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Chapter 291 Snow
A few moments ago... 

'Snow?!!' Elle could not believe what her eyes saw. The wolf before her looks just like Snow... but why was it that he seemed to have become so much bigger compared to the last time she saw him? Could there be another wolf that is similar to Snow?

Looking behind her, Elle could not sense any other unusual presences. There seemed to be no one else that was chasing her.

She returned her gaze to the large wolf, still not daring to move. The wolf kept his eyes on her. Those eyes that were gleaming with intelligence now looked even more mystifying to her. It did not look like the eyes of a mere animal anymore. And it seemed obvious that he could see her!

But the funny thing was, Elle did not feel any unease or fear towards him despite her new observations. Like always, she felt drawn to him.

"Snow?" she whispered. The wolf took measured steps closer to her in response to her calling.

When he approached, being only three steps away from her, Elle's jaw dropped seeing how large the wolf truly was. W-when did he grow so big?!

"W-what are you doing here?" she stuttered for a bit due to disbelief. Inwardly, she even considered doubting that this was her Snow. But after coming closer, she could pick up the little characteristics that told her he truly was Snow! She just knew it was him! "Are you here to rescue me? I'm trying to run away from this place before my kidnappers capture me again. You know the path towards the nearest town, right?"

The wolf lowered his head, moving it closer to her face. He was careful, as if he was trying his best to not startle her.

Elle could not help but hold her breath because of his sheer size. Though she honestly did not know how it was that she could not feel any fear. It should be normal for her to back off a little and feel fear when an animal this size was this close to her. He could really snap her head effortlessly! And yet, she trusted him.

"What is it?" she asked again in a low whisper. "How about you just walk ahead and I'll follow you?"

Snow moved his head even lower until he halted. His snout stopped inches before her forearm and sniffed.

Elle looked down at the spot that he nudged and her eyes widened at the sight of the small line of blood, only about half an inch long. She got scratched!!! Oh no!!!

Her heartbeat raced. This was a huge problem because she could not just wipe it off. Alicia had told her that her scent will still linger on even if she had wrapped it with a cloth bandage. That was why Alicia had prepared a few special witch's patches that could completely block her scent from escaping.

Frantically searching her pockets, Elle could not find any of the prepared patches on her. Did Zeres take it away? Or did it drop out of her pocket when she was kidnapped?

Gritting her teeth, Elle frantically tried to think of an alternative when Snow stuck his tongue out. Elle thought that he would lick her wound, but the wolf looked up at her first, as though asking her for permission. And Elle did not know what had gotten into her, but she nodded without a doubt.

What happened next had her freezing to the spot.

Snow backed off after licking that small amount of blood and an ashen smoke appeared around him, lifting off his fur as it weaved upwards in a wavy spiral. He made a low growl and then she watched him turn... into a human!

An ash-grey haired male now stood right where Snow had been standing just moments earlier. Her Snow had turned into a... man!??!

"W-werewolf..." she stammered.

He was kneeling on one knee, completely naked as he bowed his head at her. When he looked up, a beautiful face with electric blue eyes and sharp, well-defined jaws had her surprised. But still, she immediately thought that he still somehow resembled Snow even in this human form! He was the perfect human version of Snow!

"I don't have much time to stay in this form, Princess. So forgive me for going straight to the point before explaining." He began before Elle could recover from the surprise at his transformation. "The small amount of blood I've licked off from you is what turned me into my human form for just a few moments. Princess, please come along with me. I will bring you back to the place where you truly belong. I promise we will protect you and explain everything to you once we're there. So please follow me, Princess. Please ..." he gritted his jaws and he only managed to utter "please, come with me" before he transformed back into his wolf form right before her eyes. His back hunched over and white fur sprouted over his skin and it was as though suddenly, he was back as Snow as she knew him.

The entire scenario that played before her eyes had her paralyzed. She heard the sound of bones cracking and low growls emanating from him as the transformation occurred. It was a sight that could have shocked her brains out and should be enough to make any normal human pass out or doubt the reality of life.

Now she truly felt like she was no longer a normal human after all that she was told she had seen. Because the sight of it did not faze her in the slightest. At all.

Snow stared at her before he took a step back. His blue eyes asking her to follow after him. The look in his eyes were so compelling and filled with so much begging that Elle felt her heart softening at it.

And when the wolf turned around, walking away even as his head was looking back at her, Elle found herself voluntarily stepping forward, following after him.


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Chapter 292 Who... Are They?
A gush of wind made the quiet trees dance above her, pulling Elle's attention away from Snow.

Looking up, she watched the leaves twirl about their merry dance to a song that she could not hear. This feeling... she could not quite put it into words, but the feel of this wind was just different. It was just not normal to her. It instantly reminded her of that night when Alexander...

Elle's eyes stretched wide as she whipped her head towards the direction where she came from. Alexander was here?!

Suddenly, she was caught in a dilemma. Should she turn around and head back? Or should she continue to follow Snow?

She did not have evidence that Alexander was indeed here. But her gut feeling told her confidently that it was so. The thought that Sebastian might be with Alexander right now had her taking a step away from Snow. The possibility that she would be able to see Sebastian again was too strong of a pull for her.

The wolf growled lowly and silently. It was not one of an angry growl but one that was surely asking her not to leave.

Turning to Snow, Elle's expression was apologetic. "I'm sorry, Snow. I really need to go back. Will you come with me instead? Let's go meet with Alexander and Sebastian together."

Snow did not immediately react. His intelligent looking blue eyes stayed focused on her, unblinking.

"And I can't just go with you without telling Sebastian or my friends. I can't let them go risking their lives looking for me." She explained earnestly, hoping to convince Snow into following her. "Can't you just come with me, Snow? My friends... They are all good people. They would never hurt you."

When Snow still did not make any movements to go with her, Elle chewed on her lower lip. "Alright, if you don't want to come with me, wait for me here, okay? I'll definitely return here to look for you. Can you wait for me until then?"

After saying that, Elle slowly turned around. She looked back at him over her shoulder once more and then she started to run back to that small house.

She had already moved quite far off from it, so she ran as fast as she could.

When she knew she was finally close, Elle belatedly realized she was not feeling the tiredness she had been expecting. It was of course a normal response from her body after running so fast like this. So why...

The surprise that gripped her made her feel both amazed and utterly shocked at the same time. How cool was this?! Was this really happening?! She was not tired at all? Was it because she was invisible right now?

She could not help the smile that was tugging at the corner of her lips. It was just simply unbelievable... all these discoveries. And it seems, she could no longer stop herself from enjoying the thrill of this completely new and magical world she had somehow come across into.

No longer feeling any fear and worry, Elle finally let herself revel in the feeling of being someone that would be considered as supernatural. And she found herself feeling so amazing and free that it was insane!

Her eyes were gleaming with bliss as she continued running. Part of her was also excited to show Sebastian all of these new and improved sides of her that he had yet to know of. She already felt like he was here. Her gut had told her too.

And she was getting closer, the feel of that familiar dark and heavy presence she was approaching solidified her suspicion that Sebastian was indeed here.

Feeling mischievous, Elle decided to surprise the man for a change. Usually, it is always him who was giving her the surprises. Despite her longing to go and throw herself into his arms, she held back and slowed down to hide her presence.

She had wondered many times how Sebastian would react if he found out about her ability. Or could it be that he had known something was up already?

A surge of that dark and heavy aura pulled Elle from her thoughts. She hastened, unable to keep herself stalling any longer. This strange and mysterious darkness Sebastian was exuding just would not cease from pulling at her, like a magnet.

"It's not like Izabelle's heart belongs to her, either. That heart isn't hers in the first place and I know all of you know that as well!" 

These sharp, deadly words were what welcomed Elle the moment she rushed in with anticipatory excitement. However, after hearing that, she stood there frozen as her smile slowly faded.

"Izabelle borrowed that heart too and she'd been living because of it for many years... it's about time, isn't it? That she should give it back to where it belongs a�""

"Shut the f**k up!" Sebastian growled and Elle dragged her gaze from Zeres to her lover's form. He was finally here. Her man. But... just what was... going on?

Zeres chuckled, causing Elle to look at the miserably beautiful man holding the unconscious Iryz in his arms. "I wonder how Izabelle would react if she learns about the truth a�" that the real reason you took interest in her in the first place was because of the heart that is within her a�""

Elle heard Sebastian roar. But Elle could barely understand the words he had said because her mind had suddenly started replaying that night she first met Sebastian in that room. The image of him staring, touching the place over her heart filled her mind. And then she remembered all the strange and incredibly painful episodes she had gone through not too long ago that had started with extreme chest pains.

"That heart belonged to your late girlfriend from a long time ago and that's why you cannot let another woman who's not yours to have it! That heart is supposed to be for Iryz!!! Kiel, your brother stole it from Calliste after killing her!"

'L-late girlfriend? Kiel? C-calliste? Who... are they?" Elle could only ask within her mind as her world seemed to start turning dark again. Deep inside her, she wished she had not returned. That she had continued on, following after Snow to where he wanted to lead her. She wished everything she had just heard was just a joke, that it was just another bad dream.

"I... Iza?" Sebastian's voice suddenly echoed.


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Chapter 293 Answer Me

Elle felt like her heart was on the brink of shattering into pieces. She desperately refused to believe everything that Zeres had said.

But as much as she tried to convince herself otherwise, a doubt so strong lingered in the back of her mind.

With desperation evident in her eyes, Elle faced Sebastian. But as soon as she looked at him, a sudden fear surged like tidal waves within her. A sinking feeling pooled in her stomach.

Her feet unconsciously took a step back. A strong denial hit her like a tonne of bricks. Part of her was screaming internally to ask, to demand for the truth. But that fear she felt, had her chickening out. Would she be able to bear the consequences if all that she had heard was indeed the truth? f𝚛𝚎𝚎web𝚗o𝚟e𝚕.com

"I... Iza?" Sebastian's voice suddenly echoed out. He sounded distraught. The rage that was emanating from him was now replaced with panic as he looked around.

The look in his eyes told her that he could already sense her presence around. However, he still could not see her.

"Iza..." he called out once again, his feet taking a step forwards, moving towards where she was. Even though his eyes were still wandering about, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of her, his sense of instinct on where she was frighteningly keen.

Elle wanted to just throw herself in his arms and no longer think too much about what was happening. She wanted to be blissfully ignorant of how things were panning out. It was merely days since they got separated, but Elle felt as though it had been weeks and she missed him so bad. She wanted him to hold her again, kiss her, and tell her that everything would be alright. That what she heard was at least not the whole truth. That there was a reason why things were the way it was right now and it was nothing as bad as it seemed to be.

"I know you're here, Iza." Sebastian continued taking small but sure steps forward, somehow still able to move even closer to her. "Let me see you, please a�"" there was a trace of desperation that Elle could pick up in his tone.

"Please tell me that Zeres is lying." Came Elle's strained voice after a long moment of silence.

Sebastian's eyes stretched wide as he froze at his spot for a moment. He looked like he had already known about her ability, but was having a bit of a hard time believing it was real for a moment there.

"Answer me, Sebastian." She pleaded. All she wanted was for him to deny it.

But Sebastian seemed unable to respond in the manner that she had hoped he could. "Iza... please show yourself to a�""

"Answer me first." She cut him off, stepping back as Sebastian swung his long arms out in a sweeping gesture, trying in vain to reach out for her. If she had not taken that step back, the tips of his fingers would have grazed the edge of her clothes. "Please tell me Zeres is lying, Sebastian. Please..." That last word was spoken in a broken whisper.

Zeres' sardonic laughter echoed from his corner when Sebastian struggled to respond to her pleas. "Of course he can't answer you, Izabelle. Because what you just heard is the whole truth a�""

Before Elle realized it, she found herself already turned around and running swiftly away. Back to the woods where she came from. Everything in her felt like glass that had been shattered by a heavy blow. And the cracks were still spreading, threatening to crumble into a million tiny shards.

She could not help but think back to all those times when she had felt how mysterious it was for the Reigns to suddenly arrive in the Eves palace that night. She had thought then that they must have a hidden agenda, but she could not figure anything out. And then came Alexander and Abigail into the picture.

Abigail's attachment to her was a little too good to be true to her before. She only forced herself to stop thinking about it and just shrugged it off. But now... could the reason why Abi was attached to her was because of the heart that had been residing inside of her?

As emotions consumed her, a memory suddenly flashed across her mind. It was a memory so new and mysterious to her. She saw an image of a man's hand holding hers first and then the back of him. He was large, dressed in a black long coat and had dark hair. She was obviously a child looking up to an adult in that memory. Who was... he?

The next thing she saw was a door that was opened. She seemed to be peeking through it when she heard a woman's voice speaking from the side that she could not make out. There were only two words that had clearly reached her: 'heart' and 'transplant'.

Elle stumbled and fell to the ground. Kneeling on the dirt, Elle could only stare down, wide-eyed at that new memory that suddenly appeared in her mind. The memory had abruptly stopped there. She did not even manage to see the face of that mysterious man.

But what crushed her was the realization that what Zeres claimed must really be true. That this heart she had now, originally belonged to someone else.

"Iza!!!" Sebastian's voice echoed out, loud and desperate.

Slowly, she looked over her shoulder and saw him, looking around in distress, trying to search for her.

He paused and looked in her direction. But since he was not meeting her gaze, Elle figured he still could not see her.

"Iza..." his voice lowered, frantic yet trying to keep himself as calm as he could. "Let me see you... hold you... please. I'll explain everything. I promise!"

No words proceeded out of Elle's lips. She simply stared up at him as he approached her with measured steps.

"Let's talk properly, Iza..." he lowered himself before her and at last, he had managed to touch her, causing her to become visible.

Surprise and disbelief flashed across his eyes for a moment but Elle could not care less about his reactions to her abilities anymore.

"Answer me, Sebastian," she said, pain filling her eyes. "Why were you... touching over my heart like something in it was intriguing you back then during the night we first met?"


Chapter 294 Owner

"It must be because of my strange heartbeat, right?" Elle continued, her jaws clenching as she tried hard not to tear up. "It intrigued you because you realized that my heartbeats were so similar to your..." she choked despite her efforts not to let her emotions get the best of her.

"Yes." Sebastian answered in a low and serious voice. "That's right, Izabelle. Your heartbeats did catch my attention and intrigued me the moment I saw you that first time."

"And that's why you took interest in me and eventually agreed to marry me, isn't it?" Pain brimmed in his eyes as she uttered her accusation.

"That's not the only reason why I agreed to marry you, Izabelle. Your brave bargain that night had also convinced me to accept your proposal." Sebastian answered her truthfully.

She swallowed the still growing ache in her throat. It felt as though it had formed a ball and got stuck at the back of her throat. "But you... you and Alexander were there in Eves Palace not because of me, isn't it? It's because... the heart of a person who is still so dear to you guys is residing within me."

Sebastian shook his head. "F**k no, Iza! None of us were aware of the heart within you at that time. Alexander was there because of you. I had found out that they had already known you since you were little. I don't know much about the details, but all I know is that you were a very important person to Abigail. That's why Alexander was there to attend your supposed wedding."

Surprise flashed across Elle's eyes before she tilted her head, trying to recall Alexander in her memories. After some moments, she creased her brows before saying, "But I don't remember anything..."

"I don't know exactly what has happened, but it appears that you have completely forgotten about them. And since you don't remember anything, Abigail didn't want to say anything to you to avoid making things more complicated before it was time. Perhaps she just didn't want to confuse you or she's just waiting for the right time to tell you about it. Either way, once we're back, I'm sure Abigail will reveal everything to you if you ask her about it. However, I can assure you that it wasn't intentional that either of them had kept this matter from you even up till now."

Elle's burning emotions cooled down a little after thinking and considering what was being said. She had immediately felt the truth in Sebastian's explanation. That memory that came back to her just now was proof in itself. And not to mention that she indeed could not remember anything about her early childhood life. Many times, she had wondered what happened to her memories from her younger years and why they were missing. As though something had been deleted or hidden deep in her mind. She had asked her doctor about this, once a few years ago, and all she had been told was that her case was normal. And of course, since it had come from the doctor, her response was to put it aside and not worry about it. More so when there were other more pressing matters that were troubling her.

"What about you?" she asked. Her voice was now barely above whisper. "Why did you come to the Eves Palace that night? What was your reasoning?"

"I was ordered to attend. I didn't ask for any explanation because when I ended up seeing you, I realized I was definitely being set up to meet you."

"S-Set up? By who?" Elle was taken aback. Who would even dare to set Sebastian up?

"I'm not sure. Maybe by Alexander or... my... my damned older brother had already planned for this long before he even left."

"Ezekiel?" her eyes stretched wide as soon as she said that name. "Ezekiel is... the Kiel that Zeres is talking about?!"

"Yes, he's the Kiel Zeres mentioned."

"Tell me... did he really steal..." Elle paused. She did not know how to broach the subject about his missing older brother.

"By the time I was freed from the dungeon, he was already gone. So, I know nothing about the things that he has done." Sebastian's face darkened a little.

"But do you believe... he did that?"

Tiny muscles on his face twitched as he dropped his head and ran his fingers through his hair. After a stretch of silence, he finally answered. "No."

A short moment of silence passed when Elle felt her heart suddenly throb. It was not exactly painful, but it was strange. Definitely not a normal throb.

Lifting her hand, she clutched it over her chest and whispered in a saddened tone. "Whose is it? The owner of this... heart?"

"I don't... really know, Iza. I don't think any of us really knows the truth. All I know is that your heartbeat is exactly the same as... Alyssa's."

Elle's heart throbbed again. However this time, it was a little painful. Alyssa... She uttered that name in her head and she could not help the bitter and painful smile that tugged at the corner of her lips.

Those nights she had caught Sebastian calling out that name in his sleep while he was holding her, vividly flashed in her head like taunting and haunting images. And she could not help but think that perhaps... the reason why Sebastian was so drawn to her was because... Lord... she hated the very thought in her head right now. Hated it so much that she wished she could just shut her brain down like how one would shut a computer down.

"Iza..." he called out to her softly as he reached out to touch her. But she jerked her face away just before his fingers could brush her skin, shocking him. 

"Right now... I don't know why my mind is... replaying those nights when you were... calling out Alyssa's name while holding me, Sebastian." She told him with a voice so weak and choked on the tears that seemed to be stuck in her throat.


Chapter 295 Would You

"Iza... that's... I'm..." Sebastian was struggling on how to answer. Fearful that he would say something that would end up hurting her further.

He was scared she would just up and disappear on him and run away again if he ended up uttering something that would worsen the situation. He still couldn't forget those times when he had said something that hurt her bad instead of making her feel better. So now he was really hesitant and careful on what comes from his mouth in a situation where she was very emotional.

But it seems his hesitation didn't do anything but worsen the situation as well.

"I know we didn't start out great at all. What we have now, didn't start with love at all." Elle's eyes gleaming with unshed tears. "I know that... but the fact that it's Alyssa's heart that's within me is making me doubt and wonder if... if you would actually fall for me if I did not have it in me at all. It's what had initially drawn you to me the very first time, after all a�""

"Enough, Iza!" Sebastian gritted his teeth, grabbing her wrist without warning.

"Why? You don't want us to have this conversation? You were the one who wanted us to talk, Sebastian." She retorted almost aggressively. Her overflowing emotions were now consuming her. "Tell me, if I didn't have the strange heartbeat that is exactly the same as your... would you have even taken any interest in me at all?" she gripped her hand over her chest. "If I didn't have Alyssa's heart... would you still want me? Would you have even bothered with me at all? Answer me, Sebastian!" her voice was wavering and a little shrill at the end.

"Stop mentioning that name!!" he growled and when she froze, Sebastian harshly ran his fingers through his hair and cursed. That was totally not how he wanted to behave towards her right now or ever. But she was really not making things easy for him.

"You are being ridiculous right now, Izabelle." He uttered weakly, trying to calm himself.

A quiet tear fell from her eyes as a bitter smile tugged at the corner of her lips. "Right... you're right, I think I'm really being ridiculous." she mumbled to herself, wiping her tears as she pulled her hand out of his grasp. 

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But Sebastian did not want to let go. He knew he could not let her go. If he did, he would regret it.

"Let go, Sebastian." She tugged at her hand again.

"No, Iza... I'm not letting you go. Not when you're like this." Sebastian even shook his head to push his point across.

"Like this? Like what?! Not when I'm being ridiculous because I am mentioning Alyssa's name and asking things that I wanted to know?" Elle burst out. She did not know what had gotten into her that she would react like this. Usually, she would rather keep everything bottled within until she couldn't take it anymore. But today, everything was just different. Her emotions... her thoughts... her feelings... everything felt out of control. As though she was not able to get a handle on her own self.

Perhaps because of all that had been happening. But still... she could not stop herself from spiraling down south and being overcome by her negative emotions. At this moment, her composure was nowhere to be seen. It was just gone.

"All I wanted is for you to answer me! To tell me that I'm wrong! That I'm just thinking too much! That you'd still want me regardless of what's within me! But you can't even answer that! Now you tell me I'm being ridiculous and growl at me for mentioning her name?!" She pushed at him agitatedly, screaming at him as Sebastian just stood still, letting her slam her palms against his chest, allowing her to spend her anger. "You're the one being ridiculous, Sebastian! You a�""

"How about you?" He cut her off with a deep, neutral voice. "Would you still love me if you don't have that heart within you?"

Elle froze. Her entire world seemed to halt as she stared at him.

"Such a question sounds ridiculous, isn't it, Iza?" he asked her softly.

After a couple of seconds, she could see that he had simply asked that question to make her realize his point. That it was indeed an absurd question to ask.

Somehow, she could now see his point, but...

"No..." her voice was now barely above a whisper as she lowered her eyes, breaking their gazes that were locked into each other. "It's not ridiculous. It's a valid question, Sebastian..."

When she lifted her eyes and their eyes held, it was his turn to become very still.

Whatever he saw in her eyes that moment had done something extreme in him that Elle managed to slip out of his grasp and disappeared before his eyes.

Sebastian rose in panic and desperately grabbed at the air before him.

Surprisingly, he managed to catch her before she could get away and ended up grabbing her from behind.

"F**k..." he uttered a desperate sound as he held her so tightly in his embrace.

"Let go of me, Seb..." she choked out quietly, crying.

"I..." his voice shook. "I did it again, didn't I? I caused you pain again..." he buried his face onto her shoulder, clinging onto her like he would die if he did not hold her tight enough. "I'm sorry, Iza. I'm sorry... I didn't mean for you to... f**k... I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked that." His large body trembled even as he held onto her. He knew that he had almost completely lost her that moment she slipped out of his hold.

"The first time I saw you... my heart had already been acting... strange. Even until now. When you're around, there are times when I feel like this heart within me has a mind of its own that's only responding to you and you alone." She told him with such a heartbreaking look in her eyes. "Since the beginning, I was drawn to you and I couldn't seem to do anything about it no matter how hard I tried to distance myself from you... To put you out of my heart." She smiled bitterly. "You might be right... Sebastian."