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Queen Patricia's Story

"War?!" I looked at her with shock

 "Yes. And not long Alvannia will ally themselves with my country in this war. I am afraid that after this war ends, Grandcrest will be no more." The queen's smile that was once gentle a while ago now became sinister. "And the engagement between you and the crown prince of Grandcrest is null and void, because by birth you are my son's one and only fiancée. You were born to be my son's wife."

Like I thought, speaking with her won't do any good. I am really a prisoner here in this country. I have to find a way to escape and send word to Regaleon.

"And I think you will not want to leave your mother here, correct?" The queen was smiling confidently while looking at me.

"My mother? Is it true that my mother is still alive?" I wavered while hearing about my mother.

"Yes, your mother Leticia is also here inside this palace." Queen Patricia said. "She is my twin sister that I love. We were lucky that we found her before she breathed her last."

My mind was now in turmoil. I am afraid that my face shows what I am feeling right now. I can't keep up the face of holding my ground just a while ago.

"Child, can you hear me out first before branding me as your enemy?" Queen Patricia looked sorrowful. "After that I can send you to see your mother."

I nodded slowly after hearing her words. All I wanted to do now is see my mother.

"Maybe you know about the last Great War that ended our country of Atlantia. You might have heard of all the bad things my father, your grandfather did. But let me tell you he also made good things too." Queen Patricia said. "Back when I and your mother were still young, Atlantia was a flourishing country. It was abundant with good weather, lands, and also gifted with magic. My father was a good ruler and loved his people. But all that changed when he saw the tablet of prophecy."

'The prophecy? Yes I heard that before.' I thought.

"The prophecy states that one Atlantian of royal blood will be born to rule or destroy the world, whichever he chooses." The queen continued. "Of course my father thought he was the one stated in the prophecy. He tried to invade the other countries in the continent and wage war against them. The prophecy drove my father mad and of course it led our country into ruin."

That part of the story of course I already have heard about it.

"I and your mother were lucky to survive before the fall of Atlantia. Our brother the crown prince had planned for us sisters to flee the country before the final battle on the Upgrove Plains. He had planned for us to take shelter in a safe location hidden in the country of Alvannia. We were successful in escaping the country's destruction but on the road our envoy were ambushed by Jennovian soldiers. Using myself as a diversion I let Leticia escape but I was captured." The queen's face twisted with the memory. "The king of Jennova knew I was of royal blood of Atlantia and took me as a trophy for winning the war. You don't know just how he used me."

The queen was fighting back her anger but it was very evident in her face.

"That pig used me like a slave. He pleasured himself using my body day and night. I endured all of that with the hopes that my brother will surely come and save me and make that pig pay. But when I heard the news that my brother died with father at the Upgrove Plains, my whole world sank. All I wanted after that was vengeance, vengeance to all the people that have hurt us and took away our home, our life, everything." The queen's words were all coated with anger. 

Thinking about what she has gone thru made me pity her. My mother was a little lucky that she stumbled upon my father who loved her. But my aunt only knew pain and suffering after the war.

"Then I found out I was pregnant. Of course I knew that this child is my brother's child because we were married and consummated before my sister and I escaped the country. The pig, thinking that it was his made me a concubine because his own wife cannot produce an heir. This was where I started my plans. I fought my way up and kicked the former queen from her place. I became queen and my son became crown prince. And after that of course I can't let that pig live any longer. I seized his power and became the most powerful person in Jennova. Of course it won't end there." The queen looked at me after.

"Is that why you want to wage war against Grandcrest? Are you also planning to devour Alvannia as well?" I looked at her seriously.

"Those two countries also sinned against us. It is only befitting to take them down as well." Queen Patricia smirked.

"But vengeance won't get you anywhere. War can only hurt many people." I said. I may not know what she is feeling but I am sure that anger is fueling her every move. I pity her for what happened but war is never a solution to her grievances.

"You are still young. I am sure your mother also wants vengeance as well." The queen said. "Do not worry, if Alvannia upholds our agreement then I will not devour them. And also on behalf of your marriage with Gladiolus, Alvannia and Jennova will be united in marriage."

I was at a loss. This queen was really hell bent on her vengeance. And also dragging me and my mother into this mess.

"And with the use of the forbidden magic, I am sure that we will win this war." The queen said and smirked.

"The forbidden magic. But that magic only destroys!" My eyes went wide. 'Does she have information regarding that destructive power?' I thought.

"My father was unable to control the forbidden magic because he was not the chosen one. After doing further research I am sure that we can control such magic. It will be only a matter of time until I gather more information about the chosen one. But I am sure that my son Gladiolus is the chosen one, because he is the only surviving male heir with the purest bloodline."

It frightened me to the core after hearing that my aunt was planning on using the forbidden magic once more. Regaleon and my loves ones will be in danger.

"Then I will be going. For now you rest for a little while. I will let a maid send you to your mother's quarters later." Queen Patricia said. She stood up and walked towards the door but stopped before exiting. She turned around and looked at me. "I hope you find it in your heart to help us whole heartedly. I am sure your mother will like that as well. Think about it."

Then she left. I had a sigh of relief after she exited the room.

'I am afraid I can't leave this place for now.' I thought. 'I need to know what my aunt is planning and how to stop her from using the forbidden magic once more.'

I looked outside the window. Outside, snow was starting to fall.

"I miss you." I said. 'I want to see you Leon.'
Seeing my Mother Once More (1)

I was again detained inside my room after the queen left. Many things came into my mind after my talk with her. Firstly, I knew now that this war is her personal revenge on everyone that has hurt her or her family. Second, she was planning to revive the forbidden magic once used by the mad king of Atlantia that destroyed the country and let it sink to the depths of the ocean floor. Third, my mother was still alive.

My biggest worry now is the reviving of the forbidden magic. The magic that destroyed an entire country is really frightening. Knowing that it can be used against Regaleon and Grandcrest made me shiver in thought.

"What I need to do now is to know where the queen was in her research about the forbidden magic." I said to myself.

My aunt the queen is trying to 'recruit' me into her side. Being her niece and being the so called 'fiancée' to his son, I think I can play the part of an ally to her so that I can see what her plans are and to warn Regaleon beforehand.

'For short I am making myself into a spy inside the enemy's inner circle.' I thought to myself.

What I need to know now is how I can send word to Regaleon. I was currently a prisoner here. I need to get the queen's trust first before I can search for a way to contact Regaleon.

I look outside and see the snowflakes slowly coming down from the sky.

"I wonder how you are doing after these past six months we were apart." I look at the sky outside. "How I wish to see you now."

'Knock knock'

The door opened and the maid that I saw when I woke up came inside the room.

"Princess, I will be the one to take you to your mother's quarters." The maid said respectfully. "By the way my name is Martha. I will be your personal maid while you are here." She bowed in front of me.

"Thank you Martha." I said nonchalantly. "Can you take me to my mother now?" I asked.

"Of course princess. Please follow me." Martha smiled energetically.

Looking at this maid, she must be just the same age as me. She seems to be a lively and kind person. I am thinking if I can reel her to my side. But first I have to know how loyal she is to the queen first.

I followed Martha as she led the way. Looking around, this palace was a little dark. The corridors are lit with warm candle light even in day time. The sun was blocked by dark clouds outside so little light comes inside the windows.

"This palace is quite big." I masked my questions in idle chatter so that Martha won't get suspicious.

"Yes princess. This palace is quite big. Even I always got lost here when I first started to work. Without a guide you can lose your way." Martha happily replied.

"How long have you been working here inside this palace?" I asked.

"I started to be an apprentice maid when I was twelve years old." Martha answered. "I came from a remote village at the most northern part of Jennova. Because life is hard there, I decided to serve as a maid here in the palace in exchange of a good amount of wage. I always give my monthly wage to my parents and little brother that were left in the village."

"Is the life here so hard?" I asked.

"A large part of Jennova is an ice land princess. Life here is really hard. But thanks to the queen and the crown prince's efforts, life has been bearable for us common folks." Martha replied. "And if we win this war, then Jennova's borders will extend to the south where more livelihood is abundant."

'So my aunt and cousin are at least good leaders to the common people of Jennova.' I thought to myself. But their way of waging war is still wrong.

"But don't you think war is a little over the top." I said. "I mean there are still other ways that Jennova can live well like trading and business. War can destroy the lands that once were abundant with life. It can also take years to get it back to how it once was."

Martha was silent in thought for a while. "You are also correct there princess. Actually, we common people really are not very enthusiastic with the idea of war. What we only need is to make a living every single day, having clothes to wear,  a roof to take shelter and food to eat are the most important to us. But the queen has promised us that we will have a more comfortable life after winning this war."

"But what if there are other ways for the people of Jennova to live comfortably, will you think twice on this war?" I asked.

"If you ask me princess, then I will much wish for this war not happening if there are others ways. I mean war is always accompanied with death and the loss of many people's lives." Martha replied with a sincere face. "I am sure many of the common people will also think of this. Many of their livelihoods are affected in this war. If not for the queen's monetary and food support, the common people of Jennova will not have a positive outlook with this war."

'So the queen is giving support to the affected common people of Jennova.' I thought. 'Then what will happen if this support is cut off? Will the people of Jennova revolt against the queen?'

Thoughts are swirling inside of my head. This brief chat with Martha is quite beneficial. I think I can devise a plan that can help Regaleon to win this war. If Jennova is having internal conflicts while engaging war against another country, it can pose a big problem to them.

Not long Martha stopped on a specific door. We have been walking for quite a while, that just means that this palace is really quite big. The corridors all looked the same hence you can get easily lost in your way.

'I need to familiarize myself with the palace's layout to plan my escape in the future.' I thought.

"This is the quarters of Princess Leticia." Martha said to me.

"Then my mother is waiting inside?" I asked eagerly.

"Yes princess." Martha smiled and opened the door.

Inside was a room with the same layout as the room I came from. Scanning inside, I saw a woman sitting beside a window, she was looking outside. She also had the same platinum blonde hair I had.

"M-Mama…?" My voice was low but still broke the silence inside the room.

The woman sitting beside the window turned to look towards me and smiled sweetly.

"Mama!" Tears came pouring down my eyes. I quickly ran to where my mother was.

Seeing my Mother Once More (2)

Inside was a room with the same layout as the room I came from. Scanning inside, I saw a woman sitting beside a window, she was looking outside. She also had the same platinum blonde hair I had.

"M-Mama…?" My voice was low but still broke the silence inside the room.

The woman sitting beside the window turned to look towards me and smiled sweetly.

"Mama!" Tears came pouring down my eyes. I quickly ran to where my mother was.

I quickly walked towards her and hugged her tightly. "Mama. Mama, I'm so happy that you are alive."

Tears started to fall from my eyes down to my cheeks. The happiness I am feeling right now is welling up inside my heart.

I slowly released her from my embrace to look at her face. Looking closely you can see some age lines in her face. Of course she has aged these past few years since I last saw her.

The time I last saw her was at her death bed. She has been sick for a long time and her body was all skin and bones. Her face was pale and her eyes were lifeless. But now I am happy to see her with a healthy body and a rosy glow in her cheeks.

But when I looked at her eyes, it was the same eyes I saw when she was dying. It was lifeless.

"Mama, mama it's me Alicia." I tried to call out to her.

She didn't reply but only smiled at me.

"Mama, can't you remember me?" My voice started to tremble. I was getting anxious.

My mother looked away from me and resumed looking outside the window.

"What's wrong with mama?" I asked Martha.

"P-princess, she has been like that ever since I saw her." Martha replied.

My heart started to ache. My mother was alive and well before me but I am afraid her mind have suffered.

"Your mother has never uttered a word since I rescued her." I heard my aunt's voice. I looked around and saw her entering the room.

"What do you mean?" I asked her. Worry was clearly evident on my face.

"We were able to save her from death due to the poison your step mother has given her. Her body recuperated and is very healthy now. But her mind was closed off." Queen Patricia said.

The queen walked towards my mother and put her hand on her shoulder.

"The doctor's said it was due to mental and physical trauma. Her body was able to heal while her mind was locked up to protect itself from harm." Queen Patricia explained. "I was hoping that once she sees you, there can be at least a tiny opening from the walls she has placed herself in her mind."

I was processing all of this information. It is true that my mother's body tried to withstand the slow acting poison my step mother has secretly administered to her. She was able to prolong her life longer that the enemy anticipated. But it took a toll on her mind.

"She tried to survive because of me." I said in a whisper.

"Your mother didn't want to leave you behind alone. She tried to fight the poison in her body for as long as she could bare but at end her body gave in. And so her mind also gave up." Queen Patricia said. "By the time she gave your custody to your father was also the time she locked up her mind. She separated her body and mind to nullify the pain before dying. We were able to save her but I was too late because she has locked herself up."

"But she can be normal again. Can she go back to normal?" I asked.

"I tried communicating to her thru magic. Our bond as twins is different from normal siblings. But when I came knocking, she wasn't willing to open up." Queen Patricia said. "I am hoping maybe you can make a difference."

"Me?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes. I can teach you how to use mind magic." Queen Patricia said. "We Atlantian's of royal blood can use any form of magic, unlike normal Atlantians that can only use given particular types of magic. We of royal blood can use all but with some limitations. For example I have high aptitude in fire type magic while having low aptitude on water type magic." She explained.

The queen was giving such useful information. So far I know that I can harness the power of all elements but I am still not sure where I excel in.

"Mind abilities are rare, only a few has this. Also in the members of the royal family, mind abilities are rather weak. The most I can do is talk telepathically with one person at a time." Queen Patricia said.

'Talking telepathically? I only have talked with Snow like that because she is my familiar. But never thought I can also use it to communicate with other people.' I learned some new information.

"But your mother, she is adept with mind abilities." Queen Patricia said. "She can talk to many people telepathically at one time and can also link others mind to one another. I only know the extent of her abilities with what she has told me when we were young. Who knows if she was able to further enhance such abilities? But judging personality which was a kind heart, she would never use it to harm others. Therefore she decided to lock herself away inside her mind."

I looked at my mother again. She was still looking outside the window with lifeless eyes.

"Do you think I can wake her up from her state now?" I asked the queen.

"There will be no harm to try." Queen Patricia smiled. "I am willing to teach you what I know so that you can reach out to your mother."

"Then I am willing to try." I said with conviction.

I get a feeling Queen Patricia is using me but for now I will play in the palm of her hands. I still need to get her trust. And if ever I can wake my mother up, it is hitting two birds with one stone.

'If ever the time comes, I will escape this palace with my mother.' I thought to myself.


(Regaleon's POV)

It was deep in the night and I was still sitting in front of my desk. I pinch my temples from the headache that I was feeling.

"Your majesty, it's late. Why not take your rest for the night? I will tidy things up here." Dimitri said with a worried tone.

"How can I sleep in this kind of situation?" I said with frustration.

Since the start of this war I wasn't able to sleep properly. And after receiving news from the spy inside the Jennovian palace two weeks ago, I wasn't able to sleep at all.

Knowing that Alicia was asleep for the past six months we were away from each other made me more anxious. I couldn't sleep from worrying about her. How I wish I can storm that palace now and take her back. The anger I was feeling against the crown prince of Jennova intensified tenfold.

"I know you are worried your majesty. But your body also needs to rest." Dimitri said. "Your position is essential in this war. And also the princess is waiting for you. You need to be in your best shape to be able to rescue her and also win this war."

Dimitri's words seeped in me. "You are right. I need to be in my top condition to save her." I sighed.

"Then let me make you a cup of tea to calm yourself and help you rest." Dimitri bowed and exited the room.

I put my head back on the chair and slouched. This war really is tiring and draining me. If I want to make clear decisions, I need to rest well to have a clear mind. This is essential for winning the war and rescuing my beloved.

"Just wait Lili, I will come for you." This promise I will definitely make.

"Your majesty, there is word from our spy in Jennova." Dimitri rushed in the room.
Regaleon’s Worries

(Regaleon's POV)

 I put my head back on the chair and slouched. This war really is tiring and draining me. If I want to make clear decisions, I need to rest well to have a clear mind. This is essential for winning the war and rescuing my beloved.

"Just wait Lili, I will come for you." This promise I will definitely make.

"Your majesty, there is word from our spy in Jennova." Dimitri rushed in the room.

I quickly sat up when I heard that the news was from the spy. This only meant there is news regarding Alicia.

"Quickly, read it." I ordered immediately.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri nodded. He lifted the note he was holding. "It says that the princess has just woken up from her six month of sleep. She seems to be in good health and doing well. The princess is still being guarded carefully by the Jennovian queen's men and it is still hard to get close. But he will try to make contact."

It was like a huge and heavy rock lifted from my heart. Relief has spread in my entire body.

"Let me see the note." I ordered Dimitri and he handed it to me. I read the note once more and now I felt joy in my heart. "She is well. She is doing well. Thank God."

"That is good to hear your majesty. I am sure that the princess will be safe." Dimitri gave me comforting words.

"I know. She is a smart and strong girl." A smiled crept from my lips.

"Is it true? Alicia is awake already?" A voice came from the open door of my office.

With Dmitri's rush to give me the note from the spy, he might have forgot to close the door. When I looked at the open door, I see a familiar face of a young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was holding a white cat in his arms.

"Good evening Sir William. Please come inside." I greeted him.

William was badly injured in the parade ambush. It took him at least two to three months to fully recover. And after recovering from his injuries he begged to join me in my quest to save Alicia.

"Good evening your majesty. I am sorry to eavesdrop on your conversation with Sir Dimitri but after hearing Alicia's name." William said while entering my office and closing the door.

"I understand Sir William. Like what you have heard; Alicia has just woken up from her six months sleep as the note says." I said.

"Then that's a relief." William sighed. "Do you have any plans on how to rescue her? I am willing to offer my help." A glint of hope was sparkling in his eyes.

I know that like me, William was still very much in love with Alicia. I may not like the feelings he possess towards my fiancée but I am relieved to know that his feelings for her are pure and with no ill intentions.

"The news is still new Sir William and our spy hasn't had the privilege to make contact with the princess yet." Dimitri explained. "We can devise a plan for a rescue operation after our spy gives us some more valuable information. So for now all we can do is to wait."

William has same anxious face like mine. Then I realized that he was carrying Alicia's familiar in his arms.

"By the way, what brings you here in the middle of the night Sir William?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Alicia's cat Snow has just woken up." William said. I see Snow lift her head slowly and looked at me. "She said she wants to talk you."

Snow was Alicia's familiar and because of that they have a link with each other. Snow was living off of Alicia's magic essence and so they are linked with each other like how Tempest is linked to me.

After the battle in the ambushed parade, Tempest was able to survive the arrow shot. He was able to evade at the last second and the arrow only hit his right wing. As for Snow, after Alicia had gone berserk, she was also found unconscious. Snow was able to help many of my soldiers during the battle and guarded the unconscious William back then. After she became unconscious, my soldiers took her to me. The doctors said that Snow's injuries were minimal but she wasn't waking up. When William was recuperating, he asked me if he could take care of Snow as a thank you for helping him.

I had my doubts as to why Snow wasn't able to wake up because this has not yet happened to me and Tempest before. But now seeing that Snow has woken up after I received the news that Alicia also has woken up confirmed my doubts. A familiar's link to its master is really beyond what I currently know.

Snow that was nestled in William's arms leaped towards my lap slowly. She was still weak.

'Regaleon, I want to go to Alicia.' Snow talked to me telepathically. 'I am worried about her.'

Unlike me and Tempest that can talk telepathically at a distance because we have a link as familiar and master, Snow needs to have physical contact to telepathically talk to me. I guess Snow had also talked to William like this as well.

"I understand that you are worried about her. I am also worried. But we can't go in there blind." I said to her. "Let's wait for further information like Dimitri said. And you need to gather your strength as well. You are still weak."

'Alicia's magic is still in disarray. Now that she is awake, I can feed off of some of her magical essence. But I am afraid there is something there that is blocking her magic from reorganizing.' Snow said.

'Could it be the rock that nullifies magic abilities?' I thought. I have only read about this rock in the texts of the last Great War.

"Don't worry about it. For now you must rest and regain your strength. I will inform you at once if we have further information." I said.

I looked at William signaling him to take Snow so that she can rest. He nodded and carefully took Snow and nestled her in his arms.

"Thank you your majesty." William bowed.

"It is nothing. I am sure that you are also worried as well." I replied. "If it is okay with you, I will need your presence by my side starting tomorrow. You are one of the only men whom I could trust."

William was taken aback by my words but then smiled. "Then I will be of service to you your majesty." He bowed and left my office. "Please use my skills as you deem fit."

"Dimitri, bring me all of the information you can gather about that magic nullifying rock from Jennova." I said once the door was closed. "I want it as soon as possible."

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri nodded.

If Alicia's magic is being nullified then she can't use it to her advantage. I need to think of a way to rescue her as quickly as possible.

A Palace made of Janetite

The next day, the queen asked me to walk with her on the palace grounds. Because it was cold outside, I was once again inside the walk in closet room full of beautiful clothes.

"This dress will be very beautiful on you princess." Martha said enthusiastically.

Martha was holding an all-white dress with a matching thick fur coat, gloves and boots. I was amazed with how fluffy the coat was that I stroked it. And to my amazement, it was really fluffy to touch. Martha helped me put on the clothes and escorted me outside. While walking along the corridors, I made a mental note of every corner of this place. I have memorized the way towards my mother's room and now I have to learn how to get out of this palace walls.

"Princess, the queen has assigned to you a palace servant to accompany you where you want to go." Martha said. "If you want to go anywhere, I and the palace servant will be the ones to accompany you."

The queen has given me permission to roam inside the palace and also visit to my mother any time I want. At least I had freedom to walk inside the palace walls. But still I am not allowed to go anywhere without an escort to accompany me. I am sure that the escorts are not simple palace servants but someone that was sent by the queen to guard me.

"Oh there he is." Martha said with joy. "Rafael…" She called out.

I saw a young man wearing the palace servant's uniform. He had a good built and an above average height. Like I thought, he was not a simple palace servant. Judging by his physique, he was a soldier or a guard. What caught my eyes was his fiery red hair. His red hair made me think of someone I know.

"Rafael, the princess you will be escorting is here." Martha made a whisper on the ear of the palace servant. Then the young palace servant turned around.

I was shocked for a split second but have gone back to my calm composure in an instant.

"Greetings your highness, I am Rafael." The young man said respectfully. "I will be the one to accompany you in your stay here in the palace."

"Nice to meet you Rafael." I replied. "I will be under your care then."

"The honor is mine your highness." The young man replied.

I looked at him once again and I am sure I am not mistaken. This young man was no other than the leader of the Crimson Bandits, Jack.

Jack gave me a knowing smile and winked. 'If I am not mistaken, he is here to help me.' I thought.

Maybe Regaleon sent him here to rescue me. This made my heart feel warm. I am sure Regaleon is doing whatever he can to win this war and take me back.

"Right this way your highness. The queen is waiting for you." Jack said.

Martha and I followed him and went outside the palace. A cold wind blew on my body once the door was opened. The land outside was covered with white snow. The sky today was a clear blue and there was no snow was falling. I walked at the clean shoveled path and followed Jack. Not long I see the queen with her hand maidens tending to some flowers in the garden.

"What kind of flower can bloom in such a cold weather?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Those are called snow lilies your highness." Martha replied. "This flower is rather special. They can only grow in cold climates."

We stopped just a few meters from where the queen was standing.

"How was your night dear?" The queen asked and turned around. She gave me a warm smile. "I hope you were not too cold. I am sure you are not very accustomed to this kind of weather."

"I slept well, thank you for asking your majesty." I replied respectfully. "The room was rather warm, Martha made sure that the fire place had the ample amount of fire wood."

"That is good to hear. And please call me Aunt Patty like I told you yesterday." Queen Patricia said.

"Yes, Aunt." I complied with her request. This will make the both of us feel at least a little close and familiar to one another. I need to gain her trust.

"Yes." Queen Patricia nodded in satisfaction. "Come, let's take a walk."

The queen and I started to walk on the clean path while her hand maidens and my escorts followed not far behind.

"There is a small greenhouse located not far from here. Let's have some tea there while talking." The queen said and I nodded in response.

"Have you decided on what I asked you yesterday?" The queen asked while we were walking.

"If it is about learning mind abilities, then I am willing to try aunt." I replied. "I want to help my mother go back to normal."

"Then I will teach you what I know. But to do that we have to do it at a far distance from the palace." The queen said.

I was rather curious why we need to practice it at a far distance from the palace.

"It is because the palace walls are made with janetite." The queen answered my silent question. "That is why we cannot use magic in the vicinity of the palace."

'So that's why my magic isn't working.' I thought to myself.

At first I thought the queen has a janetite rock hidden somewhere in my room. But even after going out of my room, my magic isn't working. I never thought that the palace walls are made with janetite rock. It was a good prison for us Atlantians.

"That pig saw how valuable jantite was to nullify magic abilities. And so he made his castle 'magic proof' to protect himself from any Atlantian assassins during the last Great War." Queen Patricia explained. "And also because of that, I wasn't able to use my magic abilities to make my revenge. So I turned to the old version to take my revenge which took time but at least I still had my end result." She had a wicked smile on her face.

I was curious what that 'old version' was, but after seeing such a wicked smile I opted not to know.

We arrived at the greenhouse and entered. Inside had the right amount of warmth and so the inside was filled with different kinds of trees and plants. At the center was a small pond with fishes swimming.

When I was looking around I saw a girl, maybe between ten to twelve years of age. She had light brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a beautiful green dress and had a graceful demeanor, signifying she is of noble birth.

The young girl noticed our presence and was shocked to see us. She quickly curtsied in front of me but I am sure she was giving her greetings to the queen.

"G-Greetings to the sun of the Jennovian Empire." The young girl stuttered. She was evidently frightened.

"Why are you here?" The queen asked with a cold tone.

"I-I am sorry. I didn't know that you would be visiting the greenhouse, royal mother." The young girl replied.

'Royal mother?' I looked at her and my aunt who was just by my side. 'Is this young girl my aunt's daughter?'