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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 81 - Hidden Quest— Champion's Netori (1)
Even though it was slightly darker outside, actually, it was a little over the afternoon. The death of the Avatar alongside Zhao's death didn't even take him more than two hours.

And yet, here he was, having to go through yet another s.e.x.u.a.l session. It was already his second time and it wasn't even evening yet. Not to mention that he already had his plans for the night.

Not that he was complaining or anything. After all, Nik had already removed his tunic and immediately picked Azula up before throwing her on the bed, eliciting a playful yelp.

Of course, Nik wasn't going to stop himself from taking Mai now. He had already denied himself of the chance two times in a row, and as a popular quote states— third time's the charm.

So, being a considerate man, he didn't deny Mai the chance to observe one more time by simply picking her tied body up unceremoniously. No thoughts were given as his hands immediately grabbed her butt and tested the products she had to offer.

'Definitely top quality...'

Nik graded the meat he would soon be devouring as the poor Mai could only squirm in shame and passion, her body trembling with his touch as Nik even tugged on the ribbon that ran across her slit, stimulating her clit further.

"Hoo~ Already ignoring your princess, commander?

This does fill me with sadness."

Azula whispered as she slowly spread her legs and seductively placed both of her thumbs at her fleshy entrance, stretching her labia to expose her generous p.u.s.s.y that's been accommodating Nik's equally generous girth.

Seeing her already oozing slit, her soft pink interior and that gaping hole that lead to her twitching interiors, Nik felt his mind buzz. The scent spreading across the entire room was growing too heavy, his own scent only elevated the situation as he used his free hand to gently give his little brother a stroke to calm its anxiety and gently placed Mai on the bed.

"My Princess, how can I ignore you? At the end of the day, I will always give you a great session, you know that, sweetheart."

Nik smirked while Azula's fingers plunged within her gaping hole.

"I don't need to hear words from that mouth, O'honorable Commander."

"Oh? Then," Nik placed both of his hand on the sides of her thighs and pulled her h.i.p.s up, closing the distance between her warm slit and his equally hot mouth, "I suppose we can use my mouth for other stuff, too."

"That's what I'd love to see."

Azula smirked as she slowly took out three of her wet fingers that promptly received a gentle kiss from Nik before his mouth plunged into the hot abyss of writhing flesh, his own tongue lapping juices that permeated throughout her p.u.s.s.y while his thumb took the task of stretching Azula's p.u.s.s.y while the enamored Princess found her hand gripping onto Nik's hand, not wishing for the mouth made to please women leave her slit alone and cold.

Her h.i.p.s bucked up, her crotch touching Nik's nose as his deep whiffs and hot exhales made Azula tremble, his tongue stroking her weak spots, again and again, to moisten her flower further meanwhile, the awestruck Mai remained still, he pants morphed into grunts while her hands struggling to free herself, her motioning h.i.p.s already pointed out to her thirst.

"Hmmmgh! Just like that!!"

Azula groaned, feeling something coming, she immediately pulled on Nik's head, not wishing to stop him as her torso quivered every now and then, making her modest peaks tremble alongside. Her clenched jaws gave was to an enchanting trail of drool as her eyes slowly grew dazed and hazy, her pupils rolling further northwards as she finally squirted into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Nik diligently drank his share of nectar, not a drop wasted.

"Alright, Azula. Time for the main event."

Nik smiled and he gently let her h.i.p.s back on the mattress, her still twitching p.u.s.s.y would occasionally leak a thin trail of nectar that slowly moistening her inner thighs while Nik looked back at Mai and immediately removed her gag ball.

"Hah! hah!"

Groans morphed back into pants as Mai heaved heavy breaths, still, her open mouth was immediately sealed by Nik's mouth, his christened tongue sharing a taste of Azula while finally enjoying Mai's tongue that used to verbally demean him.

And to be honest, Nik enjoyed every bit of it.

His hands didn't please her body, there was a time and place for everything, but after warming Mai's mouth, he grinned and harshly grabbed her hair bun, pulling her face back while her hazy eyes snapped open, looking at Nik with righteous indignation.

Before words laced with hypocrisy could leave her mouth, Nik immediately turned his back and spoke loudly.

"You better watch this carefully, it's your turn next."

His words made her shudder in fear, yet, Mai stood where she was. No words left her mouth as Azula's constant attention left her body in severe need to release all the pent up stress. While Mai used to come while peeking at Nik and Azula, with her hands tied and knees forced apart, there wasn't much she could do as her physical anticipation oy grew extreme.

Sitting behind Azula, Nik gently picked the slob-like tyrannical princess and let her back rest over his chest, his left hand caressing his neck and upper torso before cupping her left b.r.e.a.s.t, pinching her soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es while nibbling on her ear, his right hand, meanwhile, spread her thighs and positioned his c.o.c.k before piercing without many thoughts.

A deep and loud m.o.a.n immediately emerged out of Azula's lips as she was woken up from her dazed state, her p.u.s.s.y immediately tightened around Nik, yet, to Mai's eyes, she could only see her friend's tight slit spreading to a mind-boggling proportion. It felt physically impossible, yet, here she stood, watching Nik's balls kissing Azula's crotch while a smacking sound of flesh echoed within the room.

"Oh... my god."

Mai whispered as she found herself leaning forward, much to her embarrassment, but with all the things she had gone through in a few days just because she showed support for Zuko, much of her shame receded while her gaze only grew bold.

"Lick it!"

Azula suddenly screamed as her hands extended quickly, leaving flesh-colored blur as she pulled Mai's head and made her fall over the bed, front faced. Since she was tied, she couldn't even move much as she was only a few millimetres apart from where all the magic happened.

Her nose whiffed a heavy scent, that wasn't particularly unlikable, and it seemed to be riling her up, meanwhile, the back of her head was still clamped by Azula, straining her neck in the effort to keep her head up with a support below her body.

"Wa— wait! It's—"

Again, not a single consideration was give to Mai's yelp while Azula slightly raised her h.i.p.s, getting it close enough to make her crotch touch Mai's nose as a growl escaped her lips, interlaced with raunchious m.o.a.ns.

"Lick it! Who the f.u.c.k cares about anything else!"

She pulled further, making Mai's cheek press against her incomparably hot crotch while Nik's ball actually struck her face continuously.

Seeing that Mai was still resisting, all the dams that restricted his scent were opened, his Pheromone illusion worked wonders as Mai slowly stuck her tongue over Azula's clit, making the latter howl in the sudden bout of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh! I'm— I'm!"

Azula's strained groans were interrupted by yet another squirt that impacted Mai's face. Azula's body shuddered while her hold around Mai's head loosened, yet, much to her fortune, Mai was already straining herself to lick around the edges of her flesh while also cleaning Nik's shaft by positioning her tongue right beside Azula's entrance.

Pounds grew rougher as Azula's whole body moved up and down in rhythm, her m.o.a.ns weren't suppressed while both of Nik's hand tended to her soft bosom. N.i.p.p.l.es were pinched, b.r.e.a.s.ts were massaged and a p.u.s.s.y was creampied before Nik let out a heavy sigh, looking at his next target while his little princess found herself in a blissful unconsciousness, her head lolling sideways and a pleased drool leaking through the corner of her pink, plump lips.


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[1/19, 11:01 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 82 - Hidden Quest— Champion's Netori (2)

"Quite the licker, aren't you?"

Nik grinned at Mai, who was enthusiastically licking and eating Azula's c.u.m-soaked p.u.s.s.y. While Nik knew that due to the change of his species, the taste of his s.e.m.e.n must be quite different when compared to other men, he was still a bit surprised at how zealously Mai was lapping up the elixir formed from the mixture of Azula's and his own juices.

Then again, Mai just maybe the nasty type, who knows.

His smug sentence broke Mai out of reverie who licked her lips with a frown before she came to be, her hands still bowed and her face right in front of Azula's c.u.m-drooling p.u.s.s.y.


"I'll spare you the embarrassment, though."

Nik smiled and walked behind Mai, her heart shivering in a mixture of fear, anticipation and pure l.u.s.t.

What was he going to do?

Was he really willing to let her go? That would be somewhat... disappointing?

What if he is trying to take me from behind?! Ooh, yeaaa— Wait! Oh, no! That's the right reaction!

Mai's thoughts grew blurry, the thin line that demarcated restraints and masochism slowly grew thinner, almost coalescing with each other, overlapping.

She wished to get f.u.c.k.i.e.d! After watching Azula's reaction, she was extremely interested. But admittedly, her thoughts were always preoccupied with her childhoods crush— Zuko.

But now, after Azula 'womanhandled' her, she found herself believing that she simply wasn't interested in men. Maybe, her crush with Zuko, the publicly acclaimed trash was just a fail-safe mechanism to stop her from walking down the forbidden path.

And today, yet again, much to her embarrassment, after tasting Azula's c.u.m-soaked p.u.s.s.y, Mai felt that maybe... just maybe, all she needed was a hot white-wash from Nik and she'll be able to get her thoughts straightened out.

"So? Want me to untie you?"

Nik asked when suddenly, she knelt behind Mai and started spanking his c.o.c.k against her butt cheeks, crack included.

"Hmmmm~" Mai immediately suppressed the sudden m.o.a.n and felt a little speechless.

Did she wish to get her hands freed? Of course, yes. Then, she would be able to latch Nik's face against her own— No! Mai immediately shook her head and Nik patted her round butt gently.

"That's right! You are one nasty girl, alright!"

"Wait— I didn't mean that—"

Mai immediately spoke, understanding that Nik might have misunderstood the shake of her head and yet, the touch of his warm, moist hand seemed to be resonating within her.

Looking at the beautifully wrapped Mai, Nik slowly let his index finger get into the underside of the ribbon covering her slit while playing with her fleshy entrance that was exposed.


Mai immediately bit onto her lips as Nik grinned.

"Allow me to please you, Mai. And of course, resistance is futile."

Nik gently slid the ribbon away and placed his lips, sealing her already moist entrance. Her fruity juices all for Nik to tasted while Mai bit on to the bedsheet, her fist clenched and yet, her eyes showing nothing but pure euphoria.

"All done!"

Nik smiled and stretched her moist entrance while revealing her dark-pink hole, in the end, he could even see slight twitches of her inner walls.

Without even warning, Nik pressed his c.o.c.k against her tight entrance, a quality of its own, before pushing his h.i.p.s deeper, slowly, enjoying every bit of her interiors while taking note at the points that elicited the most reactions out of the already twitching Mai.


Mai bit onto the mattress harder and yet, a strained groan still escaped her lips. Her h.i.p.s bucked slightly, but due to the ribbons tying her, she couldn't do much.

But that did not mean that Nik couldn't do things as well. Feeling Mai's p.u.s.s.y moistening at a breakneck pace due to his skill [V.i.r.g.i.n Lover], Nik picked her up, disregarding her attempts to struggle and raised his h.i.p.s before plunging in once again, knocking at her cervix.

But much to his surprise, he found that with Mai, he could take it up a notch. With her jaws unable to bite into anything, Mai's alluring m.o.a.ns now erupted akin to a suppressed volcano, meanwhile, she distinctively felt her inner entrance making way for the tip of Nik's head.


Mai's tongue lolled out as she was finally pierced to the deepest corners of her p.u.s.s.y, her cervix spread apart, her w.o.m.b took the hit as her head bucked back, wildly.

Meanwhile, Nik couldn't help but grunt a sigh of relief. He almost came and yet he resisted the urge. His hand gripped her hair bun harshly, while riding the fire mistress without any care. His h.i.p.s thrusted harshly while each full pump knocked at the end of Mai's w.o.m.b, deeply ingraining the taste of his pleasurable c.o.c.k within her, the occasional spanks that shook her bottoms only increased the intensity of her m.o.a.ns.

Her drool leaked through her clenched jaws, her hazy eyes rolled upwards as her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled rhythmically. Every single thought about her s.e.x.u.a.l orientation flew out of the window.

Her name is Mai, and what she needed is Nik.

She finally understood it as all of her pent up frustration unleashed in the form of massive squirt as even Nik was forced to stop with a grunt when her cervix immediately contracted and ruthlessly clenched against his shaft.

The pain happened to be the last attack that took down Nik's dam as Mai's squirt was immediately pushed within her own w.o.m.b through a massive ejaculation of white, hot c.u.m, branding a mark within her body that forced Mai to bow her head and raise her butt in servitude.

Once again, she reaffirmed her thoughts.

She was Mai and the only thing she needed was Nik and his hot, passionate c.o.c.k that can relieve her against her will and yet, create a space of passion that cannot be resisted.

With one last blissful m.o.a.n, Mai could distinctively feel a slight bulge just above her crotch as Nik's hot c.u.m simply refused to leave her w.o.m.b, and then, she slowly lost her consciousness. The last days had been quite stressful, but Nik happened to be the person who was caring enough to f.u.c.k her into oblivion and itch the scratch that even Azula failed to touch.

[1/19, 11:01 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 83 - Bandit



Nik felt that he wasn't a world-travelling host, but a Bandit.

After all, within a matter of a few hours, he had taken two lives, looted treasures and bedded women continuously.

If he wasn't a bandit, then who is?

There was still a bit of time before his last enlightenment session, sitting on his own mattress, Nik absent-mindedly caressed the top of Pavāka's head. The feel of her soft blonde hair was a luxury in its own that Nik dared not take for granted.

"Why cannot all the spirits be as cute as you?"

"Hmmm! That's nice! Continue! Praise me more!"

Pavāka chuckled, her back nuzzling against his lower torso while her cute butt comfortably placed with the gaps of his laps.

"Aren't you a wonderful treat!"

Nik smiled and kissed the top of her head, making Pavāka's expression extremely pleased. A wide smile on her face as she sighed.

"This feels nice."

She softly whispered.

"It does."

Nik's gaze flashed gently, his hands continued to massage her head.

"Nik?" She slowly straightened her back and tilted her face sideways, barely making eye contact with Nik and continued, "How long till you leave?"

"A little more than five months."

Pavāka nodded before nuzzling back, she didn't speak for the rest of their duration before her soft snores marked the end of their massage session and Nik scooped her over to let her sleep more comfortably.

After pulling a blanket over her, Nik shifted a bit sidewards and then took out two medallions from his inventory.

White and Green.

The white one was offered by Zhao's death while the green medallion was gained through the death of the Avatar, the bald boy.

Picking the white medallion, Nik willed to open the treasure as a soft white light touched the medallion before it floated above his palm while rotating.

Soon, the white light condensed and the medallion had already turned into three fiery red crystals.

[Fire Crystal x3 (White):

Description: Alchemy material used in the process of creating fire-related products.]

Sighing in defeat, Zhao's life and death, both were now proved to be useless.

Gazing at the green medallion, Nik could only hope that the higher grade medallion (White---> Green) could bring him something better.

The same situation occurred as the medallion glowed while floating mid-air, just that, the glow was a bit more intense, making Nik hold his breath in anticipation.

Soon, a small helmet carved with various colours fell on his laps.

Picking up the helmet, Nik could make out a soft green sheen as he calmed himself down and gazed at its description.

[Elemental Helmet (Green): 9

Description: Part of the Elemental set, can be equipped with other sets to increase the overall resistance to the elemental attacks.


13% Damage resistance towards the head.

20% elemental damage resistance.

Equip: Yes/No]

Pressing [Yes], Nik couldn't help but sigh at the irony that a bald boy would end up being a helmet. But he wasn't the type to complain.

Since he could hide the equipments over his body and only fill out the equipment space to have more mobility and get the bonuses of the equipment, the odd-looking helmet immediately vanished and he finally slicked his hair back... just like a mafia... wait, no, just like a bandit.

'Destruction of Ba Sing Se...'

Nik then started to recall all the information he had on Ba Sing Se. Since he had decided to take up the chain quest, then this meant that the other hosts are most probably dead or they were transported back after the completion of his mission.

After all, if he was given a death penalty as a failure in the condition of killing the Avatar, then the others might be also given the same condition with the requirement of saving the Avatar.

Not once did Nik think that the others might be alive because the Avatar wasn't dead in the truest sense and would definitely incarnate back.

Since the death of the baldy boy marked the success of his mission, then this meant that the quest wasn't an execution type mission but an event type mission where the physical death of a particular Avatar was needed.

'But... there might still be some alive... just like Brian. Who knows what I'll face...'

Nik sighed as the whole situation was too stressful for him. While Nik admitted that he had thoughts of returning to Mitsuko and the others' embrace, he also knew that the longer he lives, the harder the missions and quests will become.

So, he needed to get as much benefit he can during his early travels. In Nik's words— Instead of accounting for an immediate hug from Kyouko and Amano, he should be accounting for years of sessions with them.

And to have years of sessions with his beloved babes, he needed to have the required strength to stay alive and live well.

With these thoughts in his mind, Nik's conviction to destroy Ba Sing Se only grew intense.

"Sorry, Ba Sing Se, but daddy's got to pound his chicks!"

He muttered before laying on the bed and resting his mind, spirit and the body for his upcoming battle tonight.

Of course, his method of recharge was hugging the cute little Pavāka while taking a deep breath of her enchanting scent.

Yes, now he felt calm and happy, just like Pavāka, who was completely pleased with the sudden arrival of warmth and coziness.

Just like that, the duo rested in each other's embrace. Somewhere in between the rest, Pavāka was already facing Nik and had her arms over his neck.

[1/19, 11:02 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 84 - The Final Battle of The Day

As sad as Nik was, he hardened his heart and planted his lips on Pavāka's rosy cheek before pulling himself out of the bed. Covering her properly, he slowly made his way towards the chamber of his students.

Pavāka, Azula, Karna and Mai, till now, he had successfully partnered up with four beautiful and breathtaking ladies and he fully intended to continue his streak. While his interaction with Yue was a little less when compared to Pavāka and others, he did not falter, at least, not after 'establishing' the link with Mai.

When compared to Mai, Nik found out that his situation with Yue was quite good. All the signs forecasted a possible enlightening session and he wasn't going to give up on such a wonderful opportunity.

He will get another princess in his ranks, no matter what!

With an expression full of determination, Nik finally placed his hand on the door that stood in between him and his beautiful students and finally pushed the knob.

The metal gate made a grating sound before he entered the dimly lit chamber, his eyes immediately falling on Karna, whose body was covered in a thin, translucent gauze that actually exposed her nubile figure, yet, due to the flickering fire and the fact that her dark skin already looked enchanting enough, Nik couldn't help but gulp at the mixture of tomboy—milf with quite a unique and attractive figure.

But with a simple tilt of his gaze, Nik found a low-headed Yue, covered just like Karna, her modest b.r.e.a.s.ts finally revealed and her v.i.r.g.i.n p.u.s.s.y in full display, the thin gauze only elevating her s.e.x appeal.

Nik nodded seeing the duo. Instead of making Yue do what he wanted, it felt somewhat refreshing that she was already aware of his tendencies and didn't even need his gentle persuasion before going all kinds of n.a.k.e.d in front of him.

But, he felt that Yue had already shown quite a large amount of confidence to actually go along Karna in dressing in such a simple, yet, enticing manner.

"You won't regret this."

Nik stated softly, his body taking large strides to cross the distance between the duo as he decided to stand in front of Yue. Since it was her first time, it won't be good on his side to make her the third wheel while making out with her slightly more experienced— by a few hours— senior disciple.

His left hand grazing her cheek softly with the back of his palm while he looked at Karna, matching her gaze and conveying his gratitude and appreciation through his eyes.


Nik called out softly, now, both of his hands gently cupping her cheeks, but not forcing her to face up.


Yue only grunted a response. While she had been extremely outwards when it came to touching Nik and taking advantage of his, nothing to short, amazing body, she couldn't help but feel a bit of apprehension as Nik's warm hands gently covered her cheeks.

Not to mention a strange aroma that seemed to be swirling around him, his words were enough to make her body tense.

"It will be a good experience, you know."

Nik whispered as his hands slowly inched downwards towards her gauze covered body, her dark n.i.p.p.l.es were already poking out while Yue felt her face heat up in shame and embarrassment.

"Say, you wanna get a little more comfortable with Karna's help?"

Nik asked softly, by now, his hands were at the base of her neck, his thumbs gently caressing the protrusion of her collarbone and his fingers feeling Yue's smooth back.

"Getting cold feet is natural, after watching his... let's say, generous gift."

Karna shrugged as she didn't give a single thought before raising Yue's chin before sealing her lips against Yue's luscious and plump lips.

Almost immediately spanked Karna's mischievous ass before separating the duo.

"I didn't mean to kiss a scared girl, you horny woman!"

Nik rolled his eyes as Karna rubbed her butt with an indignant expression.

"How the hell did you expect me to understand?!"

Karna retorted with a snort, making Nik raise an eyebrow. To him, it looked like Karna was somewhat ready for other positions to curb her rough edges.

"Fine, fine. What I meant was to slowly let her get accustomed to us. You know what I mean?

But now, I don't wish to submit other— firsts— of Yue."

Nik immediately picked Yue while Karna only narrowed her eyes at the difference in the treatment.

Even she wished for a Princess carry, damnit!

Sighing as to not ruin the slowly developing mood, she immediately jumped onto the bed, literally, causing the dizzy Yue, who still hadn't processed her first kiss with Karna, to wake up from the shock.

Seeing Nik's already half-n.a.k.e.d visage, she couldn't help but exclaim.

"How did you undress so quickly?!"

Smiling, Nik only pushed his finger into her gauze wrapping and immediately pulled the cloth down, revealing her chocolate bunnies with cocoa toppings, making Yue stun once again.

"Like this!"

Nik grinned and immediately descended into a kiss, and as he expected, Yue's lips were nothing but an absolute delight. Soft texture enough to make a man addict to her lips, yet, the interior of her mouth, especially her tongue was quite fleshy, akin to a trap that would unintentionally catch a naive prey.

Alas, Nik was neither prey nor naive, he just wished to ravage Yue's innocent mouth, and ravage he did. Small droplets of tears slowly formed as Yue's body started feeling hot, the amazing scent that Nik possessed seemed to be working wonders with her.

Her body started feeling warm from every stroke of his hands while her mouth started wanting more of the feeling that was completely foreign to her until Nik stuck his tongue within her mouth.

Karna, on the other hand, simply felt akin to a kid that was abandoned by her parents. Her face was distraught as her thighs were tightly shut, not willing to let her drooling p.u.s.s.y react further from her vision.

She wanted a piece of action, yet, she felt that Yue should receive special care. As her thoughts started to spiral within her consciousness, she suddenly saw Nik's restricted c.o.c.k poking against Yue's belly when an idea erupted within her head.

'If it is this long... it is surely doable...'

She thought with her eyes gleaming. It seemed like it was time to return the favour.

Her hands immediately pulled Nik's pants down, much to his surprise while her hands slithered through his inner thighs and immediately gripped over his rod.


Nik exclaimed as he couldn't help but squeeze Yue's b.r.e.a.s.t when receiving such a premium service. But before he knew it, Nik felt a strain spreading across his member as Karna was actually turning his c.o.c.k behind, his length long enough to actually touch her lips.

To which, Karna gingerly started sucking on the tip of his c.o.c.k.

'Woah.' Once again, Nik was speechless. As his disciple, Karna has shown enough talent and creativity to make him proud.


With another squeeze, Nik milked out another m.o.a.n from the timid princess.

"Heh! I still remember how you pinched my n.i.p.p.l.es. Don't think you'll get off easy!"

Nik smirked while Yue immediately tried to explain.

"Wait! I am sorr—"

Her n.i.p.p.l.es were immediately twirled around by his thumb and index finger while Nik took her lolling tongue within his mouth, leaving her upper lips to be completely submitted to him.

The fun was only starting.


With each rhythmic push, Yue's m.o.a.n grew in intensity, all her fears and apprehensions were washed away as the thirst to touch and feel Nik's perfectly sculpted body remained deeply ingrained within her body and mind.

Besides them, a literal c.u.m-filled Karna laid unconscious, a thin trail of c.u.m leaking through her blissfully smiling lips while her sprawled thighs exposed her ruined p.u.s.s.y that ejected massive amounts of c.u.m every now and then.

"Ohhhh! I— hah! hnnagh! Love THIS!!!"

Yue screamed happily, her hands taken by Nik as her back pushed down. Her p.u.s.s.y continuously took the beating and the pounding of her life, yet, she couldn't help but squirt uncontrollably. Crystal clear droplets of nectar fell on the mattress while the sloshing sound of Nik's sloppy meat hitting against Yue's p.u.s.s.y continued ringing inside the room.

He had won the battle.

His students were finally enlightened.

His teachings were properly received by both— Karna and Yue.

Carnal Pleasure within their relationship is absolute!

Yue's cries would sometimes vanish with bated breaths as Nik would immediately start his rapid thrusts technique, not letting Yue fully feel a pound before tens of pounds struck her body. Her ass ripples at his spanks as her chocolate butt slowly grew a shade of crimson.

Her wonderfully soft b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled, despite their modest size while her silver hair was already dishevelled, after getting handled by Nik.

[1/19, 11:03 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 85 - Borders

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Love you guys.


"Who's a good girl! Yes, you are! You are!"

Nik smiled while patting the splendid scales of the fire-breathing salamanders. Right now, Nik was no longer dressed as a Fire Commander, but a simple Earth Kingdom citizen. A green band covered his forehead while he gently smiled as the said salamander narrowed its vertical eyelids.


"Aww! Aren't you a cutie!"

Nik continued patting the head of the foremost salamander, his body carefully placed behind the salamander's back while the other three salamanders only looked at their boss with deep envy striking their heart.

The trio salamanders had already experienced Nik's masterful hands and couldn't help but let out soft, mournful howls.


The boss immediately let out a threatening growl, squashing the uprising at its infancy.

"Wow... is he really Nik?"

Yue pointed at the youth while Karna shrugged.

"I share your shock, too"

Karna and Yue were garbed in loose-fitting green robes, meanwhile, their 'prisoners' were still in their blue robes.

After understanding the true situation of the Northern Water Tribe, Katara had immediately removed the thought of settling within the tribe, but, she was still titled a prisoner.

Since she had already lost her backing from the tribe, the Fire Kingdom, or namely, Azula couldn't stop the kingdom from torturing Katara and Sokka for insiders information.

But it was against Nik's wishes and that created quite a lot of troubles for Azula.

Not wanting his crazy babe to suffer from more mental tasks, Nik simply smiled while destroying an entire battleship before 'deserting' with the prisoners and the water tribe guests, much to the shock of 'Princess'.

Of course, Azula was scheduled to return to the Earth Kingdom within a month and then, he would be able to meet up with her and the lovely Mai and engage in their daily night wrestling.

"Ah! Look, that weird smile again."

Yue pointed out while Karna sighed heavily.

"Nik, are really alright?!"

"No, he isn't!" Before Nik could even reply, Pavāka's disgruntled voice struck within Nik's consciousness as she continued with her own anger, "He's a pervert who does not respect racial and species boundary! If this Salamander is hot enough, she will definitely get f.u.c.k.i.e.d!"

Rolling his eyes internally, Nik shook his head.

"You don't understand! Look at her shiny scales! She has been taking care of herself for so long, she deserves some of my attention."

Nik smiled and then diverted his attention to Pavāka before groaning.

"Oh, come on! I didn't think that you won't like it! It's already been 3 days!"

Pavāka and Nik were going through a bit of a rough patch. The only reason was that Nik actually decided to bind her, just the way Mai was bound while she was sleeping. Though, Nik understood that this was a major invasion of Pavāka's privacy, he was just trying a little bondage in good health.

He didn't even touch her sensually after she was completely gift-tied. But Pavāka's reaction was opposite to her usual casual and cheery self. Not only did she stop sleeping with him, but she also didn't even show herself for three days, only letting her snorts transferred to his consciousness.

In this manner, Nik lost an extremely awesome body pillow.

"Ah! I can't hear you? Is some dumb boy calling for my esteemed self?

Maybe, if he prostate, then this esteemed spirit might show herself."

Nik shrugged.

"Alright, I'll kneel." After all, his own actions caused this situation, he should at least be a man enough to face the consequences, disregarding his pride and other conscious concepts.

"Ah! I remember, a little birdie told me not to talk to a horny boi for four days!"

And that was the last of Pavāka. After whispering praises and some more sweet stuff without getting any reply, Nik finally sighed deeply and finally jumped back towards the seat.

While discontent, the leader salamander continued the journey.

"Heh~ And here I thought you had a thing for scales!"

Yue snickered as her head immediately fell on Nik's laps while she yawned lazily, immediately drifting to a wonderful dreamland. Karna, on the other hand, gazed at the pig and only cursed internally.

"So? Is Pavāka still upset?"

Karna questioned, to which, Nik only raised his shoulders in a shrug. With the partner's list accessible, the other four— Azula, Mai, Karna and Yue, were already told about Pavāka's existence. Of course, it took a few days for the girls to digest the fact that Nik's c.o.c.k was kind of spiritual since he could f.u.c.k a transcendent existence.

"Well... let's say that instead of 'spicing it up', I'll try to be a bit moderate."

At this moment, Yue shrugged and spoke from below.

"Well, in Pavāka's defence, she hates her sleep getting interrupted, not to mention, waking up bounded."

"What do you know?"

Nik snorted while Yue giggled.

"Pavāka is speaking to me and telling me things, you know!"

"Right now?"

"Right now!"

Nik sighed in defeat.


"Katara, you really alright?"

Sokka frowned as he looked at the flushed Katara.

While controlling her voice, Katara looked at her brother before her gaze started to drift southwards, almost instantly, she snapped her head up and smiled, albeit, painfully.

"I... I am fine, Sokka."

Meanwhile, Katar wanted to scream that she was feeling hot! Her n.i.p.p.l.es were twitching and her thighs were wet! But she couldn't, not to her brother!

'Maybe I should ask Karna about this...'

Katara thought internally. She felt that this was some sort of effect from learning waterbending. After all, Karna started to instruct her after they 'escaped' from the destroyer.

While Sokka and Katara were still unaware of what really happened, they were quite grateful for Nik for their escape. But of course, they still remembered how Nik fought against the Aang before he 'disappeared'.

'And... what a good scent!'

Katara took a deep breath to hide the act of her whiffing the scent deeply and almost instantly, her body started twitching all over again.

It was due to Nik's pheromone. While the girls that are already marked by Nik's s.e.m.e.n will only feel comfortable under his scent, to other girls, his scent works like an aphrodisiac that Katara didn't know about.

All the time as the group travelled, Katara has been under the effect of diluted aphrodisiac.

[1/19, 11:03 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 86 - Bone of Enlightenment

Shoutout to Alejandro for joining my patron! With that said, Thank you everyone for supporting this novel, patron or not, till now.

Love you guys.



The Salamander's pale yellow eyes bore into Sokka's terrified eyes as the youth could swear that he saw a thin trail of drool followed by a small puff of fire out of the said beast's mouth.

"She just likes to play."

Nik chuckled, leaning on the side while looking at Karna, Yue and Katara practicing waterbending. Out of the trio, only Yue held a silverish glow as the movement of water tendrils was a bit awkward.

Of course, he enjoyed the sight of their bandaged bosoms and open hair, in some way, this scene could be regarded as a bunch of girls throwing water at each other, except, the moment the water struck, they would gain an additional whip-like mark.

"Woah! Bro! Are you sure that Miss Karna and Yue, both are your... uhmm?"

Sokka got closer to Nik and asked with a dirty smile, to which, Nik simply shrugged. Honestly, even though Sokka's personally was a bit refreshing, the only reason Nik tolerated the goofy dude was for the fact that he wanted to make him his brother-in-law.

"Well, yeah. If you play your cards right, you might end up lucky."

"For real? Just playing your cards right?"

Sokka frowned and went into deep thought before looking at Nik.

"I don't have any cards."

"You are 18, right?"

"Yeah." Sokka nodded before another Salamander approached the duo, this one much larger in size.

"Oh, Ignit is back."

Nik smiled and walked up to the salamander before placing his hand on the underside of its large jaws while rubbing the soft underside, much to Ignit's joy.

"Dude! Don't go off topic!"

Sokka immediately rushed, partly, to understand Nik's trade secret, and also, to get away from the annoyed Salamander that was obviously pissed by its leader— Ignit.

"Tell you what, the moment we enter Omashu, I'll get you hooked up."

"You would do that? For me?"

Sokka looked at Nik, speechless, while his eyes slowly glistened.

"I really misunderstood you! Man, you're the best!"

He immediately jumped towards Nik and hugged him hard!

"Oi! Get away! Ignit, roast him real nice—"

Before Nik could complete his sentence, Sokka had already jumped away and vanished into the caravan.

Nik made a weird expression at such a display. It wasn't like Ignit was truly going to roast you.


He tilted his head and patted the Salamander.

The trio continued their practice for two more hours before they felt drained. Especially Yue, since she wasn't using the Gravity the way it was supposed to be used. The main method of utilisation, according to Nik, was supposed to be more in the department of control instead of actually bending gravity to form 'tendrils' or 'balls' of gravity.

But Nik did not know the correct martial method to slowly accustom himself with attuning himself to gravity and control it. He was more barbaric in this sense as he simply utilised the elemental energy to control the Gravity.

Therefore, his assistance towards Yue was the least.

By now, all Yue could do was slowly grow more proficient in the martial method of waterbending while using her affinity with Gravity to control the water as much as she can. This caused the original two-step bending to be transformed into three-step bending.

"You really worked hard."

Nik smiled as he passed Yue a cloth and gently kissed her on the cheek. Did Nik ever mention that Yue was completely soft?

Like literally soft. He could squeeze any part of her body and he would feel refreshed. In this department, Yue could compare to the softest existence in the world— Pavāka.


Yue grinned, a flush on her cheeks, yet, such a display did alleviate much of her mental strain.


Karna coughed before looking at Nik with a blank expression.

"What are you looking at? You are the oldest, you are supposed to be hardworking."

Nik rolled his eyes as Karna immediately took the towel out of his hands and pulled him in, of course, Nik let her pull him, closing the distance while her expression demanded her cheeks to be soothed by his lips.

Planting one gentle kiss, Nik grinned before Karna's smile returned as she gave a short peck on his lips.

"Here's the sweet, honey. Keep me happy and there'll be more."

Karna whispered as her hands did grow bold and patted Nik's butt before winking.

"Then I'll be sure to service you a lot more. How does a midday session in a lake sounds?"

To this, Karna's smile finally turned a bit stoic before she pinched Nik's butt in retaliation, and honestly, he simply enjoyed it. After all the pinching he has done, he deserved a bit of attention, too.

Of course, all the while, Katara only looked around awkwardly. Since Sokka wasn't standing out there, for which, she'll surely skin him for, Katara could only smile at Yue awkwardly while Nik and Karna spent a few moments of affection.

"Ah! You're making Katara uncomfortable!"

Yue immediately shouted and pointed out, which only increased her awkwardness.

As Katara nodded at Karna before taking her leave, she did take a deep breath once again to hide the sound of her nose sucking in Nik's breathless scent. But of course, she didn't dare show any outwards reaction for she still didn't believe Nik completely.

In fact, from what she has heard while her short stay in the Destroyer, Nik had not only betrayed the Earth Kingdom to join the Fire Nation, he has also acted as a spy for the Fire Nation during his trip to the Water Tribe before he had betrayed the Fire Nation all together.

Of course, the moment the Water Tribe found out Nik's affiliation with the Fire Nation, it was rumoured that the Chieftain was removed from his position for he was the one who allowed Nik to gain affinity with Water.

But strangely, the treaty still stood strong. Of course, after Katara found how heavily she would be restricted in the tribe, she decided to accept Karna's offer and started learning the secrets of Waterbending from Karna.

But that did not mean that she trusted Nik, who had officially betrayed all the existing kingdoms/tribe.

In fact, Katara was already prepared if it was ever known that Nik had never betrayed the Earth Kingdom or the Fire Nation.

But... God that SCENT!

Even now, Katara had trouble walking and she was extremely thankful that she was currently wet from all the training so others couldn't see her other sources of wetness. But Nik's scent was akin to a cloud of drug that was slowly turning into an unhealthy addiction.

As a grown-up, Katara was well aware that there were ways to alleviate herself of such physical tension, but two out of three options were immediately crossed out.

'Looks like I'll have to fill my water bottle again tonight...'

She sighed heavily while living in the misconception that Nik couldn't find out about her moist thighs.

He could smell a horny woman miles apart.

After all, Nik was a simple, horny dog.

His strengths were his nose and his...

Bone of Enlightenment.

[1/19, 11:06 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 87 - Omashu

A peculiar caravan moved by four salamanders made its way through the dense forest. The Salamanders presence was enough to scare the wild beasts occupying the above-mentioned patch of forest, but being a valuable beast, the caravan soon attracted unwanted presence.


Four burly men immediately jumped out from their hiding places and smiled at Nik maliciously.

In the end, the result was the bandit group's total annihilation.

Of course, Nik left them with their lives, after all, Ignit and the Trio Fury Salamanders were safe and sound.


The trews grew sparse and the land started to look a bit cracked and rougher as Nik's caravan made its way towards Omashu. After a while, Nik's group finally entered into a clearing with the cracked ground and in front of the trio's eyes stood a behemoth of a city constructed in the shape of a tower while thick earthen walls surrounded the perimeter.

Omashu, one of the strongest cities of the Earth Kingdom that is able to keep its autonomy even during the siege phase of Ba Sing Se.

This city was simply one of the stops where Nik had to stock up his supplies before moving forward. Since the remaining part of the journey included crossing a desert before arriving at the designated location.

If Nik was still with the Fire Nation, he could have simply used one of the many vehicles created to cross the desert, but for now, he had to make do with his precious salamanders and that meant that he needed to buy enough supply for a week's journey and also enough equipments to keep the salamanders safe from the harsh climate of the Desert.


As Nik's turn came to enter the city, he was immediately stopped outside the gates, the guards looked at Nik before carefully examining him and his group and then turned their grim eyes towards the four Salamanders.

"Where did you get these monsters?!"

One of the guards spoke up, clearly agitated as his voice shook, not from fear, but rage. If Nik hadn't chosen to change his attire and the fact that even Karna and Yue wore simple green clothes, their group would have been attacked.

After all, the water tribe officially turned against the Earth Kingdom after joining hands with the Fire Nation and now, every single water tribe member within the Earth Kingdom faced a threat to their lives, causing them to flee to the Fire Nation or return back to the Tribe.

And in such manner, the merchants and other administrative positions that were held by talented water tribe members were left hastily, creating a gap within the once robust economy of the Earth Kingdom.

"Hmm? Loot, my good man! I killed a bunch of Fire shits and got these babies as my prize!"

Nik grinned. He wasn't wrong. While he returned to the border of the Earth Continent using a battleship, he actually raided a small Fire Nation camp stationed along the continent's perimeter and looted a lot of stocks and this particular caravan before he was able to start his journey.

"Hah? A pretty boy killing fire shits?

You think we're blind? Get down here!"

The other guard hissed. The lance within his hand moved towards Nik to threaten him and yet, simply looked at him while a mighty pressure exploded over the duo guards. Of course, Nik didn't shift the gravity around them too much. Only by a few decimals and they had a hard time coping with the change.

"A pretty boy isn't only good in bed, you know."

Nik shrugged as the Guards retreated hastily, but instead of anger, they simply nodded and let him pass, meanwhile, appreciation grew within their eyes.

Nik's strength was easy to understand and the guards only felt grateful when they linked his strength to his statement of killing a bunch of Fire Soldiers.

"That was anti-climactic. But... I want to learn it."

Yue sighed as she felt a similar force within her, but she simply couldn't control the Gravity around her so easily.

"It's not all that easy, you know. The moment you shifted the Gravity too much, you will find that you had accidentally committed a murder."

Nik shrugged.

"Yeah. But first..."

Karna didn't even complete her sentence as her glimmering eyes looked around with her heart filled with excitement. Various stores and stalls immediately attracted Karna's and Yue's attention. Clothes, foods and cultural accessories.

There were also a lot of stores dealing in weaponry but such stores were royally ignored by the girls.

"Say, should we first go find a nice place to eat? I am hungry... a lot."

The moment they entered, Sokka opened the small metal window cutout on the front of the caravan and spoke with a sad look. The rumbles of his stomach were already becoming a pain in the ass for Katara and now it was also starting to annoy Nik and Yue.

Meanwhile, Karna was simply thankful that the growls of her own stomach were overshadowed by Sokka's outrageous stomach.

"Sure thing."

Nik slowly led the caravan at the higher levels of the city as most of the citizens immediately gave way after looking at the malevolent faces of the salamanders.

Evidently, Ignit and her party were also famished.

Soon, Nik found a hospitable spot that was willing to let his Salamander caravan park outside their establishment, of course, this took a lot of coins in his budget, but still, Nik had many more, credits to the numerous bandits he had looted during the way.

Ordering the largest serving of Elephant Koi, one of the most famous delicacies in the Earth Kingdom, for each one of his precious, Nik led the girls and the siblings inside the establishment to finally fill their stomachs to the brim.

[1/19, 11:07 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 88 - The Restaurant Incident

A/N: This scene is the mandatory restaurant incident scene and is, of course, a cliche. Let this author partake in the entourage, too.


"Please take this seat. A waiter would be taking your order soon."

The host smiled and left with giddy steps. After all, it isn't easy to come across a 25 coin tip and for Nik's generous tip, he received a seat in well-lit area with the lower levels of the city visible from the location.

Of course, Sokka and Nik were forced to sit together while the girls took the three seats opposite to them and took the small board that had today's dishes, main dish and the chef's recommendation written over it.

"I want to try this Cat Hen leg and a plate of Dry Pineapple!"

Yue immediately picked two dishes while Katara smiled.

"You should probably try the raspberry blend alongside these two."

"Eh? You know about these dishes?"

Karna and Yue looked at Katara, who simply shrugged.

"Well, we ate a lot while we traveled..."

Katara stopped in her tracks as the surroundings grew awkward while Nik rubbed his chin and spoke slowly.

"I'll probably try the same thing as Ignit. A large serving of Elephant Koi."

"What? You do not want to try that, dude. Not only does it feel a bit hard to chew, but it also fills your stomach way too quickly."

Sokka immediately spoke while Nik shrugged.

"If they can eat it, why shouldn't I?"

This time, Karna spoke with an exasperated expression.

"Nik... your tendencies are growing way out of hand. You should try something else, what do you think, Katara? Any recommendations?"

While Katara took a moment to realise that Aang may have disappeared just like the previous Avatar, she sighed loudly and pointed at three dishes once again.

"Why don't you try a platter of roasted Koi Tail with a bowl of chili soup and peanut plateau as a dessert?"

As Nik frowned, a shrill voice suddenly broke their chat.

"I said, I want to take that Table! And now that you tried to stop me, I WILL SIT ON THAT TABLE!!"

Though arrogant, the high-pitched voice felt nothing but disturbing as Nik strained his neck upwards to look past the girls and found a thin youth garbed in extravagant green robes followed by a group of rowdy youths that gave no f.u.c.ks about the elder host trying to persuade them.

"Well... isn't he the rude one."

Sokka muttered while Nik shrugged.

"Let's just change the seats."

Nik shrugged and got up, meanwhile, Sokka looked at him with quite a shocked expression, making him frown.

"What? Anything on my face?"

Nik asked out while Sokka shook his head.

"I just thought that you would kick his ass."

"Fighting a group just to win a seat in a restaurant. Sorry, I am not that bored."

Nik shrugged while Yue and Karna nodded seriously after hearing Nik's words. In reality, the two girls were ready to help Nik should the need arise, but Nik's statement opened a new oath if thinking for them.

He was right. Why should he even bother arguing about a table seat? He can simply change the seat and save himself from the trouble of arguing with an idiot and then dirtying his hand if things grew physical.

"See? Now back off! I like that seat!!!"

The youth immediately rushed towards the seat and sat at the corner most seat and looked at the lower levels of the city with rather excited eyes. But after a few moments, he looked towards Nik and grinned.

"Yo! Thanks, man! Hey, boss, his group's meals are on my tab!"

He immediately waved at the host before raising his cup of water towards Nik and smiling happily. Nik shrugged with a smile and raised his own glass before ordering a few dishes when a waiter came running towards them.

"He is... quite the pleasant one."

Karna muttered while Nik smiled.

"Well, this is what happens when you avoid fights. You make friends."

Nik looked at Sokka and then whispered a few words into his ears and almost instantly, it looked like Sokka was pumped with adrenaline as he immediately nodded like a grinning monkey.

"What did you say?"

Katara finally couldn't keep her curiosity within herself and looked at Nik with a puzzled expression.

"Nothing, it was a gift for Sokka."


Sokka smiled happily as he emptied his glass of water. Meanwhile, Yue snorted.

"Hmph! I saw Nik grinning like that when we— anyway, it isn't anything good."

Karna nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah, Nik is a dirty-minded person. If Sokka is this happy, it must be something dirty."

"Oh, come on." Nik grinned with evil intentions clear on his face while Sokka stood up and made his way towards the thin youth, attracting Katara's puzzled expression while Nik continued, "You guys aren't saints, you know, after all, we—"

"Not a word, 'Master'."

Karna smiled, yet the vein popping over her hands and forearms spoke a different story.

"Yeah! You da bully!"

Yue shrunk her neck and spoke timidly, a flush evident on her face while the thin youth's loud laughter attracted the group's attention. The youth nodded at Sokka and whispered a few words while his friends also smiled at Sokka warmly before he returned with a triumphant smile.

"Hehe! We got it!"

"I never doubted you."

Nik grinned as they gave each other a brofist before the dishes soon filled the entire table. Of course, as the chat started to steer away from the topic of their whispers, the girls' curiosity wasn't the least bit satiated.


The group soon left the restaurant and made their way towards the inn. The strangest thing was that Sokka already seemed to know the directions of the inn, which caused a few creases to form over Katara's forehead. And the fact that this time, Karna and Yue were asked to sit inside the caravan instead of accompanying Nik was quite strange.

Opening a tiny slit of the short metal window, Katara placed her index finger over her lips and looked at Karna and Yue, hinting then to be silent while she peeked on Sokka and Nik, who were whispering something in each other's ears.

But after hearing a few words— Katara's face paled in disbelief as she hastily backed away.

"What happened?"

Karna. immediately asked out. Between Katara and the duo, it could be said that Karna was quite appreciative of Katara's talents and decisiveness. But she couldn't help but wonder what could she have heard to look so frightened.

And the most disturbing thing to Yue and Karna was when Katara looked at the duo with a small amount of pity hidden within her gaze.

'How could... they have fun with themselves... especially Nik... to go after Sokka with Karna and Yue by her sides...'

As Katara imagined the scene of her brother and Nik...


Her body unconsciously shook as she felt dizzy and fell back on her seat, unable to speak any words after almost imagining the forbidden image.

It didn't take long to find the lavish Inn that was actually willing to accept Nik's salamanders and they were quickly settled in three different rooms. While Sokka was shocked that after so much travel, Katara would ask for a different room, he also felt fortunate due to his expected guest tonight.

Meanwhile, Karna and Yue simply stuck themselves with Nik. After all, they didn't need to fight for the pillows. Yue would sleep on Nik's left arm while Karna would occupy his right, officially numbing Nik's upper limbs to comfort themselves.

Katara, on the other hand, felt quite an urgency to find a private room after Nik's scent seemed to explode. This was the major reason she asked for a different room. Now that she finally found a comfortable place, she fully intended to make use of such a location.

Also, after hearing Sokka's whispers, Katara felt that Sokka also would have been holding himself back for quite a long time and if Nik was accommodative enough then she could only give them her blessings.

Of course, Katara was quite frustrated at the thought of Sokka monopolising Nik's sweet-scented body. Gah! She needed to reach her room, QUICK!

[1/19, 11:08 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 89 - Worries

After a relaxing bath in Karna's and Yue's company, Nik and the duo practically glowed as they immediately slumped over the bed with a synchronised 'Oomph'.

No action took place during the bath because aside from being a horny teen, Nik was considerate enough to understand the difference between his own physical limits and his partner's physical restrictions.

Karna and Yue's bodies needed a nice long sleep to fully relax their entire system and get refreshed completely before starting another session. Of course, Nik really wanted to go a few rounds nonetheless, but still, barely managed to keep his own body in check.

If s.e.x was the only thing he wanted from his partners, he didn't have any need to find and interact with the girls like he does now. All he needed was to spend a few coins on a local 'd.i.c.k-bender', charm her through his s.e.x.u.a.l prowess while use his mind-altering pheromone to seduce her into a partnership.

That simple.

There was no need to stay away from the seven women he started to truly care about and he could easily manipulate the feelings of other women he meets during his adventures.

But if Nik really walked down that path, how different would he be from his previous self? The self that was willing to ignore Megumi's cries while forcefully taking her within her own house, the self that still lived in the shadows of his own past.

The answer is— Not different at all. While Nik did manage to let go of his obsession over his father, if he really started completing the Affiliation Quest at the expense of the emotions of other beings that are willing to put their trust in him, then maybe, he would have stooped even lower than his previous self.

The thought itself was quite conflicting for Nik. On one hand, he really wished to use his skills and be done with it. At the end of the road, Nik knew what he would be facing. His time in this world was limited, so was his interaction with the girls.

And there was no way Nik could sleep peacefully after leaving his girls in am entirely different planet.

While the sudden introduction of the Harem really solved Nik's most prioritised worry, this led Nik to understand that rounding his girls up wasn't the most difficult task.

The most difficult task of all was to convince them to leave with him.

No, Nik wasn't sure that he could actually allow the other girls to transport to a different world, yet, he would have the means to keep them with him, even if they don't move or actually stay close to him physically.

But that would require the girls to lose everything. Convincing them to leave with him meant that he would be asking the girls to give up on everything, their families, ambitions, dreams and most of all, their freedom.

And the thought of satiating his own worries at the expense of their freedom made Nik disgust himself.

There was quite a lot of time before their appointment with the thin young master while Karna and Yue immediately slept the moment their body touched the bed. Of course, in their sleep, they did slowly twisted their body to become more comfortable.

By now, Nik had categorised the girls into two kind of sleepers— The digger, the blanket.

Yue, being a digger, would always end up pushing her limbs below Nik's body, making him quite uncomfortable while Karna, on the other hand, was the blanket. She would always end up placing more of her body above him.

But Nik didn't have it within him to wake them up. And honestly, once a person gets used to the digger's actions, in this case, Yue's antics, Nik's body itself would want Yue to push her hands beneath his back while pushing her feet through the underside of his knees.

Somehow, even Nik started to feel drowsy.



Nik grunted as he felt Yue and Karan clung onto him, vertically, one below and one above, as he finally realised that he himself fell asleep.

A silent yawn immediately touched his lips, opening his mouth wide as the unruly knocks only grew more and more restless.

But even then, Nik took a moment to realise that how a single nap had actually refreshed his mind to a great extent and even relieved him of his moral conflict. He already came to an answer— Instead of worrying of the future, might as well complete the ten hookups before actually gaining the harem.

After all, if he doesn't obtain the harem, all his worries would have been for naught, since, instead of taking the girls with him, he would have no other choice to leave them behind him and Nik was absolutely sure that it would be extremely difficult to return to the same world once again.

After all, each successful world travel brings quite a lot of benefits, but it also raises the bar. Since Nik had already completed the main mission and the fact that this world was only a Rank 1 world, he was sure that once Nik returned, the system would send him to a different, challenging world.

After all, even at rank 1, there are quite a few differences within the same rank.

Slowly pulling Karna over Yue, near enough to make both, the digger and the blanket, interact with each other, Nik jumped up from the bed, still, with his upper body exposed, Nik opened the door in annoyance only to find an anxious Sokka.

"Dude! Why aren't you ready yet?"

Sokka immediately tried getting into his room in anxiousness only to get stopped by Nik with his hand on Sokka's shoulder.

"Just wait a minute, I'll get ready in a minute."

Nik replied while covering his mouth as another yawn opened his mouth wide.

"Fine! Just hurry, we're already a few minutes late."

He grumbled into an agreement, in fact, Sokka did consider leaving Nik and enjoying the night alone but the revelation that he had no 'game' made it harder for Sokka to actually leave Nik's side.

Even now, Sokka was quite embarrassed to admit that not only Nik's face was quite handsome, but even his body could many people to shame.

After washing his face and covering Karna and Yue, Nik put on his greenish tunic before combing his hair back.

'Damn... I really need a barber...'

Nik thought while looking at the condition of his hair and his facial hair.

'Well... a beard is always a yes.'

He rubbed his chin before a few knocks made him sigh.

'Can't a man appreciate his own beauty? Sokka needs to learn patience, after all, nobody loves a premature ejaculation.'

Nik gave his whole outfit another look before he left the room with the excited Sokka.

[1/19, 11:10 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 90 - Scarlet Street

"So cool~!"

Stars decorated Min's eyes as he looked at the scaly beasts that could destroy a human with a single breath of fire. Behind Min, his childhood goons also shared his passion, but unlike him, the trio goons also feared that the salamanders might roast their own little group.

Min, the humble young master that paid for today's lunch wore a luxurious jade-green robe with a golden-bear embroidered on its surface while a gold-green hat covered his head.

"See? Aren't they cool?"

While Sokka did not share Min's passion, he was supposed to be tonight's guide, so, Sokka decided to throw him a bone but still refrained from touching the scales of the salamanders.

"Extremely! So, your name is Nik, right? Thanks for this afternoon, man. Every afternoon, my crush passes that street.

Sorry if I got a bit rude, but that is the only time when I can look at her."

Min bowed deeply while Nik had a hard time comforting the Salamanders to not bite Min's head off for his rudeness of touching their prized scales. Only Nik was allowed to touch them, not anyone else.

"No problem. Why don't you hop up, I would need directions to reach the Scarlet Street."

Min nodded excitedly while Sokka and the Three Goons entered the carriage.

With a gentle tap, Ignit immediately growled to gain the attention of her own three goons and soon made way within the streets of the Omashu while enjoying the terror-stricken expression on the faces of commoners.


Every now and then, Ignit would even let out small puffs of fire that would be immediately followed by screams of terror only furthering Nik's headache. Min, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying their faces.

He was rotten, Nik concluded while only sighing happily at how much fun Ignit was having.

It was a hypocritical thought, Nik admitted, but with him staying in this world for only five more months, he wanted to indulge Ignit into all her desires. If she wanted to scare humans, Nik would dress Ignit as a mummy to increase the impact. If Ignit wanted to eat a Dragon's meat, Nik would immediately cook a fish to satiate her hunger and knocking her head for having such a suicidal thought.

Soon, the sight of the commoners grew less while rich and lavish people took the spots of the street, but all the money in the world couldn't stop then from screaming like a little girl when Ignit actually nudged the back of their heads before grinning, showing off her impeccable set of teeth.

"Min! I swear to god— Aaaghhhh! It's coming here!!!!!"

A youth immediately screamed while leaving a group of girls, the youth seemed to recognise Min, but even then, he ran away in terror.

"Nik, would you be interested in selling—"


Nik immediately shrugged and soon found a parking spot of the caravan. The shop that actually allowed such a notorious caravan to park happened to be one of the many chains of Min's father— Nim.

Ignoring their naming sense, for he didn't have the right to judge Min's father's name, Nik and Sokka followed Min's lead and soon entered a lavish establishment with an actual pink-pigmented stone. Nik couldn't read what was written on it, but seeing Sokka's expression and a huge blush on his face, Nik concluded that it could be anything but ordinary.

"Welcome to the Earthen Swamp Hole!"

'Well, the name isn't THAT inciting...'

Nik thought as the burly man who could only be categorised as the jumper of the place greeted the group and made way for them after his trained eyes fell on Min standing beside Nik.

Unlike the plain entryway, the place, no, the bar was barely lit with many earthen platforms erected with sturdy poles placed on the centre of the platform. The moment they stepped in, the calm environment was broken by loud cheers and whistles, somehow, the bar had managed to level-up the game of traditional music as the volume of the rocky music was way comparable to the modern music system.

And there they were, lithe bodies, barely covered rolling around the poles while dexterous hands pocketing each and every coin thrown towards them. Not to mention the sweepers that would regularly collect all the coins that adorned the platform itself.

Somehow, Nik's group managed to stand out as most of the occupants of this place could be categorised as old, rich type. Some obese, some so thin that Nik had to wonder if they even had enough vitality to make their little brother enjoy the lap dance that the individual enchanters were performing for a higher tip.

But there was something that Nim had to agree with. This place was definitely amazing.

A full buffet with a tipping system for alcohol, not to mention the sturdy bartender that refused to have any unsolicited activities in the bar itself, keeping the place carnal, yet professional.


Sokka whistled while whispering to Nik, the damn guy couldn't even understand for the fact that if Nik couldn't even hear him in such a loud atmosphere.

Bringing his face closer to Sokka's ears, he finally shouted with frustration.

"Speak up, will you?!"

"Right, sorry! I was saying that I don't think that I need to have any games to find a hookup, right?"

Nik nodded as he already found several gazes on their group. Partly because of the fact that Min's luxurious robes and young age made him one of the most desired customers and the other that Nik was hot enough to enter their eyes even without any visible show of money.

"You don't need game, but coins. I promised you a hookup." Nik grinned at Sokka while Min had already made his way towards one of the platforms, his fist clenching a lot of coins, ready to be thrown the moment the darling showed her bits while his other hand already munching on meat.

"Here you go!"

Nik threw him a pouch of coins, and as if Sokka had become the most beautiful man the lonely girls had ever met, they immediately flocked him akin to moths crowding a flame.

Smiling at Sokka's foolish expression, Nik could only think that this night may as well be his most memorable night.

"Any local speciality?"

Nik took a seat and tapped the table while speaking loudly towards the bartender, the dark-haired middle-aged man smiled and nodded. Putting up four of his fingers, he then proceeded to prepare a drink in one of the earthen cups that seemed to be laced with a drug that increased the potency of the alcohol.

Placing four coins, Nik waited for the drink while Sokka had already disappeared into one of the private chambers.

'Isn't he the chosen one?'

Nik chuckled at his own dull-humour, in such a place, what else could he do? In fact, even though he might look all freshened up, but such a rowdy place brought memories that Nik didn't want to recall.

Replace the old obese and thin old men with a similar type of women and then, replace luscious women with studs, and there you have it, Nik's nightmare.

A nightmare he lived every day from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening before he was scheduled to private chambers.

Plural, yes.

Sighing heavily, Nik gulped the content of the cup and felt his throat sting with the spiciness as his face recovered a bit of its natural color, but due to the dim lights, nobody managed to find out his anxiety.

Well, the lovely lady that sat beside him had a whole different mindset, though.

Brushing her long black hair behind, the woman looked at Nik with a rather bold gaze, her crop top and long battle skirt pointed out how she wasn't affiliated to the place, and yet, the woman managed to spank one of the plump asses walking past her and grinned at the bartender and placed a pouch on the counter.

Smiling, the bartender immediately went into motion while the surrounding men, what Nik presumed them to be— merchants and administrators— gave way to the woman, fear visible in their eyes even in such an ill-lighted area.

"Yo, handsome? Is that disgust I smell?"

She grinned at Nik before tapping her nose with her index finger, attracting Nik's attention towards arm sleeves that reached up to her supple biceps her crop top started.

"I am June, what's your name, handsome?"