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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 71 - Possibility of Group Enlightenment

"Um..." Yue gulped while looking at the panicked faces of her tribesmen as they rushed towards the gradually crackling palace with a hesitant expression. Right now, Yue and Nik were standing outside Pakku's house as Karna was having a small talk with her mother.

"What did you mean by changing our position?"

She finally found the courage needed to ask the question who just... destroyed the top 5 strongest members of the tribe. Even though she did feel a bit sad for them, deep down she also felt quite guilty that she simply did not place the tribe that much within her heart even when it provided her with shelter and food.

Smiling, Nik gazed at Yue's hesitant expression before looking her up and down with a deep invasive gaze that almost made her hide her face.

"Of course, by that, I mean that from now on, I'll be the one sleeping on your laps, or touch your stomach or poke at your n.i.p.p.l.es.

I recall that you enjoyed doing the last part to me a lot, right?"

Nik smiled as he crossed the distance between the duo and just like Karna, brought her into an ardent kiss. By now, the outer layer of the tribe was almost empty and there was no-one to witness the sight of their princess' first kiss stolen.


Yue immediately struggled, her hands fell on his broad chest, wanting to push him away, yet, his hands tightly wrapped around her waist while keeping her into a tight embrace, even when Yue had tilted her head backwards, Nik only had one option— push further!

Her helpless tongue was already getting ravaged by Nik's masterful technique while his tight hold over her waist created a different feeling... a new feeling.


"What... what's going on?"

Kanna, Karna's mother, looked at Karna with a bewildered expression as she saw Karna placing Pakku down using thick tendrils of water.

"Karna— You shouldn't—"

"I read your diary, Mom." Karna suddenly spoke up as Kanna immediately paled and staggered backwards.

"You wished to leave the tribe, yet stayed back for Dad, even when you knew that it would only serve to limit your future... a week ago... no, a day ago, I might not have agreed with you." Karna sighed and smiled at her mother cheerfully, "But I think, I kind of understand your decision."

"So just like you wrote in your diary, I am willing to be a bit restrained by... oh what the hell, I ain't gonna call him my master..."

Karna muttered thoughtfully while Kanna wasn't sure what was happening.

"Hmm... well, mom, I do feel happy that my future doesn't lie in the tribe. Sorry for not being able to support you during your old age..."

Karna's eyes flashed sadly, her gaze swept past Pakku and she was definitely sure that her father and mother were better off without her. At least, without her, Kanna wouldn't have to live under Pakku's constant pressure.


"Can we really leave? Just like that?"

Karna raised an eyebrow as the trio hurriedly moved towards the titanic gates of ice that covered the tribe.

"Well...". Nik trailed his voice before sighing. "We either leave now, or stay and fight those five off... even though they might not harm you guys, but I don't like unnecessary troubles."

Nim flashed a smile while Yue exclaimed.

"They aren't—?"

Eying her carefully, Nik couldn't help but explain with a somewhat strange sigh.

"I just threw some huge chunks of ice on the top waterbenders of the tribe... they are definitely hurt due to the element of surprise, but dead? That would be a negatory."

In a few minutes, Nik had already craved out a short path within the huge wall and easily escaped the tribe, something, which left him with a slight feeling of loss.

"Now that we are out... what next?"

Karna and Yue were already huddled together with a few bags around them as Nik kept on controlling the water beneath the surface of the boat.

"Have you guys ever seen a destroyer? The huge sh.i.p.s created by the Fire Nation?"


They replied simultaneously, creating a sweet yet strange voice that induced Nik to make a mental note on... enlightening them together once he gets the chance.

"Hmm... I see. Well then, I guess today's your lucky day.

Not only will we break into the destroyer, but we will also seize it for ourselves!"

He proclaimed as a huge wave slowly raised their boat, as if to portray his excitement.

"I hate to break your bubble, Nik, but how are we supposed to do that?"

Karna sighed and stood up, moving in the same pattern as Nik as the waves only grew higher, a small smile of excitement soon plastered on her lips as Yue started to dread her future along with these two.

"Hmm... I have... another disciple, waiting for enlightenment within the Destroyer... you guys may know her as the Fire Princess."

Before the expression of shock could settle on their faces, Nik shrugged and continued.

"Of course, Azula being my disciple, usually refers to me as master... and sometimes, even give me the position of her father by referring to me— daddy— during our session of enlightenment."

This time, Karna was almost sure what Nik meant. How he did it, she didn't know, but what she did know was...

"Nik... you're a sc.u.m!"

She hissed with a red face while even Yue simply looked at the expansive ocean with glittering eyes and a flushed face.

"Of the highest calibre!"

Nik nodded with a grin. Somehow, he just felt that this was right! Taking away beauties from a heavily guarded place not only brought a feeling of extreme satisfaction, but also made him want to take care and spoil the duo exotic beauties further and further.

It was at this time, Karna suddenly recalled something.

"Wait, didn't you say that you were beaten by the Fire Goons?"

Nik nodded in affirmation.


"Then, how?"

Shrugging, Nik replied calmly.

"I just took the revenge on the whole nation by converting their Princess... I think, if they beat me a few more times, I'll still be satisfied with the result."

This time, Karna really didn't know how to reply. She was caught speechless, but the feeling of openly bending the water overshadowed such awkward encounter as Nik soon lead the duo to the destroyer with excitement filling his veins!

He was way too eager... to enlighten them together...

'I must find a way to convince Pavāka to show herself... that way, it would be even better!'

He strengthened his resolve to add the legal loli in a physical display of passion.


Story 100% Written by Author: FanHarem
[1/15, 8:14 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 72 - Open-minded Princess

"Laughable! You believe him?!"

Zuko roared in indignation, his pupils lit in blazing fury while even Iroh couldn't cover his discontent.

"Yes, I believe him, more so than believing in a trash's spy. If Nik said that Brian was the one who attacked Bhiman then it is true.

Now then."

Azula frowned and looked at the kneeling Zhao with cold rage that wished to burn him alive, soak him in water to save him and them burn him once again.

"Moon Spirit? Fulfilling the Nation's destiny?! You moron, did the research of 'Push and Pull' wave past your impregnable forehead?!"

She didn't even show any concern for his status as his slight had been too 'large' to be left unpunished. Even Iroh had to suppress his own discontentment before Azula did something permanent.

"Azula... instead of wasting our time on things that can be dealt with later... how about we try and stabilise the situation? And our guests..."

Iroh's voice lingered in the small chamber while Zhao simply kept his head down, his body covered in cold sweat while he could still feel Azula's unnerving glare on his back.

"I don't need your help any longer. I'll deal with this matter on my own. Now then, Fire Lord has asked you to cover your part of the deal.

With Zuko allowed to enter the Fire Capital, you are to return to Ba Sing Se and complete the nation's conquest."

"But the Avatar—"

Zuko gritted his teeth only for Azula to look towards him with calm indifference.

"Or, I can slay you alongside Avatar. I don't have the patience to indulge a trash for a single second longer."

Azula snorted coldly as she stood up, but before she left, she immediately extended her left arm and shot out a bolt of lightning towards Zhao.


Iroh wished to step forward and save the insufferable fool, but emerged a step too late, with lightning already running amok within Zhao's body as his innards were scorched.

"Now... this does put a smile on my face."

Azula smirked as she looked at Zhao's body spasming, barely holding onto the thread of life as she walked out of the room. Even Zuko felt completely horrified by her actions. He knew she was crazy... but this was on an entirely new level.

"Uncle... she—"

"Not a word, Zuko." Iroh cut him off with a stern express as under Zuko's shocked eyes, Iroh placed his hand on Zhao's body before a weak bolt of lightning shot out of his other hand.


"I did as you asked me to... but I really wished that you don't cause so much trouble..."

Azula whispered softly as she immediately positioned herself and gently sat on Nik's laps with a satisfied expression on her face. Almost instantly, she could feel his flaccid, yet, large c.o.c.k against her butt, making her want to grind against him further.

"Oh? You are asking me to cause fewer troubles... really? You?"

Nik smirked, his hands easily coiling around her abdomen, pulling her into a soft embrace while his lips grazed past her left cheek, making her smile warmly.

"Of course, not... but, it would be better if you don't cause many troubles just for sake of some lowly water tribe women..."

Her smile transitioned into a pout as she averted her face to the opposite direction, resisting Nik's touch.

"Oh? You know... even if you say that, I can easily smell Mai in the room... so that means, you don't have a problem with other girls, but other nations, correct?"

"Of course." Azula stated with confidence. "The women of Fire Nation are fair-skinned, supple and well-proportioned!"

She raised her voice while shifting her h.i.p.s, as if to prove her theory, she even started to move her soft butt against his crotch with a savage expression slowly growing over her face.

"Hmmm... well... let's not discriminate others based on color, shall we?"

Nik smiled wryly as he gently placed his lips against her neck, taking a deep whiff, filling his senses with Azula's scent as his hot breaths slowly caused Azula to return to her previous state to have her needs 'scratched'.

"I know you can already see Pavāka's name... aren't you the least bit curious?"

Nik suddenly spoke out, his hands immediately turned up and seized her ample bosom. With her armour stripped, the soft and warm cloth covering her b.r.e.a.s.ts only simulated the duo.

"Not in the slightest. Isn't it natural for a man to have many women?

It would be demeaning to my title as the most talented Fire Bender to ever bed the man who can't even score other girls...

But for sure, hnngh!— the numbers need to rise."

Letting one of his hands to finally break Azula's pretense, Nik turned her face through her chin before engaging in a passionate kiss as her arms flexibly turned back and latched onto the back of his neck, pulling his face further.

With her lips already seized, Nik's hands immediately unclothed the beautiful princess, leaving her black pants on and only sliding them down by a small margin alongside her loincloth like private cloth, revealing her soaked assets.

M.o.a.ning into his lips, Azula immediately struggled out of his hold before breaking their kiss for a short moment and turning her body while gazing into Nik's eyes seriously.

"So... you will increase your number, right?"

"Most definitely."

Grinning, Azula asked no further. Immediately pulling down Nik's pants, Azula still kept hers while she immediately placed his rock hard c.o.c.k against the entrance of her p.u.s.s.y. It would've been hard had Nik not supported her back while she gently rotated her h.i.p.s while spreading her entrance and rubbing her inner slit against his almost bursting c.o.c.k.

Most probably, she would have fallen on the ground, but what kind of man Nik would be if he couldn't even control and lead the scene?

With one hand on her back, supporting her posture and the other one grabbing her right butt cheek harshly, squeezing it within his palms while slowly pulling her towards him, slowly entering her slit, Nik enjoyed every single moment and touch of her wet exterior.

No lubrication was needed, no discussions were required, bringing his hand behind her back towards the nape of her neck, Nik gently pulled her face into an ardent kiss as his c.o.c.k pierced deep into the familiar, extremely hot p.u.s.s.y.

Azula's eyes immediately grew hazy, dazed with no sense as she immediately clamped against his c.o.c.k and let out a masterful squeal within his mouth while her entire body twitched and trembled.

She immediately came the moment Nik had thrusted deep within her, her arms hung around his neck loosely while Azula relished the dominating hold of her ass cheek that didn't grow weak even when she came.

God she loved it!

Instead of making Nik move, Azula simply wished to remain in this position forever, within Nik's arms. But she also needed to milk her man. Not only for the purpose of her growth, but also to assert her own right as her mate.

She immediately started to grind her h.i.p.s while twisting her butt, sending waves of pleasure to Nik's stationary c.o.c.k as her insides wrapped and twirled around his c.o.c.k, squeezing the gentle curve of his c.o.c.k as much as she could.

Taking a breather, Nik immediately moved his h.i.p.s back slightly before pistoning further!


A mindless m.o.a.n shook the room as Nik's mouth descended, taking care of Azula's nubile n.i.p.p.l.es while he let go of her ass cheek for a moment before smacking her butt harshly, the sound ringing across the entire room.

"You are one nasty princess!"

He hissed while immediately turning his body and pushing Azula down, his body large enough to cover her own body like a blanket while her legs still remained straddled over his waist, not willing to let him go.

Smirking, a lascivious glint soon appeared within Nik's eyes as each pump within Azula's impossibly warm p.u.s.s.y only brought carnal pleasure to the duo.

[1/15, 8:15 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 73 - Increased World Root


The word— Woah— didn't even begin to express Nik's surprise.

Nik's jaws failed to close up as he looked at the restrained Mai with her eyes blindfolded and instead of restraining her mid-air, her x-shaped body remained restricted by elastic ropes bounded against the wooden pillars of the bed.

A black gag ball forced her mouth open while her slender body was forced to dress scantily while the remaining exposure of her body only increased her s.e.x.u.a.lity way above what her nubile form could present.

While Nik admitted that he did feel that Azula might have gone a bit overboard, he simply had to learn to accept that Azula is somewhat crazy. After all, if Azula is open-minded enough to accept his act of having many women around him, he felt that he needed to reciprocate the gesture.

Sighing as he turned towards the loosely robed Azula, he smiled wryly.

"So? Had a lot of fun, didn't you?"

Tiptoeing towards Nik, Azula simply landed a kiss on his cheek before whispering softly.

"I just thought that after peeking at us for so long... letting her go back to Zuko is quite a waste... after all, he is a trash."

Emphasizing the word— trash— Azula continued, "So, I took it upon myself to train an honest personality out of Mai."

"Honest personality, you say..."

Nik wondered aloud as his gaze fell of Mai while he felt his brother getting excited all over again. Since he wasn't properly clothed, with a crimson robe hanging through his shoulder, the slowly bulging c.o.c.k was fully exposed, eliciting Azula's hand to stand behind Nik while wrapping her hand around his waist and giving soft strokes to the general that would soon unite the four Elemental nation— Little Dragon— the title Azula bequeathed upon his capital D.

"Ready for another round?"

Nik asked with raised eyebrows, to which, a sore expression touched Azula's face.

"I wish... but even when I know that I have grown powerful... there is still a limit on how much I can keep on going.

In fact, it still hurts a bit..."

She trailed her words with a sad sigh. Never has she felt so helpless. While her mind was far from feeling satisfied, her physical body was already c.u.m.m.i.n.g wonders after a whole night of action. Even the act of walking posed a bit of difficulty.

"Yeah... well, you are just too hot..."

Nik smiled and placed his palms above her hands while tightening her hold around his body.

"That's quite a compliment..."

Just like that, the duo ignored the spasming Mai. Nik, now, didn't have the heart to stop Azula... after all, despite how wrong it looked like, she was doing this for him, at least, this what she said, but deep down, Nik also felt that she wished to take her frustration— s.e.x.u.a.l one, for not being able to continue— on Mai.

And for that, Nik won't stop her. He was nothing more than an acquaintance with Mai. Sure, she was beautiful and if given a proper situation, Nik would take her in a heartbeat, but the fact remained that his relationship with Azula was more intimate.

Issuing a silent prayer for Mai as he looked at Azula taking out a rather disturbing dildo, Nik moved out of the room, dressed himself and made his way towards his students. It was time for an actual session of enlightenment.


Nik couldn't help but chuckle internally as he felt his steps growing quicker.

This morning, Zuko and Iroh were forced to leave the destroyer while Azula also sent her envoy once again to initiate a contract with the Water Tribe.

According to the water tribe, one of their own— Nik— had attacked the tribe, meanwhile, he made Azula describe the attack under Brian's name. Since he wasn't here, Nik fully intended to use his name to reduce trouble.

And with his disappearance, there was no one to refute.

With that said, the water tribe didn't have any problems with the envoy of the fire nation, in fact, due to their own palace collapsing, the tribe was already quite de-spirited and an agreement under Azula's name was soon established.

With this, even though temporarily, the Fire Lord could direct his complete attention towards the Earth Kingdom and with the addition of one of the most powerful Generals of the Fire Nation— Iroh— the world was soon going to experience a major shift in power.

And due to Nik's contribution for such major changes, he himself received quite a bit of source this morning.

[You have altered the record by 7.4%

World Root: 7.7/100%]


"Look! Isn't this wonderful!"

Holding a metal pipe in her hand with a reverent expression, Yue looked at Karna with focused intent while pushing the pipe towards her face.

"Calm down already!"

Karna glared while snatching the pipe from Yue's hands, "It's just a pipe! No need to claim it a divine object!"

Frowning while placing her thumb and index finger on her chin, Yue gazed at the rest of the room with a ponderous expression, her pupils waving left and right and finding anything that could attract her interest.

Seeing Yue in this state— AGAIN— Karna groaned in frustration. She now really wished to deal with Nik's shamelessness than to bear Yue's wondrous ignorance.


"It's just a candle! Heck, we had these stuff in the tribe, too!"

Karna screamed while throwing a pillow at Yue's face, smashing towards Yue with a muffled 'oomph' as she fell back on her bed.

"Ugh... what was that for?!"

Yue shouted as she sat up with a groan.

Giving her a sidelong glance, Karna simply snorted.

"Just trying to fix your screws."

Yue frowned and then picked the pillow in her hands.

"This is so soft, spongy and yet firm... heavenly indeed..."

Seeing the same spark growing in her eyes once again, Karna was ready to unleash a flurry of pillow strikes only for Nik to enter. His slightly longer hair swiped back while his stubble shaved neatly. Seeing him in the armour-like clothes in the colour scheme of black—red and a bit of gold, Karna couldn't help but exclaim internally while Yue's gaze turned towards Nik, the glint in her eyes growing further as she nodded in approval.

"Heavenly indeed." was all she had to offer.

[1/15, 8:15 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 74 - Bending the Waterbender (1)

Nik smiled and entered the room while looking at the lightly dressed bodies of Karna and Yue. Since this world has just stepped towards the era of industrialisation, the advancement of fashion was still quite far.

While Nik would definitely relish the sight of Yue and Karna in a short, translucent lingeries, the sight of bandage-like blue cloth wrapped around their bosom while they were in some sort of weird position did look extremely enticing.

Now that Nik was given a chance, Karna's lean and mean frame was finally exposed. The lines of muscle across her thighs running up to her abdomen while extending to soft, yet, firm abdominal frame, Nik couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"Anything wrong?"

Karna asked with an overly sweet voice as a vein popped over her forehead, making Yue retreat with a fearful look.

"Well... if I have to mention..." Nik looked up and down her body, measuring every single curve of her carefully crafted body and gulped, "There is still a need for me to—"

Nik immediately tilted his neck as a pillow shrilled past him while Karna was looking at him while covering her ample bosom using her left hand, a deep flush enchanting her face accordingly.

"There is a need for you to? To do what? Hmm?"

She asked out loud, not a single semblance of her previous cheerfulness remained as she glared at Nik with an exasperated expression.

"Look, Nik, you are a sweet boy... but—"

No giving Karna any chance to say anything, Nik crossed the distance between the two held her by the shoulder, staring into Karna's eyes extremely seriously.

"Karna... you have already taken my... ehm... not-so-first kiss... you have to take responsibility for that!"


A kiss cut short Karna's surprise. While they did have a moment back at the tribe, Karna wasn't actually that willing to jump in a relationship just after leaving the tribe. Alas, Nik wasn't willing to consider any of her hesitations. If there was a small chance to bend... ehm... take her, he would immediately choose it.

His hands slid across her lean arms, holding her hand while parting her lips, eliciting soft m.o.a.ns in tandem with short and bathed breaths, making Nik realise that while Karna may have said a bit of truth, her body simply wasn't in control of her own mind, not after going through such a vulnerable phase in such a short time.

"..." Wide-eyed, Yue placed her hand above her open mouth, shell-shocked. Did she look just like that when Nik— changed their position— in the tribe? Did she also flush just like Karna is?

While Yue could still recall the semblance of his touch, the kiss was short and sudden for her to fully process the act of passion and remember it through her skin.

Yet, the curious blue-eyed princess gazed at duo intently, not ashamed of their passionate exchange as a somewhat sweet-bitter feeling encroached her heart when she looked at their hands holding onto each other.

God! She hated being left out!

A simple gesture of holding hand turned into a full-blown exploration of their physiques. Karna's hands rested on his pecs, returning the kiss in her own inexperienced, yet, loving manner. Her frustration with Yue being her roommate was forgotten, as a matter of fact, any existence besides Nik was forgotten for the moment.

Her right thigh immediately clung onto Nik's legs, letting her body lean on Nik while standing, pointing her belief that there was no way Nik couldn't handle her weight or pressure.

Taking the opportunity, Nik, too, reciprocated by letting his left hand finally checking out the fine thighs that have been carefully trained till now.

"Hey, guys... maybe... I should leave?"

Yue asked, but still believed that her presence was already unnoticeable to the passionate duo. Before she could fall into her usual depression of self-crisis— something, she would take a bit longer to come out of— a crystal clear voice rang within her mind.

"Why don't you give them a bit of privacy? In return, I'll be willing to keep you company.

Tama's successor."

"You— Spirit!"

Yue asked with a gush of excitement streaming through her chest. Sure, she could get her due of sugar later... but a chance to chat with a spirit was too rare. Not to mention that this particular spirit knew much about Tama, the previously acclaimed Moon Spirit.


A groan leaked through Karna's lips, that only made Yue leave the room faster as the shuffling of clothes made her face and admittedly— body— hot before she closed the door... albeit, reluctantly.


On the metallic floor, the long bandage-like underclothing was quickly thrown followed by the removal of Nik's tunic and a leather belt that held his baggy, yet, standard Fire Nation pants.

Karna's half-lidded enamored gaze fell on Nik's torso, a familiar sight, yet the stream of expectation slowly building against her metaphorical dam was too hard to suppress. A strange scent touched the scene, making Karna want, no... making her need Nik's touch.

She immediately placed her cushion-like meaty butt on the bed while she waited for Nik, who happened to be gazing at her with a look of appreciation and thinly-veiled l.u.s.t, his boner speaking volumes and representing his desires.

Slowly, Nik transversed the distance and placed his right knee beside her h.i.p.s, tilting his body downwards as he slowly took his lips, gently, unlike his previous bawdy and ardent version. His hand pressed against her neck and a slight part of her collarbone, gently caressing the side of her neck while pushing her back.

But still, he left a bit of space, allowing Karna to pull her body up, finally lying on the bed comfortably as Nik's mouth made a descent southwards. He needed to make swift, yet, ample preparations to allow Karna to feel the best possible first-time.

The v.i.r.g.i.n scent was quite heavy... not in the manner of 'scent' but 'responsibility'. While he used his own Pheromone Illusion to simulate Karna's senses, there was still a need to make further... strokes to allow Karna to feel less discomfort during the early phase of their session.

This was the least he could do for her.

[1/15, 8:16 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 75 - Bending the Waterbender (2)

Nik licked his lips, lapping up the remnants of Karna's nectar as he looked at her enchanted form.

Hands sprawled across the mattress weakly while her hazy eyes submerged in carnal euphoria pointed out her dazed status, her knees spread and the bedsheet right below her glistening crotch soaked wet with god knows how much nectar.

A heavy scent intermingled with Nik's soothing, yet, aphrodisiac scent, his touch bringing the level of pleasure that Karna didn't even know it existed while all her guilt and remorse had been suppressed temporarily.

Her thoughts filled with the sight of Nik's large c.o.c.k, a gentle slant that curved the upper shaft 'upwards' while the popped veins demanding every bit of attention the almost unconsciously maiden could garner.

Her gaze expressing her fear and awe. Never had she witnessed a pole of this much glory. She was almost sure that the bulbous pink head was so smooth that it could even reflect the early sun's rays.

Her thoughts were simply getting magnified by her own fears and expectations. Meanwhile, a deep sense of loss encroached her innards.

This is it, she thought.

Even though her body simply wished to submit, bucking her h.i.p.s and spray her nectar just like the time when Nik stuck his tongue into her slit while playing with her aroused clit, internally, Karna felt a sense of clarity that caused complicated emotions to bubble within her heart.

On one hand, she wished that the c.o.c.k— the juicy one— would fill her innards, stretch her slit, just like how her thoughts were filled by the various incarnation of his veiny c.o.c.k, meanwhile, on the other hand, she couldn't help but remorse over the fact that she would soon lose her v.i.r.g.i.nity.

Seeing Karna's current state, Nik couldn't help but look at his own member. Even though the moment he indulges his c.o.c.k inside her, his exclusive skill would activate and suppress the pain, he still felt an unnerving wave of apprehension passing through his body.

Suddenly, his eyebrows rose as he felt the uncharacteristic feeling appearing within him. He felt a bit connected to Karna and the feeling is just like how when he would connect with Azula and Pavāka at a more primal and spiritual level... but the problem was, he hadn't even penetrated Karna yet.

Feeling her fears, Nik felt like dealing it akin to ripping a band-aid would be more sensible. After all, Karna already knew that it would hurt, not due to it being her 'first' time. She had enough practice with one of her mother's present.

The cause of the pain was simple— Size.

Positioning the tip of his c.o.c.k against her soft slit, Nik rubbed his member against the entrance for a moment, eliciting soft m.o.a.ns from the half-unconscious Karna and felt the wave of fear growing greater.

Pushing his member inside, Nik let out a soft grunt when the tip was immediately squeezed, unwilling to let it move forward or retreat.

Bending forward Nik held Karna's powerless hands and let them hold over the back of his neck while gently caressing her cheeks, a warm smile on his face as he gently whispered.

"It will be slightly painful... bear with it for a moment."

It wasn't known if Karna could even figure out what Nik was saying, but hearing his words, her innards did loosen up slightly.

His lips descended as his h.i.p.s pushed in one fell swoop almost immediately.

A pink glow passed through his c.o.c.k and affected Karna's interiors while she squealed into his mouth painfully, a few tears also left her cheeks only to be soothed by Nik's thumbs gently.

The pain went as quickly as it came and alongside Nik's rhythmic thrusts, Karna's squeal of pain morphed into pleasured m.o.a.ns. No longer were his lips necessary to suppress her pain, instead, they were needed to fill her mouth, her hands miraculously grew stronger, almost returning to their former glory.

Her passionate hold kept Nik's lips attached to her lips, Karna's legs had unknowingly straddled across his waist while her hands covered the upper portion of Nik's back filled with scratches.

Their bodies rolled when Nik felt like switching the position, his hands now holding Karna's body, pulling her into a wild embrace while thrusting up with all his might, striking against her tight innards and knocking right into her second gate.

Her walls squirmed while Karna's own sweaty body started to move on its own, being led by his thrusts as she would raise her h.i.p.s by a small margin whenever Nik escaped the grasps of her tight walls and then slam her h.i.p.s down, her meaty butt vibrating intensely as the very act of her second gate getting pushed back, almost to the point of getting pierced filled Karna's body with endless heat.

A sense of freedom touched her movement as Karna would, on her own accord, rotate her h.i.p.s or grind against Nik's crotch while getting her fill of c.o.c.k. No longer did Nik feel any fear from Karna.

Only, endless exhilaration.

Azula was kinky, always wishing to experience the border that differentiated pain and pleasure while m.o.a.ning like crazy.

Pavāka was simply a cute button that would demand utmost care while getting ravaged wildly, something she felt that she deserved after all her years of non-enlightenment.

Meanwhile, Karna was some sort of instinctual partner that, just like Nik, acted according to what she could feel.

The bite marks on his collarbone was a proof that Karna didn't like to be the only one to receive some sort of kinky pleasure. She was more than happy, no, excited to reciprocate the favour.

If Nik's hands would spank her buttocks harshly, making her ass ripple in pain and pleasure then Karna would bite on his lips, scratch at his chest while her innards would clamp crazily, making the whole session refreshing for Nik.

Soon, the wet 'sloching' sound of flesh hitting against each other filled the room intermixed with suppressed m.o.a.ns.

[1/15, 8:17 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 76 - Agni Kai

Unlike Pavāka, who actually had some miraculous ability to 'absorb' Nik's nutritional supplements, Karna was a human, a tired one at that.

Gazing into his eyes, Karna frowned, and yet, still kept her hands over his chest while leaning on his shoulder, their n.a.k.e.d bodies covered with a thin blanket while Karna could still feel her aching w.o.m.b secreting all of Nik's c.u.m little by little, a thin trail of white leaking through her slit, but fortunately, it was covered by the blanket.

"I am more than a decade older, you know that right?"

Hearing her, Nik couldn't help but chuckle. His hold around Karna's body grew tighter and his hand immediately squeezed her left butt cheek, making her yelp.

"Nobody likes an unripe peach."

"What do you mean?"

Karna frowned as she let her fingers gently trail across one of the various bite marks over Nik's torso.

"Hmm? Isn't that simple? Maturity adds a charm that no amount of strength or status could compete with."

"I'll grow older than you... soon enough, then what?"

"Believe me... age does not matter... you can always retain your 'young' body."

Karna pouted, immediately punching Nik's side.

"Yeah, right... but what's with this body... it's way too elastic."

She couldn't help but pinch further, making Nik smile as he turned sidewards, letting both of his hands fall on her butt as he immediately started massaging them e.r.o.t.i.cally.

"I should be the one asking such questions!"

He spoke while lightly spanking her butt.


Karna huffed while struggling, failing to evade Nik's lips, who seemed to have not grown tired enough of the taste as he would occasionally swoop akin to a hawk and land a few shots.

"Hey! You are not getting away so easily!"

Karna spoke, and even then, her arms wrapped around Nik natural, embracing his body warmly.

"What's with that... screen?"

Karna asked once again in confirmation.

"Yeah, it's called a screen. This will show you how awesome your man is."

He smiled as he looked at the partner screen of this world.

He already had three partners— Pavāka, Azula and Karna.

Seven more to go.

Nik sighed in his mind.

While he wasn't the type of guy who would 'hunt' for girls just for the sake of completing the mission, the reward given out was too great.

Even the word— heavenly— would fail to properly express its practical use for him.

Sighing, Nik could only engage in a bout of Pheromone Illusion to misguide Karna while giving a 'half-truth' explanation.


Leaving Karna's chamber to let her rest properly, Nik made his way towards the command centre of the boat, after all, Azula had just called for an emergency meeting while also sending a special summons for him.

Within a few moments, Nik entered the command chamber and his gaze immediately fell on the 'charred' Zhao, his expression grim and ugly... literally. A few features of his squarish face was burnt away, turning into spots of mangled flesh.

"Princess, please think this through. Even though the commander's actions—"

"Enough. He isn't dead, that's his saving grace.

I didn't kill him again, that's his fortune.

His title is to be stripped away, this is the reparation of his blunder."

With her hair tied into a high bun and two familiar locks of her black hair covering the sides of her face, Azula looked at the speaker calmly.

Seeing this, Nik simply couldn't help but wonder what Azula actually thinks in such a situation. No matter how regal she makes herself sound, Nik knew she was— bat crap crazy.

Not willing to delve deeper into the thought, Nik simply observed while kneeling on one knee before Azula waved her hands and made him stand to the side.

"Now, I just received the information that a particular flying bison is spotted a few kilometres away... prepare your troops.

I want that air carrier to be destroyed into a mash of blood and gore the moment our sight lands on the Avatar."

This time, the others really couldn't keep quiet about the matter.

"Your highness... if the Avatar is killed, then—"

"Then what?" Azula shrugged, a confident arc touching her face as she looked at the speaker.

"The new Avatar will be a newborn... within a few months, the Fire Nation would have already prevailed over the entire continent, finally unifying the world.

Do you really believe that a newborn Avatar has what it takes to stop us?

Meanwhile, the current Avatar... Aang, was it? Reportedly, he has already gained some proficiency in waterbending.

He is an immediate threat to our goal that is only a few months away. Now, you either do as I ask, or you can get Zhao's treatment, too."

She spoke calmly, making Nik raise an eyebrow.

'She seems happy?'

Nik waited for the topic to steer towards him. After all, he was summoned here for a reason.

"With Zhao out of the picture." Azula gave one last look to the kneeling Zhao, Azula turned towards Nik and spoke lightly.

"Nik, my personal guard will take temporary control over the troop. He will be my eyes and ears and every soldier needs to help him. Any suggestions made to him will be solely considered by Nik himself and the decision-making power would lie in his hands."

With this, the group finally grew silent.

Smiling, Azula narrowed her eyes and then gazed at Nik.

"I want to see Avatar blasted apart just like the firecrackers of our festivals. Make him rain blood."


The old envoy suddenly spoke up.

"What about the two water tribe members tagging along with him."


Azula replied calmly.

"But the Northern Tribe only agreed—"

"I know the conditions of the agreement. Hmm... let's do it this way... instead of heavy artillery, I want the best fire soldiers to guide the Wind Bison towards the gates of the northern tribe.

A brief period would be given. Ask the tribe to get the two water brats but don't let the Avatar land, or it will be considered as the act of betrayal against the Fire Nation."

"Yes, your Highness."

"You are all dismissed."


Zhao suddenly spoke with his jaws clenched.

Gazing up and looking at Azula with a look of hatred, he turned his face and the spat at Nik hatefully.

"I challenge your toy to an Agni Kai!"

[1/15, 8:17 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 77 - Zhao— The Destined

Note: This Chapter is cliche at best.


"What are they doing?"

Yue looked at Nik curiously, a beautiful glow on her face as she kept on smiling giddily for no reason at all.

Then maybe, there was a reason after all.

To be able to chat with someone for hours, not to mention, a spirit, Yue only counted her lucky stars and asked everything she could think of.

And Pavāka being Pavāka, answered everything with her own pace and excitement, her influence easily growing over Yue.

"Well, if I am not wrong, this is Agni Kai. Two participants— the Challenger and the person challenged— fight against each other using fire bending."

"Heh~ Then that ugly guy is one of the fighters?"

Yue pointed at a rugged man with his body and face covered spots of mangled skin, his hair patchy and his eyes bloodshot. Some of the soldiers were actually massaging his body while lubricating the surface of his body with oil.

The scene was disgusted at best, at least, to Nik's experienced eyes.

"I am destined..."

Zhao muttered eerily, the soldiers around him shuddered once again, cold sweat leaking through their forehead as they quickly continued the massage. By now, the soldiers had already concluded that their commander had taken something suspicious, making him act against the Princess and they had no wish to stay near him longer than necessary.

"Say..." Yue looked at Nik and then looked back a Zhao, "Who's the other fighter?"

Nik pointed at himself and grinned.

"This handsome guy right here!"

Yue's eyes widened as she immediately looked back at Zhao's maniacal eyes while turning her gaze at Nik's foolish grin.

"Oh god... out of Karna and I... I'll die a v.i.r.g.i.n's death, isn't that right?"

Her curious expression faded as a blank look appeared in her eyes. Hearing her soft mutters, Nik was definitely startled for a moment, but still, confirmed that he would be enlightening another person tonight.

Grinning at his luck turning for the better— not that is was worse— except for the time when he slipped off a banana peel and fell down a cliff, Nik gazed at Zhao before looking at the sky.

"Hehe, I think that Yue has quite a bright future ahead."

A fluffy body jumped over his head, the miniature Pavāka, then looked at the sky and softly whispered.

"I can feel Raava's presence... the Avatar is near."

Nik nodded at his words before Yue suddenly recalled something and immediately patted Nik's head with her tiny hands.

"You know... you'll have to work hard tonight."

"What do you mean? I always work hard!"

Nik's voice entered within Pavāka's consciousness as she chuckled.

"Well... you'll understand when the night comes. Meanwhile, you have a hard day ahead." She spoke while floating to the side of Nik's face and pointing at Zhao.

"Him?" Nik flashed a smiled and waved at Zhao while communicating with Pavāka, "He doesn't hold a chance. A punch or two, and he is down."

With a quizzical expression, Pavāka looked back at Nik and frowned.

"A punch or two? Last time—"

"Last time I lost my cool. Those bastards—"

Nik took a deep breath and calmed his sudden bout of agitation.

"They deserved the brutal departure for what they did to Inferno. Either way, when it comes to Zhao, I only need to keep an eye on his movements and predict the direction of his bending before landing a punch at his vitals.

That's it."

When it came to bending, Nik was just a bit proficient at best. His amazing control actually came from the fact that he wasn't a conventional bender and the use of his energy would make his control over the element way stronger than ordinary bender's.

"It's easier said than done."

Pavāka shrugged.

"Nah. When it comes to crazy, it's always easy to do both."


The deck of the destroyer was emptied with only a few spectators overlooking the match. Azula stood with her back straight and hands crossed around her b.r.e.a.s.tplate.

Her golden eyes regarded the dual fighters calmly. Unlike the oiled up Zhao, Nik looked extremely 'dry and dull', despite his amazing cuts and muscular body. Though tanned enough to attract anyone's attention, he simply didn't look the fighting type warrior.

In fact, if Nik had to be compared to someone, he could be called a trophy husband, an equivalent of a trophy wife. And in reality, that's what Nik was known as in the destroyer.

The audience was silent, the fighters were silent, too, except for Zhao's occasional growls and soft mutters with an unnerving amount of a single word— destined.

Sighing, Nik simply didn't have enough patience to deal with this inconvenience. Taking a step forward, his body made the first move. Zhao immediately tensed up, the crazy within him receded while a somber expression took over his expression.

Crouching, Zhao immediately kicked his feet, creating a slash of fire rushing straight towards Nik only to gave him side-step with astonishing speed.

"Stop running! You coward! Face me! Show me why the Princess value you more!

Prove to us that you are not a filthy toy just to be used and thrown!"

Zhao immediately roared hysterically. Seeing his visage, Nik couldn't help but frown.

'This guy... he loved his position too much...'

Nik simply prayed for the poor soul for a moment before he stopped next to the long line of fire and then looked at the spectators, their eyes, too, focused on him, maybe, expecting some sort of retort.

Alas, Nik simply wasn't the kind to fight verbally when the situation had reached physical.

"You coward! Coward! Coward! COWARD!"

Zhao roared. By now, even the others were sure that Zhao wasn't in his right mind. His burly body shot towards Nik, his ankles covered in hot red flames while his fist immediately extended ruthlessly, swiping down while creating a swirl of fire hurling towards Nik.

'You know what...'

"... I don't give a shit."

Nik muttered, his body brightening at a visible pace due to the light of fire while his violet eyes reflecting the single swipe of flame falling towards him.


Nik was no longer in his position, instead, seven paces forward, his right leg had impacted against Zhao's neck, his mouth open with drool leaking out, his angry, astonished eyes matching against Nik's impassive ones as he sickening bone crunch finally awakened the rest of the audience.

Zhao's body fell, his neck twisted in a grotesque manner while a shimmering white medallion slowly formed above his body.

A treasure medallion.

Pocketing it, Nik gazed at Zhao's body for a good moment before sighing.

He wasn't that interested in killing. The fact that the four beastmasters and Bhiman were still alive proved his personality.

But Zhao was medically crazy. A— cuckoo— if you may.

An angry one at that. Angry at Nik. So instead of showing him a gentle approach, which Zhao may never appreciate in a short time, Nik decided to dispose of one uncertainty.

While the elements themselves would be a dangerous element against Nik, his physical body's advantage was too overpowered. At least, in this world.

Issuing a short prayer, Nik went back to pick up his tunic and dressed back up quickly. Swiping his hair back, Nik looked back at Azula and smiled.

"Let's make the preparations to greet the Avatar."

[1/15, 8:18 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 78 - Attack on the Avatar

Now, Nik's tunic was covered in a soft, leathery armour with pitch-black shoulder guards that extended and curved outwards. His visage appeared to be calm while the people surrounding him— the fire soldiers— looked at him with nothing but fear and respect.

No longer was Nik called the trophy husband. He now holds the title of Beast Consort, of course, this title only passed along the ranks beneath Azula and Nik.

Behind Nik, a burly figure stood with a slightly bent posture. Even though the figure spectacularly failed to hide behind Nik, he still managed to express his submission.

He was none other than Ja Yin, the first to face Nik's punches yet fortunate enough to see the light of the next day.

'Even after becoming a commander... How can he be so calm?

He did not even use Fire Bending... is he like me? I haven't ever seen him bending, but he easily killed Zhao.'

Ja Yin looked at Nik's back with a bit of deference.

"Is he still looking at my butt?" Nik asked Pavāka through his link.

Turning her head, Pavāka saw Ja Yin's strange look before shuddering and immediately turned back. Even though Ja Yin couldn't see her, Pavāka still felt uncomfortable.

"Yes, he is."

Pavāka nodded grimly."


Nik cursed, yet, he still kept his hands behind his back, trying to cover his own butt.

"Who the hell stands behind someone so creepily while looking at their butt?!"

Nik groaned while Pavāka looked at Nik and pointed out the hypocrisy.

"You do this kind of stuff... remember?"

"No, no, no! I don't sniff a man's ass! I am a heterogeneous, not that I have any problem with another person's taste... I would still like to stay away from such types!"

Pavāka nodded thoughtfully before asking.

"Say, if you are interested in a student, and she is interested in other girls, will you stay away from her?"

"Nope!" Nik snickered and replied, "Believe me, when someone has a piece of me, I am the only preference left within their mind!"

"Sire." Ja Yin waved away one of the fire soldiers and called out Nik, who, immediately shivered at his soft tone.

"E— Uh... yea?"

Nik forced a smile on his face and turned back.

"We just got the news that the Avatar and the two water brats will be flying past us shortly."

"Oh... alright."

Nik nodded and immediately walked past Ja Yin.


"Hey! Why's the Fire Nation's military stationed near the Water Tribe?!"

Sokka's face was completely pale, credits to the chilling climate and the fear bubbling within his heart while the young boy scrunched his nose and looked at the battlesh.i.p.s with disgust.

"Let's just quickly fly past them."

Katara spoke with a serious expression, yet, her voice betrayed her worries.

"Alright!" Aang's expression took a 180 and he immediately let go of his plans to fight it out with the battalion and shouted.

"Appa! Yip Yip!"


The Wind Bison growled loudly before its extraordinarily large and fleshy tail flicked mid-air, raising the altitude of their height!

Suddenly, Katara felt a feeling of dread appear within the deepest corner of her heart and she immediately looked down. Even though they were too high to expect a clear vision, Katar was sure that she saw a silver sparkle on the deck of the largest ship.

Almost immediately, accompanied by the Bison's pained roar, the group plunged downwards.


"They are increasing the distance!" Ja Yin roared before looking at the deck full of the fire soldiers and raised his hand.

"Soldiers, on my command!"

Since their target was to make the Avatar reach the tribe with some injuries, they weren't too panicked. But Nik had different thoughts.

Raising his arm, Nik silenced the hulk and his body immediately glowed silver! Almost instantly, the Wind Bison dubbed as Appa plunged downwards.


Even though Ja Yin did not know what was going on, he still understood that it was Nik's doing and his actions directly destroyed Azula's plan.

Nik turned back and smiled lightly.

"What are you guys doing? Attack now, when they are in your range."

Ja Yin hurriedly nodded and immediately commanded the soldiers to attack the falling Bison. Watching the rain of fire, the other fire soldiers on the surrounding battlesh.i.p.s attacked in tandem.

"Hurry! Shit!"

Sokka screamed as the afternoon sky was filled with the tsunami of fire rushing towards them while the pale Katara had already lost all of her hope.

She simply leaned back and looked at the sea of fire with dazed eyes, ignoring Sokka's and Aang's panicked screams.

"Appa! Dive down! Dive down!"

Aang immediately screamed. Since they couldn't rise, he immediately made Appa dive down even quickly, alas, even though Appa wasn't impacted by the sea of flames, his body was still burnt in some places, especially his tail.

Seeing the Avatar's pet taking the majority of the attack and injuries, Nik immediately frowned and stopped the attacks.


Nik muttered as he frowned at the gently floating Wind Bison while the three youths huddled together. The distance wasn't too great and Nik could finally look at the young boy dubbed as the current Avatar!

"That's Raava alright! Using people around herself for her own self-righteous actions!"

Pavāka immediately hissed when her eyes fell on Aang and raised her fist!

"Let's gut them!"

Nik immediately shook his head. Not to mention the Avatar, there were other two travelers with him, probably, the lean youth must be Sokka while the beauty must be Katara.

"What are your orders, Commander? Should we open up the path for the Avatar to leave?"

Gazing at Ja Yin as of he was an idiot, Nik patted his shoulder and softly muttered.

"Just... capture them will you. The water tribe's guest will be escorted with respect, meanwhile, leave the Avatar to me."

"But the Princess—"

"The Princess plan did not account for the fact that the Avatar would himself descend on his own accord." Nik shrugged and ordered a passenger boat to be prepared immediately while looking at Ja Yin.

"Since he has decided to deliver himself, why should we hesitant in slaughtering such a pure lamb?"

Nik smiled with Pavāka whistled!


Two boats were immediately prepared. Meanwhile, a battle report was already sent to Azula. Since Nik was already outside, she didn't even care about what was happening and chuckled nefariously inside her own chamber, the sight in front of her pleased her to no end.

Soon, the boats made its way towards the injured wind bison while the trio youths simply looked grim. The youngest boy— Aang, seemed to be especially determined as he stood in front of the two siblings with a wooden staff in his hands.

'Ah... I will certainly enjoy this...'

Nik smiled as he also recalled the titanic Lion Turtle's words.

There was no problem in destroying Avatar's physical body. It was his spirit that needed to be safeguarded from harm's way.

[1/15, 8:20 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 79 - Chain Quest (1)

"Stay back!"

A burst of wind accompanied with a loud, desperate shout immediately stopped some of the fire soldiers in their tracks.

Shrugging off the pitiful and blunt wind, Nik smiled and raised both of his arms.

"Calm down! We aren't going to hurt you!"

Aang's eyes widened in fury before he screamed!

"I don't believe you! Stay away or else you'll pay—"

Before he could complete, he flung back as a formless pressure crashed against his body.

"That's right! You shouldn't believe us!"

Nik shouted as he saw the Avatar falling into the water.


Sokka immediately looked back before tightening his hold over his blade. Even Appa groaned and started swimming towards Aang.

"Please, stay right there."

Nik whispered and tendrils of water immediately latched onto Appa's tail, restricting his movements. Almost immediately, a pained roar emerged from Appa's large mouth as it started thrashing its limbs against the water.

"Believe me... it hurts me more..."

Nik sighed sadly and made his way up Appa's back before standing in front of the two youths.

"You— you're a waterbender!"

Even the fire soldiers were astonished while Nik simply shrugged at Katara's obvious statement.

"I assume that the two of you are unaware about the treaty signed between the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation?"

He asked calmly and the duo was struck dumb once again.

"We will be taking you to the water tribe. I insist that you do not resist."

Nik continued with a smile when suddenly, a certain patch of sea glowed luminescent blue, the water around the patch curved upwards, forming into a gigantic sphere of water with Aang floating within, his eyes glowing bright blue and his tattoo marks glowing simultaneously.

"Take them."

Nik pointed at Sokka and Katara when Aang's head snapped at his direction. An archaic voice emerging from his throat and his body slowly morphed into a dark-haired man wearing the traditional northern-tribe costume.

"Outsider... leave!"

No f.u.c.ks were given about his previous companions as the scene changed too suddenly.

Within his sphere of water, the body of the new arrival moved leisurely, a hint of laziness exuding from his actions as a humungous wave of water rose behind him.

"I suggest... that we escape as quickly as possible."

Ja Yin gulped and even Sokka and Katara couldn't help but glare at him.

"You think, genius?"

Nik muttered as he sighed.

"You remember that you can't kill him during his avatar state, right?"

Pavāka's voice was heard within his mind as Nik couldn't help but feel sour. If he had completed his main mission, he could go through a chain quest while completing his side quest. This way, his time could be used kore efficiently.

Even now, he could kill the avatar, but the turtle's voice seemed to be ringing beside him.

The Avatar's spirit— Raava, must live on.

Sighing as his task just grew difficult, Nik looked at the giant wave before looking at Appa.

"You guys leave now!"

Nik immediately jumped into the empty boat and let go of Appa, who almost immediately flung his tail and took off for the air, flying around the Avatar in circles.

"Why haven't you left, outsider?"

The man spoke coldly once again as Nik smiled.

"What do you want me to do? Shout— up, up and away— and leave by flying away?"

Not in the mood to humour Nik, the man's pupilless gaze seemed to focus on Nik before he spoke with slightly grimmer tone.

"Is that you, Pavāka? Why are you with this outsider?"

Pavāka immediately materialized over Nik's head and shrugged, disturbingly similar to Nik.

"I can ask you the same? Why'd you had to merge with a human? If you wanted to enlighten yourself, I have already found various other methods."

Pavāka stated calmly while Nik sweatdropped.

"What do you mean?"

"I meant—"

"Don't you know." Nik immediately interrupted, attempting to keep some secrets undisclosed and smirked at the long-haired avatar, "You can get electrocuted when in contact with the water."

Making sure that the escaping boat wasn't near, Nik took a deep breath and hoped that the Avatar wouldn't die with a bit of lighting and immediately pointed his index finger towards the sphere of water and Pavāka's Purity Lightning shot towards the Avatar.

Nik still wasn't dumb enough to use normal lightning and completely kill the Avatar.

Understanding that the purity Lightning had more healing properties than destructiveness, Nik felt a bit assured when the man screamed while spasming within his sphere of water.

"What a dumb world...". Nik couldn't help but once again feel that the gift of basic knowledge would be too great for this world.

While one part of the civilisation had already reached the benchmark of industrialisation, the other part of the civilisation still chose to remain barbaric.

Not to mention the fact that this Raava seemed to be too confident and didn't even attack when it had a chance. Just keeping the giant wave of water behind its back while comfortably asking questions at its own pace.

Seeing the illusion of the man fade away, Nik smirked at Aang's unconscious body and muttered.

"Serves you right!"

And immediately, shot towards the Avatar who plunged within the water, disregarding the cold by keeping the water around him warm.

He was already getting low on his elemental value and he needed to finish this quick.

While still feeling a bit of guilt after hearing Appa's sad cry, Nik still hardened his heart and swam towards the floating Avatar, who to be slowly covering itself in ice unconsciously.

It didn't take long for him to reach Aang's body and without even hesitating for a single moment, he wrapped his fingers around Aang gently, afraid that he might wake him up and with a very beautiful and swift clench of his hand, Nik crushed his neck.

If they both weren't submerged in the water, Nik might have heard a grotesque crunch, but fortunately, he was saved of his fate and just like this, he had completed his first main mission, making him eligible to become a full-fledged host.

[1/15, 8:22 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 80 - Chain Quest (2)

"There, all done..."

Karna looked at Nik's body before wiping a little spot at the back of his armpit connected to his back before smiling satisfactorily.

"Now, all done."

She then placed the towel over Nik's head and let him dress.

"Really? You couldn't find the Avatar?"

Yue questioned as Nik shrugged.

"He was too deep into the water."

"That's a bummer..."

Karna muttered, feeling a bit of loss at the hyped Avatar's sudden disappearance. Nik smiled and stood up before coughing softly.

"Alright. I expect the two of you to be ready when I return." Nik smiled gently, but still, Yue felt her spine tingle.

"This time, it will be a group study."


[Initiation/Main Quest:— 2

Title: Victory

Defeat the threat of the fire nation. Hunt down the current generation of the avatar and kill him.

Duration: 7months

Rewards: 7000 SO, 3 SP (Skill Points)

Penalty: Death


[With the main quest complete, the host is eligible to take part in the Chain Quest during the remaining time.

Do you wish to take part in the Chain Quest?]

Nik stood in one of the many hallways of the destroyer and agreed internally.

[Chain Quest Initiated

Chain Quest— I

Description: With the Death of the current Avatar, the balance of the world has changed. To appease this world's Gaia, start restoring the balance. Infiltrate and destroy Ba Sing Se.

Rewards: 4000 SO, 1 SP (Skill Point)]

Penalty: Forceful departure.

[You have initiated a hidden quest.

The Executioner of Champion—

Completed:— 3/100%

Rewards— ?]

[You killed one of Avatar's incarnation. You have altered the record by 12.99%

World Root: 20.69/100%]



Nik muttered as he looked at the screen. The only reason he stayed back was to complete his affiliation quest and get his reward. But the sudden appearance of the hidden quest really pleased him.

But he did feel that it was quite stupid that he couldn't utilise his own rewards before returning back to the system.

Heaving a deep sigh, Nik continued walking towards Azula's chamber without knowing what she had for him wrapped as a present.

"Coming through..."

Nik spoke casually as he opened Azula's door only to be struck speechless... once again.

There she was, bent, carefully binding Mai's hand behind her back in a ceremonial red ribbon while this time around, Azula went a but lax and did not blindfold Mai, instead, with her mouth gagged, Mai was positioned right in front of the door, on her knees with her thighs and knees spread.

Her extraordinary body exposed while her long hair tied into a single bun behind her head to expose everything.

By everything, Nik meant, EVERYTHING!

From her modest bosom to her wide, accentuated h.i.p.s that extended down to smooth, pale thighs that held their own charm. In between, a neat, slick snatch awaited, pink flesh of the slit throbbing while a peculiar jewel stood erect, as if taunting Nik's own manhood.

But still, he needed to ask one question to an equally n.a.k.e.d Azula who held a perverted smile as she gave Mai's hands a final knot.

"Don't you ever fear... if someone else opened the door beside me?"

"Then they'll get zapped to death!"

Azula looked up and grinned, there it was, her crazy self was slowly recovering, forcing Nik's unifying rod to slowly return to its peak and satiate the crazy within her.

'Well... it's not like I am not crazy, too... to find such a scene hot... I am definitely a crazy one, too.'

Nik's eyes were attracted to Mai's, seductively narrowed eyes, as she tried to wriggle out of Azula's hand. This time, there seemed to be no apparent fear within her eyes, or if there was any, it was already suppressed by endless l.u.s.t that had blinded Mai.

Now he knew why she did not need a blindfold anymore.

The blindfold would have been counterproductive.

Grunts, that would have been m.o.a.ns if Mai wasn't gagged, escaped the narrow spaces that the red ball couldn't cover and her struggles grew further.

"So? What do you think? Didn't I say that I'll make her honest?"

Smugness evident in her voice, Azula and completed the knot, beautiful crimson ribbons zigzagging through Mai's body as a neat bow tied above her wrists.

Straightening up, Azula walked towards Nik, her h.i.p.s attracting his gaze while her hands gently nudging his chest, her head leaned forward as her lips almost touched his ears.

Heavy, hot breaths stroked the side of his neck as her other hand cupped his balls ready to burst and show who's the boss.

"So, my beautiful commander, let me ask you this.

What do you do when you achieve a victory."

Gazing at her beautiful figure, his hand spanked her raised butt harshly, following with a grab of her lower cheek and grinning.

"Of course, a commander feasts.

Let's get this party started!"