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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 11 - The Voluptuous Landlord (2)

"For real?"

At Okusan's... no, Kyouko Okita's narrowed eyes and dubious expression, Nik shook his head with a smile.

"Okusan, I really am not a bulging monster underneath these clothes."

"But... you open the door barehanded..."

Okusan muttered while Nik retorted.

"I don't see any fun in opening the doors using legs or any other parts of our body."

"That isn't what I mean to say. You are still new here, right? After all, if you weren't, you would already know who Mitsuko or other Souma daughters were... you might even have known me..."

She muttered as she looked at Nik with crystal clear emerald eyes while her slightly round face held a huge smile.

"To open the door means that you are truly qualified to call yourself a world-class professional bodybuilder. Aside from Marika and Machio-san, nobody from the gym has been able to do so.

And that includes Rick, who always end up asking Machio's assistance every evening to open the door."

"No, no, no, let's not center our conversation around a door. How about Okusan introduce me to places around the homestay? Like a restaurant or some other entertaining sites."

At his words, Okusan immediately shook her head as her long, waist-length pink hair flung around erratically.

"You don't get to eat from outside while staying with yours truly, Okusan."

"But... Souko-san offered to cook for me... I don't think I'll be able to eat much."

Nik explained with a smile while his gaze drifted off to her, what Nik liked to call, a legal buxom body. Her long pink top alongside the dark-green tights looked really mind-numbing. Not only were her b.r.e.a.s.ts on full display that kept on bouncing with each step she took, but Nik also couldn't keep himself stay away from the round, meaty ass that clearly had a bit of extra fat. But this made it even more enticing.

Unlike Mitsuko, who still miraculously retained quite a tight body even after giving birth to three beautiful succubi, Okusan looked like a true milf that she actually was.

"Hmm? Nik? You can't eat anything other than my cooking! I'll handle Souko myself!"

Okusan made the gesture of flexing her bicep as she narrowed her eyes while even twisting her waist slightly at Nik's gaze. Of course, an enchanting smile failed to get registered by Nik, who happened to have been in a daze after her bottom twisting so seductively.

"So, Nik... if I am right, you must know somethings about Mitsuko, right? After all, you stayed there for a whole night."

Smiling at her words, Nik nodded happily.

"Yes, Okusan. I got to know how passionate Mitsuko-san actually is. She is a warm lady who actually lived a life while searching for something...

It's good that I was able to meet her."


Out of all the reactions and words, Okusan thought Nik would say, never did she think that his words would pain Mitsuko such a picture. She had heard the words— S.l.u.t, Loose B*tch and even heard a woman call Mitsuko a whore in heat.


"For real?"

Okusan chortled to confirm that she wasn't dreaming or hallucinating while Nik gave an affirmative nod.

"Not only Mitsuko-san, but even Kurumi, Sayako and Souko-san are also wonderful.

Kurumi likes to paint and she is extremely proficient with oil paints. Not to mention that she actually wished for a guy that could truly take care of her, instead of using her. I think, that if I didn't meet her yesterday, one day, she would've definitely met a person who truly cared for her and it might've ended in my loss.

Sayako, on the other hand, is extremely hard working when it comes to her studying. She is an ambitious woman and already has her goals set. Unlike others, she is also unafraid to follow her dreams, quite a respectable quality.

Meanwhile, Souko-san knows how to cook and knows how to take care of her siblings in her own fashion. Being an independent woman, she definitely has the qualities of a charming woman that every man would kill for."

As Nik slowly thought over his words and found that he didn't miss any single praise, he finally nodded in satisfaction and then looked at the slack-jawed Okusan.

"What kind of Holy Water did you taste in that family?"

To her astonished tone, Nik replied with a brilliant smile.

"The best kind, of course."


'It really is strange... from his words, I am sure that he really slept with Mitsuko... but what is this guy? He isn't the least bit frustrated that many men have slept with her.

Sure, there are many that would end up forgetting the Souma family after having the first encounter, there are still many who stop visiting them due to the fact that they can't keep their egos satisfied by knowing that women like us had a long list of lovers in the past.'

"Okusan, your house is really beautiful."

As Okusan placed a tray of snacks and two glasses of juice on the table with an absent mind, the said tray almost fell out of her hand.

"Ah! Really? Thanks."

Speaking hurriedly, she finally succeeded in balancing the tray and placed it on the table with a sigh while Nik gazed at her house while feeling the comfort of the leather couch on his back.

Unlike the lavish texture of the Souma Residence, the Okusan Apartments had a cosy look that could make others feel comfortable and warm. Light-blue walls painted alongside textures on the either sides with simple decoration along the windows and the pieces of furniture were placed to have a spacious look.

Not to mention the number of lewd panties of various colours getting dried in the living room right behind the open verandah.

Seeing Nik gazing at her panties, especially her black, crotchless one with twin straps that hugged her waist tightly, a tingle went off against her flower as she could her lower lips moistening at a breakneck pace.

"So... Nik... why do you define Mitsuko... in such a wondrous manner."

Picking up a glass of orange juice while folding her legs, Okusan's body demanded attention at every action as her b.r.e.a.s.ts... ridiculously large b.r.e.a.s.ts still retained their perkiness. As her green eyes met his black eyes, Nik fell into deep thought before replying.

"Honestly... I don't have to think much about Mitsuko... and others. While the society is filled with people who like to have s.e.x in secret while condemning the same action in open... the Souma women actually allows me to have a nice change of pace.

Around them, I don't have to lie to myself and keep my desires hidden. Of course, it might sound ridiculous as we only met yesterday, but I definitely think that I am more suited for the Souma women, both, mother and daughters when compared to their past flings."

Nodding her head, Okusan agreed with Nik.

"Yes, it does sound ridiculous."

At her glaring attempt of mocking, Nik just shrugged and picked the glass of juice to quench his thirst.

"So? What's your story? Mitsuko told me that you are around here for ten days, but your words make me realise different intentions."

Okusan finally asked with a smile.

"At first, I really intended to stay for only ten days... but something happened between me and Mitsuko-san. So I guess, I'll have to make some arrangements."

"He~ You don't have to. You can stay with me. After all, I live alone so a cute guy is always welcome."

Even though it wasn't Nik's intention, he just nodded along and thanked her for the offer before he drank the whole content and then sighed in relief.

"Um, Okusan, can I see my room?"

"Sure, follow me."

Standing up, Okusan brought Nik to the room right next to the living room and opened the doors that lead to a plain guest bedroom that was quite beautifully furnished alongside an attached bathroom.

"Since I owe Mitsuko a favour, you will be living here for ten days for free. Of course, that can change if you play your cards right."

Smiling seductively, Okusan patted his back and then left while her sweet buttocks jiggling around, only to be restricted by her green tights.






The annoying clicking sound continued as Kenta looked up with a wrinkled frown on his forehead. All this time, he kept quiet and remained patient for the one who kept on making such annoying sound happened to be the athletic bella of their school— Megumi Amano. But he couldn't bear any longer.

Sitting right next to her while hearing the clicks of the ballpoint pen, again and again, Kenta finally leaned sideways and whispered.

"Amano-san, could you please not make such sounds."

"Ah! Sorry about that..."

Megumi nodded quickly and placed her pen on the ground as her gaze drifted off to another girl with dazzling black hair, just like she has while her honey gold eyes remained concentrated on the board, listening to the teacher's words seriously.

'She is amazing... aside from some rumours, she has top scores, she is better than most athletes of the runner's club and she is also going to be the school president soon enough...

But... I just was a tool, huh...'

The scene of Nik gently kissing Kurumi's lips resurfaced within her consciousness once more as the sight of her Maa-kun blushing at Kurumi's greeting annoyed her to no end.

Gripping onto her pen once again, she really wished to unleash her fury on the clicking part of the pen that allows the nib to emerge out of the pen. But finally, she controlled the urge.

Truly, she never felt so sick in her life. Wanting to cry, but why? Why should she cry over a man who hadn't contacted her after committing the deed and leaving her alone in her tears?

The answer to that question lied deep within the fact that Megumi already knew that what Nik did was absolutely the right choice. Unlike the mangas she liked, where the man would immediately embrace the protagonist when she feels sorry for herself, Megumi finally understood that when a person truly feels sick of his/her own self, they need time.

Instead of a long, annoying embrace, the person would need a little private time to carefully think out their thoughts. Honestly, Nik didn't leave her alone. He carefully tucked her into the bed and even waited for her to wake up and finally, the gesture of the already prepared food for her nourishment did touch her heart.

But could she really forgive a man that forced himself upon her?

If only she could simplify her thoughts. But humans are complicated... they are supposed to be, right?

As she slowly thought back at how good she felt even if it was her first time, Megumi, admittedly, compared Nik to Maa-kun and unsurprisingly, Nik would come out victorious in every single comparison except for intelligence. But Megumi wasn't a naive girl to equate intelligence to smartness and wisdom.


A deep sigh escaped her lips and then she suddenly whispered a strange chant.

"Partner Status."

[Main: Nik Faran


Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma]

While the fact that her name was at the top made Megumi feel a little better, she couldn't help but think the conditions of successfully partnering-up with Nik.

If the conditions are the same as Megumi went through, wouldn't that mean Kurumi and her mother, who she actually looked up to in the recent parent-teacher meet, had also actually slept with Nik?

And if she were to assume that the names are sorted by the time of... contact, since Megumi was on top, that meant that Nik actually had s.e.x with Kurumi's mother and then Kurumi herself and successfully partnered with them.

But while all these questions plagued her, the most important doubt occupied a dominant area of her consciousness.

'What is this partner-up? And why can I see such a strange window? Even now, nobody seems to be affected by this strange thing. This only means that only I can see it.

Wait, if I can call for it, doesn't it implies that the other partners can see it, too? Did Kurumi already know?

If she knew about me... does this also means that she knows about her mother, too?'

With previous questions replaced with newer ones, Megumi seemed to be completely occupied with her own thoughts as Kurumi, whose golden eyes remained dazed, looked at the screen with wonder and astonishment hidden within her heart.

[Main: Nik Faran


Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma]


Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 12 - The Buxom Shower

Finally, after taking a nice bath, Nik changed back into the clothes offered by Mitsuko and slumped on the bed before jumping up almost immediately. He may sound like a true sc.u.m, but he couldn't just rest whenever the scene of Kuouko's buttocks moving seductively.

'Calm down... calm down... I have an arrangement with Sayako... don't let a big, beautiful and a truly buxom ass get in your way.'

As his own encouragement made him even more enticed, he suddenly felt a huge amount of distress from one of the connections of his partners. Gazing at the flame marks within his consciousness, he soon found that the source of the sudden burst of distress happened to be Megumi Amano.

Thinking back at her expression during his public display of affection, Nik happened to feel quite guilty himself. But the momentary guilt passed away by a newfound determination that no matter how much Megumi resists, he will definitely get her within ten days.

As the only and lowest member of the Incubus Society, he did not have many skills that could be used to actually create a harem. In fact, this particular period was specifically designed by the upper-tier members of the society to check the lower member's actual worth.

If the initiative member or, in the society's term, the intern incubus cannot even charm a woman by his own actions, then he isn't qualified to attain the incubus heritage that includes the true incubus bloodline.

Slapping his cheeks, Nik finally made himself aware that he cannot simply fall in the cruel storm of emotions that would end up impeding his path of growing stronger. He needed to partner-up with girls... a lot of them.

Sure, completing missions could get him loads of stat points. But he also wished to make use of the Incubus Society's special abilities retained even after it was included into the almighty system.

As Nik opened the door to finally look for Okusan and 'play his cards right', he found the soft melody alongside the sound of gushing water. Looking to the room at the end of the hallway, Nik took a deep breath and made his way towards Okusan, who most probably happened to be showering.


Looking at the set of papers in front of him, Mora Souma sighed deeply as he looked at the woman seated in front of him. Her calm honey gold eyes remained as impassive since the moment they married and the man himself knew the reason for his wife's actions.

"Mitsuko... is this really what you want?"

Mora opened his mouth. Though age took a toll on his body, it was undeniable that the man had his own charm and looks.

Looking at her soon-to-be ex-husband, Mitsuko nodded and spoke softly.

"We have s.e.x with others behind each other's back... this isn't even cheating anymore. It's just a waste of time to prolong something that is bound to happen.

If anything, I do feel a bit of regret that our marriage couldn't work."

At her words, Mora couldn't help but frown.

"But still, why would you... take action now. And what's with taking custody of Kurumi. She is my daughter, and so are others."

Shaking her head, Mitsuko finally sighed.

"Let's not delude ourselves, shall we. Souko's father is the man who gave you the advice on how to seduce the barmaid while he came over the night of our honeymoon and fulfilled your role of consummating the marriage.

Sayako's father was your colleague from overseas that slept with me after your apparent indifference at his groping of my body.

Kurumi... well, I don't know the father, but when I got pregnant, you were overseas with Sayako's father, having your time with some of the blonde employees. Am I wrong?"

As Mitsuko cruelly tore down the facade that their marriage had become, Mora couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"No, you are right. But, at least, let me support you all. This is the least I can do."

Smiling softly once again, Mitsuko shook her head.

"Don't feel guilty, Mora. Even though we didn't have the best marriage... believe me, I feel myself lucky, at this very moment.

I will pack up my stuff and leave with my daughters by tonight."

"Is there nothing I can do?"

Mora pursued once again. Though, they were an a.d.u.l.terous couple that knew of their partner's action, they didn't hate each other. They could be called guilty friends, at least, Mora could.

Standing up, Mitsuko smiled brilliantly.

"Nope! I hope that you find the woman of your dreams just like how I found the guy of my dreams."

As she left the stunned Mora, Okusan's heart couldn't help but shiver when she looked at the humongous d.i.c.k entering inside her shower.


"What are you doing, Nik?"

Okusan's lips twitched as her arms immediately pressed her b.r.e.a.s.ts and covered her bigger than average as they immediately dug into her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts while her wet, pink hair stuck to her body. In front of him stood a n.a.k.e.d Nik, who, in Okusan's eyes, lied about not hiding a monstrous body beneath his clothes.

That c.o.c.k is monstrous!

Gazing at Okusan's more than ripe body, an itch spread across Nik's body that started to evoke a reaction out of his p.e.n.i.s while he looked at her green eyes and then explained with a serious expression.

"Okusan... I am here to make my rental experience more joyous. Pardon my intrusion."

"Please leave."

Okusan immediately spoke up and then yer tone did get a little soft.

"Nik, even though you may have had your way in Souma family, this isn't such a place. If you really wish to proceed, you could have instead, asked me out. I really wouldn't have denied that proposal."

Smiling, Nik looked at Okusan.

"Before we actually date, I am the kind of guy who believes in physical compatibility."

With a step forward, Nik immediately closed the distance between the two. Since their height was almost the same, Nik could easily pin her back on the wall as he looked at Okusan's soft face. Her eyes were widened in surprise, but her hands only covered her b.r.e.a.s.ts, not her gentle p.u.s.s.y that was covered in small, pink pubes as his crotch easily managed to rub her fleshy entrance.

"Do you think that you can easily satisfy a woman with just a big d.i.c.k?"

Okusan questioned with a visible frown and then continued.

"Nik, I am not the kind of girl you should try your way with. Sure, you can satisfy my physical body, but it would be way better if our hearts are into the deed, too."

Looking at her slightly seriously, Nik nodded.

"I believe you. But, I don't have the luxury to wait... at least, not now. Once again, I really hope that your time with me is enjoyable."

Without letting her speak anymore, right under the shower, Niks chest pressed against her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts while his hands supported her slightly thick waist and his lips sealed her's gently.


Before Okusan could even think of why Nik would even bother showing such gentleness, her mouth finally got invaded by a fleshy entity that immediately licked her tongue, causing her consciousness to go numb.

'What the... hell? It's been too long... if this continues...'

As the sense of foreboding grew within her bountiful heart, she suddenly felt Nik's rod erecting to the extreme as her fleshy stomach took the brunt of the hot rod. Her body immediately tingled visible as her hands left her b.r.e.a.s.ts and immediately wrapped around Nik's back, bringing him close into a tight embrace as her waist wiggled e.r.o.t.i.cally and a beautiful squirt gushed out of her p.u.s.s.y.

Her green eyes grew slightly dazed and glistened accordingly while Nik looked at her twitching legs and kept supporting her body with visible effort.

"Okusan... you couldn't be pushing me away cause you hadn't had s.e.x in—"

"Don't you dare complete your sentence!"

Okusan immediately glared as the true reason for avoid Nik finally surfaced between the two. It was true that she really was willing to have a round with Nik, but that was only after pleasing herself for a bit after abstaining for too long.

"Oh... I see... it's been hard on you, Okusan."

Speaking, he immediately picked her wet body in a princess carry without any problem, to which, Okusan immediately grew panicky about.

"Idiot, put me down. I am quite fat, if we end up slipping, we are looking at fractures!"

"Your aren't the least bit fat. You are perfect."

Sealing her anxious mouth, Nik finally broke the kiss from the blushing Okusan and slowly lead her to the bedroom.

"At least... we could have dried our body..."

Okusan muttered with a crimson flush taking over her cheeks and Nik sniggered.

"Okusan, you have to remember our agreement. Free homestay after this."

Snapping at his words, Okusan immediately snorted.

"We'll see..." but before Nik could further start his actions, she did whisper softly.

"And call me Kyouko... you idiot."

"Yes, Kyouko. Now leave everything to me. You're going to experience a whole new world."

Speaking confidently, Nik placed her n.a.k.e.d and wet body on the bed while he knelt beside her stuck knees and smiled brilliantly.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 13 - Confirmed Buxom

Nik's hand easily separated her knees, revealing her fleshy and thick thighs that needed his tender attention. Bringing his face closer to the base of her thighs, he didn't immediately give attention to her moist flower that kept twitching, instead, he immediately planted his lips on her left thighs and started leaving a long line of hickies, causing Kyouko to close her eyes due to slight sting.

After reaching towards her p.u.s.s.y, he used his finger to rub her entrance slowly before placing all his attention on the soft nubbin that stood erect. His index and thumb immediately pinched the squishy little member and almost immediately, an illicit m.o.a.n escaped Kuouko's lips.

Looking up, he could see a little portion of her face while most of his vision was obstructed by her the irrational pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Placing his other hand on her chubby stomach, Nik couldn't help but smile.

"Kyouko... why isn't there any result from those crunches? Hmm? Aren't you just too chubby?"

Blushing at his words, Kyouko immediately used her hands, that were gripping on the bedsheet, to support her body up as she glared at Nik.

"You don't say such things during these kinds of important activities!"


Nik raised his body and use his arms to get closer to Kyouko as he relished the sight of her pout.

"You know what... Kyouko... I don't think I can actually go through the long process of foreplay."

Immediately, Nik pinned her body and looked at her face with a smile.

"Your b.r.e.a.s.ts are beautiful, your butt is ravishing and..."

His hands immediately grabbed a bit of extra fat of her waist and winked at the embarrassed Kyouko.

"and, your buxom figure... I just wanna f.u.c.k its brain out. So clench your mouth, cause Kyouko, you will be screaming happily."

With his declaration, Nik immediately let his body rest on Kuouko's while he used his hands to squeeze her ravishing b.r.e.a.s.ts before placing her right n.i.p.p.l.e inside her mouth, sucking on her motherly bosom tightly.

Meanwhile, he finally let go of her left b.r.e.a.s.t after flicking her n.i.p.p.l.e and then used his hand to position the tip of his c.o.c.k against her convulsing p.u.s.s.y, ready to be ploughed.

"Wait, wait, wait!"

Kyouko immediately tapped Nik's back in a panic the moment she felt the tip touching her entrance. Seeing its size, she did feel a bit of fear growing within her heart. After all, she hadn't taken someone so big and not to mention the fact that it's almost been three years since she actually tasted someone's c.o.c.k inside her.


Looking up as her remained within his mouth, Kyouko immediately gave him a teary-eyed look.

"At least... use protection..."

Sucking hard on her tit one last time, causing her to bite her lower lip, Nik smiled at Kyouko.

"Don't worry, if I don't want you to get i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed, then no amount of s.e.m.e.n can.

So don't worry, Kyouko. Just... enjoy."

As Nik whispered near her face and gazed into her green eyes with a gentle expression, his lips slowly descended and finally, his c.o.c.k entered her extraordinarily tight p.u.s.s.y that started stretching and wrapping at his member at a breathtaking pace as Kuouko's eyes snapped open and her arms flew to Nik's back, immediately, gripping onto his back and focusing on the soft and gentle kiss to bear with the pain.


This was the first word that came into Kuouko's mind. It was too hot! Not only physically, but emotionally, too. To take a young boy's, extraordinarily large p.e.n.i.s completely raw raised a nefarious ball of blaze within her body.

All her modesty felt shredding into pieces as Nik's hot, veiny c.o.c.k slowly entered deep within her tight p.u.s.s.y, something Kyouko actually took pride in, but she couldn't help but reckon that she might actually end up taking Nik's shape.

It wasn't only the size, it was as if his c.o.c.k was designed and then slowly crafted to please a woman in all her holes. Thinking till here and how ashamed she felt of herself, Kyouko closed her eyes as her nails dug into Nik's back while her pained grunts leaked within the kiss.


A soft sound passed between the melody of heavy breathing as Kyouko distinctively felt her inner walls getting pressed and pushed further deep into her body as an illicit and alluring m.o.a.n finally replaced the pained grunts.

Her p.u.s.s.y walls almost immediately clenched onto Nik's shaft, clinging tightly without any intention of letting go while her innards throbbed once again, making Kyouko clench her anus as the waterworks emerged once again, spraying against the tip of his c.o.c.k, only to make him grunt and finally push the remaining part of his shaft into her damp cave as his balls finally touched her soft and fleshy butt cheeks.


Tapping his back rapidly once again, Kyouko forced Nik to break the kiss as she gasped for air while her glazed emerald eyes remained unfocused, yet, staring at Nik.

"Are you hah! hah!... kidding me! You liar! You promised that there is no monster under your clothes!!"

She immediately shouted, but the moment her body moved, her little, adorable flower cave clenched on Nik once again as her mouth rose high and an indescribable m.o.a.n escaped her lips alongside her pink to gue lathered in viscous saliva.

"Eh? I thought you were asking if I have a body like Machio."

Hearing his words, Kyouko gritted her teeth in frustration as she felt his hands around her cheek.

"Kyouko, I'm gonna move."

"Don't, idiot! I am still sensi—"

Before she could even stop Nik, her lips were sealed once again with the only purpose to make the experience more enjoyable for her.

With a move of his h.i.p.s, Nik's member slowly moved back even after getting completely stuck by her clinging walls. Since he couldn't completely move back, Nik simply stopped right there and then plunged his c.o.c.k deep within her cute hole, pushing her walls once again as juices started to overflow from her sensitive p.u.s.s.y, slowly lubricating the interior, making Nik able to finally move, albeit, a bit slower.

Heck, Nik reckoned that Kyouko felt even more inexperienced that Kurumi and her tightness could rival Megumi's, who was a v.i.r.g.i.n yesterday.

'That's why, chubby is the best...'

As Nik affirmed his preferences, he started moving once again. With each full thrusts, his balls would smack the bridged between her thighs and butt cruelly while Kuouko's legs slowly closed around Nik's waist while her hands finally eased with each fluid motion and she slowly grew more enamoured by the kiss. Her arms finally hung loosely around his neck and she let her tongue get played by a boy who should be calling her a mother.

Just this simple thought aroused Kyouko even more. Her buttocks started to wiggle with passing motion as she also started squeezing her insides alongside his thrusts to make both of them feel even better.

Her pink hair covered the upper side of the bed as her chunky b.r.e.a.s.ts completely deformed under the pressure of Nik's chest while Nik did play with her stomach sometimes in between, making her p.u.s.s.y even lewd.

But there was one thing Kyouko finally confirmed about Nik.

He was so goddamn virile!


Her body finally shivered for the fifth time as she felt her body losing its strength, but Nik, he still kept going without even presenting her with a single drop of his manly orgasm.

Just as she thought that there might be something wrong with him, she felt Nik bulge even more as Nik broke the kiss while his eyes bore into her's.

"Kyouko... I really like having s.e.x with you. So don't reject what's about to come..."

"Wait... c.u.m outside! Don't you dare—"

"Too late!"

Flashing a charming grin, Nik thrusted his h.i.p.s deep once again as his rod bulged before Kyouko felt her entire p.u.s.s.y getting hot at a rapid pace. Her stomach felt full while her body felt satisfied as Nik's hot s.e.m.e.n filled her w.o.m.b to the brink while leaking out without any stop.


A mindless roar emerged from her throat as her butt moved forward without any constraints, shaking and wiggling raunchiously as she felt her mind feel dizzy with the sheer volume of c.u.m embedded deep into her p.u.s.s.y.

At this moment, Nik initiated the partner invitation, which, surprisingly, got accepted immediately.



Kuouko's hands moved freely as the spices flew in the air before landing on the omelet that already had a tinge of gold while a delicious fragrance spread across the kitchen alongside the soft m.o.a.ns and sweet, breathless gasps that kept on leaking through Kuouko's full lips, making her look the role model for every housewife.

Her n.a.k.e.d body remained wrapped in a short apron that even failed to completely cover her b.r.e.a.s.ts while a pair of roguish hands kept massaging her prided bosom again and again. Sometimes, Nik would pull her b.r.e.a.s.ts apart while pinching her then immediately leave them, making her b.r.e.a.s.ts fall back into their place with a jiggle.

As his lips slowly tasted her neck and back while his still erect c.o.c.k kept grinding in between her squishy butt cheeks, she couldn't help but feel hotter.

But even then, she concentrated on the food as she finally asked out.

"Nik... who is Megumi? I mean, I can see Kurumi and Mitsuko on the strange list... but I haven't heard of Megumi before."

"Eh? You already checked the list?"

Nik looked up, slightly astonished.


"So... you don't have any question about how the list itself?"

Nik asked out as he moved his hip upward, immediately, his c.o.c.k impacted her clenched butt hole, once again, a m.o.a.n escaped as she snapped back with an angry look.

"We are definitely not doing anal! So no more teasing!"

Smiling, Nik spoke up.

"Well, Megumi is a girl I met yesterday who accepted partnering-up with me. I'll let you guys know what this list is all about.

But, before that, you keep on m.o.a.ning in such a delicious manner whenever I even feel your butt. So, you shouldn't lie!"

Rolling her eyes, Kyouko finally used her butt and h.i.p.s to pushed him back by rubbing her butt against his scalding hot p.e.n.i.s one last time and spoke a bit reluctantly.

"If you want to continue... you'll have to treat me nicely! Take me out on a date and then, I'll think."


At Nik's words, Kyouko looked back with a slightly puzzled expression and finally, Nik kissed her cheeks softly.

"My dear Okusan. Get ready. Tomorrow, I'll be taking you out.

Of course, you'll have to choose the location."

Smiling and backing away, Nik pointed at the table.

"I am waiting for the food, oh my goddess of food and s.e.x."

As he left with a smile, Okusan turned her face impassively and almost immediately, a furious blush encroached upon her cheeks while she couldn't help but pout.

"What a rogue..."



'Who's Kyouko Okita?'

Kurumi and Megumi immediately observed the change in the partner list as the same conclusion floated forth within their consciousness.

Kurumi/Megumi: .... he had s.e.x while I am still stuck in school... hateful!!

[12/29, 4:31 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 14 - Golden Bitch

"Eh? But he looks so young!"

A starry-eyed black-haired girl shouted while Kurumi just shrugged before giving a toothy grin as she looked at the girl and placed her index finger on her slim lips.

"Don't shout so loudly!!"

With the recess, the students started to chatter alongside their friends. But most of the chatter revolved around the sudden display of affection on Kurumi's lips in front of the whole school.

While many felt their heart shatter, some boys just couldn't accept the sudden removal of Kurumi Souma from the long list of single girls available to pursue.


With a huge sound, the door of the class was dragged open as a raging blonde youth entered while clearly being restricted by a bald fatty and a somewhat normal bespectacled boy.

"Wait! Gunta! You didn't see it but Rick actually declared that the new guy is his master! Don't be rash!"

As the girls frowned at the sudden arrival of disturbance, the guys, on the other hand, expected an entertaining show. Of course, some of the girls that felt jealous by Kurumi's beauty, and now, her entering in a relationship, also waited for a good show.

"F.u.c.k, Rick! F.u.c.k em' all!"

As the blonde youth with a stereotypical nose piercing entered the classroom despite his lackeys' visible effort, he immediately found the most beautiful existence in the classroom and growled through clenched jaws.

"Kurumi! How could you?! I asked you out and you didn't even reply! You bitch, how could you do this to me!

I'll tear him apart, you know! I'll tear that guy into shreds and then, I'll see if you actually go out with any other guy."

At his maniacal expression, other boys did feel a little terrified and the girls that surrounded Kurumi also took a few steps back as they could actually see veins popping out of Gunta's forehead. Not only that, but his crude words did garner a bit of resentment from other girls, disregarding their thoughts about Kurumi herself.

Openly calling their own classmate a bitch for just going out with a guy she likes is still a bit overwhelming. But they couldn't talk up, or their life would become a living hell.

Even Megumi frowned as her hands traced upon the packaged bokken only to see Kurumi standing up and walking towards the emotionally unstable Gunta.

The more Kurumi looked at Gunta's appearance, the more she felt fortunate that she found a gem named— Nik Faran. Though, she needed to have a talk about how the number of girls around him seem to be increasing every day, he was still far better than this delusional idiot.

Kurumi already knew if Gunta was in place of Nik last night, not only he wouldn't be able to satisfy her last night, but he would also start to distance himself from her after uncovering her past.

His rage felt laughable and his emotions, in Kurumi's eyes, looked nothing other than a baseless hypocritical rage to satisfy his own primal ego.

"Kurumi... you shouldn't get close to him... he might hurt you..."

One of the girls spoke out but immediately gulped as Gunta's menacing gaze fell upon the said girl.

"Alright... golduck, what was your name again?"

Crossing her arms under her patiently massaged, modest b.r.e.a.s.ts, Kurumi slowly looked Gunta from top to bottom without hiding the growing contempt within the honey gold hues of her pupils.

As the word spread across the classroom, the boys fell stunned while the girls marvelled the choice of vocabulary Kurumi used.


With flared nostrils, Gunta immediately shook off the last restraints that his lackeys were and finally stood in front of Kurumi. Since they were of the same height, Gunta actually couldn't show off his little muscles that were at the verge of getting torn by Rick just a few days ago.

"Kurumi... I dare you. Call me a Golduck again, and you won't see the light of the next day!"

Gunta screamed while Kurumi stood still, remaining unmoved even when the dangerous-looking gorilla grew closer to her, his hands almost touching her shoulder.

"Touch me and I'll be sure to get you imprisoned for S.e.xual Harassment. Speak to me again and I'll get your tongue clipped.

Gaze into my eyes again and I'll get your strip n.a.k.e.d and make you run laps of the ground while your tiny willy would wish to hide its face."

Gunta's hand visibly shuddered as a cold sensation spread across the whole classroom while her own brash words surprised Kurumi's classmates to no end.


"Shut up, you high-pitched golduck... no, golducks are cute. You are just a bitch with golden hair who couldn't control his emotions.

What did you say just now? I won't see the light of the day?

Touch me, and not only you, but I can assure that even your family would fail to see the light of tomorrow's morning. Especially your cute little sister.

Tearing Nik to shreds?

Let me ask you one thing and think carefully before answering."

As Kurumi's chilling golden eyes fell on Gunta, she continued while his own lackies slowly stepped back.

"To shred a man alive is to kill him. Can you actually do it? Killing, that is. Can you take away a man's future?

Can you bear the guilt of his family crying over him while you, the murderer, is blamed and then imprisoned?

What did you think would happen after you actually commit murder? That I would happily fall in your embrace and please your tiny weenie?


The f.u.c.k do you think you are? Huh?"

As Kurumi spoke, the more agitated she herself became and her words grew brash while her words struck Gunta, making him shiver the moment he actually imagined Kurumi's words getting true.

"You think that your anger can actually win me over? That's the problem with you and other boys.

I am not a toy that you can fawn over, give titles to or even casually speak up to. Next time you actually called me a bitch, expect me to bite the living hell out of you, cause not only you, but I'll also make sure to use any means to make your family suffer, too!

Got it!"

Unconsciously, Kurumi's expression grew slightly malicious while Gunta, who was actually meeting with a woman's rage for the first time felt his heart clench in fear. His eyes unconscious teared up while he took a step back.

"Oh? Crying? If you really wanna cry, then go back to your mother, golden bitch. Oh, next time, you have the urge to f.u.c.k someone and you find that you don't have any girlfriend, then be sure to look up for your Momma, cause only she would f.u.c.k and give birth to bitch like you!"


Nobody spoke as they silently watched Gunta retreating with tears trickling down his eyes. Almost instantly, Kurumi used the already gathered momentum and looked at another particularly hateful dark-skinned blonde with slight glitters and hissed.

"I am thirsty! Go and bring me water!"


Immediately agreeing, she ran out of the class while Kurumi took a deep breath and went back to her seat.

Unknown to her, the fierce verbal beatdown made the other boys desire her even more, but this time, none walked up to her. Not even the flashy girls and all slowly looked at each other before continuing their own work.

At this moment, surprisingly, another bella of their class, Megumi Amano stood up and walked up to Kurumi Souma.



Walking down the street aimlessly while touching his bulging stomach, Nik only understood why Sayako and Souko were so wary of Okusan.

She simply cooks and feeds too much.

Recalling how she sweetly she smiled while seeing him off in the n.a.k.e.d apron with all her entire bosom completely exposed, Nik did feel a little better, but his good mood came crashing down when he walked near the Silver Muscle gym only to find a completely undressed Machio and Rick posing while their bodies remained coated in oil, whereas, Marika slowly welcomed few groups of middle-aged women inside the gym while pressing the strange white button on the side.

"Ah! Master!"

'Don't look here.'

"Oh? Nik?"

'Don't look at me, you monsters.'

As Nik eagerly ignored Rick's and Machio's calls and shouts, he still had to stop when the dark-skinned, bald, muscular youth lathered in oil stood in front of him with his arms opened while his passionate gaze remained on his body, Nik almost felt revolting.

"Master, did you fail to hear us while you were warming up your body while walking slowly?"

'No, I don't like guys larger than me.'

Nik explained internally while Machio listening from the side nodded and looked at the enamoured middle-aged women if various sizes and smiled.

"As I told you all previously. Instead of jogging, we should try and go for long walks to keep our body active. This exercise is even more effective when combined with sets of bodyweight exercises to be performed during the walk itself, not to mention, basic stretching exercise to keep your muscles and body in shape."

"Yes! We will remember!"

Said a bespectacled woman with slightly sharper nose while the other one looked at Nik and smiled brilliantly.

"Is this boy also a member of your gym? Why doesn't he show his own body for even more reference?"

As Nik looked at Rick, who happened to be giving an encouraging nod, Nik wished to spit, but Rick actually wasn't a bad guy at all. Even Machio belonged to the case of muscle maniac that didn't actually gain much of his hatred.

"I am sorry, Miss Takashiro. Nik isn't a member of our gym. But you all will be pleased to know that in reality, this campaign was his own idea."

Machio explained while the women openly gazed at his rippling muscles and the underwear that contained the untold muscle of their dreams.

"Oh? Is that so? Such a good boy. He should definitely let us check his body so that we can compare the difference between a bodybuilder and non-bodybuilder."

Spoke a slightly older woman while she placed her hand on her cheeks.

"Yes, master. You should definitely allow us to see the body that contains the untold power that your muscles hold."

Rick spoke slightly reverently as Machio slowly considered their words.

"Nope, gotta go."

Smiling brilliantly, Nik actually jumped above Rick and ran off alongside the wind.

Seeing Nik easily pass above Rick, Machio frowned unconsciously while Rick could only sigh helplessly as he wouldn't be able to gaze upon his master's body.


"So? Megumi Amano... who would've thought that we actually have something in common."

Sitting beside Megumi, Kurumi spoke as she looked at the group of boys from running club jogging across the ground.

"You saw it too..."

Megumi spoke bitterly while Kurumi shrugged.

"Did he force you?"

Megumi suddenly asked out while Kurumi, though surprised, shook her head.

"He is a gentle guy. He won't force himself without any reason."

Megumi nodded at her words as Nik's action did show that he wasn't the kind of guy who would usually go and force others into doing wrong things.

"Honestly... I think, I am over the fact that he suddenly appeared out of nowhere and immediately forced himself on me..."

"Out of nowhere?"

Kurumi raised her brows while Megumi nodded.

"It might be insensitive to ask... but can you tell me what actually happened?"

Kurumi finally looked at Megumi, who shook at her words while falling into deep thoughts.

After a few minutes, Megumi looked at Kurumi and then nodded.

"So... it happened like this..."
[12/29, 4:31 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 15 - Heart to Heart

After escaping the gates of muscly hell that he was about to get dragged into, Nik started exploring the neighborhood. Of course, he did not enter the various restaurants, shops and other arcades that he passed by. He was simply trying to understand this world itself.

Even though Nik knew that he only had ten, no, nine days in this world, he couldn't remain with the idea of staying inside a single room for the remaining days.

According to the system, before he was transferred, it was brought to his attention that if Nik was actually lucky enough to arrive in a peaceful civilisation, then even if he could complete the main quest, he wouldn't benefit much from the experience.

After all, the first quest of survival is what differentiate between weak and strong.

While it was quite beneficial to survive in a peaceful civilisation, it actually came with the expense of losing the experience that his own peers would gain from a harsher environment. Not to mention the fact that they would be awarded more stat points, system currency, skill points and much more.

In fact, Nik actually had trouble at the thought of leaving this world. Due to him partnering-up with the girls, Nik could actually access to this world for a few days once every year until he completes the mission of the Society and actually gains a harem space of his own.

But, in his rashness and emotional outburst, he ended up impregnating Mitsuko, something, even though he did not regret, but still made Nik think over the choices in his life.

As the thoughts of future hounded him to no end, Nik slowly covered half of the neighborhood before he found himself standing in front of Mitsuko's house once again.

'Should I go in?'

What was the point of thinking when he had actually already rung the bell of the house.

'Oh... shit.'

As Nik cursed himself inside his heart, he felt that this could be the worst mood he could be in to meet the mother of his future child.


The door clicked open as Mitsuko smiled and waved at Nik.

"Come in. I got a surprise for you."

As she spoke, Nik sighed and nodded while he looked at Mitsuko's shapely butt that held a different charm when compared to Okusan or Kurumi.

Nik admitted that he was an ass man, instead of the oppai lovers.

"Aren't you surprised with me suddenly showing up?"

Nik asked as he finally picked up his pace and naturally placed his arm around Mitsuko's waist, more particularly, her sweet ass.

Smiling at the gesture, Mitsuko brought her body closer to Nik to make the hug look even more natural.

As Mitsuko lead Nik to the living room, she boldly sat on his laps while keeping her front towards Nik's face while letting her arms fall on his shoulder.

"So... Nik... how about we discuss the names of my daughter, Megumi-chan and Okusan on the strange list?"

Smiling at her words, Nik spoke cheekily.

"Isn't that the million... yen question? But I cannot explain these things just yet."

As he spoke, Nik placed his hands on her tight butt and pulled her body further and then looked at her face with genuine concern.

"How are you feeling? You don't feel sick, right?"

Planting a soft kiss on his forehead, Mitsuko slowly and seductively bent her body before letting her arms go underneath his armpits and hugged his back softly while placing left cheek on his chest.

"Thank you... Nik."

Feeling his chest turning moist at a rapid pace while Mitsuko's body shivering, Nik finally moved his hand from her butt and hugged her back tightly, bringing her even closer.

"Don't mention it."



Nik asked out as he looked at the hot cup of tea placed in front of him. Unlike before, Mitsuko didn't sit on him, but beside him and slowly mixed a packet of sugar while nodding gently.

"Yes, that is the big surprise. Since you were so confident about impregnating me yesterday, I didn't think that getting pregnant would come as of a surprise to you."

Nodding, Nik suddenly felt stunned.

"Eh? For real?"

Nik looked at Mitsuko as his jaws loosened wide while a glimmer in his black eyes was hard to hide. Chuckling at his reaction, Mitsuko nodded.

"Yes, soon, you will be called papa-san, Nik."

As Nik's head went through a buzz, he failed to hear Mitsuko's comment while unconsciously, he already chose a path for himself.

"Thank you..."

Whispering softly, he leaned forward and gently laid his lips on Mitsuko's full pink lips and then backed off to look after particularly glowing face.

"Mama-san... I think, we should have loads of fun before we start taking care of baby-san."

Smiling, Mitsuko nodded.

"Sure thing, Papa-san. Here, drink this tea. It will make you healthy."

With a huge smile on his face, Nik took the cup and then looked at Mitsuko.

"But... are you sure that you aren't rushing into things. Divorce and not to mention pregnancy..."

Not replying immediately, Mitsuko gently picked her own cup. Actually, Nik truly appreciated such an aura around Mitsuko when she was decently covered. A cotton top that was loose enough to cover her body without showing off too much as the black pants that ran down to her milky smooth ankle looked quite enticing.

"You know, Nik, even when I told my daughters that I don't hate my husband, that I cheat on him because I like s.e.x... deep down, I knew that it was all a lie.

I hated my husband for cheating on me on my wedding day. And then, I hated myself for allowing that hate to control me getting down with a sick looking red-haired boar... although, I feel fortunate that Souko looks nothing like that boar.

But yeah, that's the truth. I only felt hate for him underneath the gentleness I have shown to everyone. I am not proud of my actions as I cannot say that my daughters have chosen good decisions in life.

Well, you were supposed to be another bad decision, too."

Looking up, Mitsuko smiled at Nik and whispered softly.

"But I am glad... that you weren't.

When I saw you treating Kurumi so lovingly, not to satiate your own l.u.s.t, but to actually satisfy her... it made me realise that maybe... it's time to move on.

In my selfishness, I asked of you to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e me, but I am still offering that you don't have to bear the responsibility—"

Before Mitsuko could complete her words, Nik cut her off.

"Whenever I think of the reasons why my father would leave me... I only feel that he actually never knew that my mother was pregnant.

After all, no man would actually stay by a redlight district with the most popular p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e to check if she was pregnant or not, right?

But still, after my mother's death, I only wanted to find my father. I wanted to see the look on his face. I wanted to know that if given a chance, would he actually take me away from that carnal hell..."

Taking a deep breath while Mitsuko felt shocked to hear about Nik's past, he looked at Mitsuko with brilliance in his eyes.

"Just like you, I was able to move on just now. The moment I got to know that I actually would become a father, I felt the final restraint inside me disappearing.

All this time, I bore hatred for my father for something he wasn't even aware of. Maybe, that kind of upbringing screwed me up, but I assure you, Mitsuko, while I am a sc.u.m who wish to have many women in my life, I will raise our son to become a man that doesn't regret his actions."

Placing the cup on the table and taking Mitsuko's cup before placing it down, Nik took Mitsuko's hand and looked into her glazed honey-gold eyes.

"Mitsuko... are you willing to accept me for who I am? A manwhore with no morals and exceptional l.u.s.t for a woman's ass."

A surprised chuckle escaped Mitsuko's lips as she brought her face closer to Nik and smiled beautifully.

"If you can accept a s.l.u.t like me, why can't I accept a whore like you?"

Raising his brows, Nik finally commented.

"There will be a lot of girls in the future."

"But I'll remain the first mother."

Smiling, Nik and Mitsuko grew closer before their lips entered into a passionate kiss. Their hands shuffled towards each other's waist before Mitsuko immediately backed up with a pale face and immediately stood up.

"Sorry, Nik, I feel sick. Gotta go vomit."

Stunned by her words, Nik could only feel his lips twitching.

"Way to kill the mood, Mama-san."

He spoke while picking the cup of tea and finally tasting the delicacy prepared by Mitsuko.
[12/29, 4:33 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 16 - Reason for Apology (1)

The rest of Nik's time was used up to help Mitsuko pack her stuff up even after her constant insistence that she was fine. Of course, Nik didn't take any of her excuses and quickly helped her pack up and much to Mitsuko's embarrassment, many plastic toys emerged from various corners of the house.

But the giant anal beads found from the kitchen allowed Nik to understand that his future with Mitsuko was nothing but bright.

Since Mitsuko had to give the news of sudden divorce to her daughters, she decided to stay back and wait for them to arrive home while she gave Nik a long and passionate kiss before hurriedly saying that she would meet him back at Okusan's place while she immediately ran off to vomit again, making Nik quite sad.


"Her school should be over by now..."

His back leaning against the connecting wall to the school gates, Nik looked up towards the blue sky and found today's weather rather pleasant. It could be said that after his little chat with Mitsuko, many things that apparently looked tangled and confusing were all simplified by a mere smile of hers.

"But still... getting a woman pregnant..."

As he muttered, the chiming bell rang across the whole faculty, the sound of which rose Nik out of his thoughts.

"Huff... finally..."

As he stood up straight, soon, he could hear the unanimous chatters that started spreading around the building while many students started walking out of the school in groups. But mostly, is was gender separated. Girls hung around girls while boys hung around with other guys. In fact, it was quite rare to see some blonde and dark-skinned girls and boys amongst the groups, but they were there, nonetheless.

Soon, Nik found two girls walking side-by-side while the others actively avoided the duo with a complicated expression. A particular group of tanned guys and girls actually wore an expression of slight fear as they immediately backed off and seemed to be lowering their head.

'What... happened?'

The scene was exact opposite when Kurumi entered the school with a lot of girls chatting around her. Not to mention, Megumi, who was walking beside her at the moment. They both had an impassive expression while Kurumi visibly brightened as her gaze fell upon Nik.

'Something happened here. That girl actually chatted the loudest in the morning. Not to mention him...'

As Nik looked at a particular dark-haired girl that hung around Kurumi in the morning, his gaze suddenly fell upon a pair of dark-brown eyes that seemed to be looking towards himself with hidden cruelty and menace... but, Nik could still see an expression of fear dominating most of his menace.

'Is it because of him?'

As Nik speculated the situation, he didn't immediately jump to conclusions without proper clues or the whole story if Kurumi was willing to share.


"Don't— Hey— me! Hmph!"

Even though Kurumi definitely looked better, she simply harrumphed and walked past Nik while suddenly looking back.

"I think you guys need to talk. Nik, if Megumi-chi is satisfied this time, I'll meet you at Okusan's place."

As she started walking back, she suddenly seemed to remember something important and immediately ran back to Nik.


Nik asked with a smile.


Pouting, Kurumi swiftly extended her foot upwards, giving Nik a short kiss on his lips as she turned her back wordlessly and walked, leaving a calm Nik and embarrassed Megumi.

Meanwhile, the other students actually averted their eyes at the scenes. Many boys couldn't actually feel their heart-shattering twice while a pair of bloodshot eyes kept his gaze on Nik.

Looking at Megumi, who immediately looked down as her impassive expression clearly broke in an embarrassing stupor, Nik didn't immediately get to the point and actually pointed at someone behind her.

"Megumi... can you tell me who is that guy?"


The recent memories of Kurumi's cold and cruel honey-gold eyes resurfaced once again as Gunta found himself covered in cold sweat. But the rage building within his heart couldn't be suppressed the moment he saw Kurumi's beautiful lips touching that bastard's chapped, disgusting lips.

'What's so good about him?'

As Gunta's breathing slowly grew rough, his gaze once again fell on Nik, who happened to be whispering something to Megumi while pointing towards him.

'Huh? He wanna fight? Fine by me!'

In his anger and frustration, Gunta couldn't help but immediately conclude the only thing his mind could come to while the tanned girl beside him look slightly worried as she fought against her urges to smile at the cute boy looking towards them.

As Megumi looked back and matched Gunta's almost crackling eyes, she looked back. Even though Gunta couldn't see if Megumi actually spoke something since her back was towards him, seeing Nik stepping forward, Gunta couldn't help but prepare himself.

Even if he was angry, Gunta was aware of how the infamous black steel Rick started calling Nik his master. He must be strong. Coming to this conclusion, Gunta gulped and then started calming his mind.

If he actually let his own rage get over him during a fight with someone with a similar physique, his own chance of coming out victorious would lessen.

But to his surprise, the infamous Goddess stealer actually stopped quite far from him, right in front of a spectacled, black-haired boy.


"Hello, Manabu-san, right?"

Nik extended his hands towards Manabu, who accompanied Megumi in the morning.

"Ah, hello, Faran-san!"

Unexpected by the sudden, greeting, the bookworm looked up from his book and immediately stuttered by the sudden arrival of much envious, Kurumi's boyfriend. But he still remembered his full name.

Looking at the extended hand, Manabu felt slightly flattered and he shook Nik's hand somewhat shakily.

"Please, call me Nik. Would you mind if I borrow Megumi for a while?"

At his question, Manabu couldn't help but look at Megumi, who was simply standing at the school gates.

"Eh? Why are you asking me?"

Manabu asked out, clearly confused while a short frown slipped between Nik's brows.

'Um... cause, Megumi asked to take your permission, you dolt.'

But of course, he wouldn't say something like this to 'Megumi's' Maa-kun.

"I see... alright. Good day, Manabu-san."

"Ah! Alright."

Manabu quickly nodded while Nik looked at the tense, blonde boy behind Manabu and smiled at him while mouthing a few words.


"Did you see it..."

Gunta suddenly asked out as his lackeys looked at him, confused. Did heat finally catch up to the boss? Or, did the Goddess berate him so coldly that he lost his mind?

As the doubt of Gunta finally going mad spiralled within their consciousness, Gunta felt cold when he easily saw Nik mouthing:— I'll get you...


"Let's go. I actually found a good place before coming to school."

Smiling, Nik explained softly to the ever-impassive Megumi while she looked up and frowned. At her expression, Nik's smile receded while he took a deep breath.

"Manabu... his words were— Why are you asking me?—... sorry."

Lowering her gaze, Megumi softly shook her head.

"It's not your fault... well, some part is definitely your fault. So? Which place do you have in mind?"

As Megumi started walking forward with her packaged bokken slung across her shoulder while her hands holding her bag in front with both of her hands, Nik followed and whispered softly.

"I actually passed by quite a beautiful riverbank."

"The one near the supermarket?"

Megumi questioned while Nik immediately nodded.

"Yeah, that's the one."

Since the shortest way was to once again go through the front of the Silver Muscle gym, Nik reluctantly lead Megumi through a slightly longer route. Throughout their walk, both of them kept their silence.

While Nik knew how to make s.e.x.u.a.l activities less awkward due to his intensive training and experience, he couldn't say much to the person he forced himself upon.

Not to mention that Megumi continuously felt her heart almost bursting out of her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Many thoughts, both scary and positive, swirled within her mind.

'Can I actually trust him? What if he tries to force himself again?'

'No, it's not the question of trying. It's whether he would force himself on me or not?'

'But... Kurumi did say that he isn't the kind of guy... but can I really trust Kurumi? After what she told me about herself... I find it harder and harder that Nik can actually get into a relationship with someone like Kurumi...'

'Is that the difference between both of us? Wait... why am I even thinking that Kurumi is the bad person in this relationship?

She has her own right to do what she wants... she wasn't forced to do any of it...'

As she grew entangled and found her thoughts getting more and more restricted by her own beliefs and the ideals instilled by the society, they finally reached the open riverbank that ascended to the side roads connected by a small bridge.

Smiling, Nik broke Megumi out of her thoughts.

"We are here."
[12/29, 4:34 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 17 - Reason for Apology (2)

A/N: This chapter may not be up to the mark for it needs some editing and it was prepared in quite a short period of time.


Sitting beside Megumi alongside the slanted, grassy platform that descended towards the rocky riverbank, Nik looked to his side, gazing at Megumi's form while her hair moved along the wind, making her form quite enchanting.

"We really didn't talk much after that, right?"

Looking towards Nik, Megumi slightly moved her fingers to lock her hair behind her ear and matched Nik's gaze.

"Why are you speaking as we did the deed quite a long time ago... you do recall that we met yesterday, correct?"


Nik nodded and then rested his hand while placing his bodyweight on his shoulders.

"Sorry about that..."

"For what?"

Megumi suddenly snapped. Looking at Nik's profile, she pursed her lips before going all out.

"Yesterday, you clearly said that you weren't sorry about what you did, neither how you did it. Then, what were you sorry about? Why are you even apologising for?"

Her hand unconsciously clenched over her bokken as she expressed started growing more agitated.

"What am I sorry about?"

Hearing her queries, Nik thought for a while. It was true that he didn't feel guilty about taking Megumi in a manner he did. In fact, if given a chance that he could get a girl like Megumi to partner-up with him, he would commit the same action once again.

But somehow, there was one aspect he felt guilty about. Now that Megumi raised the question about the reason for his apologies, Nik was forced to find that very aspect he felt guilty about.

And soon, he understood... what he felt sorry about was...


His whisper evoked confusion from Megumi as she raised her left eyebrow while gritting her teeth.


Nodding, Nik still looked at the gently flowing river and explained his own thoughts.

"At first, I thought that if I can gain your affection in any manner, it will be worth it. After all, you already accepted the partnership. But now, as I think more carefully... I feel that I have to apologise for everything."

Gazing sideways, at her right hand, Nik placed his own left hand while Megumi immediately tried to shake him off, but soon found, that she couldn't.

"The fact that I was apologising from only keeping my point of view intact is extremely selfish, and even for that, I apologise."

Frowning, Megumi growled.

"What do you mean? And let go of me!"

Shaking his head, Nik smiled brightly.

"I won't. All I mean is that you lost something precious yesterday due to my selfish action. If given a chance, I would actually want a better environment, a better circ.u.mstance where we two could meet.

But that didn't happen and for that, I apologise.

I am sorry that I couldn't make your first time a bit more special. I am sorry that I forced myself on you and I feel extremely sorry that you had to go through such troubles because of me."

His words struck her to the core as she grew even more agitated.

"Let go of me! Now!"


Using a bit of his strength, Nik immediately pulled Megumi into a tight embrace as she immediately started struggling using her left hand to strike her bokken on his back, only to find him sitting unflinchingly.

"Till now, I thought that leaving you alone yesterday was a correct choice. I thought that you needed a bit of space... but now, I feel that what you needed wasn't space... but comfort.

Even now, 'I' am thinking about what is best for you. For that, I do not feel guilty for this is who I am."

"Let go!"

Her muffled screams echoed as Nik suddenly felt his chest sting.

Megumi bit him.

She really dug her teeth into his skin!

But there was no denying the fact that his shirt was getting wet and moist from another source. As Megumi's struggle grew weak and the strength behind her jaws waned, all that left in Nik's embrace was a shivering body and a shaking head covered in luxurious black hair.

Her bokken fell out of her hand while Megumi found her hands gripping on the back of his shirt while she felt a need to dig her face further into Nik's chest. Sniveling, she controlled her voice, but even she knew that her current state was already exposed to Nik.

Her current, vulnerable self.

She hated this about herself. Even now, she is trying to find comfort in the man's embrace who caused her to feel so bad and emotional but his word suddenly echoed deep within her soul.

When she thought that she has turned into a meat slave, to be satisfied and covered in filth. When she felt that her entire existence was worthless...

'You are beautiful...'

Nik's words echoed deep within her soul.

"It's *sniff* *hic* all your fault! Damnit! I was happy looking at Maa-kun every day!!"

The sudden declaration surprised Nik, who looked turned his attention from the river and looked down towards Megumi.

'She needs this...'

"Yeah. But I won't let you go. No matter what."

As his words sunk into Megumi's consciousness, her grip around his back tightened unconsciously as she started nuzzling her head deeply before suddenly snapping her face up.

Nik's eyes immediately fell on Megumi's teary eyes and blushing face as she suddenly sniveled cutely before taking her hands back and rubbing her face, and yet, to her surprise relief, Nik still hadn't let go of her.

"But... why is Kurumi's mother on that strange list?"

She suddenly asked the question that bothered her the most. To which, Nik smiled and lowered his head, placing his forehead on her's.

"My little darling... your thoughts are too flexible. Weren't you just talking about Manabu? Why suddenly asking about Mitsuko?"

To his words, Megumi immediately struggled inside his embrace, and once again failed before hissing.

"I'm against it! If you have me, then you shouldn't have others! Not the ones like Kurumi or her mother!

Not at all!"

Frowning at her words, Nik couldn't help but ask.

"Do you..."

"Yes, I know everything about her! She told me. So, that's why, you shouldn't associate yourself with them! Nik. Instead—"

Suddenly, she failed to form her words as Nik's lips descended and immediately covered her small, pink lips that actually disrespected his own women. Something, he didn't really like.

"Megumi... s.e.x isn't a bad thing. They decided to do what they did on their own accord.

Let me ask you, if Kurumi shared her past, then that means you must have shared something, too.

But, did Kurumi judge you? Did her gaze change when you finished your story?"

As Megumi felt stunned at Nik's words, she immediately felt his hands moving from her back towards her skirt as he immediately placed his hands on her firm, toned buttocks as he immediately pursued her lips once again.

"Instead of judging the women around me, you should only judge me. A man-whore who only know how to please women. Alright?"

As Megumi's cheeks grew redder by the second while her breathing grew rougher due to his roguish hands massaging her illicitly, his words deeply impacted her.

She committed a mistake that was completely against her ideals.

No matter what she was taught by society, Megumi is the kind of person who would believe the things she saw through her own eyes. She saw how Kurumi defended Nik when she spoke badly about him while she once again witnessed how Nik grew protective of Kurumi after she unintentionally disrespected her.

But her thoughts came to an end when Nik's words sounded once again.

"So... can you tell me about that golden-haired boy with piercings? Did something happen?"

Soon, Nik found everything needed to be known while Nik softly kissed her forehead, much to Megumi's embarrassment, before she immediately jumped up and picked her bokken and ran off while saying that she will get even with him tomorrow.


With a lively gait, Nik passed the streets with a happy expression. After taking half-an-hour to suppress his anger against the impudence committed by the boy named Gunta, Nik found himself relieved by Megumi's last words.

Since she was willing to settle scores, he was more than willing to bring her in and create more scores.

Of course, now, he made his way towards Okusan's place once again.
[12/29, 4:35 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 18 - Sayako's Test

Walking up the flight of stairs, Nik found a beautiful blonde standing in front of the first door to the left. A beautiful cerulean blue sweater hung on her body loosely, almost threatening to fall off of her shoulders while her slender, milky white neck remained a sight to relish. A greyish pant stuck to her lower body while a large purse, from the looks of it, a leather one, hung down her right shoulder.

Her facial features spoke much about her western heritage and her violet eyes didn't lose any of its brilliance even when her beautiful face showed clear signs of fatigue.

"Hello, Sayako. Why didn't you just go in?"

Looking to her right, Sayako tiredly gazed at Nik and sighed.

"Would you believe if I say I am afraid of going in?"

"Afraid of me?"

Nik walked up while smiling.

"You wish. It's Okusan."

Shrugging at her response, Nik placed his knuckles on the door and gave it a few knocks.

"Ah! Coming!"

A cheerful, almost sweetly sickening voice emerged from the other side of the door that made Sayako shiver.

As the door clicked open, a buxom, pink-haired woman came to view as she immediately brightened up at Nik's presence but the moment she saw the new guest, a frown couldn't help but slip in.

"Sayako-chan? What are you doing here?"

Questioning immediately, Okusan's body remained slightly shivering while she kept her hands on the edges of the door to support her body. Seeing the strangeness, Sayako's eyes flashed thoughtfully while Nik also came to a conclusion.

"I am Nik's partner for the night. I hope I am not troubling you, Okusan."

Okusan immediately looked at, no, glared at Nik while her cheeks puffed up, but her expression faltered when she saw Sayako placing her hands on the door.

"You are troubling! Both of you are! Come back later!"

She immediately hissed as she tried to close the door only to find another hand placed on the door. Looking up, she came face-to-face with Nik's brilliant smile.

"Okusan! Let me in! I won't be of trouble. I promise."

As he spoke, he exerted more strength while Okusan's shivering arms could barely keep control of her body anymore. Not to mention the encroaching blush that soon painted her cheeks red, Sayako and Nik were almost sure of Okusan's current situation after hearing a slight buzzing sound when they grew closer to the door.

Seeing the grin on the two devils standing outside the apartment, Okusan's grievances grew as she immediately shouted.

"You bullies!"

As she spoke, her hands finally slipped as the door flung open while making Okusan fall back on her n.a.k.e.d and fluffy butt.

Seeing her situation, Sayako and Nik entered instantly and locked the door behind.

With her hands covering her own embarrassed face, Okusan's rear remained wet while a vibrating dildo dug inside her sloppy p.u.s.s.y that kept on leaking off-white spunk that had completely filled and washed her insides a few hours ago.

Her thighs shivered and unconscious arched up as a beautiful spring leaked out of the space in between her p.u.s.s.y and the dildo, making Sayako look at Nik and then back at Okusan.

"Forgive me for my crude words... but you didn't perhaps break Okusan, right?"

Pointing, Sayako's words stifled a laugh out of Nik while Okusan felt even more wronged.

"How should I put it... I think, we just didn't do it enough."

Nik shrugged and immediately walked near Okusan before picking her up.

"You know, we could do it once more."

Nik whispered softly as Sayako felt amazed at how easily Nik picked Okusan in his arms. Meanwhile, through the gaps of her fingers, Okusan's green eyes gazed at Nik's smiling face before her whispers caused Nik to laugh once again.

"First date, and then sugar."

"Pfft! Sayako, I'll be right back to you."

He spoke while laughing, leading Okusan to the already cleaned out bedroom where their activities took place upon.

Gently laying her down, Nik slowly pushed her thumb away from the right cheek and gently placed a kiss before whispering.

"You just said it, alright. I'll be having some fun with Sayako. Of course, if you feel lonely, you can definitely come in and watch."

"You are a s.l.u.t!"

Okusan hissed back while removing her hands from her face, making Nik's lips descend on her own lips.

"Yeah, was that supposed to be an insult? Don't forget, I am your s.l.u.t."

Winking, Nik stood up while walking out.

"Oh, yeah, Mitsuko might be coming here tonight."

Nik spoke as he recalled Mitsuko's situation.

"Eh? No way! You'll have to pay me rent!"

Okusan, disregarding the moving dildo and the fact that her embarrassing actions were revealed, immediately sat up, speaking loudly.

"Yes, of course! I'll pay it in kind and services!"

Speaking, Nik finally closed the door and found Sayako making herself comfortable on Okusan's couch.

"How was your exam?"

Nik asked out, sitting opposite to Sayako.

"Hmm? Nothing special. Got a few incorrect answers in hand, but yeah, the scholarship is in the bag."

Sayako replied with an unimpressed tone.

"Ohh... I never asked about your course. What kind of scholarship did you apply for?"

Looking into her bag while finding something with a frown on her face, Sayako replied with a calm tone.

"Well, I applied for the 80% tuition fees grant for my post-graduation in Financial course. In fact, I am following Souko's steps. Just that, she was smart enough... well, s.l.u.tty enough to get a full grant."

Sayako shrugged as she finally took an article of clothing out of her bag and looked at Nik with slightly hungry look.

"Where's your bathroom?"

Smiling at her words, Nik lead Sayako to the bathroom attached to his room while he jumped on his bed.


After what felt like a few minutes, Nik finally saw the door to the bathroom slowly opening as a skimpily dressed Sayako emerged out from the other side of the door.

Her golden hair cascaded over her shoulders while a single, tight, bluish bodysuit with b.r.e.a.s.t and crotch cut-out stuck to her body tightly. Her more than modest b.r.e.a.s.ts came into his view, but only at this moment, Nik found out how much she differed from her family. Unlike Souko or Mitsuko, Sayako sported long and slender legs. Even her waist was slightly curvier than her elders while her violet eyes enhanced the charming and s.l.u.tty fairy she had become.


An appreciative gasp leaked through Nik's lips while he looked at her current form.

"Like what you see?"

Sayako smiled at his reaction as her index finger placed the strands of her golden hair behind her ear.

"Like, like. What's there to unlike?"

As Nik smelled a flowery scent slowly reaching out to the ends of the bedroom, he appraised Sayako while standing up and walking towards her.

"Before we continue, let's make it clear. It will be my choice to actually think of staying with you after tonight. You won't force me, is that understood?"

Sayako spoke seriously as she gazed at Nik's excited body language.

"You should know that the only reason I and Souko are even abstaining from partying off with other men is that Mama gave you a chance and you upheld her expectations.

But I am not my Mama. Even though I think that I should give you a chance... cause, let's face it, always f.u.c.k.i.n.g different men kind of gets depressing. But that does not mean that you are the only option I have. Got it?"

As Sayako explained herself, Nik understood that from the beginning, Sayako had already started observing Nik and will continue to do so until her consciousness remains intact even during the s.e.x.

Nodding, Nik took a deep breath, his excitement slowly receded and he finally looked up.

"Alright, you can count on me to remove the bitch named frustration out of your body."
[12/29, 4:35 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 19 - Squirt of Approval

"Ho~ This is quite a refreshing experience."

Sayako whispered as her arms hung around Nik's shoulder while she felt his arms on her back and the underside of her knees, carrying her body princess style.

"Of course, I need to stand out."

Nik spoke as he gently placed Sayako on the bed, aiming her head to be on the pillows so that she doesn't feel uncomfortable.

"It is definitely comforting."

Sayako nodded as she laid her hands to her side and took a deep breath. Her violet gaze fell on Nik and she smiled brilliantly.

"Alright, now, this body belongs to you. Show me what you can do."


Nik spoke while sitting on the bed. Her actions demonstrated that the only Nik would be the active partner this time.

"Sayako, I couldn't help but notice that you actually soaped your butt... could it be that you want it there?"

Nik asked as he gently spread her legs, looking at her moistening entrance and the small, puckered up hole that almost hid beneath her soft butt.

"I prepared for every possible experience. It's up to you."

Sayako smiled gently, which made it slightly harder for Nik to see through her desires. It could be said that no women could be easily satisfied until her mind, or rather, her consciousness feels satisfied. Now, just like Sayako proclaimed, this task becomes even harder when Sayako isn't willing to share her preference and only increased the tension by actively speaking that she is extremely frustrated.

It was at this moment, Nik suddenly realised what he needed to do.

'The exam couldn't frustrate her. After all, she gestured herself that it was quite easy for her. This only means...'

As Nik looked at the darkened eye bags under her eyes, a lightbulb sparked to life within his mind as he smiled.

Lowering his body, Nik let his face enter the region between Sayako's thighs as he softly kissed her slick and wet entrance. Instead of the arousing, musky scent, what entered his nose was an alluring flowery scent that made her taste all the more savouring.

As soon as the kiss landed, a sigh of relief escaped Sayako's lips which gradually parted at Nik's actions.

Instead of immediately digging in for a meal, Nik instead chose to let his hand rub and massage her entrance using his thumb. Her labia parted, giving way to a pink, fleshy monster that slowly soaked in its own savory nectar while Nik finally started rubbing the cute little c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s that started demanding attention while he let his other hand descend towards the pink hole that puckered inwards.

Soon, soft and enamored m.o.a.ns leaked past Sayako's lips as she felt Nik's middle finger digging into her anus, something she felt quite relieved about because it would be an embarrassment to have her butt played with, without efficiently cleaning it up.

Meanwhile, the roguish thumb kept pressing her clit before she soon experienced soft and gentle licks that stimulated her entrance alongside the treasured, western jewel.

After a few minutes of gentle, yet, satisfying licks, Nik brought his other hand down and finally started massaging the base of her soft and perky butt while his left middle finger completely entered her hole. Finally, Sayako couldn't keep her hands to the side of her waist and immediately found her palms pushing Nik's face further into her thighs.

The muscles of her anus clenched tightly around his middle finger, causing an itch to spread within Nik's heart. But sadly, it wasn't about satisfying himself, but the beautiful woman in front of him who willingly asked to get satisfied.

His tongue stretched forth and entered the moist dungeon that could definitely hold his dragon and reclaim its true destiny. His fleshy tongue gently lapped up all the juices flowing across the convulsing walls and made it's way deeper. Sadly, Nik was biologically a human and there were limits to the maximum length of his tongue.

Now, he had to make do without the dragon, but the act of Sayako clutching his hair allowed Nik to understand that his stuff was definitely working. As he continued, he didn't even show any moment where he would try and use his shaft to please her.

Instead, he continued massaging her bottom and licking her cave, identifying the weak spots which would make Sayako expertly wrap her, wider than normal p.u.s.s.y, around his tongue tightly, constricting his movements only to loosen up after getting his middle finger pressing at her anal weak spots.

Meanwhile, Sayako's face had already turned into a drooling mess. Sayako's jaws failed to keet her rambunctious tongue inside her mouth while her violet eyes showed signs of drifting away to a treasured realm.

Finally, her expression changed and her body slightly arched up. Taking the hints, Nik immediately pushed his index finger within her clenched butt, stimulating her butthole further while immediately placing his lips on her entrance as a pressured squirt erupted from her already soaked cave only to get devoured by Nik at a rapid pace.

Finally, after emptying her contents, Nik felt her butthole loosen ever so slightly and then, he looked up.

Sayako's eyes closed while her drool leaked out of the blissfully arched lips as her soft breathing echoed within the room.

Smiling, Nik slowly stood up and gently took his fingers out of her butthole. Covering her s.e.xy and sweat covered body in a thin blanket, Nik adjusted her body so that Sayako could sleep peacefully and then softly left the room without making much noise.


The moment Nik walked out, he almost lost his balance due to the liquid splashed on the floor. Looking down, Nik found the trail of liquid connected to Okusan's room. As he mentally connected the clues, Nik's lips twitched while he decided to ignore her actions.

Since the setting sun gave way to a beautiful evening, Nik realised that even when he promised to meet Mitsuko right here, he had nothing else to do and he might just help her in shifting her stuff. After all, since morning, she was definitely feeling weak and moreover, Nik couldn't help but place his attention on Mitsuko again and again for she was going to become the mother of his first child.

With slightly giddy expression, he completely ignored if he actually got Sayako's approval or not, and simply sent a partnership invite since he had absolute confidence in his actions.

Sayako's condition was actually Nik had faced quite a few times himself. In fact, when the body is extremely tired and sleep-deprived, it does not need a good f.u.c.k, but a good rest. So, Nik thought, what better way to go to sleep then after having a relieving orgasm?

Sure, this may get categorised into the part where he used s.e.x.u.a.l acts to comfort a female body, but biologically, the act of orgasm is different for males and females.

While females have the capacity of multiple orgasmic reactions, males, on the other hand, would find it painful to keep c.u.m.m.i.n.g multiple times and would even feel sore.

So, inherently, there are different ways to put a s.e.x.u.a.lly experienced body into a good resting state.

Looking towards the direction of Okusan's room once again, Nik shrugged and went outside once again.


"Hah~ Hah! He didn't see me, right?"

Okusan fell on her butt as her entire body throbbed while delicious juices leaked out of her tight and meaty p.u.s.s.y. Her finger gave one final thrust as she showed a relieved expression before growing envious of how gently Sayako got treated by Nik.

As it turned out, she was actually peaking at the duo while her trusty plastic boy did the rest of actions for her. While Kyouko felt that she had to keep her pride by not giving into her temptations before actually going out on a date, she still couldn't resist her physical needs.

After all, Nik's thrusts were remembered by her lewd body as she couldn't help but imagine Nik sitting on top of her once again and pounding her into oblivion.

"Sigh... even plastic-kun is having a hard time..."

Okusan looked at the completely wet, blue-colored dildo and sighed out loud.
[12/29, 4:36 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 20 - Okusan's Dilemma

"Ara~ Nik, you really didn't have to do this at all~"

"Sure, I didn't have to. But I needed to."

Replied a younger voice replied in tandem as a soft chuckle escaped the full, alluring lips of the beauty.

The cab driver felt his heart itch, but god forbid if he actually looked at such a scandalous scene through his back mirror.

Mitsuko's head gently fell on Nik's shoulder while she wrapped her hands around his hand with a loving expression. Looking down, he couldn't help but kiss the top of her head, making her smile even warmly.

"Hey! You two! I am here, too, you know!"

A girl, that looked dangerously similar to the woman with the motherly charm pouted as her raven-haired twintails shook in frustration while she wrapped her hands around Nik's left arm.

Ordinarily, a third person would look at this scene and figure out that the daughter wanted her father's attention as she sweetly kissed her mother.

But two things didn't feel right to the driver.

The man sitting in the middle was too young to be the father of the young daughter. Heck, they practically looked similar in age. And why would a daughter immediately steal her father's lips?


Sweet Alabama, a mind-numbing scandal was occurring right at the back seat of his cab and yet, he still felt envious of the guy who could have it all.

Since the cab driver was quite an egoistic man, he could never think that such a young boy had skills or body necessary to make these two heavenly beautifies infatuate over him. So he simply contributed that the two women were quite rich and hired the boy to work as a tool of relief, or, the boy was rich and hired the duo.

Sadly, it wasn't the case at all.

As Nik and Kurumi engaged in a passionate kiss, Mitsuko, surprisingly, gave her blessings without any envy and softly kissed Nik's collarbone while striking his already raging c.o.c.k through his pants.

'Jesus, forgive me, for I have sinned.'

As the couple engaged in the shameless display of carnal affection, the cab driver kept chanting the prayers he could recall to keep himself from distracting.

Soon, with a sigh of relief, the cab driver stopped the cab at the destination while he didn't even dare ask for change for he had already seen too much. Nevertheless, the beautiful woman that could make him feel warm just by the arch of her smile allowed him to keep the change as a tip while both the girls finally left the youth's side and the youth, too, didn't take long before shuffling to the left side and leaving.

Opening the trunk of the car, the cab driver placed the baggage on the ground as the youth nodded politely at the driver before the cab drove off.


"Here we are..."

Mitsuko took a deep breath before Kurumi spoke up.

"But mom... you still haven't told us the reason for such a sudden move!"

Pouting, she picked one of the smaller pieces of baggage.

"Let Souko return. I have already texted her to come to Okusan's place directly. After all, we have already packed everything."

"... fine!"

Kurumi sighed and slumped her shoulders before walking up the flight of stairs, leaving Mitsuko and Nik alone.

"You should go up, too. I'll bring all your stuff up."

As Nik spoke, he suddenly found out Mitsuko's hands cupping his cheeks before bringing him to a loving kiss. There wasn't a shred of carnal passion, neither the kiss felt stale due to slight reservations. Somehow, the kiss just felt right.

Gazing at Mitsuko's shimmering golden eyes, Nik couldn't help but feel a bit amused.

"What was that for, Mama-san?"

Shrugging, Mitsuko rolled her eyes and placed her left index finger on the corner of her lips before smiling brightly.

"Somehow... I feel that I am going through my honeymoon once again. But this one feels even better."

Placing the huge bag down, Nik smiled and brought Mitsuko closer through her waist. His neck extended and slowly fell on her shoulders as Nik whispered while feeling Mitsuko's hand slithering up his back.

"Once again, thank you, Mitsuko."

"Me, too. Thank you for being here, Nik."

As their loving embrace was broken by the shout of an envious Kurumi, Mitsuko finally walked up while twisting her buttocks seductively while Nik simply groaned in frustration as he felt the numerous bags restricting his movements.

God, how much he wanted to plough Mama-san again!



Okusan immediately shook her head as the four cups of tea remained untouched. While Kurumi once again resumed her position to Nik's left while reluctantly leaving the right position for her mother, Okusan felt slightly angry due to having to take a seat on the opposite couch.

"Ara~ Kuouko-san, where is your passion for being a host? I always admired you for your need for satisfying your tenants. Of course, you could have taken it up a notch, but seeing Nik so satisfied, I feel that you are definitely a tough woman who knows her way around younger men."

Listening to Mitsuko's words, a vein throbbed on Okusan's temple as she immediately made a horrible expression.

"Oh, no you don't! I am not keeping you all for free! Heck, I shouldn't be keeping you guys at all. Do you even know how much my name would ruin if you keep bringing men to my apartments?!"

It was at this time, Kurumi suddenly felt something while the other two on the same side of the couch couldn't help but feel strange. They immediately thought of checking something before Nik had a brilliant smile on his face while Kurumi and Mitsuko gave him a sidelong glance.

Feeling something herself, Okusan immediately decided to check the most mysterious thing she could think of and definitely, she found the source of the strange sensation.

[Main: Nik Faran


Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma

Kyouko Okita

Sayako Souma]

Before Okusan could glare at Nik, Mitsuko spoke up.

"Well, Kyouko-san, now, you only have to worry about Souko and believe me, she doesn't like to bring men to house that much.

She is more of a... how should I say... a public place lover."

At Mitsuko's words, Kurumi couldn't help but sigh at her Eldest sister's antics.

Finally, after a long period of coaxing and praising the buxom beauty, one of a kind, Okusan finally nodded with a sigh. But now, another problem emerged.

The sleeping arrangements.

But before they could discuss further, Nik's room was clicked open as the scantily dressed Sayako emerged with disheveled hair. Walking out all the while yawning, Sayako didn't care for anyone as she even ignored her younger sibling, her mischievously smiling Mother and the furiously blushing Okusan before finding her target.

With slightly moist inner thighs that were revealed for all to relish the sight of while her twin peaks remained the jiggling glory they were, Sayako claimed the most wanted position in the house and let her beautiful, round and shapely butt fall on Nik's slightly aroused crotch.

Before the speechless Nik could even speak anything, Sayako's lips fondly seized Nik's before whispering with a smile.

"Looking forward to more satisfaction, Mr Partner."

Winking, Sayako gave one final kiss to his cheeks before getting up and going back to the bathroom to freshen up.

"Hey! Why would you even come out in such an outfit if you only had to run back into your room?!"

Kyouko immediately growled, to which, Sayako only gave a flirtatious wink and then left the living room in complete silence until Mitsuko gently clapped her hands and smiled.

"Kyouko-san, I apologise for my daughter's rude behaviour. She is going through a rebellious phase."

"Rebellious phase, my sweet ass!"

Okusan shouted while standing up grumpily.

"Well~ At least, the negotiations were successful."

Mitsuko wondered out loud while Kurumi and Nik couldn't help but think.

'What negotiations?'