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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 31 - World of Elemental Benders

Finding himself in the similar room with dark walls and minor furniture designed solely for resting, Nik couldn't help but sigh in defeat. In fact, he fell in love with the peaceful world alongside his women. But some things cannot be avoided, even if he wants to.

Gathering his thoughts, he finally gazed at the screen in front of his face.

[Commencing Transfer in 20 minutes. Since the host does not have required Rank, the world will be revealed after the transfer.

The Host 567893 aka Nik Faran has initiated clause 256-B, changing your base planet from Planet 6772 of Plane XVB to Planet 000111838 of Plane CHJ.

Initiation quest will be started once again.

System Origin: 0

Total partners gained— 7

Total Stats: 31 (Excluding LUK)

Total Stats Obtained: 3]


Heaving a deep sigh, Nik gazed at the total stats acquired.

Due to his affiliation with the system, he could never earn status points from orthodox means of completing the mission. He had to enter into a partner relationship with various women. In the end, the total stat of his partners would be calculated and Nil would be awarded a total of 10% of the partners' total stats.

But once calculated, these stats can never be used again. This means that even if Mitsuko and others were to grow stronger, Nik wouldn't benefit from their growth at all.

But, he was satisfied using seven slots of his partner with those women. Since, each world only allows Nik a total of 10 partners, he would need to scout proper talents with good strength to actually get stronger from this point forth.

Gazing at the door that leads to the system interface filled with more hosts like himself, Nik immediately camouflaged his appearance and went out.

Status cannot be increased easily and need to be updated through the Hall of Glory. Since the after-effects would only lead to exhaustion, Nik didn't even think of increasing his status for now.

"Can you hear me? This is a one-time transmission requested from System, so you cannot reply. If you do hear me, then be sure to complete the affiliation quest in your next world. I have applied for a surprise for you.

Don't disappoint me kid, for better or worse, my expectations now lie on your shoulders."

Before Nik stepped out, a gruff voice belonging to Nirdai assaulted his consciousness before leaving as quickly as it came.

Rubbing his head, Nik's face grew a bit darker but he still continued and finally walked out of the system room to step into a market filled with people of various costumes and bodies.

This was the 'Market' of the system. Unlike orthodox systems that Nik fantasized about, this system did not have an inbuilt shop feature. In fact, people traded goods received from their adventures in a different world for other goods or System Origin— the accepted currency inside the system.

Gazing at the various colour-graded weapons and artefacts, Nik sighed at his own poverty.

But still, he kept window shopping for the sake of reducing the tension building up in his body.

Soon, many of the hosts around him suddenly shuddered as Nik also saw a translucent screen forming in front of him.

[Prepare for Transfer 3... 2... 1...]

Suddenly, Nik felt a huge pressure smash above his head while his consciousness blurred and almost instantly, he found himself standing on barren land with a few other hosts looking around in curiosity.

At this time, the general information about the world entered each and every host's consciousness, making Nik understand the situation he was in. The quest screen formed up in front of his face while his talent was simultaneously unlocked.

When it comes to talents, only a few hosts can accommodate talents as they need specific requirements that cannot be measured or actively obtained.

Before he could say further, the few opening seconds of transfer passed away and Nik could finally move his body.

[Initiation Quest/ Main Quest:— 1

Title: Nation

Out of the four Elemental powers that rule and control the world, choose one of the organisation as your base camp.

Options: Fire Nation, Wind Monastery, Water Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

Time Limit: 3 Days

Rewards: 500 SO (System Origin)

Penalty: Death

Affiliation Quest:

Partner-up with ten women.

Rewards: Harem]


Name: Carnal Concept

Description: Allows the host to mate with not only humans, but other sentient beings found across the multiverse.

Extra Remark: F.u.c.k humans, spirits, legendary animals! F.u.c.k 'em all!]

Looking at the talent, Nik couldn't help but frown. Instead of a talent good for adventures across the worlds, he was stuck with quite a... frank one.

'But... this might just be useful.'

Nik muttered as one of the hosts around him finally spoke up.

"Does anybody wish to create a temporary alliance? We all can form a party and choose a single organisation.

In fact, I have actually read through the records of this world and I am quite knowledgeable about the main protagonist of the record. If you follow me, we can quickly clear the missions.

As a show of my sincerity, I am willing to tell you all our current location.

We are standing at one of the defeated cities under the rule of Earth Kingdom. In fact, I will also tell you that the Fire Nation is waging war against two factions simultaneously."

At his words, others grew more thoughtful. Even Nik felt slightly enticed.

"Why two? Is the third faction the ally of the Fire Nation?"

A dark-haired girl suddenly spoke up, while the short-haired, blonde boy shrugged and smiled.

"Free information session has already ended. If you wish to choose the faction that ends up victorious in the record, why not create a temporary party?"

Suddenly, one of them sneered and chuckled menacingly.

"You seem to know a lot of information! Instead of partying up, why shouldn't we just beat you and torture the information out of your mouth?"

With an unchanged smile, a deep blue flash appeared around his body as he was suddenly covered in a pristine crimson armour while a pair of dual swords that flashed deep blue once again appeared in his hands.

"You can try of course, but I don't think that as a Rank 1 amateur, you will have the funds and backing of my guild.

The Absolute."

Hearing his words, the expression of quite a few hosts changed while the girl who spoke up nodded.

"Fine, I am willing to form a party."

Gritting his teeth, the malicious man also nodded as the blonde youth looked at others with a smile.

"So? What about you guys?"

While hesitation flashed across their eyes, the youth smiled once again.

"Fear not. The members of Absolute are not slaughterers. You are free to choose. But, in the future, you shouldn't be expecting such kindness from me or my party."

Nodding, other people, including Nik quickly left the place in different directions.

While Nik was definitely enticed, staying near a group means larger chances of exposing his affiliation. And right now, the way Incubus Society has presented itself while even the founder of the association had stooped so low that he could only focus on Nik, he didn't wish to expose his affiliation and risk the chase of past enemies.


"Huff... next time... I will definitely bring rations... f.u.c.k my life..."

Panting, Nik cursed as he had already removed his shirt and tied it around his waist while his sweat-covered, muscular body was exposed for all to witness.

Sadly, in this barren and open land, no soul existed.

"If that golduck is honest... then finding the officials of the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation are the greatest.

Out of this, I have to make a choice... The Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation... sigh."

Soon, Nik finally found a cl.u.s.ter of camps where a large number of people were entering in a straight line.


It didn't take long for Nik to enter the line. Not trying to make any stupid move, he didn't even bother asking what was going on. Firstly, even though he understood the basics of the language used in this world, he wasn't proficient, hence, he didn't wish to look different if his dialect did not match with the locals.

Secondly, he could see piles of ration placed on the campgrounds. He needed it. So, it didn't matter much.

As the line quickly moved, it was finally Nik's turn.

"Eh? Quite a lively one, aren't ya? Good! We need more volunteers like you! Can you bend Earth?"

Nik quietly shook his head while the red-armoured man nodded and asked his name.


"Nik? That sounds like a name from the western border. All alone?"

Nodding, the man smiled.

"Listen up, boys! Send him to army recruiting center alongside others gathered so far!"

The moment the man spoke, a screen appeared in front of him.

[Initiation/Main Quest (1) complete. Rewards transferred.

Initiation/Main Quest:— 2

Title: Victory

Defeat the threat of the fire nation. Hunt down the current generation of the avatar and kill him.

Duration: 7months

Rewards: 7000 SO, 3 SP (Skill Points)

Penalty: Death]

Seeing the same penalty all over again, Nik couldn't help but feel distressed.
Story Written by Author: FanHarem
[1/7, 7:27 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 32 - Fire Princess of Arrogance

"Oi... look, he is still at it."

A burly man whispered as the group of gruff-looking, tan-skinned men gaze at the sweat-covered body that belonged to a short-haired youth with glimmering violet eyes. Even though his face was too good-looking to belong to the Earth Kingdom citizen, his rippling muscles and well-defined back made the other traitors reaffirm their thoughts about the boy.

"He just crossed 200... at one go."

With a trained motion, Nik committed yet another push-up as his body grew even more excited. Aside from utilising his extraordinary stamina for s.e.x.u.a.l releases, he never actually committed to physical exercise.

'This is too good... to feel your muscles cheer in relief feels too good.'

Nik laughed internally as he continued his push-ups. The sweat glistening his muscles failed to distract him, the slightly numb sensation of his triceps and pectorals only increased the pleasure.

"Oh... he is definitely a good seed. But, his bending abilities remains pitiable."

Covered in the official armour of the Fire Nation, the Lieutenant Jaain Guo muttered as he looked at the training camp.

"Honestly, enticing the youths with food to betray your own Kingdom... laughable. Princess really has a knack of winning a war."

Jaain Guo muttered while clasping his hands behind his back while continuing observing the limits of the youth that had successfully piqued his interest.

"His body is well-defined... in terms of physical strength, only that monstrous June may be able to match up to him.

It would be nice to have someone like June in our own ranks."

Muttering, the lieutenant continued his observations without any change in his expression while the group of other Earth national youngsters felt distressed by the maniacal smile that touched Nik's lips.

"Heh~ Another June? You think his professionalism may compare to her's?

When did you get so dull?

Jaain Guo."

A mocking whisper woke the middle-aged lieutenant out of his concentrated gaze. A shiver ran down his span as he instantly kneeled only to pay his respects loudly.

"Don't you dare shout."

Yet again, Guo was forced to think through his actions and he immediately whispered.

"Welcome, your royal highness, Princess."

In front of him stood a teen with luxurious black hair tied into a bun with a piece of flaming motif placed on her hair bun. Two thick locks of her hair fell on either side of her face while her youthful figure remained covered in merciless armour with a golden flame imprint across a black tunic that extended to flaming red sleeves.

Her pitch-black boots tapped on the ground as the Fire Nation's princess: Azula, looked at Guo and smiled.

"So? You really think he is that impressive?"

She whispered while pointing at the still exercising Nik.

"I dare not praise anyone other than her royal Princess."

He immediately bowed while Azula rolled her eyes and motioned him to stand.

"Now, think clearly and answer. Is he impressive or not?"

She spoke while gazing at Nik, who finally stopped after his 250th push-up.

"Your highness?"

Jaain Guo gulped as he still hesitated to praise someone else in front of Azula.

With her lips twitching in anger, Azula coldly declared.

"Whatever. I'll deal with you later. Now, watch and learn, this is how you determine someone's worth, my loyal servant."

Azula smirked as she immediately jumped into the air with her boots covered in dazzling flames while instantly landing in front of the slightly exhausted Nik.

Two pair of eyes, one golden, one violet matched each other's before a brilliant smile appeared on both of their faces.

"Uh, he—"

Nik's greeting was cut short as a fist covered in fiery red flames immediately impacted his abdomen, making him flying through the air.

"In the presence of Azula, the Princess of Fire Nation, you don't get to look up. You can only lower your head, kneel and beg for forgiveness for your pathetic existence."

A gentle voice escaped her full, pink lips as the surrounding youth immediately looked down in fear. They were all too aware of the demonic princess of the Fire Nation.

'A Princess... that explains.'

Sighing, Nik rubbed his warm stomach and slowly placed his knees on the ground. Raising your head in front of an arrogant Princess in the world where elements bend at the whims of human would only equal to committing suicide.

"Your... Royal Highness."

Nik greeted officially.

Smiling, Azula immediately looked at Jaain Guo and shouted loudly.

"See? Guo! This is how you affirm a dog's worth, through his loyalty!"

Laughing loudly, Azula sneered at Nik's direction while speaking out.

"Speak, servant. What is your name? What is your purpose in joining the group of traitors?

Why did you turn your back on the Kingdom that gave birth to you and raised you?"

Her words pierced the heart of each and every youth present as their body visibly flinched.

Still keeping his head low, Nik continued.

"I go by the name of Nik, your highness. My objective, though laughable and outrageous, still remains..."

Taking a deep breath, Nik slightly controlled his facial expression to look particularly grim while holding his laugh. His head snapped up and he once again matched Azula's gaze.

"... to slay the Avatar!"


A wave if silenced stupor spread with Nik as its centre as all of the people present questioned their own senses if they had just heard a joke.

But still, not forgetting their decorum, the Earth Kingdom's traitorous youths remained silent in Azula's presence while the latter looked at Nik with a maniacal grin on her face.

"You? Kill the Avatar? How dare you mock the Royal Bloodline of the Fire Nation in such a bold manner!

I'll kill you myself!"

Azula shot towards Nik with a grin while Nik himself felt quite surprised.

Through the general information given to Nik by the system, he understood that the Avatar and the Fire Nation had a deep bond of hatred, but he still wasn't informed of the reason and who actually was the Avatar.

Out of the four factions, Avatar definitely did not belong to the Fire Nation or such hatred might not be possible.

'Is she a fan of Avatar?'

As Nik thought, he now easily sidestepped the punch, but suddenly, the flames extended almost instantly as Nik's pupils constricted.

Ducking, Nik immediately jumped back while kneeling almost instantly.

"My deepest apologies for such a rude behaviour, your Royal Highness.

But Avatar is a pretentious sc.u.m while the Fire Nation is obviously the righteous one in comparison."

His words shocked all the people present once again as Azula finally frowned and stopped her attack.


Nik took a breath and prayed to his fortune. If this doesn't work, then he was ready to find Avatar after escaping this place.

"While the Avatar was supposed to be the so-called protector, for his own gain, never showed his face and lived a life of cowardice. Meanwhile, the Fire Nation remained kind enough.

Though the prior actions of unifying the world have brought bloodshed and chaos, all of this is necessary to attain a better world. Under the Fire Nation's rule, the people of other Nations will definitely thrive."

His passionate speech caused Azula's eyes to glitter brightly as her lips quivered.

"Dog... no, Nik. Good. Guo! I am taking him with me!"

Jaain Guo paled once again as a grin belonging to true sc.u.m reached Nik's lips as his head remained bowed.
[1/7, 7:28 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 33 - Pav膩ka, Bolt of Cuteness

"They feel different. Unlike the touch of ordinary Earth citizen's muscles when I burn them... your muscles are too elastic. What is wrong with this, Nik?

Do you not truly originate from the Earth Kingdom?"

Azula spoke while she lazily rested her head on her hand while keeping her head up through the use of armrest as her left leg curled above her right leg.

In front of her knelt Nik with his body bare. His muscular leg exposed and his striking upper body remained a hidden treat to Azula's eyes.

Of course, as a Princess, she felt quite complicated if she should have stripped her most recent follower of his undergarment. Though, the size piques her curiosity once again, she curbed her illicit thoughts and gazed at Nik coldly.

"Replying to her royal highness, my mother originated from the Water Nation. Back in my village, it was said that I inherited my mother's heritage, more so than my father's.

"Oh? A despicable combination of water and earth. In other words, you are nothing more than mud.

A filth that stains my royal chamber. Is that right?"

Her golden eyes narrowed further while Nik replied calmly.

"My deepest apologies. I shall remove myself from your sight."

Before Nik could move, Azula coldly snorted.



Her strange metallic boots struck the ground as she stood up from her seat, slowly walking towards Nik and then circling around him.

"Nik... have you ever thought that you are destined for something greater?"

Her soft whispers echoed as she continued circling around him.

"Your highness, to be able to serve you, I have already achieved greatness. My destiny demands nothing else, my loyalty needs no other superior."


Azula commented while Nik retained his silence. Sweet talking is actually the special skill that he gained after comforting his troubled customers through his words alone. Azula remained yet another target of his glib tongue. While he just used his tongue to praise her, with all the humiliation he received, he definitely planned to use his tongue for stuff other than sweet commentary.

With her extended arm gently trailing the muscles of his back, Azula let out a small smile.

"Be grateful, dirt. Your usefulness in my eyes remains close to nothing. But still, your rare physical talent may one day, come in handy.

Pick up your clothes and wear them in front of me. Let your spirit rejoice. Henceforth, you are one of my men."

"My sincerest appreciation, your highness. My body won't disappoint you."

Nik spoke as he picked his clothes that were within the reach of his arms when suddenly, his butt became the focus of Azula's attention as he bent to pick his clothes.

A momentary blush crept up Azula's face as she immediately shook her head and went back to her seat.

"Alright, you are dismissed. We leave in the afternoon.

You are to fill your stomach and bring my carriage."

"My deepest gratitude, your highness."

Nik bowed and turned his heels while keeping his head lowered. In fact, the moment he bent, he slightly released his skill to entice Azula in his own ways. He still didn't dare openly use his mind control ability after looking at such a disappointing effect of the skill.

Though his physical body vastly outmatched Azula's, he could use her to gain a foothold as the other hosts that joined the Golduck from the Absolute Guild already had the advantage of restricted information that high-ranking hosts could gain information.


"She's a real bitch, isn't she?"

As Nik walked with an impassive expression, a soft giggle entered his ears as he looked back at the floating figure and nodded while turning his heels and walking once again.


Nik's steps came to a halt.

Looking back, he found a golden-haired girl with bright purple, translucent wings while a pitch-black dress covered her strangely enticing body. Purple eyes that glimmered ferociously, the girl kept an innocent expression and didn't feel strange until Nik's words left his mouth.

"A fairy?"

Her purple eyes constricted before her mouth hung in astonishment.

Directing an index-finger towards herself, she slowly spoke out.

"You can see me?"

To which, Nik nodded as his lips twitched.

"My lady... of course, I can see you. Are you supposed to be... a spirit?"

Placing her hands on her h.i.p.s, the girl immediately floated around Nik before placing her hand on his body.

"I can touch you?"

She spoke with shock while Nik couldn't help but sigh and naturally place his hand on her waist. Even though she was a head shorter, with her floating around, Nik could easily bring her body closer... extremely close.

In the girl's eyes, Nik's purple eyes seemed to be glowing brightly as he smiled right in front of her face.

"Of course, you can touch me. Aren't I touching, you too?"

His words snapped the girl out of her reverie and she immediately flapped her thin, translucent wings as a beautiful trail of glowing violet dust was left in her wake.

"It seems that some outsiders can be considered as talents. To actually come into physical contact with an elemental spirit...

Fine! I am Pav膩ka, one of the 9 purity elements symbolising lightning. Human, what's your name? And, what's your objective in this world?"

Hearing her words, Nik couldn't help but frown. According to System, no entity should ever doubt any host as the system itself provide a reasonable background for all the hosts.

But... there seems to be an exception.

Nik nodded and introduced himself.

"I am Nik Faran. My objectives do not mean... any harm to you guys... probably. Look, I am new here and don't know anything.

So don't look me with that suspicious gaze, alright?"

Regarding Nik with a sidelong glance, while playing with her shoulder-length, blonde hair, Pav膩ka felt a bit troubled.

"Then, how can you see me?"

She pursued to which, Nik shrugged.

"I can see, touch and even make other spirits, ghosts and supernatural entities feel a bit more human-like. Of course, my body does not come into contact with any male entities, due to preference issues."

Deepening her frown, Pav膩ka couldn't help but mutter something within her mouth as she immediately extended her index-finger towards Nik's direction, a bolt of purple lightning collected in front of her finger as Nik's lips twitched before he immediately took off.

"Eh? I just wanted to check his affinity? Why would he run?"

Confused, Pav膩ka tilted her head sideways as she followed Nik while innocent face once again.

"The rest should be monitoring other outsiders... but none of them reported the event of getting identified. Should I report this?"

Deep in her thoughts, she immediately phased through a Fire Nation soldier, who immediately shivered and looked around in panic.

Gazing at such a scene, Pav膩ka nodded in relief.

"It looks like, only this Nik is strange."
[1/7, 7:29 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 34 - Informed

Patting the head of a docile, black-scaled Salamander, that narrowed its ferocious golden eyes into gentle slits, Nik spoke with slight irritation. Pav膩ka was the second female he met, and she wasn't less extreme than Azula.

Sitting beside Nik, Pav膩ka nodded as she looked at the sky in a daze.

The wisps of purple lightning that surrounded Nik returned to Pav膩ka while Nik continued using his skill to keep these ferocious Salamanders docile.

"Even if you do not originate from this planet, your elemental affinity is higher than the ancient benders... are you sure that you aren't a secret love child of one of the Elemental Turtle Spirits?"

Pav膩ka looked at Nik's violet eyes seriously while trying to trace any form of deception within them.

"I am human, right? And, what are these Elemental Turtle Spirits?"

Shrugging, Pav膩ka's wings suddenly disappeared as she looked at the sky with a dull expression.

"Let's see... hmm... right now, the graves of the Elemental Turtles is the foundation of all bending abilities in this world."

Shaking his head, Nik sighed.

"Pav膩ka, right? If you want to speak, then do so clearly. I am way too hungry to actually entertain your desires to be a mysterious storyteller."

Pouting, Pav膩ka immediately groaned.

"Ohhh! You should just listen when my glorious self speaks. Yeah, think of me as Azula and act accordingly."

Her statement immediately gained a palm strike on the top of her head as she immediately rubbed her head while ruffling her dazzling golden hair.

"Now, speak, will you?"

"Even though I am a pure Element, hmph! The ignorant really don't fear ferocious animals... fine!"

Pav膩ka harrumphed and stood up while pulling down the lower eyelid and blowing her tongue with purple wisps of lightning acting as droplets of spit.

"I don't care! Go, serve that bitch for all I care!"

She immediately took off while Nik couldn't help but feel defeated.

'Next time... I should try and sweet talk her. She does seem to know a lot.'

Before he even stood up, he saw Pav膩ka flying back with her fair cheeks blushing furiously as she immediately sat next to him with her wings vanishing without a trace. Under Nik's questioning glance, she lowered her head further in embarrassment while softly muttering.

"I still have to observe you... Idiot."


Nik held back a chuckle and stood up while Pav膩ka followed the suit. With that, under the careful observation of the pouting Pav膩ka, Nik ate a lot of food in the mess. Ordinarily, only one plate worth's food is issued to a 'traitor', but Nik raised through the ranks of 'traitor' and became a loyal 'hound' in the eyes of the Fire Nation Soldiers, inducing them to treat him slightly better.

"Alright, you don't have to insist, I'll tell you the history of elements!"

"I didn't insist."

Nik calmly retorted while chewing on the hard bread while relishing its taste. In hunger, even such a frowned upon article of food became a source of relishing taste that Nik didn't want to miss.

"You could have insisted!"

Pav膩ka shouted with glistening eyes as her actions remained unnoticed by the other soldiers and 'traitors' in the mess.

"Fine! Oh beautiful Pav膩ka, fulfill my request and quench my curiosity. Please, tell me the forgotten tales and enlighten me on the true path of elements."

Nik made a few words and whispered with a sigh. This supposed element was surprisingly easy to coax. A beautiful smile that managed to stir his heart appeared on her face while she nodded.

"That's more like it! Alright, before I start, you need to understand that humans alone are not capable of bending elements."

Nodding, Nik remained quiet while Pav膩ka took a deep breath and recollected her thoughts to make her storytelling even more enjoyable.

"Long ago, to signify the use of elements, the planet gave birth to the first human couple that populated the world. But, after some time, it was found that there wasn't only one couple. A total of four couple were birthed upon the divine back of the Elemental Turtles, to signify the world's thirst of more sentient beings.

Everything in this world, whether living or non-living is capable of possessing sentience and spirit. The lands that human-populated were the same.

Under the encouragement of the nature itself, the lifeless, turtle-shaped mountains gained their spirit and also acquired the ability to control their designated elements. But soon, things started to change."

As Nik walked out of the mess, Pav膩ka followed right behind him and continued.

"Instinctively, mankind pursued civilisation. To civilise themselves, they pursued adventure to the outer lands, a world filled with various spirits that collectively denoted the nature's thirst of life. But, soon enough, men understood that with their weak flesh, pursuing civilisation was nothing but a pipe dream.

Hence, they called for their protector's assistance— The Elemental Turtles.

You see, the power of bending the element at will only belonged to these mystical spirits. So, they passed the ability to control the elements to the people that developed on their backs.

Now, you already understand that Nature's will manifest various things in this world. So naturally, the spiritual manifestation of order and chaos soon manifested under the names of Raava and Vaatu.

Those arrogant bastards..."

Pav膩ka cursed within her breath as she soon recovered her composure and continued describing the story how the first Avatar came to be after the fusion of Raava, that held the control of four elements and helped the first avatar bear the strain of controlling all the elements only to end up fusing together.


"So, in a nutshell, after the humans gained the ability to control the elements, the basic function of the Elemental Turtles came to an end. With that being said, the turtles dematerialised and forced the humans to extend their territories towards the land occupied by spirits.

Meanwhile, the dematerialisation of the Elemental Turtles gave rise to various mutated elements."

With the last part spoken a little smugly, Pav膩ka looked at Nik and asked eagerly.

"So? Do you understand now? I am one of the mutated spirits that can allow the use of controlling the Purity Lightning!

Now, this is the time where you kneel in my glorious presence."

Ignoring the last comments, Nik frowned.

"I now finally have a bit of understanding... but, what was with that test?"

Nik asked as he recalled how Pav膩ka begged to touch him with her electrified finger only to feel a bit of tingling sensation.

"Oh, that? Well, that was a way to check your affinity with my mutated lightning. Well, you still way a long way ahead!"

"Oh, I see. Then I should call you my teacher, right?"

Nik immediately smiled brilliantly as his plans changed almost instantly.

In a stupor, Pav膩ka floated a step back as her face grew crimson.

"Wh- wh- what?! Me? A Teacher? Really?"

She asked with wide eyes that failed to show the sheer excitement contained within them.

Nodding, Nik smiled naturally.

"Yes, since you checked my affinity, surely, only you are qualified enough to be my teacher."

At Nik's words, Pav膩ka couldn't help but pout.

"But... that bitch... didn't you say that the bitch was the only superior you are loyal to? I don't want to be a teacher! Call me your master, hmph!"

With his smile unchanged, Nik spoke gently.

"Well, that is definitely true, teacher. But the bond between both of us is not based on loyalty, but love.

From the deepest corner of my heart, I love you, my teacher. Her highness does not even compare to the status you hold in my heart."


Pav膩ka stuttered as she started muttering words incoherently while her purple eyes seemed to be swirling in confusion.

'Well... that turned out to be simple...'

Nik shrugged at her reaction and couldn't help but feel distressed that he had to remain in this world for seven months.

'The only way of returning quickly will be... killing the avatar.

But what is his identity?'

Nik thought darkly as the dizzy teacher followed her student.
[1/7, 7:30 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 35 - Treasure Medallion


With guttural growls echoing through their throats, four pitch-black salamanders pulled onto a carriage as a handsome man held the reigns. If one grew closer to him, they would feel a delightful aroma that stirred their hearts intermixed in the surroundings.

With the entirety of his skill released, Nik was able to man the carriage without any difficulty while the relieved Pav膩ka placed her head on his laps and let out a cute whimper.

"Student, you smell so good. I knew that my eyes weren't deceived when I saw a rare talent in you."

Snuggling her head, Pav膩ka immediately spoke.

"Student, pat your teacher's head."

Pav膩ka purred on his lips as Nik placed his hands on her head and ruffled her soft hair.

"I feel like a caretaker..."

Muttering, Nik looked at Pav膩ka before suddenly asking.

"Teacher... you don't seem old, but you know a lot about history."

Snorting coldly, Pav膩ka retorted.

"What did you say? I am the only spirit of Purity Lightning in this world! I am older than the Hundredth ancestor of your bitch lord."

"Ho~ I see."

Nik nodded as he confirmed Pav膩ka's legal status and took a deep breath. He needed to calm down. If he let his thoughts control the actions of his body, the result might be counterproductive.

Everything will be taken in due time.

He will definitely lord over Azula, and also teach Pav膩ka a lot of new things.

As they continued their journey, the earth suddenly trembled as earthen spikes grew out of nowhere, immediately striking at the happily running Salamanders.


Disgusting sound of flesh getting pierced echoed as the sparse trees accommodated shadows of burly men that soon emerged from their hiding while glaring at the carriage, Nik and the dying salamanders menacingly.

With the massive bodies of the salamanders smacking at the ground, a cloud of dust rose as the leading tan-skinned figure in green immediately punched out and the cloud of dust was pushed back.

Sneering, the moustached leader stepped out and demanded loudly.

"Azula! Come out, now! The Fire Nation's reign of terror shall end after we take you as hostage!"

A total of seven, similarly, green-clothed members slowly stretched around the carriage and the silent Nik as Azula remained unresponsive.

Inside the carriage, a flushed Azula slowly reorganization her breathing. This ride had been strangely pleasurable for her as each and every bump only made way towards her spine through her special place. In such a condition, it was definitely hard to counter-attack. Even when she went so far as to leak her own whereabouts, all of her plans got messed up due to this strange ride.

Meanwhile, Pav膩ka that remained on Nik's lap pouted and groaned in frustration.

"Student, why did you stop patting my hair! You should keep on patting me. That's the only path to enlightenment."

But suddenly, she felt a shiver run down her pixie spine as her head snapped up, her confused violet eyes matched with the cold, impassive violet eyes that brewed a terrorising blizzard within.

"Student... are you alright?"

Pav膩ka continued as Nik utterly disregarded her and stood up, making Pav膩ka fall sideways while he jumped down and looked at the left lower-corner salamander that was breathing its last breath.

Touching its head lovingly, Nik sighed gently.

"Sorry, Inferno... and you were such a good girl, too. Rest.

Those who dare slay such cute pets... they don't deserve their lives."

His passionate whispers did not escape the ears of encroaching Earth Benders while Nik slowly touched Inferno's eyes and lowered her eyelids as the cute salamander grunted softly in response, before lying motionless.

"Pet? Don't make me laugh! Looking at your physique and those green clothes, you must be one of the traitors, right?!

Filth like you shouldn't even live, much less curse us noble earth benders!"

Shaking his head, Nik stood up and smiled. A cruel arc touched his lips as he chuckled softly.

"Pride? Nobility?

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, there is no honour in killing. Once a murderer, always a murderer.

Those who relish in the delusional honour and nobility after slaying down a life... such hypocrisy... is too disgusting to be even spat at."

As Nik clenched his fist and looked back that the nearest member who held an ugly face, the leader immediately gritted his teeth and pointed towards Nik while shouting.

"Azula is a good as ours! We will deal with her later! But first... Kill that bastard! Brothers, at arms!"

"Houh! Houh! HOUH!"

They let out loud breathing simultaneously while the one Nik looked at smiled menacingly while crouching and immediately punching out, almost immediately, rocks the size of a fist flew towards Nik, directed towards his vital points.

Even though Nik could look through the direction of rocks clearly, evading all of them remained a pipe dream. Raising his fist, he roared loudly before shooting towards the barrage of rocks before sidestepping and smashing his left fist against a spiralling rock!


With his fist cut open, blood splashed out without any regards as Nik charged the earth bender and cruelly punched at the terrified man's neck, snapping his neck back with a grotesque crunch that made everyone stunned and gulp.

"On down... Inferno demands more life..."

Growling, Nik immediately evaded a slab of rock shot towards him and started dealing with the left one, right next to the slumping corpse.

'No matter how tough their muscles are, they still cannot live my punches. Our strength is too different. Get close to them... get close to them...'

As he ran with making use of all the senses available to him, he didn't even notice a white shroud covering the dead body before a dull-white medallion floated above the body of the dead earth bender.

"Shit... Makbul was the only one capable of sniping! F.u.c.k!

Everyone, Attack at once! He cannot dodge all of that!"

The leader roared when suddenly, to his terrified eyes, he saw a ball of blue fire shooting towards Garhai, immediately consuming him.

Finally, he noticed the cold and arrogant figure standing on top of the golden carriage as he gulped.

'We... miscalculated.'

But still, he immediately entered into a horse stance and lowered his hand while taking deep breaths.


Smashing his leg on the ground, a long spike immediately erupted from the ground before the leader punched out, making the spike fly towards Azula, who only smirked before extending her index and middle finger as lightning crackled within them.

Sneering, the leader shouted!

"In front of my earth spike, even your lightning bending is of no use!"

But suddenly, he saw the lightning shooting straight towards him as Azula actually sat on the carriage, the spike simply flew above her, not even touching her hair.

With the lightning strike, he soon found losing control of his body as he looked at his bloodied brothers with despair in his eyes.

Suddenly, the leader matched his younger brother's gaze when suddenly, his neck was stepped upon and the terrifying bone-crunching sound rang out once again as a desperate roar escaped the leader's lips!


"Shut up!"

Nik snapped at the leader's direction!

"Did you think that you can just roll here and kill as you like? Huh?"

Nik growled when suddenly, he finally noticed the white shroud forming above the head of the man as Nik finally snapped out of his rage.

'This was for you, Inferno. May you rest peacefully.'

Nik prayed for a moment before Azula spoke out.

"Filth... no, from now on, you shall be honoured as I will call you by your name.

Nik, good work. I'll reward you properly. After all, you just assisted me in capturing the leader of the Guan Din Se."

Smilingly, Azula looked back at the leader and snickered.

"Gayu, did you really think that you could capture me? Now... let's make full use out of you."

Meanwhile, the moment Nik touched the floating the white medallion, a screen appeared in front of his face.

[Hidden Quest Achieved:

Gain your first treasure medallion.

Reward: Storage Unlocked.]

A few commands appeared within his consciousness as Nik nodded in understanding and touched the medallion before it disappeared. As he looked at another medallion floating, Nik made his way towards the corpse as a light figure immediately hugged his neck from the back and giggled.

"That was amazing, Nik! You were so cool! Smashing earth benders, the physically strongest benders to their death using your fist!

As expected of my student!"

Nik looked back and then looked at his bleeding hand.

"Teacher... you like the act of killing?"

Shaking her head, Pav膩ka replied with a brilliant smile.

"My likes or dislikes won't stop a killer. So, I just happened to be intrigued by their motives before I started enjoying how righteously they put their act in motion."

Pav膩ka shrugged while Nik bent down and touched the second medallion before placing it inside his storage space.
[1/7, 7:30 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 36 - Actions

"Can you give me some alone time, teacher. I want to rest."

Nik sighed as he waved his bandaged hand in front of a distressed Pav膩ka. After thinking for a bit, she finally nodded and vanished into thin air before Nik slumped back on the bed.

After the battle, Azula actually cauterized his wound by using her flames. But this time, instead of blue, she used red flames. As painful as the process might have been, it was something needed to be done while within fifteen minutes, a whole troop of fire nation soldiers arrived.

As it turns out, Azula simply leaked her own whereabouts to attract the attention seekers and captured them for the information. While she did face an unexpected situation which caused her to delay in taking action, the final result, fortunately, remained foreseeable.

"Let's start..."

Nik sat back up once again and immediately, a white medallion appeared in his unwounded left hand.

'A treasure medallion... almost like drops in a game. Open the medallion and I'll get a few goodies, huh...'


He whispered as the medallion floated while rotating in front of him and immediately, in a burst of white light, a clump of clay fell on his hands. The light green clump flashed white briefly before Nik could see the information of the item he got from the medallion.

[Earthen Crystal Clay (White)

Description: Alchemy material.]

"Oh... this is interesting. And here I thought that I might actually get armour on my first try... Inferno's spirit... if you still linger, pray for me.

I need a pair of gauntlets!"

He whispered before another medallion appeared in his hands.

"Huff, alright. Gauntlets... gloves, anything!"

Nik muttered while gazing at the medallion seriously as the metal disk slowly rose into the air and rotated gently while expelling a brilliant light.

Slowly, a beautifully carved sword landed on his hands while Nik sighed in a depressed manner.

"So much for asking for gauntlets..."

With that, he checked out the sword itself.

[Earth Slasher (White): 8

A sword crafted by Non Bai Se, one of the master craftsmen of the era. While his legacy is said to have lost in the world of growing technology, his finest works remain a treasure to behold.

Blade: 5]

Sighing, he placed the black-handled sword back into his storage and laid down in preparation of sleep. After a few minutes, in a purple flash, Pav膩ka appeared and immediately feel to Nik's side while closing her eyes happily.

Even though the spirits did not need to sleep, they still relished the act of sleeping as it allows them to conserve their mental strength.

But unlike the teacher-student duo, a person... a woman couldn't sleep no matter what she did or how she did it.


"Hnngh! What's happening to me?!"

Azula's frustrated voice interlaced with m.o.a.ns leaked out of her clenched jaws as she curled her body while hugging the body pillow while actively rubbing her moist entrance that only started growing its pubes.

Her fingers soon found the treasured jewel that gave more electrifying sensation to her touches, making her feel more comfortable while her hot breaths leaked.

'Should I try... putting in?'

As a royal princess, she has been taught about the difference between men and women from a young age. Although, at that time, she couldn't care much as all her body needed was her father's praise while she showcased her growth.

His cold eyes while strict praises were enough for her heart that already hated everything in this world, aside from her own father. Even then, the concept of love was not found within her. Only respect for strength.

Speaking of strength...

'Nik... was too savage...'

As Azula's thoughts drifted towards this afternoon's events, her fingers grew more dexterous. When she recalled his bloodied fist, her m.o.a.ns spared no effort to conceal itself while his ferocious expression increased the itch growing within her body that didn't seem to be getting scratched using her fingers.

Quite easily, her fingers entered her pink slit as she could feel her own walls clamping down on her fingers tightly.

Finally, she recalled the shape of Nik through his underpants while the sight of his sweat-filled body remained a luxurious sight that only belonged to her.

One finger... two fingers...

With years of martial-arts and fire-bending training, it wasn't a surprise that she didn't have the seal that marked a v.i.r.g.i.n's title. Soon, the third finger, her ring finger, slid into her warm snatch while she bit on her body pillow to suppress her m.o.a.ns.

Her butt couldn't help but tremble as her body remained to be seen through her gauze attire that covered her body.

Her eyes grew more and more disturbing while she finally felt something click as a relieving orgasm escaped her snatch, finally making her slump back on her bed with a dazed look on her face while her glistening golden eyes kept their focus on the ceiling.

"It's because of him... I never felt like this before meeting him..."

She whispered while her left hand latched across her right b.r.e.a.s.t while covering and pressing her left modest b.r.e.a.s.t while she slowly played with her own beautiful soft pink Her right hand, meanwhile, went inside the nether cave for another round of fingering the frustration out of her body.


"The Wind Faction?"

A burly man growled in dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, the blonde boy shrugged.

"You may not know this, but the Avatar never died when the Wind Monasteries fell to the Fire Nation's attack. Right now, he should be near the southern water tribe.

But we cannot go there. Since we all are in a temporary alliance with me as a leader, I can easily select the wind faction for all of us without actually meeting the Avatar for a single reason.

As an Avatar, we don't need to meet with him, but try and declare our decision to the nature. And believe me... the fire nation might have the odds for now... but that won't be for long."

Before the man could reply any longer, the dark-haired woman sporting sky-blue eyes immediately cut him short and snorted.

"If you have so much trouble, why don't you try and use force instead of all this talking.

Surely, you must have thought so, but still held your hand. That only means you are not comparable to Veera. So, instead of wasting our time, I suggest that we plan our next course of action.

Since we are all tasked with protecting the Avatar's life, it is better that we start cooperating now or we all will face heavy penalties.

So, Veera, where do you think Avatar can be contacted?"

The girl's tone grew considerably soft as she looked at the blonde youth named Veera, the member of the Absolute who nodded plainly.

"The Avatar is blessed with the spirit of the order. His destiny is clear and even in records, he only dies due to natural causes after the war.

If we are asked to protect his life, this means that one of the hosts that left... or every other host aside from our temporary party must have received the task of killing the avatar.

The best course of action will be to hunt down other hosts while we make our way towards one of the destined comrade of the Avatar. That person is located inside the Earth Kingdom.

From there, we will spread ourselves to locate other hosts.

Is that alright?"

Veera looked at others as they nodded without refusal. His plans were reasonable and he had the added knowledge of the record.

After discussing the terms, Veera left after getting pulled by the black-haired woman before amorous m.o.a.ns soon escaped from behind the large rock.

"At least, have some decency to find a room."

A middle-aged man sighed and stood up while the burly man clenched his fist in frustration. Similarly, two other women of the team sighed and left the area. By now, they were all too aware of the behaviour of their leader and his mistress.
[1/7, 7:31 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 37 - Emergence

"Hmmm... good... just rip them up... zzzz... yeah... zzzz their guts look tasty... huhu."

Well, this isn't the worst thing to hear when one wakes up, but Nik did not like hearing such ominous things out of such beautiful lips first thing in the morning. But... since he needed to pursue at least ten women while fighting this time along, he needed to step-up his pace.

His hands were already holding Pav膩ka's soft body while her face was incredibly close to his face. Her dazzling golden hair cascaded down her cheeks as she looked incomparably innocent, despite the mind-numbing words she spoke during her sleep.

Bringing her petite body closer, Nik seriously appraised her soft waist while his hand drifted towards her small, yet, round and plump butt that went along her overall figure quite nicely.

"Teacher, you need to wake up."

Whispering, Nik tried to wake her up by rubbing her waist as Pav膩ka scrunched her nose cutely as her lips descended into a cute pout.

"Hnnng! Five more minutes... the guts look sooo~ good!"

Smiling, Nik disregarded her love for guts and gently lowered his lips, immediately taking Pav膩ka's delicious lips while invading her mouth, making her eyes snap open and disappearing almost instantly.

"What are you doing?! Idiot!!"

The moment she disappeared, her figure appeared behind Nik as she immediately smacked the back of his head, making him sit up and look at her innocently.

"Eh? Teacher, you didn't like it?"

Blushing, Pav膩ka immediately tilted her face and crossed her hands above her modest b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"That's not the point! You only do these things to the person you like!!"

As Pav膩ka muttered, Nik was once again surprised by her actions.

'Even after living so long... she couldn't be a...'

"Teacher... have you not—"

"Shut up!"

With that, Pav膩ka disappeared while Nik shook his head and sighed. Since Pav膩ka had the ability to attack but still held her hand showed that Nik's future in taking a v.i.r.g.i.n spirit was incomparably bright.

'Maybe... she could introduce me more spirits... with that, I can even partner-up with ten spirits!'

He let his own illicit thoughts grow as he imagined the scene of ten fair-skinned girls with a beautiful and soft body that was as light as air begging for him.

The best part was... they weren't girls! These were legal lolis that are almost thousands of years old.

'But... it does feel quite weird in a strange way...'

Nik thought internally as he made his way towards the bathhouse for the soldiers and washed up before reaching the mess to fill himself up only to find a messenger bringing 'her' Highness' summons.


"Your highness."

Nik knelt on one knee touching the floor with his left fist, his head low as he waited for Azula to speak up. But the lingering scent that revolved around Azula made Nik realise that she must have had quite a wild night.

"Nik, how would you like to join my team?"

She asked with a smile while Nik remained silent for a moment.

"If your highness thinks of me worthy enough to accompany you in your endeavours. Then I am the most blessed being in the world!"


A cute voice that went completely unnoticed by Azula struck near Nik as Pav膩ka immediately quietened down after her outburst and disappeared once again, leaving Nik speechless.

"Ho~ I forgot about the proficiency of your speech after seeing you fight yesterday."

As she spoke, her thighs tightened unconsciously while Nik's voice resounded in the empty chambers.

"I am but a firefly when compared to her highness."

"Good. Then it's decided, we will leave for the fire nation tomorrow. In our voyage, we shall introduce you to what the Fire Nation royalty is all about."

She declared while standing up and walking in front of Nik. Smilingly, she spoke up.

"Stand up, Nik. You are my person from now on. So, what I ask, you must comply. No matter what. Understood?"

Standing up, Nik frowned as he saw the slightly maniacal look in her eyes, but he still nodded.

"Yes, your highness."

Thinking for a moment, Azula spoke once again.

"My commands would be absolute. If I say to go right, even if my father, the king orders you to go left, you must still go right!

Is that clear?"

Smiling, Nik lowered his head and spoke while slowly sniffing the enticing aroma that leaked out of Azula's body.

"As the future lord, only your commands can move this body, your highness."


"Say that to me, too! Say— only your commands shall move my body— right now!"

Pav膩ka hissed while revolving around Nik in a swift pace while he sighed in distress and immediately grabbed Pav膩ka's waist, bringing her closer and planting a swift pack on her lips before she could vanish into the distance.

"Teacher, you haven't even taught me anything yet. All you do is use my body for your own motives... isn't that unfair?"

Nik entered his room and spread his arm in frustration while Pav膩ka, who was already close to crying spoke up.

"But... aren't I the teacher? In my memories, a teacher is someone who uses their female disciple's body as they like, right?

Since I am a girl, I am entitled to use your body, too."

She muttered with indignation while Nik was speechless once again.

"Teacher... where did you see that?"

Looking up, Pav膩ka replied.

"Well, I was interested in this masked serial killer who had three female students. He would teach them various things at night by using his nether region while the girls would scream out— we are enlightened, teacher.

Isn't this how we teachers are supposed to teach?"

Pav膩ka tilted her head as she found Nik's complicated expression quite disturbing.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

At her worried expression, Nik smiled and shook his head.

"No, Teacher. In fact, there are many ways to teach. If I were a teacher of few girls, my course of action would have been the same. But, it is only at night should you teach in such manner.

During the daytime, you should teach your student by helping him control the element."


Pav膩ka nodded in understanding but this time, Nik couldn't help but question her.

"Teacher... why are you so surprised by a kiss but not by the act of s.e.x?"

Shrugging, Pav膩ka replied.

"Well, I only saw a few couples kissing each other. But never did I see any teacher kissing their students."

"Not even the one you mentioned?"

"No, in fact, his disciples begged to get kissed, but he only utilised his private part on their mouth, instead of his lips... s-so..."

Pav膩ka looked down with her ears turning red when she suddenly snapped up.

"Alright, let's start teaching you!"


Southern Water Tribe

"Did you see that, Uncle?"

A youth whose straight back resembled a spear immediately shouted while pointing at the ray of light that erupted out of nowhere while a sense of pressure suddenly enveloped each and every fire soldier's heart.

Behind the youth stood a wizened man with short stature and grey beard. Nodding, the old man smiled.

"Yes, Zuko. But, I don't need to remind you that the each and every Avatar that was born possessed higher destiny than others.

If you wish to capture the avatar, you should do so after planning your steps carefully. Turning back, the old man looked at the blue-haired youth with a natural smile on his face and nodded at the youth.

"It is good that we got to know Mr Brian. His skills will definitely allow you to achieve your goals, Zuko."

Bowing, the youth named Brian shook his head.

"It's no trouble. In fact, I am quite interested in seeing this Avatar with my own eyes."
[1/7, 7:32 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 38 - Bon Voyage


A gasp leaked through Nik's lips as he looked at the metallic behemoths that ruled over the seas connecting the four factions together. A pitch-black ship configured based on the steam engine while the mere size of it could defeat the spirits of every enemy that gazed upon it.

"Just one of the many battlesh.i.p.s we own. It was a gift from father when I successfully defeated his commander in an Agni Kai."

Azula, strangely, felt quite smug when she heard Nik's gasp. If it were before, this hasp should have been the natural course of action or Nik would have been executed on the spot for not showing enough surprise towards the mechanical creations of the Fire Nation.

Of course, this change in behaviour didn't go unnoticed by Nik, who lowered his head and once again replied with a buttering remark, making Azula feel even more complacent. Of course, the complacency she felt made it easier for Nik's future.


The deck of the battleship usually remains empty as all the occupants of this behemoth were elite soldiers trained to wield the battleship. Of course, they won't have enough time to loiter around the deck, unlike, Nik, who was way too free.

From the camping region to the shore took almost half a day's worth of journey before they boarded the ship. And even then, it was estimated that it would take two days to reach the shore of the fire nation which would then be extended by a day's worth of travelling to reach the capital of the Fire Nation.

"But... this is a nice change of pace..."

Nik looked at the unending ocean while thinking about his family back home. Even though it's only been a few days, he still missed them.

"But... seven months to seven days... to those guys, maybe not even a single hour has passed since I left..."

Sighing, Nik looked to his side. Sitting on the railings, Pav膩ka smiled at Nik as she looked at the ocean.

"So? Does your world has oceans as pleasing as this one?"

Nodding, Nik replied with a smile.

"There are so many things better than this world, teacher. Unlike this world, my homeworld does not wage war... at least, not now. And various means of entertainment makes it easier to live a life."

"No war?"

Pav膩ka immediately exclaimed.

"Yes, presently, even though there is no perfect peace in my homeworld, I can also say that there isn't a war waging in right now."

"Must be nice..."

Pav膩ka muttered before her eyes constricted as she looked at a certain direction.

Seeing her stiff gaze, Nik frowned and turned back before his eyes widened while his face paled almost instantly.

A few metres away from the ship floated a giant behemoth whose body reached towards the sky as the clouds covered most of its back.

Yellow eyes larger than five carriages combined gazed towards the direction of Pav膩ka and Nik while the time itself seemed to stop.

"S-student... bow, this is a lion turtle..."

With a bit of fear and awe interlacing her words, Pav膩ka immediately stood up and bowed towards the giant creature while Nik followed the suit only to hear a rumbling sound within his head.

"Order and Chaos has ruined the entirety of the world. One mustn't exist without the other, both are threatening.

The spirit of Avatar should not be slain, its protection is necessary even if the body rots.

Answer me, child of l.u.s.t, would you grant me my request?"

The rumbles and echoes shook both, Nik and Pav膩ka while Pav膩ka hurried words immediately transferred to Nik.

"Don't say anything to antagonize him! While I heard that the emerging Lion Spirit that bends the form of energy itself exist... the two lion turtles aren't the same!"

Nik didn't need Pav膩ka's words to understand the threat and malicious intent in the eyes of the giant creature but that wasn't all. Aside from the hostility, the creature held a sliver of fear that induced him to take a gentler approach while there was also a sense of duty within its expression.

Gulping, Nik remained bowed as he softly whispered.

"The nature's will manifest in many shapes. O' Lion Turtle of the ancient myths, forgive my rudeness and placate your anger for my outrageous demand.

But I truly wish to know the will that resides within you."

Unknown, the sky had already darkened while the body of the ancient lion turtle only looked more dangerous. It's yellow eyes glowed and Pav膩ka was almost sweating in fear.

"Appropriate demand. But, my identity shall be known if you are worthy.

Order and Chaos serve my desire, I am the direction that leads the world, it is my shown pathways that each individual must tread upon.

Now, otherworldly traveller, do I have your word that the spirit of Avatar shall not be harmed by your hands?"

'By my hands? Is this spirit actually contacting each and every host?'

Nik frowned while various assumptions swirled within his consciousness before he nodded.

"You have my word. The Avatar's neck shall be snapped by my hands, but his spirit shall remain untouched."

"I understand, child of l.u.s.t. Please, enjoy your journey. I hope that this world acted as a good host for you."


With the sky clearing up once again, Nik found his body covered in cold sweat while Pav膩ka wasn't faring any better.

'Is this really a rank 1 world?! Too dangerous!'

While screaming internally, he looked at the Pav膩ka's pale face before taking her hand and smiling.

"Teacher, are you alright?"

"How do you expect me to be alright? Don't you get it who that Lion Turtle Spirit represented?"

Pav膩ka immediately lashed out uncharacteristically.

Shaking his head, Nik replied a bit grimly.

"Order and Chaos serve its desire, it is the direction that leads the world, its shown pathways are what each individual must tread upon.

... Aside from fate, no other term matches such a description."

Nodding, Pav膩ka touched her chest with lingering fear. But suddenly, Nik picked her in a princess carry while taking her pink lips while completely hiding her face. If someone else were to see him, they would think that Nik had gone mad... but right now, even Pav膩ka felt that he had gone mad.

"What are you doing?!"

'Oh, this is an improvement. She didn't run away. Might as well...'

Nik smiled as she gazed into her violet eyes that could match his own brilliant eyes.

"Did you forget, teacher, it's time for further 'teaching'. You know, where we use our nether regions!"

While Pav膩ka was definitely confused before, now she really understands that s.e.x wasn't the path of enlightenment as those c.u.m-filled girls exclaimed to be.

But still, with a faint feeling of expectations, she simply let Nik take her away while her body was played under his roguish hands.


"Are we done?"

Azula spoke with irritation clear within her voice. But unlike others, the navy did not care much about the royal face except for the Fire Lord himself. Their ranks were set and their admiration only belonged to their superiors. With their faces covered in a skeletal mask, the captain nodded while pointing out the remaining bit of the journey.

"Finally... someday, I'll make the navy lick my boots!"

Azula spoke with frustration and walked towards her chamber.

Removing her tunic, she entered the warm bath as her hands instinctively grew towards her sweet spot when the image of a black-haired youth flashed within her consciousness.

Immediately shaking her head, Azula dried her hair and let them cascade down her shoulder while gently slipped into a thin, crimson robe that hugged her tight body perfectly.

Her golden eyes glowed brightly as a passionate arc touched her lips as she lied on her bed, waiting for the night to fill the bright sky so that she could finally feel that has been outside her grasp ever since.
[1/7, 7:32 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 39 - Back to Back Enlightenment (1)

"Hey! Hmngh! Slowly, idiot!"

Pav膩ka groaned in the frustrating state of pleasure and distress as her clothes, which were never touched by any living creature, were being removed brazenly by her own student.

Nik didn't give her much chance to protest as she lips slowly gave under her mouth getting played by Nik while her soft, surprisingly sweet tongue remained coiled by his tongue. The top of her fleshy tongue got scr.a.p.ed of its juices again and again as Nik simply didn't wish to leave any of her treasured salivae within her mouth.

He wanted it all!

Her golden hair grew disheveled while her black arm sleeves were removed, exposing her fair skin while Nik unbuttoned her black, sleeveless vest and lowered her baggy pants, finally revealing the exquisite body hidden under the cruel clothes that hid her from Nik's vision.

"Teacher, you are extremely beautiful, if I must say."

Nik smiled and gently cupped her soft cheeks as her slightly immature face and glistening eyes enticed his heart to extreme limits, initiating another kiss as his muscular body easily covered her entire body.

Her smooth stomach and a pair of modest bust with soft pink cherry that showcased her innocence, not to mention her slick slit that slowly grew wetter as Nik was finally able to smell Pav膩ka's scent. Unlike the usual musky scent that could rile any male, she actually released a flowery fragrance, making Nik wonder how she would actually taste.

Her own saliva happened to be surprisingly sweet, even her scent was quite unique, so Nik could only expect an entirely new taste from her nectar.

Soon, his hands reached down her b.r.e.a.s.ts and gently teased her erect Slowly destroying their v.i.r.g.i.n status through his e.r.o.t.i.c touches while he released [Pheromone Illusion] and started to bring Pav膩ka's desire to another level.

Usually, Pav膩ka could shrug its effect while simply stating how sweet and fragrant Nik smelled. But now, she couldn't state the same thing.

In fact, she couldn't speak with her numb tongue at all. All she could do was slowly grow a bit passionate as her own petite hand started tracing Nik's muscle while her abdomen was assaulted by a warm, throbbing rod that was way bigger than the enlightening stick of that murderer in the clothes of a priest.

"Fuaa! Nik... do it there, too!"

Finally, Pav膩ka broke the kiss as she blushed while looking downwards at her own clenching thighs and wet inner portion of her slender thighs.

"Yes, teacher."

Kissing Pav膩ka's on her bright red cheeks, Nik slowly descended and let his hands tend to her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts. Massaging and kneading them only lead to her thighs twitching.

Finally, he brought his hands downwards after he was finished appreciating her scent and the image of her beautiful pink slit and slowly spread her thighs apart while finally bringing his nose closer and inhaling a bountiful breath, making Pav膩ka blush even more.

"Idiot! Don't do this!"

Suddenly, Nik felt a strange thing. Looking at the pink hole puckered up beneath Pav膩ka's snatch, he could actually smell a fragrance equal to her gushing nectar and that's when it finally hit him.

'She is a spirit... she doesn't eat then this means that she doesn't excrete either...'

His eyes glowed brightly as he looked at the sweet treasure named Pav膩ka. His l.u.s.t soared without any limitations as he immediately brought his face even lower and pulled her thighs up slightly, sticking his tongue into her anus without any inhibitions.

For a moment, Pav膩ka felt her whole body shudder as a fleshy entity entered through her backdoor without any warnings as she felt completely relieved.

Her thighs clenched once again and her anal muscles tightened, wrapping Nil's tongue while her body shuddered while Nik immediately took the hint.

He wasn't willing to waste a new taste. Decisively, he retreated from her back door and placed his lips upon her pink slit and tasted the gushing nectar while slowly forcing his tongue within her pure slit, slowly lapping his tongue within her soft and fleshy interior.

'Quite fleshy for a spirit...'

Nik observed while he used his fingers to stretch her anus as illicit m.o.a.ns escaped Pav膩ka's lips. Her hands immediately gripped onto Nik's head, but with little strength she had, Nik could only smirk internally as he continued licking her interior, scraping her flesh while enjoying the sensation of her convulsing walls.

Her body, her face, her interiors, everything about her was fleshy and soft. She was an existence that really couldn't be imagined if Nik didn't have his strange talent.

Only now did he feel fortunate to have such a talent.

Soon, Nik felt her convulsions growing at a rapid pace while he removed his face and gazed at Pav膩ka's ruined face.

"...hnngh? Nik?"

She looked at Nik with a dazed expression as the wonderful trail of drool actually made his heart thump. Since it was still evening, golden rays of sunlight glistened all the juices that covered her face, her b.r.e.a.s.ts and even her inner thighs, making her feel nothing short of a transcending angel.

"It's almost unfair..."

For a moment, Nik smiled sadly as he gently scooped Pav膩ka in his arms and planted a kiss on her forehead as he leaned back on the bed and placed Pav膩ka on his laps, her thighs separated by his bulging monster that pressed against her soft entrance.

As Nik's lips softly kissed Pav膩ka's ear, she couldn't help but whisper while unconsciously moving her h.i.p.s back and forth, grounding her slit against the c.o.c.k that was extremely horrifying to look at.

"What's so unfair?"

As his lips descended towards the nape of her neck, Nik wrapped his arms around her n.a.k.e.d form tightly, moving his h.i.p.s while eliciting soft grunts from Pav膩ka's lips.

"Everything that defines you is unfair. Your beauty that made me momentarily forget about many important people, your ravishing eyes that only need to gaze upon me, your delicious lips that can charm the heart of any gourmet master.

Your speech, your pouts, your h.i.p.s, your fragrance... everything is too perfect that it saddens me.

Sorry, Teacher. But I'll be defiling you right here, right now. For... perfection is one thing that I mustn't let anyone close to me attain."

As he whispered, his hands slowly descended as his thumbs stretched her fleshy entrance before putting his index finger and middle finger inside her tight p.u.s.s.y and immediately started spreading her insides.

"Hnngh! Aaahhh!"

Her m.o.a.ns slowly grew soft as she raised her head, seeking Nik's lips before her heart, if she had any, felt calm. Her body shuddered at his touch, begging for more while his fingers achieved her wishes, striking at the spots that demanded his attention, rubbing her jewel when needed and playing with her mouth when required.

"Hah~ hah~ then what about you... having a perfect alignment with me and my alignment... teasing me perfectly, making my... conscious succ.u.mb to your actions.

Aren't you perfectly doing this! If this isn't perfection, then what is?"

Gently licking her left earlobe, Nik softly whispered.

"Perfection is the peak of a living being's corrupt thoughts. You think that my fingers are perfect for you haven't tasted my rod.

You think my alignment with lightning is perfect because I haven't even tried accessing my alignment with other elements.

For your sake and my selfish desires... bear with me, Pav膩ka. Let me teach you just one thing. After that, I'll learn from you the rest."

Removing his fingers, Nik used his left to hand to adjust her lithe body while gripping his c.o.c.k with the right one to adjust the tip, finally pushing in.


Nik's eyes widened in surprise as his rod literally got sucked into her v.i.r.g.i.n p.u.s.s.y without any obstructions and surprisingly, the innards quickly molded according to his shape and size, becoming a perfect glove to cover his bulging rod.

Touching the soft bulge on her smooth tummy, Pav膩ka let out a relieved sigh as she softly traced the round bulge.

A pinkish light erupted from his rod when the small amount of pain Pav膩ka felt quickly subsided while giving a boost to the sensuality of her snatch, making it overflow with e.r.o.t.i.c juices that covered Nik's c.o.c.k.

'A p.u.s.s.y that can actually be molded...'

Nik's thoughts grew darker...

"Even now... I'll be sure..."

Nik whispered before wrapping his arms around her smooth waist that extended to her curving h.i.p.s while her soft and plump butt cheeks rubbed against the base of his crotch.

Moving his h.i.p.s up and down while keeping Pav膩ka in the same position, loud m.o.a.ns and grunts of pleasure immediately leaked out of her lips as Nik couldn't help but feel extremely satisfied himself.

Ploughing into her soft snatch that perfectly accommodated him made it easy to move and her gentle yet firm squeeze really made it extremely pleasurable for him, too.

"Oooh~ Nik! Not- Hnngh! Not so rough!!!"

She whispered while trying to disrupt her illicit m.o.a.ns only to fail spectacularly as her h.i.p.s couldn't help but buck each time Nik's balls ferociously smacked against her entrance. The bed was already ruined with continuous pumps as juices overflowed out of her full body with the bulge on her stomach being pumped up with consecutive pounds.

"Nik! Oh! Nik, I'm—"

Unable to complete her sentence, the action of her p.u.s.s.y clamping on his c.o.c.k while her entire body shuddering made Nik realise why Pav膩ka started groaning in such desperation. Taking her lips while placing his hands on her neck to support the loving kiss, Nik also felt himself reaching his limits.

Defying the tightening p.u.s.s.y that squeezed hard on him, his rod grew a little bigger in preparation of the waterworks and in a few consecutive pumps, they both groaned into each other's mouths and erupted with orgasms.

Pav膩ka's body spasmed with extreme pleasure, something she felt for the first time in her life while Nik couldn't help but keep his rod inside her warm p.u.s.s.y.

'Not yet... she is still too perfect...'

Nik gritted his teeth.
[1/7, 7:33 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 40 - Back to Back Enlightenment (2)

"Ohhh! Nik, right there!"

Pav膩ka couldn't get enough of it. This sensation called physical pleasure truly ruined her. Her heart craved for more and surprisingly, she actually felt a bit tired 'spiritually' after such a long time.

Nik made her feel as if she was a living being filled with flesh and blood. And even then, she knew that if she was slashed at, instead of beautiful crimson blood, only her Elemental energy would disperse. But she will remain immortal.

As long as the pure lightning remains in this world, she will remain alive.

Her hands desperately clenched on the pillow while she bit the latter to muffle her groans. Admittedly, she had seen humans engaging in acts of pleasure without there notice. In fact, it wasn't that she was extremely interested in peeking. It was just that nobody could see her, aside from the fellow element Spirits.

Even if the Avatar could see her, that spiritual entity combined into flesh couldn't physically touch her for that spirit 'wasn't' a spirit in the purest sense.

But here she was, with all her knowledge overturned, getting her butthole filled to the brim as a hard, warm c.o.c.k plunged into her moist, fragrant back cave without any regards for her own body.

Not that she didn't like it. But there was a strange sense of possession that made her consciousness thump each time Nik pounded his c.o.c.k into her ass while diligently kissing her neck and rubbing her pink clit.

The sun was almost setting as Nik could easily reach Pav膩ka's face while banging her anus from behind as her muffled squeals went along with the squelching sounds of his e.r.o.t.i.c-juice lacquered c.o.c.k going into her back hole.

Meanwhile, her pristine p.u.s.s.y already marked with Nik's demonic seed as it still dripped with a special alchemic product of a spiritual juice interlaced with devilish spunk.

"You feel good... extremely so!"

Nik whispered as the feeling of her small, yet, round and plump butt hitting against his c.o.c.k felt extremely pleasurable and unlike her p.u.s.s.y, her anus felt way hotter and tighter than anything he had ever felt, and even then, Pav膩ka remained a perfectly accommodating woman who could easily take Nik even with her short stature.

It was like she was made for s.e.x only to be punished for her unbounded potential in pleasing a c.o.c.k. A perfectly malleable p.u.s.s.y that could be molded into her lover's shape while a butthole that was tastier than any gourmet while hotter and tighter than any hole a man could ever enter.

Spirits are better than human, Nik understood this now, and also understood why the talent he had was a massive boon.

But even then, he wasn't a machine only to satisfy his c.o.c.k.

He was as emotional as any other person, it was just that Nik was raised to be a little twisted, that is all.

"You know... Pav膩ka. I am incapable of loving anyone, I am a broken person who can only find his salvation in the bosom of many.

But I do treasure my woman."

He spoke as he gripped her butt while his large fingers dug into her skin, her butt was like a combination of a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts, soft and perky, filling the hand while being able to be massaged e.r.o.t.i.cally.

"I treasure you and every woman I have taken. The manner in which I take them doesn't matter. Force, treachery, passion, complacency and even battles... but... Pav膩ka, when I saw your body, your eyes, your flower...

I lost it.

For a moment, I lost my ability to treasure those who are dear to me.

I lost myself and forgot the smile of the beautiful woman who bears my seed.

And I can't let that happen. Those girls are sharing me, this is completely selfish of me. So, the last thing I can do is to give each of them a place within my heart.

But you are too perfect, almost hogging my entire heart. I can't have that.

So, I'll defile you, bring you down the holy pedestal, make you mine and give you a space within my heart.

I must, for now, you are mine!"

Nik continued speaking as he kept pumping his c.o.c.k disregarding the virile c.u.m that flowed into her anus while making her stomach bulge further. Her golden hair felt a bit dull due to hours of pounding while her face had a dazed look with her violet eyes rolled up in extreme pleasure while her tongue lolling out, demanding Nik's lips, but this time, he gritted his teeth and continued pounding as Pav膩ka's legs involuntarily bucked as her p.u.s.s.y squirted another orgasm for umpteenth time while slumping back on the bed.

Though her form couldn't be witnessed by anyone other than spirit-kind and Nik, he felt a bit relieved after filling her up as he finally took his member out and slumped beside her.

"As your teacher..."

Pav膩ka responded within ragged breathing while clenching her raised butt, not letting any drop waste, she slowly tilted her head towards Nik and smiled brilliantly.

"... if I can help my student by getting defiled, if I can support your burden, your emotions just like how my body accommodates you... there is nothing more I would wish to do."

She wasn't lying. Living for such a long time, only now did she finally feel an objective, a wish, brewing within herself. Though, this objective brewed out of Nik's corrupt seed, it still grew within her regardless, making her slowly nudge Nik's shoulder before wrapping her arms around Nik and finally sleeping with a peaceful expression.

Seeing her, Nik couldn't help but smile bitterly.

"You are too cruel... teacher. If you such things and look so beautiful, how can I happily find other women and screw them?"

He whispered while grazing her cheek softly and kissing her forehead.

"In the end... it's upto me to steel my heart. Though our next meeting would take quite a long time, just like others, I won't forget you.

Only that way, I can keep getting better than my past self. To remember and cherish."

Nik slowly drifted to sleep only to wake up to a knock during the middle of the night.


Cleaning up, Nik left the blissfully sleeping Pav膩ka alone. After all, nobody could see her current, c.u.m-soaked, enticing form and entered into a robe before opening the door slightly.

Gazing at the golden eyes and plump lips that arched into a bright grin, Azula whispered.

"Nik? Aren't you going to ask me in?"

Looking back, Nik looked at the softly purring Pav膩ka before turning towards the door and smiled.

"Please, your highness, if it pleases you, do enter."

He stepped aside while Azula pushed open the door when suddenly, a heavy, manly musk assaulted her nose, making her dizzy for a moment.

Frowning, she looked around only to see an innocent Nik looking back at her, of course, Nik immediately smiled internally and lowered his head.