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"Beware of false knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance."- George Bernand Shaw


Irene was shaken as she made her way to Zamiel's home. She had never seen Heaven look like that before. She looked like a ghost, or someone whose soul had left their body. There was terror in her eyes that terrified her by just gazing into them. Whatever happened must be serious, but she couldn't understand how. 

Zamiel was an ancient demon. He had survived being poisoned, having a sword thrust in and out of his body and a stab in the spine. What could Heaven have done that could possibly kill him? Why did she look so terrified? 

Was this Lothaire's doing? Did he put so much fear in her that she actually thought she could kill Zamiel? And where did the blood come from? 

Heaven would never hurt Zamiel, which made her realize that she must have been compelled. Irene was shocked and deeply disturbed. She never thought Lothaire would go that far to hurt their grandchild. She knew manipulation was what he did, so she wasn't shocked when he manipulated, but this was different. Heaven had never done anything to him. 

Irene hoped she was wrong and all this was just a bad dream. She held her breath as she made her way to Zamiel's room, hoping and wishing, but it was all in vain. She could already feel the smell of blood and hear someone grunting. When she walked into the room, she found Zamiel on the floor in a pool of blood. 

He was groaning and writhing in pain and breathing heavily in between. Irene could immediately tell it was serious from all the blood on the floor, but also from his pale complexion. He had no color left on his skin and he could barely bring himself to say something or even help himself stop the bleeding. 

Irene hurried to his side and went down on her knees. The blood overwhelmed her, but she became dizzy when she realized where the wound was located. He was stabbed in the heart and the wound seemed deep. If Heaven truly stabbed him, then Irene could be in danger. Would he trust her to take care of him, or would he unleash his fury on her? 

It didn't matter. She had to save him or Heaven would never forgive herself if anything happened to her mate. 


He shot his eyes open, but they seemed unfocused and pained. He didn't even care to look at her too long before he shut them tightly and clenched his jaw to endure the pain. Something was happening to him. This was more than just a pain from a stab. 

"What is happening to you?" 

He sucked in a deep breath, his hands clenched and unclenched. His legs trembled and his face twisted in pain. She could see all the veins on his neck and forehead. 

"You have to tell me so that I can help you." She urged. 

While she spoke to him, she put her hand on the wound to stop the bleeding. She knew nothing about taking care of wounds. She could take away the pain with magic, but would she be able to endure it? She would have to stay awake if she wanted to take care of him, and taking his pain would make her unable to help him. 

Healing him using a spell was another option, but just like the pain, the damage would have to go somewhere. With magic, giving something needed a source of power, but taking something needed strength. Taking her son's emotional pain had made her sick for days. Healing a wound that could lead to death would probably kill her, and it would take her a very long time to recover from death. 

But why wasn't he healing? She couldn't understand. 

"Will you heal? What happened to you?" 

"Poi... son." He said. 

Poison? Did Heaven poison him?

Wait! This meant she wouldn't just have to heal the wound from the stab but also take the poison into her body. She would die immediately before she could even help him. It would be useless. She had to find another way, but hopefully he would heal by himself. There was no reason he wouldn't. He would have to endure the pain for a long time, but he would heal.

Irene felt a rush of cold air against her back and her heart skipped a beat. Before she could turn, she already knew a demon was in the room with her. Turning back, she found a silver-haired demon standing in the room and he stared at her with his pale blue eyes. She hoped he was someone loyal to Zamiel who could help. 

The man didn't introduce himself. He just hurried to Zamiel's side and looked at his face, almost as if he was communicating with him. From the way Zamiel calmy looked back at the man, he probably trusted him. 

"Will he heal?" Irene asked the silver-haired demon. 

"I am not sure." He replied. 

"But why? Why won't he heal?" 

"Because it was Heaven who stabbed him. Pain inflicted by her heals slower, even more in her presence." 

So Heaven was right. She wasn't just afraid. It was all true.

Irene felt her heart sink. Before she could digest the information, she received the silver-haired demon put his hand inside the wound on Zamiel's chest causing him to groan in pain. 

Irene winced. "What are you doing?"

"I need to find the blood vessel to stop the bleeding." He said, then he frowned and pulled his hand out. "He stopped bleeding." 

Irene knew it wasn't good news. It was bad. They were sitting in a pool of blood,  so he probably lost all blood in his body. Her heart skipped a beat. Was he going to die? 

She looked at Zamiel. His eyes seemed to roll back in his head before his body went limp. His heart was quiet and his breathing nonexistent. But this was normal with ancients. It didn't have to mean that he was dead. He couldn't be dead. 

"The poison is slowing down his healing." The man said.

"We need to find an antidote." 

The man shook his head. "His body has already absorbed the poison and his organs are already damaged."

"We need to do something." Irene said desperately. "I will heal him." 

She put her hand on the wound and the first surge of damage into her body made her heart almost seize to beat. Irene pulled her hand away. The pain was shocking and made her shiver. 

"It is useless. You will just kill yourself and it won't help him. It is not just his heart that needs healing." The man spoke. 

"It is better than nothing." She said stubbornly and put her hand on the wound again. She couldn't let him die. 

The man grabbed her hand to stop her. "It is useless." He repeated more firmly this time. "I can sense your power. It won't even heal his heart before you die, let alone his whole body." 

"I am stronger than you think." She said. 

"Not stronger than him, but look at him. If you can heal him than he can heal himself." 

It was true. There was nothing her healing could do that his already couldn't. 

What was she supposed to do now? What would happen to him? 




"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Aristotle


The silver-haired demon's name was Ilyas. He helped her clean up, and they placed Zamiel on his bed. He looked dead, but Ilyas assured her he wasn't. 

Irene mixed some herbs with healing properties and put it on his wound before bandaging him up. Now they would just have to wait and hope that he would heal. 

Feeling anxious, she sat beside his bed, praying that he would be alright. She wanted to go back to Heaven and assure her that everything was alright. She never felt this desperate before. If anything happened to this man, her granddaughter would never be the same. 

Irene looked over at llyas. She wondered why he let her stay if he knew it was Heaven who hurt Zamiel. She wanted to explain to him that Heaven would never hurt her mate and there was something else going on. But looking at his expression, it looked like he didn't want or need an explanation. He was the type to just follow orders and he wouldn't do anything besides what he was ordered. She was only there because Zamiel didn't order him to make her leave. 

The one she might have to explain to would be Zamiel. Poison and a witch wasn't a good combination for someone who has been through what he had been through. How would he react if he recovered? Would he resent Heaven?

Irene shook her head. Right now, the most important thing was for him to recover. She couldn't imagine what Heaven must feel at this moment, knowing she hurt her mate and not being able to be by his side. 

Did Lothaire really do this? She didn't know who to be more disappointed at. At him or at herself for believing he was better than this, when she knew he was very well capable of such things. 

Wasn't that why she had decided to not be with him if he went back to his mission? He had told her the kind of person he became when he went there. He never hid that from her, and he had wanted her to be his queen and rule by his side. He wanted all of them to live there together and rule. But wouldn't they eventually turn out to be like him if they went with him? Wouldn't that mean accepting what he did or turning a blind eye even if they didn't join him in his activities? 

Irene didn't want to live amongst or associate herself with people who did evil deeds. She didn't want to be one of them because she didn't believe that one could remain good in the company of bad people. She didn't want to abandon her morals and values and she didn't want to lose her humanity because according to Roshan, that is what happened when you went to the devil's world. 

Irene had explained to Lothaire why she couldn't follow him, and he had seemed to understand. And he had explained why he couldn't stay with her, and she had accepted it. Now that she thought about it, they were fine when he left. Both of them had made their choices and chose different lifestyles where the other didn't fit in. When did things turn bad?

She didn't seem to recall the exact moment things changed. Only after. 

While waiting for Zamiel to recover, Irene couldn't stop pondering on it. She was sure that she and Lothaire went separate ways with no bad feelings between them. She had felt sad that he left, but she hadn't tried to hate him, to replace the love she had for him, because she had no reason to. 

So when did the guilt of loving him start which caused her to try hating him instead? 

She shook her head. Maybe he was right, and she was thinking too much. After some time she had probably missed him and it became hard to endure a life without him, so she made up lies to make it easier for herself. She was disappointed with herself. Heaven was truly unlucky to have two bad grandparents.

She looked over at Zamiel and her eyes teared up. She prayed to God to at least save her granddaughter's mate. Heaven deserved to have more good people in her life. 

Zamiel started coughing and Irene shot up from her seat and loomed over him. "Zamiel?"

He didn't reply and seemed to fall back into unconsciousness again. He kept doing that, scaring her and giving her hope every time he opened his eyes, but then disappointing her when he fell back like a dead body. 

She could see that his body was fighting the poison and trying to heal. He was sweating, but his body remained freezing cold. He would tremble sometimes and groan in pain when he was awake. 

Irene had never seen someone go through so much agony. She could see relief in his eyes every time he was becoming unconscious again. Relief that the pain would end and that he wouldn't have to endure it anymore. It frightened her of what this torture would do to his mind. 

"Please, don't hate Heaven." She whispered even though he couldn't hear her. 

The next time he opened his eyes, he moved his mouth. He was saying something, but she couldn't understand. She leaned over him, bringing her ear closer. 

"He... Hea... ven."

Heaven. He was asking for Heaven. Was it in a good way or a bad way?

Suddenly his hand came up and his fingers wrapped themselves around her arm in a steel like grip. After everything he had been through, she was shocked by his strength. 

"Hea... ven. Where... she?" 

Oh no. From his tone, this seemed bad. 

"Heaven… she sent me here. She is reall…"

"Where is she?!" He cut her off. 

His voice gained its strength, but his hand loosened and fell as if he couldn't hold it up anymore. 

Irene took several steps back to put some safe distance between them. 

"Heaven. I...I... need... see her." His speech became sloppy again. He was loosing consciousness. 

Irene slowly came closer again and before he closed his eyes, he said Heaven's name one last time.


"They never want to discuss what triggered you. Just how you reacted." -Unknown. 


This time Zamiel was unconscious for a long time, and it made Irene worry. Was his recovery not doing well? At one time she thought he might have died and called Ilyas, who assured her he wasn't dead. Yet. 

Irene was getting more and more worried. She took turns with Ilyas to take care of Zamiel and while he was gone, she tried to heal him despite being fully aware that she couldn't save him from death. She would have to find ways to help him heal on his own because interfering with magic in matters of life and death had severe consequences. 

Magic couldn't prevent death. Yes, it could help him heal, but if his injuries were lethal, then there was little magic could do to save him. And all of Zamiel's injuries were lethal. Poison, a stab in the heart and slow healing were grave, but combined they were deadly. The only reason demons survived every injury beside the stab in the spine was because of their healing abilities. If the fast healing was taken away, then they could die from many types of injuries, just like humans. 

That Zamiel's healing was slow when he was poisoned and stabbed in the heart was life threatening. She didn't know how much the poison and Heaven slowed down his healing. 

Even if she healed his heart, which would kill her temporarily before she succeeded, his body would still need to produce blood to function. And all his other organs would also need to heal from the damage the poison caused. 

The payment of healing him would mean she would have to take the damage herself. One lethal injury would be enough to kill her. She would have to recover from death to take the other lethal injuries, and the recovery could take days. That wouldn't be an affective way to help him.

This was the only time Irene wished that magic had no consequences or limits, but she knew they were there for a reason. 

Irene observed Zamiel. He lay unmoving, without breathing and with no heartbeat. His body was freezing cold and pale. His wound wasn't bleeding anymore. Irene took off the bandage to see if the wound healed and it didn't, which meant he just didn't have any blood left. It was amazing what an ancient's body was capable of surviving with slow or no healing. 

Or maybe he did start healing, but in other parts of his body. The healing would probably take days, if not weeks. His whole body would need to recover. 

When Ilyas came back, Irene took the opportunity to go visit Heaven. But what would she tell her when she asked about her mate? Irene thought being honest would be the best way. She didn't really know how things would turn out with Zamiel. 

When she arrived at Heaven's room, both Hazel and Lucian were guarding their daughter. Heaven was lying curled in her bed. Her eyes looked absent, and she didn't even notice her arrival. Both Lucian and Hazel looked worried and Lucian quickly came to her, asking what happened. Irene could tell that both Lucian and Hazel were confused. 

Heaven jumped out of bed when she finally noticed her arrival. 

"Zamiel? Is he alright?" She asked, running to her. 

Irene felt her heart race as she looked at her granddaughter. She didn't want to be in this position. 

"He is recovering." She said despite not being sure. 

What happened to being honest? 

It would be bad if she gave her granddaughter high hopes, and it didn't turn out well, but Irene discarded the thought quickly. Zamiel would be alright.

From Heaven's expression, Irene could tell that her granddaughter already knew it was bad. She could probably sense Zamiel's pain and she didn't bother to say ask anything else. She just turned around and went back to bed, lying down curled. Her eyes turned empty, emotionless. It was a frightening and a disturbing sight. 

Lucian was also disturbed as he took her aside to ask what happened. Irene told her son everything she knew, and Lucian became furious. She had to tell him to calm down. 

"Don't do anything. Heaven needs you right now, so don't go anywhere and stay beside her." She told him. 

Irene didn't know what Lothaire was planning next, but from his moves he was willing to go far. She didn't want another person to get hurt while she was gone. 

The most important thing right now was for Zamiel to recover so her granddaughter could get a little life back into her eyes. If Lucian did something hasty and got hurt, then Heaven would never recover. 

"Think of Heaven. Someone she loves is already in a critical condition." Irene added to make Lucian think straight. 

After making her son promise to stay with his daughter, Irene went back to Zamiel. 

Ilyas stood looming over his body with that deep frown he had since he came to help her. 

"Is something happening?" She asked. 

Please. She didn't want to hear the word. She refused. 

Holding her breath, she waited for Ilyas to reply. "He is… suffering." He said. 

Irene exhaled, feeling bad that she was relieved to hear that he was suffering. He probably preferred death right now. She had seen it in his eyes sometimes. 

Ilyas looked into her eyes for more than a short moment for the first time. "Did you eat?" He asked. 

Irene shook her head. 

"I asked the maid to make some food. It is served on the table." He said. 

Irene thanked him and went to eat. When she came back, he left to eat, and she looked after Zamiel. 

Sitting beside his bed for a while, he finally moved his fingers, and then lifted his hand that went straight to the wound on his chest. 


His eyes were still closed, but his expression told her he was in pain. This time from the wound in his heart. 

"Zamiel." She called his name carefully, and he opened his eyes with a groan. 

She still couldn't hear his heartbeat, but he started breathing fast. His chest rising and falling while he stared at the ceiling for a while before he turned to her. 

She went closer. "How are you feeling?" She asked. 

He gasped before trying to speak, but she could barely understand him. Talking pained him and his voice sound as if he had swallowed sharp blades. It was raw and raspy. 

Water. She had to give him some water to drink, but when she stood up to leave, he grasped her wrist. 


Irene pulled her arm away, a little frightened. He made her shiver as if she got cold. Maybe it was his cold hand. 

He rolled over to get up, but he didn't have the strength and ended up falling out of bed. 

"What are you doing?" Irene went to help him up, but he was already pushing himself up and she realized that the wound on his chest started to bleed through the cloth. It was a good sign, but he had to lay still to not bleed out again. 

"Heaven. I need…" He coughed and his breath came out in harsh pants. " see Heaven." 

"Heaven is alright." She assured him. 

"I need to see her." He tried to push himself up with his arms, but they gave away. 

"You can't see her. You will have to heal first."

Her words seemed to annoy him and he found the strength to push himself up and grab her arm before looking at her with a deadly stare. "I need to see Heaven."

"You will kill yourself." She told him. 

"I am...I...I need to see her… before I die." 

"No!" Irene almost yelled. "You are not dying" 

His head fell down as if he couldn't fight anymore, and then slowly he let himself fall back. He closed his eyes, grimacing in pain while breathing heavily. 

"You will be alright and I can't let you see Heaven because I need you alive." She told him. "Heaven needs you alive."

"Please." He pleaded. "I just want to see her once." 

Why was he talking like he would die?

"No! You have to fight if you want to see her." Irene didn't realize that she almost started crying. 

She crawled to his side and loomed over him. "Listen to me. You can't give up. Heaven can't live without you. She will...she will...." Her voice broke thinking of what would happen to Heaven. 

Ilyas came quickly into the room, and Zamiel opened his eyes to look at him. "Ilyas, bring me Heaven." He ordered. 

Ilyas' eyes widened. "My Lord, it is not good for …"

"Bring her to me!" 

Ilyas frowned, but then his gaze hardened, and he clenched his jaw. "I am sorry but I refuse." He said. 

Zamiel opened his mouth and looked like he was going to say something harsh or make a threat, but he ended up gasping in pain and then cursing. 

It was strange to hear him curse. 

"Then I will go see her myself." He said.