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Chapter 296 Vivid
"You might be right, Sebastian." Elle felt him freeze at her words and her heart squeezed so tight, just at the mere thought that her words were actually hurting his feelings so bad.

But she shut her eyes tightly and forced her tears to stop flowing. Those words she had uttered, not only hurt him but herself too, so badly. She hated that this issue even had to be brought up like this. She hated that she brought this up at all. She should have just ignored it and told herself that it did not even matter anymore. That whatever the case was with her heart, it did not really matter at all anymore. But she had gone and let her emotions take over the reins.

Now here they were. In an even deeper hole.

That question he had asked made her question things she had never even imagined. Made her look at things from a different perspective - one that is not only on her point of view. His question had her pointing those questions she threw at him back to her. If she did not carry this heart within herself, would she even be feeling the same way she was for Sebastian right now? Was this even her loving him all on her own, or...

Elle tried to shut all these thoughts and emotions that were flooding her mind from affecting her, but she was helpless. Because these thoughts continued coming back to her no matter what. And how she apparently hated it was not all baseless. As though something in her was taunting herself, she was immediately reminded by those strange feelings she had tried hard to ignore ever since that night she first met him. It was as though the moment she laid her eyes on him, her heart already reacted strangely. She had told herself it was love at first sight. But... was it truly the case? Now that she thought about it, she remembered how she felt like there was a connection between them even before they met. She had felt many times before that the attraction that was going on between them that moment they first met was strange and seemingly not normal. She had thought it might be the so-called soul-mate thing that she had previously read in some of the novels. But now, she was questioning it again... Perhaps it never was as simple as that in the first place? Was it all because of the heart that was beating within her that had influenced everything?

She hated that she remembered everything so vividly. She hated it so much. She hated that these things were what was flashing so clearly in her mind in this situation. Why was it that everything about Sebastian, even the littlest emotions and feelings she had felt were still so clear in her mind like this? She had felt this before, that something just did not seem normal about this. Could this be another one of her abilities that she knew nothing about? But why was it responding only to Sebastian?

She wished she had completely forgotten about these things. She wished she was not being reminded of every single feeling she had felt for him in the past. But what could she do?

With a painful chuckle, Elle put her hand over his. "I think I'm really... messed up right now, Sebastian." She whispered. "I need to set my mind and emotions straight before I can face you again."

His grip tightened. But eventually, he loosened his grip on her.

Feeling his shaky breath, Elle turned to look at him. Putting it in simple terms, he looked like... hell.

"You want to leave..." he said as if he already knew she was not planning to go back to the Black Forest. "Where?"

"I don't know..." Elle replied, shrugging her slender shoulders. "But I need to go there. I want to know more about myself, Sebastian."

"And what if I don't want to let you go?" His eyes gazed into hers with desperation.

A stretch of silence reigned between them. "I will still go, Sebastian. I'm not... your wife anymore so a�"" her voice broke a little at the word 'wife' as a sudden grimace of pain flashed across her face, gone too quickly before it could be registered.

She was suddenly pinned against a tree trunk.

Sebastian hovered over her as his eyes blazed with molten grey fire.

"You are still mine, Iza!!! Divorced or not!" he growled, every fibre of his being protesting that statement. His instincts not allowing that this woman was no longer recognised as his.

"I am still yours, Sebastian. But not as your possession a�"" Elle tried to soothe his agitated state.

"I am doing this to keep you safe!"

"Sebastian!" she yelled at him, exasperated that he was doing what he did from before. Again. "Are we back at square one? We've been here before... and there is no way I would ever consent to let you lock me up again."

He fell silent at her blunt words, stunned for a moment. That accusation stung, but unfortunately, it was completely true.

His grip on her wrist loosened up as his throat worked. Suddenly, his forehead pressed over her collarbone.

"F**k...." he cursed. His voice was hoarse. "I don't want this, Iza..." He did not want to let her go. But neither did he want to hold her back against her will. He was torn, not knowing how to move forward.

She could not stop herself from reaching out and hugging his head. "I feel like this is necessary for both of us, Sebastian. We both need some space to think anyway..."

"There is nothing to think about, Izabelle." He begged, wanting her to reconsider. Hoping against all odds that she might sudden her heart and relent. Alas...

"For me, there is. A lot, in fact. I need to get a hold of myself, especially regarding this..." she trailed off, not wanting to mention anything about her heart to him anymore. Not when they have finally calmed down and are talking normally again. She would not be able to take it if he had growled at her like that again.

"Can't you just... forget about this issue about your heart, Iza?" he said, pleading. Shocking her that he had said 'your heart'. "Alyssa's dead. She's been long gone... she's... f**k... this heart belongs to you now. Everything else shouldn't matter anymore. You're telling me you need space to think about this. But hell, Iza... I don't think you'll get anything out of doing that. You will only overthink and distance yourself even further from me, endangering yourself." 

Elle could not respond. She had not expected him to say all those. But despite his words, Elle just knew there was no way she could just forget about the issue regarding her heart. Yes, Alyssa's gone but... why was she feeling like this? Like she was here with her all these times? And her powers... were all these powers that she possesses now, all because of the heart within her? If that was so, how could she ever convince herself that this issue regarding her heart should not matter?

"Don't go." He shook his head slowly. "I can't handle it... you disappearing again."

Kissing the remnants of tears on her face as he murmured his pleas, Elle felt her resistance melting like ice cream by the blazing fire. His touches are so gentle and loving that it really almost broke her resolve.

Shutting her eyes, Elle battled within herself. She wanted to go. She knew she needed to go and see for herself where Snow was planning to bring her. She wanted to find answers. Perhaps, this was the only way for her to finally come to terms with herself.

Taking a deep breath, Elle cupped his handsome, ragged face. Lord... she missed him... she missed touching him...

"I'll be fine, Sebastian." She told him. "I am not the powerless human I thought I was anymore. So please... have a little faith in me and don't worry... I promise I will be alright. I'll come back to you myself once I get the answers I desperately needed. I promise."

Her lips pressed down hard on his own and just as Sebastian was about to let go of her wrists to hold her face, she backed off and disappeared. It happened so fast that Sebastian was left there with his hands still hanging in the air, touching nothing.


Chapter 297 Tell Me!
Elle took great efforts to increase her speed in her attempt to get away from Sebastian as fast as she could. Worried that he might pursue her, she ramped up her speed every second as she was running off in one direction.

Fortunately, he remained in his position. He was still facing the tree trunk where she was standing earlier. His aura was blazing like the hellfires even as he was obviously suppressing himself, trying his hardest to keep himself grounded there. He was trying his utmost best to respect her decision and hope against all odds that she would return to him - sooner rather than later.

It was hard for her to watch him. Her heart was breaking even as she turned around to leave him like this. But she had to go. She must! And she felt like this was her only chance. She knew that he was forcing himself to curb his instincts in not running after her and stopping her right now. So this means he was forcing himself to understand and respect what she wanted even though he was absolutely against it.

So after inaudibly uttering 'I love you,' and 'I'll come back as soon as possible', she ran off without turning back to the man that her heart was yearning for. Her eyes were now focused and trained onto the place where she had left Snow waiting.

When he could no longer feel Elle's presence, Sebastian shut his eyes tightly for a moment, just inhaling deeply to see if he could still catch a whiff of her unique scent on the winds. However...

When he opened it again, his eyes were red like blood that was freshly spilled. Lifting his hand, he tugged at his hair, gritting his teeth until grinding sounds could be heard. "You better come back safe and sound, Izabelle." He growled low. "Because if you don't..."

His fist slammed against the tree trunk. The tree shook before falling over and the birds flew noisily above in the way nature acts when a disaster was about to come.


Meanwhile, back at the small house in the forest, Zeres was shaking his head. "Iryz can't be saved by using just any random heart, Alex. She can only be saved by that... that werewolf's heart." He said in a miserable voice. "Calliste knew that and that's why she'd kept that heart for Iryz. But it was stolen from her." And then he lifted his eyes, a sharp look crossing them before his lids lowered and the sharpness was concealed.

Alex did not know what to say. Disbelief danced across his eyes. "Who told you that?"

"I found Calliste's private journal. She revealed everything there." Zeres told him straight up.

Alex shook his head, not hiding the fact that he was having a hard time believing anything that Zeres was saying. "You can't be serious about this, Zeres. How could you be sure that the journal is telling the truth? How could you even be sure that the journal actually belongs to Calliste? Did she reveal it on her own volition or you actually saw her writing in it?"

Zeres smirked bitterly. "I knew it... I knew you would not believe me. Abigail and Alicia too. Just because I'm like this, every one of you are now forgetting who I am. I am a silver haired witch first before I got the dragon blood and became the immortal I am today, Alex. I am a one-of-a-kind ancient witch and I'm not the same anymore." His silver eyes gleamed with a dangerous light. "In the past few years, I started remembering many things, receiving information from all the previous witch queens, and even the cursed and supposedly completely erased ones. No one knows more than I do in this world right now, Alex... and yet..." his voice trembled as his hold on Iryz tightened. "And yet, I still can't..."

Zeres' body trembled as he gazed at Iryz, her chest barely rising and falling with each labored breath. His silver hair fell in disarray around his face as he let out a bitter, almost manic chuckle, tinged with desperation and sorrow.

"She has already gone through her fourth heart transplant..." he trailed off, his voice barely above a whisper. "Despite knowing it won't work, we've still tried everything. But nothing's working... No matter the efforts put in, nothing works!! Not a damn thing. I could offer my own heart, but I know it won't do her any good too! None!" His whole demeanor was desperate and frenzied.

He clutched Iryz closer to his chest, as if trying to impart his own warmth and life into her frail form. His body shook with the force of his emotions, and he looked as though he might crumble at any moment.

"Why... tell me, Alex... why can't the world be good to me, for once?!" he cried out, his voice rising to a fevered pitch. "Why can't I just catch a break for once in my life? Why can't I at least keep this one person by my side?" 

Zeres' hands were a blur as he tugged fiercely at the strands of his silver hair, his whole body shaking with an intensity that bordered on madness.

His eyes were wild and unfocused, darting back and forth as if searching for an escape from the overwhelming despair that threatened to engulf him.

For a moment, it seemed as though he might lose all control, his emotions spiraling out of his grasp like a runaway train hurtling towards disaster.

"How much more suffering do I need to go through?!!! Tell me!!!" He howled madly.

It was as if his grip on reality was slipping away, inch by agonizing inch, and the only thing keeping him tethered to the present was the fragile, unconscious form of the girl that was lying in his arms.

As if in answer to his anguished plea, the sky began to darken and roil with storm clouds, casting an ominous pall over the scene. The very air seemed charged with electricity, as if nature itself was responding to Zeres' agony.


Chapter 298 Miracles

"I hate this f**king world… Alex… Hate it so damned much…" his voice lowered. "You better start finding a way to end me soon. Because if I lose her…" he looked up, his gaze bleeding with just pure misery. And yet, a haunting smile tugged up at the corner of his lips. "I know I don't need to tell you anymore. You've been in my place before, after all."

Alex did not move for a long while. He just stood there watching his friend trembling. He could not help but remember that time when Zeres had healed him, taking away the poison from his body into his own and then went and hid himself behind a wall to die alone.

Alex lowered himself slowly to the ground, his movements gentle and deliberate as he positioned himself before Zeres and the unconscious form of Iryz. With infinite care, he reached out and touched Zeres' arm, his fingers tracing the contours of the other man's flesh in a gesture of comfort and reassurance. "Iryz is still with you, with us, Zeres…" he shifted his gaze to Iryz's pale face. "She's still fighting so hard… she's fighting for you. Even though she's suffering, she's willing to do it because it's for you. So, you're not allowed to think about the end like this. Because nothing is over yet, Zeres. As long as you don't give up on her, there's still hope. I fully understand how hopeless this is right now but…" a gentle smile tugged at the corner of Alex's lips. "Abigail once told me a phrase before… back when we both thought she was just human and was even sick and dying. She told me that… miracles can happen."

A breeze stirred the stagnant air around them, bringing a freshness from nature that was much needed. The rustle of leaves came as a whisper of encouragement. For a moment, silence reigned between the two men, broken only by the sound of their breaths and the beating of their hearts.

And then Alex squeezed Zeres' arm gently, his grip firm and unwavering, imparting what he hopes to be hope and encouragement.

"I had believed in her words back then. And I believe that Iryz will also have her own miracle. So, stand up and raise your head in confidence, Zeres. Let's bring her back to the Black Forest and let's all work together to save her. We can beat the impossible again like we all did many times before... just believe in it." Alexander's voice vibrated with a sincere warmth.

Zeres' shaking body eventually stilled, his breathing slowing to a measured pace. Also, his grip on the girl in his arms was gentle and the deep furrows on his brows eased up. Even the general aura surrounding him seemed to have lightened up significantly.

And then, with a deep sigh, he straightened his shoulders, his silver hair falling back into place, causing Alex to secretly sigh in relief. Though Zeres' eyes were still haunted, there was a glimmer of hope reflected in there as well, a fierce resolve to fight for Iryz, no matter the cost. Alex knew that this would be challenging as hell. But for now, the most important thing was to make Zeres remain sane and bring him back to their side before he completely falls to the other side.

He cannot let that happen. He could never just step back and watch this man spiral back to darkness again. He was done fighting against him. Against this friend of his. He would do anything to get him back on the right track. Not only because he was an important friend to him that he never wanted to fight to death with, but also because he needed him. They needed Zeres as an ally and not as an enemy.

Because right now, Alex felt like the peace Zeke had tried so hard to preserve for so many years was now seriously about to be shattered. Somehow, Alex could just feel it.

His hands were already full with Elijah and Sebastian's matters as well as Alicia and Azy's condition. If Zeres adds his problem into this too…

Sighing secretly, Alex stood, muttering to himself inwardly. 'Damn, Zeke. You better come back soon so I can finally have a one year long honeymoon with my wife!'

While Zeres was preparing Iryz and their important items needed to be move back to the Black Forest, Rion arrived.

The sight of the vampire instantly made Alex's brows crease. Rion's tight and contained expression was enough for him to tell that other troubles had cropped up.

"What happened?" Alex immediately asked.

"The prophetess wants you back in the castle. His Highness Sebastian is already on his way there." Rion nodded sharply before reporting to Alex.

"What happened?" Alex repeated, wanting Rion not to beat around the bush anymore and just spill out the spicific issue.

"It has started." Rion swallowed and spoke in a low tone. "A video of a vampire has been leaked out on the internet and is already being viewed millions of times worldwide. And it seems that humans are now starting to investigate the truth of that matter."

Alex put his hands on his waist akimbo and chuckled, shocking Rion.

"I hope these human leaders won't do anything stupid." Alex said with an anticipatory smirk.

"We aren't sure about that since many human leaders do like to meddle in other country's affairs."

"Then it seems all the world can do now is brace for an impending apocalypse."

Rion panicked. "D-don't say that, Sir."

"Kidding." Alex smirked. Despite the news, he still looked ever so calm. "Oh, and I'm not going. I have a more pressing matter to deal with here. Sebastian can handle that matter on his own." 
"But Sir, they wanted you to be –"

"Those guys are underestimating Sebastian." Alex cut him off. "Go back and tell them what I said. That I'm leaving this matter fully to Sebastian to handle. Now go."

"Y-yes, Sir."


Chapter 299 Figure

Elle heard the repetitive sounds of her footsteps echoing against the hard and rocky walls as she followed Snow deeper into a dark cave. The cave was narrow and twisted and pitch black. But Elle could somehow see. She had realized this before, back when she was still undergoing her training in the Black Forest. When she made herself invincible, she could actually see everything like she had become one with the darkness. When she noticed that, her first thought was that it was camouflage on another level!

As they continued on, the cave gradually became more and more treacherous. The path grew steep and jagged, with loose stones threatening to send anyone slipping and tumbling to the ground. Elle had to put in some extra attention as she navigated the terrain here. Though they were seemingly moving forward on flash ground, she somehow had the feeling that they were heading further in, not just in horizontal depth, but vertically as well. From time to time, she would look around and try and do a general measurement just by eyeballing the lines where the cave walls meet the ground and see if they were indeed steadily moving deeper into the earth. However, her efforts were futile and bore no fruits despite trying multiple times.

Finally, after what felt like hours of walking aimlessly through the dark, they reached a dead end. Elle could feel her heart pounding in her chest as Snow approached the rocky wall and pressed her hand against it, as if searching for something. Something that was hidden in plain sight.

Suddenly, a soft but definite click echoed through the cavern and Elle watched in amazement as a hidden door slowly swung open before them. Beyond it lay a narrow tunnel, carved out of the rock and looked totally unnatural. It was a tunnel that was definitely man-made and really ancient. The entire feel of it radiated the feel of its age.

Without hesitation, Snow stepped through the doorway and right into the tunnel, beckoning for Elle to follow. Elle hesitated for a moment, her mind racing with questions and a little doubt. But when she stared deeply into Snow's piercing blue eyes, she took a step forward and followed. The gaze of Snow's eyes seemed to compel her to trust in him and move forward without questioning. At least for now.

The door closed behind her as soon as she crossed the threshold. There was only a slight swoosh that would not have been detected had Elle not been paying extra close attention to the door entrance as she had been slightly afraid it would just slam down on her.

The air grew colder and the walls closed in around them. The only sounds were the echoing of their footsteps and the faint sound of dripping water. Elle somehow could not shake the feeling that they were the only living souls for miles around.

Slowly, the feeling of unease crept up on her like a dark, foreboding cloud on the horizon. At first, she dismissed it as mere nerves, the natural apprehension that comes with entering into the unknown. But as they descended deeper into the underground, the feeling only grew stronger, prodding at her senses, until it settled like a heavy weight in the pit of her stomach. The air was heavy and oppressive, thick with the smell of damp earth and the musty scent of old bones.

She wanted to open her mouth and speak but she knew Snow could not answer her even if she asked. Moreover, she did not want to risk making any noise since Snow seemed to be moving so carefully, not making any sound at all. She did not want to be the one distracting Snow from whatever clues or landmarks he might be looking for. Right now, she told herself that all she could do was to keep trusting Snow until the end. That he was leading her to a place where she could find an answer and not to...

Shaking her head, Elle decided to be positive, but at the same time, remain alert. She prayed within her heart that Snow would not betray her. That he would not do something that would break her heart.

As she moved further into the labyrinthine tunnels, the flickering flames of ancient candelabras, casting eerie shadows seemingly having hands and fingers beckoning to her, on the rough stone walls.

She paused, her eyes adjusting to the dim light, and realized with a start that she was surrounded by rows upon rows of ancient tombs. Each looking as alike as the one beside, before and behind it, carved out of granite with epitaphs that had long since been eroded and unrecognizable. The walls were lined with cryptic symbols and forgotten languages, marking the final resting places of countless generations of people.

As she continued to explore, Elle felt a sense of unease creeping over her once again. This was no ordinary cemetery, she realized. She felt as if she were intruding upon a sacred space, disturbing the peace of the dead and inviting their wrath upon her. For all she knew, just her presence here was enough to visit curses upon her head until her seventh generation.

Her senses were now on their highest alert. The feeling of unease reached a crescendo. She felt as if she were being watched, stalked by some unseen predator lurking in the shadows. Every sound, every movement seemed to send shivers arcing down her spine, making her skin crawl with a primal fear that she could really not explain.

And as she approached a spacious circle that looked like an altar, surrounded by walls still filled with tombs, Elle saw something that made her blood run cold. There, across from her in the darkness, sat a humano figure.

At first, Elle thought it was simply a trick of the light, a shadow cast by one of the flickering candles and added on with her own overactive imagination. But as the figure moved, she realized with growing horror that it was a man. He sat amidst the tombs, his form shrouded in shadow, as if he were a ghost risen from the dead.

As he stepped out of the shadows, Elle's eyes widened in shock. 

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Chapter 300 Rusted

Elle's heart pounded fiercely in her chest as she stared at the man before her, his name formed on her lips in a disbelieving whisper. "E-Elijah?" The very sound of it sent shivers down her spine. The sinister atmosphere of the ancient underground cemetery that surrounded them was now more palpable than ever. Elijah, the man who was now standing before her, was the last person she was expecting to see in this place.

Panic flooded Elle's mind as she realized that she had made a terrible mistake by coming here! And adding to that, she had come all alone!

Elijah was wearing that intricate mask of his that she had been curious about the last time. That beautiful but creepy mask he had worn when she saw him for the first time during his birthday. Just the mere sight of that mask had immediately made her believe the man was no other than Elijah, as no other person she knew would have that unique but creepy mask on.

But after a few moments, her mind began to convince her that it might not be him. That this man - this stranger, must have just worn the same mask that Elijah did.

Deep within her, she prayed and hoped that it was not Elijah behind that mask. But he made a sound and the unease that had somewhat settled for a moment, now churned so wildly in her stomach. An unknown fear gripped her tightly, like a vice around her heart. It was him. This was indeed Elijah's voice!

Fury and betrayal boiled within Elle as she turned towards Snow. How could Snow betray her like this? Was he not supposed to be her support and confidante? Her disappointment and hurt were palpable as she stared furiously into Snow's eyes, which now held regret and apology. 'Why? Why would you betray me like this?' she asked the wolf through her eyes but Snow looked away, as if to hide the emotions in his eyes from her.

Elle's heart shattered into a million pieces as she realized that she had been used as a pawn in someone else's game. Gritting her teeth, Elle suddenly felt as though she was a fool, being played into thinking she was smarter than she was. And a wave of heat and rage bubbled from within her.

With adrenaline pumping through her veins, Elle made a desperate dash towards the exit, her heart pounding with fear and her breaths coming out in short gasps. But her escape was short-lived as Elijah appeared before her out of nowhere, his towering figure blocking her path like an impenetrable wall.

Elle's eyes widened in terror as she realized the gravity of the situation she was in. She had blindly and foolishly sent herself into the lion's den, and now she was trapped. Nowhere to run and trapped like a fly in a spider's web.

For a moment, they just stood there, staring at each other in a tense silence. Elle could feel the fear and panic rising within her, threatening to overwhelm her. She knew she had to find a way out of this, but the question was, how? Her mind seemed to be running into a dead-end, not able to come up with anything useful right now. 

In a split second decision, Elle tried to dodge past Elijah, hoping to catch him off guard. But he was too quick for her. Using his superhuman reflexes, he had easily reached out and grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back towards him with a force that made her stagger.

Elle gasped in shock. Could he see her? How did he manage to catch her while she was still in her invisible form? Did he anticipate her move?

Elle's heart raced as she struggled to break free from Elijah's grip, but his hold was unrelenting. She knew she had to come up with a plan, and fast--if she had any chances of getting free. She scanned her surroundings, searching for a way out, but the ancient underground cemetery had no other door except the one Elijah was blocking.

Desperate, Elle summoned all her strength and pushed against Elijah with all her might. To her surprise, he stumbled backward, caught off guard by her sudden burst of energy. Elle took advantage of this opportunity and backed off a few steps away from him, not even having the luxury to realize that she had used what could only be called as magic to break free from Elijah's earlier tight grip on her.

Elijah's chuckle echoed around them, sounding surprised and amused at the same time.

Then the sound of the ancient steel door closing echoed like a death toll. The door was massive, made of dark, rusted steel and looked as if it had been forged in a time long forgotten. Her panic surged even more as she stared at the one and only door leading to her freedom, now slammed shut in her face. She could feel the darkness closing in around her, suffocating her with its cold embrace.

Elle tried her bestest to calm herself down. Despite the fear that churned in her stomach, she knew she needed to stay rational and stop being rendered useless by fear. She needed to calm down and think!

"Been waiting for you..." Elijah said, walking towards her with a predatory grace that made Elle take a step back. She somehow felt that there was a smirk behind that creepy mask of his as well. Another shiver crawled up her spine.

When he reached the rectangle-shaped table-like object in the middle of the circular altar, Elijah stopped and turned to face her. "Don't you have any questions, Princess Izabelle?" he asked when Elle was still too scared to speak. She had made herself invisible once again but judging from Elijah's nonchalance, she could sense that it did not quite matter to him whether she was invisible or not. Was it because he was confident that she could never make it out by herself?

She clenched her fists and her hand brushed against the gun hidden at her side.