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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 41 - Princess With Daddy Issues

"I never actually praised you for your earlier actions."

Swaying her h.i.p.s seductively, Azula took a seat, coincidentally, right next to Pavāka.


Nik tilted his head in confusion.

Smiling, Azula gently grazed the left lock of her hair behind her ear and then narrowed her eyes.

"The courage and brutality you showed while slaying those imbeciles.

With savageness that could overshadow a salamander's ferocity, you really don't look like the calm earth or gentle water. It's quite a pity that you aren't born of fire."

Saying so, Azula stood up and walked near Nik, placing her hand on his chest while drawing on his left pec.

"The piercing eyes that held no emotion felt strangely familiar. A beautiful man that could evoke desires, a wonderful scent that could subdue a woman and an extremely well-endowed figure created to please women."

Letting her hands softly graze his neck, Azula slowly stood on her toes and let her face get closer to Nik's. Their heavy, hot breathing collided against each other's lips while Azula actually smiled when Nik matched her gaze.

"Truly a pity. Were you a fire, your heat could make my cold nights filled with a fiery passion that is needed to make a woman like myself happy.

But being a mud... a filth, you are destined to be my servant. To be used and commanded. To please but not to dream. To fill but not to feel.

That is why, it's a pity."

Azula's soft whispers grazed past Nik's cheeks as her arms slowly hung around Nik while keeping her eye contact.

"Nik, I order you. Regardless of your future safety, please me now. Fill me and make me crave for you. Let me understand what it is like to be a woman.

If you do so, then maybe, I can let you be my consort, if not a Husband."

With an enchanting smile touching his lips, his Pheromone Illusion running to its extreme, Nik's head descended and immediately took Azula's full, plump lips while his arms slowly took their place on her h.i.p.s.

The cloth that covered the duo's body was thin enough to show Azula's erect n.i.p.p.l.es meanwhile, Nik's c.o.c.k forced the knot of the robe to open on its own while they engaged in a fiery kiss.

Her mouth was hot, just like her entire body. Extremely hot! Her tongue, her saliva, everything felt extremely different, but sensual nonetheless.

"I retract my previous assumption. You are hot, everything about you is."

Azula spoke while striking Nik's cheek as she held his hand and brought him on the bed while pushing him down. Once again, to Nik's fortune, he laid beside Pavāka, instead of, 'on' her.

"Seeing your miserable status, I doubt you ever enjoyed a woman's treasure, not to mention a royal treasure.


Take honour from the fact that I, the future fire lord, the future slayer of dragons, lost my v.i.r.g.i.n flower to you."

As she straddled on Nik's waist while pressing her meaty butt over his c.o.c.k, Azula immediately disrobed him with as if tearing his clothes while her eyes unknowingly glittered when her gaze landed on his muscles.

"Everything about you is absurd."

She whispered as her back bent forward while her nails slowly traced his left pec before using her index finger to rub the tip of his chest.

"Hoh~ Quite a reaction. Considering your partner, it is only natural."

As she whispered, her lips grew close to Nik's silent one, what Azula assumed to be an expression of discomfort and nervousness.

"Now that you have tasted my northern lips, it is time you enjoy my southern ones."

Azula smiled lasciviously as she stood up and lifted her h.i.p.s before raising her knees over his abs and changing her position.

Creeping forth, she immediately adjusted her h.i.p.s right above his face while supported her body with her hands on his chest.

"Nik, time to dig in."

Taking a whiff of the sensual musky scent, that was quite brutish when compared to Pavāka's aroma, but enticing all the more, Nik gulped as he nodded. He was afraid that he might show his true nature if he opened his mouth to speak.


Azula slowly lowered her h.i.p.s, the tension in her body and muscles showed her inexperience and own anxiety over the fact of losing her first time to a servant.

'But... can a royal prince exceed this servant's physique?'

This question followed by the realisation that Nik might just be the best toy to satisfy her own raunchious cunt, Azula bit her lip as a whimper escaped her throat due to Nik's hot breathing assaulting her entrance.

'Here I go.'

Reaffirming her determination, Azula finally loosened her waist and brought her h.i.p.s down in a gentle curve, making her meaty and perky butt sit on Nik's face while the latter did not need any more thoughts to immediately use his hands and latch on her butt cheeks while invading her moist interior with a roguish tongue.


Azula's head snapped up while her thighs tightened around his head unconsciously. Her hands could only find their solace in a self-embrace that wrapped around her stomach.

"W-wait! You—"

A quiver spread across her body as Azula lost her ability to think for a moment. Rebellious thoughts that swirled within her mindscape vanished into a pleasing utopia that shook her entire body while her h.i.p.s unconscious ground against Nik's nose.

She came

While Nik continued eating her p.u.s.s.y while lapping all the juice greedily. After waking up from an intense session, he did feel quite thirsty, thankfully, the best source of nutritional nectar presented herself in front of him.

Now, he wasn't taking any of her dominatrix bull!

His tongue touched the spots that her fingers were afraid to, his hand massaged her butt in a way that her own personal therapist wouldn't. His conscious action of gently teasing her entrance while licking only livened her body.

Her extremely hot p.u.s.s.y wrapped around Nik while her alignment with fire and lightning gave her body a strange attribute.

Not only was her drink quite numbing, her interior walls felt as if he was eating an extremely strange, hot, jelly.

But such a difference couldn't stop Nik.

Her continuously struggling body remained in place by Nik's strong arms as he directly released his pheromones inside her snatch. Her p.u.s.s.y instantly overflowed with the amount of juices that Azula herself wasn't aware of while her pride and expression as a royalty only ruined further along the act.

"Ohhhh! Hmm~ no... hah~ this isn't what I~!"

Azula's own hands started to rebel against her while they consciously teased her n.i.p.p.l.es and massaged her modest b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Meanwhile, her hazy golden eyes could only gaze at the primordial tower placed right in front of her. A behemoth that now only filled her heart with fear and her p.u.s.s.y with expectations. Though, the strange feeling of expectations was new to her, she did recall feeling such fear once in her entire life.


"Huff! Huff!"

Azula's little body retreated as all her eyes could see was a ring of flame around her body. Fire so ferociously that even jer recently mastered blue flames couldn't match.

Even though the opponent's flames were bright orange, the intensity of them only pointed out to the domineering nature of her opponent while his extreme mastery over regular flames, stupidly strong enough to overpower her blue ones.

There he stood, a burly man with piercing golden eyes. Long beard flowing down his chin as he looked at Azula coldly, disregarding her status as his own blood daughter.

Opening his mouth, the man spoke with mockery laced within his voice.

"Good, courageous enough to challenge me to right of throne in such a tender age while being able to master the blue flames. Really, I do wonder if your mother was right.

If somehow, your elder brother was simply a bastard.

For today's error, your life will not be reaped.

Once I rule the world, I will grant my only living offspring's wish— you.

I shall grant you the throne of the fire nation.

Now, begone."


'Yes, that imposing stand definitely points out the domineering personality of the person. But what is this strange expectation?'

Azula wondered when she was forced out of her recollection of past with a soul-shaking orgasm that finally sucked the strength out of her body.

With his eyes glimmering, Nik couldn't help but lick his lips.

"I hope you are ready for a life full of servitude, Azula."
Story 100% Written by Author: FanHarem

[1/8, 2:42 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 42 - Bloodied Ritual
There once was a family, a happy one. A strong father, a loving mother, an honest brother and a prodigious daughter.

The prodigy would receive her father's affection, her uncle's smile, her grandfather's patient teachings and her brother's admiration. Everything was set in stone. Only the talented and strong would survive to gain.

The sister did vow that she would protect her family from harm's way. But her wishes truly stemmed from her gentle mother. Neither was she anything like her ferocious father nor her imposing grandfather.

Her mother was like a breath of spring in the capital of fire. Calm, enduring and always smiling.

But only to her brother.

She wished to be like her mother, idolized her and wanted nothing more to gain a bit of affection from her. Sure, she was strong, a prodigy. Sure, she could defeat her own brother while bathing in the praises of her family. But was it so wrong?

Was it the only reason that she had to be the only one to suffer her mother's judgemental gazes and occasional glares?


She won, didn't she?

Why couldn't her mother just praise her a bit? Why couldn't she love her own daughter for who she is?

Why did such discrimination rise even within the ranks of blood relationship. To be loved, did she needed to be weak like her elder brother?

From a young age, the talented daughter understood that the only one capable of loving her was her mother itself. Her father wasn't capable of such emotion, her grandfather wasn't interested in sharing his affection and her uncle wasn't there for her during the times of war.

There was only her mother, who only avoided her, berated her and never loved her.

Her dreams slowly twisted in the spiral of ego-boosting praises and comments and the awe from the mongrels destined to be stepped upon with a smile.

No longer did she feel the need to protect. The fire within her wished to burn and destroy. That was it.

She didn't need love. Her fire forged her heart anew. Tougher than steel, sharper than the cruelest of spears. Her body only trained for greatness.

But... never to be loved.


"Di— did you like it? Hnngh! My taste?!!"

With her lips sealed while her e.r.o.t.i.c juices flowing from Nik's mouth into her's, Azula whispered as Nik's finger gently stretched her innards while expertly teasing her modest bosom.

"I loved it, my lady."

Nik whispered as he lowered his head to take her neck while Azula's passionate m.o.a.ns and tight embrace grew even intense.

"Say it more! Say it that you love it!"

Azula m.o.a.ned crazily while her hands crept downwards towards his butt, immediately finding the prized possession that enticed her a few days ago.

"How about I show it?"

Nik whispered while he let the underside of his c.o.c.k get as lubed as possible by her moist p.u.s.s.y while rubbing against her extremely hot entrance with his warm c.o.c.k as his soaked fingers came up and immediately entered Azula's open mouth, making her taste her own love nectar once again.

Her lips immediately closed while sucking the entirety of his index and middle finger while her slowly adapting tongue coiled around his fingers in hopes of sucking everything they had to offer.


Nik spoke while looking at Azula's dazed face. Waiting out the right moment won't make this less painful. It wasn't that without a barely placed seal it would be less painful. It was all about the size and preparations. Azula's innards were quite warm and loose even before her spasmed orgasms. Now, even the cruel princess had a hospitable snatch.

Adjusting the tip, Nik started pushing through when Azula's eyes snapped open while she immediately bit on Nik's fingers.

Blood seeped from the second section of his index finger, almost immediately, aside from the intoxicating nectar, an iron-lime liquid with extreme sweetness entered within her mouth making her eyes widen in pleasure while she felt her body going numb as the pain she felt receded on its own.

Of course, all of this happened without Nik's knowledge. Not hearing much whimpers, Nik steeled his heart and ignored the pain before pushing his shaft halfway that marked the emergence of a pinkish-glow that immediately heightened Azula's sensuality, making her suck on Nik's finger with a casual, almost s.l.u.tty look while her hazy golden eyes gazed at Nik with a desperate need to get her burning p.u.s.s.y filled.


Squealing through her full mouth, she felt Nil's c.o.c.k bulge for a moment within her as Nik moved his h.i.p.s, further along, scraping her insides while finally touching the mythical walls that her fingers failed to discover.

Her face flushed instantly as her innards grew hotter and hotter, as if wanting to melt Nik within her and hold him tightly forever. Her snatch clamped down hard while Nik's tip softly kissed her inner gates before retreating while disregarding the cruel squeeze of her arrogant p.u.s.s.y, bringing her innards to realms of carnal pleasure she wasn't even aware of.

And then, he glided his c.o.c.k into her once again, a soft grunt escaped his lips while Nik slowly pulled his fingers out and took her full lips. Though, the taste of his own blood did unnerve him for a moment, Azula's gentle squeeze broke him out of his thoughts as their night continued.


With Azula's body laid on her right side while her top leg picked up, Nik furiously thrusted his c.o.c.k deep into her w.o.m.b from behind while his tongue entangled with Azula's into a fiery kiss. No longer did her abnormally hot p.u.s.s.y increase the tension of his member. In fact, the continuous pounding made it more enjoyable.

Her sweaty body was solely entrusted his expert hands as she was played in the ways she had never dreamt of. The slight bulge above her crotch area and the thin tricking off-white liquid pointed out that the poor princess' w.o.m.b was packed with his devilish spunk, but alas, it didn't stop there.

Just like that, Azula's mind soon drifted off to a strange world before she accepted a strange request while orgasming oh so delightfully while ruining the entire bed with the nectar combination of Nik's love and her reaction.


There once was a princess, full of cruelty and arrogance. Her missing mother already dead to her, her father's throne the only goal within her mind.

The weakness of her brother failed to move her heart, the cries of the rage of her enemies filled her broken consciousness with pleasure.

Broken she was, something finally made its way towards her.

A fortunate encounter, the princess couldn't tell. But it wasn't unfortunate.

As she entered the fated room with the intention of using the body of her dreams, unknowingly, she had submitted herself.

Her heart, her body and her source of affection to the man with a body that even the gods would envy.

For the person that gets her attention is destined to be the source of other's envy. After all, the most talented princess was swept away in a tsunami of c.u.m that filled her w.o.m.b tight, f.u.c.k.i.e.d her body senseless and still, was virile enough to disregard her tired body and continue f.u.c.k.i.n.g her oh so ruthlessly.
[1/8, 2:42 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 43 - Energy Conversion
Azula's shivering body slumped with her lower lips drooling his c.u.m as Nik felt a permanent connection with the destroyed princess.

Taking a deep breath, Nik gently laid Azula next to Pavāka and enjoyed the sight of two different species getting soaked in his c.u.m. He could be said to be the only link between the spirits and the humans through the use of his c.o.c.k.

'But that aside... there is something strange about my blood. Not to mention this extreme feeling...'

As Nik tasted his own blood, he suddenly felt an enhanced version of Pheromone Illusion but of course, it failed to affect him while its effect on Azula was quite obvious.

And besides that, Nik felt a current of cool sensation spreading across his body through his crotch area while Nik couldn't help but open his stats.

Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Intern)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

ENG: 2

CHM: 6

LUK: 2]

Frowning at the obvious addition of the new stat, Nik softly commanded the system to show the description of the new stat before a new notification window popped in front of him.

[ENG: Host Energy.

The system allows the host to use pure, untainted energy that can be converted into different kinds of energy.

Energies discovered: Elemental Energy.

1 Host Energy = 3 Elemental Energy.]

While Nik understood the fact that he actually needed to come into contact with a form of energy before converting it into a force recognisable as pure and untainted by the system to finally activate the ENG stat. But the question arose, how?

He has been in the world of elementals for quite some time, but even then, he couldn't get a shred of energy. He gained it today, he felt it today. And the only thing that differed from his usual routine was...

Tilting his head sideways, Nik looked at Pavāka's and Azula's blissful expression before musing silently.

"Could it be... show talent."


Name: Carnal Concept

Description: Allows the host to mate with not only humans, but other sentient beings found across the multiverse.]

"Strange... it only describes as the ability to come into physical contact with other beings that could not be touched or felt otherwise. But this talent did not explain the reason for the sudden acquisition of Energy."

Muttering, Nik looked around for quite a long time to discover anything strange about the room before sitting on the floor with his shoulder slumped in defeat.

"Things are getting troublesome..."

Boon or curse, anything that wasn't under Nik's control felt troublesome to him. And such a sudden change entered into the category of things that he did not understand and therefore, could not control.

Sitting cross-legged, he tried envisioning the energy within his body flowing out of his palms and when he actually moved the strange energy with a mere thought of his, Nik immediately regarded the energy converting into elemental energy before a warm wisp of orange flame erupted from his open palm.

The dark room brightened up by Nik's sudden ability to create fire as his lower face lit up in an orange shade and his violeteheart limmered before he immediately closed the gates that connected the energy to the flame.

Looking at his stats, he found that his ENG wasn't consumed even a single bit, but the slight decrease in overall energy was still easy to notice. All of this came as an extremely strange sensation to Nik, but in the life of ever-changing worlds, if Nik couldn't even adapt to such a small unknown change, it would speak much of his foreseeable demise.

With a faint expectation in his heart, Nik once again revolved the energy flowing within him, but this time, instead of envisioning a wisp of flame, he tried producing electricity.


3 hours later

As the zap of violet lightning that covered his fist vanished into thin air with a shrill cry, Nik calmly concluded his research.

"First of all, it takes an entire hour to recover a single point of ENG. Not to mention that I can only produce fire or lightning which also includes blue flames and blue lightning, the attributes Azula showed on many occasions.

Trying to control the air around me fails spectacularly while the water and earth fail to heed my command despite expending ENG.

There's no doubt, something within my body is changed, hidden or still remains unregistered even by the system which speaks much about the mysteriousness of my body.

Conclusion... no matter how demonic it sounds... does involve the fact that I gained this energy from having s.e.x with Azula and Pavāka.

But how is the energy gained?

I didn't feel a shred of energy from my sessions with Mitsuko even after gaining my bloodline, this means that my bloodline isn't strange. This only leaves the talent as a suspect.

There is still a need to know the mechanism of the entire system on which this siphoning of energy is based upon. It was clear that this energy only appeared inside of him when he consummated his relationship with Azula and Pavāka.

But energy cannot be produced out of nothing. He wasn't foolish enough to think that this ability of his was a merry one where he can have endless s.e.x and gain endless energy formed out of nothing.

This energy needed to be converted out of something and the implications of 'that' something admittedly terrified him a bit.

Biting his lips, Nik tried to connect with his founder to no avail. It was as if all the connections with the society had been forcibly suppressed by a mysterious force. When he looked back at Azula's and Pavāka's face, no longer did he feel so satisfied and proud.

With his mind preoccupied with various thoughts and measures to prevent such a strange process of gaining energy, Nik's night was fraught with countless groans of irritation that would only fuel his insomnia, quite opposite to the content look on the girls' faces.

But in the meantime, Nik did come up with various more outcomes and conclusions.

1 minute of norma fire consumed a single unit of his ENG, but strangely, the act of fire-bending wasn't converted into a skill, another 'something', that needed his attention. Meanwhile, the usage of blue flames would conversely consume two of his units in a mere span of five seconds.

The same was for the blue Lightning and violet Lightning named Purity Lightning.

1 minute for 1 unit while 5 seconds for 2 units. And just like that, the night came to an end to give a glorious rise to the blazing sun which made Nik realise the fact that he hadn't gotten an ounce of rest after his session. The realisation brought a wave of exhaustion, making him slump on the ground itself as he slumbered into a deep sleep.


In a vast desert with no life available to the expansive vision of a strange silver-haired girl with pale white eyes that seemed to reflect the dessert itself, a barely audible sigh escaped her lips as she looked up, gazing at the blinding sun without a shred of emotion in her eyes.

"It's almost upon us... the creator of flames, the god of the sun shall vanish for a brief moment to return even more gloriously. But... is that glory truly needed by the world.

My eyes fail to see ahead. Fate blocks my vision, an existence or multiple existences threaten the plane and yet... the fate agrees and compromise with them.

Truly a coward that act might in front of puny and puny in front of mighty."

As she spoke, the surrounding sand quickly stuck together and morphed into a crystal clear glass-like sheet before descending into the said glass and vanishing from the area.


The Earth Kingdom, State of Gaoling

"Are you sure that the Avatar would really arrive here?"

A grey-haired middle-aged man asked for the sake of confirmation. Looking back at his temporary partner, the teen nodded.

"I have a talent that allows me to gain bits and pieces of the happening of the record. While I cannot confirm the timing, I surely know that one of the Avatar's companion originates from this location."

Nodding his head, the middle-aged man couldn't help but sigh.

"But... to kill Avatar, there must definitely be some hosts assigned to protect the Avatar. If we..."

"Don't worry."

The youth dissuaded him before smiling.

"As I said, I don't come here without a trump card. All we need to find out about is the true identity of the said companion."
[1/8, 2:43 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 44 - The Fire Capital
The crackling sound of flames extended towards the empty chamber as the shadow of an enigmatic figure fell upon the curtain covering a massive column of fire.

Kneeling in front of the shadowy figure, Azula looked down with a calm expression, no lingering feeling of the need to achieve that particular seat or even scant praise to boost her ego.

"What about Ba Sing Se?"

A deep and commanding voice emerged from the other side of the curtain as Azula reported her progress dutifully.

"Traitors are being captured and trained on a daily basis while the inner working of the city is being gradually understood. To truly make better spies out of those traitors, we would require a few months before the operation can continue."

"I see."

The man behind the curtain thought out loud before continuing.

"Azula, one of the failure's men reported that the first contact with the Avatar has been established.

For now, leave the siege operation to your underlings. Avatar's head needs to decorate this chamber. A failure cannot hope to achieve it."

While Azula's eyes gleamed at the thought of taking Avatar's head herself, her heart strangely remained calm when she was compared to her elder sibling— failure.

"I shall do what's need to be done, Lord."

She whispered as the Fire Lord, her father, grunted in approval before Azula was dismissed. The Palace, for the most parts, is usually empty. Even the throne chambers were empty with a single Fire Lord taking his seat there accompanied with his column of fire all day long.

Walking down the empty hallway, Azula bit her lips as a pleased smile remained plastered on her face while her steadily shivering body made its way towards her private chambers.

Feeling the plastic rod within her body as the hot liquid within her w.o.m.b continuously pressured the rod to push and finally leak put freely, Azula couldn't help but groan in frustration and pleasure.

'It's going to leak out! Shit!'

Her h.i.p.s suddenly spasmed as she tried to wrap her interior around the rod that sealed the c.u.m of damnation into her w.o.m.b, making her take a deep breath before continuing forward.



Her metallic boots struck against the hard floor before the maids standing on either side of the entrance of her chamber bowed in reverence as Azula brushed them off without any change in her gait.

It was only after she had entered her chamber, made her way towards the bedroom before she fell to her knees, her body shivering in pleasure while her lips leaking hot and heavy breathing while her golden eyes stared at the opposing purple ones.

A loosely dressed individual waited on the bed. A silk-like, red coloured rob hung around his body without getting tied around his waist as his abs and the inner portion of his pecs remained exposed.

With twitching lips, Azula slowly regained her composure as she smiled with a bit haughtiness evident in her expression. Getting up slowly, she casually patted her perky butt that got manhandled by Nik a few hours ago and shrugged.

"Oh, if it isn't my loyal partner, Nik. How is the life in Fire Capital faring?"

After her first destructive session with Nik, he soon found out that unlike all his previous sessions with women, Azula seemed to have been affected 'permanently'. Her demeanor around him would calm down while her natural arrogance would recede and morph into a pet's submission.

Even then, her expression would keep on defying her physical actions which piqued Nik's curiosity. With the strange issue of the sudden influx of system-neutral energy more or less investigated, Azula's condition was carefully considered as Nik came to a definitive answer.

His own blood.

This was yet another distinction between his regular session with others. None of them ever ingested his blood, the source of his skill— Pheromone Illusion. While the current working of things still eludes Nik, he was fairly certain that the reason he was so easily promoted from filth/Nik to Partner as their status demanded was due to some sort of permanent side-effect of ingesting his blood.

This further needed some more consideration, but not at the moment.

"She looks kinda cute when she tries to hide her embarrassment..."

Invisible to Azula, Pavāka snuggled against Nik's chest while purring softly. After their own session, Nik found out that Pavāka could feel some sort of energy getting siphoned from her source during the act. Of course, due to her heightened sensuality, she couldn't make much of it back then, but her thoughts did Nik to confirm the process of this energy gathering.

After partnering-up with Pavāka, he did initiate another session, but other than some sort of incredible synchronisation of spirit, the duo did not feel any change in the energy flowing within them.

This made Nik conclude an important concept.

Those who are not partnered up with him could get their affinity and elemental energy siphoned to further his own body.

Today's morning session with Azula where they both felt extremely connected instead of siphoning off energy further verified some parts of his conclusion.

Of course, the further questions of heightened synchronisation was once again up in the air.

"Princess, without you, Fire Capital doesn't hold any charm."

Standing up, much to Pavāka's disgruntled yelp, Nik moved closer to Azula and let his hand rest on her developed h.i.p.s, enjoying the warm sensation of her body as Azula inadvertently averted her gaze with reddened cheeks.

Never did Nik feel that such a dominatrix could ever produce an enticing expression like the one in front of him.

"You seem to be holding it in pretty well, Princess..."

Bringing his lips closer to her ear, letting his warm breath assault her neck, he continued.

"It's almost as if you are not willing to part from it."

Snorting at his comment, Azula smiled.

"Surely you are jesting. I can have as much as I want.

It's just the idea of wasting it bothers me a bit."

Chuckling at her comments, Nik pulled her closer as his hands shifted from her h.i.p.s to her butt which immediately assaulted both of her holes through her baggy fiery pants, immediately making Azula hold onto Nik's shoulder.

"Surely I can help with the refill, Princess."
[1/8, 2:44 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 45 - Turbulence
A youth left under the guise of a palace servant suddenly recruited by the Princess after her successful adventure to the Earth Kingdom.

Dressed in dull-crimson robes alongside a yellow cloth-belt and bronze arm guards, Nik tightened the collar around his chest before the 'clunking' sound of his metallic boots remained as he swiftly left the Palace. His arrival did not cause major tension due to the fact that many handsome men were forced to servitude by Azula before they met a horrible end.

Of course, it was unfortunate that the did not have blood pumped with pheromones to seduce opposite gender or any of the Fire Lord's 'relieving' servant would have already taken the role of a queen.

With a light Pavāka dangling by his neck, Nik made his way towards the market of the capital to experience the cultural difference firsthand. Though, Nik wouldn't mind picking a beautiful lady that could catch his attention.

Unlike the flattened roads of the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Capital actually used bricks to structure a solid rod that went alongside the aesthetics of the people. The structures raised in the capital were all marked with a flaming red imprint and many flags were raised with a similar imprint.

To make the matters more interesting, most of the females of around him, except the young and old, all wore bright red hijab that hung around their body loosely while a black silk-like cloth covered their head and their lower face, only leaving their hands and eyes exposed.

Aside from some exceptional teen girls that did not conform to the society's sense of fashion, most women wore the same clothing, hiding everything underneath the cloth akin to a uniform.

'A religion?'

Nik speculated as the varied fashion taste of men around him didn't conform to the nation that would strictly follow a religion.

The ceramic tiles that covered the outer part of the constructed shops looked quite gentle and heartwarming, despite the actions taken by the navy and army of the nation while Nik continued his thoughtless gait while observing any part of the passing women he could. After all, with only their eyes exposed, Nik felt compelled to gaze at them further.

It was as if finding out their true figures was the challenge to any and every man but soon, he was brought out of his daze by a lazy and annoyed Pavāka.

"Would you stop this already. It's embarrassing!"

"Why? And how can you get embarrassed if no-one can see you?"

"Because all the women you are ogling and ravaging with your eyes are married."

She snorted in return while placing her soft butt on his shoulders. Apparently, she could make herself 'smaller' but not bigger.

Now, in a true pixie form, Pavāka sighed and explained further.

"If I am not wrong, a few years back, after the sudden assassination of the previous fire lord, all the married women were forced to hide their faces to signify the treacherous act of the current fire lord's exiled wife— Ursa."


Nik didn't comment much as he was distracted by a pair of swaying h.i.p.s once again.


A sudden surge of Lightning immediately screwed with the muscles of his shoulders as he was once again woken up from his state of extreme observation.

"What was that for?"

Nik muttered. The purity Lightning, aside from a small amount of damage, itself has a numbing and healing property. So, it is not an understatement when Nik proclaimed that Pavāka really was the best girl.

But even then, the heart of a cultured man could only drift.

"Of course, that's what you get for looking at sagging tits instead of mine!"

She muttered with a pout while Nik shrugged, almost making Pavāka fall.

"Not sagging. But of course, I can look at yours if you remove your spirit clothes."

"Hey! I am not that kind of girl! Dummy!"

Immediately retorting with a hiss, Pavāka glared at Nik before tilting her head away.

"You can ask your skank for such kind of dirty actions."

"Aw, come on. I was just joking. Yeah.

Why would I want my dear Teacher to show her body to anyone else besides me?"

His sweet comments only received a sidelong glance as they both continued walking before they finally reached their destination after fifteen minutes.

The Library.


"The library of these worlds are unexpectedly harder to enter."

Veera muttered in frustration as the black-haired girl— Maira sighed and nodded.

"It was hard enough to enter the city unnoticed. But to understand the routes to other cities and the capital, we must get the map from the library or hire a local traveller."

The burly man appointed with the task to oppose most of Veera's decision looked surprisingly level-headed and nodded with a calm expression.

"Isn't the answer clear. Our physical bodies... well, at least my physical body is far better than the famed Earthen Warriors.

I propose that I try and infiltrate my way through the city by disguising myself as an Earth Kingdom citizen. The rest of you clearly don't have the required conditions.

Most of you are pale-skinned and quite lean. Not to mention, the earthen ladies are known for their decent behaviour, which Maira is not capable of."

Oblivious to the darkened expression of the black-haired Maira and the wry smile leaking out of Veera's lips, the man continued.

"Either way, in seven months, the battle is supposed to go down, right? Before then, the Avatar is supposed to face the siege of Northern Tribe and the Southern Tribe.

Those are the places we cannot reach in time. So, all we have to do is locate the earth bending comrade of the avatar and wait."

Hearing the reason behind his plan, the rest nodded as the man continued his idea on how he would infiltrate the ranks in a quick, yet, brutal manner possible that once again gained the nods of quite a lot of members except a reserved few, Maira being one of them.



The blue-haired Brian fell on the deck with his body covered in cold sweat. His expression the synonym of absolute fear while his shuddering breaths an indication to his panicked heart.

Why wouldn't he fear? He just met the deity of the world, a titanic Lion Turtle whose bright yellow eyes still made Brian lose his composure.

"Avatar's spirit remains safe."

That's what he was told.

Suddenly, a warm hand came into contact with Brian's shoulder, making him jump up in fear.

"Mr Brian, are you alright?"

Gazing at the old Iroh, Brian stammered a bit before nodding.

"We are soon going to make contact with the survivors of the southern tribe. Your help will be most appreciated."

As Iroh saw Brian nodding and leaving, he directed his gaze towards the distant sea that suddenly erupted with mighty pressure.

'A spirit?'

He could only speculate as his nephew quickly called him to arrange various preparations to capture the Avatar.
[1/8, 2:45 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 46 - Mutt's Discussion
"Isn't this..."

The middle-aged librarian fell silent as he looked at the clearance motif in Nik's hand before looking at Nik, this time, with an appraising gaze. His eyes showed a bit of his apprehension through his glasses but overall, the librarian seems to have accepted the situation.

"I see. You must be one of Princess'..."

As he found a word to describe their delicate relation, a cold voice cut the man's thoughts in half as her words sent a spiral of horrific gossips crashing in the surroundings.

"Princess' new pet, right?"

The man gulped while Nik looked back to find a youthful figure with luscious black hair flowing through her shoulders and resting above her bosom while two buns of hair adorned the side of her head with her calm eyes regarding Nik without any expressive emotion.

Straight nose, beautiful eyes alongside a face could define her beauty. But the gloomy aura around her went well with her calm expression.

"M— Miss Mai!"

The Librarian immediately greeted while Mai simply grunted a response as she kept gazing at Nik with her brownish eyes while Nik also regarded her calmly, much to Mai's surprise.

"Your training is still... pending?"

She questioned as the lack of respect for a superior in the dog's eyes managed to tick her off a bit. But she was never the one to express her emotions. That's how she was raised.

Nik's and Pavāka's lips twitched simultaneously at her question.

"Whatever. I thought that it was a bit interesting to see a dog willing to stray from its master.

But seeing that your training isn't complete, you are only a trash in human's skin."

The Librarian sweated further while Nik took the praise naturally.

"Thank you for your kind words, Miss."

And that was it. Nik didn't really like dealing with obnoxious girls... at least, not in public. Of course, he would need to retaliate against this Mai, but that is a quest for another day. He still needed to fill in the basic gaps of knowledge through the library.


Mai frowned while the librarian dazedly handed the badge of golden flame back to Nik before he was stopped by Mai once again.



Nik turned back and asked. He wasn't that hurried to learn some basic information. If this Mai really wants to join him, that would be better, too.

"... What's your name?"

Mai questioned after a moment of thought to which, Nik replied his name with a polite bow before making his way towards the interior of the library.


[To read the language, the host must purchase the language.]

The contents of the book blurred, only the screen could be read in precision.

"Why am I able to converse?"

The text on the screen blurred before it stated once again.

[The part of having a conversation with the locals of the world is free in the first trial. Technically, this is your first trial.]

Nodding, Nik looked at Pavāka, who had an incredulous expression as she, too, could read the contents of the system.

"Well, you heard the big boss, Teacher. Help me read all the stuff written here."

And with a stunned expression, Pavāka nodded before floating down the book and started describing the detailed history of the 100-year war.


"Oh, if it isn't—"

As a young man, a beautiful one, came up with open hands to welcome Mai, she immediately back-knuckled him with a glare while hissing.

"Shut it!"

As Mai bypassed the minister's son, who was covering his bloodied nose with his hands, Mai's suitors immediately gave way to the maiden as she made her way towards the main attraction of the gathering.

Fire Princess— Azula.

As she grew closer to Azula, her unsteady and impatient gait slowly turned into a calm one while the glowing fury within her eyes hid naturally. She wasn't willing to show her emotions to Azula. Not after she was played in her hands when she naively disclosed her emotions for the greatest failure of the nation— Zuko, Azula's elder brother.

While Mai's relationship with Azula has strained quite a bit, they both knew each other from their childhood and such a change was hard to keep the duo away from each other.

"Oh? How's it going, Mai? Moved over the pathetic mutt, yet?"

She commented when she saw Mai growing closer as the falter in her steps pleased Azula to quite an extent.

"Speaking of mutt, I ran into yours inside the library.

Quit lazying around while training your pets"


Azula flashed a confused expression which was immediately registered by the observing Mai as she picked a glass of herbal juice from the passing waiter while nodding calmly.

"Strange mix of bulky and lean body, violet eyes, black hair... good face for a mutt."

Narrowing her eyes, Azula slowly muttered.

"Perhaps, are you referring to Nik?"

This time, Mai was honestly surprised and her raised eyebrows suggested that such an event did manage to pierce through her mask of emotionlessness.

"Out of 27 pets, this is the first one that could make you remember his name. Must be a special one.

So? Should I congratulate you for 'growing' up?"

Mai casually sipped the herbal vine as she looked at Azula, who was clearly growing colder by the minute.

"Ah, you know. When you turn 17, it isn't that much of a deal. Somewhere along the way when I killed the first filth, I did grow up wonderfully."

Dressed in a light blue gown with her hair flowing down, Azula did not look like a goddess of war but a gentle maiden expected to be wedded soon.

"You are changing the topic, princess."

Mai calmly retorted while Azula smiled wonderfully.

"How about this? Why don't you visit me tonight and I can demonstrate how much I have grown.

At least, I am still not a metaphorical p.u.s.s.y lying in wait of some failure to seed me."

Her uncouth words remained whispers as there were too many nobles that occupied the hall to celebrate her victorious return while Mai couldn't keep hold of her expression as her eyes narrowed coldly while she gripped her glass tightly.

"You're on, Princess."

"It's a date, Miss Heiress."

Azula gently laughed and walked towards rowdy Commander Zhao to discuss a few important details that made her actually show herself in the gathering in the first place.


"F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k!"

The black-haired youth cursed as the middle-aged man slowly took out the pieces of small earthen spikes from his back as the youth's back was already coloured crimson in his own blood.

"Care to explain how you managed to 'unsee' such a glaring issue?"

"How the hell was I supposed to know that a teenager can compare to an Earthbending Master?!"

The youth hissed while the man shook his head.

"Not 'comparable' but a true Earthbending Master. Her impairment is even more amazing."

He muttered darkly while sighing.

"We will need to rest and the city will be in chaos for a few days, after all, the mayor's daughter just ran off.

She isn't a viable target, not to mention, our action might have already exposed us."

Gazing at the youth, he continued.

"What else do you know?"


Closing the book with a huff, Nik sighed deeply and a contemplative expression took over his face.

"So... is it safe to assume that there is something that is hidden in these records?"

Pavāka looked up with a confused expression.

"What do you mean?"

"Clearly, the fire benders shouldn't be 'that' strong when compared to other element benders. But even then, the Aire Nomads are wiped off and the Earth Kingdom and the Water tribes are hard-pressed.

It can only be achieved if they managed to use some explosive means to wipe the Air Nomads quickly before allowing the other factions to prepare."

Naturally nodding, Pavāka shrugged.

"Of course, they did. After all, they could easily trump the Water Tribe during the passing of Fire Comet."

Frowning, Nik looked at the brightly giggling Pavāka as she soon described the massacre of the Air Nomads with a happy expression.


Alright, A/N: To not encounter any FBI- san, I intend to make this clear that the ages of the girls in my novel will be considerably older than their cartoon counterpart.

After all, instead of thinking a 14 year old Azula taking a huge dong, it feels more better to write about a ffm of a 17 year-old Mai and Azula sharing a dong.

Meanwhile, Toph will be considerably mature, 16 years, even if her body doesn't age that well.

Good Night.
[1/8, 2:46 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 47 - Stop...?
"A comet..."

Nik muttered absentmindedly while shuffling through the wide streets of the market as he continued his steps while ignoring the calls of varied vendors trying to promote their goods and gain attention by adding mythical legends to the goods that don't make sense in the first place.

"A feather of the special fire dragon of the legends!

Today's your lucky day! Get a feather of the fire dragon for only 16 Yuans!"

"Hmph! Like a feather of such importance would still remain in your hands!"

Pavāka stuck her tongue out as she kept on commenting to the ridiculous tales of the merchants. Looking back at Nik, she tilted her head in confusion.

"Still thinking about the comet?"

Nik nodded with a heavy sigh.

"Yeah. But there's more to it when considered according to the minds of other nations. If we can get this piece of information public, Avatar's neck might not be out of reach."

He muttered while frowning a bit.

"Teacher, while you cannot affect the physical world, you can surely use your element as a point of contact, right?"

"Hmm? Yeah, kind of. Why do you ask?"

"Just thinking if there are more elemental spirits like you, why haven't they made their presence known?"

Pavāka shook her head and smiled.

"You are wrong in this thinking. Elemental spirits like me are already extremely rare. Beautiful ones that can compare to me are even rarer. Not to mention that elemental spirits have already contacted the physical world through you humans."

Disregarding the fact that even spirits take pride in their beautiful forms, Nik pondered on her sentence when it finally clicked.


"Correct. Each and every bender can bend the said element not only due to his or her talents. But also the blessing of the minor elements that like to contact the world. In other words, the blessing can come in various forms— spiritual fusion in case of the Avatar or affinity fusion in case of normal element benders."

"Then what about me?"

Nik finally asked.

At present, he had the capability of bending fire, turning it into an even hotter blue fire, generate lightning that can destroy and heal.

Technically, he already had four elements.

But still, he simply didn't have the energy to actually use the said elements to their full capabilities.

"Well... that... as much as it hurts to say... even your teacher cannot understand that. But I do know that a rogue like you can only learn this through illicit means."

She immediately huffed as she pinched Nik's cheek while her antics couldn't help but make him smile.

"Teacher, it was enlightenment... yes, plain enlightenment. Not to mention, that feeling during the second time was..."


Pavāka immediately blushed and placed her small hands on his lips while lowering her head as her dazzling golden hair fell from the front of her face.

"We... are not talking about that ever!"

She whispered, much to Nik's happiness.


Just like that, Nik made his way towards the Palace constructed in the middle of the capital while the entire navy was already set in motion to capture the Avatar.


"You seem pretty eager, Princess."

Nik exclaimed as he was immediately caught and latched upon by an almost n.a.k.e.d Azula. Her legs straddled on his h.i.p.s while she stuck to his body akin to a red-furred koala.

Not to mention the passionate kiss that welcomed him to his little princess trying to suck his tongue into her mouth without any inhibitions.

It would've been better if Pavāka didn't pout and grow her body to normal size before similarly latching on his back and licking his neck while grumbling on how much of a shameless girl Azula was.

But still, Nik's nose could smell another presence with an overwhelming scent. The scent itself lingered on Azula's face which made Nik raise an eyebrow.


Suddenly, a series of muffled grunts alongside rattling of chains destroyed the lascivious momentum the princess, the otherworldly and the invisible pixie were gaining as Azula immediately giggled before resting her hands on his shoulder while whispering softly.

"I heard that you ran into a friend of mine. You know, most of us 'royal' girls have a bit of issue in our mentality.

She is the same as me.

So... help me find her peace, too... partner."

As the amateur princess tried to seduce the Carnal Demon himself, Nik finally traced his chin in deep contemplation as he recollected the sight of all the women he laid his eyes upon before a distinctive, cold teen's image flashed in front of his eyes.

By now, Azula's lips softly planted a kiss on Nik's collarbone before trailing her index-nail down his chest.

"So? What do you think?"

Her amorous whispers gently grazed past his ears while Nik nodded softly.

"Take me."

His thoughts still remained unknown as he didn't know how to feel and how to process everything going around him.

For once, he felt complicated what his own partner became his 'wing-woman' and actually... from the sound of it, kidnapped a woman to effectively get her into a non-agreeable s.e.x.u.a.l activity... in other words— R*a*p*e.

While Nik was extremely confident that his own prowess could turn the situation into a consensual one pretty soon... something just didn't feel right with him. Aside from Megumi, where he really needed to get down to business without much chatting, he had never forced himself on anyone.

Although, the situation might look like when it came to Kyouko or Kaya, the fact remains that they both pretty much consented to him.

But as his eyes fell on the chained beauty with her mouth gagged as a red ball covered her mouth while her body remained supported mid-air, her legs apart with her special place exposed for all to see, Nik couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt stinging his heart.

This sudden bout of guilt came as surprise to the youth due to the fact that he didn't even bat an eye while slaying muscular men with a malicious smile on their faces... but then again, they were muscular men with disgusting smiles... this revelation made Nik understand that he did discriminate based on gender.

As Mai glared at Azula, her eyes shifted towards Nik with his huge member exposed to her slowly panicking eyes, making her struggle while causing the chains to rattle once again.

"Hmmm! This will be fun!"

Much to Nik's surprise, even Pavāka purred happily as Azula's knees rubbing against each other pointed out her thoughts.


'Holy hell!'

Mai screamed internally as she looked at Nik's huge bulging rod while Azula's n.a.k.e.d form and hungry expression only caused her to panic further.

Once again, she tried to struggle against the chain while the strange red ball that gagged her mouth kept on tasting as strange as ever, making her body feel as if it was on fire.

Not only that, when she saw Nik moving towards her with an impassive face, her heartbeat grew wilder with each second. Fear of losing her first time to a stranger made her face pale while the thought of a certain boy with a kind smile made her heart heavy with guilt.

Tears slowly formed in the corner of her eyes as she couldn't help but mentally apologise to the boy she had set her heart upon, even if he grew colder due to his cruel upbringing, she knew that the man of her dreams was capable of smiling as gently as before.

He wasn't a monster with a deformed face, neither was he a failure. He was a gentle and loving brother, a good friend... and most of all, a tragic son who only begged for the appreciation of his father, much like how his younger sister begged for the appreciation of her mother.

The muscular hand slowly stretched forward and Mai immediately closed her eyes, not wanting to witness her own body getting humiliated only to feel the buckle holding her leg snap open, making her body tilt downwards with the remaining three of her limbs supported by the chains.

[1/8, 2:47 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 48 - Connection
"What did you do?!"

Azula immediately shrieked while she tried pushing Nik out of her way and put Mai back in her position only to find Nik standing tall without moving an inch as Mai looked at Nik with her glazed eyes filled with confusion.

But, Nik's next action almost made Azula lose her mind.

Bowing gently, Nik seriously looked into Mai's eyes while his lips arched up, but still managed to depict his sadness.

"In Princess' place, I apologise for all the inconvenience caused to you, Miss Mai."


"What are you doing?! You don't bow to anyone!

You don't have to bow to anyone!"

Azula immediately started slapping Nik's back with a little deranged look that even caused Pavāka's eyes to twitch.

Straightening his back, Nik turned to look at Azula's distraught expression. Long gone were her narrowed eyes with her full lips arched in the art of seduction. The borderline insane swirl of her pupils made Nik feel even bitter as he extended his hands towards Azula and despite her struggle, brought her into a warm embrace, stunning the remaining two girls that couldn't wrap their head around the situation.

"Let me go! I said—"

Azula immediately pushed her hands against his chest only to be reminded about Nik's unimaginable physical strength that could smash large rocks without any need to bend the element.

"Princess... Azula. You don't have to satisfy me."

Nik softly whispered into Azula's ears as her struggle only grew intense.

"We are partners. You don't have to go out of your way to get me girls... not this way."

He kept whispered while his arms remained wrapped around her back tightly as he disregarded the pain from the frantic scratching on his chest.

"But! But—... I have to satisfy you! I HAVE TO MAKE YOU PRAISE ME!"

She shrieked with desperate tears rolling down her eyes as Mai could only look at the scene with stunned stupor. Even the usually energetic Pavāka decided to stay away lest she gets affected by the insane princess... not that she was normal in the first place.

"Praise you? Of course. You are the princess of an entire nation. Your talent and intelligence shown in the early years of your childhood.

You are worthy of getting showered by praises.

But I have something more than that.

Azula. I like you. Extremely so. Not because of your talent, not because of your thirst of power, no matter how hot it looks.

But because of who you are. My arrogant little princess."

Nik whispered and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead that finally managed to placate her panicking heart that was too absorbed to 'accomplish' something and get a round of 'praise' from someone other than her father that she truly held feelings for.

"You don't get it!"

Jaws clenched, Azula fought back with her tears as she buried her head into the warm and strong chest while her hands slowly trailed down, powerless.

"If I can't be useful... I am not worth anything..."

She whispered softly as the dark dungeon-like chamber grew quiet at her words.

Her words spoke much about her childhood, how she was raised, how deficient she was kept from her parents' love and how much she desired to be loved to actually go through extreme situations for someone who actually showed feelings for her.

"Your usefulness doesn't mean shit."

Removing one hand from her back and taking her chin in between his index finger and thumb, Nik allowed them to stand a little closer while he pulled her face up, taking her lips whilst completely disregarding the stream of tears rolling down her cheeks.

His second hand went a bit southward and immediately grabbed her left ass-cheek and gave it a nice squeeze, making her whimper in Nik's hand.

Not only that, quite sensibly, for the first time, Pavāka decided to let the duo have their moment and vanished into thin space while Mai couldn't help but gulp at the scandalous scene going in front of her.

"Useful... useful... useful...

Stop thinking yourself as a tool."

Nik broke the kiss and spoke harshly before diving down and giving a gentle bite to the side of her neck as the strange sense of relief and pain couldn't help but make Azula twitch in his hands.

"To think yourself as a tool... disregarding your own thoughts to completely lose yourself.

I need to punish you."

His fingers already rubbing her holes from her backside while his lips taking her left n.i.p.p.l.e into their hold, gently tugging on them, Azula's sudden, yet, risque m.o.a.ns filled the chamber, disregarding the fact that they have am unusual guest present amongst them.

But, Nik didn't forget about Mai and immediately released his skill to the utmost, affecting her other senses while her vision was already simulated by the e.r.o.t.i.c play in front of her.

Part of Nik felt even guilty for Azula. After all, the only reason he could think that a strong princess like her, no matter how bad her upbringing was, could fall in such desperate emotions had to be contributed to ingesting his blood.


Azula gasped as the sound of getting her first punishment ever created waves of panic within her, but Nik wasn't having any of that. A spoiled princess, he could endure. But not a suicidal one.

She needed to be punished. If he actually let her get away with today's action, there is no saying how the feeling of 'accomplishment' would affect her mentality in the future.

Not letting her prepare any more than she already is, Nik immediately picked her left leg up, something, that was quite easy as Azula was one flexible gal, and then immediately impaled her with his raging rod, making Azula shriek in delight.

But unknown to her, the punishment was yet to arrive.

Peeking back, Nik could look at Mai's flushed face as Azula's ruined expression of debauchery and lasciviousness really hit the noble girl hard. Though her hands wrapped themselves around her waist while she slowly crawled back, her eyes remained on the spot where Nik and Azula connected, making her eyes bulge as she saw Azula's perfect slit expanding and taking Nik without many issues.

'Maybe... I should do it the way I learnt from Kaya...'

Nik had a sudden revelation and he immediately got into focus.

Taking his c.o.c.k out, much to Azula's distressed whimper as she tried kissing him, once again, only to get denied of the pleasure. Making Azula face Mai, Nik stood behind her and immediately picked her body while supporting her back against his shoulder.

Soon, Mai's eyes grew wider as Nik's large c.o.c.k slowly entered Azula's slit while her butt, thighs, p.u.s.s.y and anus was completely exposed, much like her e.r.o.t.i.c expression.

'What... is this?'

Mai's hear momentarily faltered for Azula's concern but immediately recalled how she was chained up and gagged with the mysterious liquid that still made her body hot. Not to mention, she was also feeling quite strange. Her breathing was quick and her heartbeat was only growing wilder with each passing moment.


A deep m.o.a.n chortled alongside the 'sloching' sound of Nik pushing his h.i.p.s further as the raunchious symphony soon erupted with Azula's p.u.s.s.y getting ploughed with Nik's almost impossible c.o.c.k getting inside her easily and moving out swiftly.

As the duo slowly grew engrossed by the sensation of sharing a common ground with each other, a mysterious pulse emerged from the veins of Nik's c.o.c.k as Azula's innards started throbbing rhythmically, miraculously, doubling the pleasure the couple received from the act. Their senses heightened as the duo strangely felt connected to each other.

Nik could slowly feel the bitterness of Azula's childhood that didn't do anything to deserve such pain while Azula started to understand that Nik wasn't that different. Somehow, he also grew surrounded by a bitter environment and also understood how much pain Nik felt for her.

He only had love for her. No praises, no appreciation.

Only love.

Azula's eyes quickly watered as her mouth opened with drool leaking from the corner of her lips and her eyes rolled up.

With each thrust, Nik's full ball would make contact with her perky and meaty butt while Mai only felt her mind numb, until, Azula m.o.a.ned a little louder than usual while a stream of crystal-clear nectar immediately flew out of her snatch, landing dangerously close to Mai, with some drops splashing on her thighs.

Just like that, the session only grew wilder with Nik taking Azula in every means possible for almost an hour while Mai had already grown dazed.
[1/8, 2:48 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 49 - Northern Waters!
"I admit that I didn't handle it well."

Azula whispered, carefully bathed and clothed, knelt on the bed and looked down. Droplets of water rolled down her shoulder-length black hair while her golden eyes averted downwards, as if she was a child caught committing a prank.


A palm smacked the top of her head. No longer did Nik pose a deferential stance for the kicks of it. His smack resounded against the chamber and he nodded with unimpressed eyes.

"You think?"

Nik barked as he looked at Mai, who was insisted upon to stay until this matter was resolved.

"But... when Mai started badmouthing you..."

Nik frowned at her words and carefully explored.

"So?... It was all for a verbal argument?"

This time, both, Azula and Mai looked away. Azula had done things in front of Mai that shouldn't have been committed in the first place while Mai bore witness to the scandalous scene of the nation's Princess getting ploughed so roughly that her own snatch would twitch at the mere thought and the recollection of the princess' slit expanding and the sight of her used snatch leaking copious amount of spunk was something she would fail to forget.

"Not just a verbal argument..."

Mai whispered, attracting Nik's attention. Just like Azula, Mai had covered herself in a crimson bathrobe with her distinctively long forefront locks pressed against her bosom while the back of her head sported slightly shorter hair.

"Oh? I am all ears, Miss Mai."

Nik looked at Mai without any expression. While he did feel that she was wronged, the truth is, she wasn't even harmed. So after the initial phase of guilt, Nik had considerable reigned his own emotions.

Even if Azula was in the wrong. What could he do? The little princess was a packet of explosive that only increased her charm. There was no way that he would put Mai on a higher pedestal than Azula.

His priorities were clear.

The fact that Pavāka simply snored lazily on his laps made it clear that Nik wasn't having any of his 'partners' apologising to others. He had apologised and that is enough.


Mai failed to form any reasonable excuse. Lying wasn't her forte but she wasn't the one to get captured, stripped n.a.k.e.d, tied mid-air in debauched position with her mouth filled with an e.r.o.t.i.c silicon ball, and take it without any opposition.

Her heart was already distraught by the fact that her maiden form, something she has been keeping safe for her first time was exposed to a stranger... a servant while her first experience to the many s.e.x.u.a.l escapades happened to be an eyeful of such an intense s.e.x.u.a.l session that she couldn't help but feel scared alongside raising the expectations of what she might experience from her future partner, possibly, Azula's brother— Zuko.

"Now then, I think, I have to leave the nation, right?"

Nik looked at Azula, who looked up and matched his gaze with her eyes filled with wondrous puzzlement.


"Why? I mean... I just cannot... you know, sow the princess and expect to live a happy life, not after committing the deed in front of a witness."

Nik admitted that he had been too much into the 'exposure' play, exposing himself and his partner to another woman while rocking his own partner's world did feel awesome. Deep down, Nik felt that not only had he visually 'conquered' the cold mai, he might have also increased her expectations to a mind-boggling level which ordinary men may not be able to hold.

But after a period of pheromonic rush, Nik felt that he had been too eager. It may be due to his recent understanding of Azula, how much she desired him and how much she was willing to offer or he may just be a stupid and horny boy who simply couldn't keep it in his pants.

The fact remained that he either needed to get the hell out of the capital, or deal with the witness— Mai.

Hearing Nik's words, Azula simply frowned and looked at Mai with her eyes glowing coldly. Nik could swear that he managed to make out a bit of crackling lightning... or it may have just been his imagination.

"Mai... are you going to say anything?"

Usually steadfast Mai immediately shrunk her neck, much like Nik, who was a bit warm-hearted to see the arrogance return on the Princess' beautiful face.

"N-No. But you—"

"Grrr! No buts! You are coming with me to the Northern Expedition. Mind you, if I hear any dastardly rumours against my belov—... partner... you better be ready for my vengeance."

She spoke with a bit of red touching the tip of her ears.

'Aww, cute.'


"Now this is a battleship!~"

Pavāka almost roared as she sat on the Nik's head, with her form decreased in size, while looking at the cold waters with a bright expression. All around us is the metallic ship that could immediately give a railway train a run for its money when it comes to sheer length and size of this beauty.

Not to mention the fact that its interior is warm enough to allow a respite from the colder environment the group was going to.

"Oi, slave! Bug off! We got work to do!"

A bearded one shouldered Nik away with a frustrated grunt while being followed by a small troop of young soldiers that immediately eyes Nik maliciously.


Pavāka immediately stuck her tongue out while making a funny face before slumping above his head, letting her arms and legs pass through Nik's hair.

"Enjoying much?"

Exasperation evident in his voice, Nik lightly bent over the railings to look down at the splashing water, a refreshing energy washing over his body, making him sneeze... well, maybe, it was simply the cold wind.


Pavāka laughed out loud as the soldiers around him still gave him the stink eye. But what could he do? Fight them? Abuse them? Based on what?

They have every right to glare at the slave reared under the Princess.

He wasn't the one to fight over such a meaningless reason. After all, if he actually fought with someone whose only crime was glaring in his direction, then where would the madness stop?

Should he simply fight someone because they wedded a beautiful wife? Should he smash a few shots at the despicable father who would use his own daughter as a tool?

'Ah... that reminds me... I have to punch the fire lord... at least a dozen times.'

He noted internally while thinking about the incoming war. From some 'secured' intelligence network, it was found that the recently emerged Avatar is making his way towards the Northern Water Tribe with his little group.

Deep down, Nik felt quite relieved that the Avatar wasn't a woman. In his recent fill of information, he found out that quite a number of avatars turned out to be a woman. He might sound extremely genderising, but he truly didn't want to kill a woman. Not on his first quest, at least.

On the other hand, he couldn't help but feel giddy at the thought of meeting another princess. If Azula was correct, the current princess of the Water Tribe is quite the beauty.

Of course, mentally chastising himself for actually being so shallow to think that a lady is only worth her beauty, Nik took a deep breath as the cold once again knocked him into a coughing fit.


[Main Quest: Join the opposing faction of the Avatar and act as a spy for the Avatar's team to ensure their survival.

Rank: B

Time: 7 Months

Reward: 5000 SO

Penalty: 3% Stats Reduction.]

Lying on the snow, Brian looked at quest hovering in front of his vision with a bit of relief. Unlike others, he had quite a rare talent that allows him to deviate from the original main quest, in this case, to save/kill the avatar and issue a bit more moderate mission.

Of course, the rewards and the penalties are also reduced appropriately, which allows him to get missions with no 'death' penalties attached.

Around him, almost all the snow had been blackened while an angry Zuko was still smashing many cottages of the Southern Water Tribe to relieve his frustration while a few Navy officers razed the remaining construction into the melting snow while raking up the captured Southern Tribe Members into the wardship.


The left part of Zuko's face twitched in rage as he felt so goddamn worthless! They had even successfully lured the Avatar into their ship... and even then!

His eyes glowed while his throat glowered menacingly. Ignoring Zuko's manifestation of frustration, Brain slowly stood up with his right chest aching.

A club smashed squarely against his right pec during the battle, making him grimace.

"Mr Brian, how is your body holding up?"

Iroh walked closer to the blue-haired youth and enquired solemnly.

Trying to rotate his shoulder, Brian grunted in response.


"That's a relief."

Iroh nodded while Brian looked towards Zuko's direction.

"How is the... Fire Nation planning to deal with the prisoners?"

His words leaked into barely audible whispers while Iroh shook his head.

"No course of action has been set. Most probably, we will keep them fed and alive till we close onto the Avatar and then decide."

Taking a moment, Brian's eyes showed a strange light before he grew closer and whispered.

"I heard."

Gaining Iroh's attention, he continued.

"The Avatar seeks to master all the elements. Starting from Water..."

Keeping his calm gaze on Brian's bent figure, Iroh took a moment before nodding.

"A little bit predictable."

"I second that thought."

Brian chuckled.
[1/8, 2:49 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 50 - Stupid Brawl
The mess immediately erupted into a huge cheer as the frustrated navy soldier already tired of the stretched ocean couldn't help but retreat back and form an open circular space whilst hooting with flushed faces.

Inside the circular region surrounded by hysterical fire nation navy soldiers stood two men, both muscular but each defined the extreme limits of their body. One was lean with broad shoulders and bulging arms with veins visibly showing up on his forearms, speaking much of his vascularity. Meanwhile, the other soldier was a brute. A bald head that was only adorned with a pitch-black ponytail stretched by a red band, square-jaws and small eyes.

But, the soldier himself stretched upto 2.5 metres of height with muscles so broad and tough that most of his opponent would despair before even facing the man. Instead of the glee that touched the surrounding juniors, the man posed a stoic expression suggesting that he wasn't that impressed by the task delegated to him by the commander.

"Pheee~♪" Pavāka whistled in amazement and smiled.

"He looks way stronger than those Earth Benders. But... this should make the fight even more interesting."

Speechless at the cute spirit that would immediately wet herself at the thought of witnessing a cold and blood-curdling battle, Nik's lips twitched.

"You should definitely have a consultation session."

Nik whispered while ignoring the boisterous cheers of the soldiers around him as he looked at the Vice-Commander of the Destroyer standing in front of him with an impassive gaze.


Even when Nik boasted a good height that could put many to shame and now even managed to reach his... disciple— Rick's, height, the monster named Ja Yin stood tall akin to Mount Banana!

If someone didn't know then this strange mountain is where Nik finally met his end in the world where he was born.

Slipping on a banana peel and falling down the cliff with his shout echoing through the entire valley followed by boisterous hooting of the very apes that littered the mountain with fresh Earthen Banana peels in the first place.

'God... how much I hate such incessant cheers...'

Nik thought darkly as he pushed his bad memories deep within his subconsciousness before taking a deep breath.

"Lord Vice-Commander... how's your day?"

Nik spoke out after much thinking. Looking at Ja Yin's face, Nik didn't have the heart to crack any jokes while Ja Yin nodded calmly, much to Nik's surprise and spoke out.

"I have been good. Thanks for asking. How do you do?"

His deep voice rumbled before Nik, too, just like Ja Yin, nodded and smiled.

"I have been well. But still, the cold is extremely hard to cope up with."

They both fell silent before a loud laugh, loud enough to suppress the cheers of dozens of soldiers, something that Nik found impossible, occurred behind the group as the soldiers immediately parted while making way for a balding, grey-haired middle-aged man with rough features. His composed aura alongside a touch of dominance really put him a cut above others.

But soon, a strange face appeared on most of the Soldiers due to the fact that the Commander looked 'puny' when compared to his own Vice-Commander and the Slave.

Hiding a scowl and the inferiority complex brewing within his chest, Commander Zhao smiled and looked at Ja Yin.

"What are you doing, Ja Yin? As much as we try to avoid brawls within the destroyer, why are you so willing to break the rules?"

Composed while sighing inwardly, Ja Yin slightly resented Zhao for putting him in such an awkward position for his own benefit. But it wasn't like Ja Yin wouldn't benefit himself when Zhao successfully managed to hold onto Azula's thighs and climb up the political ladder.

"Fighting amongst soldiers is forbidden. We are brothers that faced hardsh.i.p.s and victories together.

Destroying that bond is nothing but sin.


This man is but a slave. I am feeling quite frustrated commander. With no waterbenders in sight, I wish to vent my frustration upon this filth.

Why is that breaking the rules?"

Before Zhao could 'console' Ja Yin, a part of circ.u.mference was broken yet again revealing two young women.

Looking at the leading women, the soldiers, including Zhao and Ja Yin, immediately went onto their knees respectfully alongside Nik, who didn't want to create even more rowdy scene by 'disrespecting' the Princess due to not bowing.

Honestly, he felt quite frustrated by the fact that he was humane enough to not beat the shit out of everybody even when he had all the power just to vent his frustration.

"What's going on?"

While Mai maintained more than the necessary distance from Azula, she only gave a quick glance to Nik before averting her gaze once more as Azula questioned the group.

Before any soldier could reply, Zhao jumped in while speaking a bit 'tiredly' and explained the whole situation and how he was just going to convince Ja Yin of the fact that venting his frustrations is not an answer to every problem.

By now, even Nik's eyebrows twitched as the Commander really felt quite... excited when talking about how 'he' was going to stop and magnanimously 'save' a slave from his impending doom.

"I understand... Ja Yin, was it?"

Azula took a seat from where she could look through the parted space as her gaze fell upon Ja Yin.

"Yes, your lordship."

"I expect a good fight."

She smiled while her words made Nik sigh in distress. If the evil-hearted commander could be described as having the brains of a squirrel since such a stupid conspiracy was quite easy to see-through, then Azula could only be described as an evil-minded ruler who would do anything to get the kick out of the situation.

But... Zhao and Azula now had one thing in common. They both were getting on Nik's nerves.

While he could ease his nerves regarding Azula every night, part of him thought that his 'punishments' might be making Azula act in such a strange manner as she clearly m.o.a.ned in absolute delight whenever her butt got stretched or smacked.

This left him with only two options— Increase the intensity of the punishment or abolish the act completely. But deep down, Nik understood that even he didn't have the heart to go through the latter option.

'Increased punishment it is...'

As Nik mused, Zhao couldn't help but feel getting his sneaky plan 'going off the rails'.

In Azula's eyes, Zhao could barely register as a source of entertainment, even the brawl she was encouraging failed to create a ripple within her heart. Her breathing admittedly quickened when she discovered Nik's eyebrows twitching, an indication of his annoyance which immediately made Azula anticipate one of the many nights filled with absolute pleasure that she would definitely be experiencing tonight.

Her eyes narrowed in pure delight, which the soldiers and Zhao took as the indication of her rotten heart eager to see the battle.

"Ja Yin... don't hold back at all. Demonstrate that you didn't earn the title of Vice-Commander just by body-building."

To encourage the hulking giant further, a mocking sneer touched Azula's lips.

"Of course, you can shame yourself and your superior's name by losing to my... man."

Her words clearly riled up the kneeling bull while even Zhao had a change in expression. Surprisingly, Pavāka nodded in consent.

"At least, she has a good heart. Fight!"

She immediately raised her hand wide!

'That's it... tonight... they'll dread me!'

Nik scowled as the whole point of this fight was meaningless.