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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 51 - NO Bottom Line!

"Was it interesting?"

Nik wondered aloud as his large hand whipped upon a pair of round, n.a.k.e.d buttocks that immediately trembled upon the impact and retained a healthy red mark



Another resounding spank occurred in tandem to the illicit m.o.a.ns that leaked out of the spoilt princess. Sensual m.o.a.ns marked the fact that Nik's spanks were barely attributed to punishment as Azula simply wanted more of this stuff. Her butt would occasionally wiggle in an effort to seduce more spanks while her twitching and moist p.u.s.s.y looked absolutely ravishing.

What happened to the fight you ask?

"It was the best! Aaah~ The way his blood dripped down his nostrils while his large tooths flew out, hand crushed and screams of absolute agony...

It was awesome!~"

Pavāka rolled around, completely unaware that she would soon face Nik's frustrated wrath.


Azula's whispers made Nik's ear twitch as he sighed. Increasing the force behind his smacks would soon cross the threshold of painful pleasure to absolute, mind-numbing pain with her bones affected, something Nik didn't want to do just for the kicks of the situation.

Taking a different approach, he immediately rolled Azula's n.a.k.e.d body on the bed as she chortled a cute and surprised yelp.

"Destroying someone's arrogance and 'taming' a woman due to the feeling of accomplishment one achieves... that is the sign of weakness.

But to indulge in every stupid demand... that's just pointless."

He whispered as he gazed at Azula with not too 'loving' eyes. His violet pupils glimmered under the light of crackling fire blazing over a lamp as Azula couldn't help but gulp while gazing at his expression.

She had never felt so good, both physically and emotionally. Nik could be described as the partner that she didn't even dare dream about. Who in their right mindset would indulge such a spoilt and rotten person's demands with a gentle expression?

Azula held no delusion that she wasn't a rotten person. She had killed, destroyed and absolutely enjoyed the process. According to the definition proclaimed by society, she filled the criteria of being a rotten human.

But even then, Nik didn't seem to mind her nature at all. Her doubts that Nik only l.u.s.ted after her body had been cleared after numerous sessions when their spirits seemed to connect with each other. Just like her, Nik did spend a little awkward childhood and not to mention the fact that the strange partner list also had the name 'Pavāka' right beneath her.

But now, even after knowing that Nik was capable to see past the shallow concept of beauty and accept her rotten personality, Azula couldn't help but feel a bit scared that she might have overdone it.

Looking at Azula with a somber expression, Nik finally spoke up.

"Azula... believe me, this will hurt me more than will it hurt you."

Azula shivered under his gaze, but even now, a strange sense of anticipation arose within the depths of her heart.

As Azula's eyes reflected Nik's extending hands, her inner walls contracted mildly as her mouth parted slightly, feeling the warm hand suddenly pressing her needy face against the mattress.

Removing the plated thick hide that covered his body, Nik slowly stripped himself with one hand while ignoring the desperate grunts and pants of the rotten princess before clutching her hair, something that immediately left a pang of guilt within his heart, but seeing the lewd expression in her eyes and the much anticipating smile, all the previous thoughts and reservations disappeared from Nik's mind as he immediately brought her face closer to his c.o.c.k.

His shaft pressed against her right cheek, immediately filling Azula's senses with a dense scent.

But Nik didn't stop there, he truly wanted to 'defile' Azula. To fulfill his own desires without considering his partner's feelings or their consent on the matter. At least, this was what Nik thought could act as a good punishment, but before he could press her further, Azula's hands moved on their own and immediately cupped his balls while her head twisted a bit and her pink, soft lips kissed the base of his shaft lovingly before unleashing the meaty monster her jaws held within.

Since Azula couldn't mover her face, the sudden thought of restriction over her body made her strangely excited to top it off with Nik's cold eyes. Her heart shrilled in joy as a submissive whimper escaped in tandem to her short, bated breaths. Her tongue lowered while taking the cupped balls into her mouth, giving Nik an incredibly exotic sight.

With his rod legitimately surpassing the length of her face, the mid-section of her face wasn't visible except for her hungry eyes that practically oozed electrifying lewdness alongside her cheeks puffed up with giving his balls an oral examination.



Nik immediately berated himself, 'If she can even enjoy this, then don't you dare let yer feel satisfied by showing an approving expression!'

But... it was too good!

Instead of clutching her hair ruthlessly, both of his hand crept towards the back of her head and immediately pushed her further towards his crotch, enjoying his balls getting sucked on without showing anything on his face.

Endure it!

This is a tribulation!

As he kept on chanting, Nik felt the suction around his balls loosening before Azula gasped and let his scrotum loose.


After a coughing fit followed by her delicious saliva leaking through the e.r.o.t.i.c bridge formed across her lips and his balls, Nik didn't thunk further much.

He was truly hurting!

Adjusting his tip and pressing his shaft downwards, Nik presented his c.o.c.k exactly perpendicular to his abs whilst slowly bringing Azula's head towards the ridiculous tip.

In her world, Azula only saw the c.o.c.k and felt her emotions. Physically, her throat was hurting due to the sudden abandon of oxygen which made her lungs gasp, even now, but she still gulped her saliva heavily, lubricating her throat before opening her mouth, lines of saliva connecting her lower and upper lip before her tongue rolled out.

Adjusting her face a bit upwards, Azula did wink towards Nik and let him enjoy the sight of her raunchious mouth before she took half of his c.o.c.k into her mouth, filling her up while her eyes widened in reckless abandon. Her hands found their support on Nik's thighs while immediately gliding forward, going a bit further before sucking her cheeks and then slowly sucking deeper.

Nik's mind felt an exploding sensation as the sight of Azula's reckless abandon and super e.r.o.t.i.c face did itch Nik's hurt.

As he spoke previously, it hurt him way far than it could've ever hurt Azula.


Being the horny carnal demon, and quite a young one at that, Nik threw caution to the wind and immediately brought Azula's tip towards his base, forcefully breaking past her mouth-p.u.s.s.y and finally enjoying her lubricated throat!

A visible bulge of her neck alongside muffled m.o.a.ns in tandem to almost orgasmic spasms, Azula's eyes barely remained still, rolling up at a visible rate due to the lack of oxygen, finally snapping Nik with a begrudging sigh as he let Azula have a breather before choking his c.o.c.k down into her throat once again until he finally seeded her stomach, making her full and satisfied.

Much to Pavāka's enjoyment, this was another kind of brutal battle that immediately sent her m.o.a.ning with visual pleasure. Her eyes locked on Nik's cruel yet satisfied face while she actually moved above the slumped Azula and started to dig her own snatch right above Azula. Her golden her glowed elusively and her grunts leaked through her bit lips and clenched jaws.

As it turned out, masturbating while standing was quite difficult!

But much to Nik's relief, Azula did pass out with a blissful smile and a bit of his spunk leaking out from the corner of her lips. Her hands gently placed over her tummy while her legs sprawled, evidently, full and satisfied.

What kind of punishment was this, Nik didn't know. Nor could he fathom. Admittedly, such intense moves did create trauma for a few females... but the girls that surrounded Nik... were a bit too 'crazy' to feel anything other than pleasure.

Gazing at the rapidly quivering spirit legal-loli, Nik's eyes gained an evil glint, much to the innocent spirit's pleasant surprise as he caught her rapidly digging hand and landed it over his lips, sucking onto her delicious and sweet nectar, a specialised product only belonging to the spirit-kind, apparently.

"Ooohhhh! Nik, you are too good! In fighting and even in..."

She spoke with a slightly silly smile but seeing his silent visage, she couldn't help but feel strange.

Her body moved forward, pulled in by her arm clutched by Nik and immediately turned due to Nik moving her body through grabbing her shoulder and immediately pressed his sloppily lubricated c.o.c.k against her perky and round butt.

"I know all about you... purity my ass! You just love this shit! Can't get enough of it and even your body is modelled and design for nothing but to get ploughed!"

His cold words struck her heart, creating a gleeful expression on her face as she twisted and bucked her h.i.p.s against the warm and sticky c.o.c.k.

"Immediately taking after my shape during your first time... if not a s.l.u.t... then you definitely are a pure one!

A pure s.l.u.t!"

Nik whispered harshly while Pavāka yelped in surprise when the tip of c.o.c.k poked into her backdoor. Finally, a dangerous feeling spread across her heart.

"W-wait! Nik!

No need to be hast—"

She couldn't continue speaking as Nik clutched onto both of her thin arms with his left hand and immediately pushed her body down while bending forward, his right hand placed right at the back of her head, covering her golden hair.

Warm, thick walls of her anus immediately covered the tip of rod tightly, but he simply gritted his teeth.

From the moment he came here, he had been nothing but indulgent towards these two hard-headed, blood-loving s.l.u.ts that simply wanted s.e.x and bloodied fights.

At some level, they might just be perfect women for Nik, evil and indulging enough to allow Nik having his way with them, but enough is enough!

He simply pressed forward! No lubrication for the pretentious pure spirit! She will simply have to slowly get accustomed to having a big c.o.c.k sliding in and out of her anus from now on!

No more considerations!

He is on a mission for god's sake!


Her muffled grunts escaped only to get ignored by the physical existence. Only Nik was the one who could bridge the gap with his talent.


Letting her hands go, Nik immediately planted a loving spank on her round bottom that was so perfect that it could fit in Nik's hand snuggly while retaining its springiness to get squeezed in various manners.

Her body shuddered as Nik's crotch finally kissed her butt cheeks as he slowly started moving up, carefully guiding his h.i.p.s for a straight back and forth movement as Pavāka's snatch visibly opened up, as if gasping for breath while her back got filled, leaving a slight bulge towards her abdomen whenever she accommodated Nik completely.

But just like her snatch, her anus also quickly wrapped around Nik's veiny c.o.c.k and started taking his shape to get the most enjoyable experience.




His c.o.c.k glided deep into her anus, having his best anal experience yet while Pavāka's muffled grunts soon grew louder and louder before the barrier between pain and pleasure was bypassed, a strange aura once again took control of Pavāka's and Nik's spirit as they both started to communicate on a spiritual level.

Since Pavāka already was a spiritual existence, the sudden feeling wasn't that hard to adapt to, but Nik immediately felt his mind explode in pleasure, his breathing grew short while he couldn't help but eject another load into her butt.

Feeling the warm and virile c.u.m filling her body, bulging her stomach, Pavāka felt passing out in pleasure, but being a spirit, she could control such sensation. She understood that the real session would only start.

If she actually passed out now, how would she attain the even higher realm of enlightenment with her student!

That couldn't be done! She had to hold on! No matter how many times she c.u.m, no matter how much she is filled and seeded, she needed to accompany her student till the very end.
Story 100% Written by Author: FanHarem

[1/12, 9:50 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 52 - 1 Month

"You are a sc.u.m, you know that, right?"

Mai spoke, her dull tone getting undermined by the crashes of cold waves against the iron destroyer while. cold winds blew hard, carrying another round of waves. Behind the giant destroyer sailed a platoon of battlesh.i.p.s with the flaming mark inscribed on the flag.

The Fire Nation.

Beside Mai stood a youth with short black hair that actually covered the entirety of his head, unlike the bald fashion of the Fire Nation soldiers.

'Zuko would look good in this...'

Mai thought internally while picturing a half-burnt face with the same sense of peace in his expression as the youth held.

Aside from the cold and refreshing air, Nik could smell something else. Looking at Mai before directing his gaze at her prized possession, something that Mai easily perceived, Nik replied with an unimpressed tone.

"You're wet, you know that, right?"

His vacant expression alongside the extremely invasive, yet, factual words, Mai felt smoldering rage shimmer within the depths of her heart, but Nik didn't even allow Mai to hold onto her dignity for even a single moment before continuing with a vacant expression.

"Not only are you wet, but you are also extremely frustrated. Must be due to peeking in on Azula and me whenever we get down to it.

By now, you must have already understood that not any man could possess the same mentality to actually go through those moves...

So, your point being me a sc.u.m is extremely correct. But, what else do you wish to establish? If I recall correctly, you have repeated the same sentence five times, this one being the sixth.

Is it so hard to get ignored."

As Nik slowly unfolded the events that had been taking place for almost an hour, Mai's lips quivered. Since they were extremely close to the Northern Pole, most of the soldiers capable of fire-bending were the only one allowed up on a regular basis. They were also the main fighting force of the navy.

Mai and Nik, on the other hand, simply used extremely expensive warm clothes to cover their bodies before coming up. Nik arrived to enjoy the scenery... and get a bit of change of pace from the duo c.u.m-soaked beauties left in the chamber.

It wasn't his fault, honestly. Those two were actually growing aggressive as the situation continued. It was as if their stamina/spirit was growing over time.

It wouldn't be hard to speculate such a strange scenario since his own energy had grown from a mere 2 point to 6 points. By now, he was absolutely sure that there was something wrong with his talent. But he could only place his doubts in the back of his head. After all, he couldn't do anything about the situation and the mysteries surrounding him didn't seem to prove themselves harmful in any manner, for now, that is.

Mai's stunned stupor felt like a normal response, something that Nik was quite thankful of. Surrounded by a bloodl.u.s.t crazed spirit, a princess whose thoughts only revolved around debauchery and causing battles and a troop of fire soldiers who were scared witless to even hold a basic conversation, all credits to how easily he broke Ja Yin's knuckles then jaws, something he soon came to feel guilty about.

He could've pulled his punches...

Mai's response was akin to a breath of fresh air.

"Y- you! What the hell are you saying in broad daylight!"

She immediately hissed in a whisper as her glare only grew colder, but failed to overwhelm the cold winds of the northern pole.

"Then you can stop peeking... while it was exciting at first... by now, it speaks volume about your... let's say, curious nature!"

Mai flushed at his words and retreated by a step, almost staggering.

He couldn't give Mai much attention though, his eyes grew distant once again as he looked at the stretched ocean. His heart, though calm, felt incomparably sad.

He missed home.

Not where he lost everything, but the one where he managed to attain much more than he could've ever imagined.

A week... that's about the time he spent there, and yet, he felt that the week had been the happiest week of his entire life.

Although, Nik was quite sure that this was due to the fact that their relationship had just started. It was easy to f.u.c.k and forget, but extremely difficult to maintain a relationship.

There are fights and resentment, but there is also love and warmth.

Nik was incomparably clear that trying to live with seven women, where five of them were already living together would be extremely hard. Not because of the situations, but because he let it so.

With the [Harem] as the reward, he could easily put each of his partner inside the spack pocket in a suspended time without their consents. Even though Nik had 'partnered-up' with them, in fact, he still remained the alpha of those who submitted.

Partner was just a glittering word.

But Nik didn't wish to have such a shallow relationship with everybody. Sure, there would be many, who he would have to control and even place in the harem due to his own selfishness.

But the Souma family, Kyouko, Megumi and... let's also include the third wife, Kaya, Nik didn't want things to be simple.

He truly hoped for healthy relationsh.i.p.s.

Not just for them, but also for himself.

Only after getting surrounded with such insane girls did he understand how much important it was to have a safe haven to return to... not only for his physical needs, but also emotional.

If it wasn't for the thread of sanity he held of for thought of Mitsuko and his unborn child, he might have already lost his patience, cool and sanity.

He might've started enjoying the bloodshed, the screams of agony that could fill his ego.

"We won't judge you."

The sweetness in her voice before he bade his farewell allowed Nik to understand that he must remain sane. Even though they won't judge, but his inner self would definitely judge him. And after the phase of judgement would come endless regret, that he didn't wish to face.

Gazing at his vacant expression, Mai's expression couldn't help but stabilise. Thinking for a moment, she still huffed with annoyance as clear as the reflection of the rising sun across the surface of the ocean before making her way back into the chamber.

'This would be a perfect scenery to smoke at... too bad... I haven't even started the practice... and this world certainly doesn't entertain the possibility.'


"We cannot intercept the Avatar since his team is riding a flying bison... courtesy of Air Nomads."

Zhao muttered darkly while Azula sat with an impassive expression while her golden eyes fell on the course of action set by the Commander.

"Why should we wait to let him enter the Northern Tribe? Not to mention that it is already hard to breach, I am not willing to give Avatar the chance of learning another element to bend."

"But fire—"

"I am also a lightning bender. Surely, you haven't forgotten that, right, Commander?"

Azula gazed at Zhao as the commanding chamber fell silent save for the crackling blaze that lightened up the entire room.

"What is it that you are hiding, Commander Zhao? You should understand more than anybody how much of a risk it is to let the Avatar into the Tribe.

So, there must be something that you have in your mind, right?"

Azula smiled brilliantly. Usually, she would have simply whipped Zhao into shape, completely disregarding his authority, but now, after feeling so good, she simply couldn't come to rage about any issues at all.

But even then, gazing at the smile, Zhao's face only lowered, hiding his troubled expression.
[1/12, 9:50 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 53 - Contact


Mai shouted in pure surprise. She was forcefully brought along while preparing for the war, but now, Azula suddenly brought the concept of negotiations between two warring factions.

"Yeah. In fact, the only way we can actually stop the Avatar from controlling all the elements would solely depend on this negotiation."

Leaning back on her chair, Azula snapped at Mai and frowned.

"Where is Nik? I haven't seen him for a while..."

"Didn't you... this morning just..."

Mai immediately stopped as a beautiful arc touched Azula's lips, making Mai feel even more annoyed.

"You certainly enjoy peeking, you sneaky little girl. You understand that you can enjoy with us anytime, right?"

She seductively leaned forward while placing her hands on Mai's thighs while bringing her face closer to her flushed face.

It was at this moment, a soldier from the other side of the door immediately started banging on the door, ruining the mood Azula tried to set-up.

"What is it?"

Her snappy reply failed to deter the soldier as the situation really demanded the Princess' grace.

"Your highness... an outdated battleship made contact with our destroyer. The identity of the person on the ship is... Prin— it's the exiled traitor— Zuko."


"Now THAT is a ship..."

Brian spoke with amazement while Iroh simply nodded at his statement, making Zuko grunt in frustration.

"If you like it that much, you are free to leave."

"Please don't take any offence. I am merely admiring the craftsmanship, not the human force."

Zuko glared at Brian for a good moment before he looked at Iroh and then barked out.

"Uncle, is it alright to initiate contact with them?"

Gazing back at Zuko, Iroh smiled mildly and comforted his nephew.

"We cannot support the prisoners any longer. We might as well transfer them over to the destroyer, or use them as a chip to attain the Avatar.

Of course, if you really want my honest opinion, then I recommend freeing them."

"No way in hell!"

Zuko snarled a retort before his eyes constricted as he saw the faint figure that always became the reason of his nightmare.

Even Iroh was surprised by her presence.

The Heir of the Fire Nation:— Princess Azula.


The Destroyer was in fact, designed to be utilised as three layers. The training layer, the mechanical layer and the drill layer with the surface covering most of the part.

Right now, aside from the training layer, the other two layers operated according to the previous course of action set while the soldiers that had the appointed time to train simply observed the two opponents gazing at each other solemnly.

The training chamber remained spacious enough to accommodate many as Azula and Iroh stood together. Beside Azula stood a slightly tipsy Mai, whose gaze would run over to Zuko's direction more than often while she did peek to her side, where a black-haired youth stood with an apathetic expression.

Meanwhile, Iroh couldn't help but feel a bit distressed.

"Azula... Niece, is it really important that we discuss the matter after fighting."

Just like usual, Iroh was prepared for a snappy reply. By now, even he understood the real difference between Azula and Zuko didn't stem from their talent, but from their upbringing.

Whenever he looked at the Princess of the nation and the burdens she must have faced over the years, his heart would lurch and his stomach would twist in agony.

He loved both of them deeply, and now, he understood how much he and Azula's mother had actually deprived her of the love she deserved. In this sense, Zuko was, in fact, quite lucky.

But to his surprise, Azula didn't even go as far as to show a single frown and replied with a calm smile.

"Uncle, the battle"s proposition was set by Zuko. Instead of persuading me, how about giving your nephew a piece of your wisdom?"

Though her expression did not change, the sting from her words made Iroh feel even worse.

Meanwhile, the Deputy of the troop looked at the Blue-haired Brian before voicing out.

"My name is Gou Goung. How should I call you?"


His name immediately attracted Nik's attention while Gou Goung nodded.

"Very well, Brian. Let's have a battle that can be remembered throughout the coming generation."

His serious expression alongside the sincere tone stunned Brian for a moment before his body immediately shot towards Gou Goung, his palm struck the base of his neck, making him unconscious.

'He really was serious.'

Brian thought internally while he looked towards Nik and nodded with a smile before walking towards Iroh and bowing politely.


The Earth Kingdom, Gaoling City.

"You are saying that a sudden assassination was committed against Toph and her current situation is unknown?"

The blonde Veera asked with a dark expression while the burly host appointed to slowly snoop around the area plainly nodded.

"This is turning into a mess."

Veera nodded but his thoughts were interrupted when a middle-aged man spoke out.

"In fact, this should be already considered. Our arrival has already changed the fate of many.

Even though we are given a total time of seven months, ordinarily, a host should try and complete the mission as quickly as possible to avoid the slowly changing record until it is completely unrecognisable."

Veera nodded at the words and slowly started forming the next course of action. If the record is still on its track, then the Avatar should be making his way towards the Northern Tribe.

It wouldn't take long before the siege of the Northern Tribe.
[1/12, 9:52 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 54 - Infiltration



Two bearded figures in red plated armour covered with black-leather of the salamanders were forced to kneel on the snow-white floor constructed out of the sheer waterbending abilities on the sheet of snow, much like the entire city.

The Northern Tribal Palace could be considered as a work of art that even the Fire Nation couldn't topple. Beautifully crafted structures that seemed to bend and mingle with the surrounding as a whole, the entire city divided into four regions, but the palace remained as the connecting force, signifying how the various tribes of the North slowly unified to create the hegemony that the current Northern Tribe was.

The two Fire Nation delegates looked at each other before standing up, disregarding the cold touch of the spear tip pressed against the nape of their necks before proclaiming loudly.

"The Fire Nation greets the Chieftain with gifts. We plan no harm!"

Their voice resounded against the almost empty hall of snow and ice before the man sitting on the throne-like seat constructed out of condensed water narrowed his eyes.

His body garbed in the leather of the cat-seals, a ferocious polar-ape's hide with massive jaws adorned the top of his head. Dark skin that contrasted with the pure-white hide, the current chieftain of the Northern Tribe slowly nodded his head towards the guards before gazing at the two envoys.

"Negotiations are always welcomed. But, since ancient times, before any demand is to be put forward, a show of sincerity is a must.

So, I ask you delegates. What does the Fire Nation bring to my doorstep in a show of their sincerity."

The older delegate stepped forward before bowing deeply, his grating voice slowly attracting the Chieftain's interest.

"We bring along the captives of our recent conquest of the south. As a show of our sincerity, they have remained untouched, unsold.

And of course, they are to be brought to your doorsteps without any strings attached."


At a hundred metres distance from the huge wall of ice that surrounded the entire Northern Tribe, two small relief boats slowly moved towards each other. On the boat emerging from the Northern Tribe stood a tall and bulky figure, squarish jaws and a stern expression.

Behind him stood the two envoys sent by the Azula and Zuko respectively with a group of waterbenders stationed at the end of the boat.

Meanwhile, opposite to them, Commander Zhao manned the ship while Azula and Iroh stood together. A group of firebenders alongside Brian were stationed at the back of the ship.

"Princess Azula, Mighty Iroh, I, Bhumana am extremely honoured to meet two legendary figures of the fire nation.

It has been brought to our notice that you wish to gain our trust."

Nodding, Iroh spoke in Azula's stead. This had already been agreed previously while the main objectives were also set beforehand.

"Bhumana, the lion son of Bhiman, the young chieftain of the tribe. It is my honour to finally meet you.

As we proclaimed, we are willing to let go of the captives, unharmed and without any deception. This will be our show of sincerity and the proof that we don't wish to bring any harm to the Northern Tribe."

Azula took a seat as she let her uncle do the talking. Unlike Zuko, she wasn't arrogant enough to actually think that she was the perfect candidate for such a diplomatic task when her uncle was already present.

Of course, it was darn hard for Iroh to convince Zuko that letting go of the captives would eventually lead him to the Avatar.

"What makes you think that I cannot kill you right here and right now."

Bhumana suddenly spoke out.

'Here it comes.'

Zhao and Azula thought internally while Iroh let his hand comb his bristly beard before nodding.

"Fair enough. But please enlighten me, the Courageous Lion Son, what makes you think that we cannot call back our forces engaged in Ba Sing Se and annihilate your entire force, removing the Waterbenders from the face of the world?"

His tone remained mild and warm, but the waterbenders behind Bhumana immediately mobilised tendrils of the ocean and immediately turned them into spikes of ice while the Fire Troops didn't even move a single inch.

Meanwhile, Iroh continued unhurriedly.

"Hmm. To kill the princess and the eldest prince of the Fire Nation... I think, the Northern Tribe would cease to exist within a month.

What do you think, Bhumana? Even if you are young, you should surely understand what your father has sent you for, right?"

Bhumana nodded slowly before waving his hand towards his forces. Even in face of threat, a polite, respectful smile sneaked up his face as he chuckled.

"As expected of the Mighty Iroh. Even in retirement, your blade hasn't chipped away."

Shaking his head, Iroh smiled in return.

"I would've chipped away if I were really a blade. Being a hammer, even if rust covers my body, my might won't extinguish."

Iroh sighed as the first part of the plan was already achieved. When the prisoners were started getting transported, Azula, Mai, Iroh and even Zuko looked at a particular prisoner with disheveled black hair, fairly beaten body and a pair of shimmering violet eyes getting taken away by one of the Waterbenders.

Infiltration: Success.


2 Hours Earlier.

"Are you sure?"

Azula spoke with concern flashing through her eyes as Nik held her waist in their private chamber.

Nodding, he smiled.

"Yeah, it's fine. Just like I said, I am a hybrid, so the waterbenders shouldn't feel that vary of me.

It is better that my condition is pushed to a... worrisome state, but overall, if I manage to sneak into the tribe, I'll find those two spirits in due time."


Azula whispered as her lips were seized by Nik before he smiled at her.

"For real, now? When did my princess become such a coward?"

"Huh? Cowardice and concern are completely different matters. I may not have worried about you before, but now, I do."

Azula spoke calmly, her words managed to surprise Nik.

"Oh yeah, one more thing, beware of the Brian... he is somewhat like me."

"Do you mean..."

Azula's eyes flashed while Nik nodded.


[You have altered the record by 0.3%.

World Root gained: 0.3/100%]

Nik looked at the Notification in front of him before gazing at the beautiful city he was slowly being transferred to.

The Northern Tribe!
[1/12, 9:53 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 55 - The Four Beasts

"How are you doing kid? Does it hurt anymore?"

A middle-aged, tan-skinned woman with dark hair asked with a polite smile. Her body remained covered in thick blue hide-cloth while a thick hoodie covered the top of her head.

With both of her hands extended towards Nik's abdomen, she expertly controlled a blob of water that glowed over Nik's wounds before he was healed at a visible rate.

"You must not be a local tribe member, right?"

Inherently, Nik wasn't too 'white' or 'pale'. In fact, his skin held a healthy glow that leaned towards a darker shade, making him fit perfectly along with the description of an average Waterbender.

"No. My mother fled to the Earth Kingdom and settled after meeting my father. They both..."

Nik shook his head and sighed deeply. The lady, too, in response to Nik's words simply sighed.

"I am sorry, child. The world has always been harsh. I genuinely hope that you can find happiness even after what you have suffered."

Though her logic was a bit twisted, in Nik's eyes, her words kind of made sense, if only he wasn't lying.

"Thank you."

Taking a deep breath, the lady slowly moved her hand and removed the blob of water from above his stomach before placing a thick blanket on his body.

"You still need to rest, child. After a few hours, I will return and take you to see the Chieftain alongside our sister tribe."

"Thank you."

Nik nodded once again before he slowly fell into a deep slumber under the comfort of a warm blanket and the normal-sized Pavāka wrapped around him like a huggy-bear.


Once again, the two Fire Nation Envoys found themselves in the presence of the Chieftain accompanied by the four beast masters. Even though the Northern Water Tribe practiced a uniform waterbending technique, the Chieftain and the four beast lords slowly developed their techniques beyond the scope of human abilities by mimicking specific beasts:— Polar Ape, Cat Seal, Tusk Shark, Whale-Horse.

Meanwhile, the current Chieftain hailed from the Polar Ape methods.

Despite the heavy pressure, almost solidifying, the two envoys stood straight. They had faced such situations too many times, this was in fact, especially true for Zuko's envoy.

His senior, the envoy from Princess' side slowly mulled over his words before speaking, finally initiating the conversation.

"Lords, we hope that our sincerity was... appreciated."

His words remained less, yet the emotion of reciprocation and a tinge of threat remained evident.

Not minding such slights, Bhiman, the current Polar Ape master slowly scratched his chin before nodding.

"To deliver our Sister Tribe without any harm, the exiled warrior has my thanks."

Shaking his head, the old envoy calmly retorted.

"It's a gift from the Fire Nation, my lord. Exiled Zuko played a prominent role, but even he takes pride in the unity of that our Nation proclaims."

"Is that why the fire nation is so eager to unify the whole world?"

A muscular, Amazonian woman with rippling muscles grunted.

She was Marnie, the current head of the Cat-Seal users.

"It's all industrialization, lord. But let's not rail off the tracks. We were sent to engage in a peaceful discussion over the period of our stay."

"And that being?"

"A week."



Nik groaned in relief as he slowly entered into a blueish overcoat made from the hides of the beasts present near the tribe before stretching his arms and yawned in complete satisfaction. Then, he leisurely observed his own surroundings.

A warm mattress, probably self-made or traded through various channels placed in the middle of the snow-white sheet. A hemi-spherical structure covered the sleeping area and an opaque ice door had also been constructed to cover the entrance, making the interior quite warm.

Putting on the warm gloves placed near the mattress, Nik looked at the sleeping Pavāka before placing the blanket back on her. Even though she didn't need it even a single bit, Nik simply felt that she should at least cover her n.a.k.e.d body, even if she is invisible.


At this moment, the ice door was pushed open as the previous middle-aged woman entered once again. Her eyebrows rose in surprise as she looked at the healthy glow on Nik's face before she smiled reassuringly.

"It looks like you are all patched up!"

She walked around Nik before tapping on his shoulder and the middle of his back before voicing out.

"It doesn't hurt now, does it?"

Shaking his head, Nik replied with a smile.

"No, in fact, I have never felt better. Thank you..."


The middle-aged woman smiled before patting his back encouragingly.

"My name is Karna, one of the healers of the tribe. And you are?"

Turning back, Nik looked at Karna and bowed politely.

"Nice to make your acquaintance, Miss Karna. I am Nik."

Tilting her head, Karna's eyes looked at his face seriously before she nodded with a shrug.

"I think your father named you. Either way, I am tasked with bringing you to the sister tribe before taking you guys to meet with the Chieftain.

By the way, you should keep it in the wraps that you were tortured by the fire nation."

Karna suddenly spoke with a sad smile.

"I know it isn't fair, but the Chieftain wanted me to personally tell you that the Fire Nation delegates are still in the tribe and he requests that you should keep your story with the fire nation to yourself.

Right now, the tribe is in a period of brief negotiation and we really can't afford to mess this up."

Nik's eyes did turn a bit strange at the news as he felt that even such a simple news spoke volumes about the current Chieftain.

Taking a deep breath, Nik looked at Karna solemnly, making her blush all of a sudden before nodding.

"Please, miss Karna healed me so I think, I can accede to your request."

Smiling, Karna nodded gratefully before turning back for a moment and grinning in an uncharacteristically youthful manner.

"Just call me aunt Karna from now on."
[1/12, 9:54 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 56 - The Minority (1)

Nik's gaze failed to hide his awe and shock. A glacial city! Atlantis made of Ice! Back in his homeworld, he heard rumours about how the lost city of the ocean would occasionally emerge and bring opportunities to the fortunate ones... but since he never laid his eyes upon such an astonishing city, he could only compare the Northern Tribe to the Atlantis.

A city carved within a gigantic glacier, making a way for the continuously pouring waterfall that filled the gaps within the glacier and separated the city into four distinct parts. Even though any person could use a boat, since the gap wasn't that big, the separation and the connecting palace was symbolic to the tribe.

Four tribes warred against each other before finally unifying, creating a threshold threatening enough to attract the Fire Nation's attention and even stronger to keep them at bay.

The palace made of cold ice shimmered beautifully, reflecting the early sun's rays while almost glowing in multiple-colours.

Of course, Nik wasn't privy to their history. Taking a comfortable spot right next to Karna, he simply listened to everything she had to offer. History, local thoughts and a few conjectures.

"This city is amazing..."

Aside from the cold, it was every bit as perfect. Beautiful, clean and peaceful. At least, on the surface. No matter how beautiful is the city, since the tribe was happy enough to keep up with their symbolic separation through the river channels separating them, Nik held no delusions that there won't be any inner clashes.

After all, the city was well protected by the thick glacial war that even the Fire Nation would have to use its capital forces to breakthrough. So, without any outside pressure, the friction within the four distinct factions must have continued since a long time ago.

"Aunt Karna, when did you start your waterbending training?"

Nik questioned as Karna carefully guided the water of the channel to move the boat towards the Palace as a bitter smile emerged on her lips.

"Waterbending? This is not waterbending. To master the water, that is the essence of waterbending.

I can merely direct it. In fact..."

She heaved a depressed sigh as she shook her head while lowering her eyes, her gaze dim, unlike the fresh and bright expression with which she greeted Nik.

"Don't mind the small stuff, Aunt. It's still pretty amazing."

He chuckled and nudged her, making her look up and grin.

"Yeah, I guess you are right."

Karna slowly crouched while waving both of her hands forward, miraculously, targeting a small area of water below the boat to move forward before her eyes twinkled and her arms moved a bit quicker, crouching low before kicking up as roaring waves soon escalated the boat, bringing the duo towards the unifying palace at a greater speed.

Seeing such a sight, Nik's eyes grew brighter.


He whistled while enjoying Karna's healthy chuckle as cold and refreshing wind flew past his face, making his skin a bit cold as an unnatural flush took over his cheeks, the tip of his nose softened after a moment as his eyes grew watery due to the mixture of extreme cold and Karna's speed.

But he enjoyed every single moment before the water came to a sudden stop while Karna's face paled. Her grin fell into a distraught grimace while she looked at Nik apologetically, only to find a beautiful glow touching his eyes as he kept looking forward even when the boat came to an unnatural stop.

'Well... at least he enjoyed it.'

"What do you think you are doing, Karna?"

A deep and husky voice managed to reach Karna and Nik, who finally snapped out of his dazed stupor and looked back at Karna, without giving the irritated voice any thoughts.

"That was amazing, Aunt."


Karna and Nik, both, felt a moment of weightlessness as the water beneath the base of their boat plunged into the stream, making the boat fall on the river and rocking the passengers harshly.

Karna lost her footing and fell on her butt, hurting her ankle simultaneously while Nik simply felt his butt rise from his seat before he, too, lost his balance and felt his body moving forward, face planted down!

"I ask you once again, Karna. Just what do you think you are doing under the Whale-Horse tribe."

Rubbing his nose, Nik slowly crawled up, his gaze falling upon an old, balding man with thin beard and moustache. Pale blue eyes gazing at the middle-aged, yet, youthful woman coldly as tendrils of water revolved around his body.

Karna visibly shivered as she bit her lips, endured her burning ankle and slowly stood up to face the newcomer and immediately bowed with an impassive expression.

"I am sorry, father. I lost my cool."

"It's master Pakku."

The old man grunted while Karna remained silent.

"Next time you even as much as try to waterbend, I'll skin you with my own hands. Have I made myself clear?"


Then, Pakku's face turned towards Nik while gazing at his face calmly.

"And you... you aren't a pure tribe member... better keep yourself in check."

Snorting coldly, Pakku turned his heels and walked away before Karna couldn't hold it any longer and slumped on the boat, her eyes and expression filled with pain as she gazed at her aching left ankle.

The sound attracted Nik's attention and he immediately moved forward and slowly knelt near her feet.

"Did you hurt yourself?"

He looked up and asked softly. Even though he felt that there was something else going on, he didn't have the heart to ask out after gazing at Karna's expression.

"It's fine. Just a moment."

Karna smiled appreciatively before controlling a blob of water from the river as and letting the water glow over her left ankle as she took a deep breath.

"It's alright, Nik. I am fine."

Gazing at the clothed ankle, Nik nodded before helping her up as she let out a relieved sigh.


This chapter was supposed to go on for another thousand words, but my condition doesn't allow me to write today. I am way too sick and my head hurts when I look at the screen.

I apologise for my weakness, sigh.
[1/12, 9:55 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 57 - The Minority (2)

Soon, Karna led Nik to the beautifully carved ice palace that glittered akin to a rare jewel embedded within the centre of the tribe.

Meanwhile, a group of tribal members were already standing in front of the entrance. The young one felt a bit nervous while the older ones simply showed a complicated expression.

"I'll wait for you... it wouldn't take long. Remember..."

Karna slowly patted Nik's shoulder before smiling, "... you have to remain confident. Even though you had your ass handed down by a few fire soldiers, you'll get your chance."

Nik's lips couldn't help but twitch as she shook his head.

"I was caught by surprise, that is all. If given a chance, I could've definitely outrun them."

Snickering at his words, she smacked his back playfully before hinting him to move forward.



A loud, bestial roar shook the inner halls constructed out of the ice that wouldn't melt even when the sun reached it's peak hour while the surviving group of the sister tribe aka the Southern Tribe members displayed a stunned expression, save for their leader, a young one.

"Lower your voice, Southern Chieftain."

Bhiman uttered as a deep cold spread from his body, his eyes narrowed down coldly while he snorted at the naivety shown by the youth, fully displaying his incompetence and ability to read the situation.

Even the four beast masters shook their head in dismay as they remained silent.

"But... BUT!"

"I said, lower.your.voice."

Bhiman sighed and stood up, his hulking body and the already alleviated position created a domineering pressure over the people standing in front of him.

"You lost your tribe in the presence of an Avatar."

Bhiman stated while taking a step down one of the many stairs.

"You were taken captive and used as a means to contact us."

He took another step, the cold slowly condensed into natural snowflakes that slowly started to descend over the group.

"You were unfed for days... even your tribe was. Your young ones, that you should have protected with your life faced the crisis of malnourishment.

As a Chieftain, not only do you disappoint me, but you also disgust me."

Bhiman spat as he glanced at the youth with slowly diminishing aura with a cold face.

"Even now, in front of another chieftain, you cower. Standing in front of your tribe is the moment when your back should be straight and mighty.

But you... you have no spine."

Gazing at others, he smiled grimly.

"Betraying the Avatar? The selfish elemental master who does things in accordance with 'destiny'?


Avatars are only stronger being. They are no savior. They do not save out of the good of their heart. They do not protect to accomplish their destiny.

History has been a witness as many Avatars were born only to destroy and cause mayhem.

Even now, the previous Avatar committed suicide and the most recent Avatar... he still troubles humanity by spreading false hope."

Taking a deep breath, Bhiman's eyes snapped wider and his roar shook the heart of everyone present, excluding Nik.


We can only depend on ourselves! Only trust our own tribe!

Not a goddamn kid riding a flying bison!"

The youthful chieftain stammered back, his face pale as he felt his belief, his ideals swaying under the mighty roar of the Northern Chieftain.

Even though he wasn't short by any sense, when compared to Bhiman, he couldn't point out any redeeming quality present within himself.

Was he strong? Right now, he understood, he wasn't strong.

Did his heart remain courageous? No, he despaired when caught, wallowed in his own disappointment while spectacularly failing to ease the tension of his own brethren.

His calves felt weak and he soon found himself kneeling in front of Bhiman, tears drowning his face while a desolate expression took cover of his face.

Amusingly, Nik actually saw a pained expression flashing in Bhiman's face, which was suppressed as quickly as it emerged.

Taking a deep breath, Bhiman looked at the group and spoke seriously.

"I have come to understand that two of our young ones travel together with the Avatar.

I swear on my pride and in the name title of the Northern Chieftain that I would bring them back before destroying the hypocrisy named Avatar running amok within the world."


As Bhiman softly consoled the young chieftain, he assured the southern tribe once again that they would be able to return to their native land and finally, asked the only 'hybrid' to stay in the room.


"Son... life's been hard on you."

Bhiman sighed, he still didn't return to his seat, instead, stood in front of Nik and smiled sadly.

"I feel terrible to ask this of you... but I don't plan to let you live with your grievances. Even though it might not be much, I have still come to understand that you failed to gain the bending heritage of your parents.

While I cannot reward you with the prerequisites to learn Earth Bending, I can surely help you in learning Water Bending."

At this moment, the countenance of the four beast master turned a little grim, but they stayed quiet. They might be cruel and unforgiving to outsiders, Bhiman being even more extreme than them, but they all were also extremely kind to their own tribe members, Bhiman, once again, being kind to the extreme.

Hearing his words, Nik did feel quite astonished. For him, the prerequisite of learning elemental bending, according to him, was to bend women, or in this world's term, p.u.s.s.y bending.

But jokes aside, Nik already had a feeling that where he might be asked to go to achieve such a miraculous transformation.


Feeling the refreshing breeze once again, Nik found himself standing at the entrance of the palace. The awesome thing about this city was that despite the bone-chilling cold, the waterbenders would occasionally group together to affect the temperature of the surroundings by heating up the water vapours in their surroundings.

Of course, this level of manipulation was always undertaken during the presence of the four beastmasters and the Tribe Chieftain since it was extremely hard to achieve.

Gazing at the waving youth who stood on a boat, Nik raised an eyebrow before moving forward.

"Aunt Karna had to leave for something important and asked me to take you back to your igloo.

Let's go!"

He grinned while almost shouting as Nik's eyebrows twitched at the apparent liveliness.


"Your ligaments are affected and you had the nerve to freeze your blood? Do not want your left foot anymore?!"

A raspy voice berated as pained Karna as she simply bit her lips and looked away.

Meanwhile, an old-woman with pure white hair had her wrinkled forehead covered in sweat as she slowly defrosted her leg while keeping the temperature of the glowing water under control. Meanwhile, Karna's left ankle was now adorned with a slash that failed to spill any blood.

"You'll have to rest for a week before you can even start walking."

"Or, I can create a stable frozen structure."

"No! No, you won't!"

The old woman immediately hissed as Karna rolled her eyes. Right now, her body wasn't covered by the overcoat and her curves were completely exposed.

"Don't worry... mom... I won't cast it myself. I'll ask for somebody's assistance."

"Then... that's fine."

Kanna, Karna's mother, sighed in relief as she slowly patched Karna up before she frowned and looked up.

"Why would you even commit such a foolish act? You, of all people, should know that internal injuries cannot be treated traditionally unless the water belongs to the Spring of Eternity."

Karna fell silent at her mother's words as the sight of Nik kneeling before her kegs flashed by. Shrugging, she simply spat out.

"Maybe I have gone senile, just like father."


A/N: In this timeline, Pakku's wife, Kanna didn't run off to southern tribe. This change will bring two to three effects.

1) a new character named Karna

2) katara won't be that proficient as a waterbender early on

3) Pakku will remain more stubborn than ever.

[1/12, 9:57 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 58 - The Living Spirit

"Woah... what's up with your leg? Trying to play mecha?"

Nik immediately wondered out loud as a blushing Karna slowly stepped into his igloo, her right leg normal, but her left calf and foot covered in a case of ice, squarish.

"What's... a mecha?"

All her embarrassment on how Nik would actually react to her situation was wiped away with the curiosity ignited to learn a new word. A chance to enhance her vocabulary.

"Mecha... let's not go down that road. Didn't you say that you are all healed up?"

Nik muttered while crouching down and poking the case of ice. Since her calf was also covered, she couldn't wear her usual baggy overcoat. Instead, she wore heavy robes that reached her thighs before her legs were covered in black tights.

Maybe, tights are universally available in the multiverse, disregarding the condition of the world?

And this new outfit gave Nik a chance to finally see her exposed short hair, kind of tomboyish, pair of healthy and thick thighs, although, Nik reckoned that he would need to touch them before assessing their quality, but he felt that they would definitely transfer a relishing feeling.

Feeling a bit weirded out by his stare at her legs, Karna took a step back and glared at Nik before she landed a knuckle on the top of his head.

"Hey, have you forgotten how to respect your—"

The moment her knuckle landed, she felt pain transferring through her knuckles to her forearm and then her brain.



"That hairstyle really suits you, Aunt Karna."

Nik smiled as Karna decided to take it easy, rowing the boat alongside Nik using wooden pedals instead of waterbending.

"Flattery won't get you anywhere."

Karna huffed as she still felt a sting from her left hand. "Hardhead..." she muttered as her cheeks inflated into a pout before looking sideways.

"Anyway, where are we going?"

Nik asked out as he kept his gaze on the unblemished city that was starting to get all bustly with many tribe members waking up. In fact, Nik even saw the old man named Pakku, Karna's father, teaching waterbending to a group of young students, all boys, but he didn't enquire much after observing the sour look on her face, finally compelling Nik to praise her hairstyle.

Not that it was a lie. Her mature body, now that Nik had laid his eyes upon, really looking tantalizing when combined with her short, unkempt-like black hair. Unlike many 'gentle' ladies with long hair and kind expression, Nik was kind of enjoying the rebellious anomaly that Karna was.

In his new homeworld, she could be easily classified as going through her rebellious phase. Just that she was a middle-aged woman with her goals already set and a bodacious to boot.

"We... well, the Chieftain didn't want me to get back up this early, but I kind of insisted that I lead you to your 'reward'."

"The Chieftain isn't wrong. You should rest."

"I don't need rest."

Karna insisted harshly.

"You do, Aunt Karna."

Nik shrugged when he was glared at. By now, he was slowly getting a hang on Karna's personality and behaviour. Well, it was quite basic, but a girl, in this case, a woman, would only grow so rebellious if her wishes are not fulfilled even partially.

It didn't take a psychiatrist to understand that Karna really wished to learn waterbending. After all, the beautiful grin she kept hidden only leaked to her lips while performing martial kicks while raising a huge tidal wave.

But her encounter with her father spoke much about her upbringing, and the general patriarchal society this Northern Tribe was all about.

Women forced to be turned demure, submissive and to be pushed around. Well, even though the situation wasn't that 'abusive', it was a fact that women didn't hold much status, except for the leader of the Cat-Seal users, the Amazonian warrior with muscles so extreme that Rick would get immediately infatuated by her existence.

"We are here."

Karna hinted Nik to stop rowing the left pedal before she looked at the boat in front of them with a complicated look on her face.

If the Amazonian woman had the highest status as a woman, then the white-haired lady with a slender build could be considered to be only second to the beastmaster.

Even Nik turned his back to find a small boat with only one, silver-haired lady standing with a calm expression on her face. Blue eyes, extremely uncommon in the tribe and a beautiful face. Once again, the damnable hide-robes hid most of her body, but Nik didn't seem to mind that too much. In this world filled with war, it is extremely unlikely to find an unhealthy person, save for orphans and war-torned old men and women.

"We are here, you say?"

Nik whispered lightly while looking back at Karna, who nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah. Part of the reason I wished to bring you here is to meet the Princess of the Tribe with my own eyes. I'll brief you about the situation after you return.

I'll wait here to take you back."

"Are you some kind of... escort?"

Nik asked with a twitch of his lips.

Tilting her head, Karna looked at Nik with a puzzled expression.

"You didn't know? I was appointed to take care of you until you become a contributing member of the tribe."

Meanwhile, the lady simply raised her hands, causing her boat to move forward on its own as she gazed at Karna for a moment, due to Karna trailing the lady's move with rapt attention, then gazed at Nik before a soft, calming voice rang out of her throat.

"Please step on. I shall be taking you forward."


"She's a half spirit."

It didn't even take a moment before Nik heard Pavāka's voice within his mind, startling him for a moment.

"You're here?"

Nik frowned and connecting her through his skill, receiving her affirmation.

"As rude as it was to leave me, I could easily find you. Either way, this woman... she feels like a spirit, but she is definitely a human."

Pavāka continued, though Nik didn't have visual on her, he could feel that Pavāka's eyes were focused on the lady.

"Then... you are not showing yourself because..."

Pavāka's voice ran once again within his mind.

"Yes, it is highly likely she can see my appearance."

Just like that, the woman simply waved her hands before the boat soon left the outskirts of the city, moving closer to the giant waterfall that filled the separating rivers of the tribe.

Finally, the woman looked back at Nik and spoke once again.

"Please follow me to meet with the guardian spirits."

[1/12, 9:57 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 59 - Koi Spirits

The chill grew more substantial as Nik's warm breath escaped his lips in a form of a vaporous cloud, dispersing to form the space for another breath. In front of him, the lady kept on moving.

No conversation was initiated until the silver-haired lady took a turn towards the entrance of the valley that housed the base of the river connected to the waterfall before she surprisingly slumped on the ground while heaving a deep sigh.

"Haaa~ Finally!"

She almost cheered, yet, kept a semblance of mediocrity before snapping her head in Nik's direction with her eyes and lips growing wider with each passing second.

"Hey! Sorry for being soooo boring back there... you know..."

The lady stood up and placed her hand in front of her face before coughing lightly, her voice turned deeper, somehow, perfectly imitating Bhiman as she continued.

"As a human born of spirit I must take care of my image—"

Coughing once again, the somber expression turned little bright as her voice returned.

"— or something like that."

She smiled before her walking towards Nik.

"I am Yue. Princess Yue. Nice to meet you... er... Nip?"


Nik kept the pun within him, he didn't wish to show his lack of sense of humour just yet.

Instead, he focused on the dynamic changes of the expression showed by the lady named Yue... no, she just introduced herself 'Bond' style.

"Hello. I am Faran..."

He couldn't hold back after all.

"Nik Faran."

It was quite gratifying that Kurumi didn't stand in place of Yue since all he would receive in case of his introduction would have been a humiliating eye roll of annoyance.

"Nik... I see. Father told me that I need to take you to meet with the Ocean Spirit La. So... let's go!"

She spoke before turning her heels while beckoning Nik to follow. On the way, as the walked deeper into the Glacial Valley, Yue started introducing the whole place.

"Our ancestors used to live here before moving out in fear of angering the Koi Spirits due to their needs of resources."

Yue started with how the Northern Tribe first discovered the twin Koi Spirits.

La, the Spirit of Ocean, the master of water.

Tui, the Spirit of Moon, the mover of water.

Without Tui, the waterbenders could 'feel' water but cannot bend it and in the absence of La, the entire lineage of waterbenders would simply be cut short as they wouldn't even be able to form any connection whatsoever with the water itself.

"So... they are really Koi fishes?"

Nik asked out curiously while Yui nodded. She flung her braids behind her and stopped before looking back. Her smile had already receded as she frowned at Nik.

"Before we move further, I should establish some ground rules. The Koi Spirits are defenceless. They are spirits that enable us to bend the elements, yes, but they are sacred beings that have existed with us since ancient times."

Walking forward, Nik felt a faint sense of pressure exuding out of Yue. It would have been alright if this pressure was only ethereal, but honestly, he felt his physical body being pressured as if something tangible was being used to achieve this method.

"So, I must clearly state whether you aspire to be a tribe member or not, no harm should come to the koi spirits."

A silver sheen touched her blue eyes as she gazed at Nik's face seriously. Even she subconsciously let go of her biggest secret as Nik could swear that he saw Yue's body glowing silver for a moment before everything turned normal.

Even with his enhanced stats, he couldn't help but gulp as he once again gazed upon the sweetly smiling Yue who stood with her hands behind her back, her body leaning forward and her tilted with a sense of cuteness.


"Uh... yeah. I get that.

No need to worry about that."

He nodded as the duo continued their walk for five more minutes before they found themselves standing in front of a glowing lake with two distinct entities rotating in the pool of water, as if chasing each other, yet, kept a safe distance as they weren't destined to ever get into contact with each other.

"Are they?"

Nik looked at Yue, who happened to be looking at the duo spirits with a warm smile, her eyes narrowed as if enamored by their entire existence.

"Yes, they are La and Tui. The Black Koi represent the Ocean, the Silver Koi represent the Moon."

Before Nik could reply, a snort could be heard within the back of his mind.

"Moon, my sparkling ass! Isn't that Tama? The Spirit of Gravitation?"

Pavāka's frustrated groan echoed within his mind.

It was Nik's turn to be surprised but the moment he heard the term Gravitation, he felt quite an illiterate even after understanding the ways of nature during his training.

The 'moon' pulls the water to form the tidal waves, in fact, refers to its gravitational pull. Hence, this gravitational pull allows the waterbenders in sense with water to manipulate the water while subconsciously tapping into those 'pulls'.

It was THIS simple!

Just a single concept of gravitation defined the entirety of waterbending.

That's all!

"That Tama is a rogue one! Always appearing in places and allowing others to manipulate gravity!

Hmph! It was only after... whatever. Well, he does not play that much. So this Yue must be quite a special one to—"

"bend the gravity."

Nik whispered in amazement as his look towards Yue changed entirely.

"Yeah... Nik. If you actually plan to follow... the plan. I think you should reconsider.

This spirit actually affects the entire plane way more than the Avatar could ever hope to achieve..."

"You think?"

Nik asked in mock amus.e.m.e.nt as a deep desire to smash Zhao's head into a bloody pulp and feed his brain matters to dogs, cause that's the only thing his I.Q. will ever be worth, erupted within his heart.

'F.u.c.k him! Wanting to actually kill the gravity?!'

Nik never thought he would use the word 'kill' to associate with the word 'gravitation' and yet, here he was.

"Alright, take off your clothes!"

Yue clapped her hand, alas, the sound of her claps remained muffled due to her hands covered in gloves while she looked at Nik happily.

Not minding her words at all, just like Pavāka.

"Hehehe... she is rather cute now she speaks this way..."

You sound like a perverted old man, Pavāka!

Nik sighed deeply before smiling bitterly.

"Um... it's way too cold... don't you think so?"

Nik asked out with hollow laughs in tandem, only to see Yue smiling even brighter.

"Hurry up! The water of the pool is actually way warmer than the surroundings."

[1/12, 11:19 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 60 - The Northern Witch


A loud cheer broke Karna out of her reverie as she stood remained on her boat that floated at the outskirts of the city, her face directed towards the valley that housed the twin Koi Spirits of the legends.

Gazing back at the youth, a troubled sigh escaped her lips. She was all too aware of this youth. In fact, alongside him, she was aware of too many men.

By her own right, Karna was extremely beautiful. An athletic body that was placed a rank above the soft bodies of many demure ladies of the tribe while still retaining her own curves and alluring facial features that caught the heart of many.

Just like the passionate youth rowing his boat towards her.

Honestly, Karna liked it. To be pursued, that is. To be wanted, to be loved and to be taken care of. Aware of the difference between the gender at a young age to learn the art of healing efficiently, Karna, just like any other tribeswoman was quite open-minded about the concept of mating with the ones that can stir your heart.

But alongside that understanding, Karna came to understand what her life would be if she really let herself get successfully pursued. If she really fell for any man from the tribe.


Restricted to even move the water in private times.

That's what it meant to be shackled from the moment of birth, at least, this is what her own mother, Kanna, wrote in her diary hidden away from her father.

The plans to running to the southern tribe, the plans to commit suicide... Karna was all too aware of the emotional instability her mother went through.

As a talented water bender, there is always a 'call' within the deepest part of her body. To move water, to master it. Karna was sure that Kanna was just like her... yet, restricted. Had to gaze upon men bending the water at their will, just like her freedom.


When Karna looked at the youth, she could easily see through the thin layer of passion that hid boundless greed. A greed to own!

'I am not a commodity...'

By now, she couldn't even feel that much rage. It was all too normal for her. She had already given hope of ever finding her mate in the tribe.

To lose her freedom of bending water is something she didn't wish to commit.

To be slaved while being allowed to bend the water would have been a much better option for her.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you assigned to the new member?"

Sighing, Karna replied impassively.

"He isn't a tribe member yet. And, he is being escorted to the Koi Spirits by Princess Yue..."

"The Northern Witch?"

The Youth immediately spoke with a sour expression.

'There it is.' Karna sighed sadly. Not being able to even bear the title of nobility on a woman showed how deeply her tribe was actually twisted.

In fact, they even called themselves the 'brother' tribe when comparing to the southern tribe aka the sister tribe just show how superior they were as a male.

"She isn't a witch. To be chosen by the moon spirit... she is really a princess... a free one at that."

Karna had already lost her mood to even entertain the youth as she simply ignored his expression and turned back, facing the entrance of the valley.

'She isn't a moon witch... you are just a dumbass.'

She grumbled inwardly while waiting patiently.


Nik hugged his body tightly while he felt the chilling cold striking his body. Of course, all his clothes, save for his loin cloth/undergarment and immediately jumped into the water with a splash while Yue didn't seem to have any extraordinary reaction after seeing a man in a state of 'almost n.a.k.e.dness'.

The route of the two fishes shifted a little before they continued revolving, albeit, glowing a little brighter. Seeing such a quick reaction, Yue's eyes sparkled while she finally seemed to have found something interesting as not only La, but Tui also showed a bit of reaction towards Nik.

Meanwhile, the water was really as warm as a spring and the depth was just nice for him to submerge most of his body.

"Is that Pavāka? Why's that brat here?"

Suddenly, a deep voice rumbled forth from his surroundings. Even Yue looked around with a shocked expression while Nik simply remained unresponsive. After all, an extremely enticing screen had already been placed in front of his eyes.

[Root Source detected. Consume the root source to obtain rewards?]

'The root source... I gained a bit of source when I sneaked into the tribe. According to the information, the more root source is gained during the missions, the better rewards one can claim after the mission.

How much root source is contained within this spring?'


Nik fell into his thoughts. If the water is extremely special, then it would definitely explain why the two spirits would be willing to materialize and submerge themselves despite the glaring risks to their lives.

"Bleh! Who's the brat? La, don't make me angry or I'll zap you!"

Of course, Pavāka had to reply to the obvious provocation. But even then, she showed surprising sensitivity as she only let her voice remain within the realms of spirits, but even then, every single entity present could hear her.

After all, Yue was a half-spirit due to her past condition and Nik was an anomaly that had ambitions to mate with Spirits, so hearing them is obvious.

"Your lightning would be an obvious nourishment, Pavāka."

A slightly young voice emerged this time around as Pavāka openly mocked.

"Oh? Tama, when did you become Tui? What the hell is this 'moon spirit'? Are you even a spirit emerging from this planet?"

"Don't blame me? Not everyone can hear my voice. See? Even the brat that has your smell all over him cannot hear me. Only that little girl Yue can hear us, right?"

Before Pavāka could reply, she heard Nik's voice within her mind stopping her from telling that he could actually hear them. It wouldn't benefit him at all if Yue knew that he already had a spirit under his... well...

"Ah, yes! Lord Tui, I—"


Tama spoke while he suddenly leaped out of the water and dived down once again with a splash.

"My name is Tama."

"And I am La."

The heavy voice that kept silent spoke once again.

"I am Pavāka. For obvious reasons, you cannot see me."

Pavāka's voice rang as she scrutinized Yue before enquiring.

"Tama... why did you grant her your bending abilities?"

Before Tama could reply, Nik smiled.

"Yue... the water is really warm... so, what I should do next?"

He swam closer to Yue, who still had stunned expression after hearing that she actually had bending capabilities.


Yue suddenly came to be and then looked at Nik with a little weird expression. Seeing his innocent smile, Yue finally nodded as she knelt on the ice and then spoke... whispered softly.

"Oh, Lord La, the master of Ocean. Bless this soul for he needs your destiny to live within the water and die within the water."

She joined her hands and softly chanted a strange prayer while La suddenly sighed and stopped Yue.

"Little Yue... stop it. I get it already."

"Pfft, it never gets old. Your destiny to live and die in water. Talk about being a morbid prayer."

"Yeah... this is my first time hearing something so..."

Even Pavāka sighed as Nik tried so hard to keep his lips from twitching and waited calmly. He wished to laugh his ass off... but he couldn't.

"Um, Yue?"

He spoke out while Yue visibly blushed and shook her head.

"Don't worry. The water spirit has heard my prayers."

Even Yue felt extremely embarrassed. This was her fifth time chanting such an embarrassing prayer. Truly, she wished to dig a hole and bury her face... but that would probably freeze her head.