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               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


"Aurora" Alessandro tried to run towards her..but he was shot in the arm.

"Ha..." He yelled in pain but that doesn't stop him from going to aurora.

"Aurora are you okay?" Livia ask worriedly.

"Damn! Fucking geez. Let's take her to the hospital" Alessandro yelled.

"Amore" he called softly but she wasn't answering.

She was breathing heavily with her eyes wide opened.

"Alessandro I have..........to tell you" Alessia shuttered while gasping for breath.

"No Amore. Keep it" Alessandro said.

"No...I just want to tell you that I....have feelings for you......I love you"

Alessandro eyes Widened in shock.

"I told you alessandro you are still a child to me. No matter how dangerous you are to others but not to me. I was in this game before you" Lombardi yelled.

Alessandro sighed.

"Boss" Gabe called.

"Take aurora to the hospital. I will be there in an hour time. I need to end this fight with this asshole" he said.

"But boss you need me here with you"

"Fucking do as I say gabe" Alessandro yelled in a commanding tone.

"Yes boss" he replied.

He carried aurora in a bridal style, and rushed out of the place .

"You guys go out of here" he said to Livia.

"No my husband I can't leave him here" Mrs Grabella said crying.

The females sighed, and hugged their mother.

It just like hell.

They tried to rush out but the gunshots flying around will not let them.

"Go now" Alessandro yelled shooting at the boys and they quickly rushed out.

"Alessandro you really don't have to behave you are strong. Come out and submit to me" lombardi yelled.

Alessandro groaned in pain due to the pain she was feeling in his hand.

He raised his head from his hiding place, he noticed lombardi was looking around, probably trying to find where he was hiding.

He quickly use that opportunity and shut lombardi right in his foot who screamed in pain.

"Fucking asshole" lombardi yelled in pain.

"You see. You aren't so perfect as you think you are" Alessandro yelled.

"Well! I got you" someone said. He turned around to see it was one of lombardi boys.

"You can't hurt my boss asshole" Gabe yelled, and immediately he was shot dead.

"Gabe! What the hell are you doing here?" Alessandro asked in surprise.

"I told the boy to take her to the hospital instead. Let's take you to the hospital too. You are a mess" Gabe said, and support him in getting up.


"Oh fucking christ" he ran his hands through his hair.

He was so scared, his heart was beating widely.

Having his amore fighting for his life right now was scaring the shit out of him.

"Fuck! I should just have let go of her, then this wouldn't have happened" he muttered to himself.

"Brother in-law" Livia called, and sat beside him.

Her eyes were damn so red. It is obvious she has been crying.

"You know aurora is going to be fine. She is a strong girl and she is going to fight through this" livia said.

Alessandro sighed.

"Am sorry for your lose. I brought this pain upon your family" Livia said.

Livia chuckled.

"And that is the reason why you need to end the asshole life who dare do this to us. Make him pay" Livia said.

"You need to clean up yourself alessandro. You are bleeding heavily"Livia said.

Alessandro Scoffed.

"This is little injury. I wanna see my amore fine before I think if myself"

"Come on alessandro"

He was about to reply when all the nurses started running.

He grabbed one of the nurse harshly, almost hurting her.

"What the hell is going on?" Alessandro asked.

"She is in cardiac arrest" The nurse replied.

His eyes Widened in horror and he quickly rushed to the window.

He ran his hands through his hair as he stare at the scence.

"Turn on the AEDS" the doctor yelled, and the nurse quickly did as she was told.

"Charge to 200" He yell.

He took the defibrillator and press it together.

"Clear" he yelled before placing it on aurora body who jolted up immediately it touched her chest, passing an electric current through it.

Alessandro watched from the window, and he didn't even realized when tears flow down from his eyes but he quickly wiped it off.

"Why does it hurt so much to see her in this condition?" He muttered to himself.

He was damn so heart seeing her in this condition. He was not okay seeing her in this position and deep down he was willing to exchange her position with him right now.

The doctor walked out of the hospital, and he quickly rushed toward him.

"How is she?" He Asked.

The doctor sighed.

"How is she?" Alessandro yelled impatiently.

"Sir please calm down" the doctor said, trying to calm her down.

"Do not fucking tell me to calm down. I just want to know how amore Is doing" he yelled.

"She is doing fine...but for now we don't know when she is going to wake up" The doctor said.

Alessandro sighed in relief.

Even through the doctor said they don't know when she is going to be awake but he was happy that she was fine.

Was he really obsessed with aurora or was it the fact that he cannot leave without Aurora.

His heart was probably taking by him, and he has refuse to give it back.

(1 week Later)

It has been one week since that incident happened and aurora hasn't recovered.

Alessandro has been a mess. He had even threatened to burn down the hospital If aurora was not awake but they had pleaded with him.

He missed her so much. No matter how much she treated him like trash, insult him he still can't stop thinking about aurora.

He has been a mess since this past week, and also he had been hunting Alessia who has gone hiding.

She knew better than staying freely.

The devil was ready to hurt her to the fact that she would be the one to begged for death.

Mr Bianchi has been laid to rest, and alessandro had bought a house for them since theirs was such a mess.

Alessandro sighed as he stared at aurora was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

He took her hand gently and kissed it.

He really missed her, and just wish for him to look at him with the same look of hatered in her eyes.

He just wants her beside him.

He wanted to let go of her but deep down in him he can't. It felt like his heart was with him and if he move an inch away from her he Is gone.


He opened his eyes slowly, only to meet with a pair of farmiliar blue eyes staring at him.

Alessandro eyes widened.

"Amore?" Alessandro called in surprise, and aurora just smiled.

"Are you okay? Are you fine? Should I call the doctor?" 

Aurora chuckled.

She smiled, and placed her hand on his cheek.

"How many questions should I answer. Huh?" Alessandro chuckled.

"I missed you Amore" Alessandro said.

Aurora just rolled her eyes.

Before she could say anything, he captured her lips kissing her crazily and aurora reciprocated immediately, wrapping her hand around her neck.

She wrapped her leg around his waist, still kissing each other crazily.

He broke from the kiss, and they both smiled at each other.

Alessandro hold her waist softly, and pulled her closer to him.

"You almost got me an heart attack" Alessandro said.

Aurora smiled.

"You know am glad you were worried about me" she replied.

They kept silent for a while, staring at each other eyes.

"Hmmm Amore do you really meant what you said?" Alessandro asked, his eyebrows raised.

"What did I say?" She asked like she didn't know what he was talking about.

"Do you really want me to spill it out myself?" He raised his eyebrows, and aurora laughed.

"Do you really mean what you said amore?" Alessandro asked impatiently waiting for her respond.

Aurora bend down her head shyly and nodded.

Alessandro smirked.

He raised her head slowly to look at him, and he kissed her softly.

Her hand wrapped slowly around her neck, kissing him back crazily.

The moment was sweet, and beautiful.

Being apart from her for just one week almost ruined his life.

He missed her like crazily.

Aurora felt so happy and relieved that she finally admitted her feelings for him.

They distinguish from the kiss.

Aurora bend down her head shyly, and alessandro just chuckled.

Her eyes moved to the bandage on his hand, and her eyes widened.

"What happened to you Alessandro?" She asked in concerned.

"Oh don't worry Tesoro. It is nothing" he replied. Aurora frowned and turned her back against him.

He sighed.

He tried to wrap his hand around her waist but she pushed him away.

"Fine. I got shot" he replied.

Aurora turned to look at him.

"Are you okay now?" She asked in concern and he nodded.

"But I will be more okay if you kissed me" he said, with a smirk.

She stared at him for a while before locking her lips with him, and alessandro reciprocated immediately.

The door opened revealing the doctor and Livia.

"Damn guys! Not in the hospital" Livia yelled. 

Aurora tried to distinguish from the kiss but alessandro didn't allow her.

He had missed kissing her for a while.

"Alessandro" Aurora whispered in between the kiss and finally managed to pull away from the kiss.

"Hmmm" the doctor cleared his throat.

"Am so happy you are awake now miss else I am sure my hospital might have been gone by now" The doctor said.

Aurora stared at him in confusion.

"Your fiance was threatening to burn down my hospital if you didn't wake up" the doctor said.

Aurora gasped.

"That was not a threat doc. It was a promise" Alessandro said seriously.

The doctor gulped down fearfully.

"Alessandro Don't show your mafia attitude here" Aurora said, and alessandro just rolled her eyes.

"The nurses will be here to check up on you" he said.

He walked out.

"Cuz" Livia yelled and hugged her tightly.

Aurora groaned softly due to the pain she was feeling in her stomach, and Livia quickly distinguished from the hug.

"Am sorry cuz. It is just that I miss you like crazy" Livia said, and aurora laughed.

"What about aunt and valentina?" Aurora asked.

"They are on their way to see you" she replied.

"Am sorry about uncle" Aurora said sadly, and Livia just nodded.

Alessandro phone ranged.

"Hmmm babe I will be back. I need to pick up this call" Alessandro said.

Aurora just nodded.

He peck her lips, before walking out.

"I swear I need a man like alessandro. He is just so crazy about you. You needed to see the way he was crazy when you were down for just a week. Cuz don't tell me you are going to allow this man pass you by" Livia said.

"And what if I tell you we are already dating?" She raised her eyebrows.

Livia gasped.

"Oh my gosh! This is good news babe" Livia said, and they both laughed.

The door opened revealing a nurse.

She was dressed in a white complete with a white face mask, and she was holding a train.

"I am here to give you an injection" she said.

Livia scoffed.

"So you don't greet your patients and just like I am here to give you injection" Livia said.

"Seriously cuz. Don't tease her" Aurora said.


"Gabe have you capture her?" Alessandro asked.

"Boss it has been very hard. I swear alessia is a smart girl. It is like she knew we are after her" Gabe replied.

"Don't tell me that shit gabe. What did I train you for huh?" Alessandro yelled angrily.

"Boss please calm down... I have good news" he said.

"Well you better spill it out because I want to fucking end the bitch life that hurt amore" Alessandro yelled.

"Boss we tracked her down and discovered she is at the same hospital miss was admitted to...she is dressed like a nurse" Gabe replied.

"What the fuck! That bitch" he yelled, and ended the call.


"Wait!" Alessandro yelled immediately he rushed into the ward.

Alessia eyes widened.

"What's up Alessandro?" Aurora asked.

"You fucking bitch" he yelled angrily, and landed an heavy punch on her face, making the face mask fly away.

"Why will you do that to a ....." Aurora scolded but she stopped immediately she saw it was alessia.

"What the fuck. Alessia?" She called in surprise....

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               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


"Alessia?" Aurora called in shock.

"What the fuck are you doing here you bitch. You caused what happened to my father and cousin" Livia yelled And immediately landed a slap on her face.

Alessia groaned in pain.

"So? Do you really think I ma going to sit down and allow someone else take you away from me. I told you alessandro you are mine" Alessia yelled.

Alessandro Scoffed.

He grabbed hold of her neck cutting off her oxygen supply making her gasped for breath.

"Alessia you are my ex and you are my past so whatever feelings you can't kill because you are so obsessed with me then I am going to help you with it.. and that is by ending your fucking slutty life" Alessandro said dangerously.

He let go of her, and she coughed violently.

Almost immediately the door opened, and gage walked in.

Alessia eyes widened, and she gripped Alessandro legs tightly.

"Am sorry Alessandro. Please" she pleaded.

She know exactly what he is capable of and he is meant what he said earlier.

Her heart was pounding violently like they were going to burst out any moment from now.

He pushed her away.

"Get this slut out of here. Torture her untill she has to plead for death herself" Alessandro said.

"Yes boss" Gabe replied.

He throw alessia on his shoulder, and walked out of the ward.

Aurora sighed.

No matter how much alessia was mean to her, she still felt pity for her and wished alessandro could spare her life but she knows better than say that to alessandro.

"Damn that bitch. She is so evil and she deserves death" Livia said.

Aurora frowned, and pushed her lightly.

"What! I am saying the truth cuz. Don't tell me you are feeling pity for her?" Livia glared at her.

"Seriously Amore you are feeling pity for her now after she tried to kill you?" Alessandro yell in disbelief.

Aurora sighed.

"I just can't help it okay. That is my personality" Aurora said.

Alessandro Scoffed.

"A fucking personality I do not like. You feel pity for people who don't want it and I fucking hate it" Alessandro yelled.

"Can you please stop yelling at me" Aurora yelled angrily.

Alessandro sighed.

"Hmmm guys calm down. This is not an issue you guys should be fighting over for" Livia said.

Almost immediately the door opened.

Mrs Grabella and valentina walked in.

"Darling" mrs Grabella called, and hugged her tightly.

Aurora reciprocated immediately.

Her mind drifted to mr Bianchi and tears slowly flow down her eyes.

She knows mrs Grabella must be feeling so sad right now, and she is just trying to put on a smile on her face even through she is deeply hurt.

Just first day he was coming to his family after so many months he couldn't make it to just a week.

His death was unnecessary but what can one do.

No one can question death but one thing is for sure.... The people who caused bis death are going to pay deeply.

They distinguish from the hug and she kissed aurora forehead.

"How are you feeling now dear?" She asked smiling but one could tell she was forcing the smile.

Aurora smiled and nodded positively.

"Am glad dear" mrs Grabella replied.

"Aunt I am so sorry about uncle. It is all my fault...if I didn't.." aurora tried to say but she cut him off.

"It is okay sweetheart. Don't blame yourself for whatever happen" Mrs Grabella said.

"Well I blame her" Valentina yelled.

Everyone turned to look at her.

"I blame her for whatever happened to my dad. If you had not shown up then all this would not happened. I know right from time you were bad luck" Valentina yelled.

"Valentina" Livia called.

"You took everything away from me. I liked robin at the time you were staying with us but he didn't like me because he was into you. You took my sister away from me, and even my father. I liked alessandro and you took him away from me. How can you be so evil?" Valentina yelled crying.

Everywhere became silent. 

They knew how exactly she felt. She was hurt.

"Cuz I will accept every other accuse but not me taking alessandro away from you. I met him first and If I have not come to your house you will not have met him, so stop accusing me for taking him away from you. If you are so in need of a man then why don't you go and hire a man since you are so desperate to get one" Aurora yelled angrily.

Valentina frowned.

"You bitch" valentina pounce on her, making aurora yelled out in pain.

"Valentina" mrs Grabella called, and pushed her away from aurora.

"Oh fucking christ!" Livia gasped as blood gushed out of her stomach as aurora continue screaming in pain.

"Fuck! Amore" Alessandro rushed to her side.

"It hurt like hell" she yelled crying.

"Livia fucking call the doctor" Alessandro yelled, and Livia quickly rushed out of the ward.

Valentina gulped down In fear as she stared at aurora who was bleeding heavily.

"What have I done?" She muttered to herself.

The door opened and the doctor rushed in.

"What is going on. I taught she was fine few minutes ago" the doctor said.

Alessandro glared at valentina dangerously, who was shivering in fear.

"Damn! We will have to stitch her stomach. The cut Is too deep" the doctor said.

"No..no" Aurora gripped Alessandro hand in fear.

The door opened revealing 2 nurses holding a train filed with needles, threads, stitches.


Alessandro paced through the long passage, his hand going through his hair at the same time.

He grabbed hold of valentina neck harshly, making her struggle for breath.

"Alessandro let go off her" Livia and mrs Grabella struggled to pull his hand away from her neck.

"If anything should happen to amore I swear you are going to be dead" he yelled, and released his hand from her neck.

"Doctor" they all rushed to the doctor as they sighted him coming.

"How Is he?" Alessandro asked.

"Oh she is better now" The doctor replied.

"She can be discharged tomorrow. I will give you some drugs which she must take and also don't allow her stress herself too much. Example bending down and doing stuffs that could hurt her stomach" the doctor instructed and alessandro just nodded..

He turned to look at valentina who just gulped down.

"You are very lucky else you will have seen the beast in me" he said in a scary tone, and then he walked into the ward.

Livia scoffed as she stared at valentina.

"I am so disappointed in you. You always behave like a community pu**y"livia hissed and walked away.

Mrs Grabella sighed.

"I am so disappointed in you" Mrs Grabella said and also walked away leaving valentina alone.


"Careful cuz" Livia said, as they carefully bring down aurora from the car.

She was discharged already and you could tell aurora was just so happy.

She hate the smell of drugs.

"WOW" she gasped as she stared at the giant building in front of her.

"This is beautiful" she complimented.

The house was just so perfect. 

"How is this guy so rich to own two mansions?" Aurora muttered to herself.

"Like you don't know what your fiance is capable of doing?" Alessandro whispered in her ear, and she smiled.

She strip on a stone almost falling her, but alessandro was quick enough to hold her.

Immediately he carried her up in s bridal style making her Yelp.

"Seriously Amore I have told you enough to be careful" He scolded.

"Gosh! Can you guys stop oppressing me" Livia said, making aurora chuckled.

She blushed, and hide her face in alessandro neck.

"Welcome back boss" the maids greeted as they walked inside.

"You have maids and guards too here?" Aurora questioned in surprise.

Alessandro just nodded.


He dropped her slowly on the bed.

He sat down beside her staring at her deeply, making the female nervous.

"Hmm why are you staring at me that way?" She asked playing with a finger shyly.

"I feel like fu**ing you right now." He said immediately, and aurora gasped.

"Seriously Alessandro" Aurora said blushing really hard.

The male just rolled his eyes.

His eyes moved to her exposed thigh, and he bite his lip.

"You are making me horny amore" Alessandro muttered tracing his hand on her thigh.

"Alessandro I am injured" Aurora said, blushing really hard.

Alessandro chuckled.

"That is the reason why I haven't touched you, else your legs will be hanged on my shoulder while I fuck you really hard" Alessandro whispered in her ear, and lick her earlobe softly making aurora gasped.

"You are so spoilt" Aurora said.

He chuckled.

"Like you don't know... The doctor said I should not stress you so I don't want to.. you know sex Is stress" Alessandro said, and aurora Bursted into laughter.

Alessandro bite his lips, as he watched her laughed.

He was lost in her beauty one more time.

That one week almost ruined him. Just staring at her, he realized how much he had missed her.

He pulled her face to look at him.

The couple stared at each other with admiration, each lost in the beauty of their eyes.

He slowly pulled her closer to him and captured her lips kissing her tenderly, and aurora reciprocated immediately.

He suck on her lips tenderly, enjoying the warmth of her breath and the perfect softness of her lip.

It was his favorite flavor, that he craved everyday.

He pushed her gently to the bed, still kissing her this time more roughly.

His hand moved under her shirt and he grabbed her breast softly making her gasped.

His hand touched her ni**le and aurora moaned softly, her hand going through his hair.

The door opened revealing Livia, and aurora quickly distinguished from the kiss.

"Fuck! Can't you knock" Alessandro yelled in annoyance.

Livia huffed.

"Really? So you are about to shift her womb after the doctor said she should not be stressed out because of the pain on her stomach. Alessandro you are a bad husband. Do you want to shift her womb after the pain she is already feeling?" Livia said.

Aurora stared at her in shame, while Alessandro just stared at her angrily.

Livia smirked.

"Oh brother in-law Don't Tell you are Angry with me because I interrupted your sweet moment...but then I wouldn't let you hurt my cousin" Livia yelled crazily.

"Aurora come here" Livia grabbed aurora hand and they both walked out.

"Fuck! She is a pest" Alessandro huffed.

He stared down at his pant and he sighed.

He was damn so hard already.

He pulled his pant down.

"Fuck! What do I do?" He rubbed his d**k softly.

The door opened revealing Aurora, and he quickly covered himself with the duvet.

She chuckled as she stared at him.

"Hmmm...food is ready" she said, trying hard not to laugh.

Alessandro hissed.

"This is not fair. You are supposed to scold your cousin" Alessandro yelled.

Aurora Bursted into laughter.

"You are so cute right now that ken would think you are a Mafia" Aurora said still laughing hard.

Alessandro rolled his eyes.

He stood up, and tried to grab hold of her but she quickly moved away from him.

"Damn! I swear amore I will be gentle" Alessandro said pleadingly.

"I don't take such risk my mafia boss. Find the solution to that" she said mockingly and walked out.

"Damn! I hate you Livia" he yelled, and fell on the bed...

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               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love mafia.



The girls sat down eating, while waiting for alessandro to show up.

"I guess he is cleaning the mess" Livia said.

Aurora chuckled.

"You know cuz you should learn how to knock on someone door often" Aurora said, more like in a warning tone.

Livia rolled her eyes.

"Well that is the habit I am trying to get rid of... Brother in-law must have hate me right now" Livia said laughing out loud.

Almost immediately they heard the sound of footstep coming from the stairs. They turned around only to see Alessandro.

His face showed he was still annoyed.

Livia Bursted into laughter...but the glare alessandro gave her make her shut up immediately.

He was really annoyed.

"Come on brother in-law. I am doing this in the safety of my cousin" Livia said.

Aurora couldn't help but laugh. Alessandro glared harshly at her.

"Hmmm let just eat" Aurora suggested.

"WaW! The food is spicy just as I love it" Livia said as she ate from the rice.

They turned around when they saw guards carrying some luggage into the mansion.

"Who is that? Is anyone coming?" Livia asked curiously likewise aurora.

Almost immediately the unexpected person showed up.

Aurora eyes widened as she stared at her.

"Oh my gosh! Sarafina?" She yelled in shock.

"Hey baby girl." She waved back with a smile.

"Sarafina" Aurora called loudly, and rushed into her arms almost falling her.

The other female reciprocated immediately.

The hug was tight. It was more like that of a hug between two sisters.

They distinguished from the hug, and smiled at each other.

"I missed you like crazy" Aurora said.

Sarafina scoffed.

"I doubt that, not while you were enjoying your stay with my brother" Sarafina hissed, prentending to be Angry.

"Seriously Sarafina. I really missed your craziness" Aurora said.

The door opened and her eyes Widened when she saw the people she never expected staring at her.

There in her midst were her best friends, and her cutie brother.

"Bestie" the crazy friends yelled, and rushed into her arms, making her groan in pain due to the pain but she hugged them back.

She really missed her friends so much.

"Guys....I missed you like I don't even know how to express it" Aurora said, as they hugged each other.

They distinguish from the hug.

She turned to her brother who was staring around like he was looking for someone.

"Cutie pie. Won't you give me a hug?" Aurora said, her hands spread.

Lucca ignored her making her frown.

His eyes sparkle when he sighted Alessandro in the dinning room.

"Big guy" He yelled, and rushed into his arms happily, and alessandro didn't waste time in picking him up.

Aurora frowned.

The rest bursted into laughter as they stared at her annoyed face.

"Your brother Is really in love with Alessandro. While we were coming, he would not stop talking about alessandro" Bianca said.

The little boy distinguished from the hug and then he rushed into aurora arm.

Aurora smiled and picked him up

Everyone laughed.

"Seriously bro. You are gonna hug him before me? You don't miss me?" Aurora asked prentending to be annoyed.

"I missed you but I missed him more and that was why I hugged him first" Lucca said.

"You cutie pie" Aurora pinched his cheek softly.

He laughed softly, showing his little set of white tooth.

"Wait! Is that lucca?" Livia asked, and aurora nodded.

Lucca stared at Livia confused.

"Hmmm lucca that is your cousin, Aunt Livia. You remembered her?" She pointed to Livia.

"No" Lucca replied.

"Am hungry." Serena said and rushed to the dinning room.


"You wanna tell me Why you guys are here?" Aurora asked as they ate.

The girls stared at each other.

"Hmmm we came here as soon as we heard you were discharged from the hospital. We are just worried about you" Bianca said.

Aurora smiled.

She was really happy at the moment, her joy knew no bound.

Being surrounded with people she really loved, and care about just can't stop her from smiling.

Alessandro hand slowly slipped under aurora skirt, rubbing her thigh softly making her gasped.

Livia smirked as she stared at them.

"Brother in-law can you please be more patient. This is a dinning room" Livia yelled.

They stared at her in confusion but only the couple understand what she meant.

Alessandro stare at her angrily like he wanted to kill her at the moment.

"Damn! You are such a pest" Alessandro muttered, glaring harshly at livia who just stick out her tongue at him.


The girls sat down watching a movie, while laughing, and gisting.

It was really fun having the girls with her.

She felt less bored.

Alessandro was busy  with some works and lucca was with him.

"You know babe I am so happy you and my brother work. He is a different person now" Sarafina said.

Aurora smiled.

"All thanks to me though" Livia said, and flip her hair back ward.

The girls laughed.

"When she told me about it I could swear I was shock" Sarafina said.

"And she was like I will never love you, you monster" Bianca said, making the girls laughed.

"Now she is in the pool of love leaving us behind" Livia said and the girls Bursted into laughter.

"Is she really your cousin?" Sarafina asked, and aurora nodded.

"Why asking?" Aurora asked curiously.

"Damn! She is crazy just like me and I love her already" Sarafina said, and the girls Bursted into laughter again.

"You know bestie, you are really different now. I think you are becoming bad right now" Serena said.

"You are right babe. You aren't pure again?" Bianca said, in a teasing tone.

All This while Aurora just kept quiet.

"Okay guys. Let stop teasing her for now before she go tell her mafia boyfriend" Sarafina said.

"Well you guys are annoying. I just wanna let you know that" Aurora yelled embarrassed, and the girls laughed again.


Aurora walked into the room, only to find alessandro pressing on his laptop.

"Amore" he called with a smile.

Aurora scoffed.

She moved towards him, and sat down on his thigh.

"You have been pressing on your laptop all day. What's up?" Aurora asked concerned.

Alessandro sighed.

"I am just talking with my boys and just so you know we will be going back to Intaly soon" Alessandro said, and aurora nodded.

"No...no no alessandro" Aurora said as his hand slipped into her skirt.

"Come on Amore" he pleaded.

"I am hurt alessandro" she said.

Alessandro sighed.

The door opened revealing lucca, and aurora quickly stood up from his thigh.

"What is up lucca?" Alessandro asked.

"I wanna spend the night with my Favourite couple" The little one Said and jumped on the bed.

"Just great. Now this" Alessandro muttered, and aurora Bursted into laughter.

"How about tomorrow lucca. Your favorite couple need to do something" Alessandro said.

"We don't want to do anything. You can stay here with us cutie pie" Aurora said, and alessandro frowned.

She was relieved that for now alessandro wouldn't try anything as long as lucca is here.

"Come on cutie pie. Let's sleep" Aurora said, and laid beside alessandro.

"Damn it!" He cursed under his breath.


Aurora was fast asleep when she felt something on her thigh.

She muttered something under her breath and moved it off but she felt it yet again.

She groaned and opened her eyes slowly. She gasped in shock when she saw Alessandro beside her.

"What the hell!" She tried to scream but he quickly covered her mouth.

"Hush amore"

"What the hell alessandro!"

She turned to look at lucca who was fast asleep.

"I need your help amore. See" he pointed down to his thigh.

Aurora chuckled as he stared at him.

He was sweating really bad.

"Alessandro seriously you still haven't get over it..."

"How can I when you turn me on at whatever you does and you were not helping matter with the way you were sleeping" Alessandro said.

"Geez! How am I sleeping" She muttered.

"That is not even the case. Your smooth beautiful thigh is the one thing I can't control when staring at you" Alessandro whispered, and aurora couldn't help but blush.

"I swear Aurora I would be gently"

"Well you once said you are not a gently man when it comes to sex" Aurora said in a teasing tone.

"Seriously Amore? You are teasing me?"

"Alessandro You are fun to tease at the moment. You don't look like a mafia boss right now but a husband begging his hurt wife for sex" Aurora said.

Alessandro rolled his eyes.

"Okay I would have love to agree with you but lucca is here" Aurora said pointing to lucca who was sleeping peacefully.

It was obvious dress trying to use that to escape.

Alessandro smirked.

Before she could say anything, he carried her up in a bridal style making her Yelp.

"Alessandro" she called softly, more like a whisper as he moved toward the bathroom.

He dropped her gently, and locked the bathroom door.

"He can have the bedroom. Let's have fun here" he said and captured her lips, kissing her roughly.

Aurora tried to keep to his pace but she couldn't as he was damn so rough so she just allowed him explore her lips.

The hunger was something else. He was dying to taste her, he was dying to feel her.

The need of her was so strong that he was inpatient to calm her.

He clutched her boobs roughly making her gasped.

"You said you are going to be gentle Alessandro. We have not even begin yet" she hissed.

Alessandro sighed.

"A sorry" he said, and kissed her again...



The alarm clock ranged, waking aurora from her beauty sleep.

Aurora groaned softly, and opened her eyes.

She yawned tiredly.

"Last night was stressful all thanks to alessandro" Aurora muttered, and hissed.

He was gently like he agreed...but he didn't let her rest one bit.

She sighed.

"Having a sex freak as a boyfriend is stressful" she muttered.

She turned sideways, and she frowned when she saw the bed was empty.

Lucca nor alessandro was on the bed.

She sighed, and stood up.

She was still naked.

She walked to the wardrobe, probably looking for what to put on, and finally she settled down for a big top which belongs to alessandro


As she walked downstairs she discovered everywhere was dark.

For some reason she became so scared.

"Alessandro" she called loudly but got no reply.

"Livia" she called but still no reply.

She heard whispers, and she gulped down in fear.

"Seriously guys if this is a prank just stop it. I am a scared puppy" Aurora yelled loudly but still got no reply.

She heard whispers again.

"If you are a ghost just show yourself" she yelled crying already.

Almost immediately the light got turn on.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" They yelled loudly.

Aurora eyes Widened as she stared at them.

Her friends, sarafina, lucca, alessandro, Livia, her aunt gabriella were all here.

She gasped in shock as she suddenly remembered today was her birthday.

She didn't even remember it was her own birthday.

The sitting room was decorated so beautifully with her Favourite colours which was pink and white.

Her picture was placed on the sitting of the sitting room which was bodly Written on it HAPPY BIRTHDAY PURE PRINCESS.

"Guys!" She called already crying.

The cake was just beautiful itself

Her picture was also stamped on it.

"Happy birthday princess" they all yelled.

"This is just so.... beautiful...I don't even know what to say right now" Aurora said crying.

"You don't have to say anything. Let's go get you ready because we are having a birthday party tonight" The girls yelled, and aurora just smiled.

She turned to look st alessandro, and then rushed into his arms.

"Thank you so much Alessandro. You called them because of my birthday right?" She said.

Alessandro strugged his shoulder.

"You see. It was not a bad idea of letting me have fun yesterday" he whispered in her ear.

Aurora chuckled and hit him on the chest playfully.

"Thank you so much Alessandro you are the best" she kissed his lips, and he didn't waste time in reciprocating.

It was more like he has been waiting for her.

"Hmmm" Livia cleared her throat.

"Okay that is enough. You need to get ready" Sarafina dragged her from him....

This story is brought to you by Success joseph ✍️πŸ’–πŸ’.
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(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


Alessandro mouth went wide as aurora stepped walked downstairs.

She was looking so beautiful that he could hardly recognize her.

His mouth went wide staring at her, as she walked majestically like a queen.

Aurora in question could not help but feel shy due to the way Alessandro was staring at her.

She was dressed in a black simple gown that stopped right on her knee. Her shoulder were exposed and there was a flower at one of the shoulder.

The gown got tore at the side exposing her perfect smooth thigh that hunt him.

The makeup was just a light makeup but it suited her perfectly.

Her long hair was curl making her look more mature snd beautiful.

"Brother please close your mouth" sarafina said and the girls laughed.

Alessandro chuckled and strached his head nervously.

"You are beautiful" he said, and aurora blushed.

"Thank you... you are looking handsome too" Aurora said and he chuckled.

He bite his lips as he stared at her.

His head was filled with yet sinful taught.

He wanted to rip the gown off her, and make her moan his name.

"Brother I think you are having sinful taught again with the way you are staring at her" Sarafina said.

Alessandro smirked.

"Tonight is going to be fun" he whispered in her ear.

Aurora chuckled and hit him softly on the chest.

"You aren't doing anything tonight alessandro. I am injured" Aurora said.

He just rolled his eyes.

"Okay guys. Don't argue about who is going to be at the top. We all know alessandro loves having control" Livia said and they bursted into laughter.

"Seriously cuz? we were not talking about that" aurora said.

"Sister" Lucca called happily, and hugged him.

"Baby" she reciprocated the hug.

"You are looking so pretty and sexy" he complemented her.

Everyone gasped.

"What the hell! Where did you hear those words?" Aurora asked.

Lucca pointed to alessandro who just smirk.

"Why will you tell him something like that?" Aurora yelled.

"I am innocent of this beside there is nothing wrong in saying those words" Alessandro said.

"Yeah you are right big guy. When I told evelyn about it she wouldn't stop blushing" Lucca said smiling.

Everyone just stared at him with surprise wondering if he was a little boy.

"Why are you all staring at me that way. It is not bad to have a girlfriend right?" Lucca asked innocently.

"Yes.." Aurora was about to say something but alessandro cut her off.

"Of course it is not wrong to have a girlfriend, I mean you are in love right?" Lucca nodded and hugged Alessandro tightly.

"That is why I like you big guy. You always support me" he said, and everyone could help but laugh.

"Bro you are turning this boy to you" sarafina said laughing.

"That is not possible not while I am here" Aurora said, glaring at Alessandro who just rolled his eyes.

"Sweetheart" Mrs Grabella called as she walked up to them.

"Aunt" Aurora called happily and hugged her tightly.

Mrs Grabella laughed.

"You are so excited aren't you?" She questioned and aurora nodded happily.

"Come on. Everybody come on" Mrs Grabella said, as she took hold of Aurora hand.



The guards quickly opened the door for them as they stepped out.

"What are we doing here guys? Are we celebrating my birthday here?" Aurora asked staring around.

"And what if I tell you you are celebrating your birthday here amore" Alessandro whispered in her ear.

Aurora gasped.

"Livia told me you always love this club and wished to have your birthday here when you were staying with them so I decided to fulfill your dream" Alessandro said.

Aurora gasped and looked at livia who just smiled at her.

Yeah. This was her Favourite place in paris.

While she was staying with her aunt she has always wished to have her birthday party here due to how beautiful and magnificent the club was.

This is one of the most popular club in paris known for organizing of birthday party, fun but she never expected she was going to be celebrating her birthday here.

She was surprised.

"Alessandro" she called tearing up, and hugged him immediately and the latter didn't waste time in reciprocating the hug.

"Thank you so much Alessandro" aurora said seriously.

Alessandro frowned.

"I am going to spank your ass if you thank me again" 

"You are my Tesoro so I am going to spoil you with everything I have" Alessandro said.

"Whoah. So romantic" Livia whispered in sarafina ear, who just chuckled.

"Big guy can I also tell evelyn that?" Lucca asked innocently.

"Geez! Bestie I think your brother is probably turning to a bad boy soon because him asking the devil questions about all these things clearly shows he is walking towards bad boy lifestyle" Bianca said, and everyone laughed.

"Okay guys let go In. They must have been waiting for us" Bianca yelled.

"Yeah that is right let go in. You can continue your romance when you get home" Livia said and everyone laughed.


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS AURORA" The crowd yelled as they walked in.

Aurora blushed.

This was one of the reasons why she love the club. They allow others celebrate your birthday with you because it is your special day and you need to feel special.

A guard directed them to a sit and they all sat down.

"So Guys we are having a special birthday today, actually she is a very important guest so before we start the party wish her a happy birthday one more time."

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS AURORA" they all yelled again.

She just couldn't help smiling.

Her dream finally come true, and is all because of one man.

She turned to look at alessandro who was seated beside her.

How? How did she managed to fall in love with the same man she hate so much with passion? She questioned herself as she stared at her.

She hated him so much that she never imagine herself so happy with him.

This was the same man she called a monster, a man she slapped several times but he never for once laid his hand on him.

He was so patient with her.

A man she refused to give herself to.

A man she promised herself not to fall in love with him but now she just can't help it.

Alessandro noticed Aurora was staring at him, so he turned to look at her.

"What's up?" he raised his eyebrows.

A smile creep out of her lip as she stared at him.

"You are just so handsome that I can't stop staring at you" Aurora said.

Alessandro smiled, and he patt her hair softly.

"Well I would lie I am blushing really hard but as a mafia boss my pride wouldn't let me show it" alessandro whispered in her ear, and aurora laughed loudly making people stare at them.

"Seriously Alessandro. You are cheating" Aurora pouted her lips as he cracked.

That naughty smirk suddenly appear on his lip as he stared down at her thigh, and slowly his hand moved to her thigh.

Aurora quickly pushed his hand away.

She looked away trying to see if someone saw them...but unlucky her family saw them and they had this " That is enough" look on their faces.

His hand moved to her thigh again.

"Seriously Alessandro stop. Someone might see us" aurora said blushing really hard.

"Let them see. Am I cheating?" He raised his eyebrows and aurora just smiled.

"But lucca is close to us" she said.

He stared at lucca who was just focused on playing the game.

"See. He is busy" he said.

"Let call out our celebrant out" The M. C yelled loudly.

Aurora gulped down.

She was so nervous right now. She has never for once stand in front of crowd.

How is she going to handle this?

"Come on bestie you gat this" serena yelled.

Aurora stood up and everybody clapped as she walked to the stage.

πŸ—£️"Damn this girl Is so perfect"

πŸ—£️"She is beautiful."

πŸ—£️"Damn! Is her boyfriend I can't stop staring at"

πŸ—£️"Happy birthday girl"

The crowds yelled as she walked to the stage.

She was really nervous.

She gulped down as she took the microphone from the M. C.

She sighed softly.

She don't really know what to say right now.

She stared at her friends, family, Alessandro and she smiled.

No matter how much she don't know what to say, she is greatfull to those souls sitting right in front of her, waving at her.

"I just wanna thank everyone that is here today to celebrate my special day with me. It is really an honor to have you here with me. I will like to thank my friends and families, and my... fiance" Immediately she said those words alessandro couldn't stop himself from smiling.

"For being here with me" she continue. "For making my special day so good, and bright. I love you all" She said, and everyone claps.

"We love you too baby girl" the girls screamed and she just smiled.


The sound of music could he heard booming through the hall as everyone dance excitedly.

"Whaoh. This is so fun girls" Bianca yelled as they dance crazily.

The girls were dancing crazily except aurora who was seated staring at them with lucca on her thigh.

She just felt tired of dancing.

Alessandro was busy with phone calls so she was alone with her brother.

She jolted in shock when she felt someone breath on her neck.

She gasped and turned around...

Her eyes widened as she stared at him.

She was expecting alessandro but it turned out to be Fransisco.

He has this dangerous smirk as he stared at her.

He looked different from When she saw him last.

His aura wasn't a good one.

"Happy birthday sweetheart" he whispered slowly in her ear, making her shivers.

"Hey don't  get too close to my sister that way else big guy is going to get angry" Lucca scoffed

Francisco scoffed as he stared at lucca.

Lucca had never liked him while he was dating aurora and that alone made him hate the little boy.

He suddenly pulled lucca up harshly.

"What the hell are you doing. You can't push him off that way." Aurora yelled angrily.

"Go play. I wanna talk with your sister" he said in a scaring tone, and the little boy rush away.

"What...are you doing here francisco?" Aurora asked nervously.

Francisco scoffed.

"You look so happy being with alessandro. What should I say?" He said calmly but one could tell he was angry.

"Francisco you better leave here before alessandro get here" Aurora said.

He chuckled darkly.

"You look so happy being with that asshole. Don't you?" He yelled.

Aurora frowned.

"That cold hearted bastard, how do you stay with such a dark hearted bastard" He yelled again.

"Yeah he is cold hearted, he hardly smile at me but he is sweet, romantic and I love him" Aurora said.

Francisco gripped his fist tightly.

"Is he better than me? I am the jovial type, the guy who laugh at your joke..."

"And behind those personality there is a man who wish my brother death because I pay attention to him" Aurora said.

Francisco sighed.

"You slapped me Fransisco. I know what I did was wrong, I mean totally wrong but you were never supposed to hit me. It shows how you were probably going to hit me when we end up together" Aurora yelled.

"I am.....

"There is no need to apologize now.  I am over you now" Aurora said.

She stood up and tried to walk away but he dragged her back harshly.

"And do you think I am ever going to let you go?"

Aurora sighed.

"Francisco let me go because if you don't, alessandro will end your life" she said.

Fransisco just smirked.

He suddenly pulled her to himself, and kissed her roughly.

Aurora struggled to pull away but she couldn't because he was more stronger.

People could hardly pay attention to them due to the fact that they were all dancing.

His hand moved to her thigh as he sucked on her lips harshly.

Almost immediately he was pulled roughly away and a punch landed on his face making him fall on the ground.

"How dare you?" He yelled and landed another punch on his face making him spit out blood.

Everybody attention was now on them.

Fransisco tried to fight back was ended up getting a kick.

"How dare you?" He yelled again.

He pulled the earring falsely from his ear, making Fransisco scream in pain as blood gush out of his ear.

His breathing was unusable.

He gasped for breath as alessandro keep punching him.

The guards tried to hold him but ended up getting punch.

He looked so scaring, that everyone got scared of him.

"Damnit" sarafina sighed as she stared at her brother likewise the others.

Livia quickly place her hand on lucca eyes to avoid him from seeing thighs.

He pulled out a gun, and everyone screamed in fear.

"Alessandro please stop" Aurora pleaded In fear as he pointed the gun at Fransisco who was laying down on the floor half dead.

"Please stop. Don't kill him?" Aurora pleaded crying.

He stared at aurora for some time.

"You are dead when I see you again" he yelled, and walked out.

Aurora sighed softly.


"Am sorry Alessandro, I swear I didn't mean that" Aurora pleaded.

Alessandro sat down on the couch glaring at aurora dangerously.

Aurora gulped down.

The couple were having a fight.

Alessandro was damn so angry with aurora.

He grip his fist angrily as he stared at her.

He was trying not to make a move they will both regret.

"Aurora I want to be alone" Alessandro said calmly but dangerously.

"Am sorry...."

"Fucking christ aurora! Why didn't you yell huh? You stood there like a fucking slut enjoying the kiss. What do you think would have happened if lucca didn't call me, and then you stop me from ending his fucking life" he yelled angrily.

The rest of the family stood far from them, looking at them as they quarrel.

"I am sorry...."

"Stop fucking tell me you are sorry aurora. I am going to be fine if I end the fucking asshole life today" he yelled.

Aurora sighed.

He was damn angry, his face, expression, words shows he could do anything dangerous right now.

"Fuck!" He suddenly yelled, running his hands through his hair.

"How dare him?" He yelled again

"So chaotic" mrs Grabella said.

"I wanna be alone" he said and walked upstairs leaving aurora in tears.

"He will come around. He is just being a angry dog" Mrs Grabella said.

"Hmmm he is angry right? How about you give him his Best medicine. Trust me he will not be angry with you" Livia said.

Everyone turned to look at her.

"And what Is that?" Aurora asked innocently.

Livia huffed.

"Come on cuz you should know." She said.

"I don't understand you"

"His best medicine is sex, so give him that to stop him from being angry......"


Alessandro could be seen pacing up and down.

He was damn angry and he was really trying hard not to do anything silly.

"Fuck!" He screamed as he remember the scene again.

His phone rang...he picked it up immediately.

"Boss we can't find him. I don't really know how he escape" Gabe shuttered.

He knew his boss is going to get angry.

Alessandro huffed.

"Search this town until you find that fool. I must end his life for thinking he can touch what is mine" Alessandro said, and ended the call..

The door opened revealing Aurora.

"I told you amore I wanna be ....." He stopped halfway when he saw her.

His eyes widened.

"What the hell!" He muttered as he stared at her.

She was dressed in a lace pant and bra.

She was definition of sexy at the moment.

"Fuck!" He bite his lip checking her out.

He was hard already.

This story is brought to you by Success joseph.
               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


    He was hard already.

    "Amore...." He called softly, and turned her back against her.

    Aurora slowly walked up to him and wrapped her hand around his shoulder softly.

    "Come on sweetheart. You are going to miss this because you are angry with me?" She whispered seductively in his ear.

    He bite his lip.

    "Amore you are playing with fire" he said, and turned around to look at her.

    Aurora gulped down.

    Of course she knew she was playing a dangerous game.

    "And I want to be burnt by that fire" she whispered to him in a seductive voice that seem to turn him more.

    He smirked dangerously, and pulled her closer to him.

    "You asked for it amore" he whispered softly in her ear, and pushed her to the bird.

    He got on top of her.

    His mouth got locked with her lips, and aurora reciprocated immediately as they kissed.

    Aurora wrapped her hand around his neck, enjoying the kiss.

    Suddenly he pulled her hand away, and pin it to the bed.

    He smirked and took a handcuff from the bed.

    Aurora tried to move away but he already pinned her hand to the bed with the handcuff.

    Aurora eyes Widened.

    "What...the hell...are you doing alessandro?" She shuttered.

    "What did you think I am doing amore?" He smirked as he raised his eyebrows.

    "I am making sure you don't run away when you can't take it anymore because tonight is going to be way longer and harder" his smirk widened.

    Aurora gasped, her heart beating widely.

    "What the heck are you...." Before she could complete her words alessandro attacked her lip, smooching her lips softly.

    He brushed her boobs making her gasped.

    He traced kisses from her lips down, kissing every inch of her skin, admiring the beautiful woman laying in front of him.

    Aurora breath quicken as he suddenly stopped on her thigh, kissing it softly.

    "Oh fuck!" Aurora moaned softly.

    He captured her lips once again, kissing her roughly.

    He pulled away and kissed here forehead.

    "Amore you aren't going out of this room today" he whispered, and kissed her earlobe making the female gulped down nervously.




    "Alessandro please let me go" Aurora pleaded tiredly as he continued pounding into her.

    Alessandro just smirked.

    "I told you amore. No escape from me tonight" 

    He attacked her b**s sucking from it gently.

    "Alessandro" Aurora called.

    Almost immediately he pulled out of her.

    Aurora gasped in relief as he pulled away from her.

    Alessandro chuckled and kissed her forehead.

    He unlock the handcuff.

    Aurora glared at him, and hit his shoulder lightly.

    "That was unfair of you alessandro" she hissed, and turned her back against him.

    He chuckled and pulled her closer to him.

    "I warned you but you didn't listen" Alessandro said.

    Aurora hissed.

    "Did you forget I am injured?" She glared at him.

    "Oh my bad I forgot about that....beside you enjoyed it as much as I did" Alessandro winked at her.

    The female scoffed.

    "No I didn't. The only thing I enjoyed was pain" She said, and alessandro couldn't help but laugh.

    Aurora smiled and hugged him.

    "I hope you aren't angry with me anymore" Aurora raised his eyebrows.

    Alessandro Scoffed.

    "Seriously Alessandro" she whine.

    "Of course I am not angry with you anymore, actually from the moment you walk into my room looking so sexy to devour so how can I be angry with my Tesoro" he said, and aurora couldn't help but blush.

    "But seriously Amore you should scream when those things happen. You can't allow some asshole oppress you because you are a woman. Do you think If lucca hadn't told me I could have been able to save you?" Alessandro asked softly.

    Aurora sighed.

    "I tried to scream but I couldn't. Do you expect me to scream why he kiss me?" 

    Alessandro frowned

    "I am scolding you amore. Don't remind me about him kissing you" Alessandro said angrily.

    Aurora kept quiet immediately.

    "Amore maybe you couldn't scream but at least you can do something." Alessandro said.

    Aurora nodded softly.

    "Am sorry." She apologize.

    Alessandro smiled and kissed her nose.

    "Is okay but next time don't stop me from ending his miserable life" Alessandro said.

    Aurora bursted into laughter.



    The door opened widely revealing Livia and sarafina.

    "It works"Livia said as they stared at the couple who were sleeping peacefully on the bed.

    "So romantic" Sarafina said.

    Aurora was laying on alessandro body, and his hand were tightly wrapped around her like he was scared someone is going to take her away from him.

    "Okay. How about we annoy the couple?" Livia asked.

    Sarafina nodded.

    The girls smiled at each other, and clapped their hands.

    "Favourite couple" Livia yelled but they didn't seem to hear her.

    She frowned.

    "Favourite couple" she yelled loudly that her throat hurt badly.

    Finally the couple woke up.

    "What the hell Livia? What is wrong with you?" Alessandro yelled Angrily.

    The girls walked to them, and pulled Aurora up.

    "What the hell guys!" Aurora yelled as they continue to pull her.

    "Stop guys" Alessandro yelled angrily pulling her back.

    "Oh fucking Geez. I am naked" Aurora yelled as they continue dragging her.

    Alessandro finally let go of her.

    "What the hell is wrong with you guys?" Alessandro yelled Angrily.

    "Don't be angry bro but aurora need  to join us in the kitchen....if you didn't want her to join us you should have  employ some maids" Sarafina said.

    Alessandro glared at her angrily. He was really angry right now.

    "Is that enough reason for you to come in here and drag her out of bed?" Alessandro yelled.

    "Okay fine. Let me dress up, I will be with you in the kitchen in a jiffy" Aurora said.

    The girl stared at Alessandro for a while before walking out.

    "Damn you cousin is just so annoying" Alessandro yelled.

    This time he was really angry.

    "Your sister is also annoying too. They are the craziest set of people" Aurora said as she walked to the wardrobe.

    She took out a short and a singlet.

    Slowly alessandro hand wrapped around her waist.

    "Do you really have to go and help them." He whispered in her ear softly.

    "Come on alessandro. I need to join them in the kitchen" Aurora said.

    "I need you too Amore." he pouted his lips.

    Aurora sighed and turned slowly to him.

    She wrapped her hand around his neck and peck his lip.

    "I need to help them babe" she insisted.

    Alessandro frowned angrily and sat on the bed.

    Aurora just chuckled and put on her clothes in his presence, and all this while he kept biting his lips as he stared at her.

    She was just too sexy for him to ignore.

    The female was not really shy anymore because she was already use to him seeing her bare naked.

    "You need to see how cute you are with the way you are pouting. Why didn't I see this side of you then?" 

    "All you see was a monster who was damn so obsessed with you" he replied.

    Aurora sighed softly.

    "Okay. I am going downstairs" she said.

    She tried to walk away but he dragged her back to the bed, and got on top of her immediately.

    "Seriously Alessandro" Aurora said laughing.

    "You aren't going no where. I need to you to give me my desire" Alessandro whispered in her ear sexily.

    Aurora eyes widened when she suddenly felt something burg out of his trouser.

    He was hard already.

    "Seriously Alessandro? We had sex all night" Aurora said still in surprise.

    The male just rolled his eyes.

    "Do you plan to make me cripple?" Aurora asked playfully.

    He just smirked.

    "Big guy" The little one yelled loudly as he knocked on the door.

    "Come in lucca" Aurora yelled before alessandro could even answer him.

    "Damn Amore! You cheated" he pinched her nose softly.

    He stood up from her body

    The door opened revealing Lucca.

    "Good morning big guy" Lucca yelled and hugged Alessandro.

    "Okay enjoy your time boys. I will be in the kitchen"  Aurora said and walked out of the room.


    "Mafia boss Tesoro" The girls yelled as aurora walked into the kitchen.

    She just rolled her eyes.

    "How was your night bestie? Was it fun? Was he hard?" Sarafina winked at her.

    Aurora frowned.

    She just ignored them, and walked up to sit on the kitchen counter.

    "You don't wanna share your experience with us?" Serena asked teasingly

    "Probably not" Bianca Said, and the girls Bursted into laughter.

    "Besties even you" Aurora yelled, annoyed.

    "So Guys let me tell you something. So while I was walking through their door last night I could swear alessandro was damn hard with the way aurora was moaning, and pleading for him to stop" Livia said.

    The girls eyes widened, and they Bursted into laughter again making aurora feel embarrassed.

    "Livia you are crazy" serena said, still laughing loudly.

    "Am still surprised you can still walk" Livia said, and the girls laughed again.

    Almost immediately alessandro walked up, and everyone kept quiet Immediately.

    He was dressed up which means he was going out.

    He wore a complete suit that suited him perfectly.

    The first two button of the shirt were opened as usaul, making him look sexy and more like a mafia boss.

    They were so much jeweleries on his body, and you could tell they were expensive.

    "Are you going out?" Aurora asked, and he nodded.

    Aurora pouted her lips sadly.

    "Yeah but I am going to be back before you know it and then....you know" he wink at her.

    Aurora hit his chest playfully.

    "You are so spoilt"Aurora said blushing really hard.

    He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

    "But you like me that way. Don't you?" He whispered in her ear, and bite her earlobe softly.

    Aurora just smiled.

    Slowly he claimed her lips, kissing her gently.

    "Hmm hey couple we are still here" Livia yelled.

    Aurora chuckled and pulled away from him.

    "Come back soon. I don't wanna miss you too much" Aurora said.

    The male chuckled and kiss her cheek softly before he walked out of the kitchen.

    She turned around only to see the girls staring at her.

    "Damn! I feel so bad for being single" Serena said faking a cry.

    "Not only you sweetheart" Livia said, and hugged serena.


    The guards opened the door for him, as he stepped into the room.

    The guards bow down.

    The smell of blood filled the room but he don't seem to care.

    They were all used to it.

    He stared at the lifeless body tied to the chair, and he scoffed.

    He slowly sat down in front of him as he coughed out blood.

    His body were all messed up.

    Alessandro smirked evilly as his boys continue wiping him, while he scream in pain.

    He crossed his legs enjoying the way he scream in pain.

    He raised his hand and the guards stop wiping him.

    "How do you feel to be so much pained huh?" He raised his eyebrows.

    "You are evil" the young man spat on his face.

    Alessandro bursted Into an evil laughter.

    "You heard of my story Fransisco but you choose to mess with me" Alessandro said.

    "You are a mafia but you don't look like one because you act immature, and stupid." He said.

    He suddenly grab his neck.

    "Where is lombardi? What is he planning?" He yelled.

    Francisco eyes widened.

    He was surprised. He never expected alessandro to find out he was walking for lombardi.

    "Oh Fransisco" he bursted into laughter.

    "You taught I didn't know? I am the most smartest mafia boss ever. I knew people like you who are in desperate need of something always end up in the trap of lombardi because you seem help, and yet you guys can never win over me, because justice must prevail and Alessandro matteo is not a loser" he said calmly but dangerously that Fransisco got scared.

    "You are going to tell me what he is planning and I will think of letting you go" 

    "Over my dead body" francisco said.

    Alessandro smirk evily.

    "Oh Fransisco. I would love to kill you but not yet and I always get whatever I want. Wanna know why?" He raised his eyebrows.

He took a blade from the table.

    "Because I torture to get what I want" he said, and almost immediately he cut francisco fingers with the blade making the male scream in pain.

    "Oh fucking christ!" He yelled in pain, while Alessandro just laughed.

    "Going to tell me or want to cut off your other fingers?" 

    "I am going to tell you" Fransisco yelled crying.

    "That's more like it " he tap his cheek.

    "He...he planned to burn your warehouse... and then captured aurora so he could get to you" Fransisco said crying.

    "Is that all?"

    "I swear that is all I know" Fransisco yelled crying.

    Alessandro smirk.

    "Next time you don't touch what is mine. Do you get it?" He asked and Fransisco nodded in fear.

    He smirked, and walked out.

    "Boss" Gabe called as he walked out.

    "Alessia?" She asked.

    "She is in the dungeon" Gabe replied.

    Alessandro nodded.

    "Gabe prepare the boys to protect the warehouse because I think war will start between the mafia world soon.." Alessandro said.

    "Boss I think you are in danger" Gabe said.

    Alessandro frowned.

    "The city of light bet 10 million euros for anyone who can end your life between tomorrow and everyone is really bent on destroying...." Before he could complete his words, they heard a gunshot from outside.

    "Boss they are here" A guard yelled.

    "Fuck! Weapons guys" Gabe yelled loudly, and the boys quickly rush to the weapons room.

    "Boss they came to paris just for you" Gabe said.

    Alessandro smirk.

    "A great man is not easy to bring down" he replied.

    "Damn!" He yelled as a bullet hit his hand.

    "Boss is hit. Fire weapons" Gabe yelled and immediately there were bullets flying around.

    Men fighting with battle axe, gun, sound of punch could be heard everywhere.

    The house were already bloody.

    A man tried to punch but Gabe was quick enough to shot him.

"Don't mess with my boss" he yelled and landed a heavy punch on his face.


    "Prepare the private jet for me to italy and prepare a flight for sarafina to go back to USA." Alessandro said.

The fight was finally over after so much blood shed.

They were currently in the car heading home.

"Yes boss. Hmmm what about aurora, I mean are you taking her with you to Intaly. This is going to be dangerous for her" Gabe said.

"And that is why you are going to be watching over her. I don't want my family to get involve with lombardi else he is going to use that to his advantage to get to me, so I am going to Intaly without her"Alessandro said...

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CHAPTER 61 & 62
Written: By, Succy j
Genre {s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


He walked into the bedroom looking so bloody.

He slowly lock the door behind si he wouldn't wake the sleeping beauty from sleep.

His hand was so bloody.

Gabe insisted to take him to the hospital but he refused.

Either way he is not feeling safe anymore and lombardi might find him to the hospital.

He took out a first aid, and an alcohol drink.

He look over at aurora to make sure she was sleeping.

He say down gently on the floor.

He took his finger to the injured hand and tried to bring out the bullet.

"Oh fucking christ!" He muttered to himself trying not to yell.

He didn't want aurora to be scared.

"What he heck!" He heard someone exclaimed.

He turned around only to see aurora looking at him with mouth wide open.

"Alessandro" she called softly, and rushed to his side.

"Damn! Where the hell did you go?" She asked worriedly.

Alessandro just kept staring at her.

He didn't know what to say at the moment.

"Amore help me get the bullet out of my hand" he said.

Aurora eyes Widened.

"Excuse you. You want me to get a bullet out of your hand?" Aurora asked, and alessandro just groaned in pain.

"I can't do it alessandro. I am not a doctor" Aurora said.

"Just fucking do it Tesoro" he yelled almost like he was annoyed.

Aurora gulped down in fear.

He bend down slowly.

Tears slowly flow down from her eyes as she looked at the injured hand.

The wound was deep.

"Why can't you just go to the doctor. That will be safer" Aurora said.

"Just fucking do as I tell you Amore" Alessandro said softly.

"Alessandro....I can't" she muttered crying.

Alessandro sighed.

He held her cheek softly and made her look at him.

"My hand is going to be damaged if you don't get the bullet out of my hand. Trust me aurora you can do this" Alessandro said softly, staring into her eyes.

"I can't..." 

"Shush" he cut her off softly.

He placed her forehead on hers.

"Just help me out aurora" he said.

Aurora nodded.

She gulped down slowly.

She stared at Alessandro who gave her the go ahead to go on.

She slowly deep her finger to his wound.

"Oh christ!" He groaned in pain

He squeeze the bed tightly trying not to yell since it was night already.

All this while Aurora was crying really hard.

"Oh. I think am touching the bullet" Aurora said excitedly.

She slowly brought out the bullet and placed it on the table.

She pour the alcohol on the wounded hand, and used the plaster to wrap it around.

"Are you okay?" She asked softly, and he nodded.

He held her closer to him, and kissed her softly.

Aurora frowned and pushed him gently.

"You are really surprising. You still think about kiss all this while"

He chuckled.

He slowly stood up and made to walk out.

"Where are you going?"Aurora asked.

"Downstairs"he replied.

"Alessandro we need to talk" she said seriously.

Alessandro sighed.

He already know what he wanted to talk about.

"Amore... let's talk some other time" he said and tried to walk downstairs but she was quick enough to lock the door.

"Amore give me the key" he tried to drag the key away from her but she placed it inside her pant.

Alessandro raised his eyeshadow.

"I can get it if I want to" he said walking toward her slowly but she moved back.

Aurora gulped down.

"When are you quitting being a mafia?" She asked seriously.

Alessandro just rolled his eyes.

His guess was correct. That was what she wanted to talk about

"I don't get you amore"

"Don't pretend like you don't fucking know what I am talking about. Look at what being a mafia has done to you" she yelled.

"Amore I can't quit. My time is not over yet" he said.

Aurora scoffed.

"Excuse you? So I am supposed to leave in fear when I get married to you...."

"I can protect you amore. I will protect you with my life" Alessandro cut her off.

Aurora sighed softly.

"I know you can protect me alessandro...but this is too risky when we get married or have kids some days. You don't expect them to walk in and see you this way. Alessandro I don't know how you are gonna do it, but you are quitting" she said seriously. More like a boss.

"Amore" Aurora called softly.

She suddenly Bursted into tears.

"I have seen you being shot 2 times, and even before I came your sister said you have been shot many times. Alessandro I know you have managed to create a big name in your world but I don't like it, I don't wanna leave a life of fear in the future" Aurora said crying.

Alessandro sighed and hugged her tightly.

"I have two more years before I quit. Every mafia family  have a year to serve as a mafia boss before we passed to another. My dad couldn't complete his years before he died so I continued. I really wanna quit but I can't" he said softly.

Aurora frowned and pushed him away angrily.

She hissed and walked up to the bed.

Alessandro sighed.

"Amore can I have the key now?" He asked softly.

She glared at him.

"No" she replied.

"Well I would love to take it out myself" he muttered to himself but aurora heard him clearly.

"Don't you dare come here" she said as alessandro jumped on the bed.

She moved backward, until her head hit the bed wood.

Alessandro smirked.

He dragged her leg closer to him, making her unable to move.

"Seriously? You don't look like who got injured. You are a spoilt brat" Aurora said laughing.

"So where were we?" He smirked as his hand slowly move inside her pant.

It was easy though since she was putting on a night Gown.

He took the key out...but wouldn't stand up From her body.

His hand moved down to her, and tore it off making her gasp.

"Let's have some fun Amore. It is going to be nice" he whispered In her ear slowly making her shiver.

Aurora just bite her lip, smiling widely.

"Then what are you waiting for?" She bite her lips seductively.

Alessandro smirked and kissed her lips.

The kiss was gently. 

Aurora wrapped her hand around his neck, kissing her back.

The kiss was becoming rough already.

He kissed her down to her stomach and attacked her right boob, suv**ing from it like a baby feeding from his mother breast.


The sun shine brightly and find it way to Aurora who was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

She groaned softly and use her hand  to cover her eyes.

She yawned and opened her eyes.

She turned sideways only to find alessandro spot empty.

"Alessandro" she called as she stood up from the bed.

She was about to walk into the bathroom when she sighted a piece of paper on the table.

She frowned and pick it up gently.

It was a letter.

"Amore I hope your night was pleasant enough. I am going back to italy because I  have a business to take care of. Love you so much Amore"

Her eyes Widened as she read the letter.

"What the hell!" She gasped.

She took out her phone and dialed her number but he was not picking up.

"Don't even dare Alessandro" She muttered and dialed his number again but he was still not picking up.

She rushed out of the room.

"Woah calm down cousin" Livia said as she pumped into her.

"Where is alessandro?" Aurora asked, almost tearing up.

"Hmmm he left a while ago" she replied.

"How dare he?" She suddenly yelled.

"What the hell is going on aurora?" Livia asked.

"He went back to italy without me" Aurora said.

Livia gasped.

"He never even told any of us about it" Livia said annoyed.

Aurora dialed his number again but he was still not picking up.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing Gabe.

"Good morning miss. Boss want me to stay with you while he is away so I could protect you" Gabe said.

Aurora Scoffed.

"Call your boss now. I wanna talk to him...and don't you even dare refuse me"Aurora said.

It was more like she knew he was going to refuse her.

Gabe sighed and dialed alessandro number.

"Boss..." Before h could say the word aurora dragged the phone out of his hand.

"Where the hell are you alessandro?" She asked, angrily.

Alessandro sighed.

"I am in the plane heading to italy" Alessandro replied.

Aurora scoffed.

"How dare you alessandro? How dare you left me here after you made me fall in Love with you" aurora yelled, crying already.

"I am not leaving you amore, I am trying to protect you...."

"Protect me from what you asshole?" She yelled angrily.

Alessandro placed his hand on his forehead and sighed.

"After you had sex with me, you then left me" Aurora yelled crying.

"I would never leave you, if then why did I bring gabe to stay with you" 

"Then get back her alessandro" Aurora yelled angrily.

"What is your problem amore?" He fired back angrily.

Aurora kept quiet immediately.

Alessandro sighed.

Aurora you know what I am into. I am in the danger and I don't want to put you in danger...so you are going to stay calm until I return" Alessandro said.

"Fuck you asshole" she yelled and ended the call immediately.

This story is brought to you as Succy joseph 😊😘

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(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre {s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


"Come on Aurora pick up his calls. You are acting childish" Livia said.

Aurora has been crying for the past 1 hour and has refuse to pick up alessandro calls.

Her phone ranged again for the 20th times but she just ignored it as always.

Livia sighed and picked up the call before aurora could stop her.

"Amore seriously?" Alessandro said immediately.

"This is not aurora. This is Livia"

"Oh. Where is aurora?" He asked worriedly.

"She refused to pick up and has been crying for what seem forever. You know what alessandro If you want to leave her at least discuss with my cuz before you decide to zoom off" Livia said.

Alessandro sighed.

"I know she was not going to agree" Alessandro replied.

"How about I help you talk to her and I get...."

"Fine I will send the money to you" Alessandro cut her off.

Livia chuckled.

It was more like he knew what she was going to ask him.

"Call her in the next 20 minutes" she said and ended the call.

"What did he say?" Aurora asked.

"Well you didn't want to speak with him" livia replied.

Aurora sighed.

"I understand how you feel cuz.. you feel like he left you without telling youbut he knew you were not going to accept it...and beside he is doing all this just to protect you." 

"Are you trying to defend him?" Aurora asked angrily.

"Of course I do not....but either way I think he did what is best for you beside he let you stay with us. Don't you wanna have fun with us or are you tired of us because you are in love now" Livia said.

Aurora laughed softly.

"I just miss him.. I don't even know why.. I mean it is not even up to an hour yet" Aurora said.

She sniffed and cleaned her tears.

"That is the connection with love ones cuz....and am sure he is missing you like freak" 

"As if" Aurora hissed.

"Don't tell me you don't believe him. You know how that guy get crazy when you are away from him. Remember when you left italy, he came here the next day just to look for you. Cuz, alessandro is a Mafia boss but he is the sweetest guy ever, his heart is dark but he is ready to protect what is his and he is trying to protect you cuz." Livia said.

Aurora sighed.

Her phone ranged again and no one needed to tell her it was Alessandro.

"I told him 30 minutes, so why is he calling now? He is probably going crazy to hear aurora voice." Livia muttered to herself.

"Just pick up already cuz. Am sure he is dying to hear your sweet melody voice" Livia winked at her.

Aurora chuckled.

She signed before she answered the call.

"Amore" Alessandro called Immediately she picked up the call.

Aurora didn't say a word.

"Come on Amore talk to me. You know I would never leave you, I will be back before you know it. I just need to finish up something in Intaly" 

"Then why didn't you take me with you. You are tired of my body?" She yelled.

"I told you to stop saying that already" Alessandro yelled angrily.

Aurora bursted into tears immediately.

"You are yelling at me. You are probably tired of me" Aurora said crying.

Livia scoffed as she stared at her.

Alessandro sighed.

"Am sorry okay? I would never get tired of your body, it is never possible. Your body is the most beautiful thing I have seen, so light and smooth. Why would I get tired of you huh?"

"I know Amore, you are angry with me but please forgive me." Alessandro pleaded.

"You are forgiven" Aurora said.

"Thank you amore" alessandro said, and the aurora laughed.

Suddenly she felt like she wanted to punk.

"Talk to you later " she ended the call.

She rushed to the toilet and empty her stomach.

"What's up cuz?" Livia asked worriedly as she pat her hair softly.

"Don't really know what's wrong with me" Aurora replied.


Alessandro sat down like a king with his legs crossed while staring out of the window.

His mind was occupied with aurora. He was already missing her already.

"God help me if I don't come back tomorrow" he muttered to himself and then chuckled.

His phone ranged.

He frowned when he answered the caller..but he picked it up anyway.

"What the hell do you want you asshole?" Alessandro yelled.

"Huh alessandro. Calm down. I just want to see if you are still alive I mean 3 million euros just for one man, that I huge. Do you think you will make it to Italy" Lombardi said, and alessandro could imagine he had that evil smirk plastered on his face.

"You bet this. Didn't you?" Alessandro yelled.

"You can't defeat me alessandro not while they are many italy mafias who are ready to get rid of you" he said, and ended the call before alessandro could reply back.

"Here is your coffee sir" the girl said and dropped the coffee on the table.

He took the drink but suddenly stopped.

He observed the girl for a while, and scoffed.

"Another bitch sent to kill me right?" Alessandro glared at her.

"Well I guess you know about it" she said.

Immediately she took a knife out of her pocket but alessandro was quick enough to hold it.

He took the knife and stab her right in the eye, making her scream in pain.

"You are"

"What the hell!" One of his guard walk up to them.

"How the hell did this bitch get into my private jet? Anyone care to explain?" He looked at his guards who were staring at him in fear, other in confident.

He chuckled darkly

"I get it. I mean 3 million euros is a huge sum of money to take down one man but just so you know I am not an easy man to get rid of and I can pay double of that shit" he said.

The guards nodded In fear.

"Get rid of this slut" He said as he used the napkin to clean off the blood on his hand.


"What movie are we watching?" Livia asked as they wall downstairs.

"Little mermaid. Your brother wanted to watch the movie"  Bianca replied.

Livia sighted gabe standing by the door.

She chuckled and walked toward him.

"Seriously you are going to stand there all because you wanna protect your boss woman" Livia raised his eyebrows.

"That is my job"

"At least if you wanna do this job, sit down and watch over her"

"Can you just leave me alone livia and let me do my job please" Gabe said almost annoyed.

She scoffed.

She looked at the girls who were just focus on the movie.

"You are handsome you know" she placed her hand on his chest, and bite her lips nervously.

Gabe sighed.

"You know how does it feel to see the girl you had sex with in the club is right before you...I mean you said I was beautiful. Don't you wanna date this beautiful girl standing right in front of you" Livia wink at her.

Gabe sighed as he stared at her.



(Last week Monday)

Livia was seen seated on a stool looking around the busy hall.

Aurora was still in the hospital, and the poor girl has been crying her eyes out.

She just miss her cousin so much.

"What is a beautiful girl doing here all alone?" She turned around only to see a man staring down at her.

She could swear that face was farmiliar but she couldn't place how she got to know him.

"Do you have a company?" He looked around.

"Nope." She replied.

"Do you mind if I join you?" He raised his eyebrow.

"You are already seated and now you wanna ask me" she said.

He chuckled and sat down.

"You are really pretty. So what is a pretty girl doing here all alone?" He asked.

She chuckled. She walk towards him and slowly placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Nothing... but I am here to have some fun. You wanna join me" she winked at him.

"My pleasure" she replied and kissed her immediately.


Gabe chuckled softly.

"You know I have been stalking until I met you at the club..I never knew I fell in love with a pest" Gabe said, and Livia bursted into laughter.

"Who is that?" Lucca asked pointing out of the window.

"What's going on?" Gabe asked and quickly move to the window.

His eyes widened in shock. 

"How the hell did he escape from the torture house?" He muttered to himself in disbelief.

There were three cars parked outside and when they stepped out, they speak danger, with the weapons they were holding.

"Fuck! Everybody get down. It is an attack" Gabe yelled, and immediately everyone bend down.

But it was not an attack.

The door burst opened making the girls screamed in horror.

"Hello everyone" Fransisco said with a dangerous smirk on his face.

He was a mess. All of his body was bandage.

"Get her" he pointed to aurora.

"Let her go" Gabe tried to protect gabe but he was kicked.

"Are you okay?" Livia asked and he nodded.

"Let my sister go else big guy is going to kill you" Lucca yelled as  they drag aurora to Fransisco.

Fransisco frowned.

"You see the reason why I hate this fucking little asshole" Fransisco glared at lucca.

"Call lombardi, tell him the plan is ready" Fransisco said.

"Fuck! Boss is going to kill me" Gabe muttered to himself breathing heavily.

"Come on your life Is at stake too... besides where are the guards with you?" Livia asked

He looked at the boy who were dressed in black. 

He could tell they look so farmiliar to him.

"Alessandro got betrayed. His guards are working for them" Gabe said.

"You look so pretty and hot" Fransisco whispered to aurora and kiss her cheek.

"Get your hands off me asshole. I belong to another" Aurora said.

Francisco huffed. Aurora chuckled when she saw his annoyed face.

She wanted to make him angry.

"What do you really find in alessandro that i don't have"

"He hardly lie to my face and also he is more handsome than you" Aurora said.

Francisco chuckled darkly.

"So you think the asshole is handsome more than me?"

"I don't think so I know so, and please stop calling him an asshole" Aurora hissed.

He suddenly pulled her hair harshly to him.

"You are going to be begging me soon when I finally have my dream of fucking you." He whispered in her ear, and one could tell he was damn so serious.

Aurora gulped down in fear while he just smirked.

"Something bad Is really going to happen soon if we don't do something" Serena whispered to the rest.

"Yeah and I think the plan is to bring boss down" Gabe whispered back.



One of the guard opened the door and he stepped out.

He frowned as he looked around the mansion.

"Boss something is not right here." One of his guards said.

They walked into the sitting room only to see the maids tied to the ground.

"Well, well, well, welcome back Alessandro Matteo" Lombardi said.

"What the hell are you doing here you asshole" Alessandro yelled angrily, trying to pounce on him but two of lombardi guards were quick enough to hold him.

"Let go of me" he pulled himself.

"You see the reason why I like you, you are strong and bold. I admire you for that" Lombardi said, while Alessandro just scoffed.

Lombardi chuckled and sat on the couch with his legs crossed.

"Don't you think you loose already because I got you" he pointed to the maids who were tied down.

"And do you think I will give up"

"I know alessandro. You have a plan B. I mean you are the most smartest mafia boss I don't wanna mess with" He smirked.

"And that's why I want you to work for me, surrender your position to me, bow to me" 

"Enough lombardi. I am never to bow down to the killer of my parent" Alessandro yelled.

He smirked, and suddenly the t.v turned on, revealing Aurora, Livia, lucca and Gabe.

"What the hell! How dare you touch them" he yelled.

"Actually he is going to fuck your woman if you refuse to cooperate with me" He pointed to Fransisco who just waved.

"You asshole" Alessandro yelled.

"Alessandro I like you so much and that is why I haven't killed you. When I was friends with your dad, I watch you and know you were going to be Such a smart boy, the city of light is ready to bet just for you. I want you alessandro, and I must make you bow down to me even if it means capturing your sister who is the uk now" Lombardi said.

Alessandro sighed.

A smirk suddenly creep out of his lip.

He was up to something.

"Fine" he replied.

"But trust me lombardi you don't wanna mess with me. If you dare hurt aurora or any of my love ones, I will burn down the whole city of italy just to get rid of you. You know my weak point too well which is my love ones but the thing you should know most is no one mess with them because if you do, I will kill you" Alessandro said seriously.

Lombardi gulped down slowly.

For some reason he was scared of him.


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CHAPTER 65 & 66
Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


The door opened and aurora was pushed inside.

"Let me out of here you fucking bastards" she yelled loudly, trying to open the door but she couldn't.

Tears were already flowing down her eyes.

They separated the rest from her and that alone made me scared

She sighed.

She stared around the room, and then she got to realize the room was beautiful and we'll decorated.

"Is this not supposed to be an hostage" she muttered to herself staring around the room.

The door opened revealing Fransisco.

She stood up from the bed immediately.

"What the hell do you think you are fucking doing Fransisco. Do you think alessandro is going to....

"Enough aurora. The same alessandro is working under me so don't even imagine him hurting me or saving you because he can't. Really women are the the downfall of great men" he said.

"I am not his downfall" aurora defended herself.

"Really? So why is he so bent on doing anything, and even giving you his post just to make sure you are save"

"That is because he love me, care for me and he is ready to kill...you just for me" she said bodly.

Fransisco just stared at him.

Aurora chuckled.

"We both knew you Will be dead by now if not for me pleading on your behalf. If I have known who you really are, I would have let him kill you and filled your no to the dogs" Aurora yelled.

A slap landed on her cheek immediately, making her groan in pain.

He smirked, and gripped her neck tightly to look at him.

"You have grown a little more bold you slut. After being with the asshole right? I am not like how he is aurora. I have been nice to you because I wanted to get tight with that Virgin pus**y of yours which is clearly no more a virgin. Mind the way you talk to me Amore" he let go of her cheek while she coughed violently.

He stared at her darkly and wsoked out.

Aurora bursted into tears immediately.

That same disgusting feeling came again.

Aurora rushed Into the bathroom and emptied her stomach.

She was really hungry.

"What the hell is going on with me?" She muttered to herself as she watched her face.

The feeling was getting worst by the day.

Her mind drifted to alessandro.

She cleaned her tears.

She was really missing alessandro badly and just wished he was right here with her.

If only he had gone back to italy with her this wouldn't have happened.

She blamed him for whatever is happening right now.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing Fransisco.

He locked the door as he walked inside.

Aurora panicked.

He smirked evilly, making the young girl gulped down in fear.

"You know I have come to think of it aurora. Since you are so madly in love with Alessandro I will like to take what belong 6me right from day."

"Nothing belongs to you Fransisco" Aurora shuttered.

"Oh really. That wide p**y of yours now was mine from the beginning and I want to take what belong to me"

Her eyes widened in shock.

She tried to run to the bathroom but he was quick enough to get hold of her.

He carried her in a bridal style and fling her to the bed.

He got on top of her immediately.

"What the hell did you think you are doing? Let go of me right now you asshole" Aurora yelled, crying already.

He forced her legs wide open even though she struggled so hard and he got in between her legs.

"I want to taste what alessandro had taste, and i want to see the reason why he can't seriously let go of you, probably it is because of this sweet beneath your skirt" he touched her pant softly.

Aurora felt disgusted with her self right now. She could not fight back since her hand was tied.

Fransisco frowned as he watch her cry.

When they were dating his touch did magic to her but now it seem like she is disgusted.

Well he was not determined to stop no matter how much his touch disgusted her.

"Alessandro is going to kill you if you dare touch me" Aurora said hoping he would let go of him.

He scoffed.

"He can't kill me" he replied.

He kissed her forcefully, and when aurora refused to give in to him, he bite her bottom lips making her gasped and he quickly his tongue inside savouring licking every corner of her lips.

The door opened revealing a young man just as the same age with Fransisco.

Fransisco quickly pulled away.

"Fransisco come here" he commanded and walked away.

Fransisco rolled hr eyes, and stood up from her body.

"Someone might have saved you from me now but that does not mean we are done yet" he whispered in he ear and walked away.

Aurora bursted into tears immediately he left.

"What the hell is wrong with you man. Do you wish for death?" She heard someone yelled.

Fransisco frowned.

"What do you mean exactly m she was supposed to be mine" Fransisco yelled back.

"Oh please. Now you have to accept she belongs to someone else and not just someone else. The most dangerous mafia boss ever. Alessandro will get you killed between seconds" the name yelled.

"But boss have him under his custody so there is nothing to be scared all about. "

"Really? Boss is scared of the same man we are talking about. We put her under custody because we can't get to his sister and she is his weakness. If anyone touch her or hurt her be rest assured we are all dead the next morning so I will advise you not to lust over her" 

"Am not lusting over her. Don't you get it" Fransisco yelled.

He chuckled and placed his hand on Fransisco shoulder.

"Get rid of that silly feelings for her dude. You don't wanna be trap in the devil den"

"I already have, and yeah maybe it was hell but who cares"

"You don't wanna get in the second time else you will not survive so do yourself good by getting rid of those feelings" he said.

He walked away leaving Fransisco standing.

"Damn! Why are they so scared of him. Huh?" He yelled, and roughly his hair.


Alessandro was seen pacing up and down the room.

He was really trying to calm down since they had his love ones captured.

He smirked.

Lombardi must be so stupid to think he would work for him after he killed his parent.

Death was too simple for him.

He was going to break him, all his hard work was going to destroy by him when he stay In this house and he will get rid of him in his same hide just like he did to his parent.

His heart was filled with hatered. He just wished he could kill him right now but unfortunately he can't since they were holding aurora.

He sighed as he taught of aurora. The fact that he was staying with the asshole he hate so much made him Angry.

His phone ranged, and he smirked when he saw the number "Gabe"

"I didn't train you for nothing" he muttered to himself.

"Boss am really sorry. They took her because I couldn't protect her. I am really sorry" He pleaded immediately he picked up the call.

He was really afraid of what alessandro was going to do to him.

"You will get your punishment when we are out of this mess bit firstly I need you to tell me where exactly those assholes took you guys to."

"I don't really know. I just managed to call you because those men are unprofessional"

"Find clue of where you guys are and get back to me. Stay safe" he demanded.

"Yes boss.... damn! Gotta go right now" he said, and ended the call.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing lombardi.

"Alessandro I have a drug deal with the Chicago mafia boss so you are going to lead the boys" Lombardi said and alessandro just smirked.

"Sure" he replied.

Lombardi stared at him for a while and walked away.

He could swear alessandro was up to something.

"Gabe call me" he muttered pacing up and down.

His phone ranged and he quickly picked it up.

"Gabe what's up?"

"I don't really know where we are. The windows and doors are locked by that I can't even see anything..but them again the men are speaking Italia so I guess we probably are in the smse country with you" Gabe said.

"Boss gotta go" he said and ended the call.

Alessandro sighed.


Aurora was seen laying on the bed, sleeping peacefully.

Slowly the door opened revealing Fransisco.

He walked gently to her trying not to wake her but he did anyway.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly stood up from the bed

"Don't you think it is improper to visit a girl by this time of the day" she said.

The male scoffed.

"I told you aurora we were not done yet...so" he walked closer to her as she moved backward.

"So I am here to finish whatever I have started" He said.

Aurora made to rush to the door but he grabbed hold of her harshly and throw her to the bed, making her groan in pain.

He got on top of her.

He tore off her gown even when she struggled really hard.

He kissed her again harshly, and aurora bit his lips, making blood burst out.

"What the heck!" He yelled angrily, and immediately he landed a slap on her face.

"How dare you?" He slap her again, creating a cut on her lower lip.

He noticed her breath was unusual, and slowly she get back to the bed.

His eyes widened in horror.

"Aurora" Fransisco called fearfully, but go no reply from her or even a movement.

He placed his ear on her chest trying to see if she was breathing.

She was but she was not moving.

She just passed out.

The door open revealing abel.

"Seriously Fransisco, you can't let the por girl be"

"That is not the case Abel. I think she just passed out" Fransisco shuttered fearfully.

Abel eyes widened, and he rushed  toward her.

"What have you done seriously!" Abel yelled.

Fransisco just gulped down. His heart was beating violently.

"You still standing there. Go call the doctor you fucking asshole"


Fransisco paced up and down, waiting for the doctor to get back to them.

"We better not tell boss about this else alessandro is going to kill us" Abel said.

The door opened and the doctor walked out, and immediately they rushed to her.

"How is she?" Fransisco asked.

"She is fine. Is just that she lack strength and that was why she passed." She replied.

Fransisco sighed in relief.

"The baby is probably giving her stress so she don't need to be stress out" She said.

Fransisco frowned.

"Baby?" He scoffed.

"Oh yeah. She is 2 weeks pregnant......"

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CHAPTER 66 & 67
Written: By, Succy j
Genre {s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


"Oh yeah. She is two weeks pregnant" the doctor replied.

Fransisco eyes widened.

"I will get going now" the doctor said.

"Sure. You can get doing now" Abel said, and she walked away.

He gripped his hand tightly.

"Can believe the bitch is pregnant for that asshole" Francisco yelled angrily.

"Seriously Fransisco leave her alone. Get her off your head no that she is pregnant" Abel said.

"Never. She was meant to be mine and I am never going to allow someone else take her away from me" Fransisco yelled.

"Then don't blame me for whatever happened to you" Abel said, and walked out.

He pushed the door slowly, and walked it.

He stared at aurora who was sleeping peacefully on the bed and then he scoffed.

"Why do you have to be pregnant for him. Huh?" Fransisco muttered to himself.

It hurt. He still loved aurora no matter how much he tried to get her off his head, no matter how he has been tortured because of her.

He had this rage inside of him as he stared at her, actually her stomach.

"That little trash inside of you is not leaving here alive. I am going to make sure of that" he said.

He stared at her for some moment and walked out of the room.

Aurora opened her eyes slowly.

She sighed and placed her hand on her stomach with a smile on her face.

She heard what they were saying. Her joy knew no bound.

Carrying alessandro baby was her dream ever since she fell crazily in love with him.

She sighed softly.

She rushed to the door, and quickly locked it.

Fransisco speak of evil and revenge, and she was never going to allow him do anything to her or her baby.

As she walked back to the bed, she heard someone knocking on the door forcefully. No one needed to tell her it was Fransisco.

"Open this door you slut" Fransisco yelled angrily.

"I am never going to allow you do anything to my baby. Francisco I found someone better than you so do yourself a favor and get rid of that feeling" Aurora fired back.

"Seriously Aurora you want me to get rid of the feeling I have for you, forgetting the fact that alessandro took you away from me forcefully this same way. You told him to get rid of the obsession he had for you but he didn't, and I am never backing up now. You are in my custody and you will remain here even if I have to kill that little parrot you call brother or your bitchy friends or maybe your cousin" He threatened her.

"What the hell did you think you are fucking doing Fransisco. Don't you dare hurt my love ones" Aurora yelled panickly.

"Then fucking open the door now" Fransisco yelled.



"Shh" Gabe told the girls who were discussing.

He quickly moved to the door.

"Boss francisco is crazy trying to rape aurora." 

"Oh yeah...and almost got the girl killed"

"Well at least alessandro is under big boss for now. Else I wouldn't be here anymore" 

It was the guards discussing.

"Damn! What do we do now. I hope aurora is safe" Livia said pacing up and down.

"I can't give a location to boss, if I could, am sure we would be safe" Gabe said.

"Then find a location. I don't want anything to happen to my cousin" Livia yelled.

"Don't fucking yell at me Livia. I am doing everything within my power to get us safe, and you can actually help me with that by searching around for clue" Gabe yelled.

"Seriously gabe. You were here to protect us, but I guess you are just a weak asshole" Livia fired back.

"Enough Livia. How were you expecting to fight more than twenty people" Bianca said.

"Exactly. If he had tried, am sure he would not be alive now, so let him focus on what to do" Serena said

Livia sighed.

She suddenly felt the guilt inside of her.

She was probably too hard on him...but she just wanted to make sure aurora was safe.

"Is my sister in danger?" They all turned, only to see the little one staring at them with wide opened.

He was probably listening to them all this while, by prentending to be sleeping.

"Hmm baby" Livia moved toward him.

"Is my sister with Fransisco?" He asked.

They stared at him with surprise.

"How the hell do you know about that?" Bianca asked.

He strugged his shoulder.

"i figured it out because the asshole was the one who came to pick us up" Lucca said.

They all gasped, staring at him wide opened.

"Don't bother asking him how he got to know the word asshole. That kid is no longer the same since he spent enough time with boss" Gabe said.

The rest Bursted into laughter.

"I wasn't going to ask him though, since I knew alessandro was his future brother in law" Bianca said.

They Bursted into laughter again.

"You guys should feel less worry though. I know big guy is going to save her no matter what" lucca said.

"Damn! This little guy has hope in him more than we. We should probably trust alessandro too" Bianca said.

They stared at each other, trying to find comfort and hope in each other eye's.

The door opened, and valentina was pushed in.

The guards glared at them before locking the door behind.

"What the hell Sist. What are you doing here?" Livia asked curiously likewise the others.

"I saw them take you guys so I decided to follow you only to get caught" she replied.

Serena scoffed.

"Seriously. You should have called the police instead. You probably are the beauty with no brains" Serena said.

"Well it is a good thing she is here too. Where are we?" Gabe asked.

"We are in paris" valentina replied.

Livia turned to look at gabe who just strached his head.

"I guess your calculations were wrong" Livia said.

"Well they speak Intaly so I taught we were in Intaly" Gabe tried to defend himself.

"That's because those guys are from Intaly. They came here to probably for this" Valentina said.

"Why are you really here valentina?" Serena asked.

"Hmm excuse you. I just told you guys already" Valentina replied back.

Serena scoffed.

"And you expect me to believe now..or maybe you are working for them" Serena said.

"Serena" they called.

"Oh yeah. Aurora told me how bitchy you have been with her so probably you are working for them because you hate her, and maybe they got tired of you, and then threw you here" Serena said.

"Excuse you. Are you trying to tell me I am part of this" Valentina yelled.

"I know so valentina. You are the bitch who is trying to get revenge because alessandro refused to like you. If you think I am lying, how then did they knew the exact time alessandro left paris?" Serena asked.

"You are getting it all wrong. There is no way I will do that because I have feelings for him. Few days now I have been trying to get rid of the feelings I had for him" Valentina yelled.

Serena laughed.

"Oh please. Slut don't quit except they found what they are looking for and probably you were looking for revenge"

"Enough bestie" Bianca yelled, but serena just ignored her.

"There is no way I will do try to harm my cousin"

"Really? But you did that at the hospital" serena yelled.

"It was a mistake I regretted"

"Yeah and you didn't apologize to her. Did you?" Serena yelled.

"Enough of accusing my sister" Livia yelled.

"I am not accusing her, I am just stating the fact" serena yelled.

"I said that is enough" Bianca slapped serena, making everyone gasped.

The friends glared at each other.

"Seriously?" Serena asked in a broken voice, as she held her cheek.

"Enough of the accusation Serena. All we need to be is to find a way to save aurora together and not fighting" Bianca yelled.

Serena scoffed.

"Fuck you" serena yelled.

"Am sorry bestie" Bianca tried to touch her, but she pushed him away.

"I hate all of you" serena yelled, crying already.

She moved to a corner, and sat down on the cold floor.

"You should not have slapped her. I understand the fact that she think I am evil because I was after her bestie boyfriend" Valentina sighed.

"And I quite agree with her" Bianca hissed.

"Guys let just calm down okay, and stop accusing ourselves, instead we should find a way to get out of here and save aurora." Gabe yelled.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing a guard.

He walked over to lucas and pulled him up harshly.

"Where the hell are you taking him to?" Livia tried to move closer to him, but a gun was pointed at her

"Don't move closer" he said.

"Well I can" Gabe muttered, and immediately the gun was kick out of his hand.

Before the guard could think of picking up the gun, gabe already did.

The guard gulped down in fear, as gabe pointed the gun at her.

"We're are you taking him to?" He asked.

The guard smirk.

"And why will I say anything" he said.

"Well I will have to pull the trigger" He threatened.

"Fine. Boss francisco wanted me to bring him" he replied.

"Why?" Gabe asked.

The guard scoffed.

"Do you think I am joking about pulling the trigger" 

"Aurora refused to open the door which I don't know why, and boss wanted to threaten her with her brother" he replied.

"Thanks for the information" Gabe said, and knock him out with the gun.

The door opened revealing another guard.

His eyes   widened.

"What the hell is...." Before he could complete his words bianca landed a heavy punch on his face, making him fell on the ground.

"Hmmm that is surprising that you know how to do that" Gabe said.

Bianca chuckled.

"I learned those skills when I was working as a stripper. You gonna protect yourself from those hungry men, and that is how I learned those skills" Bianca replied.

"Make sense" Gabe said, with a smile on his face.

"Can we just talk about the plan" Livia yelled.

Bianca and gabe Bursted into laughter, making Livia huff.

"Don't wanna take him away from you, jealous girl" Bianca said, in a teasing tone.

"Aurora Is really in danger. I need to inform boss about it.  meanwhile we should find a way to save miss" Gabe said and they all nodded.

Bianca turned to serena, and she sighed.

"Let me handle this"Valentina said.

"Hmmm your say" Bianca struggled his shoulder.

Valentina walked toward her, and sat beside her.

"Hmmm do you mind....."

"Yes I mind. Get the fuck away from me" she cut her short.

Valentina sighed.

"I get it serena. You wanna protect your friend and you think I am part of this but I am not. I swear with my life, and if I am. End my life yourself" Valentina said

Livia rolled her eyes.

"Okay...but I am really going to deal with you if you are part of all this" Serena said seriously.

Valentina chuckled.

"Am in" serena yelled, as she walked toward them.

"Good. Now are we going to get to where aurora is without being caught?"

"I have an idea" Lucca said.

They all turned to look at me.

"Gabe why don't you wear the guard suit and facebook, and then you are going to take me there just like he had ordered, then am sure you will know why to do from there" Lucca said.

Everyone smiled.

"Damn! I got a genius cousin" Livia rough his hair.

The little boy just laughed, showing his white set of teeth.

"That is am excellent plan. Let move" Gabe said.



Alessandro paced around the room, trying to calm down.

Almost immediately his phone ranged, and he picked up immediately.

"Hello gabe"

"Boss we are still in paris...I don't really have time but you have to get to paris before 24 hours. Miss is in danger. We are trying to do everything we can to protect her, meanwhile try to get here" Gabe said.

"Uhmm boss I am going to tell you something but try to calm down"

"I am seriously trying to calm down with the saying "Miss is in danger" so what is going on?"

"I heard Fransisco tried to rape aurora but ended up passing out" Gabe said.

"That fucking freak" He yelled, and kick the table angrily.

Gabe sighed.

"Location?" He asked immediately.

"Send you in a minute. Try to keep you sanity intact before you get to paris... because I think my boss is going crazy already" Gabe said and ended the call.

"What guts gabe " he muttered.

Almost immediately a text message came.

It was the location.

He rushed outside the room, only to meet a gun pointed at his forehead.

"Going somewhere. Huh?" Lombardi smirked.

Alessandro huffed.

"I don't know what is so special about you...but the chicago mafias are ready to pay 3 billions if I could get you to work for them, so I am not letting you go" Lombardi said.

Alessandro smirked dangerously

"Actually I agreed with them already. Now they work for me" He said, smirking.

Lombardi frowned in confusion.

Almost immediately gunshot filled the air.

He turned around only to see men dressed in suit.

Their tattoos on their face showed the sign that there were mafias from chicago.

"What the hell!" Lombardi gasped in surprise.

Immediately alessandro grabbed the gun from his hand.

He grabbed hold of his neck harshly.

"A great man got connections and friends around the world too. I don't like this though, it is not fun to be because it will be easy getting rid of you" Alessandro smirked.

Almost immediately they grabbed hold of him.

"You freak" Lombardi yelled angrily.

Alessandro click his tongue.

"Too easy for me" he said.

"Don't mess with Alessandro matteo again in your next life." Alessandro said.

"He is yours now... though I will love to see video of him being tortured" Alessandro said.

The men bowed down.

"Good bye Lombardi" Alessandro said.

He walked out.

"You bastard" he yelled angrily....

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Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


They made to walk out of the room but Bianca drew them back.

"Gabe you are going to take lucca to him like he requested so what do we do from there?" Livia asked in concern.

Gabe sighed.

He really didn't what is do.

"So you were just going with no idea of what you are going to do" Livia huffed.

"We need to delay some time before big guyis going to come to paris" Lucca sighed.

"He is damn right..but from italy to paris is like 18 hours" Gabe replied.

"Well let just make sure aurora is safe for now. Can't you contact Alessandro to send some of his men to you. Am sure they are at least some of his men still in Paris" Livia suggested.

Almost immediately gabe phone ranged.

"Boss" Gabe called.

"Gabe I can't get to pairs quickly so I am sending in backup. Make sure everyone is safe for now. Leave the bastard to me" Alessandro said.

"Yes boss" Gabe replied and ended the call.

"It was more like he knew what we were discussing all about. He is sending in men" Gabe said.

They all sighed in relief.

The heavy knock on the door made them flinch.

"What the hell are you still doing here mike. Boss Fransisco is waiting for you" A male voice yelled through the door.

"Am coming" Gabe faked a voiced.

The male frowned.

"Man that is weird though" he muttered to himself.

"Pull his clothes off" Gabe instructed as he pulled off his clothes.

Livia bite her lips as she stared at his half naked body.

"Mike?" The male called.

"Damn!  He is getting suspicious and all burst in any moment from now. Can you please be fast in putting on the clothes?" Serena whispered yelled.

"Am done" Gabe announced.

They drag the body to the corner and used the door to cover it.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing the male.

He stared at gabe who was holding lucca.

"What took you so long. I taught they were fighting with you" The male said.

"Let's go" Gabe said, and they both walked out.

The room was damn so quiet as the his they just stared at each other.

They were scared to be in the room alone and wanted all this should be just over.

"I think we should still staring at each other with so much fear. Let's just give ourselves the hope that everyone is going to be fine today" Livia said.

"I really hope we succeed today because I don't want anything to happen to my love ones" Serena said.

The girl's sighed.

"We are going to be okay. Trust me" Valentina said.

It was everything that they all win. 

It was what give them up that they were  going to be fine and aurora is going to be fine as well.


Gabe gulped down softly before entering the room.

He was scared though. There were no back that was here to support him when he fight...that is the main reason he was afraid.

He walked into the room slowly and sighted francisco smoking while a girl was busy twerking in front of him.

"That is it baby. Shake that fucking ass for me" Francisco laughed, and spank the female ass.

"He still have the guts to kidnap miss after he I enjoying himself with women. Why can't he just get rid of the feelings for her?" Gabe muttered to himself as he glared at francisco.

"Can you stop spanking my ass Fransisco. It is more like hitting me and I Don't lie it" the girl yelled.

"Sorry babe" Fransisco whispered in her ear.

Lucca cracked likewise Gabe.

Gabe eyes Widened as he noticed there was a kid here, and he quickly turned lucca to look away.

"What's up mr Gabe? I already heard what they are saying it doing" Lucca said.

Gabe chuckled.

He hit his forehead lightly.

"Ouch. That hurt like hell" Lucca frowned as Gabe hit his forehead.

"What the hell are you doing kingsley. Do you think standing there and staring at us with a kid in your hand is fair" Fransisco yelled.

"Little guy you are gonna call me kingsley from now on until this moment is over." Gabe whispered in lucca ear, who nodded.

"I just wanna let you know I have brought the boy as requested" He said.

Fransisco walked towards them.

He gripped lucca harshly away from him, and gabe didn't dare do anything.

"Let see if the bitch won't open the door when I place a knife on this parrot throat" he said, with a dangerous smirk.

The little boy gulped down in fear , as Fransisco drag her out.

"This is bad" Gabe muttered to himself, and walked out as well.


Aurora paced up and down the room, her heart pounding violently like a party drum.

She was so scared right now. She didn't want to open the door because she knew whatever thing he was up to was not a good one.

"Aurora just calm down. Alessandro will be here to save you" she assured herself.

The knock on the door, made her flinch.

"Aurora are you going to open the door or not?" He asked again.

It was Fransisco voice.

"I am never going to allow you harm me or my unborn baby" Aurora yelled.

"Well am sure you don't mind if I hurt your kid brother" he said smirking.

Aurora eyes Widened.

"Don't you dare harm my brother" Aurora yelled fearfully.

"Call your sister name" she heard Fransisco say.

He was probably forcing lucca to call her name so she could know he was here.

When lucca refused, Fransisco grabbed hold of his hair harshly, making him groan in pain.

"Sister" the little boy called.

"Aurora I can open that door either way but I want you to be the one willingly to open the damn door and accept the fate of those trash inside your womb"  Fransisco yelled.

"Don't you dare call my unborn baby trash" Aurora yelled crying already.

She didn't know what to do at the moment.

"Sister ignore him. Big guy is coming to save you" Lucca said, and immediately Fransisco slapped the little boy.

Aurora gasped.

The little boy just smirked, staring at Fransisco who just frowned.

He was kinda surprised the boy didn't move, or even cry.

"You are going to pay for this you asshole" Lucca yelled.

Fransisco eyes widened likewise the guard when we're with him.

Almost immediately the door opened.

"Leave my brother alone" Aurora said tearfully.

Fransisco smirked as he walked into the room.

He grabbed hold of her neck.

"You made the right choice amore" he smirked.

Aurora just stared at him tearfully.

He pulled her closer to him.

"You are mine now" he tried to kiss him, but lucca grabbed hold of his cloth.

"Get away from my sister you mother fucked" he yelled.

Fransisco frowned angrily.

"You little parrot" he slapped him again, making him fall to the ground.

"How can you do that to a little boy huh?" Aurora yelled angrily, as she grabbed hold of his cloth.

He pushed her away harshly.

He frowned when he saw something on the little boy hair.

"What the hell!" He grabbed hold of lucca, and pulled it out.

His eyes widened.

"It is a damn tracker" he muttered.

Lucca just smirk.

"You found it a little too early....but either way they are coming for you" he said seriously that one could get scared because of his tone.

Fransisco scoffed.

"Damn! The prisoners" he muttered to himself and walked out.

"Lucca" Aurora called, and hugged him tightly to herself.

She distinguish from the hug.

"My goodness. You are injured" she touched his cheek softly, making the little one groan in pain.

"This is nothing" Lucca said.


"Big guy said if I have to protect evelyn then I will have to get use to pains" Lucca said.

Aurora huffed.

"Alessandro you are dead when I am out of here" she muttered to herself.

"Are you pregnant?" Lucca suddenly asked.

Aurora nodded.

He smiled and hugged her tightly.

"I am really happy....I mean it belong to big guy right?" Lucca Asked.

Aurora chuckled.

She nodded.

"Do you think it is going to be a female or a Male. I really want it to be female...so I can protect her when big guy is not around" Lucca said.

Aurora laughed.

She was really feeling at rest having her younger brother with her.

The door opened.

"What a lovely moment I must say" Fransisco said.

Two maids were behind him, carrying a big bowl.

"Lay her down" he instructed.

The guards walked towards her, and pinned her forcefully to the bed.

"What the hell do you think you are doing" Aurora yelled fearfully.

The maids walked towards her with the bowl.

One of the guard open her mouth widely, and it was poured down her throat.

"What the hell are you doing to my sister?" Lucca yelled.

"That's one of the most dangerous poison made in China. Within an hour that trash inside of you will be flush out" Fransisco said, smirking dangerously.

Aurora eyes Widened.


As he walked out of the room he sighted the male early.

"I found you weird for no reason. Do you think that is okay?" He asked.

Gabe just strached his head 

The face mask was really helping him alot else he would have been caught.

"And it is weird you are asking too many questions" A female voice said.

They both turned around...but the male was knock out.

Gabe eyes Widened as he noticed they were 4 girls and they were all dressed in a guard suit.

"What the hell! How do you guys manage to get hold of their uniform?" Gabe asked surprise.

"Let's just say the power of seduction is at work" Livia said, and the girls laughed.

"This is no time for fun girls. Lucca and miss aurora is in danger now. All we need to do is to try our best to safe them" Gabe said.

Valentina suddenly sighed.

"Before we go on this mission I just wanna say something" Valentina said.

They all turned to look at her.

She gulped down.

"Serena was right....I was among this shit" Valentina said.

Their eyes widened.

"I know it bitch....I know she was nothing but a desperate slut who is ready to get someone else man" Serena yelled trying to punch valentina but she was held.

"Am sorry okay. I don't know why I really wanted to get rid of her but I am damn sorry. Few moments of being locked with you guys in that room I have come to realize I have had bad idea abi aurora" Valentina said.

Serena scoffed.

"You are so bitchy. No matter how much you hate her, she is your blood." Bianca said.

"And here I was thinking you have changed because you haven't been quarreling with her for a while but it turns out you were just planning something else" Livia said with disappoinment filled inside of her.

That regret that she had valentina as her sister.

"I have changed seriou..." Before she could complete her words serena landed a slap on her face.

"You changed? Aurora and her brother is in danger because you showed them our location. You know no matter how much you hate her, you wish to end her Life, you should always think about Being her blood." Bianca yelled.

Gabe sighed.

"Guys let's do this some other time. You guys just spoilt the plan" Gabe yelled angrily making everyone  flinched.

"We are bursted" he yelled.

"What?" Livia shuttered.

"I placed a tracker on lucca to know exactly where they took him to but guess what I couldn't get to him because you guys just spoilt it and now we are bursted" he said.

The girl's stared at each other in fear.

A man over P. A yelled.

"Guys the prisoners just escape. Find them" he yelled.

It was Fransisco voice.

"This is going to be more difficult than we thought. All thanks to you" Gabe hissed.

"Hey don't blame us okay. You should have left us and walked away" Serena yelled.

"You don't have to blame ourselves. I know were aurora us" Valentina said.

"Of course you will do...I mean you a green Snake under the green grass" serena said.

"Don't argue over this matter again. Take us to the place" Gabe said.

"Also while I was with them I heard aurora is pregnant... and Fransisco is going to get rid of it by force" Valentina said.

"Damn! I need to call boss" Gabe tried to call him, but Livia drag it away.

"Alessandro is going to go crazy. We better not tell him anything until he get to paris" Livia said.

Gabe nodded.

They heard a gunshot behind and they quickly turned around only to see a man dead.

Men dressed in suit were also standing.

"Are you Gabe?" One of them asked, and gabe nodded fearfully.

"Damn! They are so handsome" Serena whispered to Bianca

They chuckled.

"Don't be scared. We are paris mafias... your boss sent us to assist you before he could get to Paris" One of them said.

They all sighed in relief.

"Time is not on our side anymore. Do you know where she is?"

"Yeah we do" Bianca replied.

"Then lead the way....

This story is brought to you by Success joseph ✍️πŸ’–πŸ’.
               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


"Are you okay Sist?" Lucca asked worriedly.

Fransisco just smirked.

"Aurora you are stuck with me now..so either way you are going to accept me" Fransisco said.

Aurora could feel her strength leaving her.

Aurora suddenly cough out blood.

Fransisco smirked.

"It is working really fast thank I expected" Fransisco said.

"Stop what you are doing to my sister" Lucca yelled, crying already.

They turned to the door when they heard gunshot coming toward the door.

"Guess help is coming" lucca said.

Fransisco just frowned.

He took out a gun out of the wardrobe, and grab hold of lucca, placing on his head.

Almost immediately the door opened.

"If you make any move this little boy goes down with me" Fransisco said immediately they opened the door.

"You bastard leave the little boy out of this." Livia yelled.

"If you let me out of here then I will think of not shooting this parrot" He said.

The men in suit, stared at each other for a while like they were communicating and then they turned to look at Fransisco.

"Fine. You can go" one of them said.

"What the hell do you think you are doing. You wanna let the bastard go freely with a little boy" Livia yelled.

They didn't say a word and allowed him walked out.

"What the hell do you assholes think you are doing huh? You are just going to let him walk away freely" the girl's yelled.

The men glared at them, making them gulped down in fear.

"You guys should keep quiet...they are professionals so they know what they are doing" Gabe said.

Almost immediately one of their phone ranged and they picked it up.

"I see him now. He is walking with the little boy" the male voice said through the phone.

"Give a clear shot and do not hurt that little boy no matter what happens" one of them said.

"Oh my God! Sister" Livia rushed toward Aurora was laying on the floor.

They didn't notice her because of what was going on.

"Okay girl's take care of her. We will go get the bastard" Gabe said.

They walked out.

"What the fuck happened?" Bianca yelled in horror.

"She is poison. We need to take her to the hospital before it is too late" serena said crying already.

"My baby..." That was all aurora could muttered.

There is nothing more she wished right now than seeing her unborn child safe.

The happiness inside of her when she finds out she was pregnant was a feeling of motherhood.

She was never ready but at that moment she was ready.

Having a child for alessandro, the man of her dream, the man who would protect her with everything in him, the man who is ready to kill just for her....was what she that wished for since she fell in love with him.

Tears slowly flow down her eyes.

She wants nothing but her child to be safe.

"This is a chinese poison called cytocidal. I can sustained the poison before we get to the hospital else this thing I going to be worst" Valentina said.

"Seriously? So you are looking for a way to kill her after everything you have done. Don't you have no shame"  Serena yelled.

Valentina sighed.

"I worked at a specialist hospital for two years and I am a private nurse. Call me names serena and I would not yell at you because I know I deserve it but seriously my cousin is in danger and I want her to be safe. I don't want to leave with the guilt that I killed her unborn child" Valentina said.

They stared at her, trying to see if she was sincere.

"Serena let her do whatever it  takes to keep aurora safe beside she cursed this" Bianca hissed.

"Fine" Serena agreed.


"Let me go...else big guy is going to deal with you so much that you will regret" Lucca said.

Fransisco scoffed.

The trust and love lucca had for alessandro was something that surprised.

The little boy had so much courage in alessandro like he was his brother..

They were walking through the a river, as he was trying really hard to escape.

"I should have known that bastard had plans all along" he muttered to himself.

A bullet hit him right in his stomach and he feel deep into the water.

"Are you okay lucca?" Gabe Rushed toward him.

He just nodded.

As they walked back to the room, gabe covered the little guy eyes due to the dead bodies and blood that filled the floor.

"We need to get out of here. The police are on their way" one of the men yelled.

"Damn! She is bleeding so bad"Livia pointed to aurora who was bleeding really bad.

"We better take her to the hospital now"



The nurses quickly placed aurora on the hospital stretcher as they roll her inside the hospital.

Aurora was really bleeding bad from her vagina.

Livia held her hand tightly as they rushed her to the ward.

She suddenly coughed out blood from her mouth and ear.

"Please ma you will have to stop here for now" One of the nurse said.

"Please do everything to save my cousin" Livia said crying.

"We will do everything we can to save her. That is a promise" The nurse said, and walked inside.

Serena walked up to Valentina and landed a slap on her face.

"Are you satisfy now...do you see what you made her pass through all because of a guy. You are a disgrace to womanhood" Serena yelled crying.

Valentina didn't dare say a word, and slowly tears fell down from her eyes.

"So why are you crying huh? Do you suddenly feel regret or what. That girl is fighting for a life and that of her unborn baby... just so you know if anything happen to her, you are the cause of all this" Bianca yelled crying as well.

"Actually I am going to be the one to end her Life" That farmiliar female voice said 

They turned around only to see Serafina.

"Sara" Lucca called and rushed into her arms.

Serena carried him up, and roughly her hair.

She dropped her back.

She walked towards valentina and grabbed hold of her hair.

"You slut. Do you really think my brother was ever going to fall for a slut after you did something to aurora or what" Sarafina yelled.

"I admitted my mistake...So stop calling me a slut" Valentina fired back. 

Sarafina scoffed.

"You have the guts to tell back after what you did" she landed a heavy slap at her face, and Valentina slapped her back.

"How dare you" sarafina grabbed hold of her hair.

Valentina grabbed hold of her hair also.

"Please stop. This is a hospital" A nurse yelled 

"Stop sara" Livia managed to pushed her away.

"Let stop okay. Let just pray aurora is going to be okay" Livia said.

Valentina suddenly bursted into tears.

"Am sorry guys, I am really sorry" she knelt down crying bitterly.

The girls just stared at her with surprise.

They never expected her react that way.

 They really didn't know how to believe her.

Gabe walked in.

"How is miss now?" He asked in concern.

"I don't know. The doctors haven't said anything since and they just kept taking tools inside. I am really scared something is going to happen to aurora" Livia said crying bitterly.

Gabe walked up to her and hugged her tightly.

Aurora was really lucky to have such a cousin like livia. She is the sweet loving innocent girl but naughty as well, the most playful girl you would ever come across.

She is ready to fight just for her cousin and that shows how must love she has for Aurora.

"Where is aurora?" Miss Grabella yelled as she rushed inside.

Valentina rushed to her

"Mum calm down. She is undergoing surgery" Valentina said.

Immediately a slap landed on her cheek.

"How could you valentina? How could you be so wicked. I taught it was just some silky obsession you will get over with time but instead it turns out to be dangerous that you even wanted to kill you cousin because of a man" Mrs Grabella yelled, and landed a slap on her face again.

Everyone was now staring at them now.

Valentina bent down her head in shame as people kept saying rash words about her.

"Mum calm down please" Livia said.

"If anything happens to aurora, I a going to disown you" she said.

Valentina eyes widened likewise the others.


"And I am damn serious about it" Mrs Grabella cut Livia words short.


(Next day: 10:30)

It has been hours already since aurora has been undergoing surgery and the doctor had not said anything to them.

They were really worried.

Little Lucca was sleeping and on serena thigh.

The little boy was really expecting alessandro to show up.

"Guy's I really think something is going on that the doctor doesn't want to tell us about" Bianca said.

"Please let not assume things. I don't wanna have an heart attack" Mrs Grabella said.

The door opened revealing the doctor, and they all rushed to him.

"How is she?" They asked at the same time.

The doctor sighed.

"She is fine now....as for the baby we need to give a scan to make sure it is okay" the doctor said.

They all sighed in relief.

"Thank you so much for saving her" Livia said, and the doctor just smiled.

"She will be moved to the ward do you can see he at that time. I will be in my office now" the doctor said and walked out.

"This is such a relief...else my brother is going to go crazy" sarafina sighed in relief.

"Did you even made a trip back to USA?" Gabe asked.

Serafina gulped down.

"Well I didn't but seriously I didn't want to leave the people that truly made me happy so I just lied" she replied.

A nurse walked up to them.

"Is everything okay nurse?" Bianca asked.

"The results are out. It turn out that we lost the baby" The nurse said.

Everyone gasped.

"What the hell!" 

"What did you just say?" That farmiliar voice asked.

They all turned around only to see Alessandro staring at them, with anger, probably he could do something crazy at the moment.

There were still guards hovering all around him, and the people couldn't help but get scared.

Their dressing defined who they really are.

He was dressed in a black complete suit, opening the first two buttons making him look hot but that doesn't defined him at the moment.

He grabbed hold of his fist and let out a creepy laughter.

"What the hell did you just say?" He asked dangerously, taking slowly but dangerous step towards the nurse who was already shivering in fear.

"Damn! He came at the wrong time!" Sarafina muttered.

"Hmmm if I may ask. Who are you?" The nurse shuttered in fear.

"He is the patient boyfriend." Livia replied.

The nurse nodded in understanding.

"Sir please calm down. Your girlfriend Is fine but we couldn't save the baby" She said.

Alessandro Scoffed.

He turned to gabe who just gulped, and immediately a punch landed on his face.

"Amore was pregnant and none of you bother to tell me" he yelled angrily as he grabbed hold of his neck.

"What the hell did you do to my baby?" He suddenly turned to the nurse who moved back in fear.

"Sir please calm down" The nurse said fearfully.

"Brother calm down" sarafina tried to move him.

"Haaa. That bastard" he punched the wall making blood gush out out of his hand.

"what the hell is going on here?" The doctor asked as he walked out of the hospital.

Alessandro walked up to him and grabbed hold of his coat.

"What the hell did you do my baby. Huh?" He yelled angrily.

"Sir please calm down" the doctor said.

"Alessandro this is a hospital. You are going to get arrested" sarafina yelled.

"Call the security" the doctor yelled panickly.

πŸ—£️"Damn! Is he okay"

πŸ—£️"He looks so scary"

πŸ—£️"Am sure he has gone mad already"

He brought out a gun and pointed it at the doctor making everyone scream in fear.

The security men tried to move to him, but his men pointed a gun at them.

"Alessandro please stop" They all yelled.

His eyes were red, more like he was trying really hard not to cry.

He had always wished for aurora to get pregnant for him and just for the first time something really bad happened.

"I am going to end Fransisco" he yelled.

"Please sir stop. It is a wrong result" The nurses yelled running towards alessandro.

He turned sharply to them.

"Are you trying to make me stop?" he yelled.

"I swear sir it is the wrong result. Your baby is fine. It is okay, please just stop" the nurse said.

Alessandro stared at her for while before he dropped down his gun making everyone sighed in relief.

"Damn! This is a hectic day" the doctor muttered.


(Next day)

She opened her eyes slowly, only to meet with an unfamiliar back wall.

She groaned softly as she felt pain between her abdomen.

It hurt like hell.

She remembered what happened and she gasped in horror.

She touched her stomach.

"Our baby is fine" she heard that farmiliar voice said.0

She turned sideways only to see Alessandro staring at her.

"Alessandro" she called softly with a smile as she stretch forth her hand for him  to hold.

Alessandro hold her hand and kissed it softly.

They stared at each other tenderly.

Alessandro sighed softly and hugged her gently.

"I miss you like hell!" He said softly.

Aurora just rolled her eyes.

He tried to kiss her but he pushed him away.

"Before you get a kiss from me you are going to make up for leaving without me" she hissed.

Alessandro chuckled.

"I can steal a kiss then" he peck her lip.

Aurora blushed.

"Do you guys get the bastard?" Aurora asked.

"Well he fell into the river so my men are looking for him" Alessandro replied.

"What about lombardi. The reason why you left me" Aurora hissed.

"I dealt with him really bad" Alessandro replied.

Aurora suddenly bursted into tears.

"Are you okay Amore. Do you feel pain?" Alessandro asked worriedly...but aurora just hugged him instead 

"Don't leave me ever again. I really suffered" she said crying.

Alessandro sighed and kissed her hair.

"I am never going to leave you again" he replied.

They both smiled at each other.

"I love you so much Alessandro. I am nothing without you" aurora said.

"You know I love you more Amore" he kissed her forehead softly.

The door opened revealing a nurse and the doctor.

"Oh my God! Thank you so much for waking up mrs alessandro. Thank you for fighting for your baby" The doctor said.. while Aurora just stared at him confused.

Alessandro just rolled his eyes.

"Thank you doctor" Aurora chuckled.

"Sir next time please try to ca down next time" The nurse said.

Alessandro glared at her.

"What's up?" Aurora asked curiously.

"Your husband almost shoot me because we mistakenly gave him the wrong result" the doctor replied.

Aurora eyes Widened.

"Seriously alessandro" Aurora half yelled and he just rolled his eyes.

"You are the first man In this hospital to point a gun at me. Damn! Everyone has been talking about you. Congratulations man" the doctor said, and aurora couldn't help but laugh....

This story is brought to you by Success joseph ✍️πŸ’–πŸ’.
               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre {s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


Aurora bursted into laughter as Livia told her what happened.

"Seriously Alessandro why would you do that?" She said still laughing loudly.

"And those guards with him I don't get it, don't they pity the victim. Even the security men gave up" Sarafina said, and everyone bursted into laughter again.

Alessandro just rolled his eyes.

Lucca was seated on his thigh sleeping peacefully.

"Am really glad you are awake sweetheart. I almost got an heart attack when I heard the news" Mrs Grabella said.

Aurora smiled, and hugged her gently.

"Am sorry for making you worried aunt" Aurora said.

The door opened revealing valentina.

They all glared at her as she walked in while she just gulped down.

Valentina didn't dare look at alessandro face.

The look on his face could kill her at the moment.

"Valentina?" Aurora called in surprise.

She was really surprised she was here but either way she was happy.

She is not going to treat her bad because she did the same beside she saved her.

"How are you feeling now?" She asked.

"WOW that is unexpected....I am fine though" Aurora replied with a smile.

"You can drop the act of trying to be a good cousin. We all know how poisonous you can be" Serena said, giving her deadly glare.

"Come on bestie. That was harsh" Aurora said, while serena just hissed.

Valentina suddenly knelt down in front of aurora, making aurora eyes Widened.

No matter how much she thinks valentina must have changed she didn't taught of the fact that she is going to kneel down in front of her.

"I am sorry aurora, for the pain I must have cost you but sincerely I have changed and I hope you give me a chance to prove that really I have changed" Valentina pleaded, and one could tell she was sincere.

Aurora just smiled.

She wanted to stand up from the bed but the look alessandro gave her made her stop.

"I hold no grudges against you valentina." Aurora replied.

The two girls smiled at each other.

Lucca suddenly stood up from alessandro thigh and rushed to aurora.

He laid down beside her and kissed her stomach.

Everyone just stared at him in surprise.

"Sister do you think she is going to look like me or you because I just dreamt she look like me" Lucca said and everyone laughed.

"Aren't you such a cutie" she kissed her forehead.

The moment was adorable.


She laid on the bed sleeping peacefully when she felt someone touches her stomach.

She opened her eyes and she smiled when she saw Alessandro kissing her stomach.

It was obvious he was damn so Happy.

The feelings of becoming a father was something that made him happy.

Aurora smiled and patt his hair, and that was when alessandro realized she is awake.

"Do you think it going to be a girl?" He asked.

"You tell me. What gender do you wish to have as your first child?" She raised his eyebrows.

"Well both gender but I would really have to have a male child so we can dress the same dress, you know." He wink at her.

"There is no way I am letting you teach my child your Mafia lifestyle" Aurora said.

Alessandro rolled her eyes.

He sighed, and kissed her hand softly.

"Thank you so much aurora, I mean for loving me, for making myself feel like a complete man, for making me realize I am not just the devil people think I am, you know I never regretted taking you by force" he said.

Aurora laughed.

"Seriously" she pinched his nose.

Alessandro chuckled.

"Am serious Amore. Your everything is what makes me go crazy, and when I am not close to you I feel lost. The most incredible human being I have ever seen. Sometimes you remind me of my mum because you are definition of her...The purest heart ever. Thank you so much Amore" he said tenderly, and you could tell those words were coming from his heart.

Aurora cleaned the little tears flowing down from her eyes.

Those words really made her emotional.

"To be sincere I never taught that i would really fall in love with you but why would I not fall in love with the most sweetest man ever. Being with you I got to realize Fransisco was nothing compare to you." She said.

Alessandro chuckled.

He pulled her gently closer to her, and they lips engaged in a deep kiss.

He kiss her tenderly, exploring every corner of her lip, while his hand rubbed her stomach gently.

The kiss was so hot.

Aurora wrapped her hand around his neck, each fighting for dominance.

"Hmm" Aurora moaned in between the kiss.

The kiss was getting more intense when the door opened and 2 nurses walked in.

Their eyes Widened as they saw them kissing.

"Sorry to spoil the moment couple" one of them yelled teasingly.

Aurora tried to break from the kiss but alessandro didn't allow her, instead he deepened the kiss not minding if the nurses were watching them.

The nurses stared at them and they couldn't help but smile.

They found them cute though.

"Alessandro" Aurora called trying to pull away but alessandro didn't allow her.

After kissing her to his own satisfaction he finally pulled away.

"That was crazy" Aurora glared at him.

He smiled.

"I haven't kiss you for 3 days now so don't blame me...and I can't wait for you to have my favorite meal" he whispered softly in her ear.

Aurora couldn't help but blushed.

"How did I even fell in love with you in the first place. Damn! You are a sex freak" Aurora said.

The nurses stared at each other, giving each other this look ‘am getting oppressed’

"Hmmm" one of the nurse cleared her throat trying to get their attention.

"Oh am sorry guys" Aurora said, trying hard to cover her red cheek but it was damn so obvious.

Alessandro stood up from the bed and sat down on an empty stool.

"Good day mrs alessandro. We will like to do some check up on you and then we will know when you are going to be discharged" One of the nurse said.

The other turned to alessandro who was smoking.

"Turn it off Alessandro" Aurora commanded.

Alessandro rolled his eyes but either way he put out the cigarette.

The nurses stared at each other and smiled.

"I love the way she commanded him and he did what he was told immediately. That's the type of man I am looking for" one of the nurse whispered to the other.

"It is rare to find someone like big guy" Lucca said, walking into the ward.

"That is right" they both shake their hands, and aurora just smiled.

Seeing her Favourite people this close make her so happy.

"Your heart beat is back to normal, and so is the baby but you will have to stay for 2 more days to see if the poison has any effect on you or the baby" one of the nurse said.

Aurora nodded.

"Thank you nurse"

"It is my pleasure" the nurse replied.

The other turned to alessandro.

"She is okay now. You don't have to point a gun at our heads" she said, and aurora laughed again.

It was obvious she was the jovial type. She was teasing him.

They both walked out of the ward.

"You just create a name for yourselves one more." Aurora said.

"Big guy is always creating a name for himself wherever he goes and that is why he is the perfect guy for you because he protect you even when he is not there with you" Lucca said.

Aurora just stared at him speechless.

"You are talking like a 20 years old boy" Aurora said.

Lucca rolled his eyes.

"So I asked evelyn out on a date like you insisted and she accepted" Lucca whispered in his ear.

Alessandro smiled.

"I know she was going to accept. Any one will accept a handsome dude like you" Alessandro said.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" Aurora asked but they just ignored him.

 "Can you tell gabe to go along with me. I wanna borrow your car too to look rich" Lucca said.

"The car is yours already....but don't tell aurora. She is going to kill me" Alessandro whispered in his ear.

The little boy nodded, and hugged Alessandro tightly.

"Can I have your phone. I wanna talk to evelyn" the little one Said.

Alessandro gave him his phone.

"I am going to get you a new phone tomorrow" Alessandro said.

"I heard that. I am not going to allow you do that, you are trying to spoil my brother" Aurora said...but they just ignored her like she was not existing at the moment.

"You are the best big guy ever" he kissed his cheek.

The bound between these two was like brothers bond.

Aurora frowned.

"What the hell did you guys talk about?" She stared at Alessandro suspiciously.

"Let's just say it is for guys alone" Lucca replied.

"That is right cutie" They both clapped their hand.

Aurora sighed.

"Mum, dad forgive me. I really tried hard but seem my future husband is going to spoil your son" she muttered to herself as she stared at them.

She finds it cute though.

The door opened revealing sarafina and Livia.

"You guys are late" Aurora said annoyed.

"We are sorry baby girl" sarafina apologized.

She handover the Fancy nylon to her and aurora took it immediately.

"WaW. Chicken pepper soup" she yelled excitedly as she opened the food, making the girls laughed.


"What do you think we should name the baby?" Aurora asked as they laid on the hospital bed.

It was just them alone, since the rest went out few minutes ago.

"Well If it is a female child I will name her after mum, and when it is a male I will name him after my dad" Alessandro said.

"Awwn. We both have the same idea" Aurora replied.

They both smiled at each other.

"So how many children do you plan to have?" 

"Don't ask me that. I will stop when my waist and d**k cannot perform its work" Alessandro replied.

Aurora bursted into laughter.

"You are crazy" Aurora said, still laughing.

The door burst opened revealing a guy in mask.

He locked the door as he walked in.

"What the hell?" Alessandro quickly stood up from the bed.

He pulled off his mask.

Aurora eyes Widened, while Alessandro just sighed.

"Seriously. You are still alive?" He asked mockingly.

He turned to look at aurora.

"I don't get how that trash inside of you got to survive. " He said with anger filled inside of him.

"Do not ever call my unborn child trash" Alessandro yelled.

"You are truly the smartest Mafia boss ever. You managed to work with the paris and the chicago Mafia but I am not giving up on aurora. She belongs to me but you took her away from me" Fransisco yelled, and immediately a punch landed on alessandro face.

Aurora gasped.

"How dare you" Alessandro landed a punch back.

The two male started fighting seriously.

"Stop Fransisco. Just stop" Aurora yelled.

Fransisco tried to punch alessandro, but ended up getting a kick from him.

Alessandro was really dealing with him.

"You bastard" alessandro yelled as he landed punches on his face, making blood splash out of his face.

Fransisco brought out a gun but alessandro kicked it away.

"Haaa" Alessandro yelled in pain.

Aurora eyes Widened.

Fransisco just stabbed him with a knife.

Fransisco smirked as he pushed him off his body.

"I came fully prepared" he said.

He turned to look at aurora who just gulped down in fear.

"You are coming with me" he said dangerously, scaring the hell out of aurora.

"Somebody help" Aurora screamed, and tried to Rush to the door but Fransisco pulled her back.

"Mrs Alessandro are you okay?" Someone yelled.

It was probably a nurse.

"A mask guy just walk in. How the the hell did he get through" she heard them yelling

"Help is coming guys. Calm down" Sarafina yelled.

Alessandro grabbed hold of Fransisco leg but ended up getting kick.

He say down on his body, and kept landing punch on his face.

Aurora noticed a gun on the floor, and she quickly pick it up.

She pointed the gun at Fransisco who just laughed.

"So you are going to pull the trigger?" He asked taking slow step towards her.

"Seriously Fransisco why can't you just get out. I understand how you feel but there are other beautiful girls out there" Aurora yelled.

"There's no one as perfect as you. You are mine" Fransisco yelled.

"I am not yours anymore. Accept it" Aurora fired back.

Fransisco frowned angrily.

"Stop moving. I am really going to pull the trigger" Aurora yelled.

Her heart was beating widely like a party drum.

"We both know you can't pull the trigger. You don't have the mind, not even when I do this to your lover" he pushed the knife deep into his stomach making alessandro yelled in pain.

Aurora frowned angrily, while Fransisco just smirked.

"Look at me and tell me you don't love me anymore, that he is more better than me"

"That is where you get it wrong Fransisco. I will look into your eyes deep and tell you, you irritates me now....and also I can pull the trigger. You mess with the wrong person" She said seriously

Before Fransisco could say another word, she pulled the trigger....

Fransisco laid flat on the ground, blood gushing out of his head.

"Oh my God! I just killed someone...."

Thai story is brought to you by Success joseph ✍️πŸ’–πŸ’.
               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.


"Oh my God! I just killed someone" Aurora muttered to herself, as she stared at her hand.

She just couldn't believe she could pulled the trigger no matter what Fransisco will say to her..... but she did.

She staggered backward, and fell on the ground.

Her heart beating widely like a party drum. 

"Guys are you okay. What's up with the gun shot?" Livia yelled.

Tears flow down from aurora eyes as she stared at Fransisco who was laying dead on the flow.

"What have I done?" She muttered to herself crying loudly.

Her eyes move to alessandro who was laying down on the floor with blood all over his body.

"Alessandro" she called and rushed to him.

"Somebody help" she screamed.

She rushed to the door, and quickly opened it.

The nurses and doctors rushed in together.

"What the hell!" They yelled at once as they say Fransisco dead body.

"Please save alessandro" Aurora yelled crying.

The nurses quickly rushed him to the bed while Aurora just kept crying.

Her thougt were filled with the fact that she was a killer but the reason why she was crying was because alessandro was hurt.

Seeing him hurt was what gave him that courage to pull the trigger.

This love is becoming more than ever.

The feeling of seeing each other hurt was something that Is Dangerous.

The door opened revealing 5 men dressed in the same uniform.

They were probably here to take Fransisco dead body away.

"Come here cuz" Livia dragged her out.

"What the hell really happened cuz?" Livia asked.

"I don't know cuz, I seriously don't know what came over me to pull the trigger. Am a killer now" she yelled crying.

"Don't say that" Livia hugged her.

"I am sure you did that to protect yourself..... Well they wouldn't dare report to the police because the hospital will be locked down and they are at fault too because no matter what they should have seen him when he was getting in" Livia said.

Aurora just nodded.

"I just want alessandro to be fine" she sniffed.

"Come on cuz, he is going to be okay within hours. Remember he is a strong mafia boss" Livia said

Aurora just chuckled.

She didn't want to see Alessandro get hurt no matter what.

"Beside I think I understand your vibes, I mean alessandro Is a mafia boss so I see where you get courage to pull  the trigger" Livia said, and aurora couldn't help but laugh.

"Am glad you laughed" Livia said.

Aurora sighed softly.

"How can I even sleep at night, the guilt is going to eat me up. My heart is too pure to be peaceful when I did the most terrible thing ever" Aurora said.

"Seriously babe. Were you going to stand there and allow him hurt alessandro, or where you going to stand there and watch him take you away from your love ones. I understand you perfectly, I mean this is the first time...but you needed to get rid of him and he was going to get out of your life. Either way it Is balanced" Livia said, trying to comfort aurora.

"Is alessandro okay? How Is my brother?" Sarafina asked as she rushed in almost in tears.

"Calm down Sara. The doctors are attending to him" Livia replied.

She sighed in relief.

"That bastard." Sarafina yelled angrily making people turn their attention to her.

"There is no need to curse the already dead man" Livia said.

Sarafina turned sharply to aurora.

"How did you do that? I mean the courage to pull that trigger?" Sarafina asked.

Aurora just glared at her.

"I think there is no need for alessandro to quit being a mafia, I mean you just know how to pull a trigger" Sarafina said.

"You guy's are not helping me at all" Aurora muttered to herself.

"Mrs Alessandro" A nurse called as she walked up to her.

"You are not suppose to be out of bed now so we will have to do some check up on you. If you don't mind I come with me" she said.

Aurora nodded and walked along side with her.

(Two hours later)

Aurora was seen pacing around the ward.

She just couldn't calm down knowing alessandro was undergoing a surgery.

"Cuz i think you need to calm down. Alessandro is a strong guy and I am sure he is going to be okay....beside you are pregnant so you need to relax"  Livia said.

"Don't fucking tell to calm down" she yelled.

"Woah.....calm down Baby girl" Sarafina said.

"How are you girls okay huh? Especially you sarafina. Your brother is laying down lifeless and all you could do is operate your phone" she yelled.

She took sarafina phone and flinged it to the wall, making it fall to the ground.

"What the hell! What the hell is wrong with you?" Sarafina yelled angrily.

"Oh shut the fuck up you bitch" Aurora fired back.

The girls just stared at her in surprised.

"If I were you I would not argue with her." A nurse said walking in.

"Guess this pregnant woman is going to be a difficult one" The nurse muttered staring at aurora.

"What did you say?" Aurora glared at her.

The door opened revealing another nurse.

"Alessandro is fine now, he has been moved to a ward. You can go see him now" The nurse said and walked out.

Aurora didn't think twice before she rushed out of the ward.


Aurora walked through the dark passage, tears flowing down from her eyes, and blood filled her hands as she walked.

"Aurora" someone yelled.

She turned around only to see Fransisco staring at her with a deadly glare.

He started taking slow step towards her.

"How dare you aurora? How dare you kill me. Now I am going to take you with me" he grabbed hold of her hand.

"No....." She screamed and opened her eyes.

"Hey calm down babe. It is me" he patt her hair softly.

Aurora sighed in relief as she saw it was Alessandro.

She Bursted into tears and hugged him tightly, almost choking him... while Alessandro just keep patting her hair.

"I....I....am...a " she shuttered 

She couldn't find the exact words to say right now.

The fact that she saw him in his dream was scaring the hell out of her, and this was just the beginning.

It was obvious she is going to keep on having dreams like that.

"Hush, don't say a word" Alessandro said softly as he patt her hair.

She raised her head up to look at him.

"How did you stay after killing someone....I mean does the guilt not eat you up?" Aurora asked.

Alessandro chuckled.

"Amore I kill people that need to eliminated from the society and so is Fransisco...you don't have to feel s much guilt about killing him. He deserves it" Alessandro said.

Aurora sighed and hugged him tightly, making him groan in but he didn't say a word.

If it made her feel peaceful then he was not going to say a word.

He groaned again as the pain became unbearable for him.

Aurora quickly stood up from his body.

She gasped as she realized she laid on his injured place.

"Seriously? Why didn't you say a word" Aurora hit his chest playfully.

He prentended to be in pain.

"Oh my gosh! Am so sorry. Are you in pain? Should I call the doctor?" Aurora asked worriedly, trying to get out of the bed, but he dragged ber back.

"If I can get a kiss from you the I am going to be okay" he said.

Aurora blushed.

"Seriously." She smiled.

He pouted her lips expecting her to kiss him.

Aurora chuckled, and just peck his lip.

Alessandro frowned.

"O" he frowned.

"You are hurt alessandro. No kiss will heal you" Aurora said teasingly.

She was trying to see how he was going to react.

"Come here amore" he pulled her harshly to him, and attacked her lips immediately, kissing her roughly.

Aurora reciprocated and wrapped her hand around his shoulder.

The door opened revealing Lucca.

Aurora quickly pulled away.

"Damn! Do you really have to come in at the moment" Alessandro muttered, and hissed.

Aurora laughed and hit his chest playfully.

Lucca jumped on the bed and hugged Alessandro.

"Are you okay big guy? You got me worried for a second" Lucca said.

Alessandro chuckled.

"Am good now little guy." He kissed his forehead.

"I did go on a date with Evelyn. It was fun" Lucca whispered in alessandro ear.

"Of course I know it was fun" Alessandro whispered back.

"When I drove in with Gabe beside me she couldn't believe her eyes, probably she was thinking this was not the guy who I meant at the hospital who was sick" Lucca whispered in his.

Alessandro bursted into laughter... while Aurora just stared at them with a smile on her face.

Seeing her Favourite people this close really couldn't stop her from smiling..

Two months later


The sound of music could he heard booming through the big hall as everyone screamed excitedly.

Some students were walking around dressed in graduation gown.

It has been 1 month already since all those incident happened...like they say time run very fast.

You could say that 1 month as been the best month for aurora.

Having people who love and care for her was something she has always wished for when she lost her parent, and her wish finally come true.

After what happened in paris they moved back to Intaly, and livia moved in with them.

She said she wanted to stay with them and her mother had accepted.

1 month of aurora being a pregnant lady has not been easy for the family as she torment them especially alessandro.

More like the annoying type of pregnant woman.

Today she was finally getting out of high school.

Though she had missed alot of classes but.... alessandro just paid the principal some cash so aurora could graduate.

Well is not easy being an high school girl and a pregnant lady at the same time but she already find herself in that pace.

Alessandro has been the best boyfriend to her.... the perfect man every man wished for...well he is still the jealous and a sex freak guy.

Aurora being pregnant does not really matter to him when he comes to sex and when aurora refused to have sex with him he would call the doctor and asked what sex does to pregnant women...then the doctor will reply saying "it makes child birth easy for the woman"

Not like aurora has any choice because he always get what he wants.

The dude was born a sex freak.

"Babe what's up?" Bianca sat down close to aurora.

She just hissed.

"They are not here yet and the graduation is about to start" Aurora said annoyed.

She was already getting angry already.

"Calm down. I am sure they will be here soon." Serena said.

"They are really gonna get it from me when they are here" she said seriously.

Her phone ranged.

It was Alessandro.

"Where are you guys already?" She yelled that some students had to stare at her.

"We are staring at you right now" he replied.

She turned around only to find them waving at her.

Her eyes Widened as she saw her aunt and valentina waving at her.

"I guess they are here already. You can stop shouting now" Serena said teasingly...and she glared at her.

She waved back.

Almost immediately a text came to her phone.

"You are looking sexy and hot in that Gown, I won't lie you. Can't wait to reap it off tonight" 

She blushed and turned to look at alessandro who just winked at her.

She was dressed in a purple Heart shape Gown, that stopped below her knee.

When she wore the Gown this morning they had quarreled over it because alessandro claimed the gown looked hot on her...but she did anyway because she wanted to look good on her graduation.

They both can't stop staring at each other.

She frowned as she saw some girls staring at her, and then she hissed.

"Aurora Longo" she heard her name being called from the stage.

Everyone clapped as they mentioned her name.

She didn't even realized they were calling names already.

She gulped down and slowly walked up the stage majestically like a Queen, and everyone clapped.

Alessandro bite his lips as he stared at her.

His taughts were dirty right now.

"Thank you for being a great student to this school, the girl everyone love and the sweet girl everyone wish to be friends with. Thank you" The principal said, and handed her the certificate.

Everyone clapped again.

"Is there anyone to take picture with her?" 

Immediately Alessandro stood up. It was more like he has been waiting for that.

He walked to the stage majestically, giving the mafia boss vibes.

πŸ—£️"Who is he to her? "

πŸ—£️"Is he her boyfriend...or her brother?"

πŸ—£️"Damn! I must admit the boy look so hit and handsome"

πŸ—£️"Awwn I wish I can have just a night with him."

"Do you really have to show yourself?" Aurora whispered.

He smirked.

"You are my wife. Don't you think I should show myself anytime" he whispered back.

Aurora blushed.

"We are not yet married" Aurora said.

"Soon Amore" he whispered.

He drag her to him, and wrapped his hand around his waist, as the photo was taken.

As they made to come down, three student walked in holding a piece of paper decorated.

Each words on the piece of paper were beautifully decorated..which was..


Aurora gasped.

No one needed to tell her what was going on.

She turned around only to see Alessandro on his knee.

πŸ—£️"Oh my goodness! This is a joke"

πŸ—£️"This is so amazing. I am jealous of her"

πŸ—£️"Does that mean she is going to be married while she is going to school. It is cool though."

"Alessandro" she called, tearing up already.

"Marry me Amore and make me the happiest man on earth" he said tenderly.

Aurora just smiled. 

She suddenly frowned.

"And what if I say no?" She raised her eyebrows.

Alessandro Scoffed.

"I didn't ask you...I just said marry me. You know amore I am impatient guy so just do yourself the Favour and accept the ring" he said.

Aurora couldn't help but laugh.

"Just say yes already" Livia yelled loudly.

"Just say yes to big guy" Lucca yelled too.

"Baby girl. Come on" sarafina yelled too.

Aurora smiled as she looked at the crowd who was telling her to go on

There's no way she is never going to accept his proposal.

"Yes" she said, tearing up already...and everyone screamed excitedly.

He slowly slip the ring into her finger...and everyone screamed again.

He stood up, and they kissed crazily making everyone screamed again.

"This is more like a proposal surprise and not a graduation" The principal said, and everyone laughed.

"I love you so much" Aurora said.

"I love you more Amore....."

This story is brought to you by Success joseph ✍️πŸ’–πŸ’.
               WITH A
(Caught in his web)

Written: By, Succy j
Genre{s}: Dark Romance, force love, mafia.



(3 months later)

           πŸ’{Happy ending}πŸ’

Aurora was seen seated facing the mirror, while the makeup artist does her magic on her.

Today was her big day...she was finally getting married to the man she is madly in love with.

After three month alessandro proposed, they are finally getting married.

Three months of love...and three month of problem.

You could say those 3 months has been damn stressful for alessandro due to the way aurora ordered him around like a fool and he dare not refuse.

Her baby pump were visible now.

Aurora had never given alessandro time to rest especially at night.

There was a day he made an excuse of having a work and he left Aurora with his sister sarafina.

The young girl had complained bitterly and wanted to leave due to the way aurora ordered her around.

Itvwas not her fault though...she herself had tried every possible best to control her mood swings but it is just impossible for her.

Those three months has Also been the best moment of her life though. Alessandro had made sure to spoil her with everything he has. He care for her, love her like she was his life...

They had argued about something's though. Even through aurora was wrong she will never apologize to him, and when night comes she will wake up to go prepare her what she was craving and alessandro does not dare refuse no matter how much he was angry with her.

Relentlessly he love her, he can't stay a minute without and even when he is angry with her, he has learnt to control his anger.

When Aurora found out alessandro had brought a car for lucca she was damn so angry with him, and had told him to stay away from her brother due to anger...but it was already too late.

The little boy was happy being around alessandro and there's nothing she could do.

It was already too late.

"Please ma.. raise your head up a bit" the make-up artist said, distracting her from her taught and she did as she was told.

She was really missing alessandro right now...he must be missing her too.

They had departed from each other yesterday because they needed to get prepared.

It was more like a relief day to alessandro but he still misses his amore badly.

The door opened revealing her friends, Livia and sarafina.

"Hello baby girl" they yelled and excitedly and hugged her.

They were dressed in the same outfit looking uniquely beautiful.

"You are looking so pretty girl...I mean even with the pregnancy you still look hot. Am sure alessandro has been taking good care of you" Bianca said, teasingly.

"Of course...she has turned my brother to her house help" Sarafina said, and everyone bursted into laughter.

Aurora just rolled her eyes.

"Sincerely girl...you slayed it.... you aren't even putting on your dress yet but you still look hot. No wonder alessandro is trapped" serena said, and everyone laughed.

"Is mrs Grabella and valentina here yet?" She asked.

Livia hissed.

"You should just ask if valentina was here" she hissed again, and one could tell she was jealous.

Valentina and aurora has been really close lately.

Valentina has been the best cuz ever to her, treat her like a sister and every month she comes to spend time with her.

She treat her with love and advises on what to do since she was a nurse.

To be sincere with the way they were close now, you would never believe they once had issue.

Alessandro still doesn't like valentina though, she had tried several times to be close to him but...the male just keep ignoring her.

The couple still had issue because of her.

Alessandro had warned aurora never to see valentina around her but aurora has ignored him.

Aurora has become less fearless of him...well there are times she still get scared of him though.

Almost immediately the door opened revealing valentina and mrs Grabella.

"Hey irreplaceable cuz" Valentina yelled as she walked.

"Valentina" Aurora yelled, and rushed into her arms, almost falling her.

"Hey easy there. Don't Injure yourself" Valentina said, gently and made her sat back.

"Miss you" Aurora said, and hugged her again.

Valentina smiled and patt her hair softly.

The rest just stared at them with a smile on their faces.

With the way they were close, you would hardly believe they once had issue.

    "You are looking so hot and beautiful. Damn! Alessandro is really spending on you" Valentina Said, and everyone laughed.

Aurora just smiled.

Alessandro was really spending on her...she had admitted that to herself.

Her phone ranged and she smiled when she saw the name

MY DADDYπŸ’–πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜.

she picked it up immediately.

"Amore" his sexy thick voice called.

"Hey daddy" she called softly, and she could imagine him smirking.. because he loves it when she calls him that.

The girls stared at each other.

"I miss you like damn! I wanna kiss you badly" he said huskily.

"Seriously Daddy. I have just been gone for 1 day" she said.

"Why am I getting the feeling that you don't miss me?" He said in a annoyed face.

Aurora chuckled.

"Of course I miss you. Our baby has been kicking seriously... probably because it misses you too" Aurora said, and one could he was smiling right now.

"Can't wait to see you walk in looking so beautiful. Today is gonna be fun"

"Can't wait to see you too daddy looking so hot In your suit" she replied.

"You are making me horny when you call me that. Tonight you are really gonna call me daddy" Alessandro said, and aurora laughed loudly making the girls stared at each other.

"Love you " Aurora said.

"Love you too Amore. Bye, and seen kissed to my baby" Alessandro said.

Aurora smiled as he ended the call.

She turned around only to see the girls staring at her.

"What's up?"

"Today I regret being single" Serena said, prentending to be crying and everyone laughed.

"Am not with you singlet anymore. I got my man" Livia siad proudly.

The girls rolled their eyes.

Yeappe. Livia was dating gabe.

"Girls the daddy part for me. Can you guys be less romantic so I won't commit suicide of being oppressed" Bianca said, and everyone laughed loudly..

"I wanna have my own daddy too." Valentina said teasingly, and everyone laughed again.

"Am done" The Make-up artist announced.

"Oh my goodness" the girls yelled.

Aurora stared at herself in the mirror and she could not help but gasped.

She has changed differently.

The makeup was light though but it suited her perfectly.

"Okay. Time to put on your dress" sarafina yelled as she brought out the dress.


"Awwn. You are looking so pretty bestie" Bianca said as aurora out on the clothes.

The Gown was so beautifully made....it suited her perfectly like it was made just for her.

It was a long length gown that stops right on her toe.

It was tore down, showing her hot sexy legs.

It was a strapless Gown, with a flower around the shoulder.

On her waist was a love shape design making it look more beautifully.

"Cuz. You are breath taking"Livia said.

"Thank you so much guys" Aurora said smiling.

The door opened revealing Mrs Grabella.

"Guy's we need to get going or we are going to be late" she yelled..

"Baby girl let get going. Am sure alessandro can't wait to see you" Valentina whispered in her ear, and she laughed.



"Boss calm down. They are going to be here soon" Gabe whispered in his ear.

He was really getting impatient to see his heartbeat.

The place were filled with crowds, especially men dressed in suit. When you know alessandro, you probably know they were mafias.

Their dressing, guards hovering all around them could tell you they were here because of Alessandro.

He has friends though but he don't interact with them.

"I think you need to calm down. She is already here" Marley whispered in his ear, and he turned sharply only to see the breath taking aurora walking in majestically.

Everyone screamed excitedly as she walked in

Wondering who is Marley? 

He is alessandro friend. A mafia boss of chicago and had helped him during the fight with Fransisco.

πŸ—£️"Oh my goodness! The bride is looking so pretty"

πŸ—£️"The gown looks good on her."

πŸ—£️"Her husband can't take his eyes off her" 

The crowd made comments as she walked in.

Alessandro bite his lips as she watched her walked in.

His head was filled with dirty taughts yet again. All he wanted to do was to reap the gown off her right now.

The smirk on his face as he she walked up to him.

He took her hand gently.

"You are looking so beautiful amore" he whispered in her ear, and she blushed.

"You looking hot too" Aurora whispered back.

"We are here to witness the joining of Alessandro matteo and aurora Longo.....So you will repeat after me.


"i  Alessandro Matteo take aurora lingo as my lawfully wedded wife. In sickness and in health, for poorer and In richness, to cherish and to hold. Till death do us part" Alessandro said, sincerely and everyone screamed excitedly.

"I Aurora Lingo take Alessandro matteo as my lawfully wedded husband. In sickness, and in health, for poorer and in richness, to cherish and to hold. Till death do us part" Aurora said, and everyone screamed excitedly.

They both smiled at each other.

"With the power invested in me, you may now kiss your.....

Before he could complete his words, alessandro grabbed hold of aurora and kiss her roughly, and the other reciprocated.

Everyone screamed as they kissed crazily not minding the crowd watching them.

He bite her lower lips exploring every corner of her lips.

"That is enough. You can finish the rest at home" The priest said, and everyone Bursted into laughter.



Aurora laid on the bed sleeping peacefully, when she felt a hand wrapped around her waist.

She opened her eyes, only to see Alessandro staring at her.

"What the hell are you doing? Why are you sleeping?" Alessandro asked.

Aurora frowned.

"I am sleeping as you can see" she turned this back against him.

Alessandro frowned and made her turn to him.

"We are suppose to be doing our honeymoon right now. Don't you think?" His hand move her pant.

Aurora sighed.

"Alessandro can you please let me be. We just got married I know but I am pregnant"

"So...?" He tore her pant making her gasp.

Aurora busted into laughter.

"Alessandro you are crazy" aurora said in the midst of laughing.

"Yes I am crazy and I don't joke with my favourite food" he whispered in her ear, and kissed her earlobe softly.

He got on top of her.

"Let's get to business. Shall we?" He smirked.

"You don't take no for an answer. Do you?" Aurora raised her eyebrows.

"No...not when it comes to something concerning my favorite milk" Alessandro said, and aurora Bursted into laughter, as he kissed her......


(5 years later) 

It has been five years already. Five years peace, love and happiness.

Moments to remember, moments that are never to be forgotten are created in this past 5 years.

Alessandro being the best husband to aurora and the best father to the kids 

Yeah. Kids.

The couple had 2 kids already and they are expecting one on the way.

Well aurora had not told alessandro yet.

Alessandro has been perfect. 

He had quit being a mafia boss a month ago because his time was over.

As for aurora she is one of the best therapist known in Intaly.

That was always her dream right from childhood... because she wanted to mend lives which were broken just like her.

Lucca actually has been the best big brother to the two kids.

Like he had said, he protected them.

He was studying in USA though, and was coming back today because it was Anny birthday.


Anny is completing 5 today.

The dinning were filled with food, and families.

"Happy birthday princess" they all yelled.

"Thank you guys" the little one Said as she cut the cake.

The door opened revealing Lucca.

"Uncle Lucca" Anny yelled, and rushed into his arm.

"Hey princess. What's up?" He kissed her forehead.

The 2 Year old boy ran to lucca and everyone laughed due to The way he was running.

"Hey little dude" he pick her up and kissed him.

His eyes lightened immediately he saw Alessandro.

"Big guy" Lucca yelled, and hugged him tightly.

Alessandro chuckled, and reciprocated the hug.

"Sister" he hugged aurora too.

"How was school?" Aurora roughly his hair.

"Make a wish kid" Sarafina said.

Anny smiled, and blow the candle, and everyone clapped.

"Guys i have an announcement to make" Livia yelled.

Everyone turned to look at her.

"Ummm. Gabe asked me to marry me" She yelled happily, and the family screamed excitedly...

"Congratulations baby girl" Aurora hugged her....


Aurora stood in the balcony, slipping in some wine when she felt a hand wrapped around her waist...and no one needed to tell her it was Alessandro.

She smiled, and rest her head on his chest.

"Time runs fast you know. Our first child just completed 5 years" Alessandro said

"Yeah." Aurora replied.

She turned slowly to look at him.

She smiled and wrapped her hand around his neck.

"We are expecting another baby" She said.

Alessandro eyes widened. 

"Are you serious Amore?" He gasped.

"Of course I am. I went to see the doctor...." Before she could complete her words alessandro kissed her.

"Thank you so much aurora. Thank you so much" he kissed her again.

Aurora laughed.

"Let's give the baby some milk" he said and carried her up in a bridal style, making her laugh.....