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Third request

Abi's heart, which was already working overtime from the jogging episode, beat even faster. She didn't know how it was possible for it to do so but it did. She suddenly fell into a slight panic, and before she knew it, her hand flew over his lips again, covering his mouth just before his lips could reach hers. 

Alexander's eyes narrowed with displeasure. The man seemed annoyed as he moved his hands to hold her wrist. As he peeled off her palm from his face, the flustered Abi spoke. 

"Uhm… Alex, c-can we do this in a more special way?" she asked, her red, sweaty face had become even more red.

"Little lamb, what the hell are you trying to say?" 

"Uhm, well… it's just that I… I want my f-first kiss to be memorable."

"First kiss…? Nobody's ever kissed you before?" Alexander gaped at her. "Ever?"

She nodded and Alexander sexily bit his lips. This unripe little fruit… how come she was still… 

Alexander couldn't help but wonder where this girl hid herself all these years to be this… this… He couldn't even find the right words to describe her anymore. Innocent was too weak a word to use.

While Alex was filled with bewilderment as he looked at her, Abi abruptly stood up. If Alex didn't react fast enough, her little head would have hit his chin. This fruit!!

"Ah!" she suddenly looked like she remembered something important. "I'm going to tell you my request for today!" She beamed with excitement, even holding the man's arms as she looked up at him. "My third request is... Kiss me under the rain, Alex. I want my first kiss to be in a romantic setting like that." Her eyes twinkled again while the man was yet again, rendered speechless. 

"Abigail… are you serious? Under the rain?" He suddenly looked up and saw an ocean of blue above them with not a single cloud in the sky. It definitely didn't look like it was going to rain that day. This girl was asking for the impossible!

"Why wait for rain…" suddenly, Alex cut off his own sentence. It appeared that he realized that arguing with this little fruit would only make him fall into another damn hole of speechlessness so he decided not to question her silly request anymore. He thought that this was the best choice in dealing with this creature or else he might even become mute from just three days with her! 

After some time, a knowing smile then curved on his lips as he grabbed her chin with his thumb. "You finally uttered an exciting request, little lamb. A romantic setting for your first kiss, huh… Sure thing, Abigail," he agreed. "You still owe me four taming sessions from yesterday plus four today so I think I better fulfill your request now so that it won't get in the way tonight," his eyes glimmered with excitement and amusement.

Abi silently swallowed her own saliva. That's right, she didn't fulfill her taming task yesterday. That meant she'd have to do it eight times today? Is that even possible? Could that little big monster really be that energetic? Wouldn't she wear it out by then?

The little naïve Abi was actually worrying about the little big monster. Her face burned red and she started to feel a little worried, worried for the little big monster. Surely it would get tired and want to sleep after two or three times, right? She could only wish. Wait… did he say he was going to fulfill her request right now? But it was still early! What about the rain? 

"Come, little lamb. Let's go back. I heard from Charles that you have work," he said and Abi stood up and walked beside him.

"Yes, I have work. I'm working as an assistant teacher at the orphanage," she told him as she smiled. 

"You look like you enjoy your job."

"Yep. It's amazing. I'd like to invite you to see the kids when you're free," she happily said and Alex paused for a moment. He didn't look at her or give her an answer. 

"How about you? What do you do, Alex?" she asked curiously, craning her head ahead to look at his face. 

Alex glanced at her as they continued walking forward.

"I'm currently unemployed Abigail," he replied and Abi puffed her cheeks.

"Please be serious!" 

"Hmm… ah, I think I have a part time job right now. I'm babysitting a little lamb. No, that's not quite right. I'm raising a girlfriend. I'm also looking for a way to quickly ripen an unripe little fruit. Yeah, those are my part time jobs right now," he spouted with a straight face, causing Abi to finally snap and stand before him to block his path. She was pouting at him, silently telling him to be serious because she wasn't going to move if he didn't take her seriously. 

Alexander smirked at her before his large palm suddenly landed on her head. The next moment, his eyes became serious. 

"It's better if you don't know, Abigail," he told her. "It's for your own sake." 

Abi saw that strange look in his eyes again for a fleeting moment before it disappeared. She didn't know why but she felt something tug at her heart. She knew that this man wouldn't easily reveal anything. She even already thought that she might never find out anything about who he really was during her stay here with him. 

"Okay, it's time for you to go and get yourself ready for work, Abigail," he said and Abi finally realized that they were now in front of his house. 

She shook her head and switched gears. She thought that she mustn't let this affect her this much and encouraged herself by telling herself she'd only been there three days. She still had time so she must not let this disappoint her.

As they both walked towards the entrance, Abi was curious and puzzled. She thought that he's going to fulfill her request. But well, there was no way it was going to rain this morning, that was certain. 

 "Are you going to shower this morning?" he suddenly asked and Abi blinked. Huh? Why was he asking that?

She looked at him in question but the man just smiled meaningfully at her as he halted, waiting for her response. 

"Of course, I am," Abi finally answered and the man moved again.

"Good. Come on, then," he said and all of a sudden, he carried her like a princess. 

Abi's eyes widened. "What are you –"

"I'm going to fulfill your request like you asked, Abigail," he smiled meaningfully and Abi gaped at him. 

How? Was he the God of rain or something?
First Kiss

Before she knew it, they were inside the house. He put the confused little lamb down in the middle of the large living room. She looked up at him with a million questions in her eyes.

Then, before she could open her mouth to ask,

"Close your eyes, Abigail," he ordered.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just close your eyes and don't open it until you hear my signal."

Abi could only comply. 

Seconds ticked by and her mind was running around like a headless chicken, trying to figure out what he was up to! 

The next moment, Abi heard the fire alarm siren roar loudly inside the mansion. Her eyes opened wide but before she could move, water began to sprinkle from above.

"You wanted rain, right?" he smirked and Abi's mouth dropped. What on Earth just happened? What did he just do? 

Well, he did what she thought was impossible. He made it rain… inside the house!

She felt like she was suddenly transported to a wonderful and magical fantasy land. The light from the large chandelier hanging from the fourth floor was still lit, emitting a bewitching twinkle of lights over the droplets of water flowing down, creating small, colorful rainbows around them. It was magical, as if a rainbow fairy had arrived to sprinkle them with some of her magic. This picturesque setting was better than her wildest dreams. 

She had imagined how she wanted her first kiss to be like and they were all so terribly romantic and cliche, with her and the man chasing each other outside with rain falling softly all around them. The man would then catch her, look her deeply in the eyes before the man would swoop in for her very first kiss. 

She subconsciously lifted her hand and opened her palm as the droplets fell all around them, with her eyes wide with awe and her mouth still agape from the shock. But then she closed her eyes and lifted her face up to the roof with arms wide open, embracing the feeling of the water pouring over them. She twirled around in a circle, her hair spraying droplets of water like a whirlpool around her. When she stopped, she raised her face to look at Alex and felt like her heart was about to explode. 

She could see him moving closer to her. His hair was wet, his clothes drenched and what was even more amazing was that she did not see his usual devilish smirk. His eyes were serious, still cold but devastatingly more beautiful than ever. He was like a dark angel who just emerged from the ground under the rain. This was too much. Everything was too much for Abi; she couldn't even hear anything but her pounding heart. This definitely felt like a dream. It was like everything else faded to the background and she could only focus on him.

Once he stood right before her, the corner of the man's lips began to slowly lift up. 

"I'm not patient enough to wait for the rain to come, so here we are. I personally think that this is romantic enough. What do you think?" he asked but the dazed Abi took a long while to respond. 

"It's…" she didn't even know what the right word was to describe this scene. It was spectacular, surprising, one of a kind, magical, amazing - all the things she wanted this experience to be.

Alex smiled. He could see that she was dumbstruck. 'Good. I finally made her speechless for once! I would hate for her to think that she had a boring, cliche boyfriend,' he thought. He was glad that he seemed to have exceeded her expectations. 

He reached out and cupped her face with his hand as he gently wiped away the water from her cheek with his thumb. He looked at her in the eyes and he saw that they were filled with a mixture of emotions. He saw anticipation, excitement, longing, wonder and something else that he couldn't quite describe. 

He slowly moved his face closer to hers and gently tucked her hair behind her ear at the same time. As she saw him getting closer, Abi's heart started pounding so hard she was afraid it would leap out of her chest. She held her breath and subconsciously closed her eyes as all her focus shifted to her lips. This was it; her first ever kiss.

A second passed by and then she felt it; the pressure of his soft lips on hers and the world suddenly ceased to exist. It was just her and him at that moment in time, nothing else and no one else. 

His kiss was soft and undemanding and it blew her mind, but the moment he kissed the droplets from her lips, her knees grew weak from the pleasure and she felt as if her heart was going to explode. She never imagined that just kissing someone could be this intense. She felt overwhelmed from all these new emotions she was feeling. 

The two of them stood there, unaware and uncaring of anyone and anything else around them. Water ran down from their forehead to their faces to where their lips met - a cool contrast to the heat of their embrace - and they didn't move for a long time.

That was until Alex pushed his lips onto hers with a bit more pressure and the wave that went through Abi intoxicated her. Her head swam in a daze and she felt like she was going to faint. It was that intense and she didn't know how she was still conscious.

Alex took a peek of her face and he was mesmerised. He didn't kiss her the way he usually kissed other women. For a long, long time since he could remember, he would usually kiss rough and hard because he didn't kiss out of love but lust. That was his way.  So right then, he really didn't know why he kissed this little fruit so tenderly. 

But then, he concluded that the taste of her innocent lips must have made him subconsciously hold back. After all, this little fruit was still unripe. He could only caress her gently for now and be patient.

Once their lips parted, Alex was surprised at the look on her face. She was so red and breathless. Her dazed expression, as she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him, made him freeze for a moment. 

He admitted that she tasted better than he imagined, despite her being just an unripe little fruit, despite her just standing there like a soft mannequin and despite the fact that she didn't even move a single muscle to respond to his kiss apart from just having her lips apart in a subconscious manner. Her innocent lips were still the sweetest ones he had ever tasted. 

Alexander was once again amazed at how strange this little lamb made him feel. He thought that she was such a rare type of fruit – might even be the only fruit of its kind; something he never knew existed or tasted before.

His thumb moved to the soft and tender lips he just kissed and he rubbed them gently. He suddenly had the urge to suck them but he didn't want to give her another shock at this moment, not when she was already this dumbstruck just from that slow and shallow kiss. 'Be glad, little fruit. I'm a little satisfied with how sweet you smell and how unique you taste so I'm being very, very considerate right now…' 

But then, as he continued to gaze at her wet face and her dazed but mesmerizingly beautiful eyes, Alexander wondered if this little lamb was satisfied. She still had not said anything but he was curious about whether he was able to satisfy her expectations. Did this measure up to her imagination? Was this how she wanted her first kiss to go? Did it meet her expectations?

Alexander began to move his face closer to her face again but the water suddenly stopped falling.    

"Oh, it looks like the rain stopped," he said as he looked up and Abigail finally returned to reality. 

As Alex let go of her, Abi touched her own lips as her face started to fill with wonder and disbelief as she continued gazing up at him.

Alexander was amused with her expression and the corners of his lips curved up. However, before he could say a word, the sound of something smashing to the ground attracted his attention.

He looked at the source of the sound and saw that one of the maids had dropped an expensive antique vase. However, Alexander didn't even crease his brows or get upset at the incident. It was because his eyes didn't just see that his butler and maids we're all drenched, his eyes also finally caught sight of the two guests who were standing by the door with their hair and clothes also dripping with water as if they had jumped into a lake with clothes on.

The men who were still in their pajamas all just stood there, looking at the couple in utter disbelief.  

However, one of them had remained as cool as ever. Ezekiel Qin was the only one who was not drenched. He was standing by the fireplace, coolly holding a black umbrella, as he watched the scene with a blank expression. 

All Alexander did upon realizing the situation was clear his throat. He nonchalantly looked at the little lamb before him and began to order her. 

"Little lamb, your request has been granted. Now go upstairs and take a proper bath," he told her and Abi finally moved her head around.

Once she spotted drenched people looking at the two of them in utter shock, Abi felt like her face began to blaze and before she knew it, 

"Okay," she replied as she dashed towards the grand staircase. 

Alexander watched the little lamb ascending the stairs without turning back and a playful smile curved on his lips. 

The dumbstruck people finally moved. The butler signaled the maids to move and start the clean-up. 

Oh god, they felt like a super typhoon just flooded the entire house! This will take some time to clean up! Everything was drenched with water just like that…'Master, you're too much… T^T You should've at least warned us.'

"Alex, you… What the hell, man? Some warning would have been appreciated!" Xavier was the first to burst out. "I can't believe you of all people would actually do something as crazy as this! I understand you are doing this for your princess but you should've at least warned us of this impending typhoon. Look at us!" he complained and Alex just raised a brow at him.

"Crazy? I don't think so. It would be crazier to wait for the rain. Besides, you guys should be thankful, you got a shower without doing anything."

". . ." 

"And don't blame me, you two were just slowpokes. Look at Zeke," he smirked at them and when the two looked at Zeke, Xavier burst out again.

"Alex, how could you warn Zeke, but not us?! There's no way he could have prepared his umbrella if you didn't!"

"Why would I bother informing him?"

"Stop lying! And Zeke, close your damned umbrella already, will you?!"

Alexander and Ezekiel ignored Xavier. Alex just started walking towards the stairs while Ezekiel just gave the umbrella to one of his men. 

The moment Alex put his foot on the first step, he heard Xavier's words. "Kai, did you see how he kissed her? You've seen how Alex usually kisses girls, right? Why did he give her such a simple kiss?" 

Alexander halted and looked at Xavier who was obviously talking loud enough for Alex to hear him. 

"Xavier, have you ever tasted fruit that was forced open before its time? I don't want to force my little fruit open like that because if I do, she'll end up tasting bad," he smirked and he nonchalantly ascended the stairs.  

Xavier: ". . ."

Little Betty

Abigail sprinted into her room and shut it behind her. She leaned on it for a while with a dazed expression, as if her thoughts were a million miles away from her body.

The scene that happened just moments ago kept replaying in her head like a movie. To her, it was much more overwhelming than any movie she ever watched and anything she had ever imagined. 

She remembered how his lips felt when it first landed on hers and her heart just wouldn't stop trying to jump from inside her chest, as if it was currently playing a game of jump ropes.   

Touching her lips, Abi mumbled.

"So that's how a kiss feels."

She thought that it was truly so wonderful and magical. 

She immediately ran to the bedside table and took out her wishlist notebook. She only just noticed that her room was actually still dry when her hair dripped water on top of the bedside table. When she saw that, she then looked around her room in shocked surprise. She thought that the whole mansion would have been drenched but maybe the sprinklers only activated on the floor that the fire alarm was triggered on. 

Pulling her attention back to what she was doing, she opened her notebook and she couldn't stop smiling as she marked off the third item off her list. She briefly thought that she should do something to thank Alex for the surprise. Her first kiss was very much better than what she had ever dreamed of.  She then took out her other diary and started frantically writing down her first kiss experience before she forgot even the tiniest detail.

She spent a good time on that before heading to the shower to get ready for work. There was a dreamy look and a wide smile on her face the entire time and her heart was still thumping wildly the whole time. She had to take a few deep breaths and forcefully stop herself from picturing it over and over again before her heart finally calmed down.

Once she settled down her heartbeat, she left her room and headed downstairs. As she walked down the staircase, the scene slowly came into view. Her mouth dropped and her eyes gradually widened at the mess! The room was like a scene from the movie, Jumanji, where the house was suddenly flooded, though everything was still in their right places, just drenched. She saw the maids working hard to dry off the furniture and she felt guilty. 

She apologized and picked up a mop and started to help with the clean up but the servants politely asked her to stop, saying she was an honored guest and it would put their household to shame if they let her do such a thing. She felt that the maids prided themselves on their work from what they said and so she reluctantly let the mop go. 

Charles saw her and immediately came to get her and led her into the dining hall which was surprisingly already cleaned up and dried out. The table was only set for one and she ate her breakfast alone. She was told that the master and the guests had already left, something that surprised Abi again. 'What, already?'

Once she finished her breakfast, she then left the house and went straight to the orphanage. 

When she got there, she looked at her schedule for the day and saw that there was an appointment to go to the hospital with one of the children at the orphanage that afternoon. Little Betty had some sort of heart disease and Abi had volunteered to accompany the little girl to the hospital for her weekly checkups.

Abi obviously had a soft spot in her heart for her because she understood the little girl's situation. She was still so young, just seven years old, and she was already suffering. Abi felt her heart break a little for the poor child who was dealt such a hand in life.


In the hospital.

Abi waited anxiously. Each time they came here, she would hope for the best outcome but time and time again, she was met with disappointment. When the doctor walked towards her, shaking his head, Abi felt the disappointment settle within her yet again. Their conclusion was the same. The little girl's only option to survive was a heart transplant and unfortunately, that was something the orphanage could never afford. Even if they did manage to get enough money, there were no guarantees that there would be a suitable donor. In short, it was hopeless. Unfortunately, the little girl had the same fate as her, and just like her, her time was about to end sooner than they would have wanted. 

This sweet Little Betty, this cute, kind hearted, beautiful little girl was going to die soon as well. This world was indeed very unfair. Just what did this little girl do to deserve such a fate?! She started to feel angry at the cruel and heartless world they lived in. Why? Why did it have to be like this?

After they left the hospital, Abi called the orphanage to tell them that she was going to take the little girl out somewhere. Abi wanted to do something for her. 

"Do you have somewhere you want to go?" Abi asked her as she knelt before her. 

"Hmm… I want ice cream!" she said so innocently and enthusiastically that Abi nearly cried for this brave little girl. Instead, she smiled at her brightly and pinched the little girl's cheek playfully.

"Got it darling. Let's go on a hunt for the most delicious ice cream today!"


They drove around until Abi found a large ice cream store. They went inside and Abi bought Little Betty the biggest scoop of ice cream she could. Abi was so focused on making the girl happy that she had forgotten about everything else. She just wanted to fulfill any wishes this girl had, similar to how Alex was helping her fulfill her own list of wishes.

Cotton candy

"Did you like the ice cream?"

"Yep, they're super delicious! Thank you, Abi," Her smile was so bright and Abi couldn't help but squeeze the super cute little girl in her arms. 

"I'm glad. Was there anywhere else you wanna go or something else you want to do?"

"I think I'd like to have a date with you at the park," she said cutely. 

"Is that all? Are you sure?" Abi prompted her.

"Mn," the little girl said with a nod. 

Abi could only shake her head at the girl's simple request. She wondered if Little Betty had any larger dreams as she took the girl's hand and headed towards the park.

Abi was pulled back to the present when the little girl started talking about this book that the caretaker at the orphanage read to her last night. The story was of Little Red Riding Hood. The little girl kept up her monologue in between licking the melting ice cream in her hand until they found a park bench.

"Abi, thank you for staying with me today. I'm so happy. I'm not sad that I have no parents. I'm happy as long as I have you." She then hugged Abi tightly and Abi embraced her back. 

Little Betty was such a sweet, precious girl. Ever since Abi found out about Little Betty's condition, she wished that a miracle would happen so that this little girl could at least be saved, even though it seemed like miracles didn't really exist anymore - there was no miracle for her mother, after all and she knew that there would be no miracle for her either. Still, she wished for it because maybe, just maybe, a miracle would happen for little Betty. 

As she hugged the little girl, Abi saw a cotton candy booth across the road. She pulled away from their embrace and asked the little girl. 

"Do you want some cotton candy?"

The little girl was a foodie like her so of course, she nodded enthusiastically. Abi looked around and saw that there weren't many people around the park so she decided that it was safe for Little Betty to stay on the bench. She didn't like to exhaust Little Betty, especially with her condition. Besides, the booth was not too far away. She would be back in no time.

"Stay here, okay? Wait for me and don't move while I go buy the cotton candy," Abi told her. Once the girl nodded and made a promise to wait for her on the bench, Abi finally stood up and walked towards the candy booth. 

Abi kept checking on the little girl as she reached the candy booth and saw that the little girl was also looking at her as she sat on the bench with her little legs swinging in and out. Abi gave her a little wave and she received a wave back. 

The sky was starting to change color, from yellow to a reddish hue, indicating that it was almost twilight, but Abi, who was now busy with the vendor, still didn't take note of the time. 

Once the pink cotton candy was in her hand, Abi smiled at the little girl who was still patiently waiting on the bench as she walked towards the pedestrian lane. 

However, she took just three steps when suddenly, a fast car whipped past her, barely missing her. 

It didn't hit her but Abi fell backwards like a leaf being blown away by a strong wind. She, along with the cotton candy, fell on the ground as the car that came out of nowhere, screeched away from the scene. 

"Oh god! What the hell's wrong with that driver?!!" People who saw what happened started cursing the driver of that car who didn't even bother to stop, while some old ladies walked towards her and helped her up. 

"Are you alright?" they asked and Abi finally snapped from the shock. Her heart was still thumping hard from the adrenalin rush as what happened finally registered in her brain. It all happened so fast! One second she was smiling, walking towards the little girl with cotton candy in her hands and in the next moment, she was on her backside from a near miss car accident! She saw the cotton candy covered with dust on the ground and her head snapped towards the bench where she left Little Betty. 

When she saw that Betty was already running towards her, she forced a smile towards the old ladies and brushed the dirt away from her backside.

"I'm fine. Thank you so much." She thanked them with a smile as Betty finally reached her. 

"Abi! Are you okay?!" she asked, worried as she clung on her leg.   

Abi immediately bent down and hugged the girl. Making this girl worry was the last thing she wanted to do. 

"I'm fine, baby. I actually avoided the car, aren't I great? Haha" She grinned at the worried little girl to let her see that she was okay. She could see the little girl's chest moving in and out rapidly as if she was about to have a panic attack, so Abi immediately coaxed her to calm her down. "This big sis of yours can avoid even the fastest car. Look, I'm not even hurt," she continued and she let the girl examine her. When Little Betty saw that she had no wounds, her face started to relax and her breathing began to slow down, causing Abi to heave a long sigh of relief. 

"Ah oh, the candy… I'll go buy you another one!" Abi immediately focused her attention towards the candy. The little girl looked at it and bit her little lips before she turned to Abi. 

"It's okay, Abi. I don't want cotton candy anymore," she said as she caressed Abi's face as if she was trying to coax her big sister instead, causing Abi to chuckle. 

"Aww… you're the sweetest. Sweeter than any cotton candy." Abi smiled and hugged her and as she did so, she felt her heartbeat stabilize so she finally stood up.