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Chapter 391 The Witch, The Vampiress And The Cat
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The carriage in which Marceline travelled in continued to move through the path of the forest, while Timotei took a seat behind the vehicle, gripping the edge with his paws so that he wouldn't be thrown off. A lantern hung on the side, burning bright and swaying in the vehicle. The snow had stopped and made it easier for the black cat to see where they were going.

"Is she meeting her lover in the forest?" Timotei wondered, while the cold wind moved his fur.

Finally, the coachman stopped the vehicle when the carriage stopped in the middle of the forest upon the vampiress's word. He quickly jumped out of his seat and opened the door for Marceline. Timotei craned his neck from behind the vehicle without revealing his presence.

Many seconds passed, but Marceline didn't step out of the carriage, which made Timotei and the coachman question why the lady wasn't stepping out.

Marceline ordered the coachman, "Turn your face to the other side!"

"Yes, milady!" The coachman quickly turned with his back facing the carriage's door.

With the coachman not seeing her, Marceline used her good foot and placed on the snowy ground, and next came her bloated foot that had Timotei staring. The foul smell was coming from there! What did she do for it to stink like that? The black cat questioned himself.

Marceline then ordered her servant, "Wait for me, right here. Don't daydream like last time if I call you this time," she glared at the coachman, who had his head bowed, while his back continued facing her. "I am talking to you. Where do you think you are looking?"

Her coachman quickly turned and bowed his head again. When he briefly raised his head to take a quick look at his young mistress's face, he noticed her tired expression.

Marceline rolled her eyes and started to walk away from the carriage. She had come to another forest, hoping to find another witch, who could solve her condition.

Timotei slipped away from the carriage, following the vampiress for a while on the snowy ground. The black cat kept a good distance, and he was glad that he did because a male witch appeared in front of Marceline the next moment. The person's face was twisted with a deep frown and sneer on his lips.

"What is the purebred vampiress doing on this side of the forest? Lost your way or were you exiled from your family?" The witcher cackled from where he stood.

Timotei's eyebrows raised, and he questioned in his mind, 'I wonder if this is her lover.'

The male witcher words struck a nerve in Marceline's head because she knew if she didn't solve her present condition, society would soon label her as an outcast. In a firm and confident voice, she said, "I am here to receive some solution."

The witcher who had been cackling stopped. His grotesque face turned serious. He said, "The last time I dealt with a pureblooded vampire, he cut three of my fingers." He raised his hand to show the missing fingers from his middle to his little finger. "We don't like your kind. Leave before I cook you up in my pot." If there was one thing the witches feared, it was the pureblooded vampires and the werewolves who held unknown abilities.

Marceline hadn't come to the forest in the middle of the night to hear a refusal. She said,

"I know something that might interest you. I will bring you virgin girls so you can use them as a sacrifice, and it will be easy for you without you having to get caught."

The witcher stared at Marceline and told her, "I don't believe in empty words, vampiress. Give me something more valuable, like your soul, and I will consider it," he cackled in the end and started to walk away from there.

Marceline gritted her teeth and pulled out the gun from her coat she had stolen from her father's study room. When she fired the gun, the bullet hit the snow on the ground next to the man's feet. She threatened,

"I am not here to cause trouble. All I need is answers." Having never used a gun before, her hand shook, and she pulled the front of her skirt, "I have been cursed by a witcher! I need help with you undoing it!"

The witcher stared at her swollen foot, where the swelling had spread up towards her knees. He jeered, "The witch didn't curse you, it bounced back to you."

"Can you fix this?!" Marceline questioned in an impatient voice.

The witcher noticed the haughtiness of this vampiress held within her, and he said, "This isn't something that can go away with a spell. A curse isn't easy to undo once it is put on someone."

"No no no! There has to be some remedy for this! I cannot stay like this and the curse is spreading and is eating up my skin—Ugh!" Marceline gritted her teeth, feeling the pain rising in her foot again.

Timotei, who had climbed one of the nearby trees and was watching the exchange between the vampiress and the witcher, his face scrunched in disgust when Marceline removed her shoe to show her cursed foot.

"Her foot and the witcher's match in appearance," the black cat purred. Remembering how she had taken the fangs and they had swapped it with hers. He wondered if the person she had tried to curse was Eve. "She rots with every passing day," and he doubted that even after her fangs were removed, she had learned anything.

Marceline pleaded to the witcher, "I am willing to do anything. Anything! So please, show me a way to get rid of this."

"The curse was put by another witcher, why don't you go look for that one?" The witcher retorted.

"I would, if she were still alive. She is already dead!" Marceline gritted her teeth.

The witcher said to her, "The only way to stop the curse from spreading is cutting that limb."


Chapter 392 Undo The Curse
Hearing the witcher's suggestion, Marceline's eyes widened, and her throat went dry, "No… I cannot lose my leg! There should be another way! You are a witcher, you should know how to—"

The witcher could not pass the opportunity in front of him, and he bargained with the vampiress, "Give me your youth, a part of your soul and the lustre of your hair. I will try to think about something better—"

"No! You cannot take anything from me!" Marceline pointed the gun back at the witcher, and she said, "If I tell my family that you were the one to curse me, do you think they will let you live?"

"Then came the vile and ugly self of the woman when she was cornered," the witcher's eyes were nothing less than a snake with green slit eyes that glowed in the dark forest. "But I wasn't the one to curse you. I will expose you that you tried to curse someone."

"My family. Do you think they will believe me, or an outcast who hurt their poor daughter, and the woman of the high standing society," Marceline was desperate. The last time she had arrived at the witch's door for help, she thought it had been a bad time. But this time was worse than last time, and she didn't want to keep circling the witches.

When Marceline pulled the cork off the gun and aimed at the witcher, the witcher finally said, "What has happened, cannot be fixed and the curse that you have wished for, it is strong one. But," he said, cautiously raising his hand forward and continued, "You can stop the curse. It's called the four directions of curse. You need three sacrifices, and each of them fulfils the requirement."

"What is it?" Marceline was impatient to get to undo the curse. She had brought the curse upon herself, and her inner conscience tried to let her know, but she stubbed it down.

The witcher said, "You need to do four things. Stab an animal and place its head in the direction of the West. Then cut the human. It should be an unmarried woman or man, it will be easier to find a child. The easiest, cut the branch of a tree, whose branch has never broken. Let them bleed to death with a dagger that I give you."

Marceline was happy to hear part of the solution. Something was better than nothing. She eagerly asked him, "Where is your dagger?"

The witcher pulled out a dagger from his black cloak, and he closed his eyes, muttering curses under his breath. At that moment, Marceline noticed a green string of light floating around the dagger, and her eyes shone with happiness.

Once the witcher finished muttering the spells, he offered the dagger to the vampiress, who hadn't stopped pointing her gun at him all this while. She stared at it, and he said,

"I am not done with it. There's the fourth thing that you need to do."

Now that the dagger was in her possession, Marceline's mood had improved and she asked, "What is it?"

"As you are the one who has been cursed, you will need to sacrifice something that you hold close to your heart. Be sure to not trick or the curse won't stop. The blade of the dagger will glow every time you have made the right action," the witcher explained to Marceline.

"What about fixing my leg back to normal?" Marceline questioned the witcher.

"I already told you. There's no way to return it the way it used to be. You need to amputate the leg until the place where the curse has spread. Maybe ask someone from your society who can use their magic, but we witches, we don't know. This is what happens when you wish ill upon others—"


Marceline had pulled the trigger of the gun, shooting the witcher to his death. The witcher fell slack on the ground. The vampiress stated,

"Don't you dare preach to me what I can and cannot do, you filthy kind. It is because of your kind, that I am in this mess," and heavily breathed.

Timotei noticed the cold increase around the vampiress who didn't care about anyone but herself. He said, "I should let the others know what this crazy vampiress is up to." He quickly climbed down the tree before prancing back to where Marceline's carriage was parked.

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With Marceline, who had difficulty when it came to walking, there were still good minutes before she reached the carriage. Timotei looked back and forth between the carriage and the direction in which he had come.


Marceline's coachman, who stood next to the carriage, jumped when he heard a growling sound from the bushes. He softly gulped, while moving backwards.

"Grrrrrr—rrrrr!" Timotei made sounds like a panther while he hid behind the bushes, his tail swishing on the snow.

The coachman continued to walk back, and he gasped when his back hit the vehicle.

Adam, Marceline's coachman, turned in the direction where his miss had disappeared behind the thick woods. He wondered when the vampiress would return, because if she didn't return soon, he would be bitten and dragged by whatever animal was behind the bush. 

Timotei wasn't happy that he, who had the body of the panther and only that he was smaller in size, couldn't scare the coachman here. His eyes narrowed, and he licked his sharp teeth. Raising his paws, he shook the bushes this time, as if the animal was readying to pounce on the human, and he opened his mouth wide before sending a louder growl,


The coachman turned scared on hearing the deep growl of the hungry and ferocious animal behind the bush. He quickly got on the coachman's seat, waiting for the vampiress. Where was she?! Forget about her killing him, he would be dead before that!

"…rrr….." Timotei purred deeply, while hearing a rustle behind him. But his focus was in the direction where Marceline was coming, making sure she hadn't reached yet.


Chapter 393 Chasing In The Forest

Timotei wanted to show Marceline that life was much harder than she thought it to be and not to underestimate him. The vampiress was a problem. She had upset him by trying to throw him out of the mansion.

The black cat then scrunched his nose and his whiskers. He opened his mouth, "RAAAAAWWWWRRR!" Wow, he couldn't believe his throat had such power, Timotei thought to himself.

This was enough for the coachman to pull the reins of the horses, getting them to start galloping, and he quickly left the place along with the carriage as fast as he could to save his life.

Timotei couldn't help but snicker. He said to no one, "I will see how you will be able to get back to the mansion, Lady Marceline. Might as well take a nap with the dead witch."

But before Timotei could witness the vampiress's frustration for not having a ride back to the mansion, he felt something stop his tail from moving. He remarked, "Did my tail catch cold that it has stopped functioning?"

Timotei used his paw to pull his tail from the back and checked it, gently caressing it with his paw, "Seems just fine."


The black cat dropped its tail from its paws as it felt something breathe on its neck. It finally turned, looking with its eyes moved to a corner. Behind him sat a bear, and it finally dawned on him that his earlier roar had possibly been combined with this big black bear, with saliva dripping from its mouth.

"I am just a passing guest here, who doesn't want to pass away," Timotei spoke in a gentleman-like fashion without raising his voice. To move backwards, the bush obstructed his escape, and he said, "You are a black bear, I am a black cat. I doubt it would be fair to our fur, that you eat a small person like me."

Timotei and the bear stared at each other for two seconds. In the third second, the bear opened its mouth wide and roared. The black cat quickly started sprinting from there, and the bear chased the cat, its feet thumping on the snowy ground. Timotei did what he thought was best.

Why sacrifice an animal, a human and a tree, if the vampiress could be used as a meal for the bear? In the middle of huffing for air, Timotei laughed at his intelligent self and said,

"Sometimes, I surprise myself. How can I be this smart?" Said the cat, who had earlier failed to notice the bear.

While the bear chased Timotei, on the other side of the forest, Marceline had finished bandaging her foot and was heading back to her carriage, holding the dagger given by the witch. 

To stop the curse from spreading further, so that she could buy time, she would need to find the three things that she needed. She wasn't going to amputate her leg! Thankfully, this time, she didn't have to worry about anything backfiring at her. And she had taken care of the witch herself this time.

Marceline heaved for breath as her foot was bothering her too much, and she couldn't pay attention to anything but that. She said to herself,

"I will get back to everyone who has done this to me. Marceline Moriarty never forgives," and her dull eyes glowed with the anticipation of taking her revenge.

The vampiress held the front part of her skirt so the hem wouldn't come in the way as she walked. But when her gaze moved ahead, she caught sight of something small and dark running. She ignored what it was, as she heard the thumping and saw the big-sized bear coming in her direction.

"What the hell…?!"

Marceline stopped walking and took a step backwards. Seeing the bear making its way towards her, the vampiress rummaged through her cloak for the gun, but the bear had gotten too close and she couldn't do anything but start to run while dragging her foot in the direction she had come.

"Why is this happening to me!" Marceline cried out in frustration and ran as fast as she could for quite some time, while being chased by the bear. When she finally found the opportunity, she hid behind a tree and pulled the gun.

The bear came at her, ready to rip her head off. At that time, Marceline pulled the trigger one after another into the bear's head, where the gunshots echoed in the forest.

Blood splattered on her dress. One drop of the bear's blood fell on her face before it slid down her cheek. Marceline breathed heavily.

Timotei had climbed the nearby tree earlier to escape from the bear, frowned, "Useless bear. But then she might not have been of your taste."

Marceline sat on the ground, and she huffed for air. All she wanted was to fix her fangs and get her respect back. She might have thrown Eve before to the people of Meadow, but the human was doing perfectly well, while she was going through pain and humiliation now.

She pushed herself to stand up and went back to where the carriage was parked earlier. But when she reached the place, neither was the carriage nor her coachman waiting for her. Unable to hold in her frustration, she screamed,


Marceline gritted her teeth, wanting to strangle her coachman for leaving her, when she specifically told him not to move. She couldn't stay in the forest and had to get back to the mansion. But on foot, it would take a day for her to reachSkellington. She thought about the steps to undo the curse and walked to a tree that looked young as if it was intact.

Timotei watched the vampiress cut one of the tree's branches, and he hissed, "So desperate to not waste time and get things done quickly." The blade of the dagger glowed. He heard her mutter to herself,

"I should have killed the bear with this dagger. Now I will need to dirty my clothes again tomorrow."

"…." This… Timotei hadn't thought about it. He sighed, that the vampiress had used her gun and not the dagger given by the witch. He would have to keep a close eye on her now.


Chapter 394 After Spending The Night
Before dawn broke through the sky, Eve woke up from her sleep. Once her eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, her gaze fell on Vincent, who was fast asleep. While she was sleeping, she had turned around and now faced him. His head rested on the soft pillow, while her head was resting on his arm.

Vincent's silver hair looked darker than its usual self because of the lack of light in the room.

"You should get some more sleep," Vincent remarked, with his eyes still closed and a peaceful look on his face.

"Did I wake you up?" Eve asked him and felt his arm around her waist, pulling her closer.

"I did," Vincent replied and pressed his lips on Eve's forehead.

His lips felt tender on her skin, and she heard him ask, "Is your body doing okay?"

Eve nodded, "It is," and she snuggled closer to his chest, and he placed his chin on top of her head.

"You can take the day off from work. Today you don't have to teach Allie," Vincent let her know.

"No, that's fine. I don't have anything planned, and we already celebrated my birthday in the best way possible," Eve softly answered.

"I still insist that you take the day off to spend it the way you wish. Maybe you can visit Meadow to check the reconstruction of the house. Away from the things that are going on here as the Marchioness will be here to spend her day in the mansion," Vincent loudly guessed.

Eve took a deep breath before exhaling the air. With just a week left before the wedding, there were many things to do, and the Hookes would spend a lot of time in the mansion. She nodded, "I guess I will do that. I will take Eugene to come along with me." 

"Yes, I was going to say that. It's the place where you grew up with Lady Aubrey and Eugene," Vincent remarked.

The Dawson's house held importance to her. Suddenly, she remembered the house in Brokengroves, the one she spent with her mother when she was young. She then said, "Can I ask something else from you?"

"Go ahead," Vincent felt Eve pull away so that she could look at his face.

"The house in which my mother and I used to live in, in Brokengroves. Can you make sure that it still stands, and it isn't destroyed when the new town is made?" Eve asked him before continuing, "I can add in what I have earned--"

Vincent placed his finger on her lips, stopping her from speaking further. He said, "You don't need to do that. I meant every word, when I said you are my wife and I would like to fulfil your dreams and wishes. So allow me to do that, and you can use the money you have worked hard for, for something else. Today when I go to Darthmore, I will take a look at whose name the house's ownership is registered to."

Eve didn't want the house that held memories of her childhood with her mother and her there to be stolen from her like her mother had been brutally snatched away from her. She heard a soft chirping sound from a bird outside the mansion and said,

"I should go back to my room before someone notices me missing in my room."

Though the sky was yet to turn bright, soon, the mansion's servants would wake up to start their work, and the members of the Moriarty family would wake up too. Leaning forward, Eve pressed her lips on Vincent's lips and sat up. She was about to leave the bed when Vincent caught her hand.

"I will see you to your room," Vincent said to her.

Getting out of bed, they wore their clothes and then stepped out of the room. Eve whispered, "Aren't you worried about someone catching us?"

"No," Vincent replied in a nonchalant voice, yet there was a smile on his lips. "Stepping out of the room together, is better than only you stepping out of it."

Vincent's thought brought a smile to her lips. It was because her stepping out of his room alone would make her appear as if she was offering service to Vincent and then returning to her room.

"I thought you didn't care about what people thought," Eve softly said, while walking in the deserted and quiet corridor.

"I don't," Vincent slipped his hands in his trouser pockets, "But I know you do. And if it matters to you, not all, but to some extent it matters to me too. You are a gem that shines brighter than anyone, and I won't let anyone dim it."

When they reached in front of Eve's room, Vincent returned to his room.

Eve decided to take a bath. Closing the door and locking it, she walked to the wooden divider and turned on the faucet for the water to fill the bathtub. Once the tub was ready, she removed the gown she had worn the previous night and stepped inside the cold water.

Eve immersed her body in the water. She remembered the time she spent with Vincent, being in his arms. A shy smile appeared on her lips. To think that she was his and he was hers in every sense. Her head emerged out of the water, while she played with the wavering water with her fingers.

And while Eve played with the water, her eyes fell on her right wrist where Vincent had marked her.

"It is so pretty," Eve murmured, running her fingers on top of the two wings held by the cursive 'V' in the middle.

When she placed her hands on her knees, she noticed something odd happen. Turning her wrist upward under the water, she watched only the right wing on it, and the left had disappeared. She frowned,

"What is that..."

Eve brought her hand out of the water and noticed the wing reappear. She whispered, "This is so strange. Where did it go?"


Chapter 395 Early Breakfast
Quickly finishing her bath, Eve stepped out of the bathtub and wrapped her body with the bath towel. She wore her clothes and dried her hair before tying it into a ponytail. Once she was ready, she stepped out of the room and headed towards Vincent's room.

Eve's lilac-coloured, chiffon dress with floral patterns ruffled as she walked. The servants and maids of the mansion had woken up and begun their day's work, and the sky had started to turn lighter.

She met Vincent on the way, who was dressed in a different set of clothes as he was going to step out of the mansion. She informed him,

"The mark, something is wrong with it when I dip it in the water."

Vincent stared at her with questioning eyes and followed her line of sight. He looked at her hand as she stretched it forward. His eyes slightly narrowed, and he said, "Let us find the closest water here, shall we?"

When Eve saw Vincent start walking, she followed him. On their way, one of the maids carried a tray of glasses of water. He picked up the glass of water from the tray and entered one of the balconies in the corridor.

Away from prying sight, Vincent took hold of Eve's hand by raising it up and in front of him before pouring the cold water on her wrist where his mark lay. When the water touched Eve's skin, the left wing disappeared within less than three seconds, leaving only the right wing and the 'V' in sight.

When the water drained out, a couple of seconds later, the disappeared wing appeared on her skin.

Eve felt worry enter her mind. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she looked up to meet Vincent's red eyes, that continued to stare at the mark he had given her.

"What does this mean?" Eve asked him.

"Either I didn't mark you right, or your body is rejecting my mark when it comes in contact with the element that you belong to," Vincent didn't seem pleased with what he saw. He doubted he had made any mistake when marking her and binding his soul with hers.

"If it wasn't right or my body was rejecting, the mark wouldn't be seen on my skin, would it?" Eve hoped it had nothing to do with a mermaid or siren being incompatible with a pureblooded vampire.

"True," Vincent remarked, running his thumb against the wings on Eve's unblemished skin. He dropped her hand to her side and said to her, "It is fine if the bond didn't work. What matters is that we both love each other."

Eve nodded in agreement. She and he loved each other and wanted to spend their life together.

When Vincent pulled Eve for a hug, embracing her on the balcony, she whispered, "Someone might see us!"

"The servants won't talk about us. They know better than to do something that will cause their deaths," Vincent took a sniff from the top of Eve's head and hummed.

"That sounds comforting," Eve murmured and heard the pureblooded vampire chuckle.

When Eve had seen half of Vincent's mark disappear, she had turned worried. And she let her thoughts out, "Do you know what might be the cause for the disappearance? What if..." she paused for a moment, trying to find a right way to phrase it, "What if there's--"

"There's someone else for you?" Vincent completed the sentence that Eve had trouble finishing.

As much as Vincent didn't want to believe it, there was a possibility, and it would be a lie if he said the thought didn't cross his mind.

It wasn't uncommon for some of the supernatural creatures to mark their partners. But it happened only when the two shared mutual affections and feelings. At the same time, there had been rare cases where one didn't need mutual affection as the person marking had a strong bloodline.

Eve pulled away from Vincent's arms, looked at him, and said, "I hope that's not true. I am happy and content with you."

Now that Vincent's soul was linked and bound to Eve, the possessiveness that had been subtle started to rise at the thought of someone else being on his woman's mind, and he didn't like it one bit. He said,

"I doubt there can be anyone out there who can outrun me and take you from me. It's your birthday today, and you don't have to worry about such things." Vincent kissed her lips and said, "Let us have breakfast together? I would love to start my day with you."

Eve gave him a nod, trying not to worry about the missing wing when it came to the water. She replied, "Let us have breakfast."

Vincent released Eve from his arms, and they returned to the corridors and walked towards the dining room. Before they reached the dining room, Alfie appeared and bowed at them.

"Good morning, Master Vincent and Ms. Barlow," and the butler then wished Eve, "Happy birthday, Ms. Barlow."

Eve smiled before thanking him, "Thank you, Alfie."

Alfie then opened the dining room doors for the pair, who walked inside. Eve was quite surprised to find Viscount, his wife, and Allie, who were already seated at the table. It was because it was early in the morning.

"Happy birthday, Genevieve," Viscount Eduard wished and Lady Annalise wished Eve with a stoic expression.

"Happy birthday, sister Eve," Allie was the next one to wish Eve with her small and cute voice. The small vampiress hugged her.

Viscount Eduard said, "We found out that it was your birthday late last night and thought we would have an early breakfast with you. Also, to avoid having more people join us." The man was talking about Marquee and Marchioness Hooke.

The dining room burst open a moment later, and Rosetta arrived with Eugene behind her. Feeling all eyes on her, the vampiress offered a deep bow and apologised, "Pardon me for my disrespectfulness caused in the ballroom last evening, Viscount Eduard."

Before Viscount Eduard could forgive her with his words, Rosetta raised her head and her eyes fell on Eve. She quickly reached her friend and hugged her, "Happy birthday, Eve! Sorry for not wishing you sooner. Eugene told me only a few minutes ago."

"Thank you, Rosetta. It's fine," Eve thanked the vampiress before her eyes fell on Eugene, who smiled at her.

It seemed like things were turning better between Eugene and Rosetta, Eve thought, returning the smile to Eugene.

"Sister Eve," Allie called Eve, and she offered a big wrapped box, "This is for you."

The young vampiress's thoughtfulness touched Eve, and she said, "You didn't have to give me anything, Allie," but the small girl vigorously shook her head.

"Open it!" Allie was eager to see if Eve would like her gift.

"There's no need to hurry, Ms. Barlow. You can open it once we finish breakfast," Lady Annalise said to Eve. The older vampiress didn't want to deal with the Hookes while having her meal. While everyone took their seats at the dining table, Eve tore the wrapper and noticed it was a book. The book held drawings, and Allie, who had taken a seat right next to Eve, whispered,

"These are Allie's drawings. All of them in one binding for you."