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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 121 - The Final Date

As it turned out, Hakoda, Katara's and Sokka's Father, wasn't living the vagabond life he claimed to his kids before leaving. After becoming the leader of the terrorist organisation that was able to even piss the Fire Lord off, Hakoda took a shine on a middle-aged woman named Kyra, a fire bender spy acting as a troubled woman seeking for righteous justice against the tyrannical fire lord.

In short, the type of girl who could tug on Hokada's strings while acting gentle and demure enough to boost his ego while also compelling the man to make more reckless operations before she collected enough evidence and finally found a method to send the information back to the Capital.

While Fire Lord simply used his vassals' might to foil any and every plan Hakoda came up with, the moment Iroh took up his previous mantle, the Fire Lord immediately took off to cleanse the filth ruining his capital while taking the key figures of the organisation as captives to finally execute on the day of his crowning of the entire world.

Delegates from the remnants of Water Tribe and the slaved King of the Earth Kingdom were also making their way towards the Fore Capital to witness his glory, making the idea of personally cleaving the heads off of the necks of the terrorist group all the more pleasing.

So, long story short, Hakoda fell to a woman's charm... and brought his entire organization alongside him.

Something that Katara even claimed to be a — fitting ending.

Taking Katara's hands and rubbing them gently whilst squeezing them with a warm expression, Nik softly whispered words of consolation to comfort Katara. Of course, he meant none of it, but if some petty lies could comfort his darling, what's wrong in speaking what she wanted to hear?

Consoling words turned to intimate moments that would have quickly devolved into active defilement if Azula hadn't intervened with a stern expression while also grabbing Nik's collar and planting a hot kiss against his lips while she looked at Katara after retracting her head and nodding before speaking honestly.

"Honestly... I don't think his actions were wrong as a rational human being..."

Before Katara could refute, Azula cut her short with a bit of frustrated look on her face while eyes showing a venomous look that even made Katara shudder.

"But... as a parent, he abandoned his own kids for a selfish motive without even having the qualities to complete the aforementioned motive.

Honestly, I find it pitifully hilarious."

Azula thought for a moment before looking towards Nik as if she had made a decision and her voice resounded within his mind.

'Nik, you should actually learn about my past. While we have a few days to spend together, I might as well try to be free.'

Before Azula could explain her own past, Nik looked towards Katara, before sighing lightly and finally announcing his ability to speak through mental communication. He truly wanted to save this announcement after he had all the ten women in his fold, but that didn't matter now.

Besides, Katara would do well with some distractions.

After he had finally explained everything, Azula described her past and the truth on how she felt about her mother's treatment and her father's ambitions that factored for more than seventy percent for their broken family. Not to mention how Iroh hadn't actually given her any serious attention back then, but due to his own guilt, tried getting closer to her presently, which, in her words, was a disgusting act.

But the most surprising part was, Azula didn't need any tending. Unlike the first time he had met her, Azula seemed to be with peace on what kind of person she actually was, making Nik smiled gratefully. Even though he had already started the process of manipulating Azula's and Mai's core thoughts, it was once again limited to how things must be when he was involved, but the mature mindset Azula showed was all due to her own efforts.

With that, the ride back to the inn was an uneventful one. After all, locking lips with his girls was now as casual as breathing, meanwhile, the flushed faces of Katara and Azula painted a different story, not to mention a trail of lips marks on the side of their neck that the duo found hard to hide under the scrutinizing eyes of Karna, Yue and the group.

"Not fair!!"

Of course, the treatment wasn't fair. They had to remain cooped up inside the room while leaving only when it was a necessity while Katara and Azula took most of Nik's time for themselves. But Nik was anything but unfair. With a mild smile, she immediately welcomed them into the room, including Azula, who was actually a bit resistant to have a session with others aside from Mai and Toph.

It was at this time, the changes made by Nik shone with splendor as Azula finally agreed, albeit, reluctantly before Nik left a cold Nina out, who could only send Nik's back away with a trail of her gaze whilst she sighed hotly.

It seemed like Sokka wasn't going to be enough for her today. No matter how quickly Sokka picked up on techniques, a concept like endurance needed to slowly built up after acc.u.mulation of years. Twirling a strand of her ruby red hair, Nina looked around before wandering around the streets, gazing at yer potential relieving partners while also being concerned over the fact that Sokka still hadn't returned.

That day, Azula's resistance against the group crumbled while Nik enjoyed the orgy to the extreme, leaving the state of the room anything but desirable, promoting the group to change the inn with a glowing Nina while Sokka had finally joined then in the morning without Hakoda as he brought Katara to one side and whispered something, prompting Katara to hug her tightly before shedding a few tears of gratitude.

Their next destination, Qilin Scales Inn.


With all things said and done, Nik wore a tunic with cream-coloured collars and a crimson base that matched well with his coarse brown pants as he sauntered out of the room, slowly making his way towards the exit of the inn where a long-braided, brown-haired girl with a cute oval face waited for him.

"Hey, Ty-Lee! Sorry to keep you waiting."

Nik smiled while keeping an appropriate distance. This was something he quickly picked up on. While the women he was with, in his homeworld, didn't feel strange upon physical contact with a man they are romantically or s.e.x.u.a.lly involved with, except for Megumi, the girls, especially the inexperienced ones like Ty-Lee felt more at ease when a particular distance was maintained.

Nik was gratified upon this discovery since he also wasn't able to learn such manners during his training as a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. Physical touch was his bread and butter back in the day.

But today, Nik had also decided to escalate the situation without many considerations as there were only two days left and he needed to be prepared. He had absolute confidence that he would tend to each girl after he had grown sufficiently strong, but now was not the time and he knew it.

So instead of forcing the situation later, Nik decided to grow mildly aggressive in his approach as he extended his hand towards Ty-Lee, a wide grin on his face as he chortled.

"Lead me away, Ty-Lee! Let's enjoy this day as much as we can."

As he spoke, Ty-Lee looked down at his hands while hesitating a bit as her healthy cheeks were soon infused with an influx of blood that shaded her cheeks crimson while shd thought back at how Nik has already been thoughtful enough.

Heck, he hadn't even made a move after making out with Azula and Mai in succession while keeping his calm and chatting about unnecessary things while keeping her a company instead of foolishly assaulting her.

While Ty-Lee was quite a proficient martial-artist, she wasn't sure if she was a match for Nik if he had already claimed Mai, who was admittedly, better than her when it came to close-quarter combat if their flexibility is not factored.

Gulping a little, Ty-Lee's hand slowly moved forward before she found herself clasping Nik's hand lightly as the soothing warmth of his skin and the lack of callouses only made her want to grip the soft, yet, large hand tighter.

Almost immediately, Ty-Lee turned her heels while walking away as she tugged and pulled on Nik's arm, making him smile wider. There was no need to tease Ty-Lee as the backside of her ears were already crimson while Nik followed her lead without any formalities, asking a few nondescript questions just to stabilise her mood as the moved from stall to stall.

Even with making a fortune as the most sought after performer, Ty-Lee still retained her healthy habit of eating a variety of dishes from street vendors just to find her own taste before pinning the stall owner down mentally as they continued.

Of course, Ty-Lee's aimless lead also led the duo to quite disgusting flavours that were otherwise popular within a few strange groups.

But the warmth was there between the two. They laughed and grinned together while the act of holding onto Nik's hand soon felt natural as her hand would also sometimes brush against something soft yet wide whenever they moved together closely, allowing Ty-Lee to understand that she might have stepped upon something far greater than her ability to overcome.

But Nik's smile was reassuring enough to make Ty-Lee doubt her own previous affirmations while making her thoughts spiral down the path of carnal desires that soon took shape of physical advances that Nik was more than happy to accommodate.

************Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 122 - The Flexible and the Beast

As the date continued, Nik kept his Pheromones released, gaining glances from the opposite gender that Ty-Lee surprisingly couldn't detect for once since she felt quite enamoured herself.

With the sun setting, a despondent sigh escaped Ty-Lee's lips as she looked towards Nik, whose violet eyes glimmered unnaturally under the orange glow of the setting sun on his incredible visage created a charming contrast with his eyes.

"Is that reluctance?"

Nik's thumb traced the back of Ty-Lee's hand, who couldn't help but lower her head in embarrassment while her gaze was directed towards her own hand gripping Nik's hand. After recalling how much good his hands actually felt, she couldn't help but think the levels of pleasure Nik could actually offer.

Ty-Lee's heart couldn't help but resonate with Nik's words as she tried to embolden her heart, inducing her to look up once again as the setting sun played a miracle on Ty-Lee, too, making her look nothing short of breathtaking. Alas, Nik was still the one who landed the critical hit with his own appearance before he took a step closer while keeping his arms to himself.

Right now, he hadn't made any changes to Ty-Lee's core thinking and he also kept the effect of his Pheromones to the minimum, so all of Ty-Lee's feelings could be contributed to his own personal effort. But he wasn't willing to sabotage such a moving moment by being over-confident in his own abilities and increased the output of the Pheromone before he leaned forward without saying anything, yet, also stopping right in front of Ty-Lee's face, who kept staring at Nik with a stunned expression all this time.

Without registering her own motions, Ty-Lee leaned forward and let her soft lips fall on Nik's lips. Before she could go back on her sudden decisions, she suddenly felt Nik's arm wrapping around her waist akin to a scheming viper while she couldn't break the kiss. Even when she leaned backwards, Nik would only lean forward while all her attempts to lean back beyond the capacity of normal human beings were stopped by Nik's arm around her waist.


She wished to speak something, but the moment her lips parted, Nik's tongue snacked in and immediately gave Ty-Lee her first 'a.d.u.l.t' kiss, which she found strangely mind-numbing and satisfying at the same time.

Meanwhile, her tongue remained ironically inflexible as she couldn't respond to the situation at all. Her waist stiffened up while she didn't have the strength or the will to bend backwards. The only thought that remained within her mind was the fact that it was definitely a good idea to conclude their date away from the public's eyes or she didn't know how to face the world anymore.

While Ty-Lee showed maturity when it came to Azula's and Mai's antics, it was only due to their years of friendship. But Ty-Lee wasn't shameless enough to get her mouth ravished in public while acting all casual.

Her arms soon rested on Nik's chest while she slowly melted in his embrace, bottom first. All the pent-up acc.u.mulation due to the Pheromones ended up exploding as Ty-Lee's mind buzzed dangerously while she felt her vision going dark for a moment. Her lips quivered, which Nik felt distinctively before he finally retracted his head. A gentle expression still masked his face yet the flick of his tongue across his lips betrayed his true intentions, making Ty-Lee blush in anticipation and embarrassment at the same time.


Ty-Lee's words trailed as her glazed eyes peered into Nik's enchanting eyes, making him smile ever so wider.

"Yeah?" He questioned softly while Ty-Lee's arms coiled around the back of his head swiftly before she stretched her toes and grew closer to Nik.

"You'll take responsibility for tonight."

She whispered before her face nuzzled against his neck, the only intimate action her messed up consciousness could commit while her hot breathing tickled the base of his neck.

"Beleive me.

Fulfilling responsibility is my motto."

Nik smiled as he looked at the empty region filled with grass that held a slight crimson glow due to the setting sun before sighing.

"Let's get to a more comfortable location."

Nik whispered while Ty-Lee's hold around Nik grew tighter as she breathed out whispers while planting hasty kisses on his neck.

"Why? This place is so romantic..."

As if to confirm the fact, Ty-Lee let her gaze wander around Nik's body before looking at the exotic area that this place had turned into before leaning towards Nik with an expectant pout of her lips while her enamored gaze bore into Nik's gentle and affectionate one.

Leaning forward, Nik allowed a small moment of pleasure as their lips connected once again and Ty-Lee could finally enjoy the soothing kiss as she felt her body melting once again.

Nik wasn't going to deny a woman's request who was finally willing to enter his fold despite knowing about the future limitations of such relationsh.i.p.s. While continuing the affectionate kiss, Nik took off his own tunic as his robust body finally entered Ty-Lee's field of vision.

Though tall and lean, his muscles packed a compact punch while his prominent vascularity brought waves of anticipation to Ty-Lee. His chest pumped, yet tight, his arms burly, yet smooth as the indention and the shadows over his body caused by the falling sun and his own muscles made Ty-Lee gulp a little.

Was it wrong to fantasize about licking Nik's body from head to toe?

Pinching his delicious chest while biting onto his collarbone as his sweet, sweet hands give her the pleasure she deserved?

It wasn't wrong, Ty-Lee concluded as her finger traced a prominent vein from his forearm to his bicep before letting her hand touch his warm and tough chest. There was no squishy feeling of man b.o.o.b.s, but the elastic feel still surprised her.

"Like what you see?"

Nik whispered as the cold winds barely affected him while he utilised his elemental energy to warm up the surrounding using his light, fire and water manipulation, making the surroundings and the feel slightly more tantalizing.


Ty-Lee gulped as both of her hands finally ran down his abs before stopping at his pants with a deep flush. She knew his true size. After all, the unnatural bulge of Azula's throat was imprinted in her mind, but she couldn't help but swallow a lump of saliva to appease her own anxiousness as she gripped onto Nik's pants.

"No need to be so worried."

Nik soothed her by taking her in his arms and making his way towards the nearest tree while his hands finally started fondling Ty-Lee's prized b.r.e.a.s.ts. The soft and squishy mounds of flesh immediately turned into kneaded balls while Ty-Lee's mewls tickled his ears, making him sometimes kiss her lovely lips or pinching her through her clothes.

In this world, the underpants were quite underdeveloped. While some girls like June usually never wore such laundries, there were also girls like Katara, who would bind their bosom with a thin article of clothing.

To Nik's fortune, Ty-Lee was one of the former ones. He easily pulled her top while the soft and pale bunnies, unlike her usual healthy wheat skin colour, were finally exposed, attracting Nik's attention by her soft pink erect

It didn't take long before Nik's mouth found itself sucking onto Ty-Lee's tits while she let out a stream of constantly suppressed groans while the fear of being seen slowly grew prominent.

Although she admitted the scene was absolutely romantic and gorgeous, the fear of getting caught during the act finally touched her heart when she was exposed herself. After all, no woman liked getting watched by the public... except for some deviant ones or the especially adventurous couples.

"Nik— hnnppghggg! We hah~ shouldn't—"

Before words could defile her m.o.a.ns any longer, Nik let go of Ty-Lee's, making her m.o.a.n once again as he sealed her lips. Breaking the mood out of fear was an absolute no during such a situation. This action usually led to either no s.e.x, or no s.e.x.

While there was a chance that they might get spotted, it was Ty-Lee's bad luck to be partnered-up with a deviant who didn't mind the eyes of the public.

Her demonic tongue that almost ruined the scene was played with cruelly, twisted and ravaged while Nik's mouth sucked on her sweet saliva, making Ty-Lee numb once again as he reached for her pants, pulling them down and exposing her nubile flesh soaked in healthy juices that trailed down her thighs.

"Ahhnngh~ No, Nik!"

As Nik knelt gently while Ty-Lee leaned back on the rough surface of the tree, Nik gingerly licked the trail up her inner thighs before sticking his face against her fleshy entrance, his tongue snaking into her warm snatch while he lapped up the immoral juices that leaked through her entrance, making a series of pleasured m.o.a.ns and breathless gasps leak through Ty-Lee's lips as she gripped Nik's face against her p.u.s.s.y, enjoying the sensation of her p.u.s.s.y eaten for the first time while he fears of getting seen were slowly suppressed.

Wanna see this miss squirting against her lover's mouth while you watch from far away like a pathetic loser? Be my guest!

She groaned loudly before she felt something coming down, a feeling she was all too familiar with after having her own— me time— as her hold around Nik's face grew tighter while she finally orgasmed with a squeal of delight. Her body trembled and yet, she still kept standing instead of falling on her knees in absolute delight.

Wiping away the thin, crystal-clear trail of juice flowing down his chin, Nik matched Ty-Lee's amorous gaze while he also lowered his pants, revealing his own c.o.c.k that emerged with a victorious 'boing' while closing the gap between Nik's crotch, as he stood up, and Ty-Lee's abdomen through its sheer size and length.

"Let's put your flexibility to a good use."

Nik smiled warmly and placed his hand on her left thigh before picking her leg up completely over her own head, something easy for a professional gymnast that Ty-Lee was as her snatch was finally exposed in all senses, making Ty-Lee blush as she felt Nik's throbbing shaft rubbing against her wet snatch.

But even when Nik's hot breathing brushed past her cheek, Ty-Lee gave a sweet smile before leaning forward even with her body performing a leg split, showcasing her absolutely mind-numbing flexibility as she whispered into Nik's ear while blowing a sensual, hot breath.

"You know... I can bend in more ways than you can imagine."

Hearing her words, Nik grinned.

"Oh, I am betting on that."

Nik smiled before positioning his c.o.c.k against her snatch and slowly pushing in, making Ty-Lee gasp for breaths as her arms immediately clung around Nik's arm, forcefully pulling him while she immediately latched on Nik's shoulder, let her teeth sink into his shoulder.

Something, Nik would never recommend during the first session.

The moment the drop of blood rolled out of his body and entered Ty-Lee's mouth, the remaining consciousness of hers was overpowered by a terrifying wave of passion and l.u.s.t that temporarily overwrote her sanity, as pointed out by her immediately moving her h.i.p.s and taking Nik in one smooth motion.

And Nik also realised that the effect of his [V.i.r.g.i.n Lover] would not be noteworthy cause Ty-Lee just took something way more potent.

Immediately, a violent glimmer of l.u.s.t and passion touched Nik's eyes, similar to the crazed expression in Ty-Lee's eyes as she had already removed her face from his shoulder to gasp and m.o.a.n without any sense.

His c.o.c.k touched her cervix, threatening to bypass it as no small length of his shaft still remained out in the cold, making Ty-Lee even wilder as she continued shaking her h.i.p.s as Nik continued pushing while their lips immediately sealed each other's, sharing the passion.

By now, the beautiful sun had already set, and yet, the light Nik had control over remained within the surrounding, illuminating the area akin to aj exotic paradise that Ty-Lee had found romantic and noteworthy while the area outside Nik's absolute control had turned dark and dull.

As Nik's body kept slamming into Ty-Lee, her m.o.a.ns kept growing louder, yet, no jody was there to witness the Immorally holy scene as ejaculating once wasn't enough for Nik or Ty-Lee.

And that day, Nik also found the limits of Ty-Lee's flexibility as he kept c.u.m.m.i.n.g deep within her while Ty-Lee had already turned into a flexible, yet, soft bundle of unnerving pleasure and streams of orgasms as the noticeable bulge above her crotch and the mind-boggling amount of thick creamy stream of nectar flowing out of Ty-Lee's catch looked quite enticing. Not to mention Ty-Lee's own sweat-covered body that glimmered beautifully. But seeing the expression on her face, Nik finally came to be and kissed her cheek once again before sending the invitation and covering her up while making his way towards the inn as he left a trail of unholy white liquid.

The scene, on the other hand, had already turned dark and dull, devoid of passion and life after Nik's departure.

That night, Nik finally gained his tenth partner and also completed his quest.

[Affiliation Quest.

Status: Complete



Physients Stories
Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 123 - Departure


Affiliation Quest

Status: Complete

Description: Partner-up with 10 women.

Reward: Harem

Hidden Reward: Promotion from [Intern] to [Member].



Harem (Transparent)

Model: Statis

Description: A spatial treasure that is capable of storing living beings of all nature and kinds in a state of time paralysis.

To keep the Harem absolutely safe, the treasure stores itself within the energy pocket of the Host.


Within the room of the inn, Nik's vision suddenly registered a tiny tear in the space itself as a soft, golden glow entered his body while a mass of information was once again updated within his mind.

This was something that Nik did not find peculiar. The moment he joined the system as the host, he had allowed the system to be in control of his soul to some extent, akin to administrator rights or the application permissions of the smartphones.

This process took place, in Nik's hypothesis, for two reasons.

First, to always have a certain control over the soul of the hosts as they gain power through completing the system's quest.

Second, Nik felt that no conscious being would ever grant anything without any strings attached. By gaining the abilities of a host that could travel through the world and gain various exotic powers, it was certainly within the bounds of nature to take something in return. A devil's transaction, if a host must term the process of gaining the approval of the system. But this partial control over the soul also allows the system to update certain information that is extremely beneficial to the hosts.

Like rules, laws and various exceptions of the system so that the Host does not go down the wrong path that may harm the system's motive instead of helping it.

In fact, every host knew about this, and yet, they were still willing to join the system.

After understanding the functioning of the harem, Nik closed his eyes and focused within himself. Due to the existence of the [Harem], he could finally look into his own Energy Pocket that stored the [System Energy] visually.

The moment he thought of [Harem], Nik found his vision turning dark before he floated within a dark space. His body, or maybe, the visual projection of his consciousness, was glowing slightly while the area below was filled with a pure white sea of energy.

The System Energy.

In front of him, Nik observed a golden cube with four apparent sections on each of its face as it rotated on a straight axis passing through one of its edges. The size of the [Harem] was almost similar to a Rubik's cube while Nik already knew the function of this Transparent Graded item.

White, Green.

These were the two grades of items that Nik had already come across and by the actions of the System, it seemed like Nik had to discover the various grades himself as he did not have any knowledge of the item's grades within his mind.

But the most unfortunate thing was that Nik couldn't explore his own Energy Pocket. All he could 'see' was the white sea of neutral energy and the golden cube [Harem]. But the existence of [Harem] definitely opened a lot of possibilities for his future actions.

The moment any woman becomes his partner, they also enter into a partial contract with the System. This contract would censor any information the girls might leak unintentionally but the partial contract also restricts their movement within the worlds.

So, in essence, while Nik finally gained the means to take his women away, they cannot leave the [Harem] until they join the system.

And due to the [Harem] being the statis model, Nik would need to get an even better model so that he could have his girls remain conscious within the [Harem] so that they can enter into a true contract and finally experience other worlds as he had promised.

Taking a deep breath, Nik found himself returned to his room. The bed of the inn proved to be smaller than needed, so Ty-Lee had already requested the bed to be removed while the floor itself was covered in mattresses as Ty-Lee and nine other girls slept peacefully.

Seeing them, Nik felt an urge to break through the restrictions of the System so that they could experience new worlds without any strings attached and their lives on the line, but still kept his emotions in check.

He didn't know what was System's true purpose, but it was definitely not related to harming its hosts that are dutifully completing the tasks.

And deep down, Nik also knew that he joined the system on his own volition. The System merely offered power for his own services.

He once again exhaled loudly before slumping down on the mattress with a tired face.


The Day of Victorious Return.

Within the inn, aside from Azula, everyone stood opposite to Nik as their worried glances often grazed past Nik's body before they looked down. Even Ty-Lee was included in this.


A lump was stuck in his mouth as Nik couldn't form words. He felt that whatever he might say would end up meaningless if he couldn't actually fulfill his promise and the responsibility of bringing along ten lives suddenly seemed heavier than he could have imagined.

"Tsk! Nik, get on with it already!" Toph finally grumbled as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"You said that it would an instant for us, remember? If we are standing here, then it means that we trust you enough... disregarding how little we know.

So man the f.u.c.k up, already!"

She looked towards Nik's direction with a furious glare while Nik fell silent for a moment before looking up and gazing at them individually before smiling brightly.

Toph was right. To the girls, it would feel like an instant, so as long as he remembered this fact, he didn't have any reason to feel bad or guilty. There was no need for a grieving departure. After all, they were tagging along, too.

"Thank you. Everyone! When I bring you back, let's have loads of fun once again."

With that, Nik simply willed the [Harem] to only bring the nine women—








Mai and,

Ty-Lee into its space.

In fact, the [Harem] was connected to his partner contract. This meant that wherever he was, he could always take his partners into the storage. Like, if he wanted to, he can easily 'store' Mitsuko and others even if he wasn't present in the said world.

Nine streams of soft golden glow detached from Nik's body before they covered his partners as they vanished in that very instant, making Azula raise her eyebrows.

"This concept is extremely interesting...

Too bad, you can only store partners... if not, you could have an entire army within you."

Taking Azula in his arms, he gently whispered.

"I would rather not have the army..."

As he took Azula's hands and felt her warmth, vigor returned to Nik. Looking into Azula's expectant golden eyes, Nik grinned.

"Alright, let's give father-in-law one last visit before leaving the place."

Azula nodded with a beautiful smile as she held Nik's arm before leaning her face over his shoulder as they walked through the streets openly. Since they were going to leave either way, there was no need to hide their beautiful relationship.

As Nik thought, the news travelled quickly, quicker than Nik imagined, and then came a furious brother, the trash prince of the Fire Nation, sadly, alone.

"Azula! What in the hell do you think you are doing?!"

Still sporting his previous hairdo with most of his skull hairless as one single ponytail akin to ancient era warriors, Zuko roared furiously while riding his own salamander.

Somehow, Nik grew somewhat frustrated after seeing his Salamander. Within two days, Nik had to actually release his own pets back into the wilds for he wasn't able to take them away. Seeing Zuko ride a salamander felt like a slap to his cheeks.

"Let's go."

Nik didn't mind Zuko as both the trash prince and the trash pet were immediately pressed on the ground. Meanwhile, Azula had not even gazed towards Zuko, fearing that her jubilant mood would take an opposite turn, something, she didn't wish to happen today.

Under the incredulous gazes of the muslin covered females and burly men, the couple made its way towards the palace.

The moment they reached the outskirts of the palace, Azula led Nik through a hidden passage that led straight towards the Throne chamber, where, the welcoming ceremony for Iroh took place that would have been followed by Ozai's crowning for the first united world.

Alas, Ozai was destined to get crown-blocked as the gates of the hidden chamber in the form of tiles of the palace exploded with a loud bang that immediately destroyed the warm atmosphere as Ozai's and Iroh's gazes were attracted to the warm couple.

In reality, due to the throne chamber being restricted for a few hours, the news of Azula's sudden 'defilement' didn't make its way towards the throne chamber. So, Azula's behaviour and the intimate contact really stunned Ozai to his core, not to mention, Iroh, who immediately felt a profound sense of danger when he saw Nik.

The scene fell into a stunned silence as Nik and Azula became the centre of attraction.

"What is—"

Ozai opened his mouth coldly, the curtain of fire behind him growing vigorous when Nik looked towards Ozai and smiled before pulling Azula into an ardent kiss while snapping his finger as a torrent of energy left his body, turning into the essence of gravity that immediately pulled Ozai from front and back.


The end result of Nik's latest invention— a gruesome death.

Ozai was sundered into two equal halves of flesh as his internal organs and guts fell on the same position where he stood while a metre around him was immediately filled with blood and gore and the pulse of the twitching heart and the smashed brain that splattered over the gut akin to cheese toppings immediately made Iroh puke.

But even then, nobody moved. To be specific, they couldn't move.

Nik looked at each and every one of them, including the green-faced Iroh and the pale-faced mayors and other officers before regarding the beautiful interior of the chamber. Finally, he looked back at Azula, who held not a sliver of emotion at the sight of her father's remains as Nik spoke.

"Azula, do you wish to serve the Fire Nation with all your heart?"

"I do."

Azula took his hands, her golden eyes peering into his violet ones as she nodded solemnly.

"Do you have the heart to advance the nation, regardless of the tough sacrifices?"

"I do."

They both grew closer as Nik smiled happily.

"Then, henceforth, the nation shall rejoice at the arrival of its Queen."

"Rejoice we shall."

Azula smiled as their lips inched towards each other before they closed their eyes simultaneously, enjoying each other's warmth as Nik mentally accepted the completion of the quest.

Previously, he thought that he might as well turned Iroh into a king, but then, he calmly analysed the quest once again. The system asked Nim to appoint the ruler he sees as fit. While he may never see a beggar fit enough as a ruler, Azula was definitely an empress breed with leadership quality moulded into her.

In the eyes of the other terrified guests present, the monster couple kissed each other before golden light covered the both of them as they disappeared from the palace.

Azula, the Empress of the Fire Nation.

Time of her Rule— 29 Seconds.

Avatar Arc— End.


A/N: I thought this ending was the most befitting as it showcased pleasure and carnage simultaneously.

Meanwhile, I also want to thank the readers for sticking together with me all this time and I would like to announce the next world.

It is a hybrid world—


Demon Slayer (main)

Tokyo Ghoul.

Mind you, no gay stuff and no stands! Only Hamon.

Honestly, I am a bit terrified as I don't know what kind of response I will get from the next arc. But I am willing to experiment.

With that being said, the power System of the next world will be—

Breathing Technique+ Hamon.

And there will be three types of monsters— Vampires, Demons and Ghouls.

With that explained. The girls from High school of the dead will also be featuring.

Yay for Saeko Bushijima as the pillar of Steel.

For those who haven't seen the above mentioned anime, Don't worry, I will explain everything slowly.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 124 - Back to System

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Once again, sorry.


Opening his eyes, Nik found himself in a dimly lit room furnished with a plain bed and two distinct doors. One was for the bathroom/restroom and one was the exit, that would lead him to the main street of the System.

A wave of exhaustion hit him as he immediately swiped away all the dialog boxes around him and went towards the restroom before having a refreshing bath and then slumping down on the bed.

While sleeping with the girls was definitely a quality experience, he finally felt a bit relaxed when he had the entire bed, no matter the size, for himself.

There was no concept of time for Nik when he woke up. The room was devoid of any clock so he simply opened the system interface, which was quite different within the system space.

At the top of the dialog box, a small countdown kept on going, allowing Nik to understand how much time he had left.


(A/N: Hours/Minutes/seconds)

After each trip, the host had a brief period of four days aka 96 hours within the system space to digest their gains before they are called for another round of adventure. Looking at the notification tabs, Nik rubbed his head in distress and started going through each of them.

[Chain Quest— II

Status: Pending

With the defeat of Ba Sing Se, the Fire Lord has finally unified the entire world. But, his tyranny is against the wishes of a few important beings of the world.

Defeat the Fire Lord and appoint a rightful ruler as the first unified king of the world.

Rewards: 30000 SO, 3 SP]

After swiping away the window and collecting the rewards, Nik looked at his world root.

[You killed fire lord Ozai. You gained 13.48 world root.

Total: 34.17/100]

[Total SO Gained: 41500

Total SP Gained: 7]

Reading till here, Nik felt his headache vanishing while he chimed happily.

"This does put a smile on my face..."

He grinned. This was a windfall. Not to mention—

[Total Number of Partners— 10

Total Stats (Excluding LUK)— 117

Stats Gained (10%)— 12]

[World Root Converted.

Grade: C


SO— 14181

SP— 2

Stats: 4]

A total of 55681 SO, 9 SP and 16 Stat points and that coupled with the stat points he had from before arriving at the avatar world (the one gained from Mitsuko and others), Nik had a total of 19 Stat points to be distributed.

After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed his joy and then continued going through the various notifications that congratulated him for his successful adventure before he stumbled upon a strange notification.

[Host 378991 Sent you a message? View?]

Mentally willing to view the message, Nik finally understood who the sender was. Actually, it wasn't that hard. Nik had only given his contact number aka Host Id to Brian.

[Hey, man! If you read this, then I must congratulate you.

This is the invitation to my new guild that could become ours in no time. Before you accept it tho, let me make some things clear. For the sake of getting the most out of your bodies, the moment you accept my invitation, a restriction will be placed on the administrative level members that they won't be able to use supplements to reduce the pain during stats update.

If you do join the guild, I'll let you in on many exclusive info as you will be my Vice-chairman.

Oh, one more thing, once you join, be sure to stop by the Golden Coffee Day in the recreational center.



Guild Name— Extinction.

Position Offered— Vice-chairman.]

Frowning, Nik swiped the notification away. He could think about this later.

Next, he looked at his inventory and took out a Dark Green Medallion.

'A higher level than Green-Tier Items?'

Nik raised an eyebrow. This was his loot from killing the Fire Lord, his own Father-in-law.

"Be sure to give me something awesome, Father-in-law... for Azula's sake?"

Nik whispered before the Medallion floated in front of him and started rotating while letting out a bright light.

In no time, a red scroll fell on his laps. Picking it up, Nik gazed at its description.

[Skill Book (Dark Green)

Name: Fire Eagle Art

Type: Single Use

Any person with affinity to the fire Elemental can learn it and wield the fire present in nature in a specific method as described in the skill.


Sighing, Nik placed the skill book in his inventory. He had no intention of learning it as every skill requires skill points to upgrade and he didn't see himself putting his previous skill points in this skill. Wearing his clothes, Nik pushed open the door that led to the main street of the system and immediately found himself transported near a bustling street with people of various races.

In fact, the truth was the system allows anyone to disguise in the market to not form needless grudges. But still, Nik decided to keep his own appearance. In the street full of disguised hosts, his own appearance will work as a disguise, and honestly, he didn't wish to pay 10 SO for the disguise...

The market itself was divided into many sections. This allowed the sellers selling high-grade goods to sell in a specific location and gain appropriate customers while the lower-ranked hosts like Nik could sell their wares at the beginning section of the street.

The Street itself led to various recreational centres. Heck, in Nik's knowledge, there was even a beach within the system to allow hosts to take vacations at a high price.

Walking along the path, Nik saw many goods and skill books. There were even some eatables that cause Nik to raise an eyebrow. He would definitely check the market before leaving. Meanwhile, as he went up the street, the fewer goods he could identify.

Since Nik had only discovered wares till the Dark Green Tier, he was unable to recognise the higher coloured goods, making him sigh as he observed the enthusiasm of the various hosts checking out the goods invisible to his eyes.

Finally, at the end of the street were three huge building that formed a semi-circle around the end of the street as many hosts could be seen entering and leaving the buildings.

The one in the middle with the statue of a gorgeous knight in silver armour was his destination.

The Hall of Glory!

The only place where hosts can update their stats and 'digest' a part of their gains.

The Hall of Glory was constructed out of pure white marble-like material with a glittering golden hue that sported a mediaeval architectural design with a huge dome above its main body and a tower-like construct extending out of the dome.

Entering the huge, door-less hall, Nik found his vision blank out before he stood in a small chamber with a piece of high-tech gadget, that looked more like a bondage chair with injections as decoration, placed in front of him.

A dialogue box popped open in front of him that described the process of updating the stats. Which was surprisingly simple.

Step 1, sit on the chair.

Step 2, let the chair bind you.

Step 3, select the parameters you wish to update.

Step 4, select if you wish to supplement your status update with a pain reliever.

Step 5, Enjoy your increased strength.

"Straightforward enough." Nik sighed before sitting on the chair calmly. The moment he placed his arms on the hand rest, the cuffs locked his arms in place as multiple syringes entered the long tubes that extended out of the pitch-black cuffs.

Once again, a screen popped in front of him, asking him to allot his stats, making him open his own status box.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

ENG: 11

CHM: 6

LUK: 2

Stat Points— 19


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


Thinking for a moment, Nik smiled and alloted his stat points while selecting the [No] when asked to have a tranquilizer shot.

After that matter was settled, Nik looked at the brilliant blue liquid flowing through the clear pipes that were connected to the base of the syringe. The moment the liquid entered his body, he felt pain.

A pain greater than getting his balls cut and shoved in his ass.

A pain greater than his torso getting crushed by a truck.

A pain greater than giving birth from his own brother.

A pain—

Before he could think further, Nik passed out as his body kept getting transformed and optimised.


Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 125 - Market

A/N: I apologise for today's tardiness. I was simply caught in by Kill la Kill. Here is the next chapter.


"Ah... that hurts like a bitch..."

Nik groaned as he finally came to be. His clothes stuck to him while the uncomfortable feeling of being covered in sweat— something that Nik hadn't felt for a long time— returned in ruthlessly vengeance while the cuffs stuck around his wrists and forearms were already deactivated, allowing him to stand up.


Alongside the uncomfortable smell of sweat, Nik felt something off about his body. Immediately, he opened his stats window and as expected, the torturous pain had borne profits.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3 --> 7

AGL: 5 --> 10

VIT: 4 --> 10

ENG: 11

CHM: 6 --> 10

LUK: 2

Stat Points— 0


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


[LUK] being non-updatable through orthodox methods, Nik firstly focused on his [CHM]. As a member of the Incubus Society, he needed to partner up with strong women to gain stats. His charm was his bread and butter and he immediately decided to bring the stat to the threshold of the two-digit number before focusing on his [VIT].

If Charm was needed to lure the opponent to the battleground then Vitality was his weapon to 'nail' the 'deal'. Even if Nik had confidence in going for a good few hours, he can never be too sure of what or who he might face. Not to mention, Vitality also increases his survivability by quite a large margin.

With an increase in his Vitality, he at least has some confidence to face an unknown environment. When it's too hot, his body will bear the heat, when it's too cold, his body will remain warm for quite a long time. The innate quality of his body is increased with the increase of Vitality.

Next, he decided to increase his [AGL] to increase his chances of retreating an undefeatable threat. Being a peace-loving guy, Nik would rather run away and nail the enemy's wife or daughters instead of fighting him head-on. Though despicable, Nik didn't mind such an attitude. Life is extremely precious. If he could keep his own life and his enemy's by taking his wife and daughters as a sacrifice, Nik reckoned that the aforementioned enemy might just express his gratitude towards him.

The remaining 4 points were invested in [STR] since Nik felt that a person can never be too strong. But even after all that, Nik didn't invest a single stat point in [ENG] since he practically nurtured the stat to two-digit state in a single adventure. Using precious stat points for that particular stat may not be advisable.

But still...

"It's hard walking this way..."

Nik muttered as he had to place each of his steps with conscious effort as he felt currents of raw and unbridled power coursing through his body.

"This will take some time."

Nik teleported out of the Hall of Glory and started walking towards the building to its right strangely. Whenever he passed some experienced host, they would glance towards him with a knowing gaze before sighing and walking away.

As Nik stood in front of the Heroes' Guild Hall, the system construction that manages the guilds within the system, Nik simply connected his dialogue box with the special Faq section of the structure before he found himself knowledgeable about the matters of the guild, their benefits and disadvantages.

Sorting out the information, Nik took a moment before he started towards the Market Street once again.

Finding an empty spot near the beginning of the street, Nik took a step forward towards the empty location before a system window appeared describing the rental structure. Since Nik did not have many wares to sell, he simply rented an area for 30 SO/hour.

It was a daylight robbery, Nik thought, but he still rolled a heavy boulder over his heart and accepted the one-sided terms before a carpet appeared over the designated location alongside a simple stool to be used as the seating area.

Walking around, Nik sat on the somewhat comfy seat and connected his inventory with the rental location and immediately, the carpet was filled with items he wished to sell. They were placed in an orderly fashion with a tagged price of his choice. To be safe, Nik removed the restriction— Identification of products by everyone—, which will allow any passerby to check out his products.

[Energy Crystal Clay (W)] x1 for 500 SO.

[Fire Crystal (W)] x3 for 300 SO each.

And finally,

[Fire Eagle Art (Dark Green)] x1 for a whopping 5800 SO!

With his goods finally displayed, Nik sighed lightly before going through the information about guilds. Even though the System allows instant comprehension about such descriptive information, he still couldn't help but be cautious and rummage through the info once more for the sake of double-checking.

The advantages of guilds were many. Not to mention, Brian was in a similar position as him, so it would actually allow both of them to look out for each other, even if it is for survival's sake. But there were a few disadvantages that made Nik frown in his thoughts while he hesitated a little.

He was inexperienced in many matters outside the night activities and he knew it. For example, he wasn't a good tactician or an expert survivalist. With the guild, he could potentially cover his weaknesses and maybe, even learn the arts he is missing to become a better adventurer.

But the most obvious disadvantages were the distribution of System Origin and SP alongside him being somewhat restricted in the matters of the system. But that particular disadvantage was once again scaled down by the introduction of special Guild Shops that provided exclusive items that may as well become his true trump card in situations where he became absolutely helpless.

And then there was the matter of affiliation. If one joins a guild, their affiliation becomes clear to the other members of the guild. This meant that once someone other than Brian or Nik joined the Guild, both of them would be exposed.

Of course, that situation itself was quite unlikely. With how Brian has presented himself till now, he won't be committing such a blunder.

"Ah! My man! Can we get on some common grounds for the [Fire Eagle Art]?"

Nik was brought out of his thoughts as a man... an elephant hybrid stood in front of him with his beady eyes sparkling.

'Ugh... get a better disguise!'

Nik sighed before shaking his head.

"The skill book is priced appropriately, brother. You must know that an elemental skill book is one of the rarer items in any particular tier.

Not to mention, this one is quite beneficial for those with fire affinity and also requires less System Energy to utilise."

The Elephant man made a troubled expression as, to Nik's surprise, his trunk twirled towards its fleshy chin, as if he was pondering.

'Holy hell!'

Nik almost cursed out loud but soon regained his bearings as the elephant man kept his gaze on the products.

"How about—" He looked up and continued while pointing at the goods while keeping his eyes on Nik, "I take all your wares for 6800 SO?"

"No." Nik immediately refuted. The total price of the products were 7200 SO. Looking at the elephant man who started pondering once again, Nik smiled and continued.

"Although, I would be willing to sell these items for 6500 SO if we can become friends."

He smiled sincerely while the man got stunned before excitement took over his expression.

"Really?" He asked with happiness blooming within his voice.

"Lol, no."

Nik shrugged with a sincere smile before adverting his eyes from the man and looking towards the little girl that was looking at his wares beside the man.

"Yes, miss?"

Nik smiled as the girl kept looking towards the three fire crystals before looking up and smiling an equally bright smile.

"The Fire Crystals for 700?"

"Sure, thing."

Nik smiled and nodded before he connected with the trading function within the system and another window popped in front of the little dark-haired girl as she entered the amount of SO while Nik's window was updated.

Seeing that the amount offered really was 700 SO, Nik finally accepted the trade and the three glimmering red crystals disappeared from his rented carpet.

"Thank you for the business, Miss."

Nik nodded while the elephant man remained a spectator. Apparently, Nik's little stunt to agitate the man had failed. After the lady left, the man spoke up once again.

"Look... I can only go for 5200 SO. We both know that it's a fair price."

"No, 5800 SO. Not a single credit less."

Nik immediately shut him down and continued before the man could refute.

"In my experienced eyes." Nik wasn't experienced, "You are in need of the skill which is obvious to both of us."

"But this skill allows the user to wield the element present in nature. It easily implies that the burden on our energy source is lessened.

So, in all my goodwill, I won't be selling this lower than 5800 SO."

"But you easily accepted that girl's price."

"It was because she was a lady."

Nik shrugged while the elephant man continued.

"How do you know? She could have been a man in the system's disguise."

Nik nodded with an understanding expression.

"Then all I can say is that if she is really a he, then he chose the right disguise to shop around."

Hearing Nik's words, the man almost stumbled backwards before sighing.

"5... 5500 SO. Take it or leave it."

"Take it, of course, take it."

Nik smiled which once again induced the man to almost curse at the deviant who had disguised himself in such a beautified body.

With the trade concluded, Nik was 6200 SO richer. Making him an owner of a total of 61881 SO.

After another half an hour, Nik finally left the area after collecting his [Energy Crystal Clay].

Now, it was a bit easier for Nik to move in such an enhanced body and right now, he was making his way towards the recreational center. Within this time, Nik had finally accepted the invitation of the Guild after much thought.

He had too much to lose to adventure in dangers without any help. Even with his fortuitous encounters in the Avatar world, he didn't think his luck would always hold out. Not to mention, he was lucky enough to not face any other Hosts and the only host he encountered— Brian— was quite a friendly one, at least, for now.