cindy”. She said.
“You shouldn’t have come K “.
“I value our friendsh!pCindy and I’m not re-ady to lose it”. Kapella said as she held on to her ti-ghtly.
“It can never work with secrets, Kapella”. Cindy said.
“I know Cindy, just give me time to take the courage and tell you, I don’t have the courage yet”. She said.
“We’re friends your years, what secret is so big that we haven’t shared both dirty and clean”.
“It’s different “.
” I promise I’ll tell you just give me time, plea-se Cindy un-derstand, you know I’ve never kept anything from you.
Cindy exhaled as she held Kapella’s hand.
“Alright.. Just Um be careful okay”. Cindy said and she nodded.
🥫🥫🥫The Warehouse🥫🥫🥫
Lovely could could be seen hanged upside down to the ceiling as hid b©dy swing slowly.
Mrs. Arrowood walked with a knife and his eyes opened up.
It was completely red and filled with tears.
“I’m sorry Mom plea-se st©p the torment”. An Inaudible whisper escape from hisl-ips.
She threw the knife and it cuts the rope letting him crash weakly to the ground.
She placed a cup of water on hisl-ips and he drank hurriedly.
“Now let’s talk”.
Lovely la-id flat as he watched the gecko on the ceiling.
“You hang your son like some piece of $h!t for hours and the only thing you say is let’s talk?”. He asked.
“To be specific 14 hours, right from afternoon”. She said.
He tried to get up but could as his legs ached so badly.
“You can’t walk not yet”.
“What if I had died!”. He roared.
“Seems You’re eager to continue your punishment”.
“Since you don’t want to listen to me then that’s the only option”.
“Fine Mom I flopped I’m sorry but don’t forget that capturing three Mermaids out of ten was because I figured they were escaping”. He said.
“That’s why I love you son, you have the true hunter skill and think”.
“Diaz loves this, Finn does, I don’t know about Ashley, why don’t you take them, why me always?”. He cried.
“You should count yourself worthy to be next heir to take the Legacy of the Arrowood “. She said.
” I’m not the first child Mom “.
” Dahlia is a female “.
“And what about Diaz, we have same d@t£ of birth but we all know that isn’t true, who’s the second child?”. Lovely asked.
“It ain’t your business, it might be you and I just use that to put Diaz in line to hope of been the heir or its him and I manipulated it because I loved you more, you don’t know so keep it that way and have not learnt not to object me yet?”.
“Sorry Mom”.
“Who was that girl?”.
“We analyzed the motion of the tracker and it st©pped at that boutique, you were close on it but you got distracted and gave an escape opportunity, I watched the footage over and over again, what girl could make you forget your mission?”.
“She’s nothing important Mom”.
“The c@m£ra didn’t catch her face but you know i can find her with my ways”.
“Fine, just a puppet I want to toy with for a moment, that’s all Mom”.
“Funny that’s what your brothers suggested also, so it’s true but when did my son decide to have a woman and talk less of a puppet”. She said.
“Can’t I try to be happy for once”.
“My son have never had a thing for a woman for few years now that’s how I trained you to, Love pu-lls you back like it did today so as usual we get to kill them from your lives”.
“C’mon Mom it isn’t Love, the last time I loved was four years ago, I’ve learnt my lesson alre-ady, I’m a man mom, do you think i could abstain from girls forever?”. He asked.
“if she’s some puppet and no emotion attached, fine then but doesn’t explain why you abandoned your mission? “.
” She was gonna follow me into that boutique and I can’t let her see my do it “.
” Have you forgotten we’re above the law, are you afraid of cops? “.
” No mom, I’ve wooed the girl and am this close to getting her, I can’t ruin it mom, when am done you can have her I don’t care “. He said.
” No, No son, my bad and I apologize for that, you can have a girl as your puppet for whatever long but no emotions attached you’re the heir and when the right time comes we’ll arrange your marriage “.
” Don’t talk about marriage mom, I hate the word”.
“Fine.. I wanted to ask what happened at the market but since you’re back to default, I don’t think it’s necessary”. She said.
“Can I atleast eat, I feel like dying”
He said.
“” You’ll get food son and I’ll get the doctor to treat your legs but note this, the next time you flop or let emotional take you, i won’t just hang you, I’ll tie your hands behind you and below will be h0t coal that’s gonna heat you up like their lives depend on it “. She threatened and rose to her feet.
” Bring his meal! “.
🌥️🌥️🌥️🌫️That Morning🌫️🌥️🌥️🌥️
” Today I won’t be dropping just one b©dy but ten, damn ten all because you can’t answer just one question, you think you’re gonna escape like those ten, never gonna happen, we’ve gotten three alre-ady and surely get the rest”. Mrs. Arrowood said and picked an axe.
She di-pped it into a bucket of salt and raised it out, I’ve granted you a merciful death for a while now but we’re moving to the next stage, I cut the legs and the salts eat into it, then the hand, the stomach for the bowels to gush out and then a final t©uçh to the head, I hope you’re imagining it right now, how horrific but you save yourself, just the name of one stupid Mermaid, that’s all “. She said and paused.
” No response, very well, I’ve killed the young for a while, let’s move to old “. She said as she moved to a woman with Grey hair.
” With so much displea-sure in my heart “. She said raising the axe up.
The Mermaids hummed shaking their heads furiously.
Mrs. Arrowood retreats the ask and re-moved the gag from the woman’s mouth.
” Your people don’t want me to kill you, seems you’re so important, now tell me “.
” We can’t betray Anita, not now, You know what it means giving her out just for some death, it puts an end to the Artic specie”. She announced.
“Funny thing is we don’t kill Mermaid only the stubborn one like you”. She said and raised the axe up again.
The Mermaids hummed again and she exhaled as she moved to a girl and took down her gag.
“You’re right but Anita wouldn’t want us all to die for her, she’ll want us to secure our lives first”. The Girl said and the rest agreed.
“Shut up daughter, you know nothing”.
“You’ve lived your life mother, two hundred and I’m just twenty five, I haven’t lived a life and I’m not re-ady to die so am gonna give her”. She said.
“Keep shut woman”.
“Anita was headed for the Sardinia Island, she knew you wouldn’t follow because of the sea rocks that could cause a wreck “. She said.
” And how can I be so sure you ain’t lying? “. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
” We haven’t given a name for eighteen years, now I gave one, doesn’t it ring a bell but you won’t find her so it isn’t my fault, she must have left Sardinia Island she’s no fool”. She said.
“That’s right but even that long they’ll be a clue where she went next”. Mrs. Arrowood said and dropped the ask.
“Now you’re gonna tell me what was in that box she protected?”. She asked and they remained mute.
“My bad, let’s leave that for when I return, so you see I ain’t evil, all I needed was a damn name, Elvis, feed them with a good meal and cancel Roxy’s flight, we’re going on a trip”. Mrs. Arrowood said walking out.
“Trip to Sardinia Island?”. Lovely said as he dropped the cup of wine.
“That’s right son”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she looked out throu-gh the window.
“I have a school to attend Mom”. He said.
“Am when did my children bec@m£ bothered about school, it isn’t gonna take long a week would do”.
“A Week?”.
“Any problem”.
“I know you wouldn’t your siblings to come so I’ve exempt them, the can go to school and live normal life while you pl@ysolo like you love to”.
“What? No! Let them come along mom”.
“And there’s a big suspicion in your voice, how do you suddenly love your siblings and want them?”. She asked.
“They can do the dirty thing they love to”.
“We ain’t there to capture Mermaids but investigate the Island but if we find we find Mermaids at the Atlantic, good riddance “. She said.
” Alright Mom, one week, that’s alright so I gotta go I’m late for school alre-ady “.
” Go where? We’re leaving now? “.
” What? “.
His phone buzzed and he checked the message from Ashley.
” You’re a bit-ch, acting all suspicious forgetting mom has her way of finding things, you show much interest in school she knows something is going on, Geez! You really want mom to kill that girl so fast and then I have no one to pick on, she’s the best I’ve ever picked on, you’re such a wicked brother “.
” Are you alright? “. She asked.
” Yeah”. He replied raising his head up.
“Can I get something from school, I forgot it yesterday”. He said.
“You can s£nd someone to get it”. She replied.
“bit-ch, you’re ma-king it obvious alre-ady”. Ashley’s message pinged in.
“Um… I need to submit my @ssignment”.
“What is it son? When did you start to do @ssignment, you were hvgged up all half of yesterday”. She said and he laughed.
“Hmm you now know my escape tricks and how to block them”. He said as he sipped in the wine in the cup.
“Oh you were trying to escape from the trip, the building is surrounded, there’s no escaping ‘. She said raising to her feet.
” Alright Mom, Sardinia Island here we go “. He said.
” Now that’s Candy, I said your siblings ain’t coming but I didn’t mention that Dahlia is coming along”. She said and he slowly dropped the cup.
“You love her more then your other siblings don’t you? “.
” You mean in reverse order “. He said.
” Your Dad is joining us too”.
“You mean step”. He said.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Roxy is joining us too”. Mrs. Arrowood said and walked out.
His phone buzzed and he checked the message from Ashley again.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her bro”.
“I promise you if you l@ya f!nger on her……”. He was typing but paused as two hand wra-pped around his n£¢k with the manicured nail c@r£ss!nghis face.
“It’s been so long Canny D”. A soft femanine voice whispered into his ear.
Kapella and Cindy hurriedly st©pped a Taxi and got in.
“You are the reason we’re late”. Cindy said.
“I never asked you to stay long in the shower”. Kapella fired as the cab began to move.
“Do you know where we’re going?”. She asked.
“Phoenix High, isn’t it? I’ve picked you before”. He said.
“Alright then hush, I hate going late to PROFESSOR RAJI’S cl@ss”. Kapella said.
“You now have interest in Foreign Language?”.
“I think so”.
“You’ve been re-ading Lovely’s book?”. Cindy asked.
“Yeah, it’s good”. She said and the cab drove past the school.
“Excuse me do you have any idea where you’re going? Turn around “. Cindy asked.
“Higher calling”. He said taking a gun from the comp@rtment of the vehicle.
He turned back and fired pins into their flesh.
They gro-an ed and dropped unconscious to the seat.
He dropped the Gun and spoke into his Walkie Talkie.
“I have her but she’s with her friend, I have the both, where should I bring them? “. He asked and nodded.
Kapella’s eyes blinked open slowly with a reflection of blue in her iris as her br@celet glowed brightly.

🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_15🐬
Lovely, Dahlia and Roxy could be seen moving toward a heli-pad denoted by a capital ‘H’ with their backpack behind them.
“This is gonna be the best vacation ever”. Dahlia said as she wra-pped her hand around Lovely’s n£¢k.
“What vacation?, hush!”. He said taking her hand off his n£¢k.
“You were chocking me”. He said.
“Can you guys just st©p talking for once?”. Roxy said.
“Oh Roxy I don’t have an idea why mom wants you to come alone but more I’m the queen of the island so you….”.
“Just keep your $h!t to yourself, I don’t want to hear”. She said and walking past them but paused as the helicopter descends slowly.
The wind created by the wind pushed her back but Lovely caught her.
“You see, all you got is a fleshy ton-gue”. Dahlia said.
The helicopter lands and the door pushed open.
“Thank you”. Roxy said and he let go of her as they got in.
The door was pushed closed and the helicopter navigated up.
The Cab st©pped at a warehouse and the chauffeur got down to meet some set of men with c.
Kapella peeped out and re-moved the pins in Cindy’s n£¢k.
She g@sped to consciousness and she covered her mouth.
“We’ve been kidnapped Cindy”.
“They want money from your father, you didn’t tell me he was that wealthy”. Kapella said.
“Of course he is, is this the right time, we’re in trouble”. Cindy said as she peeped throu-gh the window.
“Let’s call the cops”. Kapella said as she took a phone and gave it to Cindy.
“How long before they get here?”. Cindy asked.
“This are just men armed with club, nothing more”. She said.
“And where did you suddenly get courage?”. Cindy asked.
“Just stay in”. Kapella said as she opened the door.
“Am coming with you”.
“Are you nuts? Stay back”. Kapella said.
“Is this your br@celet?”. Cindy said wanting to take the br@celet on the seat but Kapella sl@pped her hand off and took it swiftly.
She slide it into her pocket and walked out.
She moved toward the direction of the men with her head filled with all possible defense one could think of.
She whistle and they turned to her direction.
“I think you caught the wrong girl”. She said.
“How! How! Get her!”. The chauffeur screamed.
They held their clubs ti-ghtly and raced at her.
She dived forward with an amazing leapt kicking the first man.
She dodged the club of the second and hits him with her elbow.
The attack was so h@rd that one of the bones broke.
She jumped back dodging their club and kicked a carton causing them to dodge.
She counter attacked kicking two of the men at once.
She squat low escaping the club that then hits two of the men.
She gr@bb£d one of club from the men and headbu-tts him.
Kapella turned as she launched it at the other man who dodged.
It hits the wall scattering into pieces of which scared the men.
Kapella gro-an ed as fish scales began to appear on her hands.
The men dropped their clubs and took off but they were welcomed by the arriving cops.
Cindy g@sped as she got a glimpse of Kapella’s blue eye before it vanish.
“You’ve been silent since we left the warehouse”. Kapella said as they walked throu-gh the entrance.
Cindy exhaled and shook her head.
“We’ve settled the cops alre-ady, we got kidnapped and we called but I had to self defense so don’t be frighten”. Kapella said.
“It isn’t that K, we grew up together and both of us know that you can’t go against a full grown man all the by yourself, talk less of many, you were acting fast like your br@in was a computer, she was like you knew their moves, they couldn’t even get a single hit at you “. Cindy said.
” I’ve been training Cindy “.
” Does that include your blue iris? “. Cindy asked and she paused.
” Yeah, I saw it and you might also want to tell why those men were scared “. Cindy said.
” I… I… I can’t lie to you Cindy “. She said.
” It’s alright”. Cindy said holding her to herself.
They got to their cl@ssroom and pushed open the door to see Mr. Raji with a masker.
“You’re late again, Miss Kapella”. He said taking off his shades.
“Am sorry Mr. Raji we ran into some trouble”. She said.
“As much as I want to punish you fall in “. He said and took his marker.
They quic-kly hurried in and sat, Kapella turned to Lovely’s seat and couldn’t find him.
She couldn’t concentrate in cl@ss as she kept checking his empty seat.
Lovely sat on the cushion chair as he picked a pen and opened his Jotter.
“Dear Kapella”. He began and paused.
“This sounds impromptu but that’s right I didn’t plan for it so am gonna hurry”. He resumed.
“I know we haven’t been on stable ground for of recent now, I told you to stay away but sincerely I never meant it, I was just scared cos a lot of people will try to hurt me throu-gh you. Our meeting yesterday made me realize that our friendsh!pwas still solid, so our say our meeting was a good coincidence.
With heaviness in my heart I take this moment to write to you that I’ll be going on a trip, with my family to an Island and I might not return soon probably a week or so, you don’t have to miss me because I’ll admit that I’ll miss you, plea-se do stay out of trouble and have a blacklist where you’ll do¢vment all the troubles my siblings caused so I’ll deal with them when i return smiles… Just be a good girl.. See you soon… Yours Lovely… Lovely “. He dropped his pen and smiled.
” And what could make you you smile that p@ssionately ”
Dahlia said as she walked into the room.
” The door is there to knock before entering, what if I was dressing up? “.
” So….what do you think got that I haven’t seem before?”. She said and he scoffed.
” Let me see it “. She said.
” What? “.
” The Jotter”.
“C’mon it’s a dirty secret that isn’t gonna leak”. He said raising to his feet.
“You fantasize your sister”. She whispered.
“Gosh! Would you just excuse me Dahlia, go get some wine from the cellar”. He said.
“That’s right, we’re gonna rock a p@rty at Sardinia Island”. She said and walked out.
He tore off the letter from the Jotter and walked out.
He got to the first floor and looked around to be sure no one was watching.
He beckoned at one of the guards and placed it into his hands.
“I need you to deliver this to someone,My Mom mustn’t know neither my siblings, is that clear?”. He said and he nodded.
“Good, You know Kapella Elijah don’t you?”. He asked and he nodded.
“Good I need you to deliver, right away”.
He adjusted his suit and walked away.
Diaz could be seen watching from the balcony.
“What are you up to brother?”. He whispered.
A black Sedan could be going easy on the Highway when a Lamborghini suddenly overtook it.
Diaz got down from the Lamborghini and pu-ll-ed the gun behind him as the guard got down from the Sedan.
“Boss”. He said.
“What did my brother give to you?”. He asked.
“It’s confidential Boss”. He said.
Diaz pu-ll-ed out the gun and points it to his face.
“And so your death would be confidential”. He said.
“Fine…”. He di-pped his hand into his pocket and brou-ght out the paper.
He gave him and he retreat the gun.
“Go!”. Diaz said and he left hurriedly.
He opened the letter and re-ad throu-gh.
Diaz scoffed and burnt it with his lighter.
Ashley could be seen watching from afar on her bike.
She wore her helmet and rode off.
She overtook the Sedan and it st©pped.
The guard got down and exhaled heavily.
“Now you’re gonna tell me all that’s happening”.
“You know what I could do”. She threatened.
“Sir Candy asked me to deliver a letter to a Kapella Elijah, your brother Diaz double crossed and took it”. He said.
“Good go… And discuss this with no one not even Candy”.
Ashley bit her lowerl-ips and mount her bike.
🏝️🏝️🗻Sardinia Island🗻🏝🏝️
The helicopter lands on the shore causing an atmosphere of wind.
“Oh my God! The atmosphere is so!”. Dahlia exclaimed as she jumped down.
Lovely helped Roxy down and the pilot helped down with their luggages.
“What are you doing?”. Roxy asked as Dahlia took off her go-wn remaining a bikini wear.
“One week here, Mom and Dad will never let me do this so before they get here”. She said.
“Was this where the wreck actually happened?”. Roxy asked looking around at the ruins on the shore.
“Eighteen years but still leaves a big scar”. She added.
“And you’re coming in Candy”. She said.
“And Roxy too”. She added.
“I don’t know how to swim”. She said.
“Then be the c@m£ra lady”. Dahlia said as she gave her a Samsung Smartphone.
“You’re coming in Lovely”. She said.
“A minute”. He said taking off his shi-t.
“You’re really going in?”. Roxy asked.
He took off his short and moved toward the waters.
“Are you sure there’s no crocodile in there “. He asked.
“We’ll kill if there’s one”. Dahlia said as they submerged into the water.
Roxy sat on one of the rock and raised the phone up.
She pushed her hand into the shore sand and exhaled heavily.
She felt a soft solid and point it out.
Roxy turned to see the stone she brou-ght out but was shocked.
It was a glimmering gl@ss like stone in form of a mole of water or tear actually.
“Diamond?”. She whispered.
“Roxy!”. Dahlia called out.
“Oh sorry”. She said as she raised the c@m£ra up while digging out the soil with her other hand.
Dahlia and Lovely swam to the surface of the water and leaned against the sea rock.
“Don’t you love the fresh waters?”.
“Don’t act like I had a choice”. He said and she swam out.
She took the phone from Roxy and sat on the ground as he dragged out a bottle of wine from her bag.
She popped it open and gulped in the content.
“I’ll just get in”. Roxy said taking off her shi-t.
“You don’t have a bikini”. Dahlia said.
“I have extra dress”. She said walking toward the water
She ti-ght£ñ the belt of her jeans and walked into the waters.
“You were the last person I was expecting in here”. Lovely said as she leaned against the sea rocks.
“Just to escape her talks which am not re-ady for, I can’t believe you got in”. She said.
“Dahlia gets what she want, I say no, she throws you into the sea and ask me to save you, am leaning to adapt to my family madness and not objecting their request is number one”. He said.
“I heard you were hung fourteen hours straight for flir-ting with a Mermaid”. Roxy said.
“There’s flir-ting in the rumours…”. He said and scoffed.
“She was innocent”.
“Yeah. She was scared and saw me as someone who could save her but Diaz just used the stun gun from behind on her then reported me, her last words still ring like a bell, you lied “.
” It isn’t your fault “. Roxy said.
” Of course I is, am kind of a machine that does whatever I’m asked, I heard you were the one that freed the Mermaids “. He said.
” I don’t have any regret “.
” If I did that Mother will hang me forty eight hours straight “.
” She’s not my Mother, the best she can do is s£nd me back to her evil cousin, my father, I don’t want to return to Spain “. Roxy said.
” Why? “.
” Haven’t you ever heard of the story of the Artic Mermaid who fell in love with a hunter, that Mermaid is my step mother and the hunter is my father who betrayed her so whenever I see him, I see utter evil, he pretended to love the woman just to get married and turn her into his Diamond producing machine “. Roxy said and bite her lower l!pas tears appeared in her eyes.
” It’s alright Roxy “. He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.
” No its not, now they want to find her “.
” You can’t trust me Roxy, I’m evil “.
” No, you’re not, you’re different, you’re just been f0rç£d to do things”. She said.
“If you really want to stay in Phoenix I can make that happen, you attend school and live a normal life, I can arrange it”. He said.
“In exchange for?”.
“Nothing, just don’t cause troubles by re-leasing more Mermaids that way Mother won’t be f0rç£d to s£nd you to Spain”. He said.
“I can’t really say deal cos I feel like my family owes Jane well I won’t be let access to the warehouse again, the only problem is your mother, she badly want to s£nd me back “. Roxy said.
” I’ll take care of her “.
” Why are you so kind? “.
” Hoping to atone for my evil, I might appear good but maybe I’m just the worst of my siblings “. Lovely said as they raced their heads to the Dahlia who was engrossed with her phone.
They could see dark skinned men holding woods creeping out from de-ep in the island with woods and rods.
” Bandits! “. Lovely screamed.
Kapella paced left and right the hall way as they asked students if they’ve seen Candy.
“You don’t st©p amazing me, you’re going crazy”. Cindy said.
“I don’t know, I’m just worried something bad happened to him”.
“You heard Nancy, it’s a family thing”. Cindy said.
“He should be in school today”.
“Do you have his contact?”.
“No I don’t”.
“Then find Nancy, she might have it, I’ll go this way”. Cindy said.
“I’ll check the Cafeteria”. Kapella said and hurried off.
She walked in and looked around when she sight the shi-t he once wore.
She smiled as she moved to the table.
“Hey I was getting worried”. She said as she sat but paused seeing his face.
“So good to see your smile at a close range”. He said and she rose up hurriedly.
“Seems I’m gonna switch to Candy’s cloth if that would make you smile”. He win-ked and she walked away but she tr!pp£dover a foot and crashed on her knees.
She raised her head to see Diaz with a creepy smile.
“You look depressed luv”. He said and she got up.
“Just let me be alre-ady”. She said wanting to walk away.
“Don’t you de-sire to know where dear Candy went or is?”. He said and she paused.
“No. I’ll take my leave”. She said and he raised his phone to her phone.
Kapella g@sped as she stared at the picture.
It was Lovely in a helicopter with Dahlia who had her hand wra-pped around his n£¢k as she consumed wine and Roxy beside re-ading a novel.
“Seems you got a talent at ph0toshopping”. Kapella said.
“Dumb girl”. He said.
“Only my friend is permitted to call me that”. She said.
“Lovely is on a vacation with his two beautiful girlfriends so st©p searching around the school like you lost a diamond”. Diaz said.
“Then good, I know where he is then”. Kapella said.
“Don’t be in a hurry”. He said as he moved to his Whatapp status and tapped on a contact ‘Dahlia’.
Kapella watched the status from picture to picture as it was uploaded about ten minutes ago.
All had Dahlia and Lovely’s selfie in the helicopter and then the thirty seconds video of the both of them swimming close to the shore.
“Roxy!”. She could hear the girl’s voice.
“Oh sorry”. He heard a close voice and the c@m£ra adjusted properly.
“St©p it!”. Kapella breath as her heart pound heavily.
“Just one more”. He said as it got to the last picture uploaded.
Lovely’s hand was on Roxy’s shoulder as they both stared at each other leaning on the sea rock.
The picture had a caption ‘ He just abandoned me for her, Knife or a Gun which is fast and effective? ‘.
At this time Kapella’s eye was filled with visible tears alre-ady.
“I don’t hide been a bad guy, it’s visible, everyone knows about it so you see Kapella be mine and you’ll be mine alone, I’ll quit been a pla-yboy if that want but that hypocrite of a brother, you don’t deserve him luv”. He whispered.
“Shut up!”. Kapella roared as she head the table causing it to crack straight away.
She raged out of the Cafeteria and he chuckled.
“You’ll run back into my arms Kapella”. He roared.
Kapella ran as she bur-st into tears.
“No! No!”. She lament shaking her head.
Her br@celet began to glow as her heart beats uncontrollable.
She pu-ll-ed off the br@celet and as her ability c@m£ into her memories as usual there was now flashes of images of Nancy telling that Lovely was a good person at the h0tel.
“With all I’ve told you, you now know everything about Mermaids and how to take care of my daughter, remember everything Jane, plea-se don’t fail me”. Anita whispered as she grew weaker.
” No Anny don’t do this”. Mrs. Elijah cried as he held her hand with one hand.
“Remember everything, the br@celet, the other mermaids, her transformation, the hunters and every other things I’ve told you, tell her all when she come of age, never forget she’s a dangerous specie of Mermaid whoose unleashed rage cannot be reckoned with, make sure she doesn’t have a cause to hate or love excessively because those two emotions can make or Mar a mermaid “. Anita said and g@sped as her heart bec@m£ as strong as a stone.
” Anita! “.
” When the br@celet br@celet exceed it limit even if you’re going to charge it like I’ve instructed, let her go throu-gh the first transformation process it’s painful, but the b©dy will adjust from that moment “. Anita whispered.
” You said when she transforms she’ll be drawn to water from that moment and it’ll change her “.
” You have to, If she doesn’t go to water for the first transformation and provokes it over and over again, the water will come for her, that’s the rule, I trust you Jane “. Akira whispered slowly as her eyes closed and her hand dropped off Jane’s.
Jane g@sped in tears as she held her hand.
Her face started dessicating as the fresh wind blew.
” No Anita! “. She cried as Mr. Elijah held her to herself, consoling her.
Kapella could be seen walking angrily into the pool room.
“Nancy!”. She screamed looking around but there was no one in the place.
She moved toward the pool and looked in but there was no one in.
She could feel the strong urge to jump in but she resisted as she walked toward the door.
The water in the pool arou-sedup slowly and Kapella paused.
She felt the pres£nce of something but couldn’t say.
She took few more steps and the entire water was completely out of the pool as it was now in air following her behind.
She held her br@celet as she walked out of the room and paused seeing Nancy and Cindy as they moved toward her.
Her heart began you pound so fast as her eyes flashed blue for a moment.
“Hey Kapella”. Nancy said as they got to her.
“You lier!”. She roared and the flying water bur-st out of the room flooding them away and every student at the hallway.
The br@celet fell from her hand and the waters took it away as they battled with the flood.
Screams filled the air as the hvge water flood down hallways taking students along.
Kapella managed to gr-ab the staircase so the water don’t take her away.
Suddenly and Unannounced her h!ps grew large causing her Jean to tear.
She could feel her legs gluing to each other as the bones and flesh re-adjusted into themselves.
Her foots twist swiftly to opposite horizontal and flatten out causing her to scream loudly.


🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_16🐬
Lovely rushed out of the water as Dahlia looked back.
She cursed dropping her phone.
She unZi-pped her back and dragged out two wooden boomerang.
“Where are you going?”. Roxy screamed.
“Stay back”. Lovely said.
“Dahlia!”. He screamed but she alre-ady dashed at the men.
She strike the first man on the che-st with the boomerang and kicked the other.
They tried to gr-ab her but she jumped back escaping their grip as she hits one of the men on the hand.
That was when Lovely arrived as he dived gr-abbing down one of the men that raised his wood to hit her.
He punched his face and rolled off as one of the men tried to hit him with his club but hits the man on the ground instead.
Even before he could think of turning to Lovely, he kicked his face and he crashed to the ground.
A wood hit him on the head and he crashed down.
Roxy raced out of the water speedily as Lovely blocked the wood with his hand.
He gro-an ed loudly as he felt the pain.
The man raised the wood up but a bottle of rum scattered on his head.
Lovely sh0t his legs up hitting the man away.
He turned to the direction the bottle c@m£ from and saw Roxy.
She screamed as one of the men raced at her but a bommerang hit his n£¢k and he dropped.
Lovely squat low escaping the attack from behind, she turned plugging a punch into the belly of the man.
Dahlia hits one the men on the face with her bommerang and threw it at the last who was running at them.
It hits his throat and he dropped down.
“Was that a welcoming p@rty?”. Dahlia asked.
“There might be more of them”. Lovely said.
“You think so?”. Roxy asked and a group of men raced out of the island.
“Not again”. Dahlia said.
Fear engulfed them as gunsh0ts from above echoed the air.
Bullets hits the incoming men causing them to fall.
They raised their heads up and could see a helicopter headed for the place with Mr. Arrowood firing a Gatling gun down.
They looked back down and the men were in a pool of blood.
They were dead.
“Oh my God!”. Roxy exclaimed.
Her screamed caused everything electrical to explode even the c@m£ras and the lights.
Holding the staircase threw herself from the flooding water and landed on stairs.
She breath heartlessly as the flood flowing in front of her twist vigorously.
She gro-an ed further as her h!ps kept enlarging tearing off her jeans completely.
She could see her n-ked flesh and scales appearing on it.
The students couldn’t see her as they battled with the flood that took them away and with the lights out visibility was low.
She gr@bb£d the staircase and pu-ll-ed herself up further as from the reach of the p@ssing water.
The transformation had become slow as she was no longer in water.
A student ran down the stairs and paused on seeing her.
She screamed loudly wanting to run back up but Kapella fixed up gr-abbing her leg.
The Girl screamed kicking her face but it had little effect on her as she gr@bb£d her cloth with her hand and r!pp£dit off her remaining her br@.
“What are you doing?”. She cried.
Kapella rolled the cloth into a bolus and began to clean the water of her leg.
She sang slowly as she looked the girl in the eye.
The voice was so enticing that her eyes glued to Kapella’s l!puntil she was hypnotize.
“Clean it up”. She said as she gave her the rag.
Kapella turned over and she hurriedly cleaned the water from her leg which st©pped the transforming abruptly.
She could feel her and see her merged legs separating as the bones re-adjusted as well.
Her foot twist back to the vertical position and she gro-an ed.
Kapella rose up slowly and was n-ked except for her shi-t which she still had on.
She took her torn trou-ser and shoe wanting to give it to the girl when she had footsteps above with voices.
“Go! Tell them to leave imme that the water is rising up the stairs”.
She raced off immediately and shortly Kapella heard screens with fading footsteps.
She smiled and climbe-d up the stairs.
She entered into the restroom with the girl and turned to her.
“You’re gonna borrow me undie and your Sk-irt”.
🏝️🏝️🏝️Sardinia Island🏝🏝🏝️
“Make sure the entire island is clear”. Mrs. Arrowood instructed as the gun men spre-ad into the island.
Roxy could be seen seating far away as the other men threw the bodies of the men into the sea.
Lovely moved to where she was and sat beside her.
“Are you alright?”. He asked.
“How do you expect me to be alright after seeing some men die in front of me “. She said.
” They attacked us “.
“Does that justifies killing them?”. She asked.
“No it don’t”. He and she leaned her head on his shoulder.
“I thought it’ll be better at Phoenix but seems I was wrong”. She said.
“You want to go back to Spain?”. He asked.
“This place is no different from Spain, same horror, the only difference is I’ve someone who’s an Arrowood but with human mentality and feeling”. She said.
“Of course who else?”.
“You’re getting it wrong Roxy, I’m always responsible for ma-king evil plans the difference is my siblings are the ones who got the gut to execute it”. He said.
“No, that isn’t you Lovely, it’s because you had no choice, a mother hanging her son upside down for fourteen hours straight, it’s enough to demoralize him but you’re still here with some humanity”.
“Don’t over hyp me Roxy it’s just a matter of time before I’m f0rç£d into complete evil”. He said.
“Don’t you have plans?”. She asked.
“Plans to break from your Mother’s control”. She said and he scoffed.
“What plans do you have to break from your father’s control?”. He asked and she remained mute.
“See, we both have no plan because we know the consequences”. He said.
“Come over kid, we have a lot to do”. Mr. Arrowood said.
💥💢Phoenix High School💢💥
Kapella walked out of the Control Room that controls the CCTV operation
She had a bag behind her and students stared at her expo-sed legs in the short Sk-irt as she walked away.
Cindy and Nancy who had w€t dress on like some other students walked toward the restroom when they almost bu-mped into Ashley who was coming from the other hallway.
They paused staring at her as she stood on w€t cloth as well.
“Pink br@, my favorite”. She said as she stared at Cindy and walked past them.
“Is she crazy?”. Cindy asked as she looked down on her br@ which was expo-sed from the w€t shi-t.
“You have no idea”. Nancy replied as they followed behind her.
She pushed the door to the restroom open Kapella was almost walking out as she adjusted the belt of her trou-ser.
“What’s going on here?”. Ashley asked as she watched the other girl adjust her Sk-irt.
“What does it look like?”. Kapella asked as he wore her Panama hat.
“I was worried about you Kapella”. Cindy said.
“I’m safe Girl, I was fast to gr-ab the staircase and um this fresher here lend her Sk-irt so I could get my bag and my bag cos I have spare cloths in it”. She said.
“And why do I think something else happened?”. Ashley asked.
“I’ll order a dress for you Cindy”. She said.
“Could you get one for me as well, I’ll pay you”. Nancy said.
“Go get it yourself”. Kapella snapped and walked away.
“What’s wrong with her?”. Nancy asked.
“I have no idea, why did she call you a lier?”.
“I have no idea or maybe we should be taking how the water from the pool teleports, I don’t believe in magic you know”. She said.
“What are you still doing here?”. Cindy asked the girl and she left.
“Hoping your friend isn’t what am thinking? “. Ashley said as she un-bu-ttoned her shi-t.
” Or rather your thinking is dirty “. Cindy said.
” Would you both excuse me except you’re re-ady to see me nûd£? “. She said throwing her shi-t on the ground.
Students could be seen taking their bags and other item from the flood whoose depth had reduced to just p@ssing water.
That was when Francis who was with them saw a golden br@celet flowing on the surface.
He recognized it instantly as Kapella’s.
“Hey”. He called out to a student who took it.
“Hand it over”. He said.
“I found it”. He replied.
“It’s for my Girlfriend, hand it”. Francis said but he refused.
“Fine, I’m gonna steal Angelina from you, Mark my word”.Francis threatened and made to walk away.
“You can have it”. He said.
Francis collects it and let out a creepy smile as he walked away.
“And now you’re mine Kapella Elijah”. He whispered.
“What’s going on with you Kapella?”. Cindy asked as they walked out of the gate.
“Am fine Cindy, you need to st©p worrying”. She said.
“No you’re not, you just suddenly have the I don’t care attitude and why are you mad at Nancy?”.
“St©p calling her name”.
“I will not until you tell me”.
“Fine, she lied, Lovely is never a good person, he’s a pla-yboy!”. She roared.
“Then why are you angry? What is your business with that or did he ask you out? Oh you have a crush on him, is that enough reason, maybe Nancy didn’t know much about him”. Cindy said.
“I told you alre-ady that I don’t think it’s a crush anymore I think i…. “. She said and paused remembering that Cindy was fast asleep at the time she once said it.
” Forget it “.
” Not again Kapella “.
” I just hate Nancy for lying and I still hate her right now, I hate her, I hate Lovely, I hate Diaz and if you don’t st©p speaking right now, I’m gonna hate you”. She said and g@sped as she realized what she said.
Cindy scoffed and flagged a Taxi.
“No! No! Cindy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it”. She said and she broke from her grip.
She got into the vehicle and it rode off.
“Oh my God what’s happening to you? Why is my thinking heightened? “. She exclaimed.
Kapella arrived home and head straight for her room without responding to Steve usual Drama.
She pushed open the door and there was Mrs. Elijah holding a frame as she sat on her be-d.
” Mom? “.
” I saw it on the news that your school was flooded”. She said as Kapella moved to her and dropped her bag.
“Don’t lie Kapella, I can help if I know what is it?”. She said.
“Forgive me Mom”. She said.
“You know you’re my daughter, forgiveness is a free ticket”. Mrs. Elijah said as she held her hand.
“Something terrible happened Mom”.
“Oh my God! Where’s your br@celet?”.
“I lost it to the flood, I’m sorry Mom”. She said.
“No don’t tell me”.
“It was happening Mom,I was transforming to a mermaid but I cut it short by getting out of the water and cleaning myself up, I don’t know how it happened, how an entire water could leave the pool and bur-st out,it isn’t a coincidence that I was there “. She said.
” The water c@m£ for you “. She said as she looked down.
” What do you mean Mom? “.
” I might have skipped the transformation p@rt because I was scared, it means fully accepting your Mermaid side and it’s gonna change you, your thinking, you won’t think like a human again “. Mrs. Elijah said.
“I un-derwent half of the transformation mom and my life is taking a drastic turn, my thinking is changing, I’m changing, I can’t do it, am gonna find my br@celet and am gonna make sure I never get to turn”. Kapella cried.
“It isn’t that easy Ella, the water c@m£ for and it’s gonna keep coming until you un-dergo your transformation”.
“No mom, it’s painful, I’ve never felt such pain in my life”. She said.
“It’s just the first, you’ve un-derwent half alre-ady, it won’t be that painful, your bones are now flexible, next transformation will not be that painful but you have to ensure it’s complete first”.
“No Mom I can’t do it, it’s gonna change me”. She cried.
“Listen, you’ve provoked the waters long enough, if you don’t do it it’s gonna come again and it might not be pool water this time around, it might be a river, sea or even an entire ocean”. She said and Kapella g@sped.
“Your mom took time to explain every single thing for me with her dying breath and so I know everything you’re going throu-gh, I’ve failed you once by not telling you before, let me fix it, plea-se daughter, you’ll learn to adapt to the Mermaid thinking, imagine an entire ocean coming for you, It’ll destroy lives and property and still get you so why not avoid that disaster “. She said.
” Who’s that? “. Kapella said as she la-id her head on Mrs. Elijah’s shoulder staring at the picture frame she held.
” Your mother at high school “. She said.
Kapella jo-lt from her shoulder as she took the picture from her and stared at it with keen interest.
” She… She…….”. She stammered as a tears filled her ears.
“She looks like you, that’s right”. Mrs. Elijah said as Kapella ca-ressed the face of the girl with her f!nger.
“We were best of friends from childhood till college but even with all the weird happenings around her I never knew she was a Mermaid, she never told me till we p@rted”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“Just like Cindy and I”. Kapella whispered.
“I don’t want to lose her”. She added.
“It’s your choice but you must be sure she’ll stick to you after it, don’t make same mistake your mother and I made but maybe the biggest mistake was fighting over same guy that ended the friendsh!p”. She said and Kapella raised her head up.
“Just forget it, it’s the past alre-ady”. She said.
“I’ll do it”. Kapella said and Mrs. Elijah turned to her.
“I won’t try to run away from my fears anymore, I’ll face it, I’ll un-dergo the transformation”. She said and Mrs. Elijah nodded.
“Put something light and meet me at the pool”. She said and left.
Kapella took off her shi-t and her phone buzzed.
She took the call from the unknown caller.
“Your voice sound sweeter over the phone”.
“Francis? How did you?”.
“Got it from Cindy’s phone”.
“You know what, I’m disconnecting the call right away”. She said.
“And you don’t see your br@celet again?”.
She paused as she scoffed.
“What do you mean?”.
“I found it in the flood and I wondered if you still want it”. He said.
“I need that br@celet Francis and you’re gonna give it to me”.
“Not that fast, I need something first and I’ll return it?”.
“What do you need, money?”.
“I’ve always seen you with the br@celet and realized it’s so precious to you”.
“What do you need, I’ll do anything”.
“Come to my house”. He said.
“You per-vert!”. She cursed.
“Will you come?”.
“The br@celet”. She said.
“It’s safe with me and it can be yours again, just show up”. He said.
“Cindy”. Kapella said.
“She left for our aunt place, she won’t be back until nightfall”.
“Don’t tell her anything about this”.
“The secret is safe Kapella, I won’t tell her”.
“Fine I’ll come then”.
“I’ll be waiting”.
She disconnect the call and chuckle
Kapella re-moved her hair barrette letting the long hair dropped down.
“Fool….you think you can control a Mermaid”. She said and flung her phone on the be-d.
She undressed and put on a T shi-t only before walking out of the of the room
🏝️🏝️🏝️Sardinia Island🏝️🏝️🏝️
Everyone could be seen busy around, some checking out the ruins of the wretched sh!pwhile some other dig around just in case they found something.
Lovely could be seen looking around with his UV spec on.
He suddenly st©pped at a point that looked rou-gh.
He took off his UV and dugged out the soil with his hand spade.
He paused as his spade hits something h@rd.
He dropped it and dugged off soil with his hand instead.
He paused as he saw a skull, it was sudden that it almost jumped in fear.
That was when he saw something shiny in the soil he dug out.
He took it and g@sped.
“Diamond”. His eyes met with Roxy who shook her head with a pleading face.
He quic-kly dropped it but it was late as Dahlia wra-pped her hand around him from behind.
“Found anything yet”. She asked.
“No, he said as he he slowly covered the skull with the soil.
” What are you covering? “. She asked.
He expected nothing less, Dahlia was one hell of a smart being.
” It’s nothing “. He said but she held his hand and dugged it out with her other.
She g@soed seeing the skull and some shiny stones around it.
“Diamond…. Mom, Come see what Candy found!”. She announced.
He looked down as Roxy bit her lower l!pin anger.
Mrs. Arrowood moved there with her husband and was shocked as Dahlia raised a diamond out.
“Good job son”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“I’m not your son!”. Lovely fired.
“It’s a skull 💀”. Mrs. Arrowood said and turned to the men digging around.
“Get your @sses over here”. She roared.
“You’re n-ked”. Mrs. Elijah said as Kapella walked into the pool room.
“What’s the ess-en-se of putting on a short when they’re gonna tear off, A shi-t only will do “. She said as she stared at the water.
“Are you re-ady?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“Yeah!”. She replied pushing her long hair off her shoulder.
She dived into the water and it splashed off.
Bubbles re-leased from her mouth as she raised her head to see Mrs. Elijah from un-derneath the water.
She felt her legs glue together but it was no longer painful like the previous time.
Her bones rearranged into themselves like rope and her foot bend to the horizontal and flatten out to a Caudal fin like that of a fish.
Scales appeared on her merged legs which was now the tail of a fish, it extends up covering her n-ked che-st.
The scales changed colour continuously as it illuminated the water.
She swam to the surface of the water and bur-st her head out shaking it.
“You did it”. Mrs. Elijah said.
Kapella submerged into the water and swam around as her tail fl@pped slowly.
She bur-st out of the water again and g@sped.
“It feels so good”. She said laughing.
Mrs. Elijah squat cleaning her face with her hand.
“Thank you Mom”. She whispered.
“Now that you’ve accepted your Mermaid side, you need to be re-ady for things to come”.
🏝️🏝️🖐🏿Sardinia Island🖐🏿🏝️🏝️
The men brou-ght out the skeleton as they dugged it out of the soil.
It had diamond on the face and where it was dugged from.
Examining the skeleton it was that if a mermaid as it had no legs but a a straight tail bone with caudal Finn at the end.
“After all this years of searching, here it ends daughter”. br@dley said as he leaned on his walking stick.
“The Artic I’ve searched for all my life is dead, she was badly injured that night and I wondered hoe she was still able to escape but seems it hits her heart of something vital “. Mrs. Arrowood said tou-ching the diamond.
” There’s diamond all over seems she cried alot before dying “. Dahlia said.
” A mermaid don’t get to cry easily or alone, not even because of pain inflicting wound, The Anita I know wouldn’t cry even when dying”.
“What are you suggesting?”. Mr. Arrowood asked.
“Mermaids don’t bury their dead on land, they l@ythem to rest un-derwater”. She said.
“And how do you get to know a lot about them, Mother?”. Lovely asked.
“I’m a Hunter, we always find what we want”. She said and raised her head up.
“A human buried her meaning there was someone at this island at that time but why will Anita cry such amount of diamond”. She said.
“Mother there’s diamond at that other point, the rock p@rt and UV shows there’s a trace of blood”. Dahlia said.
“She bled, she died, someone buried her, who?”.
“She’s dead, are you satisfied now? She didn’t deserve to die this way”. Roxy said.
“Shut up!”.
“Now that you won’t be having the diamond producing machine you’ve always seek, what would you do, go on killing spree on those captive mermaids”. Roxy cried.
“Anita cried enough diamond and the caprice mermaids will keep giving us pearl so am always rich, nothing was more important than plucking her eyes out but why would an Artic sacrifice her defense against us for a box, she could have fought us off but that precious box always got her distracted as she couldn’t let it out of sight, the other mermaids sacrificed themselves to be captives buying time for her to escape, why would they do that? “. She asked looking around.
” Whatever was in that box that’s was worth an Artic sacrificing her life for, is now important to me and whoever buried her must have taken the box or know where she kept it”.Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Getting the sh!precord from eighteen years ago will take time, alot of p@ss£ngers boarded the sh!p”. A Man said.
“A lot of p@ss£ngers died in the wretch including the captain, only few people survived”. Mr. Arrowood said.
“Then get the record and we find out those who survived, we’ll go the torture way, it’s more effective for the truth and then on the other hand the captives tell me what is in that box or I kill them inhumanly like I promised”.. Mrs. Arrowood said and dropped her shovel.
“I’m so curious to find out what’s more important to the mermaids than the Artic, what was in box?”. She whispered.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_17🐬
A Cab st©pped in front of Cindy’s home and Kapella alighted from it.
She was in a red go-wn and had a small hand ban-g as well.
She moved to the door bell and hit it causing it to ring loudly.
The door pu-ll-ed open revea-ling Francis who was ba-re che-st.
“Do you always go around like this?”. She asked as she walked in.
“It’s my house, I can decide to even move n-ked”.
“You have a sister in the house”.
“That’s right… So what would you love to take?”. He asked.
“I’m fine let’s just get to it “. She said as she rose up slowly.
“Um.. Seriously?”.
“I have to see the br@celet first”. She said.
“And then you snatch and run, don’t worry it’s within reach”.
“What do you need?”. She asked.
“I need you?”. He said as she leaned closer.
“Then stare atl-ip”. She whispered and he looked down.
She began to sing slowly and he was hypnotized.
She t©uçhed his l!pwith her f!nger and he stared blankly at her.
“Now get me my br@celet per-vert”. She said and sat with legged crossed.
He hurriedly upstairs and soon returned with the br@celet which he handed to her.
“Listen Francis, you never found my br@celet, I was never here, all you remember is you’re having a nice day”. She said and rose to her feet as he stood fixed to a sp©t.
She moved to the door and opened it.
She was shocked to see Cindy who was about opening the door as well.
Her heart pounded heavily as Cindy smiled.
“Hey K what are you doing here?”. Cindy asked.
“Um.. Um.. Actually…”.
“You c@m£ for your br@celet?”. She asked.
“How did you….?”.
“I saw it earlier with him but thought it just looked like yours and now you’re holding it.. So…. Francis gave you free will?”. She asked.
“I Um lost it to the flood”. Kapella said.
“How did you know it’s with him, he called you here?”.
“Oh pardon my questions, are you leaving now”. Cindy asked as she entered.
Kapella was stunned as Cindy had many questions alre-ady
“Hey Francis what are you doing like a tree there?”. She asked and he climbe-d the stairs.
“Francis”. she called out and he paused turning to her like a robot.
“Didn’t you serve Kapella something?”. She asked.
“Kapella? Kapella wasn’t here”. He said and left.
Cindy g@sped as she shook her head.
“That’s weird, he always say nas-ty thing whenever I return home, what did you do to him?”.
“Me? Nothing”. Kapella said.
“We both know Francis wouldn’t give you your br@celet free will, what did he ask for?”.
“Can you just st©p the questions Cindy?”.
“Why would I?”.
“You’ve been behaving strange recently and I’ve been trying to cope with it, now my brother just acted like the girl in the restroom and you tell me not to ask questions?”.
“I thought you went to visit your aunt”.
“She isn’t home ma-king me return late to wonder what’s going on?”. Cindy said.
“Goodbye Cindy”. She said wanting to head for the door but Cindy gr@bb£d her back.
“Come back here Kapella”.
Kapella gr@bb£d her n£¢k to the wall.
“I’m warning you Cindy, don’t ever gr-ab me like that”.
She let go of her and walked out.
Cindy quic-kly closed the door and bolted it.
Kapella quic-kly wore her br@celet and g@sped loudly.
“Oh my God what have I done?”. She exclaimed.
“Cindy.. I’m sorry I’m totally sorry”. Kapella cried as she knocked on the door.
Cindy leaned againt the door at same time with and slide down.
They both sat on the ground and sobbe-d gently.
“Cindy! I’m sorry plea-se open the door, I can explain”. Kapella cried.
A helicopter land on the heli-pad and the door pushed open.
DAHLIA, Lovely and Roxy could be seen coming down with their bag behind them.
“A week trip turns to a day, wonderful”. Dahlia said as they approached the door.
It opened wi-de automatically and they moved in.
“Now everyone is mute”. She asked.
“It’s good we’re back”. Lovely said to avoid her troubles.
“And when are you returning Rox?”. Dahlia asked.
“Not anytime soon”. She said.
“Wow! You intend to stay long”. She asked and she shrugged.
“I think so”.
“Warning, stay your distance from my love cos I bite and my bite has no cure”. She said.
“I never remembered dragging your b©yfri£ndwith you”. Roxy said.
“You’re starting to and I get jealous when someone shares my brother with me”. She said.
Roxy looked at Lovely and Dahlia nodded.
“That’s right”.
“He’s like a brother Dahlia”.
“Your Father cousin’s son, that’s a long way”. Dahlia said as they continued walking.
“Why are you like this? “. Roxy asked and they paused.
” If you want to stay Roxy, keep your distance, I don’t trust distant relatives”. She said walking away.
She paused as she turned to the gl@ss room at the left.
Lovely and Roxy stepped forward to see what she was staring at.
Diaz, Finn and Ashley could be seen around a round gl@ss table as they eat.
“Trouble again”. Lovely whispered.
Dahlia raged in and threw her bag on the table throwing some of the food stuffs away.
They jo-lt to their feet on seeing her.
“And what the hell are you doing in my pri-vate dining room?”. She roared.
“Mom asked us to arrange a meeting with the Brook Brothers”. Finn said.
“Did she say my pri-vate dinning?”.
“She suggested this place is best”. Diaz said.
“Shut up!”.
“They’ll just leave Dahlia”. Lovely said.
“I got this honey, don’t interfere”. She said as she moved toward Ashley who looked down.
“And what did I tell you about excess make up?”. She said.
“Dahlia plea-se just let them…”.
“Don’t interfere in my affairs Candy”. She fired.
“You look stunning but you’re gonna wash it off right away”. She said and saw the bowl of ice cream on the table.
“Wow! You also took my personal reserved ice cream”. She said as she gr@bb£d one of the gl@ss cup.
Lovely exhaled as he moved toward her and gr@bb£d her wrist.
“Let’s go see a movie together”. He said and she smiled like her life depended on it.
“That offer is enticing and you all vanish before I return”. She said and head for the door when two twin dudes walked in.
“Um.. Let’s have the meeting somewhere else”. Diaz said.
“One more step Diaz and farewell to your bank account”. She said and he paused.
“Hello, I’m Phill!pand this is Garry, we’re the Brook Brothers, you might have once heard of us, the billionaire kids we….”.
“Shhh!”. She said and let out a soft laugh.
“You must be Mrs. Arrowood’s daughter”. He said as he stretched his hand.
“I never asked for that thing you call a hand”. She whispered.
“We won’t take that rude act from you ma’am, we’ll take our leave”. He said and they made to turn but she gr@bb£d his tie back.
“No one walks out on me”. She said and smashed the gl@ss on his face.
Everyone g@sped and almost immediately Mrs. Arrowood c@m£ in.
Garry quic-kly squat as he held his twin brother’s bleeding face.
“Am gonna sue you!”. He roared.
“Wow! That sounds promising”. She said.
“Dahlia!, Go to your room, now!”. Mrs. Arrowood roared angrily.
“I was about leaving, that’s just warning Mom for next time my pri-vate properties are intrude into”. She said and walked away.
“Don’t forget out d@t£ little brother, it’s tomorrow”. She announced as she walked away.
“Am sorry this happened, I’ll call the doctor immediately, my apologies, She’s not in the right state of mind”. Mrs. Arrowood apologized as she brou-ght out her handkerchief.
“Your family is…..”.
“Don’t even bother Roxy, there are thousand of words for it”. Lovely said and she sighed.
🏜️🏜️🏔️Later That Day 🏔️🏜️🏜️
Cindy opened the door and looked left and right.
It was dark alre-ady and the crickets were ma-king their annoying noise alre-ady.
She made to close it when she saw someone slee-ping as she leaned against the door post.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed.
She looked at her face and it was Kapella.
“It’s been hours, I thought she left alre-ady”. Cindy said.
She carried her in a bridal style and left for her room.
Kapella yawned loudly as she woke up.
She opened her eyes and jo-lt up discovering that it wasn’t her room.
She sighed and she saw that it was Cindy’s.
She made to carry her phone on the cabinet when she saw a piece of paper on it.
She took and opened it quic-kly.
“I’ve gone to school alre-ady, freshen up, there’s food in the kitchen and avoid my brother, don’t cause more damage to him”.
“How can she go without me?”.
Kapella quic-kly called Mrs. Elijah and cleared her throat.
“Hey Mom can you bring my bag to school when going to work, I’ll go straight to school from Cindy’s place”.
🏨💝💝Phoenix High💝💝🏨
Mrs. Elijah could be seen leaning against her Dodge Viper GTS at the entrance as she constantly checked her watch.
Shortly a cab st©pped in front of the school and Kapella hurried out.
“Sorry mom, I never meant to keep you waiting”.
“It’s alright”. She said handing over her bag and a thermos.
“I hope you eat well”.
“Yeah, Cindy treats me well as usual”.
“Alright then, I’ll be on my way “. She said and drove off.
Almost immediately a Limousine halt where the car had left and Kapella stared as she turned to leave.
She was shocked to see Lovely getting down from it.
She quic-kly hurried off but paused as he called her name.
He approached her full of smiles as she stood still.
“Hi, are you running from me?”. He asked.
“Not really, i you know, gotta go”. She said and took off.
“What’s wrong with her?”.
“Kapella!”. He called out running after her.
Kapella almost bu-mped into Cindy and they paused.
“Hey”. She said smiling but Cindy kept a straight face.
“I don’t believe in witches Kapella but my brother can’t remember he took your br@celet or that you even c@m£ to the house”. Cindy said and she sighed.
“Kapella!”. She heard her name and raced off immediately.
Lovely c@m£ running to Cindy and stood akimbo.
“Hey Cindy where’s your friend, she’s acting weird”. He said.
“Why do I care?”. Cindy said walking away.
“What’s damn wrong with you girls?”. He said as a man in black walked up to him with his bag.
“Boss”. He said.
“The letter I gave you did… You know what, forget it”. He said as he saw Nancy.
“Hey Nan”.
“And what do I owe the greeting?”. She said.
“I know we’ve not been in speaking terms but what’s going on, Kapella running away from me and Cindy seems not to care, I don’t even un-derstand”. He said.
“I don’t know as well, before the flood happened, Kapella called me a lier and since that time she is avoiding me like a plague, like an enemy and Cindy doesn’t want to talk about it like she has a beef with her “.
” I thought their best of friends “.
” Friends also have their conflict Lovely, I don’t know but students says she had some talk with your brother before leaving the Cafeteria angrily yesterday and that was before she called me a lier, I don’t have a beef with him so I don’t un-derstand what he told her about me “.
” Finn? “.
” No, Diaz, students says she was angrily that her punch on his table cracked it, I’m late for my cl@ss Lovely “.
” Alright thanks “. He said and turned to the guard.
” St©p following around and put my bag in the cl@ss”.
“Yes boss”. He said and left.
“Diaz”. Lovely breath and called Ashley.
“Wow! I’m gonna screensh0t this call, print and laminate it, it’s been almost a year since you..”.
“Just shut up and answer me, Where’s Diaz?”.
“Did he report you to mom again?”.
“Where’s he?”. He roared.
“We’re at the pool room”.
He disconnected the call and headed there angrily.
He kicked open the door and they turned to him.
They were eating around a table as students swam in the pool.
“Would you love to join us?”. Ashley asked.
“What the hell did you do to Kapella?”. He asked angrily.
“What are you talking about?”.Diaz asked.
“Answer me”. He roared drawing the attention of the students all around.
“You’re causing a scene Candy”. Ashley said.
“Start speaking”. Lovely said as he raged at Diaz but Finn held him.
“Easy bro, do you have to fight always?”.
“Stay out of this Finn”. He said and Finn let go
“What I did to her? Maybe we had a nice time in your be-droom while you were gone”. He said with a mocking smile.
Lovely punched his face angrily and Diaz attacked with a punch on his face causing the students to g@sp.
“St©p the madness”. She said.
“Stay out of my way Ash, don’t act like you ain’t with him”. Lovely said.
“If I tell you what he did, will you do anything I ask?”. She whispered.
“You’re grown into a good scammer sister”. Diaz said and she scoffed.
“You think I don’t know, First your dear letter didn’t get to her brother, Diaz hijacked the driver and burnt it”. She said.
Lovely eyes filled with tears as he made to gr-ab Diaz but Ashley pushed him back.
“Patience for p@rt two but to unlock it, you’re gonna give me anything I ask”. She said with an evil smile.
Kapella was walking down the hallway when she ran into Lovely’s guard.
“Kapella Elijah”. He said.
“That’s right and your dresssing you’re…..”.
“A guard at the Arrowood Mansion also personal guard of Arrowood kids”. He said.
“Um… I hope am safe”.
“I just thought it important to tell you, Boss Candy s£nt me to deliver a letter to you before he traveled yesterday but his brother seized it from me and burnt it”. He said.
“Oh my.. Well its past alre-ady so I got a cl@ss…”. She said wanting to walk away but paused.
“Do you happened to know who he traveled with?”. She asked.
“His Family”.
“Just family, no girlfriend”. She asked and he scoffed.
“Boss Candy doesn’t have one yet”.
“Yes, I shouldn’t be telling you this but for the fact he s£nt letter to you which is unusual of him I’m afraid you might have to keep low ground miss, Dahlia is a jealous type “.
” Dahlia? “.
” Yes. His step sister, first child of the Arrowood “. He said.
” And plea-se miss tell no one I told you this, I’m just trying to prevent you from becoming one of her victims “.
He bowed and walked away with Candy’s bag.
” Dahlia “. Kapella said and remembered the status Diaz showed her.
The contact who uploaded it was Dahlia.
She g@sped as she realized that Diaz had tricked her.
” The Arrowood brothers are fighting “. She heard the students say as they trooped by in their numbers.
“What do you want?”. He asked.
“Kapella is for me and me alone, you’ll make sure you and your brothers keep to it”. She said.
“Bull$h!t! Get out of my way!”. He said.
“Fine, IPhone 13 and you’ll take me out to the Boutique”. She said.
“Don’t do it Ashley, I can do that for you”. Diaz said as he gr@bb£d her arm.
She broke free and moved from him.
“Maybe all I need is an alliance with someone Dahlia loves the most and then get some t©uçh of benefit, I’m Ashley, Am a lone girl, I don’t pick sides, I go for the highest bidder”. She said and chuckled.
The students stood in amazement as they watched the drama like as a live show.
“Let’s say I had my spy on Diaz who says he showed Kapella the status of a contact Dahlia on Whatsapp, our sister and I guess you’ve seen all her yesterday’s status, he made her believe Dahlia and Roxy are your girlfriends, that you’re some pla-yboy in disguise, you’re a bad person and every possible evil you could think of, I heard she cried, aww “. Ashley said.
Tears were alre-ady dropping from Lovely’s eyes as he ti-ght£ñ his fist.
” You’re literally crying because of some nutshell girl, I guess I see why you’ll always be Momma’s pet “. Diaz grinned.
Lovely rushed at him angrily but he blocked his punch and kicked his stomach.
He reacted as he headbu-tt Diaz face and kicked him to the ground.
” Excuse me! “. Kapella said as she broke throu-gh the crowd hurriedly.
Diaz rolled off escaping Lovely’s punch.
He gr@bb£d his n£¢k swiftly and lovely gr@bb£d his collar.
“St©p!”. Kapella screamed but it was a second late as they pushed themselves to the left and crashed heavily into the pool causing the waters to splash up
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_18🐬
Kapella drift back to avoid the water splashing on her.
Diaz gr@bb£d Lovely’s shi-t but he pushed him off and punch his face into the water.
They submerged down exchanging b!ows like they were shooting a movie.
Diaz gr!pp£dLovely’s n£¢k and pushed him down the water but he kicked him and pushed him away.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as she stared at the pool.
She could see all that was happening inside with her Mermaid vision which soon provoked her br@celet.
She quic-kly took it off as it tried glowed.
Ashley turned to her direction and their eyes met.
She stretched her hand to the pool with a funny face which could be interpreted as.
“Go st©p this $h!t”.
Kapella looked back and stylish drift back as the water on the ground moved toward her even though she had a shoe on she was still scared.
Diaz gr@bb£d Lovely out of the water pinning his n£¢k against the edge of the concrete.
Since she had a pair of socks on she wondered if she could take the risk.
She exhaled heavily and wore the br@celet.
If water pene-tratethrou-gh the fabric of her docks and come in direct contact with her skin even the br@celet might not be able to st©p the transforming.
Everyone was watching as no one was re-ady to separate them not even Finn or Ashley.
Lovely turned Diaz over to to the edge of the concrete and s£nt a punch into his face.
Diaz retaliated by pushing a a tranquilizer into Lovely’s l@p that rendered his b©dy unconscious.
Only Kapella got to see it as she could see things un-derwater.
She had no choice again as she raced to the edge of the pool and kicked Diaz’s face freeing Lovely from him.
The kick was so powerful that s£nt him crashing in.
Kapella quic-kly gr@bb£d Lovely’s arms to prevent him from submerging unconsciously into the pool.
There was no way she was gonna pu-ll him from the pool without water tou-ching her leg.
“Hello, he’s unconscious”. She gro-an ed as she turned to Ashley.
Ashley turned to Finn and nodded.
“I don’t interfere in your issues again, I’m the youngest and should probably remind you that youngest don’t separate fights between eldest”. He said and walked away.
Ashley moved to the the Kapella and gr@bb£d one of Lovely’s arm while Kapella gr@bb£d the other.
She was still scared of the water getting to t©uçh her leg when they drag him out.
She turned and could see Cindy watching the scene from the crowd.
“plea-se help me!”. She whispered inaudibly but Cindy stared blankly at her.
“plea-se!”. She said again as stared formed in her eyes.
“What are you waiting for, let’s draw him out”. Ashley said.
“Let me help you”. Cindy said as she walked out of the crowd.
Kapella g@sped as her tears flowed down.
“Thank you”. She whispered as Cindy took the hand from him.
“Thank me by telling me what’s going on”. She whispered and Kapella took few steps back.
They drag Lovely’s b©dy out with a great deal of water that would have landed on Kapella’s socks.
She moved carefully at him and re-moved the pin on his l@p.
“Oh my God!”. Ashley exclaimed
There was murmuring as Diaz arou-se from the pool with water dropping down his hair.
He climbe-d the concrete and Kapella took few steps back.
He moved toward her as water drip down his b©dy.
Kapella heart pound loudly as he raised a pin up and li-cked hisl-ips.
There was absolute silence as Lovely jo-lt back into consciousness.
He sprang to his feet and gr-abbing Diaz from behind he snatched the pin from him and f0rç£d it into his n£¢k.
He g@sped as Lovely caught him unconscious.
“That is Candy!”. Ashley hailed.
The students hailed loudly like he just won a WWE Championsh!p.
He dragged Diaz unconscious b©dy toward the pool as the crowd cheered.
“Lovely!”. Kapella called out and he paused raising his head up.
“You’re in no position to tell me”. He said.
“What are you gonna do kill him?”.
” And what were you gonna do?, Run away from me forever because some bit-ch told you $h!t about me!”. He roared angrily.
“It’s my fault I believed him and I’m truely sorry but throwing him into the pool in an unconscious state makes you no different than him, what if he dies?”.
Lovely g@sped as he dropped the b©dy on the ground.
“Don’t follow me”. He said and walked away.
She wanted to go after him but Ashley gr@bb£d her back.
“Dumb girl!”.
“That’s my line”. Cindy said.
“And when did we become friends?”.
“That’s right”. Cindy said and walked away.
“What’s so special about you that s£nds eveyone tripping or maybe I should ask myself same question “. Ashley said.
” Excuse me “. Kapella said walking away.
” That’s right, you give no $h!t about anyone “.
” Cindy plea-se wait! “. Kapella said running after him.
” Don’t ever call me Kapella, Just stay away from me “. She said angrily.
” We’re friends Cindy, you can’t do this “.
” Friends?”. Cindy said turning back.
” Did you say Friends? Friends don’t lie, Friends don’t keep secrets, they pour out everything no matter how h@rd it is and to crown it all you’re strange now, why didn’t you want to draw him out, the Kapella who ones jumped into a pool to save him couldn’t now, why did you beg me? “.
Kapella exhaled heavily as she bite her lowerl-ips.
” A secret also, just don’t involve me in your problems anymore and st©p coming to my house also “. She said and walked away.
Kapella g@sped as she sat on the ground with her head down.
She could hear the p@ssing footsteps and noise made by the students.
Shortly she heard footstep close to her and a shadow.
“Get up, you’re embarr@ssing yourself”. She heard a Masculine voice and ignored.
A hand gr@bb£d her shoulder and pu-ll-ed her up.
“Leave………..”. She said and paused seeing his face.
He was now in a new shi-t and short.
“How could you believe Diaz?”. He asked.
“What else should I believe seeing you having a nice time with some girls I don’t know”. She said.
“When you believe a guy, you trust him no matter what you see?”.
“Did I say I trust you?”. She grinned.
“So you don’t?”.
“Why should I?”.
“And why are angry seeing me with them?”.
“Why are you asking, a guy with two girls is surely a pla-yboy”.
“Your b©yfri£ndwould be so proud of you and I hope he deserves you cos I’ll surely strangle life out of him if he turns out to be a pl@yboy”. He said and she scoffed.
“How many times will I tell you I don’t have a b©yfri£nd?”. She said and there was a surprise look at his face.
“You’re… You’re single?”.
“I told you alre-ady”. She said and paused.
“Why that look?”.
“What look?”. He said dragging her away.
“What are you doing?”. She asked.
“I can’t have you crying at the hallway like a kid”. He said
“Ouch! My arm 😁”. She said hitting his hand.
He pushed the door open and the teacher turned to them.
“Mr. Candy it’s been a long time”. The teacher said.
“Professor Douglas you’ve relocated here, Good to see you again”. He said and dragged her after him.
“Ouch! Just st©p”. She said and he made her seat.
“Have a nice day?”. He said and took his bag.
“Where are going?”.
“Home cos I’m gonna kill Diaz if I set my eyes on him one more time”. He said walking out.
“Have a nice day Mr. Candy”.
“Thanks Prof”. He said walking out.
“Hish!”. Kapella said and went after him.
“Miss Kapella?”.
“A minute sir”.
She caught up him and gr@bb£d his n£¢k from behind.
“Ouch!”. He gro-an ed as she bent him low.
She let go of him and he staggered back.
“Is that vengeance?”. He said laughing.
“You don’t drag a lady like a piece of $h!t”. She snapped.
“My apologies”.
“Are you really leaving for home? “. She asked.
” Yeah. Are you gonna miss me? “. He asked.
” Why would I miss you, Love? “. She whispered and he turned back slowly with popped eyes.
” Why the look, Love, short form of lovely “. She said and tapped his shoulder.
” Goodbye”. She said full of smiles.
“And before you vanish next time, remember there are magical digits called a phone number”. She added as she approached the door.
“I don’t have yours”. He announced.
“That’s right”.
He watched as she entered into the cl@ssroom, he wondered how she had become beautiful and her structure had taken a new form.
“Love, short form of Lovely “. He said and laughed as he turned back but almost bu-mped into Mrs. Arrowood who had that stern stare with her eye patch.
Behind her was Diaz, Ashley and Finn with heads down.
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_19🐬
Mrs. Arrowood could be seen walking down the corridor with Ashley, Finn and Diaz behind.
They turned to the left hallway and saw Lovely staring at a girl as she entered into the cl@ssroom but her face wasn’t seen as she was facing forward.
Mrs. Arrowood walked up to behind Lovely just as he turned and he almost bu-mped into her as he smiled.
It took a heavy breath to calm his heart that almost bur-st out.
“You scared me Mom”.
“Who was that?”. She asked.
“It’s so good to see you as Phoenix High Mother”. He said forcing a smile.
“Don’t test my patience soon, who was that girl you were smiling foolishly at?”. She asked.
“My Puppet Mom, the one I told you about”. He said.
Ashley g@sped in shock and Mrs. Arrowood turned back but she composed herself quic-kly.
“A toy that makes my son smile so p@ssionately”. She said.
“A smile is a smile Mom, to win a girl’s heart smile is a key”. He said.
“And when did you become a love thera-pist?”.
“C’mon Mom, Just this once”.
“I don’t have a problem with you but Dahlia, not my problem though, Listen and listen carefully I don’t care if the girl is your toy but round up with her immediately, use her for whatever you want and break the tie, we have more pressing issues and won’t want strings of relationsh!p, from puppet it turns to personal love, Be done or I’ll do it my way “.
” C’mon Mom, am not a kid anymore “.
” Good”.
“I was about going home so let’s go together”. Lovely said as he made to walk away.
“You fought with your brother”. She said and he paused.
“I was having a trip around the school to see how far it’s developed in my abs£nce and then I heard the Arrowood Brother’s are fighting”. She said and turned back slowly.
“That wasn’t what pained me but….”.
She sl@pped him h@rd across the face with a stern look.
“A girl, you were fighting because of a girl, I wish not to know why you’re fighting but Arrowood fighting for a girl, disgracing our family name you idiots”. She roared.
“Candy attacked me first”. Diaz said.
“Can you believe it Mom he tried to steal my puppet from me, for once in my life I decide to have one and he isn’t contented with all that he have but to come for that one I have, Is that fair?”. Lovely asked.
“Is that true?”. She asked.
“I had the girl first mother and he c@m£ and swept her away”. Diaz said.
“Lier!”. Lovely roared.
“Shut up idiots”.
“Instead of going out to hunt mermaids you’re fighting for a puppet because I have you all a free will to attend school, what do you know about this Ashley?”.
“Seriously Mom I know nothing”.
“Am youngest Mom”.
“That’s right… I don’t care who have the girl first but you both are gonna settle your dispute, whether you leave the girl for one, share or whatever but the next time any of you fight for a girl”. She said.
“Why are you staring at me Mom do I look like a…”.
“Shut up! The next time any of you fight over a girl beating yourself to pulp… It’s better I don’t say what I’ll do”. She said walking away.
Lovely hung his bag properly wanting to walk away when Mrs. Arrowood turned back.
“You’re staying till school closes”.
“You’re going to stay and resolve your problem with your brother before coming home, come home and get hung, go somewhere else and same happens, you’re gonna stay till closure, i got my eyes everywhere”. She said and walked away.
Diaz bit his lowerl-ips as he turned to lovely.
“I wish I had my phone a little close to record, puppet?”. He said and bur-st into laughter.
“The funniest thing is she doesn’t love you and you’re only forcing yourself on her, yet you call yourself a man but with childish mentality”. Lovely said.
“Just st©p this guy’s, you cause problems and I get caught in the cross fire”. Finn said.
“Shut up. Listen lovely, the girl remains mine, you heard Mom clearly, let her go cos you have a higher calling, her awful will it be when she finds out you call her a puppet, I should probably report to Dahlia”.
“Go ahead, you’ll be jumping right straight into a volcano because she’s gonna punish you first for reporting me”.
“That’s right, we’ll just go the I’ll get her way”. Diaz said and walked away.
“I think i need to leave this school for you both”. Finn said and walked away.
“Did you just tricked mom or you meant those words?”. Ashley asked.
“Our deal is off alre-ady Ash, I’ll get you the IPhone and take you to a boutique, I keep to my words”.He said.
“Are you really pla-ying the girl?”. Ashley asked.
“And why do you care?”.
“I don’t know but the Candy I know wouldn’t do such, I’ve never advised you before cos I su-ck, if you want that girl to stay alive you’ll stay as possible far from her, you know the family you come from”. She said and walked away as well.
“I can’t!”. He whispered.
Kapella walked out of the exit as the electric bell rung loudly.
School was over for that day as students trooped out.
She looked around for Cindy who had walked out and sight her walking out of the gate.
“Cindy!”. She called out running for the place but by the time she got there, all she saw was a Taxi that drove off.
She g@sped as she moved from the road and leaned against the gate as she closed her eyes.
She tried h@rd to hold her tears as she could see several reactions of Cindy if she told her she was a Mermaid.
“Why do you take plea-sure in embarr@ssing yourself?”. She heard a voice and opened her eyes slowly opening the gate that let the flood of tears come down.
“Lovely?”. She whispered as he slide his hands into his pocket.
“My crying Mermaid”. He said and she raised her head up.
“I heard Mermaids cry alot because their tears become pearls, beautiful pears”. He said.
That was when she realized she was crying and her br@celet was weak.
She quic-kly turned away and cleaned her tears.
“You don’t want me to see the beauty tears or you don’t wanna let me see how they transform”. He said and she scoffed as he laughed.
“So what’s the cause this time? “. He asked.
” Why do you care? “. She asked as new tears formed in her eyes.
He pu-ll-ed her to himself as she sobbe-d gently.
” St©p the cry Ella, people are staring “. He said.
She cleaned her tears with her f!ngersas her br@celet glowed but they couldn’t see it because it was behind Lovely.
She sniffed as she broke from him to see the crowd around.
“Good day”. She said wanting to walk away but he gr@bb£d her hand and dragged her after him.
“Lovely!”. She called her.
He pushed her into the open limousine and got in as the chauffeur closed the door.
“You literally just kidnapped me”. She said.
“Um huh”.
“Am gonna call the police”. She said.
“Take do it”. He said handing over his phone to do it.
“You changed your phone”. She said.
“Yep, Gift from my sister”.
“Dahlia”. She said and he turned abruptly to her.
“How? Did she threatened you, did you meet her, how…”.
“What’s wrong with you, she was the one who had the video and picture in her status, Diaz had…”.
“St©p mentioning the name”.
“Fine… Who was the other girl with you ap@rt Dahlia?”. She said
“Why do you care?”.
“Chaffeur can you kindly drop me at Red Street”. She said.
“Phoenix h0tel”. Lovely said.
“Remember I kidnapped you or should I polish it out with a gun?”. He asked and she scoffed.
“I asked you to call the cops alre-ady”.
“Amateur Kidnapper”. She snapped and he scoffed.
“Can I buy you a meal?”. He asked.
“Just friends eating and having a nice time”. He said.
“Why should I say yes?”. She asked.
“Yes unlocks the answer to your question, I’ll tell you who’s the girl”.
“Why should I care about her?”. She asked and he shrugged.
“Fine.. Dinner for only five minutes…your time starts now”. She said.
Lovely snapped his f!nger and then turned to her.
“She’s the daughter of my Mom’s cousin, her name is Roxy”. He said.
“Roxy? Sounds bad@ss”. She said and a lady in black dropped a tray on the table that had different meal.
“I’ll bring the rest sir”.
Kapella bit her lower l!pknowing fully well that she couldn’t eat other meal.
“Um… Lovely?”.
“Um huum”.
“Am kind of filled up right now, Maybe some other time”. She said
“Fine then but that breaks my heart”.
“Am sorry”.
“So what’s my compensation?”. He asked.
“Mmmm hmm”.
“I pres£nt this entire meal to you”. She said and he scoffed.
“Let’s see the new movie together?”. He said.
“What movie?”.
“Tom and Jerry 2021, it comes out tomorrow, we should hit the cinema to see it “. He said.
“Hush! I’ll think about it, Hold on you still watch that…. “.
“Don’t pretend to be an adult, a cat chasing a rat is quite more fun than a Viper Venom chasing a Lamborghini and then puff collision equal to explosion “. He said and she laughed.
“Can you drop me off at home now?”. She asked.
“Your digits in exchange for a ride home”. He said.
“Is that some sort of criminal negotiation?”.
“Whatever you call it”.
Mrs. Arrowood entered into the warehouse dragging her axe behind her as the mermaids raised their head up to see her.
“I was just wondering how I would have butchered you if all you said was a lie but it was true, we found the Artic at Sardinia Island”. She said and there was a surprise look on their faces.
“Yeah, that’s right”. She said and snapped her f!ngers.
Two men hurried in with a skeleton and dropped it.
Their eyes almost popped out on seeing it.
“But she’s gone and perfectly buried by a human that I’m gonna find but that’s not the problem, I want to know what was in that box that she sacrificed her life to save”. She said but there was no response.
“I hope you’re fortified”. He asked the agents in the room.
“Yes Ma’am”.
“Good. Take off their gag”. She said rolling up her sleeves.
“Listen right now my br@in isn’t in the right condition cos my sons tried ruin the family name and so I might unleash that anger on you if you provoke me to and note, I h@rdly st©p when I start”. She said as the man took off the mermaids gag.
She pushed the axe into a bowl of salt and pu-ll-ed it out as she approached one.
“I’m gonna ask twice and then I ask no more”. She said and the Mermaid stared blankly at her.
“What’s in the box?”. She asked but eveyone remain mute as they all had tears in their eyes.
“Let me @ssume you need exP@ntiation, what’s so important in the box the Artic protected that she losed her life in the process”.
She waited but still no answer.
“Very well”. She said and did like she wanted to walk away but turned back and stroke the Mermaid’s leg with an axe causing them to scream.
Dahlia could be seen pacing around in her pink ball go-wn.
She moved to the table where she poured wine into a cup and gulped it in.
She heard the horn of a vehicle and raced out but paused as she almost bu-mped into Ashley and Finn who bowed.
“Where’s my baby?”. She asked.
“He left before us”. Finn said.
“And you didn’t bother to know where he went?”.
“He hates stalking”. Ashley said.
“Did he forget he had a d@t£ with me, he should be here by now”. She said and they looked down.
“If you don’t tell me what you’re hiding, you’re gonna regret it”.
“He had a little disagreement with Diaz and mom wants them to settle before coming home”. Ashley said.
“Oh my God! How can mom and Diaz ruin my d@t£?”. She exclaimed.
“We’re sorry”. Finn said.
“Keep quiet, sorry for yourself, you’re suppose to make sure your stupid Diaz don’t cause problem for my baby, just disappear and one of you should fill my cup”. She said and they left.
Almost immediately a rolls royce phantom drove in and Diaz alighted.
He paused on seeing her and made to enter again.
“I’ll burn you and that vehicle if you dare”. She said and he closed the door moving toward her.
“Where’s my baby?”.
“Why should I…..”. He said and paused.
“He left school minutes before the bell rung”. Diaz said.
“That means he should be at home now, how many times have I warned you not to cause trouble for him huh?, he’s now your match that you can have a quarrel with right?”
“Am sorry sister”.
“Shut up! You’re my full blood brother but I steal prefer the half one to a full idiot like you”. She cursed and collect the wine cup Ashley brou-ght.
“Drink, I don’t trust any of you”. She said handing it back to her.
“Am your sister why would I try to kill you?”.
Ashley drank and handed it over to her of which she gulped in.
“You all are gonna go out there and find my Candy or never return to this house….. “. She was saying when an agent approached them with a l@pt©p.
“Sorry to interrupt ma’am but we’ve gotten all the footages at the gate from Candy’s school, it’s obvious he left about thirty minutes ago”. She said.
“What? Access all c@m£ras on streets, find him, oh my God! Hope he’s alright”.
“Ma’am you need to see something”.
“I don’t care just find him”.
“He went out with a female student ma’am, just thought you would want to know”.
“Come again”. She said as she gulped in the remaining content of the wine.
“Here ma’am”. She said as she pla-yed a video for Dahlia to watch.
Lovely could be seen pu-lling Kapella into his Limousine as the door soon closed up.
The cup dropped from Dahlia’s hand and scattered into pieces.
The agent quic-kly raced off and returned with a chair.
She sat and leaned on it shutting her eyes ti-ghtly as herl-ips vibr@ted.
“We’ve tracked the travel of his vehicle with the help of c@m£ras from the path he followed, I don’t think he’s headed home ma’am”.
“Find out who’s that girl”.
“We’ve tried alright ma’am, the c@m£ra is at a side view and she never for once looked into the c@m£ra so we needed a full face for finding a match and we can’t do that was p@rtial “. She said.
Dahlia exhaled and opened her eyes which was now red staring at Diaz and Ashley who couldn’t behold her anger as they looked down.
” Who’s that girl? “. She whispered.
🚘🚘🚘Kapella’s Home🚘🚘🚘
A Limousine st©pped in front of Kapella’s home and she got down with Lovely.
“You’re the worst kidnapper ever, driving me around the city, my bones are aching right now”. She said.
“A hospital will do, fall in”. He said.
“Hush! Home I go”. She sang as she moved toward the door.
It opened like it was automatic revea-ling Steve who was standing in front of her.
“You took long”. He said as he hvgged her leg but saw Lovely in front of a Limousine.
Lovely waved at him and he raised her head up to Kapella.
“Mom Kapella brou-ght a boy…..”.
Kapella quic-kly covered his mouth with one hand ti-ghtly telling. Lovely to leave immediately with her other hand.
“Go! Go!”. She said inaudibly.
He smiled as he got into the vehicle and drove away.
“Why are you always a j£rk, name your prize”. She said scattering his hair with her hand.
“What’s going on?”. Kapella asked and she let him go.
“Just an awful welcome, Yo mom, sup”. She said.
“Cindy is here”.
“Hmm Cindy?”.
Kapella said and hurried In to see Cindy on the couch.
“Hey”. She said.
“I c@m£ to have a book”.
“Oh That’s nice, I’ll get it”.
“And you too should resolve your problems in the room,I can’t stand seeing you this way “. She said and Cindy walked away to Kapella’s room.
” Do it “. Mrs. Elijah said.
” Mom, how can I do that, her reaction “.
” She’s your friend since childhood Ella, you lose her and you’re never gonna get one again, Anita made that mistake with me, don’t make it”.
Kapella didn’t reply as she walked away.
“Just give me my book, you know this is a waste of time”. She said as Kapella said on the be-d.
“It’s on the cabinet”.
Cindy moved to the cabinet and took her book but paused seeing Kapella’s diary on it.
She looked back to see that her head was down.
Her heart pound as she opened it slowly and fl!pto the last page.
“Dear Diary, will I ever have the courage to tell her, I think am just gonna go to her place, I can’t tell Cindy what I am, I can’t tell her, I can’t tell her am a….”.
A hand closed the diary swiftly and Cindy jo-lt back.
“Do you now intrude my privacy?”.
“We re-ad each other’s Diaries Ella”.
“Not anymore, just take your book”.
“You’re a what?”.
“Just tell me alre-ady, a witch or a vampire who can compel people to forget things, just tell me alre-ady, should I remind you that I’m the closest person to you than a parent and after years of friendsh!pyou decided to pay me this way, after years of telling each other secrets like a be-d time story, you’ve decided to ruin because you don’t trust me, Maybe meeting you at the first place was a mistake “.
” Don’t ever say that, our friendsh!pwas never a mistake so just seat and am gonna explain now I promise “.
” The thing is I don’t want to hear anything from you again “. Cindy said and walked out angrily.
” Cindy! “. Kapella called out as she went after her.
” Cindy? “. Mrs. Elijah called out as she head for the door.
She pu-ll-ed it open and almost bu-mped into a group of woman with long hair.
She jo-lt back almost falling to the ground.
“Mom, it’s a group of ra-punzel”. Steve said as he peeped.
“We’re here for the Mermaid”. The Woman who Kapella recognized alre-ady said as they raised their heads up.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_20🐬
The Mermaid cried in pain as she bled uncontrollable.
“I’m just gonna leave you to watch her die and if she doesn’t, I’m coming for the hand”. She said and walked away with her axe.
“We should just tell them”. The Mermaid girl told the other mermaids with her mind.
They turned to her and she nodded.
“We can’t”.
“Anita is dead so what else are we protecting?”.
“The child”.
“She’s the last of the Artic”.
“She’s bleeding out she’s going to die, how long are we going to keep like this, Hannah died because we didn’t give up Anita’s location and she was dead alre-ady so Hannah’s death was vain”.
“Shut up child, you know nothing about what you’re saying”.
“You know I’m saying the truth, we’re gonna die here, at least we can but time for someone to come rescue us, Lady Mia and the rest won’t abandon us after escaping, the best we can do is try to stay alive till then”.
“Mermaids are powerful on sea not land, returning here is suicidal”.
“We just have to find a way st©p the hunter woman from killing more of us”.
“You ain’t going to endanger the life of the Artic, she should be 18 now”.
“Supposing she’s alive we don’t know that, what if we die for nothing”.
“We won’t die for nothing”.
“Shut up child”.
“St©p calling me a child, am twenty five, do my structure still deceive you all?”.
“You gave out Anita’s location, are you gonna give out that of her child as well “.
” You speak like I know where she is “.
” But you know she was in the box and you’re going to tell the hunter woman out of your childish act “.
” Am not, all we need is something very convincing, just trust me “.
” What are you up to child? “.
” I got this mother “. She said and raised her head up.
” plea-se tell the hunter woman that we are re-ady to speak “. She said aloud and one of the guard turned to her.
” Watch over them “. He told another and left.
🏢🏢🏢Kapella’s Home🏢🏢🏢
” Mermaid?”. Cindy said as she turned back slowly to Kapella who stood at a sp©t.
She scoffed shaking her head.
” Eating fish meal, the beauty, the voice, the…… You were a Mermaid and must that single word you couldn’t tell”. Cindy said wanting to walk past the women but they gr@bb£d her back and began to sing.
“St©p!”. Kapella roared angrily and they paused singing.
“She knows who you are, humans shouldn’t know, they should be made to forget”. The Woman said pointing to Mrs. Elijah, Cindy and Steve.
“They’re my family, let her go”.
They let Cindy go and she ran back into the house.
“Who are you?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“We should ask you same question cos if you’re a Mermaid you should hear what we’re saying right now”.
Kapella’s br@celet glowed and she quic-kly took it off.
“We need your help”. she could hear the voices of the mermaids in her head.
“What’s that you took from your hand, it looks familiar”. The woman said openly now.
Mrs. Elijah collects the br@celet from Kapella,from behind and hid it behind her.
“I didn’t take anything off, I recognize you, you were the injured woman”. Kapella said.
“Yes, Thank you for delaying that person, it must have been a hunter”. She heard the woman’s voice in her head.
“If you’re gonna keep speaking into my head, Am never gonna listen to you”. Kapella said.
“Why should humans hear our discussion?”.
“I’ve told you they’re my family, so whoever you are take your leave”.
“You’re wrong, we’re your true family, how did you end up in the family of humans?”.
“Mia isn’t it… Lady Mia”. Mrs. Elijah said and she was shocked as she turned to her.
“How did you…….. Jane?”.
“That’s right Jane, it’s been a long time”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“You were definitely not a Mermaid right cos Anita didn’t tell she was one because she was a Mermaid”.
“Or I found out alre-ady, before Anita left with Danny she revealed it alright? Whereas Where’s she and what are you doing here at Phoenix”.
“Long story but to cut it short we were captured by hunters and Anita escaped with her child whoose whereabout is unknown”.
“She had a child”.
“Yes for Danny, Anita should tell you the story herself when we find her, we’re in no position to tell you”.
” What are you doing here, all of you”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“We need help”.
“You c@m£ to the wrong place”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“We’re the only few who escaped and we need help to rescue the rest, we need the number against the hunters so we’re gathering every possible Mermaid we can fight so we can be match against the Hunter Woman and her people “.
” No! No! Not my daughter, where are your people held captive, in a sea or ocean? No land, knowing fully well that you’re not a match against them on land”.
“Your daughter, Do humans now give birth to Mermaids or did you marry a..”.
Mrs. Elijah slam the door to their face and bolt it angrily.
“You need to join us and rescue your people girl, we’re a family”. Kapella heard the Woman’s voice in their head.
“Mom I should…”.
“No you won’t”.
“But why?”.
“They shouldn’t know you’re the Artic that’s why I lied and two it’s suicidal, fighting on land is “.
“Someone should explain to me what’s going on”. Cindy said and they realized she was still there.
“Am me too”. Steve said
“Will you get back to your room!”. She said and he left.
“Have your seat Cin”. Kapella said.
“I was on my way home Ella”.
“Just listen to me for once and let’s settle this, am gonna tell you everything but plea-se no third p@rty”.
“Have we ever leaked any of our secrets before?”.
“Alright am sorry Cindy, plea-se do seat”.
⛲⛲⛲Arrowood Mansion⛲⛲⛲
A Limousine c@m£ to halt at the front of the building and Lovely alighted as the door opened for him.
He was moving toward the entrance when he saw Dahlia standing akimbo with a sad look.
“Hey big sis”. He said full of smiles as he approached her but she attacked with a sl@p which he was quic-k to block.
“You ungrateful brother, after all I’ve done for you,I provide whatever you need, I fight mom and Dad for you, is this how you choose to repay me? Huh? “. She said angrily.
” Am sorry am late, I had an issue with Mom “. He said.
” I know, you left school about forty minutes ago, look at the time you return “.
” Do you now monitor my movement, I said am sorry I’m late “.
” So where were you huh? C’mon drop a big bad lie”. She said.
“I went on a ride with a girl”. He said and she scoffed.
“Omg! He had the gods to even say it right to my face”. She said and laughed.
“No, No, No Candy?”.
“I can’t believe you’re monitoring my movement, am no longer a kid Sis”.
“Will you keep quiet! You don’t even have remorse for what you just did, you sacrificed our d@t£ for some girl and you tell me right to my face, have you forgotten I get jealous seeing you with other girls?”.
“I’ve tried to plea-se you in all way and I appreciate the fact of looking out for me but how can a human survive a day without communication with female folks”. He asked.
“You have me, Ashley and your new distant relative Roxy”.
“That’s not what I meant”.
“Then what did you mean?”.
“When we were chasing some Mermaids the last time, one had escaped into a shop where the girl worked by the time I got there, she was gone and the blame was on me, I love fixing things so I needed to ask the girl some questions”.
“You took the girl into your car”.
“Drag, don’t you trust me anymore, have you forgotten Candy doesn’t have much to do with female folks”.
“She’s just lucky your sibling don’t recognize her else her funeral d@t£ would have been fixed alre-ady”.
“Do you have to hurt people always?”.
“Alright I’m sorry, can we go now?”.
“You spoilt my mood alre-ady”..
He said walking away.
“C’mon Candy don’t be like that , What do you want, new phone, Candy!”. She called out but he was out of sight alre-ady.
Candy entered his room angrily as he bolted the door.
“You lied”. He roared angrily.
“You keep on lying to survive for how long”. He roared and punch the mirror angrily causing the gl@ss to shatter down.
“Fvcking stupid family filled with idiots!”. He said and gr-abbing the chair smashed it on the wall.
“I don’t have a life, not hear, a mother who controls me like robot, a father who care less and all he those is beat the pulp out of you, a first born who loves me abnormally, brothers who hate me, sister who wonders whether to be good or evil”. He said moving toward the family picture.
He carried it and smashed it on the ground.
“Lovely! What’s going on!”. He could hear voices from the outside.
“I can’t love, I don’t have a power over my life, that isn’t a life”. He said and kicked the cabinet.
“I can’t run from them but neither can I stay”. He said and sat on the ground.
“Father I know you’re somewhere, I don’t know if Mom’s story about your death is true, I never had a chance to meet you once but I believe you were a good person, you left me to Mom to destroy my life, that isn’t fair”. He roared and the door broke open letting his family in except Diaz.
“Lovely”. Ashley called out as she moved to his front.
“Lovely? Now I know why you all call me Candy it’s because there’s nothing Lovely about me”. He whispered.
“What’s wrong with you son? “.
” Where’s father? Where’s my father? “.
” He’s dead and it’s gone alre-ady, why are you eating yourself up”.
“I hate you, all of you!”. He roared furiously.
“I’ll call the doctor”. Dahlia said.
“Everything you said does not change the fact that you lied to me, you hide the secret and as if that wasn’t enough, you used your Mermaid powers on my brother like he was a puppet”. She roared rising to her feet.
“I said I’m sorry Cindy, I’ve told you everything alre-ady, every single thing I’ve been hiding”.
“You should have said it earlier, hearing it from my best friend would have been warm and a sign of trust but those Mermaids or whatever it’s really called, it’s heartbreaking”.
“I was going to tell you but you left the room”.
“Because you were never re-ady, I’ll take my leave now”. She said and walked toward the door.
Kapella wanted to go after her but Mrs. Elijah held her back.
“She’ll come around, okay”.
“Mom those Mermaids”.
“You can’t help them daughter and if you go behind my back to help, heavens knows I’ve tried my best to protect you, I controlled you as a kid but not anymore now that you’re a teenager, you make your own decision and the best I can do is give a good advice as a good mother, this hunters are very dangerous and you’re the Artic, you’re the most wanted, if they can’t get you, they can come for your family “. Mrs. Elijah said as tears formed in her eyes.
” Alright Mom, I won’t go, am just bothered “.
“You should be”. Mrs. Elijah said and her phone buzzed.
“Hey”. She said and paused.
“I got to go, your father’s vehicle broke and he has some goods inside”.
“Alright Mom”.
Kapella brou-ght out her phone and dialed the number Lovely had given to her.
She coll@psed on the be-d as she the phone buzzed.
The call was soon received and she was lucky not to have spoken first.
“Hello, who’s this?”. He heard a femanine voice.
“Dahlia will you drop the phone?”. He heard a woman’s voice in the bsckground.
“Doctor is he going be okay?”. She heard the voice again and the call disconnected.
“Dahlia?.. What could happened to Lovely? Did he have an accident?”. She soliloquize getting off her be-d.
“Doctor is he going to be okay?”. Dahlia said as she disconnect the call and dropped Lovely’s phone.
“Of course, I’ve checked, he’s perfectly alright, there’s nothing medically wrong with him”. The doctor said as they stared at Lovely who was on the be-d.
His eyes were opened as he watched the light above him.
“Then why did he behave in such manner?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“Is he in pain of recent or just now?”. He asked.
“No”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“What if yes?”. Dahlia asked.
“If yes that’s the possible cause, People change their feelings of pain into anger because it feels better to be angry than it does to be in pain. This changing of pain into anger may be done consciously or unconsciously depending on the intensity of the pain caused “. The Doctor said.
” Alright.. Doc… You can go “.
” Lovely “. Ashley called out.
” Just keep to Candy “. He said.
” It isn’t your birth name “.Dahlia said.
” a name you gave to a kid because he loved candies “. He said.
” It was cute and you loved it “. Dahlia said but he didn’t reply.
” I was so scared, thought you had gone insane”. Ashley said.
“Shut up!”. Dahlia said.
“I’ll take my leave, the next time you scare the hell out of me, you might have yourself to be blamed”. She said and left.
“I’m sorry, I know I’m the cause of your pain”.Dahlia said c@r£ss!nghis head.
“His phone buzzed again and he took it.
” Who’s this caller you saved as Beauty K? “. She said and he took the phone from her.
” Work client”. He said and took the call.
“Hey, We’ll see tomorrow”. He said and disconnect the call..
“Bad CEO”. Finn said and Dahlia stared dagger at him.
“Sorry”. He apologized and left.
“And what are you still doing?”. She snapped at Ashley who turned to leave.
“Get Diaz over here to feed him, his punishment for not coming to check what’s wrong with Candy”.
“Feed me, never!”.
“Then, he’ll arrange the room”.
“Just let them be Dahlia, they’re your sibling, full not half”.
“You don’t question my decision and you’re in no position to tell me who to love or not, Get Diaz here”. She said.
“Cindy!”. Kapella called out as she broke throu-gh the crowd of students trooping into the school.
“C’mon why the frown?”.
“Don’t act like we’re still friends”. Cindy said..
“Of course, Let’s see a movie that will be re-leased at cinema together “.
” Am not interested “.
” plea-se just st©p this Cindy, I’m begging you, I’m sorry “. Kapella said.
” I’m still processing how to trust you after this”.
“We’ve been friends for years C, Trust was never an issue”.
“That was right K, until you ruined it with your secrets, I always fantasize mermaids and it would have been awesome finding out that my best friend is one, in a good way though if you would excuse me”.
“Have you seen Nancy, I need to apologize to her”. Kapella said.
“Gosh!”. She said and head for the pool room.
She entered and froze as she saw a female student feeding Diaz close to the pool as moved around like it was p@rty time but no one was swimming as there was a barricade around with an inscription ‘no swimming today’.
She made to turn back but almost bu-mped into Finn who kicked the door closed.
“It’s been so long, Did you miss me?”. He asked.
“What’s popping there?”. Diaz asked as he rose to his feet.
“Just having a friendly talk bro”. Finn said and left for where Diaz sat as he moved to front of Kapella.
“What are you here for again, to b!ow some big big lie?”. She asked.
“You went out with Candy after school”.
“Any problem with that?”.
“I was just wondering where you’ve gathered courage against me” He said.
She scoffed and made to walk past him but he gr@bb£d her arm and pu-ll-ed her back.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. She screamed.
“Why Lovely? What does he have that I don’t have”He said and pushed her backward.
“l@yyour filthy hand on her one time”.
Everyone turned back to see Lovely as he stepped in.
He move up to Diaz and looked him in the eyes.
“When you ever get to man up, behaving like a kid is disappointing, Just stay off”. Lovely said and held Kapella’s hand to walk past him.
Diaz gro-an ed angrily as he pushed the both of them at the pool.
Kapella had a good stamina but where Lovely stood was sli-ppery letting him slide into toward the pool.
She pu-ll-ed him back with all her might but that caused her to forward of which Diaz did a finishing t©uçh to as he sh0t his leg out and she tripped.
Kapella crashed into the pool of water just as she pu-ll-ed Lovely back.
He was angry but decided to go in as he made to dive but Diaz alre-ady dived at him gr-abbing him down.
“Do you ever think I’m scared of Mother’s punishment”. Diaz said and punched his face angrily.
“You get loved but I’m the Bastard son eveyone hates from birth”. He roared and s£nt another punch which broke hisl-ips this time.
As Kapella crashed into the pool she slowly submerged into it as her br@celet glowing but the glow was becoming dim.
“$h!t!”. She thought as she swam up speedily but unfortunately it st©p glowing just as her head bur-st on of water, meaning it was exhausted.
Kapella gro-an ed as she felt her h!ps enlarging as her legs glued together.
The transformation was so fast since her b©dy has adjusted to the new form and now she was a full Artic Mermaid.
Tears formed in her eyes as she submerged back into the waters in fear.
“You Bastard get loved by everyone but no matter how I try”. He screamed angrily wanting to punch him again but he fl!pDiaz over and headbu-tt him before rising to his feet.
He moved to edge of the pool as Diaz rolled to him feet too.
Kapella’s heart pound as she watched Lovely standing at the edge from un-derwater.
Diaz soon gr@bb£d him from behind and they crashed in as well descending to where she was as her tail illuminated the pool.
The let go of each other slowly as existence of a coloured light in the pool was shocking.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_21🐬
Cindy had followed Kapella to the pool room few minutes after she left.
She could hear voices as she approached the door and said opening it to behold the scene.
She g@sped as she saw Kapella fall into the water.
Lovely wanted to go save her but Diaz attacked him.
Cindy raced as fast as she could to the distributi boa on the wall.
She took the plier on t©p and opened it.
“Breath Cindy, Breath”. She said as her heart pound heavily.
She took in a de-ep breath and started cutting the wires.
Kapella was wondering what to do next when the lights went off putting the entire place in darkness..
Since the room was enclosed their was no light coming in so the only light available was the illumination from the water.
“Close your eyes and st©p the glow”. She could hear a voice in her head.
Kapella quic-kly shut her eyes and took control which st©pped her glowing tail putting the pool in darkness.
Diaz and Lovely couldn’t see anything as they swam around.
She sh0t herself up like a bullet bur-sting out of the water in her Mermaid form but no one saw her as there was not a single light entering the room.
She landed on the stairs as her tail turned back to legs and took off immediately
“Kapella!”. Lovely thought as he gr@bb£d the unseen b©dy but feeling a n£¢k chain.
He pushed him off and swam to the surface.
Kapella raced into the restroom and bolt the door.
She dropped her torn trou-ser on the WC and leaned against the wall.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!”. She exclaimed.
The event that just took place flashes throu-gh her head causing a terrible headache.
She switched active the tap and washed her face as the water dispense on the sink.
She paused as she watched the water on the sink rise up like magic.
Herl-ips slowly p@rted in awe as it flew slowly toward the door.
It iced up and pushed the bolt open.
“What!”. She exclaimed as she dash for the door to st©p it from opening but it kick open slamming her to the wall.
She raised her head up to see a beautiful girl with blue eyes who leaned against the door post.
“Who the hell are you?”.
“It’s a what?”. She said and Kapella could hear the girl’s voice in her head.
“It was you”.
“And I am still wondering what specie of Mermaid you are, there are some Mermaids with bright tails, are you an Artic?”. She asked and Kapella scoffed.
“What else would I want than be an Artic, well my tears are pearl not diamond so no”. She said and the girl c@m£ in.
“I can see you don’t know the core principle a mermaid should follow”.
“Do I look like a mermaid student?”.
“It’s advisable not to fall in love with humans, in ends up in a disaster, Anita is a good example, I’m sure you’ve heard of her “. She said and Kapella
“I do, so what’s that with me?”.
“Getting dragged by two dudes, just felt you should know”.
“By the way who are you?”. Kapella asked.
“I’m Madison, One of the escapee who escaped from the Hunter Woman”. She said.
“Madison right?, Who’s this Hunter Woman you mermaids talk about?”. Kapella asked.
“We don’t know her but she’s one eyed and dangerous”.
“One eyed? “.
“Yeah, uses an eye patch like a mermaid, She’s never called by her name but Ma’am, Boss and whatever and she’s heartless”.
“Damn! She must be evil”. Kapella said.
“Big time evil, only if we knew her true identity, striking to rescue our people won’t be h@rd”.
“You were p@rt of those women who c@m£ yesterday?”. She asked.
“Yes I’m but don’t call me girl cause I’m actually 25”. She said and Kapella turned to her.
“I can see you’re a total novice, we can pause our growth and we live hundred of years but not withstanding we’re not immortal because we still get to die a natural death after years of existence”. Madison said.
“Wow! I guess I don’t know alot, how did you do that water thing?”.
“Takes years to learn, require a lot of concentration”.She said.
“That’s right nice”.
“I should teach you alot since you’re new you know”.
“Don’t bother”. Kapella said.
“Mermaids are born with basic knowledge of how to use their powers number one of which is mind control but there are greater abilities, we ain’t born with the knowledge, we learn them”. She said.
Lovely and Diaz got out of the pool dripping w€t just as the light was restored.
“As much as I hate you, did you see that strange light?”. Diaz asked.
“I do, there was nothing un-derwater that would have caused”. Lovely said.
“Did you find her?”. He asked.
“That’s the end of our conversation, fvck off! “. Lovely said walking away.
He took off his shi-t as he walked away and the female students stared at him as they bite their nail.
” I don’t need them “. Kapella said and they turned hearing footstep.
” You should learn to bolt doors K”. They heard a voice and the noise of someone locking the main door to the restrooms.
Kapella walked past Madison to see Cindy.
“You always love getting yourself into trouble”. Cindy said.
“I love that line but it isn’t my fault”.
“Will you keep arguing with me half n-ked?”. Cindy said and threw her bag for her.
She caught it and scoffed.
“Does it matter?”. She asked as she opened the bag.
“Not all girls are girls, some might be Ashley”.
“Gosh! You don’t know about that”.
“Someone who picks on the female factor, what else should be thought about her?”. Cindy asked.
“Pick on male factor and she’ll be called a slut”.
“Are you backing her up?”.
“Not at all, Just see the emotion in her eyes whenever Lovely is hurt and you’ll realize there might be a good in her”.
“Or maybe she’s just after him crazy”. Cindy said.
“Seriously? Were you not the one who suspected her to be a l£sblan”. Kapella said.
“Wow! br@v! You finally said the word”.
“Did I, you know what, just turn around I want to change my undie”. Kapella said as she took off her cloth.
Cindy scoffed and sm-irked herl-ips.
“You better dress up before someone comes knocking, probably your b©yfri£nd”. She said and Kapella st©pped mid way wearing her br@.
“I’ve told you he’s a friend “.
” There’s nothing as that in 21st century, it develops “.
” Develops indeed, to what, tadpole or lava? “. Kapella asked as she wore a T shi-t.
” Develops to LovElla”. Cindy said.
“And what is that?”.
“Like you always say, forget it, did I turn off the lights just in time? “. She asked.
“Hold on it was you?”.
“I got the shock of a life time after trying to fix the wire I caught, now my br@in is conducting electric current buzz buzz buzz”. Cindy said and she laughed.
“Am sorry, de-eply sorry”. Kapella said.
“I need a lot of ice cream to calm it”.
“What! Am gonna kill you?”. Cindy threatened.
“Thank you Cindy what can I do without you?”.
“Telling lies”.
“C’mon we’ve settled that alre-ady”.
“I can see you girls have settled”. Madison said and Cindy saw her.
“Who’s she?”.
“Mermaid, she helped me”.
“Mermaid, you hypnotized your way into the school right?”. Cindy said.
“Mmmm hmmm, I got ocean blue eyes”. She whispered.
“Don’t even try to s£dûç£me, let’s go”. Cindy said dragging Kapella.
“Cindy I’m Sk-irtless”. She cried pla-yfully.
“Will you put it on”. She said taking her bag from her.
Kapella puts on the shi-t and turn to Madison.
“Nice meeting you”.
Lovely walked toward the female restroom now in a new dress when he almost bu-mped into them.
“Hey”. Kapella said.
“I was worried I didn’t find you in the pool”.
“She was transparent so she had to become parent… No… Invisibile.. Gosh! She didn’t want eyes on her so she took off like a pregnant cheetah “.
” Cindy plea-se st©p! “. Kapella said laughing.
” Alright then, um, did you have a source of light in the pole? “. He asked.
” um… My phone got w€t so the torch bec@m£ active stupidly and now it’s totally dead, beyond repair “. She said.
“The light was kind of red or yellow, I can’t remember though, And when is the funeral? “. He asked.
“hush! Be serious Lovely”. She said.
“My condolence then, Don’t forget tonight, I’ll be picking you up”.
“Don’t come to my house, I’ll text you were to meet me?”.
“Alright then, I’m off to cl@ss”. He said.
“We’ll join you”. Cindy said and he left.
“You’re going on a d@t£ with him wow!”.
“Do you want to die?”.
“Do you have intentions to kill me?”. She said.
“Then keep quiet, I just escaped getting caught as a Mermaid”.
“Duh! A good guy would buy you a new phone not buy a casket for the dead, dudes of this centuries are such a headache”. She said.
“Are you alright?”.
“I think the shock has tempered with my…”.
“Your sanity”.
“Huh! Will you keep quiet and move before I move you “. Cindy said and she stared blankly at her.
“Damn! Busted, For once faceless fvcked us up”. They could hear a student as they moved in into the cl@ssroom.
Kapella stared at Cindy and she shrugged.
“I don’t know”.
They sat down and Cindy tapped the student in front of her.
“What’s going on?”.
“We think Faceless sold us off, the school authority employed a cyber security genius who found the loophole she’s using and with that unravel all she’s done and undone it, now eveyone is a Debtor, the amount owed by each student is so hvge because we’ve not been paying “. She said.
” Wow! That’s bad “. Cindy said as she turned slowly to Kapella who picked a pen and began to write.
” You have nothing to say “. She said but Kapella was engrossed in whatever you were doing.
” Can you just say something? “.
She remained mute as she collects Cindy’s markers and used.
Cindy checked the book and all she could see was codes written in a confused manner.
” Am not gonna ask what this are, just take your time”. Cindy said as Kapella circled some of the codes and joined it to another.
She exhaled dropping her pen.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“It’s my fault”. Kapella whispered.
“I didn’t erase the root of my entry codes so whoever unravel it us using a program that restores my code from utter trash”.
“Do I have to remind you I’m going for medicine?”. Cindy asked.
“That’s right, should I use medical terms? “.
“Just shut up, maybe all I un-derstand is you didn’t delete a code”.
“I did. When I delete my entry code, it is removing the reference to the file on the h@rd drive. Once the file header, or reference, is re-moved, the computer can no longer see or know the location code. The code is no longer re-adable by the computer but it still exist in there just that I found a way to do a clean sweep ma-king the code untraceable “.
” Did I un-derstand that? “.
” Dumb girl “. Kapella
” That’s my line, if you made your entry code or whatever untraceable then how…. “.
” I was coming to that, I didn’t, we were un-der pressure so I was scared about you and had to leave after erasing the code but not completed, Phoenix High finally got a big bad genius “. She said.
” How can you be so careless? “.
” You speak like if I hadn’t showed up you wouldn’t have wee on your your….. “.
Cindy punched her arm and she gro-an ed.
” Well we’re moving in “.
” What? “.
“Tonight but you ain’t coming along “.
“You’re joking”.
“I don’t feel comfortable, it’s like something is gonna happen”. She said.
“Then not today”.
“If not today, another time might be impossible, I just have the feeling”.
“And when did you become a Harbinger?”.
“I’m a Mermaid, Cindy, we sometimes predict things without even knowing”. She said.
“Well adamant, who would watch your back?”.
“I’ll be careful”.
“I won’t let you do it alone, together as usual”.
“Alright but you’ll stay close”.
“Are you gonna baby sit me?”.
“If I have to”.
School was over for that day as students trooped out of their various cl@sses.
“Hey I should drop you both at your house”. Lovely said as he approached Kapella and her friend.
“No, never mind, we’re waiting for someone, sorry “.
“Oh That’s alright, Don’t forget tonight, what about your phone? “.
“Of course I won’t,It’s totally gone so I’ll use Cindy’s phone to s£nd a text”. She said.
“That’s fine, Later then”. He said and left.
“You never told me Mermaids could duplicate”. Cindy said.
“You have a Faceless to be tonight and you also have a d@t£”.
“hush! How many times will I tell you he’s just a friends, it’s no d@t£”.
“Friend? That’s the best and most reliable approach”.
“Just keep quiet huh!”.
Lovely was walking down the hallway when he almost bu-mped int Diaz.
He made to walk past him but he spoke.
He paused and they turned back to see each other.
“And what happened to Candy?”. Lovely asked.
“I’m sorry for what I did the other day, pushing you into a pool in an unconscious state, I never said this to you before but I’m sorry, just for that day alone”.
“Diaz I don’t have anything against you..I…”.
“Good day Candy”. He said walking away.
“Hush!”. Lovely said and walked away.
Diaz got into the Principal Office and coll@psed into the Grand Sofa.
“Mr. Diaz”. The Principal said as he rose to his feet.
“Mr. Principal, I’ll be spending the rest of the day here”.
“Um… Will you be comfortable, I can get a h0tel room for you?”.
“I don’t need it, I just want to be away from people today”.
“Alright then, you’re welcome, I’ll inform the security team that we have someone here, the key is on my desk just incase you want to look the door “.
It was 6:30pm as men in uniform got into different SUV and drove out of the school vicinity.
Kapella and Cindy could be seen staring out of the window.
They were dressed in a new outfit alre-ady and Kapella had her faceless mask on while Cindy had a Dali mask.
“All the men left today,so only the Janitor is here, he’s the only problem”. Kapella said as they moved out of the cl@ssroom.
They hid behind the wall as they had incoming footsteps.
A man with a flashlight walked past with transparent plastic bags which some packaged meal could be seen.
They strafed after him and could see that he was headed for the Principal’s office.
“Take care of him and return immediately, here’s the signal disrupter”. Kapella said as she gave Cindy a device and left for the Control Base.
She entered and as usual the c@m£ra’s turned to her.
She took a recorder on the Keyboard with her gloves hand and cleared her throat as she pressed the record bu-tton.
“s£nza volto è inevitabile, non importa fino a che punto tu mi fermi, Cos’è che non mi spaventi ma io ti spavento, Perché sono s£nza volto”. She said in Italian which meant.
“Faceless is inevitable, no matter the extent you go to st©p me, you don’t scare me but I scare you, because I’m Faceless”.
She st©p the recorder and pushed her removable drive into the computer system which automatically skipped the p@ssword process and went straight for the database which was displa-yed on the screen.
The Janitor dropped the bag on the table just as Diaz c@m£ out of the restroom.
The door jammed closed and they turned to it.
The Janitor went to it immediately and tried to open but it was locked with key from the outside.
“You left the key on the door”. He asked.
“Who has the guts to lock me in here?”.
“Faceless, She’s here for revenge”. He said.
“What Faceless?”. Diaz asked.
“The Popular Phoenix High, Hacker”.
“And my keys ain’t here”.
“Call the men to return”.
“I don’t know how they do the magic but you can’t call”.
Diaz brou-ght out his phone and scoffed as he saw that there was no reception.
“This is impressive”. He said dropping the phone.
He opened his bag and poured all manner of things from it but pistols, knives and bullets could be seen clearly.
“What are you doing?”. He asked.
“Can you use a gun?”.
“Of course I can”.
Diaz pu-ll-ed out a gra-ppling gun from all he’s poured down and dropped it.
He in-sert new ammo in his G18 pistol and c0cked it.
“Take one and come along”.
“Mr. Diaz….”.
“Don’t object just come along,where does she go?”.
“The Control Base boss, She’s literally controlling everything”. He said.
“Then we seize control from her”. He said headed for gl@ss wall of the room in which the outside of the school could be clearly seen from.
He threw a chair to it and it scattered the gl@ss into pieces.
He moved to the edge and point the gra-ppling gun up.
He sh0t out the hook and it gra-p the roof of the building.
“Follow me”. He said and climbe-d the rope up to the roof.
The Janitor followed after him and was shocked.
“I never for once thought about this”.
Diaz didn’t reply as he approached the school generator on the roof.
“Shut down the generator and come down throu-gh the stairs”. He said and walked away for the stair on the roof.
The Janitor exhaled and turned to the generator.
Kapella was done with her operation as she pu-ll-ed out her drive but everything went off putting the entire place in darkness.
“Oh my God!”. She said and carried her bag.
Her items poured out and she hurriedly packed them in and Zi-pped it close.
She raced out when Diaz who was coming down of the stair pounced on her.
He punched her face and she crashed down with him.
She pushed him off and headbu-tt him but he gr@bb£d her arm.
She hits him on the belly with her knee and he gro-an ed.
She gr@bb£d her che-st but she sl@pped him across the face and he counter attacked by gr-abbing her n£¢k down.
Cindy who wondered why the light had gone off was running for the base when she saw the scene.
She raced at Diaz and kicked his head causing him to crash into the room.
Cindy helped Kapella up and they took off.
He staggered out of the room and pu-ll-ed his pistol firing at them.
They head for the exit door but Kapella pushed Cindy to opposite hallway as she heard footstep there alre-ady.
The Janitor c@m£ out of the exit and fired at Cindy as she ran seperate way with Kapella.
Cindy changed her direction to the hallway that lead to their cl@ssroom and met with Kapella.
“It’s Diaz we need to leave”. She said.
“We’re gonna take the fire exit”. Kapella said.
“That man is headed that place too, I didn’t see his face but he’s armed”.
“I’ll take care of him”. Kapella said and they raced off.
Kapella listened carefully as they approached the place.
The Janitor appeared from the other side of the wall but she kicked him away and he crashed down.
She took his gun and kicked his throat s£nding him unconscious.
She heard footstep coming at the hallway and pu-ll-ed Cindy to behind the wall but it was late alre-ady as Diaz fired repeatedly.
Two bullets hit Cindy’s shoulder and she coll@psed into Kapella’s arms as she hid behind the wall.
“Cindy”. She whispered.
“My hand”. She m0@n ed weakly as her eyes closed slowly.
“No Cindy don’t!”. Kapella said but she was unconscious on her arm with her bleeding hand dropping on Ella’s cloth.
She peeped out from behind the wall and could see Diaz headed for them as he drew out his other pistol.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_22🐬
Kapella could be seen carrying Cindy behind her as she ran to the highway.
A Taxi st©pped abruptly as it almost hit her.
“plea-se help me”. She said as the driver got down.
“Ma’am it’s dark alre-ady, I’m off work”. He said
She began to sing as herl-ips trembled with tears forming in her eyes.
The man quic-kly opened the door and he helped her put Cindy in.
“Queen’s Street, Block E23”. Kapella said as she got in.
He drove off as Kapella put Cindy’s head on her l@p.
“Are we at the the hospital?”. Herl-ips mumbled.
“No we’re headed to your aunt’s place”.
“We can’t go to hospital, it’s a bullet case, save your strength Cin, you’re gonna be fine”.
“Will I?”.
“Yes.. Can you drive fas-ter”.
“Yes My lady”. He said.
As the vehicle moved fas-ter with the evening breeze moving in.
Kapella leaned her head against the seat and closed her eyes as tears flowed down her cheek.
“I killed him, I killed Diaz “. She whispered.
” Cindy!”. Kapella called out but she was still unconscious.
He let go of her slowly as she fell to the chair.
Kapella slides out in a bent position just as Diaz raised his gun firing to where she hid.
She had narrowly escaped the bullets because she went low.
She rose up swiftly kicking his crotch up as well.
He gro-an ed as he turned the gun to her but she held his hand and bent it causing him to shoot to the ground.
He want to use the other gun but she kicked his stomach.
She headbu-tt his to the wall but he hit her l!pwith his gun.
She kicked him off and hid back behind the wall where Cindy was.
Diaz c0cked his gun and fired to the wall as he approached it.
Kapella could feel the vibr@tion as the bullets hit the wall.
She couldn’t run away because she had to take Cindy and with Diaz coming for her it was impossible.
“The hand, Go for the hand”. She whispered to herself as she listened to his step.
She re-moved the gun she took from the Janitor earlier and held it ti-ghtly.
Just as Diaz appeared to shoot her she fired bullet to his che-st and he dropped down.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed dropping the Gun.
She stoop low to where Cindy was and died her hand with her previously torn trou-ser.
She hit her che-st causing her to jo-lt into consciousness.
“Shhh! You’ll be fine”. She said as she cleaned the blood on the ground.
She made sure she cleaned everything thor0ûghly and flu-shed the cloth in the restroom.
Kapella returned and carried Cindy in her back, she took their bags and went out throu-gh the fire exit.
Something suddenly got into her mind and she opened her eyes.
“St©p the car”.
“Alright my lady”.
“What are you doing?”. Cindy said weakly.
“I just remembered one of my ability”. Kapella said as she un-bu-ttoned Cindy’s shi-t and took off her shi-t.
“Are you trying to r@p£ me in my weak state? I always suspected you”. Cindy said.
She loosed the cloth the cloth and she winced.
“Hypnotization or letting you scream out your lungs”. Kapella asked.
“What are you trying to do?”.
“I know you’ll choose option B, so…”. She said and f0rç£d her f!ngersinto the wound removing the bullets.
Cindy screamed as she bite Kapella like a wounded lion.
Ella held her hand and bec@m£ to sing with her mouth close to the wound.
“I should have known you’re a fvcking vampire”. Cindy cried as she hit Kapella furiously in pain.
Fragrance emit from her mouth into the wound and it healed the wound slowly.
Cindy st©pped beating her as the pain was slowly disappearing.
Kapella slowly retreated from her as she exhaled.
Cindy checked the wound and it was all healed up without a scar.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed in tears and hvgged Kapella ti-ghtly.
“I thought I was going to die”. She said.
“Seriously? You’re crazier when you’re at the point of death”.
“Point of death?, who told you I was going to die”. Cindy asked.
“You just did”.
“That’s right but how did you escape Diaz”.
“I think i killed him”. Kapella whispered.
Lovely could be seen pacing left and right in his room.
He took his phone as he called Kapella again but it wasn’t going throu-gh.
He dialed another number and placed it on his ear.
“Frank meet get a vehicle re-ady, am moving out “. He said walking out.
He left the building as he located a Lamborghini.
The chauffeur bowed as he opened the door for him.
“Did you deliver the package?”.
“Yes boss but Kapella Elijah wasn’t at home”.
“Who did you give it to?”. He added.
“A little boy, says he’s Kapella Elijah’s brother”.
Lovely’s mind flashed back to the boy Kapella st©pped from speaking when he dropped her at home the previous day.
“hush! You should have at least told me”. He said.
“Sorry boss”.
“It’s alright let’s go”. He said and got into the vehicle.
The Chaffeur closed the door and raises his head up to a widow in the mansion.
Dahlia could be seen watching them from there.
Staring at her he nodded before getting into the vehicle.
The Lamborghini arrived at Kapella’s home and he alighted as he wore he black coat
He hit the door bell and waited as it rang.
“Steve go get the door”. He could hear a woman’s voice.
Shortly the door opened and Steve peeped out.
“Hi”. He said said but Steve stared blankly at him.
“Hello, I’m Candy”. He said and Steve made a funny look as he raised his head up.
“Are you Ella’s b©yfri£nd?”. He asked with his baby voice.
“Hey no, not at all just a friend”.
“What are you doing here?”.
“Did you give her the package that he delivered?”. Lovely asked pointing to the Chaffeur.
“She’s didn’t return home from school”.
“Yes. She must be at her friend’s place”.
“Cindy. Cindy Petrova”. He said.
“You know her?”. Steve asked.
“Ella’s best friend, I do”.
“Goodbye then and if you do see her tell her she should bring my compensation or I’m gonna tell mom she has a rich b©yfri£nd”. Steve said and slam the door closed.
He scoffed and laughed as he heard the woman’s voice ask
“who was at the door?”.
And steve replied.
“No one”.
They got into the Lamborghini and it drove off.
It arrived at Cindy’s home and he alighted from it.
He moved to the door and hit the bell.
The door opened immediately like it was awaiting his arrival and Francis appeared ba-re che-st with his hand around a girl’s n£¢k.
“Who do we have here, an Arrowood”. He said as he pe-cked her.
“Goodnight babe”. He said and she left as he waved.
Lovely turned back to see the girl and back to Francis.
“If you want her I could arrange a meeting”. He said.
“Not at all, you’re a fresher right? “.
“Yep, so?, well the last time I met with the Arrowood, they beat the cra-p out of me and broke my phone so what’s it this time”.
“And if you remember the faces, you’ll remember you didn’t see this”.
“That’s right, Candy or Lovely, which is it?”.
“it doesn’t matter, is Cindy in?”. He asked and Francis eyes popped.
“Cindy?”. He said looking around like he was crazy.
“Cindy!”. He called out running back into the building.
“Um.. She isn’t back yet, from school”. He said.
“Do you have any idea where she might be?”.
“Alone, She went to a p@rty, With Kapella….”. He said and paused.
“I have no idea”.
“Damn! She isn’t taking her calls so can you wait! Right? “. He asked.
“Are you sure they’re returning today?”.
“Of course, you can come have your seat?”.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and he took the call.
“Diaz? What? I spoke to him after school, on my way”. He saidhurriedly.
“I got to go, something important c@m£ up, Make sure you tell them I st©pped by “. He said and got into his vehicle.
It drove off speedily and almost immediately a taxi st©pped by the house.
Francis raced up to it as Kapella and Cindy got down.
They were now in new dress which wasn’t blood stained.
“Seriously you two just missed a big opportunity”. He said.
“What do you mean?”.
“The Billionaire Heir was here, you two are crazy, how can you stay this long huh?, you needed to see his Lambo, it was k!ssable”.
“Lovely?”. Kapella asked.
“Yes it was totally lovely”. He replied.
“I meant was it Lovely?”.
“Yes.. I said yes”.
“Was it Candy? “. Cindy asked.
“No it was lovely how can a vehicle be candy?”.
“C’mon let’s go”. Kapella said dragging Cindy along.
“Oh yes it’s Candy, Lovely Arrowood or Candy, whatever he’s called”. Francis said and they paused.
He danced to their front and stood akimbo.
“I should have known your burnt b©yfri£ndwas a billionaire in disguise, CEO of Phoenix h0tel, Heir of the Arrowood, oh my, why wasn’t I a female as beautiful as…”. He said wanting to t©uçh Kapella’s face but she sl@pped his hand.
“Well he c@m£ searching for you both, you know I always thought you both were…”. Francis said and win-ked.
“But you’re sharing a billionaire b©yfri£nd, that’s so incredible”. He said.
Cindy pushed him off their way and they entered.
“Seriously I told him to wait and he would have but something important c@m£ up, Diaz or what was it again?”. He said and they paused as they pressed toward him.
“Diaz? What did he say?”.
“Why did you both suddenly become interested in me?”. He asked.
“I didn’t hear much but he was something about Diaz”.
They scoffed and walked away.
“Did I become ugly again?”. He asked as they climbe-d the stairs up.
“plea-se don’t forget my share in your monthly salary?”.
They entered into the room and Kapella flung her bag into the the room.
“I warned you not to come along!”. She said angrily.
“And if I hadn’t showed up, he would have killed you, he had his hand on your n£¢k”.
“I would have found a way out and hypnotize him to forget, it took h@rd time cleaning all your blood, I had to use Mermaid’s vision to be sure there was no minute left “.
“What if he sh0t you? He was re-ady to kill us, he had a gun “.
“Just let me think Cindy”. Kapella said running her hand throu-gh her hair.
“Fine I’m sorry”.
“Don’t be that Cindy, I appreciate the fact that you hit Diaz off me but you got hurt”.
“Or maybe we should be thinking of the aftermath of this”. Cindy said.
“The thing is I don’t feel the pain of what I did, i feel like he deserves it”.
“Is It a mermaid thing?”. Cindy asked and he nodded.
“We h@rdly feel sorry when we do something bad to someone we feel like they deserved it”. Kapella said as she sat on the be-d.
Cindy sat beside her and put her hand around her shoulder.
“I don’t even know what to think”.
🌇🌇🌇🌇Next Day🌇🌇🌇🌇
“Bye!”. Kapella waved Cindy as she left the house.
“Are you sure about this?”. Cindy asked.
“I need to think Cindy, a day off school will do, my br@celet is down so right now it’s nothing but mere and with my attitude of getting into trouble on daily basis, I might have to recharge it while I take the necessary days off school “. Kapella said and she nodded.
” Stay safe “. Cindy said.
” And you too babe”.
Cindy got into an awaiting taxi and it drove off as Kapella waved at her.
She got into the house and closed the door as she leaned against it.
Shortly the door bell rang and she opened it to see a hvge man in black suit and shade.
“My Boss wants to see you”. He said and moved away.
Kapella raced her head up and saw a young lady sitting on the bonnet of a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X.
She was on a blue coat which collar projected up to her face with her hair well packaged in.
She only had a blue shade on and herl-ips were painted blue.
She jumped down from the vehicle as her Nike Air Mag Back to the Future Sneakers made It noiseless.
Kapella stared at her front head to the toe as her eyes drift from the vehicle.
She catwalks toward Kapella and took off the shades as she smiled.
It was Dahlia.
“You must be Kapella Elijah”. She said.
“Yes. Have we met before, you look familiar”.
“Not at all, of a truth you’re a beauty”. Kapella said.
“Thank you um…”.
“I’m Dali, may I come in?”.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_23🐬
Lovely’s car st©pped by the mansion and he alighted to meet Finn and Ashley.
“Did you find him yet?”. He asked.
“Nope, His number isn’t going throu-gh neither”.
“That’s bad”. Lovely said.
“I thought you spoke with him”. Finn said.
“Yeah, it was after school”.
“Did you had a quarrel”.
“What sort of question is that, Finn?”. He asked and Finn scoffed.
“When you’re his sworn enemy, why wouldn’t I ask?”.
“Hey hey guys, we’re worried about our brother not to fight”. Ashley said.
“Brother? When did Candy bec@m£ one of us?”.
“Just st©p it Finn, the fact that he c@m£ down here means he cares”. Ashley said.
“I’ll just call the principal to confirm if he saw him after school”. Lovely said and walked away as he made a call.
He soon returned retreating his phone.
“Diaz is at school”.
“Principal says he want to spend the night there”.
“How can he?”. Finn said.
Lovely tried Cindy’s number but it wasn’t going throu-gh yet.
He exhaled and raised his head up.
“I guess I’ll go take a good rest”. He said walking away.
His Chaffeur was following after him when at the hallway one of the doors opened and a hand drag him in.
“Boss”. He said as Dahlia bolt the door.
“Did you find out?”.
“Yes boss, it’s same Kapella Elijah”.
“Which Kapella Elijah?”.
“The One you’ve gathered info alre-ady on, the girl your brother was with at the p@rty in his h0tel “.
” The girl with the beautiful voice “.
” Yes that’s her Kapella Elijah “.
“I thought Lovely chatting over a table with two girls was mere but it isn’t and it’s same girl he is with at school”. Dahlia asked.
“Yes boss, Diaz is also after her and they fight alot”.
“Shhhh.. I know that alre-ady, what could be so special about her that my siblings are after”. Dahlia said as she sat on the be-d.
“You said they had a fight because of her today”.
“Yes, they threw each other into a pool, I think Finn and Ashley have stepped back ma’am”.
“Finn and Ashley are the youngest and scared rats, they don’t fight with the elders”. She said.
“He’s suppose to have a d@t£ with her today ma’am”.
“You told me alre-ady, how did it go, you returned early”. She said as she sipped wine from her cup.
“She wasn’t at home so we went to her friends place and she wasn’t there as well”.
“How can he stoop so low for a girl that can’t keep to him, he’s an idiot”. Dahlia said and bite her lowerl-ip.
“She’s beautiful boss”.
“Keep quiet! I saw her on the papers and internet, of course she is and the voice makes everything charming but my brother isn’t like this because of it, he’s met many beautiful girls before or am I beautiful”. She asked and he swallowed the saliva in his mouth.
“Of course you are boss, charming”.
“Thanks for the compliment, you said you know her place right?”. She asked.
“Yes but I don’t think she’s returning home boss, probably her friends place”.
“Then we st©p right there tomorrow “.
” Ma’am? “.
” You heard me right “. Dahlia said as she moved to the window.
” Boss always has his eyes on the girl ma’am and keeps an eye on…
” And you’ll do me a favour of distracting him from her for tomorrow and if not, Inform me of his movement, I need some moment with Kapella Elijah not moment though but a friend bond without the knowledge of Candy “. She said.
” Excuse me ma’am, friend bond? “.
” I’m not evil as everyone thinks, Fighting or killing the girl is childish and stupid, it shows how scared and weak I am”.
“We’ve been searching for a bride for Candy, maybe we just found one”.
“Kapella Elijah? “. He asked.
“Just keep shut!”.
“Sorry ma’am”.
“He always reject every possible she devil we’ve s£nt to find their ways into his life but for once I think he fell in love against mother’s rule”. Dahlia said and ran her hand throu-gh her hair.
“A bride for the billionaire heir, interesting”. She said turning back.
“But what we need isn’t a cool angel but a dangerous daughter of Lucifer”. Dahlia said and his eye popped out.
“Goodnight Frank before I r@p£ you”.
He hurriedly out of the room immediately and she laughed as she consumed the wine left.
“What would you love to take?”. Kapella asked as she sat.
“Nothing I’m fine”. Dahlia said and crossed her legs.
“You ain’t going to school today?”. She asked and Kapella nodded.
“I’m not feeling too well”.
“Oh how do you feel now, you should see a doctor you know “. Dahlia said.
” It’s just minor, I’ll be fine “.
” Alright then, as I’ve said, I’m Dali but call me D”.
“Yeah. I heard your song and it was superb, I can’t stay a day without listening to it”. She said and Kapella smiled.
“I really love your voice”.
“Can you sing pri-vately for me, I’ll pay whatever amount you wish I just love your voice like I could borrow it ?”.
“Don’t flatter me”.
“No am not, Kapella Elijah”.
“The thing is I’ve retired from singing”.
“What! Oh my God that breaks my heart”. Dahlia said as she looked down.
“I don’t sing, I only did it for my friend’s p@rty”. She said.
“Will you plea-se show up if I invite you for one?”.
“I can’t @ssure”.
“plea-se it’s really important”.
“I can’t”.
“I love to sing but I don’t like the popularity of a thing”.
“How did you find me?”.
“I’ve my ways”.
“Your vehicle, your dressing, your speaking, I can guess you’re handy”.
“You mean rich?”.
“That’s right and I need a personal melodist”. She said.
“I attend school”.
“I know well if it isn’t comfortable with you, you don’t have to accept, nice meeting you”. Dahlia said as she rose up.
“Nice meeting you too, am sorry”.
“No don’t be, Even hearing your voice is okay, can we meet some other time?”.
“Um… Maybe”.
“Alright then”.
Kapella moved back to Cindy room and in-serts her sim into the phone Cindy gave her.
🛣️🛣️🛣️🛣️Phoenix High🛣️🛣️🛣️🛣️
Cindy was walking down the hallway with Francis who was speaking endless when they almost bu-mped into Lovely who was leaving the principal office.
Francis pe-cked Cindy on the cheek and win-ked as he left causing her to scoff.
“Hi Lovely”. She said looking down.
“Are you alright?”.
“Yeah, totally, I heard you st©pped by”.
“Yes, thought I would find Kapella there seems she forget we had…”.
“No not at all”.
“She suddenly bec@m£ ill so we had to go to the hospital from school, she was admitted”.
“Is she alright?”.
“Feeling better now”. Cindy said and he exhaled.
“I heard you left when you couldn’t wait”.
“Family issues”.
“Um family issues?”.
“Yeah but it’s fine”. He said raising the file he held up.
“What’s this?”. She said collecting the name badge he held with the files..
“Roxy Arrowood”. She re-ad out the name and handed it over to him.
“Never knew you had another sister”.
“Distant relative, she wants to attend Phoenix High so am attending to the registration process for her”.
“Oh That’s nice”.
“You’ll get to meet her soon, she’s nice”.
“Alright then bye”.
“Um Cindy?”.
“Where’s she now?”.
“At my home”.
“Can I drop you off later?”.
“Um sure, bye”. She said and he left.
She smiled softly and turned but it turned completely into a scared look as she saw something.
Diaz could be seen walking down the hallway with the security agents of the school.
His eyes met with her but she turned quic-kly as he p@ssed by.
“Isn’t my favorite in school yet?”. He asked and herl-ips struggled to speak.
“I’ll take that as a no, you look cute in that go-wn by the way “. He said and walked away with the men.
Cindy’s heart pound loudly as she tried to take her phone from her bag but couldn’t find it.
Diaz walked into the control room with the men and raised Cindy’s phone up to his face.
He had secretly took the phone from her handbag as she engrossed in him.
“Now am gonna have your number beauty”. He said and sat on the swivel chair turning 360°.
He went throu-gh her recent calls and saw a contact ‘K Babe’.
“This should be it”. He said and noticed something un-der the chair of one of the men as they sat accessing the footages in the control base that had captured Faceless.
He squat low and picked it up.
As Kapella’s item poured on the ground, she hurriedly packed them in but she didn’t get to see her badge that had gone un-der the chair.
Diaz took the name badge and rose up slowly as there was flashes of the fight scenes he had with Faceless.
He turned it over as his eyes vibr@ted as he saw the name on the badge.
“Kapella, It was you and your petty friend, now I un-derstand her scared look, it isn’t because I’m a terror, it’s because I’m suppose to be dead”. He whispered inaudible.
The hallway was dead silent as there was nothing but utter darkness but still Diaz b©dy could be seen clearly.
He suddenly jo-lt up and gro-an ed.
He took off his shi-t revea-ling the bullets which were stuck in his bulletproof vest..
He had only fainted because of the sudden pressure the bullets caused to his heart.
He gro-an ed as he re-moved the vest and was ba-re che-st.
The scar of the bullets could be clearly seen on it.
“bit-ch!”. He cursed.
Kapella was eating popcorn from its packet as she watched a movie on the television when the phone on the table buzzed.
She took it and accepted the call from an unknown caller.
“I had no idea your voice sounds sweeter over the phone”. A voice said and she scoffed.
“Excuse me, who are you?”.
“Faceless should be able to guess”.
She re-moved the phone to check the contact again and placed it back.
“I don’t un-derstand you”.
“I can’t believe you killed me, did you hate me that much?”. His voice pierced into her ear.
“Diaz?”. She whispered as her hand vibr@ted.
“That’s right, let’s say you forgot a little something during your operation, *s£nza volto* “.
*s£nza volto* meaning ‘faceless’ in Italian.
She swallowed the saliva in her mouth as her eyes blinked.
“I’ll text you a location, meet me there by 9pm today or wait for the 9pm Phoenix News, First headline, Identity Of Famous Phoenix High Hacker Popularly Known As ‘Faceless’ revealed, it’s your choice”. He said and disconnected the call.
“bit-ch, you think you can control a Mermaid!”. She roared angrily.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid
🐬 Episode_24🐬
Cindy couldn’t concentrate in the cl@ssroom as professor Raji.
He suddenly paused and leaned against the desk.
“Miss Petrova, you’re abs£nt minded”. He said and she jo-lt from her thought.
“Yeah um”. She said scratching her head.
“Do you remember the last thing I said?”. He asked and she looked down.
“Do you get to behave in such way when your friend isn’t by your side, She’s very good so you should emulate and……”.
“She’s just worried about her sick friend Mr. Raji, can you continue plea-se?”. Lovely asked.
“Sure that’s right, so where were we?”. He asked as he picked his marker from the desk.
Cindy turned to Lovely and he nodded.
She couldn’t help but smile as she looked down.
The door pu-ll-ed open and Diaz walked In majestically with a lolli-pop in his mouth.
Professor Raji dropped his marker and exhaled.
Diaz sat on the empty seat which was Kapella’s and took the lolli-pop from his mouth.
“Kapella’s isn’t at school”. Cindy managed to mutter.
“I know that alre-ady and if you try to push me off or leave I’ll annouce that she’s Faceless and you’re her accomplice”. Diaz said and she g@sped.
“You guys really wanted me dead last night”. He said and put his hand around her n£¢k.
Cindy’s heart pound loudly as he smiled softly.
“Let the girl go Diaz”. Lovely said as he rose to his feet.
“Cool bro, we’re having a chat you shouldn’t intrude”. He said.
He placed the lolli-pop on herl-ips and she shook her head.
“I can’t”.
“Fine.. I always saw you as such gentle angel but the thing is a love innocent girls with a bad within”. He whispered.
Lovely walked up from his seat and gr@bb£d his arm.
“Do you chose to pester everyone Diaz? Were having a cl@ss”.
“What’s your problem brother just tell you, you fight for everything, position, money, power and now women, I’m not bothering you Cindy am I?”. He asked and she shook her head.
“We’re fine Lovely”. Cindy said and he scoffed.
“You heard her man, she’s fine, right?”. He said and she f0rç£d a smile.
“If you would excuse me brother you’re distracting me”.
“Cindy I just can’t believe this”. He said and left angrily with his bag.
“Why are you doing this?”. She asked as tears formed in her eyes.
“What am I doing? I’m keeping your secrets so I at least deserve some payment to keep my mouth shut”. He said c@r£ss!ngher shoulder.
She hits his hand off and he scoffed.
“You really dared me Cindy”. He said and she sniffed.
“Well i c@m£ to drop off what I stole”. He said and dropped her phone on the desk.
“The thing is I’m interested in your friend not you so it’s nice having my hand over her shoulder, Cindy”. He whispered to her face and left.
Cindy couldn’t help but take her phone and rush out as she bur-st into tears.
She called Kapella as she entered into the restroom.
Cindy sniffed as she sat on the WC.
“We’ve been busted, Kapella, Diaz is alive and he knows”.
“I know alre-ady Cindy, just calm down, I’ll fix this, I promise “. Kapella’s phone could be heard from the speaker.
” I don’t know if I can be calm, I don’t know his next move “. She cried.
” Cindy, did he do anything to you? “.
” He put his hand around my n£¢k in the pres£nce of everyone, Mr. Raji and even Lovely, he threatened to expo-se us if I try to……”. Cindy said and bur-st into tears.
” Cindy plea-se st©p crying, it hurts me, we’re gonna make him pl@yalright, I got this girl, just relax and put your faith in me, alright? “.
” Alright babe, Just be careful “.
” As always? “. Kapella replied.
Diaz coll@psed into the Principal’s chair when his phone rang.
He took the call as he smiled.
” Hello Ella Babe “.
” What the hell is wrong with you? “. Kapella’s voice rage out.
” Calm Girl, you’re gonna destroy my fvcking speaker, it worth millions of USD baby”. He said.
“Just shut the fvck up Diaz”.
“Don’t damage my eardrum as well but I’m more bothered about you, don’t ruin that voice of yours, no money in the world can fix it, alright?”.
“Don’t give me that $h!t, Cindy was never p@rt of our deal”.
“What deal? Cindy is your accomplice, isn’t she?” He asked.
“Listen Diaz, I’ll show up at whatever you choose, I promise but plea-se don’t ever involve Cindy ever and ever again, do you we have a deal?”.
“Sounds enticing, you really mean you would show up?”.
“Yes i will”.
“Then don’t be late because I’m quite impatient”.
“Do we have a deal?”.
“Of course we do”.He replied and the door pushed open revea-ling lovely.
“I gotta go, there’s a pest at my door”. He said and disconnected the call.
“And when have I become a pest?”. Lovely asked as he stepped in.
“Isn’t that what you’re here for, to ask what am doing with Cindy?, I guess I’ve been marked as unlovable”. He asked.
“No. Don’t think toward the direction, I just c@m£ to apologize”. He said.
“Apologize? Seriously?”.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have acted that way and also I didn’t get to say I accepted your apology the other time”.
“Why do I care if you accept my apology or not?”.
“I needed you hear it from me that it is accepted, I don’t have a thing against you Diaz, we’re brothers, remember our promise to each other”. Lovely said.
“You don’t have a thing against me, then st©p dragging what’s mine with me and for the promise, we were kids who knew nothing, here’s the reality of life”. He said.
“Diaz am serious”.
“What do you want exactly Lovely?”.
“I can see you’re quite happy today and I’m glad about that “. He said and Diaz laughed.
“And that gladness will become a gloominess in you, in no time, you want us to reconcile but I can @ssure you that in the next 24 hours we’ll be punching each other down a skyscr@p£r”. He said and pushed Lovely off the way as he walked away.
“I’ve better things to attend to”.
Lovely scoffed and walked away to meet Cindy who was coming out of the rest.
“Hey”. He said placing his hand on her shoulder.
“You know you can tell me what’s going on?”.
“There’s nothing going on am fine”.
“You and Diaz”.
“plea-se I need to go Lovely”. She said and walked away.
“What are you up to Diaz?”. He whispered.
The Electric bell rung loudly for closure as students trooped out of their various cl@sses.
Cindy could be seen walking sluggishly toward the exit when Francis appeared from behind.
“Don’t tell me he asked you out alre-ady, that’s a good news, why the frown?”.
“Just let me be Francis”.
“Did he ask for you know….”. He said and win-ked.
Cindy took off her bag and sat on the chair at the hallway.
“Why are you such a rodent in my life?”. She asked.
“That sounds charming, how did it go, I’m dying to suspense but hold on sister what’s this rumor that you’re Diaz’s Girlfriend”.
“Just rumors, definitely not true right cos I’m gonna kill that punk with my ba-re fist”. Francis said.
“Can we go now?”. She asked and he took her bag from her.
“Off we go, march together!”. He sang as they found their way out of the school.
A Lamborghini st©pped in front of them and the driver window slide down to reveal Lovely who had a shade on.
“Fall in”. He said.
“Hmm”. Francis said and rushed to open the door but it slide open automatically.
He turned to Cindy and beckoned at her but she stood fixed to a sp©t.
He moved to drag her in and the door closed up.
Lovely increased the volume of the music pla-yer and hit the accelerator driving off.
It was a short drive to Cindy’s home where the vehicle c@m£ to halt.
His phone buzzed and it was a video call from a contact ‘Mrs. Crises’.
“Go in, I’ll join you soon “. He said and they left.
He received the call and the call page appeared.
He could see the other p@rticiP@nts in the video call, Finn, Ashley and Mrs. Arrowood who was the host.
” Why some sudden Family video conference? “. He asked with an angry look.
” You better stay put son, we have something to discuss”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Mom, I’m late for a p@rty”. Ashley said.
“Shut up”. She silenced her.
Finn just focused on the c@m£ra like a w€t dog seeking shelter.
“You should behave like Finn”. Dahlia’s voice could be heard but she was not visible on the screen.
Diaz soon appeared in another rectangular box on the screen.
He was in the principals office with legged crossed.
“Will you drop that thing you call a leg!”. Dahlia fired and he dropped his leg.
“Dahlia we’re still waiting for you, turn on your video”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Audio would do, as you can hear I’m un-der the shower, except you’re re-ady to see my nûd£, video remains off, don’t be surprised when your kids fight to get me, just a warning”. Dahlia said and Ashley covered her laugh with her hand.
“Dahlia!”. Mrs. Arrowood screamed.
“Am out alre-ady, what first… br@ or…..”. Her voice could be heard.
Ashley tried h@rd to to laugh but she had no option but to suppress it as Mrs. Arrowood turned to the direction she was on the screen.
“Fvck them, this will do”. Dahlia’a voice was heard and she appeared in the blank rectangle that had her name the entire time.
She tied a pink towel and sat in front of the c@m£ra as she crossed her leg.
“So w@ssup Family why the cold face, Is our old man (Father) dead ? If that’s the reason of this meeting I’ll humbly take responsibility to get the best casket in town and Lovely will also give him h0tel for the ceremony”.
“Will you keep quiet for once Dahlia?”. Mrs. Arrowood fired.
‘Damn! You have ten minutes Mother “.
” First of all, as you know your father is on a business trip and he can’t join us “.
” No one wants him”. Dahlia said.
“You broke the ten minutes deal Dahlia”. She said.
“Forgive me mother, ride on”. She said.
“The Mermaids have finally spoken and revealed what the Artic Mermaid sacrificed her life for”. She said.
“And what could it be?”.
“A baby Kraken”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Kraken?”. They chorused.
” An enormous sea monster that attacks sh!ps and sailors, often portrayed as a giant oct©pus or squid”. She said.
“So it’s a myth?”. Dahlia asked.
“Our ancestors have testified to have encountered some in time past, their very dangerous”.
“So an Artic sacrificed her life for a kraken, it makes no s-en-se”. Dahlia said.
“Dahlia is right, Kraken is just like an Oct©pus, wra-ps up a sh!pand wrecks it, nothing too special , Mermaid sings and sh!ps get wrecked plus some special ability”. Lovely said.
“You all are ma-king a point but we can’t neglect the fact that it might be true, those Mermaids have been stubborn for 18 years now and they finally spoke, we can’t neglect it”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Ashley? Where’s your ear ring?”. She added all of a sudden.
“Um Mom I…”.
“Have you all not been fortifying yourselves?”. She roared.
Lovely stylish hit the leave meeting option and was disconnected from them.
He switched off his phone and alighted from the vehicle.
“What concerns me with a kraken?”. He said and moved into the building.
“He c@m£ with us”. Cindy said as Lovely walked in.
“Hey!”. She said.
“How are doing?”. He said as he squat and held her hand.
“Good, sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday”. She said
“Not at all, are you really fine now?”.
“Perfectly fine”.
“Good then”. He said and carried her in a bridal style.
“Lovely!”. She screamed out as it c@m£ as a shock..
“Of course it’s Lovely, should I raise you higher?”..
“Candy, fvcking drop me!”. She said.
“We’ll be back before nightfall”. He said and left as she fought with him
The doors opened automatically as he approached it.
He put her in and entered into the vehicle as well.
“Do you realize you just kidnapped me the second time?”. Kapella asked and he smiled.
“Few hours and you’ll forget you were kidnapped”.
“Will few hours with some billionaire kid change anything?”. She asked as he starts the ignition.
“I’m not a kid, I’m Lovely”.
“No you’re crazy”.
“I’m Lovely!”.
“No you’re Crazy”.
“I’m Lovely!”.
Their loud voice could be heard as the vehicle drove off speedily.
The day was super eventful, from his h0tel where they had the best meal and eat till the Tommy was furious to the beach were they had a long walk as they chatted to the Boutique were he bought several cloths with disguise that they were for his distant relatives.
“Are you planning to open a boutique?”. Kapella as she stared at the five trolleys filled with cloths..
“Should i?”.
“Can you?”.
“How much for the Boutique ma’am I’ll pay trice”. He said and she scoffed.
“We’re done here”. She said dragging him away.
They went on tours around the city and even at the river side before moving to a Cinema.
“Are we so early?”. She asked as they stepped into the place.
The entire cinema was empty as there was no single soul..
They found their way to the first row and sat there.
“Why is no one here?”. She asked looking around.
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“I rent the place for 24hours, so right now, this is my possession”. He said.
“Did you have to do that?”. She said with a low face.
“I want to be here alone with you, no noise, no disturbance from the outside world, let’s just forget and pretend we don’t have problems out there and watch our sorrow away even for a moment”. He said and she nodded.
“Like a planet with us as the only existing being?”. She asked.
“Yep so choose your genre, I pick horror”. He said.
“Lovely!”. She said raising her head up to him.
“Wow! I never knew you love horror, We would love to watch The Nun”. He announced.
“I guess I should get used to Candy, Tom and Jerry 2021 plea-se, I missed it last night”. She said loudly.
“I thought it was a kid movie”. He said.
“Look around, darkness with us alone, I can’t start start imagining zombies sitting on all the chairs around us or red glowing eyes in darkness”. She said.
“St©p it, am getting scared alre-ady”. He said and she smiled.
“I bought this”. She said as she gave him a pack of popcorn 🍿.
“Best choice for a long movie”. He said as he took it from her.
The movie had began alre-ady as they watched and occasionally laughed.
“I guess I forget to tell you, your little brother says you should compensate him or he’s gonna report that you have a b©yfri£nd”. Lovely said.
“Hish! That little thing”. She said and he laughed.
“So your family, Is your Mom that harsh but I can @ssure she’s not, beautiful people ain’t that harsh and you must have taken from her”. He said.
She remained solemn as the thought of her mother been dead, hits her again.
“Are you alright?”.
“Yeah, Just eat and keep quiet”..
“Mine is finished”.
She fetched with her hand and pumped it into his mouth.
“Keep quiet and let us watch”. She said and he nodded.
The popcorn was soon finished and he took the another pack beside him.
“Tada!”. He said and began to eat.
“I thought yours was…..Hish! You scammed me”.
“Did I?”.
She tried to collect it but he raised his hand above reach.
“Can we watch in peace?”. He asked.
“Never!”. She snapped.
“Fine”. He said and dropped it low for her to fetch.
“Thank you”. She said as she la-id her head on his head.
“A moment of relief, forgetting that I have problems to deal with”. She whispered.
“You’re welcome, We could come here every weekend, what do think?”.
“I meant it’s lovely”.
“Oh cool. There’s something I want to talk about Kapella, I’ve never had the courage to say it but I think i can now”. He said in a low tone.
“Mmm hmmm? “. She asked as she raised her head from his che-st.
Her phone buzzed and she checked the message.
“I can see you’ve forgotten our deal, Kapella Elijah”.
Her eyes popped as she remembered she had an appointment with Diaz by 9pm.
She checked her time and it was exactly 9pm.
“Are you alright?”. He asked.
“Um… I have to go Lovely”. She said raising to her feet.
“Can you just spare me five minutes?”. He asked.
“I’m sorry, I’ve to go right now”.
“Can I drop you off”.
“Don’t bother, I’ll get a cab”. She said and hurried away.
“Oh my God!”. He exclaimed and coll@psed into the couch.
“I’m on my way alre-ady”. Kapella said to the phone as she got into a cab.
“And I’m a minute cli-ck to s£nding it to the press”. Diaz voice rang out.
“You haven’t even given me the location”.
“That’s right, I’ll text you now”.
Lovely staggered out of the cinema house as he la-id his jacket on his shoulder.
He entered into the Lamborghini and tears formed in his eyes.
“She never loved me”. He said as he placed his head on the steering.
“She knew what I was going to say, she didn’t want to break my heart by saying no”.
He g@sped and raised his head up as his phone had finished booting.
He called Diaz and placed the phone on his ear.
“After leaving an online meeting and switching your phone off so am the best person to talk to now, hope you’re prepared for mother’s punishment cos I’ve been f0rç£d to were an ear ring “.
“I bet you look cute now. Can we gr-ab a drink and just be brothers for tonight?”. He asked.
“Funny thing to say brother are you trying to spark some reconciliation or what?, You can hook up with Dahlia, Ashley or Finn, why me? “.
” We’ve always watched each other’s back since childhood Diaz, we confide in each other when we have problems….”.
” As much as your speech sound convincing I have a more pressure thing to attend to, Tequila night tomorrow, what do you think? “. He asked.
” Diaz?, seriously? “.
“As much as a hate you, I love staring at your drun!kface”. Diaz said.
“You’re the ugly one we both know that”. Lovely said.
“Aha did that hurt you?”.
“Why would it?, Tomorrow then?”. Lovely asked.
“Yeah, make sure your Chaffeur comes along, I can’t drive a drun!kbrother”. He said.
“Sure, Goodnight”.
“Goodnight Candy”. He replied.
Lovely’s face suddenly brightened as he cleaned his tears.
He starts the ignition and drove off speedily.
He st©pped by a street store and bought a wooden house.
“You have a little one?”. The cashier asked as he collect the cash from Lovely.
“Nope, My brother loves toy houses when we were kid and I had a habit of breaking them”. Lovely said.
“Some kinda compensation”. He asked and Lovely laughed.
“Yeah I think so”.
He carried the little house and put it on the seat as he entered into his vehicle.
He called a contact via the Android Auto in the vehicle’s dashboard before driving away.
“Hey Ashley “. He said as he the call was received.
“Dude “. A voice could be heard from the speaker of the vehicle.
“Is Diaz home?”.
“Um… He left for his penthouse hours ago, hope….”.
” It’s fine ash, not a fight “.
” I know you never cause a fight “. She said.
” Thank you for the compliment “.
” I presume you’ve forgotten our d@t£? “.
” What d@t£? “.
” Our deal “.
” Hush! I’ll fix a d@t£, Goodnight “.
” Ain’t you coming home? “.
” I don’t think so, bye “. He said and disconnected the call.
He turned his vehicle speedily to the road that had a ‘Welcome To Viet Street’ signboard and followed the path.
Diaz could be seen watching a movie ba-re che-st in the living room when the door bell rang.
He moved to the door and opened it to see Kapella.
“Can I come in?”. She asked.
“Sure”. He said and she entered looking around.
“You love my home”. He asked as she sat.
“You’re ten minutes late Ella, what should be done about that?”. He asked.
“Maybe I should compensate you with my voice”. She said.
“You want to sing?”. He asked and she nodded.
“Um… When did you started wearing ear rings?”. She asked.
“Oh today, I failed to observe a daily obligation so my mom punished me with it”.
“Is that a punishment?”.
“Can you just forget about it”. He said and they heard the screeching tires of a vehicle outside.
“Never mind, it must be my Chauffeur, s£nt him to get something”. Diaz said and she nodded.
Lovely parked his vehicle in the garage as turned to the toy house as he turned off his engine.
“Should i start?”. She asked Diaz.
“Phoenix, I love that one”. He said.
Kapella exhaled and let out a creepy smile as she looked away.
She began to sing slowly but his gaze was fixed on her without a dilation in his eyes.
She wondered why her voice wasn’t having affect on him.
Lovely got down from his vehicle and left the garage with the toy house.
Kapella leaned closer as she sh0t her lowerl-ips forward.
“Maybe he wasn’t concentrating”. So She thought.
🎶Stare at myl-ips🎶
🎵Charming they are🎵
🎶Beautiful Jewel🎶
She added to the lyric of the song with the hope of getting his full attention.
And he really did but he wasn’t hypnotized as he was engrossed in herl-ips.
Lovely wanted to hit the door bell but reluctantly opened the door.
Diaz leaned closer as his l!palmost t©uçhed hers when they heard the creaking sound of the door.
She paused singing and turned slowly to see Lovely whose eyes were popped out.
The toy house dropped from his hand and scattered into pieces.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_25🐬
Cindy sipped from the wine the cup she held as she moved toward the door.
“Can you seize the $h!t alre-ady?”. She asked as the door bell continues to ring loudly.
She opened the door and Kapella c@m£ running in, in tears..
“Kapella”. She called out but she raced past her to the upstairs.
“Girl, What’s wrong?”. Cindy said as she dropped the cup on the table.
“Did you girls break up again?”. Francis asked and she scoffed.
“Just vanish Francis”. She said and climbe-d the stairs hurriedly.
She got to the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
“Kapella what’s going on?”. Cindy asked but all she could hear was sobbing.
“Just let me be Cindy, I want to be alone”. She cried.
“Ella I’m your friend, whatever you’re going throu-gh I’m always here as always”. Cindy said.
The door opened and Kapella returned to the be-d with her head down.
Cindy sat beside her and placed her hand around her back.
“I’m here girl”. Cindy whispered.
“I fvcked up, Cindy”. She said.
“You need to calm and st©p crying”.
“How can i? Lovely caught Diaz and I”.
“What do you caught?”.
“He invited to come to his place or he would expo-se us to the press, I was with Lovely and we had a nice time but then his text message reminded me that I had to meet him, I hurried to the location he wanted me to with the hope that I’ll hypnotize him with my Mermaid power but it didn’t “. Kapella said and continued crying.
“Babe it’s the past alre-ady”.
“That isn’t the problem but I never knew Lovely would be there too, Diaz was trying to k!ssme, I wanted to push him but I was a second late because Lovely walked right in”. She cried.
“Breath Kapella, Take a de-ep breath”. Cindy said.
“I’ve tried Cindy, I can’t think straight, I can’t think”.
“Lovely is a good person he……”.
“Don’t you get it Cindy, he caught me with Diaz like we’ve been some sort of secret lovers pretending to be enemies”.
“We’ll come up with something as usual, we always do”.
“Diaz is this out there with the secret to destroy us and my powers isn’t working, the bit-ch should have stayed dead”. Kapella said as she undressed herself.
“I want to be alone”. She said and entered into the shower room.
She switched on the shower and sat on the ground.
The water fell down freely on her causing her to turn into a Mermaid.
Her tail glowed brightly as the droplet of water hits it.
Kapella closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall as she sobbe-d gently.
“I’m sorry Lovely, it isn’t what you think?”. She whispered.
Lovely stood fixed to the sp©t as tears formed in his eyes.
Kapella tried to speak but herl-ips only vibr@ted like they were electrocuted.
“Brother, I was never expecting you”. Diaz said as he rose to his feet.
“Sorry for the interruption”. He said and walked out.
All they heard was the reverse of a vehicle and then it drove off.
Kapella rise up slowly to her feet as the tears in her eyes poured out.
“C’mon baby girl, can we continue now?”. He said but she scoffed.
“You heartless Bastard!”. She roared and without warning sl@pped him across the face.
She took her bag and walked out angrily.
Kapella was un-der the shower for about ten minutes until she tried to rise up but couldn’t as the water was still hitting her tail.
“Cindy a little help”. She screamed.
The door pushed open like she was waiting for her and she walked in.
Cindy turned it off and she scoffed.
“Were you watching me the entire time?”. Kapella asked.
She carried her and threw her on the be-d.
“Ouch!”. She said as she landed on be-d.
Cindy walked out of and she scoffed again.
Her tail transformed back to legs and she got down from the be-d n-ked.
She opened the wardrobe and picked a dress from it.
Cindy entered with a bottle of wine and two cups before closing the door with her leg.
“Were you watching me nûd£?”. Kapella asked.
“Is that by dress?”.
“Mmm hmmm”.
“How do you feel?”. Cindy asked as she dropped the bottle on the gl@ss table.
“How do you expect me to feel after falling into the biggest problem in my entire existence?”. She said and sat on the be-d as Cindy poured the wine into the cup.
She made to take it but Cindy sl@pped her hand off.
“Put on a dress”.
“Am I charming?”.
“Hush! You’re seriously not alright”.Cindy said.
“I just want to talk n@ûghty, that’s the only way I can get my mind off my problems right now, he was a good guy”. Kapella said and gulped in the content of the cup.
“We have to come up with something”.
“I was caught red handed C, the only thing that we can come up with is saying the truth and we both know we ain’t re-ady for that”.
“Telling him you’re faceless and Diaz is blackmailing us, not an option”. Cindy said.
“As much as I…..”. Kapella was saying and bur-st into tears as she looked down.
“Hey, I know this is h@rd but we can’t, we can’t trust anyone and moreover we’re talking about two brothers here but I can’t let him go Cindy, he feels betrayed”.
“Or should we wonder why your Mermaid powers didn’t work on Diaz?”. Cindy asked.
“There’s something strange about them”.
“I couldn’t control Ashley as well, it isn’t a coincidence”.
“You tried to control Ashley?”.
“Yeah, I needed a disk from her but it didn’t work but either way, I got what I wanted”.
Kapella sudden felt a pain like an electric shock and gro-an ed.
Ashley stared at her and cleared her throat.
“Are you alright? “. She asked.
” No I’m not feeling too good, I just wanted to ask how was my voice? “. Kapella said and she gr@bb£d her chin to the wall.
” You really got some guts Kapella, singing to make me feel jealous “.
” I have a good voice don’t i”. She asked and Ashley ti-ght£ñed her grip.
“If you got a thing for me, come out clear and don’t beat around the bush”. She said and let go of her chin.
Her phone buzzed and she bite herl-ips.
“Don’t ever try to make me feel jealous or I’m gonna kill you”. She threatened and walked out as she took the call.
“Hello Mom”. Kapella could hear her vanishing voice.
She g@sped as she moved to the mirror.
“She concentrated on me, I lured her but…. “. She said and paused.
“It didn’t work, it backfired, I can’t control her”. Kapella whispered.
Kapella turned to the mirror as she ran her hand throu-gh her hair.
She paused as she saw something close to the sink.
It was a disk.
She took it and scoffed to see if Ashley was gone.
“Such a careless br@t!”. Kapella said.
She broke the disk into the WC before flushing it.
Kapella la-id flat on the be-d and closed her eyes.
“What should I do Cindy?”. Kapella asked.
“Just sleep it off Kapella, Sleep”. Cindy whispered.
“I can’t? Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is Lovely’s crying face, I think I’m crazily in love with him without even knowing it”. She cried..
Lovely gr@bb£d the flower vase and smashed it on the wall.
“I loved her”. He roared.
He kicked the cabinet and punched the wall angrily.
“Kapella!”. He screamed.
The door pushed open and Ashley peeped in.
“Get out!”. He roared and threw the lamp at her.
“Diaz… I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you with my ba-re hands”. He said and hurried out of the room.
“Lovely”. Ashley called out.
“Don’t come after me or am gonna kill you!”.
Ashley paused as Dahlia walked up to her from behind.
“Bad tempered Lovely is at it again, What is it this time around?”. She asked.
“I’ve no idea sister “.
” Or you’re lying just as the case of Kapella Elijah “. Dahlia said and she g@sped.
” I guess you’ve forgotten what follows when one tries to outsmart me, I bite “. She whispered.
Lovely walked out of the building almost running into the reporters who the guards st©pped from entering the building.
” Mr. Lovely what can you say about your brother’s heroic act? “.
He ignored as he moved toward his vehicle.
” The Janitor testified that Faceless is a lady and we want to confirm from your brother as he’s said to have gotten into a close combat with the famous Hacker last night, Is the well known Faceless actually a lady behind a mask and not a dude as everyone all thought “.
Lovely paused as that statement hit him.
He slowly turned to them and they paused asking question.
“Alone, She went to a p@rty, With Kapella….”. He could hear Francis voice in his head and that moment flashed throu-gh his memory.
“She suddenly bec@m£ ill so we had to go to the hospital from school, she was admitted”. He heard Cindy’s voice in his head.
“Mr. Lovely we would also like to know if there were actually two Faceless, we can’t believe the Janitor, your brother is the final say”. A reporter j£rked him from his thought.
“Yes there are”. He said and walked away.
“Diaz, you can’t just have Kapella and Cindy overnight, son of a bit-ch! How can they do this to me? “. He said and walked past Dahlia and Ashley.
They wanted to go after him but he got into his room alre-ady and slam the door close
⛲⛲⛲Next Day⛲⛲⛲
Kapella walked into the school environment with Cindy and they paused as the fresh wind blew throu-gh them.
“Everything seems total different now”. Kapella whispered.
“You’re gonna kill yourself with worry, You’re gonna get Lovely back, finding the perfect way is all that’s left”.
“Or maybe I should be worried about not getting into trouble now that I have no br@celet, I should remain at home but I can’t miss today’s test, it’s gonna affect my grade badly”.
“Or you could just control the teacher to give you good scores”. Madison said as she moved toward them.
“Madison”. Kapella said.
“Are you guys now friends?”. Cindy asked.
“We’re family”.
“I don’t want to be p@rt”.
“Just before you kick me off Kapella, watch your back, El Voleuse is in town”. Madison said.
“What’s that?”.
“Such a novice, She’s called El Voleuse in French, The Stealer, A Mermaid who hunts other Mermaids, She’s damn ugly with a croaky voice so she steals that of other Mermaids to last her for a while, she attacked one of us last night, they’re drawn to places where the Artic Is, there’s no Artic here so am still wondering if she’s tired of searching for an Artic, I got a cl@ss now “. Madison said.
” Did you say they’re drawn to Artics? “.
” Yeah, they feel and track the pres£nce of one but if they come across other Mermaids, they steal, They were always after the last Artic, Anita but she couldn’t kill them because we don’t kill our own”. Madison said.
“Good bye Madison”. Cindy said.
“I was about leaving”. She said and left.
“Careful if your questions Ella or she’s gonna find out you’re the Artic”. Cindy said.
“Did you hear that Cindy, someone is coming for me?”. She said.
“Maybe you have another problem”. Cindy said and Kapella turned back hearing the noise of an helicopter.
The students raced out of the school to see the scene as it landed.
Lovely could be seen from the transparent window.
He got down and walked throu-gh the crowd of students.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as he moved toward her with his hands in his pocket.
His hvge guard in black suit followed behind him carrying his bag.
Lovely st©pped abruptly beside Kapella and her hand shock.
He wore his dark shades and walked away.
Kapella wanted to go after him but Cindy held her back.
“Don’t act cheap, C’mon”. She said pu-lling her along..
They almost bu-mped into Ashley who was pla-ying with her hair.
“Long time, What could you have possibly done to my brother last night, he was crying and screaming your name, Well I’m not here for revenge, he takes revenge by himself, oh you haven’t seen his devil’s side, have you?”.
“Hish! You disgust me”. Ashley said and catwalks away as she swayed her w@!st along.
Kapella bit her lower l!pas tears formed in her eyes.
The scene of last night was repeating in her head over and over again.
“Do you think Lovely is angry? He acted like he didn’t know me, I need to explain Cindy, it isn’t what he thinks “. Kapella asked amidst tears.
“Can you just delete that name from your head for today, you’re going crazy “. Cindy said.
” She’s right “. They heard a voice and turned back to see Diaz.
” Hello ladies, we have an unfinished business “. He said raising his both hands up.
” Haven’t you done enough damage alre-ady? “. Kapella roared.
” Damage, you know we should work together now cos my brother doesn’t take it nice with betrayal, he’ll come for us “.
” Did you just say us? “. Cindy said angrily.
“Was this your plan all along?”. Kapella roared.
“I had a special plan but that moment Lovely walked in, the story line changed because right now you’ll have no option but to team up with me against Candy”.
“I’ll never do that”.
“Then let’s wait till he strikes, the thing is he’s unpredictable that’s why he’s been a formidable foe “.
“Just get out of my sight, Diaz!”. She said and turned to leave as the voice from the TV in the hallway caught their attention.
” Um… Mr. Lovely do you have anything more to say about this faceless your brother br@vely went at “. The reporter asked Lovely as they st©pped him on his way to the cl@ssroom.
“I’m the big bad hero now, so what story should I cook for the reporters, I should spice up the fight scene”. Diaz said when the most shocking happened.
“I’ve nothing to say but to expo-se the identity of the unknown Faceless”. Lovely said and they turned back to the screen.
“What the hell is he talking about?”. Cindy asked.
“Excuse me sir, Did you say you know the identity of Faceless?”. The Reporter asked.
“We all do, Just that she’s someone you’ll never suspect”. He said and Kapella g@sped.
“No.. Lovely, No!”. She whispered.
“Son of bit-ch!”. Diaz cursed and took off as Cindy and Kapella did as well to st©p Lovely.
They pushed throu-gh the big crowd to get to the main scene.
“Faceless is no other person but Kapella Elijah, the famous singer and her accomplice is her best friend Petrova Cindy, That’s all I have to say, Thank you “. He said and stared at Kapella who was trying to break out of the crowd.
His eyes were red, filled with anger and indescribable hate.
He let out an evil smile and turned to leave when Diaz who broke out from the crowd punch his face with all fury.
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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_26🐬
Diaz tried to hit Lovely the second time with the reporters held him ti-ghtly.
Lovely cleaned hisl-ips and sm-irked.
“You should learn to behave matured in public, brother”. He said walked away.
There was murmuring among the students as Diaz broke free from the men.
“Here’s Kapella Elijah”. A student announced and they all pressed toward her.
“Kapella is it true?”.
“You were Faceless the entire time?”.
“It’s unbelievable how can you”.
“You were gentle seems there was a bad girl in you”.
“I would love to be p@rt of the thing Kapella”.
Cindy held Kapella’s hand and made to move but the students blocked their way.
“Where to accomplice, you two are really something?”.
“Petrova Cindy, are you also Faceless?”.
“Leave!”. Diaz roared and the students p@rted out of the girl’s way.
“Miss Kapella, what do you have to say?”. One of the Reporters asked as she walked away.
“Kapella Elijah!”. They called out.
Cindy and Kapella got into the restroom and bolt the door.
“It’s done, what we tried to hid is out”. Cindy said as she leaned against the wall.
“Only if I had told Lovely, how did he find out?”. Kapella said.
“Maybe Diaz sold us out”.
“No, that isn’t possible, I don’t think he did”.
“Do you now trust the Bastard?”. Cindy fired.
“I don’t, maybe If you had just let me tell him”. Kapella said.
“Hold on, Do you blame me now, we both agreed not to, right now I’m not re-ady for blame game, Kapella”.
Cindy said.
“I can’t believe we ain’t crying”. Kapella said.
“You’re the one who needs to be careful with the diamond tears, it takes month to solidify C, it’s just a liquid”.
“Whatever… I can’t believe Lovely did this to us”. Cindy said as she paced left and right.
“I say his eyes, I’ve never seen such anger before”.
“How can he just lose control for the sake of revenge, we were his damn friends and his damn br@in should tell him he shouldn’t go off the handle when he’s angry, I don’t even know what to say but he’s a fool, I trusted him”.
“You’re wasting your strength”.
“You act like you don’t care but de-ep down your heart is shattered into pieces”.
“Of course it is, I can’t believe he forgot all the good moments together and still went ahead to do this…”. She said and paused.
“No he can’t, he didn’t, Diaz probably blackmail him too”.
“And now you’re going crazy”.
“He said we’re rare friends he would never lose, do you forget all he said at the h0tel, he can’t just throw that away”.
“What are you driving at, K”.
“Do you trust him?”.
“Don’t ask me, you were the one who spent hours with him should I say with him and then you’re caught with his brother”.
“The Lovely I know cares about me, I remember every single word of his at the cinema house, he held me like I was all he had”. She whispered.
“What love phenomenon is messing with your head now”. Cindy said.
“He should just give me a chance to explain, I really need to explain, I need to explain to Lovely”. She said.
“Of a truth you’re in love without knowing it, there are students out there waiting for us.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she bit her lowerl-ips.
She disconnected the call and returned it to her pocket.
” Who was that? “. Cindy asked.
” My Mom, she must have seen it on the news”. Kapella said.
“So soon? “.
“Should i remind you that she works as a newscaster in Phoenix News Station?”.
“Hish! And you’re having dramas with famous beings”. Cindy snapped.
“Don’t speak like it’s my fault”. Kapella said and her phone buzzed.
“Your Mom? “.
“No, She knows I won’t take her call”. Kapella said and took the call.
“Who’s this?”.
“Do you have to hide?”. The caller asked.
“Diaz what do you want from me?”.
“I can see you’re fond of that question now, have no fears am gonna fix this”.
“Fix? Like you weren’t the cause?”. She asked.
“Yo baby you’re un-der my shield so no bit-ch can…”.
She disconnected the call and scoffed.
“You don’t need to tell me what he said, I know it’s trash”. Cindy said.
“High Five baby, I can’t believe I’m so confused for once in my life”. Kapella said.
“What are we gonna do girl?”.
“What else If not find a lawyer to defend us in court, I can’t hypnotize eveyone”.
“Yes you can”. She heard a voice in her head.
Madison walked out from one of the rooms and they scoffed.
“You’ve been here?”.
“Maybe I figured this is your hideout”. She said.
“You’re really bigger than I expected Kapella Elijah”. She added.
“Don’t add to my predic@m£nt Madison “. She said.
” Have you even learnt Controllo di m@ssa? “. Madison asked.
” What the hell is that? “.
” M@ss control, Controlling a big crowd with her singing instead of one “.
“Why should I learn that?”.
“It’s fun, I miss those days when men dive into seas and oceans on hearing our voice”. She said c@r£ss!ngthe mirror.
“She doesn’t need your help Mad”. Cindy said.
“Hish! I hate that shortcut, Madi would do and whereas I wasn’t talking to you”. She said.
“Can you girls just st©p, Madison do you have any idea what I can do cos the only idea right now is messing with the Judge and anyone going to testify against me”.
“Nice thought, that’s just it”.
“What do you mean by mess, hope it isn’t what I’m thinking?”. Cindy asked.
“You have a better idea?”.
“Lovely has no evidence against us, the best he can do is use his position”. Cindy said and there was a knock at the door.
“Seems your time is up”. Madison said.
“We know you’re in there Kapella Elijah, you have to come out now or we’ll come in”. They heard a voice.
Kapella exhaled and moved toward the door.
“What are you doing?”. Cindy asked and she opened the door.
Behold were the security operatives of the school standing before her.
“You have to come with us, you and your friend”. The Chubby man said.
Madison wanted to move at the operatives but Cindy held her back. “Let’s go”. She said walking away.
“Lo and behold she’s re-ady to face her problems”. Madison said.
“Just keep shut!”. Kapella said following after Cindy.
They almost bu-mped into some cops.
“Here they are”. The security operatives said.
“You’re un-der arrest Kapella Elijah and Petrova Cindy”. He said and two of them bought out handcuffs.
Their hands were handcuffed and they turned but Diaz appeared from the other side of the hallway.
“Let them go”. He commanded but the security operatives c0cked their gun and point it at him.
“Brother you should know your powers have limit”. Lovely said as he moved to the scene with hands in the pocket.
“I always respected brother but you turn out to be a fool”.
“Wow! You respect me?, That’s hilarious”.
Lovely said and moved to Kapella’s front.
By now the scene was filled with students alre-ady.
“What have I done to deserve this?”. Kapella asked trying h@rd to hold her tears.
“What have you done? You stole something precious to me, that little delicate angel in a bony cage”. He whispered.
“I’m not re-ady for your $h!tty riddles, Take us out of here”. She told the cops but they remained still.
“I guess everyone forgot today’s d@t£”. Lovely said and raised his hand up as he turned to the crowd.
Everyone stared blankly at each other and Kapella wondered what he meant.
“It’s April first, seriously I didn’t want to be p@rt of this but it sounded fun”. Nancy said as she walked out of the crowd.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy asked.
“April Fool!”. She announced loudly and Cindy scoffed.
The students yelled loudly as they were not expecting such.
“I’m sorry for the embarr@ssment Kapella Elijah, Just thought it fun, I’m gonna kill anyone who calls her Faceless is that clear! “. He roared at the students and the noise died down.
” We’re sorry for the stunt pu-ll-ed Miss Kapella, We had to follow Mr. Lovely’s instruction “. The Cop said as he uncuffed them.
Diaz was filled with rage as he fist his hand and walked away angrily.
The Cops left with the security operatives as he approached her.
” I’m sorry I had to do this “. He said and she gr@bb£d his shi-t.
” How can you? “. She roared and silence ensured.
“It’s just a joke”. He said.
“A fvcking stupid joke, how can you tag me as Faceless”. She screamed.
“She’s a nice person”. Someone said from the crowd.
“Shut up!”. She shouted and held his cloth ti-ghtly.
“The next time you try that $h!t with me, Lovely, you’re gonna regret it”. She said and pushed him off before walking away angrily.
He let out a soft smile and followed after her.
Nancy wanted to go but Cindy held her back.
“Give them the deserved moment”.
“I’m sorry Cindy, I didn’t want to be p@rt of this, seriously”. She said and Cindy nodded.
Lovely entered into the restroom as Kapella faced the mirror with heads down.
“Go away Lovely”.
“We’re behind the scene now Kapella, st©p the acting alre-ady?”.
“Why?”. She asked.
“I’ll never stay and watch Diaz take over your life with his manipulation, no matter what you do, he was gonna still expo-se you or one day it leaks out, the only way to solve the problem is causing a fake so when the real truth leaks out no one believes because it might be someone ma-king it up again, you’re free Kapella, I know you’re Faceless but the world knows that I fooled eveyone to think you’re the one, even if your secret leaks out in future, no one will believe, you’re free from Diaz blackmail, I’ll always protect you “.
” Why? “.
” Because you stole something from me K, the lonely angel in a bony cage “. He said.
” St©p the riddle alre-ady “.
” Last night I wanted to tell you but there’s no perfect time so I’m gonna say it, you stole my heart Kapella Elijah “. He whispered and she turned back slowly as tears filled her eyes.
” I know the pattern I followed was heartbreaking but I if I asked for your cons£nt first, it wouldn’t look real like it just did, I’ll do anything to protect you cos I love you… I know you might not love me, I’m not forcing you but for once I have the courage to say it… I’ll leave now “. He said and wanted to turn but she gr@bb£d him to the wall as she k!$$£d hisl-ip.
” Don’t dare “. She whispered closing her eyes as tears flowed down.
Lovely eyes drift to her tears and it flashed a blue spark.
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🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_27🐬
Kapella hurried cleaned her tears and sniffed.
“You got beautiful tears”. He said.
“Yeah”. She said hiding her hand behind as the tears glued to her palm like glue.
Lovely was totally in love with her @ssumed that it was just the reflection of light from the mirror and didn’t think to the direction of a Mermaid.
“Um… I don’t know the right world to say”. He stammered and her phone buzzed.
“It’s my Mom”.
“I’ll take it later”. She said and the door pushed open revea-ling a female student who wanted to come inactive.
“Um sorry, didn’t know you were here”. She apologized.
“No, we we’re leaving alre-ady”. Kapella said.
Lovely placed his hand on her back and they left the restroom.
Cindy, Madison and Nancy watched as they left the restroom and moved down the opposite hallway.
“I knew something was going on but now I un-derstand, cute couple”. Nancy said holding her baby face.
“I’m out of here”. Madison said and marched away.
“Who’s she?”.
“You wouldn’t want to know”.
“What’s wrong Can D, why the gloomy face, ain’t you happy for your friend?”.
“Totally but you don’t expect me to be happy after pu-lling such an expensive prank”.
“I said I’m sorry alre-ady”. Nancy said.
“I said it’s alright, I just need some air “. Cindy said and left.
She got into one of the rooms in the restroom and punched the mirror angrily.
Tears filled her eyes as she punched it again causing her fist to bled.
The student who had walked in earlier peeped in and g@sped.
“Are you alright?”. She asked causing Cindy to jo-lt back.
“You scared me”.
She looked around and the broken pieces of mirror and up to the blood dripping from Cindy’s fist.
“It was an accident, I’m fine”.
“Are you sure? Should I get the nurse?”.
“Just get out, I said I’m fine”. She screamed and the girl left.
Kapella was re-ading to ‘un-derstanding Italian’ when Cindy entered into the cl@ssroom with bandaged fist.
She almost jo-lt up as Cindy walked up to her chair and sat.
“Hey what happened…?”.
“An accident, I’m fine”.
“Be careful pleae, you scared me”. Kapella said.
“Sure. What went on with you two?”.
“You mean?”.
“You un-derstand what I mean”.
“Cindy, my tears almost put me into trouble, hish, I have that single habit of falling into trouble”. Kapella said.
“I warned you about your crying like a baby”. Cindy said.
“Shh don’t speak like it’s my fault, we’re talking about emotion here, I got overwhelmed, you won’t un-derstand, so don’t bother”.
“Because I haven’t fallen in….”.
“Not that C, that’s not what I meant to say alright its my fault I get carried away by emotion but that’s a thing about Mermaids”.
“Have you started recharging your br@celet?”.
“I don’t know how it’s done C, I’ve to go home today, I’ve so see Mom but she might actually spend today ranting about all that just happened “.
“You said your tears take months to become a diamond?”. Cindy asked.
“Yeah but when before then.. “. Kapella said and paused to look around whether anyone was watching.
She opened her bag and Cindy could see shinning bright mole of tears.
” Oh my! “. She exclaimed.
Kapella Zi-pped the bag and dropped it.
” He said I got beautiful tears “. She said smiling.
“And you’re glad?”.
“What else should I say, I feel like telling him that I’m a Mermaid”. Kapella said.
“Have love made you so dumb?”. Cindy asked.
“Here you go Cindy, only if I told him I was faceless”.
“But everything is solved alre-ady, it was a prank, it’s different K, Faceless and Mermaid are two different things, you know what, do whatever plea-ses you “.
“Hey C, are you gonna abandon me now?”. Kapella asked.
“You got Lovely, don’t you, I’m no longer important, I get it”.
“C’mon baby girl why the acts you know you’re my number one”. Kapella said.
“Could you just let me breath?”.
“It’s time, clear everything from your desk”. A Teacher said as he walked in with papers.
“Damn! We’re still having a test, did we re-ad last night?”. Kapella asked but Cindy remained mute.
🍿🍿🍿Later That Day🍿🍿🍿
Cindy moved to an empty seat at the Cafeteria having purchase a meal and sat.
She began to eat when Finn appeared from nowhere and sat with legged crossed.
She took in the remnant in her mouth and scoffed as she cleaned herl-ips.
“What do you want?”.
“Maybe I love watching people eat”. He said and she dropped her fork.
“Do I look like Kapella E? “.
“I’m hoping she’ll show up soon”.
“Finally had the courage to stand up to your brothers?”. She asked and resumed eating.
“You really have the guts to ask me that”.
“It’s a simple question”.
“And what concerns you with my family issues?”. He snapped.
“You walked down here with her legs, you can move away since you still have them”. Cindy said.
He rose up to his feet and ti-ght£ñ his fist.
“Before you chock life out of me kindly get me a gl@ss of water”. She said and Kapella appeared almost immediately.
“Hey you’re here”. She said wanting to seat but saw Finn.
“Let’s find another seat”. Kapella said.
“Am I so disgusting that a hello wouldn’t do?”. He asked.
“Hi”. Kapella said.
“The only shield you have is Lovely and Candy but either way I got my eyes on you”. He said and walked away.
Kapella’s phone buzzed and she checked the message from her Mother.
“Meet us at Phoenix Consolid@t£d we’re having a trip to the Atlantic Ocean”.
Finn left the Cafeteria and almost bu-mped into Ashley at the hallway.
“Hey”. She called out but he walked away alre-ady.
She turned but almost bu-mped into Francis who was before her.
“Hey bit-ch you got some guts “. She said.
” I’m Francis “. He said.
” Petrova Francis would you step aside plea-se I’m not in the mood to kick ba-lls right now”. She said.
“You might want to watch this”. He said and turned his phone to her.
It was the video they thought they had taken care of.
“You!”. She roared snatching the phone from him.
“I’ve them stored at several storage both physical and online drive, destroy the phone and I won’t st©p the scheduled video from posting at 5pm “. He said.
“What the hell do you want, money!”. She roared.
” Nope “.
“Diaz is the one who committed an atrocity in the video not me”. She said.
“I un-derstand you would want to protect it from leaking don’t you?”.
“Just name your price”. She said.
“We’ll speak later beauty”. He said and dropped a piece of paper on her palm as he took the phone from her.
“Make sure you call”. He said walking away.
She sm-irked and scoffed before walking away.
“Can you see how your brother choose to disgrace the family?”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she listened to Phoenix news with Dahlia.
“He’s just having fun, it’s called April fool, that existed in your century, right?”. Dahlia asked.
“That’s foolishness, the girl is really taking over his s-en-ses”.
“C’mon, here you go”.
“How long will I keep pretending not to know my sons are fighting over a girl”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“We’ve settled this alre-ady, she could be Candy’s bride”. Dahlia said.
“Not perfect, what we need is a she devil that would have sl@pped him across the face for the $h!t he just pu-ll-ed”.
“And then they get separated can’t you see, she has anger control”.
“That’s exactly what I don’t want, we need a bride to make him up into the next heir we want, he’s getting cold, losing his principles and I think it’s because of the girl”. She said.
“Listen Mom, if we can get someone his heart is attached to greatly, it’ll be easy for that person to change him to what we want than we trying to “. Dahlia said.
“You’re right Dahlia and that’s why I’ve given you the responsibility to make it happen”.
“Just give me time mother, I’ll change her, if I rush, she’ll know that I’m up to something”..
“Then be quic-k before I step in, remember my methods are fast and effective”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“You’ll ruin this if you step into it”. Dahlia said.
“Did you just mutter that at me?”.
“I had no option”.
“For the fact that you have the secret that can ruin my life doesn’t give you the audacity to have no respect for me especially in front of my children”.
“And what are you gonna do, leak mine?”.
“We both know what happens, my secrets leaks, trouble, Lovely’s secret leaks, trouble so let’s just keep it this way”. Dahlia said raising to her feet.
“You know I could kill you, Dahlia?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“Alright there’s a knife on the table”.
Mrs. Arrowood drew out the pistol behind her and points it at her.
“You know the consequence of my death so don’t put the show, I’ll take my leave at once”. Dahlia said and walked away.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_28🐬
Kapella sat beside Cindy who was engrossed in her meal.
“Cindy”. She called out.
“What’s going on?”.
“I don’t un-derstand you”.
“Why the sudden attitude?”.
“What attitude?”.
“You’re cold to me, is this still because of the stunt Lovely pu-ll-ed”.
She asked and Cindy dropped her fork.
“Everytime Lovely this and that, can’t we just have a normal conversation not involving him, Fine I accept the fact that he helped us, am not angry for that”.
“Then what?”.
“Your careless tears”.
“Why do you think our tears is the thing that turns to somehealre-adous because holding it back is almost impossible, I know you’re worried about me but I’m trying Cindy”.
“If healre-adFirson you get to cry without been able to hold them back….. Um don’t worry forget it”.
“That’s my line”. Kapella said and they laughed.
“Are we cool now”. She added and Cindy nodded.
“So I received a text from Mom, we’re going to the Atlantic Ocean”.
“What? To do what?”.
“I don’t know yet, she asked me to be at Phoenix Consolid@t£d after school”. Kapella said.
“Or she wants to lure you as you’re not willing to take her calls”. Cindy said.
“Mom could come all the way to school for it I think it’s different”.
“Alright. Stay safe then”.
“I want you to come along C”. Kapella said and she paused eating.
“Come again”.
“I want you to come along”.
“Mom sees you as a family alre-ady no big deal alre-adFirs “.
” Are you sure? “. Cindy asked.
” We just got back together C and we’re on the verge of breaking again, a trip would do “. She said.
” Um alright, after school then “.
” Yeah I’ll leave now “.
” Ain’t you joining me? “.
” Have you forgotten what I am? I’m filled right now, later”. She said and walked away.
She ran into Lovely at the hallway and he blocked her way.
“Seriously? Will you now cause troubles?”. She asked.
“Um hum, I need to be sure the angel you stole from the bony cage is safe with you”. He said and she punched his arm.
“Will you quit the riddle alre-ady, I’m on my way to deposit the heart”. She said walking away.
“Wow! Wow! Hope that isn’t the dust bin?”. He asked catching up with her.
“Hish!”. She said and paused.
“You’re the first deposit in my Love Account Lovely don’t ask for a refund”. She said and walked past him.
He ran after and double crossed her.
“Ain’t you tired alre-ady?”. She asked.
“You never told me you were ro-mantic”. He said and she pushed him off the way.
“Will you free tonight?”. He asked as she walked away.
“Off the deposit the angel”.
“Can you st©p alre-ady?”. He asked.
“Then st©p pestering me”. She said and turned as blew a k!ss.
He @ssumed to catch it with his hand.
She laughed and walked away.
He turned back and almost hit Diaz in front of him.
“Careful brother, don’t k!ssme or your new tik tok will be mad”. He said.
Lovely put his hand into his pocket and scoffed.
“A bright day brother, I think it’s my turn to smile “. Lovely said.
” Your unpredictable mode of life is so astonishing that I get to wonder if you were born different “. Diaz said.
” Blackmailing some girls that totally out of the line, Diaz “.
” You speak like you would have done it for any other girl “.
“What do you want?”. He asked.
“I thought you wanted a Tequila night today?”. Diaz said.
“I thought….”.
“I’ll text you the place if you still want it”. He said and walked away.
“Seems things are falling in your place”. Ashley said as she walked out from the room at the left.
“You got the girl and you got the boy”. She added.
“Are you following me now?”.
“Just want to remind you if you’ve forgotten our little d@t£”. She said.
“I’ll fix a d@t£”.
“That’s what you always say but I need to upd@t£ my wardrobe and mom froze my account for laughing at Dahlia’s statement during the conference”.
“Should i say that’s best for you?”.
“Don’t act like you all didn’t laugh, before I did mine outwardly doesn’t make you any better”.
“Fine.. I’ll fix a time today”. He said and walked away.
“Such a lucky girl, I had plans for you”. Ashley said and walked away as well.
⛲⛲⛲Later That Day⛲⛲⛲
“What I’m telling you is I might not be home tonight” Cindy told Francis as students trooped out of the school.
“You girls are going for a double d@t£?”. He said.
“Just keep shut, take care of the home and don’t bring girls in, is that un-derstood?”. She asked but he stared blankly at her.
“I deserve an answer”.
“You should be saying plea-se not use my be-d, Francis “. He said walking away.
” Can you hear that j£rk, hish! Let’s go “. Cindy said and they left the vicinity.
They board a Taxi and then head for Phoenix Consolid@t£d.
Kapella’s phone buzzed as a message c@m£ in.
” Where are you? I should drive you home or are you off to deposit my Angel? “.
” Go home Love “. She texted back and switched off the phone.
“Who was that?”. Cindy asked.
“I’ll be lying if I say it wasn’t Candy”. She said.
They arrived at the place and were welcome in by some guards who lead them them to the awaiting helicopter at an heli-pad.
In front of it was Mr. and Mrs. Elijah.
“Cindy, you’re here”. Mr. Elijah said.
“Yeah, Ella said I could….”.
“It’s totally fine, it’s been a long time, how are your parents?”. He asked.
“Haven’t heard from them in a while”.
“They must be busy”. He said and she nodded.
They all got into the helicopter and it flew away.
“I hope you have your br@celet with you?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“Yes. Where are we headed to?”.
“To recharge the br@celet we must leave it at the Atlantic Ocean for a week”.
“Mom you ain’t talking about what happened together”.
“What should I say? You have a habit of doing whatever you like, maybe that’s a Mermaid thing, don’t just get into trouble”.
“Mom it was just a prank”.
“Why would someone pu-ll such prank if you don’t have anything to do with them, be mindful of who you mingle around with, hunters could be anywhere”. She said.
“Hunters,what do they look like”. Kapella asked as she la-id her head on Mrs. Elijah’s shoulder.
” Normal humans but according to your mother, they’re the devils incarnate “.
” Normal humans? “. Kapella asked.
” Yep, there are different hunters but there’s one formidable family that your mother says have been existing for centuries”.
“Which is? Probably the one eyed woman”. Kapella said.
“What one eyed woman?”.
“Um.. Nothing”.
“Are you lying to me again?”. Mrs. Elijah asked.
“Fine. I met with a Mermaid who told me about the woman who captured them”.
“A Mermaid?”.
“She’s just trying to be friendly Mom”.
“Did you know the woman?”.
“That’s the problem, they don’t know her”.
“This Family are said to change their names throu-gh Centuries ma-king it impossible for anyone to track their operation, the time your Mother got married to one of them, they were the br@dley Family, they must probably be keeping a low profile”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“Am really scared of this hunters even though I haven’t met them its unfortunate mom died because of them”. Kapella cried.
“Hey it’s alright”. Cindy said.
“I feel like killing all of them, we mermaids shouldn’t live in fear”. Kapella said.
“That’s the Mermaid’s instinct speaking out of you, keep your low profile Kapella and then they’ll be no fears of the hunters coming for you”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“How long will I hid in the darkness, this people are like me, they need my help, I’m an Artic and with all I’ve heard, an Artic is powerful”. She said.
“In water. Listen I’ve told you alre-ady, don’t see it like I don’t care but your Mom says at some point my opinions will be nons-en-se to your ears because you think like a Mermaid and I’m seeing the signs alre-ady, that’s why I’m telling you, you’re old to make decisions by yourself now so I’m gonna tell you, I don’t have control over your life so spare me the seeking of advice, you know it, can you let me rest now, I had a busy day “. Mrs. Elijah said and closed her eyes as she rest her head on the seat.
” She’s right K”. Cindy said as Kapella moved to seat with her.
“You’re supporting her? “.
“We both know you think differently”.
“I’m a Mermaid, C”.
“That’s what I’m saying”.
Kapella exhaled and placed her head on the seat.
They arrived at the Sardinia Island as the chopper lands.
They all got down and it flew away.
“So here we are”. Mr. Elijah said.
“I can literally hear the creatures in the ocean calling out to me”. Kapella said.
They heard noise behind them and turned to see the bandits racing at them with wood and Parang.
“Oh my God! What are those?”. Cindy asked.
“Stay back”. Kapella said and rushed at them.
She kicked the che-st of the first man as she dodged the Parang of the other and headbu-tt him.
She jumped back swiftly as two men rushed at her and dived forward like a swimmer punching the two of them away.
She made to hit the third when the wave of water from the sea swept the men away..
She g@sped as she then see Madison and the rest of the Mermaids moving out from behind a rock.
“What the hell are you doing here? “.
“You just walked right straight into an enemy”. Madison roared.
“What are you talking about?”.
“We tracked The Stealers down here, they must have moved here knowing the last Arctic was here”. The Woman who Kapella knew said.
“You just expo-sed yourself Kapella Elijah to them”.
“What do you mean?”.
“We know you’re the Artic, I heard about the diamond tears back at the restroom”. Madison said.
Kapella turned to the ocean and looked into it but there was no nothing.
“You must leave immediately”. The Woman said.
“There’s nothing in the sea Madison”.
“Who the hell told you Mermaids live in sea alone, as we’re different so our abilities are, Go!”.
Kapella turned to her parent and they nodded.
They turned and raced for the Island but a hand suddenly bur-st out of the group and held Kapella leg.
She crashed down and they paused running but were shocked to see the hand with fish scales.
All around human like creatures could be seen swimming toward her in the shore sand.
They were shocked on how someone could swim in sand.
“Go!”. Kapella roared as she kicked the hand with her other legs.
“Protect the Artic”. The Woman mermaid screamed and the Mermaid rushed at Kapella.
The sands around Kapella suddenly explode up like a bomb hitting everyone into different direction.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as the dust around her died down slowly revea-ling a woman without face and fish scales all over her b©dy in front of her.
“Ragazza Artica”. She said in Italian meaning ‘Artic Girl “.
” I’ve been searching for you “. She added with a grumpy voice.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️:
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_29🐬
“Who the hell are you you?”. Kapella asked.
“Your nightmare”. The Woman whispered as she sprang at Kapella.
She gr@bb£d her down to the dust but Kapella kicked her off and staggered to her feet.
She st©p abruptly as five more faceless women emerged from the dust.
“The ocean!”. Madison screamed loudly as she rose up with other Mermaids.
Kapella took off but a hvge amount of dust hit her and she crashed unto the rock.
The Stealer leapt out of the dust to gr-ab her but she was swift to roll away.
Kapella g@sped as she woman gr@bb£d her her shoulder.
Her entire b©dy seized up as she couldn’t move a f!nger.
The woman held her ti-ghtly and began to hum but a Mermaid dived out of know and pushed her off.
The stealer gr!pp£dher ti-ghtly and hummed loud.
The face of the Mermaid pu-ll-ed off into that of the stealer and she dropped to the ground.
She rose up slowly as she was no longer faceless but now had the face of the Mermaid.
“Oh my God!”. Kapella exclaimed.
She took off immediately as she could see dust swimmers headed for her.
She ran as fast as she could and dived into the ocean.
Her clothes tore off immediately as she transformed to an Artic Mermaid.
The Stealers bur-st into the waters as well and pursued as she swam speedily with her tail fl@pping.
“Mermaids have control over the creature’s of the sea but an Arctic has greater, clear your mind and enter into the memories of the creatures, communicate with and use them as your weapon “. She could hear Madison’s voice in her head.
One of the Stealers tried to gr@bb£d her but she kicked her with her sharp tail and bur-st out of the water.
With heads down she submerged in speedily as swam off.
She could feel a shark far away as other little creatures connected her her.
Kapella closed her eyes as her thoughts traveled down to where the shark was thereby establishing a connection.
A hvge amount of sand like a tornado thrû-st into the water hitting her.
She hits a sea rock and made to get up but two stealers gr@bb£d her.
She gro-an ed loudly and that was when the shark from nowhere hits them away.
Kapella g@sped as she mind communicate with the shark asking it to attack them.
It roared loudly and rushed at the Stealers who swam into different direction.
One of them turned around and the shark bite her tail causing her to scream although it wasn’t heard as she was un-derwater.
The Leader of Stealers who had stolen a face alre-ady appeared out of nowhere and sl@pped the head the shark breaking the connection between it and Kapella.
Kapella gro-an ed loudly as she felt that slight terrible headache.
The Woman established her connection with the shark and it dashed at Kapella.
“$h!t!”. She thought and swam off speedily.
She tried to get into the memory of the shark but couldn’t as something was blocking her access.
She dived out of the water and the shark followed suit but made a U turn and punched the shark’s head as they landed in water.
A stealer tried to gr-ab her but she she used her tail to slash her che-st.
Kapella gro-an ed as she felt a f0rç£ accessing her mind.
“Give up now, Give me what I want”. She could hear the voice in her head.
“Stealer”. She thought.
“No, El Voleuse”. The voice replied as a shadow appeared behind Kapella.
She alre-ady felt the pres£nce and bent low un-derwater escaping the woman’s grip.
Kapella turned am almost bu-mped into five angry shark who snared at her.
She needed no Mermaid no tell her they were un-der the Stealers control as she sh0t out of the water like a bullet.
Her tail separated to human legs as she landed on the sea shore half n-ked as she had only a shi-t on.
Ahead was The Elijah and Cindy alre-ady in the helicopter.
“Come!”. Cindy screamed at her.
Kapella raced off for the helicopter geas the Stealers emerged slowly from the water.
They raised their hands up causing dust to bust out of the ground was Kapella kept running dodging them dangerously.
The helicopter was taking off alre-ady as kept running toward covering her face as dust explodes up.
She dived up narrowly and Cindy caught her hand as the helicopter went up.
Mrs. Elijah held her other hand and they lift her into the helicopter.
“Hey are you alright?”. Cindy asked as Kapella sat and placed her hand on her n-ked l@p.
Mrs. Elijah could see the Stealers vanishing into the dust of the shore as she closed the door of the Chopper.
“Is she alright?”. Mr. Elijah from where he controlled the helicopter.
“Yes, she is”.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!”. Kapella exclaimed as she covered her face.
“That was scary, like a horror movie”. Cindy said.
“They stole the girl’s face, it was my fault”. Kapella said angrily.
“Nothing is your fault Kapella, We never expected something like that”. Cindy said.
“Where’s Madi?”.
“She left with her people”. Cindy replied.
“We’ll be back at Phoenix in no time so calm, alright?”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“How can I be calm Mom, they’re gonna come for me again, they have powers on land”. Kapella said.
“Then we leave the City”.
“Leave, I don’t run from my problems”.
“How do you choose to fight Mermaids who have powers of the dust of the earth, this must be the people your Mother talked about they’re dangerous”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“And so am I, I’m an Artic, the strongest of the Mermaids”.
“That’s where you get in wrong, you’re only a special specie, you saw what those people can do”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“And with proper training I’ll know what I can do, I controlled a shark and that’s what fvcking saved me, Madison is not a stealer, She’s trying to help me and right now I need her help more than ever”. Kapella said almost screaming.
“I’ve told you alre-ady you don’t need my cons£nt to whatever you wish”. Mrs. Elijah said and moved to the pilot seat beside her husband.
“Are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded.
“You?”. She asked and he nodded as well.
“Seems the Arrowood brothers are finding their ways back to each other “. Ashley said as she joined Diaz and Finn who were eating around a circular gl@ss table.
” What do you want ash? “. He asked.
” Can’t I join my brothers over the table? “.
” It’s obvious you ain’t p@rt of us well i just c@m£ here to have a nice meal not chit chit with some damn brother”. Finn said and Diaz hit the table angrily.
“Hey chill bro, do you have to fight always?”. Ashley said as she starting taking from the bowl of ice cream she brou-ght.
“Don’t act like you care”. Finn said.
“I’ve said it before, I go for the highest bidder but you are still my brothers, remember when we just got into Phoenix High, we were The Fatal Three hmm”. She said as she li-cked her f!ngers.
“Until your Lovely ruined it, we’re useless at Phoenix now, isn’t that right?”. Diaz said.
“You blame Lovely, only if you left Kapella for me, all this won’t be happening”. Finn said and he scoffed.
“I had a girl first, you and Lovely walked in to take f0rç£fully, how does that sound?”.
“Or i had I first, remember my words when we first saw the girl?”. Ashley asked.
“Well Lovely got the girl and we fight aimlessly, at least I’m not a fool who act childish”. Finn said as he smiled stupidly.
Diaz broke the gl@ss he was holding and points it to his n£¢k.
“Mind your ton-gue, Finn”.
“I never mentioned names brother”. Finn said.
“Would you both st©p the madness?”. Ashley asked.
“Leave Lovely to me brother, I can handle him, Go for another girl, probably what’s her name again,Cinderella or what?, she has a t©uçh of beauty too and has a big character you like, stubborn and pretty annoying, perfect match “. He said.
” If you like a girl, don’t advertise her to me Finn “. Diaz said and dropped the bottle rising to his feet.
” But there’s something strange about the girl, Kapella “.Ashley said.
” Don’t start yours Ashley, I thought you both were with me but it’s obvious am a lone wolf “. Diaz said.
” There was this light in the water the day you pushed Lovely into the pool and she dived in “. Ashley said and he paused.
” I would have showed you but I lost the footage should I say I’m the foolish one, I got engrossed in her beauty voice and forgot it at the restroom, went back and couldn’t find it “.
” And why will Kapella be singing to you in the restroom?”. Finn asked.
” non of your concern, you can think whatever you choose to “. Ashley said.
” Did you say light? “.
” Are you finally interested in me, Diaz? “. She asked and he scoffed.
” Tell me!”. He roared.
” What’s up? What do you know? “. She asked.
The door pushed open revea-ling Mrs. Arrowood.
They all g@sped as they saw her, she was eavesdropping the entire time.
” What’s it you’re hiding son spill it before I lose my temper “. She warned.
“Mom it’s nothing”.
“Spill it”. She roared as her eyes turned red.
“I also saw a light a certain time she was un-derwater”.
“Love had ruined your s-en-ses, all your s-en-ses, all of you! No one leaves this building till I return, prepare the table we’re having a guest? “. She said and st©pped at the door.
” And if my instruction to you leaks out, Dahlia or Candy, I’ll prefer not to say what I’ll do “. She said and walked out.
” Ma’am we’ve tracked the helicopter that was sp©tted at the Island “. Frank, Lovely’s personal guard said as he ran after her.
“It’s for Phoenix Consolid@t£d but it’s for a certain Lance Elijah, it’s was sp©tted returning back “. He said and she paused immediately.
“Lance Elijah?”.
“Yes. According to his profile he works as a Cryptogra-pher”.
“I know him”. She said smiling.
“Ma’am his name also appeared in the record those who boarded the wrecked sh!pyears ago, the one you asked us to access “.
“What will My Elijah do at Atlantic Ocean, I thought he hated Sea travel”. Mrs. Elijah said and his eyes popped up.
“Alright then”. She said and made to move but paused.
“What’s the name of the girl Lovely is into again?”. She asked and he swallowed the saliva in his mouth.
“Kapella Elijah ma’am”.
“Do a background check”.
“I did alre-ady ma’am she’s his daughter”.
“Mr. Elijah ma’am”.
“Seems I need to pay a visit to Kapella Elijah first, get the helicopter re-ady and find out Kapella Elijah’s last location “.
“We’ve accessed the company c@m£ra’s on the roof of the building, Mr. Elijah, Kapella, A Woman we’ve investigated to be his wife and Kapella Elijah’s best friend”.
“It’s alright,and get me also Kapella Elijah’s picture, I haven’t bothered to see what she look like that s£nds my children somersaulting”. Mrs. Arrowood said walking away.
💺💺Phoenix Consolid@t£d 💺💺
Kapella walked out of the Elevator with her parent and Cindy as she was now on new dress.
“I guess we’ll try some other time”. Mr. Elijah.
“Or we don’t, I can survive this way”. Kapella said.
“What do you, you’re….”. Cindy said and paused.
“I’ll go see my Boss, you go home with your mom”.
“We need to talk Elijah”.
“We’ll get a cab then, let’s go Cindy”. Kapella said dragging her along.
“Alright, am all ears”. He said.
“Not here, go to your boss, I’ll be waiting at your office”. She said and walked away.
Mrs. Arrowood alighted from the helicopter as it lands on the roof of Phoenix Consolid@t£d.
She took a de-ep breath as took off her dark shade revea-ling her damaged eyes.
She wore it back again and entered into the elevator.
It descends down but st©pped by a floor as someone there might have called it.
The door open up revea-ling Mr. Elijah, his eyes popped as he saw Mrs. Arrowood.
He held his che-st ti-ghtly as the sudden shock was sharp.
“Minerva”. He whispered.
“It’s been so long Elijah, don’t stand out there, I’m at haste”. She said and pu-ll-ed him in.
“You… You were dead”. He stammered.
“After you dumped me, I do remember but here I am, I’m not”. She said leaning against the elevator.
“I searched for you”. He said.
“Does it mean anything, you had a fiancee, one year after you broke up, why search for me after my rumored death?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
He exhaled and bit his lowerl-ips.
“Good you’re alive then, what are you doing here?”. He asked.
“It’s nineteen years alre-ady Elijah and I have kids so I’m not running back to your feet, so strange you still recognize me after such long time, seems you really searched, I’m not here for you Elijah, just business”.
“As much as I’ve lived without you for 19 years, I hate this conversation”. She said and the elevator opened.
“Goodbye Elijah, till we see again”. She said and let out an evil smile as she made to walk away.
“Mrs. Arrowood?”. A man said as he walked from the south hallway.
“Mr. Philli-ps”. She said and they shook hands.
“It’s such a surprise to see you here when did you return to country, I can’t thank you enough for the donations you’ve made to Phoenix Consolid@t£d over and over again, are you here for an exhibition, I can take you around Um… Mr. Elijah….”.
“No, never mind, I prefer to move alone”.
“Mrs. Arrowood?”. Elijah asked.
“Elijah, meet Mrs. Arrowood, you must have heard her name before but she doesn’t make public appearance, Mrs. Arrowood meet…”.
“Don’t worry we know ourselves, I’ll take my leave”. She said and walked.
“Wow! Elijah you didn’t inform me you knew the biggest billionaire….”.
“Excuse me boss”. Elijah said and ran after her.
He caught up with her as she entered another elevator.
“Mrs. Arrowood?”. He said.
“I’m fvcking married Elijah, do you think I was gonna cry like a baby after our break up”. She said.
“No, the Family name you asked me to pick before we broke up, Arrowood “. He said and she smiled.
” Why are shocked? Maybe I decided to take it with or without you, don’t interrupt me Elijah, you’re dead to me and I’m dead to you and as I’ve said earlier… “. She said and paused.
” I’m here for business “. She said and kicked him causing him to crash to the ground.
The elevator doors closed up and it went down.
He hurried down the stairs and almost ran into his wife.
” Hey you’re fast, I haven’t even got to your office”.
“Minerva, Minerva is alive”. He said hurriedly.
“What Minerva? Are you okay?”.
“Minerva Robert!”. He said aloud.
“That isn’t possible”. She said aloud.
“She’s not dead, she only changed her name ma-king her untraceable”. He said.
“I don’t un-derstand you Elijah, your Ex coming back to life”.
“She was Mermaid Hunter, that was why we broke up “.
“Um.. You never told me that”.
“She wanted me to take some Family name Arrowood and become a Mermaid Hunter but I rejected it, it got into serious fight and that was the end, months later she was rumored to had died in a plane crash”. He said hurriedly
“Did you say Arrowood, The Billionaire Family?”.
“Yes, she is keeping a low profile the entire time, only her name is heard but she was unknown”. He said.
“Oh my God, Kapella”. She exclaimed.
“Even if she’s a hunter, she can’t detect people by sight, Kapella should be out of Phoenix….. Hold on, her son is that Candy Arrowood on news?”. He asked and they hurried down the stairs speedily.
Kapella and Cindy waved down a Taxi and made to enter when a white limo from behind horned loudly and it drove off.
“What the fvck?”. Cindy exclaimed.
The Limousine st©pped in front of them and the door pushed open automatically.
A hand wra-pped around their n£¢k and they looked back to see who it was.
“You’re beautiful as they describe”. She said.
It was Mrs. Arrowood smiling softly with her hands on their shoulder.
“Excuse me”. Kapella said.
“Oh pardon, I guess we haven’t met before or my son lied that I’m dead, well I’m Mrs. Arrowood and you must be Kapella Elijah”. She whispered.
Mr. And Mrs. Elijah ran down the stairs as they found their way throu-gh the crowd in the main building.
“Did you see a tall woman on dark shades?”. He asked as he approached a guard at an exit.
“Um… I think so, she was conversing with your daughter at the south exit, they must have left cos….”.
They didn’t allow him to finish as raced off and pushed the door opened.
Kapella, Cindy and Mrs. Arrowood were nowhere to be found.
They were gone.
🛥️⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🛥️: Physients Stories Library 
🧜‍♀️🏤City Mermaid🏤🧜‍♀️
🐬 Episode_30🐬
Minerva(Mrs. Arrowood) and Elijah got down from a Rolls Royce Phantom as the Chaffeur bowed before them.
They were in front of a gigantic mansion whoose wall were made of gl@ss.
It’s probably a waste of time trying to describe the place as there was a lot but in an overall s-en-se it was beautiful beyond imagining.
They looked a little younger as it is nineteen years ago.
“This is your place”. Elijah asked as he looked around.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“Wow!”. He said in amazement.
“You haven’t seen anything yet, you should come in”. Minerva said as she held his hand.
“Sure”. He said and she let him into the building.
He was still engrossed in the fountain that poured out colorfully liquid.
“Hey, You’re gonna have time to see everything when we get married, C’mon”. She said dragging him along.
He stood by the door as he t©uçhed it with his hand.
“Diamond”. He whispered.
“Hish!”. She said and pu-ll-ed him into the living room.
“How did you acquire all this?”. He asked looking up the the Crystal Chandelier above them as it rotate graciously reflecting several colours of light.
The maids in the room bowed before them as they appeared from different corners.
“We’ve been together for almost two years Elijah, lame question”. She said and k!$$£d his cheek.
“When we get married, we’ll make more”.
“I know”. He said putting his hand around her n£¢k.
“It’s a gift from my Family Elijah, it’s beautiful isn’t it?”.
“Of course, extremely, Your family?”.
“The Robert Family, Have you forgotten?”. Minerva asked with a baby like face.
“Oh That’s right”.
“And you want to get married”. She said pu-lling his arm.
“Totally sorry, I guess I forgot your billionaire family because you’re one”.
“Dooor… The Chandelier, how does it it look?”. She asked pointing up.
“Just like you”. He whispered and she pinched his arm.
“I’ve warned you to st©p being Ultra ro-mantic”. Minerva said.
“And I’ll kill anyone who tries to take you away from me”. She said and he g@sped turning to her.
“Just joking, so what do you wanna take?”. She asked they coll@psed into into the grand sofa.
“Pop corn would do”. He said and she scoffed.
“Umm hmm cos there’s no better choice..”. He said as he took the remote control and point it to the large screen in front of them.
“You moved a Cinema to your mansion”. He said and she laughed.
“Of course, What are you waiting for get the popcorn”. She screamed at one of the Maid.
“Ma’am Mr. br@dley was….”.
“Shut the hell up! How many times have I warned you not to discuss business issues when.. You know what you’re fired!”.
“Hey easy Minerva”. Elijah said.
“Now go get the popcorn before I change my mind”.
“Sorry for the scene, sometimes they misbehave”. She said placing her head on his shoulder.
“What are you watching?”.She asked.
“IT, it’s just getting started”. He said.
“We’ve been together long enough for you to know that I hate horror “. She said as she la-id on the couch and rest her head on his l@p.
” Promise me you’ll never leave me “. She whispered.
” And when did you that begin? “. He asked.
” Never mind “. She said as the maid arrived with a hvge pack of popcorn.
” This is hvge “. He said.
“Mmm Everything about me is big”. She said.
“Including your problems?”. He asked and she laughed.
“So how many kids are we gonna have?”. She asked.
“Are you that eager?”. He asked.
“I’m not getting any younger Arrowood, sorry I meant Elijah”. Minerva said.
“Two raised to the power of four”. He said as he pushed the popcorn into his mouth.
“I’m terrible at maths Eli but I know that’s sixteen, you really have intentions to kill me, it’s evident now”. She said and he pumped a lot of popcorn into her mouth.
“That should keep you from talking”. He said.
“What’s should we pick as the name of the first son?”. She asked with mouth filled.
He pushed more of it into her mouth and she vomits it out.
“Or you want a Girl?”. Minerva said.
“Hish! You’re scared of a Junior Husband in your house”. She added and he scoffed.
“What did you call it again?”.
“Elijah Jnr”. She whispered and he laughed.
“I’ll be leaving by eleven pm, I’ve an appointment at work”. He said and she frowned as she raised her head up to him.
“I thought you were gonna s£nd the entire, ain’t you impressed by the place?”.
“I’m, totally but I have to work”.
“After we get married I’ll purchase Phoenix Consolid@t£d “. She said and he pu-ll-ed her cheek.
” Your jokes are always charming “.
” I’m not, and I’ll make you the CEO “. She br@gged.
” St©p it Minerva “. He said laughing
” What do you think about the name, Arrowood? “. She asked.
” Um What do mean?”. He asked.
” I mean, does the name Arrowood sound cool? “. She asked and he turned to screen as he continued eating.
” Is that the name you’ve chos£n to give our first child?”. He asked but she remained mute.
” Come with me”. She said pu-lling him along.
“Where are we going to?”. He asked as she moved down starstairs to the un-derground.
“Elijah you said you loved me”.
“Of course I do”. He said.
“Hey Minerva, you’re scaring me”. He said as they st©pped mid way
“What I’m about to show you Elijah is my life and I’ll so much love you to be p@rt of it”. She said holding his hand.
“I’m a p@rt of your alre-ady, what are you talking about?”.
“I want you to change your name Elijah”. She said.
“My Name?”.
“Yes, I haven’t been granted full access to my family business because I’m the only female child but if I we get married, you’ll take over my family business Elijah, we’ll be damn Rich, well get whatever we want”.
“I don’t still get you, me, take over The Robert’s Family business, Minerva….”.
“Shhh”. She whispered placing her f!nger on hisl-ip.
“I call this, the black world, it’s a p@ssage to my other life”. She said pointing to the black door before them.
She took a piece of cloth and blind folded him.
“Is this some kind of surprise? “. He asked as she pushed open the door and helped him in.
” Don’t panic, just listen to me “. She said as she bolt the door behind.
” You can take your blindfold “. She said.
He took it off but there was nothing but uttter darkness.
” Is this some sort of suspense?”. He asked.
“Yep!”. She said and moving to switch turned on the light.
Elijah screamed loudly as he was face to face with a gagged woman who was suspended with a rope upside down.
He staggered back and hit something.
He turned to see the woman gagged and tied to a pillar with burnt face.
He couldn’t scream any longer as he behold the horror all around.
Woman who were tied up in different inhuman ways.
“Get me out of here, Minerva!”. He roared as he tried to open the door but it was locked.
“Just calm Elijah, don’t act like a kid”.
“Kid? What do you call this? Oh my God, what am I doing here?”. He said looking around.
“I’m not some Voodoo Priestess who’s going to sacrifice you Elijah so just listen”.
“There’s nothing to listen to, what explanation do you have for this act of wickedness and kidnapping?”.
“This is my family business Elijah, Mermaid hunting and I want you to be p@rt of it”. She said.
“They exist Elijah, they’re evil people who should be clear off from existence”.
“What are you doing with them then?”.
“Can’t you see what they cry out Elijah or haven’t you re-ad it before, Pearls.. They cry pearls”. She said as she picked one from the ground and raised it up.
“Your source of riches, this was it the entire time? “. He said.
” You must un-derstand Elijah, it’s a family legacy and I’m next but I need a husband first before…. “. She said putting her hand around his n£¢k.
” So I was your best sh0t, I now un-derstand “. He said removing her hand.
” No, Elijah I Loved you, I Love you Elijah I swear, that’s why I’m telling for before our marriage “. She said.
” I always thought you were a good person Minerva, how can you do this and see me as the perfect person to join this horror, do be your fvcking Voodoo Priest or what? “.
” St©p acting childish Elijah, this is money, we’ll rule the world, we’ll be famous we’ll get what we want, I love you Elijah, you know it, plea-se accept the name Arrowood and let’s get married “. She said holding his hand.
” I loved you Minerva but I guess I was wrong, you loved me for the benefit you’re going to get, this isn’t life Minerva “. He said pointing to everything all around.
” It’s Madness “. He added.
” plea-se don’t this Elijah “.She cried .
“Listen, If you love me, let go of this family $h!t and let’s build our own life”. He said holding her hand.
“Elijah we’re going to get everything we want”.
“Just st©p thinking about riches for once Minerva, think about your own life, let go Minerva”.
“I can’t, this is a Legacy, this is my life Elijah”.
“I’m sorry Minerva, I’m not re-ady re-ady to tre-ad this path”.
“Goodbye”. He added and unbolt the door.
“Don’t dare step out Elijah”. She cried.
“Minerva, I’m sorry I can’t do it “. He said as he stepped out.
” You’ll regret this decision one day Elijah but seems that day wouldn’t come “. She said and he heard the c0ckof a gun behind him..
He turned slowly and she pointing a pistol at him.
” Minerva? “.
” I’ve been crazily in love with you Elijah, I’ve never loved anyone like this before and you choose to break my heart “.
” Lower the gun Minerva”.
“Then come in, Follow this path with me and we’ll leave ever happily after”. She said.
“There’s no life in this Minerva, I gave you an escape route but you choose this over me”. He said.
“I loved you Minerva but you just broke it, Goodbye”. He said and took off as she escaping the tranquilizer she sh0t at him.
“St©p him”. She roared in tears into her telecom.
Elijah speedily up the stairs as he gr@bb£d the man in black suit and threw him down.
He turned to the elevator but there were a lot of guards coming out.
He raced away as they went after him. He formed his way to the living room and flew over the couch as one of them tried to gr-ab him.
He staggered out of the building as he located his vehicle.
He fist his hand as the men in front of it approached him.
He punched the first on the face and kicked the other swiftly.
Elijah got into his vehicle and drove for the locked gate as the guards there scampered for safety to they don’t get hit.
He opened the door of the vehicle hitting the br@ke just as he got to the golden gate.
He got down hurriedly and raced out throu-gh the mini gate.
He tried to concentrate as he raced down the main road but couldn’t as all he saw in the black room kept replying.
All the horror coming in at once.
He didn’t see an incoming vehicle as he ran into it and it knocked him down.
Elijah gro-an ed as he hit his head on the ground and his vision bec@m£ blur.
“Oh my God!”. He could hear a femanine voice as he saw a blurry figure bend before him.
“Minerva”. He whispered and p@ssed out.
Elijah woke up with a terrible headache as his eyes blinked open.
He could see the white wall and then the drip connected to his wrist he needed no one to tell him he was in a Hospital.
He figure soon entered and he got see the white dress on it.
“You’re awake”. He heard the soft femanine voice.
“Doctor”. He whispered as she placed her hand on his forehead.
“I know this not the best time to start explaining what demon pushed you to the road Elijah, I get your vision is still booting, I’m not the Doctor”. He heard the voice as the figure sat beside him with his vision starting to clear.
“I was the one who hit you with a vehicle”. She said as his vision cleared to see her face.
It was Jane(Mrs. Elijah) looking younger than she is in the future.
“Miss Petrova, We meet again”. He whispered weakly.
“I’ve told you over and over again Elijah only Professors call me that”.
“I’m Jane”. She added.
Mrs. Elijah hit the break bringing the car to rest.
“It’s a dead end, there’s no limo around”. She said looking around.
“This is my fault I should have known she’s up to something “. Mr. Elijah said as he was busy with his phone.
” She isn’t taking her call and tracking it, it’s pointing to the Sardinia Island “.
“Oh God, it must have gone with her trou-sers”.
“Cindy, call Cindy”.
“That’s right, Cindy”.
🍏🍏🍎Arrowood Mansion🍅🍏🍏
“Welcome to my place”. She said as Cindy got down from the vehicle with Kapella.
They looked around just like Elijah did years ago.
“You look uneasy”. She said.
“Not everyone act normal meeting a Faceless billionaire”. Cindy said.
“Don’t be scared, you’re my guest”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
Cindy turned to Kapella and nodded.
“I know you’re wondering why the Arrowood would invite you here, no fears, you’re safe, My son Lovely has changed for better since he began Phoenix High and I wonder what’s the secret, consider this as my appreciation”.
“Um”.Kapella said scratching her head.
“Candy would join us soon, I guess you won’t be further frightened when you see him”. Mrs. Arrowood said but Kapella really had to answer to that so she stayed more.
“C’mon come in, I guess your father didn’t mention me once, we were good friends”. Mrs. Arrowood said as they moved into the Mansion.
“Me?”. Cindy asked.
“No, I’m talking about you, Elijah and I were good friends at High School till College”. She said staring at Kapella.
“That’s nice”.
“And you, who are your family?”.
“Um… Petrova Ma”. Cindy said.
“Petrova? They’re lucky to have someone like Elijah, you two are two beautiful cousins I guess”
“Excuse me?”. Cindy said as they un-derstood not what she said.
“Um..Ain’t you cousins or sisters?”.
“No friends”. Kapella said.
“My bad”.
“You said something about Petrova”. Cindy said.
“Sorry, I think made a mix up somewhere, so there’s the dinning, I’ll meet you there in a sec, go ahead”. Mrs. Arrowood said pointing to a gl@ss room.
“There’s something weird about about this woman”. Kapella whispered.
“What does she mean by Petrova are lucky to have Elijah?”. Cindy whispered back.
“I seriously don’t un-derstand, well she says it’s a mistake”. She replied and they moved into the gl@ss room.
They were shocked to see Diaz, Finn and Ashley seated around the gl@ss table.
They rose up slowly as well as they were shocked.
“Kapella Elijah, you always surprise me, have Lovely now decide to bring you into our Family Home?”. Ashley asked.
“How many times do I have to teach you how to welcome guests?”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she rolled her sleeves entering with a stern look.
“Come have your seat”. Diaz as he moved to Kapella and pu-ll-ed a seat for her.
“Over here beauty, you’re going to enjoy a dinner with the Arrowood Family”. Finn said as he moved to Cindy and pu-ll-ed a seat for her.
Cindy and Kapella stared at each other wondering if the Arrowood Kids were Artificial Intelligence which could be controlled remotely.
They sat down staring at Ashley who was full of crazy smiles.
“Welcome to the Arrowood Mansion, What would you love to take?”. She asked.
“There enough Ashley, the maids will do that “.
” Alright Mom “. She said and they returned to their seat.
Cindy felt a vibr@tion in her bag and brou-ght it out to see the series of missed call from Mrs. Elijah.
She just have engrossed in everything that she didn’t feel it.
She tried to call back but the phone shut down.
Her battery was low.
“$h!t!”. She cursed.
“Is everything alright?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“Yeah. I need to make a call but my phone is down”. She said.
“You can have mine”. She said and pushed the phone on the table to her.
She took it and typed some number before raising to her feet as she dialed it.
“Excuse me”. She said and left the gl@ss room.
“So Kapella Elijah, tell me about yourself, how did you discover your talent of singing?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“You mean singing”.
“Yes. You got a good voice and maybe there’s a secret behind it, I also love singing”. Mrs. Arrowood said and Ashley stared at her with a ‘What a lier’ type of look.
The maids pushed in the roller table filled with different meal in and Kapella turned to them.
“Maybe we should eat first before we talk”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Um sorry I missed your call, it’s me Cindy”. Cindy said as she leaned against the gl@ss balcony with the phone on her ear.
“Where are you?”. Mrs. Elijah’s voice rang out.
“Don’t lie you’re at home, if you followed that woman in dark shades tell me immediately because she’s dangerous”.
“What? We did, she’s Mrs. Arrowood we’re at her Mansion”. Cindy said rising slowly from the balcony.
“Where’s Kapella?”.
“She’s with her, I left to call you”.
“Oh my God! Get out of there immediately, the both of you”.
“Um.. You mean?”.
“That woman is a Mermaid Hunter, she’s The Hunter Woman”. Mrs. Elijah roared.
“Oh my God!”. Cindy whispered as she retreat the phone.
She could see the image of Mrs. Arrowood in her thought and her dark shades.
“She’s one eyed”. She thought and took off speedily.
Mrs. Arrowood rose up slowly taking off her shades to reveal her damaged eyes.
Kapella g@sped as the word of Madison flashed throu-gh her memory with an unimaginable speed.
“One eyed Woman”. Rang in her head.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as her hand bec@m£ to shake.
“Are you alright?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked as she moved closer to her.
The maids were putting the meals on the table alre-ady with other items.
“Yes”. Kapella said trying to compose herself.
“I’ll have that for the Avocado”. Mrs Arrowood said taking the Jar of salt from the distributing table.
Kapella heart was re-ady to explode at the sight of salt knowing fully well what it does to a Mermaid.
“Kapella!”. Cindy screamed as she appeared from the corridor.
With one swift move Mrs. Arrowood poured the entire salt content in the Jar on Kapella’s face and she screamed loudly as it landed on her skin
🚄⛲Sea Tales Pres£nts 🚄❤️⛲:
City 🧜‍♀️ 🏠 Mermaid 🧜‍♀️
Kapella’s heart pound heavily but to her shock the salt didn’t burn her.
She raised her head to Mrs. Arrowood tou-ching the salt on her face.
“I’m totally sorry Miss Kapella, that was a mistake, I didn’t hold the salt properly, my mistake”. She said forcing a fake smile.
“You literally poured a salt to my face Mrs. Arrowood, as much as I respect you, how can do such? What if you had blinded me?”.
“Do you realize you’re speaking to me that way?”.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have come here to get bath with salt, what the fvck?”.
“Kapella!”. Cindy said and Kapella turned to her.
“Mom had an accident, we have to go now!”. She announced.
“What!”. Kapella exclaimed as she rose to her feet.
Kapella hurried out with Cindy as Mrs. Arrowood watched them leave.
“What the hell was that for!”. Diaz roared and she sl@pped his h@rd across the face.
“You don’t talk to your Mother that way, have some result”. She snapped.
“Kapella Elijah, If you’re not a Mermaid how can you be this beautiful?”. Mrs. Arrowood whispered.
Cindy held Kapella ti-ghtly so she don’t get hit by a vehicle as she ran blindly toward the road.
“Kapella calm!”. She warned loudly holding her.
She st©pped a Cab and they got in.
Kapella was breathing heartlessly as everything that happened flashed back throu-gh her memory.
“Mother, My mother is she fine, is Mom okay?”. Kapella said pu-lling Cindy’s shoulder.
“It’s all a lie, it’s a lie Kapella, Your Mom is Fine, I said that to get you away from there”. She said.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed.
“Breath Kapella, Breath!”. Cindy whispered.
“I can’t, I can’t, my head is spinning”. Kapella said shaking her head.
“Drive!”. Cindy screamed at the Cabman.
“Where to ma’am?”.
“Washington Street, Just drive”. Cindy said.
He starts the ignition and drove away.
“Take!”. Cindy said as she took a bottled water from her bag.
Kapella collects it and in a second she gulped in everything.
“Another”. She said hurriedly.
Cindy gave her another and she did same.
“Cindy, I need to s£nd an electric pinch my face”. She said.
“You’re seriously crazy”. Cindy said.
“I literally walked right straight into the lions den”. She said.
“We were fools to have gone with her, Cindy, fools”. Kapella added.
“Shut up and don’t blame yourself for once, Bill Gate or Elon Musk ask you for a dinner with his family will you miss that opportunity, talk less of the riche-st woman, hush! We were really destined to fall into troubles”. Cindy said placing her palm on her face.
“The salt didn’t burn me Cindy, it fvcking didn’t”. Kapella said shaking Cindy’s shoulder.
“What do you mean? Why did she pour salt on you?”.
“Salt burns, it dry our skin like it does to a fish just that it reaction is fas-ter on us, it can literally kill us”. Kapella said.
“Did you say it didn’t work on you?”. Cindy asked.
“Yeah. I was so frightened, I scream out my lungs out of fear”.
“Are you girls discussing about a fairy tale or myth “. The Cabman asked ma-king them realize he was listening to them the entire time.
Cindy turned to with mouth opened in shocked.
” I’ll take care of him “. She said closing Cindy’s mouth with her f!nger.
” My kids raising up against me for some kid, that’s impressive”. Mrs. Arrowood said staring at Diaz, Finn and Ashley who were on their feet.
“Do you have anything more to say?”. She asked.
“You know we can’t speak against you so don’t act like we’re rising up against you”. Ashley said.
“Your hearts are, I can see it on your faces”.
“Seriously Mom you didn’t have to do something like that”. Finn said.
“Even the little weakling now speaks, I get to wonder what’s special about this one girl”. She said.
“What are you talking about?”. They heard a voice and turned to see Dahlia as she walked in.
“My kids and I are having some conversation, you could excuse us”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“What’s going on here, something doesn’t feel right”. Dahlia said looking around.
Her sight paused at the table that had p@rticle of salt.
“Start speaking Ashley before I result to the Beretta 45′ behind me”. Dahlia said.
“Leave immediately Dahlia, you’re not invited here”.
“Of course I am”.
She pu-ll-ed the pistol behind her and fired close to Ashley’s leg.
“Speak!”. She roared.
“Mom invited Kapella here and poured salt on her thinking she was a Mermaid but she wasn’t”. Ashley cried.
Dahlia scoffed as she turned back slowly.
“You ruined it, I told you not to come into this”. She said and Mrs. Arrowood sl@pped her across the face.
“The next time you disrespect me, a bullet in your leg, I promise you”. She threatened and walked out.
Dahlia bit her lowerl-ips and walked out as well as she slide the Beretta behind her.
She almost bu-mped into Lovely who wondered what was going on.
She didn’t look him in the face as she walked away.
“Dahlia!”. He called out but she didn’t reply.
He entered into the dinning room and Diaz walked past him brushing his shoulder with his.
Lovely scoffed and turned to Finn who left as well leaving crying Ashley who had her hand on her face.
“Hey what’s on going?”. He asked.
“Just go away”. She cried.
“I’ll get mom to unfreeze your account now tell me”. He said.
“Do you think everything is about money or the goodies I want”. She roared raising her head.
“All you care is what you get, you think about the emotions of your siblings, Mom invites Ella here and pored salt on her thinking she was a Mermaid, Dahlia is furious and f0rç£ me to speak!”. She roared and point to the bullet hole on the gl@ss floor.
“Isn’t that what you want to hear, fvck off!”. She said pushing him off the way as she walked out.
“Ella? Oh my God Kapella”. He said and rushed out swiftly.
Ashley sniffed as she entered into her room.
She bent low un-der the be-d and drew out a briefcase.
Ashley sniffed again and dialed the number on a piece of paper with her phone.
“You took long to call”. Francis voice rang from the speaker.
“Apologizes love, Can we meet somewhere, I’ll text you the location”. She said and disconnect the call.
She opened the briefcase and in it was a coiled rope.
Knives of different shape, pins and a plier.
“The old way will do”. She whispered.
Kapella and Cindy got down from the Cab and it drove off.
“You have to leave the country K, This is literally a family of hunters and you’re in love with one, same thing happened to your mother”. Cindy said trying to catch up with Kapella.
“We’re talking about me not my mother, I’m not some runaway cat Cindy, I’m Kapella Elijah, The Last Of The Artic Mermaid”.
“Are you done giving yourself an impressive title or you think it’s one of Lovely’s April fool again?”. Cindy asked.
“Don’t mention his name again, Just let me think”. She said.
She hit the door bell and shortly it opened revea-ling Steve.
“Welcome back ra-punzel, I thought you weren’t returning”. He said with his little voice.
“Will you move before I move you to ceiling”. She said and entered.
Kapella paused seeing Madison and the other woman.
She gr@bb£d Steve’s arm and dragged him back.
“What the hell are you looking for?”. She asked.
“Your ra-punzel sisters said they needed to see you”. Steve said.
“How can you let them in?”. Kapella roared.
“Don’t speak like the kid can st©p us”. Madison said and st©pped in front of her.
“We need your help”.
“Hish! I don’t help people”.
“It’s for a problem you caused, Mermaids watch each other’s back, a reason José face got stolen while fighting for you “. Madison said.
” What do want? “.
” We need to get the face back from the Stealer “. Madison said.
” How do we do that? “.
” The only one who knows how to go about it, is still a captive of the Hunter Woman”. The other woman said.
“Tell me, that day we meet who attacked you?”. Kapella asked as her memory flashed back to Lovely gr-abbing her n£¢k as she c@m£ out of the fire exit of the boutique.
“It was a hunter”.
“I know, a man?”.
“No, It was this boy, I can’t ignore the detail that he was really cute”. The other woman said.
“Lovely”. Kapella whispered as she remembered how uneasy he was that say.
“No one was chasing him, no, he was chasing someone”. She whispered.
“Kapella what are you talking about?”. Cindy asked.
“Gather the rest of the Mermaid, we’re going to rescue the others”. She announced.
⛲🚄Sea Tales Pres£nts :⛲
City Mermaid
“Kapella what are you doing?”. Cindy said.
“Fighting for my people”. She said.
“You just almost got caught by the woman and now you want to walk right straight to her”. Cindy said.
“What is she talking about?”. Madison asked.
“It doesn’t matter, gather the Mermaids, we move by dark”.
“Alright, we’ve always waited for this and it’s a honour to be p@rt of us Kapella Elijah”. The Woman said.
“Do you have any idea where they’re kept?”. Kapella asked.
“The Hunter Woman must have moved them”. Madison said.
“If not then she’s using them to set a tra-p since you know the location “. Kapella said.
“That’s right”. Madison said.
“We’ll be on our way”.The Woman said and they left.
“I’m re-ady for your ranting”. Kapella said as she turned to Cindy.
“Do you think that low of me?”. Cindy asked as they entered.
“I know I’m not thinking straight, Cindy”.
“Listen”. Cindy said holding her shoulder.
“Maybe I’m wrong trying to st©p you, they need your help and I respect the fact that you guys are a family, Go!”.
“But let me come with you”. She added.
“No, This is something dangerous Cindy and not some Faceless mission”.
“Fine”. Cindy said.
“There’s no fine on your face Cindy”. Kapella said.
“Steve get me a chilled drink”. Cindy said as she coll@psed into the couch.
“Seriously Cindy”.
“I said alright I’m just trying to comprehend how you worry less that Lovely might be p@rt of this as well”. Cindy said.
“Fine, I don’t need your reply”. She added and collect the bottled drink from Steve.
“I’m a Mermaid, Cin”.
“I’ve told you to st©p calling me that or am gonna break your tail”.
“Whenever I’m determined to do something, I worry less about everything else, everything and b©dy around becomes a low priority”. She said.
“Like me?”.
“Don’t get me wrong Cindy”.
“I totally un-derstand, You’re a Mermaid so I need to st©p acting like you’re fully a human”. Cindy said.
“What can I do without you?”. Kapella said as she blew a k!ssfor her.
“Oh you’re reserving that for your… I totally get”. She said rising to her feet.
“Are crazy talks p@rt of being a Mermaid now?”. Cindy asked.
“Maybe”. She replied and the door pushed open revea-ling Mrs. Elijah who rushed in speedily and hvgged her.
“Oh my girl, I was so scared”.
“I’m so sorry Mom”. Kapella said as she placed her hand behind her Mother.
“Are you alright?”. Mrs. Elijah asked placing her hand on her face.
“I’m Mom, I’m fine, totally “.”Thank you Cindy”. She said and she nodded.
“What did she do?”.
“Nothing Mom, she only wanted dinner with her family and then Cindy c@m£ in that something c@m£ up and we have to leave so we did”. Kapella lied.
Mrs. Elijah exhaied heavily and hvgged her again.
“Have you eaten something?”. She asked.
“I’m not hungry mom, I’m fine”.
“Alright then”.
“Mom we need to talk”. Kapella said as she bit as lowerl-ips.
“Um.. Alright”.
“I know you’ve said I don’t need your opinion to do things that I’m a Mermaid but I don’t agree with that, I’m p@rt of human as well and so human natures follow, to want the love and care of a Mother, you saved me today and I can’t neglect the fact that you’ll always be p@rt of my life, I can’t push that away “. Kapella said and she nodded.
” That’s why I’m telling you mother, that….. “.
” I’m going for a fight “. She announced and Mrs. Elijah raised her head up.
” Don’t say I don’t need your opinion Just speak your mind, I’m begging you “.
” What fight? “.
” To free the rest of the Mermaids in captivity, I can’t rescue them without a fight but now I’m re-ady to face it, I saw how they fought for me at the ~Island and realized they are truely one family, one of them lost her face to the stealers in place of me and I have to get someone who knows how to get~ it back but she’s p@rt of the captives…. “.Kapella said and paused.
” I’m not _fighting for her alone, I’m fighting for the Mermaids, I’m fighting for my people “. She added.
” You finally grew up “. Mrs. Elijah said full of smiles and Kapella_ raised her head up wondering what she meant.
” I needed to be sure you were re-ady, that your drive wasn’t just anger and vengeance but something better, now I can see you’re truely re-ady”.
“re-ady for what?”. Kapella asked.
“A minute”. Mrs. Elijah said and left for her room.
“Is she cool with it?”. Cindy asked.
“I don’t know yet”.
They seized speaking as Mrs. Elijah arrived in with an Ancient Box.
“She’s fine , we’re home now, you don’t need to come Elijah she’s fine, we’ll talk later, Love ya”. She said to her phone and disconnected the call.
“Hope Dad isn’t angry with me?”. Kapella asked.
“You know your Dad is cool tempered”.
“But Steve didn’t take after him, Are you sure you’re his son? Hish!”. She said pointing to Steve.
Kapella and Cindy stared at her in awe.
“Ops! Did I say something wrong, yes I did, stupid girl”. She said sl@pping her cheek.
“You’re neither”. Steve said and ran up the stairs.
“Can you hear that little thing?”. Kapella cursed and Cindy laughed as Mrs. Elijah dropped the box on the table.
“A gift from your Mother to you before she died”. Mrs. Elijah said as open it.
There was a well folded blue cloth that had the Inscription ‘Kapella’ with grinded pearl of different colours.
“She named you when before she gave birth to you, She was re-ady to have a life with you”. Mrs. Elijah said.
Kapella’s eyes filled up with tears as she held the cloth and sniffed it in.
Cindy placed her hand on her shoulder as she bit her lower l!ptrying not to let hers out. 
“I’m not saying this so as to awake a vengeance in you, I say this because the time is here for you to embr@ce your Mermaid side”. Mrs. Elijah said.
Kapella slowly retreated the cloth and saw the book in the box.
The h@rd cover had a drawing of a Mermaid and her little daughter.
She dropped the cloth and took the big book.
“She says all this contains all you need to know about an Mermaid and an Artic especially but I only give you when you’re re-ady, she pointed that you’re very dangerous and not until you’re not driven by anger I shouldn’t but now I can see you’re re-ady, so have it “. Mrs. Elijah said.
” Kapella took the book and ca-ressed it “.
” I don’t know what is in it but she says it’s a story written by her as a pres£nt when you grow up, a story but filled with everything you need to know about your ability “. Mrs. Elijah said.
Francis turned to Ashley as he leaned against the bartender’s table.
“You’re late”. Ashley said pouring Tequila into her a gl@ss cup.
She gulped in the content and he smiled.
“I guess I needed to dress well”. He said.
“Do you drink?”. She asked raising another bottle of Tequila up.
“Of course”.
“Would you love to watch a movie?”. He asked as he collect the bottle from her.
“How about we go to my pent house?”. She asked.
“Sure”. He said and gulped it in.
He felt a sharp pain in his head as he tried to hold the bottle.
His vision bec@m£ dim as he tried to concentrate.
He tried to speak but hisl-ips only vibr@ted.
The bottle dropped from his hand as his bones weaken causing him to drop to the ground.
His entire b©dy was weakened as he couldn’t move a f!nger except his moving eye ball.
She squat low and let out an evil smile.
“You wanted fun Francis, you’re just gonna have a lot of it, the thing you and every other fool don’t know is The Arrowood Family is above the law”. Ashley said as everyone in the bar stared at her.
“You’re free to call 911 cos I’m about to murder some Dude”. She announced.
Fast Forward
Kapella could be seen walking toward a sh!pin a port alone.
She was dressed in a purple and black overall jacket and a black leather Jacket.
All the workers around turned to see her as her beautiful skin blend with the ray of sun.
Her Sneakers hit the concrete gently accompanied with soft rhythmic echo.
As she climbe-d the stairs to deck of the sh!pprevious memories flashed throu-gh her thought.
Kapella opened the next page of the book as she sniffed.
She cleaned her tears and continued re-ading.
“Mom we should go fishing today”. Kapella asked Jane pu-lling her hand.
“Mermaid hunting fishes, what do you call that daughter?”. Jane asked.
“Why do we eat sea food when we’re creatures of the sea?”. Kapella asked.
“Answering questions with questions, so intriguing of you K pop”.
“K pop?”.
“Mmm hmm, you got the voice of a pop singer”.
“Tell me Mother, Do I really have control over the creatures of the sea?”. Kapella asked.
Jane paused walking and squat to hold little Kapella’s face.
“You’re the first Half human, Half Arctic, You don’t rule the sea alone but the land also, you’re the First Hybrid Arctic”.
⛲🚄Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City Mermaid 🏤 🧜‍♀️
Kapella got to the deck and paused as she saw Madison who was looking on from the height.
“How did you find me?”. She asked turning back.
“We all have a connection to water, all I have to do is is trace where a p@rticular connection is coming from when I connect to the water”. Kapella said stepping forward.
“So much of an Arctic, seems you know what you can do”. Madison asked.
“I do now, what are you doing here?”. Kapella asked as she leaned against a wooden pillar.
“I come here to feel the ocean breeze, it’s mind b!owing”.
“Have you been able to father the rest of the Mermaids?”. Kapella asked.
“Greta is on it”.
“Greta, that’s her name”. Kapella asked.
“It is.. The Mermaids are scattered all over the city for the fear of El Voleuse”.
“The Stealer?”.
“You should un-derstand Italian by now”.
“Maybe The Stealers sound more cool”.
“But for the fact that we have an Arctic they’ll come”. Madison said.
“You’re so sure”.
“Of course I am, we’ve seen things that Anita could do, she took on the hunters that fateful night in a way no Mermaid can even though we got caught i am glad she did a good damage to the eye of the hunter woman”. Madison said.
“My mother did”.
“Yes she did, Have you met her?”.
“Then how did The Elijah find you?”.
“I don’t want to talk about it Madison”.
“Alright then”. She said turning to the sea wind.
“I need to clear my head”. Kapella whispered.
“You’re a Mermaid, make it a low priority and then focus on something else”.
“I don’t want to, I want to try another way, maybe catching fun”.
“Or maybe helping to find the other Mermaids with your Articulated Connection to water”. Madison said and she turned slowly to her.
They took few steps back as Kapella took off her Jacket.
She inhaled heavily as they stood at stance.
With one swift speed they jumped off the deck di-ving straight into the Ocean.
Kapella finished re-ading the book as she closed it with tears in her eyes.
She slowly turned to the IPhone 13 on the be-d as it buzzed.
Steve had given it to her with the say that it was a gift from her b©yfri£nd.
That was no other person than Lovely but that wasn’t it alone but a box as well.
As much as she should avoid him for being the Hunter Family who killed her Mother and would do same to her.
She can’t just imagine Lovely as a bad person who would hurt.
There was a flash of memory of the Mermaid who was stabbe-d.
The blood flowing down the stairs and her racing heartbeat.
She flin-ched as she felt a slight head ache and took the phone.
She had several missed calls from Lovely but she could see the last message he dropped.
“plea-se pick my call, we need to talk”.
She exhaled and rose to her feet.
“The Kapella you’re trying at the moment is unavailable, she just finished setting you as a low priority but a factory reset would do, not now though, I have your Family to deal with “. She whispered and rose slowly to her feet as she took off her dress.
She opened the box staring at the outfit he had bought for her.
“It looks charming though”.
Lovely could be seen ru-bbing his hand together as he paced left and right in front of Kapella’s home.
The door soon pu-ll-ed open and he turned back swiftly.
“Oh my… I was so worried, I’m glad you’re fine”. He said laughing.
She stared blankly at him like he was a stranger.
When Mermaids make people a low priority in their hearts, they care less about them and focus only on their mindset.
“What are you doing here?”. She asked.
“You didn’t pick my calls”. He said and she scoffed.
“I’ve something to attend to Lovely if you would excuse me”. She said walking past him.
“Is it because of what my mother did?”. He asked and she paused.
“She’s getting old Kapella, she probably couldn’t hold the salt properly”.
“Getting old, she poured it right into my eyes, who does that?”. Kapella asked.
“Is that enough reason to be angry at me, Did I do it?”.He asked.
“Something bad happened to someone close to me and that’s my priority right now so fvcking excuse me, don’t you get it, just don’t pester me because…of whatever happened in that restroom”. She said and walked away leaving him in shock.
She got into a Cab and it drove off.
You Only Wanna Be With Me
You Call Me Your Fool
But That’s What You Are
You’re My Fool
We’re Gonna Have A Nice d@t£
Francis could hear the soft echoing voice in his ear as his eyes blinked open.
He felt pain around his n£¢k and heaviness in his head as his vision was blurry.
“What do you see Francis?”. He could hear Ashley’s voice as his vision cleared.
He could see her seated upside down.
That was when he realized his legs were tied up to the ceiling.
“Ashley I’m begging you”. He cried.
“Oh my gosh, are you breaking so soon honey, I thought you wanted us to have a nice time?”. Ashley asked as she rose to her feet.
“I’ll delete the video every single one”.
He could see her upside down as she held his face and brou-ght herl-ips close to his.
“Too late”. She whispered and pu-ll-ed back.
“Tell me what do you want from me?”. She asked moving toward a furnace with red h0t rocks.
“I wanted to blackmaik you, I’m sorry”.
“Story for tik tok”. She said taking one of the red h0t rock with a thong.
“I swear!”.
“Damn! I need to hear the pitch of your scream”. She said and placed it on his unclad che-st causing his to scream in pain as it burn.
She re-moved in and dropped the stone.
“I was raised in a way that was we unleash our pain on other people, that’s the only way I feel better”. She said and bit her lowerl-ips as she turned back.
“One last chance or the next one goes into your mouth”. She said.
“I swear I wanted to blackmail you”.
She used the thong to take another red h0t rock and moved at him.
“plea-se Ashley I’m begging you!”. He screamed out.
“plea-se Francis the mucus from your nose is graagh! “. She said moving it close to his mouth.
” I wanted you! “. He screamed out.
She paused and scoffed.
” Lier “. She said moving the ton-g back.
” I’m a damn pl@yboy “. He cried.
” That’s right “. She said dropping the thong.
” I guess you haven’t heard of Ashley, I’m a Pl@yGirl, Pl@yboy meets Pl@ygirl, so ro-mantic”. She said and and loosed the rope tied to the pillar.
He crashed r0ûghly to the ground as he gro-an ed.
“Thanks for helping me relieve my anger, Mr. Francis, have a nice day”. She said walking toward the door.
She paused and turned back.
“You can call 911 as well, you were kidnapped”. She said and shook her head.
“Looking forward to our new friendsh!p, Francis from this moment I become the pest in your life, I’ve picked you and your dear Sister is next, If I can’t have an Elijah, Two Petrova would do “. She whispered and vanished out of sight.
Mrs. Elijah walked into her office as the secretary followed after her.
” You’re back Mrs. Elijah “.
” Yes, Has Vincent’s article been published yet? “. She asked.
” No, still un-der verification”.
“It’s a perfect piece”. She said sitting down.
“Boss what’s going to see you?”.
“Oh alright then”.
“And I hope you haven’t forgotten your appointment with Phoenix Daily”. The Secretary asked.
“Tomorrow, 9am”. She replied.
“Thanks for the reminder, Alex”.
“I’ll take my leave at once”. She said and left.
Mrs. Elijah placed some file on the table and rose to her feet when the cup of water slide and dropped from the table.
She squat to pick the cup as the water flowed on the gl@ss floor.
Mrs. Elijah screamed as she saw the reflection on the flowing water.
It was a scary woman with fish scales all over face.
Mrs. Elijah crawled back as a hand sprout out of the water followed by the full b©dy revea-ling the woman.
It was the Leader of The Stealers.
“Look at who we have here?”. The Stealer said.
She staggered to her feet as raced for the door but almost bu-mped into another one at the door.
She turned back and three more had joined her.
“Even if I don’t remember anyone, I remember you as Jane’s closest friend and I seeing you at the Island today, what’s the bond between you and the Arctics?”. The Stealer asked stepping forward.
“I’m not a Mermaid, you don’t steal human face”. Mrs. Elijah said.
“That’s right, we use them as bait, you should watch were you place your feet, Jane Petrova”. She said.
Mrs. Elijah looked down and the flowing water had gotten to were she stood.
She made to move but it enlarge like a portal and she vanished into it.
The Stealer took the marker on the table and wrote on the gl@ss wall.
“El Voleuse was here”.
She di-pped her f!ngersinto the gl@ss of water on the table and vanished into tin air.

Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City 🧜‍♀️ Mermaid
Kapella and Madison emerged from the ocean with unclad legs as they had only a T shi-t on.
“I once saw your mother transform without her dress tearing off”. She said and Kapella paused.
“That isn’t possible”.
“Lot of things are possible for an Arctic, the dress merge into the tail and when she becomes human it spre-ad out again”. Madison said.
“Wow! I guess that’s the next thing to learn”. Kapella said as they approached a thatched house at the shore.
“Are you sure about this?”. Madison asked.
“I felt the connection”. Kapella said and knocked but there was no response.
“Kapella?”. Madison called out but she was engrossed in knocking.
“Watch out!”. She screamed gr-abbing Kapella down as a wave of water from the sea hit the door.
They staggered to their feet to see a woman standing close to the sea.
“Congratulations, we found one”. Madison said but they dived into different direction as the woman direct a deal of water from the sea at them.
“What the fvck is wrong with her?”. Kapella screamed.
“I don’t know!”. The Woman marched toward them with a wave of water following her behind.
She launched it at them Kapella was fast as fly over it as it sweep Madison off her feet.
Kapella pushed her fist forward and the wave returned straight for the woman but she bur-st it into droplet of water.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. Madison screamed at the woman.
The woman twist her her hand in the air causing a bur-st of water like a tornado from the ocean.
“What the fvck!”. Kapella cursed as she took her her heels.
She kept running as it gained on her but then she suddenly remembered one of the words of her Mother from the book.
“You have a greater authority over the sea then other Mermaids”.
Kapella P@nt as her sprint caused a heavy dust.
Her eyes suddenly flashed blue as she bouced on the stone in front of her and turned straight way in the air facing in incoming water in form of tornado.
She dived straight into it scattering it into droplet of rain.
She landed perfectly as her foot hit the soft shore sand.
Madison g@sped with mouth open as Kapella raced her head up.
She raced speedily at the woman as she moved her hand randomly shooting water at Kapella who was dodging them swiftly.
She kicked her and she crashed down.
Kapella moved at her but she sh0t her hand forward causing a bur-st of water from the sea that hit Kapella up
She crashed to the ground and gro-an ed.
She rolled quic-kly escaping the incoming wave of water.
Kapella jumped back to her feet and ran at the woman.
The woman raised her hand up causing the waters behind her to rise but unannounced Kapella paused her hand up.
The shore sand bur-st into the eyes of the woman causing her to gr0@nas she let go of the water trying to clean it but Kapella who was in front of her alre-ady kicked her and she crashed down.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”. Kapella asked
as she gr@bb£d her n£¢k.
“Not my idea”. The woman gro-an ed as tears got down her eyes as a result of the sand.
“What are you talking about?”.
A wave of water suddenly rose of the sea and sl@pped Kapella away.
She crashed down and could hear Madison’s singing voice.
She gro-an ed and rolled to see Madison.
“You should cover those enticing legs of yours”. Madison said stretching her hand.
“This was all you!”. She asked gr-abbing the hand.
“We needed to see that you’re truely re-ady, Kapella Elijah”. Madison said as she raised her up.
“Is this some sort of test or what?”.
“You should know Kapella this people we’re going against have been a threat for centuries”.
“Are they immortal?”.
“Don’t be dumb, it’s said to be a legacy thing, from generation to generation, they have more than enough technology against us Kapella”.
“That’s why you have me, an Arctic”.
“More than one Arctic have been said to die in the hands of this family in time past”.
“What’s so special about this family?”. Kapella asked.
“The blood of a hunter flows down their vein but that isn’t enough, they have damn weapons, we’re literally powerless on earth, going after then on land is suicidal”. The Woman said as she successfully got the sand from her eyes.
“You’re not just an Arctic, you’re a Hybrid”. She added.
“I also thought of it, Danny was human, Kapella meet Lady Benita, One of the special Mermaids with control over the sea without having to sing “. Madison said.
“We finally meet Kapella Elijah, I’ve heard alot about you “. Lady Benita said.
” Alot? “.
” Madison says you’re a stubborn br@t “.
“You didn’t have to say that but well I’m right Mmm hmm”. Madison said.
“I feel like summoning a shark to eat you up right now”. Kapella said.
“I can see you’ve learnt a lot alre-ady”. Lady Benita said.
“Have I?”.
“Yes. It took me a decade to learn the art of controlling water without the regular music, seems you learnt in Nano seconds”.
“She’s an Arctic, Lady Benita”.
“That’s right, have you learnt the art of teleportation?”. Lady Benita asked.
“What’s that?”.
“A special ability only few Mermaids have, right now El Voleuse is the only one we’ve seen do it, both on land and water”.
“This El El Vol….Voleus….e…. Are they Hybrids, they have control over the land as well”.
“Do you know why they’re called Stealers?”.
“Oh my… They stole the ability”.
“They’ve been existing for centuries Kapella, hunting Artics, they don’t steal faces alone”. Madison said.
“But….”. Kapella wanted to say she’s the first Arctic but didn’t.
“Of course, there are land Mermaids, they don’t transformed in water but earth p@rticle like the dust of the earth”. Madison said.
“What are you not telling me?”. Kapella asked.
“Some decades ago The Stealers went hunting Pregnant Arctics, they drain all their Mermaid powers ma-king them human, the feotus growing as an Mermaid switch to human growth “. Lady Benita said.
“ma-king them Hybrids”.
“Yep but not true, they are weak as humans, The Stealers are only strong because they’ve ac¢vmulated overdose of magic “.
” That doesn’t still explain how The Stealers control the dust of the earth “.
” It’s simple, they then stole the powers of the Hybrids as soon as they were given birth to “. Madison said and she g@sped.
” C’mon come in, would you mind if I make if cup of coffee? “. She asked moving toward the bungalow.
” I don’t move with strangers anymore “. Kapella said.
” Momma’s girl “. Madison said tapping her shoulder.
” What? “.
” Isn’t that what human mother’s tell their kids? “. She asked and Kapella smiled.
They got into the small building and Madison put on the TV as they coll@psed to the be-d.
“Confusion In Phoenix Media As Mrs. Jane Elijah Vanishes Mysteriously From Her Office”. Was the headline of the news.
“Mrs. Elijah’s secretary testified that she had returned to office this afternoon only for her to hear screams, she rushed in and there was nothing except the broken gl@ss of water on the ground but there’s something more terrifying, the writing on the wall “. The news caster said and a picture appeared on the screen.
“El Voleuse was here”. could be seen bodly written on the wall.
“Is this some sort of Ghost, we’re still searching for answers as the meaning of El Voleuse turns out to be The Stealer in Italian, stay tuned to Phoenix News as we’ll bring you more upd@t£, once again I’m Amada Bruce”.
Kapella rose up slowly as tears filled her eyes.
“They’re using her as a bait Ella”. Madison said.
“I know but there’s something they don’t know “. Kapella said and they turned slowly to her.
“They just provoked the wrong Arctic “.
Phoenix Broadcast
The entrance of the building was filled with a hvge crowd mainly reporters who the cops tried their possible best to st©p.
Kapella got down from a cab trying to hold her tears.
She had made everyone a priority again in her head and could now feel the pain of losing a Mother.
“Miss Kapella Elijah!”. She could hear several voices as she walked throu-gh the crowd.
She got into the building to see Lovely speaking with the cops.
Her phone buzzed and she took the call.
“Hey Cindy”.
“Hey baby girl are you alright, I saw the news”.
“You don’t expect me to be alright Cindy”.
“I know, Just tell me were you are”.
“Relax Cin, you don’t have to bother yourself about everything”. She said and disconnect the call.
Lovely turned to the left and saw her.
She looked down as he approached her and hvgged her.
“It’s gonna be alright Bek, If it means emptying the police dep@rtment to find her, I’ll see to it”. He whispered c@r£ss!ngher hair.
“Thank you”. She whispered as she raised her head to see Mr. Elijah.
She quic-kly let go of Lovely and cleaned the tears that tried to come out.
“Hey”. She said and hvgged him ti-ghtly.
“It’s The Stealers”. He whispered.
“I know Dad, we’re going for them”.
“They’re dangerous, you saw what they did the last time”. He said.
“Just have Faith”. She said and walked away.
Lovely and Mrs. Elijah’s eyes met and he bowed as a form of greeting but he walked away as well.
Kapella got to her Mother’s office and could see the cops putting a barricade around the table.
She looked back to be sure Lovely wasn’t following her and began to hum slowly.
Herl-ips slowly p@rted as she began to sing in a low tone.
Their eyes dilated and they turned to her.
“Leave”. She commanded.
She moved toward the broken gl@ss and she could hear a Madison’s in her head.
“If they didn’t gain entrance throu-gh the door then they teleported”.
“How?”. Kapella remembered asking.
“The water teleportation Lady Benita talked about, some mermaids can use it as a medium to connect to a larger sea, ocean or smaller b©dy, the connection creates a pathway one can travel throu-gh”.
Kapella squat low and t©uçhed the water on the ground with her f!ngers.
She felt a vibr@tion as she closed her eyes trying to access the place where the liquid was linked to.
She felt that terrible pain in her head as she kept seeing the faces of the stealers but then she hit the point.
She could see the stealers bur-st out of the water taking Mrs. Elijah along.
“What are you doing?”. She heard a voice that jo-lt her.
She turned to see Lovely with his hand in pocket.
“Oh this is my mom’s favorite cup, hish”. She said looking down.
“Where are the cops?”.
“I told them to excuse me and I’ll be glad if you do, I actually need some air”.She said walking for the door.
“Kapella”. He said and she paused.
“I don’t know what’s going with you lately but always remember I’ll be there for you and that I love you “. He said.
” Thank you”. She replied and walked away.
She could see Madison in the ground as she moved around like a stranger.
“I know where they are”. She thought as she connect her mind to that of Madison.
“And where could that be?”.
“It’s a junkyard”.
“Hish! I hate the smell of junks, let’s move”. Kapella heard her voice in her head and turned but didn’t see her.
She walked out of the building and a rolls royce st©pped in front of her.
She got in and Madison drove away.
“Your little b©yfri£ndis tailing us”. She said.
Kapella turned back and saw Lovely’s Limousine behind.
“He was watching”.
“I got it handled alre-ady”. Madison said and a truck lose it way going throu-gh the wrong lane.
The Limousine had no option but to st©p as every other vehicle c@m£ to halt to avoid an accident.
“That’s one of the advantage of family”.
“We help ourselves”. She said.
“Just drive fas-ter”.
Mrs. Elijah gro-an ed as they tied her to a chair.
“Am I do dangerous that you have to tie me up”.
“We never can say”. One of the Stealers said.
“So tell us Jane, what connection do you have with the Artics?”. Another asked.
Madison drove speedily unto the junkyard as armed men on the roof of a Bungalow opened fire at the vehicle.
“$h!t! They charmed an army”. Madison screamed as she turned the steering speedily.
“Get re-ady we’re moving out”. She announced.
Madison drift the car around a crane hitting off two off the gun men.
She hit the br@ke wanting to reverse but paused seeing the incoming grenade from an RPG.
They pushed open the door and dived out just as the vehicle went aflame.
“You found us so quic-k, I’m indeed surprise”. The Leader of the Stealers said as she stepped out from behind a container.
The men had seized fire as Madison staggered to her feet.
“Where’s the woman?”. Madison asked.
“It’s so fearless of you don’t walk into the habitat of El Voleuse”. She said.
“Hiring gun men, that shows how weak you are”. Madison said.
Lady Benita and some other Ladies walked out from different point and stood at ease.
“Bringing Sea mermaids against The Stealers on land, how dumb of you”. She said and they heard the scream of men.
They turned to roof of the bungalows and could see the gun men struggling with sea turtles that stuck to their faces.
They c@m£ crashing down the roof as the numbers of turtle increased.
The Stealer turned slowly as she noticed Kapella wasn’t there the entire time.
“Where’s the Arctic?”.
“The question you should have asked instead of muttering rubbish”. Madison said.
A loud rumbling sound like that of a flood could he heard and everyone turned to see Kapella in the air with an entire sea ris£n up behind her.
“I think you found her”. Madison said and Kapella unleashed it all on the junkyard as her eyes flashed blue.

Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City Mermaid
The entire sea floods the junkyard taking everything along including the Mermaid’s and Arctic who transformed.
The water took away Mrs. Elijah as well as she struggled.
She drowned down as she couldn’t swim because she was tied to the chair.
She struggled h@rd to hold her breath as bubbles c@m£ out of her mouth.
She couldn’t hold any longer as water slowly got into her nose but then she saw this hvge creature headed for her.
It was an oct©pus.
She thought it was going to attack her but it wra-pped around her and bur-st out of the water.
Scales appeared on The Stealers skin as they emerged out of the water in a horizontal file facing Kapella whoose tail glowed brightly in her Mermaid form.
“You have chos£n the path of defeat, Arctic”. The Leader of the Stealers said.
“You declared war the moment you c@m£ for me”. She said.
“Where are your people, are they scared?”.
“You’re the one with an army, who’s scared, one who fights alone or one with an army against one Mermaid”. Kapella said.
“Do you ever think you stand a match against me?”. She asked and cl@pped her hand.
The other Stealers swam away leaving the two alone.
“I guess I haven’t introduced myself probably because we’re called El Voleuse, I’m Tomar, because I take without permission”. She said.
“You don’t need to know me”. Kapella said.
“That’s right because today will be your last”. Tomar said and bur-st out of the water throwing a rod at Kapella but she submerged in escaping narrowly.
Tomar dived back into the water but was welcome by Kapella’s sharp tail that caught her.
She hit the tail with her elbow and Kapella gro-an ed.
She gr@bb£d a swimming fish and smashed it furiously on Kapella’s face.
She retaliated by gr-abbing Tomar down as she slam a punch to her face un-derwater.
Tomar vanished immediately leaving Kapella startled.
An opening appeared in the water behind her and she thrû-st a rod straight into Kapella’s arm causing blood to flow out.
It was unexpected as she s£nt a bone breaking punch into Kapella’s spine.
Kapella drowned weakly as Tomar went straight for her but since the connection she established with the sea creatures before the fight was still active a shark out of knowing hit Tomar away with it’s fine.
She stumbled un-derwater trying to regain her stamina when the shark returned for her.
Tomar pushed her fist up an the water level rose throwing the shark away.
Kapella swam up as her tail fl@pped speedily.
Tomar caught a drowning wood and went after.
She got out of the water staggering on land as the tail turned back to legs when Tomar hit her from behind with the wood.
She crashed down but two Sea turtle landed on Tomar moving crazily.
She struggled with them when a shark burnt out from behind b!tt!g her back.
She roared as the shark moved vigorously with Tomar in it mouth as it couldn’t swim on land.
Tomar fist her hand and the sand covered the shark forcing it to let go of her.
She staggered to her feet with bleeding back same with Kapella who still had a rod stuck in her arm.
Tomar crushed the head of the sea turtles with her ba-re foot and turned back to Kapella who gro-an ed trying to pu-ll out the rod.
“It’s gonna kill you, do me a favour of letting me execute it myself”. Tomar as as she moved toward her.
“I heal fast and two, go the hell!”. Kapella said stamping her feet on the ground.
A hvge heap of dust scattered into Tomar’s eyes temporarily blinding her.
Kapella pu-ll-ed out the rod with her blood and thrû-st it straight into her che-st.
Tomar roared loudly as the rod bur-st from behind her.
The sand of the land around Kapella bur-st up throwing Kapella away.
She crashed r0ûghly to the ground and gro-an ed.
The Rest of The Stealers slowly emerged from the dust of the earth around Tomar as she pu-ll-ed the rod from her che-st.
“I don’t keep to rules and two stab accurately into the heart not rib”. Tomar said dropping the rod.
“Because that’s what I’ll do to you, I’ll go for your heart “. She added.
They slowly raised their hands up causing the entire sand behind them to rise but p@rt of the water from behind flood them off as the Mermaid’s bur-st out of the water singing.
Kapella smiled softly but the Stealers vanished into the water.
They appeared from the sand behind her but she was prepared this time as the long tentacle of an oct©pus from the sea swept them away.
They crashed r0ûghly to the ground and the tentacle raised up to slam them.
“I’ll be back for you, Arctic”. She heard Tomar’a voice in her head and they vanished.
Madison and the Mermaids walked out of the water with only a shi-t on.
“Daughter?”. She heard a voice and turned slowly to see Mrs. Elijah and a damn number of sea turtles behind her.
“Mom!”. She said and hvgged her ti-ghtly.
“Did you s£nd that….”.
“Oct©pus, yes I did and the turtles too”.
“You’re smart, I’m proud of you”. Mrs. Elijah cried holding her face.
“Thanks for believing I’m re-ady”. Kapella said holding her hand and she nodded.
Kapella turned to the Mermaid’s as water drip from their shi-t.
“I can’t thank you all enough, when you said we’re a family who look out for each other, I didn’t un-derstand but now I do”.
“Know, you made the perfect plan, we should thank you for coming into our lives, there’s hope to defeat El Voleuse now”. Lady Benita said.
“You’re crazy to fight alone with El Voleuse, what sort of deal is that?”. Madison asked
“It’s dangerous for you all fighting with The Stealers so I tricked her to us fighting alone”.
“She almost killed you, I guess I was right, you’re stubborn”. Madison said and hvgged her.
“I’m proud of you, K, now you need to go home, don’t keep Momma waiting”. She whispered.
The Elijah’s Home
Kapella could be seen eating pop corn with Cindy who stared blankly at her.
“How do you feel now that you know how to eat human meal without puking?”. She asked.
“It’s so funny all I have to do is feel the warmest love like a human “.
” I don’t un-derstand a thing you just said, do I have to remember you I’m not a Mermaid talk less of an Artic “.
” That’s right, can you imagine I eat popcorn with Lovely totally forgetting that I puke, why?, because I forgot I’m a Mermaid or I go crazy when I’m with him or I was so blinded with love that I didn’t imagine why didn’t you puke? “.
Cindy gave her an awful stare and scoffed.
” Did you hear what you just said, you’re crazy “.
” Yes i am cos I think i did something bad, how could I have done that to him? “.
” You cheated on him? “.
” Oh Cindy, you do nothing more than be a pain in my head”.
“Not @ss”.
“I’ve enough pain there alre-ady so be considerate, go for the head”.
“You seriously need to see a Doctor “. Cindy said.
“I thought I would feel better ma-king people a low priority but even after I switch back to default setting, at a moment it was like I didn’t love him, like he was nothing to me, I need to apologize”. Kapella said running her hand throu-gh her hair.
“Did you make me a low priority as well?”.
“You’re the least, I know I couldn’t concentrate on what was ahead without thinking of him so I had to, I had no choice but now I am regretting it”.
“And when did I become your special advisor in the aspect of love?”.
“I’ve told you Cindy don’t be a pain in my head”.
“What are your plans on rescuing the Mermaid’s?”.
“I can’t just jump in there before I’m an all powerful Arctic, We need know their current location and I can do that by connecting to the sea and link it to one of the Mermaids but the problem is I don’t know any of them”.
“The connection works when I know who I’m connecting to, I only feel scattered connection around the City but picking the right one is the deal”.
“I thought you were angry at a moment that Lovely was a hunter”.
“I did the priority stuff thing how many times will I tell you, what if he’s not one of them, no Lovely is nice, can’t you see it?”. She asked and Cindy fold her hand..
“Indeed you’re so blinded by love”.
“No I’m not, I just need time make things cool with him”. She said.
“Don’t ask for my permission then”.
Cinema House
Lovely could be seen engrossed in the movie he watched on the large screen when his phone buzzed.
He looked down to see Kapella’s message.
“Where are you?”.
He ignored as he dropped the phone on his seat.
“Is that some kind of revenge on me?”. He heard a voice behind him and turned to see her.
“How did you…?”. He asked rising up.
“Maybe I’m good at guessing”. She said and he exhaled.
“C’mon put on a smiling face”. She said as she pu-ll-ed his cheek and sat.
“Would asking you ehs the hell you’re doing here be impolite”.
“Nope, for the fact that I shunned you”. She said and he sat.
“What going on with you?”.
“I know i acted weird earlier but I’m sorry, I’m going throu-gh something that’s all”. She said placing her head on his shoulder.
“You know you can confide in me, that’s why I’m here”. He said holding her hand.
“You worry yourself about alot Lovely, thanks for what you did for my Mom”. She said and he nodded.
“Were you scared?”.
“Mmm hmmm El Voleuse sounds scary, I was wondering if demons exist and one actually took my mom”. She said and he laughed.
“Or can you fight one?”.
“For you I’ll become a Demon Skayer”.
“Mmm hmmm”.
“Cross my heart”. He said and she smiled.
“Are you still angry with my Mom?”.
“Let’s just have a good moment Lovely without talking about her, alright?”.
“Sure”. He said placing his hand behind her.
“So tell me about your family, you guys seem damn wealthy”.
“What do you want to know?”.
“Do your family run h0tels?”.
“Yep, companies and a hell lot of other business, I’m is everything alright”.
“Just curious”.
“Is there something you ain’t telling me?”. He asked.
“Just curious”. He said and his phone buzzed.
He took it to see the message from his mother.
“Seems we’ll do it the h@rd way”. He re-ad.
He quic-kly went throu-gh his message and saw the one she had s£nt an hour ago.
“Return home immediately”.
He exhaled and turned back hearing footsteps.
There was different agents at every corner of the room.
“It’s fine, just keep calm”.
“Who are they?”.
“I need to go home, it’s urgent that’s all”. He said.
“It’s fine Ella, alright, go home”. He said holding her face.
“We’ve been ordered to bring you unconscious, Mr. Lovely”. One of the agents announced.
“That won’t be necessary, I’m coming out”. He said and placed a k!sson her cheek.
“Well see tomorrow “. He said and turned to the men.
Kapella watched them as they lead him out of the place.
Next Day
” I don’t still un-derstand, why would some armed agents come for him? “. Kapella said as she got down from the Cab with Cindy.
” Don’t you think they’re going for Mermaid Hunting?” Cindy asked as they got in throu-gh the gate.
“You’re always think about the negative Cindy?”.
“The last time this guy was kidnapped from the school by his own family, does that sound normal to you?”. She asked.
“I don’t know what to think Cindy, I just can’t imagine Lovely as a bad person, he doesn’t fit that role at all”. Kapella said.
“It isn’t written on the fore head K, Just like pla-yboys”.
“Lovely isn’t a pla-yboy”.
“That’s not where I’m driving at, I mean you don’t know pla-yboys by just their outward look, the most evil person are always the once who are nice at the outward”. Cindy said as they walked into the building.
“Are you asking me to leave him?”.
“I might be painting him evil in front of you but I don’t care cos the only person I trust in this universe is you, not a guy I ba-rely know for two weeks”. She said.
“You mean I fell in love within a week”. Kapella asked.
“Just be careful alright”. Cindy said and Francis walked past them.
“He didn’t st©p by, is everything alright?”.
“I don’t know, he’s been moody since yesterday”.
“Did his girlfriend break up with him?”.
“Seems you’ve forgotten who he is”. Cindy said.
“Have you seen Nancy?”. Kapella asked.
“Pool Girl, we have tests and you know how serious she can be….. “. Cindy stressed staring at the hallway and Kapella turned.
Her heart almost explode as she saw Lovely showing a girl around as he held her hand..
” Kapella did you bring your scre-w driver? “.
” What? “.
” Don’t bother, I think i have a gun behind me “.
Kapella wanted to walk away as they approached but Cindy pu-ll-ed her hand back.
“You scared cat!”. She cursed.
She moved toward them broke their hands from each other.
“That will do or I’ll be provoked to use the M24B Sniper behind me, did I say sniper, I meant pistol”. Cindy said.
“Who the Fvck are you?”. Roxy said.
“And who the hell are you?”. Cindy snapped.
“Can you girls just st©p the drama, She’s the distant relative I talked about, Roxy meet Cindy and Kapella, my friends and friends meet Roxy, Distant relative”. Lovely said.
“Oh she’s such a beautiful girl, don’t you think Kapella”. Cindy said drawing back.
“You don’t have to deceive me Candy, I know Kapella Elijah”. Roxy said.
“Um.. I don’t think we’ve met before”.
“Of course but why shouldn’t I know the Arrowood’s headache”.
“Nice meeting you”. She added and they shook hands.
“About the sniper thing I said”. Cindy said.
“Next time, put an armored truck behind, Candy was right, you’re fun, so I guess I’ll leave, see you later”. She said and walked away.
“You successfully acted crazy, C”.
“I was fvcking doing it for you scared K”.
“I can see you both have…”.
“Hey Lovely, Beautiful Morning, Nice shi-t have a nice day “. She tapped his shoulder and left leaving him and Kapella.
” How long have you been friends? “. Lovely asked as he watched Cindy leave.
” Are you jealous? “.
” Maybe a little bit “.
” So about yesterday? “. She said.
” Yeah, My Mom was leaving the country for a while that’s all”. He said and her eyes popped.
“Are you alright?”.
“Are you still angry with my mother?”.
“Not at all, She just moved into country and leaving soon”.
“Business you know”. He said as they moved toward the stairs.
The students were at the pool room as usual having fun when the water level of the pool started rising.
Everyone st©pped what they were doing as they watched the entire water rise slowly.
It flood down sweeping the students out.
“Kapella!”. She heard Madison’s voice in her head.
She looked down the balcony and could see Madison at the floor below.
“There might be a problem”.
“The Mermaids spies we s£nt to spy the place we escaped from just returned”.
“Transport Trucks are said to be moving to the place”.
“I think they want to transport them to a new location today”.
“Outside the country”.
“What are you talking about?”.
“Kapella are you alright?”. Lovely jo-lt her from the conversation.
“Yeah, just a slight head ache”.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and he took the call from Ashley.
“Where the hell are you?”.
“What’s that sound?”.
“The pool is flooding students again, we perceive its a Mermaid doing”.
“Mermaid?”. He said and Kapella’s eyes popped.
“Just get to high ground, we’re coming up”.
“Do you feel that?”. She heard Madison’s voice in her head.
She could feel that incoming connection that was very strong.
Madison turned back slowly and saw the flood of water bur-st out throu-gh the door.
She took off speedily as it carried the students on that floor and had no option but to fly really high gr-abbing the balcony.
The students on the floor were Kapella was were shocked by how a human can fly like that.
“What are you doing Kapella?”. She heard Madison’s voice in her head.
“It’s isn’t me, I’m not the one controlling the waters”.
Diaz and Finn appeared from the opposite balcony facing Kapella and pu-ll-ed out out the M500 behind them.
Kapella swiftly gr@bb£d Madison’s hand and pu-ll-ed her up but Lovely gr@bb£d her from Kapella.
“Run Kapella!”. He screamed at her but she stood.
“Brother!”. Diaz loud voice rang from the opposite balcony.
“She’s a mermaid!”.
Lovely and Kapella’s eyes trailed down to Madison’s leg and her legs were fully transformed to tail.
The water must have t©uçhed her leg.
“Run!”. He said and threw her off the balcony into the flood below.
She crashed into the water just as Diaz and Finn flew over the balcony with their pistol.
Kapella’s heart pound heavily as she could hear an incoming sound.
“Run!”.Ashley’s loud voice could be heard from the stairs.
Everyone turned to see as she ran up.
“It’s coming”. She screamed.
In a slow mode a big flood of water rose up the stairs like a giant leaving Kapella stupefied.
It wasn’t an accident, someone was controlling it but it wasn’t her.
Students screamed and they jumped over the balcony except Kapella, Lovely and Ashley who stared at the monstrous water.
It c@m£ down furiously sl@pping them off the balcony.
Kapella could hear repeated gunsh0t and Madison’s scream in her head as she landed into the flood with Lovely and Ashley.
Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City Mermaid
Kapella moved away from the refrigerator as she gulped in an orange jui-ce.
She took the Ancient book and continued re-ading as she sat on the be-d.
“Mom what else is actually special ap@rt from also been able to eat human meal”. Kapella asked as they pauses in front of the mighty ocean.
“Do you know you can exist as human in water?”.
“You’re a Hybrid not fully a Mermaid, so you can choose either to be human or Mermaid at will”.
“How? You mean I can be human in water”.
“Yes you can, come I’ll show you how”. Anita said taking off her Jacket.
“Are you re-ady?”.
“Mmm hmm”.
Kapella crashed into the flood as it carried them all away.
She held her breath so as not to inhale or let out air.
She didn’t transform into a Mermaid as c@m£ in contact with water.
“Kapella!”. Lovely called out as the carried him away.
She didn’t reply so as not to let out air.
Kapella submerged into the water looking around for Madison.
She couldn’t do the mind connection as she was temporarily a human in water.
Kapella gr@bb£d Lovely was behind and swam to the surface of the water where she then found her way to the stairs.
He coughed endless as he stared at her but she wasn’t re-ady to re-lease her breath yet as her legs were still in water.
They climbe-d up to higher ground as the water level rose.
Kapella couldn’t re-lease her breath yet as there was water on the skin of her legs.
If she was a Mermaid when she c@m£ out then she could return to human form but coming out as a human she’ll switch to Mermaid form.
“Are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded.
Ashley swam to the surface of the water as she struggled with the flood.
She gr@bb£d the staircase ti-ghtly so the water wouldn’t take her away.
Lovely quic-kly rushed down the stairs and raised her up.
“That $h!t wasn’t normal”. She cursed.
“Did you see Diaz and Finn?”.
“Um no, we c@m£ up together but they took the south hallway, where did that gunsh0t come from?”. She asked.
Lovely turned back and didn’t see Kapella.
“Kapella!”. He called out.
Kapella ran down the hallway as she cleaned the water on her leg with the shi-t of a student she had charmed.
She threw it away and increased her speed as he re-leased the breath she was holding the entire time.
She tried to mind connect to Madison but her search proved futile.
She wanted to connect to a flood in the school when she almost bu-mped into Diaz and Finn who were returning their Revolver to it position.
They all paused as she g@sped.
“Kapella!”. She heard her name and turned to see Lovely and Ashley.
“I’m fine, I just need to change my dress, it’s revea-ling”. She said and Diaz turned to her with Finn.
“If you would excuse me”. She said and walked between them.
“She got a h0t b©dy”. Finn said staring at Lovely.
“Hish! I thought you were gonna beat the fvck out of me”. He added.
“What’s with the gunsh0t?”. Ashley asked.
“Let’s say brother caught a Mermaid but let her go, we have her h0t chase but she escape but cheer up she won’t survive the damage”. Diaz said as he walked away.
“Is that true?”. Ashley asked.
“Just let me be Ash”. He replied and walked away as well.
Finn st©pped him with his hand and turned.
“Don’t be a hypocrite because of the girl Bro, you know you’re the worst of us”.
Lovely hits off his hand and walked away.
Kapella could be seen listening to them from behind the wall.
She took off immediately as Lovely was headed for that direction.
She arrived at the restroom and opened the door to see Cindy.
“Oh my God!”. She said hvgging her ti-ghtly.
“Have you seen Madison?”.
“No, I saw Diaz and Finn swimming and shooting after this big fish, I thought it was you”.
“Big tail, it was shining bright like yours but I was scared”.
“It’s Madison, I can’t locate her now, I’m trying to”. Kapella cried.
“Hey hey calm, breath”. Cindy said.
“I can’t, someone was controlling the flood Cindy, it wasn’t me, I could feel this connection when the water hit me, it was like someone was coming for me”. Kapella said.
“You’re drenched, did… Did…”.
“No.. No… I found a way not to transform to Mermaid in water”.
“Oh my God!”. Cindy said and hvgged her again.
“quic-k put on a short before someone comes in”.
“You don’t know people go crazy because of you”. Cindy said opening her bag.
Lovely sprang from the wall as he saw Kapella and Cindy coming from the south hallway.
“Hey”.He said.
“I know weird thing happened Um back there”.
“Flood behaving crazy and a girl with fish tail, If I say I’m fine then I lie”. She said.
“Yeah I know”.
“You told her to go like, did you know her?”. Kapella asked.
“No I don’t, I don’t know why I said it”.
“Your brothers were with guns Lovely, what’s going on?”.
“I don’t know, let’s just close that chapter, it’s past alre-ady”. He said.
“Lovely, what are you hiding?”. She asked.
“C’mon Kapella, I’m also stunned like you”.
“It’s okay guys, alright”. Cindy said.
“No one told me I was enrolled in a supernatural school”. Someone said and they turned back to see Roxy.
“Do demons posses water?”. She asked.
“Excuse me”. Lovely said dragging her away.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”. He snapped.
“What did I say wrong?”. She asked.
“You don’t talk about the supernatural anyhow”.
“Everyone knows The Supernatural”.
“No, Because you’re born into a family that knows about supernatural don’t make eveyone same”. He said.
“Mmm hmmm”.
“Those guys don’t know about supernatural and hish”.
“Do you blame me, I spent 95% of my life in house arrest, I finally get to see the outside work”. Roxy said.
“Alright, I’m sorry but just be careful what you say around those girls”.
“Do you double d@t£, two friends, wow! That’s cute”.
“Oh my God! You know what? Let’s going home school is closed alre-ady for today due to the situation”. He said.
“Will you buy ice cream for me?”. She asked pu-lling his hand and they returned.
“Seriously?”. He said trying to break from her grip.
“I really want them to be jealous”. She said and they paused as they couldn’t find Kapella and Cindy.
“Seems they did alre-ady”. She said letting go of his hand.
“Don’t tell me you’re alright”. Cindy said as Kapella rest her head on the seat of the vehicle.
“No am fvcking not, I’m running crazy, I don’t know who to trust and who not to”.
“Can you just take a de-ep breath?”.
“No I can’t, I don’t know if I’m a fool, I’m having a beef with a hunter family, it’s crazy but that isn’t enough because I’m in love with one, he lied to my face Cindy “.
“Do you expect him to tell you?”.
“He told me to run when he caught Madison, he knew she was something to have jumped thus high but discovering she was a Mermaid he threw her into the flood asking her to run”.
“You think he’s against Mermaid Hunting or he just put up the show”.
“Exactly, what if he’s against it or he didn’t want to hurt my feelings by doing something bad to her “.
“Or he asked you to run so you don’t get to see what he does to her?”. Cindy asked and Kapella turned slowly to her.
“What if”. Kapella asked as tears filled her eyes.
“My entire life is a confusion, I don’t know what to do”.
“Shhh you’re Kapella Elijah, you’re powerful, Just like your name sounds, you’re the smart girl, always remember that”. Cindy said but Kapella remained mute.
“Are you alright?”.
“I found Madison”.
“Yumeno Street, 810 Seventh Avenue”. Kapella screamed at the Cabman.
“Easy girl he’s charmed alre-ady “. Cindy said.
Dahlia tied a towel around her che-st as she sat on the be-d and took the video call on her l@pt©p.
“Seems you delight joy in interrupting my bath, to what do I owe the call Mother”. She said as Mrs. Arrowood appeared on the screen.
“I’m transporting the Mermaids to join me in Valencia”.
“Wow! You finally lose the will to find the Arctic?”.
“There’s no Arctic but if there’s a Kraken, I have to see what I can get from Spain”.
“Are you asking for my permission cos they’re been moved tonight”.
“You always know what we’re risking, what do you think?”.
Dahlia rose up slowly and stared out throu-gh the window at Lovely and Roxy who were getting down from a vehicle.
“If I were the escapee Mermaids, this will be the perfect time to attack and rescue the others”.
“We’re transportating them on land not sea “.
“Don’t un-derestimate Mermaids, their power of unity cannot be reckoned with, if you would excuse I need to resume that killer bath”.
“You’ll excort the transport”.
Dahlia scoffed and laughed.
“You should know am not your servant daughter”.
“What do you need?”.
“I would have asked for your Mansion at Madrid but right now mother, I’ve an appointment than pla-ying predator shark on some prey fish”.
“You’re an Indoor Creature, the only time you move out is”.
“Candy my Love and when the urge s£nd some Mermaids to the un-derworld rises “. She said laughing.
“And right now I feel no urge no hunt”.
“Not Candy, Kapella Elijah”.
“Wow! You caught me but don’t think I took smartness from you, it’s definitely father, we both want one thing, a bride, so don’t ruin it again “.
“Inform the rest of your sibling to join the esc-rts”.
“You can tell them yourself, off I go”. She said and closed the l@pt©p.
There was a knock on the door and she turned.
“Your dress has arrived, ma’am”.
“That’s right, Frank do you remember Kapella Elijah’s home”.
“Yes Ma’am”.
“Prepare a vehicle then, I’m paying a visit”.
A Cab parked by the side of the street and Kapella hurried out speedily.
Cindy paid the man and followed after her immediately.
She climbe-d up the stairs and pushed open the door.
Gunmen in the room turned to the swiftly but paused.
Kapella then turned to see Lady Benita removing the bullet on Madison’s shoulder with a knife.
“Oh my God!”. She exclaimed.
Madison gro-an ed as she re-moved it.
“Is she alright?”.
“I was close to the school when I felt her distress call, where were you, didn’t you feel it?”.
“Kapella had her cross to bear, I tried to connect to you but it was like you didn’t exist”. Madison said.
“I was… Am sorry… Something happened but am fine”.
“Hunters, did you see their faces?”.
“The boy who gr@bb£d me, he wasn’t scared, he knew what I was, he asked you to run and then me”. Madison said.
“You think he’s a merman?”. Kapella asked.
“It’s a question of who was controlling the water”. Madison gro-an ed.
“It wasn’t me, Madison”.
“We know and neither is it The Stealer”.
“What? It must be The Stealers”. Kapella said.
“Stealers don’t attack with water, the prefer the land but use water when necessary, they won’t just flood a school because of you”. Lady Benita said.
“That’s right, Tomar would have showed up, non of them did”.
“Tomar?”. Lady Benita asked.
“Yeah, She said her name is Tomar, What?”.
“Tomar means Take in Spanish”.
“I thought she was stealer not taker”. They heard Cindy’s voice and turned.
“It still means the same, she takes “. Madison said.
” Why is your healing slow? “. Kapella asked.
” Their Bullets are coated with salt, you know how deadly it is “.
” Could a Mermaid be responsible for that? “. Cindy asked.
” Definitely but not a normal one, it’ll take a lot of singing or m@ss singing of Mermaids to raise such amount of water except a special one “. Madison said.
” An Arctic? “.
“I can’t say, it could also be El Voleuse or not”.
“Whoever it is, it’s for a reason”. Lady Benita said.
“One we don’t know of”. Kapella said.
“But not withstanding our plan to rescue the other Mermaids stand”. Lady Benita said.
“Sure it does, have you found the rest of the Mermaids?”.
“Everyone is re-ady, all that’s left is you”.
“The Arctic is the Queen Of The Sea and that’s you”.
“You’re the Commander Of The Army Of Mermaids and we don’t go to war without the Queen “.
Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City Mermaid
Dahlia could be seen walking down the stairs in her lengthy blue go-wn when she paused on seeing Roxy who climbe-d up.
“Rox, you haven’t left for Spain yet?”.
“Do you want me out of America so badly?”. She asked.
Dahlia scoffed and took few more steps back.
“I got my eyes on you, be mindful of the way you move with Candy cos I’m dangerous”.
“And viscous, I’ve heard about you Dahlia but I should remind you I’m your distant relative, Lovely is like a brother to me”. Roxy said.
“Then keep it the brother way because he’s the only thing that matters to me in the world, no one else does”.
“Find something better to do with your life maybe finding your step mom, Ops! I forgot she’s dead or maybe I can find something for you, how good are you at singing?”.
“Ask how my bad”. Roxy said walking away.
“Awwn did I hurt you”. Dahlia asked and scoffed.
Roxy was full of fury as she moved down the hallway.
She paused abruptly on seeing two guards in front of her.
She made to walk past them but they blocked her way.
“Are you nut?”. She cursed and made to move to the left but they blocked it as well.
It was at that moment she knew something was wrong.
Roxy moved back but bu-mped into something big behind.
She turned slowly to see the Chubby man in her front.
She screamed out but it was short lived as the man behind covered her nose.
The other f0rç£d a syringe into her n£¢k and she drop unconscious into his arm.
“We’re done ma’am, permission to move her from the building”. One of them said into his telecom device.
Lovely could be seen walking toward his room when two men walked past him with a big black
He stared blankly at them as they bowed.
“Boss asked to bring it, she forgot it”.
“And what could be in there?”. He asked.
“Cl@ssified weapons boss”.
Lovely scoffed as he opened the door of his room.
“Hish! Taking hunter carrier to Spain, why do I care, just vanish”. Lovely said and closed his door.
He exhaled heavily and picked the remote as he coll@psed into his be-d.
His phone buzzed and he took the video call from Mrs. Arrowood.
“Yo”. He said jo-lting up on seeing that it was a group call that include his sibling except Dahlia.
“I can see the joy in your face because I’m out of the Country”. She said.
Ashley had that quiet face this time around.
“What’s up?”. He asked.
“You all are joining the esc-rt team”.
“We’re transporting the Mermaids as you alre-ady know to Valencia, we have reasons to believe that the Mermaids would attack”.
“There are workers to volunteer as esc-rts”.
“I need professionals not workers, I’ve been training you all since birth and whoever I need volunteers, who else has a problem with that?”. She asked and Lovely raised his hand up.
“Anyone else”.
There was no response as they stared blankly at her.
“Alright then, suit up, we’re changing the time to this afternoon, Mermaids have a greater chance at night, they see in dark “. Mrs. Arrowood said.
” I’m not going “. Lovely said.
” You love things the h@rd way son, your siblings have learnt their lessons alre-ady but you’re the stubborn one, have you forgotten what I am, I’m the cobr@, don’t step on my tail or I bite “.
” I’ve made myself clear alre-ady “.
” You want me to come down from Valencia but nope I’ve taken care of things alre-ady, you’ll receive a package soon and then you can decide “. She said and ended the call.
Lovely exhaled heavily as his heart pound heavily.
Mrs. Arrowood was full of heart breaking surprises.
There was a knock on the door and be moved to open it.
The guard handed over a smartphone to him and left.
He closed the door slowly and his heart almost explode as it boozed.
He took the video call and could see some masked men in a vehicle recording themselves.
They turned the c@m£ra to someone whoose face was covered with a mask.
One of them pu-ll-ed it and he saw her face.
It was unconscious Roxy.
His eyes popped as sweat formed on his fore head.
“If you dare…..”.
They disconnected the call and he smashed the phone on the wall.
He moved angrily to his ringing phone and took the call.
“How dare you?”. He roared.
“The thing is you have guts to speak at me because of Dahlia but that’s gonna be changing, you want things the h@rd way, I’ll give it to you”.
“If you dare hurt Roxy”.
“You should learn to st©p ma-king threats on me son”.
“She’s your niece, you won’t do anything to her”.
“Aha even Danny will be glad that I did this, there’s something you don’t know about Danny, Lovely and I’m not willing to say but you want to know, don’t join the excort, I’ll kill the girl myself and then I’ll reveal it to you or on the other hand, Join the excort and you get to see Roxy again, it’s your choice and you know I keep to my word”. She said and disconnect the call.
Lovely was furious as he punched the wall angrily.
Dahlia turned as the door opened to see little Steve who stared blankly at her.
“Hello little”. She said.
“I’m Steve”. He snapped.
“Oh Steve, how are you doing?”.
“Are you here for Kapella?”.
“Yeah, how did you know?”.
He shrugged and raised his head up.
“So is she in?”.
“No she’s not back from school yet”.
“Wow! Can I wait?”.
“She might not be back soon”.
“Oh, alright then, Inform her whenever she returns, tell her Miss D, st©pped by”.
“Yep, alright off I go”. She said moving toward her Ecosse ES1 Spirit motorcycle.
Steve g@sped as he fixed his gaze on the expensive bike.
“Who does ra-punzel move with rich people?”. He whispered and closed the door.
“Hello mother, I think I changed my mind, I got nothing to do so let’s say, I join the esc-rt”. Dahlia said and rode off speedily.
Kapella and Lady Benita helped Madison to climb up to the rock and she gro-an ed.
“Madison you should have stayed back”.
“I swore to rescue them K, I’m healing, I’ll be fine”. She said.
“Are you sure?”.
“Trust me, I am”.
Kapella collect the binocular from Lady Benita and direct it to the warehouse looking throu-gh.
She could see workers moving gagged and chained up women into trucks.
“Wouldn’t now be the best time to attack?”. She asked.
“Look carefully, Sniper”. Madison said.
Kapella turned to the buildings far away and could see men with long rifle patrolling on the roof.
“They go straight for your head, deposit a bullet in your skull, this isn’t the first time we try to rescue the captured”. Lady Benita said.
“How did it go?”.
“Disastrous, The Hunter Woman showed up and instead of rescue, more of us were captured”.
“Hunter Woman again?”.
“She’s really dangerous, have all the technology in the world against us, now that it’s land, they have advantage over us but with you we do”.
“I don’t think she’ll be joining them”. Kapella said.
“This are her captives”.
“We still need to rescue them, this might be our only choice”.
“If things go wrong, run Kapella, your mother is still no where to be found, we can’t lose more Arctic”. Madison said.
“Mother is dead”.
“She’s gone, I’m the last”.
Tears filled Lady Benita’s eyes as Madison consoled her.
“She was a good person, always re-ady to die for us”.
“Do you hear what they’re saying?”. Madison asked as the men gathered together.
Kapella connect her hearing to the river behind the warehouse thereby tapping from the voice transmission that was getting to the water.
“Boss says we’re moving them right away”.
“I thought it was at night “.
” The Day is the perfect time, no one can st©p us not even cops, we’re moving “.
” Alright…. We’re moving! “. Another man roared.
” They’re moving “.
” Moving? “.
” Yes… We need to contact the rest, we’re hijacking and attacking “.
Lovely, Diaz, Finn and Ashley could be seen marching out of the building toward a Lamborghini in similar outfit.
They were dressed in Red Jacket and black trou-ser that had a holsters.
Behind was a sheath that had a large sword.
They connect their telecom piece to their ear and entered into the vehicle as the door closed slowly.
“re-ady to move Mother”. Diaz said as he starts the ignition.
“You know the rule, you’re a team and when you’re done, you can return to your enemy lives, is that un-derstood? “. They could hear her voice in their telecom.
“Noted”. They replied.
“And Candy, I’ve my eyes on you, Just in case you’re just going for Roxy’s case, you’re going to protect and fight else.. I choose not to say what I do”. She said and his sibling turned to him in surprise.
“Just drive and let’s get done with this”. He said.
Diaz exhaled and drives out of the mansion speedily.
Kapella could be seen standing far away on the edge of a bridge as the fresh wind blew throu-gh her.
“All the Mermaids have taken their position according to the plan”.
Madison said from behind.
“Good, what’s the transport situation?”.
“They just left the warehouse now, are you sure about this K, they must not find out that another Arctic is alive else they’ll seize searching for your Mother and come for you “. Lady Benita said.
” That’s why we go with the singing “.
” With lot of Mermaids singing, it gets to appear like it’s joint work but I’ll be the one performing the magic, they don’t find out what I am “. Kapella said.
“All things re-ady then, we should prepare the stage for their arrival “.
“Of course we will”. Kapella replied wearing a clown mask.
A monster truck could be seen moving down the highway with lot of SUV beside and behind it.
Above were Choppers following as well including motorcycles on land.
Inside the truck were chained up Mermaids who were mind communicating.
“Can you feel that?”.
“It’s the rest”.
“They’re here for us”.
The Truck st©pped by the bridge on seeing the barricade.
A worker in site outfit walked up to the truck with an helmet as the driver got down.
“Who the fvck are you?”. The Driver cursed.
“Mr. Smith, Phoenix Construction Company, I’m the Supervisor”.
“And what’s with with the barricade and blocade? “.
“We’re starting with soon”.
“Are you nuts? The Arrowood have bought this road for today, do you see any fvcking vehicle p@ssing by?”.
“I bet you’re the nut one here whereas what’s arrow steel or wood?”. He asked.
The Driver made to gr-ab him but his @ssistant dropped down.
“Hey”. He said approaching them.
He t©uçhed the man’s face but he stared blankly at him.
“He’s charmed”.
“Mermaids… Everyone, heads up, Mermaids!”. He said removing the pistol behind him.
“What’s going on, I said…”. The Driver hits him on the head with a pistol and he dropped.
Men in black vest alighted from the SUV looking around with their M4A1 Rifles pointed out forward.
“Marcus what’s the situation?”. Mrs. Arrowood’s voice rang from the other man’s telecom.
“We have reasons to believe the Mermaids are around, we just found a Charmed Man at the bridge probably to distract us”.
“Did you say bridge, where the hell are you?”.
“Houston Bridge Ma’am”.
“What? I asked you to go throu-gh St. Kenneth’s Path you idiot”.
“The road is flooded ma’am this was the closest”.
“Idiot! Idiot! I told you to fvcking switch on your GPS so I can track your movement, it’s a damn tra-p”.
Charming Sailors
Come Down To Us
Fermanine voices could be heard un-der the bridge.
The Driver looked down with the rest of the Gunmen and they could see Ladies emerging from the water beneath the sea.
“Open fire!”. He roared.
“You idiot get out of there now!”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Don’t fire, fall back with immediate effect “. He commanded.
“I promise to cut your ton-gue and feed you with it, Marcus”.
“Apologizes ma’am”.
The Men hurried back to their vehicle but the heavy vibr@tion on the bridge caused them to fall down.
As the Mermaids sang, Kapella could be seen controlling shark’s to hit the Pillars of the bridge furiously.
It began to crack up slowly due to the f0rç£ from the creatures.
“Get re-ady”. Kapella thought as the pillars continued cracking up.
The men staggered up to get in but then everything happened at once.
The entire bridge coll@psed into the water including the truck and the esc-rts.
The Lamborghini that was about getting to the bridge st©pped abruptly as Lovely got down with his sibling.
They took masks from the seat of the vehicle and wore it.
“It’s an attack, they have the truck”. Finn said.
“Inform the Choppers to re-lease the salt”. Lovely said.
“What’s the situation?”. Mrs. Arrowood’s voice rang from Ashley’s telecom.
“Both the truck and esc-rts have coll@psed into the sea with the Bridge, we’re re-leasing salt”.
“What do you mean by that?”.
“Dahlia says the Chopper should be loaded with the salt and Lovely agreed too”.
“Good, Get re-ady to attack”.
The men drowned with the vehicles as the Mermaids pounced on them pu-lling them down to the sea.
They opened fire but since it was un-derwater the bullets had little or no effect on the Mermaids.
“Get the truck”. Kapella mind instructed as her charmed shark attacked the man with an axe.
The Mermaids swam toward the truck as their tails fl@pped.
They got the truck when a bullet out of nowhere sink into the che-st of one.
Kapella scoffed in shock as her br@in connects speedily to the bullet in water and traced the connection to something above.
“Spre-ad out!”. She ordered as bullets rained down the water.
It was a Machine Gun mounted on the helicopter.
“Take cover”.
The Mermaid took refuge in the sinking vehicles as Kapella’s Sea creatures took care of the gun men.
Kapella watched as the Mermaids still strived to take the b©dy of the dead one despite the shooting.
She was dead.
At that moment she felt weak and heartbroken that she losed concentration until Madison gr@bb£d her out of knowing escaping the bullets that c@m£ down.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”.
“She’s dead Maddy”.
“We know and then set her as low priority, after the fight, we can mourn, alright, do it”.
Kapella closed her eyes and opening it she was normal again.
She instructed Electric Eels to follow after her as he swam to the surface of the water despite the bullets.
She s£nt them to where the bullets were coming from and they sh0t up with that speed of bullets.
The shooter scream letting go of the Machine Gun as the creatures re-leased electric charges into his b©dy.
He fell off the helicopter into the sea where he was gladly welcome by the Mermaids.
That was when Dahlia arrived in her bike.
“Smart Mermaids that I get to wonder who’s the master planner of this”. Dahlia said moving toward them.
“You showed up”. Lovely said.
“I want to have fun, re-lease the salt”. She roared.
The helicopters around st©pped and men in it began to pour bags of a certain substance into the sea.
The Mermaid submerged into the sea as the temperature increased.
“Salt”. Kapella could hear the voices of the Mermaids in her head but the thing was she had no plan for a situation like this.
She looked around and could see the Mermaids trying to escape from the salt
It was at this moment she had no choice but to do it.
“re-ady! Their coming up soon”. Dahlia said removing the pistol behind.
Kapella’s colour of eyes changed and she raised her hand up causing the water level to raise.
She connects to the p@rts of the water that had an Impurity, salt, and pushed her hand all up.
A large amount of water bur-st up into the sky and then rain down.
Dahlia stick out her ton-gue and let it t©uçh it.
“Salt! Someone is separating it”.
“I think they have a special Mermaid, a normal can’t do this”.
“They talked about a Kraken but this isn’t a Kraken’s doing, they ain’t singing”. They heard Mrs. Arrowood’s voice from their telecom piece.
“How did you know?”. Lovely asked.
“I’m unpredictable son, Just like you and your siblings should take a step back and be re-ady to attack”.
“I still don’t get her”. Diaz said.
Dahlia slowly raised her head and could see a fighter Jet far away.
“You used my trick Mother, fall back”. She instructed and they moved back wondering what was happening.
Kapella waited for the Mermaids to swim back up and they all head for the truck when the unexpected happened.
The Fighter Jet c@m£ out from the cloud in the sky and re-leased missiles into the water.
They exploded dangerously s£nding everyone in the water into confusion as it threw off everything within it range of explosion.
“She’s using the same trick we used three years ago”.Lovely said.
“Which is?”.
“The next set of missiles coming in are charged with tons of electric current, the sea which will conduct it and the Mermaids will have no option but to come up or die “.
” Did you hear that? “. Madison mind asked as they could hear from un-derwater.
” We need to go before it happens? “.
” No we don’t, we initiate Plan B”.
“But there’s something more to be worried about”. Dahlia said and the door of the Fighter Jet in air opened up.
Something jumped out of it and they looked with keen interest as the parachute spre-ad out.
Madison looked from un-derwater and could see the face of the woman coming down with a parachute.
“What’s it?”. Kapella asked.
“It’s the Hunter Woman”.
*⛲🚄Sea Tales Pres£nts :* ⛲🚄
*City Mermaid* 🧜‍♀️
“Just in case things tries to go off our hands, we might need land fighters”. Kapella said as she drew a circle on the ground with a stick.
“You know Mermaids are weak on land, your plan is coll@psing the bridge into the water, that gives us all the advantages”.
“Yeah but this people might have backup, there might not be enough time to flood them again because they’ll be careful”.
“So what do you suggest?”.
“Who’s volunteering to go to an Army’s Camp?”.
“To charm them, we don’t have enough time”. A Mermaid said.
“It’s better to be on the safer side, we get this trained soldiers un-der our control, that’s a fvcking land stronghold against the hunters”. She announced.
“Just pick Arctic, they’ll go”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“We haven’t spoken about the main p@rt of this extraction”. Madison said.
“Which is?”. Kapella asked.
“Rescuing the Mermaids”.
Kapella placed the stick on the center of the circle and drew a line out.
“The main priority Maddy is escaping, it’s one thing to rescue but can be escape because the Hunters will be waiting on land with Snipers all around”. Kapella said.
“What if they s£nt divers in, like years ago, they’re accurate shooters”.
“They’re going by land so they’re not expecting a coll@psing bridge, we are quic-k with whatever we do”.
“So how do we escape if not swim out?”.
“Tunnels… Like we escaped from the warehouse “. Lady Benita said.
” She’s right, tunnels but our effective tool is distraction “.
Helicopters appeared from different direction in the air and the Soldiers in uniform who were in it opened fire on the fighter Jet.
” We un-derestimate the Mermaids, seems they upd@t!ngtheir memories during their captivity “. Dahlia said bringing out a Walkie-talkie.
“Take them down”.
Mrs. Arrowood lands gently taking off the parachute.
Missiles from different direction hits the helicopter scattering them to pieces.
Kapella gr@bb£d the lock of the truck and broke it with one pu-ll.
She raised her head up and could see the Fighters Jet turning to the water.
She needed no one to tell her what was up as she she sh0t up the sharks she had connection to in their numbers.
The incoming missiles from the Jet hits them and scattered into pieces.
“Impossible!”. Mrs. Arrowood exclaimed as she took off her eye patch.
The Mermaids opened the doors of the truck and swam in to truck to free the mermaids.
Mrs. Arrowood let out an evil smile as she brou-ght a detonator behind them.
“What do you see?”. She whispered.
A Man could be seen viewing the ocean from the fighter Jet with a Binocular whoose lens enabled him to see un-derwater.
“Creatures swimming into the van”.
Kapella paused abruptly on hearing Mrs. Arrowood’s voice from un-derwater.
Since her shadow was casted on the waters, Kapella connects to it and linked it back to her.
She could see Mrs. Arrowood with a detonator “.
” No! “. Kapella screamed as she used the water in the van to push the Mermaids out but not all got out as the bomb un-derneath it explodes.
Kapella’s heart pound as she watched the b©dy of two Mermaids sink down.
They were tricked, the truck had a bomb.
The Fighter Jets fired missiles at the sea again but as Kapella wasn’t emotional re-ady.
They exploded un-derwater re-leasing great deal of electrical currents that shocked the Mermaids including Kapella who gro-an ed.
Mrs. Arrowood pu-ll-ed two UMP SMG from the from a crate and wore her g@s mask as she turned to her children.
“You won’t stand there, will you?”.
“They won’t be foolish to wait for you”. Lovely said.
“They’ll take the tunnels”. Dahlia added.
Kapella connects to the sea absorbing all the electric current into herself.
“What the fvck are your doing!”.
“Go, Maddy get the mermaids and go”.
Mrs. Arrowood s submerged opening fire at them as the Mermaids scampered for safety.
Kapella connects to one of the sharks and charmed it to attacker her but she was quic-k escape out of the water.
Dahlia helped her out as she fired repeated into the shark’s head as it tried to move at them on land.
“Mermaids controlling sharks without singing, There’s an Arctic”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
” Anita is dead”.
“What if she’s not?”.
“Candy knows the end of the tunnels, they’ll secure it”.
“re-lease….”. Mrs. Arrowood didn’t finish her statement as the water level rose up and pushed forward hitting her and Dahlia away.
The waters spre-ad out speedily and the end of the radius rise up straight into the sky putting the center in darkness.
The scene was like water in cylinder form with the Mermaids and two hunters enclosed in.
“Ma’am we’ve lost visual”. The Sniper men informed Mrs. Arrowood via telecom piece as their scope couldn’t see throu-gh the ris£n water.
Mrs. Arrowood rose slowly with Dahlia and they maintained their balance so the water don’t take them.
“It’s truely an Arctic, Anita you were better off dead”. She roared.
A crocodile un-derwater moved to bite her but Dahlia blew off it’s head.
The Fighter Jet could re-lease missile again and they had also lost sight of her “.
” I’ve always admired your smartness Anita but this is the bext to far, don’t be a scared Cat, anny”.Mrs. Arrowood said and Kapella arou-se slowly from the water.
Mrs. Arrowood pu-ll-ed the gun behind her but the ris£n water behind poured down heavily on her.
She bur-st out of the water as Dahlia sh0t repeatedly at her.
A crocodile crawled out of the water but she was fast to roll away dodging it.
She pressed a bu-tton on her shoulder and the knife attach to her shoe sprang out.
Dahlia pushed it straight into the creatures n£¢k as Mrs. Arrowood fired at Kapella who was moving throu-gh the ris£n water.
She swiftly pressed the bu-tton on her wrist and the metal around it turned into an automatic gun which targets Kapella automatically and fired her.
Mrs. Arrowood bouced on the ground with her Sneakers that propelled her forward and she fired at Kapella who dodged swiftly.
She gr@bb£d her and the both submerged down as Kapella hits the gun from her hand.
She gr@bb£d Mrs. Arrowood’s arm swiftly wanting to break her bone with one twist but that was she saw her roundedl-ips and a pin pointing out.
Mrs. Arrowood sh0t out the pin straight from herl-ips into Kapella’s fore head.
The pin pierced into her blood stream thereby containing it.
Kapella’s b©dy seized at once as she couldn’t move a f!nger.
She f0rç£d a dagger into her side and Kapella gro-an ed as she kicked her away.
As Kapella drown with the dagger stuck in her side she connect to the closest sharks and s£nt them at Mrs. Arrowood but to her ultermost shock the creatures on getting ran off like something scared them.
That was when she saw Dahlia firing a certain gun at the creature.
It was a gun that re-leased dangerous waves with high frequency at the creatures thereby forcing them to retreat.
Kapella lands softly on the sea be-d and closed her eyes as she went unconscious.
Dahlia swam to her returning the wave gun to her stealth gr@bb£d Kapella’s mask but it she was re-ady as she had faked unconsciousness.
She gr@bb£d the sharp stone and stabbe-d it into her n£¢k but Dahlia f0rç£d her artificial nails which were made of steel into her side. 
Kapella kicked her away and swam but almost bu-mped into Mrs. Arrowood who was pointing the wave gun at her.
A hvge tail hit Mrs. Arrowood from behind and Madison gr@bb£d Kapella’s hand away.
“I told you all to go “. Kapella thought.
” They’re gone but I can’t leave you, The Hunters are dangerous “.
” I didn’t un-derstand what you meant by they have every technology against us, I think i do now “. Kapella thought asking she channeled all the creatures in the sea at Mrs. Arrowood and masked Dahlia who fired the wave gun endlessly at the creatures of which bought time for the two Mermaids to escape.
Kapella climbe-d the ladder that went up the tunnel and helped Madison who was below.
“You’re injured”. Madison said as they no longer un-derwater.
“Yes, weapons coated with salt but salt has no effect on me”.
“You’re lucky, a normal Mermaid can’t survive such”.
“Where are the others?”. Kapella asked.
“They’re up ahead, we have a long way to go”. Madison said.
“Then let’s hurry, I thought of something now”.
“Which is?”.
“You all used tunnel to escape the first time, the hunters might have known”.
“Oh my God”.
The Mermaids climed up one after the other out the tunnel helping each other.
They were all out when Lovely, Diaz, Finn and Ashley who were masked appeared from different direction pointing an M4A1 rifle at them.
“You’re surrounded and even before you think of singing, I’ll put a fvcking bullet into your mouth”. Lovely threatened and they stood still knowing fully well that their only weapon was voice and water.
Suddenly and without warning water bur-st out of the tunnel straight up prompting them to raise their guns up.
It c@m£ down furiously evading the Mermaids and sl@pping the hunters away.
“Run!”. Kapella roared as she and Madison sh0t out of the tunnel with a wave of water.
She landed perfectly hitting off the rest of the Hunters with the water.
“Go I’ll cover you all”. She said to Madison as the Mermaids took off.
“No, let’s go”. Madison said pu-lling her along.
Lovely swam out of the flood speedily as he dropped his rifle and carrying a gun harpoon went after them.
He pu-ll-ed the pistol behind him and fired at them as they ran into the building forcing them to split.
He went after Kapella while the other gun men went after Madison.
Lovely jumped over a chair as he aimed the harpoon at her and fired straight.
It sh0t out with it rope connected to it from the gun and thrû-st into her leg.
He pu-ll-ed the gun and Kapella crashed to the ground.
She sl@pped the ground causing a rise of dust but he are-ady let go of the harpoon and pu-lling the wave gun fired straight.
The wave cleared off the dust and hit Kapella to the wall as she tried to run.
He dropped the Gun and simultaneously pu-ll-ed the pistol behind him and fired into her leg.
Kapella screamed loudly as he moved toward her pointing his Gun.
“I’m sorry I don’t want this but you have to die”. He said and c0cked the gun.
That was when she saw his ring.
Kapella g@sped as she raised her head up to his masked face.
“Lovely?”. She whispered and his eyes popped.
“Who the fvck are you?”. He roared and saw her shaky eyes.
He tried h@rd to remember were he had seen the eyes but no there was only one person who called the name Lovely in the most charming way.
Two gun raced there but paused seeing that he had an gun pointed at her.
“Gamma 064, Ma’am one Mermaid…”.
Lovely turned back swiftly as fired into their che-st.
He turned back to her and breath heavily as he point the gun to her face.
“Kapella”. He whispered with shaky hands.
S⛲ea Tales Pres£nts🚄⛲ :
City Mermaid
Lovely could be seen washing his face in restroom as he shook his head.
“No! No!”. He whispered and bit his lowerl-ips.
He punched the mirror angrily and it shattered down in pieces as his hand bleed.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to”. He cried putting his hands on his head.
He opened the door and walked out of the restroom as he found his way to hallway where different patient were seated.
It was a hospital.
He sat down with his head down as he shut his eyes trying to get an image of his head.
“I didn’t mean to do it, Kapella”.
“I swear I’m fvcking idiot, what the hell have I done”. He said angrily.
“Mr. Lovely”. He heard the doctor’s voice and sprang up.
“Tell me she’s okay, I’ll pay whatever you want even if it requires every damn medical hands in that room”. He said.
“I know Mr. Lovely we’re trying our best but….”. The Doctor said and paused
“But what?”.
“What happened to the girl exactly, we might have to inform the police?”.
“You’re really eager to lose your job and feed on peanuts Doc Ezra”. He threatened.
“Mr. Lovely I really need to know what happened to that girl?”.
“Does it really matter?”.
“Of course it does cos I don’t think she has more than an hour left”. He said wanting to walk away but Lovely gr@bb£d him by the shoulder and pu-ll-ed him back.
“What do you mean by that?”.
“Her cells are greatly damaged by whatever radiation she was expo-sed to, this is beyond our field Mr. Lovely “. He said and walked away.
“Can I at least see her? “.
“Yes you can, you might want to spend the last moment with her”.
Lovely rushed speedily as he pu-ll-ed open the door of a ward and entered.
He slowly closed the door behind him as his hand vibr@tion.
“I’m fvcking done, I killed her”. He said turning back slowly to see the girl on his be-d.
Hisl-ips shock as he stared at her face with tears dripping down his.
“I killed Kapella Elijah”.
Mrs. Arrowood climbe-d the ladder attached to the tunnel with Dahlia when her device bec@m£ active.
“Gamma 064, Ma’am one Mermaid…”. A voice said but it was caught short by gunsh0t.
“What?”. Dahlia asked.
“Let’s go”. Mrs. Arrowood said as she hurried up.
They got out of the and looked around to see Diaz, Finn and Ashley who were struggling to get out of the flood.
“What do you see?”. She spoke into her Walkie Talkie.
“Group of women headed for the southern monastery”. A voice replied as she looked to see the airsh!pahead.
“Don’t let them out of sight and for the main time deploy two ride”. Mrs. Arrowood said and turned to her kids who were behind her.
“Where’s Candy?”.
“He went after them”.
“Weaklings!”. She cursed and turned to Dahlia.
“Let’s move”. She said and they raced off.
The Airsh!pin the air let out two bikes from it as c@m£ down with a attached to it.
“We’re losing visual of them, Boss”. The Pilot of the sh!psaid as he watched the moving images on his green screen.
“Buy time for us, we’ll catch up with them”. Dahlia said as she increased her speed with Mrs. Arrowood.
The bikes landed in front of them as the airsh!pspeed increased as well
Dahlia and Mrs. Arrowood dived forward and landing on the bike cut off the rope that helped the landing.
They rode off speedily as the Suzuki splashed water down.
The airsh!paimed at the running Mermaids ahead and fired missile ahead of of them forcing them to turn back and take another path but it fired missiles into a skyscr@p£r and it coll@psed on the path.
Mrs. Arrowood and Dahlia pu-ll-ed out the MP40 SMG attached to the bike and opened fire on the Mermaids as they appeared from behind.
The Mermaids dispatched into different direction as bullet hit two them.
Lady Benita f0rç£d out the water in a tank with her hands and swept Mrs. Arrowood and Dahlia from their bike.
The Mermaids seized that opportunity to escape as Lady Benita raised the water up throwing them high but Dahlia fired down and it hits her arm.
She crashed to the ground as the water from the tank flowed over her skin causing her legs to turn to fin.
She tried to rise up and Dahlia placed her foot on her che-st and hit her head with the gun causing her to p@ss out.
“Frank, tell me you know where they went”. Mrs. Arrowood spoke into her telecom as she looked around.
“I lost Visual ma’am, they cloaked themselves into the waters”.
“Lovely, it’s me”. She said slowly taking off her mask.
“No, No, it isn’t Kapella Elijah, whoever you are st©p messing with me head?”. He roared pointing the gun at her.
“It’s me, plea-se lower the gun, I know you’re not evil”. She said..
“Just say the s£ntence Ella, tell me you’re not a Mermaid, you’re just a human who just got entangled in their business or using your faceless identity to help them”. Lovely said hurriedly as sweat formed on his head.
Kapella pu-ll-ed the arrow of the arrow in her leg and gro-an ed as it healed up.
She staggered to her feet as she stared straight at him.
“No! No! The arrow is coated with salt, how did you?”. He said but she didn’t allow him to finish as she gr@bb£d him swiftly to the wall and began to sing but he stared blankly at her.
“No, tell me it isn’t true, you’re not a Mermaid”. He cried as he dropped his gun.
Kapella was shocked as she took few steps back, her charm was not working on him.
“Don’t try to charm me Kapella Elijah, it won’t work”. He cried.
“I loved you”. He roared.
“And I loved you Lovely”.
“No, you didn’t, if you had, you should have told me”.
“Tell a hunter that I’m a Mermaid”. She said and he paused.
“You knew”.
Kapella wanted to speak but felt that irritating itch in her throat.
She coughed out and it was blood.
Kapella cleaned her nose and staring at her f!nger there was blood.
“What’s happening to me?”. She said as her b©dy began to vibr@te.
She coughed out blood again as her felt itch all over her b©dy like her skin was drying up.
“Kapella!”. Lovely called out as he caught her from falling to the ground.
She gro-an ed loudly as the pain was excruciating.
“What’s happening to me?”. She cried as she bleed from the nose.
“The Wave Gun re-leases radiation that weakens the cell of creatures, we use it un-derwater for Mermaids, the water reduces the effect but I used it on land, your b©dy absorbe-d it and… and….”.
Kapella g@sped loudly as her eyes popped out.
“No, don’t do this to me Kapella!”. He cried holding her hand.
She clenched ti-ghtly to his che-st as she felt her muscles tearing up.
Lovely could hear incoming footsteps from afar.
He hurried to the edge of the wall and strafed to see his siblings headed for that place.
He quic-kly carried her and hurried up the stairs.
He got to roof and pu-lling a gra-ppling hook put her hand around his n£¢k.
“Hold me”.
“Am weak”. She whispered.
“plea-se be strong for me, I’m not gonna let you die, I promise”.
“You wanted to kill me”. She said weakly.
“I’ll never hurt you L, I’m an idiot, I know, you don’t need to tell me”. He cried.
He sh0t the hook to another building and swang to it breaking in throu-gh the window.
He found his way down the stairs and moved to the road where he st©pped a cab.
Lovely held her hand ti-ghtly as the beeping sound of the machine behind compete with his sob.
“All I wanted to do was save Roxy, all that I had in mind was doing anything mother asked of me but now now Lovely you’ve ruin the only good thing In your life with your own hands “.
” Your own damn hands “. He screamed.
The door pushed open and Cindy c@m£ staggering in.
She paused seeing the scene as she g@sped.
” I had to call you with her phone “. Lovely said.
” What happened to her? “. Cindy said as she moved to Kapella.
” I… I…. I…. “. He stammered looking around.
“Talk to me”.
“She was masked, I fvcking didn’t know it was her”.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy said and paused remembering that Kapella was to go on a rescue mission with the other Mermaids that day.
“No don’t tell me”. Cindy said shaking her head.
“I didn’t know, I sh0t her with one of our weapon and it’s destroying her cells, she was masked, I swear I would rather die than hurt Kapella Elijah”.
“What have you done to my friend?”.
Cindy roared as she gr@bb£d him ti-ghtly the wall.
“Cindy I didn’t mean to, you know me, I won’t…”.
“Spare me the $h!t Lovely, what’s gonna happen to her?”.
“The Doctor says…..”.
“He says what!”.
“She has only an hour left”.
“You’re joking, st©p it!”.
Lovely sat on the ground and pushed his head down.
“I can’t imagine what’s she’s thinking now, her first love is a Bastard, an idiot, a killer, a betrayer…”.
“St©p it, Just st©p it Lovely”. Cindy said and sniffed.
Kapella’s hand vibr@ted and they raced there to check her.
Her skin was glowing as her b©dy shook furiously.
“What’s happening?”. Cindy asked.
“The Radiation is fighting with her cells, they’re trying to kill the radiation but it kills Mermaid, Mermaids anti bodies are not strong enough to conquer “.
” But an Arctic can? “.
” What do you mean Arctic? “. Lovely asked.
” I don’t trust you but have you ever heard of a Hybrid Mermaid, half land, half sea “.
” I don’t still get you Cindy “.
” Did you say the radiation is for un-derwater creatures? “.
” Yes”.
“What about land?”.
“It has no effect”.
“That’s it, She’s gonna survive”. Cindy said trying to control her breath.
“I don’t still get a thing Cindy, What is she?”. Lovely said and Kapella’s eyes becane glowing blue as she continued shaking.
“Arctic”. He whispered and gr@bb£d the scissors on the table.
“What the fvck are you gonna do?”.
“Arctics heal fast, if I can provoke her healing process to an apex level, it can heal her damage cells and produce enough energy for them to fight this radiation in her, we just need her to help them fight out the stranger, the radiation”.
“That doesn’t still explain what you’re doing with a Scissors”.
“You might want to look away Cindy”.
He said and stabbe-d the scissors into Kapella’s eyes causing her eyes to shine brighter.
“What the fvck are you doing?”. Cindy roared.
“Provoking her healing process to fvcking fight back”. He said and stabbe-d at a different sp©t.
“You’re killing her”.
“Just trust me”.
“I fvcking don’t trust you”.
He stabbe-d the scissors continously into her l@p causing Kapella to sweat profusely as her b©dy vibr@ted.
“You should st©p!”.
“Almost there”. Lovely said and he stabbe-d fas-ter.
Kapella suddenly screamed out so loud re-leasing a wave of radiation from her b©dy.
Her scream destroyed the lights in the room and shattered everything made of gl@ss in the hospital including the windows which were not left out.
Lovely breath as he dropped the scissors and slide to the ground.
“K babe?”. Cindy called out as she moved to toward the be-d.
Kapella suddenly jo-lt up almost causing her to run.
“You idiot!”. Cindy cried as he hvgged her.
“I almost wee on my P@nt”. She added.
“I’m fine Cin, I’m fine”. She whispered.
“You seriously want me to s£nd you back to coma”. Cindy said and they dis£ngaged.
Lovely rose up slowly as she turned to his direction getting down from the be-d.
“You can have your revenge on me Kapella but the truth is, I’ll never hurt you”. He whispered.
“You brou-ght me here, who did you chose me over your Family?”.
“An old friend I met at Nabr@ska months ago will always say Family ain’t those related by blood to you alone, they’re those who make your life have a meaning, My Family use me, that’s never a family, I’ve never felt such existence of joy since I met you Kapella Elijah, for once I thought there was hope to start a new life, my past is nothing to right of about but with you I see a future to write about “. He said as tears filled his eyes. You can re-ad more of these story from unlimited story platform, fresh stories kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story room throu-gh kwaku ome on+233544142683.
” Why do a you do it, you were re-ady to kill me”.
“That which I don’t want, I’m f0rç£d to, My Mother has Roxy and threatened to kill her if I don’t join in the hunt, I had to impress her so she’ll let Roxy go, she’s gone throu-gh alot”. Lovely said.
Kapella held his hand and looked into his eyes.
“I knew you were a good person, you’re the worst cast to pl@yHunter Boy”. She said and he let out a soft smile.
“Right now, you’re my Family”. He said and holding her face placed a k!sson her l!pwhen his phone buzzed.
He sniffed and stared at the caller.
“It’s my Mother”. He said.
“Then ignore”. Cindy said.
“Punishment would be inevitable…”. He said and took the call.
“Where the hell are you?”.
“I got lost finding Mermaid”.
“You turned off your GPS”.
“it got damaged”.
“Now explain how and why you sh0t two agents dead because the bullet found in them belongs to your special pistol”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“They got charmed by Mermaids to kill me and I took care of them like you teach me to”. He said.
“Good. Tell me, Do you want a d@t£ with your dear Roxy or I should just order the men to drop her at the mansion?”.
“Just don’t hurt her”. He said and disconnected the call.
“Did you say that’s your mother?”. Kapella asked.
“She chose Legacy over her own Family and she wants us to do the same”.
Doctor Ezra could be seen walking down the corridor was eveyone wondered why everything was broken down after a scream.
He brou-ght out his phone and dialed a number.
“Hello, Is this Mrs. Arrowood”.
“How may I help?”.
“It’s Doctor Ezra”.
“Doc, what’s it?”.
“You own the hospital ma’am and have requested whatever your kids do be reported to you”.
“Your son brou-ght in a female patient, her cells are damaged from a radiation I can’t ascertain but somehow she’s still breathing “.
” Did you say female patient? “.
” Yes Ma’am and another thing right now there was this scream that shattered all our gl@sses, I don’t think it’s normal, we both know the supernatural exist and what just happened isn’t normal “. He whispered.
” How beautiful is she? “.
” Ma’am? “.
” How beautiful is the girl my son brou-ght in? “.
” Beautiful is an un-derstatement ma’am, She’s breath taking “.
” That stupid boy! “.
” Ma’am? “.
” Go check on the girl and see how she do, then report back, I’m close to Hospital I’ll be there in a minute, keep them busy till I arrive “.
” Alright “.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and he took the call from Ashley.
” Hey “.
“Hey why do you have the habit of putting yourself into unnecessary trouble?”.
“I don’t get you ash”.
“So you actually took a Mermaid to a hospital, you’re a fvcking idiot! An Arrowood Hospital”.
Lovely g@sped as he looked around.
“Listen and listen carefully brother, I might have realized that the true enemy is Mother, we shouldn’t be fighting ourselves”.
“You’re in a big trouble brother but I got it covered alre-ady”.
“I overhead Mom speaking with Doctor Ezra over the phone”.
“Oh my God”.
“He told Mom you brou-ght a female patient and she figured it out, you dropped two bodies Lovely”.
“What’s it?”. Kapella whispered.
“Are you with somewhere there?”. She asked.
“Don’t even lie, I know you’re with the patient, Just listen we’ll be arriving at the hospital in a minute time so get the fvck up to the roof, I’ve arranged a Chopper to meet you there alre-ady “.
” Ashley how can I repay you, what have I… “.
” You don’t have time Lovely, listen, we’re siblings and I can’t hide the fact any longer that Mom is the enemy not you, not Diaz, not Finn, we need to st©p fighting, now go Lovely, figure something out like you always do “. She said and disconnect the call.
The door pushed open and Doctor Ezra entered.
” You’re up “. He said smiling.
Lovely gr@bb£d him to the wall and stickied his pistol to his belly.
” How dare you tell my Mother? “.
” What are you talking about? “.
” Speak before I b!ow your guts out, should I remember you I’m above the law, you’ll die for nothing, this is between my family now where’s my mother?”.
“She’ll be here soon, you want me to stall you”. He said and his phone buzzed.
Lovely snatched the phone and scoffed.
“What did she ask you to do?”.
“Check the patient”.
“Tell her she’s dead”.
“Do you value your life?”.
Her took the call and breath in.
“We lost the girl ma’am”.
“Her cells are dead alre-ady”.
“I’m almost there, Just keep an eye on my son” “.
“Alright”. He said and disconnect the call.
Lovely hit him on the head and he dropped unconscious.
“Let’s go”. He said as they hurried out.
“What’s going on?”. Cindy asked.
“My Mom knows I brou-ght a mermaid in here, she’s on her way we must go now!”. He announced.
They hurried up and found their way to the roof where there was an awaiting Chopper.
They got in an it flew up as the blades rolled speedily.
“Ma’am Ashley s£nt me”. The Pilot said.
Mrs. Arrowood could be seen seated in a Grand chair in the warehouse.
She let go of a rope above her and Ashley c@m£ crashing to the ground with her legs tied.
She gro-an ed and raised her head up to her.
Mrs. Arrowood turned to see Lady Benita who was back to consciousness and trying to break free from the pillar she was tied to.
“Why me?”. Ashley said as she sniffed.
“Your the one with the most convincing voice daughter and now that you’ve done what I asked, The Mansion at California belongs to you”.
“I don’t fvcking need it, you used me to betray my own brother”.
“You have no choice, you know what I can do to disobe-dient kids, you’ve done the right thing, what I need is the Mermaid not your brother”.
Mrs. Arrowood said rising to her feet slowly.
“Even before I get to the Hospital they might be gone but now, they’re coming right straight to me, the Chopper brings them to me”. She said and chuckled.
“Son will not always realize that I’m always unpredictable”.
*🚄⛲Sea* Tales Pres£nts :🚄⛲
City Mermaid
“Take us to my pent house at Keith Street”. Lovely told the Pilot as he rest his head on the seat.
“Lady Ashley says I should bring you to a warehouse”. He said.
“And I’m telling you, my penthouse”. Lovely said.
“I’m sorry sir, she says the only place you can find safety is the warehouse”.
“Maybe she’s right, your mother might s£nd people to your house”. Cindy said and Kapella agreed.
Lovely called Ashley and placed the phone on his ear.
“Hey are you on the Chopper?”.
“Yes, you asked your pilot to…”.
“Bring you to warehouse, yes, Mother just found out you’re not at the warehouse and she’s s£nding men to every possible place, the warehouse is the best refuge till you find a good lie like you always do”. She said.
“Have you now tag me as a master of lies?”. He asked and she chuckled.
“You know you’ll win in a lie battle Lovely, think of something before you land, this is how far I can help you”.
“I un-derstand, thanks once again”.
“Thank me when you land safety cos mom could be behind you right now, she’s unpredictable”. Ashley said.
“I know, what’s your take on this?”.
“I don’t get you”.
“What’s your reward for this, what do you want?”.
“Want? I need nothing but love from my family, I don’t want anything Lovely, bye I gotta go”. She said and didn’t dthe call.
Ashley retreated the phone as she tried to control her breathing but she didn’t disconnect it as instead she put it on mute and put it behind her.
“Did you say the right thing? “. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
” What else do you wish I say, I’m trying to compose myself while leading my brother to a tra-p you’re setting for him “.
” No not him, The Mermaid but he’ll serve punishment for being an idiot”.
“Can I leave now?”. She asked.
“So you can inform him huh, you’re staying here till he arrive”.
Ashley bit her lowerl-ips and disconnect the call.
They stared at each other as Ashley disconnect the call and straight to the Pilot who gr@bb£d his telecom device.
Kapella dived forward hitting his head against the gl@ss.
The Chopper changed direction as it moved at irregular direction.
She gr@bb£d his wrist and broke it causing him to scream as he let go of the device.
She headbu-tt him and he went unconscious.
“You’re much of a tigress but now we’re gonna die”. Lovely announced.
“Don’t tell me you can’t fly a Copter”. She asked as the Chopper moved down rotating as it bent.
“I fvcking can’t”. He said.
“Damn! We’re all gonna die”. Cindy cried as she held on the Chopper so she don’t fall.
“We need to hurry”. Lovely said as he hurried to the back.
He paused seeing there was only two Parachute Bag.
They all c@m£ somersaulting as the Chopper bent.
“Take, Go!”. He said throwing one for Cindy.
She gr@bb£d the door and pushed it open.
“You have only one?”. She asked.
“I’ll come with Kapella, I’m a Parachute Expert”.
“What about the Man?”. Kapella asked as Cindy wore it.
“Are you re-ady?”. Lovely asked.
“Yes, What about the man”. Cindy asked.
The Chopper Rotates causing her to fall off.
Kapella and Lovely gr@bb£d the door ti-ghtly as he wore his.
“She’s fine let’s go”. He said and pu-ll-ed her close.
He gr@bb£d her from behind and dived out of the Chopper as sg scream.
“Is this your first time?”. He screamed out.
“I can’t hear you”. She screamed as well.
She spre-ad out her hand as they glide in the air until they heard the explosive sound behind.
The Chopper had crashed as the Dark flame went up to the sky.
They were getting close to the ground when the automatic activation device deployed the parachute.
He held her ti-ghtly as it spre-ad out immediately.
They landed on the ground as the parachute covered them until Cindy pushed it off.
“Nice ripe couple”. She said standing akimbo.
Kapella pushed Lovely off her as she hurried up speedily.
She squat low and puked as she closed her eyes.
“How do you feel?”. He asked from behind.
“I feel like my intestine are rotten”.
“Say something better idiot”. Cindy said.
“Mmm hmm”.
“Careful Cin”.
“I’m gonna fvcking rip your face”. Cindy said as she moved at her but Lovely stepped in front of her.
“I think the h0t weather is messing with your heads”. He said.
They both bur-st into laughter leaving him stunned.
“The next time you both pl@yprank, I’ll be…”. He said and paused nodding his head.
“Where the hell are we?”. Cindy looking around.
“According to Google Map on my br@nd new IPhone 12, thanks to Lovely by the way, which was upd@t£d last night at
12:00OPM although…. “.
Cindy scoffed and snatched the phone from her as she gazed at the map.
” Middle of nowhere “. She said.
” It’s a forest “. Lovely said as he collect the phone from her and fli-pped the map to the horizontal.
” There’s a road here, we can find our way there”.
Mrs. Arrowood paced left and right as she tapped her foot on the ground.
“What have you done?”. She screamed at Ashley as she turned to her.
“I don’t get you”.
“Your brother should be here by now, I can hear nothing in the sky”. She said.
“I’ve fvcking done what you asked me to do”.
“And I’ve warned you never to scream at me”.
“Sorry mom”.
Mrs. Arrowood’s phone buzzed and she took the call.
“What?”. She exclaimed as she turned to Ashley whoose heart was racing alre-ady.
“The Agents following the Chopper just reported that it crashed in a forest but only the pilot’s b©dy was found, two people had escaped out with a parachute before it happened”. She said and Ashley exhaled in relief.
“Now I’m gonna ask for the last time, what do you have in this?”. Mrs. Arrowood said moving toward her.
“I swear mother, what else could I have done, I’m right here with you, My Pilot must have freaked out or behave in a suspicious manner, I don’t know”. She cried.
“Very well”. She and picked her phone again.
“Deploy every single agent into that forest, I need to to secure the perimeter and return with them else I’ll serve you your heads on a beautiful platter”. She commanded andand disconnect the call.
“Now call that Bastard brother of yours”.
Lovely stretched his head down and helped Cindy climb up the to the t©p of the cliff and they exhaled.
“You abandoned me because you have some stuffs called Mermaid Ability”. Cindy said and she scoffed.
“Not again,alright just fight and when you’re done catch up with me”. Lovely said walking away.
“Did you hear what your j£rk b©yfri£ndsaid?”. Cindy asked.
“You know what, I’ll deal with you when we get home so gets get going before some crazy gorilla attacks us in this forest”. Kapella said looking around.
“It’s Winter but there are no green gr@ss here, talk less of trees with canopies, they’re all dried up like it’s summer letting the red h0t sun torment us”. Lovely said as he looked back.
“There’s something strange about the forest, there’s no single life, everything is dried up”. Kapella said.
“A desert Forest?”. Kapella said putting her hand around Cindy’s n£¢k for support.
“Ain’t you Mermaid, cause some flood or….”.
“I can’t feel a mole of water on this land girl, it seems like every single water have been drained”. Kapella said as she t©uçhed the ground.
“By what?”. Cindy asked.
“Watch out!”. Lovely screamed out pushing them into different direction as they narrowly escaped the net that would have landed on them.
They crashed to the ground and looking up they could see the airsh!pletting down nets in the air as armed men with parachute dived out of it.
“Let’s go”. Kapella said as she helped Cindy staggering up to their feet.
The nets landed on tall trees while some where able to get to the ground as they continued running.
They paused abruptly hearing the sound of bikes and turned to see them, men in black coming from the left as they opened fire at them.
“Here!”. Lovely said as they jumped over a log of wood and changed direction.
Kapella covered them as a man appeared from their front opening fire.
The pins pierced into her b©dy but had no effect as she kicked the man and his bike crashing to the ground.
“They’re not trying to kill us”.
Kapella said as they continued running.
“They’re trying to capture us, it’s my Mother’s people”. Lovely said as they hid behind a tree.
His phone buzzed and he took the call.
“Sister Dahlia I’m busy right now”. He said as pins hit the tree from different direction.
“Busy running from Mom’s people cause they have you surrounded”.
“What do you want?”.
“No it’s what you want from me Brother, Just tell me you ain’t fvcking helping a damn Mermaid as the rumour goes and I’ll s£nd my army to put a golden bullet into the skull of Mom’s people”.
“I’m sorry D, I gotta go”. Lovely said and disconnect the call.
“They’re closing on us we have to move”. Kapella said.
“Let’s go”. He said and they took off as pins flew past them piercing into trees.
“They have us surrounded”. Lovely announced.
“Who was that?”.
“My Step sister Dahlia, no matter how h@rd I try to hate her, I can’t”. He said as they hid behind another tree.
“Do you have a Gun?”. Kapella asked.
“I don’t think I have more than five bullets left in my magazine cli-p”. He said.
“Clear, let’s go”. Cindy said.
Lovely turned back and fired at the men as the girl’s ran.
“Lovely let’s go! “. Kapella screamed as she returned and gr@bb£d him by the shoulder.
They continued running but paused seeing the army of armed men in front of them.
Lovely raised his gun up and fired but it cli-cked only.
They wanted to run back but there was another army.
“Damn it!”. Cindy cursed looking around.
“You all have comp@ssed us like hungry wolves but blind to see that you just chased the wrong Mermaid”. Kapella said and raised her hand swiftly causing a wave of dust to dash up around them hitting them away.
More men ran from around but then the rocks rose up smashing their heads against the trees.
“Kapella!”. Cindy screamed.
“No, that’s not me”. She replied.
“Of course it’s us”. Kapella heard a voice in her head and turned around as the rocks attacked the men.
Two trees sh0t out of the soil like launched missiles and destroyed the Chopper above them.
“That’s still not you?”.Lovely asked as he took few steps back.
“I think i know who”.Kapella whispered and one of the trees fell down flat as it uproot.
Hands sprout out and they jo-lt back as a woman crawled out.
Two women also crawled out from where the first two tree had uprooted from.
The Woman with scales rose up slowly as she snared loudly.
“I can see you have new friends”. She whispered.
“Do do you know this Terrestrial Fish?”. Cindy asked staring at the scales in her b©dy.
“Be mute lady, we hate humans”.
“Tomar”. Kapella said.
“Beautiful remembering my name shows how much you admire me”. She said and grinned.
“What do you want from me again?”. Kapella asked.
“That’s funny because you just waged war by bringing humans into my land, the good news is no human leave here alive, Did you see the skeletons, no, we honour by burying them”. Tomar said.
“This is no time to talk, run!”. Lovely said as he pu-ll-ed Kapella but a tree fell on their way causing them to stagger back.
“You’re not leaving here alive”.
“Non of you will”. Tomar added as the trees around began to fall one after the other.
“What’s happening?”. Lovely asked as he held on to her hand.
Woman began to crawl out of the sp©t the tree had uproot from and soon they were surrounded.
“Welcome To The Forest Of El Voleuse, Arctic Girl”. Tomar announced.
Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🚄 :
City Mermaid
“There are a lot of them”. Cindy said in fright.
“Are we gonna fight them?”. Lovely asked as he dropped his gun and pu-ll-ed out the dagger behind him.
“You don’t fight a Lion in its den, you run”. She whispered.
“Run, you mean we should run”. Cindy asked.
“They can hear us”.
“Of course we can”. Tomar said and direct a hvge dust at them but Kapella pushed her hand forward and scattered it.
“You really surprised me by turning out to be a Hybrid Arctic, There have been no Hybrid Arctic in the past except once we destroyed them before they even felt the light of the day”. Tomar said and fli-cked her f!nger.
Kapella gr@bb£d Lovely and Cindy down as a rock sh0t out of it’s position to hit them.
It st©pped above them and Kapella turned to see the rock.
It drop narrowly and tra-p them but she punched it up and it scattered into pieces causing the p@rticles to drop on them.
“re-ady?”. Kapella asked as she gr@bb£d them both.
She clenched her fist and the dust of the earth swallowed them up.
“No!”. Tomar screamed.
They all dropped into a tunnel and gro-an ed as they slide down until they bur-st out at the end and c@m£ crashing to the ground.
Cindy spat out the sand in her mouth as she turned to Kapella.
“She literally took us on a trip throu-gh earth crust”. Cindy said and Lovely sneezed.
He tried to speak again but sneezed h@rder.
“Hey are you alright?”. She Asked
“After inhaling more than enough dust if I say yes then I’m a lier…”. He said and sneezed again.
“Sorry this is my first time, The Stealers can teleport anywhere un-derground and I tried to do same but hish I couldn’t hold it longer…”.
“And dumped us in… In. In…”. Cindy said and paused as her eyes enlarged.
“Cindy?”. Kapella called and she raises a f!nger up as her mouth opened.
She sneezed loudly and then sneezed.
“Now that’s incredible”. Kapella said
“Watch out!”. Lovely screamed as one of the Stealers appeared behind her.
He threw his dagger at her but she vanished into dust and it stabbe-d the tree.
“How far did you take us?”. Cindy asked looking around.
“um.. I don’t know”. Kapella said re-ady to attack whatever showed up.
The sands bur-st up throwing them into different direction.
They gro-an ed as they c@m£ crashing to the ground and the Stealer moved toward them as she emerged from the ground.
Kapella sprang up launching a punch at her but she blocked it.
She kicked her on her stomach but Kapella retaliated by headbu-tting her.
Tomar appears from the soil and dashed at them with a wave of sand behind her.
“Jump!”. Kapella screamed and they jumped into different direction narrowly escaping.
Tomar direct the entire sand at Kapella but she flew over and landing stamped her feet on the ground.
The dust of the ground pushed up hitting her away but she bouced on a close tree and returning gr@bb£d Kapella against a tree.
Lovely attacked her from behind as he stab a dagger into her back but a hvge sand sl@pped him down as controlled by the other Mermaid.
He struggled h@rd as with the sand as she tried to bury him alive with it but Kapella twist her hand and the sand reversed sl@pping her away.
Tomar seized that opportunity to tra-p Kapella’s leg into the sand as the gr@bb£d her from behind.
Kapella gro-an ed loudly trying to break from her grip.
Tomar hummed loudly but something heavy landed on her head and she dropped gro-an ing.
Cindy dropped the wood she was holding and stared at Kapella.
“Is she dead?”.
The sand explode throwing them away.
“It will take more than a wood to put me down!”. Tomar roared as rose up with dust behind her.
Lovely appeared out of her dust and kicked her away.
“Run!”. He screamed gr-abbing the two girl’s hand as he jumped over a log of wood.
They turned back to see the Stealers emerging from the ground in their numbers.
“They’re gonna catch up with us”. Cindy cried.
“There’s water close, I think i can try teleportation”.
“And if not?”. Cindy asked as they st©pped at a cliff.
“Turtle Ride”. She said and gr-abbing them dived down.
They crashed into the water fall which washed them into the sea.
Kapella gr@bb£d them and tried to teleport but it wasn’t working as she didn’t know how to do it yet.
Tomar appeared inside the water but Lovely pushed Kapella away and she cut his arm with her sharp f!ngers.
A shark c@m£ out of nowhere and hits her off just as as a turtle c@m£ in front of Cindy.
Kapella beckoned at her to climb and she did.
She gr@bb£d Lovely from behind and swam to the back of a shark that swam off immediately with the turtle.
Kapella controlled the creatures with her mind to attack the Stealers as she was focused on her destination.
She gr@bb£d Cindy from the turtle and the shark bur-st out of the water throwing them away.
They landed on the sand and gro-an ed.
They looked around and saw that they were in a beach.
“I thought she was a Terrestrial Fish”. Cindy said squee-zing water out of her cloth as she got up.
“They’re Hybrids like me but they’re fake”.
“And you’re Original, Original Arctic Hybrid, Fake…um..what do you call them again?.. Well I choose Terrestrial Fish”. Cindy said.
“Can we get a Cab cos eyes are piercing into three mysterious beings thrown out of the sea?”. Lovely said.
“Leave that to the Mermaid Girl”. Cindy said.
A Cab st©pped in front of Kapella’s home and she got down with Cindy and Lovely.
“Do you pay Cab men?”. He asked.
“She’s evil but I’m good so I do it”. Cindy said as she paid the man and waved at him to leave.
“St©p advertising me evil Cindy”.
“So I guess I return home”. He said sliding his hands into his pocket.
“Return home?”.
“I’ve to or Mom is gonna keep s£nding men after me, I need to face my fears, I can’t run forever”. He said and she held his hand.
“I un-derstand she’s your mother and….”.
“plea-se stay away from fighting my Mother Ella, I don’t want anything that would hurt you, she’s dangerous”. He said holding her face.
“I knew that today Um….”. She said not knowing the right word to say.
“Bye then”. She said sharply and he nodded as Cindy st©pped a Cab.
“C’mon”. He said and hvgged her into his che-st as he carresed her hair.
“It’s gonna be alright K but you don’t have to be scared, Mother will never kill but punish me, I’ll be fine, trust me”. He said and k!$$£d her forehead.
He let go of her and entered int the Cab as she watched him leave with tears in her eyes.
“Before you find out that you a fish can swim in your tears plea-se do remember they’re also diamond and this is public ground”. Cindy said.
“Cindy, I had plans for the Hunter Woman, I’m re-ady to kill her myself but I can’t.. I can’t… She’s Lovely’s Mother I can’t neglect the fact no matter how evil she is”. She cried as she fell into her arm.
“Shhh don’t stick diamonds into my shi-t We’ll figure this out”.
Arrowood Mansion
Mrs. Arrowood could be seen swimming in the pool when Lovely appeared from the Garden.
“Prodigal son returns home”. She said stepping out of the water in her bikini wear.
Ashley handed over a towel to her and she wore it.
She turned back swiftly and sl@pped him across the face angrily.
“You’re a disgrace to the Arrowood”.
“Then st©p tagging me as one”.
“What? I thought you fortified yourselves against Mermaid’s charm or have now stoop so low to love at first sight”. She roared.
“I fvcking fired an innocent girl with my wave gun and took her to the hospital for treatment”He said.
“You mean Mermaid”.
“She was caught in cross fire when one ran into her home, why will I take a Mermaid to the hospital, have I done that before, think mother, it’s obvious you don’t trust me”. He said.
“Watch the next word that comes from your stinking mouth”. She said.
“Or maybe I wanted you to chase me believing that I’m with a Mermaid, I so love fooling you mother”. He said walking away.
“Every single Agents deployed to that forest have not report back, what are you not telling me?”.
“Forest? I don’t know what you’re talking about because I never got into the Chopper, I can never trust Ashley, not any of my siblings, I know it was foul pl@ybecause you’ve trained us to be enemies from birth, reconcilation is not an option at the moment and by the way Where’s Roxy? “. He said and she scoffed.
He g@sped and walked away.
” If I find out you have a hand in this, Tell the men to prepare a Chopper for me “.
As Lovely walked throu-gh the Garden a hand gr@bb£d him and pu-ll-ed him down.
He gro-an ed and turned to see Dahlia in a blue go-wn.
“You know you can deceive Mother to believe because she has no concrete evidence against you but we both know you’re lying because I always know when you’re lying brother”. She said and squat low staring at his face.
That Night
Choppers land in the forest as armed men jumped down with Mrs. Arrowood.
“Spre-ad out, Find out anything and report back to me”. She commanded and the men spre-ad out with their M4A1 Rifles With thermal scope to help see in the Dark.
Mrs. Arrowood pu-ll-ed the pistol behind her and held her torch ti-ghtly as she moved forward.
She suddenly stood seeing a coagulated blood on a stone.
She looked around and could see more rocks like that.
“Retreat!”. She roared turning back but shocking enough there was no one.
Her Agents had all vanished leaving her alone in the forest.
Her torchlight fell from her hand and the dust of the earth swallowed it up immediately putting the entire place in darkness except the small p@rt the moon’s illumination is able to get to.
“Minerva, have you come to settle your debts?”. She heard a gloomy voice and turned back slowly to see a woman walking out of the darkness.
“Tomar, you’re still in existence”. Mrs. Arrowood said retreating her gun.
“The only reason I haven’t come for you is busy with Mermaids all over the world, I hold them in high esteem than humans like you”. Tomar said.
“And what could have drawn you down to the Phoenix again, the last time you showed up was when….”.
“An Arctic, El Voleuse is drawn to them and I guess you know there’s one in your City”.
“And El Voleuse knows everything about her”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“El Voleuse knows everything about her just like the last one Anita, how did letting your cousin marry her work out?”.
“Danny 2.0 ruined the Arrowoods plan She escaped and plan ruined and I suggest you haven’t found her cause the last time we met was eighteen years ago at the Atlantic “. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“Always cunning as always Minerva, we haven’t felt her pres£nce, it’s obvious she’s dead but why do we care when there’s something much more better”. Tomar said moving around her.
“And what could El Voleuse want more than an Arctic?”.
“Don’t try to spark friendsh!pMinerva, you are indebted to me, we need similar things, I need beauty, voice and power and you need the knowledge about Arctics and the teary diamond or just pearls of normal Mermaids”. Tomar said.
“I know that?”.
“And we always had a deal, 50 Mermaids monthly in exchange for the identity of the Arctic”.
“I did that”.
“Cut the cra-p! Mid way you begged that you needed it more than ever and you’ll pay but then you st©p bringing Mermaids Minerva because your family now had the Arctic marrying Danny or whatever he’s called, I don’t know what your plans were but you didn’t keep to your deal and I have all the right to kill you at the sp©t “.
” I know Tomar but what about reinstating the deal “.
” You haven’t paid for previous debt “.
” We were business p@rtners for years Tomar, now I’m going to pay for my debt and st©p at nothing to find this new Arctic, I saw her today, she’s nothing but a teen girl enough time to manipulate her into the life of my son “.
” You want your son to get married”.
“Not yet, My Daughter is preparing a bride alre-ady but she doesn’t un-derstand my behind the curtain plans when I mean bride, I mean an Arctic bride”.
“Dahlia isn’t it? I so much miss the way she composes herself”. Tomar said
“I need the Arctic as fast as possible so I can eliminate the current bride before Dahlia stamp her as my son’s bride”.
“Seems this your Dahlia is the second Mummy”.
“Just answer me Tomar”.
“What do you want?”.
“The Arctic”.
“She wants the Arctic”. Tomar said and the rest of the Stealers laughed.
“Pay your debt Minerva and pay the price for this one and she’s all yours, you’re going to like her, perfect match”. Tomar said and fli-cked her f!nger.
“What’s the cost?”.
“I’ll just give you a discount for the debt, a hundred and thirty Mermaids”.
“C’mon Tomar, you just finished killing my men”.
“That’s right, um I killed first set and buried this once alive but let’s see how many are still alive”. Tomar said.
The Stealers raised their hands up and men crawled out of the soil coughing out sand.
“In total sixty men gone Minerva so let just cut the chase, Fifty Mermaids to pay your debt”.
” Alright so what’s the cost of this Arctic?”.
“Arctic?”. Tomar said and the Stealers laughed out.
“Let me make this straight Minerva, it’s a Hybrid Arctic”. Tomar whispered and her eyes popped.
“That’s right so imagine the cost for the first true Arctic Hybrid, I was stunned, I didn’t believe it, we wanted her for ourselves Minerva but trade by barter should do”.
“Just name your price Tomar”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
Tomar whistled as she moved around her and st©pped behind.
“A hundred Mermaids will do Minerva or one the other hand tell me the plan of the Arrowood and the Hybrid Arctic is yours”.
“Payment Option two sounds enticing but I’ll go for one with a compromise”.
“Not again Minerva”.
“Your pres£nce here must have chased a lot of Mermaids away leaving little so let’s make it fifty”.
“Fifty… Fifty… We’re taking about a Hybrid Arctic here”.
“When I’m done she’s all yours”.
“What are you up to?”. Tomar asked.
“You don’t need to know”.
“Have you seen a Mermaid that controls the sea without the singing but not an Arctic I have her”.
“Lady Benita hmm Anita has always protected her from us”.
“Do we have a deal?”.
“That’s Fifty one, Lady Benita and Fifty Mermaids in exchange for everything about the Arctic, her name, identity, family, location every single thing about her, we have a deal Minerva”.
“Welcome back to business old Friend”. Mrs. Arrowood said and they shook hands.
⛲🚄Sea Tales Pres£nts⛲🚄 : Physients Stories Library 
City Mermaid
Kapella yawned loudly as she covered herself with the duvet.
“It’s time for school, get up, right away”. Mrs. Elijah said trying to pu-ll off the duvet.
“I’m tired Mom, my bones”. She said stretching out.
“” And what could have made you so tired? “.
” Mom I literally fought….. Um.. Nothing “. She said scratching her head.
” Are you lying again? “.
” Alright Mom up I go “. Kapella said as she rolled out of the be-d and took her IPhone 12.
She looked at the time and scoffed as she dropped it on the be-d.
” Is that…..? “.
She quic-kly picked it and hid it behind her.
“Its nothing Mom”.
“Where did you oh my God!”.
“I Um bought it”.
“Don’t even think of lying, you don’t have such money in your account or have you started selling your diamond tears?”.
“C’mon Mom, Cindy helped me and I got it”.
“Your lie does not impress me still, Just take your bath and be re-ady for school”. Mrs. Elijah said and left the room.
“Damn!”. Kapella said and dropped it angrily.
She str!pped herself n-ked and raced into the bathroom.
Lovely could be seen wearing his bow tie after putting on his red suit.
A hand appeared from behind him and helped his with the hook before arranging his collar.
“Dahlia”. He said as he turned back.
“You look stunning”. She said standing akimbo.
“Thanks and what could have made caused you to be awake by this time of the day “.
“So I’ve been tagged as slee-ping Dahlia, maybe I wanted to see if you’re re-ady to speak”. She said as she moved to his front.
“Speak about what?”. He asked.
“What we talked about yesterday?”.
“And what did we talk about yesterday?”. He asked.
“No matter how much I try to show the sister love you still act stubborn like I’m the enemy”. She said sitting on his be-d.
“I’m going to be late for school Dahlia”.
“And who’s gonna punish you for that, don’t skip my question”. She said and crossed her leg.
“I’m 25, Lovely and you’re just was it 18 or 19, Does that sound a ringing bell to your ears, I’m your big sister and you’re my little brother and little brothers should confide in their sisters you know”. She said.
“Don’t freak me into the brother sister bonding thing Dahlia, I’ve told you alre-ady, I saved an innocent girl who I sh0t”. He said.
“We both know that’s a lie”.
“So what do you suggest, I saved a Mermaid like mom suggest?”.
“It’s not about Mom, it’s about you”.
“Don’t act like you ain’t with her”. Lovely said.
She rose to her and scoffed.
“Alright then but don’t expect me to come running when you get into trouble again”. She said and walked away.
“Francis!”. Cindy called out as she ran down the stairs.
He st©pped mid way and turned back with his school bag.
“You didn’t take your meal”. She said.
“I don’t have appetite at the moment”.
“You’ve been acting low for a while now, is everything alright?”. She asked.
“I’m totally fine”.
“I know as much as you hate me, I’m still your sister, you can always confide in me”. She said.
“Yeah, I just want to say you should be careful Ashley”..
“Um… What’s going on?”.
Francis gro-an ed as his stomach rumbled and he raised his head up.
“I think i got my appetite back”. He said dropping his bag.
Lovely walked out of his room and closed the door, he turned and almost bu-mped into Roxy.
“Um.. Sorry”. She said as she took a step back.
“Hey, how was your night?”. He asked adjusting his bag.
“Um.. Nightmares but I think i finally sle-pt off”. She said and he nodded.
“About yesterday um…”.
“I’m fine Lovely, I’ve suffered a lot and getting kidnapped by your mother don’t sound surprising”. She said.
“Are you returning to Spain?”. He asked.
“No, It’s better down here than the lone life, I haven’t seen my Father for a long time now, he only calls to say high while I’m held prisoner at home”. She said and he held her hand.
“It’s gonna be alright, Okay?”. He said and she nodded.
“Ain’t you re-ady for school yet?”. He asked.
“I don’t feel like going, I need some rest”.
“Take enough, should I call a Doctor?”.
“No don’t bother, you’ve done enough alre-ady, I just need to figure somethings out”. She said.
“So stay safe and my regards to her”. Roxy said walking away.
“Her?”. He asked.
“Kapella”. He heard a voice and turned to see Ashley.
“Hey.. My vehicle broke down and can you exchange the Boutique d@t£ we have to a ride “. She asked.
” Thanks for yesterday “. He said as they walked away.
” Don’t thank me, Mother is going to find out one day and I’ll suffer for it “. She said and he st©pped walking.
” Those things you said, Did you mean it? “. Lovely asked and they resumed walking.
“About we st©p fighting”. He said and she scoffed.
“You know it’s impossible, we’re born to conflict, Candy”. She said tapping his arm.
She paused midway and turned back.
“If fighting is the only way we survive, so he it, don’t keep me waiting I think I’ve fell in love with school”. She said walking away.
“Mom I’m off”. Kapella said as she opened the door.
“I’m almost done with Steve’s @ssignment, Just a little more”.
“If you had done it for me last night I’ll….”.
“sssh.. Don’t even think of it.. Simple @ssignment but you’re good at watching movies”.
“I’ll tell Mom”.
“There she is”.
“Candy… Your…”.
Kapella’s eyes popped as clenched her fist.
“Off I go”. She said and walked out.
“Late you are”. Lovely said and she almost screamed as it c@m£ as a surprise.
“You freaked me out”. She said holding her che-st.
“Is your heart still in place?”. He asked holding her face and she nodded.
“Hop in then”. He said moving to the Driver’s seat.
She wanting to open the door but it was locked.
The window slide down revea-ling Ashley who chew a gum.
“Holla, seat occupied”. She said and slide it up.
Kapella scoffed and got into the p@ss£ngers seat.
Lovely starts theignition and drove off speedily as Kapella wondered what Ashley was doing in the vehicle.
“Are you st©pping at Cindy’s place?”. Kapella asked.
“Let’s see to it”. He replied as he turned to steering.
“Are you the Cabman now?”. Ashley asked.
“I asked you to be at your best behavior Ash”. Lovely said.
“I’m trying to”. She said.
They arrived at Cindy’s home and he sound the horn.
Cindy c@m£ out with Francis and they froze seeing the vehicle.
The window slide down and Ashley waved with a creepy smile.
Francis heart raced as he stared at her face.
“Taxi.. Hop in!”. She sang.
“Ashley”. Lovely called out.
“Can’t I be friendly or have I been pinned as Miss Villianous alre-ady”. She asked.
Kapella got down from the vehicle and approached Cindy.
“Let’s go”.
“I’m not staying in that vehicle with her”.
“C’mon Cindy”.
“That girl is evil”. She whispered.
“She saved our @ss yesterday, I just can’t ignore that”.
“Lovely not us”. She whispered.
“It’s just a ride, you all don’t have to take your crises personal”. Lovely said..
The bell rung loudly for break as the students trooped out of their various cl@sses.
“I can’t just imagine we got into the same vehicle with Ashley”. Cindy said as she c@m£ out of the cl@ss with Kapella.
“You were the one who told me to face my fears and not be scared of bad guys”. Cindy said.
“I just don’t like her, she’s up to something definitely, she can’t be just nice or she’s just after Lovely”.
“Here you go again”.
“She sat at the front Kapella with your b©yfri£nd, her smile was annoying “.
” She’s his Sister “. Kapella said.
” Whatever.. I’m off to refill my stomach, what do you want? “.
” My regular order, I need to go, I can hear this Mermaid voices calling out to me “.
” Sure.. Bye “.
Lovely took the call from Mrs. Arrowood as he walked out of the cl@ss.
” Don’t tell me you’ve become blind that you can’t re-ad my text messages “. Mrs. Arrowood snapped.
” I was in a cl@ss “.
” And when did you start abiding by rules? “. She asked and he st©pped walking.
“Well we need your h0tel for a Family Dinner?”.
“um.. I didn’t hear you well”. He said.
“Don’t even think of pla-ying jokes with me son, I’ve things to attend to”.
“Weekend.. Saturday”.
“Booked alre-ady”.
“You’re seriously stepping on my toes son, I don’t care who paid for it alre-ady, we’re using it on Saturday”.
“Fine, I’ll make the arrangement, Family Dinner, should I call that progress?”. He asked.
“We’re having a dinner with The Fernando”.
“Did you say something like we and The Fernando?”. Lovely asked.
“Fernando just returned into the country and wants to raise a new company at Phoenix, we were once business p@rtners at Keystone so it’s my turn to host his Family, they’ll be here to inspect the site”.
“Seriously you know our family hates….”.
“Point of correction, your siblings hate the Fernando Twin, let’s call it a reconciliation dinner,This an opportunity for us son to p@rtner with one of the biggest billionaire, I’m going to kill anyone of you who ruin it”. She said and disconnect the call.
Lovely scoffed and retreat his phone as he walked away.
Two teen girls could be seen watching him from the balcony above.
“We just escaped captivity Anna and s£nt to a school by Madison to find the Arctic not stare at some handsome”. One of the girl’s said.
“Have patience Esther I was trying to recognize the face”. Anna said as she pu-ll-ed off from the balcony
“Did you?”. Esther asked.
Anna poured the water she was holding on her palm and placed it on her Esther’s fore head thrû-sting her into a vision.
Anna could be seen standing ba-refoot in front of a market stall when Lovely approached the stall.
“Ice cream plea-se”. He said as he gave the woman at the stall a dollar note an stylishly t©uçh the girl’s hand other hand that had a t©uçh of salt.
She flin-ched and he turned to her.
“Um is all well”. He asked and she nodded.
“You looked scared, are you lost?”. He asked.
“Who are you? What do you have on your hands?”. She asked.
“My hands nothing except probably salt, I work for a salt manufacturing company down the street”. He said and she exhaled.
“Is everything well?”. He asked and she nodded.
“By the way, I love your hair, you’re beautiful”. He said and she nodded.
“You can’t lie, you’re scared, what it, I can help you”. He said.
“Someone wants to capture me”. She said.
“You mean kidnap”.
“Oh my God! Have you called the cops?”. He asked.
“They’re dangerous”. She screamed.
“Hey shhh it’s alright”. He said as she fell into his arm as she sobbe-d.
Someone appeared behind and plugged a Stun Gun into her back pressing the trigger.
A stun gun works by attacking the nervous system, delivering high-voltage electricity to a b©dy.
She screamed as the electric shock caused her to shake vigorously.
He pu-ll-ed it and she stood immobilized.
“You lied”. She whispered and dropped unconscious to the ground as there was a sharp blackout.
Anna let go of Esther’s head and cleaned the tears in her eyes.
“He’s the reason I was caught, he tricked me but I’m going to have my revenge”. Anna said as she used her f!ngersto control the water on Esther’s face back to the bottle.
“What are you gonna do?”. Esther asked as they turned and walked away.
“I’m going to kill him but first let’s find the Arctic”.
Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City 🧜‍♀️ Mermaid
Kapella walked throu-gh the corridor of the rest room looking around for where the voice in her head was coming from.
She could see the students entering and leaving the different rooms there.
“Who are you?”. Kapella asked.
“You must be the Arctic”. She heard a voice and turned back to see Esther and Anna standing at the entrance.
“Who the hell are you?”. She asked moving toward them.
“Kapella Elijah, Just as beautiful as they describe”. Anna said as she st©pped in front of her.
“C’mon girls, break it, restroom is not the best place to fight”. A s£nior student said.
“Come with me”. Kapella thought walking away.
They followed after her and she lead them to the roof.
So can you answer my question now? “. Kapella asked as she looked down from the height.
” She’s Esther, I’m Anna “. Anna said and Kapella turned.
” How do you know what I am? What is your mission here? “.
” Madison was right about you, you don’t un-derstand the sisterhood “.
” Sisterhood of what?”.
“Mermaids don’t ask question like strangers even if that’s what we are, you confide in us cos we’re a family”. Esther said.
“I’ve heard that before just spill your mission”.
“I asked them to bring you hear”. She heard a voice and turned to see Madison walking out from behind the chimney.
Kapella toward her and hvgged her.
“You’re fine”.
“Yeah, I was worried about you when we split, I wanted to search for you but hunters were in alre-ady “.
” I un-derstand but we’re fine and I’m happy to see two new guys, thought they died in the explosion”. Kapella said.
“The explosion was un-derwater to it reduced it damage, most of us survived it and healing alre-ady”. Anna said.
“Welcome to the Family then um…..”.
“There’s a problem Ella”. Madison said.
“And what could that be?”.
“The Mermaid who knows about The Stealers didn’t make it”. She said.
“She died?”.
“No she got caught by one of their bullets”. Anna said.
“But there’s an extra problem, Lady Benita,she…. “. Madison said with teary look.
“No no don’t tell me”. Kapella stammered.
“She got captured as well, she sacrificed herself so we could escape after some of us were sh0t down “. Esther said and Kapella exhaled as she looked down the height.
She punched the brick of the chimney angrily and gro-an ed.
“The Hunter Woman might kill her”. Madison said in tears.
“Don’t cry Maddy, we’ll find a way out of this”. Kapella said.
“Don’t say rescue, we lost enough Mermaids alre-ady and going to her den is the most dangerous, we’ll be walking right straight into a tra-p”. Madison said.
“Calm Maddy”.
“How can I be calm she’s like a Mother to us, I always wanted to go to school but now it’s ruined because a lot of people have seen me as a half human half fish and now Lady Benita, she was like a mother to us”. Madison said.
“I un-derstand but I’ll work this out, I promise “. Kapella said and she nodded.
Cindy moved to an empty seat in the Cafeteria and dropped the meal she had bought on the table.
She coll@psed unto the chair and picked her fork when a s£nior student sat beside her.
“You really got something delicious down here”. He said as he gr@bb£d one of the burger and pushed it into his mouth.
She couldn’t object as it could attract bullying from the Faction.
“You know I’ve been admiring you for a long time”. He said as he gulped in the cup of water of the table.
He was dropping the cup when someone stabbe-d a fork into his hand.
He screamed attracting the attention of everyone in the Cafeteria as Cindy raised her head to see him.
It was Finn.
“I hate when idiots interrupt my movie”. He said and twist it causing his to scream louder.
He let go of the fork and the boy staggered way crying as he clenched to his hand.
“Holla rude girl”. He said sitting down.
“Finn, what again?”.
“I thought superheroes are praised when they save victims or you probably watch telenovela alone”. He asked leaning close and she scoffed.
“You just stabbe-d someone’s hand, you’re nothing but a villainous vampire”.
“That’s sound like a perfect title, I was watching a movie and he obstructed my view”.
“There’s no movie here so can I at least eat my meal in peace”. She said.
“How rude, I just saved your @ss”. He said.
“I didn’t beg you”. He said and turned to the door as Kapella walked in.
“Here comes the Queen and before I get my head snapped by some crazy brother….”.He said and gulped in the content of the cup that was left.
“That’s for the drink”. He said and rose to his feet.
Kapella stared blankly at him as he stared at her as well walking away.
“Are you now into bad guys?”. Kapella asked seating down.
“Seriously you’re a pain in this @ss”. Cindy said.
Kapella picked the bent fork on the table and raised it up.
“Tell me you stabbe-d him”.
“Oh my God!”.
“Mmmm hmmm”.
“You’re crazy”.
“Yep, I’m a Mermaid so I love bad bad things”.
“Like Diaz?”.
“Geez! I’m going to so kill you”. Kapella roared.
“He just stabbe-d someone’s hand because he eat p@rt of our meal”.
“Finn of course”. Cindy replied taking one of the burger.
“He definitely wasn’t here for me”.
“Of course he was”.
“You’re lying Cindy, I can see it in your eyes”.
“Just let me eat in piece alright?”.
Kapella fixed her gaze on Cindy with a creepy smile.
“Geez!”. Cindy scoffed looking away.
The bell rung loudly as the students trooped out of their various cl@sses gisting as they wore their bags.
“C’mon Cindy I’m only kidding”. Kapella said running after Cindy who was walking fast down the hallway.
She finally caught up with her and blocked her way.
“C’mon Baby Girl”.
“I hate creepy jokes”.
“Fine”. Kapella said wra-pping her hand around her n£¢k.
“Have you seen Lovely?”. She asked.
“He left the cl@ssroom before us”.
“I need to get Lady Benita from his mother’s grip, he’s the only one who can help without be getting into trouble again”.
“Your name should be changed to trouble?”.
“You’re starting the creepy jokes Cin”.
“Damn! Haven’t I told you to delete that from your memory?”.
“It’s refusing to delete so let’s keep it, Did you see Diaz today?”. Kapella asked.
“Seriously? Are you missing his troubles alre-ady?”.
“Just st©p, I asked a question, who knows maybe they’re all this because of their mother”. Kapella shrugged.
“Seems he’s given up alre-ady so bad”. Cindy sang as they walked out of the school gate
“Hey wait up!”. Kapella called out as Lovely’s vehicle drove away but he didn’t hear her.
Lovely hit the highway as he drove speedily.
“Hey Roxy”. He said placing his phone on his ear.
“I’m on my way, I’ll pick you right now for the hospital, okay”. He said and dropped the phone.
Lovely raised his head up and was shocked to see a teen girl on the road.
He turned his steering speedily running right straight into an open warehouse.
He hit the wall and gro-an ed as the airbag puffed on his face.
“$h!t!”. He cursed as he pushed open the door and fell out.
He raised his head up and saw Anna standing with Esther.
“Who the hell are you?”. He asked staggering to his feet.
“Can’t you remember the face of the people you’ve hurt you Bastard!”. Anna said raising her hand up with Esther.
They both began to sing as they moved toward him.
“Mermaids.. You’re wasting your time”. He said.
“Of course singing doesn’t work on hunters but this will”. Anita said as Lovely heard that splashy sound behind and turning a flood of water flu-shed him away.
He crashed to the ground as he battled to get up as the entire water rose him and hit him against the wall.
He crashed on the bonnet of his face and fell off to the ground.
“You can’t imagine the pain, I wake up every morning with one face in my memory”.
“You!”. She sang loudly with Esther as they pushed their hand forward and the water pushed him against the wall.
“I don’t fvcking know you”. He roared.
She marched up to him and placed her leg on his che-st pinning him to the wall.
“Look into my damn face and spill it again”. She said and he g@sped as he remembered her.
“You do?, The helper who turned out to be an enemy in disguise”. She said and re-moved her foot as he slide to the ground.
She took few steps back and resumed singing with Esther causing to water to surround him but it scattered into droplet.
“Enough!”. They heard a voice and turned to see see Kapella moving toward them with Cindy.
“The Arctic, do not interfere in my issue, he’s evil”. Anna said as she gr@bb£d his n£¢k to the wall.
Kapella swing her hand to the left and the water on the ground pushed her back forcing her to let go of him.
“I said let go of him”. Kapella said as the bulb above explode.
“Mermaids take revenge and he’s a hunter, we don’t spare them”.
“He’s on our side”. Kapella said.
“No, he’s a liar and a trickster, he did same to me, he s£nt me back to captivity”. Anna said angrily.
“I was going to help you, my brother attacked you”.
“You liar”. She roared.
“He rescued me last night, he’s my b©yfri£nd”. Kapella said.
“What?”. Esther and Anna exclaimed as they turned back.
“He’s your b©yfri£ndbecause he rescued you”.
“No, We’ve known each other for a while although he just got to know what I am”.
“He’s a fvcking hunter”. Esther said.
“I know that alre-ady”.
“You’re creating same history with your Mother, you must be connected to the Hunter Woman, maybe it’s going to be easy finding her true identity now”. Anna said staring at him.
“I’ve this un-der my control Anna”.
“No you don’t, blinded by love, just like your mother but such mistake isn’t repeating cos we’re informing the rest”. Esther said and they made to move but she blocked their way.
“Are you trying to wage war against your own people?”. Anna said.
“You’re repeating same history that have been reoccurring for centuries of centuries despite that your mother foolishly did it again and here you are, different Arctic, different hunter, same story”. Esther said.
“What are you talking about?”. Kapella asked.
“Maybe it’s best you hear it from Lady Benita herself because she probably didn’t know you were walking on the same path of death like your ancestors so bad she’s captured by his very devilish people, I’m not saying $h!t, not until we get her back”. Anna said and pushed Kapella from her way.
“I’ll do it”. Lovely said and they paused.
“What? No”. Kapella said shaking her head.
“I’ll smuggle your Lady Benita out of the place she’s held captive”.
The beach was quiet that afternoon as people had nice time un-der their umbrellas when a wave threw off surfers who were on the ocean, they crashed on the shore and looked back at the ocean.
Suddenly crocodiles crawled out causing eveyone to scream including the surfers who didn’t bother to take their surfboard as they all raced off.
The ocean was unstable as the backside of a woman could be seen emerging out of it with with clothes and hair.
Her face wasn’t visible as it was plain like that of the Stealers.
She st©pped at the shore and squat low as she packed the sand with her hand and then inhaled the scent.
She rose up slowly as the crocodiles returned back to the ocean.
“Phoenix City, still beautiful as ever”. She whispered and pouring down the sand she vanished into p@rticle of dust.

**Sea Tales Pres£nts :*
*City Mermaid**
“Lovely you have to rethink this”. Kapella said as he moved toward his vehicle.
“This is on me”. He said turning back.
“No, your mother did not you”. She said.
“You don’t get it, do you? I’m kind of the one who fore see, I fvcking told them your escape route was the tunnel”.
“What? How?”.
“Just time Ella and I’ll find a way to rescue this Lady Benita”. He said.
“The risk is big, your mother is smart, she’s shown it in different ways alre-ady”. Kapella said and he held her face.
“No she’s not cunning is different from smart, my mother is not smart, listen K, you’re one of the smart people I’ve met in my existence, being faceless alone, messing with the school for a long time with no trace”. He said and paused.
“Just foresee it Kapella, I’m the best sh0t at this, okay?”.
“I’m worried, I can device a plan and…”.
“Shhh…”. He said placing a f!nger on herl-ips.
“Lovely I can…”.
“It’s dangerous”.
“I know, just trust me on this, alright?”. He said placing her hand on his che-st.
“Your heart is racing”. She said and he scoffed.
“Ahem!”. Cindy cleared her throat and they turned to her.
“I’m just gonna you know catch a cab, bye babe”. She said and turned but a Mercury Comet drove into the warehouse.
“Just in time”. Lovely said as he handed over his keys to the man who got down.
“Fix the vehicle”.
“Yes sir”.
“Shall we?”. Lovely asked opening the door for Kapella.
“Thanks I’ll join this big head behind”. Kapella said and opened the p@ss£nger’s door.
She got and sat as she stared at Cindy.
Cindy scoffed and sat at the front instead.
“What?”. Kapella exclaimed.
Cindy closed the door and turned to her.
“That for calling me big head, drive plea-se”. She said and leaned against the window.
“Seriously you two are…”. Lovely said as he moved to the driver’s seat.
He starts the ignition and drove off speedily.
They arrived at Cindy’s home and she alighted.
“Bye!”. She waved at them and they drove off.
“I know things are going crazy with Ashley or…”.
“Don’t talk about it Lovely”. Kapella said as she rest her head on the seat.
“I need to be sure you’re fine with it, She’s my sister, helping me out might just be a fact that she’s good, we’re all good but our mother is turning us against ourselves”. He said.
“What about your Father?”. She asked.
“I haven’t met mine before, my mother says he’s dead and my step father is nowhere to be found for a while now and no one cares, I don’t either, he just bear the title as a husband, Mother is the real ruler of the Family”. He said as he made a bend.
“Your family is quite complicated”. She said and he nodded.
“Really complicated babe, I regret been born into the family of the Arrowood”.
“No don’t say that, we’re both into some families for reasons, probably not known to us”.
“And when did you get a certificate in Motivational Speaking?”. He asked and she laughed.
“That isn’t funny “.
” You laughed “.
” Did I?, Hey you just p@ssed my habitat! “. She said looking back.
” Did you say habitat? “. He asked and she found her way to the front seat throu-gh the open space at the center.
” Should i remind you I’m an Aquatic creature? “.
” Should i remind you you’re a Hybrid, Aqua Lady? “. He asked.
” Is that a code name for me or you’ll drive back? “.
“C’mon let’s gr-ab some h0t dog at a vendor, what do you think?”. He asked as he increased the stereo sound.
“Cool, For years now I was feeding on fish meal alone plus water”.
“Yep! And right now that I know how to eat human food it doesn’t taste sweet, gross”. She said.
“It’s just time and you’ll adapt”. He said.
“h0t dog, my brother loves it”.
“Yep. That stubborn kid”.
“He’s smart”.
There was silence in the vehicle as he continued driving.
“I’ll be back”. He said and parked the car by the street.
He got down and left while she surf the internet with her phone.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and she took it front the seat.
“Headache Version 2.89”. She said and scoffed as she stared at the caller.
“Crazy kid”. She said laughing as she took the call for him wondering who it was.
“Son where are you?”. That voice s£nt shock down her spine as the phone dropped from her hand.
“Lovely!”. The voice called out.
She quic-kly picked the phone and disconnected the call as her heart raced.
“Mrs. Arrowood”. She whispered and the door of the vehicle opened.
“I’m back”. Lovely said as he entered into the vehicle.
“What happened to your baby face?”. He asked dropping the carton of h0t dog.
“Your Mom called”. She said handing over the phone to him.
“What? Did you……”.
“You saved the contact as….”.
“Damn! She she hear your voice”.
“I didn’t speak”. She said.
“Are you alright?”. He asked and she nodded holding her hand.
He starts the ignition and she bit her lowerl-ip.
“She should call again”.
“Mother is smart enough to know that I wasn’t the one who took the call”.
“You said she isn’t smart”.
“Yeah. cunning”. He said and g@sped as he took his phone.
“I was suppose to take Roxy to the hospital before the incidence”. He said as he dialed a number.
“Hey”. He said as he hit the accelerator.
“Don’t bother coming, Dahlia asked the Doctor to treat me”.
“How are you feeling now?”.
“Better but her talks make me sick”. Roxy said.
“I know, I’ll be there in minutes, okay?”. He said.
“Can you stay away from home for now?”.
“Um.. What are you talking about?”.
“I think your mother is going for some war, new men arrived today”.
“Hunting”. He said.
“I think so, Just stay away, okay.”. She said and he nodded.
“Alright, thanks, bye”.
“Roxy, Daughter of my mom’s cousin”.
“Your mom re-leased her?”.
“As I said Kapella, my family is complicated”. He said.
The man who brou-ght a Vehicle for Lovely could be seen working un-der the the damaged Lamborghini when his phone rang.
He slide out and took the call having brou-ght out his phone.
“Boss Diaz”. He said but there was no response.
“Boss I swear I did what you asked me to do to the vehicle your brother asked me bring”. He said.
“Of course you did”. Diaz voice rang out.
“Boss I swear I did it, Maybe he found it, I put the bug into the seat of the vehicle”.
“You know I always do a clean sweep so there’s no trace”.
“I don’t un-derstand you boss”.
“Take a few steps outside Harry, you’ll un-derstand”.
Harry rose from the ground and moved outside the warehouse.
“To your left, third floor in the skyscr@p£r”.
He turned slowly and a bullet sunk into his head.
He dropped dead to the ground as the point of view changed to a sniper rifle resting on the window of a skyscr@p£r.
Slowly the face of the person behind the Sniper Rifle could be seen as he took his eyes from the scope.
It was Diaz.
He turned to the white board and on it was written.
‘Aqua Lady’
“Kapella Elijah you never seize to surprise me”. He whispered.
Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City Mermaid
“You look surprised, are you alright?”. Danny asked.
“Yeah, no, I’m fine, you’re Mr. Arrowood?”. Kapella asked to cover up the shock and he scoffed.
“You’re such a funny girl, Arrowood is a family name and I’m just a distant relative”.
“Oh I see”. Kapella said as her heart pound fast.
She could feel anger running down her spine as she could hear Mrs. Elijah’s voice in her head telling her what her real mother said about Danny.
“He was a ro-mantic Son of the Devil”. Kapella heard the voice and gro-an ed closing her eyes.
“Are you alright?”. He asked wanting to t©uçh her arm.
“I’m fine”. She said st©pping him.
“Just a slight headache, I should go now”. She said wanting to open the door but it was locked.
“We haven’t finished our conversation”. He said.
“I have, I don’t feel comfortable with strangers”.
“Really? You fell in love with a kid in less than a month, does that satisfy that claim?”.
“Seriously can you let me go, Danny or whatever you call yourself”. She said and he chuckled.
“I can see why the Arrowood are much interested in you, the courage and stubborn acts, I’m growing fond of you”.
“I don’t need your compliment Mr. Danny, what else do you want cos I’m done here”.
“Don’t act like I’m asking you out, I’m just trying to advice you like a father would to a daughter”. He said and sweat formed the more on Kapella’s head as her heart beat fas-ter.
“You’re not my father”. She stammered.
“Of course but I’ll advise like one, seems Elijah doesn’t know his daughter is mingling with some rich kid in town, he’s a man of principle and I’ll advise you like he would”. Kapella fumed in anger.
“You know nothing about my father”.
“You keep acting like we’ve met before, I definitely love that”.
“Open the fvcking door”.
“Stay away from Lovely Arrowood, Kapella Elijah, face your studies, a catfish can never be the suitor of a king whale, that should stink into your head cos I might not be gentle the next time, go!”.
She tried opening the door and it worked now.
She staggered out immediately and closed the door.
The vehicle drove off immediately and she leaned against the wall closing her eyes.
” Hey ma’am are you alright? “. She heard a voice.
” Get off! “. She roared angrily and the woman walked away staring at her.
“Calm Kapella, Breath!”. She repeated trying to calm herself.
She wanted to move when she felt something in her coat.
She di-pped her hand in and brou-ght out a key.
Her mind flashed black to Lovely tou-ching her w@!st before the men gr@bb£d him away.
He must have dropped it in.
” Crazy kid”. She said looking around.
“Over there”. She said as she locate the vehicle.
She got in and starting the ignition drove off speedily.
As she drove she couldn’t concentrate as she could hear different voices in her head.
From Mrs. Elijah telling her Mom’s story to the Mermaids all talking about Danny, the Bastard her mother married.
Kapella roared angrily as she hit the accelerator angrily causing the vehicle to shoot off like a bullet.
She arrived at Cindy’s place in no time and rushed into the building.
“Hey babe what….”. Cindy said standing up from the couch but Kapella didn’t let her finish as she hvgged her in tears.
“I met my father, I met Danny”. She cried.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy asked as they dis£ngaged.
“I met my biological father and all felt was the fury to tear him ap@rt”.
Arrowood Mansion
Mrs. Arrowood marched into the building as the men dragged Lovely behind.
“Get your filthy hands off him!”. He struggled with them but they were much stronger than him.
They let him go as they got to the living room and Mrs. Arrowood sat.
“Now we have a full house”. She said and he turned to see his siblings.
“Sit”. Dahlia said.
Lovely scoffed and sm-irked hisl-ip.
“I was literally kidnapped for some $h!tty mee…..”.
Mrs. Arrowood sl@pped him across the face and he gro-an ed.
“Sit!”. She roared.
He stared at her and sat gently on the couch.
“We have little time left because I spent more of it tracking your brother like he’s some kid”. Mrs. Arrowood said and inhaled.
“So the purpose of this meeting is to inform you that there’s an Arctic out there, a new Arctic”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“I thought Anita is said to be the last Arctic”. Ashley said.
“So we thought but seems there’s another but not Anita”. Mrs. Arrowood said and raised a picture up.
“This is what Anita looks like but what Dahlia and I say isn’t this, it’s a masked girl “. She said and and Lovely stared at Anita’s picture with keen interest.
” Lovely! “. Mrs. Arrowood called out and he j£rked from his thought.
” Are you with us? “. She asked and he nodded.
” You ain’t dumb “.
” Yes, I’m with you “.
” Good, as you all know, our ancestors have been on the search for Arctics, they’re the main priority, as you all know, we had one before”.
“Who married one of the Arrowoods, we know that alre-ady but are the Arrowood so blind to hook their son up with a Mermaid, I don’t still get the story”. Lovely said.
“This isn’t time for story”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“We deserve to know what went between this Danny and Anita?”.
“You heard Mother, shut up! It isn’t time for story”. Dahlia said and eveyone turned to her as they were shocked.
Even Lovely was shocked as he g@sped.
She was always by his side against their Mother.
“We’re having a plan for them but let’s push that to tomorrow after our dinner with the Fernando family”.
“Fernando family”. Diaz said and scoffed.
“The last time we met at Spain, you didn’t go well with the Fernando twin”.
“That was Ashley”. Finn said.
“Just keep shut! You’re the one who tried to woe them”.
“Enough”. Mrs. Arrowood said and there was silence.
“I don’t want to hear the blame game, this is a fresh start and if you do well, you’ll be rewarded by me, our deal with the Brook Family was ruined before of what Dahlia did to the Brook Brothers”. She said and all eyes turned to Dahlia who let out a creepy smile.
“We used her Dinning, our mistake but she will be at her best behavior this time, we’re using Candy’s h0tel”.
“Gosh! Another venue plea-se”. Finn said.
“I don’t need to tell you who’s Mr. Fernando, I don’t need to tell you what benefit we’ll derive if the family bonding thing works, you can imagine it”. She said placing her hand together.
A guard suddenly rushed in and they turned.
“How many times have I warned that I’ll serve you head if you ever disrupt my meeting”. Mrs. Arrowood screamed.
“Am sorry ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am, Mr. Fernando and his Family are here”. He said breathing heavily.
“What?”. Mrs. Arrowood exclaimed as her kids were surprised as well.
“They just drove in now ma’am”.
“Go make sure the cooks are doing something”. Mrs. Arrowood said snapping her f!nger at Dahlia.
“What’s my reward?”.
“We’ll fvcking talk about that later and we’re using your dinner, name your price later”. Mrs. Arrowood said trying to compose herself.
“What are you waiting for, let’s go welcome them”. She snapped at them and they rose up sluggishly.
“I’m going to warn again, any of you ruin this, I’ll kill you”. She said and straightened up her dress as she stepped out.
They followed after her from behind to see the Ferrari 250 GTO that drove into the compound.
“You should st©p being a pompous proud girl and d@t£ the Fernando’s son to get us some goodies”. Finn said and Ashley scoffed.
“And when did we become friends or have the sight of the world most expensive Ferrari messed with your head, I’m no friend of yours, Go d@t£ the twin if you want goodies “. Ashley said.
Mrs. Arrowood turned back and silence ensured as they looked away.
They stood in front of the vehicle as the front doors slide open revea-ling two people who c@m£ down from it.
A man in a red coat and a teen boy who was dressed in almost the same way.
“Mr. Fernando I wasn’t expecting you”. Mrs. Arrowood said full of smiles.
“Yeah, sorry for the surprise, I have an appointment tomorrow so…”.
“No not at all, you’re very much welcome”. She said.
“Kids”. She said turning back.
“Welcome to the Arrowood’s Mansion Mr. Fernando”. They chorused.
“You got Lovely kids”. Mr. Fernando said and she nodded.
“Oh so bad of me to keep you waiting, may we go in?”.
“Sure”. He said.
“Rex, ain’t you saying anything”. He added.
“I’m Rex we might have met before, I prefer Generator Rex”. He said.
“What about your twin daughter?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
The loud sound of a music could be heard as the p@ss£nger’s door slide open.
A teen girl stepped out with a stereo box and paused on seeing them.
“Arrowood Mansion, I thought we st©pped by a boutique”. She said looking around.
“That’s Camille, Stereo Girl “. Rex said beckoning at her to reduce the music. 

“I didn’t beg you to introduce me Generator”. She said stepping forward.
“St©p it”. Mr. Fernando said.
“You heard me”.
She frown and paused the music on her stereo box.
“Nice to meet you Camille”. Lovely broke the silence.
She stared blankly at him as she turned to her father.
“Can I pl@yit now?”.
“No… Let’s go”. He said putting his hand around her shoulder.
“What about your other girl?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked as they moved toward the building.
“She’s a latecomer”. Rex said.
“Do you all hate me that much?”. They heard a voice and turned back to see a girl that looked like Camille coming down from the vehicle.
“Just a minute to finish with my make up”. She said holding a brush.
“Just fall in when you’re done”. Camille said.
“That’s right, let’s go”. Mr. Fernando said and they moved into the building while Finn waited behind.
They all moved into Dahlia’s Dinning and had their seat.
The maids pushed in a roller filled with different meal and offload them to the table.
“Sorry this should have been done before your arrival, Mr. Fernando”.
“No, not at all”.
Lovely couldn’t help but let out a creepy smile.
Kind words didn’t fit his mom is any direction.
He turned and there was Camille staring at him with Rex.
“What?”. He asked.
“You finally found a potential crush Rex”. Camille said and picked the fork.
“I’ve a girlfriend bit-ch”. Rex cursed at her.
“He looks way cute than her”.
Lovely scoffed as he hit the table angrily.
Mrs. Arrowood stared dagger at him but he was way too angry.
“And successful upd@t£d your list of enemies, congratulations sister”. Rex whispered.
“C’mon have your meal Mr. Lovely, she’s only trying to get on your toes”. Rex said forcing a laugh.
“Camille!”. Mr. Fernando called out.
“I’m trying to be friendly Dad but Mr. Pineapple face isn’t”.
“They’re kids Mr. Fernando, it’s nothing”. Mrs. Arrowood said.
“That’s right”. Camille said as gulped in the content of the cup in front of her.
The other girl got down from the vehicle as she struggled to put her heels on.
“Let me help you with that”. Finn said moving toward her.
“hish! Almost there”. She said and successfully put it in.
“Who are you?”. She asked as she rose up.
“I’m Finn, Finn Arrowood”. He said and her eyes popped.
“Scary name for bad guys”. She said walking away.
“You got the paint of al-ipstick on your teeth”. He called out.
“Not your fvcking business”. She fired back.
She arrived at the table and had her seat.
“And that’s Crystal”. Mr. Fernando said.
“Oh Crystal, she’s beautiful”. Mrs. Arrowood said and Camille frowned.
“Did you hear that sister, I’m way cuter than you”. Crystal said as she took off her diamond spec.
“Tell her brother who’s cuter?”. Camille said.
Rex shrugged as he gulped in the wine jui-ce he held.
“See for yourself Cami”.
“You got paint on your tooth”.
“I told her”. Finn said as he walked in.
“I didn’t invite you Mr…. What’s his name again?, Mr. Guava mouth”. Camille said and turned to her sister.
“Make up change no $h!t I’m prettier”.
“Ain’t they identical twin”. Ashley whispered at Lovely.
“Ask the bit-ch”. Lovely said.
“Can we eat in peace now?”. Diaz asked as he was feed up alre-ady.
“Who are you?”. Crystal asked.
“Kids let’s have it quiet”.
Lovely phone buzzed and he brou-ght out his phone to see the message from Kapella. “Come get your vehicle in ten minutes or I’ll dump it”. He smiled as he raised his head up.
Diaz stared at him knowing fully well that it must have been a message from Kapella.
“Um does anyone knows Kapella Elijah the upcoming pop singer? “. Camille asked and everyone turned to 8
Kapella alighted from the vehicle as the door pu-ll-ed open like it was awaiting her arrival.
“You got a car”. Steve exclaimed as she threw the key at him.
He caught it and jingle it.
“I need to test ride”. He said as she walked past him.
She gr@bb£d his shi-t from behind and raised him in with one hand.
She slammed close the door and collect the key.
“Do you want to die?”. She asked and he nodded.
“You pun…..”. She paused as she perceived a pres£nce in the building.
“Is mom home?”. She asked.
“No, I should call her to tell you brou-ght a vehicle home”. Steve said.
“Shhh..”. She said and climbe-d up the stairs.
She moved to the door of her room and kicked the door open.
“Terrible entry, Kapella”. A voice said and she stepped in to see Tomar seated on her be-d.
“Steve stay down there”. She said but there was no response.
“Steve!”. She called out and ran out but he was nowhere to be found.
“We don’t rest Arctic Girl, we’re always busy”. Tomar’s voice c@m£ out from the cup of water on the table.
She emerged out and was now seating on the table.
“What do you want?”. Kapella asked.
“That’s the question but maybe we don’t want you anymore Kapella Elijah, everythin you used as an upper hand against us reside somewhere, someone taught you and there’s only one person who’s gone face to face with the Arctic and walk out free woman, Anita”.
“My mother is dead”.
“But she left something for you, The book”. She said and Kapella turned to her.
“Don’t be surprised, we entered into Jane’s head the last time”.
“I’m not giving you that book”. Kapella said.
“Very well Kapella Elijah, prepare four coffins but not withstanding when we’re done, we’re still coming back for you”. Tomar said and paused.
“And one ti-p, Jane must have lied you, don’t worry we’ll punish her”. Tomar said and vanished into the cup of water.
Kapella looked around and paused seeing the writing on the wall.
It was the list of names.
All crossed with a red marker.
Sea Tales Pres£nts :
City Mermaid
“Kapella! Ella! K!”. She could hear the soft voice echoing in her head.
She felt something h@rd hit her and she become conscious.
“j£rk!”. Cindy cursed as Kapella woke up sweating profusely.
“Where’s Steve?”. She asked looking around.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy asked as Kapella got down from the couch.
“They took Steve, they had your name on the wall and my parents”. Kapella said as her heart pound fast.
“Bad dream girl, you’re such a sleepy head”. Cindy said scattering her hair with her hand.
“It’s a dream”. Kapella said holding Cindy’s hand.
“What are you talking about?”. Cindy asked.
Kapella hurriedly took her phone and called her mother.
“Hey mom, where’s Steve?”. Kapella asked.
“He’s here, just picked him from school”.
“Don’t take him home mom, take him with you to work and if anything happens, call me immediately mom, call”. She said and disconnect the call.
“Kapella what’s going on?”.
“A minute”. Kapella said as she called Mr. Elijah as well.
“Hey Dad”.
“Hey girl, is alright?”. He asked.
“I’m surprised you call”.
“Just checking on you, if anything strange goes on plea-se don’t hesitate to call me”. She said and disconnect the call.
“Can you speak now?”. Cindy asked.
“The dream was so real”. Kapella said picking the keys on the couch.
“Where are you going, I need to see the Mermaids, I don’t know but it looked so real”. Kapella said.
“You just finished meeting your father who you almost killed, can you calm down?”. Cindy asked.
“You don’t un-derstand Cindy, looking at him face, all I see is the man who caused the death of my mother, I felt like ripping off his face “. Kapella screamed.
“Alright, just calm and don’t let the Mermaid rage in alright”. Cindy asked.
“Yeah, I’ll take my leave now”.
“I’ll go with you”.
“No Cindy just…..”.
“Don’t push me away again Kapella, we’ve been together for long alre-ady, don’t let the Mermaid thing break our bond”.
“Fine, let’s go”. She said.
“First, your gadgets”. Cindy said walking away.
She opened a cupboard and pu-ll-ed out a bag.
“You felt your bag here after our last operation at school”.
“Faceless, I miss those days of risky acts”. Kapella said and she smiled as she unZi-pped it.
“Bug detector, c@m£ra detector, laser detector, signal disrupter and Bla Bla Bla, all intact”. She said Zi-pping it back.
“Thanks”. Kapella said and collect the bag.
“Can we move now?”.
They moved out of the building and got into the vehicle.
“plea-se don’t get us killed”. Cindy said.
“Really that you’ve said it I’ll make sure……”.
They were interrupted by the loud beeping in the bag.
“What’s that?”. Kapella asked.
“It’s from the bag”.
Kapella opened the bag hurriedly and brou-ght out a device blinking red alert.
“What the hell!”. She whispered and pressed a bu-tton.
A narrow laser shine out straight to her che-st.
“You got a bug in your heart”. Cindy stammered.
“That’s crazy”. Kapella said as she opened the door and got down.
The laser changed direction to the seat she left pointing straight to it.
Cindy stared at Kapella’s face and took a pen knife from the bag.
She cut round that point and stick her hand in to bring out a little device.
Kapella collects it and returned to the driver sit.
She took a pin from her bag and pushed it into a hole in the bag thereby disconnecting it.
“We should destroy it”. Cindy said.
“I’ve disconnected it alre-ady, I’ll have to crack in and find out the programmer”.
“You don’t think it’s Lovely”. Cindy asked.
“Why would he, I’ll call him, come take the steers”. Kapella said getting down from the vehicle.
“So it’s now my responsibility to get us both killed”. Cindy asked.
“That’s right Girl just make sure our bodies are found”.
Gonna rise like a Phoenix
Love is not bought
Love is earned
I’m never gonna be untamed
Never Gonna be untamed
You’re never gonna pu-ll me down
All because I’m gonna rise…
Rise like Phoenix
Camille sang loud as she increased the volume of her stereo box.
“That’s alright Cami, we’ve heard the voice, it’s perfect, I’ll get someone to sign her into the music industry”. Mrs. Fernando said as he continued eating.
“You’ll do that sir “. Mr. Lovely asked.
“I can if she’s re-ady, My daughters loves so that’s a free ticket”.
“And when will you be signed into the music industry”. Rex asked.
“Dooor, I don’t sing for people “. Camille said.
” Let’s go see what she looks like, I heard she’s a beauty goddess “. Crystal said.
” That’s right “. Camille agreed.
” Kapella Elijah isn’t someone that can be found easily, you don’t have to waste your time “. Mrs. Arrowood said.
” I can arrange a meeting “. Lovely said and eveyone turned to him.
” He’s blabbing, I can arrange a meeting with her “. Diaz said.
“You guys are driving me crazy”. Camille said.
Lovely’s phone buzzed and he checked the caller.
“Hey I was about calling”. He said and paused.
“Why did you bug the vehicle?”.
“What?”. He said aloud and eveyone turned to him.
“Sorry, excuse me”. He said leaving the place.
“What are you talking about?”. He asked in a low tone as he walked down the corridor.
“You found an active bug in my vehicle? What the hell? I wouldn’t do such, why would I? It’s fvcking not me, I’ll get the dude who delivered the vehicle, okay just calm, I’m gonna find out about this, to the depth”. He said and paused again leaning against the wall.
“We said a lot in that vehicle Kapella but I don’t think it’s my Mother, I’ll track this down, trust me alright, Love you”. He said and disconnected the call.
“What the fvck!”. He cursed.
“Who was that?”. He heard a voice and turned to see Roxy leaning weakly against the wall.
“Roxy, you’re up”. He said moving toward her.
“Who was that?”.
“No one just”.
“Kapella Elijah, I heard the love you p@rt loud and clear but don’t un-derstand the conversation”.
“You need to rest Roxy “. He said as she leaned against him.
” How do you feel? “. He asked putting his hand behind her.
” Bad headache and catarrh”.She said sniffing.
“Don’t tell me my mom hung you upside down”. He said and she nodded slowly.
Lovely fist his hand angrily and she held it.
“It’s past alre-ady”. She whispered.
“Who fvcking does that? She doesn’t have the right to do that to you, C’mon I’m taking you to a hospital”. He said.
“Hey”. She said pu-lling him back.
“I’m gonna be fine, I’ll take my medication, plea-se don’t get into trouble because of me, alright”.
“Mr. Candy is good at getting into trouble”. They heard a voice and looked narrowly to the corridor to see Danny.
Roxy heart pound as her headache increased due to the sudden shock.
“Do you miss me?”. Danny asked raising his hand up.
“Lovely go, I can’t see this Bastard”. She said in a low tone.
Roxy entered her room and slammed close the door.
“Daughter hates me, that’s awful”. He said.
“What did you do with Kapella Elijah?”. Lovely asked moving toward him.
“Just a little chat, piece of advice”. He said and Lovely gr@bb£d his shi-t.
“I’ve heard of you always cruel to woman, Anita, isn’t that the name, evil you are and I promise you if you go close to my girlfriend one more time, you’ll regret coming to Phoenix City”. He said and let go of his shi-t walking away.
“Nice threat Mr. Candy”. He called out.
Lovely picked his keys from the Dinning table and slide it into his pocket.
“Where are you going?”. Mrs. Arrowood asked.
“It’s urgent”.
“Will you sit down?”.
“The young man says it’s urgent, you should let him you know”. Mr. Fernando said.
“Definitely, he’s fond of moving around with girls, that all”. She said and he scoffed.
“I said it he’s a pla-yboy”. Crystal said.
“Off I go”. Lovely said and walked out angrily.
“So who’s gonna hook me with Kapella Elijah now?”. Camille asked with a baby face.
“I will”. Mrs. Arrowood said and they turned to her.
Kapella got down from the vehicle with Cindy to see Madison who was standing with hands in her pocket.
“Did you hear what I said over the phone?”.
“It’s a threat, kind of a message”. She said.
“What are you talking about?”.
“The Stealers can communicate true dreams, your powers are almost like theirs so they can connect to you”. Madison said.
“What are they trying to tell me?”.
“You had the dream not me, whatever they might have said in the dream is what they want”.
“The names of my loved ones are crossed with a red pen, does it mean anything to you?”.
“Mermaids stroke”.
“What the hell is that?”. Kapella asked.
“Those names are their target if they don’t get what they want, they should come take your powers by themselves not requesting, are they scared now?”.
“It’s not my powers they want”. Kapella said.
“And what could they want?”.
“Something they can use to defeat me and steal my powers”. Kapella whispered.
Lovely got down from the vehicle and he jumped over the cops barricade around the crime scene.
He moved to the b©dy and pu-ll-ed the covering open.
He g@sped seeing the face and rose up.
“It’s so good to have you here Mr. Lovely, it’s a sniper bullet straight in the skull we…..”.
“Sir a message just c@m£ in on his phone”. A cop said.
“Let me have it”. Lovely said and took the phone from the cops.
“Harry where are you? You’re the next in the shift schedule”. Lovely re-ad.
‘Shift schedule of what? “. Lovely typed back.
‘ Are you crazy?, The warehouse boss asked us to guard, the rest are here for their shift, you’re suppose to take mine ‘. A message popped in.
‘ Where’s the place again cos I’m drun!kright now’. He typed back and waited but a call c@m£ in instead.
“I’ll keep the phone”. Lovely said walking back to his vehicle.
‘I told you I’m drun!k”. He text the number and rest against the seat.
‘ You’re such a bit-ch who seriously Want to lose his job, 132 Seventh Avenue, Brick Street, you should see the warehouse drun!k’. Another message popped in.<