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Ambushed (2)

(Regaleon's POV)

"Be careful." Alicia said when we parted lips.

"I always am." I smiled at her. "Because someone is waiting for me to return."

I took my sword that I layed on the ground. I stood up and walked towards the door. I looked back one last time before exiting the door.

"Wait for me." I said with a gentle smile.

"I will." Alicia smiled back.

I walked outside and see my remaining knights guarding the entrance.

"Guard the entrance well. Be sure not to let anyone in." I ordered them.

"Yes your highness." The knights answered.

I look around and all I could see is a sea of flame blocking our path. My magic leans on the fire, wood, and wind elements and so I don't have any means to stop. We can't escape from here without any outside help. I need to find a way to send a message to Dimitri and fast.

'Tempest, where are you?' I called my familiar telepathically.

'I'm here flying around in your vicinity.' I heard Tempest reply. 'The fire encircling your area is too strong. Look and see for yourself.'

I made a resonance with Tempest. I can see what his eyes can see. He was flying in circles above the burning area. We really are surrounded by a sea of fire.

'I cannot swoop down because the fire is too strong.' Tempest said.

'It's okay, don't come any nearer. You might get shot down by archers.' I replied.

"Heh! As if they can hit me.' Tempest scoffed.

'But still it is better to be safe.' I said. 'Go find Dimitri and tell him we are trapped inside this sea of flames. We need his help in getting out of here.'

'I understand.' Tempest replied.

But before I cut our resonance I see a spec of light in one of the buildings inside the burning zone.

'Wait, zoom in on that spot.' I ordered Tempest.

His eyes adjusted and zoomed in on the shining spec of light. When the image became clear it was a person with his platinum blonde hair shining under the rays of the light. It was none other than the crown prince of Jennova, prince Gladiolus.

And as if he heard me call him, his eyes locked on mine or rather it was Tempest's. I see Gladiolus talk to one of his men and the subordinate gave him a bow and an arrow. It was clear what he was going to do. 

"Tempest, get out of there!" I called out loudly. Then our resonance was cut off. The last thing I saw was Gladiolus pulling the string of his bow and targeting Tempest.

"Tempest! Tempest!" I called but there was no response. "DAMMIT!!!" I cursed out loud.

I gripped my sword tightly with rage. 'How dare he?! I am going to kill him!' This was the only thing going around my mind right now. Rage was enveloping my whole body.

"Come out!" I yelled out loud. "I know you are here. I know what you want. And I am telling you now, you can never have her while I am still alive and standing!"

The whole area was silent. Only the sounds of the fire burning can be heard.

"Then all I need is to kill you then." The voice of Gladiolus was heard. "You are correct. Once you are dead, I won't have any more problems. Without you, Alicia will have no other reason to refuse to go with me to Jennova. Without you, conquering this whole continent will be pretty easy."

From the burning building, Gladiolus emerged. His men followed jumping down the buildings from above.

"Prepare to die here crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest." Gladiolus smirked. "Kill him." He gave the order to his men.

Looking at the enemies before us, we are greatly outnumbered. But I have always battled with such odds against me.

"The two of you, remain guarding this entrance. Remember, don't let anyone enter." I said and both of the knights nodded. "The rest of you will fight with me. Our main objective is to defend until reinforcements arrive."

'I have faith in you Dimitri. I am sure you will notice our location.' I have full confidence on my right hand man.

The knights with me held their swords in front prepared to charge at my order. Gladiolus' men charged in front of us with their swords pointed against us.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Gladiolus' men yelled. They were prepared for battle.

"CHARGE!!!" I shouted.

Me and my knights bolted and charged against the incoming enemy. By the time we met at the center, swords clashed and blood has spilled.


The area that was silent a while ago was now filled with the sounds of swords clashing and men screaming. Both sides were getting casualties.

But with me here, even though we were outnumbered, there were more casualties from the enemy side. With my every swing was a lethal blow, once slash from my sword the enemy before me fell down lifeless.

Blood sprayed left and right. I am once again bathed in the blood of my enemies before me. I let out the rage burning inside of me thru my sword. My eyes targeted the enemies in front of me, wanting them all dead.

"Tch… Can't you kill him?!" I heard Gladiolus' voice shouting in anger.

His irritated face gave me a satisfaction. My lips lifted up into a smirk, my rage now turned into frenzy in killing his men.

"You think your men can kill me?" I taunted Gladiolus while slashing and piercing his men that came at me. All of them dropped dead once I am through with them. "These weaklings are of no match to me. If you want to kill me, why don't you yourself give it a try?" I mockingly said.

Gladiolus' irritated face smoothed out and smirked. "You are right, these men are weaklings. They deserve to die." His smirk widened. "I only need a few people that are truly capable beside me."

Two people jumped down and landed on each side of Gladiolus, one male and one female. The male was familiar to me. I racked my memory as to where I saw him and then I remembered. That man was the one that tried to kidnap Alicia, the magic user.

"Get the princess." Gladiolus ordered.

"As you wish your highness." Both of them replied in unison and charged straight towards us.

"Guard the entrance!" I yelled.

I was prepared to parry them before they get near to where Alicia was. But in an instant I sensed danger and defended with my sword. Out of nowhere Gladiolus appeared in front of me with a swing of his sword. I was able to parry right in time.

"Really, you are a master in swordsmanship." Gladiolus had an evil smirk on his face. "I will be your opponent as you wished, prince Regaleon."

I used my strength and pushed him. "Then I will gladly fight you one on one, prince Gladiolus." I also replied with my own sinister smile.
Fighting a Fellow Atlantian (1)

I can hear the fighting that was going on outside. I can hear swords clashing and men screaming. I can only imagine what kind of battle was raging outside now.

"I am sorry that I am of no help outside." William said. He was groaning in pain due to his ribs being broken.

"It's okay. I am sure Regaleon's men are quite capable in battle." I smiled at him to relieve his worries. I was still pressing his wound on his forehead to stop the bleeding.

"I just feel useless." William sighed.

"Don't think like that." I scolded him. "You are my personal knight. Of course your place is here by my side."

That is why I agreed to be left here beside William. Even though I want to go outside and help Regaleon in fighting, I decided to be left here with William so that he won't think of anything stupid like going out and fighting in his condition.

The sound of the fighting is getting nearer and nearer. Not long I can hear someone exchanging sword swings just outside the door.

My heart was racing frantically knowing that an enemy is right outside. I remembered Regaleon saying that their target was capturing me alive.

I look at the injured William lying on the floor clearly in pain. 'I have to defend him even if I use my magic abilities in front of him.' I thought.

Like me, William heard the fighting outside and tried to get up.

"What are you trying to do?" I scolded him.

"An enemy is right outside the door. I need to protect you." William said while groaning in pain. He looked so pale while holding the area of his broken ribs. Beads of sweat are seen trickling down his face. His appearance just indicates how painful he is feeling right now.

"You are not moving with that injury." I scolded him while holding him down.

"But…" William looked concerned.

"I am not that weak like you are thinking William. I can also defend myself." I said while grabbing his sword from him. "Lend this to me for a while." I looked at him in confidence.

"Alicia…" William was looking worried now.

"William, I haven't told you yet about my secret." I looked at him seriously. "We don't have much time now but after this I will tell you everything, I promise."

William looked at me with confusion.

"All I can tell you for now is that I can use magic." I smiled at him. "So don't look too surprised with what you will see now."

"Magic?" William's face was a mix of confusion and shock.

By then I closed my eyes and concentrated. I tried to feel our surroundings. The building was built with wood and clay. I thought of baring the windows and doors so that the enemy can't come inside.

I opened my eyes again and lifted my hands and concentrated towards the windows and the door. The window sills were made of wood and so I have given it life and let them grow. Thick branches started to grow from the wooden sills, leaves started to grow from them as well. Those thick branches are now covering the windows tightly that even sunlight only sipped thru its narrow spaces.

Next I looked at the door. I let the clay wall grow and crush the wooden door into pieces. The place where the door once was, only the extension of the clay wall can be seen now. It was like there was no door there to begin with.

The room went dim with the sunlight being blocked by the thick branches blocking the window. I looked up the ceiling and saw chandeliers hanging. I lit up the candles on them to light up the room.

After making the defenses, I pulled out William's sword from its sheath. His sword was a long sword with just the right width for a man. It was a little heavy for a woman like me but as I weighed it in my hand I guess that I can manage to wield it.

'I should ask Regaleon to forge me a sword fit for me to use.' The thought crossed my mind. In situations such as this, carrying a sword rather than a knife will be more useful.

I looked at William that was still lying on the ground. He has his eyes widely open in astonishment. He looked at me and pointed to the things that I just did.

"Did you…I mean were you the one…" William was unable to finish his question.

"Yes." I smiled at him. "Cool right?"

Even though I was smiling outside, inside I was feeling nervous. What will William think while seeing me use magic? I am sure he has deduced by just this that I am Atlantian because only Atlantians can use magic. Will he see me as a freak or a monster? My heart was thumping rapidly.

"It really is cool." William gave me a warm smile. His smile carried no malice or fright towards me. It was his usual gentle smile that he always shows me.

I smiled back at him. At least I am sure he wasn't turned off with knowing my hidden race. After this is over, I will sit down with him and talk about my hidden bloodline further.

When everything was calm was when there was an explosion in front of us. Someone blasted thru the wall I made a while ago and a huge hole was open where the former door was placed. I used my arms to block the small debris flying towards us and William was doing the same as well.

Sunlight from outside seeped thru the hole on the wall and a silhouette of a person is seen standing there.

"That was a little hard to crack." I voice of a woman is heard from that silhouette. When our eyes adjusted to the light, we saw a young woman maybe older than me by two or three years.

"So you're the princess that our prince Gladiolus is talking about." The young woman looked at me with scrutinizing eyes. "Heh, you are just a little girl. I can't see why you are qualified to be our prince's wife." Her voice was full of contempt.

I held the sword in my hand and readied myself to fight her.

"Well judging by the defense that you made, you have high magic aptitude. You really are of royal Atlantian blood." The young woman smirked. "By the way my name is Clara, your highness. I am here to escort you to our prince Gladiolus."

Fighting a Fellow Atlantian (2)

"Well judging by the defense that you made, you have high magic aptitude. You really are of royal Atlantian blood." The young woman smirked. "By the way my name is Clara, your highness. I am here to escort you to our prince Gladiolus."

"To prince Gladiolus you say?" I looked at her with contempt. "So he was the one that planned this attack."

"If the prince wishes something, then he will have it." Clara said with confidence.

"Well I am afraid I will disappoint you Ms. Clara." I smirked at her. "I don't have any plans to come with you."

There was a moment of silence inside the room and then Clara laughed out loud.

"Hahahha!!!" Clara looked at me with amusement. "Well you have no choice in this matter princess. Don't think that with your higher magic abilities can stop me."

I looked at her maintaining my calm demeanor but inside I was rather curious why she would say my magic abilities can't defeat her.

"We know beforehand that you are of royal blood line and with higher magical aptitude than us normal Atlantians. Judging by the defenses that you made, you have practiced your magic well even without an Atlantian teacher. I can hypostasize that you can use your magical abilities well." Clara said. "We have foreseen your talent is using magic and so we came prepared."

Clara reached from her pocket and showed me a black rock with a size of a fist. I looked at the rock curiously.

'What can a rock do?' I thought.

"This is no ordinary rock." Clara answered my silent question. "This rock is called Jenitite, a rock used to nullify magic abilities of Atlantians."

My eyes went wide with surprise. I have never read or heard of such a rock in my studies. Looking at my surprised face, Clara smirked.

"This kind of rock is only found at the snowy peaks of Mt. Nerion that is found in the most northern part of Jennova. Getting there is rather risky and so only a few people that have ventured there came back alive with just a hand full of these precious rocks." Clara explained. "These rocks were used at the last great war. And because it was little in numbers, they used in on specific people. Mainly, the royal family of Atlantia."

I was digesting this new information I am getting. 'Can such a rock really nullify my magic?' I thought.

I tried using my magic by to no avail. That just means that what Clara said about this rock is true.

"This specific piece of rock that you are seeing now was used against the crown prince Atlantia, prince Gladiolus' father." Clara's face showed anger and hate. "All of those who have brought us Atlantians grief and pain will pay. That is why I follow prince Gladiolus, to avenge my family that perished in the war."

Looking at Clara, I can see her thirst for revenge. Looking at her she looks two to three years older than me but maybe she was even older than I thought. I can see her pain and hatred while talking about the past great war. Maybe she was a survivor that has seen the downfall of our country.

"I understand that you are in pain and wish to seek revenge. I can't change your mind if that is what you wish. But you cannot force me to go with you to accomplish your so called 'revenge agenda'." I said. "I maybe of royal Atlantian blood but half of my blood is still Alvannian. I also have my own life and I don't have any plans to go with prince Gladiolus' plans."

"Heh, if you don't want to come with me peacefully. Then I can only take you by force." Clara pulled out her sword from its sheath and pointed it towards me. Determination was etched all over her face.

I stood up from my position. Looking at my dress, I cut the long skirt right up to my knees. I cannot move freely with such long dress.

"Alicia, no." William tried to get up but flinched in pain and lied back down on the floor again.

"Don't worry Will, I can fight her." I looked at him and smiled. William's face was full of worry.

"Hahahaha, a princess trying to fight with a sword." Clara said sarcastically. "Please, don't make me laugh. Well I guess a few bruises will not anger prince Gladiolus. I will just say I need to use force to get you."

Clara made her stance while I made my defensive stand. The enemy thinks I am a weak princess, it will be best for her to make the first move and get her by surprise. I hold up Will's sword just right not to alert Clara.

"Prepare yourself princess." Clara launched towards me with her sword.

I know that she only plans to incapacitate me and not really hurt me. She needs me alive to bring to Gladiolus.

When she swings her sword I prepared to counter it at the very last moment. After I counter her sword she looks so surprised. This gave me just a little opening to use the hilt of my sword and struck her in the stomach.

"Ahhh…" Clara screamed with pain and kneeled down holding her stomach. My strike was quite strong that she coughed out blood. "I guess you are not a weak princess as you play to be."

Clara now looked a little more serious than earlier. When she was about to stand up I launched towards her immediately. Of course this is a battle that I cannot afford to lose. Even seeing my enemy down I launched my next attack in an instant. That was what Regaleon has taught me.

Clara was caught by surprise but was able to parry my attack. With her uneven footing because of her surprise, I was able to push her back with my sword strikes.


Our swords made sounds inside the store. Because of the narrow space and with Clara being caught by surprise, I got the upper hand on this battle.

"You little b*tch!" Clara was fuming in anger. She never thought she will have a hard time fighting me one on one. "I won't let you get away. The prince trusted me to get you and that is what I will do."

Clara used her anger and tried to overpower my attacks. This gave her some leeway to push me back but this also made her movements readable. Regaleon has taught me that always keep your calm in a fight. Once you let your anger take over you, all of your actions will be sloppy and the enemy can easily read your every move.

I made use of Clara's anger and made my counter attack. My light attacks landed perfectly and Clara was now being filled with slash wounds all over her body.

"You f*ucking b*tch!" Clara shouted and she was panting heavily.

Because she was angered, her stamina was overly used and now she was tiring out. This gave me an opportunity to put all my force to one swing of my sword and knock out Clara's sword from her hand.

Clara's eyes went wide in shock while her sword went flying off her hand. I then turned my sword and used its hilt again to strike a more powerful blow on Clara's stomach. Her eyes went white and she fell down to the ground unconscious.
The Atlantian Siblings

Clara's eyes went wide in shock while her sword went flying off her hand. I then turned my sword and used its hilt again to strike a more powerful blow on Clara's stomach. Her eyes went white and she fell down to the ground unconscious.

"You did it Alicia. You won." William looked at me with surprise and praise.

"I guess I did." I was panting lightly. I have won my first real one on one battle.

Judging by Clara's confidence, I was sure that she is a capable fighter. But I know I have an advantage because she didn't know my true capabilities. She let her guard down and that was her down fall.

I looked at the unconscious young woman on the ground and saw the rock she was holding beside her. I picked it up and started to inspect it.

Looking at it closely, it looked just like any ordinary rock but with color as black as charcoal. Its surface was smooth to touch and it felt cold on my palm.

"William, it's better for you have this." I handed the rock over to William.

"Are you sure?" William took the rock and looked at it.

"This will be of use to you in the future." I insisted.

"Hmm, okay." William nodded and put the rock inside his pocket.

'Should I kill her?' I thought to myself while looking at the unconscious Clara.

Clara was an enemy, that's for sure. But she was also a victim of the past great war. She was still an Atlantian, a fellow countryman of mine.

I was conflicted inside if I should kill her or not. But then knowing that she was with the group that made this mess in the capital where innocent people got hurt, I weighed on killing her more than letting my compassion cloud my judgement.

'I also don't know what danger she will give us in the future.' I thought. If Gladiolus' trusts her with capturing me then she may be a formidable enemy in the future.

I lifted my sword and was prepared to drive it thru her heart.

"No, wait!" William yelled. I looked at him in confusion. "Let me do it."

I looked at William who tried his best to stand up. I used my other arm to help him up.

"You know I can do this. You don't need to stand up." I said.

"No. It is my duty as your knight to protect you. Even it means to stop you from tainting your hands with the lives of others." William groaned with pain while I was helping him up.

William reached the sword from my hand and pulled it from my grip. He held it up the unconscious Clara and was ready to give the final blow. But then a huge wave of water splashed at us from out of nowhere.

I was disoriented at first then I realized my whole body was submerged in water. I held my breath and scanned my surroundings. William was unconscious and also with me under water. I swam at him in panic. When I was near him, I can see he wasn't breathing. This made me panic even more.

'He needs air.' I thought.

I don't have any time to think and pulled his mouth to mine. I blew some short breaths of air inside his mouth.

'This won't do. I have to think of something to get out of here.' I thought.

I look around to think of what to do. The rock was with William so I can't use my magic here. But someone was surely using water magic. That person must be just around here. I looked around and saw a few meters away a man holding the unconscious Clara in his arms. I recognize that man was the one that tried to kidnap me before.

'He can use magic. That means the rock can only nullify magic abilities at a short amount of distance.' I thought.

I was contemplating on swimming away from William so that I can use my magic.

'I'll pull him away.' Snow's voice was in my head.

Then I saw her in her white tiger form swimming towards us. She used her mouth to bite William's cloak and pull him away from me.

When they were just the right distance away from me, the feeling of coldness that I felt from the rock disappeared. That was when I knew the nullifying effect of the rock was out of reach. I concentrated hard and used my energy to burst this huge water bubble we were in.

The water bubble that occupied the inside of the store burst and the water gushed out. I was washed out of the store and into the streets.

'Cough cough' I tried to spit out the water that came inside my throat.

'Alicia, I think he's not breathing!' Snow came running towards me with William on her back. She gently laid him down the ground before me.

"Dammit, William!" I yelled at him.

I know he has broken ribs but I need to pump his lungs to let him spit out the water. I held my hands on his chest and pushed as gently as I could.

"Come on Will, spit it out." I said while pushing on his chest. I pinched his nose and pressed my mouth to his and blew in some air. "Come on William, dammit!"

I made this action a few times before William came thru. He coughed out the water that came in and he was breathing at last.

"Oh thank God." I gently hugged him.

"Grrrrrr…" I hear Snow's growl in front of us. She was guarding us from the man that casted that water bubble.

"I never thought that the princess was this capable." The man said. "I have to apologize. I just made that water bubble around you until you faint so I can capture you while you were unconscious. But I guess that was a failed attempt. And looking at your familiar, capturing you will be rather difficult."

"Who are you?" I asked him. "I remember that you were the one that tried to kidnap me a few years ago."

"It's an honor for her highness to still remember me." He replied. "I am Jeremy, Clara's big brother. I am here by order of prince Gladiolus. Please come with us."

"Like I told Clara, I don't have any plans to go with you." I said.

Jeremy showed a sad face. "Your highness, don't you want to see your mother? I am sure she also wants to see you too. She has always been calling your name princess. Princess Leticia has always been asking when you will be arriving to see her."

My heart wavered while hearing my mother's name. Knowing that she was alive and well was joy to me. And now hearing from this man she was looking for me made my heart clench.

'Don't listen to him Alicia.' Snow said to me.

I snap back from my thoughts.

'You help William. I will deal with this man.' Snow said and launched towards Jeremy.

Snow was fighting with her current tiger form which was agile and strong. But with a magic user as her opponent, she was having difficulties compared to the normal humans she has fought.

"Princess…" One of Regaleon's knights came to my side.

"Please move William to a safer place." I ordered.

"Yes princess. But what about you?" The knight asked.

"I will follow later." I said.

Looking around, I am more of help here. The sea of flames was like a wall around us.

"It feels like I have seen this before." I tried to remember where I have seen the same situation like this.

Then I remember my dream. It was I my dream where I saw Regaleon fighting a formidable enemy in a sea of flames. My heart thumped rapidly and my eyes darted around to search for my beloved.

My Dream Coming True

The sea of flames was like a wall around us.

"It feels like I have seen this before." I tried to remember where I have seen the same situation like this.

Then I remember my dream. It was I my dream where I saw Regaleon fighting a formidable enemy in a sea of flames. My heart thumped rapidly and my eyes darted around to search for my beloved.

I was running around searching the vicinity of where Regaleon might be. All around me were Regaleon's knights fighting the enemy.

"I have to find him." My heart was racing rapidly.

Remembering my dream, Regaleon was fighting with a man with black robes and I wasn't able to see his face. But judging by the circumstances, Regaleon might be facing of Gladiolus in person.

Gladiolus was the one behind this ambush just to get me. He knows he can't get me while Regaleon is still around. For sure he would face Regaleon himself because he is the only one that can do so.

I was frantically searching the area but still can't find Regaleon.

"Where might you be, Leon?" I was getting frantic by every minute.

In my dream Regaleon was able to handle his opponent with his master sword skills. What I am afraid of is that Gladiolus was like me, an Atlantian of royal blood. For sure his magic abilities are like mine or maybe even stronger. And remembering the arrow that pierced Regaleon on his back, just by remembering it sent chills up my spine.

"I have to find him as quickly as possible." I said.

While walking around, enemies saw me and tried to approach and capture me.

"I don't have time for this!" I shouted at them.

I use my magic to get them out of my way. I stopped their movements by moving the earth from the street and solidifying them on the enemy's feet. I freeze some of them and made them living ice sculptures. Every enemy that came my way, I dealt them with my magic.

This gave Regaleon's knights opportunity to give the final blow on our enemies. But still enemies were coming towards us.

By the time I was dealing with some enemies, I can hear swords clashing on top of one of the buildings nearby. When I look at that area I saw him, my beloved.

"Leon!" I tried to call out to him but my distance was still far away to be heard.

'I need to go there.' I thought.

I looked around to see that the entrance of the building they were in was collapsed. I cannot use that entrance to get there. But I saw that the nearby building was still intact and so I decided to run there and use the stairs up.

"Get out of my way. I don't have time for you people!" While running towards there, enemies was still launching towards me.

"Princess we will guard you." A knight came by my side and helped me with the incoming enemies.

"Yes princess, leave them to us." Another knight said.

"Thank you." I was very thankful to them. At least I was able to arrive at the building safely.

I rushed to find the stairs and climbed it as fast as I can.

"Leon, please be safe until I come." I was chanting this sentence over and over.

The stairs up seemed to be endless. I was panting really hard and my legs were starting to hurt. But I still need to move forward. My every breath was like on fire, the raging flames were making this area hotter than where I was a while ago. I casted magic upon myself to cool down my body temperature.

Once I reached the top I had stopped temporarily to catch my breath. When I opened the doors towards the rooftop of the building, I can hear the clashing of swords from not far away. I looked around to find that the building Regaleon was fighting was still some floors higher than the building I was in, and it is also a few feet away.

I was correct, Regaleon's opponent now is no other than Gladiolus. Both of them are fighting with their swords as well as using magic. Regaleon used the flames around to his advantage but Gladiolus was able to counter them at every turn. Judging by this, Gladiolus has more skills in magic abilities. This was no surprise because he had Atlantian royal blood. Good thing Regaleon has master sword skills and was experienced in battle, Gladiolus can't get the upper hand even with using his magical abilities.

I want to call out to Regaleon but I know this can only distract him if he knows I am here. With his battle now, he needs to concentrate on it or he might lose even by doing one tiny mistake.

If I asses their battle now, I would say they are in a stalemate. Both of them are using their skills and efficiency but their powers are evenly matched. Gladiolus is best with using his magic abilities while Regaleon's was just below a level. But Regaleon compensates the difference in magic by using his skills and experience in battle.

I snap back from watching those two fighting and focused on the task I was here for. I need to find the location of the archer. If my dream was really a premonition then a sneak attack will give Gladiolus an upper hand.

I looked around the vicinity to find suitable locations where an archer can be using.

"I have to find them, I have to." I was frantically searching for them. What area has a good vantage point?

Then I saw a tall building with a right amount of distance. It was the best place for an archer to use. And right of the mark, I see a silhouette of a person.

The person was holding a bow and at this moment aiming for Regaleon. I was about to use my magic on that person when he let loose the arrow.

The same whistling sound that I heard from my dream was heard. My eyes went wide with fright.

"Noooo!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I guess my scream has caught Regaleon's and Gladiolus' attention but my focus was on the flying arrow. I made the arrow set a flame while in midair and it disintegrated to dust.

With this I had a huge sigh in relief and looked at Regaleon. Like I thought I caught their attention. The both of them stopped their fight and were looking at me. But Regaleon's eyes were coated in fright.

"Alicia! Behind you!" Regaleon yelled.

I was shocked with his words and when I turned around I saw Jeremy. His face was bleeding with claw marks etched on it. But what shocked me the most was that he was holding a bow and just by that time he released the arrow.

This went so fast that I was shocked in place. The arrow just passed the side of my face and I heard its whistle.

I turned around fast and tried to stop the arrow but my magic isn't working. I see Regaelon was struck by the arrow on his chest.