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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 1 - Amano Megumi

It was a normal summer, boring even. After the trip with her friends, Amano found herself focusing on her practice. Her curvaceous, mind-numbingly voracious body sweated as it reacted to the ever-present cruel heat.

Swinging her wooden sword outside the living room, her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled at every move and her perky, round bottoms that dug out of her tight hotpants remained a sight to relish. The untamed movement of her b.r.e.a.s.ts pointed to the lack of underwear beneath her tight, off-white tank top and soon, the sweat stuck to each and every corner of her body.

"Hmph! Stupid Maa-kun! Always studying, always keeping his eyes away! I practice so hard to maintain my figure and he is always like that!"

Her strikes grew fierce and reckless. In her frustrations, she failed to notice how her beautiful pink could now be seen through her clothes and most skin of her b.r.e.a.s.ts stuck to the cloth, creating a skin-like print.

Her luxurious black hair remained tied into a ponytail while her swings continued. The muscles of her arms, back and shoulder grew ever so tense when suddenly, a boy appeared above her out of thin air and immediately fell on her body.



Nik slowly opened his eyes as a musky scent assaulted his senses. He wasn't a warrior or an expert. It was just that the scent itself was quite strong and strangely, enticing. Taking a deep breath, Nik already knew what he had to do.

Gazing at the beautiful, fair-skinned girl pressurised by his body weight, Nik did not take long before his lips already sealed hers.

Of course, reeling through pain, Amano in fact, didn't resist the sudden soft sensation and only let herself get indulged in it. It was only when a strange... dangerous entity started moving within her mouth did her senses return. Her eyes snapped open, beautiful, glittering obsidian-black eyes gazed at the figure of a man that now sealed her lips while she failed to move her hands.

A strong hand clutched onto her wrists while her b.r.e.a.s.ts squished under the bodyweight of the man... no, boy, a youth. A black-haired one, just like her. The only thing different was that his face had a decorative scar at the corner of his right eyebrow while his face was slightly more defined and angular than Maa-kun.

But she didn't have the time to think things through. She couldn't speak and the only way she could breathe even after getting her lips sealed for so long was due to breathing through her nose. Her heart panicked as she felt her mind losing to the pleasure raging within her mouth.

'Is this it? I wished to save my first time for Maa-kun, but... am I going to get forced...

Mom... I am scared!'

Droplets of tear trickled down from the corner of her eyes when suddenly, she felt her entire tongue getting wrapped up by this mad person's. She would have immediately smacked him with her sword but...

'What is this inhumane strength?!'

Her hands remained forced on the ground. Amano, at this moment, dearly wished that her mother hadn't gone off with father for a short vacation.

She dearly wished that Maa-kun was here to protect her. But deep down, didn't she know that Maa-kun simply doesn't have the strength? He was weaker than herself, if she was overpowered, how could Maa-kun even hope of protecting her.

Image of a kind bespectacled boy flashed past her eyes while suddenly, she felt the pair of soft lips sealing her's lift up. Finally, she gasped for air and looked at the perfectly symmetrical face in front of her eyes. Megumi fell a bit dazed but seeing the tears in her eyes, Nik felt a bang inside his head.

"Sorry." Apologising, Nik immediately bit on the left strap of her tank top and tore her see-through tank-top with the sheer force of his jaws!

Her heavenly, soaked b.r.e.a.s.ts bounced outwards and immediately packed backwards while Megumi felt her heart growing colder.

'Is this it?'

She thought when suddenly, Nik dived down and plucked her left cherry topping accompanied with an erect nubbin in his mouth, sucking ferociously.


She hated it! Every single moment of what she was going through, she hated it! Megumi admitted that she could easily feel the lascivious stares of her classmates and even some perverted teachers, but her heart already thumped for Maa-kun. She didn't need anybody else. For his sake and her Kendo practice, she strived to keep her body in perfect shape.

Through various cosmetics, she kept her skin soft and supple while her body grew alongside her training and leaning towards her mother's side, her b.r.e.a.s.ts did not need any special attention as they naturally grew round and perky.

But now, those very b.r.e.a.s.ts of her were being played by a complete stranger.

She didn't want to admit it, but after a momentary despair, her body started getting hot. It wasn't the sweat or the practice. In fact, deep down, she wished that if she were to be violated, it should have been after she was fresh! Not in her current state.

But this made her even hotter.

Nefarious thoughts burnt within her mind as her nubile n.i.p.p.l.e felt a tongue twirling around her soft, pink expertly.

"Hah~ Please! Don't do this! Stop! Hmmmmm! I am begging you!"

Her lips parted yet her words failed to suppress her m.o.a.ns. In fact, they only grew louder.

Staring at her for a moment, Nik immediately let go of her b.r.e.a.s.t, allowing Megumi to feel a moment of relief and reluctance, before he once again sealed her lips. His lips, unlike previously, did not go gentle on her mouth.

She was being ravished!

Her mouth, her b.r.e.a.s.ts and hopefully, her flower! Everything was going to be ravished by this handsome youth who she did not even know and yet, his actions determined him to be the polar opposite of her crush.

Her muscles started to lose their tension under his passionate care while the afternoon sun made Megumi even more tired.

Feeling her wrist loosening up, Nik finally backed away and stood up. Under the cruel sun, his figure hidden in a blue t-shirt and a pair of black pants looked like a block of ice.

Cool, yet his eyes showed a passionate expression as his eyes properly inspected her body. Once again, Megumi felt the stare passing through her flushed face down to her soft, voluminous b.r.e.a.s.ts and then finally stopping at her crotch. Her hot pants already seemed to show the wet area.

Megumi hated this, she hated her own body's honesty. She hated the fact that her own body willfully surrendered and now she hated the reaction of her crotch that made her body twitch ever so slightly.

"My lady... let's continue this inside."

Nik whispered before he crouched and picked Megumi up with his right arm supporting her upper back and simultaneously squishing her right b.r.e.a.s.t, much to Megumi's physical ecstasy, his left hand meanwhile easily dug into her plump butt. Even the fabric of her hotpants was extremely soft, making the experience all the more enjoyable for Megumi.

Although, her butt was supposed to get groped in such a dirty and hot manner by Maa-kun, she suddenly had to think if he was actually courageous enough to do so?

Her Maa-kun would simply turn his eyes if she tried to lean her body whenever they traveled on public transport.

Was she really that off-putting?

'No...' A silent thought escaped her mind. The new realms of carnal pleasure played and twisted her thoughts cruelly. All her pent up physical frustration alongside the mental pressure of getting ignored by the simple boy who had no redeeming quality other than his cooking and that combined with the fact that she was currently being forced upon and her body simply accepted such a terrible situation easily made Megumi angry at the boy she placed all her hopes and desires upon.

The firm hands pinching the base of her soft butt and the side of her bust made her thoughts afloat further. She wished to see Maa-kun in the eyes and confess all her past feelings. Then, she wished to unleash all of her untold rage on the boy that seemed nothing but a disappointment.

Instead of thinking his fl.u.s.tered expression cute, Megumi, at this moment started to hate it and clenched her jaws while tears streamed down her face once again.

Maybe, deep down, she knew that it wasn't Maa-kun's fault. She was the one who developed the crush on the boy selfishly. She simply wanted to vent her frustration on someone, but Megumi couldn't bring herself to unleash her rage through her mouth after that very mouth had tasted the carnal pleasure the youth could bring her.


Suddenly, her back felt the comfort of her couch and she looked around only to realise that they were already in the living room.

"It's a bit uncomfortable on the couch, so please bear with me. I'll make you feel good, too."

Whispered the youth as Megumi failed to comprehend the meaning of his words. With her back supported by the couch, the youth knelt on his knees and gently placed his warm hands on her knees, spreading them apart to reveal the striking cameltoe that soaked her entire garment.

Her tight hotpants dug into her meaty thighs, truly a sight to relish. Readjusting her calves on her shoulders, Nik finally moved further and placed his lips on her meaty entrance still covered by her soft pants.

The musky scent overflowed and slowly, Nik placed his thumbs on the either side of her fleshy door that formed her cameltoe before stretching them apart.

Almost instantly, the whole living room was saturated by the musky scent so that even Megumi was finally aware of her own smell. Embarrassment filled her head but before she could muster any physical energy to stop, Nik's lips suddenly kissed her lower lips through the fabric.

Instantly, a shock passed up through her spine into her brain. Her senses started to get dull and yet, she could distinctively feel his touch and his lips slowly descending deep into her psychology.

If she could see her face through a mirror, Megumi reckoned that she would look anything but the desirable and gentle girl that attracted eyes of many save for one.

She felt that her expression would have already turned ugly. After all, such ugly acts can never make any girl look beautiful, right?

Meanwhile, under the soft caress and gentle kisses on the slowly erecting nub above her slit, Nik invoked her fluids to slid down her seal as his hands finally moved from the waist of her crotch to her h.i.p.s and pulled her hotpants in one swift motion.

Part of her underwear got stuck at her butt as she sat comfortably on the couch, but the front part of her pants was successfully pulled down, finally exposing her lower flower alongside the developing pubes right above the slick slit.


This time, Megumi finally mustered enough energy, both mental and physical to stop any further continuation. Alas, even when her hands gripped on his head, trying to push his face away while her scent only grew, she couldn't overpower him.

Strangely, the youth who looked similar to her in age was able to stay unimpressed by her arm strength as his head still moved forward, despite her gruelling efforts.

His thumbs still stretched her fleshy mounds that revealed the soft-pink, glistening flower and his lips did reach her labia, licking her entrance before tasting her nectar, something, Megumi found incredibly embarrassing once again.

Licking his lips, Nik looked up. His face appreciatively gazed at her dazzled eyes and the flush on her cheeks so dark that they could rival a ripe tomato. Her lips slightly apart as the bridge of thick, luscious saliva connected them.

"Please... stop."

Seeing tears forming in the corner of her eyes once again, Nik sighed in his heart. Even though he felt bad, he had things to do. And he was sure deep down that once Megumi finally felt how his own member felt, the guilt that caused these tears would vanish.

If he could, he wouldn't want to snatch someone else's woman, but extreme situations call for extreme measure.

"Miss, I don't know your name. But believe me, I would genuinely like to know such a beautiful woman.

For now, pleaseose yourself in pleasure."

Assuring, Nik finally placed his mouth on her parting v.a.g.i.n.a as his tongue stretched forth, sticking into her tight, warm walls. The sweet, gushing nectar finally filled his mouth as he kept digging and feeling each of nook and corners present.

Suddenly, Megumi's m.o.a.n grew as his tongue grazed past a specific spot.

"Nooo! Pleasshe! Stahp! Hnnnnggghhh!"

A pleased groan erupted as the palms that kept pushing his head suddenly pulled him in.

Taking note of the spot, Nik continued while striking the weak spot occasionally, creating a symphony of pleasured m.o.a.ns and groans to erupt out of her throat.

She couldn't stop him, she couldn't overpower him and she couldn't escape his clutches. Though, she genuinely felt horrible, all she could do was pull in Nik's face even harder to scratch the unscratchable itch that bothered her since the start of her puberty.

Her thighs gradualism enclosed around his neck and head, making his face buried in the heavenly scent that wafted out of her desirable v.i.r.g.i.n p.u.s.s.y while his cheeks got squished by her meaty thighs.

Suddenly, much to Megumi's reluctance, the soft lips slowly parted from her twitching p.u.s.s.y as his tongue stretched out before covering her lewd, moist entrance. Her twitching mounds and the erect clit got tasted in one swoop.


A strange sound different from her previous m.o.a.ns erupted. She tried keeping her voice low, but the sudden shake made it harder to control. Her thighs tightened further as her body arched up.

Looking at the reaction, Nik smiled before sealing her lower lips once again. His tongue stretched out, anticipated the gushing nectar while gently caressing her walls, pushing Megumi further.

And there it was.

Megumi's arms suddenly gained strength, as she surprisingly pulled Nik's face into her p.u.s.s.y even harder. Her inner walls tingled as she experienced a deep, mind-numbing orgasm.

A feeling she had never experienced before, discrediting her Maa-kun further in her mind.

A thin trail of healthy nectar dripped down Nik's chin as he stood up and moved his face towards Megumi's open mouth. Her body already lost all its strength and now, even her tongue did not have enough energy to remain inside her mouth.

"You look beautiful..."

Murmuring, he placed his lips on hers once again, making Megumi finally taste how sweet and tender she actually was. Nik's hands squeezed her soft, malleable b.r.e.a.s.ts as her erect nubbin felt sensitive to air.

"I'll only sting a little."

This time, Megumi clearly understood Nik's meaning, regardless of her situation, she understood him.

Sealing her lips to attract her focus once again, Nik used his other hand to finally unbuckle his belt and lower his pants. Even though his own large rod, something, Megumi failed to see, was quite huge for a first-timer, not to mention the fact that his dong wasn't even lubricated.

Nik felt that it was extremely wrong to force himself upon a girl so sweet-looking and hardworking. After all, he interrupted her training session. He also couldn't make her use her mouth to lubricate his dong as this was their first time.

He was experienced in providing oral satisfaction without any hesitation, so he did. But that doesn't mean that he has to force his preferences, too. This action was needed for his survival.

Rubbing his exposed tip and grinding his rod against her wet slick, Nik finally positioned his p.e.n.i.s against the desired hole.

"Just focus on the kiss, alright? You'll feel good soon enough."

Nik assured and whispered into her ears once again as he finally pushed his tip inside, bypassing the entrance before feeling the thin layer of obstruction. Feeling her clearly intact h.y.m.e.n, Nik was even more surprised.

Most of the athletes, like the woman in front of him, already have broken seals due to their highly intensive physical exercises. Megumi had the body of a strong athlete, but her v.a.g.i.n.a remained innocent.

Finally, giving a hard push, Nik barely broke through her seal while Megumi's pained shout was muffled by his tender, exceptionally gentle kiss, unlike his previous passionate one.

As half of his shaft entered deep within her, soft pinkish light glowed from his little member before Megumi felt her pain receding at a breakneck pace while her innards only grew more passionate, warm and constricted.

The blood seeping out of the thin space failed to affect her as Megumi gave one final thought to her crush before the sudden bout of pleasure wracked her mind numb.

'Sorry, Maa-kun... I'm a bad girl. Uuhhhhhhhh!'

Her legs bucked up as Nik's member was fully accommodated, his balls touching her puckered up, soft and fleshy entrance of her butt hole while his veiny glory throbbed deep within her, bypassing her g-spot before smacking at the entrance of her w.o.m.b.

Meanwhile, her tongue lost all its energy, depending on Nik's gentle care while her hands that loosely hung around her neck started to move downwards his body, her nails trailing his well-defined muscles before hugging her waist tightly.


A m.o.a.n chortled during their passionate kiss as Nik slowly moved his h.i.p.s. Even though his skill managed to subside the pain, that didn't mean that his actions won't further pain her.

No matter what he did, this was Megumi's first time and certain physical trauma would remain for a few days before she gradually accepts the shape of his p.e.n.i.s.

His left hand gently cupped her right b.r.e.a.s.t while his right hand pinched her left n.i.p.p.l.e. Megumi still couldn't believe that she had finally become a woman.

She had indeed watched many... doc.u.mentaries in private and of course, she had also seen her Maa-kun n.a.k.e.d, only once. Only that peek allowed her to understand that there was a difference between the physical structure of a professional and a normal boy that she loved.

But at that point in time, she didn't care much. As long as she happily married him, she would be satisfied.

But right now, her p.u.s.s.y stretched to its limit, so much so, that she was afraid that her innards would tear up made her even hotter. Her hot and tender flesh gripped onto Nik's p.e.n.i.s, affecting his speed.

With a grunt, he moved even swiftly. Putting his back into each of his thrusts while Megumi's wildly bucking legs slowly locked upon his h.i.p.s, wanting to keep him inside, slowly grinding his c.o.c.k through the sheer intensity of her slick walls.

Finally, Nik broke the kiss and whispered as he gazed at Megumi.

"Pleaaase hah hah hnnngh! Don't look!"

Her eyes immediately glazed as her hands moved to her rescue, covering her face with her arms. Not feeling offence in the slightest, Nik knew that s.e.x for the first time could be extremely emotional for a woman. Not to mention that Megumi did not consent for their s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse.

Understanding her dilemma, Nik threw away the thought of leaving a trail of hickeys down her collarbone and then sucking onto her sweet delicious tits before he removed his hands from her b.r.e.a.s.t and clutched her arms, slowly removing the cover and gazing into her tear-filled eyes.

"You aren't dirty... miss. You look extremely beautiful. Your cheeks are rosy that every man would want to pluck them while your eyes are comparable to tye starry night. Not to mention your s.e.xy nose and the lips that would drive any sane man insane.

Please don't cover your face."

Slowly descending, Nik stopped his lips right above Megumi's. His warm, heavy breaths assaulted her face, numbing her senses while his words shook her heart.

'I... am beautiful? No, I am a dirty... woman. I don't know you and yet, I am enjoying something that I should be hating.

Despising, even.


Slightly lifting her head, Megumi's lips finally touched Nik's as she lost herself to the emotions that turned her body even more sensitive.

Steadily, Nik's thrust grew fierce while the sound of his flesh hitting resounded within the living room.

Suddenly, Megumi's eyes snapped open, her hands started to pat his back fiercely while her p.u.s.s.y clenched so tightly that even an experienced guy like Nik had to hold onto his dear life in this wild ride.

With extreme pressure, suddenly, Megumi lost most of her strength, her body turned limp while a rushing river affected Nik's tip before her nectar started to leak out.

The sudden softening of her p.u.s.s.y finally made Nik groan one last time as his s.e.m.e.n exploded deep within her, disregarding any thoughts of getting her pregnant, Nik lodged his member deep into her walls, pushing her w.o.m.b as Megumi cried once again.

Her body felt as if it was lit on fire. Nothing felt so horribly comforting to the young maiden. Not even the sweets prepared by her Maa-kun felt this comforting. With her consciousness drifting, Nik gave her a kiss on the forehead before whispering a soft thank you.

'Ah... that's right.'

Megumi finally understood the difference between the man in front of her and the boy she liked. If it was Maa-kun that dumped his virile load deep within her, turning her into an accomplished woman, his words would solely contain an apology, not the appreciation that the man showed.

[Do you accept Nik Faran as your partner?]

'Whatever, I don't care anymore.'

She finally lost her consciousness as her p.u.s.s.y blissfully leaked the off-white spunk that mixed with her v.i.r.g.i.n blood and her sweet nectar.

Meanwhile, Nik finally took out his sloppy member as he looked back at Megumi, only to find her glowing brightly.

'Thank God, it worked!'

Pumping his imaginary fists, a green display appeared in front of his vision.

[Congratulations, Nik Faran. You survived the test and have officially become the last surviving member of the Incubus Society. The temporary skills will now turn permanent.

Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society

STR: 2

AGL: 2

VIT: 2

CHM: 2

LUK: 2


V.i.r.g.i.n Lover (Exclusive)

To care for every v.i.r.g.i.n is the task of the incubus master. This skill relieves the user's partner from the pain of going through s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse for the first time. Making the experience pleasurable and memorable for both mates. This skills only affect the v.i.r.g.i.ns, disregarding their h.y.m.e.n.

Baby Hater (Exclusive)

As an aspiring Incubus, the user should strive for c.u.m.m.i.n.g deep within their women and satisfying them without impregnating them and creating obstacles for their ambitions. After all, no unsuccessful woman would simply want a bun in their oven if they aren't forced. This skill allows you to control the s.p.e.r.m count, letting you c.u.m without any fears of cradling a child instead of a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Female Hunter (Lvl 1):

A developing skill that increases the charm (CHM) of the user. No incubus is a dirty old man or a fatty sc.u.m. An incubus should look dignified even when mating with the Cerberus bitch. Look good and feel good.

Nxt Lvl: 1 Skill Point.

Main Quest:

Survive (10 D):

You have been thrown into a new world. Survive. Note that the system doesn't feel sorry if the host is transported right in front of a man-eating lion. It is your own bad luck, feel its consequences yourself.

Affiliation Quest:

Turn 10 women into your fold. (Time limit equal to the main quest.)


Amano Megumi (Human)


As the golden light receded, Megumi was once again revealed as Nik could feel a special connection with her. After taking a moment to calm down, he finally looked around and to his relief, he only needed to clean the mess he made on couch.

"Amano Megumi, huh."

He finally muttered the name of the woman that allowed him to pass the test of the long lost inheritance.

"I'll remember you. Even though I have restricted your freedom, I promise that I'll make up to you."

Nik spoke without any hint of remorse. He didn't hate himself for forcing himself on others. He wasn't a hypocrite. He, in fact, felt good. When he came deep within her, he felt satisfied and this is the reason he sought the Incubus inheritance for so long.

He wanted to claim a lot of women. Whether they be someone else's daughter, wife or sister. Even a hot grandma would do.

He was a sc.u.m.

But at least, he knew that he was a sc.u.m.

Physients Stories

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 2 - The Souma S.l.u.ts (1)

"Once again, I am extremely sorry."

Kneeling on the mattress, Nik pledged solemnly. The droplets of water remained on the edges of his dark hair after the bath that happened to catch Megumi off-guard for a moment before she slammed the tip of her bokken on the floor.

"Once more, a little louder."

Megumi commanded. An Ashura construct purely made of the malicious aura that emanated out of her body laughed menacingly as Nik raised his voice once more.

"Honestly, I am extremely sorry for the previous circ.u.mstances. But I never felt bad having you!"

His clear voice resounded within Megumi's room as her expression changed. Her wrist twisted expertly while the bokken swung forth, it's tip right in front of his pitch-black eyes.

"You do understand that... what you did was a crime, right?"

Staring at the thick tip of the bokken, Nik took a deep breath before trying to explain. The fun part was already over and even though he had a shady background, he wasn't an asshole who would force himself on a girl and give a smug reply like:— Oh, come on, Babe! You liked it too, remember?

"Miss Megumi, circ.u.mstances were really harsh and I needed to fulfill the conditions to partner-up. You also saw that green panel, didn't you.

Once again, I apologise. But... I don't regret my actions. I would be a fool to give you up even if you fight me."

This time, Nik lowered his head further. Losing v.i.r.g.i.nity was just as emotional for a man as it was for a woman. Alas, he wasn't a v.i.r.g.i.n, but he understood how losing your first time in an unexpected manner could affect a person.

Each and every emotional being dreams about losing their v.i.r.g.i.nity in the best way they could think of. At least, this was true for human beings. Nik wasn't an exception.

He wished to marry a girl. Neither beautiful, nor smart. He just wished to embrace a woman with a genuine heart, no matter evil or pure. Alas, his situation only left him to embrace the evil and so he did. But never did he regret his actions.

For regret is the certificate of hypocrisy.

Hearing his words, Megumi's body shook. Her lips parted slightly while the bokken lowered gently. Her knees felt weak while she slumped on the ground.

"You don't regret it? Why... why?! You r.a.p.ed me! Goddammit! You just r.a.p.ed me and then, after you were done with me, you should have left.

Isn't that what you were supposed to do? To use a dirty girl like me and then leave her alone in your filth!"

The droplet of tears steadily fell down her cheeks as she sniveled while biting her lower lips.

"But no... you tidied up the living room, bathed me gently, without any lascivious intent and finally tucked me in after finding my nightsuit. Why would you go to such length?"

Trembling, she pointed at the short table in the middle of her bedroom and lowered her head.

"And now, now... you prepared tea and snacks for me. Even though the snacks were ready-made, they are nothing like Maa-kun's... and yet, why can't I accept that I want to hate you?!"

Megumi threw her bokken as she wept loudly. Her hands kept rubbing her eyes and yet, tears never stopped.

"I see... is this Maa-kun... he is someone you like, right?"

He whispered as Megumi nodded furiously while weeping. Her body kept shuddering and this pained Nik further.

"Miss Megumi... I am not going to apologise anymore. There is no need to because no matter what I say, the fact remains that I forced myself upon you.

I am not going to be delusional enough and say that you should leave the boy you like.

But I still hope that you finally find your answer after I leave. I have overstayed my welcome. And... one last thing.

If you are actually worried about... getting... huff... pregnant, then there is no need to. I have a special condition."

Speaking, Nik stood up and finally bowed politely.

"Thank you for the wonderful time, Miss Megumi. If you wish to find me, just think of me and I will appear in front of you."

Still crying, Megumi did not pay any focus to his words while Nik smiled sadly before jumping out of the window.

What he did was wrong. His actions were terrible and he understood that Megumi needed a little alone time to adjust.

After all, pushing someone who is already emotionally unstable is the least favourable action to be performed in such a condition.

And so, just like this, Nik went out to find his second partner.

At this moment, no penalty was imposed on him for the failure of the main quest for it was his first travel. But finding girls to partner-up with remained his top priority for he was useless without a formidable number of women behind him.

Ordinarily, he would need to adapt to the social conventions of this world for he was still a weakling and it was a weakling's fate to bow its head and bend its spine.

He didn't need any direction, Nik, wearing his own clothes that slightly reeked of his scent alongside Megumi's musky one walked with his hand behind his head.

A girl would definitely find him... they always did.

So, Nik continued to walk aimlessly. Taking a left, he found himself surrounded by slightly lavish constructions.

'Sure, why not. Middle-aged rich women are needier...'

With a shrug, he continued. The basic stat for a normal a.d.u.l.t human being reached the height of 1, the same could be said for their luck. Usually, such an ethereal force is hard to quantify, and yet, the Isekai System easily evaluated for its host.

"Ara? You are not from here, are you?"

Suddenly, a mature whiff happened to entice his nostrils as he gulped at the woman who just walked outside the left house. Before appreciating the woman, Nik did give her house a moment of thought.

Even though he emerged from a different civilisation, the architectural taste of both the civilisations happened to be quite similar. A lavish, marbled house that showcased a large veranda while pitch-black, carved railings covered the edges of this modern beauty, just like how her black top covered her generous bust while her pair of denims left little to the imagination.

A pair of glasses adorned her mature, yet, surprisingly alluring face as her short raven hair dazzled under the evening glow. A small beauty mark near the corner of her lips made her all the more desirable.

But certainly, a familiar stench seemed to be lingering around her. Actually, even if Nik was stripped off of his recently gained inheritance, one thing could never be taken away from him.

His talent to differentiate women.

'This feels like... the stench of unfaithfulness.'

Smiling, Nik performed a polite bow disregarding her previous private actions and nodded.

"Hello, miss. I am Nik Faran, I just arrived here and am still looking for a place to rest in."

Placing her left hand on her cheek while keeping her elbow supported by her right arm wrapped under her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.ts, she smiled gently and spoke softly.

"Ah? You really aren't from here? I was just guessing!

Lucky me!"

"It's not a problem, miss."

Shaking his head, Nik smiled and then looked at the house she came out from.

"Is this your house, miss?"

"Where are my manners? I am sorry, Nik-kun, my name is Souma Mitsuko, you can call me Mitsuko-san."

Smiling, her hand slowly landed on his shoulder as her face glowed even brighter.

"Why don't you visit us in, Nik-kun. If you don't have a place to crash, I can call a friend and ask for help. Till then, you can take a seat in my house.

How about it?"

Mitsuko's, honey-gold eyes seemed to glow for a bit as her palm felt Nik's tr.a.p.ezius.

"Alright, I appreciate the help, Mitsuko-san."

"You don't say."

She smiled and shook her head before leading her back into the house. It was quite strange that even after getting all dressed up, she was willing to return back.

No, in reality, it wasn't that hard to figure out.


"Are you ready? Tonight's going to be fun! Dad's out for another trip, we finally have the place for ourself."

A red, n.i.p.p.l.e-cutout brassiere attached to a silky, see-through gown extended forth, showing her n.a.k.e.d body in the most alluring manner while she laid on the couch, her tongue licking her lips to drain the remaining drops of beer on her succulent, pink lips.

"Onee-chan! You need to stay a bit sane, right?"

An irritated voice brought Souma Souko, the red-haired beauty to sigh in annoyance before she looked at the twin-tailed girl that had the same hair colour are their mother.

"Kurumi, when you grow up, you will understand that sometimes, drinking beer is more satisfying than drinking c.u.m!"

She cheered loudly before opening another can while Kurumi, who also had her mother's honey-gold eyes blushed furiously. Though, she was as much a s.l.u.t as her mother and sisters, she couldn't help but feel ashamed.

Even now, her whole body felt as if it was being heated under a cruel forge. The tiny top that barely covered her soft pink looked absolutely ravishing while her unbuttoned denim hotpants added a rare tomboyish charm to the young lady.

"You two, can you keep down. I need to study for tomorrow. I got a major exam."

An equally ravishing blonde sat on the dining table, dressed in a beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t-cut lingerie whose cream colour went well along with her crotchless violet panties. Her figure, slightly angular facial features and the deep violet eyes made her father wonder when did their ancestors get mixed up with western population. She was Souma Sayako, the sister who fell in between the eldest and the youngest.

Even her body was more developed when compared to the eldest of them all, Souko.

Their poor father never uncovered the fact that their mother, Souma Mitsuko never actually bore any of them through his own s.e.m.e.n. Souko belonged to the top martial-artist that happened to meet Mitsuko's eyes while Sayoko turned out to be the hard work of the foreign colleague of her father's company that stayed in their house for two night.

Meanwhile, even Mitsuko was slightly bewildered by Kurumi. Due to almost similar features, Mitsuko could never uncover the secret lover that left Kurumi into her oven.

"Ah! Sorry, Sayoko. Do well in your exam! By the way... isn't Genta your teacher?

I heard from a colleague that he has a Russian's physique. Lucky you."

Souko immediately started indulging herself in her own carnal escapades while Kurumi turned on her cellphone and started chatting with her friends.

"I am back, kids. We have a visitor."

"Eh? She returned so quickly?" Kurumi exclaimed while Sayoko raised her eyebrows with an amused smile hanging over her slightly paler lips.

"A visitor? Single? He must be rather... unique. I hope he is enduring enough... or tomorrow's exam might not go so well."

Meanwhile, Souko cheered with her beer can high in the air.

"Let's get the party started."


"How is it?"

Mitsuko asked softly, almost whispering as Nik's gaze fell on the entrance of the room when his sense of smell tingled due to the scent present in the air. It wasn't any artificial product, in fact, the scent felt natural, primal even. Not to mention the fact that the entrance of the house looked extremely classy.

Cream painted walls that lead up to the staircase while the wall on the left was filled multiple frames of family photos that refreshed Mitsuko's memories.

'Ah! I remember that guy once again. He was so.... mghhhhh!'

Through her glasses, Mitsuko's gaze fell on Nik's butt as she recalled how she was filled to the brim by the local martial artist on her honeymoon. It was absolutely the best. The way that red beast pounded the living oblivion out of her got Mitsuko riled up once again.

On the other hand, Nik caught the sight of a painting that displayed a scenic view of the ocean. The frame itself looked quite expensive, not to mention the painting itself.

'Oh... so this is the combination of hardworking father and cheating mother...'

But deep down, Nik felt that he still hadn't grasped the entire situation. The scent emanating through the hallway pointed out that this house has seen better days in the form of orgies. To Nik, it was obvious.

But, the question was...

'Where are the other women?'

'Probably upstairs.'

Sighing, he looked at the photo with Mitsuko embracing a black-haired, kind-looking middle-aged man while three beauties of different ethnicities stood beside both of them as they showed a big, happy smile.

"Mitsuko-san, are these two your sisters?"

Nik pointed at Souka's and Sayako's figure. They both looked too different to be Mitsuko's daughters.

"Ara~ How sweet of you, Nik-kun. But I am not that young. Hehe~"

She chuckled while she introduced the girls in the photo.

"That's my eldest daughter, Souka. Sayako is the most intelligent out of them while my youngest daughter looks just like me. Her name is Kurumi."

"Heh~ Mitsuko-san really doesn't look like the type of person to go through childbirth three times already.

So, your daughters are still here?"

Nodding, Mitsuko narrowed her eyes and spoke gently.

"Yes, they all are here. Now, you should go and chat with my daughters while I give my friend a call for your stay, alright?"

"Thank you, once again, Mitsuko-san."

It was at this moment, a loud cheer erupted from the living room while Nik suddenly came to a conclusion that gave rise to apprehension as well as expectations.

'Heavy odour all around the house... daughters birthed clearly from different males and finally... the daughters are still here.

You couldn't mean—'

"You should go. I'll follow in a minute."

Giving Nik a gentle push, Mitsuko made her way to the landline placed near the umbrella stand and dialled a number while Nik made his way into the Souma's living room steadily.

Characters Introduced:

Souma Mitsuko— mother.

Souma Souko— Eldest Daughter

Souma Sayoko— Second Eldest

Souma Kurumi— Youngest.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 3 - The Souma S.l.u.ts (2)

The scent slowly grew intense as Nik's steps lead him to Mitsuko's living room and there they sat.

The youngest one, Kurumi, sat with her legs folded on a single-seater couch with her fingers dexterously typing on her smartphone. The red-headed, Souma Souko laid on her front with her back completely exposed as she gulped on a can of beer. The second-eldest, the beautiful blonde that had otherworldly features, happened to be looking towards Nik's direction as she smiled.

All of them remained oblivious to the fact that they were barely dressed and Sayako, the blonde that took attention wherever she was, looked especially enticing with her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.ts in the view.

But still, coming to the conclusion that the whole family was a s.l.u.t was quite different from actually seeing one.

"You must be mom's guest, right? I am Souma Sayako, you can simply address me as Sayako."

Pulling the strands of her golden hair back, Sayako smiled beautifully before looking at the other two.

"I apologise for my siblings' rude behaviour. Well, try and make yourself a little comfortable. I am quite busy, too. So, I will join later."

Her violet eyes shimmered as she turned her back and finally, the beautiful pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts were removed from his vision. And yet, Nik remained stunned.

'That casual expression while having her whole body exposed... not to mention her moist thighs....

What kind of world is this?'

He questioned in his heart. Sure, infidelity took place in his world, too. But women from his civilisation, other than the trained harlots of the redlight district, showed moderation even when they dipped in the pool of carnal excitement that shook their spine named cheating.

'This is clearly... wow.'

Entering a rare moment of speechlessness, Nik appreciated the sight of almost bare maidens indulging in their own task. The youngest socialised through the means of modern communication while the eldest lost herself to the heavenly beverage brewed from the ancient times— Alcohol. Only the second eldest showed a bit of moderation. Her eyes clear as they trailed the words on the thick book while jotting down the points that seemed to be important.

'Um... can I get a glass of water?'

Finally, the youngest one looked up.

"Ah! Sorry! I got to busy with my friend!"

Her head snapped up as she placed her smartphone on the hand rest of the couch and immediately jumped up from her lazy position. Grinning cheekily, she tip-toed towards Nik.

"I am Souma Kurumi. You look a little older than me, so you can call me Kurumi. Nice to meet you!"

"Yeah, nice to meet you, too. Kurumi, I am Nik Faran, just call me Nik. Mitsuko-san invited me until she finds a place for me."

As he mentioned his name, Souko's and Sayako's ears twitched a bit before they resumed their activities while they weren't surprised that a cute boy was invited over by their mother once again. After all, there was a shortage of cute guys that were still free from their clutches.

"He~ You aren't from here? Do you plan to travel around?"

Kurumi's voice trailed off as she ran towards the kitchen to get him a glass of water while Nik slowly made his way to the kitchen.

"Yup. I am around for ten days. After that, I'll be moving once again."

Smiling, he accepted the glass of water while Kurumi looked over him albeit curiously.

"Where did you come from, Nik?"

Under Kurumi's lead, Nik sat on the adjacent couch and spoke while carefully thinking. According to the strict rules of the system, he wasn't allowed to mention it to anybody else aside from his own partners due to the strange inheritance of the Incubus Society.

"I am from... well, I come from quite a poor area. Even though basic necessities are met, each and every person has to work quite hard.

Since I am alone in this world and earned a fortune, I thought of leaving the place to find a good place to settle down."

As he spoke, Sayako's brain constantly analysed his words while she felt even more satisfied with the conditions that followed the boy. He was alone in a place filled with hardship, that means, he definitely has some physical energy to spare. Second, he is still calm despite seeing her and Souko in such lewd clothes.

This only meant that even if he wasn't experienced in orgy parties, he definitely is experienced in s.e.x and is open enough to accept the facts placed in front of him. Facts being the scantily clothed daughters of a mature, yet, whorish mother.

"Eh? You got any good stories to share? By the way, I am Souma Souko! Call me Souko-san if you want to."

The red-headed beauty in the e.r.o.t.i.c gauze finally sat up as her twin peaks jiggled for all to witness, of course, nobody raised their brows at her actions.

"Yes, pleasured to make your acquaintance, Souko-san.

If you want to hear some fun stories, I actually have a lot of them."

"For real? Share 'em!"

Souko shouted while raising her can of beer once again while Kurumi sighed in embarrassment for her elder sister.

"Onee-chan, show some decency!"

Chuckling at Kurumi's frustration, Souko narrowed her eyes while she finally placed her beer can on the glass table placed in between the couches. Standing up, her figure was finally exposed to Nik.

Tall, curvaceous and slightly voluptuous. A beautiful woman whose charm, especially, in such a lingerie, could affect all.

"Eh? Kurumi, what do you mean be decency? Nik, don't you think I am decent already?"

She slowly walked while letting her hands run through her waist and h.i.p.s before she slowly descended and let her plump, ripe butt fall on Nik's laps.

Her legs placed on his thighs sideways while her arms loosely hung around his neck that gulped a little while one of her fingers trailed his chiseled jawline.

"Or do you want me to be even more... decent?"

Souko's soft whisper lit a blaze within Nik's heart. With twitching lips, he looked at Kurumi before nodding.

"Kurumi, Souko-san is indeed quite decent."

Not expecting such a response, Sayako finally couldn't hold in as a soft 'pfft' could be heard while her slender back trembled slightly.

"Uuuu! I am going to my room!"

With her cheeks flushed, she immediately stood up as her rather s.e.xy b.r.e.a.s.ts trembled while stomping her foot.

"Is something wrong?"

At this moment, Mitsuko finally entered the room and placed her left index finger on her lips while tilting her head sideways.

"Nothing! Have fun and bye!"

She stormed out of the room while Mitsuko seemed to be chuckling fondly.

"Ah~ so young. How wonderful!"

Looking back, she smiled at Nik.

"So, Nik-kun, what would you like? Hot or cold?"


With his hair getting played by slightly flushed Souko, Nik looked at her with apparent confusion.

"Mitsuko-san, do you mean a hot or cold beverage?"

Clinging onto the neckline of her top, she smiled once again.

"No... I meant, would you like the hot mother or the cool daughters?"

Sayoko looked up while Souko also stopped, waiting for Nik's response. It could be said that the family really scored a good one this time. In their eyes, Nik was cute, and those who touched him, like Souko and Mitsuko, would know that he also had a tough body.

Not only that, he didn't seem to get fl.u.s.tered by their appearance, a quality that is extremely hard to find, in their eyes that is.

Smiling, Nik simply didn't choose.



"All of them are full of shamelessness! Of course, I am the most decent out of them!!! Hmph!"

Hugging her stuffed, pink piggy doll, Kurumi buried her head inside the soft piggy that was the first gift she ever received from her suitor. In fact, even when compared to her own siblings and mother, Kurumi had her own charm that did not falter. But still, many, almost all of the men chose her mother and elder sisters.

At first, Nik looked extremely cute, honest even! But he just had to side with the drunk witch, didn't he?! Nuzzling her cheeks with the soft fur, she looked around the dark and empty room and sighed woefully.

"By now... they must be having fun, huh! They always do like this. Always wait for me to come down. Why can't they bring the party up? Why am I the one to always hurt my self-respect?"

She muttered as memories of past slowly resurfaced. Her first time happened to be rather disheartening when compared to her other escapades. Even then, her own elders are treated as proper women as they know how to assert their dominance while she remained treated as a tool to satiate the l.u.s.t.

Pure and simple.

Honestly, rough treatment remained one of the best ways to engage with a man. But how about treating her as a woman for a change? How about picking her up and tucking her into the bed instead of leaving her c.u.m-soaked body on the cold floors?

But still, Kurumi knew herself more than anything.

She was a s.l.u.t. Although, many people find this notion extremely disgusting, Kurumi felt that it wasn't strange. Humans need water and food to survive. S.l.u.ts were similar to humans except for the addition of having s.e.x to survive.

A day without a c.o.c.k inside her own juicy p.u.s.s.y would leave her sleepless and frustrated. So she had to curb her ego and go down. To take a warm, throbbing c.o.c.k inside her mouth before tasting it fully and then finally getting pierced in between her own prideful flower that could catch any man she wanted to tame.

But she simply wasn't the assertive material.

Sighing, she slowly thought about Nik.

"He must be having fun, too, right?"

Pouting, she closed her eyes while her fingers slowly slid in between her unhooked hotpants. Sliding her particularly thin panties, she slowly rubbed her own fleshy vulva as Kurumi imagined the door getting opened by Nik, his expression sincere.

The speed of her hand grew swift, the rubbing turned the heater inside her body on as a nefarious heat slowly grew within her.

Walking towards her, he would gently hold her hand out, her wet, soaking, lewd hand and warmly lick her fingers, relishing in her own taste the way she did. Smiling, he would reach out for her cheeks and whisper softly: Kurumi, I want you.

Imagining till here, Kurumi slipped her fingers inside her flower, immediately experiencing her own warm walls that slowly wrapped around her fingers tightly, grinding and pulling her fingers further.

"Your mother, I will f.u.c.k her later. Your sisters can wait, too. Right now, I only want you."

Imagining, Kurumi thought that these words sounded rather pleasing to her ears as her breathing grew hotter and rougher. Her blushes deepened and her soft, supple skin showed a tinge of pink, healthy colour.


"Can you at least lower your voice?"

With one of her hand deep inside her own p.u.s.s.y, while her other one holding the pen and jotting down the important points, Sayako spoke with irritation clear within her tone. If she didn't have to complete her studies, she would be the first one to seal Nik's lips, instead of Souko.

Sitting in the same position, Nik's tongue engaged with Souko's fleshy beast that raged a battle within her mouth as Souko's hand cupped his chin and jaws to support his face while Nik's left hand remained on her waist. Meanwhile, with his right arm pressed on the armrest with her own butt, Mitsuko gently unravelled his neck while her hand trailed down towards his chest.

Her h.i.p.s kept on grinding against his forearm as the slightly rough fabric of the denims failed to seal off all the moisture that oozed out of her experienced member.

Sighing inside Souko's warm fleshy hole, Nik grew slightly aggressive. He needed to kiss others, too. But before that, he also wanted Kurumi to join in for the fun. After all, if he got lucky, he could get four more partners on the second half of the first day.

"Mmmgh! Whoa! Are those real?!"

Mitsuko's hand accidentally went a little south before her hands felt up Nik's abs.

Nodding while kissing, he finally put a little energy into his right hand while he moved his left hand from the back of her waist.

Breaking the kiss that was rather passionate, he immediately looked at Mitsuko and smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, but I'll go get Kurumi, too."

"Eh? Kurumi? But why? Are we not enough?"

Souko immediately complained in a drinking stupor while Mitsuko's hands moved further towards the south, this time, intentionally. Feeling the packaged bulge, her honey-gold eyes widened in surprise while Sayako looked towards Nik with interest. Her hands had already stopped treating her flower passionately.

"No, no, you are definitely enough, Souko-san. But I would feel bad if I left out Kurumi. Either way, Mitsuko-san, excuse my rudeness."

Placing her hand on her wide h.i.p.s, Nik actually picked her up in such an extremely awkward position before placing her on the couch. If his cute image wasn't stunning enough, his sudden show of strength did build up myriads of expectations but his sudden departure to the stairs left the mother-daughter duo cold.


At Sayako's burst of laughter, both the maidens immediately glared at the youngest of the trio while sighing inwardly.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 4 - I too, am a S.l.u.t

Kurumi's raunchy fingers drilled within her slit, her e.r.o.t.i.c juices soaked her dirty hand while her teeth clenched on her tiny top that she picked up for comfort's sake. Her back leaning on the wall while her legs, bent and spread presented a juicy image. Her glazed eyes observed her own fingers going in and out of her dirty, needy member.

Meanwhile, her right hand cupped her young, cute tits that failed to reach the size of her elders, regardless of the amount of milk intake per day.

Using her index finger and thumb to please her nubile, pink n.i.p.p.l.e, Kurumi's jaws gave way to suppressed m.o.a.ns that slowly grew more feverish.

"Do you feel good, Kurumi? Do you love my c.o.c.k hitting your w.o.m.b, again and again, pressing you under my might?"

She imagined the statements in Nik's voice, his gentle voice acted as a calming agent while his words emblazoned the dirty girl she was slowly becoming. Irrespective of the fact that she still hadn't seen Nik n.a.k.e.d, Kurumi still imagined a perfect c.o.c.k that no man ever presented in front of her.

It was a veiny, yet soft looking c.o.c.k that was fat and juicy. Beautiful round head roared out of the uncirc.u.mcised foreskin that enticed her mouth and nose through its manly, mouthwatering scent.

Though, her fingers failed to reach the desired location, she imagined the feeling and simulated her own body to reach an optimal state only to get interrupted.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Kurumi... it's me, Nik. Are you alright? Can I come in?"


Out of panic, a strained m.o.a.n escaped her lips that turned into a rather snappy 'no!' which, Kurumi immediately regretted.

'Oh, God! He isn't angry now, is he? I didn't mean to say no... but I don't think I am in any condition to see him...'

Riled by her own thoughts, Kurumi failed to come with any follow-ups while Nik's voice sounded once again.

"Back then, I was only jesting. I didn't really mean to upset you or anything with my remarks.

But right now, it would feel kinda lonely down there without you. So, can you open up?"

'Eh? He came here to check up on me? Am I imagining things too seriously? Why would someone come up if not for simply having s.e.x?'

Thoughts spiralled within her consciousness as a bout of expectation detonated deep within her heart as her lips twitched before parting.

"Do you really mean it? Do you really think that Souko Onee-chan was indecent?"

Her question garnered a wry smile from Nik, who stood with a rather packed pants. He voiced out once again.

"Indecent, indecent, indecent.

A married woman who has three children sucked on my collarbone. That's indecent.

Accompanying her mother, the eldest daughter sucked a stranger's tongue, that is also indecent.

The second daughter slowly pleased herself while studying under such circ.u.mstances instead of joining in on the fun, that too, is indecent.

Only the youngest daughter, who handed out the glass of water while keeping her clothes on, in my opinion, is the only decent thing in this house."


Unable to bear, a burst of clear laughter erupted from within as Kurumi's voice came out from the other side.

"Alright, you can come in... but now, I may not be too decent."

Finally getting her approval, Nik twisted the already unlocked doorknob and finally entered her room. The first thing to catch his attention was the bright blue walls of the room and the beautifully decorated interior. Paintings of various genres hung around the room and a small butterfly mark remained common in all of them.

A study table constructed of hard oak before being lacquered and then polished to a mirror finish and a 30' monitor that kept on a screensaver of an image of a dog.

Only after that did he look at Kurumi's 'indecent' state.

The lower edges of her top clenched within her teeth as her entire slender and e.r.o.t.i.c body came into view that seemed to extend outwards with her legs bent up and knees spread. A group of rowdy hands remained within her rather juicy and slick p.u.s.s.y while her glazed eyes kept observing him and his body language.

Her cheeks flushed and her pupils barely focused while the rough breathing and suppressed, illicit m.o.a.ns that itched Nik's heart made their way through her jaws.

Taking a deep, visible breath, Nik took in the strange yet wonderful scent and then finally made his way towards Kurumi without uttering a single word.

Kurumi's heart thrummed as her fingers grew even more swift. Her mind, meanwhile, kept on thinking what would Nik say after seeing her like this? Would he think that she is just like her dirty mother? Would he think that she is just a s.l.u.t that is to be used and left?

Would he think that she isn't even worth his attention and would make her beg for his c.o.c.k?

Either way, it didn't matter to her. There are 99 ways to get her body and only 1 way to get her heart. She didn't have such high expectations that Nik could find that one way that is the only possible route for her to finally obtain a partner to share her life with without having to go through the routine of her own mother's infidel acts.

But strangely, Nik's eyes did not linger on her body for long as he kept looking at her own honey-gold eyes, just like mama's, and finally smiled rather gently.

"A girl who knows what she wants, is decent. The youngest daughter who doesn't like to openly show her true thoughts, in my opinion, is also decent.

Having your fingers in you p.u.s.s.y is decent so is keeping dirty, e.r.o.t.i.c thoughts within your mind.

Just like you, I don't think s.e.x is an indecent act. So don't worry, judging you based on your passion is the last thing I wish to do."


Not expecting such a response, Kurumi suddenly fell stunned while Nik smiled and crawled in between her spread legs and gently released her top from her mouth.

"So? Wanna get indecent together?"

He asked as Kurumi wanted to shout:— Yes!

But she couldn't. Although the response took her by surprise, the fact that Nik simply did not attack her p.u.s.s.y and sealed her lips even after getting so close slightly touched her consciousness. His warm, rather rough, hand on her left cheeks felt way better than the sting from getting spanked, making her wonder how she would feel after getting spanked by such a gentle hand.

Slowly, small droplets of tears welled in the corner of her glazed, almost glowing, honey eyes as she Nik shook his head before his thumb reached and wiped the single drop that fell on her cheek.

"Come on, now, Kurumi. Your smile down there felt better."

Finally, she couldn't keep it in and a continuous stream of tears left her eyes while a beautiful smile escaped her lips.

"What are you, Nik?"

She wondered out loud as she placed her hand on Nik's that softly caressed her cheek. Hearing her question, Nik suddenly chuckled.

"Well, let's say, I too am, a S.l.u.t."


Kurumi's shoulders trembled as a burst of chiming laughter escaped while she finally nodded.

"Alright, Nik. Let's get lewd together."

Kissing her palm for a moment, she leaned forward while her knees slowly grew closer and locked Nik in. Their lips finally touched each other's as their hands slowly explored each other's body.

Nik's hand reached out for her waist to pull her body closer before picking her up slightly and then laying her on the bed. Leaning against the wall for too long would be unhealthy for her spine and her back would've felt quite sore, too.

Finally, instead of locking her limbs as he did with Megumi, with his knees on the either side of her thighs, Nik's hand freely roamed above her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Squeezing them to their full potential and then reaching out for her e.r.o.t.i.c nubbin that demanded attention.

"Ohh~ Rub down there, too. Nik, lewd me more! Don't you dare disappoint me!"

Whispering in between the small gaps for breathing, Kurumi finally started opening her heart and slowly demanded her needs. If Nik wasn't afraid of picking her heart open, why should she still feel reserved?

"Of course, disappointment and pregnancy are two things I am afraid of myself."

Continuing with his humorous comment, Kurumi's arms hugged his neck, bringing his upper body closer while the hand on her right b.r.e.a.s.t finally crawled downwards, but not before tracing through her smooth stomach.

Finally, his hands reached the unbuttoned hotpants that stuck on her waist, hugging her h.i.p.s tightly and he finally entered the moist dungeon before feeling her thin, slid-aside panties that stuck to a wet mound. Expertly, his fingers found the little treasured nubbin that needed his attention before his thumb and index finger slowly started to tease her body.

"Aiiii! Just like thiiiis!"

Her legs finally locked his h.i.p.s as his hand kept rubbing the wet, oozing entrance. A wonderful scent slowly spread across the room as Nik slowly felt the need to get relieved himself.


"Isn't he taking too long?"

Sipping on another can of beer, Mitsuko wondered out loud.


Looking at the confused Sayako, Mitsuko smiled and asked out.

"Yea, dear? What happened? You look upset."

"Of course, I am. We finally got the whole house to ourselves and you only brought a single guy. How is the night going to get any better?"

At her mention, even the indifferent, drunk, Souko looked up and gazed at Sayako strangely.

Hearing her question, Mitsuko chuckled without speaking.

Feeling the strange reaction, Sayako finally couldn't hold it in.

"What? What happened?"

"Well, let's see... I think that Nik and Kurumi might have already gotten started. You want to join, Souko?"

Instead of replying, Mitsuko looked at the already n.a.k.e.d Souko who kept drilling her fingers inside her flower while drinking to her heart's content.

"Eh? Sure! I am already tired of waiting."

"Well, then. Good luck with your exam, Sayako. If I am not wrong, I may not have the energy to wake up early."

Mitsuko smiled before leaving in tow with the rowdy Souko as Sayako's frown deepened.

"Something's strange.... I'll go check on them after getting this chapter complete."

Muttering, she dived into the strange state of masturbation revision while Kurumi and Nik slowly grew more passionate.


"Kurumi, I wanna undress."

Whispering, Nik gave one deep kiss before steadying his body slightly above her own face and then he immediately removed his t-shirt swiftly while he followed with unbuckling his belt.

"Let me do it."

Suddenly, Kurumi opened up while she placed her hands on his own above his belt's buckle.

Smiling, she tried sitting up while speaking.

"You should relax a bit. Why don't you lay down and leave a bit of fun to me?"

She proposed while Nik actively agreed before they switched position. With Nik's back against the soft bed and his head raised through a pillow, Kurumi slowly raised her butt and wiggled it right in front of Nik's eyes to demonstrate her own assets as her butt slowly landed on his chest.

Feeling the soft and perky butt on his chest, Nik let out a happy sight while Kurumi was really surprised as her hands slowly touched the bursting bulge.

With the belt already unbuckled, Nik slightly raised his h.i.p.s to make it convenient for Kurumi to lower his pants and lower she did.

In one swoop, a bulging rod, much better... no... far better than her expectations was finally revealed. Wide, veiny and yet so beautiful and juicy. This was Kurumi's first thought as her eyes fell on Nik's rod.

This was the rod that could truly claim her body while it belonged to the man whose words already claimed her heart.

"Nik... be sure to savour the experience, cause I don't do this for too many guys."

Chuckling, Nik responded by lowering her own hotpants that immediately exposed her light blue thongs that had already slid off from the parts it was destined to protect and finally revealed the p.u.s.s.y of dreams. Soft pink flesh clearly visible while e.r.o.t.i.c juices kept dripping on his chest without any shame.

Letting his index finger touch the slowly forming pool of e.r.o.t.i.c nectar on his chest, Nik placed his finger within his mouth as he proceeded to grab her wide h.i.p.s attached to her willow waist, bringing her p.u.s.s.y closer to his face.

"Hey! If you pull me too much, I won't be able to take it in."

Kurumi complained with a sigh as Nik's words finally made her eyes widened in surprise.

"Kurumi... this taste, I like."

Not giving her any time to reply, Nik placed his lips on her moist p.u.s.s.y lips and immediately started sucking all tye premature nectar while his raunchy tongue slowly lubed her wet insides further.


Unable to hold in, a groan of pleasure escaped her lips while his words kept on repeating within her mind.

It was at this moment, a gentle yet mature voice broke their intimate moment.

"If you really like her taste, why don't you try the juice from the p.u.s.s.y that gave birth to her?"

Finally dropping her top, Mitsuko's n.a.k.e.d body appeared while a drunk Souko slowly walked behind her with a foolish grin.

"Eh? Mama! No! Get out! Right now, only I can take Nik. None of you! Not this time!"

Seeing two of the three fated rivals, Kurumi immediately hissed while her expression immediately crumbled as another illicit groan escaped her lips. Nik was too good!

Her hands immediately clenched on his thighs while Mitsuko remained surprised by the sheer volume of the c.o.c.k this boy held. Just like Mitsuko, the body in front of her surpassed the first man that made her a woman during her honeymoon. Souko's birth father.

"Oohhhh! Look at that thing! We really didn't need more today!"

Of course, the rowdy Souko gave no thought to anyone and moved quickly before making her way towards the stern c.o.c.k that ordered everyone to give it attention.
Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 5 - Daughter Destruction

Sensational nectar trickled down only to get sucked into Nik's mouth as his grip on Kurumi's plump butt grew tighter. He sampled every inch of her fleshy, twitching, warm walls as Kurumi kept m.o.a.ning and groaning within her mother's, Mitsuko's mouth, who continued the illicit, yet passionate kiss.

With the other two joining, a few changes to the position was made.

With Kurumi's butt gently covering Nik's face as to give Mitsuko a bit of space to climb on while Mitsuko supported Kurumi's body so that she doesn't accidentally suffocate Nik. Meanwhile, Kurumi had already lost herself in passion. Her hands groped the giant tits that she once sucked on and kept pinching her well-shaped that were a bit darker than her own nubile ones.

Their honey gold eyes matched each other as they grew rowdy by each passing moment.

Souko, on the other hand, gently pumped the c.o.c.k of her dreams with her tongue steadily licking the underside of the entity through the base while also giving Nik's full ball their own moment of gentle sucking.

With her mouth opened wide, she slowly wrapped her mouth p.u.s.s.y around the tip of his c.o.c.k as her thick saliva decanted across his shaft, making the popped veins even more prominent. Slowly, yet steadily, inch by inch of his c.o.c.k disappeared into her wondrous mouth until her whole body shuddered after kissing the base of his c.o.c.k in a rather ragged fashion.

A grunt leaked from Nik's jaw as he felt Souko's throbbing throat covered the head of his member alongside the better half of his shaft.


Even though she had a mouthful of c.o.c.k, grunts of pleasure still made way through the exceptionally tiny space left within her mouth as Souko finally picked her face up gently while the tongue that remained outside her mouth kept his underside clean and slick.

Finally, Souko's mouth left the throaty domain of Souko, that was exceptionally tender due to all the alcohol and the c.o.c.k flung up with not pressure keeping it down.

"Ah~ Ha! Mama, you should definitely try it! World class meat, no doubt."

Souko explained through gasps as she started pumping his c.o.c.k while giving half of his p.e.n.i.s an experience of an expert oral ride that Souko is famous for. With half of his shaft inside her mouth, the warmth of her body slowly infected his member as the dexterous tongue kept licking and twirling in all the right places.

On the other hand, Kurumi remained at the threshold of pleasure, her body twitched continuously while her legs almost lost their strength, making Mitsuko hug her even tighter to keep her body supported.

"Mama! Oh~ Nik! Just there! That's righ- Aiiiiiii!"

Kurumi immediately squeezed Mitsuko's wonderous b.r.e.a.s.ts that still remained perky after all the ate difference and immediately climaxed into Nik's mouth. Her drool leaked out only to get licked by a rather aroused Mitsuko, who wanted to feel just like her youngest daughter.

Giving Mitsuko a sloppy kiss, Kurumi felt like passing out. Something that surprised her very much. Usually, c.u.m.m.i.n.g for almost 5 times in a row could barely keep her satisfied for a day.

'But what is this feeling?'

She thought as her lips and tongue got played by her mother.

'It's the same thing. A tongue inside my p.u.s.s.y. But what is different? Why do I feel this way?'

She thought further as her eyes finally fell on her sister's ecstatic face while reaching the tip of his base once again.

'Ah, I finally know—'

"Hey!" Kurumi hissed before aggressively kissing Mitsuko while pushing her down. With all the juice immediately lapped up by Nik, he could continue further, but just like Kurumi, he had different thoughts.

Slowly tapping her butt to let his thoughts known, Kurumi finally got up from his body while Nik could see her smiling face looking down at him. Her juices still dripped down, falling on his lips, which, Nik immediately licked off and gave Kurumi a satisfied smile.

"A fine taste indeed."

"Good. Now, it's my turn to taste you."

She proclaimed as she immediately jumped off the bed and moved towards Souko, only to spank her ripe butt harshly, making her yelp while deepthroating.

The air in her lungs immediately got out as she had to quickly move her mouth to breath.

"Huff! What's the big idea, Kurumi?! I almost lost consciousness!"

Hissing, Kurumi glared at Souko.

"No way! Get off his d.i.c.k, you thot! He is mine! Go, suck of your mama!"

She immediately knelt beside Souko and started to push her away. Quite helpless at her sister's antics, she suddenly saw yer mother moving her body and repositioning her large, curvaceous, plump butt on Nik's face, who seemed to be inviting her.

"Souko, climb up, his fingers need attention, too."

Mitsuko spoke gently as her p.u.s.s.y lips finally came into contact with Nik's lips. His tongue latched forth and started tasting his third maiden of the day. This time, he did not keep his hands on her butt as a precaution, instead, allowed her to slowly rock her bubble butt that needed their freedom.

Instead, his fingers found another place to drill into— Souko's warm p.u.s.s.y that is way more addictive than any alcoholic beverage.

Soon, the room was filled with breathtaking m.o.a.ns as Souko's and Mitsuko's lips found solace in each other's as Kurumi marveled the c.o.c.k, who size may very well exceed the length of her own face.

Finally, she opened her mouth and got to work.

'No... this isn't his taste. It's Souko Onee-chan's. I need to wipe it off.'

Determining the course of action, Kurumi went on to lick each and every part of c.o.c.k, giving him one of the sloppiest blowjobs in his life as her thick saliva trailed down to his balls. Her hands gave slow, yet, deep pumps and her small mouth kept on sucking the well-rounded head of the c.o.c.k that arched down in a gentle curve while the shivering in expectation.

'Soon... I'll taste you, too.'

Her fervent eyes seemed to look through her mother's luscious butt and fell on Nik, who kept on tasting Mitsuko.

"Get ready."

She whispered before the motion of her hands grew quicker as Kurumi took Nik's member slowly and gently, her lips cascaded while tasting every inch of his boner before her body shivered as his c.o.c.k smacked her throat. Gagging, Kurumi continued to massage his full balls without any concerns and bobbed her head up and down.

The shlicking sound of her gags soon surpassed Souko's and Mitsuko's desirable m.o.a.ns as they looked over to see a passionate Kurumi giving her all to Nik.

'This is... surprising.'

They both thought while a grunt finally leaked through Nik's lips as Souko and Mitsuko slowly fell to their passionate heat, their bodies trembled before Mitsuko's entire stream of nectar cascaded down Nik's throat while Souko's squirt arched up the room and bathed his entire body.

Meanwhile, Kurumi felt her head buzz as the warm and milky c.u.m immediately blocked her throat as she still kept her tongue to his underside, licking and cleaning continuously. Her body twitched with each passing moment and finally, she drank all of it, returning the favour.

'Quite... delicious...'

While Kurumi savoured the taste, her lips were suddenly kissed by Souko, who almost immediately invaded her mouth, trying to find something.

"Eh? You drank all of it? You are so greedy!"

Souko immediately complained while Kurumi smiled smugly.

"Of course, his first load belongs to me and only me. Now get away from him Mama!"

She declared as she immediately cleared the bed while Nik looked at her slightly amusingly.

"As your mother, I have the right to certify his intentions. So I will be taking him first." Suddenly, Mitsuko also spoke out and gave Nik a flirtatious grin. Seeing her own juice still trickling down his chin, a mild flush appeared on her cheeks while Souko complained for her own right, too.

"Hee~? What about me? I want it, too!"

Still kneeling at the bedside, she touched her smooth stomach and pouted.

"No way, I'll be—"

Before Kurumi could proclaim righteously, her hand was immediately pulled down while Nik rolled over and pressed her against the bed.

"Let me fulfill your wish."

Smiling, Nik descended and kissed her forehead before he raised his body and moved back. Using his hands to spread her thighs apart, he lowered the tip of his c.o.c.k and pressed against her entrance. Enough foreplay had already been completed and continuing in such meaningless action without actually f.u.c.k.i.n.g each other would be quite a tease, which Nik didn't like.

Meanwhile, Souko's and Mistuko's eyes widened as they saw Kurumi's soft slit widening at a breakneck pace. It was at this moment did they question themselves.

'Sucking is different... but can I really take it in whole?'

Souko thought while Mitsuko was already getting impatient. Her w.o.m.b ached as she imagined how her biggest one would feel. Can he maker her experience yet higher realms of pleasure that remained undiscovered?

"If I cannot take it now... then, let me help myself."

Saying this, Mitsuko stood up and sat behind Nik, her hands immediately enveloped his abs from behind as her soft, succulent lips slowly kissed the back of his neck and nibbled on his ears.

"Do you like what you see? Nik-kun. See her, she is my daughter. My lewd, needy daughter."

Whispering, Mitsuko's fingers touched Nik's, slowly playing with his chest as she duly returned the favour.

"Nik-kun. I think, after you go through us, we won't be liking any other man. So, you have to take responsibility.

Responsibility of destroying my daughter's p.u.s.s.y... destroying my own, raunchy flower, alright?"

She whispered oh so gently while Kurumi already had her eyes closed in expectations. Just the tip made her realise that tomorrow morning, she might have to skip the school.

Even an experienced girl like Kurumi felt pain. It was a wonder if Nik didn't have his skill, Megumi might have hated him even further for the physical pain caused by s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse.

"Here I go!"

Whispering, Nik tightened his grip on the base of Kurumi's legs and finally, his shaft entered deep inside the wet, sloppy and warm dungeon that enveloped his member tightly. Every twitch and throbs of his c.o.c.k sent shivers down Kurumi's spine, meanwhile, Souko, who didn't like to be a third wheel left herself.

She needed a can of beer to clear her thoughts and also boast in front of Sayako.

"That's right... go in slowly and then, destroy her. Make her body remember your shape. Make her w.o.m.b ache for your touch and crave for your c.o.c.k.

Tonight, you have to uphold the Souma Family's expectations placed with you."

Twisting his neck sideways, Nik presented his lips to get sealed by Mitsuko's. Her wild kisses brought a flurry of illicit thoughts within his mind while Nik nodded dutifully.

"Mitsuko, believe me. From this day forward, I'll be the only one f.u.c.k.i.n.g you and your family day and night. Not a single man would hold a candle to me.

So just see how I destroy Kurumi, get her p.u.s.s.y in my own c.o.c.k's shape and come after your's."

Saying this, he finally smacked his member deep within her. Kurumi's eyes snapped open while a loud shout escaped her lips. The honey gold pupils immediately rolled backwards while her p.u.s.s.y clenched against his thick, unrelenting shaft that really pressed her w.o.m.b deep within.

"Good, just... come quickly."

She whispered before diving into yet another kiss. After seeing Kurumi's expression, her expectations grew further. She severely needed that hot and juicy rod deep within her.

Meanwhile, Kurumi clenched her jaws. The mixed feeling of pain and pleasure felt way better than her first time. Her p.u.s.s.y was shredded into a new one as the slow and steady pounds slowly allowed her to adjust to Nik's rhythm, something, she appreciated quite a lot.

It would have been no fun for her if she wasn't given the time to adjust. In fact, the rashness of men during s.e.x is something she hated quite a bit... but only Nik might be the exception.

"Ohhhhh!" A strained groan escaped her lips as his full c.o.c.k pressed against her second entrance, threatening to destroy all the restrictions physically placed within her body, truly intent on making her a c.o.c.k sleeve, just like mother and elder sisters.

"Nik! Oh, God!"

Her whispers leaked as Nik's image slowly coincided with that of a God's within Kurumi's mind as her chants slowly simply contained Nik's name.

Seeing her own daughter's p.u.s.s.y stretched to its limit, Mitsuko gulped as she let her mouth get ravaged by Nik's tongue.

Soon, Nik's pounds grew deeper and quicker. The melody of his balls kissing her butt cheeks resounded within the room as Kurumi slowly felt losing control of her own body. Her hands grew closer to her b.r.e.a.s.ts while her legs bucked wildly. Her m.o.a.ns already morphed into shouts of pleasure while her p.u.s.s.y severely punished by Nik's pound.

Soon, the motion grew more fluent as her p.u.s.s.y flooded with e.r.o.t.i.c juices once again only to keep getting pounded even roughly. If not for Nik keeping his hands on her slender h.i.p.s, Kurumi's arched back would have already caused his d.i.c.k to slip out.

But not now.

His c.o.c.k bulged further when a stream of hot liquid sprayed deep into her twitching w.o.m.b. Her to gue lolled out as Kurumi felt her body getting on fire. But even then, her maiden body felt satisfied. With her honey gold eyes rolled-up to the extreme, Kurumi finally lost her consciousness as a mixture of off-white spunk and e.r.o.t.i.c juices flowed out in volumes after the huge plug that Nik's d.i.c.k was, happened to be removed.

Looking at her sprawled out on her bed, Nik immediately sent the invitation to party-up and left things on the circ.u.mstances while he finally gave Mitsuko the attention she deserved.

"Ah~ You really did it! You really destroyed her, didn't you! Now, it's my turn! Let's see if you can make me yours, or would you just happen to be one of my goodnights."

She grinned lasciviously and immediately spread her labia, showing off her pink glory through the use of her thumb.

"Hurry! I am waiting!"

Her strained groans caused Nik to smile rather indecently.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 6 - One Thrust Orgasm

"Hurry~ I am waiting!~"

Mitsuko's words leaked in between her ragged pants. Her thumb placed on the fleshy entrance of her slick p.u.s.s.y stretched her labia, revealing the gates of pleasure that brought women like Kurumi, Sayako and Souko into the world. And yet, it still looked ready to rear another one if the man she humps is capable enough.

Right now, Mitsuko looked nothing but an elegant lady. Trembling eyelashes while a gentle expression on her face never receded. Even if her position at this moment, crouching while looking her knees and p.u.s.s.y spread completely, looked quite mesmerising, Nik reckoned that it was her motherly charm that gave her an upper hand when compared to her daughters.

A mature beauty is hard to ignore, even when placed next to a teen, supermodel.

As he gave the blissfully smiling, unconscious Kurumi a long glance, he finally moved on to her mother.

The masterpiece that god created. A woman, whose elegance remained unblemished after going through a long line of men.

They both didn't need any foreplay nor did they require any additional conversation. Just like Kurumi, Mitsuko actually wished to find a man who could tame her in body and soul. She wanted a man whose d.i.c.k could not only pierce her, but also, excite her.

After all, she had witnessed many disgusting men with a towering p.e.n.i.s. But none of them could excite her. That's why, she settled for orgies with good-looking men even if their p.e.n.i.s could hardly satisfy her.

Indeed, she chose quantity over quality, because, in her life, no man of quality ever came in front of her.

But right now, Nik was the quality man she was looking for, at least, after finding out that her husband cheated on her with one of the bridesmaids in their wedding.

From then on, Mitsuko cucked her husband whenever she got the chance. After all, it was all for revenge. But her daughters were a different case. They simply grew to love s.e.x.

Unlike others, Nik, surprisingly, wasn't a tool for personal revenge. Just like he caught Kurumi's eyes, he also happened to catch Mitsuko's eyes after she examined his bulge downstairs.

Licking her lips, Mitsuko wiggled her h.i.p.s as she whispered.

"Don't keep me waiting~"

As if responding to her lewd whispers, a trail of crystal-clear nectar flowed down her butt cheeks before falling on the bedsheet.


Nik nodded and took a deep breath before crawling forward and sitting in a comfortable position before letting his legs extend outwards. Smiling at his actions, Mitsuko sat on his laps while letting her arms hang around his neck loosely. Her legs extend outwards before straddling on his waist while Nik finally positioned his c.o.c.k at her entrance. Rubbing it against her moist door slowly before Mitsuko decided to take the active role.

Her lips gently sealed Nik's while his hands slithered behind her, grabbing her rather plump and juicy butt as his fingers sunk deep into her meaty cheeks.

Without further ado, Mitsuko and Nik thrust their h.i.p.s together. In fact, they hadn't planned to do so either. In her impatience, Mitsuko herself couldn't hold it together as she slammed her h.i.p.s with all her strength, so did Nik.

Almost immediately, a dizzying sensation overcame Mitsuko's consciousness as she distinctively felt her w.o.m.b getting pierced in one go, her inner walls smacked against Nik's c.o.c.k and her lips formed an 'O' shape with her honey gold eyes almost rolled up and her tongue losing its strength unexpectedly.

Even Nik wasn't faring any better. His eyes snapped open before a slight sting was transferred from the tip of his c.o.c.k to his brain.

Almost instantly, a burst if squirt flew off from Mitsuko's juicy p.u.s.s.y and immediately impacted Nik's abdomen.

"Are you alright?"

Breaking the kiss, Nik's hand moved from her h.i.p.s to the slender and enchanting waist as his embrace grew tighter while his d.i.c.k remained wrapped within her continuously convulsing walls that spread heat crazily.

"Better... than expectations... Hnnngh!"

Finally, Mitsuko came to be as she showed a rare moment of excitement and seriousness. Her eyes gazing into his with a newfound will.

"Nik-kun... i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e me... and make me yours!"

Letting go of her neck, she cupped his cheeks and smiled beautifully.

"And when I say that... I mean, no more cheating. I will pack up and leave with you. No matter what."

Before he could reply, his lips were sealed as the second entrance clenched on his shaft, making him feel absolutely amazing with just a simple grind.

Not letting go of his lips, Mitsuko started moving her h.i.p.s using her legs that straddled on his waist while using the years of experience to twist her insides expertly.

Her anus clenched shut as the inner walls grew tighter while she slowly rocked on his rod. Her m.o.a.ns and hot breath leaked within his mouth while he helplessly let go of her waist and roughly grabbed her h.i.p.s before using his own strength to move her body.

Considerations were thrown out of the window as Nik truly f.u.c.k.i.e.d the beejesus out of Mitsuko. Her entire p.u.s.s.y stretched further and further as his p.e.n.i.s impacted every single spot that she developed over the years. Her whole figure covered in sweat seemed to be mixing together with Nik's while they both maintained their intimate kiss.

In their moment of the fervent session, they both failed to notice two pair of eyes, one red and one violet that gazed at the situation of the room.

When Sayako saw Kurumi's sprawled condition and the blissful smile that she showed for the first time, she couldn't help but frown. But when she heard Mama's words of leaving her life of a.d.u.l.tery, the young maiden's heart was truly shocked.

"See? I told you, didn't I? He is really THAT good! And his c.o.c.k! Oh my God!"

Souko whispered into Sayako's ears as they both peeked into the room.

"Well, I think, I'll taste him after my exam. I need to build up my frustration before I truly enjoy. Only then will I come to a decision."

"Oh, come on! You can't be serious right! Look at Mom! Has she ever shown such an expression, such m.o.a.ns and such heat for anyone?

Wouldn't it be nice to get along? Family dinner, family vacations and family f.u.c.k?"

Souko's whisper acted as the devil's whisper as Sayako was truly tempted by the thought of getting f.u.c.k.i.e.d by the same man. But the problem was, each and every man they encountered knew that the Souma family was filled with s.l.u.t, their father included. It was due to this reputation that everyone was afraid of getting into a serious relationship with the members of this family.

Not that Sayako blamed them, after all, their own actions got them to this situation.

But Nik... he truly seemed to be oblivious of the title— S.l.u.t, that hung over their heads. Unlike other guys, who simply flattered to get into their pants. Of course, that didn't mean that Sayako removed the suspicion that Nik himself may bring more women to the home.

Many things needed to be cleared before she comes to a decision. Looking at the Eldest, Sayako finally spoke up.

"What about you, Souko-nee? Are you finally planning on settling?"

"Well, I already am an independent woman of a marriageable age. Instead of finding a wealthy guy with shriveled c.o.c.k, I would rather marry a guy with the c.o.c.k and body capable of f.u.c.k.i.n.g my brains out... moreover... I really want to feel what mom is feeling now."

The last bit of her words was spoken with a slightly sad expression as Sayako sighed.

"Fine. I'll check on him tomorrow. Where did mom call for his temporary stay?"

Souko immediately replied.

"Okusan's apartment."

The moment she heard the word Okusan, a wry smile escaped Sayako's lips.

'Maybe' she thought, 'Maybe... we aren't the only ones who will share him.'


As the duo discussed within themselves while keeping an eye, Mitsuko's and Nik's session grew intense. Not only their hearts connected at the moment, so were their crotches as his c.o.c.k completely ruined her w.o.m.b, his c.o.c.k kept on throbbing, ready to burst while Mitsuko suddenly looked at him in the eye.

"Nik-kun. I hope you feel my sincerity as this is the only chance you will get to have me. I want your hot c.u.m deep inside me. I want your c.u.m to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e me and free me from my hate for my former lover.

I know, this is quite selfish and I won't ever ask you to take care of us or support us... but please... help me."

Warm tears streamed down her cheeks as Nik's mind buzzed. Gritting his teeth, he made the decision whose future consequences were unknown. He knew that all the partnered ladies could meet him anywhere he went... but impregnating was still another realm in its own right.

But still, the crying Mitsuko affected him deeply. He was the one who wasn't afraid of partnering up with Mitsuko, regardless of her past. After all, he was training to be an incubus. A women's loyalty is something Incubus is sure of.

But it was the realm of being a father. Whether Mitsuko wants or not, a certain emotion and responsibility would definitely burden his shoulders once he her.

But still...

"You got it!"

Initiating a loving kiss, Nik did not even wait for her to orgasm before he sent the invitation to Mitsuko, who was quite surprised by seeing a window suddenly appearing and floating in front of her.

"Accept it!" He grunted, "Accept and I will fulfill each and every desire you long for. You want a baby, I will fill your laps with many.

I will care for you and even support our family happily. But you gotta accept it!"

"Good to hear that, my young lover."

Smiling, Mitsuko thought of accepting the strange invitation before it suddenly disappeared once again and astonishingly, she could feel Nik's 'presence'.

But before she could question further, her gasps leaked as Nik's c.o.c.k bulged further before spraying his warm c.u.m deep within her, filling her w.o.m.b to the brim as it still continued spraying the warm treat.

'With this amount...'

Mitsuko slowly thought before passing out. She was mentally and physically satisfied and hence, fell into a deep sleep.

Her hands fell sidewards while her legs finally loosened on his waist. Even then, Nik did not take his d.i.c.k out. It felt quite comfortable inside Mitsuko, something he was surprised about. Of course, other girls felt good, too. But Mitsuko's p.u.s.s.y was simply 'comfortable'. It was as if her p.u.s.s.y was formed to hold onto his c.o.c.k.

But still, he had to gently lay her on the bed, so, extremely reluctantly, he took out his d.i.c.k while almost immediately, his s.e.m.e.n leaked out in loads.

Laying Mitsuko down beside Kurumi, he gently placed his lips on both of their foreheads, when suddenly, he found another present besides Megumi and Mistuko connected to his consciousness.

It was Kurumi.


A/N: The only reason Mitsuko is made so demanding in the novel is because of the other characters in other novels being so... unrealistic. I mean, I have read many fanfics where the girls get creampied every single moment, but none of them are i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed.

I mean, getting pregnant is nothing to fear at. It's a natural process. Secondly, most of the harem novles have slave women who are fine with anything the mc does without anything in return. Mitsuko is supposed to be quite opposite of such characters.

She wants a baby and she isn't afraid to ask for it in return for devoting her life to Nik and leaving the life of a.d.u.l.tery.

I know it is quite 'unrealistic' to ask for baby in their first session, but I think, aside from only that problem, Mitsuko is the most fleshed out character I have ever thought of.
Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 7 - Partners


Nik nodded and agreed readily while he looked at Sayako and Souko sitting in front of him. Even though their bodies laid buck n.a.k.e.d, their sombre expression prevented Nik to have any strange thoughts.

"In fact... I really wanna go now! But... I want you at your peak condition..."

With her eyes set ablaze, Souko muttered while marvelling Nik's n.a.k.e.d form herself. Even when limp, she is one of the biggest she had placed her lips upon.

Meanwhile, Sayako rubbed her forehead and sighed out loud.

"Alright, Nik, you can stay here tonight. But remember, nor to disturb me. I have an important exam tomorrow.

Either way, you be sure that I find you at your temporary stay during your evening, or else..."

Sayako wished to threaten but soon found how her own behaviour was getting twisted due to all the frustration building up within her and the fact that she actually didn't hold any leverage to threaten Nik. But still, Nik smiled and responded.

"Miss Sayako, I appreciate the kindness received from the family. The last thing I want to do is to upset you after your examination.

I hope that you clear them with flying colours."

Stunned at his response... a soft blush formed on her pale-white cheeks as she stood up, causing her b.r.e.a.s.ts to jiggle while Nik heard a soft whisper.

"Just Sayako is fine..."

As Sayako went back to studying, the intensely gazing Souko and the silent Nik that kept on gazing at her bare body created an awkward tension around them.

"Can I get something to eat?"

He finally asked out as the sudden rumble from his stomach attracted both of their attention.


'Unlike others, I am still not extremely strong. Sure, I can beat up a couple of normies, but what good would that do. With my enhanced stats as for successfully initiating with the inheritance of the Incubus Society, my stamina was raised. But with that slight raise in my physique and structure, the need for nutrients also grew exponentially.

Only now am I realising that while I can restore my stamina quicker than others, this form of energy needs to be transformed from the energy received by my body through food and other sources of intake.'

Deep in his thoughts, Nik clenched his fist as he gulped when a delicious scent whispered through his nose.

'But this isn't so bad either...'

Looking up, his gaze fell on Sayako's and Souko's beautiful butts as their n.a.k.e.d front remained covered in a light blue apron while their hands didn't stop moving. Spices seemed to be flowing through their hands as with each successive motion, the delicious scent only grew stronger.

God, how much he wished he could taste those amazing butts alongside the food. But having already gone through one of the customers with such very taste, Nik could assure that the experience is extremely terrible. Since the prerequisite of a delicious meal is the spices and ingredients, the said spices may cause itchiness on the crotch if one gave an oral treatment to their partner without their mouth finally diluted off the said spices.

"It smells delicious, Sayako, Souko-san."

Munching on the cookies they placed for the meantime, Nik's praises flew nonstop while Souko simply shrugged.

"You should see Mama's cooking! She is a legend. You know, one time, we saw her cooking while—"

Before she could complete, Nik saw Sayako stepping on Souko's foot as she suddenly yelped in pain, but her complaints immediately died down when she felt Sayako's stare.

"While she was having s.e.x?"

Nik asked out as both of them flinched. Shrugging at their response, Nik decided to ease some of their tension.

"Well, Souko-san, do you remember that I still have some stories that I wished to share back then, right?"

"Ah! That's right!"

Easily riled up by adventurous stories, Souko immediately snapped while she kept an eye on the pan.

"Alright, this story takes place in my hometown before I was born. It's a story about a special inn at the redlight district near our town."

"A redlight district?"

Sayako questioned while slightly looking back as Nik nodded and continued.

"Back in my hometown, people crave for special experiences. Slowly, the ever-popular trend of exotic preferences finally led to the rise of a specific hotel that presented... slightly younger girls, barely legal in our law, to let customer experience their v.i.r.g.i.n butt."

Hearing till here, both of them raised their eyebrows in surprise. Even if they both had orgies, it is only in rare circ.u.mstances that they would allow someone to sample their anus. After all, that particular part is extremely sensitive and emotional for a woman, especially a v.i.r.g.i.n.

In fact, before actually accessing the butthole, the couples need to make extensive preparation by extended lubing alongside the use of plastic toys and even special cleaning soap to make the experience all the more desirable. Of course, by now, Sayako and Souko had butts that could suck a man's soul out.

"Soon, the word spread and almost all the men of the city went there to sample a hole for themselves and the results, as you expect, were satisfactory. Those little girls boasted anus far better than any noble harlot of the wealthiest p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e house. They could take up men of any size and shape while providing the best possible experience until a man named— Brian Longia applied to sample a v.i.r.g.i.n butt for himself after getting tired of his wife's incessant nagging.

Prevailing from one of the better households, the man applied for a beautiful and pricey woman.

But the moment the man entered, a strange scream erupted from the room."


Sayako muttered as she surprisingly flipped the dish expertly and continued cooking.

"Yes." Nik smiled and then revealed the crux of the situation.

"It was later found out that this particular inn took 'exotic' training to another level as they recruited barely legal members that had nothing other than their anuses to offer. Of course, the condition was to have a face so beautiful and a body so soft that it could put any woman to shame."

This time, both of them were surprised and turned back with incredulous expression plastered on their face.

"Yes, the man who applied for the better experience actually became the client of his own son. So, of course, the situation got awkward."

Nik chuckled as he couldn't help but imagine what would the man had gone through after that. He could imagine seeing the man becoming the customer of his own daughter, but to apply to f.u.c.k his own son... that's bound to sting.


A surprised murmur escaped Souko's lips as she finally served the fried rice. The colourful vegetables decorated the dish as the brown rice gave off a dazzling hue that made Nik gulp even further.

Meanwhile, Sayako still wasn't finished, something that irritated her further.

"Hey, Nik. Not to invade into your privacy, you seem awfully experienced in pleasing the opposite gender? Got a bit of your own story to share?"

Sitting opposite to him, Souko wiped her hand off of her apron before smiling and picking another can of beer. Truly, it didn't seem that she would get drunk soon enough.

"Not to brag *chomp* but, back in my hometown *nom* *nom*, many women asked... *gulp* even begged to have me sleep with them for one night."

He smiled as he a breathed in the food without any wastage. Each and every vegetable enhanced the taste of the rice that itself was covered in the spices and well-cooked. His cheeks bulged as he had a bit of trouble gulping down the food before he took a moment from speaking and thumped his chest.

"So you are..."

Souko didn't complete her words while even Sayako sighed.

Nodding, Nik gave a brilliant smile.

"Yes, I am a male p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. Born and raised into the redlight district of my hometown."


'It was truly funny... to see Sayako complain about her lack of cooking skill... pfft'

While rubbing his full stomach, Nik thought back at how Sayako left with a frustrated expression to complete her syllabus while Souko simply shrugged and cooked more for him.

'Well, I am a bit thankful that they decided to go easy on me. After all, even if my stamina is raised... it doesn't mean that I can keep going all night... not without a source of nourishment, at least.'

As he thought, he recalled the strange rumours about the true lords that governed the Incubus Society.

'It is said that their stamina is even greater than a true nascent lord while only setting their foundation... but the path of cultivation has long ceased to exist. Even the strange ruins only introduced me to this system.'

"Check partners."

[Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma]

Looking at the holographic screen, his gaze lingered on Megumi's name for a moment before he decided to sleep. He severely needed to rest, at least, for a few hours.

1 Day passed, a total of three partners obtained.


"Back here again, huh..."

A beautiful, raven-haired woman with a slender build and curvaceous h.i.p.s looked at the mirror as her body remained covered in a snow-white dress while her hair was tied up and a white gauze covered her head.

Her honey-gold eyes glimmered with a strange sense of anticipation as her gloved hands slowly cupped her own cheeks before she lowered her gaze.

"But... what if its the same. What if... there is no one waiting for me on the stand?"

Kurumi muttered. Her face didn't look so young at the moment and she held the same charm her mother used to have. A gentle aura circled around her body as the lonely Kurumi shivered for a moment.

This dream... or nightmare, was something she was already used to. She knew that the moment she left this beautifully decorated dressing room, what awaited her wasn't a gentle environment of happiness and warmth waiting to congratulate her.

It was a hell filled with cravings of flesh that would strip her n.a.k.e.d before using her as a toy...

Taking a deep breath, Kurumi tried calming herself.

"This is all a dream..."

Whispering to herself, she slowly walked out with the sole hope that someone would wait for her on the other side of the door. That someone would hold her close, gently kiss her and claim her with a beautiful ring that could outshine a brilliant star.

With her shivering hand placed on the doorknob, Kurumi finally opened the door as her eyes widened in surprise.

Her gaze fell on rows of men and women seated together in beautiful dresses while the interior looked comparable to a church. The carefully polished wooden pillars and walls attracted her attention before she looked to her side, only to find her mother, dressed in a beautiful purple gown as she didn't seem to have aged at all.

Her hands interlocked with her own as the duo mother and daughter slowly walked up to the aisle where, Souko and Sayako waited for them in the same violet dress. Their grin held untold meanings as Souko's wink surprisingly managed to embarrass her.

But before she stepped on the aisle, the guest started to vanish while her own family disappeared while still smiling at yer encouragingly. The surroundings turned pure white as the man supposed to be her spouse stood in a black suit with his back towards her face.

A calm voice echoed from his side that managed to shake her heart.

"I have heard a lot of things about you, Kurumi... you aren't the type of girl that can attain happiness and satisfaction of getting a family."

'I know!'

"No man can trust you... so..."

As Kurumi sighed and waited for the same rejection she has faced for many nightmares, the man finally turned back as his handsome face held a huge grin.

"So... wanna be a s.l.u.t together?"

Stunned, Kurumi looked at the extended hand before her thoughts swirled.

'Wait... isn't he Nik? What is going on? He is accepting me? Laughable! It's a dream, right?!


Kurumi fell silent before she suddenly slapped herself and even then, the pain failed to wake her up.

'It's real?... Maybe... all of that... all of that hooking up was a bad dream... is this real?

If it is... then let me relish someone important in my life for a change...'

Taking his hands, Kurumi found her surroundings blur before a screen appeared in front of her.

[Partnership accepted.]
Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 8 - Take my Hand

"Uhuu... Nik... don't lick..."

Kurumi slowly hugged a soft pillow while the crystal clear drool leaked from the corner of her lips as she felt sore all over her body. But somehow, the strange, refreshing feeling was hard to get rid of.

"Ahh... Nik, right there~"

When a mature voice landed on her ears that muttered the name of her own Nik so lovingly, Kurumi's eyes snapped open as she saw her own mother sleeping with her without any clothes while a thin trail of drool managed to escape out of her full lips.


Yelping, Kurumi immediately sat up as she felt her head go off with a bang which lead to a momentary burst of dizziness. Her nose scrunched up while the deeds of last night slowly resurfaced within her mind as the first thought formed in her mind was...

'I really need to brush my teeth...'

Ignoring her sleep-m.o.a.ning mother without any filial consideration, Kurumi ran off to the bathroom with her inner thighs feeling slightly uncomfortable due to loads of s.e.m.e.n drying off. Sure, she loved the feeling of warm c.u.m soothing her tummy, but the dried off, grossly smelling substance received an opposite reaction.

Meanwhile, due to the ruckus caused by Kurumi, Mitsuko's eyelids parted slightly as she immediately moved her hands around the bed only to find her glasses near her head. Wearing them, she looked at the time while lazily stretching her hands in the air.

Even though she remained n.a.k.e.d, the soft rays of sunlight made her mature body look dazzling.

"Ara~ it's only 6 am?"

Smiling lazily, she picked a pillow and slumped back on the bed. Not being a morning person, she usually liked to sleep for long to have enough energy for evening activities, but, as her hands grazed part yer smooth and supple abdomen, a gentle arc reached her full lips.

"Well... mama needs some sleep. We'll find daddy later."


"What's going on?"

Sayako looked up as she heard the sound of hurried footsteps while Nik was too busy feeding himself.

"It must be Kurumi. She is always so energetic when she wakes up."

"Whatever." Sayako replied with a gloomy voice as her eyes looked slightly darker. Evidently, she had a long night completing her studies.

As Nik noted, Souko looked quite different when sober. Her body hugged by an official black skirt suit as her bright red eyes observed each and everything was at complete opposite to her drunken self. Of course, in such a condition, her cooking improved greatly, too.

"Do you like it? Want me to cook more?"

Souko removed the apron with a smile as she wiped her hands on the apron once again.

Immediately nodding, Nik let his intentions clear only to see Souko narrow her eyes while bending towards his face.

As he gulped, his lips were immediately sealed by Souko's before she stepped back with a light giggle.

"Then be sure to use all your energy on Sayako. I'll come by your place to cook for you."

As if remembering something, a light 'ah!' escaped her lips as she seriously gazed at Nik.

"Don't you dare try Okusan's cooking. She... she likes to fatten her prey before striking, you understand what I mean, right. Unlike our generous family... she is extremely nasty!"

Practically hissing, Souko packed lunches for everybody while explaining.

"Eh? You mean she gives food and s.e.x?"

Nik spoke in an oversimplified manner that petrified the duo.

Shaking her head at his words, Sayako replied with a groan.

"You don't understand until you see her... it's like she is made to devour men and women alike..."

Shivering, Sayako prayed before getting up and helped Souko out.

"Oh, Nik. I won't be relieving myself at college after my exam. I don't mean to sound extremely invasive, but Souko and I happened to hear what Mama said yesterday.

So, as a common courtesy, I will let you have one chance. If you live up to my expectations, I can assure you that I will leave the life of placing my s.e.x.u.a.l burdens on others and depend on your c.o.c.k for the rest of my life.

And believe me... a promise of a s.l.u.t like me is far more valuable than a saint's."

"That's right!"

Souko immediately verified Sayako's words while Nik couldn't help but shrug at her words.

"Sayako, like I said yesterday. If you plan to give me a chance, I have every intention to make you mine. And, I believe that a s.l.u.t's word is far greater than a saint's, because, as an experienced s.l.u.t myself, I promise that you can depend on my c.o.c.k for your entire life."

"Wow... Souko... I think, we really have found the most shameless gem."

"I know right. But Nik, believe me, you don't want to have fun with Sayako until she is completely frustrated. I'll drop her off in the car.

Meanwhile, you should wait for Kurumi. She'll introduce you to Okusan on her way to school."


Nik nodded while he joined his hands together to thank for the food he was fortunate enough to receive and then passed on the plate to Sayako.


"Hmph! Don't you think that I would day anything like— I like you— or something!"

Since Nik did not have any clothes, Kurumi found some of her dad's clothes before he went on and became obese. Meanwhile, his clothes would be washed after Mitsuko actually wakes up.

But Nik had to admit that even when Mitsuko was asleep buck n.a.k.e.d, her charm only attracted a kiss on her cheeks as Nik couldn't help himself. Though rash, Nik had actually i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed a woman.

His and Mitsuko's relationship changed the moment his seed laid a foundation of new life within her. So he wasn't much embarrassed to display his affection. Of course, the thought of screwing his own soon-to-be baby's siblings made him feel... let's go with complicated.

"So... I was that bad, huh!"

Muttering, Nik placed his hands on his head while Kurumi gave him a sidelong glance before rolling her eyes. Dressed in a navy blue skirt that reached a little over her milky thighs while a white sailor's top covered her upper body. Not to mention the blue ribbons that tied her twin tails.

"Of course, not! Even you know that!"

"Eh? So that's it."

As if coming to a great realisation, the base of Nik's fist touched his open palms as he smiled, but still, he didn't speak at all, making Kurumi frown as she really wished to hear what he had to say.

"What is it? Say it!"

"Don't wanna!"

"Say it!"



At her words, Nik simply grinned before extending his hands towards her.

"Say, Kurumi. Want me to truly walk you to school?"

Looking at the hands that overlapped with a certain hand from her dreams, Kurumi hesitated slightly.

"It's fine."

Suddenly, Nik spoke as he himself grabbed her hands and brought it closer to him, while pulling Kurumi.

"Even if you hesitate, I'll be here for you. So why don't you trust me for once, Kurumi? We already appreciate each other's taste. Let's also try to appreciate each other's warmth. What do you say?"

At first, Kurumi felt a wave of warmth spreading over her body, her cheeks unconsciously blushed as she simply pouted.

"Stupid... talking such things in public."

But of course, she didn't leave her hand anymore. There was no need to.

After a few turns, Kurumi finally led Nik to Okusan's place. It was a slightly larger apartment building with two floors that allowed almost thirteen rooms. But unfortunately, Okusan wasn't back yet. At that, Kurumi nodded towards the attendant, one of the renters of the placed, and looked back at Nik.

"So, you have to wait for Okusan to return. She usually returns from her gym by 8 am. Meanwhile, you can look around a few places. And here, Souko Onee-chan told me to give this to you."

Bringing him to a corner, Kurumi presented Nik with a few bills of currency. To which, his lips twitched in response.

"Ah! Flashbacks! Flashbacks!"

Muttering, Nik still accepted the show of kindness while Kurumi nodded with a satisfied expression.

"There's a good brunch house near the homestay. You can try that for your lunch."

"Oh, okay."

Nik spoke while taking Kurumi's hands once again.

Almost instantly, various thoughts filled her head.

'Eh? Is he going to do it here?!'

'But... wouldn't that mean I will have to attend the school while his c.u.m stays inside... but... but... that isn't so bad...'

As the swirling thoughts came to an end with a tap of her nose, she looked at the smiling Nik.

"Didn't I tell you that I'll walk you to school? Or... do you want me to 'take' you in school?"

Whispering, Nik's face grew closer to Kurumi, who immediately averted her eyes while her other hand knocked on his chest lightly.

"Let's go..."

Muttering, she dragged Nik, who kept chuckling until he was finally introduced to the huge building that schools the students of this civilisation.
Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 9 - I am an arrogant son of a bitch!

"Are you sure? Won't that kind of ruin your image in school?"

Nik raised his brows in wonder as multiple gazes filled with astonishment, envy, rage and disappointment lingered on the duo who still stood hand-in-hand.

"Of course... you have to. Didn't you say that I can trust you? Show me that you really mean it.

I mean, the moment it is revealed that the most popular girl in the school is finally in a relationship, you will definitely face a lot of trouble.

Though, I can understand if you get intimated by the crowd."

Smiling smugly, the teasing tone prevailed within her words as she showed a rather confident front in front of others.

But the warmth of her hand remained genuine and a mesmerising show of her emotions. Looking around, Nik saw many guys and girls of his own age looking at him with a variety of expressions.

"For real?"

Nik asked once again for confirmation's sake. School life is extremely important to any person. Even Nik went through various education classes, and honestly, he enjoyed every bit of that moment. But what Kurumi asked could possibly affect her school life negatively.

"Heh~ I didn't think you are the type to actually consider a woman's feeling. Weren't you all macho last night—"

Before Kurumi could chuckle with her eyes narrowed down, Nik simply shrugged as he took her chin in between his thumb and index finger before pulling her into a light, comforting kiss. Their lips touched softly for a moment before Kurumi's widened eyes stayed at Nik's compassionate one.

Almost immediately, the whole crowd broke into a loud shock as Nik immediately removed his face and smiled.

"There you go." Squeezing her palm gently, he finally let go of her before a voice broke both of them out of their passionate gazes.

"N... Nik?"

Right in front of them stood another pair of boy and girl. The bespectacled boy looked nothing out of the ordinary. Thin physique, ordinary face and a head full of black hair that fell on his forehead. With a small booklet in his hands, the boy focused on that very book more than his surroundings.

Meanwhile, next to him stood a woman that was at stark opposition to what the boy proclaimed through his body language. A beautiful face and even beautiful body. With a long package slung across her shoulders, the twin-tailed woman looked at Nik with slightly shaken expression.

Who else could it be except Megumi?

"Oh? Megumi-chi! Heya, Manabu!"

Seeing the girl, Kurumi immediately smiled happily as her arm naturally coiled around Nik's while the said boy, Manabu, immediately snapped his head up, clearly startled, looked away with a furious blush on his cheeks.

Seeing such a reaction from her Maa-kun, Megumi felt even more shaken.


As Manabu stuttered, Megumi looked at Kurumi, her classmate, and nodded plainly, her calm expression had already turned slightly gloomy.

"Hi, Kurumi-chan. Who's he?"

Not wanting to trail along with any useless questions, Megumi immediately pointed at Nik mechanically while his lips started twitching rapidly... oh, so rapidly.

"Him?" Since Kurumi was slightly shorter, her head tilted up with a confused expression before her honey gold eyes dazzled and a pure smile emerged on her lips, a smile, that made both, Manabu and Megumi envious, even if it was for a moment.

"He is Nik Faran. My boyfriend!"

At Kurumi's loud proclamation, Nik felt the illusion of hearing the sound of countless glass shattering. But he maintained his calm while Megumi frowned.

"Your boyfriend? When did you two meet?"

Not bothering about certain strangeness in their relationship, Kurumi thought for a moment before replying.

"There's still a few hours before a whole day passes after our first meeting."

"I see. Good luck."

Cutting Kurumi's next words short, Megumi immediately walked past Kurumi with a chilly expression while she didn't even glance at Nik even for a short moment, all the while, leaving her oh, so treasured, Maa-kun behind.

"Is she your friend?"

Nik finally opened his mouth as Kurumi shook her head.

"No, we both are classmates. But since she is so athletic and beautiful, we both have been compared quite a number of times.

Why? Are you interested in getting Megumi over for a good session?"

Smiling mischievously, Kurumi looked nothing like a normal girlfriend. In fact, after her proclamation, she seemed to be at more ease. The gentle arc of her lips grew natural and her posture slightly straightened up.

"Be safe... I'll come back to pick you up."

Smiling, Nik finally kissed her cheek once again before Kurumi returned the favour by a short peck on his cheeks and tip-toed inside the school gates before waving at some girls and laughing loudly at their questions.

As Nik sent Kurumi inside the school with his gaze, a hand fell on his shoulder. A large, yet, slightly 'empty' hand. As all the girls slowly went inside the school after the commotion, almost all the boys remained outside the school gate as their faces grew dark while they inwardly cheered for Rick, the baddest bully of their school to take care of this outsider who just plucked the goddess of their school.

Of course, all of them knew that violence won't change the fact that their Goddess' heart was already stolen, but they had the right to mourn, right? So their tears needed to be leaked through the bastard's eyes who dared touch and even kiss the Black Cat Goddess on her lovely, cherry lips.

Finally, Nik looked at the huge man with bulging muscles and tanned skin. The white school shirt surprised Nik to no end as the boy could make most of the men look like little chumps. Trimmed, bald head with his ears pierced. Quite stylish, in Nik's opinion.

If the same guy was placed in the same civilisation that Nik originated from, he reckoned that he would be quite demanding in any redlight district. Of course, the basis was that not only his muscles, but his little brother should also be as bulging.

Of course, Nik did what any sensible man would do.

Smiling naturally and harmlessly, he looked at the guy in the eye and spoke up.

"Yes? How can I help you, brother?"

"You don't get to call me brother. You just kissed our Goddess! You... call me disciple! Master!"

The hulk of a human let go of Nik's shoulder and immediately bowed respectfully while the surrounding boys waiting for a good show immediately felt what an inflated balloon would feel when it gets deflated.

"Oi, Rick! What the hell?"

"Yeah! Beat him up! Aren't you always arrogant?! What happened now?!"

"Rick! You used to say that no one is allowed to go near Goddess! But... What the f.u.c.k, bro!"

As the surrounding yells grew louder and louder, Rick, the hulk, finally straightened his body and shouted.

"Yes! I am an arrogant son of a b*tch! But what about you?

I said that nobody can even get near the Goddess, and being little weak ass b*tches, you followed my orders.

How dare any of you lot dare think about getting close to her if you don't have the galls to face the thorns that protect a rose! You pussies need to man up!

But now, the Goddess and the Master are in a relationship. This time... if anyone dares get near her, or even spread a bad rumour, I'll make sure that no women could make your pussies wet again! Got it!"

As the crowd, including Nik, grew stunned. Rick finally pointed at Nik and declared.

"Look at master. He is handsome and yet, does not follow our filthy trend. He wears a sincere looking shirt and pants. And even when he looks so dull in these clothes, he confidently claimed Goddess' lips in front of everyone!

Can any of you pussies do it?

And when I grabbed him by the shoulders, he clearly looked through my troubled heart and called me a brother! Me! How can I ever harm such a beautiful existence!"

Tears threatened to leak out of his narrow eyes while the faces of other students grew bleaker. It was only at this moment did they realise that not only this hulk was an arrogant bastard, he was also... emotionally scarred.

But the realisation struck too late. And the most loathsome guy in their eyes happened to gain the most beautiful princess alongside the chief warlord!


As the remaining students finally stomped their legs and made their way towards the school gate, all of them found a scarred man in a blue jumpsuit with a huge stick in his hands.

"You all... may return home."

The words spoken by the strictest teacher made all the students despair as Rick simply snorted and slung his bag across his shoulders before looking at Nik.

"Master, where shall I escort you."

Meanwhile, Nik, being another arrogant son of a b*tch nodded his head and spoke simply.

"We go and find a place to establish our stay."

And just like this, the master-disciple pair moved forth under the raging eyes of other despairing students who were racking their brain to find a suitable excuse to satisfy their parents.
Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 10 - The Voluptuous Landlord (1)

"Your name is Rick, right?"

Gazing at the hulking titan, Nik asked out curiously. While Rick hadn't introduced himself, the students shouting around them did mention his name quite a few times.

"Yes, my full name is Rick Noran. May I know your name, sir."

"Oh, that's right. My name is Nik Faran, nice to meet you, Rick."

Extending his hands towards Rick, Nik found to his surprise that the giant actually had a hesitant look on his face.

"What happened? You really aren't taking the master-disciple thing seriously, are you?"

Shaking his head, Rick finally explained.

"It's not that... but most of the men in school, including the teachers, are afraid of my grip as I tend to overdo handshakes. I don't want to hurt you accidentally."

"Oh? I understand. Sure thing."

Retracting his hands, Nik shrugged while Rick suddenly thought of an idea.

"Master, do you have any plans at the moment?"

Thinking back at how it would take a little longer for the so-called okusan to return, Nik shook his head. Since Rick suddenly asked him such a question, surely, he already must have a destination in his mind.

"Nope, lead the way, my man."

Nodding natOkusan'surally, Rick only felt that it was natural for Nik to cut short the useless discussion and quickly led Nik to a place that was surprisingly near  apartment.

In front of Nik's eyes stood a silver fortress that outshone the other constructed houses and shops of the district. With a pure silver front and bold letters that could be read as:— Silver Muscles, Rick actually gave a reverent look before looking at Nik with a serious expression.

"Master. Even though I failed to catch the attention of the Goddess. Fortunately, you did. But your path is filled with dangers as the road of uniting with the goddess is never easy.

That is why, I wished you to introduce master to this place. This is where I became a man."

"A gym?"

Nik frowned as the word brought back some bad memories. To be physically abused and then nourished back to increase the flexibility, endurance and the lean factor of the body, Nik, admittedly, went through hell during his training in the gym.

"Yes, master. Back then, when I transferred to Japan, due to my body being malnourished, I was treated extremely badly. I was way too thin. But it was then, I found Silver Muscles...

And as you can see, my life has turned upside down. Now, I live a life following my passion."

"Your passion?" Nik muttered while Rick nodded politely.

"Yes, Goddess Kurumi and my muscles."

Finally, Nik sighed.

"Could you please not call Kurumi a Goddess. It doesn't sound right, at least, not in front of me."

Realising his mistake, Rick nodded.

"Yeah, sorry about that. It's just that I am used to calling her that. But master, when I say that your path is filled with hardsh.i.p.s, I really meant it, because, there are some rumours about Godde—... Kurumi-san that might make you take a step back."

Not wanting to waste his time on things he already knew about, Nik just shrugged and went past Rick.

"Why waste time since we are already here? Let me see what is so special about this place."

As Nik passed through Rick casually, his eyes widened and he immediately gazed at Nik's back with a shiver passing down his spine. It might be Rick hallucinating, but he definitely felt a chill spreading in his heart.

Honestly, even though Nik already knew that Kurumi had a past that others might give it a title— Demeaning. Nik fully accepted Kurumi as she was and so did she when Kurumi accepted the partnership invite. But, that didn't mean that Nik liked hearing anything strange or slightly embarrassing about the women, who, now officially became related to him. And the moment Rick spoke about Kurumi's rumours that are most likely the truth, he suddenly felt annoyance.

Of course, alongside the strange annoyance came self-realization that he actually had feelings for both, Kurumi and Mitsuko.

Shaking off these distracting thoughts, Nik pushed past the unexpectedly heavy door quite easily while Rick's mouth slacked open while his eyes showed extreme surprise.

'He... he opened it on the first try! What the hell?! Is he like Machio-san? Lean build that holds explosive muscles?'

As Rick followed quickly to avoid having to open the door that could make his back muscles sore every day, he soon found out that the only thing Nik provided to the gym revered by many, including Rick himself, was a pair of unimpressed gaze.

"Is there something wrong?"

Finally, unable to hold the questions bubbling within himself, Rick questioned to which, Nik gazed at all the bulky men working with their bodies covered in sweat and veiny glory once again and then looked back.

"They are all... guys... what do you expect is wrong here?"

Rick frowned at Nik's words before pondering deeply and finally came to a conclusion.

"Ah! I see. The gym really went off the track when they divided the gym into a male and female section. We shouldn't have differentiated muscle building based on gender... I must immediately bring this to Machio-san's notice.

Please come alongside me, master. We must immediately set the gym in the right path."

As Rick, in all his excitement, grabbed Nik's hand to bring him to what Nik supposed to be— the ladies segment, Rick forgot that he was exerting all of his strength and even then, Nik's expression failed to change.

With a dull, even revolting gaze, Nik bid the atrocious male sector his farewell and calmed his heart to see beautiful females only to have the urge to vomit blood when his eyes fell on the biceps that were even bulkier than Rick on a woman who was actually a head taller than himself.

"Oh? Rick-kun? What's wrong? You seem a little tense!" As the said she-hulk's eyes fell on Nik, her gaze brightened a bit before she pointed at him and looked at Rick once again.

"Want me to get him enrolled? He could use a bit of our special protein shake."

Shaking his head quickly, he immediately stopped the black-haired female minotaur and asked out.

"Marika-san, where is Machio-san? I must speak to him. I need to introduce master to Machio-san! Now!"

'Whatever... it's not like they are any different than the girls from Muscle Muscle Love...'

Sighing, Nik really wished that he should've simply slept alongside Mitsuko and experienced her warm embrace instead of coming here and ruining all the sweet mood he had riled up since morning.

"Machio-san? He is training Okusan at the moment. Look, he is standing right there."

Marika pointed out as Nik's gaze suddenly turned a little bright as he immediately realised that the famous Okusan that could instill fear within Souko and Sayako might just be here. After all, even Kurumi said that Okusan visits the gym in the morning...

Nik looked at the pointed direction only to see a lean guy in blue tracksuit slowly encouraging a pink-haired woman. Even from far, Nik could identify a voluminous set of b.r.e.a.s.ts that jiggled at every crunch while her clothes stuck to her meaty body without any restriction.

In fact, Nik had to marvel the lean guy's determination as even now, his eyes never changed and he calmly helped the woman rise up by slight push on her back to complete the sets.

"Rick... is he Machio?"

While pointing at the lean guy who had a calm smile, Nik looked at Rick, who immediately nodded.

"Yes, master. He is Machio-san. The best trainer in the gym. Let's go, there is no time to waste."

Immediately pulling him once again, Rick completely ignored Marika, whose temple throbbed due to Rick completely forgetting about her in the first place.

"Whatever! I just hope that this Rick's new master doesn't turn into a muscle fool."

Speaking while flexing her own experienced biceps, Marika went off to train herself once again.

"Machio-san! Please, I need your precious minute. Much apologies for the sudden intrusion."

Once again, Nik was amazed how easily Rick ignored the so-called Okusan, who simply laid with sweat covering her entire body while her wondrous bosom packed backwards. Her dazed green eyes gazed at the new arrivals before her eyes brightened at Nik's presence as her soft, pink lips puckered up into an enchanting, yet, tired smile.

"Hmm? What is it, Rick? Wait, did you skip school?"

Turning towards the duo, the gentle-looking man named Machio frowned as he gazed at Rick arriving at the gym during school hours.

"No, sensei. The teacher did not allow most of the boys to enter the school because we were testing master outside the school.

Before that, let me introduce sensei to master."

Speaking, he looked at Nik, and then pointed at Machio.

"Master, he is my sensei."

Then, Rick turned to Machio and then pointed at Nik.

"Sensei, he is my master."

At his useless phase of introduction, the trip present, including Okusan, felt their lips twitching rapidly as Nik stepped forward with a smile and then extended his hand.

"Hello, my name is Nik Faran. Nice to make your acquaintance."

Looking at his hands, Machio frowned while Rick immediately spoke up.

"Sensei, Master just opened the gates manually on his first try."


Okusan immediately stood up while a bout of dizziness affected her head, making her grab her head while Machio immediately gave Nik another look and then finally placed his hands on Nik's.

"Nice to meet you, too, Mr Faran. I usually go by the name Machio. You can call me the same."

As Machio spoke with a smile, Nik's frown grew deeper as his hand felt a huge pressure from the gentle-looking hand.

'What is this... is this guy another system user?'

As thoughts swirled within his eyes, Machio immediately gripped Nik's hands tightly and almost instantly, his body grew even bigger than Rick's while the tracksuit burst apart as the shredded cloth flew around the stunned Nik, whose hand finally felt a crushing pressure. The sudden eruption of his clothes fully showcased the body of the beast that shouldn't go alongside that gentle face. Biceps bigger than Rick's thighs and thighs bigger than Okusan's hip length... truly scary.

'What is this...'

Meanwhile, Machio immediately realised his mistake and let go of Nik and apologised instantly.

"I am sorry, Mr Faran. I let my excitement take control of my muscles. I hope you are not hurt."

To which, Nik raised his slightly red hand, that shocked Rick and Okusan to the core as his next words even surprised Machio.

"Please, call me Nik."

Speaking calmly, he finally looked at Okusan.

"Mitsuko-san actually referred you for a temporary stay, if you would recall, she must have called you yesterday."

As if recalling something horrifying, Okusan's eyes widened as she gave Nik a glance that many failed to understand.

"You are that Nik?"


Almost immediately, all her fatigue seemed to have vanished as she bounced up from the tool that Nik wasn't familiar with and immediately looked at Machio.

"Sorry, Sensei! I have to show Nik around my mout— I mean my house. He is a customer. Gotta run!"

And almost immediately, her starry eyes snapped towards Nik's direction and she spoke fiercely.

"Don't go anywhere! I'll quickly change up."

As if her sudden burst of vitality wasn't shocking enough for Machio, the passion emanating from Rick really caused his eyes brows to rise while Machio, who looked way taller than Rick, and way, way, taller than Nik finally spoke up.

"So? Rick? Why so excited? Got some good news for me?"

Finally realising the main motive of his visit, Rick immediately pointed at Nik and spoke seriously.

"Sensei, master has some absolutely brilliant advice that can allow the gym's reputation to soar further."

Hearing, his words, Machio looked at Nik, who shrugged in response.

"I just said that there aren't enough girls."

Suddenly, as Nik's words echoed around the ladies segment due to the whole space being largely unutilized, Machio felt as if the cover that kept his heart from realising his biggest mistake had been removed.

His expression turned somber and then, he looked at Rick, who, in return, nodded back while Marika and some other girls, who looked slightly thin when compared to Marika herself, looked up and frowned.

Sensing the strange atmosphere, Nik couldn't help but frown as Machio finally nodded.

"Rightly said, Nik. Females of our generation need to truly understand the benefits of having a healthy body.

It is my duty as a trainer to slowly bring everyone to a realisation that without a healthy body... our future is bleak."

It was at this moment, a huffing Okusan ran out with a bag slung around her shoulder and she immediately grabbed Nik through his hands and started running towards the exit.

"Bye, Sensei! I'll come by tomorrow!"

As her yell failed to break the serious expression of everyone in the ladies segment of the gym, Nik surprisingly found that this Okusan was actually quite stronger than she looked.

As they slowly reached the entrance, she left Nik's hands and looked at the buttons on the side of the door with a pondering expression.

'Eh? What button was it? Hmmm...'

As she thought of the button related to open the entrance of the gym, Nik simply shrugged at her strange behaviour and pushed the handle.

"Ah! I remember! You can actually open the door!"

Exclaiming, Okusan followed Nik as he slowly wondered that Okusan still hadn't shown any strange and frightening behaviour till now as opposed to the reactions given by Souko and Sayako.


Characters Introduced

Kyouko Okita aka Okusan