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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 126 - Extinction

'Golden Coffee Day...'

Nik stood in front of a simple wooden cottage-like structure that was surrounded by a lot of modern structures. The honey-gold painted wooden board sported a childish ill.u.s.tration of a cup of coffee that was personified into an emote. Despite the strange mix of architecture and the visual advertis.e.m.e.nt, this particular recreational shop was quite popular as many hosts bustled within.

Opening the system window in front of him, Nik went to the Guild Subsection before clicking on Brian's host id that led to a message screen.

'Have you arrived?'

He sent his thoughts that were quickly morphed into words before Nik willed and sent the message while making his way to the side and waiting for a reply without blocking the entrance.

[Yeah, man! Been waiting for a few minutes.]

Sighing, Nik made his way to the entrance and entered the rowdy interior of the cottage that gave off a barn-like feeling before he saw a particular blue-haired youth sitting alone while sipping away on a cup of Coffee. It was either coffee or the ale in this particular shop was too black.

"No disguise?"

Nik made his way towards Brian and sat in front of him. He looked up and smiled but didn't reply as he looked dazed for a moment— probably wielding his system window— before the surrounding around the duo grew quiet as Brian finally sighed and nodded.

"First of all, you have my gratitude. Nik Faran."

He thought for a moment before speaking.

"As you might already know, the benefits of the guild are many, but most of those benefits won't be arriving our way anytime soon.". He opened up but suddenly, a pop-up window appeared in front of the duo that spoke—

[Customers, do you wish to order something?]

Nik frowned after reading the contents as he looked sideways, finding a smiling waitress in a traditional outfit while her face was way too beautiful to be even real. She was literally glowing.

Brian looked towards Nik, who shook his head in return.

After Brian sent the reply, he looked back at Nik and smiled bitterly.

"Let me start from the beginning. Our situations needn't be discussed, so I will start from the purpose of this guild— to find another one like us."

Nik kept his silence as he waited for Brian to explain.

"Unlike usual guilds, our guild will only constitute of three members whose lineages are at the verge of extinction. You, me and a..."

Brian trailed off while Nik sighed.

"And a succubus... but what makes you so sure that a succubus still exists." He placed his hands in a contemplative gesture as Brian nodded.

"Your existence guarantees that a succubus is alive and out there... somewhere." Before Nik could question, Brian continued. "A temporal demon and an incubus... two lineages affirmed to be extinct by beings that can easily be titled as gods...

I don't think that it's a coincidence that we both were left out of their scope of detection. Someone wants us alive... and I am willing to bet that this someone, or, the group of unknown beings wanting us alive will definitely secure a succubus."

"Infernal Bang..."

Nik muttered in comprehension before he frowned.

"Wait, the Fiend Ancestor is alive and so are other friends. Then why a temporal fiend?"

Nik looked at Brian with a narrowed gaze.

"I... don't know. But I met my ancestor... THE ancestor."

"Kaal Rakshasa?"

Brian nodded with a somber expression.

"Things are getting complicated by the second..."

Nik commented while Brian couldn't help but sigh.

"Don't worry. While I am already getting hunted by every Rank 1 Fiends, you will have the time to grow as I attract all the burden while helping you in your travels."

Nik nodded at Brian's words while continuing his statement.

"In return, I will be helping you in the future travels... a proper team, right?" Nik looked at his hands while Brian nodded.

"Yeah. To survive, I am willing to lower my defense when it comes to someone in the same situation as me."

"Quite ironic." Nik smiled, inciting a similar, bitter smile from Brian.

"Before I discuss a few things about our future partnership, I have to ask one thing."

"Shoot." Nik leaned back on his seat.

"Have you started gaining experience for level ups?"

Nik shook his head before divulging much information.

"No, that world was my first travel."

Brian sighed in frustration and Nik was all too aware of his brooding phase. The first travel is known as the initiation travel and only after the first travel can a host attempt further travel while gaining experience grades that would lead to level ups and them rank-ups.

Right now, Nik was a true-blue Rank 1, Level-1 Host with a maximum cap of 30 stat points for each stats.

"No matter. Encountering you has already been a great stroke of luck." Brian groaned and then took a sip of his coffee and to Nik's surprise, the sip immediately turned into a large gulp that led to one swift chug before Brian placed the cup on the table.

"Let's discuss the matters of the guild, shall we?"

"About time." Nik nodded.

"Like I said, until your true status is exposed, I will be keeping the guild off-limits to non-infernal lineages. Is that agreed?"

"Doesn't that takes away the essential benefit of the Guild?"

Nik shot back while Brian nodded.

"Honestly, I don't like to adventure as a team." He admitted, "But situation changes a man. I would need your power to survive in the future and in return, you will have my assistance for your survival.

If we can find the Succubus in a few travels before we reach Rank 4, then there will be no need for opening the group for others.

But if not..."

Brian exhaled loudly.

"In fact, we don't need to feel that helpless." Nik suddenly spoke up, attracting Brian's attention.

"You are already a bright target and I don't believe that my status can always remain hidden. Once I am exposed... the news will travel fast.

It will be this or..."

"Or..." Brian's eyes grew brighter and he grinned, "Or the Succubus will be exposed before you. Either way, we may end up finding each other after all."

Nik nodded and matched Brian's grin with his own wide smile.

"Since we can't expect a quantifiable advantage, then you must be betting on the exclusive items?"

Brian nodded as he narrowed his eyes.

"Yes. But there is something else. You do know of Guide's Hall, right?"

Nik nodded as Brian grinned before speaking a specific name and how Brian met the person and his true capabilities, making Nik's eyes go wider by the second.

After their chat, Brian also sent a file as 'homework' that was supposed to contain extremely vital information for every adventurer that is not made public. While Nik was definitely curious about the source of Brian's information, he didn't let his curiosity get the best of him.

"So? Aside from any form of emergency guild level raids, I think we should synchronise our timings."

Nik gladly agreed and from the initial one month vacation, that every host is granted to enjoy in their homeworld, Nik's vacation was cut short by two days, making it a 28-days vacation.

After bidding their farewell, Nik finally left the cafe and teleported back into his room before opening the doc.u.ment Brian had shared with him.

While he was itching for a go at the Guide's Hall, he felt that he needed to fill the gaps in his knowledge and this particular 'exclusive' guide was what he truly needed.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 127 - Return


A single tear rolled out of Nik's left eye as he spread his arm and pushed his chest forward while yawning loudly. The information that Brian shared was on a few popular records that many hosts wish to travel and gain the power of while there were many theories about how the existence of record can be present in the homeworld in the form of entertainment sources.

'So, basically, I have to go check on novels and other visual sources of entertainment during this month, huh.'

Nik rubbed his eyes and scratched his chin in annoyance. To him, the system was all about adventuring into the unknown. But now, to reduce that very unknown factor, Nik had to go through many literary works. He could only hope that they are entertaining. Since reading through the adventure and taking part in the said adventure is completely different.

Washing up, Nik gave his timer a look. More than two days left.

Once again, he transported out of the personal space and looked at the wares being presented in the market. Even though he had a lot of System Origin, due to his lack of foundation, his expenditure would also be higher.

But still, buying a few products doesn't harm his intentions and a few particular categories of products were something he needed severely.

'There it is...'

Nik stopped in front of a stall that sold dishes and yet, the prices of dishes were way higher... like weapon tier products high!

[Heal Dumpling (G)

Intake of dumpling will allow the host to recover minor injuries and the healing properties of the body are enhanced by 20% for three minutes.

Price: 3200 SO]

Nik cringed at the price yet tried his hardest to not let anything transpire on his face.

Looking up, he saw the worn out lady returning Nik's look with an impassive expression, but Nik and the lady both understood each other's need and broke into a smile almost simultaneously.

Looking at other wares, Nik selected two products. One was the [Heal Dumpling] and the other was [Medicine Wine] that increased his vitality by 2 points for a whole minute. A green graded wine that was priced at 3300 SO, making it a total of 6500 SO.

Of course, after a bit of desperate haggling and negotiations, the price was finally settled for 6400 SO. It was at that moment, Nik was once again forced to realise that he had much to learn in the ways of selling and purchasing. But he didn't let his sadness get to his head and went towards the Guide's Hall that featured a statue of a wizened old man that held a grimoire in his hands.

The structure of the building was similar to the Hall of Glory. Entering the building, Nik was once again transported in a white room with a blue screen floating in front of his vision.

[Beginner Guide— 1000 SO/hr

Intermediate Guide— 10000 SO/hr

Advance Guide— 30000 SO/hr


Beginner Training Ground— 500 SO/hr

Intermediate Training Ground— 5000 SO/hr

Advance Training Ground— 15000 SO/hr]

Taking a deep breath, Nik selected the intermediate guide. Even though there was a sting of losing so much origin points in one go, he was more than aware of his own deficiencies. The world of Avatar was the lowest of lows that only utilised the elements. Using his own enhanced physique, he steamrolled through the previous world, but his future adventures may not be so simple.

He needed proficiency in both short-range and long-range combat. And Brian gave him the name of that very instructor who can be categorised as the best teacher and guide in laying the foundation. Someone, Brian met during his first travel.

[Who would you like to summon as your guide?]

Since Nik still had a tough time pronouncing the name, he entered the name through the holographic keypad.

[Korosensei is being summoned in 3... 2...]

"Oya! This place seems interesting!"

Nik looked up for a moment as he matched gazes with Korosensei. Even though Brian had already described the guide, Nik's lips still twitched as he smiled at the yellow octopus-human garbed in a black scholar's robe with a short black hat on top of his round head. An unnatural, crescent-moon like smile and tiny, beady eyes with tentacles as legs and two thick yellow tentacles extending to similarly disproportionate fingers.

"Through the system, I suppose you are already clear of the basics?"

Nik questioned while Korosensei let out a chuckle.

"This place is certainly wondrous. A collection of consciousness serving as guides... an excellent service."

He nodded while his yellow tentacle-fingers ran over his round, non-existent chin.

"So? You are Nik Faran, my student for an hour. And if I am lucky, we'll be meeting more than once."

"If your training is beneficial."

Nik nodded.

"Alright, then." Korosensei's wide grin seemed to have grown even wider as he continued. "Since I will be teaching you and you seem to have seen more things than I did, I will need to understand everything about you."

As if seeing through Nik's hesitation, Korosensei shook his head and his tone seemed to have grown a bit gentle.

"My existence can never leak anything outside since I am a mere consciousness. And our talk will only be remembered by my consciousness when you specifically pay for the said price to continue the lessons instead of encountering a version of myself that remembers nothing about you."

Though Nik understood all this, the source of his hesitation was if he should explain his skills to lure female and other non-aggressive stuff. But in the end, he decided to explain everything and even showcased his elemental bending. This alone took him half of the session.

But Nik was prepared for the expenditure. If Korosensei is as good as Brian proclaimed, then Nik was definitely willing to stick together with Korosensei in the future training, too.


"This is certainly interesting... but, to actually make the best use of your elementals and enhanced stats, you must first learn how to move your body."

Korosensei pointed out as Nik waited for his explanation.

"What I mean is, you need to learn how to properly control your own body before we even start setting up foundations.

Through the knowledge of an intermediate guide, I understand that your stats only increase the quality and potential of your body. If your Agility stat is 10, then it does not mean that you are truly that fast.

What the stats represent is the potential your body can achieve after training every single fibre of your body. Although, the feeling of strength after each stat increase is definitely there, the potential of the body will be wasted if you do not tap into it."

Nik frowned hearing this as Korosensei's tentacle suddenly moved at a speed which Nik couldn't even register and his surprisingly soft palm rested on the top of his head.

"What I mean is kid, I'll show you a basic stretching exercise that you need to perform for at least fifteen days."

He spoke while ruffling Nik's hair.

"Please stay within your bounds. We do not know each other and there is no need to get so familiar."

Hearing Nik's dissatisfied words, Korosensei laughed out loud.

"You misunderstood, Nik. I was checking your body's integral structure. I have never even heard of incubus... but I must say, the integrity of your body is definitely sturdier than humans..." Korosensei ruffled through his head one last time before continuing.

"And, I believe that in due time, we can also make use of your strange constitution that releases aphrodisiac pheromones."

Hearing him, Nik nodded but he couldn't help but voice out his troubles.

"How will you make sure that I learn your stretching exercise? Even if I practice in my own world, there won't be anyone to supervise."

The moment he spoke up, Nik suddenly felt a shiver in his heart as he looked at Korosensei's tentacles stretching towards him.

"Since we cannot use any physical material in this place, I certainly cannot write you a training guide.

With that being said, I will be teaching the exercise to your muscles and tendons directly.

He gave an extremely uncharacteristic shit-eating grin before Nik's limbs were caught by Korosensei's tentacles and so started Nik's torturous stretching exercise.


'There we go, 10000 SO wasted just to go through that torture... ugh...'

Nik limped out of the Guide's Hall. There was no need for going through another hour of guiding because Nik first needed to master the exercise before he can continue. With that, he finally decided to use the rest of his SO to purchase a few materials for his next adventure.

Since the System Origin can be earned, there was no need to fixate on it when his own life hung in balance.

Going through the market, he quickly purchased a Green Tier dagger for 2800 SO, a few white graded acidic molotovs for 400 SO each. He had no experience in guns and there were no guns circulated in the market either way.

Long-range weapons were surprisingly hard to find while Nik didn't buy a sword for he already had one. Finally, he found a batch of dishes that restored his body's condition by 10% and also added a body refreshing effect. He bought two such dishes for 3000 SO each and teleported back to his personal space.

Now, he was left with a total of 35081 SO.

Returning to his Personal space, Nik opened his skills window and finally began started the process of updating his skills.


V.i.r.g.i.n Lover (Exclusive)

Baby Hater (Exclusive)

Partner Communication (Exclusive)

Female Hunter (Lvl 1):

A developing skill that increases the charm (CHM) of the user. No incubus is a dirty old man or a fatty sc.u.m. An incubus should look dignified even when mating with the Cerberus bitch. Look good and feel good.

Nxt Lvl: 1 Skill Point.

Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 1):

A skill that uses the pheromones suppressed within the bloodline of the Incubus Descendant to elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control: Lvl 1

Carnal Desires: Lvl 1

Illusion: Lvl 1

Nxt Lvl: 2 Skill Point


Nik immediately disregarded the exclusive skills as they can only be upgraded during the bloodline evolution. He had a total of 9 SP.

Looking at his [Pheromone Illusion], Nik immediately tapped on the [Lvl up] tab and a screen popped in front of him.

[Do you wish to level up [Pheromone Illusion] by investing 2 SP?

Price: 500 SO


Nik immediately willed his acceptance and the screen changed for a brief moment before his skill [Pheromone Illusion] had changed.

[Pheromone Illusion (lvl 1 --> 2)

A skill that uses the pheromones suppressed within the bloodline of the Incubus Descendant to elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control: Lvl 1 --> 2

Carnal Desires: Lvl 1 --> 2

Illusion: Lvl 1 --> 2

Nxt Lvl: 4 SP


Even with seven points remaining, he had no intentions of leveling this skill up. After his chat with the accursed tentacle teacher, he understood that active skills like [Pheromone Illusion] were similar to his stats.

He needed to practice the skills actively to reach their maximum potential, i.e., level 2. Until now, he had been using his Pheromones crudely, just to initiate l.u.s.t within women, but his skill had even greater effects to inflict like Mind Control and Illusion which he had basically ignored.

Finally, he looked at his other skill— Female Hunter— and found out how exotic this skill truly is.

In the description of the skill, it is stated— A developing skill that increases the charm (CHM) of the user.

Previously, Nik thought that this skill increases the numeric stat of [CHM]. But only now did he understand that this skill actually brought out the potential of his [CHM] stats. While he needed to train his body to get the maximum effect of the stats, there was no way for hosts to tap into the maximum potential of their [CHM].

But this skill changed it all.

Similarly, Nik used a total of 3 SP to level up the skill by two levels and lost 1000 SO as the price.

[Female Hunter (Lvl 1 --> 3):

A developing skill that increases the charm (CHM) of the user. No incubus is a dirty old man or a fatty sc.u.m. An incubus should look dignified even when mating with the Cerberus bitch. Look good and feel good.

Nxt Lvl: 4 Skill Point.]

The remaining 33581 SO remained unspent for Brian had asked him to keep a bit of fortune safe before the travels for any sort of emergency supply.

Since he had no more gains to digest, Nik immediately initiated a transfer back to the homeworld even when he had less than two days remaining.

He really wanted to meet up with the girls!


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But hey, At least, I have a notebook to keep track of all the So, SP and inventory!


Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 128 - In Their Arms


Okusan stretched her arms wide before scratching her head. One of the shoulder slings of her nighty had already reached down to her bicep, threatening to fall and reveal her generous bosom when suddenly, she heard a soft mewl.


Snapping her head towards the drooling Mitsuko, she sighed before getting out of the bed. Unlike the Souma family, she had the habit of waking early and preparing for the day before leaving for the gym and training for two hours, of course, so that she could eat anything she loved for the whole day.

Tying her hair up rather loosely, Kyouko tucked Mitsuko in while she stepped softly while making her way towards the bathroom.

'Sigh... it's already been five days...'

Kyouko thought with a heavy heart as she couldn't help but wish to communicate with Nik. But after Nik's departure, Mitsuko had actually made sure that everyone was clear that Nik would be adventuring in a dangerous place— if he was speaking the truth— and their sudden communication might disrupt him at the worse possible moment.

The thought of which sent chills to their spine, even Kaya was soon made to understand the situation.

Although Sayako and Souko and Kaya didn't truly have a strong relationship with Nik, there was something within them that kept on nurturing their feelings for Nik, something they were glad about, especially Sayako.

Although they had vowed internally to have a 'pure' relationship with Nik, it was easier said than done. While Mitsuko, Kurumi and Okusan had the liberty to spend some quality time with Nik, the same couldn't be said for the other three.

And the sudden abstinence from s.e.x was quite torturous for the trio. Deep down, they were glad that they had their relationship as a partner with Nik to force them to avoid strange men, else, by now, the trio would have lost their chance at a relationship with someone worthy enough to be a man in front of their eyes.

And honestly, the thought of leaving Nik... and his c.o.c.k for some worthless shaft made them sigh in frustration at their past selves' actions.

Back then, they had no way to tap into quality, so they sought after quantity. But now, after eating 'that' quality dish, even though they were still somewhat chained by their past urges, their actions against other men had grown quite tame.

Something, the trio saw as the sign if their own growth and maturity.

Meanwhile, Megumi... she was one step away from exploding, and Kurumi felt that the sight of Nik's face would be that last step.

Of course, due to Kaya's association with their... party, her youngest daughter, Gunta's sister also became a frequent visitor of the family after making acquaintance with the school bella Kurumi was.

As Kyouko stepped out of the room, a sudden scent grazed past her nose, making her shake her head immediately!

'I am even hallucinating scent? Wow...'

Kyouko mocked herself as she felt the soothing scent disappearing after she regained her bearings.

'Nik still isn't here... huh!'

She exhaled heavily before making her way to the bathroom and opened it without paying much attention.

The moment she opened the door, her expression immediately froze up as she saw a familiar figure brushing his teeth. Through the mirror, she could see the familiar face... albeit, he had a rather hot beard and his face seemed to have grown a bit more defined. His lips and stubbly moustache covered in the froth of the toothpaste while his violet eyes showed a reaction when their gazes met through each other's reflection.

'Snap out of it!'

Kyouko exhaled and shook her head while she failed to see the man immediately gargling quickly, but she could still hear it.

Her eyes snapped open and Nik had already turned back. The lower portion of his face remained wet, but clean while his eyes glowed brightly, a warm smile on his face as a soft whisper that shook Kyouko's body emerged from his lips.

"Yo! I'm back."


Kyouko gulped a lump of saliva before her eyes grew brighter.


Nik smiled as he walked forward. He had already returned for almost 2 hours but didn't have the heart to wake any of them up. And neither was he willing to enjoy Kyouko's exaggerated reaction. He truly missed her and he need Kyouko in his arms.

He immediately pulled her into a loving embrace, even though her bosom once again itched his heart, Nik made sure that no visible reaction remained for he simply enjoyed her warmth and the feel of her back.

Meanwhile, Okusan's head was already buried into his chest, her arms encroaching up his back as her hold grew tighter. The soft sniveling sound slowly grew prominent, but Nik made no effort to console her.

He had returned, it was a fact. And now, Okusan needed to release her pent-up emotions, too.

Their embrace continued for a few minutes before Nik finally started stroking her back when he felt her breathing calm down.

"I missed you, too. A lot, to be specific."

Nik whispered while Kyouko nodded silently. After an entire minute, she finally whispered.


Her face was lifted up by one of his arms as his thumb and index-finger rested against her chin, her face stained with tears while her lips remained bitten, so as to prevent another round of waterfall.

"You still look beautiful."

He smiled. While Kyouko wanted to retort that only five days had passed, she had to stop after understanding that for Nik, it might have been longer, as evidenced by his facial hair. Not to mention, if she opened her mouth, she would end up crying.

A gentle flash passed Nik's gaze as he lowered his head and finally kissed Kyouko, his tongue parting her lips as her innards were finally being soothed by his warm tongue. Itches were scratched but Okusan's tears started rolling out as her hold around his back grew up to the nape of his neck as she indulged herself to the kiss, her toes pushing her body up for a more comfortable kiss.


"Hou... so you can control elements?"

Kurumi nuzzled against Nik's chest while her butt rested on his lap. It was still early in the morning and the whole household had been woken up after Okusan started crying loudly.

"Yeah, see this."

Nik extended his hand outwards while Souko, Sayako and Kurumi focused on his extended thumb and index-finger while Kyouko and Mitsuko also looked towards the living room from the kitchen while bending their body backwards.


A thin strand of purple lightning erupted from the space between his thumb and index-finger, shocking the entire household!

"Whoah! That was awesome! What other stuff did you learn?"

Kurumi immediately squealed akin to a kid, a side Nik witnessed for the first time while Souko and Sayako chuckled at her reaction.

"Well... fire, water, earth, lightning... elements except for wind."

"Wow... even though I imagined that this stuff could be real... I never thought them to actually happen."

Sayako nodded while Mitsuko and Kyouko had left the kitchen while the walked over and flanked Nik from the sides before casting a questioning glance towards Nik.

"The story is a long one... is it really what you want to start your day with?"

Nik suddenly smiled as his eyes suggested thoughts that were already present in everybody's mind, yet suppressed.

Hearing his words, Souko grinned before she threw her thin articles of clothing.

"Alright! We have two and a half hours before we start getting ready! If we manage our time well—"

She looked around for a moment before laughing loudly.

"Multiple orgasms guaranteed!"

A small smile flashed on everyone's faces as the family orgy erupted. Although, Nik missed Megumi and Kaya, too.

God, did he miss them!


Three blocks away, two females in different houses woke up yet again as they seemed to smell the same scent that reduced them to a mass of writhing flesh while their fingers soon reached down towards their snatches once again, meanwhile, their cold and lonely mouths couldn't help but sigh hotly.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 129 - Special Technique: Consecutive Orgasms

Souko didn't wait after her proclamation as her n.a.k.e.d body immediately squeezed the yelping Kurumi in between Nik while her lips sought after Nik's, her tongue initiating the movement and left the home territory to get ravished within Nik's mouth while her hands cupped his cheeks tightly, not letting him go, forcing both of them to breathe through their noses and impacting each other's face with their hot breathing.

"Hey! Get off of me!"

Kurumi's cheeks were already squished by Souko's soft, large b.r.e.a.s.ts while Kurumi couldn't help but squeeze them to curb her own frustration.

At Souko's outburst, the eyes of the two matured ladies flanking Nik narrowed down rather seductively while Sayako simply smiled and got up from her seat before making her way to the kitchen. Unlike Souko, Sayako liked getting a nice f.u.c.k after filling her stomach.

Heck, she always felt like puking whenever she woke up early and it was only due to Nik did she even think of waking up so early.

Like Souko stated, Sayako would manage her time. She would let Nik wear the four women down quickly, she knew that it was possible due to their sudden abstinence from s.e.x, after that, she would have Nik all for herself, riding him while her stomach would be both, literally and metaphorically filled.

'Huhu... only then will there be multiple orgasms.'

She laughed internally while she started making herself sandwiches.

Nik, on the other hand, already had his hands occupied. Mitsuko's and Okusan's hands led his arms towards their bosoms, not wanting to be left out after getting a chance to get down meanwhile Kurumi had finally squeezed out from the carnal hold and spanked Souko's butt with frustration.

"What kind of a sister are you?!"

She grumbled out loud while Souko, who had a nasty handprint on her butt only sighed hotly into Nik's mouth while breaking the contact for a moment before winking at Kurumi.

"The Thot kind."

Souko once again redirected her attention towards Nik, who welcomed the kiss as his c.o.c.k was already erect and ready to explode out of his pants.

"Fine, then!"

Kurumi hissed, pushed herself in between Souko's thighs and finally came face-to-face with the bulging rod hidden within the pants. Since her shoulders couldn't pass through Souko's thighs, Kurumi had to remain satisfied with her forearms and she used her lithe fingers to pull her pants down.

Before Nik could even feel the air against his shaft, his c.o.c.k was pulled against its natural curve and brought into Kurumi's warm mouth, making Nik shiver a bit as he felt the familiar feeling he longed for. His lips were still stuck against Souko, as is she wished bruise each other's mouth while Kyouko's and Mitsuko's lips were already letting out relieved m.o.a.ns as Nik kept on kneading and squeezing their b.r.e.a.s.ts as Mitsuko's and Kyouko's free hand latched onto their snatches, revealing their rich pink slits that oozed of thin

But since the action erupted while they were still on the couch, things were bound to get a little cramped.

Meanwhile, as if sucking on a giant-sized lolipop, Kurumi's eyes were narrowed while her throat bulged noticeably. Once again, much to her frustration, she found out that she couldn't even power suck Nik for her shoulders couldn't move in coordination with her neck, making her curse her own elder blood sister once again.

It was only after a few minutes of desperate and willful contact that Nik finally sighed. His hands left Mitsuko's and Kyouko's healthy and perky b.r.e.a.s.ts while he gently cupped Souko's face before breaking the kiss.

"I am not asking you guys to be patient." His words audible to the four of them as he continued, "But I don't like getting so cramped up. So, let me flip the situation."

His words stated his intentions clear as Kurumi also let go of Nik's c.o.c.k that immediately bounced up and showcased its healthy curve, making Kurumi have second thoughts on her actions.

"So? What do you have in mind?"

Souko asked in anticipation and fulfill did Nik. No flowery comments were stated as Nik deeply understood each of the girl's need as he presented a soft smile.

"F.u.c.k you full."

He grinned before flipping Souko over to the couch while he immediately positioned his c.o.c.k against her already addictive p.u.s.s.y and struck deep within her moist swamp-like organ, eliciting a soft grunt from Nik's nostrils while he gestured towards Mitsuko, who smiled and got closer to him as their lips latched against each other.

In fact, Nik didn't plan to actually keep on the usual manner of s.e.x.u.a.l activity and activated his [Pheromone Illusion] to cast [Carnal Desires] and as Nik predicted, his overflowing scent immediately made the girls around him m.o.a.n crazily as their h.i.p.s bucked naturally and their bodies shivered. He needed to rotate between each and every girl so that none felt left out.

Meanwhile, Souko's mind was immediately overflowed with mind-numbing pleasure as she climaxed uncharacteristically quickly. But her thoughts had already gone over to the line that demarcated pleasure and decadence.

Her knees collapsed against the cushion while a mindless groan escaped her lips.

With this, the basic hunger of Souko was already satiated and in fact, she would need a few minutes to regain her bearings, which Nik utilised to literally two-hump the other girls' brains out before continuing the same pattern again and again, until a slightly active Sayako joined the fray.

M.o.a.ns that shook the walls erupted simultaneously while the floor of the living room was already wet with crystalline squirts as Nik didn't stop the session and kept true to his words.

He knew that there will he time for normal, gentler sessions where there will be space for emotions other than l.u.s.t.

But now was not the time. He needed to lower their pent up s.e.x.u.a.l frustration and meanwhile, he also mentally made plans to drop by Kaya's place after dropping Kurumi off to school.

Finally, after two hours, the carnal session of writhing flesh succ.u.mbing to his c.o.c.k ended as their powerless, sweat-covered and twitching body collapsed, inducing Nik to carry them over to their bed while Nik expertly used his waterbending to remove their sweat and tucking them in. He didn't even know if Kurumi or others would wake up for their respective schedules.

Still, he got up and took a nice long bath before he changed his attire into a standard one of this world.

A blue t-shirt and black pyjamas that made him look appropriately lazy and jobless he was as he made his way to the kitchen and found a covered plate. Picking the plastic cover, Nik was gratified at the discovery of the sandwiches and ate his fill before training in the stretching exercise that had been cruelly instilled within his body by the mass of yellow flesh.

As he continued practicing, Kurumi's time to leave for school had already arrived but she still wasn't up. A peaceful expression remained on her face as she continued sleeping in soft snores while Nik sighed softly.

"Guess I overdid it..."

He felt a bit aimless now. He had practiced his stretching exercise and the effects were hardly noticeable. This was supposed to happen this way because what Nik was doing was to slowly get more control over his body instead of bodybuilding. There was no fat burn, just a relatively warm feeling.

"Gunta would have left for school... maybe, I should leave for Kaya's... no, wait... I can call her here."

Nik immediately connected with Kaya, who was immediately excited upon hearing bis return and practically flew to the Okusan's apartment where she also got an orgasmic session of mindless f.u.c.k.i.n.g, which she was happy to receive.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 2: Run! It's a Demon! Chapter 130 - Record

Previously, Nik did not have enough experience to measure the growth of a civilisation. But after experiencing a total of three worlds and three different civilisations, Nik could determine various factors that affect the growth of civilisation.

The world where he was born in, is the most civilised out of the three, although, it only surpasses his current homeworld by a margin, the world of elements is far outstripped when compared to his previous homeworld.

But unlike the world of elements and the previous homeworld, this particular one had grown far and beyond in the department of entertainment. While both the worlds had major wars ongoing, this particular homeworld had no wars taking place on its surface, at least, openly.

Nik still hadn't lived here long enough to properly determine the political implications of various events, but one thing was for sure— he had far surpassed the strongest human that can ever emerge from this world.

His stats couldn't help but agree with him.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 7

AGL: 10 (7)

VIT: 10 (7)

ENG: 11 (7)

CHM: 10 (7)

LUK: 2

Stat Points— 0


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


The world itself suppressed Nik for he had already surpassed the maximum strength allowed by the world's will. But instead of frustration, Nik only felt happy.

The limitations meant that he had reached the maximum output of strength an individual in this world is capable of wielding and a part of him sighed in relief when he thought of the various benefits of [Partner-up].

He can finally guarantee the safety of his girls.

Still in his blue t-shirt and black pyjamas that spoke— lazy, Nik walked through the empty streets. Right now, the school had already started and many employees rushed for their jobs, meanwhile, housewives at this time would usually start cleaning their houses and other chores as the shops on street would finally have their shutters pushed up to welcome the daily business.

It was peaceful. Nik thought in silence. Smiling and nodding at various aunties that would feel a little bit stunned after watching him walk past them, Nik continued towards a special location in mind.

The Silverman Gym.

Although, Nik happened to be a sore believer of gender-equality and didn't feel the least bit ashamed if his women supported him, a part of him still wanted to explore this world and actually get a routine.

Outside from their daily schedule of mingling during breakfasts and dinners, everyone, including Kyouko, had their own schedule. Kurumi had her own cram classes while Sayako and would spend her time in the library, actually studying this time around. Mitsuko and Kyouko both had their daily routine of exercising and daily shopping while meeting up with Kaya and hanging out.

Yes, in just a short span of four days, the trio Milfs actually got together every day to practice cooking and whatnot.

Souko, on the other hand, had her job while from what Nik recalled, Megumi had her own club training.

They all had a life outside of their personal ones that would keep their relationship healthy and Nik also wanted a life outside of his own personal relationsh.i.p.s and the mind-numbingly dangerous adventures of the system.

And he could only come up with the Silverman Gym in his mind to consult with.

Of course, he didn't wish to be a trainer. He wanted something simpler. The job of trainers would require him to keep a daily notebook for the intake and the exercises performed and rotate the exercises while introducing special exercise that targeted specific muscles that would not be affected otherwise.

No thanks, he would rather f.u.c.k.

As he made his way towards the Silverman Gym, he crossed by a bookstore, making him recall the issue of records that might help him in his future endeavours.

Stopping right in front of the bookstore, Nik thought for a while as he looked at multiple magazines featuring outside the shop to attract the customers when he suddenly had an idea. But he needed to confirm a few things before he could actually go through with his plans.

Opening the door, a melodious jingle spread across the shop as an old man raised his eyebrows when his gaze fell on the youth.

'This dress-up... another one of those?'

The old man sighed internally. While his shop ran due to many 'perverts' that would buy the works of fiction, he couldn't help but lament at the future of the world.

And as the old man expected, the black-haired youth stumbled across a few non-fiction books before he found himself standing in front of the manga section with excitement written on his violet eyes.

'Violet? A foreigner?'

The old man thought silently while Nik couldn't help but control his emotions or he might just end up laughing loudly.

In his hands was a book titled— Naruto. As simple as the name might sound, according to Brian, the multiverse that housed the record where the youth named Naruto resides is quite popular amongst other hosts as a special source of energy can be obtained after travelling to that particular world.

Thinking for a while, Nik placed the book down. Common sense dictates that he must buy the book before removing the plastic wrapping. But he did not have money.

Still, it was not an issue.

He had decided his career path.

He would become a book salesman and earn a few bucks to read the books he sold.

Looking at the old man, Nik smiled gently, his violet eyes glowing violently as he spoke up.

"Good morning, old man. You look tired...

Want a hand in managing your shop?"


"Even Kurumi is absent today..."

Megumi frowned and narrowed her eyes as she gazed at the empty seat that housed the school bella while she suddenly felt a thought emerging within her consciousness.

"Is he back?"

The moment she thought of it, the idea couldn't be suppressed anymore. Anger would immediately flood within her mind when she recalled how bad her past week went. Although she wasn't an academic student, her prowess in Kendo was unquestionable. After all, she was scheduled to become the next club president.

But that... BASTARD! She couldn't focus on her training at all!

Not only did Kurumi refuse to answer anything about him, but she also found out that Nik didn't even tag along with Kurumi to drop her off and pick her up.

If she didn't know better, she would have thought that Nik was simply a criminal who tried to act civilised after having his way with girls. Of course, the fact that Kurumi had already rejected all the advances of the students after Nik's sudden disappearance made Megumi feel that there was a chance that Nik might return.

After the school bell rang, the students got up and she went ahead of Maa-kun, who she casually referred to as his full name— Manabu. Though there was now not a single chance of feeling the same way for Manabu, Megumi still remained friends with him.

After all, it was just a crush, nothing serious.

But the moment she reached the school gates, she found all the male students gathering in the corner with a rather ugly expression while the eyes of the schoolgirls were sparkling like jewels.

Most surprisingly, Rick and Gunta weren't fighting and standing in front of the school gates with a reverent expression.

'Could it be?!'

Megumi thought for a moment before her body moved without listening to her mind, a familiar scent soon touched her nostrils.

'Definitely him!'

Megumi's hand immediately traced her packaged bokken and she practically ran towards the school gates. Her expression best described as malevolent, something, that Rick shivered at the sight of and immediately nudged Gunta to look at her direction, before the former delinquent shivered, too.

As expected, past the group of envious males and mindless bimbos stood a lazy figure. Her jaws clenched as fury took over her sanity.

"Get ready!"

She still shouted to warn her 'enemy', as he looked back with a brief surprise flashing across his eyes before he stood still and let the bokken strike over his head.