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✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 161 | 162.... 165✍️✍️✍️✍️


Saying Goodbye (2)

"Alicia." A familiar voice called out to me. I have heard this voice many times since I arrived in this palace. But even after this many years I can't help but feel the distance between us.

I look around to find king father walking towards me. All the people that he passed by bowed down to him.

"Greetings to you king father." I curtsied when he was just a few steps in front of me.

"Rise my child." Father said

I looked up and see father looking at me with love and affection that he has never once shown to me before. This surprised me so I turned my gaze away, not to the extent that he would notice.

"Let me look at you before you leave." Father gently cupped my face and raised my face. He looked at me with such warmth. "You really have your mother's looks."

My father's words gave me a sense of warmth. Something I have craved from him since the first time I met him.

"I want to apologize to you my child." Father's voice was firm and gentle. "I have never been such a father to you. I know that in your heart, you have some ill feelings towards me."

His words shook me. It is true that I have some ill feelings against him to some extent. It has been many years since he has taken me in as his daughter but he never once been a father to me. Even though in the exterior, I seem to be okay with his cold treatment towards me but deep down inside, I have always hoped he would love me even just a bit. The years that I lived and grew up with my step siblings, seeing them being treated well by my father made me envious.

And now with father's words, my inner most feelings are trying to surface. I was trying to suppress the tears that are at the rim of my eyes.

"Oh, my Alicia." Father might have seen how I was fighting back the tears from falling. He quickly pulled me into his embrace. "Shh, don't cry. It's father's fault. It's all this father's fault."

His words broke the dam that was holding back my feelings. I then cried out loud like a child in her father's embrace.

"Why? Why only now father?" I let out my pent up frustration on him. "I have always craved for your love. I have tried my best to be well behaved. I have always hoped that even though I was just an illegitimate child, if I behave well you would at least give a glance or a simple recognition. But it was all in vain. I thought you really never loved me, that I was just a mistake that you made for only one night with my mother who was only a maid."

"Shhh…shhh. It's my fault, please forgive me." Father was patting my back trying to console me. "I know my past actions cannot be forgiven lightly and all my reasons are just excuses, but please don't think that I do not love you."

Father held my face and lifted it up. He gently wiped away the tears with his thumb. "I have always loved you as my daughter Alicia. You were never a mistake my child. Don't ever think of that. Your mother is the only woman I have ever loved in my life. I had made bad choices, wrong decisions and I have regretted all of them until now. But at least I want to correct one mistake and that is to show you that I love you, my daughter."

Hearing the words 'I love you' and 'My daughter' made my heart squeeze with both pain and happiness. This made me cry even more and father never let go of me in his embrace. He continuously comforted me in my sobs.

I didn't know how long I have cried after my sobs have subsided. When I calmed down, father released me from his embrace.

"Are you alright now?" Father asked me with gentleness while wiping the remaining tears away.

I nodded as a reply and a handkerchief was handed to me in an instant. When I looked up, I see Regaleon who was handing me his handkerchief.

"Have you calmed down?" Regaleon asked with patience. I nodded to his question and took his handkerchief and wiped my eyes from the tear stains.

"Father in law." Regaleon gave his greeting to father and father nodded as acknowledgement. "I hate to interrupt but I am afraid we must proceed with the parade."

"I understand." Father replied curtly.

I nearly forgot that the grand parade was about to start and that we were standing at place where many people were preparing. When I looked around the employees and maids that were busy were looking at us with tearing eyes.

'They just saw our family drama.' I thought. This made me felt embarrassed. I feel like I want to dig a hole on the ground and hide.

Regaleon may have noticed my embarrassment, he pulled me into his embrace with my face buried into his chest.

"If you can excuse us father in law? I want to take Alicia to freshen her up." Regaleon asked.

Regaleon's reasons is what I really need right now. I feel that my eyes were swollen from the crying.

"Of course." Father gave us his permission.

Before Regaleon was able to escort me away, father called out to him.

"Prince Regaleon." Father called and Regaleon turned around. "Please take care of my daughter in my stead." I can hear father's utmost sincerity with his request.

Regaleon hooked up his lips into his clever smile. "Even without you asking your grace, I intend to take care of her until the day I die."

There was a hint of irritation in my father's face for an instant but then he heaved a sigh and nodded in acknowledgement.

After that Regaleon took me away to help me freshen up before the grand parade begins.

An Insect Repellant?

After my brief moment with father, Regaleon escorted me inside a receiving room to tend to my swollen eyes from crying.

Not long a maid came in carrying a small towel and a tub of ice cold water.

Regaleon took the tub and the small towel from the maid. "You may go." He ordered and the maid bowed down and left silently.

I see Regaleon dip the small towel inside the tub of ice water.

"I can do that myself." I shyly said.

Regaleon was the crown prince of a powerful nation. It is a little embarrassing to let him attend to me.

"No need. Let me." Regaleon smiled sweetly at me that it made my heart flutter.

Regaleon pushed me gently on the couch to lay down. I closed my eyes and let him put the cold towel on top of my eyes.

"This is a little embarrassing." I confessed to him. "I should be the one attending to you. Not the other way around. What will your country men say if they knew that the crown prince of their great nation is the one attending to his wife to be?"

I hear Regaleon lightly chuckle. "There are no laws in my country banning a crown prince from attending to his wife." He said with an amused voice. "I will rather call this 'spoiling' my wife to be. And doing this brings me great joy."

I slowly lifted the towel from my eyes to take a peek at Regaleon. I saw him gazing at me with such gentleness and warmth. This made me smile.

"But by the time I become your wife, let me attend to you more. I would like to take care of you as a wife should be." This promise I really want to do. Just by imagining the both of us, getting older side by side give me a sense of fulfillment. It gives me something to look forward to in the future.

"I will look forward to it in the future." Regaleon said with a smile, as if reading my thoughts. He leaned down carefully and planted a kiss on my lips.

His kiss was sweet and light. His tongue carefully nibbles on my lips and slowly slipped in between. What was just a light kiss at first now deepened. I can feel his vigor while ravaging the inside of my mouth. Our tongues intertwine with each other and my breath hitched up. My body was feeling a bit hot and wanting. I hooked my arms around his neck and slid my fingers on his silky black hair. The feel of his hair between my fingers was soft and smooth. I can feel Regaleon's hands explore my waist towards my back. His light caress made my body even hotter. Our breaths are becoming heavier while seconds pass by.

'Knock knock'

Our passionate kiss was interrupted with the knock on the door. Regaleon let go of my lips and sighed with irritation.

"Yes?!" Regaleon's voice was a little angry.

"Pardon my intrusion your highness." It was Theon's voice outside the room. "But the parade is about to begin."

Regaleon seemed a bit disappointed and heaved a heavy sigh. "I understand. We will be there shortly."

"Yes." Theon replied and we heard his footsteps leaving.

Seeing Regaleon's disappointed expression made me giggle.

"What are you laughing at?" Regaleon asked me teasingly.

"N-Nothing in particular." I tried not to laugh out loud.

"Oh you are laughing at me huh." Regaleon looked at me mischievously.

"W-What are you planning?" I can see he was up to no good.

"Because you were laughing at me, I need to punish you." Regaleon said playfully.

"Ohh," I laughed out loud when Regaleon started to tickle me along my waist. He knows where I am most ticklish.

Regaleon held me firmly under his body while tickling me and I was laughing nonstop. Then he lowered his head on my neck and I can feel his lips touch side of my neck. I can feel him suck my skin and it made my body tingle.

"Hmm." I suppressed a moan escaping from my mouth.

"There that should do it." Regaleon looked at me with satisfied eyes. "With that they will know you are mine."

I looked at Regaleon a little confused and then realized what he had just done. Sometimes he loves leaving love bites in places on my body that are easily concealed. Those love bites takes days to about a week before they fade away.

Realizing what Regaleon had just done made me irritated. "What did you just do?" I slapped his shoulders and he began to laugh out loud.

"Come on, let's go. They are waiting for us." Regaleon pulled me up from the couch and led me.

Before going outside the room, I stopped by a mirror and looked at my neck. And as I have predicted, a love bite was placed at the side of my neck.

"You put it where I can't cover it. You pervert!" I slapped at his shoulder again. I don't know if am angry with him for doing this or gravely embarrassed that people in the parade can catch a glimpse of it. Maybe both.

Regaleon smiled mischievously. "You can cover it with your hair a little." He brushed my hair to the side of my shoulder with his fingers, covering the love bite.

I looked at him with pouted lips and irritation. My hair can only cover it a little but when we are on the parade outdoors, my hair would be blown by the wind.

"Alright, I am sorry. Don't get mad at me." Regaleon kissed my pouted lips. I love his playfulness but this is a little bit too far. "Don't worry. With the distance from the crowd, I am sure they won't see it."

"Are you sure?" I looked at him with a piercing gaze marked with my irritation.

"I promise you the crowd won't see it." Regaleon assured me. I sighed a little and fixed my hair over it. "You can just treat it as an insect repellant. To ward of bugs trying to get close to you."

"Insect repellant?" I asked. 'Why would a love bite be an insect repellant?' I thought to myself in confusion. Regaleon only looked at me with a knowing smile.

"Let's not keep them waiting." Regaleon held my hand and pulled me out of the room.

The Grand Parade (1)

All the preparations for the parade are set. The only ones the people are waiting are me and Regaleon.

When Regaleon and I walked hand in hand outside, I can feel the people's stares towards me. This made me a bit nervous. The ones who are here now are the employees inside the palace and also Regaleon's men. Outside will be common people of the people. Just thinking about how I will look to them made me a little stiff.

"Don't be nervous." Regaleon squeezed my hand that he was holding, giving me a sense of security. He must have sensed my anxiety. "I am right beside you." He assured me with a smile.

Once Regaleon and I reached our luxurious carriage, I see Dimitri open the doors and bowed as a greeting to us. Regaleon ushered me carefully inside the beautiful carriage that was decorated with flowers and followed after.

I take my seat on the comfy cushion and inhaled deeply. 'This is it.' I told myself.

This will be my first time leaving the capital and traveling to a foreign land. A mix of anxiety, nervousness and excitement are filling my whole body.

Regaleon took his place by my side and held my hand once again. He gave me a warm smile that was very much comforting my mixed emotions.

"Are you ready?" Regaleon asked with a soothing voice.

"Yes." I replied to him with a sweet smile.

I looked around the palace grounds one last time. I will not return to this place for a while. This palace has been my home since father brought me here. I have many memories here, good and bad. But even though I had bad memories here, I would never forsake this place. I have treated this place as my second home.

My eyes hovered to my family who was waving towards me. Grandpa Robert and Richard were the family that loved me unconditionally. Seeing them give their last farewell made my emotion stir.

'I wish Richard the best. I am looking forward to him growing up and take father's place and become a wise ruler of Alvannia.' I thought.

Then I see my father the king standing with grandpa and Richard. He had a sad smile on his face. Our last talk has let out all my grievances against him. Knowing that he also loves me as a daughter made me complete and wash away all those grievances. Even though it was late and we won't be together, I wish that in the future we can have a more pleasant talk between father and daughter.

The only step sister who was present to see me off was Veronica with his fiancé Bradford. Her eyes are still full of grievances against me. I am sure seeing me off is just for show as flail piety to father. Elizabeth on the other hand as I know is on house arrest because of the ruckus she did the last time.

'Well even if she was not on house arrest, I doubt it she would be here to see me off.' I scoffed inwardly.

"Let's begin the parade!" Regaleon said with a loud voice.

After receiving their master's order, Regaleon's men started the procession. As I know the grand parade consists of Regaleon's black knights riding in horse back in the front and back. In the middle was our carriage. And in between was my dowry to be showcased to the masses.

At the front is the dowry that my king father gave and at the back was Regaelon's betrothal gifts. I haven't personally seen the betrothal gifts that Regaleon has presented but with the rumors I have heard it was quite a fortune. Looking at the back I can see a line of open carriages with cloth covering them.

'Come to think of it, I cannot see the end of the line of carriages from where we are.' I thought. 'I should ask Regaleon how much are the gifts he has given for my betrothal were, just out of curiosity.'

When I look at my side of the carriage, I see William riding on top of his gray horse. He was wearing his white knight's uniform.

"Greetings princess Alicia, prince Regaleon." William greeted. Regaleon nodded as confirmation.

"You'll be riding near us?" I asked.

"Yes princess. As your knight, I am tasked to protect you so I must ride close." William replied with a smile.

"That's good to hear." I smiled back at him.

Not long I heard the blowing of the trumpets from the starting point of the parade. I felt our carriage started to move forward not long after. I take one last look at my family and waved them goodbye. When my eyes landed at my father I can see his mouth word to me a 'take care'.


At a distance, Gladiolus is seen taking cover under a huge tree inside the palace grounds. The parade line was just an eye shot away from him. He was looking at Alicia seating with prince Regaleon. Gladiolus was watching with an irritated face.

"Your highness." One of Gladiolus' men just came.

"Report." Gladiolus ordered.

"I am afraid the route was abruptly changed just this morning your highness." The subordinate said with a nervous look.

Rage filled up inside of Gladoulus. He gripped the tree's trunk and dug his fingers unto it with irritation.

"That damn prince is really something." Gladiolus seethed in his anger. He scoffed and started to laugh out loud. "Haha…hahaha…"

"Y-Your highness?" The subordinate became more nervous as he looked at his master laughing out loud.

"He really is a worthy opponent." Gladiolus looked at the direction of Alicia and Regaleon's carriage. "Call the men back and trace their new route. I will be the one to personally lead the attack."

"Yes your highness." The subordinate bowed and dashed out with no time to lose.

"Be happy now prince Regaleon because it won't last long." Gladiolus said. "Alicia is mine and no one can take her away from me."

Rage was filled in Gladiolus' eyes. The hand that was on the huge tree's trunk was gripped into fists and punched thru the tree's trunk. The huge tree shook violently with some of its leaves falling. A hole was left at the center of thick trunk.

"I will come for you Alicia. Wait for me." Gladiolus' gaze was on Alicia's back that was fading away from his sight.
The Grand Parade (2)

The streets of the capital were bustling with people. I can see a variety of people left and right cheering as we pass them by.

"Congratulations on your engagement princess Alicia."

"You and prince Regaleon are well suited for each other."

"We wish you good fortune on your road ahead and a bountiful wedding."

The cheers and well wishes of the people gave me a sense of happiness from the bottom of my heart. Regaleon and I are both waving and smiling at the common people while we pass by.

"Like I told you, there was nothing to be worried about." Regaleon said with a soothing voice. "The common people of Alvannia have good impressions of you."

I smiled at Regaleon's words. The common people only knew of me when I debuted in society, unlike my step siblings that were known since their birth. People inside the palace have called me the forgotten princess because of my illegitimacy and my family's treatment but all of that changed after I debuted.

After my debut I met Regaleon and William, the two men that became close to my heart. One was my lover, while the other was my best friend.

Regaleon has taught me many things while he was 'Leon' my personal knight. He taught me common and advance knowledge in history, arithmetic, arts and culture. He was also my instructor in the art of magic and sword.

William on the other hand was my close friend and confidant. Our time together when we were young and now in the present are precious memories. I may not return his affection of love towards me but at least I can love him as an older brother.

I look at William riding his gray horse by our carriage side. I see a fluffy white thing curled up in front of him and it made me lightly giggle. I remember when I requested William to let Snow ride with him in the parade, giving him the reason that Snow can't be seen riding with us in the carriage while the parade is ongoing. William happily agreed to my request.

While I was remembering this scene, I see the curled up Snow perk up her little head. Her little white ears pointed up and wiggled. I looked at her curiously.

'There is something wrong.' Snow said to me telepathically.

'What do you mean?' I asked. My happy expression just a while ago becomes stiff in an instant.

'I feel something is not right.' Snow sat up and jumped down from William's horse.

"Ah..Wait…Snow." William looked flustered with Snow's sudden departure. He looked at me with worried eyes.

I only shook my head, giving him a signal that it's okay. William nodded and resumed his riding pace.

"What's the matter?" Regaleon looked at me worryingly. He must have seen my expression change suddenly.

"It's Snow." I said. "She was worried with something and ran off somewhere."

Regaleon was deep in thought. "Familiars are still animals. They have heightened senses that normal people does not have." He said. "If Snow felt something, then I think we need to take it seriously."

Regaleon lifted his fingers towards his lips and whistled. Not long, I saw a big black bird flying in the sky.

'It's Tempest.' I saw Regaleon's familiar flying thru the sky. He flew in circles in our vicinity and then towards the beginning of the parade line.

I watched Tempest fly away and looked at Regaleon's face. His face that was once calm now scrunched his eyebrows. He was wearing a serious look in an instant.

"Dimitri." Regaleon called.

 Dimitri who was riding on the other side of the carriage rode near after he was summoned.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri replied.

"There is an ambush up ahead. Halt the parade immediately." Regaleon said with a calm but serious demeanor. "Lead the men to fight against the ambushers. I will personally escort the princess out of the capital towards where the Black Dragon army is waiting. Let a dozen of your men guard us from behind."

"I understand your highness." Dimitri nodded. He pulled his reigns and kicked his horse to run towards the front of the parade.

"Halt! Stop the parade immediately." Dimitri shouted to the knights that were escorting us in the parade. "We will not proceed with the parade. The others will help disperse the crowd in the streets while the others will come with me." He had shouted instructions.

"What is going on your highness?" William came near us and asked Regaleon.

"There is an ambush up ahead." Regaleon replied with a hushed voice.

William's eyes grew wide with Regaleon's words and then calmed down after. "Please give your orders." He asked Regaleon with a serious look.

Regaleon looked at William with understanding. He whistled a different tune from when he called Tempest. Not long I heard horse stomps coming from behind. Regaleon's black horse Midnight stopped just at the side of our carriage.

"Ahh.." I shrieked when Regaleon carried me up and placed me on top of Midnight and he followed after sitting at the back.

"Sir William, I need you to ride with us." Regaleon said. "While Dimitri engages the ambushers in battle, we will find another route outside the capital and towards where my Black Dragon army is stationed. I am sure you know the streets of the capital more than I do."

"I understand." William said with a serious expression. "Follow me."


Three big explosions were heard at the front of the parade. The crowd that was being dispersed by the knights started to scream and run. Chaos engulfed the streets of the capital.

"Let's not waste any time." Regaleon said while pulling the reigns and kicked Midnight. "Hiyah!"

William took the lead as we take another street out of the capital. We avoided the strings of people running in fright in the streets. We turned into a street where there were much lesser people. I looked around and saw at least a dozen or so black knights of Regaleon following and guarding us from behind.

"Why are they attacking with so many civilians around? Are they after us?" I asked Regaleon.

"Sometimes black hearted men do not think of the civilian casualties in achieving their goal." Regaleon said while clenching his fist holding the reigns. "Such scum doesn't deserve to live." I can hear his anger.

Our horses where running in a fast pace on the streets when a loud explosion was heard from just above us.


The horses were startled at the explosion and soon the debris from the buildings came down from above us.

"Hiyah!" Regaleon and William kicked their horses to throttle faster.

I looked at the debris that was falling right above us with shock and fright. I want to do something with my magic abilities but can't think of a way how to stop such big debris falling out of the sky and with so little time. The Atlantians magic abilities comes from the five elements of nature, hence we are still bound by natures laws. I held onto Midnight with all my might willing for the debris to stop.

And then the unthinkable happened, the falling debris that was just a few feet from above moved in slow motion. We passed thru just in time before the huge debris fell on the ground blocking the path from behind.

Ambushed (1)

The unthinkable happened, the falling debris that was just a few feet from above moved in slow motion. We passed thru just in time before the huge debris fell on the ground blocking the path from behind.

"Whoa…" Regaleon and the rest have slowed down the pace of the horses and looked back at the building debris blocking the road.

All of the people around me were dumbstruck as to what had just happened. Even I can't seem to comprehend how the debris slowed down when it was just on top of us, waiting to flatten us to death. I looked back at Regaleon with the same dumbfounded face the rest of the people are having.

Regaleon was looking at the pile of debris and looked at me after. It was like he was saying 'I know it was you who did that' while gazing into my eyes.

"How did that just happened?" William was the one to word out the question all of the people present was thinking.

"I am not sure but this isn't the time to ponder over it." Regaleon said with a calm demeanor. "We need to make haste. This area is not safe. Sir William, please lead the way."

"Yes." William still had that dumbfounded look but it was replaced with a serious look in no time. He resumed leading the way.

Regaleon pulled Midnight's reigns and resumed in following William on his chosen path. As before, the knights that were left followed us from behind. The horses were running in full speed while navigating the streets of the capital.

I noticed that the road we were taking now leads to the east gate of the capital. Just one turn and we will reach the road where the east gate was just a few kilometers ahead. As we take that turn, the building located just at the corner of that turn exploded. Fire started to spread like wild fire before our eyes, blocking our path.

"William!" I shout while I see William was flown out from his horse from the impact of the explosion.

"Whoa…" Regaleon was able to stop Midnight just before the fire spread in front of us.

Then dozen upon dozen of arrows started to rain from above us.

"Men, take cover!" Regaleon ordered.

I quickly came down from Midnight and ran towards William who was lying unconscious on the ground.

"Alicia!" I heard Regaleon call out to me but my worries are with William who was lying on the ground while arrows are raining down.

"William…Will!" I got down on my knees beside William. "Please talk to me, William!" My heart was pounding hard inside my ribcage that I thought it will fly out any second.

William was facing down the ground. I can see his clothes were tattered and are stained with some blood.

'Cough cough'

Then I hear him cough. This made my pounding heart slow down a few notches. William tried to get up and so I helped him sit up. When he sat up I saw blood trailing from his forehead, he might have hit his head when he fell from his horse. His body was filled with scratches and wounds but thankfully I can't see any major bleeding besides the wound from his forehead.

"Will, are you okay? Can you get up?" I asked him urgently. "The enemies are raining arrows overhead. We need to find cover."

"I…guess so." William said with a grunt.

I lifted his arm up and draped it on my shoulder to help him up.

"Ahh…!" William flinched in pain. He held the side of his ribs. "I think I have broken a few ribs."

"I'm sorry." I looked at him apologetic. Then I slowly lifted him up and supported him.

When we started to walk I scanned the vicinity we were in. The knights that were guarding us are parrying the incoming arrows from above and finding cover in nearby buildings. Regaleon was just a few feet from us.

"How is he?" Regaleon walked towards us and exchanged with me in supporting William.

"His head is bleeding and I think his ribs are broken. Aside from that and some scratches, I think there are no other major wounds in his body."

Regaleon led us inside a deserted shop. Thankfully there are in civilians in the vicinity when the explosion happened. The people might have evacuated beforehand thanks to Regaleon's men. He laid down William on the floor carefully. I can see William flinch in pain.

"I…I'm sorry. I am of no help to you now." William said with his eyebrows squinted in pain.

"It's alright. Just lie down and rest for a while." Regaleon took of his over coat ripped it apart. He used the ripped cloth and pressed it on William's wound in the forehead to stop the bleeding. "Lili hold this down for me."

I took Regaleon's place and pressed the cloth on William's forehead.

"Who are they? What are they after?" I asked in a frantic tone. The knights outside were defending us from the attackers. For sure after the arrow attack, the ambushers will go down to subdue us personally.

"I am afraid they are after you?" Regaleon said with anger in his eyes.

"Me?" I looked at him dumbfounded.

"When the arrows were raining from above us, I realized that they were not firing on your position." Regaleon said.

With this reason I know Regaleon deduced that the ambushers are after me and they want me alive.

"But why me?" I asked. "What could they possibly want with me?"

"There is only one man I can think of that has the audacity to challenge me." Regaleon unsheathed his sword. "The crown prince of Jennova, Gladiolus." Rage was written all over Regaleon's face.

Once Regaleon mentioned Gladiolus, it dawned to me. The past few days that he visited me and tried to persuade me to go to his country. I never thought he would go this far to get me, even hurt innocent people.

"Then this fire that was spreading…" I wondered about how the fire spread so fast on the few blocks of the street and stop us from advancing. This fire was not normal and like it has a life of its own.

"They are magic users I presume. They are surely under prince Gladiolus." Regaleon also deduced.

Regaleon was right. Apart from Grandcrest where Regaleon fought to give political amnesty to the refugees of Atlantia, for sure the surviving royal family of Atlantia who is my aunt and her son also have loyal Atlantian survivors working for them.

"Let me talk to them. I am also of Atlantian royal blood. Maybe I can persuade them to…" I was telling Regaleon my opinion when he cut me off.

"Lili, I am afraid that won't do any good!" Regaleon said with anger. "They are after YOU. What they want is obtaining you. I am sure they only take orders from that prince of theirs. And I am sure they are blinded by their loyalty to the royal family. They still think that having to continue the Atlantian royal pureblood and produce an heir will help their nation rise from the ashes. That just makes me sick!"

Regaleon was raging in anger. This was the second time I saw him like this, like a demon burning with fury.

"Stay here and guard Sir William." Regaleon said.

"Where are you going?" I was startled with Regaleon's decision. I don't want him to go away from my sight. I held his hand before he got up and gripped it tight. I know that he is strong but still, I can't push away my worries that he might get hurt. Especially now, that he is up against magic users. 

"I need to give Dimitri a signal where we are. With the enemy knowing you are here, for sure they will swarm here in no time. We will need reinforcements." Regaleon said. "Don't worry, I will be fine." He saw the worry in my face. He pulled his hand gently away from my grip and caressed my cheek.

Regaleon pulled in closer to my face and planted a kiss on my trembling lips. I closed my eyes savoring the heat of his lips that gave comfort to my worried heart.

"Be careful." I said when we parted lips.

"I always am." Regaleon smiled my favorite smile. "Because someone is waiting for me to return."