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Chapter 91 Hidden Kingdom
Soon after, Wednesday came.

It was finally the fifth day. Two more days and Alex would be back!

Abi was missing Alex so bad and it was getting worse by the day. She hadn't had any contact from him at all; not a single text or a call. Abi might have started to wonder if she had just made him up in her head if it wasn't for the utter sadness in her heart, telling her that he was not just a figment of her imagination because her feelings were very real.

Thankfully, on that day, Kelly suddenly barged into the orphanage, waving an envelope in the air as she ran towards Abi, as if to save her from another painful day.

"Abi! Good news! I got an invitation from Country V's royal family! They're going to have a ball! They invited dad and I but dad suddenly had a very important matter he had to deal with right now so he regretfully gave the invitation to me. And so, here I am, inviting you!" Kelly excitedly told her. The girl knew that Abi had been dreaming to see Country V.

Hearing her, Abi was overjoyed. She saw the photos Kelly had taken when she had travelled before to Country V - the so-called hidden kingdom in the south - and she had been so envious. Since then, Country V had become her dream place and she had been wishing to see it for herself one day before her time was up. She didn't include this on her wishlist with Alex because she thought that a request like that was a little too over the top.

This news served two purposes for Abi. She would finally get to see the beautiful country she had been dreaming to see and it would serve as a very good distraction to keep her mind from missing Alexander Qin.

"We're going to stay there for just two days. Are you in?"

"Of course! Thank you for inviting me, Kelly!"

"Hehehe, well, I am excited to show you the delicious candymen in that kingdom; not that anyone out there could beat your Mr. Qin's beauty, though. Never mind… come, let's go get your things. Our flight is early so you have to sleep at my house tonight."

Finally, the day of their trip arrived. Abi was extremely excited as she read up on some facts about the Country.

Country V's government was an absolute monarchy. It was famously known as the Hidden Kingdom of the south because of its secluded location. This kingdom had also never been colonized throughout its whole history because of the same reason; its strategic location made it impossible to be invaded.

The country's landscape ranged from lush subtropical plains in the south to sub-alpine mountains in the north. The land consisted mostly of steep and high mountains crisscrossed by a network of swift rivers that formed deep valleys. The northern region of the Kingdom consisted of an arc of alpine shrubbery and meadows reaching up the glaciated mountain peaks with extremely cold temperatures, while the southern region had a more moderate climate and was covered by heavy savannah grass, dense, mixed jungles with freshwater springs and mountain rivers, fed by melting snow. Seventy percent of terrain was coated by a majestic forest, while nine percent was pressed beneath glaciers.

Once Abi and Kelly got off the plane, Abi breathed in the fresh air and she immediately felt something was different about this place. It was like there was magic in the air.

She couldn't explain it but she just felt like this was no ordinary place. The scenery was just picture perfect but at the same, she felt like it was a kingdom shrouded in mystery. Abi may not have travelled to many places, but she felt like this place was one of a kind, like she would not find a place like this anywhere else in the world.

The Kingdom was a complex blend of the ancient and modern worlds which made it endlessly fascinating.

As they travelled to their hotel, Kelly told Abi about some other facts that she knew about the Kingdom. She said that the kingdom was first ruled by a member of the Reign family. The Reign royal family was the official, undisputed and absolute ruler of the Kingdom since the beginning of the country's history.

Kelly's father was a good friend of the Kingdom's current King so he had told Kelly a lot about the country. According to her father, the Reign dynasty's successors have reigned over this country from when they settled here to the present day and the country had actually the lowest poverty rate in the world. But the strange thing was that billionaires in the country were relatively few and most people seemed to be all equal in financial status, which Abi thought was a great thing.

"Well, this place is kinda fascinating and intriguing," Kelly said as soon as they entered their hotel room.

"I totally agree. This place just has a very different vibe. It is just so absolutely beautiful, simply breathtaking, Kelly. I wonder why this place isn't as famous as other countries. I also noticed there are only a few tourists around."

"It's because this Kingdom isn't into tourism, Abi. As I mentioned before, they are quite private so it's hard to get in here without an invitation. This country is one of the hardest places to visit in the world. The process of visiting here is reportedly hard, unnecessarily complicated, slow and very expensive, so tourists feel discouraged to come here."

"Oh… that's strange. It's like they don't want to earn from the tourism industry, or they don't like the tourist influx? I can't blame them though. If I lived here, I wouldn't want tourists roaming around and potentially ruining the landscape and the natural untouched beauty of this place by their presence."

"Mn. Maybe that's why they are very strict. I don't really know. Like I told you, this country isn't like any other country. Now, let's stop talking about that and let's go out and enjoy the view and the food here is great, too! Abi, let's go!"

Chapter 92 Frozen in time
Abi and Kelly roamed around the Kingdom's capital that day. They visited a lot of places and ate different varieties of food. The place was very pleasant and just lovely and clean - the cleanest city Abi had ever been to. There were no towering skyscrapers and no heavy traffic, no pollution nor chaos. Trees that were lined on either side on every road and highway were blooming that day and it just looked majestically awe-inspiring.

The place was just filled with beautiful people and beautiful things.

The two best friends had taken countless photos of each other as they continued their joyful tour until night finally came.

Abi and Kelly went back to their hotel early because their whole day escapade tired them out.

Abi was also happy because she didn't feel much of the loneliness from missing Alex that day. She felt like their adventure had soothed her heart so for the first time since she last saw him, she slept soundly that night.

Before they knew it, the sun was already shining brightly up in the sky when they woke up.

The ball that they had to attend was not until 6pm that night so they had plenty of time to spare. The two girls went shopping for the most gorgeous dresses they could find and then found matching shoes. After that, they spent the rest of the day getting massages, manicures, pedicures and getting their hair and makeup done closer to the time.

A lot of preparation had gone into their persons for this occasion which was why, even though this country was known for having the most beautiful people in the world, Abi and Kelly fitted right in.

Once the girls were finally dressed up, they headed out of the hotel.

The trip towards the palace was unexpectedly long. Kelly told Abi that they were heading to the country's palace, the place where the King and his family resided so Abi was excited and she was anticipating to see such a dreamy place.

However, once the palace came into her view, Abi's mouth hung open like a little kid who was on their way to Disneyland and just had caught their first glimpse of the magical place. Her expectations drastically failed in comparison to the beauty she saw at that moment.

Abi was in awe as she looked at the palace which sat on a rugged hill, overlooking the city. The colossal six storey structure in the shape of two huge cuboids were connected in a flat angle and covered by two adjacent high gable roofs. The sight of the snow covered mountains behind the palace, the tall pine trees that surrounded it and the lights could be seen through the windows made Abi feel like she had walked into a closet and walked out into the Land of Narnia. The palace looked like it was frozen in time.

The location almost felt sacred because of its history. Kelly said that this palace had stood on that same hill for centuries, it was said that the royal family buried their ancestors under that hill. Abi just couldn't take her eyes off it!

Abi and Kelly entered the palace complex through the symmetrical gatehouse flanked by two stair towers. They drove down the passage through the gatehouse which led them directly into the vast courtyard. There were guards everywhere and the security was extremely tight but because of the invitation that Kelly was holding, the girls easily entered the place.

When the girls alighted from the car, their eyes roamed around to take everything in. The entire palace was sprinkled with numerous decorative chimneys and ornamental turrets, the court front with colourful frescos while the court-side gable was crowned with a black-coloured dragon.

Seeing those black colored dragons immediately reminded Abi about Alex's tattoo. She felt kind of strange seeing it but she quickly shrugged the thoughts from her head, thinking that it was just coincidence.

The girls were then brought to the massive ballroom, located on the eastern, court-side wing of the palace; a place designed for court festivities.

The grand ball was held to celebrate the King's birthday and the magnificent and luxurious massive ballroom was already packed with many people dressed in their finest. This event was held every year and every single year, almost all of the invited guests turned up because it was a rare chance for them to see the royal family of this country and also to talk business with them.

It was exactly six in the evening when the two absolutely stunning girls entered the ballroom. All eyes turned to look at them, causing Kelly to smile inwardly. Although she knew that most of these eyes were drawn by Abi's beauty, she was still overjoyed because her friend had easily outshone these beautiful natives just by dressing up.

However, Abi didn't care and didn't even pay much attention to the looks she was getting because she was too amazed by the scene before them.

The ballroom was just breathtaking. The two walls along the rectangular room had big, beautiful windows beneath arches at 2 meter intervals. Golden chandeliers, with 24 candles on each one, hung from the roof on either side of the room as well as through the middle of the room. But the creme de la creme of the room was its ceiling. The big arched ceiling that joined the two walls together had many pictures that looked to have been painted up there, akin to Michael Angelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel. If one wanted to know what life was like back in the renaissance, they would only need to go to this room and look up to be instantly transported back in time.

Abi could not take her eyes off the intricate display until Kelly pulled her back to the present by taking her arm and walking towards a different spot to stay in which was near the open terrace overlooking a beautiful lake from afar. They stayed there for a bit to enjoy the out of this world view.

The sun was already gone and the sky had started to become grey, but the breathtaking view inside and outside the palace only became even more blindingly beautiful.
Chapter 93 Delicate and Dainty
"Ahh… It's so beautiful! It would've been perfect if we had our boyfriends beside us right now." Kelly sighed as she leaned on the railing. "Oops, I forgot that I actually don't have a boyfriend. Should I go and pick up one of those gorgeous guys?"

Kelly continued blabbering but she received no replies.

"Hey Abi, what –"

Kelly turned to her right and was surprised. It was because the girl she was talking to was no longer beside her. She looked around the crowded room but she couldn't see any sign of her friend.

"Abi?" she called out softly, her eyes still roaming around.

"God, where did she go?" Kelly started to worry. She knew what Abi was like. She had brought her to parties like this before and she had always stayed right beside Kelly the entire time. She even dragged Kelly along if she wanted to go to the restroom, so having her suddenly disappear like this made Kelly feel slightly uneasy.

What if some bad guy fell in love with her gorgeous Abi in one glance and decided to kidnap her?

Kelly was starting to worry a bit. She kept calling Abi's phone but there was no answer.

When Kelly still couldn't find her anywhere inside the ballroom, she checked the restroom but still nothing. Out of options, she decided to approach the guards that were standing just outside the place.

Kelly frantically walked towards the entrance but before she could reach the guards, she accidentally bumped into someone.

"Ugh! What the –" Kelly was about to curse but the instant she saw the face of the man whom she bumped into, her words got stuck in her throat. Kelly started to have pink bubbles float around her face as she gazed up at the man who was holding her.

"Miss Hooligan?" the gorgeous man said and Kelly immediately snapped out of her bubbly daze the moment she heard the words that left his mouth.

" Who are you calling hooligan?" Her veins started to pop. She couldn't believe that this pretty prince called her gorgeous self that damn name again!? She was dressed up as a real lady today and she wasn't bragging but she knew she was at least good looking. Maybe not as beautiful as Abi but she at least beat most of the girls in this palace when it came to the beauty department! And yet… how could he still call her hooligan the moment he saw her?

"Well, you still haven't introduced yourself to me," he replied simply. His pretty face looked like he didn't even know what was wrong with calling her that. "What are you doing here, anyway?" he added as he let go of her.

This damn prince! But Kelly, whose hands were clinging onto his neck, didn't let go.

"Actually, I came here to find you, pretty boy." She gave him a little sexy wink as she licked her lips while gazing up at him and Kai seemed to have felt goosebumps as his eyes widened. "The first time I saw you, I decided to pursue you," she continued, now talking like a professional flirt, even biting her lips like she was drooling over some delicious food.

Kai's lips voluntarily parted. It was obvious that he was shocked at the girl's attitude and the words she was spouting.

Kelly chuckled seeing his expression. Could it be that this guy had never been caught by perverted creatures out there? Oho, could it be that this pretty boy was still a virgin?

As Kelly's mind started to get naughty, the man seemed to have finally woken from his shock and in the next second, he forcefully unclasped the girl's hands from around his neck and he started to run away. He hastily walked away from her as if he was trying his very best to get away from an annoying woman who suddenly wanted to become his sugar mommy.

"Wait! Please wait!" Kelly chased him. The man didn't enter the ballroom. He instead headed to another hallway heading to another part of the palace.

Kelly finally remembered about Abi - she couldn't believe she was so easily distracted by that damn prince - and she ran after the man as fast as she could. When the distance between them kept increasing despite her running as fast as she could with heels on, Kelly kicked away her damn heels and her speed immediately skyrocketed.

In no time, Kelly crashed into him from behind and her hands instantly wrapped around the man's waist.

"Caught you! Hehe," she laughed as she panted.

Kai jolted and felt goosebumps again especially when he heard her chuckle like a pervert. What the hell is with this girl? He never thought that this hooligan also had this side!!

"Let go, hooligan! I don't know you. If you keep chasing me, I'll ask the guards to throw you out," the man threatened.

"Ohh… are you scared of a dainty and delicate woman like me, prince?" her voice became extremely sweet and she looked up at him with her big round puppy dog eyes that sent shivers down the man's spine again. Did this girl have some kind of mental illness? She was so cool and badass the last time he saw her but now...!

Kai attempted to peel her off from him but the girl's grip was super strong. Dainty? Delicate? Pfft! She was clearly a hooligan with super strength. No matter what he did, he couldn't peel her off without having to use brute force.

"Let go now if you don't want to get hurt!" the man threatened again.

"Ohh… such a pretty boy threatening me is cute," she replied and Kai finally lost it.

"Guards!" he called out and Kelly's eyes widened.

"No, no, no. Don't call them. I'm chasing you because I want to ask for help!" Kelly turned frantic once she saw the guards coming after just one call from the damned prince.

"Get this girl out of here," he ordered and Kelly clung on him harder.


"I'm sorry. Please listen. My friend Abi is missing! I need your help!" she begged.
Chapter 94 Missing
The guards were about to touch Kelly to pull her away from Kai when the man stopped them with one smooth gesture.

"What? Abi? You mean, Abigail Chen is here?" Kai asked her, his voice suddenly becoming serious and his face looked like he was dumbstruck.

"Yes. She was with me but just minutes after we entered the ballroom, she suddenly disappeared. She's not answering my calls and I can't find her anywhere! She doesn't usually leave my side at parties like this... Please help me look for her."

Kai's face became grave when he heard her. He suddenly gripped Kelly's shoulders as he spoke.

"Why did you bring her here?!" He was obviously angered and acting as though bringing Abi here was a disaster.

What was going on?! Why was he acting like this? What was so wrong with her bringing her friend to this place?

"Huh? Why can't I bring her here?" Kelly, who was all confused by the man's unexpected outburst asked him in both curiosity and worry.

But the man didn't answer her. He simply shook his head before he ran his fingers through his hair.

"This is bad…" he mumbled, causing Kelly's heart to beat wildly.

"What do you mean –"

"Where did you last see her?" he cut her off.

"In the ballroom."

Kai held her hand as he led her back to the ballroom.

"Are you sure you looked for her carefully? Could she have gone to the restroom? Have you checked there?"

"I looked around the ballroom for minutes and also checked the restroom but there was no sign of her."

Once they entered the ballroom, the two started scanning the crowd again, looking for her but the result was the same. If she was in there, Kelly would have been able to detect her straight away because of the unique colour of her dress but Abi was nowhere to be found.

"Damn, she's not here!" Kai cursed. His reaction was making Kelly feel like something really bad had happened to her best friend and she started to panic.

Before she could speak, Kai pulled her with him again and they headed back to that hallway Kai had run through a while ago. Kai dragged her along as he ran as if someone was chasing after them. Thankfully Kelly had removed her high heels otherwise she wouldn't have been able to keep up with him! They turned around a corner and then they climbed up two flights of stairs. Kelly didn't have time to admire the magnificent surroundings as they sped past.

Luckily Kelly was so fit that even a marathon wouldn't be that hard for her, so their little dash didn't exhaust her.

They entered a huge chamber which appeared to be the study room.

Kai still didn't let go of Kelly's hand as they walked inside the study room and then through to the open doors leading to another verandah.

A man was sitting nonchalantly on the edge, almost looking like a grim reaper waiting for the next soul that he would collect.

The wind blew his black coat and his dark-as-midnight hair danced under its caress. Kelly gaped at the sight of him. He was just so breathtaking but his breathtaking appearance didn't outshine the darkness and coldness he was emitting. Kelly couldn't help but imagine that he might be the reincarnation of the god of slaughter or something! How could he be so beautiful yet scary at the same time? He was not even giving her a moment to enjoy his sight because she already felt like she was inside a horror movie. This pretty boy next to her holding onto her hand was the only thing that was stopping her from dashing away and running for her life.

"Alex!" Kai called out and the man, who was still gazing into the darkness like he could see miles ahead of him, finally glanced at them. Kelly voluntarily hid behind Kai once their eyes met for a moment. 'Gahh! He's soo scary! Is this guy Satan's son or something? Abi, I wanna go home now. Where are you? And why was this man sitting there? Is he not afraid of falling and dying?!

"What?" Alex simply said.

"Alex…" Kai hesitated. "Abigail is…"

As expected, the moment Kai mentioned that name, the calm lake started to form ripples.

He turned and looked at Kai impatiently with squinted eyes.

"She's here," Kai finally said and Alex's dark aura blazed even more. His eyes were immediately covered with icy flames.

"Where is she? Why didn't you bring her here with her friend?" His voice was as hard as a rock and as cold as an ancient glacier as his gaze fell on the girl hiding behind Kai. He knew that the girl was his little fruit's friend.

But Kelly was terrified. She had never been terrified to this extent in her life. She subconsciously clenched Kai's hand and as hard as she tried, she just couldn't speak. Was this the same Alexander Qin Abi was dating? Was this the same man who made it rain inside the house just to kiss Abi?!

Kelly was shocked. She couldn't help but want to worship Abi for actually being with this man. Maybe it was true that only angels could stand right next to devils without dying from fear.

Noticing Kelly's fear, Kai stood before her, completely hiding her behind him before he looked up at Alex's menacing eyes.

"Alex… she's missing," he told him and as expected, the man blazed with an even more intense darkness, as if hell's doors had just been opened.

Kelly subconsciously flinched and immediately tugged Kai's shirt when she heard Alex jump down to the floor.

"She said that she went missing just a few minutes after they entered the ball room."

Alex's jaws clenched.

"Gather everyone and tell them all to look for her," Alex ordered as he stormed out of the door like a devil who was now ready to go and create chaos and destruction.

Chapter 95 Search
Kai let out a sigh of relief once Alex left.

"Are you okay?" he asked the still mute Kelly who was hiding behind him.

"Y-yeah," she replied. Kai turned around to see that she had started sweating, despite the cold wind. He knew that Alex scared the hell out of her.

"Don't worry. We'll find her. Stay here and wait –"

"No, I'm coming with you." Kelly clung onto the man's arm tightly as she looked at him with an expression that said she wouldn't let go. "I want to go and look for Abi, too. Please."

Kai saw a mixture of worry and determination on Miss Hooligan's face, so in the end, Kai could only give in.

They finally left the study and joined the search outside the ballroom, along with the many guards who were also searching for Abi inside the palace. No one inside the ballroom knew what was going on outside apart from the people that were secretly searching for Abi inside the ballroom. The royal family, who also knew nothing at this time, kept the guests entertained with dinner and dancing and speeches and because Kelly and Abi didn't know anyone else at the party, they weren't missed by any of the guests.

The palace was huge but the guards seemed to be able to go through the whole place in a matter of hours to search for Abi. As time passed, Kelly didn't hear any good news and her worry increased. No matter where they looked, they just couldn't seem to find her anywhere.

After some time, the guards looked through the security footage. They found no footage of Kelly nor Abi at the verandah where they were standing so they couldn't tell if Abi had walked off by herself or if someone had taken her. They did find that there were three cars that left the palace after the girl's disappearance.

"She might have been kidnapped, Alex," Kai said while Alex remained silent. "I'll have the troops search for her outside the palace."

"Have them track those cars," Alex finally spoke and Kai left him, along with Kelly.

Alexander stood there by the main gate, his face hard as stone, as his fingers curled into tight fists. He stared outside the huge palace gate and looked at the lights of the vast city with eyes covered in danger and pure darkness.

However, instead of going after those three cars, he stayed right where he was. He slowly turned and gazed up at the old majestic castle towering before him and his eyes squinted.

"Abigail…" he muttered before his feet moved forward towards the palace entrance.

By this point, the ball had already ended. It actually ended an hour earlier because the news had reached the King's ear. Of course, they didn't let any of the guests find out about the missing person. They simply reasoned out that the king wanted the party to end a little early because he was tired. Of course, all the guests knew how old the king was so they completely understood and left early, as requested.

The King and Queen were inside the throne room when Alexander barged in.

Looking like a villain, Alex stood there, looking very calm. However, the royal family, who knew what Alexander was like more than anyone else, felt tensed when they saw him look like that. They knew that he was like an unpredictable volcano that could erupt without any warning and once he erupted, he would be unstoppable. There was no telling the extent of damage he would cause.

"Alexander, is there something wrong?" the King spoke. King Livius Reign was already quite old but he still held himself with the dignity of a powerful and commanding king. His wife, Queen Leah, who was only a few years younger than the king, still looked younger than her age. She was elegantly beautiful even with most of her hair already gray.

Alexander didn't answer him and just smiled as he scanned all the faces of the royal family, as if he was looking for something, a clue maybe, from their expressions. Apart from the King and Queen, the four princesses, still dressed in their finery, were also in the room as well as some high officials. None of the princes were present in the throne room.

The queen then approached Alex carefully.

"Alex, is this about the missing girl?" her voice was sincere and filled with concern as she spoke to Alex.

Again, the man didn't answer. His eyes squinted as he continued to search each person's face, almost as if he was trying to read their mind through their eyes.

And then…

"Bring her out," he suddenly said but his tone was still quite calm.

"Alexander, what are you saying?" The old King finally lost his patience and his voice thundered inside the hall.

Alex smirked, completely unfazed by the King's tone.

"Don't test my patience. Where is she?" he again asked. His voice was melodic and his lips curved up into a sardonic smile which didn't reach his eyes. Though his expression looked pleasant, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped to below freezing and everybody felt themselves tense up involuntarily.

"Alex, I heard that the guards are chasing some cars that left the palace after the girl disappeared. Shouldn't you be out there searching for her rather than looking for her here and asking us? You already searched the entire palace, right?? The guards already said she's not here."

One of the princesses, the second to the youngest one, named Mira, was the one who spoke.

The tall, elegant, beautiful and youthful princess talked with a confidence that could only be gained from being born as a royal. However, her confidence soon faded once Alexander set his eyes on her.

The princess held her breath as Alex stepped towards her, locking her with the intensity of his gaze. Those calm and dangerous eyes of his never moved from her face as he walked closer to her, his dark cold aura blazing with the fires of hell.


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