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Chapter 386 Prowling
Saying those words, Vincent swiftly bent and swept Eve off the ground and into his arms. She put her hands around his neck as he carried her towards his bed, which had four posters and each of them had translucent white curtains tied.

Vincent placed Eve at the centre of the bed. He followed her by climbing on the bed and hovering above her. Her golden hair spread around her head, while the look on her face held a sultry expression, yet there was innocence in her eyes.

Vincent lowered his body, while making sure not to crush Eve under him. He used his elbows to support the upper half of his body and kissed her cheeks. Her nose. Her chin before kissing her lips.

As they kissed, their tongues rubbed against each other playfully, as if trying to win dominance which she happily gave in after a few seconds. She smiled into the kiss that they shared.

"You have turned into a little vixen, haven't you?" Vincent teased her.

Eve couldn't stop smiling and she asked, "Am I?"

"Mhm," Vincent nodded, a mischievous smile spread on his lips, and he said, "My very own vixen."

"Ah!" Eve softly yelped when Vincent almost bit the tip of her nose, and she laughed. But when she noticed the serious expression settle on Vincent's eyes, the smile on her lips faltered. 𝚒𝚗𝚗𝚛𝚎ad.𝚌𝚘m

Vincent caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers, "Do you know how fortunate I consider myself to be, to have your attention all for myself?"

"I should be the one who should say that... You had my attention since our first meeting on the rainy evening," Eve raised her head and pecked Vincent's lips.

One corner of his lips pulled, and he remarked, "I don't think it was for good reasons."

Eve shook her head, a small chuckle escaped from her lips and she said, "You let me fall flat on the wet ground. What did you expect me to think about you? My poor bottom." She hadn't forgotten the pain that she felt that day.

"As the charming silver-haired vampire who was slithering under your skin, which I am sure I was successful with," Vincent didn't forget that evening when fate had let them meet once again after many years, as if giving him a chance to reconnect with her. His hand left her cheek and moved to one of her bottoms, and he said, "Forgive me for being rude, and to make up to it, I will make sure to pay extra attention to it tonight."

In the beginning, Eve couldn't help but glare at Vincent when they didn't know each other. But now that she did, she was glad he didn't pay her attention like other men did no matter how she appeared to him. The pureblooded vampire treated everyone with a grain of dust, and his attention was only for people he held dear to him.

Vincent ran his hand on the curve of one of her bottoms, watching her turn aroused and as bold as she had been with her request, she gulped the little bundle of nervousness she felt in her throat.

"So far so good?" Vincent asked her, wanting to make sure she was still with him.

Eve gave him a nod, "More than good." She added, "I am not a glass piece, Vince... you don't have to hold back."

Vincent had the opportunity to dive in and take Eve on the bed. But he wanted to cherish and love her tonight. To let her have a taste that she had been pawing on, and something she would remember.

He stared at Eve for a moment before saying, "Wish you never said that." Before the last word could sink into her mind, he squeezed her bottom, making her gasp as she hadn't expected it. When he squeezed it a little harder this time, a lightning bolt passed through her body to pool itself between her legs. "Need to make sure to massage your bottom well after that fall you had."

He palmed her bottom with the same firmness, feeling its softness, and she wondered if she had released the beast, who now held a wicked look in his eyes.

Releasing her bottom, his hands traced the sides of her legs, moving them downwards until he reached her ankles. He picked one of her ankles and left a series of kisses, moving up while skipping the place where she wanted to be touched the most.

Vincent kissed the hem of her undergarment, blowing air to see her stomach dip.

And all that time, Eve turned aroused by his gentle caresses, haunting gaze and whispers that evoked emotions to the height she believed they couldn't reach.

Sighs escaped from Eve's lips when Vincent's lips grazed her skin, warming it and leaving colour on it. Moving above her, he noticed her panting. His hand came to firmly curl around her neck, a possessive and dominant action that had her arousal waft in the air that he could smell.

"You smell delicious, Eve," Vincent looked slightly dazed as if watching his lover being pleasured and aroused was having the same effect on him. Within the next second, his lips descended on hers.

When Eve felt Vincent take her upper lip between his teeth, she kissed him back. The kiss this time was slow and deep. She didn't know if it was her desire to please him the way he was pleasing her or if it was her siren side that was sexually activated and was trying to take reigns. But that didn't matter because she wanted to use her actions tonight to let him know how much she loved him.

As Vincent's tongue ran through the seam of Eve's lips, she parted her lips for him. His hand around her neck didn't leave, and they playfully kissed each other as if stealing little kisses from each other before a smile appeared on her lips.

Vincent watched the smile on Eve's lips, and it brought some sort of solace to his soul. He said, "Your smiles and tears are all mine. As selfish and twisted it is, it is wilful of me to want to be the only one to see you smile, and the only one to make you cry."

Eve blinked before asking with a frown, "Why do you want to make me cry?"

A crooked smile appeared on Vincent's lips, "It will be something you will enjoy with me. The only tears I will wait to see is when I love you in my arms, my love. I won't make you cry out of it, which will hurt your mind, my love."

He pressed his lips on the corner of her lips and then her jaw and trailed his lips down her neck. The kisses were sweet and blissful, filled with love and care.

Eve soaked in the feeling of being loved by Vincent and noticed how he didn't break away from her gaze. Her lips parted, another sigh escaping when his hand touched the underside of one of her breasts. Another gasp escaped from her lips when he brushed the tip of it with his thumb. Not a moment later, the tip of her breast hardened under his touch and gaze.

When Vincent covered the tip of her breast with his mouth, Eve took a sharp breath. He sucked on it, until he heard her wince, but her toes curled.

"Gentler?" Vincent asked her with a heated gaze.

"Yes..." Eve panted with heat continuing to pool between her legs.

Holding her breast from the side, Vincent drew her breast into his mouth. He sucked on the tip once again, but this time, he nipped it enough for her to gasp. Eve, who had for a moment closed her eyes, opened it to meet his eyes.

Eve's heart shuddered when she caught Vincent's tongue peeking out of his mouth. He gave a languid lick on the tip nipple as if to soothe it and in wickedness asked,



Chapter 387 Weak In The Knees
Music Recommendation: Friedrich dances with Jo- Alexandre Desplat


Eve felt every nerve in her body awakened at Vincent's touch. The pureblooded vampire knew what he was doing to her. There was something very sexy and alluring about the way his tongue peeked out of his lips. The sight turned her aroused, and she responded to his earlier question,


A pleased look appeared in Vincent's eyes and he bit into the side of her breast, and her back arched from the pain and pleasure that started to spread across her chest. The bite was quick, but the aftercare had her twist her body as she couldn't keep it still.

Eve's hands found themselves in the thick locks of his silver hair. They were soft under her touch, and she couldn't help from gently weaving through his hair. When Vincent's teeth nipped on her little hardened bud, her grip on him turned firm and she cried out pleasure, 


Vincent kissed the bite mark he left and admired her flushed skin. His hands left invisible whispers on her skin wherever he brushed his fingertips.

Eve's fingers weaved through Vincent's silver hair, pushing it back from his forehead, and when her fingers reached the ends of his hair, it escaped from between her fingers to go back to settle the way it had been earlier with a dishevelled look. A shiver ran down her back when his hand ran the length of her body from her shoulder to feel deep in her back and settle on her bottom.

She pushed herself upwards by using both her elbows to sit upright and face him. Her heart pace increased, which left her chest heaving for the air she had forgotten to breathe. She said,

"I want to love you a lot too."

"I am all yours. Do whatever you please," Vincent gave her permission which she already had before asking him. "What would you like to do, my love?" He asked her with a curious gaze, watching her dilated eyes.

Eve's arousal had been filling his room, turning his senses wild. His fingers dug into her bottom and pulled her towards him. The young mermaid placed her hands on his shoulder and said, "A lot of things." A shy smile appeared on her lips, but the glint in her eyes was nothing less of a seductress who had come to hunt like him tonight.

She kissed his lips, while pushing his shoulders so that he lay on the bed. She traced her fingers across his cheekbones and strong jaw. As if in a trance, she said,

"If anyone saw you with your eyes closed and your silver hair brushed to the front, they would think how soft and innocent you are."

"And what do you think?" Vincent hummed, who took a comfortable position and stared at her.

"I think... you are too handsome, where when your eyes fall on something or someone, they cannot get away from you. You are enigmatic, Vince," Eve had placed her legs on either side of his body, and now sat on his stomach. When she hovered in front of him, his hands caressed her waist. "As much as you intimidate people, they cannot help but be captivated by you. I am glad that you are smart and cunning."

A light chuckle escaped from Vincent's lips. He raised his hand when her hair hindered one side of her face. While he went to touch her hair behind her ear, he caressed her cheek and let it settle behind her ear. He said, "I don't think anyone has ever praised me the way you have. What's going on in that mind of yours?"

A smile spread on her lips. She said, "Plan to mark you."

Eve left a trail of kisses on Vincent's jaw, pecking his lips and mischievously smiling when she pulled away before he would kiss her and his eyes narrowed with a challenging smile. She heard him say,

"You are quite a playful one, aren't you?" Vincent's hand curled around the back of her neck, bringing her to him and he kissed her on her lips.

His action alone had left her dizzy and weak in her knees.

When Vincent loosened his hold on Eve, she took a second before kissing his neck and shoulder blades. She heard him take a sharp breath when she bit him. She continued to bite and then suck on his skin, but more than pain, she heard him hum in pleasure and smiled.

"How long will it stay before it fades?" Eve asked him, admiring the little art of work she had made on his chest.

Vincent noticed how Eve looked excited like a child. She seemed more than happy to leave a mark on his skin, which warmed his heart. He replied to her,

"Maybe two days the most, but you are always welcome to leave more marks whenever you want to."

Eve smiled, somewhere glad that they had already shared intimate moments before this and things weren't awkward between them, where they could smile and talk to each other comfortably. Her fingertips traced the strong and taut muscles of his shoulders and chest. Unable to hold back, she pressed her lips against his cheek before leaving a little trail of kisses on his skin.

This time Eve's kisses were like the little licks of a cat, and she kissed his firm chest and torso. Before she could go further down, he caught her chin between his thumb and index finger,

"Come here, darling."

Eve felt compelled to listen to him, and soon he caught her hands in his.

Vincent stated, "As eager as a bunny you are, today is your birthday and you deserve to be spoiled. Not me."

"But I want both o--"

Eve didn't get to finish her sentence as Vincent flipped their positions in a smooth and swift movement, such that Eve was no more hovering above him, and her back was pressed flat on the big bed.


Chapter 388 Sprinkle Of Mischief

Vincent pressed Eve's hands against the surface of the bed next to her head. He said, "I enjoy spoiling you more than anything else, little girl. So let me spoil you."

The smile on Vincent's lips slowly started to slide away as he brought his face in front of hers. Eve could feel the strength in his hands that kept her hands in place. When his lips moved closer to hers, merely an inch away from hers, she could feel the heat and pressure of it, but he didn't kiss her, as if watching her arousal and need increase.

As if that wasn't enough, he had folded his knee and placed it between her legs. When she felt him brush the sweet corner there, a moan escaped from her lips. The taste was delicious and her entire body trembled.

"Vince..." Eve moaned his name.

"Hm?" Vincent asked her as if he didn't know what he was doing to her, but Eve wasn't going to fall for it. When his knee moved upwards between her legs before going down, she couldn't help but move her hips for more friction to ease the tension that had continuously built up since he had kissed her the first time tonight.

He pushed her hands above her head before holding them in one of his hands. He used his free hand to place it on her thigh,

"Don't move," his instructions were clear and firm, but it was hard for Eve to listen to his words with the itch that needed to be scratched. "Naughty girl of mine. Just a little longer," his eyes subtly narrowed.

Vincent admired Eve, with her golden blonde hair spread around her head and her lips parted as she panted. He remarked, "I promised to take care of your bottom, didn't I?"

Eve noticed the wicked gleam in the pureblooded vampire's eyes and wondered what he was thinking. She replied, "I thought you already took care of it."

When a devilish smile graced Vincent's lips, Eve couldn't help but turn a little worried. It was because there was a little roguish and mischief in his red eyes.

Before Eve knew it, Vincent had turned her over with such ease as if she was a parchment being moved on his desk. She looked startled and heard Vincent's words next to her ears,

"Don't forget what I told you earlier about dropping your doubts and shame away. Just feel and if you don't like it... I will stop," his words held a promise, and the way he sounded so sure, Eve wondered what he had on his mind.

Vincent pushed her hair to one side of her shoulder, hovering above her, while being supported by his knees, he used his hands to trail the curve of her back. One of his hands moved around her waist, circling from behind before gently pulling her upwards.

Similar to Vincent, Eve used her hands and knees to balance herself. He held her firmly around her stomach to give her extra support. She closed her eyes when she felt him kiss the nape of her neck. A pleasurable sigh escaped her lips. His lips grazed down the dip of her back as he took his time to kiss and let her know how precious she was to him.

Vincent's face returned to her side from behind and kissed her temple, "I am going to remove your undergarment," he let her know, and at the same time, Eve felt his manhood pressing against the crack of her bottom.

"Okay," Eve whispered, feeling his hands settle on either side of her waist.

He hooked his fingers on the hem of her undergarment before slowly pulling it down her thighs. It wasn't just Eve, whose body had warmed, as her scent of arousal hit Vincent's nose twice the fold, and his eyes darkened. His fangs appeared as if ready to sink his fangs into her and drink her blood. Her scent was intoxicating his mind.

Vincent couldn't resist not running his hands on her round hips in his palms. He felt the softness in his hand when he sent a gentle squeeze to it and heard her shudder. But he wanted to do more than that. He wanted to hear her heart tremble in his arms, and he would be there for her to hold on to.

Eve felt goosebumps form on her skin, and it wasn't because of the cold weather. It was because she could only feel and not see anything or Vincent's expression. 

She felt his hand stop caressing one of the globes and pull away. With the gap, she wondered what had happened and was about to turn when she felt Vincent's palm softly smack her bottom.

Eve felt her body jolt and her heart stutter at Vincent's spank, "What was that for..." She gulped.

Vincent's hand smacked one side of Eve's bottom, which was harder this time than the previous one. His fingers spread across her bottom cheek as if to soothe it, and he asked, "Does it hurt?" He kissed her shoulder.

"It doesn't," Eve replied because there was a light sting like him nipping at her skin, "It's just strange..."

A crooked smile appeared on Vincent's lips, which Eve couldn't see, and he asked her, "Good or bad, strange?"

Vincent's caresses on her bottom felt good that she felt herself loose in it, and her body subconsciously moved closer to him. She heard him call her name, "Eve." And on the lack of response, as she was taking her time, he asked her, "Shall we try it again and see?"

This time Vincent's hand lightly smacked the other side of her bottom, and Eve's cheeks turned pink. When his fingers spread on her bottom again, Eve murmured, "It feels good."

Vincent knew it before even touching her. It was because the young woman was a sea creature whose kind was often told to have a higher sexual drive than humans. He placed his hand on her stomach before pulling her to stand on her knees. He kissed her shoulders and said in a slightly deeper voice,

"Not today, but one day I would like to take you like this."


Chapter 389 Making You All Mine
Eve sighed in his arms, feeling his lips leaving kisses on her neck, and she finally turned around before they came face to face. With her hands wounding around his neck, they kissed again. Vincent had her lay back on her back, as he wanted her first time to be pleasant and comfortable, while he watched her.

Coming to lay next to Eve with his upper body raised, Vincent traced her flushed skin with his hand until it reached between her legs. A quiet sigh escaped her parted lips when he ran his finger on the wet lips.

"Ah..." Eve moaned when Vincent pushed his finger into her wet sex.

During the entire time, Vincent kept his eyes on Eve's expression. He watched the swirl of pleasure in her eyes, and when her eyebrows furrowed, he said, "You are tight and need to be stretched before I enter you. I don't want you to be in pain." Vincent's passionate and intense kisses turned tender and sweet, while he took care of her.

When he felt Eve had turned accustomed to his finger, he used another one finger and watched her eyebrows draw closer, "Is it hurting?"

Noticing him ready to pull his fingers out, Eve quickly shook her head. A soft smile graced her lips, "Thank you for being considerate."

Vincent leaned forward and pressed his lips on her forehead, "Only for you," and Eve's heart skipped a beat.

Once Eve was used to his two fingers, Vincent added a little more speed by moving them in and out of her warm and wet sex. As she was excited, the wetness made it easier for her to adjust to his fingers. Soon he came to sit between her legs, watching her eyes half open.

It was then did Eve's eyes fall on his hardened manhood. She understood why Vincent was taking time to prepare her.

When Vincent felt Eve was ready, he pulled out his fingers and caught hold of his member, positioning it in front of her wet sex. He leaned towards her, caressing her face with his other hand, he said,

"It will be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but I promise it will get better with time."

Eve nodded, and when she felt his member rubbing against her wet sex, it felt far away from being uncomfortable. He repeated the action, and she threw her head back, realising at the back of her mind how addictive the feeling she felt was.

Vincent's free hand came to settle on her waist, and he used the other to continue to guide his member against her intimate part. The action of rubbing her was driving him insane, as he couldn't wait to enter her and he clenched his jaw. And when he did enter her, Eve cried out for only Vincent and the walls of his room to hear,


Eve gasped and gripped the bedsheet in her hands, feeling him pushing himself further into her until he was completely in, and they became one.

"Fuck, you are too tight, Eve," Vincent gritted his teeth. 𝚒𝚗𝚗𝚛𝚎ad.𝚌𝚘m

Though knowledgeable in most subjects, Eve wondered if she made it hard for Vincent and apologised, "I am sorry."

Vincent, who had drowned himself in her, snapped back at her words, turning confused for a moment before it dawned on him, and he chuckled. He remarked,

"What are you apologising for, you silly girl? You being this tight, you don't know the pleasure I feel," and he kissed the tip of her nose. "Are you alright?" He asked her, wanting to make sure she was fine.

Eve's heart immediately warmed up at Vincent's concerned words. She nodded, "I am."

She watched and felt how Vincent carefully loved her so that she could easily accommodate all of him. She felt his hardened manhood throbbing inside her, and with every pull and push, she felt him hit a sweet spot.

"..." Her lips parted, with fog escaping from her lips.

Vincent's face was inked in pleasure, his hands digging into her waist while he manoeuvred their pleasure. There was something very inherent in his eyes, and he looked as if he was ready to devour her tonight.

"AH!" Eve cried when Vincent increased the pace of his hip movements as he thrust inside her.

Her moans and sighs were music to Vincent's ears, and the more he heard it, the more he wanted to hear it. Her voice got louder and louder with every thrust, and soon grunts escaped from the pureblooded vampire's lips as he took the reins of her body.

When Vincent leaned towards Eve, she let go of the bedspread that she had been gripping until now and reached out to him, placing her hands on his shoulders. The intensity of the way they both moved increased, and before another moan escaped her lips, he kissed her lips and ate up her cries.

Breaking away from the kiss, Eve panted for air. She watched Vincent's breath turn heavy as he continued to move in and out of her. He then pulled himself out and then pushed right into her again,

"AH..!" Without pausing, Vincent continuously thrusted inside her, and watched her pant. Her nails dug into his shoulders, and when her arousal reached its peak, she cried out his name, "Vince!"

Eve came apart and melted in Vincent's arms, while her mind and body floated in the clouds. Her eyes stayed closed, and her chest heaving for air. Vincent soon followed her, as he hit his climax and released inside her.

Vincent breathed heavily. He watched Eve, whose body was humming in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Her body was spent. He pulled himself out of her, leaning forward, he pressed his lips against her forehead.

Eve smiled, feeling the tenderness in his kiss, which was in contrast to the rough movement of his hips. Her eyes fluttered open, and her blue eyes met his red ones.

"I love you, my beautiful girl," Vincent confessed to her, picking two strands of her hair stuck on her cheek.

"And I love you back," Eve replied, feeling her heart being filled up with warmth and love by him.

They stayed in bed for a couple more minutes, staring and smiling in each other's arms. After that, Vincent got down from the bed and carried Eve behind the wooden divider of the room, where the bathtub was, so they could clean themselves up. Once they dried themselves, he helped her wear his nightshirt, while he only wore his trousers before they returned to the bed.

"Come here," Vincent said, tugging Eve by her wrist and having them lay down on the bed. He pulled a blanket around them.

"Vince," Eve called him, and he hummed. She let him know, "Thank you for the birthday gift."

"You are very welcome," Vincent pulled her closer to him with a grin and added, "I am more than happy to gift you everyday."

"Of course, you are a wealthy man," Eve noted with a smile, and soon, a yawn escaped her lips.

Vincent couldn't help himself from kissing her again. He tucked her head below his chin, "Sleep well tonight without any worries, my beloved Eve."


Chapter 390 Quietness Of The Oncoming Storm
Music Recommendation: Come Home- The Newton Brothers


In Moriarty's mansion, where most people had retired to their rooms because of the cold weather and time, a few were still awake. The snow continued falling slowly from the sky.

Eugene sat in the chair placed right next to Rosetta's bed, where the young vampiress had finally fallen asleep after her words had trailed into incoherent words. He stood up and placed the chair back where it belonged.

"Eugene," Rosetta called his name, and he wondered if she had woken up from her sleep.

"Lady Rosetta?" Eugene returned near the bedside, only to notice the vampiress was talking in her sleep.

"...gene, stay with me. I will... protect you..." Rosetta mumbled in her sleep.

Taking a step closer, Eugene gently picked up the blanket and pulled it up to cover her. He would have never thought that a woman of high social standing family would ever spare a look at him. Not that he was ugly to look at, but women, at the most, gave him a polite nod. Not fawn and chase him to marry them.

"Goodnight, Lady Rosetta," Eugene softly murmured. He opened the door and stepped out to let the lady rest. And just as he stepped into the corridor, he saw the black cat sitting in front of Rosetta's room.

"Good night?" Timotei asked, his bushy tail swishing in the air.

"What are you doing here?" Eugene asked Timotei, closing Rosetta's room door behind him. He started to walk and was soon followed by the black cat.

"Making sure you don't get into trouble if that maid or the Marchioness comes looking for Rosetta. Do you know how useful I am?" Timotei asked as if the world was running thanks to his existence.

Eugene, who was a straightforward man thanked the cat, "Thank you for your assistance, Timotei."

But the cat wasn't there to guard him. He had come looking for Eugene because the dish he wanted to eat had been finished. He knew he should have stopped one of the servants when they were carrying it. Timotei quietly hissed as he continued to follow the human next to him.

"Things are progressing well, isn't it? You must be moved by her affection and attention. First you send a balm to her and then you are in her room to wish her goodnight," Timotei hummed, and when he received a serious look from Eugene, he said, "What? I completely support you, and if you need my help, you can always count on me." He buttered the human so he could get the dish he wanted to eat.

Eugene didn't comment on Timotei's words and continued walking in the corridor. On their way, they caught sight of something dark moving from one side to another. The black cat asked,

"Is this place haunted?"

"I don't think so," Eugene replied, and they quickly moved to the other end of the corridor. In time, they caught sight of the Viscount's elder daughter making her way through the corridor.

"It's Marceline," Timotei spoke so loud that his voice lightly echoed and reached the young vampiress.

Marceline, who wore a thick black cloak, stopped walking and turned to look behind her to see if someone was calling her. When she saw no one, she turned and started to walk again. The usual colour of her face had dulled, and her beautiful smile was replaced by a sourness caused by her current predicament.

Eugene had covered the cat's mouth, and the cat waved its paws before the human let him go. Timotei whispered,

"She's always sneaking around, isn't she? Up to no good."

They peeked from behind the pillar, watching Marceline climb the stairs with difficulty before disappearing from there. Eugene said in a low voice, "Something seems to be wrong with her."

"Hmmmm," Timotei purred, staring at the stairs and said, "That's because something is wrong with her. Earlier, I smelled something very bad. Frankly I wanted to throw up, but I am a person from an upstanding society and need to keep a clean name."

"I wonder what she did," Eugene murmured before his eyes widened, and he said to Timotei, "You should follow her and see where she's going."

"A favour from Timotei doesn't come for free. My time is precious, and I will agree to your request if I am promised a bowl of that lamb meat served for supper."

"Sure, now hurry," Eugene urged the black cat, who used its paw to smoothen the back of its ear before it pranced away to catch up to Marceline.

On the other hand, far from the town of Skellington, Noah's carriage entered Sullivan's mansion in Woodlock. The coachman opened the carriage door, and Noah was the first to step outside and followed Anaya, who still wore his coat. 

"Thank you, Kieran," Noah said to the coachman, who closed the carriage door. The snow didn't stop falling from the sky.

"Goodnight Duke Noah. Goodnight Lady Anaya," the coachman offered them his bows and took the carriage to park in the backside of the mansion.

When Noah was about to start walking, Anaya stopped him, "Noah."

He turned around, looking at her with a question in his eyes, "Yes, Lady Anaya?"

She stopped him because she knew the rules and control that began once they would step inside the mansion. Before Anaya could say something, her mother, Lady Madge Chambers, appeared and interrupted them,

"Oh, good you two are here! I was getting worried as it was getting late. Come on in now. The weather is going to get chilly." Her mother asked her, "How was the vampire's soiree, Anaya? Tell me all about it..."

Anaya's mother continued talking to her as they walked inside the mansion, while Noah excused himself from there and walked away.

Back in Skellington, as the time of the night progressed in the Moriarty mansion, Eve slept in bliss with Vincent in his room. One hand of Eve rested on Vincent's hand, which had protectively curled around her waist as he spooned her.

The fire in the fireplace continued to crackle, but with the flames almost ready to exhaust because of the hours that had passed since the logs of wood had been burning.

The other hand of Eve that held Vincent's mark on her wrist, with the two wings connected by a 'V' inked in black, rested on the bed. As the hours passed in the night, one of the wings on the mark disappeared as if it was never there.