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"Okay. We should probably head back before it gets too dark, shouldn't we?" she said and when the girl nodded, Abi called a cab. 

She was about to tell the driver to bring them to the orphanage when her eyes fell on the digital clock on the cab's dashboard. 

Her eyes immediately widened. Oh no! Her curfew!!!

Alex's cold and stern voice saying that he will punish her began playing in her ears and Abi began to panic. It was only her third day and she was already going to break one of his rules!!

Panicking, Abi immediately told the driver a different address, the address to Alex's house.   

She called the orphanage during the taxi ride home and told them that she was going to be dropping Betty off a little late. Of course, the people at the orphanage didn't mind at all since Abi had been known to even bring little Betty over to her house during some weekends.


Finally, the car stopped in front of the huge house, keenly aware that darkness had started to set in. She was late. She bit her lips hard and she couldn't help but feel nervous as she approached the house. 

Once the two entered the door, Abi's eyes immediately flew towards the fireplace. Alexander was right there, sitting like a bored king as always. His fingers were moving, tapping on the couch's arm, as if he was counting the movement of the clock's second hand.

Abi was afraid that the man would emit his deadly aura again without warning so she whispered to Little Betty to stay by the door and wait for her.

The little girl nodded and Abi finally walked silently towards the man whose back was facing her. 

When Abi was just about to reach him, she saw his fingers become still and then his cold, deep voice rang in her ears. 

"You're late, Abigail," were the words that welcomed her. He didn't even turn to look at her, as Abi expected. She suddenly felt chills the instant his words rang inside the big hall, but she didn't halt in her tracks. She continued walking towards him until she was right before him. 

Alex raised his cold eyes and gazed up to her. The jellyfish was incredibly freezing. His intense gaze was reeking with cold darkness, showing his extreme displeasure. 

"Uhm… Alex, I… I have someone with me right now so c-can you scold me later? She has a weak heart so I don't want her to get scared. Please?" she pleaded, cupping her hands together, forcing Alex to close his eyes. This girl… didn't she feel anything? How could she still speak to him like this when he was already in this state? Did this little lamb really not have any fear in her at all?

Alexander's urge to punish her intensified. However, Abi misread his gesture. She thought that the man had given in so she quickly called Betty to come over. 

The little girl stood right next to her, clinging onto Abi as if she was her lifeline, and took a quick peek at Alex.

"A-alex… this is Betty," Abi tried to distract him and the man finally looked down and saw something clinging on his little lamb's legs. 

He creased his brows as he looked at the small little thing blinking at him and Alex's coldness somehow dissipated a little. 

"Betty? Say hi to Alex," she encouraged the little girl and Betty blinked before she looked at him.

She then slightly bowed at Alex as she spoke. "Hello, Mr. Alex. I'm Betty, nice to meet you." She smiled and Alex just quietly stared at the little girl for a while before he moved and faced her. 

"Nice to meet you too, Little Betty," he said and Abi's tensed shoulders finally relaxed.

"Are you Abi's friend?" she asked, slightly tilting her head and Alex's lips finally curved up. 

"What do you think?"

"I think… you might be a new friend because this is the first time I have seen you. I know all of Abi's friends," the little girl said proudly.

Alexander chuckled as he leaned back. "Her new friend, huh? Well, your observation isn't wrong Little Betty, but…" he leaned forward towards her again. "Are you sure I'm only her new friend?"

"Alex, uhm…" Abi tried to intervene but...

"Let her answer first, Abigail," Alex told her as his gaze remained locked onto the little girl.

Little Betty looked up to Abi before she answered the man.

"You are new but I think you are also a special friend," she replied and Abi's eyes widened as she looked down at the little girl. 

"Why would you say that?" Alexander seemed intrigued. 

"Because, I think you are the first male friend Abi has. Abi doesn't have boy friends, only girls. So that's why I think you are special," she answered and Alexander smiled. He looked satisfied and it seemed like he liked Little Betty for that. 

"Good girl," was all he said and he finally looked at Abi. 

"Alex, can I return her to the orphanage first? I will explain to you once I'm back."

"Why return her? Didn't you get the permission to take her with you?"

"Of course I did."

"Then it's fine. Let her stay here for the night. It's already dark out, Abigail."


"No buts. I won't permit you to go out," he said with an absolute no nonsense tone and Abi knew that she wouldn't be able to persuade him anymore.

Without a choice Abi called the orphanage and thankfully, they agreed. 

The two girls then went upstairs to clean up and get changed. As they walked up the staircase, Little Betty looked at Abi with wide eyes!

"Wahh!! Abi, is this a castle? I feel like I'm inside a real castle!" Betty was extremely excited. 

Abi let Little Betty go first and she went after she finished helping the little girl put on a fresh set of clothes. Luckily for Abi, she had with her a spare set of clothes for Little Betty as she always carried spares with her whenever she went out with any of the children, just in case so this wasn't an issue. 'Great forward thinking, Abi!' she mentally patted herself on the back.

Once they were ready, they headed back downstairs.
A book, a pillow, and a blanket

The moment they entered the dining room, three pairs of eyes greeted them and one didn't even bother to look up, as if he couldn't care less. Of course, the boisterous one was the first to say something.

"Oh, we have a new member in the family?! So cute! What's your name?" Xavier asked.

"My name is Betty. Nice to meet you all." Betty introduced herself and smiled at Xavier.

"I'm Xavier, baby girl and this guy here is Kai." Xavier beamed at her while Kai gave her a small, kind smile.

Betty's eyes surveyed the two men for a while before her gaze fell on Ezekiel Qin. She then turned and walked towards him and poked him gently on his leg to grab his attention.

"Uncle, what's your name?"

The man silently raised his eyes and looked at the girl before him. 

"Hey, don't ignore a lady's question." Alex's voice was mocking.

"Ezekiel" was all he said before he looked down again, as if he was an unwilling participant.

Dinner seemed to be laid out and ready for them already so they all took their places around the table and started to eat the always scrumptious meal made by the kitchen staff.

Betty couldn't believe the amount of food that was laid out on the table. 'Holy moly! I have never seen this much food in my life! YUUUUUMMMMM!!!' was the thought that ran through her head. She was used to the food from the orphanage and while it wasn't fancy like this, it was certainly nutritious and still yummy. But the little foodie certainly wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by her!

Abi saw the millions of stars in the girl's eyes and she couldn't help but chuckle as she placed a heaped spoonful of food on Little Betty's plate. She definitely understood what she was feeling. This was, after all, how she also felt when she first got here. Knowing how much of a foodie this little girl was, she made sure to give her at least a small portion of every dish so that she could have a taste of all of the dishes, much to Little Betty's delight.

Dinner was much more lively than usual, with Xavier and Kai asking Little Betty a lot of questions, as if they had never spent time with a little child before, and Little Betty answered them all with her cheerful, bubbly, little voice surrounding them like a warm blanket.

Once they were finished with their meal, Abi and Little Betty patted their food babies with satisfaction. They looked at each other and as if some secret communication passed between them, they both laughed out loud while the men looked at them with curiosity. Abi just shook her head and offered no explanation. 

After some time, they all rose and headed to the large living room. Alex and Abi sat next to each other on the largest couch while Little Betty, Xavier and Kai sat on the couch across them. Zeke, ever the outsider, sat on the furthest single chair from the rest.

"Do you have any toys or games here?" Little Betty piped up.

The two men immediately looked at Alex, as if they were about to ask him this question, but then they looked at each other and shook their head. 'What were they thinking? Of course he wouldn't have any kids toys or games in this house.'

"Sorry, Betty, but we don't have toys or games," Xavier said sadly.

"Oh ok… Do you have any paper? We could play rubbish ball. Do you know how to play rubbish ball?" Little Betty asked the two men, who just looked very confused. 

"Rubbish ball? What kind of game is that?" Xavier asked.

"It's when you crumple pieces of paper into a ball and try to shoot them inside the rubbish bin!" Little Betty explained.

"Oh. That sounds like fun!" Xavier said while Kai just nodded. The two then went in search of paper and a rubbish bin. It didn't take them long to find the items needed for the game and so within minutes, the quiet house became very noisy as the three of them played their game. There were shrieks and claps and hoorays as it went on and Abi, who could never just sit and watch while kids played games, got up to join them.

Alex and Zeke stayed where they were as they looked on with boredom written on their faces. They definitely did not have any intention of joining in.

After some time, the game finally slowed down. It seemed like everyone was finally starting to run out of gas. 

"Abigail, come over," Alex ordered and Abi immediately walked towards him. He pulled her beside him and whispered in her ear. 

"It's time for your punishment, Abigail." he uttered and Abi swallowed. She thought that Alex would let her go tonight. 

"But… Alex, B-betty is here."

"She looks like she is ready to go to sleep," he simply said. As Abi looked at the little girl who was rubbing her eyes and yawning, she knew he was right. "I'm sure one of the boys can handle putting her to bed," he then continued.

"O-okay," she agreed but Abi worriedly tugged Alex's shirt. "Alex, she needs someone to read a book to her for her to go to sleep," Abi said. 

"Charles, get me a book, a pillow and a blanket," he ordered and after a while, Charles came back holding a pillow, a blanket and an old book of Grimm's fairy tales. 

Alex took the book and walked towards the little girl. He squatted before her and said, "Little Betty, Abigail and I have an important matter to settle so one of these three will put to bed, okay?" Alex told her and the little girl looked at Abi before she just nodded. 

He then showed the book to her. "Little Betty, you can choose one person to read this book to you," he told her and Little Betty just blinked. "Who will you choose?"

Classroom Rules

Little Betty looked at Kai and Xavier. Xavier was miming at her to choose him but Betty's gaze just passed through him until her eyes fell on the lone man sitting at the far end of the room. She pointed her finger towards Ezekiel Qin, surprising everyone except Alex. Even Ezekiel himself was a little taken aback, although his face remained blank. 

"Nice choice, Little Betty," Alex seemed satisfied with her choice. He looked at Zeke with a taunting smile and before Abi could protest, Alex was already walking towards Zeke. He held Betty's hand in one hand and the book with the other. Once they stood before the quiet Zeke, Alex looked down at him with a smile on his face. He bent down and put the book on Zeke's lap, almost with a flourish, before he straightened up. "Take care of Little Betty for a while, Zeke."

Without even waiting for the man's response, Alex patted the girl's head as he asked Charles to give Zeke the blanket and the pillow. Little Betty smiled and voluntarily jumped on the space next to Zeke. She took the pillow and positioned it as close to Zeke as possible and she quietly settled down as she stared at the man, waiting expectantly for him to start reading to her.

Alexander smiled at the girl's behavior before he looked at Zeke with a mischievous yet stern look in his eyes. "I'll leave her to you then, Zeke. Start reading to her now because it's already quite late," he said before turning to walk away.

He walked straight towards Abi and grabbed her wrist, dragging her up the stairs. Abi kept looking back at the duo as she was still a bit worried. 

"Alex, are you sure? I think it might be better if we leave her with Kai," she said and Alex halted on the stairs.

"Stop worrying, little fruit. Trust me, Zeke is the best choice for babysitting her. I don't actually trust those two that much. They'll make her cry or treat her like a doll. She won't be able to sleep early if she's with them."


"Shh… look at her. She likes Zeke. Don't worry, Zeke will never harm even a single strand of her hair," he said and Abi just blinked. Alex's absolute trust in Zeke was not something she expected, especially regarding this matter. 

Abi looked at Betty and when she saw that the girl was smiling as she looked up at the cold man. She looked around and saw the butler and maids were also standing by so she felt at ease.

However, her ease only lasted for a minute because as soon as the two arrived on the third floor, Abi's heart began to thump. She began to feel nervous. 

Was he really going to punish her? 

Abi's steps began to slow. She walked like a turtle while Alex just walked elegantly in front of her, like always, as she followed behind him. When the man finally stopped in front of her room, Abi was a few steps behind him.

He glanced at her before he pushed her room's door open and entered like it was his own.  

Abigail took a deep breath, not once but thrice, before she entered. Alex was already sitting on her bed, loosening his neck tie and unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt. He was doing that in an outrageously, devastatingly sexy and alluring way. His eyes smoldered as he looked at her as he moved gracefully like a magnificent beast. 

"Come over, Abigail," he ordered and his deep voice made Abi swallow as she moved slowly towards him.

"Uhm Alex, I can explain. I…" before Abi could continue, Alexander pulled her close. His large hand easily gripped both of her hands while his free hand grabbed her chin.  

"Rules are rules, Abigail. You broke one of the rules so you'll need to be punished. No excuses," he whispered and Abi felt chills run down her spine. "I have to teach you a lesson, Abigail. I can see you're not taking my simple rules seriously. Did you think I was going to just let it go because this was your first offense? If that's what you think, then you're wrong, little lamb. I'll have to show you now or else you will think that my rules are nothing but words of bluff." 

The words that resonated in her ears sent small shivers through her body. Abigail swallowed again. 

"A-are you going to hurt me?" she asked and her lips trembled a little. 

Alexander's lips twisted to a faint smile before it abruptly faded. His eyes blazed with ice cold fire, so deadly and dangerous, but at the same time filled with something different that Abi couldn't fathom. 

"Do you want me to hurt you?" he asked and Abi's throat dried up.

"No, Alex." She shook her head. Her voice was barely a whisper. The little lamb finally showed a little hint of fear.

"Are you scared?" he asked again as his vivid eyes pierced hers. Nonetheless, Abi looked at him back straight on; her gaze was even deeper than ever.

"A little," she replied and Alex's eyes squinted. 

"A little, huh… But you're already expecting me to hurt you, right?" 

She nodded. "A little."

"What do you mean by a little, huh, Abigail?" 

"I think your punishment will hurt me a little."

A throaty chuckle left Alex's lips as he grabbed her chin and rubbed her lips gently, not taking his eyes off hers even for a second. 

"Tell me, what kind of punishment were you expecting?" he asked and a short silence followed.

Abi straightened her tensed shoulders, took one deep breath before she calmly opened her lips and told him what was running through her mind.

"That… you will have me stand there facing the wall for a long time, or, have me run a lap or two or three outside, or, lock me in my room for a couple of hours, or, have me write pages and pages of an apology letter, or, have me go clean the backyard…"

Alexander's smirk had long faded since she uttered her first phrase. This girl… was she trying to distract him? Did she think that his rules were some kind of classroom rules and now he became a teacher in her eyes?

Despite being rendered speechless once again because of another weird surprise in the middle of this situation, Alexander didn't let this naïve little fruit take the better of him.

"Abigail, how about spanking? Did that ever come to your mind?" his voice was damn deep and alluring, like the voice of a devil in disguise, luring people to their demise. 

What happened?

Abigail's eyes widened a little. She was shocked but the reason behind her surprise was actually because she didn't expect Alex to say that word. 

"Alex, I'm already an adult. I'm not a child that needs to be spanked," she argued. She looked like she couldn't believe him.

"What if I told you that adults could be spanked too?" 

His words made Abi's jaw instantly fall. 

"R-really?" she gasped, looking at him with disbelief. Alex sexily nodded at her and waited in anticipation for her next reaction. 

However, Abigail suddenly pressed her lips tightly as if she was trying very hard not to grin. Well, now that she thought about it, adults could also be spanked. She never saw it happen before her eyes but what came into her imagination was the comedy movie she watched before where an old man was being playfully slapped on his butt by his wife because he was fooling around. Imagining an adult being slapped on the butt was a comedic scene to her.

Alexander was speechless. He didn't know why the girl was suddenly looking like she was enjoying a private joke.

"What's so funny, Abigail?" he asked, as his eyes narrowed and Abi cleared her throat before seriously staring back at him. 

"I just imagined a couple spanking each other and I found it amusing. I watched a movie where one grandma slaps her husband's butt and then he covers them up and runs away from her like he was running on hot coals," she told him and Alexander lost it. 

He couldn't believe this. No matter how serious the situation was, how could this girl just turn everything around like this? From the moment she was alone with him, she should have been at his mercy, knowing that she was about to get punished. She was supposed to step back in fear upon hearing the word 'spanking' and yet, here she was, smiling so innocently as if this wasn't a serious matter. Even more annoying was the fact that she was even telling him about a comedy show she watched, saying that spanking was amusing. Was this the way her survival instincts were wired? It if was, then she had evolved to a higher level because it did a hella good job killing the vibes! 

"C-could it be that you're planning to spank me? I-is that my punishment?" her eyes looked at him with surprise. She even looked relieved. "If that's so, please go ahead," she said, thinking that it would be like the funny scenes in the movies. The old grandma didn't seem to smack the grandpa that hard so of course she didn't mind being spanked like that. So she positioned herself in front of him, sideways and even bent down a little to give him access to her cute little behind. 

Alexander couldn't help but pinch the skin between his brows. This was utterly different. This was not even close to the ideal punishment scenario. She was supposed to be begging him not to spank her, and yet, here she was, suddenly offering herself like this. How the hell could he even… could he even… 

Alexander had never been in a situation like this before. This girl was a whole different species of the human race and he couldn't figure how to handle her. She was just so… 

Now his mind was also messed up. He didn't know why but he suddenly thought of a little poor literal fluffy lamb being spanked by him.   

This was simply outrageous and ridiculously over the top. She exuded such a kind of innocence and purity that made anyone desire to take advantage of her vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but she wasn't actually as easy as that. She had her very own strange and weird way of fighting back against the predators that want to eat her. And she was doing that so smoothly, almost without even trying. 

This girl was just becoming more and more unbelievable by the day and it never ceased to render him speechless.   

Alexander could only curse inwardly and in the next second, he suddenly yanked her and pinned her down on the bed. He finally realized that this girl wasn't someone he could treat the way he treated others. He couldn't even make himself imagine spanking this little lamb anymore. 

"Abigail, I'm not going to spank you like those old damned movies with old grandmas and grandpas. That wasn't the kind of…" he stopped mid sentence, almost groaning in frustration. His mood had become cold again. This man was so quick to change his colours, it was hard to keep up with him. 

"Never mind that. I've prepared an interesting punishment for you," he then smiled wickedly. "Don't worry, little lamb. I will make sure that you won't feel any pain. I will make sure you will regret breaking my rules and that you will never want to do it again. I will make you beg me to punish you more," he whispered as his breath caressed her face. 

Abi was so confused with the words he was saying. She did not understand what he was saying at all. It was like he was suddenly talking in a different language she didn't understand. Why on Earth would she want to beg for more punishment? That just didn't make any sense!

She could see the look in his eyes had changed yet again. He had become a dangerous beast. He always looked dangerous but this time, Abi felt really nervous with him being like this. Her heart wouldn't stop beating like crazy even as she tried to convince herself that everything was just fine. 

Alex took her hand and kissed her finger before he moved both her hands above her head.

He was about to kiss her when he noticed her wince the moment he intertwined his hand on hers. 

"Abigail… I haven't even started yet and you already look like you're in pain?" he whispered and he was about to continue when the girl's face twisted the moment he squeezed her hands tighter.

His eyes narrowed and when he looked at her hand, he saw the scratches.

The lust in his eyes slowly dimmed and was replaced by dark coldness. 

"What happened? Where and how did you get these scratches?"
A cat and a mouse

Meanwhile in the living room on the ground floor, Little Betty was still wide awake. She was lying there, waiting patiently for Uncle Zeke to start reading to her.

Not only did Ezekiel not start reading the book to the little girl, he also ignored her as if she wasn't there. He just kept scanning the book that Alex gave him without a word. He didn't know why this girl had picked him to read her a bedtime story when the other two were obviously more willing. He didn't understand why this little girl wasn't scared of him when children always hid behind their mothers at the sight of him. Was this kid the same as that fearless Abigail girl?  

"Uncle, uncle, why are you not talking to me?" 

"Uncle, you don't like talking don't you?"

"Can you read the story out loud so I can hear?" 

"Uncle, please?"

Little Betty continued talking until Ezekiel Qin's hand that was flipping the pages finally halted.  

"Stop calling me, uncle. I'm not your uncle," he told her, his voice a little chilly. 

"Then, what should I call you?" she innocently asked. "Big brother?"

"I'm not your brother."

"Then, shall I call you Zeke, too?" she smiled and the man silently let out a sigh. He didn't have any tolerance for this kind of thing. He knew that Alex did this on purpose. That man just wanted to torture him. 

"Sleep, kid. You're not a baby to still be lulled to sleep by a bedtime story," he said blankly and Little Betty's face became gloomy. 

She didn't speak anymore as she laid there next to him.

Zeke glanced at her again when the girl didn't move or make sound, thinking that she finally fell asleep but to his surprise, the girl's eyes were still wide open. 

She was staring at the ceiling and blinking occasionally. 

Seeing that there was no sign of her going to sleep, Ezekiel pressed his temples and opened the book again. 

"I will only read this once, kid. Listen carefully and sleep," he suddenly said and the girl looked up at him with big round, excited eyes. 

The man then started, "Once upon a time, a princess…" he trailed off. For some reason, he couldn't continue. His expressionless face seemed to have hardened in frustration. However, he still remained calm. 

The girl looked at him with anticipation, waiting for what was coming next even though the man's voice was so painfully lifeless and toneless. 

"A cat and mouse decide to live together and buy a pot of fat to get them through the winter. They decide to keep the pot under an altar at the church and to only use it if necessary. The cat makes up a story and says she's becoming a godmother in order to secretly visit the church, so she asks the mouse to stay and watch their place. The cat comes home and eventually becomes the godmother two more times. Each time, the mouse asks the name of the godchildren and the cats responses are top off, half done, and all-gone. The mouse doesn't catch on until they go to the church and sees the empty pot. The cat turns and eats the mouse. The end."

Ezekiel closed the book and looked at the girl but the girl's lips were parted and her big eyes were still wide open. 

"Why aren't you asleep yet?" he frowned.

"Uncle… I mean Mr. Zeke, that's not nice. You just summarized the story." She rose and took the book in his hand. "You should do it like this, okay?" 

She started reading the story so skillfully and it suddenly looked like Little Betty was the one lulling the big man to sleep. 

The man pressed his temples once again like an old man with the world's burden on his shoulders and took the book from her hand. 

"Fine, I'll read it like that so sleep now," he commanded and the girl at least listened to him. However, before she laid down she took the book and opened it to the page titled 'Cinderella'. 

Ezekiel then started reading but he was nowhere near the same level as little girl's skills.  His storytelling skill was, in fact, not even on the scale and could even be considered as being below zero. But despite his monotone and bored voice, Betty still slowly fell asleep. 

Back in Abi's room, the atmosphere had become below freezing as the cold statue waited for Abi's reply.

"Ah, t-this is nothing. I just tripped on the sidewalk." Technically, Abi told him the truth because she did trip on the sidewalk but she knew full well that a half truth was still a lie. She was not trying to hide what had happened but for some reason she didn't know why but she didn't want to mention that a car almost hit her. 

But of course, the cold statue saw it because she was very, very bad at lying. Her face gave her straight away so he just said curtly, "You just tripped, huh?" his voice was cold as steel.

Alex's eyes squinted at her. He then got up and grabbed the first aid kit. He sat down next to her and started cleaning her wounds.

Abi was surprised as she looked at him. She didn't expect him to act this way. It almost looked like the beastly man was suddenly tamed as soon as she saw her scratches. This cold man being like this towards her made Abi's heart flutter. She couldn't believe that just a moment ago, this was the same man who looked like he was going to eat her alive.; the same man who was just about to punish her.  

However, just as when Abi was thinking that the ice was starting to melt, Alex suddenly pressed on her wound using the cotton ball he was holding. 

"Ouch!" she winced. "Alex, it hurts," she pleaded but the man didn't release the pressure. 

"Abigail, are you really not going to tell me the truth?" he asked and Abi's eyes widened. She looked at him and she was surprised at the darkness lurking in his eyes.