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So little lamb-ish

Alexander was dumbfounded. 

He insinuated and thought she would at least have some idea but obviously not and she even declared that she would work hard without finding out the details! This little lamb… she already forgot the very first piece of advice he gave her. Silly, silly girl… He just hoped she wouldn't back out of their deal, especially when he thought about all the things he wanted to do with her. 

"Little lamb, watch what you say."

"I… I'm serious. I can do that. If you give me time intervals to rest my hand, I'm sure I can do it."

Alexander's laughter roared. 

"You are overestimating yourself. Your hands almost couldn't even move the second time you tried to."

"You will never know unless you try Alex." She gulped, looking serious. 

Abi was about to speak again when his finger landed on her luscious lips. 

"Enough." He stopped her. Alexander didn't want her to say anything more about this. "Fine. Don't you regret this later, Abigail." 

Upon hearing his approval, Abi's eyes shone and she hugged him with a smile. "Thank you!" she even exclaimed, causing Alex to bite his lips.

The girl then pulled away from him and carefully moved three steps away before she carefully spread the white blanket on the roof while Alexander just stood there with his hands in his pockets, watching her with his head a little bit tilted. 

Once she was done, Abigail carefully sat on it and looked up at Alex.

"Come here," she said as she patted the spot right next to her. 

Alex wordlessly moved and sat next to her. Abi smiled brightly. Her smile was more beautiful than the amazing sunset over the horizon. 

"So? What are we gonna do next? Play mobile games?" he lazily asked as he leaned back, using his palm to support his body, stretching out one of his legs and bent the other one. 

"Nope," Abi said. Her smile still didn't fade. He wondered why she was smiling. Why was she looking so happy and excited? Was there something exciting this little lamb planned to do?

"Please lay down," she requested and Alex narrowed his eyes but he still did as she asked. 

He raised one arm over his head and made it his pillow. 

Abi watched his every move and stared at him once he settled in his position, still smiling. Alexander was puzzled. He was somewhat anticipating what this girl would do next. He thought she might be thinking about doing something exciting since she looked really fired up. For some reason, his anticipation increased at the thought. He licked his lips as he looked at her, waiting for some exciting action. 

When Abi moved, Alex stared intently into her eyes. Soon after, she bent closer to him, and that single move made Alex smile within him. It looked like this little lamb was indeed doing her best… and she was actually a little bolder than he thought. 

At that moment, Alexander waited for her kiss to land on his lips. His gaze became intense. He was filled with anticipation. As she inched closer, he finally realized that he hadn't actually kissed her yet. He wondered how those delicious-looking, innocent lips would taste. 

However, to his shocked surprise, the kiss didn't come. The girl actually didn't bend over because she wanted to kiss him, she bent over because she wanted to lie down next to him. She settled her head on his chest, over the arm that was spread out, while Alex fell utterly speechless yet again.

He couldn't believe this at all.  

Alexander wanted to laugh at his mistaken assumptions. To him, what happened was something unbelievable. Why the hell was he even expecting that from this little lamb of his?! He should've known, more than anyone else, what this little lamb was capable of doing, or isn't. 

While Alexander was busy with his very own internal dilemma, Abigail let out a long sigh of relief. 

"So this is how it feels," she suddenly mumbled, pulling Alex's thoughts back to reality. "It feels really nice lying up here, right?" She smiled as she glanced up at him before her gaze looked up at the fading colors in the sky.

Alexander didn't say a word. It was because he saw her eyes twinkling like there were a million stars sparkling inside them.  

"I always wanted to experience this, to know what it would feel like," she confessed, looking up at the sky as she reached her hand up to it as if she could touch it. 

Alex was forced to look at the sky as well. When was the last time he ever gazed up the sky like this? 

"It's beautiful. It feels so nice," she muttered again. 

When she realized that Alex hadn't said another word since he lay down on the blanket, she looked up to him. "Right?" she asked him. 

Alex finally glanced at her and for some reason, she saw something in his eyes. It wasn't coldness, nor darkness, nor the usual dangerous as hell look; it was different. She didn't know what it was but for some reason, seeing that look in his eyes at that moment made her want to extend her hand and touch his face and embrace him. It was a very strange feeling.

But then, before Abi could move, that look in his eyes abruptly disappeared. It returned to normal in a blink of an eye and the jellyfish abruptly changed the color it was emitting again. 

"Ten minutes are almost up, Abigail. Shouldn't you do what you were planning to do here now?" he said, arching his brow slightly. 

But Abi just blinked at him innocently. "No, I don't have anything more to do."

Alex creased his brows. 

"Don't tell me you climbed up here just to –"

"Mm. All I wanted was to experience gazing up at the night sky while lying on the roof with my boyfriend."

Alexander gaped at her. Was she serious? She climbed all the way up to the roof, putting herself in danger, just for this? He closed his eyes as if trying to understand how her brain worked but he failed. It was as if his brain was throwing out error messages at him when he tried. But then again, he thought that doing this kind of thing was exactly just so little lamb-ish! 

He let out a quiet sigh and decided to just stay put with this peculiar little thing beside him. 

"Do you think we will see a shooting star?" she asked again after a long while of silence. The sky was already dark and stars were starting to appear, one after another.

Alex didn't answer. 

"Hey, are you already sleepy?" she pulled her body up to look at his face. To her surprise, the man's eyes were wide open and he didn't look sleepy at all.  

"Little lamb, don't you think it would be better if we do something exciting up here rather than just lying here like this and waiting for shooting stars to come?" 

There was a playful smirk on his face causing Abi to blink again.


Abi looked at him as if he had grown a second head.

"Do something exciting? What is more exciting than watching the sky from up here?" she asked. She thought that this was already pretty damn exciting. She couldn't think of anything better than this. Climbing up the roof, lying in your boyfriend's arms and watching the lovely colorful shades of the sky as they slowly fade to grey – this was a dream come true for her, the epitome of the roof experience. But then she thought about it and figured that this was probably not as exciting an experience for someone like him, who had probably seen plenty of the world, as it was for her.

Alexander's smirk became even more distinct and he had a devilish look in his eyes.

He suddenly pulled his body up and twisted around so that in the next moment, he was lying half on top of her. His eyes were shining with mischief as he gazed down at her. 

"There's definitely something much more exciting, Abigail," he sexily uttered as his glorious face hovered over her face. His thumb suddenly landed on her lips and he gently caressed them without averting his gaze from her. The intensity in his eyes made Abi's throat run dry. "Doing naughty things up here, out in the open can be very… very exciting," he whispered and Abi's face became red. 

"N-naughty things?"

He nodded. "The naughty things adults do usually in bed at night, Abigail," he clarified mischievously, causing Abi's lips to part in shock. 

She was speechless. Was he thinking about those things all this time and was that why he was not responding at all? She couldn't believe him! How could he still think about those things when the view up here was this spectacular? He didn't know how to appreciate the beauty of nature at all!

"Like for example –" Before Alex could finish his sentence, Abi's palm flew over his mouth, stopping him from saying anything else.

"Alex, t-that's not nice. We can't do something like that here," she scolded and Alex's face beamed in amusement. A little lamb was actually scolding him…

He grabbed her wrist and peeled it away from his mouth. 

"Why not? Are you shy? Don't worry, Abigail, we are in the best place right now and no one will see us from here," he assured her but Abi became even redder.

"What are you saying… the moon and stars are up there, watching us right now! A-and it's too dangerous to be doing n-naughty things up here!" she covered her face with her palms as if she wanted to shrink and disappear.

". . ."

Before any reaction could register on the man's face, Abi peeked through her fingers to look at him when suddenly...

"Ahhh!!!" she yelled excitedly as her eyes turned into huge circles. Her arms suddenly wrapped around his neck as she pulled him down to move his head out of the way just to have a better view of what she just saw. 

"I'm going to make a wish, Alex!!" she exclaimed and before Alex knew it, the girl let go of him and slipped away from under him, and stood up. 

She closed her eyes and cupped her hands together as the wind blew, gently lifting her hair so that it looked like they were floating behind her. 

When she opened her eyes again, she looked at Alexander with a smile. The man was already lying back on his spot, looking back at her with a look of wonder and bewilderment as he gazed up at her.  

Abigail was so happy. 

"Alex, you make a wish too!" She urged excitedly, but the man just closed his eyes as if to avoid seeing her face. 

"I don't wish, Abigail," he mumbled but Abi's expression didn't change.

"Okay, I'll make another for you then, Alex," she said and the man abruptly opened his eyes. When he looked at her again, she was already facing the horizon, with her hands cupped together, and her eyes closed while her long silky hair was dancing gracefully with the wind.  

Alexander fell silent watching her. 

When she was done, she looked down at him and smiled before she spread her arms out and looked up at the sky. Alex just continued watching her. He seemed curious about what she wished for him but he didn't ask. An indifferent look just flashed in his eyes as he watched her. 

But suddenly, an unexpected strong gust of wind blew by. Abi was caught off-guard and her body wobbled from the force. She tried to regain her balance but it was useless. The wind had pushed her body backwards so unexpectedly that all she could do was flail her arms round trying not to fall down. Alex saw what had happened and he instantly moved, as fast as lightning, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close to him into the safety of his embrace. 

"The girl who was actually brave enough to bargain with the devil was about to be defeated by the wind so easily… I can't believe you, Abigail!"  

"I… I'm not that weak. I just wasn't expecting it to blow so strong at that moment," she told him. Her heartbeat was drumming in her ears and her breathing became a bit shallow. For a second there she had thought she might have been done for! Luckily for her, her boyfriend had quick reflexes.

"Yeah, yeah. We're going," he said succinctly.

"Can we stay for another hour?" Even though she had a scary experience just now, she didn't want this experience to end yet. She wanted to imprint this magical feeling of being on top of the world with Alex by her side.

"Do you want me to let go and drop you from here, huh, Abigail?" he playfully asked and Abi's arms suddenly wrapped around his neck as tightly as she could, as if she was clinging on for dear life. 

Alex had his answer and her reaction made him laugh. 

"Good girl, that's what I thought," he said before he carried her towards the ladder.
Little fruit

Alex placed her down by the end of the ladder.

He turned to her and said, "I'll go down first. Make sure you hold on to the ladder so the wind doesn't blow you away again," he almost sounded worried about her but he was wearing a mischievous smile again as he said those words.

He quickly made his way down and the moment his feet landed on solid ground, he looked up and motioned for her to follow. 

Abi swallowed. It was easy when she climbed up but looking down now, she felt a little scared. Thankfully, seeing Alex down there calmed her heart. 

She then placed her feet on the first rung and Alex immediately noticed her feet were slightly shaking. He twitched as he became alert. This girl was simply unbelievable. How could she talk so tough and all that when she was trembling over something like this?

As Abi carefully climbed down, Alex didn't realise it but he had been holding his breath the entire time he watched her and only let it out when she was finally at arms reach. 

Abi jumped down to the verandah and clapped her hands together and beamed in satisfaction. 'One more thing to tick off the list!' she celebrated inwardly.

They headed back to the dining hall where dinner was already laid out on the table. She was surprised to see Mr. Black Leather Jacket sitting there, casually chatting with Alex's latest visitor.

"Alex! What took you so long? Were you exercising or something?" Xavier said as he saw the two enter the room.  He accompanied his statement with a couple of winks, clearly indicating what kind of 'exercise' he was referring to.

Kai nudged Xavier like a big brother does when their younger brother was being naughty and he went up to Abi and finally introduced himself. 

"Hello, Abigail. My name is Skyler, but you can call me Kai for short." He paused and looked at the guy next to him and introduced him also. "This guy here is Xavier… You can call him Zee or you can just ignore him, that's fine too," he said with a quick smile and a twinkle in his eye.

"Hi Kai. I finally found out what your real name is! I've been calling you Mr. Black Leather jacket this whole time," she confessed with a shy smile.

The moment she smiled at Kai, she felt a chill coming from behind her. She immediately turned to Alex and made puppy dog eyes at him and tried to distract him. "Alex, I'm hungry… Can we eat?" Her stomach grumbled right on cue and the frozen iceberg melted a little.

Without a word, Alex strode towards the table and sat down and waited for everyone else to take their seat.

Abi was relieved that Alex didn't ask her to sit on his lap again. Was it because Ezekiel Qin was not around? She noticed that the table was only set for four people - one for Alex at the head of the table, one to his right and two to his left. Maybe Ezekiel Qin wasn't back yet. 

Xavier walked towards the seat on the right so Abi and Kai took the seats to the left but before they could seat themselves, Alex looked at Xavier with cold daggers in his eyes. 

Xavier knew that look but his expression clearly said he had no idea what he did to earn that look. The words, 'what did I do wrong?' flashed in his eyes.  

Xavier racked his brain but could not solve the puzzle at all! Luckily a savior arrived. Charles the butler, walked towards Xavier and whispered in his ear. "Mr. Xavier, I believe that seat is reserved for Miss Abigail."

His eyes became as round as a full moon as realization finally dawned on him. He immediately flew to the other side of the table and stood next to Abigail. "I'm sorry, Abigail. I didn't mean to take your seat."

Abigail, who had no idea what was happening, just stared at him. 'Huh? My seat? I don't have my own seat… What was he talking about?' She looked at Charles, then Alex and at Xavier as he motioned for her to take the seat on Alex's right hand side. 

She was so confused but she did as he asked because, one, she didn't want to upset anyone and two, she wanted to tame her grumbling stomach.

As she took her seat, the other two did also. 

Dinner was comfortable and lively as the two men across her bantered back and forth, with Kai getting the better of Xavier most of the time. Alex sat quietly like he was away on a different different planet, while Abi ate her fill while observing Alex's visitors.

Abi tried to drag her meal out for as long as she could because she knew what was coming. She was going to be sent back to her room while all the men talked about their 'secret squirrel man business' - that she now referred to as. 

As expected, after she finished her meal, the order came. "Go upstairs and wait for me in your room," he said and she just sighed in resignation. 

Before Alex or Abi could say anything else, Xavier butted in in surprise.

"She has her own room? You're not sleeping in the same bed?!" he was surprised. "Why?"

Alex wanted to glare at Xavier and tell him it was none of his business but Abi also looked at him, as if she, too, was curious about the reason. She too was quite surprised and wondered why she got given a separate room when she first arrived at the house. She fully thought that when he said that he needed his girlfriend to live with him, that he would expect her to sleep in the same room as him. So yes, she was definitely curious as to why he didn't.

"Because this little fruit is still unripe…" he explained as he put his big hand on her head and rubbed it. "I don't eat unripe fruits," he added as he smiled at Abi.


Abi didn't know how to feel after hearing his explanation. 

"A-An unripe fruit? Hey! Who are yo –"

"Shh… go upstairs now." He cut her off and the jellyfish turned from emitting a warm glow into emitting a cold, chilly gloom. Abi knew that she shouldn't push it anymore but at that point, she didn't care. She was too agitated at being compared to a fruit - and an unripe one at that! 

Abi puffed her cheeks and left but not before she glared at him, letting him know that she was not happy to be compared to an unripe inanimate object!

Luckily for her, she was already halfway up the stairs - yes, she took the stairs so that she could stomp on his imaginary face every step of the way - when Xavier spoke again.

"Oh, so you're waiting until she's ripe and sweet, eh?" Xavier snickered and a cold blast of wind hit his face, so cold that he actually shivered. He then threw his hands up in surrender, mimicking the action of zipping his mouth and throwing away the key.

Back in Abi's room, she stomped her way to the bathroom and filled up the bath with very warm water. She needed to relax and there was nothing like a bubble bath to release the tension from her body. She put some bubble solution in the tub and it filled up with light fluffy bubbles in no time. Once it was filled, she slipped inside the tub and she felt better instantly.

She let her mind drift and it played back the scene of them up on the roof like a movie. She closed her eyes and she smiled. It really was a magical moment for more than one reason. The second being that she actually got him to agree to her request. She felt that it was an almost impossible task but she was glad she persevered. She knew that there was a price to pay, but was there anything in the world that came without a price? 

As she thought about the starry night sky, the shooting star and her wishes, her mood changed for the better. She deliberately didn't think about him describing her as an unripe fruit because she knew it would just work her up. She thought about him and the two items on her list that she has now completed. Two memories that she never wanted to forget. As she thought about it, thirty one items and thirty one days would make thirty one wonderful memories to take with her to the next world. She was sure that once this month was over, and her heart and mind were filled with all the wonderful memories, she wouldn't want for anything more.

After the water began to cool down, she dried herself up, put on a bathrobe and headed out to the bedside table. She opened the drawer that stored her little book and opened it up. She uncapped her pen and drew another big tick next to the note that said 'Gaze up at the night sky from a rooftop with my boyfriend'.

She then drew out another notebook - more like a diary - and started to write down the details of her experiences from the night before and that night. She wanted to record every little detail so that when her memory started to fade, she could read what she had written in this book and relive those experiences like it happened just yesterday.

Once she finished with that, she got dressed into her pajamas and laid in bed as she waited patiently for Alex to arrive. After watching the second hand go around five times, she decided that doing nothing wasn't a good plan, so she went and found a book to keep her mind occupied.

She picked a classic, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. This book was one of her favourites. She brought it back to the bed to read and became immersed in it soon after. 


The hour hand on the clock went around three more times before Alex finally went upstairs. He wondered what kind of mood he would find her in as he pictured her face when she left the dining room earlier. Would she still be angry at him or would she have mellowed down by now? He stopped at the top of the stairs for a second, before he headed straight towards her door.

He opened the door and walked in without even bothering to knock. He entered as if her room was his. 

The moment his eyes found her, the corner of his mouth tilted up a little. She was lying on the bed with the blanket sprawled messily around her and there was an open book lying on her chest. She looked like she had fallen asleep reading a book waiting for him.

He walked over to her and stood there gazing down at her peaceful sleeping face. Her face looked harmless, as always. She looked so damn vulnerable that Alex bit his lip as he watched her. 

The next moment, he sat on the bedside, picked up the open book from her chest and placed it on top of the bedside table before he returned his gaze to her face. 

His eyes then fell on her hair which was scattered on her white pillow and reached out his hand and picked strands of it. He just fiddled with her hair, as he looked to be thinking about something complicated.

After he got tired of playing with her smooth hair and listening to her even breathing, Alex's eyes shifted to her long eyelashes and he reached out again to touch it.

"Even though you're still just an unripe little fruit…" he suddenly mumbled as his finger crawled down to her cheekbone and then to her soft and alluring, pink lips. 

He stayed there for a little while longer before he finally strode towards the door. He turned the lights off before closing the door behind him.
I don't like exercising

The sky was still a little dark when Abi woke up. She blinked and stared at the ceiling. She remembered that she had been reading a book while waiting for Alex. Wait… she fell asleep?!

Shocked, Abi suddenly rose. 'Wahh! I fell asleep!!' 

She looked around but he didn't seem to be in the room. Was he still downstairs?' she wondered. Or had he come and left because she was asleep? What time was it now? 

Abi crawled out of her bed and grabbed her phone. Upon looking at the time, her big eyes became even bigger. Oh no! It was already morning? 

After facepalming herself, Abigail buried her face on the pillow. She was done for. Would Alex punish her for this? But… but this was his fault! He was the one who took too long and he should've woken her up when he had the chance! But then, she was to blame too for not keeping herself awake! 

Abigail was pretty worried that Alex would punish her for last night so she thought that she might go out and take a walk to clear her mind and prepare herself for the day. She quickly changed out of her pajamas and headed for the door. It was still quite early and she thought that Alex was probably still asleep so even though he probably couldn't hear anything, she still tiptoed out the door and very carefully closed it behind her.  

However, to her surprise, the moment she turned towards the stairs, she saw some movement to her left and her eyes landed on Alex. He looked as if he was just about to enter his room.

Abi was confused. She looked at his clothes and his hair and they told her that he didn't seem to have just woken up. Was he just about to go inside? Where did he come from? 'No, don't overthink Abigail! He might have just left his room and forgot something,' she reasoned to herself before she walked towards him with a bright smile.

"Good morning, Alex," she greeted.

"Why are you up so early?" he replied, wearing a little indifferent expression. 

"Uhm that… last night… I fell asleep. Why didn't you wake me up?"   

"Because I could see that your energy was already depleted. How could I wake up a hibernating little fruit? I don't have any use for a limped and exhausted little lamb," he smirked. Ah… this man was at it again. She couldn't believe that he was greeting her so early in the morning with those words. 

As Abi approached him, Alex pulled closed the door he just opened. It was as if he didn't want her to peek inside it, causing Abi's brows to crease for a second. 

He faced her and held her chin. 

"Now that I think about it, you're too frail, Abigail. You should exercise more to build up your immunity and stamina," he suggested and Abi's gaze looked everywhere but at him. E-exercise? 

Abi was a little worried. She didn't really like exercising. The only exercise she did was walking. 

"Okay, it's still early so we can go for a short exercise," he said. He then looked at what she was wearing and he instructed her. "Go get changed into more appropriate sports wear," he suddenly said, even holding her shoulders and turning her around to face the other way, towards her room. 

"Move quickly little fruit or, do you want me to be the one to peel your –" 

"No, I can do it on my own!" she immediately protested and thus, just like that, Abi dashed towards her room and slammed her door a little harder than normal, causing the man to just smile in amusement. 

However, after he stared at her door for a while, his smile slowly faded as he faced his room and opened it. 

As the sky slowly changed from shades of black to brighter shades of blue, two people could be seen outside the huge house heading towards the empty street. 

Alexander was walking right beside Abi and if anyone saw them, those people would think they were one of those couples who exercised together. But if one were to observe them close enough, the two actually didn't seem like a couple taking a sweet walk together; It almost looked like Alex was out walking his lazy pet. 

"Walk faster, Abigail! Jog!" he ordered as he nonchalantly walked with his long legs. His hands were in his pockets and he didn't even need to jog to keep up with her. Actually, it was she who needed to jog to keep up with him! He was just walking casually, cool as a prickly cucumber, as always.   

"Little fruit, it hasn't even been five minutes yet." He halted and looked at the already panting little lamb trailing behind him.

"I don't like exercising, Alex," she complained.

"You have to like it, Abigail. How can you tame my little brother four times daily when you're this weak?" he asked as he leaned in on her. "This is one of my ways of raising a good girlfriend. You will forever be an unripe little fruit if you don't exercise. This is one of the ways to make you ripen up a little quicker."

"Please stop referring to me as a fruit! I'm not a fruit or a lamb!" she argued but Alexander just chuckled at the look on her face. 

"Sure. I'll stop calling you those names once you graduate from being an unripe fruit and a naïve little lamb," he countered and Abi could only bite her lips and started jogging again. 

After another five minutes, the little lamb suddenly clung onto Alex. 

"Alex, let's rest please…" she begged in between breaths. Her lungs felt like they were burning but all Alex could see was the glistening sweat falling from her face down to her neck. 

"What a little weakling. One more minute, Little fruit."

"You're like a strict coach!" she cried but she still let go of him and continued running as he said.  

She looked ahead and when she saw a bench, she excitedly ran towards it and sat there before the minute was up! 

Alexander could only sigh as he saw her sprint towards the bench and sit down. He gave her the water bottle he was holding. "Why do you look like you just participated in a marathon? Now I'm starting to doubt your stamina, Abigail. There's no way a weak little fruit like you could do it twice, let alone four times a day! I think our deal is –"

Before Alex could even finish what he was going to say, Abi cut him off. "You already promised! Our deal is already settled," she immediately retorted, panting. "You can't take back your words anymore, Alex." 

Alex slammed his palms on the bench behind her, wearing his killer smirk as his face hovered over hers. Then, his eyes seemed to caress her wet lips, which was moist from the water he just gave her. 

"I really think that these lips of yours need to be disciplined. Because if not, I am worried that these lips of yours will be the end of you," he warned, both seriousness and mischief playing in his eyes. 

His intense gaze swept through her lips as his face moved closer and Abi's heart began to thump even wilder. W-was he going to kiss her?