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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 91 - The Strongest Mercenary

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"I am Nik, looking good, June!"

Nik replied in an equally loud voice, causing June to smirk and gulp the contents of the cup as quickly as it was filled.

Passing one of the many cups slowly being filled in front of her, June raised her cup towards Nik before gulping the drink in one go, once again.

"This place has booze and women! So? What happened? You definitely look sad."

Nik pondered while gazing at the cup before matching June's pace and drank the contents in one go. Unlike the previous spicy drink, the current alcohol immediately made his mouth go dry before his throat caught fire that soon heated his body.

"Nothing much, some bad memories. What about you? This place has girls and booze, not guys.

What are you doing here?"

Smiling at Nik, she winked before pointing at other old and obese men.

"Who said there aren't men? But this time, I think I finally found a nice target."

"I am flattered!"

Nik and June raised their cups before draining the contents. Of course, Nik has been supplying a steady stream of coins to cover his part of the tab.

It was also at this moment, the traditional music stopped while the lights slowly grew brighter. As if understanding what was going on, the center of the bar was soon emptied and the all the girls, as scantily dressed they may be, started serving each and every customer a part of the buffet.

Of course, those with a large number of pouches were also served personal lap dances with round butts moving and grinding their crouch seductively, their bosom exposed for everyone to witness them jiggle.

Meanwhile, in the centre of the bar, a rowdy man soon smacked the table and sat on one of the two chairs, his eyes scanned the crowds before his gaze fell on June.

"Oi, June! Get your ass down here! This time, I'll be the one to take the victory to my babe!"

He winked at the dark-skinned woman, whose hands were running across the exposed chest of a middle-aged man, who, in return, gave the man a disgusted look before cooing to the bald obese merchant.


June rolled her eyes and stood up, a large part of her hair covered the right side of her face. Giving a seductive wink to Nik, she moved her h.i.p.s sensually while taking a seat next to the burly man, whose biceps, allegedly, housed wriggling veins that were thick enough to become a young child's fingers.

They both rested their right elbows on the table before gripping each other's palm, and instantly, the crowd started chanting.





June and the burly man put their strength in their arm only for June to push the man's arm down easily.

She won, instantly.

Even Nik was surprised, but all the people present seemed to be unimpressed, as if they are used to such loss of muscular men.

Taking another shot of whatever the drink was, Nik finally felt a bit light-headed and looked at the scrawny Min approaching him.

"Where's Sokka?"

He looked at him with a quizzical expression only to find Nik pointing at one of the particular chambers, making Min smile widely.

"Good for him! He seemed quite pent-up. Though, I wonder with your group, shouldn't you guys be much 'refreshed'?"

At his words, Nik couldn't help but shrug. During their travels in the wild, Nik, Karna and Yue did some crazy things. Things that he was proud of, but the same thing couldn't be said for Sokka and Katara.

Sokka wouldn't touch his sister and Nik's presence made it so that he wouldn't even dare to think of Karna and Yue even in his dreams, making him quite frustrated, s.e.x.u.a.lly.

Now, by taking three women directly, it seemed that he wanted to relieve himself and also empty as much as he can to not feel the same torture in his future journey.

"Well, I am refreshed, but Sokka's sister is in our group, so he had to hold up."

"Sad. Well, this is one of the many specialties of this place. The One Woman Arm Wrestling."

Min spoke while pointing at June, who was already locking her hands with a scar-faced man who seemed to be glaring at June with hatred.

"Oh, so she defeats guys in arm wrestling?"


He nodded while pointing at the rich merchants cheering loudly.

"And, she also laps up customer interested in her strength. This way, she soon took the title of the strongest mercenary in the entire Earth Kingdom."

"The Strongest?"

Nik raised an eyebrow while walking towards the table.

A natural, yet rare flush touched his cheeks while he patted the shoulder of the fallen man while sitting across the table placing his right elbow on the table.

"I don't know if I should call you gutsy or foolish?"

"Just call me Nik. Either way, let me have some fun, too."

Nik smiled and grabbed June's hand easily, their stature was almost the same with Nik sporting a muscular frame while June being a lean woman with curvaceous assets.

Licking her luscious red lips, June grinned and waited for the countdown to be finished.

"Alright, have it your way, Nik. Although, I don't take losers home with me."

As the chant finished, Nik grinned and immediately pushed June's hand downwards, disregarding the astounding strength that forced many men to cry under her grip.

"Well aren't you lucky, I don't distinguish a woman based on their victory or loss... I just take them."

The entire bar fell silent while even June looked at her own arm in astonishment. She couldn't understand what was going one.

Her arm failed her? She, who has ruined man and women alike. The slayer who hunted wildest of beasts and richest of humans alike, taking their heads as a trophy to exchange for money.

How could she fail?

The only reasonable explanation that came to her mind was that Nik was stronger than her.

And looking at his lazy expression, he seemed to be way too strong.

She could fail a stinging sensation from the back of her hand that was slammed against the table and even then, her hand seemed to be gripping Nik's hand tightly.

"So? What happens when a man wins? Does he gets the fortune to witness your home?"

His dry chuckle brought June back to reality as she slowly left Nik's hand and took a deep breath. The merchants and strippers alike stood in their tracks.

One particular old man, who was sucking at the generous bosom of a paled skin teen seemed to forget the action of sucking and simply kept her teets within his mouth.

"Nik... won."

Min had a hard time believing while he immediately thanked all the gods and spirits that graced him this afternoon for keeping Nik reasonable. If they had really fought over a seat of a restaurant, Min didn't know how many broken bones he would have taken back to his home.

"Holy!" The old man immediately removed his face from the teen's perky b.r.e.a.s.ts and shouted out loud, causing a chain reaction within the bar.


"Eh? Everything is silent?"

Sokka exclaimed as he immediately grunted, taking a fistful of the redhead's hair, he immediately slammed his rod deep within her warm snatch while the blonde and the brunette licked his chest, their hands massaging his butt while the redhead's soft and mellow m.o.a.ns slowly riled Sokka further.

'Oh, shit! I didn't know s.e.x felt this good!'

Sokka exclaimed inwardly when he felt the tight p.u.s.s.y clamping onto him, almost making his c.u.m deep into her w.o.m.b while his thoughts slowly spiralled across every woman he had ever met during his journey.

Sadly, due to Aang and his destiny, Sokka was forced by Katara to travel, missing on such a wonderful opportunity.

'I really wish Aang also tried s.e.x before he disappeared.'

He thought of the disappeared Avatar one last time before starting to enjoy his time with the trio. The night was young, so was he, and he now decided to make every single moment of his life fun.

With girls, of course.

'Should I also find a girlfriend for my travels?'

He couldn't help but think like this, after all, Katara and Sokka knew what and when the trio did during the journey.

Their m.o.a.ns and the sound of flesh hitting against each other was quite easy to recognise, making the siblings feel awkward.

'I really should get a girlfriend.'

Sokka grew determined.

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[1/22, 6:20 AM] I Am Horlawahley: 
Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 92 -
Hiring a Mercenary (1)
"Who would've thought *hic*"

June soaked her mouth with Alcohol, her face flushed with warmth while her dazed eyes still focused on Nik, specifically, his arms.


Alcohol finally dulled Nik's mind, something he himself allowed since he was here to relax. Of course, a small part of his body did dread the hangover he would have to bear tomorrow morning, but with another swipe of the cup, his fears were drowned in spicy drink.

"He he, aren't you the handsome one."

A brunette with small bits covering her was latched onto Nik's back, her hand bypassing his thin tunic while letting her lithe hands run across his chest and allowing her to feel his abs, one by one, making her eyes narrowed in satisfaction.

"Honey, I am not interested in the company, I told you, remember?"

Nik grunted and pulled her back only for the brunette to eye him hungrily.

"It's not business, darling, but pleasure."

She cooed softly, appearing to be in pleasure much more than pain while her hands slithered back up, gently pinching Nik's, making June raise an eyebrow while she drank another cup in frustration.

After the performance Nik presented coupled with the fact that his face was quite charming and the way he ordered the drinks generously really made him the prime target for all the chicks in the bar, but his persistence of enjoying June's company, not to mention June's feral growl, made every single enchantress retreat, except for this particular one.

"Hey, didn't I tell you! Hands off!"

June finally stood up, her words slurring into a drunken daze while her hands gripped the brunette's hand and pulled them out of Nik's tunic.

"What gives?"

The brunette hissed as she tried to struggle out of June's grip only to feel her wrist getting clenched even tighter.

Looking at her pained expression, Nik sighed.

"Alright, alright."

He stood up groggily while placing his hand on June's while patting her shoulder with the other hand.

"Let's get a room!"

Nik grinned and disregarded the frustrated enchantress, picking the stunned June and slinging her over his shoulders, giving her round and perky bottom a tight slap without any care for the surroundings. If nothing else, Nik fmsaw many couples doing even more lewd things that still didn't cross the lines of s.e.x.u.a.l mating.


June simply groaned while she felt her head hanging against her skull, the spank only worsened her headache, but the sting on her butt did make her feel a bit sober.

"Ah, wait! There are already customers there!"

One of the enchantresses yelled seeing Nik's destination. Opening the door, it was unlocked, much to Nik' fortune, he saw two men sandwiching an innocent-looking blonde, who had her mouth draining a... ughh!

Nik averted his eyes in disgust. It would have been fine if he saw couples banging or even gangbanging, but seeing an obese and wrinkly butt moving up and down really brought his mood down a pedestal.

"Get your fat asses out of here!"

He yelled, disregarding the fact that it was the group that occupied the room before Nik. His hands easily flung the trio n.a.k.e.d out of the room and locked the door, flinging June on the bed.

"Aren't you rough, bad boy! Come here!"

June smirked, her index finger beckoning Nik to come closer while her exposed eye kept her gaze on Nik's face, especially his enchanting eyes. Right now, Nik wasn't even using much of his pheromones as the booze had already worked the both of them quite a bit.


Nik smirked and let out a mock growl, jumping onto the bed and immediately pinning June down, her hands forced back by his own hands, making her enamored face comparable to a defenceless teen that could only watch herself get ravaged helplessly, yet, enjoying the process to the core.

His lips descended, stopping right above June's face as their booze-scented breaths assaulted each other's senses, before June could extend her head and take his lips, Nik immediately retracted back, a mocking smirk on his face as his hands finally left June's wrist and grabbed the bottom of her crop-top, lifting them up and exposing her soft bosom in one practiced motion.

"Did you really think I'll kiss your dirty mouth?"

Nik didn't wait for her reply and started sucking on her pale bosom, her soft pink getting tasted by his mouth, lathering her cherry toppings with his mouth, his hands squeezing the base of her b.r.e.a.s.ts while accentuating her b.r.e.a.s.ts further.

Illicit m.o.a.ns soon escaped June's plump lips, making Nik increase the intensity while the occasional soft bites would garner even more reaction from June's twitching body.

"Hnnngh! Hnaaaa!"

Her battle skirt was even easier to remove, just a swift unbuckling and her uncovered p.u.s.s.y, laced with her own sensual nectar, making her fleshy glisten and more enticing under the dim light of the chamber.

One of Nik's hands immediately inched forward only for June to grab that unruly hand and releasing a dangerous growl from her throat, she immediately rolled around, pinning Nik beneath her while her lips descended, sealing Nik's lips easily, finally entangling her tongue with Nik's as her hand rubbed the astounding bulge hidden by his pants.

"If I wanna kiss! I'll kiss!"

She growled in between her pants while Nik kept smiling, his hands latched onto her exposed butt, immediately allowing a springy sensation to pass through his hands, making him clench a fistful of her toned ass as his thumbs stretched her butt crack.


June bit her lips, still failed to stop the passing m.o.a.n while she glared at Nik, her strokes grew wilder while her disheveled hair fell on the side of his face.

"You wanted to kiss, right?"

Nik sat up, his lips once again indulged themselves in June's luscious lips that oozed of lewd juices, her fleshy tongue and warm mouth became the arena of a losing battle as her butt was played with ruthlessly. By now, June had already ruffled Nik's c.o.c.k out of his pants.

Her hands came to direct contact with the veiny glory that exuded an unnatural warmth that seemed to attract June's hands without her control. Her strokes grew harder in pace, her palms stroking his c.o.c.k down till his base then gently sliding up to the tip of his rod, stimulating the bulbous round head as they engaged in a passionate kiss.

With her legs around Nik due to her being on the top, Nik's balls were already getting moistened by June's snatch, her p.u.s.s.y rubbing against the base of his full balls every now and then while each time he stretched June's puckered up butthole, she would end up squirting small volume of juices, dirtying his pants in the process.

"Mmmgh! The f.u.c.k your lips are made of?"

June panted, her jaws failed to keep her tongue in as the fleshy monster hidden by her mouth let out droplets of saliva on her own bosom, her pitch-black eyes were definitely captivated by Nik's glittering violet, but she knew that her body was getting addictive to the taste of his mouth, booze-flavoured or otherwise.

Her eyes descended onto his twitching glory, making her l.u.s.tily half-lidded eyes widen in surprise. Though, it required both of her hands to give a masterful stroke, the experience allowed her to understand that Nik was definitely a giant, but this...

"Alright, certified lady killer."

She whispered, her breathing grew hotter, heavier, her thoughts started to spiral akin to a tornado with Nik's c.o.c.k acting as the eyes of the tornado.

If Nik's mouth was so tasty, how would his c.o.c.k taste, she wondered. Meanwhile, seeing her pleased stupor, Nik sighed out loud. The drooling mouth allowed him to understand June's intentions while his own eyes fell on June's warm, oozing snatch.

'Might as well.'

[1/22, 6:22 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 93 - Hiring a Mercenary (2)

Nik finally laid on his back, his hands grabbing June's butt over his face and bringing her lower body downwards, low enough for his tongue to reach the innards of her warm, soaked p.u.s.s.y. June, on the other hand, squatted over Nik without any problems.

The reason for her monstrous strength was due to the extraordinary density of her muscles. In fact, she can squat for an entire hour before even trembling for a moment, meanwhile, her upper body stretched forward, her face getting closer to the warm and enthralling c.o.c.k that seemed to be ordering her mouth in compensation for all the harsh strokes.

Her warm, s.l.u.tty mouth.

Her pitch-black eyes, even in such a dim light, managed to reflect Nik's c.o.c.k while her hands gently cupped Nik's balls from the c.o.c.k's underside as she used the base of her wrist to pull Nik's almost perpendicular c.o.c.k towards her mouth, which happened to be a tough task of its own.

The girth, size and stiffness of the c.o.c.k made it harder on June to pull Nik's c.o.c.k downwards so that she could finally taste her reward of the loss— the consolation prize— while Nik was already deep within his victory prize.

Lewd juices mixed with musky scent oozed out of her fleshy treat, though, her p.u.s.s.y wasn't as unnaturally warmed up as Azula's, Nik still loved every single inch of her snatch, his tongue gently caressing every bumps and crevices.


June didn't wait any longer. Instead of taking the gentle approach, she decided to ravage Nik's c.o.c.k using her mouth, returning the favour... well, partly, the other part just wanted to enjoy the peaks of pleasure this unnaturally humungous c.o.c.k could provide her.

After all, with her career as the top of mercenary, she allegedly came across many men, and most of them ended below her, panting raggedly while unable to control their own members as she won each and every battle seamlessly, gaining experience that could put a harlot to shame.

Today, she felt that she is going through her greatest tribulation. Failure would only make her an addict for Nik, and victory would make Nik an addict for her.

Either way, she wasn't losing out. She gets to have this meat all for herself!

In preparation of the impending meal, her mouth opened up wide, her tongue rolled out, ready to gently soothe the upper side of his c.o.c.k while the thin bridges of saliva connected her lower and upper lips.

Finally, June's wishes were fulfilled, delightfully, she started rolling her tongue across the base of the tip of his c.o.c.k while her lips locked against his shaft, her hands massaged his inner thighs while thick, enchanting saliva trickled down the shaft of Nik's c.o.c.k, soon mixing with her nectar that already glistened his c.o.c.k.

Sucking her cheeks in, June pulled her head up without letting her lips move a single inch, creating a vacuum of desire within her mouth that targeted to torment Nik's c.o.c.k and make him milk, fill her mouth so that she could drink her own share of nectar.

Alas, June's eyes flashed in disappointment as this technique did destroy dozens of men, but a flare of anticipation soon struck her heart. She found out, much to her fortune, that Nik wasn't like those dozens of men.

Deciding to up her game, her massages stopped whole both of her hands latched onto Nik's remaining shaft, her saliva already lubricating Nik's c.o.c.k for pleasurable strokes while she started bobbing her head up and down without moving her luscious lips, as if vacuum pumping his c.o.c.k to suck out his jizz while the rhythmic strokes only served as supports to call forth the drink that only his c.o.c.k could provide.

Meanwhile, Nik's tongue lapped every single drop of June's sensational nectar, replacing her walls with his own saliva that enchanted many while his thumbs spreading her flesh entrance to their limits, index finger playing with her erect c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s. Each flick would allow a rush of juices to emerge from her s.e.x.u.a.l valley while his mouth would remain ready to quench his thirst.

It did take a lot of will for the both of them to focus on their partners' nether regions while the other would strike them to please at the best of their abilities.

This was even more prominent for June. Her face flushed with pleasure while her eyes glowed with desire and hunger. Desire to take such a delicious c.o.c.k and plunge it deep within her p.u.s.s.y to scratch the itch that even Nik's tongue couldn't reach while hunger for the milk that still eluded her.

After all, Nik had already made her 'minor-orgasmed' a lot of time already while all she could lap up was the trail of pre-c.u.m that would roll out of the tip of his c.o.c.k only to get licked clean by her tongue. After a few minutes, she did start losing focus of technique, instead, she gagged on his c.o.c.k, her lips reaching at the very base of his c.o.c.k while leaving a soft print of her lipstick akin to a red ring around his fat c.o.c.k.


She thought, almost squealing in delight as Nik's c.o.c.k bulged within her throat further, making her desire for air increase only to fill her throat with an astonishing amount of c.u.m. His warm c.u.m filled her throat to its entirety, even reaching up to her mouth, making her mouth clamp against his c.o.c.k while her tongue moved expertly within the spaces and tasted every droplet of the delicious milk she worked so hard to obtain.

A warm feeling spread from her stomach as her p.u.s.s.y twitched, her thighs trembled and she let out a delightful squirt into Nik's mouth.

She let his sloppy c.o.c.k out of her vacuum mouth, immediately, thirsty gasps rang across the chamber as June breathed the air greedily. Even though she almost lost her supply of air, in her own l.u.s.t, she found the deal worthy for one huge load of Nik's milk.

Their positions changed afterwards, they both knew what they came here for and they both were ready to offer their nether regions to please each other. No talks were required, no sentences were needed to heighten their l.u.s.t for each other.

With one motion of his hands, Nik hastily spread June's legs and rubbed his sloppy wet c.o.c.k against her well-warmed p.u.s.s.y, her fleshy entrance still twitching in delight and sticking onto the tip of his c.o.c.k. But teasing wasn't needed. He pressed his h.i.p.s forward and finally entered June's well-maintained, tight and s.l.u.tty p.u.s.s.y.

Warmth exploded from their nether regions as grunts and m.o.a.ns of l.u.s.t leaked through their mouth, meanwhile, the feeling of her cervix being pushed was truly a new experience for her, throat chortling in delight, June surprisingly cooed lovingly, her legs wrapped around Nik's h.i.p.s and pulled him deeper.

Her lips finding their contentment on his chest, neck and collarbone while he kept pushing into June's snath, their nectar would mishmash with each thrust and soon, the duo lost themselves in a passionate night of ardent defilement. June's p.u.s.s.y kept getting filled to the brim, more than once while her loud and tantalizing groans did pass out from the chamber, making the old men chuckle in amus.e.m.e.nt while the women's body grounded against the most disgusting of the crotches due to heated battle that struck the bar for hours.

Min and his goons had to leave due to Nik being busy while even Sokka remained waiting for the completely drunk and dazed Nik that barely had his pants on arriving out with equally scantily dressed and drunk June.


"Ughh, I swear to god... devils, no more drinking."

Nik rubbed his head and sat up groggily. His eyes barely opened and yet, the light of the day immediately sent his mind into a turmoil of headache that threatened to split his head into two. Even with his strengthened physique, he wasn't completely invincible against alcohol.

"What happened last night?"

He muttered to himself while a loud shout thundered, almost splitting his head.

"I'll tell you what happened!! How could you go off and return with a goddamn harlot!"

"Hey! I told you, Nik hired me for my mercenary skills! So shut your trap, my head's going to explode!"

"Eh? Karna... and June?"

Nik barely opened his eyes while the scene that fell in his vision astonished him. In front of him, wrapping a bedsheet around her sat June, whose pained expression brought comfort to Nik as he found out that he wasn't the only one going through the hangover.

Not to mention an outraged Karna, tearful Yue, beaten up Sokka with... the redhead and a glaring Katara whose eyes glowered with envy.

"I see... so this is called landing into dipshit..."

Nik muttered while slumping back on the bed. He didn't have what it took to handle such a situation while countering the hangover.

Alas, he was pulled up and given an earful that immediately expanded into a headful that did make him go dizzy for a bit.

[1/22, 6:23 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 94 - Pavāka Unleashed

"Well, is this how it feels when a daughter grows?"

Nik muttered, seeing Ignit actually purring happily while she walked with her three goons in tow as she rubbed her scaly head against a shirshu, large snot, blind mammal with the brown furry body of a wolf while sharp teeth that seemed to be able to tear rocks in half.

"Hehe, well, at least, Nyla won a battle on my behalf."

June chuckled, her body leaning against Nik while a startled Karna immediately jumped in between them while Yue immediately grabbed Nik's left hand and sticking her tongue towards June.

"Hands off him!"

Karna hissed, with the roof of the caravan opened, Katara was quite embarrassed by her peers' actions while a noticeable bulge popped on her forehead when she was Nina, the redheaded harlot cooeing while nuzzling her head against Sokka's chest.

'I hate being eighth wheeled!' Admittedly, Katara even counted Nyla— June's partner— and Ignit, the other couple who had a wild night while their masters played against each other in their bed.

"Have it your way!"

June shrugged and stood from her seat and bypassed the stunned Karna and sat on Nik's laps, ignoring the weird gazes sent towards her.


Karna hissed!

"Shameless?" June raised her eyebrow and chuckled, "I call it an efficient use of resources. I love his laps, and I'll be accompanying him for a lot of time, so why must I chose the seat of the caravan when his woman-maker can grind against my man-maker?"

She questioned haughtily. But even now, Nik hadn't actually partnered-up with her. Due to his drunken stupor, he failed to get her and only thought of f.u.c.k.i.n.g her into partnership during their next session.

'Maybe a day or two...'

He thought while it would be a lie if he didn't enjoy such a perky butt against his laps.

Seeing Nik's action, Sokka's eyes brightened only to feel a shiver run down his spine while Nina— Sokka's lovely partner— shivered in fright.

"Don't you dare do that in front of your own sister."

Katara's cold voice broke Sokka out of his delusions, making him nod meekly.

To reach Ba Sing Se, the group needed to travel around the entire desert that filled the space of almost dozens of cities through various checkpoints that once were the famous tourist attractions, but now, reduced to plain rest stops with overpriced stocks.

Being the top mercenary, June had an updated map that marked all the remaining rest stops around the desert as she calmly planned the entire trip... on Nik's laps. The occasional grind did arouse his body's natural reaction but still, his mind continued pursuing Pavāka's forgiveness relentlessly.

But even then, things between them didn't change, finally, making Nik huff in frustration.

"Pavāka. I made a blunder. I am sorry. I truly am. No more practical jokes... or even the s.e.x.u.a.l ones, promise."

He continued the one-sided communication while Pavāka remained silent the entire time. He could definitely feel her presence, but still, he couldn't help but wonder about her anger. After having tried almost every position, a simple bondage really wouldn't have much difference.

He knew there was something else that bothered Pavāka.

But still, Nik gave one more try.

"If you think that this isn't enough, then tell me, what do you want?

There must be something that I can do to make you feel better, right?"

At his words, Pavāka's dry sigh finally reached his consciousness.

"You really don't understand... it wasn't the bondage play, you idiot!"

Nik could almost see her sneering, yet, Pavāka didn't give him much chance before she continued.

"It was the realisation. You are an outsider... you will leave. I felt that I could accept the fact, at first, I really did...

Not now. Hmph!"

Her snort rang across his turbulent consciousness while Nik contemplated her words calmly. Pavāka's emotions once again brought out the pangs of guilt hidden deep within his hearts, making him wonder if the pain would ever lessen.

"Might as well come clean, huh."

He muttered internally, yet, he had no intention of hiding his thoughts from Pavāka and kept his connection on.

"Pavāka, I'll probably leave in a few months."

"I know." She replied with a snap as Nik continued.

"To say that I fell in love with all of you... you, Azula, Mai, Karna, Yur and June... that will be a lie. I might lie to others, but not myself.

Interest in you guys? Yes, I am deeply interested in you guys. But love requires a lot of time. It's a bond that can only be created after enough time is invested... and time is the currency I am short of."

He spoke calmly, letting Pavāka know the truth without any deceptions.

"After I leave, I am extremely confident that I can take you guys with me."


Pavāka asked out.

"But... I am not sure if you guys can actually live in the other world... at least, not now. So, taking you guys with me will immediately chain your freedom."

"So? What will you do?"

Pavāka asked, finally making the turmoil resurface within the deepest part of his heart.


"Just let it out."

Pavāka sighed while Nik nodded.

"I want to take you all with me... disregarding your choices...

I am sorry."

Pavāka fell silent before mild chuckles escaped into his consciousness.

"Well, at least, we don't have a liar amongst ourselves."

Nik felt bitter and relieved at the same time. The conflicting realisation brought a new wave of understanding that no matter how much he proclaimed that he wasn't hypocritical, he still felt like one.

But his thoughts were interrupted as dazzling violet lightning sparked right in front of their caravan as the Salamanders and the Shirsu immediately stopped dead in their tracks, baring their teeth and letting out feral growls.

"Oh, hush!"

Suddenly, out of the voice created by the purple lightning, a soft and aloof voice immediately hushed the five beasts while a small figure slowly emerged out.

Dazzling blonde hair while a set of violet eyes that seemed to match Nik's pupils regarding the malice it could hold.

Yet, the innocent smile on her face brought waves of warmth that washed over the group.


Nik muttered, his expression couldn't cover his surprise as she immediately landed on the carriage with a 'plop'.

Her appearance had already enchanted every single soul on the caravan, yet, her chilly eyes fell on June, her pupils surprisingly covered in angry sparks of lightning.

"Move your loose ass!"

She hissed while a wave of pressure fell on June, who couldn't help but immediately jump on Karna's laps, making Nik's laps all for her taking.

"That's better."

Taking her royal seat, she eyed everyone carefully before the whole carriage fell into an uproar. Meanwhile, June and Karna immediately separated with an embarrassed flush on their faces.

And the smug smile on Pavāka's face while she described the fact that she is the oldest in the group made everyone speechless. Of course, Karna and Yue were already aware of her existence, but never did they know that she would be so cute.

Cute as a button, sharp akin to a stinger.

[1/22, 6:24 AM] I Am Horlawahley: 

Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 95 - Mystic Palms Oasis

"No need to be scared of her."

Nik smiled as everyone were definitely shaken by various facts that they discovered today. His hands gently massaged the top of Pavāka's head, making her lean on Nik's chest while sighing contently.

And there it was, fear being replaced with envy.

"Let's move. We cannot waste much time on Ba Sing Se."

Nik was definitely happy. While he definitely had a slight inkling on what Pavāka wanted to do after hearing his answer, Nik didn't mind her actions.

Soon, the group settled once again. With June taking the reigns of the caravan while Karna and Yue finally sighing after Pavāka's appearance. Not to mention Katara... who seemed to be even more attracted to Nik after watching so many beautiful women flocking around him.

Her gaze fell on Sokka, who also happened to be catering to Nina.


Katara was a mild and beautiful woman who didn't like to curse. But some circ.u.mstances forced her to curse. While she wished she could spit at her own brother's foolish grin, she was all too aware that she was only frustrated. Not even using the waterbending during the night could truly relieve her.

After all, there must be differences between a large and wide tentacle of water that stirred her insides and an actual rod of pleasure. If water tentacles were an answer to every problem, Karna wouldn't have allowed herself to fall for Nik.

She was a waterbender, just like Katara after all.

"Hmm, show me the map."

Pavāka suddenly spoke and pointed at the rolled-up scroll tied onto June's h.i.p.s. Handing out the scroll, June simply continued manning the caravan. She could be considered the most experienced driver within the group so she easily took on the relevant roles.

After all, while Sokka and Katara only tagged along for the fact that they didn't know what to do after losing their home, the siblings did think of finding their father. But whenever they had the discussion and figured how much time their father has already left for, the siblings could only think of the worst possible situation.

"Mystic Palms Oasis... this one had a nice glacier created by the 54th incarnation..."

Pavāka muttered while pointed at the outskirts of the desert.

"Let's go here..."

June looked back at the map and couldn't help but frown. Unlike other girls, she wasn't that disheartened about the appearance of such a cute woman. Nik already had two exotic beauties before herself, so it would be stupid to be surprised if more came.

After all, it's not like he shacked up with the Fire Princess, right?

But still, the spot pointed out by the acclaimed spirit happened to be one of the most dangerous areas filled with sandbenders and bandits.

What's more, not only did their group have high-quality beasts that the sandbenders would do anything to get their hands on, the demand for exotic beauties like Yue, Katara and Karna was also high in some of the shady markets June had visited previously.

"This place... will be troublesome."

June stated honestly. Even if she was titled the strongest mercenary, June wasn't the least bit delusional that a group of sandbenders could easily overpower her in a desert... a landscape filled with nothing but sand.

"Oh, don't worry about troubles... I have a friend at the place..."

Pavāka shrugged before looking up towards Nik and stating loudly while pointing at Yue.

"That place might have a way for you both to train Gravity Bending."

Her words confused others, but not Pavāka and Yue. The latter suddenly grew excited after hearing Pavāka's statement.

"For real?"

She blurted out, picking Pavāka from Nik's laps and immediately planting flurry of kisses on her soft cheeks and hugging her tightly.

"Aahh! Leave me!"

Pavāka cried out loud, but Yue wasn't going to let go that easily. If previously she hugged Pavāka out of excitement, then now, she just hugged her because she was way too huggable. Her entire body was soft and she smelled incredibly sweet. Meanwhile, Karna's eyes narrowed as she gazed back at June, who also happened to be staring at Karna.

Since Karna had taken the position to Nik's right, she was incredibly close to Nik.... 's empty laps.

Smiling gently, she winked at June and smiled smugly before her large and meaty ass found its way against Nik's partially awakened crotch.

Licking her lips, she gazed around with narrowed eyes.

"Oh? What happened? Did I just take the best seat with the best view, or what?"

She chuckled gently, her demeanor finally comparable to her mature age... and yet, all she garnered was glares from each direction.

Meanwhile, Nik remained a happy man.

Girls wanted to sit on his laps on their own accord, why would he stop them. Being the sensible man he was, Nik simply sat still and enjoyed the bumpy ride with his bulge already caught between Karna's perky ass cheeks.


He chanted repeatedly within his mind and controlled his hands from moving towards the source of Karna's scent and kept hugging her tightly.

But his crotch couldn't be controlled anymore. The little brother was already getting massaged from Karna's butt cheeks in a tantalizing fashion.


It took almost 7 hours for the group to reach the rest point Mystic Palms Oasis. While this particular Oasis possessed a rich history, due to the passing of time, it had already crumbled down to a small resting place.

Of course, during their journey, the shenanigans of the group was finally controlled as sitting on Nik's laps straight for a few hours was extremely impractical.

With all the stock they had filled in and the generous bandits that were lured out by the beauty of their group easily filled the group's empty pockets once again.

God, Nik loved stupid bandits.

They were like surprise ATMs that Nik could cash out with his fists instead of a credit card.

The reigns of the caravan were also cycled from June to Nik and from Nik to Sokka for a few times, leaving the girls with quite a lot of time that was filled with questions about each other's background.

While Katara didn't trust Nina due to her occupation, Pavāka, Karan and Yue unanimously failed to trust Nik with two more beauties left 'unchecked' by him.

Not to mention that the trio started to feel the strange expression Katara showed whenever Nik became the topic of conversation after June pointed out to them.

This made Nik's reliability in such situations even less than a bandit's credibility.

Jumping out of the caravan, Nik glared at the ever-prideful Nyla while rubbing Ignit's head and started feeding them... even Nyla. It would be cruel to leave him out just due to Ignit's apparent infatuation with the blind beast.

Meanwhile, the group immediately threw Sokka out and pulled the roof of the caravan before changing their attires into something comfortable, except for Pavāka.

She was just within the caravan to assess the competition.

Her eyes moved around wrapped bosoms and jiggling butts while a sensual scent soon spread within the caravan.

"Oh, this one is definitely nice!"

Pavāka smirked and spanked Karna's butt, causing the mature beauty to yelp in surprise while what followed was a series of 'assessing' spanks to check the quality of each pair of butt within the Caravan. Even Katara and Nina were tested by Pavāka's ruthless hands that left a small yet clear handprint on their very doable ass.

[1/22, 6:25 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 96 - Squashing Pest

The girls finally emerged in thin attire that stuck over their curvaceous body. Due to the merciless heat, their bodies did sweat a lot which made their outfit all the more attractive.

"Hey, baby doll... is there any lucky man to have you?"

Sokka whistled and immediately took Nina's waist, who, giggled with a dreamy expression. Whatever Sokka did to her last night seemed to have worked extremely well for she gave an even more cringy reply to such a cringy question.

"Well, there's this one stud who just f—"

"Alright, that's enough."

Katara immediately produced an ice spike that whistled across Nina's ear.

Even Nik looked a bit weirded out by such a strange couple. While Nina was a definite beauty, Nik simply couldn't bring himself to believe that the previous harlot had no ill-motives against their group.

After all, if a girl wanted to follow him just after a night of passion, he could easily believe it for he wasn't a human anymore. Sokka, on the other hand, actually paid the remaining amount entrusted to him to pay for Nina's freedom.

But still, Nik refrained from butting in between their relationship, whatever it may be. Who knows, maybe he was simply being a bit paranoid while Nina might have a thing for Sokka?

"But this will be a bit bothersome."

Even though the group would be travelling on the caravan, soon, the beauties in his group would definitely attract unwanted attention, not to mention they will be staying at such a rundown place for a few hours, gaining more than necessary attraction.

"It's not all that bad."

Pavāka spoke while shrinking and entering Nik's tunic, then letting her face out of the neck of the tunic. Her size-changing ability garnered a little attention due to the fact that there already are many spirits known to humanity that have some unique abilities.

She then gazed at all the women gathered together before looking at Nik's chin and pulling on his stubble.

"On another note, things may get out of hand."

She replied while Nik rubbed his chin calmly. Finally deciding that he may as well bulldoze over any pest that may trouble him for anything besides a restaurant seat, Nik smiled at the group.

"Alright, we will be soon travelling towards the outer area of the desert. While the journey will take less than half an hour, we need to prepare some items for our pets. Their paws won't help us in the raging sand and we might as well buy some padded covers for them."

Nik looked at Yue, who was looking particularly exotic with her wavy silver hair flowing towards her h.i.p.s gently.

Of course, aside from Yue, even Nina looked quite exquisite. But he kept his stare to himself. While he may not truly feel remorse for bringing more girls and taking them right in front of Yue and Karna, he also wasn't overly fond of hurting his girls when there was no need to.

Nina attracted his attention because she was a redhead, and Nik was absolutely sure that one day, he would shackle up with an otherworldly redhead.

With his thoughts cleared, he didn't even give Katara much face even when she was clearly the most 'thirsty' one out of the group.

His girls needed his attention at the moment. Especially Karna. She tried to doll herself up in an attempt to reduce the age difference between herself and the group. Although her mature body increased her attractiveness, Nik wasn't going to be the one and discouraged Karna from trying to wear awesome clothes.

"Heh~ I never knew you had such a side of yourself. Your grand-teacher is definitely happy."

Nik immediately took Karna's slim waist that extended out to mind-numbingly curvaceous h.i.p.s and planted a soft peck on her lips.

"Hmph! Now you find me attractive? You are shallow and selfish."

Karna's flush betrayed her excitement while she softly punched Nik's shoulder. She was definitely happy as she felt her choice to wear a thin half-sleeves tunic alongside slightly tighter pants worthy for all the trouble.

"Not to mention the beauty of the day. Dolling up nicely to finally start bending the Gravity?"

Nik's free hand latched on Yue's waist and gave her a deserving pek, making her sigh in contentment while nodding happily. Her cheerfulness couldn't by impeded by her bashful nature, not today. She felt that she was finally returning to her slightly more confident self that used to demand Nik's laps and chest whenever she felt like it.

"Gravity bending... hehe."

She grinned foolishly while Nik also remembered to rub the tip of his index-finger over Pavāka's tiny head.

"Don't go all envious now. You are the one that decided to go tiny."

"Whatever. I'll just sneak past your belt and give your tip some special treatment."

Pavāka admittedly raised her voice to garner envy from others but never left Nik's collars.

"Can we please start moving already?"

June rolled her eyes in exasperation. What was the big deal? Truly, Nik was a man enough to go through each one of them for an entire night. As a mercenary, she found the notion of fighting over the abundant 'resource' complete astonishing.

"Yeah, let's move... my head is screwing me up."

Katara muttered and boarded the carriage.


Nina smiled cheerfully while she pulled Sokka's hands and entered the carriage.

Soon, the ground entered into the unbounded resting spot and went through the shabby gates of the Oasis turned into a city.

Since the girls wanted to look at the area, Nik didn't mind their appearance at all. Even if they did get some pests ruining their mood, he would diligently play his role and squash each and every pest—

"Hey! Stop the caravan! We need to do some checking!"

A rugged man immediately stood in front of the Ignit's, Nyla's and the trio goon's way. His eyes measuring Karna, Yue, and Katara in a similar manner he did. It was just that unlike Nik, the man did not have a shred of elegance and looked beyond ugly.

Sighing, Nik didn't stop and simply rolled over the man as he was immediately squashed under Ignit's feet and then followed by the stampede of her goons... literally.

"Quite a fiery one."

June chuckled while Nik shrugged.

"Last night should have already pointed that out."

Nik's words made her smile wider. Not only was he handsome beyond belief, but his actions were also unorthodox... and well, his bed skills were outstanding enough to hire the strongest mercenary on her own accord without sharing any monetary benefit.

In June's words, hiring herself out for Nik's Caravan was definitely the expression of— Finding pleasure in business.

The group soon bought the necessary padded stuffings for their beasts partners and soon made way for an uneventful warm meal aside from the fact that Nina left the table for an awfully long time before returning with a manly stink from ger crotch that only Nik could smell.

'Yeah... she is definitely cheating.'

Nik did a mental-shrug before keeping the thoughts to himself. They were just going to leave for the desert and he wasn't going to be the party pooper. Aside from that, Sokka just rescued a trained harlot... another man's stink should be expected if he didn't assert himself properly and from what Nim knew, Sokka was definitely a v.i.r.g.i.n since yesterday.

So, there was no way Nik could believe that Sokka could impress Nina even if he had a godly size. In fact, even Nik held years of practice before he was confident enough to use s.e.x as a tool.

But since her actions didn't bring any harm to the group, even when she had the chance to, Nik let her own escapades pass under his nose.

[1/22, 6:26 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 97 - Desert Library

"This is slower than expected."

Nik commented as he gently squeezed the bottle while filling Ignit's mouth with water. Even while the distance wasn't too long, the beasts needed regular hydration stops, this was even more prominent for Nyla as he was covered in fur.

"Well, we should have expected this much."

June nodded while tending to her partner's needs while squeezing a bottle over his mouth and snout to relieve the big guy.

"Either way, Pavāka, what are we even looking for?"

Ever since she demanded a trip into the desert, Pavāka hadn't given a straight answer as to what they are actually looking for. As the group grew closer to the destination, Nik simply couldn't hold his curiosity anymore

Is it an Oasis?

No, if there really is an oasis within the outskirts of the desert, it would have already been marked into the map and updated.

"A library."

Pavāka smiled as she chortled.

"The world's greatest library that contains knowledge about everything. Due to Tama's reckless nature in the past, he did cause a lot of turmoil within the physical world until the Avatar of the generation finally eradicated all the corrupt gravity benders and negotiated with... the eldest of the unique elements."

Pavāka looked high in the sky before sighing.

"Well... if there is no mention of gravity bending in the library, then there is nothing we can do.

Of course, we can always meet the eldest sister and plead for her guidance."

She continued while gazing at June.

"By the way, the library definitely contains a lot about your physical mutation. I guessed that the information might just be the right compensation aside from the expectations you have for the reward."

June nodded gratefully, Pavāka's words failed to incite any other reaction from her as she gently rubbed Nyla's face before looking at Nik seriously.

While she would've loved to flirt around, the conditions of the desert couldn't help but take the priority and fill her mind with a swirl of thoughts that seemed to be formulating the worst-case scenarios and the method to counter each of them.

From the top of the list, June had already removed the problem of adequate stock and rest. These two points were given the highest priority during their journey and now, there was no need to fear the sudden lack of refreshment supplies.

But, there was one more thing that continued to trouble June.

As she jumped up and sat on the saddle strapped over Nyla, she gave Nik and apprehensive glance before speaking.

"I have faced the sand benders on many occasions. They strike when we least expect it and that is due to the fact that they can always spy on us using their bending capabilities.

So it will be far more productive if well all start getting a bit serious."

As June spoke, her gaze passed the front row and fell on Sokka, Nina and Yue.

"Don't worry about me. Though I might not look like much, I have my fair share of experience."

Sokka spoke seriously while Yue apologised in embarrassment.

"Sorry about that. I'll remain attentive from now on."

Nina, on the other hand, shrugged plainly. It was painfully obvious that aside from s.e.x, the redheaded beauty has almost no experience in other things. But still, she decided to stick around Sokka, even after her healthy afternoon escapade.

Her decision to not run away even now did manage to impress Nik.

But as they journeyed, Nik found one more problem that should have been equally obvious.

"Ignit and others cannot breathe fire."

"Yes, it is already hard keeping their temperature in check. Once they actively breathe fire... they might just get cooked internally."

Nik's expression grew somber while he suddenly felt a soft tingling sensation on the base of his neck, right between his collarbone.


Nik looked down at Pavāka, who simply smirked at his worries.

"Didn't I tell you about my eldest sister? So don't worry about some troublesome Earth Benders, just keep moving."

Nik sighed heavily as the group continued their journey. Due to the special landscape, they had already replaced the thin wheels of the caravan with wider ones to prevent their means of transportation to sink into the desert.

After a couple of stops, the group finally saw a small tower that could barely be considered as a library, but it was still an artificial construction that gave the group a bit of hope.

"Huff! Now? Where is the library?"

June asked while wiping the sweat off of her forehead. With the entirety of her hair tied into a bun, he beautiful oval face was completely exposed and unlike her ravenous and devilish charm, June simply exuded a brilliant allure and coupled with her luscious lips and tightly stuck clothes, she was a sight to behold.

"Focus, Nik!" Pavāka grumbled and God she wished she had such a body...

"That is the library itself." Pavāka pointed at the tower and continued.

"The sand just kept piling on top of it, so there you have it."

She shrugged and immediately floated out of Nik's tunic, returning to her original size before her eyes immediately sparkled violently while her loud shout rang.

"Eldest sister! It's me, Pavāka! I need your help!!!"

"Alright... seriously... what's going on?"

Karna stole the question that touched the lips of everyone present when the group suddenly found the sand below them rapidly turning into ice?

"No... its glass."

Sokka muttered, his eyes already threatening to pop out of his eyes while Pavāka looked down towards Nik and pointed at the small window at the top of the tower.

"Go, you guys. I'll take care of Ignit and Nyla."

Hearing her words, June couldn't help but frown.

"Nyla doesn't listen to—"

"Nyla is already prostrating... geez, pay attention, strongest mercenary."

Pavāka mocked with her words oozing with sarcasm as she looked at the remaining girls.

"The Eldest doesn't like coming in from of physical entities. So, you guys should take your time in the library."

She waved at the group dismissively while keeping her body afloat in the same position until the group got out of the caravan and started getting closer to the tower.

"You'll be alright?"

Nik asked Pavāka mentally only to get a chuckle from her.

"I am meeting my eldest sister, not a sworn enemy."

Nik wanted to point out how strange her actions actually were... and did convey them to Pavāka. He wasn't going to keep his questions to himself, not after coming clean with Pavāka.

"I have to worry. Who calls for their eldest sister in such a manner?"

"Ah, it's the spirit culture, don't mind it."

Pavāka gave a mental-shrug to Nik before she spoke out.

"The only reason I am keeping my eldest sister a company outside is that, after Tama's actions, she deeply abhors any and every gravity benders...

So I may need to brief her about you... and the dangers you possess."

Nik scoffed.

"I am not a threat to any women."

In return, Pavāka snorted.

"We both know that you are. So cut the chat. Oh, by the way, no matter what you find out, never let your mouth speak the words that may convey the fact that you are willing to use the knowledge gained from the library to create more chaos."

Nodding at Pavāka's words, Nik ran up the rapidly melting slant of ice that connected the base with the window and finally slid down an icy slide, standing near Yue.

[1/22, 6:26 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 98 - Knowledge Spirit

To Nik, it wasn't weird that every single one in the room stood in silence, even June. Their foreheads filled with cold sweat and their clenched hands trembling ever so slightly.

After all, in front of the group stood a pitch-black owl with a pure white face, it's beady eyes gazing at their group with what Nik liked to call curiosity, instead of hunger, and its almost 6 meters large body failed to reassure anybody in the group.

If the size and the predatory look wasn't enough for the group to freeze down, the moment Nik arrived, the owl tilted its head towards Nik direction unnaturally— with its head elongating and moving towards Nik's face.

'Oh, boy...'

Nik's lips twitched as he immediately let the elemental energy flow within his body and focused the current of energy on his lower limbs, preparing to retreat at a moment's notice.

"I heard Pavāka's voice? Why is she calling the eldest sister?

And." The owl's eyes happened to grow a little bit malevolent as a deep voice chortled out of his elongated throat.

"Why is her scent so prominent on you, human?"

Nik pursed his lips and suddenly frowned. Somehow, the malevolent expression, the fearful aura and the feeling of terror that gripped and squeezed on his heart faded as his own pheromones gave out the similar predatory feeling.


'It was an illusion...'

Nik confirmed as his Pheromones naturally countered abilities that affected the consciousness of a person and his scent seemed to grow even wilder, waking others from their thoughts. While the only male in the group only woke up with a fearful look in his eyes as he gazed on Nik, the girls' eyes bared any fear they felt and only looked at the straight-backed man with a look of desire.

"This is certainly interesting. Not only do you have Pavāka's scent, but you also smell like a spirit, yourself."

The owl rotated his head... literally, finally giving the group mild nightmares that would definitely haunt them for almost a weak before the elongated neck receded and snapped back into its original place.

"Pavāka said she will wait for us outside."

Nik stated before pointing at himself.

"She has been staying near me for our entire journey so of course, I would have her scent."

"Hmm? Journey? That sounds like a bother."

The owl spoke before his tone grew a bit calmer.

"I am the knowledge spirit— Wan Shi Tong. The guardian of the library. The first library, to be precise.

I also happen to be the spirit who gave humans their knowledge of civilisation."

'Is that a smirk on his beaks?'

Nik wondered while he looked at others, who also relaxed visibly.

"Now, state your reason for arrival, humans."

Wan Shi Tong spoke calmly, it's yellow eyes narrowed down coldly.

"We are here to learn—"

Sokka couldn't even complete his sentence as the owl snorted.

"Rejected. After the last incident where one of the Fire Nation Commander Zhao destroyed the entire section of the library, the humans are forbidden to lay their eyes on my knowledge."


Nik frowned while Sokka looked stunned.

Finally, Nik sighed and gazed the so-called Knowledge spirit in the eyes and walked forward. His entire demeanor started to change, from meek to ferocious. From helpless to dominant.

The reason was simple.

They didn't have enough time in their hands as the group needed to return back to tend to Ignit and the others.

"Look, we are on a journey because one of the spirits gave Pavāka and me a mission."

The owl immediately snorted and hissed.

"I don't believe you."

Silverish light exploded out of Nik as Wan Shi Tong's expression immediately grew ugly. Since he has already materialized into the physical plane, he could get attacked physically and with the sudden increase of pressure, the knowledge spirit couldn't help but scowl.

"Tama and his—"

"The Lion Turtle... the one who sees it all... He sent us.

To gain the knowledge of gravity bending.

Are you sure you want to stop us from completing his mission?"

As arrogant, the knowledge spirit was, his feathers couldn't help but tremble in apprehension as he heard Nik's words. With him being the knowledge spirit, he could easily claim that he has seen almost everything on the planet.

And unfortunately, this claim included his meeting with the spirit that ruled over destiny.

And was that spirit dangerous.

Wan Shi Tong still recalled the sight of a titanic beast slowly making its way towards the library while instilling fear of instinctual level within Wan Shi Tong's furry body.


Wan Shi Tong began, but he closed his beaks shut. He suddenly felt the arrival of a mind-boggling aura right outside the library, something, that even Nik felt. But he didn't wish to leave before getting the method of gravity bending.

"Eldest sister..."

The owl murmured and looked at Nik before nodding.

"Alright. But, to access my library, you must give me a piece of knowledge that I am unaware of.

Any forms are acceptable.

Secondly, you have to pledge that whatever knowledge you gain from this library, it must never be used to hurt or attack any living being on the planet."

Hearing his words, Nik frowned for a moment before nodding.

"I promise. What about you guys?"

He looked back and asked the group.

They immediately nodded. While the entire group knew that keeping this promise was almost nigh impossible, they weren't dumb enough to let go of such a golden opportunity.

With that, the group slowly started giving out the knowledge of their own profession.

Nik gave an 'idea' of telephone, it was considered an idea, but still a piece of knowledge that Wan Shi Tong had never thought of before.

Then, Yue shared an extremely detailed lifestyle of Tama. She had heard how the owl seemed extremely focused on Tama and did so to gain an easy pass.

Of course, Yue also felt a bit bitter that those two koi spirits always ignored her so she gave out some weak spots about the fishes, not out of spite, or so she claimed.

Then, it wasn't hard for June to describe a rare poisonous plant while Sokka actually took out his glove from his backpack and simply stated that he could present Knowledge in any form.

This left the group with Karna, Nina and Katara.

For Karna, however, Nik did take her place and gave another idea about 'Visual Projection', which seemed to please the owl spirit greatly.

"Ehm... will this scroll on waterbending work?"

The owl gazed at the furled scroll before waving his hand at the icy slide behind Katara, turning it back into the water.

"You see, I can bend the four natural elements and many more. So this won't work."

Katara felt a bit disheartened while Sokka immediately shouted.

"Just take out your gloves!"

The owl immediately snapped his head back 180, giving Sokka a scare of his lifetime before Katara fell silent.

"How about I describe the culture of southern water tribe?"

"To my knowledge." The owl spoke up, "The tribe has already been destroyed, yes?"


Katara deflated in response.

"How about I teach you a thing or two about s.e.x?"

Nina chimed in, making everyone's face go dark with thick black lines.

Meanwhile, the owl spirit seemed extremely calm.

"I already know whatever there is to know. Did you forget that I am the one who taught humans about civilisation?

I also happened to be their teacher on consensual mating, unlike their previous barbaric manner."

"Well, damn."

Nina muttered while rubbing her chin.

"Oh, well. I am not a fan of books! Sweety!"

She waved her hands at Sokka before giving him a wink.

"I'll wait for you, so come back quickly."

As if gaining a new understanding, Katara immediately shouted towards Karna.

"Sis, can you learn a few things about ancient waterbending techniques and their conceptual methods?"

As if understanding Katara's intentions, Karna grinned brightly.

"You got it!"

Katara nodded and sat back on her butt and laid down with an exhaustive sigh. The heat had been a brutal bitch to her and now, she simply decided to rest while the others moved out and started searching for the knowledge they desired.

Alas, rest she could not as Nina immediately crept near her and smiled before poking at her cheek.

"So? When are you and Nik going to be an item?"

[1/22, 6:27 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 99 - Exploration

A/N: This chapter is kind of personal interaction between characters to flesh them out. I know that harem's worst deficiency is character development, but I won't throw away the charm of the novel and delve into character development and fights.

To be clear, the first seven will always remain special, even when he gets more special women, the place of the seven women in his heart will remain immovable.

Good day.


"Huff! Why do I feel that the owl is petty?!"

Yue frowned and looked at massive corridors filled with uncountable books. And this was just one of the many massive collections of books.

"You felt right." Nik spoke while frowning, "We definitely need a guide to find out the books or scrolls that describe the method of bending the gravity."


Yue suddenly looked at Nik before asking with a hesitant expression.

"I... no, all of us had a question."

Finding a chair to sit down, Yue looked at him with hopeful expression while Nik sighed. Honestly, he was more than unwilling to lose his time right now. The library was huge and they didn't even have the slightest clue as to where they should be looking for.

"Really? Now?"

Nik smiled bitterly while Yue thought for a while before shaking her head.

"If you don't want, then let's do it another time."

She smiled and stood up but somehow, Nik's lips couldn't help but twitch.

He immediately grabbed her hands and pulled her in, bringing his face closer to her's while gazing into her sky-blue eyes with utmost seriousness.

"Where did you learn that?"

He questioned. Yue was many things— demanding princess, an incredibly flexible partner, a pouty little teen and a gentle and accommodating woman.

But she wasn't a manipulator. Her thoughts would always reflect from her expression, her eyes would remain clear, devoid of deception.

And yet, today, he felt a sliver of mischievousness passing through her pupils.

But still, an incredibly tantalizing and inviting smile appeared on her face as she craned her neck up, closing the distance between their eyes, their nose coming into contact with each other.

"Nina did. But I never thought it would be this effective."

Yue smiled cheerfully before giving his lips a soft peck, leaving Nik speechless.

"Honestly... making me feel guilty by smiling like that... you are turning into a vixen."

Nik growled, letting go of Yue's hands, he immediately grabbed Yue's soft ass, taking revenge for all the time Yue had pushed her knee below his h.i.p.s during his sleep.

"Eep! You don't like it?!"

Yue asked nervously. All her confidence crumbled as the enticing feeling of her butt getting grabbed so possessively sent shivers to her spine.

A wolfish smile touched Nik's lips.

"No, I loved it, my little enchantress."

A full passionate kiss ravaged Yue's mouth numb, her eyes grew a bit hazy while she gently hugged Nik's waist.

"So? Ask. What's on your mind?"

Yue nodded her head as she looked up with clear eyes again. As if not willing to let any clues slide from her detection.

"Are you... by any chance... the next Avatar?"


Nik replied with a shrug. Her question didn't surprise him, instead, he was already thinking that the group, at least, Karna should have asked this question way before.

"An Avatar can control four elements at the same time. I, on the other hand, control only one element at a time."

Nik spoke. He wasn't lying. While his elemental energy could definitely allow him to control multiple elements at the same time, he needed a lot of time and practice to achieve such a feat.

"But... multiple elements?"

Yue still wasn't satisfied by her answer while Nik shrugged.

"It's not unheard of. Remember Azula?"

"I don't forget crazy."

Yue pouted and snuggled against Nik's chest.

"Well, she can bend and control fire and lightning on her will."

"That's not a proper answer. You have already shown us, at least, Karna and I, that you can bend Gravity, Lightning, Water... not to mention the purple lightning that Pavāka uses."

"Whatever." Nik shrugged. "If it does make you feel any better, just title me as a lesser avatar. To be able to manipulate multiple elements, but not at the same time."

"Either way." Nik flicked her forehead in annoyance, "Let's find the damn Gravity Bending scroll/book already."


"Well... advance waterbending techniques, huh?"

Karna looked at the large shelf filled with thick books that made her dizzy at sight. But she wasn't the one to fear, so she clenched her jaws and glared at the books as if they were the enemies that needed to be vanquished before she finally took one book out.

The strange red binding of the book had piqued her interest, making her select that particular book prior to anything else.

"The Pleasure of Water Bending."

The e.r.o.t.i.c artwork on the book that definitely featured multiple bums being manhandled by tendrils of artwork, made Karna's eyes go wide and almost instantly, she threw the book away.

"Who could even write such a—"

As Nik's image flashed within her mind, she immediately ate her words back.

"Nevermind... perverts won't leave the world even if you curse."

She then picked the next book, this was a pitch-black one with golden imprints on the cover.

The History of Water Tribe's Committee.

"This is supposed to be the advance technique corner, damnit!"

Instead of throwing the book, she placed it back and then started rummaging through the shelf, and yet, even after her dissatisfaction and curses, her mind kept on begging to read that unholy book.

Her eyes were curious enough to beg to lay their eyes on those peaches once again.

As if sighing in exasperation by the demands of HER OWN body parts, Karna walked up to the fallen book, dusted its cover before reading the contents.

'I am not breaking my promise.'

She chanted inwardly while her eyes grew wider and wider, her pupils dilated the monstrosities of water bending, yet, her body twitched.

She immediately stood up and started practicing the movements presented in the book.

This time, she will be the one to enlighten Nik.

Just the thought of gaining an upper hand during their night activities made Karna giddy with utmost smugness and happiness.

'These really are advance techniques.'

If Karna had a companion with herself, he or she would point how dirty her grin actually looked like, even on her own face.

Unknown to the mature tomboy, she had already been infected by Nik...


"I should have stayed back!"

Sokka muttered as he placed the illicit book back in its place with disappointment clear on his face.

"Nina taught me techniques better than this one."

He sighed while walking out of the chamber that depicted the s.e.x.u.a.l positions and how to increase the pleasure of the partners.

"Well, if I follow the patterns, the fire bending department isn't far away." He thought darkly before quickening his pace.

"Might as well learn something useful."

Till now, Sokka had been laid-back because he had no reason to fight anymore. The Fire Nation and the Water Tribe were now in an alliance. This was a fact that he couldn't change, even with Avatar around, there was hardly anything he could do to change that.

'If I openly fight the Fire Nation, I'll be marked as a traitor by the tribe to cut any and every connection with me. If that happens, Katara might get implicated.'

He looked up and sighed.

Even though the Fire Nation was responsible for the death of his mother, he couldn't just start attacking the nation as a whole. He wanted revenge, not world peace.

To avenge his mother, he needed to slay the man who killed her. Katara claimed that she still remembered the bastard's face.

Not to mention, only by getting to the fire nation will he get any information on his father. His stay in the destroyer as a prisoner allowed him to learn a few rumours that there was a band of terrorist attacking and targeting small fire nation based merchants.

While this information ignited Sokka's hope on finding clues about his father, he hid this fact with Katara. If all of this was pointless, he didn't want to hurt Katara by giving her pointless hope only to get it snuffed away.

This was an act of extreme selfishness. Sokka wasn't beguiled enough to blame this action on the fact that he wished to protect Katara.

No, he blamed the fact that 'he' wasn't willing to hurt Katara.

Sokka understood the difference well and also knew if Katara ever found this fact and how Sokka had kept it hidden, their relationship would take a 180.

Just like that, he made his way towards the fire department of the library.


"The topics of the books are connected."

June muttered and took out a green-covered book before rummaging through its contents.

"Alright, the poison topic follows this direction."

June looked to her left and continued moving while taking out a book every now and then.

While June might not be as detailed as Sokka, even she had found the pattern of the books. Each topic was connected to the book placed behind it and next to it.

In this way, if she had to somehow find the books on exotic poisons, she needed to first go through the books of flora while making a comparison on which book contained more information about the poisonous herbs.

This way, she easily found her direction, but still checked out various books for caution's sake. Unlike Sokka, June also wasn't willing to let her head get wrapped up in overconfidence.

Literacy was a luxury that June obtained at the later stages of her career as a mercenary. And she wasn't willing to leave the chance of learning about more plants that could harm her due to a single success on cracking the pattern get to her head.


"What are you saying?!"

Katara immediately jumped up in shock while glaring at Nina. Somehow, Nina still looked quite annoying to Katara's eyes, yet, a sweet feeling spread within her.

Rolling her eyes, Nina shrugged.

"It is obvious, you know. Everyone knows, I guess, even Nik knows."

She stood up and tiptoed towards Katara, gazing at her pitch-black eyes with her dark-blue ones.

"You know, I kinda like Sokka, that is why accepted the deal.

Maybe, I would be willing to teach you a few stuff. Just like I gave Yue a few pointers."

Katara took a step back and calmed her heart. She frowned and kept glaring at Nina.

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Nina looked a bit confused before chuckling and shaking her head.

"You wish to get in Nik's bed. I get it. Even I feel like something is coming down when I am near him, you know.

But you have to be honest with yourself. S.e.x isn't a bad thing, it is the society who made it back."

Nina walked around Katara while her appraising eyes observed Katara's assets that were exposed due to the thin clothing.

"Either way, acceptance is the first step in any relationship. Nik has many women by his side, but if you wanna get a piece of him, you gotta accept his quirks.

Only then are you qualified to find out if your relationship with him actually last or sink."

Katara finally sat down as she gazed at Nina seriously.

"What if..."

"No — what ifs—"

Nina shook her head and sat in front of Katara.

"I am not lying. Your group, even if for a day, allowed to witness many things... heck, a friggin talking owl!

And for that, I, a shameless harlot, a man-pleaser, am in your debt. All of your debt. So, I feel like I might just help you with a few stuff.

Bending elements isn't my forte, by bending d.i.c.ks is. So? Are you willing to lessen my debt towards your group?

Wanna learn a few things about bending from me?"

Nina let out a predatory smile before winking at Katara, making her flush.

[1/22, 6:28 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 100 - Virya, the Eldest

Nik's eyes would have definitely popped out from the sheer shock while his heart would be filled with boundless fear and apprehensions if he came to witness the startling change around the tower of the library that poked out of the sandy landscape.

The tiny patch of glass had instantly spread across an entire kilometre of surface area. The most startling concept was that Pavāka could definitely feel that sand below the beasts melting and liquifying but before it could actively burn Ignit and Nyla, it cooled off instantly, finally covering the tiny patch of landscape in frosty looking ice.

The feeling of admiration was a hard one to suppress as Pavāka understood the core mechanism of the technique.

Using light manipulation, the entity known as the Eldest Sister increased the temperature of the patch of land by increasing the intensity of the afternoon sun while the genius water bending technique came into play to manipulate the liquified sand into glass.

The factors such as keeping the beasts away from harm and turning the landscape into glassy hell in an instant were just a matter of practice and experiments that allegedly took more than a thousand years.

After all, even if someone is blessed with the ability to bend the light, most of them end up killing themselves. Light could be considered as one of the most dangerous and volatile of all elements, unlike its heavier and sturdy counterpart— darkness.

While Pavāka floated mid-air without any change in expression, the same could not be said for the cowering beasts and an unfortunate group making their way towards the caravan sneakily.

"3 humans detected and eliminated."

A gentle voice rang as the surrounding temperature cooled down quite a bit, credits to light and water bending once again.

Hearing the words, no matter how morbid, Pavāka immediately grinned brightly and flew towards a particular location with her arms open.

"Eldest Sister!"


Pavāka's body immediately hugged something soft and light— a huggable body, just like her's— before she looked up and matched the gaze of the silver-eyes girl with a slightly immature face, pale-white skin and glittering silver hair that reached her neck.

"Pavāka, it's good to see you after so long."

The girl gently reached for one of the many luscious locks of Pavāka's hair before brushing them past her ears. A soft, yet, content sigh escaped the girl's soft pink lips as she felt Pavāka's body wrapped around her's.

"You are still as comfortable as before."

A smile touched the girl's lips once again, her free hand patting the top of Pavāka's head, making the golden bolt of cuteness purr in content.

"I missed you, too, sis."

The duo spirits remained in the same position for a few minutes, the temperature surrounding the library finally grew a bit warmer while a relaxed Ignit could be seen trying to snuggle against Nyla only for him to move to a different location with a snort.

"So? What you been up to for the hundred years that you went playing?"

Pavāka grinned and immediately flew out of the girl's embrace and opened her arms wide while laughing loudly.

"Sis Virya, in the last month, I experienced things more than I could have experienced for years."

Witt smugness lacing her voice, Pavāka continued and folded her hands before making a — tut tut— sound.

"And, it's unfortunate that I have finally experienced something that you haven't."

Instead of getting angry at her sister's shenanigans, Virya smiled gently and asked out softly, her silver eyes glittering with curiosity and her expression brim with happiness.

How could Virya ever get angry at her own siblings? She loved them, all of them. She was like a mother to them instead of their sister. Especially, for Pavāka. Unlike other mutated elemental spirits, Pavāka is the only one who ever received Virya's personal guidance and affection due to their similar body structures.

"Come on, Pavāka. Stop teasing me already.

So? Does this experience have to do anything with the external scent I am picking up from you"

Virya pointed at Pavāka, who in return, nodded and replied with a grin.

"Hehe, Sis, I am going to show you the path to enlightenment."


30 Minutes Later.

The group had finally arrived back at the central chamber of the library with varied expressions on their faces.

Nik and Yue had a disappointed expression. Of course, the soft red marks on his neck and the excited flush on Yue's face pointed out the activities performed to pass their time. The marks immediately attracted glares from Karna and Katara.

Karna, though glaring, kept on trembling every now and then. But the look of pure hunger and expectations when she looked at Nik garnered more attention from her peers.

What did she learn?!

June, on the other hand, looked quite calm, yet, a small smile on her plump lips gave away the fact that she got what she wanted.

Out of the group, only Sokka had a serious expression and kept pondering with his thumb and index finger on his chin, he was so deeply involved with his own thoughts that the guy even ignored Nina's cheerful welcome and kept muttering soft whispers as if calculating something hard.


Katara looked at Karna with a hopeful expression. She really wanted to learn a few advanced technique and tactics and this may very well be the chance of a lifetime.

"I... I learnt a few techniques for... close combat."

Karna nodded with a blush. Katara was way younger than herself, yet, she was so engrossed in the art of waterbending, unlike herself, who wasted the entire time in learning illicit and e.r.o.t.i.c methods to wield the art of waterbending.

But when she recalled Katara's reactions near Nik, she couldn't help but ponder. If she actually beguiled Katara into learning that stuff... maybe she could finally overpower Nik and get a one-up during their night activities.


Katara squealed in delight and hugged Karna joyfully while Nina walked closer to Sokka and tapped his forehead.

Leaning closer, she let her arms hang around Sokka's shoulders before kissing him softly and whispering.

"Hey, when your girlfriend greets you, it is nice to greet back. Or at least, acknowledge the greeting."

Her blue eyes looked into Sokka's with seriousness, breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Sorry, I—"

"You found something important. I get it... based on your expression, everybody gets that.

But, when it comes to relationship, you have to mark a clear line between duties and pleasure. Your girlfriend may not be that accommodating, you know."

Sokka nodded after hearing her words and smiled cheekily.

"Thanks a lot, sweety!"

Nina also grinned in return and pulled his cheeks.

"No worries, baby!"

"So? I get that you lost your time in passion and forgot to find the scroll regarding gravitation?"

June walked near the crestfallen duo and gave Yue's and Nik's butt a soft, yet, swift slap, waking them up.

This time, Yue didn't even feel like registering the spank and simply sighed heavily.


She cried out loud before placing her face into June's bosom and hugging her tightly.

"Don't even get me started..." Nik muttered with a lost look in his eyes.

"What happened?"

Karna frowned at their reactions.

"Well... we got lost. That's what happened."

Yue took her head out but still kept hugging her recent comrade in bed and sighed heavily once again, making Nik complete the rest of the story.

"And found ourselves in the torture section."

"Then... did the torture techniques get you so excited?"

She walked closer to Nik and gently grazed past the multiple hickeys on his neck.

"Well... let's say, torture isn't as bad as it sounds."

Nik shrugged, making Yue blush and hide her face in Karna's bosom once again, making the taller lady chuckled and embracing the silver-haired half-spirit, gently.

"Did you find my library interesting enough?"

Wan Shi Tong slowly flapped his large wings before flying towards their group and gently landing in front of them. When his small beady eyes fell on Nik and Yue, he couldn't hide his own pleased expression.


Nik didn't even feel like replying and controlled the puddle of water to create a pillar of ice with a lane of handles built to allow the group to climb up towards the ceiling and leave the library.