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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 21 - Whore, yes. Not a whore father.
"Ah~ That hit the spot!"

Drinking the whole can of beer before stomping it on the table while heaving a huge breath of relief due to downing the alcoholic content, Souko finally looked at the strangely tranquil table. On the head of the table, without actually contributing a single dime towards the construction of the house, Nik proved to be a worthy guy as Mitsuko took the spot to his right while Kyouko grudging settled for left.

Honestly, it didn't matter one bit who sat where. After all, aside from her own boisterous actions, Souko did not find anyone speaking too much at the dinner table. After all, Nik was 'waaayyyy' too busy inhaling the food while Sayako herself chewed the dishes prepared in a dignified manner.

Only Kurumi remained busy on her smartphone while slowly eating her dinner in a slightly dazed manner.

Such tranquility and peacefulness didn't sit well with the already drunk Souko, who sat completely opposite to Nik.

"Aah~ That hit the spot!"

Raising her voice, Souko, once again, committed her previous actions in tandem only to get royally ignored.

"Sigh... this is no fun~ We got booze, we got the delicious food... but..."

Souko's expression morphed into that of a pure sobriety while her focused gaze fell on Nik.

"But... where is the fun in the delicious meal if you don't have a woman's shapely rear to tend to in tandem, right, Nik?"

She called out, her expression dignified, her tone even more so.

"No, during eating, it is necessary to focus on food instead of anything else. Not to mention that this is the basic respect that is needed to be shown to the cook and the food itself.

So, I request, at least, on the dining table, we shouldn't profane the only action that nourishes our body. Even you, Kurumi, shouldn't focus on your smartphone."

Hearing the seriousness in his voice, not only Okusan, but even Mitsuko and others were quite surprised. But all the respect Nik had garnered was thrown off the window by his next words.

"Of course, after the meal, I am more than willing to tend to each one of your rears."

Smiling, he didn't register their strange gazes and started eating once again.


The dinner went uneventful. But the main discussion finally came up. Why would Mitsuko suddenly want a divorce? Except for Nik, not a single soul was privy to her current condition.

"Maybe, I should leave. This kind of thing should be discussed with the family."

Okusan suddenly spoke up only to get countered by Mitsuko.

"Please, you can stay. It's not that big of a deal."

Smiling, Mitsuko looked at her daughters, then Okusan before placing her hand on Nik's hand and taking a deep breath.

"All this time, for my bad decisions and spiteful actions, I have been nothing but a bad example. For this, I truly regret how I affected your lives, kids.

Sure, we don't actually feel constrained by the society's hypocritical thoughts regarding s.e.x.u.a.l relationsh.i.p.s, for that, I am proud of you."

Mitsuko looked at Souko, Sayako and then at Kurumi.

"I am pregnant."

At her words, a strange silence spread across the whole living room. The Souma daughters felt dazed while Okusan's jaw fell unconsciously.

"Forget about tending the rears... Nik has planned out to tend an entire herd..."

Souko couldn't help but chug down another can at her mother's sudden declaration.

"Um... please say something?"

Mitsuko pursued only to see Sayako, Kurumi and Okusan looking at Nik with a widened gaze.

"You? A father? Are you kidding me?"

The trio spoke in utmost unison while Souko shook her head at their words. At this moment, she could be considered the most sensible as she looked at Mitsuko and questioned.

"Mama, from what we understand, I, Sayako and Kurumi don't actually have our legal father's blood flowing within us. But that never made you divorce him.

So, why now? It couldn't be because of Nik, right?"

Frowning, Souko pointed at Nik.

Divorcing was still a huge change which even Souko wasn't willing to face. At her words, Mitsuko's face held a brilliant smile. Something that stunned the remaining trio who knew her very well. Instead of gentle and mature charm, her smile exuded a sense of cheerful youthfulness.

"That's right. It's because of Nik... and Kurumi, somehow. These kinds of things just happen. If you really want a sensible explanation of how I am currently feeling, then sorry, because I cannot explain it myself."

Mitsuko shrugged and then continued.

"Either way, those who have experienced Nik would understand what I mean, right?"

Gazing at Sayako, Kurumi and Okusan, Mitsuko questioned with bright eyes.

Not understanding her words, Souko looked at the trio sitting beside her. The thing that surprised her the most was the fact that even Sayako had the expression that released a sigh of defeat.

"Nik, are you really ready to be a father? I mean, we don't even know your origins. What is your family history? How much are you capable of earning?

These things matter."

Souko pursued once again while Nik nodded and then finally spoke up.

"Even when a single person is missing, I guess it doesn't harm to explain a bit about my origin."

As Nik spoke, his partners in the living room sat with their back straight and looked at him with rapt attention.

"I don't belong to this world. That is the truth, no matter how strange it sounds, I really do not originate from this planet. The strange screen that you guys have access to is the proof and the reason I said that I am travelling for ten days is that I only have ten days to stay here."


The five of them looked at him, shell-shocked.

While the four partners felt shocked due to the contents of Nik's explanation, Souko, on the other hand, felt shocked because she could see Nik's lips moving, but not a single word fell into her ear.

"What did you say? I couldn't hear anything!"

Seeing the changes in her siblings' and mother's expression, Souko couldn't help but feel slightly fearful.


The remaining looked at her while Nik nodded at the strange conclusion.

"This strange situation can also act as proof of my words. While you have officially connected with me, Souko hasn't, and thus, cannot hear the explanation about my origin."

Suddenly standing, Okusan shook her head and then whispered.

"This is too much for a day. I need some sleep."

Without waiting for anybody's response, she took off for her bedroom.

"I-... I need some time to process the whole situation, too..."

Sayako took a deep breath before making her way towards Nik's bedroom.

Almost immediately, Kurumi stood up and followed Sayako without saying anything while Souko looked at Mitsuko and Nik.

"Did you just whisper some curses when I couldn't hear you? Why such a strange reaction?"

She questioned only to see Mitsuko shake her head.

"Whatever, since Mama has already come to a decision, I'll follow her."

Souko shrugged and stood up while looking at the duo.

"I think, you both need to talk."


After a few minutes, Nik slumped back on the couch as he looked at Mitsuko with a bitter smile.

"I really blew it up, huh."

Sighing, Mitsuko gently stroked her own stomach.

"Not really... sometimes, instead of delaying the truth, you should simply speak it. It's like ripping a band-aid. Do it slowly, the pain gets worse. A swift rip is sometimes what you need."

Hearing Mitsuko, Nik shook his head.

"Well, you now know my truth... but as I told you yesterday, I'll be here for my child... our child."

Chuckling, Mitsuko shook her head.

"If what you say is true, and you really originate from another planet, then maybe, I should tell you that in this world, pregnancy takes a minimum of 9 months, not ten days."

"Of course, I know that. And that is what I am saying. I'll stay here... for better or worse... this is the least I can do for our child.

The moment you got pregnant, you should have known that the responsibility of the baby won't solely fall on your shoulders."

Looking at Nik with her worries rippling through her honey-gold eyes, Mitsuko couldn't help but bite her lips.

"But how..."

"Leave that to me. For now, you should rest. You need some."

Nik smiled while kissing Mitsuko's lips softly before gazing at her parting back.
Story 100% Written by Author: FanHarem

[1/5, 1:34 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 22 - Relieved of a burden named Past
Sitting alone, Nik reminisced his life till now. Son of one of the most prestigious harlot meant that the obese and ugly looking merchants, with nothing redeemable to their name other than their money, slowly became a daily part of his life as his mother entertained them all.

But, as life dictates, all good things must come to an end. Even though Nik's mother didn't enjoy the nights passed with miserable men with nothing but money, she still felt fortunate.

With her services, she could provide for her own son, had a roof over their head and a sustainable source of income.

But, age caught up to her.

Her stamina fell, her structure started to lose its charm and finally, under depression, an illiterate harlot with nothing but her own beauty as the only source of attraction soon found her solace in the loving and gentle embrace of death.

But it was too late.

With the life Nik had already lived till that point, shedding tears for his mother's loss was utterly useless.

So he didn't.

On the day his mother got cremated alongside other fortunate souls that also happened to take their lives in the same week, Nik found himself pleasing a middle-aged obese woman.

Just like his mother's previous suitors, this customer of Nik had nothing desirable. Even her holes felt disgusting.

All changed until Nik decided to finally escape the district due to a simple rumour.

Incubus Society.

Of course, in the end, he met with an accident and got killed only to experience a miracle.


[Incubus source found. Host Status confirmed. Commencing restructuring to accommodate base stats. Soul Bind complete.

Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

STR: 2

AGL: 2

VIT: 2

CHM: 2

LUK: 2

Host has been chosen as the potential intern for the Incubus Society. With the completion of the Society's test, the host can gain full control over the skills described.


V.i.r.g.i.n Lover (Exclusive)

To care for every v.i.r.g.i.n is the task of the incubus master. This skill relieves the user's partner from the pain of going through s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse for the first time. Making the experience pleasurable and memorable for both mates. This skills only affect the v.i.r.g.i.ns, disregarding their h.y.m.e.n.

Baby Hater (Exclusive)

As an aspiring Incubus, the user should strive for c.u.m.m.i.n.g deep within their women and satisfying them without impregnating them and creating obstacles for their ambitions. After all, no unsuccessful woman would simply want a bun in their oven if they aren't forced. This skill allows you to control the s.p.e.r.m count, letting you c.u.m without any fears of cradling a child instead of a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Female Hunter (Lvl 1):

A developing skill that increases the charm (CHM) of the user. No incubus is a dirty old man or a fatty sc.u.m. An incubus should look dignified even when mating with the Cerberus bitch. Look good and feel good.

Nxt Lvl: 1 Skill Point.

Main Quest:

Survive (10 D):

You have been thrown into a new world. Survive. Note that the system doesn't feel sorry if the host is transported right in front of a man-eating lion. It is your own bad luck, feel its consequences yourself.

Affiliation Initiation Quest:

Turn the first female your eyes fall upon into your partner.

Commencing transfer. The host will feel a bit of pain as all the basic knowledge about the system will be imprinted within your consciousness for efficiency's sake.]

With those words on the screen, the resurrected Nik felt his mind go blank due to all the technicalities being imprinted within his consciousness and he felt his vision turn dark before falling on a beautiful, healthy woman that turned out to be Megumi Amano.


"System, initiate Clause 256-B."

Sighing deeply, Nik whispered as the holographic screen spread across his vision dutifully.

[Host 567893 aka Nik Faran. Do you wish to change your base from Planet 6772 of Plane XVB to Planet 000111838 of Plane CHJ?

Note that this clause can only be invoked one time. With the initiation of the clause, the host will lose its right to choose and will be forced to take part in various Intra-System events.


'What the hell are you doing? Kid!'

Before Nik could whisper the word continue, a violet flash emerged from his chest before Nik found his surroundings change.

No longer his butt snuggled against the couch as he fell on cold, hard, violet floors as his eyes immediately fell upon the three huge statues in front of him.

While the left and middle one remained dull and grey, the right one flashed burst of violet continuously.

Strangely, Nik simply couldn't see the structure of the left and the middle statute. An elusive haze shrouded the two statues while Nik simply couldn't gaze upon the right one due to the piercing light.

"What the hell? Just for some girls, you are willing to make this planet your base of system transfers?

Tell me, an admirer of incubi, have you gone mad?

Is their flesh so desirable that you are willing to make such a damnable mistake? Not to mention your action of impregnating one of the little kids, you actually dare harm the reputation of the Incubus Society by settling for such trashes?

Nik's unimpressed gaze quickly morphed into a cold one. Not a single word escaped his lips because of a certain pressure keeping his body out of his own control. While Nik's expression remained the same, the change in his gaze didn't go unnoticed by the strange, deep voice.

"Angered because I called your women trash? Good!

At least, you have some bearings of an incubus. But nonetheless, you have grown to be a disappointment."

Turning silent for a moment, Nik felt the strange pressure disappearing before the voice continued.

"As the remaining member of the society, other than you, I shall give you a chance to explain yourself. Disappoint me once again, and your only choice is to forfeit your title as a host. Surprise me, and the talent you receive after your assessment will be nothing but heavenly."

Silently, Nik observed the remaining two shrouded statues for a moment before finally speaking out.

"The three pillars of rumoured Hell. Succubus, Fiend and Incubus. You must be the surviving consciousness of the Incubus Creator— Nirdai El Chodhar, right?"

The voice spoke up, it's tone finally a bit softer.

"To analyse my true origins. You are definitely sensible. Now, explain. Why such a sensible Incubus Intern would make such a disastrous decision?"

Finally standing, Nik inhaled loudly and exhaled deeply.

"Excuse my impudence, but, before I answer, I must ask the reason for the downfall of the Incubus and the Succubus Society. Through the system, it is easy to find that the Fiend Society is still intact, thriving even.

Then why?"


The voice replied, almost snapping.

"No matter how wise and sagely a being becomes. When it comes to carnal desire, all living becomes hypocritical.

Not to mention that our light-hearted pranks grew ire of many. An inevitable war lead to the decline of our ranks. Is your curiosity satiated?"

Nodding, Nik didn't need to ask what those 'light-hearted pranks' could be.

"The reason for my actions is to differentiate and grow."

"Differentiate and grow?"

The voice asked once more.

"Yes. My past lead me to make such a decision. To break free from the restriction of my past, to have my consciousness remain free from any baseless vengeance, it is a must that I become a father myself.

What I couldn't have, due to time, I must give. Though women, treasures, mnemonics and even experiences can be snatched back. Genuine emotions cannot."

Pausing for a moment, Nik suddenly looked up and smiled.

"Oh, yes, next time, if you wish to question me, keep your honoured self on a leash, lest, you end up getting cursed by your junior."

Silence reigned at Nik's words before Nirdai's words echoed.

"True enough. Though mere consciousness, I shouldn't let myself disgrace my own name by insulting those of inferior origins. Next, shall we discuss the main reason we called you here for?"

With a dignified tone, Nirdai continued.

"As an official intern of the Incubus Society, you are allowed to attain a single drop of incubus essence blood that would transform your bloodline and physique while allow6you to have an appropriate talent.

But, you shall not be able to walk the bloodline path of the incubus for all the known evolutions have been genetically locked by the source itself.

For this, heed my advice, you will have to continue forth the path of the system to find the answer and revive the society. Now, we shall meet when you unlock your skills."

Before Nik was given a chance to retort, he felt a slight sting on his chest as his vision turned dizzy all of a sudden.




Nik whispered through gritted teeth as he felt his whole body on fire before losing all the heat and plunging into the nine hells of the blizzard.

The situation only remained for a few seconds as Nik found his rash breathing growing gentler.

Not wasting a single moment, Nik immediately opened the system.

[Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Intern)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

CHM: 6

LUK: 2


Partner Communication (Exclusive)

V.i.r.g.i.n Lover (Exclusive)

Baby Hater (Exclusive)

Female Hunter (Lvl 1):

Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 1)


Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma

Kyouko Okita

Sayako Souma.]

[Notice: Due to the initiation of Clause 256-B, the host is now considered to be in a home environment. In three days, the host shall go through another quest to prove it's worth.

Notice: The Incubus Society has requested the system to activate the talent of the host prior to the initiation of the quest of survival.

The system has accepted the request on the condition that the host's talent will awaken only after starting the quest.]

Seeing this, Nik heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Letting go of past hatred wasn't easy for him. Though Nik said that he didn't hate his father, it was only through his words. But only now did he prove his words using his actions.

After all, there is less than 0.000001% chance to stumble back to his own homeworld before he is sufficiently powerful. He did wish to take revenge upon the redlight district by destroying it.

But deep down, he knew that the district itself raised him. There is nothing wrong with the concept of using s.e.x as a means of trading. In fact, aside from some disgusting customers, Nik did lead a good life in the district.

Shaking these troubling thoughts by finally understanding that he will be here for his own child, Nik showed a smile of relief before laying on the couch and closing his eyes.

Somehow, he just felt too tired and relieved.

Tired that he didn't know the future. Relieved that he was determined enough to not live in the past anymore.
[1/5, 1:35 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 23 - An Irresistible Shaft


Woken up to the strange yet pleasant sensation, Nik immediately witnessed a bobbing red head accompanied with the 'shlucking' sound of viscous saliva while the undeniable warmth that wrapped his c.o.c.k to the base could send shiver down any male's spine... but strangely, other than the slight feeling of relief, Nik didn't have much physical reaction other than the erect donger that was being tended to.

"Is this a new custom in the household?"

Nik whispered. Identifying the stealth blowjob mistress wasn't a heavenly detective's job for the flaming red hair only belonged to Souko. Hearing his whispers, Souko finally stopped choking and relishing the c.o.c.k that felt greater than the words of almighty and slowly sucked while bringing her face up.


While the interior of her mouth couldn't compare to Mitsuko's, the look on her face definitely attracted Nik's rapt attention.

Her soft lips stuck to his c.o.c.k as she her cheeks sunk in, creating an added layer of pressure while her narrowed eyes and slightly flared nostrils made Nik throb once again.


With a strange sound, Souko finally freed her mouth from the morning treat and smiled at Nik.

"Last night's incident took better of me... so, Sayako said that if I want to know what's going on, I will have to satisfy you."

As she whispered, her cheeks snuggled against his p.e.n.i.s lathered in her delicious saliva while letting her index finger trail one of the veins popping out of the underside of his shaft.

"But... your c.o.c.k feels quite different? Not only has it gotten slightly larger... it smells and tastes good."

She spoke before giving the side of the shaft another lick and then matched Nik's gaze while licking her lips seductively.

"Not to mention your violet eyes... s.e.xier than Sayako's, I must say."

Frowning, Nik couldn't help but utter.



Souko nodded as she placed her hands on Nik's chest while slowly pushing him back on the couch.

"But... now, it isn't about curiosity. It's all about satisfaction. So lay down and enjoy. I don't do this for others so casually."

As Souko spoke, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her tight, black skirt up. Apparently, she actually slept with her office clothes on.

Lowering her stockings, Souko immediately used her soft hands to guide the huge rod against her wet snatch, lowering her h.i.p.s slightly to rub her entrance with his huge, round head, Souko smiled while using her other hand to cop a feel of her own b.r.e.a.s.ts while lowering her waist in a gentle, yet, unimpeded motion.

As Nik's c.o.c.k slowly stretched her entrance to the extremities Souko found unbelievable, she couldn't help but gasp as half of the c.o.c.k was all it took to completely fill her up.

Noticing that such a gentle approach might be more troublesome, Nik finally took the matter to his own hands. Just like how he snapped and spoke the truth swiftly, he decided to make Souko realise the truth that no matter how seductively she starts, it won't matter if his full length doesn't taste her relishing interior.

Taking ahold of her waist, Nik raised his own h.i.p.s while using his, now extraordinary, strength to exert his tip further, pushing Souko to the unimaginable hells of carnal pleasure as a sweet m.o.a.n escaped her gasping throat followed by a loud, beastly growl.


Souko's h.i.p.s shook back and forth as she immediately bit on her own finger to keep her sanity while her perfect face morphed into the slowly drooling mess with an unfocused gaze.

Right now, her half-clothed body and the breathtaking expression immediately made Nik's heart itch, making him push the final depth in one go.


If the others hadn't woken up before, they surely would wake up now.

But Nik cared no further. With his full length embedded inside her moist, tight cave that squeezed around his c.o.c.k, reluctance of losing Nik's c.o.c.k evident in the intensity of squeeze as Souko's butthole clenched while she instinctively placed her left hand on Nik's chest before assuming a crouching position on the couch.

Not waiting further, Souko actually moved on her own. Her own p.u.s.s.y juice leaking in enough quantity to make the experience pleasurable while Souko squeezed on Nik only after her butt cheeks kissed his crotch with a slapping sound.

In such a position, it would've been hard to reach Souko's face and kiss her lips that couldn't keep hold of her succulent tongue, after all, his spine might have been affected negatively.

But that was before, when he could still be considered a normal human being. Such consideration didn't reflect in his actions as he raised his upper body to take Souko's lips while placing his other hand on the base of her h.i.p.s, near the dimples of the h.i.p.s.

Whenever Souko raised her h.i.p.s, Nik would use his own hand to slam her butt down, enveloping his c.o.c.k to the extreme while pushing her inner walls deeper and deeper, making Souko slowly lose the main objective she came here for.

Only the thought of completely devouring Nik remained only to find her own self losing. Her innards convulsed alongside the rapid throbs of Nik's c.o.c.ks before Souko failed to hold it in anymore.

Even with her shrieks and m.o.a.ns controlled to the bare minimum, a loud m.o.a.n escaped into Nik's lips alongside her delicious saliva while he still expertly played with her tongue.

His left hand on her plump and round ass while his right hand on her exposed b.r.e.a.s.t, enjoying the bouncing b.r.e.a.s.t to its utmost.

As Nik's c.o.c.k glided and struck Souko's weaker points, her p.u.s.s.y convulsed one last time before squeezing extremely tightly while a pressurised squirt attacked Nik's c.o.c.k, only for him to grunt in continued pleasure while counter-attacking with a spray of his own, devil-spunk. Hot, virile s.e.m.e.n painted Souko's innards anew as she felt her body lose strength.

"Hah~ Oh my gahd! Nik! Aanngghhh!"

Souko's m.o.a.ns escaped once more as she felt Nik's c.o.c.k within her twitch to life once again.

"Let's continue!"

Nik didn't delay in sending the partner invite which was duly accepted while Nik changed the position with pressing Souko on the couch and taking her from the back. Even after letting out a huge load deep within her warm cave, Nik still felt quite alive, something, which was quite a refreshing feeling for him.


As hours of continued m.o.a.ns escaped Souko's untiring lips, Okusan felt slightly scared.

"He... is still going on? It's already 7 in the morning."

Beside Okusan laid Mitsuko, completely n.a.k.e.d, as her ravishing body remained covered in a thin sheet of blanket that perfectly exhibited her curvacious yet slender body.

"It is amazing, I must say... but, even when I hear such tantalizing m.o.a.ns, I wish to vomit... pregnancy really doesn't suit me."

Mitsuko muttered while Okusan glared at her.

"Then woman, you shouldn't have gotten pregnant at your age! What were you even thinking?!!"

Shrugging, Mitsuko simply replied.

"Like I said yesterday. Something happens on their own. And even though I feel slightly uncomfortable, it doesn't change the fact that I truly feel satisfied.

Of course... you can feel it, too, if you ask nicely."

Smiling, Mitsuko sat up while getting dangerously close to the blushing Okusan.

"Eh? Don't do anything weird!"

"Hehe~ You are as cute as ever..."

Mitsuko smiled and touched Okusan's lips before lying on the bed.

"Either way, I am sleeping. Nik is even dedicated enough to make Souko sing such sweet sounds. I'll sleep better this way."

"But... how can I go to the gym?"

Okusan complained.

"Get ready and go?"

Mitsuko spoke without opening her eyes. Rolling her own eyes in response, Okusan hissed.

"But they are doing it in the living room!"

"Well, I think, Kurumi and Sayako are already getting ready. So you have a better chance of going now, rather than later."

As Mitsuko spoke, it was indeed true that Kurumi and Sayako were getting ready for their day while completely ignoring Souko's illicit m.o.a.ns and grunts alongside the tantalizing sound of flesh hitting against each other.

Yes, they felt quite wet and hot, but by now, they had this much of basic control to wait for their elder sibling to finish her matters up before serving themselves.

But today, Souko kept on getting her meal for almost two hours.

"She will definitely call in sick..."

Sayako sighed while Kurumi pouted as she pointed at the strange screen visible to both of them.

"She also partnered-up."

"Not surprising. In fact, not partnering-up with Nik after taking his c.o.c.k with would be strange. Not to mention, I haven't Souko m.o.a.n in such a careless manner in my entire life."


Kurumi sighed in a distressed manner.


3 days, six partners.
[1/5, 1:47 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 24 - Small Price to Pay



With a stare that could practically create an annoying sound within Nik's consciousness, Kurumi kept her pout while walking with frustration apparent in her gait.


Gazing to his left, Nik smiled helplessly at Kurumi as she immediately averted her gaze and twisted her head sideways.

"You know... I was actually sleeping when Souko suddenly came onto me..."

"Sure... you were definitely sleeping while f.u.c.k.i.n.g her for two hours straight, too, right?"

Kurumi muttered while Nik shrugged.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g is such a crude word... I prefer the phrase— bringing heavenly pleasure— for two hours."

Rolling her eyes, Kurumi simply harrumphed and looked away before stealthily sneaking a peek at Nik's face.


Nik suddenly spoke up, making Kurumi shout a strange sound as she got startled. Embarrassed, a crimson hue touched her cheeks as she nodded meekly.

"Of course... in a span of 9 hours, your eyes turned violet and even your body feels kind of different, not to mention..."

As she whispered, her gaze fell on Nik's crotch.

"Well... now, I don't think there is any other way to make you realise that I wasn't lying yesterday, right?"

Nik questioned while Kurumi sighed sadly.

"So after a week..m you'll probably leave us, right?"

Kurumi spoke up, clearly distressed.

"Why would I?"

Nik looked down. At the change of his bloodline, Nik found his physique slightly burlier and he now looked a bit taller than Kurumi as compared to yesterday.

His violet hues locked with Kurumi's honey-gold pupils as Nik smiled gently.

"Leaving you guys is the last thing I wish to do. So don't worry, I'll be here."

At the outrageous charm his face displayed, Kurumi pouted while blushing.

"Figuratively or literally?"

She finally questioned which invoked a mild chuckle from her non-human mate.


Hearing his promise, even though Kurumi felt that she shouldn't believe his words too easily, Kurumi still felt a bit better as her hands wrapped around Nik's arm while she nuzzled her cheek against his shoulder.

"Yeah, you smell better, too."

Nodding at Kurumi's words, Nik smiled.

"Your eldest sister felt the same."

Just like this, the couple made their way towards the school while another duo walked with the school as their destination.

Gazing sidewards, Manabu looked at the lively Megumi who walked while skipping slightly.

'Strange... no accidents occurred today...'

In reality, to slightly make her Maa-kun more interested in herself, Megumi started to perform slightly air-headed action such as revealing her panties 'accidentally' or bending over and pressing her b.r.e.a.s.ts at his back on some occasions. But of course, as of yesterday, with her feelings sorted out by a bit, she did feel a little refreshed.

No longer did she feel compelled to take upon herself to seduce her Maa-kun neither did she feel guilty for moving over her feelings of crush held towards him. After all, Megumi herself liked Manabu while the latter showed no visible interest towards her. Not to mention the fact that she hadn't even actually entered into a committed relationship with him.

Since there were no real feelings, there shouldn't be any guilt. But sadness, Megumi felt plenty. Excitement and exhilaration of what the future might hold for her made Megumi so excited that she soon forgot all about her sadness and even started striking her bokken in the middle of the night, which led her to recall the recent event of losing her v.i.r.g.i.nity, making her feel even more excited.

Until this morning.

'Souko... Souma... another souma? There are already four of them. What the hell is Nik even thinking! Didn't Kurumi say that her eldest sis was...'

Just before her thoughts completely manifested, she recalled how Nik actually defended Kurumi when being accused of debauched actions. After thinking a bit clearly, Megumi also felt that Nik's explanation yesterday was quite reasonable. As if wishing to make one last comparison... Megumi looked at Manabu and suddenly asked out.

"Hey, Maa-kun... what do you think about... women who sleep with a lot of men?"

She barely whispered as Manabu's face showed a wonderful expression interlaced with bright crimson while almost losing his footing.

"Eh? Megumi! What are you even asking?! This— This..."

As he stuttered, Megumi shook her head and continued.

"Calm down Maa-kun... haven't we already taken our s.e.x-ed classes? We should at least feel a bit comfortable when talking about mature stuff or this conversation would just feel plain awkward."

At her sudden glare, Manabu's eyelids twitched as he looked sideways before whispering himself.

"Well... if the act is done as a means of trade to survive... then I can understand... but not otherwise."

Frowning, Megumi tilted her head while they continued walking.

"What do you mean?"

Taking a deep breath while touching the lock of hair that reached his forehead, Manabu spoke a bit clearer.

"I meant... the concept of prostitution is fine by me... but those women who sleep with men casually without any care of their dignity... that I do not like."

Nodding, Megumi pursued.

"How do you define a— woman's dignity?"

Startled, Manabu looked and frowned.

"Woman's dignity?"

Megumi nodded while her hand unconsciously clenched on the lower tip of her packaged bokken.

"Yes, how do you measure a woman's dignity? Or, who defines a woman's dignity?

Or, is there some kind of laws that states that casual relationship is harmful to woman's dignity?"

At her sensible words, even Manabu was forced to admit his blunder.

Looking down, Manabu couldn't help but whisper.

"I think... it's the society that decides such things."

"I see..."

Megumi whispered as they walked silently.


"So... take care. I'll be waiting for you in the afternoon."

Whispering gently, Nik caressed Kurumi's cheeks gently before taking her chin in between his thumb and index finger. Tilting her face up, Nik softly kissed her lips before smiling while gazing into her enamoured honey-gold eyes.

"Alright, off you go."

Whispering, Nik planted a soft kiss on her forehead as the yelps of girls rang across the entire entrance area of the school while boys felt a heavy pressure on their heart.

"Bye, Nik."

Grinning as small dimples formed on either side of her cheeks, Kurumi skipped away happily even when no girl was that willing to come across her after yesterday's events.


A cold snort sounded out as Megumi made her way past Nik while aggressively making him realise her presence.

As Megumi crossed Nik, her eyes flashed a momentary surprise for Nik's changes were too apparent. But she didn't dare show any association with the boy in front of the whole school and quickly made her way past Nik.

"H-hello, Nik."

Behind her followed Manabu, who stuttered at his appearance while nodding politely.

Smiling, as Nik took every girl's heart away, he too, nodded politely.

"Oh, hello there, Manabu. Good luck with your day."

"Ah! Thanks."

As Manabu nodded before leaving, Nik found a blonde boy glaring at him from the school entrance. Finally, with an amused smile, Nik decided to throw the bone towards the dog.

Extending his hands, Nik beckoned at Gunta while curling his index finger, surprising everyone around him while Gunta's eyes almost cracked in rage as she gritted his teeth and made his way outside the school.

Almost at the same time, a loud shout attracted everyone's attention.

"Master! I heard what happened! Let me take care of it!"

The black hulk, Rick, mysteriously appeared behind Nik and looked at Gunta maliciously while the boys felt compelled once more to see the show.

Even when they were severely scolded by their parents for skipping the school yesterday, they didn't have much of a choice. To witness such a fight would definitely be a sight to relish. So what if they skip school? It's merely a small price to pay to witness a great battle.
[1/5, 2:23 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 25 - Cost

A large group of boys garbed in their school uniform moved towards the empty plot near the school. Leading the group of rowdy and boisterous boys was a tall and handsome youth with short black hair and shimmering violet eyes.

As the group finally reached the empty plot that Nik had scouted out during his exploration of the neighborhood yesterday, he stood in the middle of the ground surrounded by large hollow concrete poles stacked at the surroundings.

Jumping on one of the stacks, Nik acted nothing like the gentle and caring individual he was in front of Mitsuko and others. In fact, with a slightly disturbing grin, he sat on the pole and looked at the gathered group.

His eyes landed on the blonde youth with a cold expression as he finally sighed.

"Dude... can you not disturb my girlfriend anymore? She is not interested in you, so, why should you lose your face in front of the whole school..."

Those who expected a great fight fell into despair. They skipped school... AGAIN! But where was the fight? Where was the scene of the enemy of the entire school getting pummeled to the ground? Where was the scene of the angry Rick ripping Gunta apart for harming his master?

The shock came even harder for Rick, who was somewhat privy to Nik's apparent strength.

Even Gunta fell stunned at Nik's words before a loud, almost roar of laughter escaped his mouth. Tears streaked down his cheeks as he kept laughing without any control of his emotions.

"F.u.c.k! And here I thought that you at least had a strap on! But... aren't you just a p.u.s.s.y?!"

Gunta's brash words rang across the empty ground as he continued leisurely.

"Let me tell you this! Once I beat the living hell out of you! I'll get Kurumi! I'll treasure her and protect her! Unlike you!"

The surrounding crowd cheered at his words while the neighbours finally started to feel fed up from all the noise. But they stayed their hand, after all, they all were once brash and young, right?

Hearing his words, Nik sighed and stood up.

"Your name is Gunta, right? Gunta Asaji? Even though you have spoken based on your emotions and don't feel that much hatred for me... even then, you'll have to pay the price of your words.

A cost so unbearable that you might not want to live anymore. But remember, that life is all about losing and gaining stuff.

So, while you will lose someone important to you on this day, don't forget that you'll eventually meet someone who will fill the void in your heart."

"What the f.u.c.k are you saying! F.u.c.k! I am just gonna—"

Before he could finish, Gunta felt troubled speaking up, so did the others. Right in front of their eyes, Nik, who kept his gentle smile actually picked one of the concrete poles with one of his hand and raised it higher and higher.

"Shh, don't interrupt me, Gunta. As social convention dictates, I tried reasoning even when you verbally abused my girlfriend.

Now, you dare hold such tone in front of me?

Honestly, I don't feel any sense of satisfaction if I crush you. Neither have your sins surpassed your lifeline... so, as the price of all your actions towards me, though verbal, I'll be taking your mother."

As Nik spoke, he still casually held the concrete pillar more than thrice of his own size and jumped down, causing a small shock to spread across the ground.

"It this even real..."

One of them muttered, to which, Nik placed down the heavy pillar for all to feel. Meanwhile, Gunta felt the ground sliding from the bottom of his feet as he found his footing dwindling.

If Kurumi could invoke a feeling of fear stemming out of his emotions for the former, then Nik invoked the feeling of absolute dread that stemmed out of his very instincts.

But still, Gunta couldn't stay silent if his own mother was getting dragged into the mess he created. Not after seeing the supernatural strength the opposition suddenly showed.

With gritted teeth, Gunta practically growled akin to a cornered animal.

"What do you mean by that?!!"

"Meaning? I mean that I will do everything you said. I have already crushed you. Your strength, no matter how it looks, doesn't match mine at all. Now that you are defeated, I don't have to beat you senseless.

I only have to treasure your mother and protect your mother, since you, clearly, don't have the qualifications to do so."

Everyone felt a bang exploding inside their consciousness as Gunta fell on the ground, his vision in a disarray.

"What... what?!"

He shouted while looking up at particular malignant Nik, whose head seemed to eclipse the rising sun behind him as all that was visible remained a pair of malevolent violet eyes that seemed to mock his entire existence.

"What? Did you think that I look beautiful so I have to be gentle? That I wear plain clothes so I must be a good person, that's how you judged me, right?"

"Guess what, you shouldn't judge a person based on his appearance. Now, I will make sure that you learn a valuable lesson."

"Pheromone Illusion."

As Nik whispered, a clearly addictive scent escaped from his pore and immediately entered the bodies of the students around him through their own pores. Even Rick was affected.

Soon, they fell into a deep illusion that actually showed whatever they saw right now was simply a hallucination. But, even though this act should have been impossible since it isn't easy to control multiple consciousnesses at once, Nik felt quite natural at it.

[Pheromone Illusion (Lvl 1):

A skill that uses the pheromones suppressed within the bloodline of the Incubus Descendant to elude the consciousness of the beings that are affected by the skill. This skill has the following effects:

Mind Control: Lvl 1

Carnal Desires: Lvl 1

Illusion: Lvl 1]

With his violet eyes glowing dazzlingly, Nik smiled at Gunta particularly happily.

"Now, Gunta, take me to your mother, won't you?"

In fact, Nik did not actually plan to really consummate his meeting with Gunta through his mother. After all, there remained a risk that she won't be that beautiful, considering Gunta's appearance. But before laying his eyes on her, Nik didn't dare conclude anything.

So, two people left a group of dazed students before making their way towards the eastern part of the town.


A/N: I haven't clearly written anything that described Nik's true personality. After all, according to the experiences I have written, he should definitely not be as kind as shown. So, with this event, I will finally introduce the last hentai girl in this world.

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[1/5, 2:24 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 26 - The Frivolous Mother (1)

"Gunta-chan! What are you doing here?!"

A beautiful brunette with light-brown, almost orangish hair colour answered the door as her bespectacled face showed clear signs of surprise. Her short hair reached the nape of her neck while her dark eyes suddenly measured the youth accompanying her son.

'Gunta-chan's friend? Didn't he mingle around with those two reckless kids? And... why isn't he at school?'

No matter how much of a bully Gunta came to be, he was a smart kid with the right scores to always avoid scolding from his mother and teachers after screwing with other kids. Of course, his lackeys were not gifted with his intellect.

On the other hand, Nik's face failed to hide clear signs of surprise plastered on his face.

Looking down at slightly dazed Gunta, Nik carefully noted his facial features before classifying him as ordinary while once again gazing at the woman in front of him.

"Are you... perhaps, Gunta's caretaker? Can I meet his mother?"

Nik analysed her body covered in a blue sweater and dark pants. A perfect figure, comparable to Mitsuko's. Even her round glasses made her look damn cute while her plump lips and charming eyes competed with Sayako's facial charms.

A rare talent.

"Ah! I am sorry, but I am Gunta-chan's mother! What's going on?"

She spoke while looking at Gunta, who showed no response even after his mother waved her hands in front of his face.

Sighing, Nik smiled.

"I see, then you are Mrs Asaji. Your son, Gunta Asaji has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and I brought him here to counsel both of you for his future situation."

Nik presented while placing his hand of Gunta's shoulder.

"Right, Gunta?"

Nik smiled to which, Gunta only nodded without any expression.

"Ah! Please, come right this way!"

Mrs Asaji immediately brought Nik to the living room while sitting alongside her son, right in front of Nik.

"First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Nik Faran and have just shifted to the city.

Currently, I am living in an apartment near the Silver Muscle gym."

Nodding, Gunta's mother finally introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you, Faran-san. I am Kaya Asaji, Gunta-chan's mother. Please, tell me, how can I help you?"

Waving his hands with a smile, Nik continued.

"Please, call me Nik. To understand the situation better, you should hear it from Gunta himself."

At Nik's words, Kaya looked at her son with worry rippling in her gaze as Gunta nodded at Nik's command and finally opened his mouth, revealing his monotone voice.

"Not satisfied by Kurumi Souma suddenly entering into a relationship with Nik Faran, I tried to verbally demoralise her in the school by abusing her in front of her class.

Finding out the situation, Nik brought me to converse peacefully and settle the matter. But I continued my actions and aggrieved him further. Making him take extreme action against me."

As Gunta continued, Kaya's eyes grew wider while her lips trembled slightly.

"What? Come again?"

Sighing, Nik shook his head and snapped his fingers.

Clarity grew within Gunta's gaze as he realised how easily he admitted his mistakes. His face grew ugly while he looked at his mother's quivering expression.

"I always indulged you due to your lack of father's love! But never did I think that you would be so shameless!

Abusing a girl, picking fights! When will you stop?!"

As Kaya's voice grew louder, Nik suddenly chuckled.

At his sudden rude behaviour, Kaya couldn't help but look at Nik with a frown. She was already in a bad mood and even though Nik clearly surpassed any man she has ever seen in the departments of looks, she had greater priorities, like setting her son straight.

"Oh, I am sorry. I didn't realise the problem was such a simple one.

I finally understand. Gunta's brash behaviour and revolting attitude stem from the psychological need of setting himself different to attain the attention of his ideal, whoever he may be.

Then, the answer to such a problem is also quite simple."

Nik smiled as he activated Pheromone Illusion to induce the l.u.s.t of a living being within the range of the skill. Seeing the visible effect on the mother-son duo, Nik continued leisurely.

"Why don't I assume the role of a father? Under my guidance, Gunta will finally turn into a good boy."

As Nik spoke, his eyes seemed to glow dazzlingly while he stood up and made his way across the table that obstructed him from embracing Kaya.

Suddenly, Nik had a thought and then looked at Gunta before he grew dazed once again.

"As I said, it would be quite unfair if I torture you by using your mother. After all, you only offended me verbally.

You don't need to know that your mother's affection belongs to me. Sleep, my adoptive son, for I shall protect you from any harm that may befall upon you."

As Nik whispered, Gunta's eyelids grew heavier while Kaya's face started turning even more flushed as her heated gaze grew upon Nik.

"This house stinks too much... though, you did your best in keeping your son safe, behind his back, many men have already visited this house."

Smiling, Nik looked down at the clearly aroused Kaya.

"Fret not, from now on, as Gunta's adoptive father, I shall take care of his mother and place my utmost attention on you, Kaya."

"What— what is going on?! You did something, didn't you?"

In between her pants, Kaya glared at Nik while the latter shrugged carelessly.

"Of course, other than me, do you find any other stranger?"

As he spoke, he slowly bent and placed his hands under Kaya's thighs and back, picking her up from the couch as she defenceless body felt too soft to touch.

"Stop! You, you are Gunta's friend, right? You don't have to do this?!"

"Kaya, while it may be true that Father and Son have a relationship of that befitting two friends, unfortunately, Gunta isn't mature enough to understand me. So you'll have to be my friend till then.

Now, let's take you to the venue of the commemoration of our friendship.

Tell me, where's your bedroom?"

At Nik's question, Kaya bit her lips while looking down, not daring to meet Nik's charming face as his words only served to make her feel hotter.

"Oh? I see..."

Nik nodded at her silence.

"You wish to be my friend in front of your son, right? So that he can understand me even more quickly.

A wonderful decision, Kaya-mama."

As Kaya's head snapped up in surprise, her full lips were instantly taken by Nik's lips. Her hands that gentle remained on his chest immediately clutched on his shirt while she closed her eyes, feeling the roguish tongue ravaging her insides without her consent, once again, the thought only made her body feel even hotter.

"Hah~ please! Not here!"

Feeling Nik's hand below her back slowly creeping towards her chest, Kaya immediately protested only to feel her body getting placed on the couch. Opening her eyes, she looked at the peacefully sleeping Gunta and then looked at the god that made her body feel akin to a melting rod in a furnace.

"It's quite difficult to please your body while holding you."

At her surprisingly questioning gaze, Nik shrugged and then immediately pushed her down the couch and placed his lips on her pink lips once again. He had already removed her glasses to avoid any chance of injury and let his hands roam over her sweater, outrageously touching and squeezing her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts that held nothing other than the sweater covering them, evident by the dual nubbins poking out.

"Ohhh... haaaa!"

M.o.a.ns and gasps leaked alongside her delicious saliva while Nik's burning crouch rubbed against her smooth stomach, making Kaya fall into the spiral of emotions containing expectations and even embarrassment at the act being committed in front of the child she took care of.

"Kaya, so? This isn't enough to cover up for the mistakes your son committed. You'll have to compensate for the emotional damage caused without holding back."

By now, Nik was only controlling the skill to keep control over Gunta's mind. Meanwhile, the delicious mother beneath him was making decisions for herself. Nik only helped her and guided her towards the right path.

As Kaya's m.o.a.ns interlaced into her saliva while Nik's hands made Kaya's body relax and hotter at the same time, Nik finally concluded that it was the time for the next step.

To finally become Gunta's father, he must become Kaya's man. As a being aspiring to be a great father to outlive the shadow his own father had become, Nik mentally swore that he would never give up on Gunta... of course, Kaya remained included as a package deal.


Finally, this is the last girl of this world and no more girl will be added in this world, hopefully.
[1/5, 2:25 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 27 - The Frivolous Mother (2)


Seductive m.o.a.ns touched Nik's ears as he lowered his face and gently laid a series of hickies across her collarbone. His hands already slithering inside her sweater gently squeezed her melons with both of his hands and let his index finger rub her cherry toppings.

"You really enjoy doing this, right? If I am not wrong, your passionate nights must include a peculiar escapade of enjoying a man while nearby Gunta, right?"

Kaya's eyes opened as her already moistened inner thighs grew wetter at a breakneck pace. A patch of sweet nectar had already claimed the fabric that covered her juicy snatch.

As Kaya's m.o.a.ns only grew louder and restless, Nik swiftly pulled her sweater up, revealing her fair body alongside pink n.i.p.p.l.es that soon found their way inside Nik's mouth as he pressed both of the b.r.e.a.s.ts from the side and sucked on both of her nubbins at the same time.

"Ohhhh! Nik! Nik! Don't.... stahp!!!!"

A roar managed to slip as Kaya's boy couldn't help but tremor due to Nik's warm mouth and the contrasting feeling of cold air grazing past her abdomen and b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Fuah! Can they be any softer?"

Nik questioned himself as he let his left hand inside Kaya's pant, immediately contacting with the wet sensation that covered the entirety of her crotch.

"No panties?"

The revelation pleasantly surprised Nik as he immediately slid his middle finger and index finger in the already soaked p.u.s.s.y and finally raged a battle with the slimy walls within the treasured dungeon that his Excalibur would soon enter.

Nik needed to check ever indents and crevices of her innards to make it safe for his own shaft while he enjoyed the symphony of Kaya's m.o.a.n and grunts that would take a higher pitch whenever he tasted her n.i.p.p.l.es alongside her snatch.

After a few minutes of intense battle of the fingers, Kaya suddenly clenched her thighs, immediately bringing yet another pleasurable sensation to Nik which made him affirm his preference of getting the older women while her hands that gripped on the armrest of the couch latched onto his back, burying his face deeper into her ample bosom, to which, Nik responded with sucking her lonely right tit as he completely disregarded her dangerously clamping p.u.s.s.y and stretched his fingers outward, counter-attacking mercilessly.


The intense tremor passed as quickly as it arrived while Kaya's already suppressed body fell limp on the couch once again. Her thighs loosened as her nectar gushed out of her snatch as if a dam had been broken.

Sighing, Nik brought his soaked hands towards his lips before tasting the nectar that this sweet woman could produce.

"A pity... I should have not wasted it..."

Licking his index finger, Nik momentarily stood up and removed his own clothes since Kaya wasn't in any state to do so while he also remained considerate enough to pull her pants down.

Unlike Mitsuko, Kaya actually featured a neatly trimmed, almost orangish pubes that didn't seem to have much of reach anyway while her soaked slit alongside the continuously twitching treasured jewel remained a sight to behold.

This, alongside her somewhat dazed face, made Nik smiled as she pressed his rod against her opening. Of course, the hot sensation immediately brought Kaya to reality who almost passed out once again after seeing the size she would be accommodating soon enough.

"So? Like what you see?"

Nik smiled gently as he pulled Kaya a bit by placing his hands on her thighs, making it a bit more comforting for both of them.


Unable to hold her speech in front of the glorious rod, Kaya simply failed to form her thoughts. But thoughts she did not need. The burning sensation was enough for her to realise that all of this wasn't a dream.

Though a frivolous mother, Kaya had a rule to never ever actually allow any man that lived nearby their house as this may negatively affect Gunta if the news leaked out.

But surely, she could make exceptions for some cases, right?

As Kaya wondered as her eyes remained glued on the point of connection, she wished to actually witness if her body could really hold Nik or not?

"I see... a brave one, a s.l.u.tty one, a caring one and a cute one combined all together. A wonderful combination."

His whispers failed to distract Kaya as she looked at the spot seriously. Taking the hint, he slowly thrust his hip, stretching Kaya to the limit. But still, someone who had already withstood her pregnancy without any drugs, Kaya simply bit her lips as her snatch naturally clamped down, an involuntary action.

Taking quick, shallow breaths, Kaya slowly loosened her innards, allowing a more accommodation for Nik's member as he continued down the path of deflowering her again.

If this wasn't just like the time of her defloration, then what was it?

Her p.u.s.s.y ached in pain, and yet, relished the feeling of getting filled up to its core, pushed against its w.o.m.b and pounded till hell breaks loose, washing her innards sticky white.

If her husband felt the giant during her honeymoon, then Nik held the title of Titan God. Her m.o.a.ns slowly emerged once again while Nik started moving slowly, increasing the pace and intensity of his thrusts steadily.

"Ohh! Nik! Hnnnghh!"

Her sweet spots enjoyed various areas of his c.o.c.k simultaneously. His grunts leaked every now and then while Kaya had already lost all her bearings.

Her bosom left untended only to jiggle and increase the visual charm of this frivolous mother while her innards sucked Nik deeper and deeper, disregarding the fact that he was already plunging deep into her w.o.m.b, literally filling her completely.

"Kiss me! Nik, kisssshhhhh~"

Before he needy grunts could complete, a torrent of m.o.a.ns would make its way out of her sultry tongue, her rolled-up eyes continued to struggle to remain conscious as her embrace around Nik's waist grew tighter and tighter.

Descending, Nik's lips stole the surroundings of the beautiful melody Kaya's m.o.a.ns had already become and solely enjoyed everything regarding Kaya by himself.

His h.i.p.s flew while Kaya's crotch danced around his shaft. The 'shlucking' sound of her soaked p.u.s.s.y getting pounded while the melodious music of the flesh hitting each other accompanied Gunta to his sleep, a blissful smile slowly formed on his face, as if he was having a good dream.


"Ooh! Gunta! I am so sorry! I am doing this with your father in front of yuuuhhhhhhhh!"

Kaya's apologies once again got interrupted as Nik pushed her onto his d.i.c.k once again, piercing her p.u.s.s.y through and through while crystal clear fountain of liquid flew in the air and landed on Gunta's face for the umpteenth time.

With her back pressed against Nik's chest while her knees pulled up and locked against his strong arms only to place his hands against the back of her head, Kaya finally got to enjoy one of her wishes, the full nelson position.

Of course, taking such an unsavoury position wasn't her wish, but what could she do? She was given clear commands by Gunta's father, he only man that he needed to witness their ritual of friendship.

Honestly, even when f.u.c.k.i.e.d-silly, Kaya still wondered how Nik could pull this position.

It is to be noted that she had tried to have s.e.x with many men in the same position, but many of them simply didn't have the strength to assume the position, while those who did couldn't put their back in the thrusts.

Her saliva dripped onto her b.r.e.a.s.ts as Nik kept on pounding without any stop. Even though her stomach still remained slightly bulging due to his unimaginable load of s.e.m.e.n inside her, Nik still continued.

The nectar fountain once again failed to wake up Gunta, whose face was already a mess while Nik couldn't help but sigh in distress.

In this position, neither could he feel her perky and round butt, nor could he suck her b.r.e.a.s.ts. His hands had to carry out the menial task of locking her knees in the air while f.u.c.k.i.n.g her in the scandalous position that completely exposed Kaya to the air.

'Maybe... that's the whole point of this position...'

As Nik thought, he finally felt his gates breaking once again. His girth grew wider while his veins throbbed momentarily, notifying Kaya's white-stained p.u.s.s.y of her master's new load once again.

"Yesh! Yesh! Yesh!

Deep! I want it deep within me!"

Her growls grew louder with nothing to hold her lips with as Nik finally sprayed his load deep into her p.u.s.s.y once again. The obvious bulge grew a bit larger as Kaya's eyes finally rolled up. Her sweaty body lost all its strength and finally, the intense session of friendship came to its intended climax.


'Huh? What's this stink?'

Gunta frowned as he looked at his gently smiling mother while looking back at Nik with defeat and embarrassment in his eyes.

"I am sorry, once again, Nik. I shouldn't have let my emotions take control of my rationale.

Tomorrow, I will apologise to Souma-san, too."

Nodding, Nik smiled genuinely. This was the best outcome he could hope for.

He got to f.u.c.k and partner-up with a beautiful mother with quite a s.e.xy body, his girlfriend would get her due apology and the person who caused everything was controlled by his skill and manipulated into thinking that he should be the one to lower his head.

But something else surprised Nik and Kaya extremely.

"Nik, just like Rick, take me into your fold. Accept me as your disciple! You could get Souma-san's heart! Teach it to me!"

His declaration silenced his a.d.u.l.terous 'parents'.


Taking a deep breath, Nik finally reorganised himself and looked at Kaya with a smile.

"Alright. Now tell me, who's your master?"

As Gunta's vigorous shout— You are!— was completely ignored by Nik, a smile finally formed on his lips as Kaya slowly mouthed— You are.

[1/5, 2:25 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 28 - A Warm Date (1)

"Ohh! You finally return? How was this new woman? Kaya Asaji, was it?"

Sweat drenched, evidently returning back from the gym, Kyouko looked at Nik's goofy smile and snorted coldly.

"Yes, a fine taste befitting a fine woman."

Nik nodded while playing around with the remote control. Even though his civilisation was quite similar to this world's, the people of his previous world never actually stayed inside their home to watch a single digital screen.


Cursing, Kyouko decided to walk away and cool her steam with a nice long bath only to get her wrist taken by Nik, getting pulled by Nik over his lips, her round, shapely buttocks right in front of his face. The black tights caused Nik to squeeze her perky ass, making Kyouko yelp!

"Hey! What's the big idea?! I told you, not sugar till date! And let me bath!"

Shaking his head, Nik used both of his hand to spread her meaty, plump butt as his hands couldn't help but squeeze and pinch even tighter. Her ass was a drug that his hands got addicted to.

"You know, Kyouko, I learnt a new position today. Kaya called it— the full nelson— Wanna do it?"

Hissing, Kyouko controlled her breathing as to not leak any m.o.a.ns and finally frowned and muttered.

"Sure, you can do it! But didn't we agree on a date? Are you not even going to entertain this much of my wish?"

Still handling her butt exquisitely, Nik smiled and looked at Kyouko, whose back and smooth neck were revealed due to her pink hair tied up.

"You certainly have more to say, right?" Nik questioned before continuing.

"Don't hold back, lay it out."

Kyouko shook her head and sighed.

"Mitsuko... she asked for a baby and you gave it to her... that's a big responsibility Nik. Being a father... Are you really up for it? Don't you feel scared that your actions, in nine months, would affect an innocent life?

Sure, we are broken women that don't mind sharing a capable man... but is this what you want from your child?"

Narrowing, Nik finally stopped massaging her butt and sighed. Helping her sit up, of course, on his lap, Nik gently embraced her from the back.


"And..." Kyouko took a deep breath before placing her hands above Nik, who gently wrapped his arms around her stomach.

"And... one day, if you found out that your baby girl or baby boy grew up to be like us? Can you really accept it?"

"Didn't I accept you?"

Nik voiced to which, Kyouko only shook her head.

"It's not the same. I don't know the feeling, but I definitely know that if my actions turned my own daughter... or my own son into, what I categorise as— the worst decisions of my youth—... then I don't know how to feel in such situation.

Society doesn't accept a widow visited by drunk men, right? You are different. You are closer to us than to society. But that doesn't mean your kids would be like you, or me or Mitsuko and others.

Let me ask you this... if Mitsuko was your daughter, assuming that you two do not have any kind of s.e.x.u.a.l relationship even considering both of your characteristics... could you ever accept such a daughter?"

As Kuouko's voice shivered, Nik softly laid his lips on the nape of her neck before replying, almost snapping.

"In a heartbeat."


Kyouko finally turned her head sideways only to gaze at a smiling Nik.

"If Mitsuko were to be my daughter and indulged in such actions, I would still accept her. My mother... used to say— A Harlot's popular reputation is thousands of times better than a knight's glory, that is carved by the blood of living beings— so, not only would I accept Mitsuko, I would also teach that the men she has been using aren't enough to satisfy her.

With that, I will find my daughter the perfect candidate. And if such a candidate doesn't exist, then I'll sacrifice my relationship with my daughter to completely satisfy her."

At first, Kyouko did feel a bit better after hearing Nik's words. After hearing that Mitsuko was already pregnant while her own w.o.m.b remained barren with no life to birth, she felt incomparably depressed. But, when she heard Nik's latter sentence, she couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Shameless! Both of you!"

Since she was still looking at Nik, Kyouko failed to look out for the sudden strike on her cheek. A soft kiss before a mild voice escaped through a gentle chuckle.

"Shameless, yes, we are."

Mitsuko, not wearing anything other than a short apron that completely revealed her assets, smiled at Kyouko with delight and amus.e.m.e.nt showing within her eyes.

"Eh? You are here?"

At her response, Mitsuko couldn't help but smile brilliantly.

"Did you forget that I live here, too, Roomy?"


Nik laughed as he finally let go of the embarrassed Kyouko.

"Shame on both of you! Teasing a troubled woman!"

Clenching her jaws, Kyouko shouted while pointing at the snickering duo.

Ignoring Kuouko's shout, Mitsuko bent down and lapped up Nik's lips and tongue into hers while Kyouko almost cursed out as she saw her wet and sloppy p.u.s.s.y pressed against her face.

But Kyouko couldn't deny that Mitsuko didn't look like a mother of three daughters...

'I must know the secret to her bu— no, ass— no, body.'

As Kyouka confirmed her thoughts, Mitsuko finally stood up while Nik looked at Kyouko.

"So? Get ready!"

"Get ready?"

Kyouko questioned.

"Yep! For a date! I am still understanding the premise of the date, but I think that small preparations are enough for the first try."

Nik nodded while Kyouko sighed.

"But... it's still morning. Who goes on a date in the morning?"

"Will you get ready? Date is just about food, right?"

At his words, Kyouko snorted and then finally, Mitsuko smiled and held Kuouko's hand.

"Let me help you with your preparations. Nik, you should wash up and get ready yourself."

Smilingly, Mitsuko looked back before suddenly speaking out.

"Oh yeah, be sure to bring... Kaya-san whenever you feel like it. I would like to make acquaintance with her."

Nodding naturally, Nik stood up while Mitsuko led a strangely anxious Kyouko to her own bedroom.



The door clicked open as Nik stood up, his violet gaze fell on Kyouko, garbed in a beautiful, frilled sky-blue sundress. The darkened neckline reached down her collarbone while exposing the beginning of her milky white b.r.e.a.s.ts as the rest of the skirt flowed down naturally. Her fidgeting figure didn't go well with her mature and ripe body, but those anxious green eyes finally pulled a smile from Nik's lips.

"You look beautiful, Kyouko."

"Y-you, too."

With the front of his black hair slightly fashioned up while his body finally covered in a slightly youthful t-shirt that went well with his toned physique. The cuts of his muscles exposed on his forearms were a sight to behold.

Walking forward, Nik slowly extended his hands towards Kyouko as she felt slightly nervous.

Hesitation formed from her past experiences almost overcame her thoughts as she suddenly felt a slight push behind her back only to find a gently smiling Mitsuko looking at her.

Gathering her courage, Kyouko nodded appreciatively at Mitsuko and finally looked back to Nik.

A brilliant smile escaped her own lips.

"Let's go."

With that, she took Nik's hand, who in return, looked at Mitsuko and gave her a nod while speaking.

"We'll return safely."

Shrugging, Mitsuko chuckled.

"Sure you will."
[1/5, 2:27 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 29 - A Warm Date (2)

"Do we really need to do this?"

Kyouko lowered her head in embarrassment as her eyes could actually see her own bosom tremble with each step, intensifying the shame she felt. Not to mention the gazes sent towards their direction and the bold action of holding hands in public.

Squeezing her hand gently, Nik looked sideways. Just a day before, he was still slightly shorter than Kyouko, but after the sudden bloodline ritual, he grew a bit, making him slightly taller than Kyouko.

"Fine, I'll leave your hand. If that's what you want."

Smiling, Nik let his grip loose only to find Kyouko gripping his hand tightly. His widening smile didn't remain unregistered as Kyouko sighed with distress.

"At least act accordingly. You know, I have the right to say such things. Other than my... well, aside from you, only one person was allowed to take my hand."

Whispering, Kyouko walked a bit quicker, hiding a gentle curve on her lips as she felt Nik's hand squeezing her right hand once again.

Suddenly, she turned and looked at Nik with expectations embedded within her gaze.

"So? Where are we going?"

Gazing at Kyouko's turning figure while sunlight shone over her face, Nik couldn't help but feel a little gratified.

"Well, I don't have that much of a surprise planned. I found this interesting place yesterday. Let me take you there."

Along the way, Nik made a few stops to taste the local dishes and snack foods while chatting and learning more about this world. In fact, he didn't have a very special date in his mind, and admittedly, he really went along Kyouko just to have his way with her later.

But in some moments of the date, he forgot about his own nefarious thoughts. His heart felt satisfied when he gazed upon Kyouko gently brushing her locks behind her hair while blowing at hot skewers. He felt happy when she pouted as he would definitely be pinching and groping her butt when no gazes trailed over them.

At some moments, he would actually pick her up while dashing across the street while relishing the yelps of surprise while Okusan would definitely smile when the rushing wind grazed past her cheeks.

Somehow, during their date, they started to finally appreciate each other. Not each other's beauty, but each other's personality. Even Kyouko started expecting Nik's regular groping while she would boldly respond by pulling him into a nearby valley, then checking if there was anyone present inside the valley before engaging in a passionate kiss. Their tongues would intertwine, their chest would press against each other, but that was it.

Nik, to his own surprise, kept his word and didn't even try to initiate or coax Kyouko into having s.e.x with her in public. Though exciting, Nik felt that it would not only ruin Kyouko's mood after the deed, but even his own.

Meanwhile, Kyouko admittedly felt that it wouldn't be bad to actually give her body to Nik in public. In fact, the thought excited her deeply. But after many passionate kisses, Kyouko actually felt thankful that Nik held his hand.

Left during noontime, the couple still didn't have a single thought of returning home even when the evening glow touched their skin and hair.

Walking hand-in-hand, Nik led to various places while Kyouko followed everywhere with a smile until she finally admitted her own tiredness, making Nik smile before picking her up and dashing towards the final destination of the date.


"We got too late..."

Okusan muttered as she rested her back on the ground by placing her hands back and supporting her body through her shoulders. The open field remained covered by trees. In fact, it was quite surprising how much Nik found about this place within the span of a day.

Even Kyouko didn't know about that many stands that sold local snacks.

Humming in approval, Nik simply closed his eyes and enjoyed Kyouko's lap pillow. In fact, Nik wanted to watch the sparse stars in the evening sky, but the underside of Kyouko's b.r.e.a.s.ts wasn't a sight that could be sacrificed for mere twinkling Celestial bodies millions of lightyears away.

"But Nik, thank you for such a wonderful date and... thank you for not..."

A flush reached Kyouko's cheeks as she felt embarrassed at how easily she let her own desire take control of her even after she repeated the phrase— No date, no sugar.

"Don't mention it... I am glad, that you enjoyed your time with me, honestly."

Okusan smiled as she slowly laid down on the ground, finally giving Nik access to the evening sky while her b.r.e.a.s.ts, that weren't covered in undergarment due to the characteristics of a sundress, gently pressed downwards, as if they were jellies.

"What about you, Nik? Did you enjoy your time with me?"

Okusan asked while she looked at the sparsely covered sky as her thoughts remained unknown.

"So much that I want to do it again."

Nik replied, to which Okusan let out a relieved smile.

"I am glad."

"Hey, Kyouko... do you think about him?"

Nik suddenly asked. He had heard a bit about Kyouko's husband from Souko. In fact, Mitsuko and Kyouko knew each other from their school life.

Sighing, Kyouko fell silent before her lips parted.

"Not only him... everyone. Whether a man stayed with me for a night, a month or even pledged to walk alongside me for the rest of my life.

In the end, I can only remember them."

"I see..."

Nik didn't comment, in fact, he couldn't. But he couldn't remain silent, too.

As he reorganised his thoughts to speak something comforting, Kyouko spoke out.

"What do you think of me, Nik? What would you do, if I say that I did think of my husband at some parts of our date? What would you say if I told you that aside from physique, your smile, your actions and your ability to keep your word matches my late husband to a horrifying degree?"

Distinguishing the tremor in her words, Nik fell silent once again. Could he actually lie to her just to comfort her? Could he lie to himself?

Sure, once a sc.u.m, always a sc.u.m. His actions allowed him to understand that he wasn't a good guy.

Raping Megumi, taking advantage of Kaya... even though, the ending result came out satisfactory, the fact remains, that he did what he wished to without the care of others' thoughts.

This self-realization made Nik thank his fortune that even after his actions of taking so many women in a span of few days, Mitsuko, Kyouko and others didn't actually avoid him.

This also made him realise, that he couldn't lie. At least, not to himself.

"What would I say?"

Nik muttered while Kyouko felt a wave of anxiousness pass through her body.

Taking a deep breath, Nik finally spoke softly.

"I say... be my Okusan, Kyouko. Keep your late husband in your heart. Never forget about him. From the way you speak of him... he is definitely a good guy, but..."

Slowly sitting up, Nik found Kyouko covering her eyes with her arms as a crystal clear stream of tears flowed down. Biting her lips, she wept silently.

Placing his hand on her shuddering arm, Nik smiled softly.

"But don't feel guilty. Take his memories as a blessing and move forward with me. I'll be there for you. I'll make you forget about others, but make sure that your late husband, who watched over you and prayed for your health remains in your heart."

Looking at the slowly darkening sky, Nik recalled that this was his main world. That meant, he still had to successfully survive a new world. The dangers were clear and here he was, making empty promises to a woman he had only met for a few days.

"Okusan... even if I don't feel unhappy with your husband, I surely envy the man. So if something happened to me... only 'if'... then, can I ask you to remember me, t—"

With a sudden push, Nik found his back touching the ground while his lips instantly connected with Okusan's. Her tongue slid into his mouth and actively sought out his tongue, her tear-filled eyes remained closed while her hands immediately pushed his t-shirt up and found her hands roaming across the buckle of his belt, immediately undoing his pants.

Though surprised, Nik didn't feel like stopping himself either.

"Muaaah! Don't you dare say that! Not in front of my face!"

She spoke hurriedly in between their kiss as she immediately cupped his cheeks and pressed for an even aggressive kiss.

"How could you even say that in front of my face?! Nik... how could you be so cruel?!"

Her glistening emerald eyes glowed brighter than any star in the dark sky. The coldness from the ground spread across his back, yet, his heart felt incomparably warm and passionate.

"I didn't mean—"

As Okusan didn't even give Nik time to explain, she brought her hands down once again and immediately felt the only hot thing that the cold boy had to give her. She needed his warmth, and the rod in between her hands was the source of her desired warmth.

Sitting up on Nik's waist while straddling his sides through her knees and thighs, Okusan immediately removed her sundress, revealed her b.r.e.a.s.ts and a white thong that made her look incomparably pure.

With warm tears interlaced with the guilt of moving on while the happiness of finding a new partner, Okusan softly whispered as she positioned her already moistened snatch above the tip of his c.o.c.k, slowly grinding her entrance against his own exposed tip.

"Nik... take me... please."

Her whispers compelled Nik to take action... no, in fact, her whispers actually remained Nik's salvation as he almost concluded his own unfortunate death in the near future in his own mind. With a solemn expression, he nodded. His eyes seriously gazed at her body's contours and then burnt the sight of her crying face within his mind and heart.

Moving his hip up, completing Okusan's request and cries of help, his c.o.c.k reached deep within her snatch almost instantly. Even the slightly increased girth and length failed to find any stops.

Okusan's knees instantly felt weak as she could no longer maintain her crouching position, her hands immediately sought for support on Nik's chest as Nik finally pulled her into a loving embrace.

"I won't leave you... I won't ever think of leaving you."

His whispers dominated Okusan's sense of hearing. She didn't wish to hear the symphony of their flesh hitting each other. She didn't wish to focus on the pleasing massage Nik's hand provided to her butt. She only wished to feel his warmth filling her up and his whispers, comforting her heart.

"So be my Okusan. From now on, you are my Okusan!"

His words grew aggressive against his grunts while Okusan's heart only felt calmer and sweeter.

She finally felt it all at almost the same time. Nik's hard throbbing c.o.c.k pushing her innards further while she clamped on him, making the experience more pleasing for both of them. His thumb stretched her anus while she actively clenched her butt, her ass kept on getting spread while her mouth soon found her solace in Nik's warm mouth. No longer did his body feel cold.

No longer did she feel guilt.

No longer did she feel empty. While she enjoyed a little escapade after her bath, that couldn't even come close to how good she felt right now.

"Nik! Hnnghhhhh! Ohhhh! Nik! I'm gonna! I'm gonna!"

Her screams cut short by Nil's rapid pounding that served to bring her to the Heaven of Carnal Pleasure. No longer did she feel the need to remember those who left her willingly.

Taking the remaining bits of the memories of her late husband as the graceful blessings, Okusan finally came against Nik's deep-reaching rod while he, somehow, came alongside her. His spunk united with her nectar as Okusan's body shook. Her w.o.m.b felt warm, full and expanding by the sheer intensity of his climax.

But soon, she found that Nik wasn't even close to stopping. His seed was pushed forward to make space for ever-releasing spunk as Okusan couldn't help but m.o.a.n in pleasure.

As the night grew darker, their pale-skinned body illuminated under the gentle moonlight interlaced with each other, melting into a single entity.

Truly, this date was a memorable event for both of them even in the coming years.

[1/5, 2:28 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 30 - Transfer

"Oh~ You guys sure look quite satisfied."

Souko cheered at Nik's arrival as the blushing maiden Okusan had become clearly showed that she was defiled by their nefarious man, again and again, the stand of grass stuck on her head gave clear evidence to how successful their date went.

If that wasn't a clear indication, then getting her b.r.e.a.s.ts exposed out of her sundress and played with in front of their eyes now clarified that Okusan had finally fallen to Nik's demonic hands.

"Alright! I wanted to share a piece of news with you all and also describe what I actually do."

As Nik finally gave Okusan's b.r.e.a.s.t their last squeeze, he picked her up and sat in between Sayako and Souko while gently placing Okusan on his laps. Mitsuko and Kurumi joined in the opposite couch as their eyes revealed their curiosity.

In fact, out of all of the ladies present, only Souko presented a calm front as she slightly leaned towards Nik. She still retained the aftertaste of their morning session and surprisingly, she could easily stop her own s.e.x.u.a.l advances towards her own juniors.

Truly, she didn't know that the feeling of satisfaction could be so great.

Of course, out of them, only one remained a bit frustrated.

Sayako Souma.

Not being able to taste Nik even once while he actually orgasmed her to a refreshing sleep really struck her pride. So, once again, she started acc.u.mulating her frustration. Of course, this time, instead of strangers, she would have used her special playthings to relieve herself, but that felt quite sad as out of her family, only she remained 'untainted'.

In fact, this evening, Kurumi even had the nerve of making fun of her while her own Mother chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt.


As Nik let Okusan get comfortable on his laps, he placed his hands on the duo Souma siblings waist and brought them closer. After he was finally covered with beautiful ladies except for his back, Nik took a deep breath and spoke out.

"As you all know, I am not from this world. I have explained the basics to Souko. Out of my seven partners, only two remain oblivious of this fact.

Either way, you should know that I will be 'disappearing' in two days, credits to the system."

As Nik spoke till here, a flash of disappointment passed by the face of each and everyone, except Souko, who still remained nonchalant.

"After I travel... and complete my mission, I will return in three days minimum, or seven days maximum."

His next statement caused all of them to raise their eyes brows in surprise.

"This means—"

Mitsuko tried speaking up, but surprisingly, she suddenly felt emotional while Nik smiled.

"Yeah. This means, I left my home planet. Either way, now comes the main part of the discussion."

As Nik turned serious, his voice suddenly appeared within the consciousness of the girls present inside the living room.

"If you can hear me, then nod your head."

Mitsuko's and others' eyes widened in surprise as they immediately looked at Nik together. Even Okusan had jumped up in surprise while she finally couldn't keep the remaining spunk embedded deep within her. A trail of viscous and creamy liquid slid down her thighs as the girls' attention was successfully taken by the embarrassed and blushing Okusan.

To make matters worse, Nik's voice appeared within them once again.

"We did it for almost two hours... nonstop!"


Okusan immediately shouted while internally, she felt scared by the hungry look within the eyes of the Souma family as their gaze trailed across her thighs again and again.

"I-I am going to freshen up! You can talk to me while I bath!"

She immediately ran off, leaving a trail of a liquid birthed by the mixture of her own sweet nectar and Nil's devilish spunk.

"What a waste..."

Sayako sighed while her family agreed with nods.

"Either way, now, try calling 'Rules' inside your mind."

As Nik spoke, the five inside the Okusan apartment did as asked and a holographic screen appeared in front of them, describing the rules of the system to the girls.

As they continued to read, their expression got heavy while a trace of worry flashed within their eyes.

"Nik... even though we don't have many restrictions as your partner... but you..."

Kurumi opened up as she bit her lip. The implications of the rules were clear.

"Don't worry. Yes, the process of completing the task is a continuous one. Failure may even turn out to be my demise... but, as my partners, you get to live a better life."

"This isn't what we want."

Mitsuko suddenly spoke, almost snapping as the look of rage appeared in her expression for the first time.

"What kind of sick joke is this?! Travel to other worlds and commit atrocities in the name of something you haven't even seen.

And even then, failure leads to an untimely death! Are you really even willing to bear responsibility after all your promises?!"

Mitsuko's shout finally made others realise once again that she was pregnant.

Her lips quivered when suddenly, a light sobbing sound reached out of Okusan's room.

The surroundings got even heavier as Nik took a deep breath and calmed himself.

"I cannot understand what would be going through all of you... I really don't..."

Nik whispered as he looked at Mitsuko in the eyes. This time, his whispers were communicated through telepathy once again so that he could console Okusan as well.

"But... to achieve my dreams, I already went through a painful and horrible death. I don't ever plan to commit actions without a plan... more so, now. When I have too much to lose.

All of you... even though I haven't spent much time with you all, made me realise that living a lonely life sucks... dying alone sucks even more.

We can never escape death, at least, not now.

But, there are things I cannot avoid. It may be selfish to ask this of you all... but believe in me. Believe that I will return. If not for you all, then at least, I have to return and become a great father for my kid."

As their eyelids drooped in defeat while warm tears touched Mitsuko's cheeks, who could only embrace her youngest daughter to lighten the burden her heart was getting crushed under, Sayako suddenly sighed loudly.

"Is there anything else you would like to share? If you are hiding anything, now is the time to share."

The Souma family looked at her and then back at Nik as he nodded.

"Yes, what I wanted to discuss was actually a strange thing about this world. As you now understand, there are two types of world transfer— Limited Rank and Open World. As a Rank 1, I will only get transferred and commanded to a quest within the ranks of Rank 1 host.

So, that means, this world also falls under Rank 1, where, monsters like me that defy human logic may enter someday.

Should that happen in my absence, you need to immediately think of me, seriously with unnerving concentration so that I can understand that you are in trouble.

Is that alright with you guys?"

Even though distressed, the girls nodded while Okusan's sobbing grew lighter and lighter.

"What are your plans for the next two days?"

Souko spoke up as Nik suddenly smiled.

"Of course, tonight, I must satiate the honor student named Sayako Souma. If she remains unsatisfied, her studies might get affected. Now, we can't have that, right?"

His words made the trio daughters roll their eyes while a mild giggle escaped Mitsuko. Even though she had something to say, she kept quiet for the moment.

With that said, Nik immediately picked Sayako and brought her to his bed while releasing his Pheromone Illusion to increase the carnal desire of everyone inside the apartment.

Sayako's clothes flew high in the air as she licked her lips and pulled Nik into a passionate kiss. This time around, her hands didn't remain unused. Touching each and every muscle of his body while pushing Nik on the bed, Sayako seductively raised her h.i.p.s and wiggled her butt in front of Nik.

Her soaked snatch dripped with p.u.s.s.y as droplets of crystal clear nectar touched his abdominal muscles.

But pleasantly surprised, Nik soon found out that Sayako wasn't even planning of pleasing her juicy cunt as she took his shaft and slowly adjusted its entrance against her butthole.


A satisfied cry emerged from Sayako's throat as Nik slowly raised his h.i.p.s and entered her butt gently.


Hot walls clamped up almost instantly his crotch touched her butt cheeks. Sayako's body trembled, yet, she still remained in her crouching position while Nik supported her by taking her hands. With a gaze filled with appreciation and l.u.s.t, Sayako immediately grinned as she raised her h.i.p.s and brought them down in one fall, a smacking sound resounded while Nik soon found four glittering pairs of eyes from the small gap of the door.

Smiling, he increased the intensity of his skill to its maximum as Sayako's body immediately trembled, her anus clenched as she rotated her h.i.p.s while she couldn't help but let out a satisfactory squirt on his abs.

Soon, a c.u.m-soaked Sayako fell on the body while Nik smilingly opened the door for the other hungry women.

He was a treat with a big heart, he was definitely willing to share his love with his own women.

Words needn't ruin the mood as Nik thoroughly struck each one of them. Soon, sweat-covered bodies fell right alongside Sayako's as their p.u.s.s.y leaked the elixir of nectar and spunk combined.

Of course, that day, Nik left the girls to their loving embrace while he himself shifted to the master bedroom and enjoyed a night's sleep.


In the coming two days, Nik duly visited Kaya to fill her up behind his disciple's back while he would also return to school after having his time with Kaya to pick Kurumi up while trying to communicate with Megumi.

Of course, she started avoiding him a bit after finding out that Gunta's mother herself had fallen to his fold.

Of course, her embarrassed blushes were enough to satisfy Nik as she still didn't know he was going to leave for a few days in this world.

Kaya was finally informed about his true situation and introduced to other women. To his surprise, once again, Mitsuko seemed to know Kaya from a 'party'. With three housewives finally introduced, Nik didn't have any worries that they might get bored as they could definitely meet up.

Finally, the day of his transfer arrived and all the women, except Megumi, appeared in Nik's room at 11:53 pm.

With a smile, Nik instructed them one last time that they need to call for him should any troubles arise while he did tell them not to expose the truth to Megumi. While Kurumi, Megumi's peer, was quite mature for her age when dealing in serious matters, the same couldn't be said for Megumi.

She was slightly brash and lively. So, Nik still couldn't comprehend Megumi's course of action when she really finds out the truth.

Before the time of transfer struck, Mitsuko suddenly bit her lip and spoke up.

"Nik! Do whatever you can to survive! Whatever!

If you want us to trust you, then you should trust us that we won't judge you... no matter what you do for your own survival!"

Despair interlaced with Mitsuko's voice as Okusan hugged Mitsuko from behind, hiding her face while nodding rapidly.

Smiling, Nik nodded with a smile and replied brilliantly.

"That goes without saying."

As he spoke, his figure suddenly disappeared from their gazes while the six women sighed in tandem.