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Chapter 196 Alvannia’s standing in this War

Back in Alvannia, prince Gladiolus has already left the palace with his new bride the second princess Elizabeth. In the latest discussion between Jennova and Alvannia, King Edward only agreed to send half of his army to lend a hand to Jennova in this war if Prince Gladiolus honors his previous word to marry his second daughter Princess Elizabeth therefore making a union between these two countries by marriage.

King Edward was sitting in his office with his head nestled in his closed fists deep in thought. He looked very troubled and seemed to have aged within such a short amount of time.

"Father!" Richard came inside abruptly. King Edward looked at him with irritation.

"Didn’t you learn how to knock first before entering someone’s office?" King Edward frowned.

"That isn’t important now!" Richard said with a raised voice. "Why...why did you lend Jennova half of our army? And why did you make my sister marry that perverted prince?! He openly says that he loves my sister Alicia but he is marrying my other sister Elizabeth. Isn’t that just weird or what?! And he was the one that kidnapped Alicia. Do you remember that father? They are using my sister Alicia as a hostage!"

Richard was visibly frustrated with his father’s decisions right now. The war of Jennova and Grandcrest is a big matter to this continent right now. The result will shift the balance of power in the continent. Alvannia should decide cautiously to whom they will side because the future of their own country hangs in the balance.

"I know that!" King Edward also raised his voice in anger. "Don’t you think I am in a tight spot right now? Jennova has your sister Alicia as hostage and Prince Gladiolus wants her so badly. And your sister’s fiancé, that damn brat just became king of Grandcrest. He is also pressuring me about this war. I do not know who to ally with at this state." The king sat back on his sit and sighed.

Grandpa Robert also entered the room and closed the door behind him.

"Calm down Richard, your father is troubled with the situation right now." Grandpa Robert patted Richard’s shoulder.

"But grandpa..." Richard wants to object but Grandpa Robert looked at him seriously. And so he shut his mouth and looked over to his father the king.

"I saw the army you have dispatched to follow the crown prince of Jennova back to his country." Grandpa Robert said. "That was the newly formed army that replaced McGregor’s army, correct?"

King Richard looked at Grandpa Robert with a defeated look and sighed once again. "Yes, that’s the new unit."

"You sent the new recruits to Jennova rather than sending my army which is more experienced in the battle field." Grandpa Robert said calmly. "That just shows who you decided to side with in this war."

Richard looked at Grandpa Robert and then his father. "You send the new unit to Jennova? But that isn’t even half of our whole army? That means... you don’t intend to help Jennova win this war?"

"Yes, I intend to ally with Grandcrest." King Edward looked at his young son. "I understand what you are feeling right now, but as a leader of course I should not let my emotions affect my judgement."

Richard’s frustration vanished and a smile crept on his face. It was evident that he also wanted to side with Grandcrest in this war. Not just because he is fond with his soon to be brother in law but also because of what the crown prince of Jennova has done to the capital in his wake and of course his sister’s kidnapping.

"Tell me your majesty, what made you decide to side with Grandcrest?" Grandpa Robert asked. He was curious what made the king’s mind change because at first, King Edward was about to ally himself with Jennova.

"With the way the war is going on right now, you would know who is at the advantage." King Richard replied. "By just that, as a leader I know where our country will most benefit with."

"And?" Grandpa Robert knew there was more.

King Richard sighed. "This reason is a bit personal. Jennova wreaked havoc inside the capital and they kidnapped one of my daughters and kept her as hostage. Do you think I will just take their hand and shake it?!" The anger in the king’s voice was heard clearly. "Many of our citizens died and were injured with that Prince Gladiolus’s attack and they expect me to send reinforcement to them? And there is still no word from your sister. Do you think I will trust that Jennovian prince’s words that she is doing fine? The heck, I don’t even know if she is sleeping and eating well! Just thinking that damn prince holding Alicia burns me with rage."

"Hahahaha... So you called for him to come here because you don’t want him to get near to Alicia. Is that why the negotiations in lending the army took months? Hahaha..." Grandpa Robert laughed out loud. The king looked at him in confusion. "I am happy that you have already changed now. You are thinking of your citizens, even though your decisions have some personal vendetta."

"Hah..." King Edward sighed. "I feel that I got so old this past year because of worries."

"Do not worry father. I am here to help you with your burdens." Richard said proudly.

"I think your son is ready to take some responsibilities and lift some of your burdens. Why not let the lad learn about your work?" Grandpa Robert said.

"You’re right." King Richard said. He looked at his young son who was now fifteen years of age. "After three years you would become an adult. I will personally teach you of my work and once you are of age, I will step down and give you my post."

Richard was surprised with his father’s sudden announcement. "Father? You don’t need to step down early. I am still young and need to learn more."

King Edward shook his head. "I have coveted this position in the past. And I just realized that maybe this position isn’t really for me. You on the other hand, were born to be king. I have the outmost confidence with father in law’s education that he gave to you. I will be at ease to give you my seat once the time has come."

"T-Thank you father!" Richard kneeled down in one knee. "I promise to uphold all grandpa’s teachings and work hard. I won’t let you down."

"Haha, no need for formalities my child." King Edward stood up from his seat and kneeled down as well in front of his son. He put his hand over Richard’s shoulder and looked at his son with proudness. "I am sure you will do better than I did. I am proud of you my son."

"Thank you father!" Richard was hesitant at first but then embraced his father. The king in return also hugged his son.

Grandpa Robert felt the warmth of happiness in his heart. He may not have made a good job raising his daughter but at least he made a good job raising the future king of Alvannia.

"General Robert." King Edward called out after standing up with Richard. "I need you to mobilize your army. Make them be ready to stand by. Once I send the word to Gandcrest about our alliance. If needed, I will let you march to the battle fields."

"As you wish your majesty." Grandpa Robert saluted.

"I hope this will be the last war for you, father in law. You need to retire from your post after this. You are growing old now." King Edward’s words have another meaning. He also meant to tell the general to come back safely from this war to retire and live his remaining days in peace.

"Hahaha, I might just take you up on that offer your majesty." Grandpa Robert laughed.

"But what about Elizabeth?" Richard asked. "You just let her go to Jennova and marry their prince."

King Edward sighed. "I did that to buy some time and also to trick Jennova. It is also some kind of punishment for her. After William’s refusal, she has been unruly and often creates problems inside the palace." The king explained. "Do not worry. While she is officially a crown princess, Jennova won’t hurt her. And I plan to rescue your sisters before Jennova finds out about our deception."

Richard nodded. A sacrifice must be made for this deception to work. Elizabeth might not be the best sister there is, but she is still his sister none the less."

Chapter 197 Trying to Contact my Mother 1


Weeks have passed since the incident at the library. So far there were still no results in the investigation about the fire. It is still unknown to the public how the fire started.

Fortunately no one was injured severely. Satiana also recovered after a few days of rest. She has come back to her usual self except for one thing that I observed, she usually blushes when Jack is near us.

Like the usual day, after I have eaten my breakfast I come to visit my mother in her quarters. I was walking with William and Jack behind me through the hallway when I heard Satiana’s voice.

"Big sis!" Satiana called out.

I turned around to see her trotting towards us. But by the time Jack turned around, she lessened her pace and became more graceful. This made me giggle lightly.

"Good morning big sister." Satiana made a curtsy after stopping just in front of us.

"Good morning Sati." I smiled. "You seem a little bit hot. Your face is a little flushed. Have you been running all this way? Have you eaten breakfast yet?" I teased her.

Satiana’s face became redder in an instant. "N-Not yet big sis." She said shyly.

"Well why not eat first. I won’t be going anywhere you know." I giggled. "I will be in with my mother."

"Okay." Satiana replied. "Are you going to the greenhouse this morning?" She asked.

"Yes, I will be going there a little bit later." I replied.

"Then wait for me there big sis." Satiana said. "I will accompany you and aunty."

"Okay." I smiled while I look at Satiana’s retreating back.

"The little princess is very fond of you isn’t she?" Jack said with a low tone.

I looked at him curiously. It looks like he hasn’t gotten any of the signs that Satiana has a crush on him.

"You know Jack, you are clever and all but you seem to be dense at some aspects." I said with a neutral tone.

Jack looked at me curiously. "Hey, where did that come from?"

I resumed my walk to the direction of my mother’s room and William followed me behind.

"Hey, what aspect am I dense with princess?" Jack tried to nag me about it.

"Hehe, well if you can’t see it then you really are dense." I giggled.

Jack fell silent and looked at William with confusion written all over his face.

"Don’t look at me like that. I also do not know what the princess is talking about." William replied coldly.

The three of us resumed our walking until we arrived at my mother’s room. Inside, Martha has prepared my mother to our walk towards the greenhouse. I have instructed Martha to come here beforehand to prepare my mother.

My mother was now wearing thick clothes and a winter coat over her body. She was sitting on the wheel chair provided by my aunt the queen.

"Good morning mother." I greeted her with a smile. "How have you been?"

My mother looked at me and smiled. But her eyes were still empty. Today I was planning to go into her mind a little further.

These past few days I was trying to enter her mind slowly and it wasn’t easy. Her mind was presently hazy and it was guarded protectively. Every time I try to enter, I make my way to her inner consciousness. And every time there would be a wall blocking my path. Destroying a wall also takes a toll on my body. My magic power has increased significantly since then, but the wall blocking my way drains me. It just shows that my mother’s protection on her mind is too great.

"Let’s get going." I ordered. Jack was the one that pushed my mother’s wheel chair while I walk beside her.

Once outside, the weather was still cold but the cloud that constantly covers the sky has disappeared. The sun has been shining constantly and some of the snow has been melting.

’It looks like the weather has been improving lately.’ I thought.

After the incident where I summoned rain clouds, the weather in the capital and nearby has been good. The snow began melting and the once frozen water source was starting to thaw. This is a significant change for this country.

"The weather has been improving lately your highness. The people nearby the capital are becoming hopeful once again." Martha said. "If this keeps on then the livelihood of the people will flourish once more. There will be no use for the war to go on."

"Are the people of Jennova against the war from going on?" I asked.

"Many of the people aren’t that fond of the idea of war. It was just that the queen has promised more abundant and flourishing lands to the south once Jennova wins this war." Martha explained. "But if the good weather keeps on, then there is no need for this war to go on any longer. Many people are also suffering from this war."

"I see. I also pray that is the case." I said hopeful.

The people of Jennova are not so greedy that they will steal the lands from others. If they can live here in their homeland peacefully and abundantly, then they will not resort to war. They really don’t have any reason to go to war against Grandcrest because there wasn’t any breach in the laws between the two countries. This war is all the vendetta of the queen; it is for her own personal revenge. If the people see the queen’s true colors, then I can easily tip the balance here in this country.

’Starting a civil war inside this country.’ I thought. But to start such a thing, I need find myself an ally inside the royal court that opposes this war.

While thinking about this, we have just arrived at the greenhouse. As usual, the greenhouse was abundant with greeneries. Satiana was the one taking care of this greenhouse with her magic.

’Satiana’s magic can help the people of Jennova to grow their crops once more.’ I thought. I guess it will be best to speak with Satiana about this.

I took over Jack’s place and pushed my mother’s wheel chair towards the make shift pond. The pond was decorated with beautiful water lilies and there are also koi fishes swimming underneath.

I took a seat right in front of my mother and held her hand that was resting on her lap.

"Can you please give us some space?" I asked my retainers with me. They nodded and stood at a distance from us.

I was determined to break many walls of defense today so I am not sure if my mind magic will affect anyone physically near me. It would be best to let them stay a few distance away from me.

"Okay, here goes nothing." I closed my eyes and concentrated.

Chapter 198 Trying to Contact my Mother 2


"Can you please give us some space?" I asked my retainers with me. They nodded and stood at a distance from us.

I was determined to break many walls of defense today so I am not sure if my mind magic will affect anyone physically near me. It would be best to let them stay a few distance away from me.

"Okay, here goes nothing." I closed my eyes and concentrated.

The surroundings were first pitch black but then it lighted up to a grayish color. I was standing on a road which was a few meters wide. This wasn’t the first time I have been here because every time I came inside my mother’s mind, this was the road I was standing.

Since the first time I came here, I have walked a bit far. I have destroyed at least four walls that have blocked my path. Every wall was bigger, wider and sturdier than the last one and breaking them has been difficult. The last wall took me five days to break.

I walked a little bit and saw a shadow looming from the horizon. When I was getting nearer, I see another wall blocking my path. This was the fifth wall so far and it was the highest one of all. It also looked thick and sturdy. Making a path will surely be difficult.

"No, I need to do this today." I said to myself with resolve.

I walked towards the wall and stopped right in front of it. I put my palms on the wall and feel the surface.

"It feels solid as it looks." I said.

I pressed my palms on the walls and closed my eyes to concentrate. I am determined to get thru to this wall today, no matter what it takes.


(At the greenhouse)

Satiana just arrived at the greenhouse. Upon entering she saw Alicia’s retainers near the entrance standing. She saw Jack instantly and blushed.

"Where is big sister?" Satiana asked when she was near them.

"She is there your highness." Martha pointed to where Alicia and her mother were sitting.

"Then why are you all here?" Satiana asked curiously.

"The princess asked us to give her some space." It was Jack that answered Satiana’s question.

After Jack’s sentence, Satiana looked a little shy. She slowly walked towards Jack while having her head bowed down.

"Umm, Mr. Jack." Satiana called shyly.

"Yes princess?" Jack replied politely.

"Can I speak with you privately?" Satiana asked.

"Ohh, okay?" Jack looked at Satiana questioningly.

The two walked not too far away but just the right amount of distance from the guards and retainers.

"What can I do for you your highness?" Jack asked.

"Well umm... it is a little bit late but... I want to thank you for saving me from the fire in the library last time." Satiana’s face was flushed red. She was shyly fidgeting her fingers.

"You are welcome your highness." Jack smiled widely. "It was also my duty to see to your safety."

Satiana smiled from the bottom of her heart. All of the other servants only give her stares of ridicule and pity, being an unwanted child by her mother the queen. But Jack was different. He treats her like a normal person and also not some royalty. Her heart was beating fast.

"Umm... as thanks, I made this for you." Satiana took out a small bag from her pocket. It was tied with a red ribbon similar to Jack’s hair color.

"Oh, what is it?" Jack asked curiously and took the small bag from Satiana. "Hmm... it smells yummy."

Jack opened the bag and saw cookies shaped as rabbits.

"I-I personally baked them. I am sorry if some didn’t turn out alright. It was my first time doing such a thing." Satiana said shyly. Her face was red as a plum.

Last time, Satiana asked Alicia what will be good to give Jack as a thank you. Alicia has suggested something that was personally done like a handkerchief with her own stitch work or baking something. Because Satiana was not proud of her stitch work she opted for baking something and ordered the chefs to teach her.

Jack took one cookie and put it on his mouth and chewed. "Hmm, it’s quite delicious actually. Except for some burns here and there, it’s all right." He smiled.

"Really?" Satina smiled cheerfully. "That’s a relief." She sighed.

Then after that moment a strong wind blew their way.

"Why is there a strong gush of wind inside the greenhouse?" Satiana asked in confusion. She was holding her skirt from flying up. Her hair was also in a mess and she tried to hold it in place.

Jack and Satiana searched for the source of the wind and saw that Alicia and her mother were inside the winds vortex. Both of them ran towards where the guards and William was standing.

"Princess, it’s dangerous to go near." Martha grabbed Satiana and maintained a safe distance.

"What is happening?" William looked at Jack.

"I am also not sure. But I can feel the princess’ magic power is rising." Jack whispered to William. He was using his hand to cover his face. The wind was blowing rather stronger. "Get princess Satiana out to safety!" He ordered.

The guards obeyed and lead Satiana and Martha out of the greenhouse, while William and Jack stayed inside.

"I can’t just leave Alicia behind. I am her knight." William said because he was suspecting that Jack would ask him to go out for safety as well.

Jack nodded. "Then let’s observe first."


(Back inside Alicia’s mother’s mind)

I concentrated all my power towards both of my hands. My surroundings began to rumble with the intensity of magic I was dispersing.

"AHHHH!!!" I shouted.

The wall was vibrating more violently now. Small rocks are flying away here and there. I was being hit by these rocks and I can feel the pain on my body but I still continued. Any injury I obtain here inside the mind, I retain in my physical body as well. That is why I was careful with breaking the past four walls. But now I want to break this with one go.

I opened my eyes and given it my all in this final single blow.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" My power was magnified at the palm of my hands and broke thru the wall.

"Hah..hah..hah." I was panting heavily. My body felt heavy after that surge of power I just released.

I looked up and a hole was made thru the wall. I smiled with my success.

I carefully stood up and carried my body that felt heavy to walk into the hole. Once thru, I looked at the surroundings. At the other side of the wall was like a new world. There was a clear blue sky, green fields and colorful scenery, unlike the hazy gray world I was just in.

I looked around having a huge familiarity with this place.

"It’s like I have been here before." I said.

I walked around and saw houses in the horizon. My mind was registering the place and then thought of something.

"This place... it looks like the village where mama and I used to live when I was young." I realized.

Chapter 199 Inside my Mother’s Inner Consciousness

I carefully stood up and carried my body that felt heavy to walk into the hole. Once thru, I looked at the surroundings. At the other side of the wall was like a new world. There was a clear blue sky, green fields and colorful scenery, unlike the hazy gray world I was just in.

I looked around having a huge familiarity with this place.

"It’s like I have been here before." I said.

I walked around and saw houses in the horizon. My mind was registering the place and then thought of something.

"This place... it looks like the village where mama and I used to live when I was young." I realized.

I slowly walked towards the village entrance, looking around as I go. Once I arrive at the entrance, I see villagers bustling around. It was as if this place truly exists. I see familiar faces here and there. That just validated my suspicion from earlier. This truly is my village but it should be from years ago.

The familiar faces I am seeing right now has the same age as the day when I was still young. Many years have passed and so they surely aged by now but the people here has the same age years ago.

I look at a familiar bakery at a corner of the street where I frequently buy our bread. The mister there was old and before my father took me with him, that mister has passed away. But now I can see the mister happily placing the bread he has baked on the counter.

While I was walking around the people were moving about like normal but they don’t seem to notice me.

"Um, excuse me." I talked to a young woman walking by but she didn’t reply let alone even look at me. "Hello." I tried again but to no avail.

Then a group of children run pass me and I mean literally passed through me.

"What the...?" I was dumbfounded. I tried to touch the little boy that was running but my hand went through. "Projections or illusions?"

The people here are only illusions. Maybe this was some kind of memory that was being played over and over again. I also tried to touch the houses but like what happened earlier, my hand just went through.

"This village is just a memory from long ago." I concluded.

If the people and houses here are only projections, I am the only tangible here and maybe my mother as well.

I tried to remember where she would be at this hour of the day. I recalled that my mother worked as a waitress at a tavern located at the center of the village. I quickened my pace and walked towards the direction of the tavern.

Not long, I saw the small tavern. By this time she would be working in the kitchen at the back. I made my way there when I heard the voices of children giggling and playing. It caught my attention and I quickly looked where the children were.

And there I saw my younger self, playing with my friends on the streets near the tavern. My heart was thumping fast seeing my younger self, I cannot explain the feeling I am feeling right now.

My younger self was giggling happily while playing. I can see in her eyes the carefree me of the past. I remember that I was content with our simple commoner life back then. It may not compare to the grand life style of royalty, but we were happy. My mother worked diligently at the tavern and the villagers were kind towards us. My mother’s wage was just right for us to eat three meals a day and for the rent of our little house. If my mother has some extra money from tips, she usually buy clothes and simple hair accessories for me. Our life was simple yet we were content.

Seeing my younger self let me remember my happy childhood that was over shadowed by the life I lived inside the palace. I had forgotten how happy I was living with my mother.

I walked towards my younger self and tried to touch her. And like the others, my hand went through her.

’So she is just an illusion as well.’ I thought.

My younger self was running around happily while I was in a daze watching her play. A smile crept on my face.

’How I wish I lived like this until I have grown up.’ I thought.

If my mother didn’t get sick because of the poison, then she wouldn’t have given me to my father. Then I would have lived my life until now in this village. I would have grown up to be a normal commoner girl and not a princess.

’But, I would have not met Leon.’ I thought sadly.

My life inside the palace was nothing great and it was full of sadness but when Regaleon came it became different. It was as if Regaleon brought the color to my life which was black and white before he appeared.

’I wouldn’t want to change anything in my past.’ I thought. ’Well except maybe trying to prevent my mother being poisoned by the queen.’

I was so engrossed watching my younger self playing around when I heard a familiar voice.

"Alicia!" The voice called.

My heart thumped rapidly after hearing the voice.

"Alicia, its lunch time. Come in and eat first." The voice said. "You can play again later."

"Yes mama." My younger self replied happily and ran towards the tavern.

I slowly turned around and looked where my younger self ran to. And there at the side of the tavern, my mother was standing. She was wearing her waitress uniform with her hair tied in a bun. My younger self ran towards her and my mother caught her in her arms.

"Mama, I’m hungry." My younger self said.

"Then let’s go to the kitchen. Wash your hands first oaky." My mother said to my younger self that was now running towards the back of the tavern,

"Yes mama." My younger self replied while disappearing from my view.

I walked towards where my mother was. She was standing with her back facing me. I was reluctant at first.

’What if she was also just an illusion?’ My heart was thumping fast.

I was feeling nervous but I need to know if she was real. And so I stretched my arm towards her and grabbed her shoulder. I felt the heat radiating from my palms. Her body was solid; my hand didn’t go through her.

My mother was surprised with my gesture and turned back to look at me. Our eyes met one another, her silver eyes to mine. She was more surprised when she saw my face. I am not certain if she recognized me.

"Mama..." I called out to her.

Chapter 200 Speaking to Mother at Las


I was feeling nervous but I need to know if she was real. And so I stretched my arm towards her and grabbed her shoulder. I felt the heat radiating from my palms. Her body was solid; my hand didn’t go through her.

My mother was surprised with my gesture and turned back to look at me. Our eyes met one another, her silver eyes to mine. She was more surprised when she saw my face. I am not certain if she recognized me.

"Mama..." I called out to her.

My mother’s eyes went wide in shock.

"It’s you... it really is you." I can’t hold back the tears that were falling down from my eyes. "Mama!"

I opened my arms and embraced her tightly. I was afraid that in any minute she might disappear from my sight.

"A-Alicia?" My mother’s voice was filled with uncertainty. "No, it can’t be."

"It’s me mama. It has... been so long." I said in between sobs.

My mother pushed me in arm’s length. She looked at me carefully, her hand tracing the shape of my face.

"It... it really is you? My Alicia... my baby girl?" My mother still can’t believe that I was in front of her. "But how? And you are now this big."

"Mama, many years has passed." I replied.

My mother looked at me from head to toe and I see tears coming down her cheeks.

"Oh my Alicia, how beautiful you have grown up to be." My mother said full of affection. "My baby girl."

She pulled me into her embrace. I can’t help but cry my heart out after feeling her warmth.

"Mama!!" Both of us were crying.

After our tearful reunion we wiped our tears away and giggled.

"Look at me crying like a child." My mother giggled. "Come, let’s sit down." I nodded in agreement.

Mother ushered me inside the tavern and pulled a chair for me. I looked at the chair with uncertainty. I know that everything here is just an illusion, and I am afraid that I will just fall down the floor.

"Hehe, don’t worry. Just sit down." My mother reassured. "It will be alright."

I slowly sat down on the chair and to my surprise my body didn’t go through.

"I created this place inside my mind. You were an unknown variable in this world that is why everything you touch passes through you." My mother explained. "But now I know you are here, you can touch anything in this place."

I nodded with my mother’s explanation. To test it I tried holding the table in front of me and like the chair I am sitting in, my hand did not pass through and I was amazed.

"You are amazing mama." I said enthusiastically. "You were able to make this world inside your mind."

My mother took a seat right next to me and took my hands to hold firmly between hers.

"I never thought I would see you this big. You are now a young lady." My mother caressed my cheek. "I thought I will stay here in this world I built forever."

I looked at her and saw sadness in her eyes. My heart clenched in pain for her.

"Anyways, how did you get here?" My mother asked.

"Well, I was taken by Aunt Patricia against my will." I told her.

My mother looked sad. She knew that her physical body was taken by Aunt Patricia. My mother understood that Aunt Patricia plans to use me as well.

"Mama, I thought I have lost you forever." I looked at her feeling the pain the time I thought she died.

"I thought I died as well." My mother said. "If not for my twin sister Patricia saving me from the brink of death, I really would have died back then."

I remember my aunt’s story about saving my mother just right before she breathed her last breath.

"It was true that my body and mind was weak after she has pulled me from death’s door but I recovered in time." My mother said. "But when I knew what she was planning, I opted to remain here inside my inner consciousness. I never thought she would kidnap you and use you as well."

"Don’t worry, for now I am trying to get aunt to see that I am her ally." I explained. "Is that why you imprisoned yourself inside your mind and created this world, so that she can’t use you in her plans?" I asked her.

My mother nodded. "Your Aunt Patricia as I know has taken the throne of Jennova as queen. She is planning vengeance to the ones that purged our country, our homeland. I understand her feelings of hatred and anger but I was against another war from happening. And the downfall of our country was the doing of none other than our own father. It is not right to blame others on what fate has given us because of our own father’s mistakes."

"Mama, what you said is right. She has started the war against Grandcrest." I told her. "She is planning to take over the whole continent."

Mother sighed sadly. "This was what I was afraid of. Nothing can stop her from taking her vengeance. That is why I stayed here inside my mind and made indestructible walls that she cannot penetrate. But you were able to pass by. I guess your magic abilities have manifested when I was not around." My mother frowned. "I am sorry Alicia. I am such a useless mother. I should have been by your side when your magic powers manifested. It might have been hard for you."

I can feel my mother’s grip tightened after her words. I am sure she is regretting not being there for me when my magic powers emerged. The first manifestation of the magic powers of an Atlantian was a crucial process. Without someone to guide them, it can turn to worse scenarios.

"It’s okay mama, there is no need to blame yourself." I assured her. "It was really hard the time I first manifested my magic powers but fortunately I was not alone." My lips arched up slowly and formed a smile.

I recall the memory when I first used my magic powers, it was out of control. But thankfully Regaleon was there and he saved me. He was also the one to teach me how to use them.

"Hmm seems like the one that accompanied you became an important person. Is it a boy?" Mother teased. "You are blushing."

"W-What... I am blushing?" I held my cheeks shyly and indeed they were a little hot to touch.

"It looks like I am correct. Hahaha." My mother giggled.

A mother’s intuition is really something. And it is a little bit scary to think that I can’t hide anything from my mother.

"H-His name is Regaleon. When I met him, he was the crown prince of Grandcrest. Now he is the king and is currently fighting against Aunt Patricia in this war." I explained. "He is also my fiancé." I said shyly.

"Your fiancé, you are engaged?" My mother was surprised. "Hmph, I need to speak to your father when I get the chance. Setting up an engagement when you are still this young. And I also need to meet this Regaleon. Even if he is a king, he needs to go through me to get your hand in marriage."

"M-Mama, Regaleon is a great man. He is kind and gentle. And he is also a wise and just leader." I tried to lift Regaleon’s image to my mother.

"Hehe, we will see." Mother giggled.

My heart felt warm talking to my mother like this. Talking about things such as my love life to my mother is one of the things that I had only dreamed of, but now here we are face to face.

"Oh mama, I have a lot of things to tell you." I am so happy that tears are starting to fall from my eyes again.

"We have much time for that, now that we are together again." My mother wiped my tears away. "But first we need to talk about the most pressing matter." My mother’s tone became more serious and her smiling face changes to a neutral one.