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Unexpected Occurrence

The arrow just passed the side of my face and I heard its whistle.

I turned around fast and tried to stop the arrow but my magic isn't working. I see Regaelon was struck by the arrow on his chest. I see him fall down on his knees.

"NOOOO!!!" I shouted in agony. It felt like my heart had burst open, it felt so painful.

"You really are something." Gladiolus said with a smirk. "You evaded the arrow that was about to strike your heart. But no matter, because you will fall down by my sword."

Regaleon was still breathing but heavily. I can see blood coming out from his mouth. Hope blossomed in my heart. The arrow didn't hit his heart. Regaleon looked my way and our eyes met. He gave me a comforting smile and worded me something.

"I love you." Regaleon said. I might not have heard his word because of the distance but I read his lips say that.

Gladiolus lifted his sword and pointed it towards the kneeling Regaleon before him. "Die, crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest!" Gladiolus yelled.

"STOOOOPPPP!!!" I shouted on the top of my lungs.

I want to stop him from striking that sword down; I want to save my beloved.

(Regaleon's POV)

When Gladiolus' sword was about to strike me, a bright blue light shined from my chest. The light began pulsating and not long the blue light came out from my inner clothes. It was the pendant that Alicia gave to me, it was her mother's memento to her.

The light from the pendant engulfed me into a bubble like force field. The sword that Gladiolus had thrusted towards me came in contact with the force field. The sword shattered into pieces upon contact.

"What the…?" Gladiolus was caught in surprise.

This bought me some precious time and thrusted my sword into Gladiolus' body. Gladiolus was surprised with the sudden events. Blood trickled from his mouth.

"Hah, I was caught by surprise." Gladiolus said.

I didn't hesitate and lifted my sword to give him a one final deadly blow.

"Your highness!!!" A young woman came running out of nowhere and was able to save Gladiolus from my last strike.

"Ahh…" My wound from the arrow gave me unprecedented pain. I wasn't able stand up.

"Your highness, hang in there." The young woman laid Gladiolus down. Not long the man that shot the arrow towards me was standing protectively in front of them with his sword pointed towards me.

"K-Kill him now." Gladiolus coughed up blood.

I was at a disadvantageous state. With my arrow wound that was hurting immensely, I can't move. I also can't use my magic for unknown reasons.

When the man was about to attack, black robed men came by my side.

"Your highness, sorry for being late." Dimitri kneeled beside me and supported me.

"That's not important now." I said while flinching in pain. "Alicia… get Alicia!"

By hearing me calling Alicia's name Gladiolus' party also looked Alicia's way and moved towards her in a rush.

Dimitri didn't waste any time and sprinted towards Alicia as well. But then something similar to what happened when she was kidnapped was happening now. Alicia was glowing in white light. The surrounding areas around her started to crumble into dust.

"Dimitri, withdraw in a safe distance!" I ordered at once. Gladiolus' subordinate also withdrew as well after seeing what was happening.

Alicia's body started to float. The building that she was standing a moment ago turned into dust particles.

"Alicia!" I yelled at her but it was as if she didn't hear me. Her eyes were blank and lifeless. "Alicia, I'm here. I'm alive!" I tried to reach out to here to no avail.

The light enveloping Alicia started to spread and everything that came into contact with it was turning into dust.

"Your highness, it's not safe here. We need to move away." Dimitri insisted.

"No, I won't leave Alicia behind." I was getting frantic. I need to go to her, to tell her that I am alive and she doesn't need to worry.

"Your highness, if we stay here we will also be disintegrated into dust." Dimitri shouted at me.

"I don't care! I need to go to her!" I tried to stand up but the arrow that was still piercing my body hindered me.

I pulled out the arrow that was sticking at my upper left shoulder. "Ahhhh!!!" I cried in pain while pulling it out. Blood started to flow from my wound nonstop.

"Your highness!!" Dimitri scolded me. He tore his black robe and pushed it on my wound to stop the bleeding. "Please don't be foolish."

My eyesight blurred and I started to get dizzy.

"Dammit. The arrow was poisoned." I hear Dimitri cursed. "Let's retreat from here. Fire the signal for retreat."

My eyes went all black in an instant. Once I came thru we were at distance from the dome of light. I sat up and felt my wound on my shoulder hurt.

"Ahh…" I grunted.

"Your highness, please do not move or the poison will spread even faster." Dimitri was just beside me. "We are still searching for an antidote."

"How long was I out?" I asked in haste. I see that my wound has been bandaged but the poison was still in my blood system that I felt weak.

"You were just out by a few minutes your highness." Dimitri replied.

"What's the status?" I asked.

"The dome of light is spreading at a fast speed at first but began to slow down. It has enveloped a large part of the eastern side of the capital. Anything it touches turns into dust in an instant." Dimitri explained. "The princess is definitely at the center of the dome."

"It's because of me." I wallowed. "Alicia saw me in critical danger and this made her magic powers go berserk."

I stood up and looked at the dome of light at a distance.

"I need to go there. I need to calm Alicia down." I said.

Then I saw the pendant dangling on the necklace around my neck. It was sticking at my bare chest. I remember it giving a blue glow earlier when I was in danger. I held the pendant in my palm and inspected it. But then I felt it pulsating and a soft blue light glowed from it once more.

'Leon… Leon… Where are you?' I hear Alicia's voice.

"Lili...?" I called out.

'Leon?' Alicia replied.

"Lili, can you hear me? Where are you?" I asked frantically.

'I don't know. It's all white around me. Leon I'm scared. I thought you…you…' I heard Alicia sobbing.

"Lili, don't cry. I'm alive and well." I replied.

'Really? You are alright? You are not just a dream?' Alicia asked.

"Yes my love, I'm safe and sound. So please, please come back to me." I pleaded to her. My heart clenched in pain just by thinking that I can't get her back from her out of control magic powers.

'I'm so happy nothing bad happened to you. I love you, I love you so much.' Alicia said in between sobs.

"I love you to, my love." I replied.

Then the pendant gave out a blinding blue flash that blinded everyone in the vicinity for seconds. When we opened our eyes, the dome of light started to extinguish.

"Dimitri…" I was about to order him.

"I understand your highness." Dimitri didn't need to hear my order and took some of his men and rode their horses to get my beloved.

I got dizzy after that and was out of balance when I felt someone supported me from my back. When I looked around I see general Robert supporting me and Richard was looking at me with worried eyes.

"Brother in law, please lie down and rest. You don't look too well." Richard said and helped me lie down on a stretcher. "Let us handle things from here."

I nodded as affirmation but I can't rest easy until I see Alicia by my side safe and sound.

The Beginning of a War

(Regaleon's POV)

General Robert and Richard had persuaded me to go back to the palace and get treatment for the poison.

Once I was laid down in bed in my previous living quarters in the Atlantian royal palace, the royal physician Dr. Andrew was the one that came to look at me.

"It's a wonder that you can still move with this kind of poison in your system." Dr. Andrew said while concocting an antidote. "This kind of poison is strong and can kill a normal human being within only three hours. You were lucky that I have the necessary ingredients in my possession to make an antidote."

"My body has been accustomed to different kinds of poisons since I was young." I replied. "I am immune to majority of poisons."

I remember when I was still a child, many of father's concubines tried to kill me with poison just because my mother was greatly favored by him. They were afraid that I will become a thorn to their sons' future. Luckily my mother was an expert with herbs and was able to make antidotes to all the poisons given to me hence my body had high immunity to different kinds of poisons.

"Well your body is really worth studying." Dr. Andrew said and I looked at him with scrutiny. He realized my gaze was not very friendly. "I only meant it as a joke your highness. Of course I will not dare to use your body to experiment on." I scoffed with his reply.

After Dr. Andrew administered the antidote via injection, I took my shirt from the side of the bed and started to put it on. The wound from the arrow was bandaged nicely my Dr. Andrew but it still hurts if I move. So I slowly put on my shirt while flinching in pain when I stretch the wounded area.

"Has Dimitri not yet come back?" I asked Theon who was standing by the side.

"He has not yet come back your highness." Theon replied.

I became worried. 'How many hours has it been when I ordered Dimitri?' I thought.

Not long I heard footsteps of someone running on the corridors and getting near my room. A man in black robes emerged from the door panting heavily. He was one of Dimitri's men.

"My lord, I came to give the situation report from Sir Dimitri." The man said while kneeling in front of me.

My heart felt pain as it was gripped tightly. If Dimitri sent one of his men to give the report, it only means that something bad had happened and he stayed to handle the situation that aroused.

"Rise and report!" My voice was loud and firm but my inner feelings were in turmoil.

"When our group arrived where Princess Alicia should have been, we saw prince Gladiolus' men arrived there first. They have retrieved the unconscious princess." He reported. "Our group gave chase at once and had to fight thru magic users in their group. Fortunately are group consists of magic users as well and the fight was at an even match. But the once carrying the princess was able to escape while we were fighting. Sir Dimitri is in pursuit now and ordered this one to report to you at once."

My heart was filled with anger and pain. "How dare that prince kidnap my fiancée!?" I roared in anger. I tried to stand up to join the pursuit but my injury got the better of me. I still felt dizzy and my wound was still in pain that I staggered once I stood up.

"Your highness, please calm down. Your wound is had just stopped bleeding and might open again. And I had just administered the antidote. The poison in your system is still there. The antidote still needs time to detoxify all of the poison in your body." Dr. Andrew supported me and helped me sit down in bed.

"But I can't just do nothing while my fiancée might be in grave danger." I said seething my anger in. I clenched the bed sheets and gripped my fists hard that the bones on my knuckles were sticking out.

"I have already sent out my soldiers and also sent word to your general in the Black Dragon army." General Robert walked inside the room with King Edward walking in front. "They will be in pursuit of the kidnappers."

"Anyone that tries to harm my daughter will pay the price." King Edward said.

"Heh… Do you think I will trust your words your majesty, after how you treated Alicia poorly all these years?" I scoffed.

"How dare you slander our king..." One of the king's personal aides said. But King Edward raised his hand as a gesture for him to stop.

"I understand what you are saying prince Regaleon. But whether you belive it or not, I love my daughter dearly. I will do everything in my power to get her back safe and sound." King Edward said.

I tried to stand up and Theon came by my side to assist me. I walked towards the king and talked to him face to face.

"After this incident, I will personally ask for prince Gladiolus' head from Jennova. That is if he is still alive." I said with conviction. "If they don't meet my criteria, then there is no other way but to wage war against Jennova."

King Edward's eyes widened with hearing that a war can emerge from this.

"Harming me a, crown prince and kidnapping my fiancée is a grave crime in itself." I said while looking at the king in the eye and patted his shoulder. "I know that you are colluding with Jennova. I suggest you think carefully where you will give your allegiance to. Grandcrest is not a country you can trifle with." I whispered in his ear.

King Edward's face turned pale in an instant. 

"I am afraid I need to ask your majesty to leave. As Dr. Andrew has said, I need to rest." I said while Theon helped me back to bed.

"Then I will be going now." King Edward turned around and left my room in haste.

"I will try my best to advice the king on this matter." General Robert said and bowed before leaving.

"I am sure that Jennova won't give their crown prince's life. They want a war then I will give it to them." I gripped my fist in anger. "I will burn Jennova to the ground!"


(Back to Alicia's POV)

'Lili…Lili.' I hear Regaleon's voice was calling for me.

"Leon… Leon where are you? Where am I?" I looked around me but everything was black. I can't see anything.

'Wait for me Lili. I will come for you. I will get you back no matter what it takes.'Regaleon's voice was starting to fade.

"No, Leon. Please don't leave. I'm scared." I felt scared and alone in this place. It was all pitch black and empty.

'I will get you back. Wait for me.' Regaleon's voice faded into nothingness.

"No…wait. Leon…" I suddenly opened my eyes. I was panting heavily. "A dream? It was only a bad dream."

I calmed my racing heart and then realized the bed canopy on top of me. I looked around and didn't recognize this room.

I sat up and looked around. I see a fire burning on the fire place. I stood up bare footed and walked towards the window. I lifted the curtains up and looked at the scenery outside.

"Snow?" I saw that everything outside was covered in snow. "But it's still autumn, right?"

Then I was startled when the door of the room opened. I saw a maid came in.

"Oh my, your highness. Your awake at last." The maid was shocked at first but rejoices after seeing me awake. "The queen will definitely be happy when she sees you awake at last."

"The queen?" I looked at her confused.

"Yes, Queen Patricia has been eagerly waiting for you to wake up." The maid said cheerfully. "You have been sleeping for the past six months. The queen and the prince have been worried about you. Since you arrived here in the palace, you have been sleeping and didn't even once wake up."

"Six months, I have been sleeping for six months? And are you pertaining to Queen Patricia of Jennova?" I asked the maid. "Am I in the royal palace of Jennova?"

"Yes your highness." The maid replied with a smile. "You have arrived here six months ago."

My eyes went wide in shock. Prince Gladiolus has been successful in taking me to Jennova.

The End of Vol. 2.
In the Span of Six Months

"Six months, I have been sleeping for six months? And are you pertaining to Queen Patricia of Jennova?" I asked the maid. "Am I in the royal palace of Jennova?"

"Yes your highness." The maid replied with a smile. "You have arrived here six months ago."

My eyes went wide in shock. Prince Gladiolus has been successful in taking me to Jennova.

"I will take my leave your highness. I have to relay this news to her majesty and the prince." The maid said cheerfully. "I will be getting some food for you as well. I am sure you are famished after sleeping for six months."

"Uh…Wait…" I called out to her but she dashed outside the room and closed the door behind. "Is it really been six months? It has been that long?"

I thought about the events that happened before I woke up here. The ambush that prince Gladiolus planned was a major event that can stir problems between the two countries, not to mention my being here in Jennova against my free will. I am the fiancée of the crown prince of Grandcrest, kidnapping me can be seen as a major crime between the two countries. And to think six months have passed after that.

"Regaleon must be so worried about me." I said.

I walked towards the door and turned the knob. "It's locked. Heh…" I scoffed.

Of course, I was brought here against my will. I was being treated as a prisoner here in my so called 'family's' estate.

I walked towards the window to see if I can escape thru there. Looking outside, this room must be located at the third or fourth floor. But using my magic, I can make the tree from nearby grow its branches so that I can climb down from here. I opened the window to survey the distance and a gust of cold wind came inside. I shivered from the coldness.

"I won't advice you to escape from there." A woman's voice came from behind me. I was startled and turned around.

The woman standing by the door was wearing a very beautiful dress. She had an aura of magnificence and grace that can put anyone looking at her in awe. But what surprised me the most was her face, she definitely looked like my mother. She has exactly my mother's face, with her eyes, lips, nose and mouth. I know she isn't my mother but I was still shocked by the resemblance. I stared at her face awestruck.

"Close the window. The room is getting cold." The woman ordered the maid that I saw a while ago.

"Yes your majesty." The maid walked passed me and closed the windows. The cold wind stopped from coming inside but I was still shivering in place.

Like I thought, she was the queen of Jennova. My aunt, Queen Patricia.

Queen Patricia really looked like my mother, they must be identical twins. She walked towards me and took the robe from the stand. She gently covered me with the thick robe and ushered me to the fire place and let me sit on the chair.

"I am sure you have many questions in your mind. Why not sit down for a while and gather your bearings. I will answer all of your questions." Queen Patricia said. "Go get some hot cocoa to warm my niece's stomach." She ordered the maid.

"Yes your majesty." The maid bowed and left the room.


(Regaleon's POV)

After Alicia was kidnapped, I returned to Grandcrest immediately after my body was stable. Even though my wound wasn't fully healed yet, I raced back to Grandcrest as the crown prince and sent a letter demanding the head of the crown prince of Jennova and the return of my fiancée that was taken away to their country by force.

I have stated that with the crimes prince Gladiolus have done, his decapitated head was the only compensation I sought for. But of course the queen of Jennova rejected my demands and only war was the only way.

At first many of Grandcrest's high advisers rejected my proposal for war. They were also being backed by one of my half-brothers that remained low key until now. He used this as a reason, deeming me unfit being crown prince because of my violent tendencies. He was calling me a war hungry beast.

The only reason he was still alive until now was because he never fought for the crown prince position back then. Who knew that he was just sitting idly, waiting for an opportune time to strike.

The royal ministry was divided into two factions after this. The one that supports my half-brother and the other that was under my rule. My father the king didn't want to interfere with the political battle between us half-brothers and used this to his advantage.

My father the king stated that whomever that rises triumphant within this political battle will be the next king. 

"Whoever that emerge victorious in the battle between you brothers, will be crowned king of the Grandcrest Empire." My father has given his royal edict. "I am old and also want to take my life easy the remaining days of my life. The one that will be crowned king can do whatever he wishes of my vast lands, riches, and army. Of course I wish you will think of the best interests of our empire." He looked at me with knowing eyes and smiled. 

My father was willing to step down from his position and retire. This gave my half-brother the courage to go on an all-out civil and political war against me. He was aiming for the throne and to be crowned as king of Grandcrest.

Because of this I needed to take the position as king before I can engage war against Jennova and take back my beloved. This political battle only lasted two to three months. After that I put my half-brother in his rightful place, six feet below the earth.

After emerging victorious from this battle against my half-brother, I was then crowned king of the Grandcrest Empire.

"I always knew you will be king, you have it in you." My father patted my shoulders after the crowning ceremony. "Can I ask one last favor as your father? Can I at least see the face of my son?"

I was touched with his warm and kind face that was different from what I had always seen. I guess now that the burden as 'King of Grandcrest' has been lifted from his shoulders, he felt at peace and serene.

I nodded my head as acknowledgement from his request and took off the silver mask that has been on my face for so long. My father looked at me with loving eyes and became tearful. He touched my face gently.

"I am sure your mother is very proud of you wherever she is right now." My father said with teary eyes. "Don't make the same mistakes as I did. Go get back your fiancée."

"Of course, father." A smile crept on my face.

And so I started to engage war against Jennova.

The War

(Regaleon's POV)

I am currently in a war council meeting with my most trusted generals and advisers. My war council consists of four generals and two of my most trusted advisers.

General Fernan and Vincent were young talented generals that are under my command in the Black Dragon army. Now that I have become king, I have given them the full authorization to use my Black Dragon army in this war.

General Stewart and Greynon were veteran generals that command the royal army of Grandcrest. They have fought together with my father in the last Great War. I believe in their capabilities and experience in fighting a war.

My two most trusted advisers were Fritz and Rudolph. They are sons of Archdukes in Grandcrest. Both of them are not heirs to their fathers' dukedom because they are not the eldest sons in their family, but I have seen their talent and capabilities and handpicked them to be my left and right hand men.

Of course Dimitri will always be my personal assistant and is my most trusted one of all. He is my shadow, one which can make decisions whenever I am not around.

It has been three months since I started the war against Jennova. Currently my generals are giving me their report on the situation with each regions and divisions they are handling.

"Your majesty, we have succeeded in taking some of Jennova's territories in the central plains." General Fernan said. "Jennova's army stationed in the central plains have retreated a few miles.

"The waters are defended well your majesty." General Vincent who was in charge of the navy said. "Jennovian ships have tried to infiltrate using the Deuss River way but we have intercepted them and won the battle. I have stationed ships to guard the river way and also the Trestian Channels."

The Deuss River is one of the largest rivers that run across Jennovian border to Grandcrest. Also the Trestian Channels found in the West seas is also a pathway between the two countries.

"The mountain paths are a problem your majesty." General Stewart said. "Jennovian soldiers are adept in fighting in high altitude and low temperature which are a disadvantage to our soldiers. I have to apologize with the battles we have lost. I will take full responsibility." He bowed down low towards me.

"I understand Stewart, no need to lower your head." I replied. "This is a war. There will be advantages and disadvantages in both parties. Advisor Fritz and Advisor Rudolph, what are your thoughts on the battles in the mountain paths?"

Advisor Fritz held his chin in thought. "Jennova has more mountainous region and with colder climates than we have. They are adept in such terrain and weather climate than us. They have the advantage against us in this area." Advisor Fritz said.

"I suggest that we defend the mountain passages for now so that they cannot use this as a means to enter our country. It will be better to focus on the water ways and the central plains to push forward for now." Advisor Rudolph advised.

I nodded in acknowledgement.

"As you heard Stewart, focus your men on defending the mountain pass. Don't let any Jennovian enter our territory." I gave the order.

"Yes your majesty." General Stewart replied as confirmation.

I looked at the old General Greynon by my side. "I am sorry if you are far from the action Greynon. It is in your hands to defend the capital and the cities around it. I know that you are the best one to defend our capital if an attack occurs." I said.

"I understand your majesty. It is an honor to be the one to defend you and our people of Grandcrest." General Greynon smiled.

"This war is going at a slow pace as I can see. If you ask me I want to finish this war as soon as possible. If this war takes a long time, many of the common people of both countries will suffer." I said to my generals and advisors with a serious face. "I want to see more good results in the next war council."

"Yes your majesty." All of them replied in unison.

"I will not take your time any further. I know that you will be going back to your stations soon. If ever you cannot attend the next war council meeting because of something pressing and urgent, then you can send a proxy on your behalf." I said.

The generals and advisers walked out of the council room one by one till only Dimitri and I are the only ones left.

"Dimitri, tell me some good news." I was completely dissatisfied with how slow this war is going on right now. If I wait till this war ends to see my beloved Alicia once again, I think I am going to be crazy. "It has been six months since Alicia was taken away from me." I gripped my hands together in anger.

The anger that I felt the day Alicia was taken is still burning inside of me. I want to win this war as soon as possible and get Alicia back, safe and sound. And once I win this war, I am sure to kill that prince Gladiolus with my own two hands.

"Your majesty, we have successfully planted a spy inside the palace walls of Jennova." Dimitri replied. "It will only be a matter of time until we rescue Princess Alicia successfully and bring her back by your side."

"Is this spy one of your men?" I asked Dimitri. I trust Dimitri's subordinates because he has trained them personally.

"I am afraid not your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"Then who did you send?" I looked at him curiously.

"As I said before, Jennova has been a closed country since back then. Outsiders cannot enter freely. Therefore I have asked one of the princess' acquaintances for help, the leader of the Crimson Bandits." Dimitri explained.

"The Crimson Bandits?" The name sounds familiar to me. Then I remember the time when Alicia and I were traveling back to the capital of Alvannia. A group of bandits tried to rob us. A smile crept on my face. "So it is them? Heh, let's see what they are capable of. If they put my Lili in danger, they will suffer my wrath." I scoffed.


At the outer courtyard of the Jennovian palace, a young man was dressed as a male palace worker. He has crimson red hair and was cockily walking the palace grounds.

"Achooo… Maybe someone is talking about me?" The young man sneezed and shivered. "Nah, I am sure it's because of the cold out here. Brrrr… I need to find the princess fast, so that I can go back to a much warmer climate."

The young man was no other than the leader of the Crimson Bandits that Alicia and Regaleon met back then, Jack.
A Prisoner here in Jennova?

I sat down in front of a coffee table near the fire place. I was a little conscious because I was still wearing a sleeping gown while in front of the Queen of Jennova.

"You, help the princess get dressed while waiting for her food to arrive." Queen Patricia ordered one of the maids that were in waiting.

"Yes your majesty." The maid replied and bowed. "Right this way princess." The maid gestured.

I got up and followed the maid towards a door found inside the room. Once I entered my eyes went wide with surprise.

The room was filled with different kinds of dresses, shoes, jewelries and hair ornaments for ladies. They were arranged neatly by category. I have heard about walk in closets because my step sisters and step mother was said to have them in their rooms back in the Alvannian Palace. But this is my first time seeing and walking in to one because I never had one of this rooms before in my palace.

"What would you like to wear princess?" The maid asked. "I will be here to assist you in changing your clothes." She said with a respectful tone.

"Will it be alright for me to use such beautiful clothes?" I asked. For sure these clothes and accessories are the queen's.

"It will be no problem princess because everything you see here is all yours." The maid said.

"A-All of this is mine?!" I was shocked.

"Yes princess. The queen has specifically bought and filled this room with the things you will need while living here in Jennova." The maid answered in a calm tone.

"Living here?" I asked in confusion. 'They want me to live here? Even if they buy me such exquisite and expensive things, I will still look at myself as a prisoner forced to stay here.' I thought to myself.

I look around and touch the dresses that were all lined up. The touch of the fabric in each and every dress feels exquisite. The dresses are all designed gorgeously. The jewelries and hair accessories looked expensive. Even the shoes are designed beautifully.

"Can you pick me a simple dress to wear for now?" I asked the maid.

"Of course princess." The maid bowed and left to find the things I need to wear for the day.

Once she came back, she was carrying a light pink dress with a simple design together with a pair of boots to match. The dress had long sleeves and the seams are lined up with white fur made for cold weather. The maid helped me to wash my body first before putting on the dress.

After that, the maid helped me with my hair. She braided the front part with pink ribbons while letting my hair flow freely at the back. She also picked simple accessories to compliment the dress I am wearing.

When all of these are done, she assisted me back to the room. Upon entering I saw that food was already placed on the table. It was still hot because I can see the steam rising up from the food.

Queen Patricia looked back when she heard me entering and gave me a warm smile. "Come sit and eat. I am sure you are quite hungry."

After hearing the word hungry and looking at the food on the table, my stomach grumbled in agreement. I was ashamed and looked shyly around, looking if the people heard my stomach grumble just now.

The maids maintained their expressionless face so I sighed quietly in relief. I walked towards the table and sat down opposite the queen.

"Thank you for the food." I humbly said. Even though I am imprisoned here at least they are treating me well.

I started to eat. I wasn't paying attention to the queen at first and just dug in on the food because of my hunger. But when I was about to finish, I realized that the queen was looking at me with affectionate eyes.

I chomped my last bit of food and drank some water. I took the napkin at the side to wipe my mouth. I still need to maintain my elegance as a princess in front of someone of much higher status than myself. It was a bit difficult to move around with this aunt that I have only met now.

"You are very beautiful indeed." The queen stretches her arm and caresses my cheek. This made me flinch in surprise. "You have the looks of the royal blood of Atlantia. I always wanted to have a daughter like you. Unfortunately, I wasn't given such luck."

I looked at Queen Patricia gauging her reactions. But she maintained that affectionate look as if she was looking at her own child.

"Your majesty…" I have resolved to ask her my questions.

"You can call me Aunt Patty, Alicia." Queen Patricia smiled gently. Looking at her made me remember my own mother, their looks are rather identical. Looking at her smile so gently made my heart clench in longing with my own mother.

"A-Aunt…" I stuttered. "May I know why I'm here?" I gathered my courage and looked at her coldly. 'She is not my mother. She is not my mother.' I repeated this sentence inside my mind. I need to be firm in where I stand and not give in to my aunt who looks exactly like my mother.

"I was taken here without my consent and stayed here for six months. I am the crown prince of Grancrest's fiancée and should be married to him by now." I said with confidence. "This is clearly a crime to have me here for the past six months. But if you kindly let me go back to Grandcrest, I will specifically talk to the crown prince to pardon this action. After all you are my family by blood."

The queen looked at me while listening to my words and was still maintaining her smile. A brief silence enveloped the room.

"I am afraid I cannot let you go to Grandcrest." The queen said nonchalantly. "As of now a war is raging on between Jennova and Grandcrest. Therefore it will only be dangerous for you to travel there."

"War?!" I looked at her with shock. 'But I thought Regaleon was trying to prevent this war. Was it because I was taken away here in Jennova that a war broke? Is he trying to get me back with force?' My heart felt warm knowing that Regaleon was trying to get me back even if he is against a whole country.

"Yes. And not long Alvannia will ally themselves with my country in this war. I am afraid that after this war ends, Grandcrest will be no more." The queen's smile that was once gentle a while ago now became sinister. "And the engagement between you and the crown prince of Grandcrest is null and void, because by birth you are my son's one and only fiancée. You were born to be my son's wife."

Like I thought, speaking with her won't do any good. I am really a prisoner here in this country. I have to find a way to escape and send word to Regaleon.