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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 61 - Devil's Invitation
The two spirits glowed brightly before they resumed their previous route. Due to Pavāka's threat of staying here, Tama grumbled a bit before allowing Nik to gain affinity with Gravitation, which was quite strange as he didn't feel anything.

'Do I smell like... gravity?'

Nik questioned Pavāka through their shared senses to which he received an affirmative response.

As it turned out, the spirits actually 'smell' the other elements and spirits. Well, Nik couldn't blame them, Spirits smell great. He could tell from his personal... let's call it a personal experience.


"Is it done?"

Yus asked out loud, hoping to hear the confirmation directly from the spirits only to hear a deafening silence as the two Koi spirits kept swimming in circles, chasing each other once again while floated in the centre of the pool.


Her expression fell as she knelt in defeat. This was the first time she ever heard the voice... no, a conversation of three spirits. While La seemed to be a man... no, a spirit of few words, Tui aka Tama, seemed to be the chatty one.

Now that Yue concentrated on the two fishes, La seemed to have more steady swim, his body would turn around gently while Tama swam in stark contrast, his fins flaying around while maintaining the same speed, as if enjoying the swimming itself.

"Uhm... are you asking me?"

Nik asked with an amused smile. Her expression tickled him while the change from defeat to annoyance and shame caused his grin to spread wider.

Swimming forth, he reached the edges of the pool before picking himself up as a bone piercing chill immediately affected him, making him immediately put on his clothes instead of flexing his member in front of Yue as he had planned before.

Damn that cold!

"Huurrrr! So, Yue, can I leave?"

He asked while rubbing his hands against the opposite arms while chattering slightly, his words immediately elicited a sad expression from Yue as she sighed and nodded.

"Yes, let me lead you back."

"Thank You."

Nik nodded with a smile. He really wanted to try bending the gravity. Even the notion felt quite otherworldly, but still, it was possible.

Yue had clearly shown how much she could affect inhumane people like Nik with the strengthened physique by bending the gravity.


"So? How did it go?"

Keeping her eyes on the receding back of Yue, Karna asked absentmindedly. Even her fist remained clenched as she could sigh inwardly.

"Take a look for yourself."

Nik grinned as the continuously rotating currents of energy seeped into the middle of his palm as Nik tried connecting with the water.


Almost instantly, Nik started to feel his energy being used at a slow pace while he maintained the fist-sized blob of water mid-air.

"Hmm... let's go."

Karna nodded, expressionless, and sat back before picking her wooden pedal while hinting Nik to pick his own pedal.

"Did something happen?"

Nik wondered as they started rowing the boat towards his igloo.

"Nothing of your concern."

She snapped once again, making Nik raise an eyebrow before he smiled and nodded.

"I see... well then, do I classify as a tribe member? Can I learn waterbending from a master?"

He asked once again, making Karna pissed even more. By now, Nik had already understood that her anxiety stemmed from him being able to 'officially' bend the water. And what's more? He was originally talentless before given a chance to bend the water, while Karna was always talented yet barred from practising publicly.

Gripping her pedal tightly, Karna hissed back a reply.

"Do whatever you want!"

"Woah! Easy there, Aunt."


Karna's voice increased before she looked at Nik's unchanging smile and felt a bit defeated. Who was the older one on the boat?

And, when did it become Nik's fault? Why should she vent her frustration on him?

Drowned in the twister of her own complicated thoughts, Karna simply sighed while choosing to remain silent for the rest of the journey.

She would rather stay silent than to speak something in a fit of rage that would negatively impact their relationship, whatsoever it was currently.

The silent journey continued before Nik and Karna stopped the boat at the Whale-Horse side of the tribe. Both of their igloos/houses were constructed over this tribe so they even walked together for a few minutes before Nik suddenly spoke up.

"You know Aunt... I could learn waterbending and teach you during night time when no one is looking."

Hearing his words, even though Karna felt her anger ease up a bit, she still shook her head in denial.

"You think no-one has ever thought of that. Once found, the woman that broke the tribe rules is exiled and the tribesman would be punished with 50 wh.i.p.s.

By now, the only two people who have been exempted by this restriction are the Cat-Seal Leader and Princess Yue."

Nik nodded thoughtfully before his eyes narrowed and a weird smile emerged on his face.

"What if nobody saw you?"

"They always find out."

Karna smiled bitterly.

"Not necessarily. I have two places in my mind that can... actually get the work done."

Frowning, both of them stood in front of a large igloo that housed the mess as she turned her head and frowned at Nik.

"What do you mean?"

A dangerous feeling spread across her heart as she gazed upon Nik's smile while he finally spoke out.

"How would you like to meet me in my igloo at night?"

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[1/14, 7:35 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 62 - Restriction

The four regions of the tribe have an identical training ground in each one of them. A massive clearing of ice right next to the separating stream of water next to the connecting bridges.

Right now, in the Water-Horse training ground, Pakku's students were sparring with each other as the group rapidly manipulated water in many shapes— wh.i.p.s, shield, ice spikes, ice wall.

But most of the time, the students bent the water in shape of massive tendrils as it is far easier to attack and defend in such manner.

Gazing at the lively students, Nik slowly tried to understand the fighting methods of this world. Though he didn't wish to battle people, it didn't hurt him to make observations.

Unlike the earth benders, the water benders used martial arts movement to control and bend water at their will, signifying that not only are they dangerous near water, they are pretty much lethal to quite an extent without the use of bending, unlike the Earth Benders, who used their superior physique to crush their opponent.

The water benders flexibility also made Nik's heart cautious. To be able to bend your own shoulders so unnaturally... they could possibly get themselves out of common bindings if captured, allowing them to attack their opponent unprepared.

As opposing to the Water and Earth Benders, Nik still had to carefully observe the fore benders and the last airbender... even though he had to kill the kid named Aang, for his side mission, Nik still wanted him alive.

The reward from the Incubus Society was extremely tempting. This could actually remove the major concern Nik had over his transportation, but this also made him wary of Nirdai's motive.

"Kid, we will start with basic exercises. Before bending water, one must know how to bend one's own body according to the situation."

With his thoughts broken by Pakku's incredibly misleading explanation, Nik looked back at the stubborn old man without any expression and bowed politely.

Even though Pakku was a stupid old man who did not know how to treat a lady, the fact remained that Nik had to learn a bit of waterbending from him if he really wished to stay here without raising any suspicion.

At least, for a month.

"Thank you for accepting me."

His statement pulled an approving nod from the old man before he entered into a stance without any explanation, gazing at Nik calmly, inducing him to enter the stance himself.

A basic horse-stance with his hands extended forward and palms pulled up, forming a serene scene, but soon, Nik found out that things weren't so easy after all. Silently, a layer of thin ice slowly crawled over his furry boots, making him feel slightly tingly and of course, the same layer of ice slowly grew over Pakku.


With the objective of the training clear, he simply remained in the position without even breaking a sweat. Even though the glutes, hamstrings and the calves are more muscular than the muscles of the upper body, it still took almost month of regular training in this kind of weather to pull a horse stance for almost 20 minutes.

Keeping that in mind, Nik didn't pull a 'super' stunt and slowly went onto his knees after a few minutes with a troubled and tired expression.

Sure, it would have been easy for him to pull the stance under the effect of ice for almost an hour, but what would that achieve?

Making others aware that his muscles were way denser than others of his age? Or would it be taken as a sign that he had already gone through intensive training?

While the former would play in Nik's fortune, the latter was more reasonable and a person like Bhiman would easily conclude that Nik didn't actually have a need to train any longer which might then lead upto the suspicion that Nik did not have the tribe's best interest in his heart.

After all, his origin was shady. It was already a miracle that he was allowed to gain the ability to bend water and he didn't feel like pushing his luck.

Nodding, Pakku slowly opened his stance. The ice receded at a visible pace while he slowly moved his lower body to warm up his old chicken legs, at least, this is what Nik thought since he didn't have the ability to see past the hide-cloth of the old man.


The already shrouded sun slowly descended for the bright and clear moon to take up the post of lighting up the sky as the tribe grew even more excited. Most of the member usually trained at this hour to maximise the benefits received from training, making Nik realise what Karna meant with:— They always find out.

But no matter, he still had one more destination in his mind.

As he walked towards the outskirts of the Water-Horse region aka outwards from the separation stream, Nik slowly extended his hand as he let the remaining current of energy gush out of his hand, slowly turning the energy into elemental energy which was converted into a blob of water in almost a snap.

'Manipulation doesn't use my energy at all... but to actually create the element using water... it almost took a whole unit of my energy.'

Looking at the fist-sized blob, Nik calmly analysed his gains.

Not only did he find out that he could use the elemental energy to manipulate the said element using an extremely small amount of his energy, but he could also create the element using chunks of his energy.

Just like he created the two variants of fire— crimson and blue, he could also create water, an impossible feat in this world.

The blob of water immediately morphed into a tendril before freezing instantly, creating a hovering spike of ice.

This was another use of his host energy to create the said element.

Not only would the element won't require any more energy to be manipulated efficiently, but Nik could also continue to produce simple variants of the element.


Immediately sending the spike of ice against the floor, the spike crashed and broke into pieces before Nik continued onwards and finally found his desolate igloo with a beautiful maiden with a cyborg-like ice leg standing guard.

Who else could it be other than Karna?


"Man... that Jet was a total bust!"

A humongous bison, white-furred with a natural dark-brown arrow-like painted fur over its forehead could be seen flying over the vast land while a tall, dark-skinned youth grumbled with a disgusted expression.

Hearing his words, a beautiful girl let out a frustrated sigh as the young man, almost a boy, bald with a similar blue arrow tattooed over his head simply raised his voice.

"Can we not talk about him?"

On his shoulder, another white-furred creature with the combination of bat and mink features sat with an innocent and curious expression.

"I agree for one."

The girl laid on the large seat attached over the bison's back.

"So? Can we finally make a trip to the Northern Tribe?"

The youth asked while the girl felt even sadder.

"I don't know... we still don't know anything about the members caught."

"Katara" the youth spoke with a dark expression, "Instead of waiting, I wish to do something good. The war will continue and the status of our members my never reach us... but I don't want those things to stop me.

One day, we will find them and we will stop the war!

What do you say? Aang!"

The youth looked at the bald kid and smiled brightly, to which, the young Avatar simply grinned.


Katara sighed at their antics and slowly closed her eyes. She was too tired.

To get her emotions betrayed, to actually fall for a man who wasn't what she thought he was, she felt way too tired to deal with those emotions.

Slowly, she drifted to deep sleep, a hopeful smile on her face while her gentle snores travelled to the duo.

Slumping, the youth looked at the girl with a kind smile and then looked at the youth with a wry expression.

"Next time... put more brilliance in your acting!"

Shaking his head, Aang felt tired himself.

"Sometimes, even I can't act that long, Sokka. It's tiring... too tiring. We have only started our journey but I feel like giving up...

Maybe I should just—"

"Just die and let a new avatar, an infant take your burden?"

Sokka asked, his words frank that managed to strike Aang's heart.


"I didn't lie, you know..." Sokka muttered as he gently grazed his hands over his sibling's hair and smiled hopefully.

"We will definitely stop this war... we have to."

With their only mental and emotional support fast asleep, the two remained quiet for the rest of their journey.

[1/14, 7:36 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 63 - Training Tragedy

The glass-like glacial door illuminated in an orangish glow as Nik lit a small bonfire within his igloo. Due to the surrounding ice of quite a low temperature, the fire failed to provide any warmth, but still brightened the interior.

Once again, Nik found a bored Pavāka lying in a daze, honestly, he didn't even k ow how she even persisted living for so long without a long-term source of entertainment.

Meanwhile, he couldn't give her his attention due to the woman sitting in front of him across the bonfire.

"So? What did you learn today?"

Karna asked impatiently once again, but Nik still sighed. He was already sitting on the bed and was also near to Pavāka. Feeling that Pavāka was most likely unhappy by getting ignored for the better half of the day, Nik gave Karna a serious look before pointing behind her head.

"What's that?"

He asked with a sense of urgency that compelling Karna to look back, while, through an inhumane speed, Nik picked the pouting Pavāka and brought her onto his laps before acting as if nothing happened.

"Hehe, got you!"

She immediately giggled, a stark contrast to the cloudy expression on Karna's face who almost panicked while thinking that they were caught.

"It is a wall of ice!"

She immediately hissed while Nik nodded without any expression.

"Yes, correct. This was the first concept taught by your father. Ice."

Scrunching her soft nose, Karna couldn't help but feel thoughtful, but still, she looked at Nik, who was currently enjoying Pavāka grounding her cute little plump butt against his member, and asked out.

"I don't understand."

Sighing, Nik smiled.

"Neither did I. So with that cleared, let's understand how this thing actually works."

Holding back an impatient scowl, Karna coughed softly and then looked at Nik seriously.

"Yes. I believe that readjusting our relationship is necessary if you teach me waterbending."

Hearing her words, Nik smiled slyly, his thoughts unknown and even then, Karna felt the urge of running away to a safe location, but still, she couldn't understand why should feel such.

"So... I'll be calling you Karna from now on? Hmm... yeah, well then, call me master."

Now Karna felt a little enlightened why she felt such a strong feeling of fear stemming from the deepest recesses of her heart when she gazed at Nik. Clenching her jaws, Karna hissed out.

"Nik, you are a rogue!"

Seeing the look on his eyes and that sly expression, Karna wouldn't take pride in calling herself a woman if she was dumb as a brick.

Heck, a woman's intuition is not to be underestimated or else there won't be a phrase that is used to compliment the women kind for their intuition.

"Nik... you are a rogue!"

"She saw through you!"

Pavāka exclaimed happily as she breathed against his neck hotly while letting her perfectly soft fingers run over his chest and thighs, her tongue taking a spot over his collarbone while let her back comfortably nuzzle against his chest. She continued purring hotly while having her way with him.

"A rogue?"

Nik tilted his face before smiling.

"Is that your first words to your... master? My dearest disciple?"

If it wasn't for the lack of similar demeaning gaze that wished to put men above women, Karna would have already left. In fact, finally being able to see Nik's other side, Karna felt a sense of relief, which was quite strange.

At least, the horny boy wasn't a genderising a-hole.

Thinking for a moment, Karna felt that this was completely reasonable. After all, from what she has gathered until now, Nik was born of an exiled water tribeswoman. So, of course, he won't be brainwashed to dominate women and strip them off of their freedom to choose.


Karna rolled her eyes and then frowned.

"What's going on with your clothes?"

She pointed out as Nik's overcoat was moving... pressed? Karna didn't know how to explain the strange phenomenon. Sadly, neither could Nik.

By now, Pavāka had already straddled herself against Nik's waist, her hands sliding across his back, scratching with need interlaced in her hot breaths.

"Disciple, I don't think you are ready to bend the dragon... today's session is dismissed. I have another place in mind... so... we meet each other near the bridge dock, say, tomorrow at dusk?"

He asked while fighting against his own grunts as Pavāka suddenly bit on his neck. Even Karna felt startled as she saw a thin trail of blood flowing down from the left side of his neck.

"Nik... your neck—"

"Karna... my dearest disciple aunt, you should really leave."

Nik smiled with nefarious desires exposed through his gaze as the slowly enlarging bulge... no, it was still growing, made Karna gulp a little. The scene was changing too suddenly and Karna had no way to cope up with all the new discoveries.

"If you don't leave... you wouldn't mind me teaching you other bending techniques, right?"

If the exploding desires weren't a dead giveaway, Nik's words and almost crazy smile shook Karna's heart and she immediately stood up with her tanned face flushed crimson.

"I-I- I should leave!"

She stammered as Nik's expression changed from relief to satisfaction while, in front of Karna's widened eyes, his bulge happened to enlarge further.


"What the hell?"

Taking a fistful of her dazzling blonde hair into his hand, Nik immediately pulled back the growling Pavāka and kissed her plump lips rather passionately before eyeing her half-lidded hazy violet eyes that reeked of sensuality.

"Hmph! Before other girls, I, your teacher will always claim you! My student, I know that look on your face when you saw that tama's little girl and the waterbending girl!

But to dare doing such illicit action in front—"

Not wishing to hear more of Pavāka's grumble, Nik pulled her back into another ardent kiss, their tongues intertwined while sharing each other's saliva. Meanwhile, Nik's other hand slid down to her smooth waist before grabbing her entire left ass-cheek while forcefully rubbing her crotch against his.

Breaking the contact once again while forming an amorous bridge of saliva that glittered under the light of the crackling bonfire.

"You do understand that Karna is your grand-disciple, right?"

He whispered while lowering his head, taking Pavāka's beautiful pink n.i.p.p.l.e into his mouth, eliciting Pavāka to hold onto his head in return, trying to bury his face deeper into her eternal modest b.r.e.a.s.ts.

A wonderful scent started to emerge from Pavāka as Nik countered the move with his own intoxicating scent, his thumb already playing with her anus through her clothes while his other hand had already released her hair and gently caressed her back.

"Ohhhnnn! I- I know! But that's why hnnnnghhh!~ needs to learn her place!"

She exclaimed while biting onto Nik's earlobes softly, kissing and licking while breathing in his scent deeply, stimulating her body further.

Hearing her m.o.a.n-filled response of indignation, Nik couldn't help but feel speechless.

"She cannot even see you!"

He chuckled while tearing down her dress. Since Pavāka happened to be able to create her own clothes through her... well, Nik still did not understand the true mechanism, but the ability was definitely useful, and more enjoyable in such activities.

Her bare body exposed to Nik, Pavāka simply smiled while licking her lips. She was ready for another round of enlightenment.

Nik's clothes flew while he expertly controlled his elemental energy to manipulate the crackling fire into extinguishing. Honestly, it would be quite embarrassing if someone saw him humping the air, after all, Pavāka was invisible to the physical eyes.

One of his hand immediately landed on her neck, massaging her chest and trailing across her delicate collarbone while his other hand adjusted the tip of his c.o.c.k against her moist snatch.

The pair of debauched violet eyes locked with each other before a lascivious smile of expectation formed on both of their faces.

Under the silent m.o.a.ns of Pavāka, she felt the upward gentle curve of his c.o.c.k while engaging in a passionate kiss, their sweaty body writhed against each other. Pumps upon pumps of juices exploded within the common area that Pavāka's p.u.s.s.y was as the bedsheet soon grew messy with a spirit's nectar.

While Nik felt accomplished after tending to Pavāka with extreme care, the training he had intended for Karna did turn into a complete mess.

But, with a beautiful spirit wrapped against his chest and a happy smile on a peerless face of the spirit, Nik wasn't going to complain. He was already a fortunate man.

[1/14, 7:39 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 64 - Negotiations

"So? What do your masters wish to ask us of?"

Bhiman's gruff voice boomed within the large hall while the expression of the four beast masters grew somber. Till now, the two fire nation envoys stayed within the unity palace while making visible contacts through the use of fire hawks.

In fact, the scouts stationed at the ice wall had already marked each and every ship, including the humongous destroyer that made the whole tribe cautious.

Bowing to Bhiman and the four beast masters, the younger of the two opened up this time.

"Trade and Head. We only ask for these two things."

Narrowing his eyes, Bhiman looked a little thoughtful before continuing.

"Your meaning?"

"Lord." The older one spoke this time. "We know how a special group of water benders is prepared to move out from the dangerous arctic region to travel to the Earth Kingdom and engaging in trade while slowly developing trade route for easier communication."

Disregarding the darkening expression on Bhiman's face, the old man continued calmly.

"We simply wish to expand our market. As you know, the Fire Nation wish for world unity under the rule of the most compatible emperor."

Snorting, Bhiman let the old envoy continue.

"But, the Fire Nation does not wish to engage in meaningless slaughter. Our actions towards the Earth Kingdom by actively taking in the refugees and training them have shown that we value the human resources and the diversification of the market."

Organising his words for the final impact, the old bearded envoy narrowed his eyes and spoke softly.

"After all, even if the Fire Nation is being regarded as a tyrant, what use would it be to become a tyrant of the Kingdom bared of its citizens, land and resources.

So, for the first time, we wish to take another approach."

"And that is?"

At this time, both of the envoys looked at each other before the younger one took a deep breath and calmed his nerves.

"A peaceful takeover."


Under the union bridge that joined the Whale-Horse side and the Polar-ape side, Nik waited silently while saving a single boat. He had already completed today's training and simply waited for Karna.

Even though the sudden eruption of Pavāka could have occurred in more fortunate circ.u.mstances, Nik wasn't the one to cry over the spilt milk. If Karna came over despite the fact that his own nature was finally exposed, then Nik would conveniently move forward and get to know her better.

If she doesn't, he could only sigh and become shameless enough to persist her and wear her guard down.

As he continued waiting, a sound of footsteps, strange one at that, could be heard.

Looking up, Nik found a dark-skinned mature woman walking towards him with slight reservation apparent in her gait.

But she came!

Nik waved his hands towards Karna, who simply huffed and turned her head away, but of course, through the corner of her eyes, she seemed to be checking out if his member seemed to be growing or not?

"So? Where are we going... master?"

Mocking clear in her tone as she crossed her arm beneath her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.ts while tilting her head diagonally, Karna's eyes tried their darn best to not look downwards towards Nik's pants, but the strange aroma lingering around him made her unfocused and continuously eyeing the hidden rod of wonder.

"Ah... well, we will be going to the Spirit Valley."

Nik smiled and immediately got into the action by removing the binding rope of the boat from the ice pole while bringing the boat towards the side, allowing him to get on the boat.


"Choose your words carefully."

With his younger comrade encased in a thick layer of ice, the older one still miraculously retained his calm while giving the old master of the Whale-Horse tribe a deep glance before looking back at Bhiman.

"As my partner proclaimed. We only wish for a peaceful takeover. The Northern Water Tribe lower its head and accept the policies of the Fire Nation.

Alongside this, we need the Avatar alive. No harm shall come to the Avatar under any circ.u.mstances."


The burly amazonian woman of the Cat-Seal style immediately stood up with rage flashing across her rough face when Bhiman suddenly extended his hands, making the ice encasing the young envoy turn into a stream of warm water.

In front of the four beast masters, the youth collapsed while coughing and shivering at the same time.

"Envoys, Beast Masters, let us not lose our cool shall we?"

Bhiman's calm voice range in the woman's ears as she swallowed a bout of rage and sat on her seat with a huff.

"Envoy, to make such demands, your authority is not sufficient.

I have come to understand that there are three royalties sailing the northern waters, correct?

Have them meet us here. Then, we shall come to a peaceful understanding. Of course, if they fear us and aren't born with enough spine, they are free to leave without any interruption."


"Spirit Valley?"

Karna's eyes momentarily brightened before she looked at Nik with her eyes narrowing.


Smiling, Nik extended his hands towards Karna to help her on the boat, which she accepted with a grumble since her leg still remained encased in ice.

"You see, inside the Spirit Valley, not only you will have a wide area for practice, but we can even interact with the only Princess of the tribe."

Taking a seat, confusion flashed across Karna's face as she looked at Nik suspiciously.

"Why would you want to interact with the Princess?"

"Why?" Nik frowned at her question and looked at her extremely seriously.

"I wish to mentor and enlighten her, just like you." was the only answer Karna received.



The beastmaster from the Tusk Shark side spoke solemnly. The bald, tattooed man happened to be a being of few words, but even right now, the chieftain's behaviour towards the Fire Nation was nothing but suspicious.

"Everyone, what do you think of this ongoing war?"

Bhiman suddenly opened up, causing the eyes of the other four beastmasters to narrow dangerously.

"What do you mean, Chieftain?"

Bhiman's successor, the Polar-ape master asked lightly.

"The Air nomads are wiped out with the surviving air bender despised by most of the world. Our sister tribe has already been eradicated and its establishment cannot be achieved without the procurement of proper human resources.

That means, many young and abled benders would have to leave the tribe defenceless.

Lastly, Ba Sing Se is already surrounded with only the merchants that have surrendered to the Fire Nation allowed to leave.

In other words, aside from this piece of the glacier, the world is already owned by the Fire Nation. Whether the rebels like it or not, the sudden spark of technology has already created a big gap between the four... no, three element benders."

Taking a deep breath, Bhiman spoke with sadness filling his voice.

"Honestly, I don't wish our tribe to be sacrificed meaninglessly..."


The four roared in tandem only to see Bhiman smiling bitterly.

"Alright, you guys aren't thinking clearly. Your thoughts are being affected by your ego and emotions.

So, let's hear the best plan you guys can come up with."

Bhiman chuckled at their silence and spoke coldly.

"So? What is it? Sacrifice our wife and kids? Lose everything we have achieved due to keeping our head held high?

But how would you keep your heads high if they roll over the ground?"

His cold voice made the four shudder breathlessly.

"I apologise if I disappointed my ancestors by being adaptable. Once, the Water Tribe had the opportunity to take a piece of current technology, but our ancestors sought out to bend water instead of advancing.

I am done being ignorant.

This generation is done being ignorant.

If any of you feel that I have not undertaken my duties as a chieftain responsibly, any of you are free to challenge me for the rights of the Chieftain."

[1/14, 7:47 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 65 - The Shocked Half-Spirit


With her arms hugging her knees, Yue sighed sadly while keeping her gaze over the setting sun, simply waiting for the rise of the much-awaited moon before she could leave this accursed valley.

From the moment her life was saved by the Moon Spirit, she had been living inside the palace. Her status took a meteoric rise, somewhat distasteful to men of her tribe which induced the kids of her age to distance themselves from her.

At a young age, she enjoyed that feeling. The words— princess, your Highness— served her ego well. But when the lonely shadow cast by the setting sun settled within her heart, Yue simply wished to end it all.

She had no social circle, no hobbies and her duty only included to tend to the pond that the Koi Spirit delves in. Honestly, after coming face to the fact that those Koi Spirits could actually talk, Yue felt even colder and distant from this place.

She was gifted a life, but even the one who gifted this life refused to talk with her. She had been given a status, a roof to live under, and yet, that very status became the knife that tore and shredded her heart in pieces so thin that she simply could not pick them up.

A prime woman, a youthful woman who should be spending her time with her crush, laughing with her peers and training hard, remaining busy and utilising all her energy to accomplish a goal simply hugged her knees, feeling a piercing chill growing within her heart as her desolate gaze traced the setting sun that left a beautiful glow on her face.

For what?

Why did she have to be so beautiful? Who could she even share her beauty with? Who could she comfort during her lonely nights to share each other's burden?

She had no one!

Bhiman? He was a father figure, sure. But did he actually have a single second to spare for her?


If it wasn't for the fact she was 'chosen' by Tama, he could not have cared so much about an ordinary tribe member, a woman at that.

That was the cold hard truth and she knew it.

But even then...

Sighing, she hugged herself tighter, fighting back the tears that she was already accustomed with.

"Well... it was kind of a nice change of pace... Nik... he was pretty cute..."

She chuckled dazedly, her eyes seemed to be gazing upon his perfectly crafted body. Fighting back the illicit drool, Yue chastised herself internally. After all, her tendencies to observe the opposite gender with a rather suspicious gaze already gained her a demeaning title— Witch. She didn't want her tendencies to grow further.


In Yue's vision, the beautiful scene of the setting sun reflected upon the rippling surface of the stream remained common, but, amid the orange sun, a strange shadow... a boat maybe?

Before Yue could comprehend anything, the moment she felt that shadow belonged to a boat, she immediately stood up, an excited flush taking over her exotic dark skin as she couldn't help but quickly skitter off towards the entrance of the valley.

Someone is here!

Someone is coming!

While Yue was already scheduled to leave for the palace in an hour, the sudden arrival of the mysterious person thrashed all her plans and thoughts.

Before she could even reach the entrance, a thought immediately surfaced within her heart.

What if the boat was actually empty?

What if it simply drifted towards the valley?

Such a strange, yet, discouraging situations have already been faced by Yue more times than she is willing to admit, and even then, her young heart couldn't help but flutter at the thought that someone might actually be on the boat.

Someone might want to meet her!

To be actually remembered by someone was a feeling that Yue haven't felt in a long, long time. Even though with her physique, walking such short distance should not have affected her stamina, her face still held a rosy blush with sweat covering her forehead and heart pounding so deeply that she could feel the vibrations of her heartbeat reaching her ears.

Her hands still pulling up a bit of her hide-robe as she continued walking, no, unknowingly, she was already running.

Even when there remained a risk that this boat might be empty, Yue didn't wish to— not welcome— anyone if there was any on the boat in the first place.

With her bated breaths, Yue's eyes trailed across the river's surface before gazing towards the boat and there he was!

A softly tanned skin with a facial structure that remained so mysterious and yet, so satisfying that the mere sight could infatuate the troubled ones.

Though he was far, the slight glimmer in his violet eyes remained easy to spot, a charming smile on his thin lips remained easy to view and his covered body that could still be viewed when she closed her eyes finally grew closer.

But this wasn't only the reason why Yue got so excited.

Behind Nik, she could see another figure. The curves on her body proclaimed her gender to be female, just like Yue's!

A Girl!

Her heart grew even more excited!

If talking with a boy remained one of Yue's interest then befriending a woman of the tribe remained her long-lasting wish!

What's more? When she counted, there were two people!

Not one, but two!

Oh My Gawd!!!!

Yue's vision suddenly darkened as her heart felt like it would burst out. She couldn't keep up anymore!

If wanting a single person to come an meet her could he considered the best day of her life, then finding two people visiting her made her feel like she was in a dream.

And not wishing to wake up, Yue promptly collapsed under the panicked eyes of Nik and Karna.

[1/14, 7:47 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 66 - A Woman's Laps isn't THAT Comforting!

'What is this feeling?'

A troublesome thought swirled within Yue's mind as a groaned escaped her lips in tandem, feeling the somewhat firm pillow on the back of her head that kept on nourishing her spirit with a gentle warmth, Yue couldn't help but nudge her head and snuggle with some effort.

"Now, I think... he continued along with this twirling pattern as he moved the tendrils across his body in a rotation and struck out."

A calm voice entered her ears, yet, failed to get registered by her consciousness, she was too busy getting the right feeling of what's beneath her head.

"Yeah, yeah! Will you stop nagging already?!"

A rough, yet mature voice, probably belonging to a woman spread across her surroundings as Yue's eyes shot open instantly.

"Oh? Awake?"

Nik looked down at Yue and smiled gently, her face right beneath his as his laps remained occupied by Yue's head.

'W... wow...'

Troubled to even utter a single word, a thin trail of blood leaked through Yue's right nostril as her wide, pale-blue eyes remained glued to Nik's smiling face. By now, even she knew that she was fortunate enough to experience the laps of a cute guy.

"She is awake? Finally!"

The previous voice emerged with shock barely contained within, causing Yue to finally tear her vision off of Nik's face as she looked at the slightly sweaty figure, her beautiful, voluptuous body covered in hide-robe that was fastened up to provide better mobility.

"What's with the blood?"

Karna asked with a concerned expression as she could see Yue's nostril bleeding further.

"Maybe... she has some sort of condition?"

Nik shrugged and used the edges of his robe to rub her nose before he used his left thumb to clean her slightly bloodied lips.

"W... wow..."

Yue muttered, finally.

"Don't anyone dare pinch me... let me dream further..."

She continued while enjoying Nik's laps, recalling the feeling of his thumb on her lips and simply looked towards the sky with a dazed expression.

Frowning, Karna looked at Nik with a blaming expression.

"Don't look at me!" Nik shrugged once again, how could he have known that the calm princess was this quirky? "And I won't be the one to pinch her."

He immediately spoke up while Karna's expression only grew darker. The tendrils of water around her quickly turned into ice, depicting her thunderous rage.



"Thank you."

Yue nodded politely while taking a piece of cloth from Karna to once again wipe the blood leaking from her nose. A tiny ripple of disappointment did flash in the deepest recesses of her heart for Nik not using his hands to tend to her lips, but spirits forbid if she said something so demeaning.

"So, as I said, we both just thought that it might be fun to hang out with you."

Nik smiled and explained while Karna kept a calm expression on her face. Looking at the red mark on Yue's left cheek, Karna couldn't help but feel bitter. In the end, she was the one who pinched her and actually felt a mind-numbing pressure on her body, finally making her realise that this quirky princess might be extremely strong.

"But why?"

Due to a cloth over her mouth, Yue's voice remained muffled, but even then, she was able to express her confusion.


Nik muttered with a frown and then looked at the two spirits swimming in the pool.

"I... we thought that you could use some company. And honestly, I don't wish for others to know that I am teaching Karna water bending."

Yue nodded before Nik continued.

"And, I thought that I might as well teach you bending, too."


Karna and Yue exclaimed simultaneously as Nik smiled.

"I can water bend because of that blackfish, right? So, if I have heard correctly, you also gained the favour of that silverfish.

I am sure that you can bend, too..."

Nik smiled... a strange smile, though, his misleading words remained incomprehensible by the duo women, Yue still frowned before her eyes brightened slightly.

"I don't care about that stuff." She opened up and whispered while looking at Karna with a smile, a mischievous one.

"But if you want me to keep this a secret, I want something in return."

Hearing her words, the duo frowned. If the compensation of teaching her waterbending wasn't enough, then they didn't know what might she ask.

With an extremely light blush, Yue hardened her heart and raised her index finger.

"1 hour... on his laps."


Pillar of fire rushed to the sky only to get a thin trail of lightning to pierce it before a deafening blast shook the destroyer, gathering the attention of other lieutenants on the battlesh.i.p.s.

"So? Is that it?"

Unlike what Zuko had expected, Azula's face neither showed her previous derision, nor did she reflect any mocking expression. Her tone seemed to be asking sincerely while her eyes had already lost their contempt for him.

Even Iroh felt a bit unnerved when he saw Azula's current state.


A figure dashed across the region and immediately supported the limping Zuko, it was Mai.

Seeing her supporting Zuko in such an affectionate manner, Azula finally frowned. Even though Nik had made certain things clear to her and even managed to help her counter her psychological and emotional trauma, her nature couldn't be so easily changed, not unless, Nik tampered with her mind, which he was unwilling to commit.

"What do you think you are doing, Mai?"

Looking up, Mai gazed at Azula with defiance clear in her eyes.

"Oh? That's a nice look... better than the one when you were watching me and—"

"Don't you!"

Mai immediately shouted out in panic. Her grip around Zuko's shoulder grew tighter while she gritted her teeth in frustration.

"Then, answer me, why are you helping the shame of our nation?

Father might have allowed him to finally enter the capital due to his contributions... but he is neither the Fire Citizen nor the prince.

He is still a trash."

Azula stepped forward, continuing her walk towards Zuko with a cold looked on her face while lightning crackled around her hands, yet, as Iroh was prepared to defend for, no attacks came.

She simply held Mai's hands tightly and let her support over Zuko removed, making him fall on the ground.

Growing closer, Azula simply leaned forward with a slightly devious smile and whispered something into her eyes before Mai visibly paled and then looked at Zuko, and then at Azula with an aggrieved expression.

She then finally bowed her head and left the area while Azula snorted and paced up, following Mai.

"That really felt... stupid."

Brian muttered, standing right behind Iroh, who also nodded in agreement and then sighed, walking up to the defeated prince.

"Elder Iroh... I wish to ask something."

Brian suddenly spoke as Zuko and Iroh looked at him. Of course, a faint smell of charred flesh did escape from Zuko's body, but that wasn't enough to deter Brian.

"I wish to enter the tribe and meet up with Nik... he has some answers and I wish to get them."


Iroh immediately snapped a reply while Zuko scowled in tandem.

"It's not only that, but I don't have enough trust in one of the Princess' men to actually have our own wellbeing in his thoughts...

Unlike how elder Iroh described Princess, she came across as quite the opposite, and it leaves nothing but worry in my heart."

Hearing his explanation, Iroh couldn't help but fall silent.

Azula's change was quite noticeable. While Iroh felt quite gratified by the change, he still worried for his nephew and how this change may end up affecting him.

"Let me think..."

Iroh responded after a thought and then, the duo supported Zuko to his own chambers.

[1/14, 7:48 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 67 - Another Invitation

With midnight approaching, the trio finally broke off. Though, Yue did cast a pitiable look towards Nik's thighs, she still sighed and rowed her boat towards the palace, while, Nik and Karna moved towards their boat before promptly leaving the valley.

"So? How was it? Have I been a good master?"

Nik asked while chuckling, to which, Karna did smile cheerfully.

"Yeah... though, I had my misgivings. But, it was a good experience. I couldn't have ever imagined that you could move water in such a manner."

"Told you..."

Nik shrugged with a smile. Now, Nik motioned her to place the wooden pedals back on the boat before standing up and grinning at Karna.

"Let me repay you the favour of showing such an awesome sight that day."

"You mean?"

Karna frowned, but a sliver of expectation rose within her consciousness.

Even though Nik wasn't a proficient water bender, he still recalled the sight of Karna's moves, how it came so natural to her, how she easily conveyed her thoughts to the river by moving her body in an absolutely tantalizing manner...

Taking a deep breath, Nik let his energy convert into the elemental energy before the numerous slivers of elemental energy revolved within his body, actively connecting with the river beneath the surface of the boat.

'Like this...'

Nik thought as he slowly extended his hands while raising a huge patch of water, making Karna hold onto the edges of the boat.

"Nik, stop that! It might be dangerous!"

Karna immediately bit her lips and snuffed away the sliver of excitement slowly growing within her heart and spoke anxiously.


His eyes opened, a beautiful violet splendor exposed to her vision as a calm smile made his answer clear.

"Call me master."


Karna could her the shrill air as the boat was instantly raised while a huge wave of water was created, attracting the attention of other water benders training in the area.

But the wave did not stand still, after all, to control such a huge volume of element, even Nik's energy was hard-pressed and he immediately kicked up, though, his actions might not be as practiced as Karna, he still continued controlling the water from his own understanding and the basic training.

Alas, their trip was once again cut short, Karna was forced to return to reality as the waves soon died down and a harsh shout broke her out of her thoughts.

"KARNA! What do you think, you are doing?!"

Karna visibly felt distressed while Nik couldn't help but frown, too.

Is it that terrible to bend water in the water tribe?!

In front of the duo, Pakku stood with a furious expression as he gazed at Karna with unveiled hostility, disregarding the fact that she was his own daughter.

"Ehm... master? I was the one moving the boat..." Nik took a deep breath before a disturbing expression soon emerged over his own face, "So... WHAT THE HELL?!"

If Pakku's rage only garnered fear, then Nik's outburst attracted the stunned gazes of many... and by many, it meant, all of the water benders present.

"W- what?"

With a huge position comes a huge ego and Pakku's ego failed to comprehend the sudden outburst. Was it him that Nik was shouting at?

Was it him that Nik was looking with an angry expression at?

Pakku, speechless for a moment, tried to process everything, before a vein popped over his balding head, an expression of calm cold slowly taking a cover of his face as he spoke up.

"What did you say?"

Now, there were quite a lot of options through which Nik could convince Pakku to stop bothering him and his new disciple— Pakku's daughter— so that he could bond with her happily and teach her the art of bending thighs... water.

He could either beat the living shit out of him, cause he was capable of performing that feat, or he could try and be understanding, or he could simply take over the tribe and take charge... but, none of them were long term plan, not even taking over the tribe, after all, he was due to return in seven months.

So, Nik simply utilised his remaining elemental energy coursing throughout his body and controlled yet another huge volume of water before molding it into a shape of a huge wave with its concave side facing towards Pakku and his remaining disciples— Nik's senior apprentice brothers.

"I said... WHAT THE HELL?!"

A grim look appeared on Pakku's face as he turned and faced the already pale Karna before looking back at Nik, a hesitant expression finally emerged on his face.

"You... you were the one moving the boat?"

With a twitch of his lips, Nik looked back at the huge wave and then smiled at Pakku.

"Do you see anyone else with a huge wave behind his back?"

The situation came to a standstill once again.

"I see."

Pakku nodded naturally and slammed his foot on the ground, almost immediately, the control of the wave was easily snatched up by Pakku as he gazed at Nik calmly.

"Think of this as another lesson, when bending a huge volume of water, your control is equally diluted, which makes it quite an easy task to counter your attack."

He paused before looking at Karna and a brief hesitation took root within his eyes, yet, he continued nonetheless.

"It is due to this reason we continue moving small volumes of water and even keep on spiralling the contents so that our control is not bested so easily."

With his hands extended, the huge wave of water slowly descended as Pakku eyed Nik with a cold light.

"And understand my words, even if it is not against the rule to bend the water of the separation stream, it is not taken kindly by other waterbenders.

I expect you to be punctual tomorrow morning, you may leave."

Under Nik's narrowed eyes, Pakku slowly stepped back and continued teaching his other students.

"Let's go..."

Nik sighed and recollected his thoughts as he sat down with a grumble... there was no point in continuing and stretching the argument and Nik did feel quite embarrassed that he let his mood get ruined and let himself get controlled by his emotions other than l.u.s.t.

The remaining journey was completed in silence as Nik stood up from the boat before taking the rope and jumped towards the river edge, pulling the rope and bringing the boat closer.

"Well... at least, we did have a good time with Yue... we meet here again at dusk?"

Nik looked at Karna, who nodded with a bit of hesitation as they both started walking towards the mess with a bit of a tension around them. Honestly, they both did feel that they were growing closer, all the more when Nik actually copied Karna's own moves and wormed the wave.

Just like Nik, she felt quite enthralled by Nik, the glint in his eyes and a beautiful smile while kicking up the wave.

But all had to fall back due to her father's interruption.

Even as composed she was when it came to such sensible situations, Karna couldn't help but curse her father's actions. It would be a lie if she wasn't interested in Nik.

He was good looking, his strength and talents were apparent at a single glance and unlike the guys of her tribe, he didn't actually wish to restrict her freedom when it comes to bending.

Although, despite his open-mindedness, there was another glint in his eyes whenever his gaze trailed over Karna's body.

Something common with other guys of her tribe, and honestly, she couldn't blame him either.

As a grown woman, she herself held interest towards the opposite genders, but just the thought of having her hopes of waterbending snuffed out put a stop in her attempts to get close to any guy.


"Hey, Nik."


He immediately grunted out, causing her to roll her eyes as she continued.

"What happened yesterday... that didn't seem normal at all..."

She gazed at Nik with a frown and eyes burning with curiosity, but Nik simply smiled and shrugged.

"Why don't you visit once again to find out, disciple?"

"No thanks!"

Karna immediately replied, though, the tension around then did lessen quite a bit, allowing Karna to recall a few important... bits of last night.

[1/14, 7:49 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 68 - Trouble

"Hmmm! Hnnngh!"

Muffled, bawdy m.o.a.ns rang within the heartwarming igloo as Nik and Pavāka continued with their, what they liked to call— Enlightenment Session— as the combination of their fragrance slowly spread across the area.

Her body tilted, Nik positioned his knees to let his body intersect Pavāka's, akin to a scissor while supporting her left leg over his shoulders.

His c.o.c.k struck deep within her, continuously pushing the soft bulge above her crotch as his left hand gently caressed her cheek, his thumb playing with her lips before sticking at the corner of her mouth and pulling her cheeks.

Her h.i.p.s bucked wildly while a thin trail of off-white spunk could be seen emerging from her back door and spilling on the bedsheet, despite her efforts to keep all of his nutritional nectar inside her body.

Yes, after continuing for more than ten days, Nik finally found another fact about his body which kind of allowed him to connect the dots on how Azula and Pavāka actually 'grew' wild after multiple sessions.

His s.e.m.e.n was medically nutritious.

It was a cold hard fact that Nik couldn't deny anymore. This conclusion was even more apparent when Pavāka's lightning of purity not only stung like a bitch, but also healed and suppressed the tiredness of the muscles, acting as a temporary relief agent.

"Ohh! Dee— hnngh!"

Before Pavāka could even whisper her needs, Nik pounded right within her wet p.u.s.s.y, making her face roll back. This position allowed them to easily connect with each other to their full extent and as much Nik liked to enter her perfectly molded interiors, he did feel quite frustrated with the slow development with his disciple and the perverted princess, who had touched most parts of his body, but still denied him the chance to return the favour.

Deep pumps followed by Pavāka's body squirming against his shaft pointed out that they both were already nearing their orgasms. Nik returned his attention to Pavāka, his body bent downwards as he supported her back while bringing her face closer to take her lips into a fervent kiss.

His c.o.c.k throbbed, sending massive waves of pleasure that no other spirit is capable of feeling while he perfectly glove-like p.u.s.s.y clamped down, preparing for the white nectar and keeping it within herself until all of the energy is digested.


"Hey! You were way too rough!"

Pavāka pouted as she laid on Nik's chest while giving him an aggrieved look. Softly ruffling her dazzling golden hair, Nik smiled apologetically.

"Yeah, forgive me... I kinda lost myself for a bit."

Pavāka shook her head and let her right cheek nuzzle against his chest while she wrapped her arms around his back.

"Still... frustrated?"

"I know I shouldn't be. There is no reason to force them, too... but yes, still frustrated."


Suddenly, Pavāka raised her forehead before smashing it on his chest, albeit, playfully, but Nik could then see a soft mark on her forehead, making him wonder if their sessions also changed her mentality.

"Student! Where is your previous vigor?! What happened to my passionate student who straightened that rotten bimbo of a princess?!"

She hissed while scrunching her nose, not the least bit affected by the fact that their relationship had already passed the stage of Teacher and Student gaining enlightenment to two passionate couples enjoying each other's touch.

"W- you alright?"

Nik frowned and rubbed her forehead, to which, Pavāka shook her head intensely!

"Hey! Focus! That Yue won't be purring over your laps if she wasn't the least bit interested and my grand student would have smacked the living shit out of you if she, too, didn't have some feelings for you!

So man up!

If they are afraid to take the next step, then what are you here for?!

They may have pussies, but what about the pride of your balls?!"

Her voice rose to higher note while her expression seemed filled with conviction and self-righteousness, all the while leaving Nik speechless at how her vocabulary was turning into... Ball's pride?

What the heck?!

It didn't take long for him to get ready, after all, Pavāka had quite a habit to clean his shaft after their session, in her interpretation— I don't like wasting anything beneficial!

Thud Thud Thud

Rough knocks passed through the ice-glass door as a gruff voice attracted Nik's and Pavāka's attention.


"Nik Faran, it's FBI! Open Up!"— Author's Joke, don't bother


"Nik, the Chieftain requests your audience!"

While the word— request— failed to present its expression due to the commanding tone, Nik still planted a swift kiss on Pavāka's forehead before walking up the door, which failed to brighten up under the morning sun and Nik soon knew the reason of this anomaly.


When Nik's eyes traced past her face, he easily recalled the broad-shouldered Amazonian woman— one of the beast masters while the sight of the pale and frightened Karna was something he didn't like to see first thing in the morning.

Recollecting his bearings, Nik looked at the woman who was two heads taller than himself with arms thicker than his thighs... truly an exotic beauty, sadly, she didn't match with Nik's tastes, making him sigh ruefully.

"Lord BeastMaster, good morning."

Nik bowed politely then nodded at Karna with a smile, who still didn't show any visible sign of growing comfortable to the situation while the Cat-Seal Leader only raised an eyebrow at the response while nodding without any expression.

"Good Morning to you, too. Now, let's not make Chieftain wait any longer."

She placed her large right hand over his shoulder, just like how her left hand clasped around Karna, who was looking at Nik apologetically.

"I suppose, we won't be informed of what's going on?"

Nik questioned while feeling the pressure of her hand pushing him alongside towards the ordinary wooden boat as the Amazonian shook her head in response.

"You got balls... I'll give you that." The moment she spoke, Pavāka snorted within his mind while Karna's expression grew even more ugly and apologetic.

"Well... just hope that you can get an exception... that's the best-case scenario."

While there was definitely no need to become pompous at the moment and show his true strength, Nik did feel quite uncomfortable being pushed around like that... but still, he kept his composure. He still didn't have an inflated ego that would get affected by getting treated in such a manner.

Keeping his polite smile, Nik sat close to Karna and smiled at her before inching closer and placing his hand over her hand while remaining silent the entire way as the Amazonian created cat-seals made of water that pushed the boat towards the palace.
[1/14, 7:50 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 69 - A Show of Favour


Pakku had already lost his bearings as the most elaborate and deliberate master of the Northern Tribe. Unlike the Chieftain and the four beastmasters, Pakku actually practiced a whole different type of waterbending that reached the efficiency of the waterbending arts gleaned through mimicking various beasts of the Arctic region.

But when it came to his own daughter, he was only filled with regret and helplessness.

He regretted the fact that why couldn't he just sleep early at that fateful night? And helplessness for his lack of control over his daughter.

She was too wild and willful and someone who practiced control over the element, Pakku couldn't simply bear the fact that he couldn't control his own daughter.

His slightly deranged eyes swept past Nik before his expression grew even more contorted! His hand immediately extended outwards as Pakku readied himself to spit another round of curses only to get a grin from Amazonian as she struck the base of his neck before Pakku found himself lying on the floor, unconscious.


Karna immediately shouted and struggled out of the Amazonian's hold before rushing towards Pakku and kneeling before him, cradling his head up over her laps. While Karna felt the seed of terror blossom within her heart, she was almost sure that the main reason for today's mishappening is none other than Karna herself.

"You could have taken a bit more... gentler approach, Katsu."

Bhiman spoke out as he carefully eyed Karna, who seemed to be oblivious of her surroundings as she looked at her father with a conflicted expression before his gaze swept past Nik, all the while, the Amazonian— Katsu— shrugged.

"I don't go gentle against crazy, Chief!"

She let go of Nik, who took a moment before walking near Karna and then gazing at Bhiman.

"Ehm... Chieftain... nice to see you?"

A soft chuckle escaped Katsu's squared jaws as she made her way towards her seat before Bhiman nodded and smiled.

"I suppose so, nice to see you again, Nik. I heard a lot about your wondrous talent."

Kneeling near Karna, Nik failed to respond as he saw a deeply disturbing look on Karna's face for the first time. Even though Nik hadn't known her for a long time, through his persistence and shameless nature, he already knew a lot about her, just like Yue.

But never did he witness her smiling while crying.

A look of relief taking cover of her expression while her eyes showed a prominent look of anguish.

And this deeply disturbed her. Not for the fact that he couldn't understand her, in fact, strangely, he found out that her current expression seemed to have overlapped with something that was rooted deep within his consciousness, and this sudden thought scared him.

No whispers of consolation uttered out of his lips as he gently pushed Pakku's body before molding a small patch of ice with a gentle curve to place Pakku's head on and finally took Karna's shoulder before pulling her closer.

Although, it was a bit wrong to try and win over Karna with such gestures when she was supposedly at her weakest, Nik felt that it was the right thing to do.

If he didn't even support her now, then when would he?

And this show of expression allowed him to understand that how much toxic this tribe actually was, despite the era of peace that the tribe enjoyed, the mentality of each and everyone here was extremely twisted.

"Get on with it." Nik sighed and continued, "Chieftain, it would be much easier if we jump straight to the main point instead of chatting meaninglessly."

"Very well."

Bhiman nodded as the doors of the hall opened once again, allowing an equally terrified and guilt-ridden Yue to enter the hall.

It didn't take a genius to connect the dots... somehow, the word about Nik training the duo in the method of waterbending leaked out. In fact, Nik already had prepared himself for this event, after all, he and Karna were already quite the popular topic as they would visit the Princess— The Northern Witch— every evening.

In fact, deep down, Nik simply wanted to go open and show his deed in the public. Such a suppressive society was anything but pleasant to him.

And so, he continued with his own selfishness and taught Karna and Yue everything. While Karna was a complete Waterbender, Yue could only push and pull the water instead of controlling it effectively.

"I— .... sorry."

Yue whispered softly as the tear stains on her face spoke volumes, making Nik feel even grimmer.


'Maybe... I should simply take them...'

His thoughts converged, Nik was finally prepared to throw caution to the wind. Although he didn't know how Karna and Yue would take it if he actually took them away from the tribe, but now, he was prepared to satiate his own selfish motive with the hope that the two don't hate him for long.

"Not only did you teach the women of the tribe—"

"Ah! I thought that I had it in me to listen to all this... but gender discrimination is bullcrap! So are your thoughts!

And your upbringing!"

Nik's casual words silenced the hall, even the sniveling Karna felt a bit speechless as her hold around him grew even tighter.

"Is it me... or did he really say that Chieftain's upbringing is comparable to Arctic Bull's crap?"

The Water-Horse lord raised an eyebrow, before Bhiman could respond, a wave of laughter followed by isolated claps broke them out of their reverie.

Turning to the newcomer, Nik once again saw the man, most probably a host, Brian, walking into the hall with a smile.

"Nice to meet you again, Nik. Last time, we both didn't have a proper chance to introduce ourselves—" A wave of unsettling feeling spread across the room as even Nik creased his brows in confusion.

"I am Brian Hofstadter, nice to make your acquaintance, the Last Incubus."

The world turned gray for a moment before Nik found himself being able to move as he stood up and took a step forward, standing in front of Yue and the kneeling Karna while a strange smell assaulted his senses.

Somehow, Nik knew what Brian was other than his status as a host.

"A... fiend?"

Hearing Nik's uncertain words, a broad smile flashed across Brian's face as he nodded with a grin.

"You got that right."

[1/14, 7:50 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 70 - Temporal Fiend

Author's Note: So, I have faced multiple complaints regarding the last chapter and I am willing to explain.

First, this novel is about pursuing girls, but as an author, writing lemons scene all day long is physically and mentally tough, not to mention that you would also feel quite bland. So adding the plot and describing the various aspects of the System alongside inserting some original concepts to the various anime and fics was the plan all along.

Second, this mc will be comparative to Shanks, the only anime character I actually respect and wish he existed in reality. Although, Nik won't go as far as to get beer spilt on his head, so with much consideration, you can think of Nik as the combination of three personalities— Lu Sheng (Way of the Devil), Shanks (One Piece), Sanji Vinsmoke (One Piece).

I hope that all the readers are satisfied with this answer. As for those who are not satisfied, I suggest that you still tag along and read to find out if my choices were right or wrong.


Present in the grey world, Nik simply readied himself for battle, but at the back of his mind, he understood the fact that there would be no battle.

After all, if this Brian, the Blue-haired, smirking youth wished to fight, there was no need to present himself in such grand fashion, not to mention that this wasn't the first time that the both of them came face to face with each other.

So, this only led Nik to three possibilities—

First, this Brian was a miserable and egoistic fool.

Second, the Fiend in front of him had enough confidence to defeat him in a face-to-face battle.

Third and the most likely when considering his behaviour till now, Brian had something to ask of him.

Seeing the tense state Nik was in, the gradually paling Brian raised his hands and chuckled.

"Woah, I didn't mean to interfere with your battle... well, considering your Bloodline, those two might be quite 'interested' in you.

But *cough* *cough*!"

Brian suddenly started coughing as his expression looked a little tired. Still, with a grin, the Fiend looked at Nik and smiled.

"I always wanted to try stopping time for a moment... guess, I am still too weak to stop it forever."

Shrugging at Nik's unresponsiveness, Brian bowed politely.

"Let me officially introduce myself. I am Brian. For security reasons, my homeworld will not be stated, but just like you, I belong to one of the Pillars of hell— The Fiend Society.

A Temporal Fiend to be exact.

An extinct race, just like yours."

Nik's eyebrows rose in astonishment as he looked at the grey space with a new wave of enlightenment.

He finally spoke up, but not retaining to the topic.

"So this must be..."

"My exclusive skill, yes."

Brian nodded as Nik suddenly chuckled.

"Now I can understand why your race also got extinct."

Shrugging at his words, Brian finally spoke up.

"To be honest, my mission is already completed and I am just staying here for the sake of gaining as much source as I can. Right now, there may already be two factions— To Kill the Avatar and to save the Avatar.

I side with neither of those, and due to our almost similar situation, I extend an invitation."

Gazing at Brian with a grim smile, Nik retorted.

"Unlike me, your existence must be known to everyone within your society, right? Now that I think of it, the reason your specific variation was forced to extinction was due to your unnatural affinity with time.

What's more, the person who squished to last and the strongest Temporal Fiend was none other than your own progenitor."

"That's right." Brian nodded and gave Nik an appraising look. "But my situation is a bit different. Due to system, I gained the heritage of the last Temporal Fiend and got listed in the Fiend Association. But the truth is..."

He hesitated lightly and Nik connected the dots for him.

"Most likely, you are already being hunted, right?"

Brian nodded.

"And that's why, I require as much help I can find. Not to mention, if we join up, there at least may be a fighting chance.

After all, until we both are stuck in the most basic evolution of our kind, finding about our identity is quite an easy task."

Nik couldn't help but agree with Brian's words. But still, his natural cautiousness against Brian failed to fade away.

"Let's get back at your offer— invitation— was it? What did you mean?"

Nik narrowed his eyes as he was already counting within his head as he watched Brian's face grow paler by the second, by now, other effects like the slight tremor of his body was also visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

"By invitation, I meant that we should join hands. I know things... a lot of which happened during the war of societies. In fact, I also have a way to break free from the original evolution chain of our bloodline.

But of course, before I actually share those stuff with you and lin my hope on you for my survival, I suggest that we form a guild after returning back to the system."

Taking in his words, Nik's expression grew a bit thoughtful. It would be wrong to say that he wasn't the least bit tempted by the offer. Till now, he still had no way to evolve, much less evolve into a completely different variation.

"Forming a guild requires 70000 SO."

"Leave that to me. Just answer me this, are you interested?"

Brian looked at Nik and waited for his answer.

"Well... I suppose, there is no harm in joining a guild." Nik frowned then slowly spoke up once again.

"But if you fail to present anything beneficial for me after I join your guild, I will immediately leave it."

"Fair enough."

Brina smiled as he spoke up once again.

"What's your host ID?"

Nik sighed and finally spoke out.


Nodding and remembering his ID, Brian's eyes seemed to be in a daze, probably checking his own system interface.

"Alright. I'll send the invitation on that ID. Now that I met you, I don't think there is a need to continue the further collection of source.

I hope that you do accept my invitation."

Brian smiled as his figure grew blurry while the surrounding greyish space started to retain its color.


"What... did you say?"

Bhiman felt quite strange, and yet, he only recalled the part where Nik just insulted him and his upbringing.

Not minding the strange loss of memory, Nik gazed at four beastmasters who were quite relaxed, as opposed to the tense Bhiman.


Nik spike loudly, snapping Yue and Karna from their daze as he smiled.

"This will be my last lesson as your teacher... after that, there will be a substantial shift in our position."

He spoke as a violet-silver glimmer touched his body's surface as Yue couldn't help but frown. While Nik helped Karna stand up, he gently wiped her tears silently and turned back to Yue.

"Yeah. From now on, I will also get to enjoy your laps... both of your laps, in fact."

Despite the situation, a touch of crimson on her cheeks pleased Nik as he looked at Bhiman.

"I don't like repeating insults. Since you won't let the matter pass, then-"

Raising his hand, a blood-curdling pressure suddenly fell over Bhiman and the four masters as Nik's energy was being spent at a quick pace.



The pressure came too suddenly and they weren't even able to react when the heavy ceiling cast out of ice fell over them, burying them in one place.



Karna and Yue stammered as Nik shrugged.

"Fighting Bhiman would mean that the other four beastmasters won't stand by for long. Burying them together is the most efficient method I could think of.

Now, pack your stuff, we are leaving!"

He smiled cheerfully, only to find Karna frowning and then shaking her head. Biting her lips, she spoke a bit hesitantly.

"I— I cannot leave— Eh?"

Before she could speak, her chin was seized by Nik's thumb as he immediately planted his lips on hers, ignoring Yue who had smoke coming out of her ears as her nostrils started to bleed in tandem.

The kiss remained short, yet, in that much time, Nik fully appreciated Karna's full lips while ravaging her inexperienced mouth.

With his gaze boring deep into her dark eyes, Nik didn't mind the bridge of saliva connecting their lips as he finally spoke up with a charming smile.

"I don't recall asking your permission, my dear student. I am going to take you out of this prison and let you enjoy the world.

So, as I said, get ready to get your mind and body rocked."

His words hid nothing as he gently took the stunned Karna's lips once again while pulling her waist towards himself, his other hand resting on her cheek, caressing her face gently.