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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 76 | 77.....80✍️✍️✍️✍️



He pressed on her scratches a little harder as Abi gaped at him and she winced again. 

"Ahh… Alex, stop! I'll tell you..." She finally gave in and the man let go. 

"Good," he said before he lifted her hand and gently blew on the wound as if he was trying to soothe the pain he inflicted. Abigail was speechless. This jellyfish was truly unpredictable. Why was he like this? "Now speak, little fruit," his tone was extremely demanding. 

With a sigh, she told him the truth; that she was about to cross the road when a random fast car drove past so close to her that it nearly hit her. She fell down and that was how she got the scratches.

Abi saw his jaws clench and something flashed in his eyes, so quick that Abi almost missed it. He looked down and focused his attention on her palm. 

"I-I am fine, though. These scratches are nothing," she immediately tried to reassure him, but the man continued his interrogation without looking at her face. 

 "What about the driver? Did you see his face?" His voice was emotionless, as if he was a detective trying to get information from the victim.

Abi found his way of questioning strange to her. She also didn't understand why he was asking so seriously but his overbearing aura was forcing her to cooperate with him.

"He didn't stop and it happened so fast I didn't get a look at his face."

"You didn't see the plate number?" 

She shook her head. "I didn't see it but I think the car looks the same as that black car in the garage."  

Alex fell silent after that, as if he had found his answer or as if he had finished taking all the necessary information. Still, there was something in his silence that made Abi feel like he was hiding something about this matter. 

"Why were you trying to hide it from me?" he asked again after a long while of silence. 

"I wasn't trying to hide it. I just thought that this wasn't something important that you needed to know," she replied and Alex paused. He looked at her with a sharp gaze before he grabbed her chin. 

"Listen carefully, little lamb. While you are here living with me, I am the one responsible for you, you understand? From today onwards, while you are staying in my house, don't hide this kind of thing from me, you get it?" 

Abi blinked at him and eventually nodded. 

He finished tending to her wounds and he put the first aid kit back. "Sleep now, Abigail. You now owe me 12 sessions and one punishment. That is your debt currently, little fruit. You need to heal these hands of yours quickly or else…" he grabbed her chin and stared into her eyes with an aura of both danger and mischief. "Or else, I can't guarantee if this little fragile body of yours will be able to handle it if you keep accumulating debts you can't pay."

He walked towards the door and before he left, he said, "I'll go get the kid."


Alexander saw that the girl was already asleep next to Zeke.

Alex walked towards the couch and as he drew closer, he gave Zeke one long, hard stare. It was as if there were many unspoken words conveyed with that one look. 

Without a word, he took the girl and brought him upstairs. Abigail was still awake when Alex entered her room with little Betty in his arms. 

He laid the little girl beside Abi before he left without a word. 

"Goodnight, Alex," Abi said and the man halted for a moment, before he closed the door. 

Abi let out a sigh and finally closed her eyes. Her thoughts were full of Alex and his ever changing moods until she finally fell asleep. 

She began to dream. In her dream, a certain mischievous demon was tickling her ear. She kept pushing the bully demon's hand away but he was persistent. He even started to tease her cheeks, poking them as if he was picking a fight. The demon in her dream looked like Alex. Suddenly, Abi smelled something sweet hovering over her face so she bit the air as she imagined chomping on the delicious food before her. 

At that moment, Abi woke up and to her surprise, she felt something fleshy between her teeth. Her eyes widened as she saw Alex's face, looking at her in disbelief. Was she still dreaming? 

She slowly unclamped her teeth from Alex's hand and she finally noticed that it was already dawn. 

"G-good morning, Alex," she greeted and she tried to rise up. The man finally moved to give her room as he looked at the hand she just bit and he chuckled noisily as he shook his head. 

"Little lamb, I really don't know what kind of creature you are anymore," he said and Abi blinked at him. "You even bite during your sleep, huh? Do you eat people too while you're asleep?" he asked meaningfully, but of course, the little lamb took his words literally. 

"No, I don't!" she immediately argued and Alex finally laughed. 

"Ahh… never mind that. Get up and get changed. It's time for you to exercise. I'll wait for you outside. Make it quick," he said and he left without even waiting for her response. 

Without a choice, Abi quickly changed into exercising clothes. Little Betty was still asleep and Abi knew she wouldn't wake up for another hour or so, so she left her on the bed. 

Outside on the road, Abi was bent over, hand on top of her knees, panting and sweating from the exercise. The man was as unforgiving as he was the day before, acting like her strict coach. While she rested on that same bench from yesterday, Alex suddenly told her something she never expected to hear from him. 

"Don't stay here tonight, Abigail," he said with all seriousness and Abi looked at him with confusion. "Go home for now and come back tomorrow." 

"Why?" she asked, still surprised and confused. 

"Because I'm not going to be home tonight. I'm going somewhere."

"Can't I stay here and wait?"

"No, Abigail. I won't allow you to stay here when I'm not around."  

Abi's brows creased and she was about to say something but the man put his finger over her mouth and stopped her from speaking. 

"Ah, it might also be better if I fetch you from your work tomorrow, now that I think about it," he said before he stood up. "Let's go back. That kid might be looking for you now."

Alex was about to take a step when Abi tugged his shirt. "Wait, Alex. Uhm, are you leaving soon?"

"Yes. I will drop you two at the orphanage on my way out."

"So you won't be able to fulfill my request today," she said sadly. "Wait! That means this will become your debt to me, right?" 

". . ."


Alex was stunned. He couldn't believe that this girl turned around and used his own words against him. He just looked at her with disbelief written on his face while she looked up expectantly at him. Her eyes were full of so much hope that the stern words that he was about to say became stuck in his throat. 

"You should be grateful that I am giving you time to heal your wounds," was all he said. He didn't deny nor did he agree, leaving it open for interpretation. So Abi, being the hopeful, innocent person that she was, looked on the bright side and inwardly celebrated that he didn't deny her words.

"Okay," she said cheerfully as she hopped up. She did her exercise routine on the way back home. She felt a little bit energised after that conversation but as they got closer to the mansion, Abi started to feel sad and her heart felt heavy, as if it was being weighed down by a ton of bricks. Abi didn't know why but she suddenly felt incredibly sad. 


Meanwhile, back in the mansion.

Betty woke up to find herself alone in the room. She blinked and looked around as she remembered that she was sleeping in the magical castle that Abi was living in. She slowly got up and called out Abi's name but she got no response. She wondered where Abi was so she got off the bed and headed towards the door. She left the room and headed down the stairs, still calling out Abi's name. 

Luckily, Charles heard her and found the little girl before she became lost in the huge mansion. He told her that Abi had gone out to exercise and led the little girl to the dining hall instead so that she could eat breakfast.

She followed the nice old grandpa to the dining hall and her eyes immediately lit up when she saw Mr. Zeke sitting at the table. She quickly gave him a big wave as she ran towards him.

"Mr. Zeke! Good morning, Mr. Zeke," she greeted as she dragged back the massive chair next to him so that she could climb up on it.

Once she was on it, she faced Zeke and started asking him questions.

"Are you having breakfast, Mr. Zeke? What are you eating? Is it yummy? Can I have some too?" Little Betty looked at Zeke with enthusiasm but Zeke didn't utter a word. It seemed like he had tuned her out. Little Betty's face fell a bit when she got no reaction from Mr. Zeke so she turned her attention to breakfast.

Little Betty then tried to reach for the food but she was too small to reach anything on the big table. She glanced at him as her little hand tugged his sleeve softly to try and get his attention and it worked. Zeke finally looked at the little girl before him.

Without wasting the opportunity, she quickly asked him, "Mr. Zeke, can you please put a pancake on my plate? I can't reach it…" 

She then stretched out her hands to show him that her arms were nowhere near long enough to reach the food on the table. In fact, they barely made it past the plate laid out in front of her, even though she was sitting on her knees.

Sighing like he was having to do a tedious chore, Zeke reached out for a pancake and placed it on her plate. 

"Thank you, Mr. Zeke." Little Betty then picked up her cutlery and started to eat the pancake but it seemed that she ate too fast and choked a little on a piece. She started coughing hard and Zeke immediately looked up to see the choking child in front of him. He immediately patted her on the back and then poured out a glass of water for her. 

His heartbeat accelerated as a slight sense of panic washed over him, mainly at the thought of having to explain to Alex if something happened to the child while he was around, but there might also be a slight hint of worry for this little girl who didn't seem to want to run away in fear of him.

"Here, drink this," he told her as he held out the glass of water to her. Little Betty took it and gulped the whole glass of water down in one go.

Once Little Betty put the glass down, the blockage was gone and she could breathe again. However, in the next second, big fat tears started rolling down her cheeks and she leapt into Zeke's arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as she sobbed and sobbed. That experience was terrifying for the little girl.

Zeke sat frozen on his chair, his arms hanging in mid air, as if he was unsure of what to do with them. The girl's sobs were loud in his ear and he felt his shirt getting wet from her tears but he didn't know what to do to calm her down. He had never spent time with any children before let alone crying ones! 

What was he supposed to do?! His eyes met Charles' gaze and Charles mimed to Zeke to hug the child and pat her back gently. Zeke followed his actions without thinking about it. He wrapped his arms around the child and patted her back. This action, although it looked very awkward to whoever was watching, seemed to have worked because Little Betty's sobs slowed and quieted down. After another minute, she had completely stopped crying. 

This was the scene that greeted Abi and Alex when they finally got back to the mansion. Abi's eyes were wide with shock while Alex's expression was again filled with mischief as he smirked at Zeke with a taunting smile. Alex didn't stay around and he headed up to shower and change while Abi walked towards the little girl and took her from Zeke's arms. He gladly let Abi take the little girl before he too, immediately left the scene, as if he was a robber that was about to be caught on the scene by the cops.

A different kind of happiness

Alex, Abigail and Little Betty were all sitting in Alex's car, with Abi in the passenger seat and Little Betty in the back seat, as they headed towards the orphanage. 

Little Betty had told Abi what happened during breakfast and Abi was glad that the little girl was alright. She felt bad for leaving her alone that morning and promised herself that she wouldn't do that again.

The car ride wasn't as silent as Alex would have liked because little Betty regaled them with this story and that story during the whole trip. Abi was attentive to her but she was also aware that these would be the last moments she would get to spend with Alex before he left. 

She kept glancing at the man but she also knew that she couldn't disturb him while driving. 

Finally, they arrived at the orphanage. Abi watched Betty enter the gate before she turned and looked at Alex. She was standing by the car's window, looking down at him. 

"Take care, Alex," she said as she reluctantly raised her hand to wave him goodbye. 

Alexander smiled seeing her meek actions and he gestured at her to move her face closer. 

"Little lamb, what should a good girlfriend do when her boyfriend is about to leave?" he asked softly and Abi blinked. 

There was only one answer that appeared in her mind. And thus, the next moment, she landed a soft, sweet kiss on his cheek. 

Alex stared at her quietly for a few seconds as soon as she pulled away. He looked like he wanted to say something but he changed his mind. 

"Never mind… I'll teach you more about this once I return," he told her and his eyes became serious. "Don't do anything stupid while I'm away, okay, little fruit?" he added and without waiting for her response, he accelerated and left. 

Abi faced her day as usual. She was doing fine and she enjoyed the children's play that morning. However, she couldn't stop thinking about Alex. The thought that she was not going to see him at the end of the day made her feel a little depressed. She already wanted him to come back.  

"So? How far did you two go as of now?" Kelly started her interrogation. The two were sitting in their favorite café because Kelly had come to the orphanage a while ago to see her and of course, to chit chat with her about her life with that Mr. Qin guy.  

"He kissed me," she replied, blushing while Kelly's mouth dropped. 

"Ohh… he kissed you. Okay, and?"

"And it was so wonderful, Kelly. He gave me a magical first kiss." 

Kelly was confused.

"Wait, Abi… what I'm asking is... You guys already went further than kissing, right?" 

Abi blinked at her and just seeing that look made Kelly feel like bumping her head on the table. 

"Like?" she even asked and Kelly lost it.

"Like s-sex, Abi!" She blurted out with some frustration and gladly, no one heard her. 

Abi's face immediately burned red. Kelly had already subtly warned her about this on the day she decided to live in Alex's house but she couldn't believe that her friend was asking her this. 

"Ahem… have you two already gone that far?" Kelly whispered but to her shocked surprise, Abi shook her head. 

"You haven't? A-abi, are you sure?" Kelly looked like she couldn't believe it. 

"I am sure, Kelly. Uhm, can we not talk about that? I wanna tell you about my first kiss, Kelly." She beamed and before Kelly could recover from the shocking news - that they actually still haven't done the deed despite living together - Abi started narrating her magical experience, with a smile as blinding as the sun.

"H-he did that?!!! That man? Inside the house?!!" Kelly exclaimed. 


When Abi confirmed it, Kelly looked like she was a plant that suddenly withered. Her head fell and bumped on the table. She couldn't believe it. She knew that her friend wasn't lying but, she couldn't believe that there was still men like that Mr. Qin out there in this world. How could he be so romantic?! 

"Ahh… my poor single heart!! T^T" Kelly could only cry without tears. "I'm so happy for you! I think you found the right guy. I apologize for thinking that he's a demon. It looks like he is far from the cold hearted man I envisioned. You're so lucky, Abi. I think the heavens gave you that guy to make you happy."

 Kelly hugged her friend tightly. She felt a little jealous because Abi just experienced something that only seemed to happen in movies, but she was genuinely happy for her. No one in this world deserved that kind of experience but this innocent and lovely girl. She deserved all the goodness that this world could offer.    

"Thank you, Kelly." Abi felt a little bit emotional about Kelly's reaction. She knew that Kelly was a true friend who cared about her and wanted to see her happy so Abi was very thankful to have such a great friend by her side. 

"So, are you going back home tonight?" Kelly asked and Abi nodded. 

"Mm. I miss my dad and my grandma and grandpa," she answered with a smile.

The two stayed at the cafe for a while longer and chatted about other things before Kelly sent Abi back home. 

Her family was overjoyed that Abi came back prior to the day that she told them. They missed their princess and now that she was here, everyone was happy.

Abi was also very happy to be back because she really missed them a lot. 

They enjoyed their dinner and after that, as Abi was washing the dishes, her grandmother came and talked to her while helping her dry the plates. 

"You look lovely, Abigail. I can tell that you're enjoying your life in the city," her grandma told her and Abi looked at her in surprise.

"Honey, did you find someone you like?" she asked again and Abi didn't know but her heart suddenly accelerated. She even blushed as Alex's face immediately appeared in her head.

Looking at her with loving eyes, her grandmother smiled.

"I can see it in your eyes, my girl. You were always a happy child but I can see a different kind of happiness in your eyes now." She caressed Abi's back and Abi became speechless. She couldn't believe that her grandmother saw right through her just like that.

"It's okay… I know you've always been scared, that's why I'm happy to see you enjoying yourself. If it makes you happy, then, don't hesitate and go for it. Remove the shackles around your heart, and don't hold back. There's no need to be scared. Face the world and live the way you want, okay?" her grandmother said and Abi instantly felt emotional. 

She hugged her dear grandmother and she felt her immense support. It was as if she had sent her some fighting spirit and bravery and strength to keep going and Abi was so thankful for having a grandmother like her. 

"Thank you, grandma. I love you." she whispered and they both smiled at each other.


It was a pleasant morning when Abi woke up. She spent the remaining time with her family and had a happy breakfast with them. 

Her dad drove her back to the orphanage. On the drive there, the father and daughter talked about Abi's life in the city until they reached their destination. Her father didn't stop encouraging her, telling her to live her life happily before he left. 

Abi stood there, waving to her dad as she watched her father's car disappear from her eyes. 

She let out a sigh and smiled before she entered the building and went to work. 

The day was lively and joyful as always inside the orphanage. The kids and the people inside were all like her family as well and she always felt good working with them. 

She was glad that it was busy that day to keep her mind somewhat occupied because she couldn't stop thinking about Alex. She already lost some sleep last night because of him and now that she was at work, she couldn't believe that his face was still distracting her, until in the end, she found herself waiting for twilight to come. 

The day was busy and yet she felt like it was dragging on. Indeed, it was true that time slowed down like a wounded turtle when waiting for something to come but flew fast like a bird when you weren't. 

Finally, twilight came. Abi stepped out of the building and looked at the mini children's park in front. Her eyes were drawn to the empty swing and she silently walked towards it. She sat on it and swung a little, just letting her body sway lightly. 

Abi was thinking about Alex again. She had tried to call Alex last night but for some reason, he was out of reach. Kai was also the same. She couldn't help but feel uneasy. The thoughts, 'what if he will not come back?', 'what if he will not appear before her anymore?' flooded her mind but she couldn't help it. 

For the first time, Abi was extremely bothered with the fact that she really didn't know anything about Alex. All she knew was that he was related to the tycoon, Ezekiel Qin. Everyone knew that Ezekiel Qin was a self-made man. She also read a magazine saying that he was an orphan. Knowing this made Abi feel confused when Alex told her that Ezekiel was his close kin. But then, she shrugged those thoughts away because at the time, she thought that it was fine for Alex not to tell her anything. 

But she was wrong. She wasn't fine with it at all. She wanted to know more about him. Who were his family? Where were they? Was he living in that huge mansion for a long time now or did he just decide to live in it lately? 

Abigail couldn't help but feel scared. She was scared that one day, Alex would just disappear like an enchanting phantom she just met in her dreams. 

Abi let out a deep sigh and looked up at the sky. 

She missed Alex so badly. It was only about 34 hours since she last saw him and she already felt like weeks had passed by. She wasn't waiting for her time to end anymore. She was no longer thinking about the opportunities that life had taken from her. Her mind and heart were now only thinking about a particular someone, and waiting for that someone to come back. She realized that her life had really changed.

At that moment, while Abi was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly felt a chill coming from behind her. She was initially excited because she thought that Alex was finally here but after a second, she realised that this wasn't the same feeling she felt when Alex became cold towards her. This was different. It reeked with danger, malice and bloodlust that caused Abi's body to immediately react. 

Her heart accelerated as she started to force herself to turn around. She knew that someone was behind her and she felt to her bones that she was in grave danger. She could feel it. She tried to convince herself that it was just her imagination and that maybe, it was just a ghost - she was terrified of ghosts.

She swallowed and her mind prepared for her to scream, however, her throat suddenly dried up like a well in the desert. This menacing aura that someone behind her was emitting was too strong for her to handle that her body had surrendered before she realized it.

She gripped the swing's chains as she tried to force her body to move. She knew she couldn't run at this rate. And thus, she decided to turn and look behind her. 

But before she could move her head, someone's voice made her freeze in place. 

"Don't move, Abigail." The voice said and Abi's eyes widened. Her eyes darted to the source of the voice which came from in front of her and what she saw shocked her. 

"A-alex…" She thought she had called out his name but no sound came out of her lips. Alex was there, standing a few steps away in front of her. When did he get here?  

The man wasn't looking at her, however. His eyes zeroed in on something or someone behind her. But seeing him felt like she just saw her moon in the darkness. Her frozen body began to melt and she knew that she would be able to move now.  

Just as Abi was about to move to run towards him, Alex stopped her again.

"I told you. Don't move," he commanded, his voice hard and stern. She saw his eyes burning with danger, locking her down in place. 

Abi swallowed as she finally realized that this situation was more dangerous than she thought. She remembered Alex's expression when he saved her that night in that bar but that expression paled in comparison to this. His face was so much calmer this time but there was a burning hell in his eyes. It was so frightening that Abi didn't even realize that she had held her breath for a long time just looking at his eyes.

"Close your eyes, Abigail," were the next words she heard.  The man didn't even glance at her. "Now! And don't open them until I say so." 

Abi was forced to close her eyes and then in the next second, a cold wind blew past her as noises began to ring in her ears.


Abi sat as still as a statue as she listened hard to what was happening behind her. She heard a crack as something - maybe a fist? - made strong contact into someone's face. She had heard bones crack before, when Alex had stood on that man's hand at the bar and this sounded akin to that. Seconds later, she could hear more bones cracking, thumps and thuds. The murderous auras that came from behind her were extreme. She had never felt such incredibly dark and killing intent in her life!

Abi's heart began to pump wildly as ever because she could that the fight going on behind her was very dangerous. There were so many sounds coming from behind her but she couldn't make sense of them anymore and just as she was about to cover her ears, everything fell silent. 

"A-alex? Are you alright? I am opening my eyes," she said when she couldn't bear it anymore. She was worried to death about him and she desperately wanted to know if Alex was alright. She knew that he wasn't weak - in fact she had seen how dangerous he was when he took down that man in the bar - but still, she couldn't help but feel worried. 

"Alex!" she called out again and when she heard no response, she turned around but before she could open her eyes, a pair of large hands covered her eyes. 

"What a disobedient little lamb." She heard Alex's voice and she knew that he was the one holding her. 

"W-what's going on?" she asked but the man didn't respond. 

After half a minute, Alex finally removed his hands from her eyes. Abi looked at him and then looked behind him. There was no one around. 

"Where is…" she looked at him in confusion and with a million questions in her eyes. His glimmering eyes and his long black coat made him look like the most beautiful villain. Her eyes surveyed him and he didn't have any injuries at all, not even dirt on his clothes.

The man just ran his fingers through his hair as he let out a sigh.  

"Ah. He ran away," he replied. His expression was back to his usual laid back look as if nothing had happened at all.


"Mm. Your stalker."

"My stalker? I don't have a stalker," she argued. She had been working here for years now and she never experienced being stalked before - this was because Kelly had dealt with them all before she found out - but even then, this was the first time she had ever felt that kind of chilling feeling where she felt someone truly had murderous intentions towards.  

"You do… but I just beat him so he escaped," he insisted nonchalantly. Abi looked at him with suspicion but the man suddenly carried her and put her inside a car before he walked around and sat in the driver's seat. 

He started the engine and looked at Abi. 

"What, you're not happy that I am back?" he asked, flashing that mischievous yet enchanting smile that Abi had missed so much.

Abi was forced to return her attention to him.  

She knelt on the passenger seat and faced towards him. She rested her hands on his shoulders as she looked deeply into his eyes. That hellish look was gone, leaving no trace that it was ever there.  

"I am… I thought you weren't going to come," she told him as she bit her lip. "Thank you for saving me," she added and she hugged him.

Alex's mischievous smirk faded. For some reason, what she said made him look like he wasn't pleased, as if he didn't like that she had thanked him because he didn't deserve it.

But then, his mood was quick to change again. 

"What? Did you think that I died or something?" he asked smugly and Abi's eyes widened. 

She looked at him with wide eyes, and then, the next moment, her lips trembled. 

"I… I never… I would never think like that… I would never think that you're… that you're…" she stammered and then tears began to fall from her eyes. 

Alexander was speechless. He didn't get this girl. Why was she suddenly tearing up?

"Ugh… I can't believe this." He ran his fingers through his hair as he looked at the crying little lamb that was glaring at him. "My girlfriend isn't just a naïve little lamb and an unripe little fruit. She's also a crybaby." He shook his head, although he didn't look mad or frustrated. He cupped her little face and rubbed her tears away with his thumb. 

"How did a creature like you even end up with someone like me?" he asked and Abi puffed her cheeks. "Sigh… stop crying now –" 

"It's because you're saying such awful things. Why would you think that I would think that way?!" she argued like a wronged little kid.

Alex's mouth hung open. "So you're actually crying not because of what happened but because of what I said? You're so unbelievable, Abigail. I have no words left for you."

"Please don't say things like that again!"

"Hey, that was a joke, okay? I know that a little lamb like you won't even think about it. I know that you would probably even want to give a proper burial for the dead mosquitoes so… ah, what am I saying?" He shook his head and pinched the skin between his brows. 

"Take your seat, Abigail, and put on your seatbelt," he then said and the girl did as she was told. 

The next moment, he accelerated the car and the car flew like a bullet. 

Alex was waiting for her to scream or beg him to slow down but it didn't come. He looked at her and to his surprise, the girl's mouth even formed an 'O' as if she couldn't believe what was going on. In fact, she looked thrilled! 

He shook his head again. This was the same girl who just cried over a joke a while ago. The same girl… this little fruit…

All the girls Alex drove in his car like this cried and screamed and some even got traumatised and never wanted to ride with him again but this little lamb… how could she be so brave and so weak at the same time? What was she? 

Alex accelerated even more to gauge her reaction but the girl didn't show even a slight hint of fear. She was really a daredevil, he was sure of it now. 

The car then stopped in the middle of a beautiful bridge overlooking the city's skyline. 

He looked at Abi and took her hand. 

"Did your scratches finally heal?" he asked and Abi nodded. 


Alex inspected her hand and was glad to see that it was indeed better. He then looked at her with the sexiest, most seductive look in his eyes and that damned gorgeous and irresistible smirk on his lips and said, "Good. Because I'm going to make you pay your debts tonight."