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Chapter 396 Quality Gift
Eve felt her heart melt at the little girl's gesture, for giving the drawings she had made with her effort and time. She said, "They are very beautiful and I like it very much, Allie. I will be sure to treasure it with me."

Allie beamed with happiness.

Rosetta, who had taken a seat, felt bad that she hadn't bought a gift for Eve. But to buy a gift, she would need money, and she had none. Not to mention, the vampiress didn't have a talent in art and give it to her friend. Her shoulders slumped, feeling the inadequacy of being unable to give anything.

On the other hand, Vincent pulled out a box from his coat, handed it to Eve, and said, "Happy birthday again, Eve. This is a little present from me."

Eve had already received Vincent's present and murmured, "You didn't have to bring me anything."

"What did you give Ms. Barlow, Vincent?" Lady Annalise asked him.

Eve wondered what it was, and under everyone's curious eyes, she opened the box, and Rosetta exclaimed in awe, "Are those…."

Even Lady Annalise and Viscount Eduard looked impressed by seeing what was inside the box while Eve stared at it. Inside the box was a high-quality pearl necklace. Each pearl held a sheen of silver on them that stood out in a line.

Everyone in the room, except Eve and Eugene, stared at Vincent's gift in awe. It was because finding mermaids these days was hard a fleet, and in that, to find quality pearls was even harder. Not to mention, they were priced higher than diamonds because of their rarity.

Eugene, who was pouring water in everyone's glass, noticed the pearl necklace and wondered if this was Mr. Vincent Moriartys way of throwing people off of Miss Eve's scent of being a mermaid. The necklace was undoubtedly beautiful.

Viscount Eduard praised his son, "Those are some excellent quality pearls you got your hands on, Vincent." 

"I think it has been a while since I last saw quality pearls. Not even on the lord's wife's neck," Rosetta agreed with the Viscount.

On the other hand, Lady Annalise softly harrumphed and proudly said, "Expect nothing less from the Moriartys. We only choose the best even when it comes to gifting people."

The small vampiress, Allie, leaned forward and stared at the pearl necklace in amazement. Lady Annalise then asked, "How did you get your hands on that in such a short time?"

Vincent's lips stretched wide and into a grin, with his eyes crinkling at the sides. He responded, "It is a rare mermaid I met many years ago, when I was young."

After Vincent had killed the Head guard and the other guards in the Raven's town's dungeon, Eve had cried in his arms when they were in the carriage. He had saved all the pearls without throwing them away. Not because pearls were of value, but because these pearls belonged to Eve.

When everyone started to have their breakfast, Viscount and his wife were talking to each other, and Rosetta was busy staring at Eugene, who was serving in the dining room. Eve whispered to Vincent, "I didn't know you collected the pearls."

"Did you think I told Briggs to throw them away?" Vincent asked her before taking a bite from his fork. "They rightfully belong to you, and I am merely returning it to you. Except for one."

"One?" Eve asked him with a question in her eyes.

Vincent hummed and smiled at her, "The one that rightfully belongs to me. The very first one I collected."

Eve's cheeks turned warm when she realised which one he was talking about. Their very first encounter was when they were young. He continued to hold it close to his heart.

He said, "Now there are people who know that you have a gift and it isn't something you acquired in secret." No one would blame her if one day they saw Eve with pearls.

Lady Annalise addressed Rosetta, "Rosetta."

"Yes, milady?" Rosetta turned startled, quickly looking away from Eugene and turning to look at Lady Annalise.

"Your mother told me yesterday that she would be visiting us later with the seamstress who has already begun working on your wedding gown," Lady Annalise informed the young vampiress, whose back straightened at the mention of the wedding gown and her mother in the same sentence.

"Oh," Rosetta nodded and slightly felt dread.

As if that wasn't enough, Alfie brought in the newsletter and Rosetta picked it up to read on what happened last evening, which was on the front page. First was the mention of the announcement of her soon to be married to Vincent, and right below it spoke about her throwing up in the soiree. Her face turned red in embarrassment.

Lady Annalise asked her husband and Vincent, "Has the wedding venue been picked?"

"Yes, Anna," Eduard replied to his wife, "We decided to use the family altar for the wedding, and have it repainted before the wedding day arrives. The musicians have already spoken to after discussing with the Hookes."

Not seeing Marceline arrive in the dining room, Lady Annalise turned to Alfie and questioned, "Did you inform Marceline to come join us for breakfast or is she throwing another tantrum?"

The butler bowed and replied, "Lady Marceline wasn't in her room when I went to inform her, milady."

Viscount Eduard and Lady Annalise frowned. The older vampiress said to her husband, "I didn't see her in the ballroom last evening either. Did she tell you where she is going? Lately, she seems to be leaving early in the morning."

"More correctly, she hasn't been going to bed, dear mother," Vincent stirred the blood tea in the teacup he held. "I heard that she's been leaving the mansion in the middle of the night."

Viscount Eduard frowned and said, "I was hoping she would mend her ways by now, but she's been behaving even more reckless than usual. Do you know where she has been going?" He asked his son.

"You should ask her," and Vincent took a sip from his teacup.


Chapter 397 Rebuilding The House
Eve finished having her breakfast with the rest of the Moriarty family members and Rosetta in the dining room of the Moriarty mansion. Just when everyone finished having their peaceful meal, the Hookes appeared at the mansion's entrance, inviting themselves.

Marquee Hooke handed his coat to the butler and said, "Viscount Eduard and the others must be in the dining room having their breakfast. Lead us there," he ordered.

Alfie bowed and politely replied, "Good morning, Marquee Hooke, but everyone has already finished their breakfast. Viscount Eduard is in the drawing room with Lady Annalise and the others."

The Hookes looked surprised because they had arrived at the time when breakfast would be served. Lady Marchioness wondered if something was up, and she demanded, "Lead us to the drawing room."

"Yes, milady," Alfie bowed, turning around. He started to walk in the direction of the drawing room. Upon reaching there, the butler announced, "Marquee and Marchioness Hooke have arrived." He stepped aside to make way for the couple to enter the room.

"Good morning," Lady Annalise greeted, and the Marchioness held a bright smile on her face, while her eyes narrowed.

"Good morning," Lady Aurora returned the greeting. She said in a matter-of-fact tone, "As we are going to be one big family soon, I thought it would be lovely to have breakfast together," she smiled.

Vincent was the one to respond to the woman, "We heard that Rosetta's gown was going to be tried and checked this morning by the seamstress, so I thought it would be better to have the breakfast done to make time for the seamstress." Lady Aurora and his eyes met, and one could see the friction between them. He said, "I wasn't aware that you were joining us for breakfast. Mother," he turned to Lady Annalise and said, "You forgot to mention it to me about it."

Lady Annalise pursed her lips and replied, "I didn't know about it."

Vincent tilted his head, staring at Lady Aurora and Marquee Hooke, making it obvious they had shamelessly self-invited themselves. The old Hooke couple looked slightly embarrassed, while the others stared at them.

Lady Aurora smiled. She said, "That's fine, we can always make plans to eat together later. The more important thing is that we need to make sure the wedding is well planned to the very detail. What do you, Viscount Eduard?"

Viscount Eduard gave a nod, "That's true."

Marquee Hooke turned to look at his daughter and asked her, "How are you feeling today, Rosetta? Hopefully better?"

"Better than yesterday, father," Rosetta answered and felt her mother's stern gaze, which shifted from her to look next to her, that was Eve.

Lady Aurora's eyes fell on a box in Eve's hand that looked like a jewellery box. She asked Eve, "What do you have there in your hand, dear? A present for Rosetta?"

"It is a present from me," Vincent nonchalantly responded, and Lady Aurora raised one of her eyebrows.

"Present for the governess? It seems like the Moriarty family are very generous," Lady Aurora remarked, and she added, "Considering you are getting married to Rosetta, you must have given her a gift too."

Lady Annalise and Viscount Eduard watched the exchange between their son and the Marchioness.

They had hoped for the conversation not to go there, but the Marchioness was observant when it came to Eve, after all, Vincent had initially chosen her.

"It is Ms. Barlow's birthday, and she's a valuable member of the Moriarty mansion. After all, she is the governess of my sister Allie," Vincent replied with his eyes watching Lady Aurora's eyes narrow at his words. He said, "I am sure you would appreciate it too. They are pearls." 

"Pearls..." Lady Aurora repeated, knowing the value of pearls were high in the market, and she could only guess that the human was being gifted such an expensive thing because Vincent was in love with her and not her daughter. She said, "It is a tradition to gift something to your future wife before the wedding."

"Oh, Lady Rosetta has already received the gift," Vincent chimed in, which made everyone wonder if it was true.

Rosetta was glad that Eugene was not in the room now, or else she would have to explain that it wasn't true. Vincent's words got Marquee Hooke's attention, and he asked in interest,

"What was the gift, Rosetta?"

Rosetta wondered if she was supposed to lie here, and she turned to look at Vincent, not knowing what to tell. Vincent said, "Lady Rosetta doesn't need jewels when she has me next to her. I am a gift in every sense, isn't that right, Lady Rosetta?"

Lady Aurora's lips twitched at the pureblooded vampire's response. Rosetta nervously smiled and nodded, "T--that is true. It is the best gift I can ever have."

The Hookes and the other members of the Moriarty family were left speechless and staring. Vincent then said, "I should get going. Work calls, but please feel free to sit down and discuss the wedding."

Eve excused herself so she wouldn't have to deal with Lady Aurora. Getting a hold of Eugene, they used their carriage to travel to Meadow. When they reached the town, Eugene opened the carriage door for his young miss. Out stepped the young mermaid.

"It seems like the house will be ready in a month," Eugene remarked, noticing how fast the vampire workers had finished the roof. "The outside paint makes the house stand out, doesn't it? Like a mansion would."

"It does," Eve agreed, and before they had an opportunity to step inside the gates to take a closer look, one of the townsfolk noticed her standing in front of the house from afar.

The person was none other than one of the people, who had dragged and called names at Eve when the witch-hunt had taken place in this town. He quickly called his wife and said, "Look there, it is Genevieve! Wasn't she the reason for what's happening to our houses?"

His wife's eyes widened, and she nodded, "It is. At least, that's what I heard. I should quickly let the others know that she is in town."

"I agree," the man said before leaving the end of the street with his wife.

While Eve and Eugene took a closer look at their house being rebuilt, like the other houses but much faster, the human couple went around letting the others know about Eve's return. When Eugene entered the house from the backyard, Eve was inside, taking a look at the stairs.

"Everything looks as it is, Miss Eve. Mr. Moriarty hasn't changed anything and has only strengthened the walls and floors so far," Eugene said to Eve. He then said to her, "I would like to come back here to fix the plants tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The weather has frozen it."

"Mm, I think that's fine," Eve replied, tearing her gaze away from the stairs before sighing. She watched vampire workers move around faster and more efficiently than the human workers. She watched Eugene enter the kitchen, looking at the cupboards in there. She asked him, "Was Rosetta alright last night?"

Eugene, who had opened the cupboard, turned to look at Eve, meeting her curious gaze, and he replied, "She was ill, and took a couple of minutes before she fell asleep. She wanted me to keep her company."

Eve nodded and watched Eugene close the cupboard. When the workers left the room, she asked, "What do you think about Rosetta?"

Knowing Eugene had spent a decent amount of time with the vampiress, she wondered if he still viewed her in the same way as before or if things had changed between them. After all, he and Rosetta had spent time locked in one of the rooms in the Moriarty mansion.

"She's undoubtedly naive," Eugene answered Eve.

Eve sighed, wondering if things hadn't changed since the time Rosetta had confessed to him. Maybe some people were not meant to be, she thought.

But then Eugene said, "But she's hard working when she puts her mind to things and is direct. Without coating her words in false words. She stands with what she says and doesn't turn her back. I have a better impression of her than the first time where she almost drank my blood, Miss Eve," he answered Eve's question.

Eve gave him a nod and replied, "Rosetta is like that. She grows on you."

"I will have to agree on that," Eugene answered, and Eve was more than glad to hear that response. He said, "The rumour was going strong about the Hookes having a hand in killing Lady Camille Wright. I wonder where the people caught wind of it."

Where else could it come from, if not from Vincent, Eve thought.

When they heard voices coming from outside the house, Eugene said, "I will go check what it is about."

Eugene reached the entrance of the house, and his eyes fell on the little crowd formed in front of the house. One of the men spoke, "Eugene, is Ms. Barlow inside the house?"

Eugene wondered what these townsfolk wanted now, and he looked at them with a weary look, "Yes. What is it about?" He asked.

Eve left the kitchen and reached where Eugene was. She noticed some of the townsfolk gathered outside, and a flicker of anxiety burned in her mind. It was because the last time the townsfolk had gathered around her, they had humiliated and called out names at her. She felt her pulse race, and it wasn't in a good way, as she took a shaky breath.


Chapter 398 People Changing With Time
Eugene took two steps forward, ready to protect Eve so the townsfolk wouldn't dare to do anything. Eve asked them,

"What are you all doing here?"

"Genevieve, we don't deserve what you did to us." One of the town's women addressed her with a serious face. The anxiety in Eve's body continued to build, and she felt dizzy because of the tension. The woman said, "We have been waiting for you to return to the town since the following day when the town caught fire."

Did they find out it was Vincent who had set fire to the town? Eve asked herself, and her hands clenched.

Suddenly out of nowhere, everyone bowed at Eve, which took Eve and Eugene by surprise. The woman said, "We cannot tell you how ashamed we are for what has happened until now, Genevieve. You have always been kind and polite, even after you started working in Skellington. God only knows what got into us in the past, for hurting you and driving you out of town. We are so sorry for what happened, and grateful for your big and kind heart."

Eve and Eugene didn't know what was happening, but it seemed the people weren't there to blame them for the fire that had burned down their houses.

One of the men finally said, "Thank you for requesting Mr. Moriarty help us repair and rebuild our houses. If it wasn't for you, our families wouldn't have a roof above our heads."

Another townsfolk said, "We weren't able to apologise to you properly before, Ms. Barlow, but we feel we aren't worthy enough to receive your help."

Eve hadn't said anything to Vincent.

Vincent had turned the town of Meadow into a bonfire himself and was fixing it after they repented for their life mistakes. Many more in front of Eve apologised, while also thanking her. If there was one thing she understood, people easily changed one's opinions. Sometimes from good to bad, and some from bad to good. Nothing was ever fixed.

She noticed that people respected her more compared to before when she was publicly humiliated. She said,

"I have already forgiven you... which is why Mr. Moriarty is helping you."

"You are a wonderful woman, Ms. Barlow, and we will never believe anyone who speaks badly about you!"

Once the townsfolk dispersed from the front of Dawson's residence, murmuring among themselves about Eve being a kind soul and scolding the Humphreys and Edwards as they were the ones to instigate that particular day in the past, Eve let out a sigh of relief.

"For a moment there, I was worried that something bad was going to happen," Eugene confessed, "But it seems like they like you more than anyone in the town right now."

"I wonder until when it will last," Eve murmured because people's thoughts were fickle. They quickly turned on the other by just a word of someone and having experienced it firsthand, and she took it with a grain of salt.

After almost an hour, Marceline finally spotted her carriage parked at the edge of the forest and near the road. Not too far behind her, Timotei followed her while keeping a good distance, as he didn't want to be the animal sacrifice.

Marceline made her way towards her carriage and caught sight of her coachman, who was sleeping with his mouth open.

The vampiress barked in anger, "ADAM!" And it sounded nothing less than a roaring bloodhound to the coachman, who woke up startled. "What do you think you are doing here when I ordered you to wait for me?!" She caught him by his collar and he pulled him down from his seat.

The coachman didn't know what was worse. If it was the bear or Marceline. He gulped, "Milady, this is where we parked since you left."

"Do you think I am a fool?" Marceline's eyes blazed. She was in no mood to be played around. "If I didn't have to return to the mansion now, I would have torn your neck by now. Which I will do once we reach the mansion!" She snapped.

When Marceline released the coachman from her hold, he quickly pulled the carriage door open. Marceline continued to glare before she climbed inside. Timotei quickly pranced towards the vehicle and climbed on the back side of the carriage, as he wanted to keep a close eye on the vampiress and report the same once he got to the mansion.

But when they did get to the Moriarty mansion, Timotei quickly ran inside and looked for Eve, Eugene or Vincent. Neither of the three was in there, and he wondered where they had gone. He then reached the room where Lady Annalise, Lady Aurora and Rosetta were in the room.

Rosetta stood in front of them and on the stool, while another woman stood next to her with a measuring tape in her hand. innread.com

"Where did the governess go? I don't think I have seen her for some time now," Lady Aurora asked with cunning eyes.

"She has gone to her house in Meadow," Lady Annalise answered.

"To her house?" Lady Aurora looked impressed, "It is good to see that she's finally moved out from the Moriarty mansion back to where she belongs."

"She is only visiting," Lady Annalise corrected the Marchioness, and Lady Aurora turned grim with this information. "Ms. Barlow is still Allie's governess, and we would like the human to continue to work for us."

"I am sure you do," Lady Aurora smiled slightly. She turned her gaze back at her daughter and the seamstress who had arrived and ordered, "I want you to include pearls in Rosetta's dress, Ms. Woode. The finest of them all, and maybe even have precious stones like diamonds in them so that it glitters when Rosetta walks down the aisle. What do you think, Lady Annalise?"

Lady Annalise didn't know how she had earlier decided to go with the Hookes as their equal. She responded with a tight smile, "If Ms. Woode can embed it into the wedding gown..."

"Of course, she can!" Lady Aurora laughed and looked at the seamstress.

"I will see what I can do, Marchioness," the seamstress bowed.

Lady Aurora smiled, then proposed, "Lady Annalise, you should get your dress for the wedding from Ms. Woode. She seems to have excellent dresses and gowns to choose from. Your daughters can get one each too." This way, Moriarty would pay for all the dresses, including Rosetta's wedding gown.

But Lady Annalise politely refused, "Thank you for sharing your seamstress, Marchioness, but we have already bought the dresses. It would be best for Ms. Woode to concentrate on Rosetta's wedding gown as it is important."

Timotei, on hearing that Eve wasn't here, decided to go to Meadow and left the front of the room.

In the meantime, Marceline reached her room and changed her clothes in anger. The vampiress had been thinking about the other two sacrifices when she was walking in the forest in pain. She murmured,

"I know exactly whom to use as a sacrifice."

When a maid knocked on her door, Marceline said, "Come in."

As the maid entered the room, her face scrunched, and Marceline noticed this. Her leg was leaving a move pungent smell in the air, and she snapped,

"Why haven't flowers been replaced in the room?!"

"Milady, I changed the flowers in the morning," the maid bowed, and her voice trembled.

"Then did you forget to change the water in the vases and open the windows?! Where is the smell coming from?" Marceline demanded from the maid, who continued to look down at the ground.

The maid didn't have an answer to the vampiress's question, as the room didn't stink. She apologised, "Forgive me, milady. I will change the water right away!" But before doing that, she walked to the windows and opened them all to get rid of the smell.

When the maid was about to leave, Marceline questioned, "Which is the smallest animal that we have in the mansion?"

The maid answered, "We have chickens and rabbits, milady. Would you like me to inform the cook to prepare something for you?"

"That won't be required," Marceline wanted to finish the sacrifice quickly, and she then asked, "Where is the human governess?"

"Ms. Barlow?" The maid asked, and she only ended up receiving a glare. "S--she, uh, she's gone to her town, milady."

"Did she now," Marceline hummed in delight. It seemed perfect, and she said, "Also another thing..." Her eyes shone, and once she found the information, a sly smile appeared on her lips. "This time I won't miss."


Chapter 399 Below The Council’s Library
Music Recommendation: The inexorable Advance of Mr. Delaney- Max Ritcher

In Darthmore's Council building, Vincent walked in the corridors along with Patton, who closely followed him with one step behind him. As they walked, they came across council members, who weren't invited to the soiree held in the Moriarty mansion the last evening, congratulating the pureblooded vampire,

"Congratulations on your engagement with Marquee Hooke's daughter, Mr. Moriarty!"

"I was surprised when I heard this morning that you were engaged. My hearty wishes to you both," another councilman offered his good wishes.

"Thank you, Mr. Brome and Mr. Alington," Vincent smiled brightly. He asked, "Aren't I a lucky man?"

"Oh, you are!" Mr. Brome smiled, which faltered when Vincent and Patton walked past them. He whispered to Mr. Alington, "It seems like Vincent is very keen on getting married to the Marquee's daughter. Not to mention, the wedding is in the next six days."

"Who wouldn't be eager to get married to a high positioned person's daughter? I sure would be!" Mr. Alington responded as they continued walking in the opposite direction compared to where Vincent was walking. "It isn't easy to land a marquee's daughter for marriage. Not to mention, at the end of the day, the Moriartys might be pureblooded vampires, but they are only Viscounts. They must have finally realised their low social status and decided to up it with the Hookes."

And while the two council members continued to discuss the matter in whispers, on the other side, Vincent was congratulated by a few more councilmen on his way. Once they reached a quieter corridor, Patton turned behind and then asked,

"Mr. Moriarty?"

"What is it, Patton?" Vincent asked in a nonchalant tone, with a faint smile on his lips as if he was enjoying the attention he was receiving from people in the Council.

But that wasn't the entire truth. Patton, who had spent enough time with Vincent, knew something was going on in the pureblooded vampire's head. The pureblooded vampire didn't smile without reason, and when he did smile, one had to be wary of the oncoming storm.

"A lot of the councilmen have been discussing your almost engagement with Lady Rosetta Hooke," Patton started, wringing his hands and continued, "But there has been a sliver of a rumour that I caught wind of. It is about the Hookes, who are in debt and have had a hand in Lady Camille Wright's murder for her money." 

"Is that so?" Vincent turned to look at Patton, his red eyes holding colour like it never had before. He asked, "Would you like a little vacation up to the North, Patton?" He calculatingly smiled.

"To the North, Sire?" Patton repeated in question.

"Find out the names of the assassins, who the Hookes might have hired in the past or at least contacted. Surely, there must be at least one person they might have thought of killing and it got buried. It isn't uncommon in our society," Vincent ordered Patton, who nodded.

"I will be on my way," Patton offered a bow and quickly left the place.

Vincent made his way to the Council's library, where an entire building was dedicated solely to it. The walls of the building were made of dull, grey stone, and the top of the roof was tapered sharply. Climbing the stairs, he stepped on the red carpet that led inside the building.

Once he entered, he noticed the many tall and wide racks on either side of the room. But this was only one floor, which contained books related to the understanding of the Council, for general use, but not for public use.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Moriarty! Congratulations beforehand for the wedding going to take place this week," the head clerk in charge of the library wished when he noticed Vincent there.

"Seems like everyone has heard about it. How are you doing, Ronald?" Vincent greeted, as he looked around the place and noticed only a few recently appointed councilmen there.

"Excellent, Mr. Moriarty. What brings you here today? Is there anything I can help you with?" But then Vincent Moriarty knew his way around the racks on this floor as he had spent enough time around here during his beginning days of work in the Council, the clerk thought.

"Do you know where the old records belonging to Crowbury are kept? I have some work with it," Vincent said, and the clerk nodded.

"You are looking for the records that have been placed on the floor below this. Let me lead you there," the person said. They took the spiral stairs that led them underground. On their way, the man said, "It is good that you are here for it. Sometime ago, I heard that most of the files in here will soon be thrown away as they are loose information. So that they can use this underground space for something better."

"Is that so," Vincent responded, "I don't think I have heard about it. The word hasn't reached Clayton yet, so there's still time for it."

"True true," the clerk answered. He picked one of the burning lanterns that were left to hang on the hook of the wall. He said, "I heard it from one of the men who was earlier working for Mr. Sylvester. But with the man gone, I guess it will take much longer to get it done."

Vincent took hold of another lantern. Even though there were torches of fire burning all around the underground floor, to have a better look at the files in the racks.

He questioned, "Did you hear what they were planning by making space in here, after getting rid of these things in here?"

"The person said something about having meeting rooms to discuss confidential matters," the clerk answered, and he looked around the place before pointing his hand that held the lantern in the front direction. "The records for Crowbury are in the last second section, Mr. Moriarty. Would you like me to help you with it?"

"That's fine. I will find my way through them. Thanks, Ronald," the clerk bowed and walked back up the stairs to continue helping the newly joined councilmen.

Watching the clerk leave, Vincent turned back when he heard the shuffling sound of parchments coming from behind one of the nearby racks. When he walked near it, he came across one of the inner circle members of the Council.

It was Mr. Hart.

"Oh, it is you, Vincent. I was wondering who was here," Mr. Hart held an open file in his hand and closed it. "Came down here for work, have you?" He asked.

"No, for something personal," Vincent offered a bright smile. He said, "To look into the records of when my mother was murdered."

Mr. Hart was thrown off track by Vincent's words, as he didn't know how to proceed with the subject.

Vincent then asked, "What do you have there? Looks like something important." His red eyes curiously looked at the person.

"This—uh, this is about an old case. About the little feud that took place between two families regarding their land. I will see you later," Mr. Hart hurriedly left the place with the file in his hand.

"That wasn't suspicious at all. Wonder what you are hiding apart from your many mistresses," Vincent remarked.

He then walked towards the rack that the clerk had pointed him to, with his hand holding the burning lantern.


Chapter 400 Middle Of The Path
Vincent stepped in front of the rack the clerk had pointed him at earlier. Right next to it were the records for the town of Brokengroves, which he was interested in. But as the town was poor, like a few other towns along with Crowbury, not all records were maintained because of the poor administration by the magistrates who were in charge in the past and until now.

He murmured, "This shouldn't take too much time. I will be able to find it soon."

He picked up the top files and started reading the pages. He had come here to find the person who owned the house in which Eve had lived with her mother. He doubted the Council owned all the properties belonging to Brokengroves. After all, a few families still continued to reside there.

Once he found the page of information he was looking for, his eyes fell on the name written on the page. William Parson. Many properties of lands and houses from Brokengroves belonged to him, but not anymore, as he had died a year ago. As the deed ended a year ago.

"I don't remember Parson having any children," Vincent murmured and he said, "There should be another file record on who the ownership has transferred to. He went through some more records before he finally found it.

'Noah Sullivan'

The transaction had taken place a year ago.

"How odd. That it is none other than you, who has those lands and houses in your name now," Vincent muttered in a low voice. Even the ownership of the house that Eve once used to live in, he thought.

Vincent's eyes narrowed. It was because he remembered Eve telling him that Mr. Hart had mentioned William Parson being one of the men her mother had worked for.

Vincent wondered what made Noah decide to buy these lands, and he doubted that the Duke had acquired them easily. He left the library along with the file in his hand and went to the Duke's office room in the main Council building.

In front of the Duke's office, one of the councilmen asked, "Mr. Moriarty, how can I--"

"Where is Duke Noah?" Vincent asked the councilman, who was one of the Duke's subordinates.

"Duke Noah has left Darthmore. He has some work in the East," the councilman replied. "Is there any message you would like me to pass him once he returns?"

Vincent turned away and said, "I will do that myself."

The pureblooded vampire left the place, away from people's eyes before he spread his wings and shot up in the air. After catching sight of the Duke's carriage, he descended on the ground and stood in the middle of the road. The Duke's coachman abruptly halted the vehicle when he saw him.

Kieran, Noah's coachman, wasn't particularly fond of vampires. Especially not this one. Noah, who sat inside the carriage, asked,

"What's the matter, Kieran? Why did you suddenly stop the carriage?"

"Mr. Moriarty is here," Kieran answered.

Noah stepped down from the carriage, meeting Vincent's eyes. He asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I had something to ask and free myself from thinking about it. I thought it would be best to clear it with you," Vincent offered a friendly smile, while Noah stared at the pureblooded vampire.

Vincent made his way to where Noah stood, and he asked, "Will that be okay?"

"Go ahead," Noah replied in a calm voice.

"Do you remember this file?" Vincent raised his hand upwards and said, "These are the documents, regarding your transfer of ownership to some of the properties in the town of Brokengroves. But these must be just copies, and you must have the actual ones, isn't it?"

Noah's black eyes continued to stare at Vincent before he asked, "Is that what you came here to confirm?"

"Of course, not," Vincent chuckled, "I was wondering why you decided to take it under your name, when there was an adjacent town in ruins and it has better value. Any particular reason?"

Noah offered a calm smile, "It is because I knew Brokengroves would be vacant quicker than the other available towns that are turning vacant. Is there something else you want to ask me?"

"That depends if you are willing to tell me, doesn't it, Duke Noah?" Vincent returned the werewolf's question with another question. "Now that I remember, there was this family, who were cobblers. One day when I went there, they were living there and after a day or two, they weren't. Did you have anything to do with it?" His eyes subtly narrowed, trying to find a mistake, while at the same time, Noah barely changed his expression. The Duke's breathing was calm as if he was sleeping.

"I don't think so. Though I will not deny that my men have tried to offer a better deal to those poor families, so that they can lead a better life," Noah explained to Vincent. He raised his chin, and he stated, "It isn't uncommon for people of a higher position to claim lands and reform it."

Vincent clicked his tongue, "Not many do that. Not everyone is as kind and considerate as you, Duke Noah. Actually, I am here because there is this particular house which I took interest in and would like you to transfer it in my name. I am willing to give you as much as you want for it."

Noah clenched his hands and the look in his eyes slightly hardened.

With Eve and Vincent together now, Noah could only guess that Eve had mentioned her living there when she was small to the vampire, and Vincent wanted to buy the same house. Noah had bought the properties to protect that house. Eve's house, to avoid it from being demolished. He asked,

"What do you plan to do with it?" 

Vincent shrugged, "I haven't thought about it yet. What plans did you have?" He tested the werewolf, wondering if Noah knew exactly which house he was talking about and if the werewolf did, that would only mean that Noah's actions held a deeper meaning, one that the Duke hid.

"Demolish and reconstruct the old ones to a new town." Noah was as smart as Vincent to avoid being caught. But the only difference was that the werewolf was emotional and lived to protect his family's reputation, while the others didn't care. He then said, "Tell me which one you are talking about when I return to Darthmore, and I will start the process of transfer. Now if you will excuse me."

"I hope to see you at our wedding," Vincent offered a bright smile to Noah. He stretched his right hand forward towards Noah. The Duke briefly stared at the vampire's hand before taking it and shaking it. "Wish you a safe journey, Duke Noah."

"Thank you," Noah answered curtly.

Vincent watched Noah climb inside the carriage. The door was then closed by the coachman, who offered a slight bow before getting on the coachman's seat and driving the carriage away from there. The pureblooded vampire remarked,

"No one's heart is so pure and giving, unless they are an idiot, and I doubt you are one."