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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 101 - Cries of an Owl


"I'll be damned... this is really elemental bending?"

Sokka whispered with his fears exposed through the soft tremors in his voice, gaining approving, yet, terrified nods from the group, except for Nik, who was still gazing at the beautiful girl, the same size as Pavāka, yet an entirely different aura and charm.


His mouth opened slightly as the silver, almost, the white-haired girl locked her gaze with his, an amusing smile formed on her lips, once again, tugging onto his heartstrings.

That girl was the very definition of purity. While Pavāka was the embodiment of Purity Lightning, the Girl's holiness was already at a different level. It stemmed from her very being.

'She is the eldest sister, huh.'

Nik gulped as he looked at the girl's soft and unblemished feet. He wasn't the type to hold the foot fetish, but if the feet tending to him were this girl's, he wouldn't mind the act at all.

Usually, Pavāka wouldn't get envious of any girl Nik had been with. But now, Pavāka once again felt a new feeling emerging within her heart a feeling pulling on her strings.

Before Virya could even stand on the smooth warm glass, Pavāka immediately held her hands. She didn't want Virya to get close to Nik. It was a somewhat instinctual feeling that made her feel this way.

But even then, she didn't have any right to stop her from approaching Nik, not after bragging about Nik and 'enlightenment' the way she did.


Virya held Pavāka's hand and softly whispered.

"Is something the matter? I smell fear. Did he hurt you?"

Virya gently asked, her expression still warm and comforting.

"No, sis... it's..."

Pavāka couldn't help but clench her jaws at how selfish she was being. From the beginning of her existence, Virya is the only spirit who took care of her instead of letting her getting baptized and corrupted by the world. This is also one of the reasons Pavāka can speak of death so easily without losing her own cheerfulness.

"Now, now, you are losing yourself to your emotions. It's the first time for me to see fear morphing into envy."

"If you don't want me to meet him, then I'll leave."

Virya patted Pavāka's head before the blonde shook her head rapidly. Virya has been the one always introducing change and more exotic experiences to Pavāka's life. Her love for spilt guts could also be attributed to Virya's affection.

But now, she had the chance to introduce something new into Virya's life. Something that she hadn't witnessed or felt since the beginning of her existence.

"No... I wanted you guys to meet... that's why I brought him here."

Chuckling at her expression, Virya gently consoled her youngest.

"You don't have to worry. He is a physical being, and that's already getting on my nerves, his existence, that is."

"Well... he is somewhat spiritual. It's complicated."

Pavāka finally shrugged while Virya replied seriously.

"Believe me... since the moment I have existed....

It's always complicated."

Meanwhile, Nik looked at Yue, who had a calm expression. From what he knew and asked her, Yue couldn't see the spirits in the spiritual plane that transfer over to the material plane, not unless they reveal themselves.

But he could see any spirit that transfers over to the material plane even if they do not materialize themselves.

"Is this for real?"

June whispered while looking at the spectacular scenery of the glass refracting light everywhere, making the whole space surrounding the library nothing short of gorgeous.

"I must say that it is nauseating to be this close to any physical existence."

Virya smiled warmly and spoke towards Nik as she walked closer with Pavāka in tow.

"Well, the greetings could have gone better."

Nik muttered as Yue looked at him with confusion. Before Nik could speak, Pavāka spoke out.

"Did you get the scroll?"

Pavāka looked at Yue and seeing her disappointed expression, Pavāka turned to Nik with her large violet eyes filled with curiosity.

"We didn't."

Nik shrugged.

"I see... I'll let you two get along, then. You guys, wait near the carriage. Ignit and others need your tending."

Pavāka smiled at Nik before moving her pupils sidewards, hinting Nik towards Virya before winking and turning into a bolt of violet lighting and shooting towards the library.

"I'll get back to you guys in a moment. I have to chat with a guest."

Nik waved at the departing group before looking at the sour-expressioned Virya.

"I am not your guest. This is my desert, this means, you are my guests."

She didn't move a single inch closer from the moment Pavāka left. Her silver eyes calmly regarded Nik before her eyes widened in surprise.

"You are... from the outer world?"

Her apprehensions were gone almost instantly. As if, Nik wasn't a physical being anymore, instead, a long lost kin.

Without even waiting for his reply, she jumped forward and took Nik's hands before her own hands glowed brightly.

'This feeling...'

Nik immediately cursed. If he hadn't felt the same feeling during his subsequent sessions with each girl— the feeling of their spirit binding temporarily— he would have already been stunned.

His mind went into defence for any impacts and he used his Pheromone Illusion to increase his chances of taking control of the situation using the mind control and illusion attribute to the extreme.

But the similar bonding sensation didn't flood his senses, instead, the warm feeling that slowly filled his body felt devoid of any hostility.

After a moment, Virya took her hand back and looked at Nik with her own large silver eyes widened in curiosity.

"In the other world, is it true that a person can communicate through distance within a few moments?"

Aside from curiosity, there was a hint of apprehension in her eyes.

Feeling her gaze, Nik sighed and nodded. If it was a man that pulled such a stunt and tried to widen his eyes in curiosity, Nik was absolutely sure that he would've smacked the shit out of him.

But, a man she wasn't and Nik happened to have a sweet tooth for ancient lolis whose feet could kindle even his own darkest of desires.

Finally, he nodded.

"That's only a single discovery."

Hearing his words, a brilliant smile appeared on Virya's face as she looked at the entrance of the library for a moment with a hesitant expression before looking back at Nik.

"Then, we have a lot to chat about.

Filth, I mean... Nik?

I would also like to enquire the path of enlightenment that Pavāka has been so elusive about."

Nik stopped suddenly as he heard a loud screech before the familiar bolt of lightning shot out of the library's window and soon appeared in front of them.

With a scowl, Pavāka threw the grey-violet scroll towards Nik while hissing.

"That damn owl! He had hidden the scroll in his furs!!"

As she shouted, she threw a fistful of large black feathers, inducing everyone at the scene to take a moment of silence for the fallen owl kindred while Pavāka floated down towards Nik and immediately reduced her size, sitting on top of his head.

"So? Does sis still call you filth?"

Pavāka looked down with a curious expression and Nik finally found out that he was way sc.u.mmish than he originally thought himself to be. He looked back at Virya and then...

There was no then.

He was a certified lolicon. It's just that it's his luck that he always encountered legal loli.

'Although...' Nik rubbed his chin in deep thoughts.

'If I become the law creator of a particular world, I may as well change the age that leads to imprisonment, right?'

'No! No need to go down that road.'

Nik shook his head and then looked at Virya's pure expression once again.

'Devils... this is sooo damn hard!'

Of course, his cries remained unheard and unrecognised.

"Pavāka, you shouldn't disrespect Tong. He is elder than you."

Virya looked up and frowned slightly only to see Pavāka sticking her tongue out.

"He is a meanie! He hid the scroll!"

Immediately, Virya's frown vanished and a brilliant smile touched her lips.

"Well, if you say so, he must be a meanie."

At this time, a certain anguished owl let out another soft, yet, tearful cry.

Story Written by Author: FanHarem
[1/26, 4:03 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 102 - Truth
It has already been a few hours and the group had finally reached their next destination.

Coconut Shade Oasis.

Unlike the rotten Mystic Palms Oasis, this particular resting spot sported lavishness that only a few willing merchants could afford. Of course, there are exceptions like Nik, who would go and take his pocket money by beating a few bandits, making his earnings composed of pure profits.

Once again, the group's thoughts were reaffirmed that looting is the best occupation of all. Especially, if a man-breaker like Nik is accompanying you.

During their encounter with the eighth desert bandit, Sokka had even shouted loudly— Charge!— while Yue laughed loudly and acted even more roguish than the burly bandit himself, making the poor guy prostate n.a.k.e.d on the hot sand.


That time, Nik made a mental note to not that if he ever needed a torture department, he must definitely consult Yue.... and of course, Virya.

Virya's sense of afflicting pain... was too much. Even for Nik.

Sending a shard of glass than exploding it within the body while lacerating the organs from inside?

Sending a spear of ice through the butt and shredding the intestine?

Gauging the eyes balls with toothpick shaped ice. The word was— carving— but Nik didn't feel like correcting the murderous ball of cuteness and fluff.

On one thigh, Virya nodded after hearing much stuff about modern society while Sokka and Karna would of scoff at how farfetched these things sounded. While on another thigh, Pavāka simply leaned over Nik. Though a bit envious, she couldn't help but feel giddy when she was how much Virya seemed to be interested in Nik.

Of course, unlike the two bloody spirits, the group didn't know that he was an otherworldly horny teenager and only attributed his words to very distant dreams.

June, on the other hand, would in fact ask questions about many things, which would often match with Virya's question, making the silver-haired invisible spirit observe June with an appraising gaze.

But as they neared their destination, Sokka finally claimed something that actually made Nik a bit impressed by his dedication.

"Um... everyone... and that spirit you are talking to." Sokka gave Nik a look, as if trying to find if there really was a spirit of Nik had just lost his head—, edge.

"Actually, Nina and I aren't in a relationship." He looked at Nina, who had a clear look in her eyes and a beautiful smile. Seeing her, Sokka took a deep breath before gaining a bit of his old, suppressed courage.

"When I offered her to teach me about relationsh.i.p.s and... well, you know... baby-making activities, Nina asked me to buy her out.

Ordinarily, it would have been impossible. Even Nina knew her request was a bit overboard. But... I kinda liked her company... and also had the money... sooo..."

Sokka dragged his words with a cheeky smile while rubbing the back of his head.

"Either way, what you saw between Nina and me was actually my training on how to talk with my girlfriend.

I apologise for both of our steads for all the inconvenience we caused."

Before others could speak, especially, Katara, who looked like she wished to explode, Nina suddenly spoke out.

"If I had to say... it wasn't all Sokka's fault. And from him, I found out that it wasn't his money, but Nik's—"

Before she could complete, Karna finally had it enough and immediately stood up.

"Don't you dare..."


Nina couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"You got me wrong. What I meant to say was, not only am I willing to teach Sokka the entire course, I am also willing to teach all the inexperienced ladies within the group."

Then, as if she suddenly remembered something important, she gave Katara a mocking smile and licked her lips seductively.

"Ah! I forgot... we only have a single maiden left. All thanks to our tiger, there."

"That's it!"

Katara exploded, and alongside, brought multiple tendrils of water, which was instantly stopped by Nik before anything permanent took place.

"Relax guys..."

Nik finally spoke up while looking towards Virya, who had an impassive expression on her face.

"Sokka? Why did you decide to speak up now? You know that you guys could have just pretended to break up, right?"

"It is part of the training. Honesty and Courage."

Sokka replied.

"After sleeping with the woman?"

Nik asked curiously.

"Especially after sleeping with a woman. If a man wants to spend some time, he should be honest. If he doesn't, instead of leaving silently, he should stay and explain his reasons."

"That's stupid." Nik frowned and looked at Nina. While Sokka's answer actually impressed the two physical woman and a physical maiden, Nina remained unimpressed.

Shrugging, she sighed in defeat.

"I told him so. This wasn't actually the part of the training. If a man actually stays behind and starts explaining how that particular night was just a fling, slap and tears are the least of your worries."


Sokka clenched his jaws before shaking his head.

"I would still do what I said. If it is a mistake, I'll stay and explain. If it is right, I'll be more than willing to stay."

Nik looked back at Nina and suddenly spoke up.

"You didn't train him at all."

Nina also retorted.

"Hey, I am with guys for only one day."

Nik sighed and looked towards Sokka. He felt that even if he won't be staying with him in the near future, he should at least clear Sokka's misunderstanding. He owed it to him after travelling with Sokka for so long.

"Listen up nicely. What you said sounds honourable and stuff that I don't want to be associated with.

But put yourself in the woman's shoes. You just had a good and awesome night with a man, and the next day, he is waiting for you to wake up, only to tell you why he doesn't want to be with you.

Ordinarily, this results in the woman thinking that the guy is finding faults in her, and that too, after sleeping with her.

Now, do you still feel honourable?"

Nik sneered and asked out loud.

"I don't believe that it will turn out like that." Sokka remained determined in his own thoughts.

"If I explain it reasonably—"

"Sokka." Nik cut him short and spoke with a small, yet, sad smile.

"Emotions cannot be reasoned with. I am sorry, but that's the truth."

His words silenced the entire group. Somehow, Katara felt a bit sad seeing his smile, this was even more prominent for his partners, except for Virya and June.

Those two had seen the world and knew that such a smile filled with sadness is only formed when the same person went through a similar situation.

Eating their dinner in silence, the group booked an Inn settled in with two women, one spirit and one invisible spirit staying in Nik's room. Of course, even though June took a different room, she still winked and proclaimed that she would be visiting them later tonight.

A crestfallen Sokka and the impassive Nina bunked together for continuation of his lessons.

Lastly, Katara couldn't help but sigh before looking at June with a bit of desperation, making her laugh out loud.

"Why don't you just bunk with me? I would've even invited you to join us tonight, but that's a no, right?"

June's words made Katara sigh even heavier as she simply waved her hand while leaving for the room.

The reason the group chose the Coconut Shade Oasis was due to the lack of bandits within the bounded area. This allowed the group to sleep soundly without any worries for their beast partners.

[1/26, 4:04 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 103 - Tender Care


"Gah! So tired!"

Karna and Yue groaned simultaneously as they slumped on the bed, front first, with a suppressed— Oomph.

Even Nik slumped at the remaining space with Pavāka sitting on top of his head.

"It wasn't so bad, right, Sis?"

Pavāka spoke with a sagely expression and then looked at Virya, who had taken the liberty of shifting her size to rival Pavāka's and sat near her, above Nik's head.

"It was alright, I guess. It's been a millennium since I left that desert."

"What do you know?" Yue groaned while giving Pavāka a stink eye.

"You can fly for god's sake. You don't have to sit on the same seat that has already been reduced to flatness instead of its cushiony delight."

Pavāka simply shrugged while Yue's complete disregard for Virya was only natural.

"Hey, it's your butt you should be complaining to."

Nik's lips twitched at Pavāka's words while Karna simply hid her head at Yue's and Pavāka's banter. She was dead tired, but the thought of using her training... hehe, kept on revitalizing her.

"I smell evil from that girl."

Virya pointed at Karna, attracting Pavāka's and Nik's attention.

"Well, considering the night approaching... we all will grow evil thoughts. Against an undefeated enemy, we always needed the best of our worst personality."

Pavāka shrugged while Nik stood up and made his way to the bathing room.

"Anybody wants to join?"

He gave an assuring smile only to get tired groans out of Yue's and Karna's throats as they replied in tandem.

"Nothing bad during the bath. We need to relax."

"Of course."

Nik smiled. Even he understood that while he could make them hotter, it would be counterproductive. After all, if they actually slept blissfully after their first orgasm due to the tiring journey, who would he cry to?

He was expecting a one... two... three... four...

In total, a fivesome. Well, if Virya is included, then it would be considered an orgy. He definitely needed a nice hot orgy filled with steamy women, their tongues not leaving a single part of his body un-licked while their soft and meaty holes wrapped around his—

"Ah, he already got a boner."

Yue immediately exclaimed while Karna hissed.

"Crap. That early? We haven't even gotten undressed yet?"

Karna looked at the rising tent with a mixture of exhaustion, delight and hunger.

"Don't worry. We will only be relaxing."

Nik shrugged and undressed. Honestly, Nik really didn't believe that the duo would actually agree to his invitation. After all said and done, deep down, Nik was a bath lover. Nobody knew this, not even his late mother. He loved bathing, feeling the filth on his skin slowly sliding off of his body.

While the souma family and Kyouko couldn't even think why Nik took so long in the shower, even longer than Sayako, the nasty yet clean freak, the answer was this simple.

A barely audible sigh escaped his lips as he shrugged.

'Might as well relax them.'

Though this particular resting point was lavish when compared to others, the bathroom was still a bit small, making it a bit cramped for three grown men and women to take a relaxing bath, for which, Nik simply asked Yue and Karna to hop into the bathtub even if they hadn't washed yet.

While the bathtub wasn't constructed out of marble, the wood bathtub had its own feel, making Nik nod. He started filling the bathtub with warm water, credits to his waterbending while the miniature Pavāka finally jumped in, swimming towards Karna's b.r.e.a.s.t and leaning back on the soft bosom before letting the warm water wash her body.

This was the first time Pavāka had ever experienced warm water on her skin.

"This is amazing~"

She sighed while Virya frowned for a moment before deciding to keep sitting on top of Nik's head.

"Water itself is so relaxing~"

Yue whimpered with her eyes closed as she let her hair submerge with water. Meanwhile, Karna placed her arms over the wooden edges while heaving a deep, yet content sigh, just like Pavāka.

"Now, to fulfill my promise."

Nik smiled before walking behind the Karna and placing both of his hands on her head, leaning forward, Nik prevented Karna from speaking with a soft and tender kiss on the nape of her neck.

"Just relax. Today, yours truly would serve you."


Karna held the urge to m.o.a.n in satisfaction and nodded with a hum of approval, inducing Nik to slowly use his fingertips to soothe her by giving Karna a nice and gentle head massage.

His dexterous fingertips showcased their expert control as each and every press happened to be a measured one, greatly relieving Karna from her headache. There was no sensuality in Nik's technique.

To increase the sensitivity of a woman in such a tired state was not his objective. It was to relax her. He would often move his palms to the side of her head and press her head for a few moments before he gradually made his way towards her shoulders.

His thumbs easing the knots on her back and traps while his fingers gently pressing the fleshy base of her neck, right above her collarbones.

"Woah... she really slept."

Yue muttered while Nik simply smiled in satisfaction. All things said and done, he still wasn't sc.u.mmish enough to put his own l.u.s.t above the need and rest of his women. Not minding her unconscious state, Nik continued massaging her upper body without a shred of l.u.s.t in his eyes, well, except for the time when he was giving Karna an awesome b.r.e.a.s.t job.

Damn, it was really hard to control.

Then, Nik stopped and walked closer to Yue and gave her a soft kiss on her lips before whispering.

"Let me put Karna on the bed. I'll come and give you a nice rub, too."

"Me, too!"

Pavāka cheered loudly, to which, Nik picked Karna from the bathtub and removed every droplet of water from her body while whispering to Pavāka.

"Don't shout too loudly. She is sleeping, you know."

After tucking Karna in the bed, Nik gave Yue her princess treatment before she too, was tucked in gently.

"Is this feeling —satisfaction—?"

Virya blurted out as she looked at Pavāka's pleased expression while soft snores slowly rang through the three girls' throats, even making Nik yawn.

Nik muttered as he gently rubbed Pavāka's back. Instead of having her personal time with Nik in the bathtub, Pavāka asked to get massaged in the bedroom, so, Nik had a chance to give her legs and the base of her feet a nice and relaxing massage.

"Satisfaction, relaxation, bliss, there is only a thin line that separates those feelings."

Nik commented softly.

"Then, what are you feeling?"

Virya looked down at how expertly Nik caressed Pavāka's supple thighs without even making it look e.r.o.t.i.c.

"Me? Pride? Maybe."

Nik smiled and finally placed a thin sheet over Pavāka's body. But deep down, he felt a bit of pity for Karna. After all, both Yue and Pavāka were— digger sleeper— but when he thought how Karna herself was a — blanket— he reckoned that she might just enjoy a few limbs behind her back.

Shrugging at zero space for himself, Nik made his way out of the room. For Sokka's sake, Nik didn't wish to bunk with Nina and Sokka tonight while the thought of bunking in with June and Katara made him feel a bit light-hearted before he shook his head.

Tonight, he wasn't in the mood to go behind the three blissfully sleeping beauties and get more partners. So, he was left with one choice.

Going down the reception, Nik booked yet another room before walking up to June's room and knocking on the door before a thinly-veiled June answered to the door.

Smiling, she raised her brows.

"I was just planning on coming to your room."

"Change of plans... Nik smiled and then took June's hands, picking her up and immediately walking, passing through Sokka's room, they could hear soft m.o.a.ns that only served to heighten their own l.u.s.t.

Meanwhile, back at the room, Katara remained seated with a stunned expression before she sighed deeply.

"I guess I am all alone, huh...


Katara wasn't the type of girl who curses, but special situations require special methods of venting frustration.


Tonight, Nik got another partner.

Time left: 3 Months 15 Days

Total number of partners: 6/10

[1/26, 4:05 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 104 - Towards Ba Sing Se
"What's with the gloom, Kat?!!"

Sokka appeared naturally and cheered loudly. His face was full of smiles while more than one set of eyes were directed towards the calm yet smiling Nina.

"Don't call me that! Gives me the creep!"

Katara immediately shivered and pushed Sokka's face back with her hand. Her eyes had darkened eye bags, contrary to everyone in the group.

Especially, Karna, Yue and Pavāka. They seemed to be glowing. Heck, Pavāka was actually glowing!

"If I didn't know better, I would think that you are afraid of sleeping alone."

Nina tiptoed towards Katara while whispering.

"My offer still stands, you know."

"Shut it!"

Katara snapped with a cold snort, making Nina shrug and sigh in defeat. She looked at Nik, who seemed to be discussing the route of the travel with June. While Nina was definitely impressed by the sheer intensity of hungry groans and passionate m.o.a.ns, she wasn't delusional enough to think that Nik didn't understand Katara's attraction for him.

This was especially so when Nina found out hos sensible Nik actually was.

Emotions cannot be reasoned with.

That statement enlightened the entire group that Nik was something more than a hirny teenager. This thought was confirmed when they actually thought how Nik's actions had already reached the point of impossibility.

Knocking a grown man twice his size with a single punch?

Using more than one elements?

Moving so leisurely with high bounties from the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation?

Lastly, that ethereal scent.

Experienced with many men, Nina understood that Nik's peculiar scent was inhumane. Monstrous, even, if the effect of the scent is analysed.

While Nina may not know, Nik was essentially a walking and living aphrodisiac, who would even affect spiritual beings like Pavāka and... Virya.

"Hey! This smell is nice. Why don't you tell me about it? The previous outer world traveler had a similar scent, but he couldn't touch or look at me."

Virya whimpered with a flushed expression, the sudden exposure of the information earned Virya Nik's interest. Mentally taking a note to slowly find out the entirety of the situation, Nik gently smiled and touched the top of her head with the tip of his index-finger.

"It's nothing much. Natural scent."


Virya nodded while laying over his head and rolling around his hair.

"Nik... your hair is moving."

Sokka pointed out while Pavāka spoke out.

"It's Sis Virya. Don't mind her, she just like soft things."

With the existence of the invisible spirit finally confirmed, Sokka gulped and retreated a step back.

"W-well! Let's go! Ba Sing Se isn't far. Might as well complete the journey today."

The group nodded at his words before they left in their carriage. This time, however, Nik also sat within the carriage while Sokka took the reigns and brought Nina out with him.

Within the confined space, Nik's scent slowly grew heavier, but the girls marked by him only felt comfort as Nik leaned back and closed his eyes. Meanwhile, Virya, simply enjoyed the tantalizing scent and the reactions her body gave. It was too new for her!

The most intimidated by the group inside the carriage was definitely Katara. She was sitting opposite to the man who she usually thought of during her— me time— and presently, she was surrounded by girls... women, that have actually achieved her own wet dreams.

Shame, envy and fear filled her heart. The small canister of water looked more and more alluring as time went on. God! Katara wished to release all the water and fill her insides real nice. She wanted to overlook their existence and just let go of herself.


But the only thing she had the courage to do was sigh deeply. Honestly, she didn't know what she was doing anymore. Why did she even allow herself to leave Omashu? Omashu was a nice place. She could use waterbending to slowly earn her living and live a peaceful life.

Away from war, away from sadness.

The only reason she decided to hop on the team avatar— as Sokka proclaimed— was due to the fact that she wanted revenge.

Revenge for her mother's death, revenge for her father's disappearance.

But her travels allowed her to understand that what Katara actually sought out was an excuse.

An excuse to fight, to kill and to let loose her frustration for being raised without parents.

But once again, Katara was also forced to understand that she wasn't the only one with the sad past, lost parents and burnt homes.

War was nobody's fault, she understood it after Aang's death, when she found out that Water Tribe was already in alliance with the Fire Nation.

The facts that more than half of the world was already against the entity titled— the Avatar— finally made sense to her.

A being of immeasurable power was both a boon and a curse and it was human's nature to account for the worst. She understood it, yet...

Katara also slumped back as the carriage made its way towards Ba Sing Se while its metallic walls rocked against the group's back.

Suddenly, Katara felt someone pulling her sideways, her heart immediately clenched in panic and anxiousness. Who? She thought before a tiny hit of hope struggled out of her rapidly beating heart.

Maybe, Nik?

"You should sleep. It might not be too comfortable, but try to sleep."

Karna's gentle voice woke Katara out of her stupor, finally making her nod with an unnatural flush as Katara raised her lower body and rested on Karna's laps.

"There you go..."

Karna smiled and gently brushed Katara's hair past her neck, making Katara sigh in relief and relaxation. She was too stiff lately, not to mention her orgasmic streak.

She needed to rest, and with Karna compelling her to, Katara didn't fight against her urges to sleep and let her consciousness descend into slumber.

But later, she would find out how much of a mistake it is to let your subconscious open up when you are sleeping in front of your crush and surrounded by his mates.

Sadly, with all the dreams that made Katara whimper in the carriage, her lips kept chanting Nik's name, making the whole group awkward, except for Nik. He simply enjoyed her needy and desperate whimpers.

Of course, there was a silver lining.

Katara didn't even know when the group reached Ba Sing Se and woke up completely refreshed! Ready to take on the world!

[1/26, 4:06 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 105 - Confrontation
"The situation is definitely grim..."

June muttered darkly while Katara lowered her head with a furious blush. Never will she sleep on Karna's laps again and never will she dream of Nik kissing her thighs...

Oh, that ethereal pleasure, though.


Karna whispered near Katara's ears and scolded the delusional man-snatcher.

"She isn't talking about you! And get your mind out of gutter already! Those spears aren't toys, you know!"

Karna pointed at the gleaming tips of the spears held by fire nation troops surrounding the walls of Ba Sing Se. Even the merchants weren't allowed to enter the fortress capital, fully intending to cripple Ba Sing Se's economy.

"Do we really need to go in there? The prices would be astronomical. Not to mention that in such a situation, the officials won't be able to keep an eye on the citizens, so the crime rate must be at its peak."

It might not look like much, but Yue was a princess in her own isolated rights. She had political knowledge that nobody in the group could rival, except for Pavāka and Virya, who refused to comment on the situation.

Hearing Pavāka's words, the atmosphere of the group grew even more somber.

"Well, we don't need to stay here at all... I just need to complete a task at hand."

Nik shrugged while attracting the group's curiosity. Nina finally spoke up seeing the rest of the group hesitating and fearing the answer.

"And that task is?"

She raised an eyebrow and asked while leaning forward.

"To assist Fire Nation's siege of Ba Sing Se."

He replied calmly while his mind produced ideas at a furious pace. He once again opened the chain quest to analyse each and every word carefully.

[Chain Quest— I

Description: With the Death of the current Avatar, the balance of the world has changed. To appease this world's Gaia, start restoring the balance. Infiltrate and destroy Ba Sing Se.

Rewards: 4000 SO, 1 SP (Skill Point)]

Penalty: Forceful departure.]

'The quest is a two-step process. The word— infiltrate— restricts me from openly attacking the city while the word —destruction — holds too many meaning and possibilities.'

He frowned. Honestly, he didn't wish to depart before partnering-up with ten women. Only four remained and he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The quest mission would allow him to stay within the confines of the time allowed even after surviving the main mission. But there was a catch. While the quest mission itself did not restrict Nik to any time duration, the words— appease this world's Gaia— made him understand that Nik must have a direct hand in the fall of Ba Sing Se. If, Ba Sing Se falls without his own contributions, he would be forced to depart.

Infiltrate and then destruction.

He could assassinate the current king, destroy the gate mechanism from the inside or crush merchant houses within the city. There were many ways to cripple the capital as it was already hanging on a very thin thread.

"You are... still a Fire Nation spy?"

Sokka slowly muttered, while his expression was calm, the glare of his eyes and a sense of disgust in his tone betrayed his emotions.

"Maybe, maybe not."

Honestly, Nik liked Sokka and his open-mindedness. But even Sokka's hatred for every single fire nation filth was hard to curb.

"To be honest, I can sense... Gaia's distaste towards this human establishment."

Virya finally spoke out in surprise. But almost immediately, realisation dawned upon her and she immediately floated in front of Nik's face.

"You heard her call?" Virya tilted her face in confusion while stretching her hand outwards, releasing a soft glow that encompassed Nik's body before frowning and revolving around Nik at an unhurried pace.

While the invisible spirit continued her antics, Sokka felt a throbbing vein pop out on his forehead as he gritted his teeth.

"Nik, you... I misjudged you. If you are really willing to assist the Fire Nation, then I don't want to be a part of this group."

He finally uttered through his clenched jaws while Nik remained impassive.

"I understand."

Nik nodded. There weren't any hard feelings between them and he knew that the fire nation wasn't exactly a kind of saint nation. Blood of innumerable men and women flowed under its assault, Sokka's mother being one of them.

"Come on, guys! No need to be so serious. Why don't we just wait, Nik—"

Before Yue could complete, Sokka cut her short.

"Sorry. But if Nik is still affiliated with the Fire Nation... I won't stay any longer."

Sokka took a deep breath before looking at Nina, who just shrugged and pointed out.

"Well, that's all nice and determined... but, we can't move forward without getting caught or leave without a carriage.

So, I propose that we suppress our differences, even if its for a moment."

Sokka couldn't help but open his mouth yet Katara beat him to it and spoke quickly.

"Alright, enough." She felt her heart clenching when Sokka gave her a disbelieving expression, yet, she continued, finally deciding to speak her mind out.

"I..." And yet, it was way harder than it sounded within her mind. She wished to proclaim how she wanted to move on from her past. How she wished to enjoy Nik's companionship without anything holding her back.

But, she failed to figure out how she should actually speak those stuff.

Move on? How? Forget the memory of her mother dying with chest ripped open right in front of her eyes?

How could she possibly move on?

Her spiralling thoughts quickly grew into a chaotic twister that wished to devour her entirely while never letting go of her past guilt and anguish.

"I think, that nothing I say will change your mind." Nik broke the silence with a smile as a threatening, yet, sweet scent exploded out of his body, finally, his scent even started affecting his own partners and Sokka, too.

As the group grew dizzy, they once again witnessed how sad Nik seemed while smiling.


And they slumped on the ground, his skill affecting their mind greatly, except for Virya.

"What's with this strange scent... it's the first for me..."

She muttered curiously. Though her eyes were already half-lidded, she seemed genuinely intrigued, her question made Nik smile a bit before he took Virya's chin between his thumb and index finger.

"I planned and planned for a perfect ending. Where we all can be happy. But... I finally understand the hypocrisy of that delusion."

Before giving Virya any time, he leaned forward and seized her soft lips, a warm sensation exploded within Virya's mouth as Nik played and ravaged her upper lips furiously, as if trying to vent his frustrations.

Now, in such close proximity, she found out how enchanting Nik's scent had actually become, yet, Nik continued with his kiss, not leaving Virya's mind any room to process anything other than his otherworldly skills.

A trickling sensation touched her lower torso, once again, something new that Virya had never sensed before.


Nik finally let Virya go, but kept hugging her waist while keeping her in air. Seeing her flushed cheeks, Nik smiled and spoke gently, soothing her somewhat erratic heart.

"Sleep tight. I'll return in a jiffy."


At Sokka's words and Katara's complicated expression, Nik finally felt his own foolishness. And honestly, he was thankful that he found the hindsight on his own thoughts at his first travel, technically.

He cannot keep everyone happy.

But he wished to be happy.

When Nik finally separated the fact that everybody's happiness does not affect his own happiness, Nik suddenly felt a weight disappearing from his shoulders.

He like Katara, he wanted her and honestly, she seemed interested in him, too. But, all this time, he had been restraining himself due to his consideration for Karna and Yue.

Even now, he felt nothing wrong with being considerate about his own women. But he was restraining his own personality. Sokka's words and determination only woke him up from his stupor.

He could have gained ten partners on several occasions and yet, here he was, entangling himself with thoughts of other people he won't ever meet after he left for his own world.

So, he simply used his Mind Control ability to trigger a change within all of them.

Planting a seed, if you may.


He didn't touch their personalities, their core beliefs but instead, planted a safety mechanism in the form of acceptance when things revolved around Nik. And that too, wasn't an easy task to achieve.

5 Days, he gave himself his own deadline.

In five days, he would leave this world for good. He had already become a murderer in this world, so, he also didn't mind committing other atrocities.

Looking at the sleeping group, Nik smiled gently.

Though, he felt a bit sad after the moment of realisation that he would be rewiring each and every partner of his in such a fashion from now on, the emotion was only momentary.

This action wouldn't change the fact that they were his women. Someone, he wouldn't let go of.

It was scary, Nik reckoned, but he needed to accept his own devils, how he made others accept his own devils.

Looking at the tall walls surrounding the city, Nik's eyes flashed grimly.

'Alright, you stupid wall. Time to open the gates.'

He gave the group one last look before jumping out of the hiding spot they had created. Once he was done, he will finally take the initiative and get rid of Katara's pain and enlighten Virya.

[1/26, 4:07 PM] I Am Horlawahley: 3 Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 106 - Acquiring the Blind Bandit




A mind-numbing bone crunch rang sonorously with the pained groans chiming from behind as another fire nation soldier fell on his knees with his forehead filled with cold sweat and his body spasming in pain.

"You are—"


Before the brave soldier could identify the assaulter, the said assaulter kicked the soldier right in his face before sending him to the unconscious dreamlands.

The fire soldiers, unlike their navy counterpart, didn't distinguish between a bender and a non-bender, so Nik decided that it would be good for him to remain cautious of any potential bender before deciding to use his own superior physique to neutralize their threat.

His moves didn't have any flowery techniques nor any elegance hidden in the movement of his hand. He simply grabbed a person's arm and twisted it unnaturally before smacking him on the back and sending him to a relieving dreamland. All the while, his Bloodline skill was activated for the whole time, dulling the senses of the soldiers around him.


The cold night hid Nik's vaporous breathing as he looked towards the tall wall before looking at one of the two gates of the city. There was no way he could climb to the top before attracting any attention so he decided to find the 'traitors' selected by the fire nation.

The group of traitorous earth Kingdom citizen might just have an unexpected surprise for him.

'Although... I can just use Gravity to attract the lower part of the wall... making the whole section crumble.'

Nik pondered.

While Katara slept peacefully with her throat groaning out his name in illicit fashion, Nik and Yue were actually studying the Gravity scroll looted... obtained from Wan Shi Tong. The scroll contained the long list of horrible actions taken by the previous gravity benders before the scroll cautioned the user that most of the troublesome Gravity Benders usually vanish without even being able to leave a distinctive legacy.

The moves, then, described on the scroll were pretty basic. The most important thing was on how to concentrate on the gravitational waves surrounding the benders before manipulating it to their own advantage and objectives.

While Nik used to simply transform and control his own element, the method to weave gravitational waves itself was quite an intricate process with a lot of dangers involved.

The process also required the number of Elemental energy units he did not have. So rejecting the thought of reducing an entire section of the walls to a rubble, he looked towards the brightly lit camp and looked at the fallen fire soldiers.

He frowned, the man beneath his foot was too tiny with a thinner frame. Looking around, he finally found someone with a perfect match, much to his own surprise.

Stripping the man, Nik placed his tunic in his inventory before wearing the bloodied fire nation uniform. But curiosity took the best of him.

He looked at the youth for an entire minute before his hands flashed quickly and lowered the guy's underpants, revealing his flaccid brother.

"... Such a similar body and yet... such a disappointment... sigh."

Nik didn't even find the man's little brother worthy enough to get covered again and immediately placed the helmet on the top of his head before he dashed towards the camp while cheering... ehm, shouting loudly.


Alas, today, the youth's bushy brother was destined to be exposed to the unfortunate and unprepared sets of eyes.

Meanwhile, a flurry of activity erupted within the camp while the entrance of multiple tents was slapped open as half-dressed and unprepared soldiers rushed and prepared for battle. Some of the soldiers allegedly wielded fire as their weapon of choice while holler of enraged soldiers erupted from the path Nik decided to take.

Obviously, the unconscious bodies of the soldiers were finally discovered and Nik's shout only fuelled their rage.

Sidestepping and immediately entering the dark shades of the trees, Nik let the passage to the tent get covered by soldiers while making a swift infiltration into the camp. Being one of the larger camps Nik had observed in the area, there was a good chance that a few 'traitors' must be present in the camp.


Before he could place his next step, the ground beneath him immediately softened, making Nik fall before momentum took over, forcing him to roll over the ground head-first and slamming into a dark tree with a cold thud.

"Ah! Now that really struck hard!

Man, I have never seen anyone running so fast... almost lost my eyes on you!


A sharp voice giggled at her own insider joke while Nik slowly stood up with a frustrated groan. He was barely scratched, but still, the feeling was comfortable. The Earth Bender— he presumed— definitely had a delicate control, unlike the brutes that loved to throw boulders. To soften the ground to shatter his momentum before pushing him 'up' through the ground itself, the only thing Nik could utter was— formidable.

'But... it's not all that bad.' Nik's smile threatened to split his face in half, this time, unknown to Nik, the smile was especially malevolent. His mind immediately formed countless plans to counter an Earth Bender when suddenly a small figure zoomed towards his direction.

Even in the darkest hours, that particular figure seemed to be immune to darkness as her body glowed unnaturally. Even with the mind-numbing speed, the girl's hair remained still and her pure white robes failed to flutter.


Nik blurted unconsciously before Virya stopped in front of Nik in her tiny pixie form and nodded at him gratefully.

"I think that experience is called— napping— right?"

She grinned, for the first time in forever and immediately floated next to Nik's cheek and let her especially tiny lips peck his cheek.

"Thank you for letting me experience such a feeling."

'That wasn't my intention... but whatever.'

Nik sighed as he mentally made a note to never underestimate non-human lifeforms and never operate under the delusion that the method applied on humans could also work on non-humans. But, Virya wasn't even finished yet.

"Now! What was that earlier feeling, Nik!" She spoke hastily as her body grew into its original size while her soft cheeks seemed to be flushed in excitement.

"I never kissed... but that was amazing! I felt warm in my chest and lower useless regions and that moist sensation....

Does Pavāka feel the same way?"

She questioned hastily while Nik understood that without any living beings capable of ploughing a spirit, her nether regions were indeed useless. Without replying, Nik placed his hands on her cheeks and smiled.

"Maybe she does. But believe me, I'll demonstrate that your lower region is one of the most important treasures in the world."

He spoke before jumping without any thoughts, a wise decision for a spike immediately emerged from his previous location.

Since Nik's assaulter could attack him even in the dark, Nik never considered himself hidden. While Virya's appearance took him. y surprise, it would have been foolish to lower his guard.


A soft, irritated snort echoed from the surrounding region while Nik kept observing the region while stabilising himself on a branch.

"Why is that girl interrupting us? Is she another bandit?"

Nik shook his head and pointed at the top of his head. Letting Virya fight an Earth Bender would seal— her— fate. But that would be counterproductive. He simply wished to enter the city as stealthily as possible and an Earth Bender would get the job done.

Now that Virya had confirmed the gender of the assaulter, Nik didn't think much before mentally adding another partner while grinning.

With Virya and this newcomer, Nik only had one more to go. Surprisingly, he had always counted Katara as his partner.

Although Nik wasn't a fan of blind dates, the newcomer had definitely piqued his interest. The only thing that remained was to check the 'assets' before transferring them under his name.

"Where is she?"

If given a chance, Nik would always love to reduce his own workload. So, without much thought, he whispered to Virya.


Virya pointed at a particular location, a little far from Nik's earlier estimates, somewhat near the camp as Nik grinned maliciously.

Without waiting any longer, he shot towards the sneaky assaulter.


A/N: Previously, I had planned almost 30+ chapters for the avatar world, but then I thought, that no sane person would actually wait for the unknown heroines while completing missions.

After all, If I were in Nik's place, I would have already taken 10 women and returned.

Now, in almost 13 chapters, Nik would return back to the system space.

The confirmed partner list is:

Pavāka, Azula, Mai, Karna, Yue, June, Virya, Katara, Toph and Ty Lee

I apologise to all the Suki fans.

[1/26, 4:09 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 107 - Virya's Enlightenment


"Let me go!"

"Don't wanna!"

Nik grinned as he picked a girl with soft features in the air due to sheer difference in their heights. While the girl wore the same greenish tunic that branded her as a Traitor, the skills she portrayed definitely pictured another image.

"So... you really are blind, right? So previously, you were trying to joke about your situation while saying— you got your eyes on me—?"

Nik mocked while the girl simply tried to scream, only for Nik to cover her mouth while his roguish breathing tickled the nape of her neck.

"Although rough on the edges, you definitely have a charm."

He whispered while still keeping her in the air by pulling the back of her collars, suddenly, his eyes flickered and he felt a bit of warmth coming from his left, making him retreat hastily.

A calm voice interrupted Nik's attempt at teasing the strong damsel in distress as an old visage slowly walked forward while glowing under the light of a ferocious bird made of flames, exposing Nik within the forest.

"Who would've thought that I would meet the traitor that managed to betray the Earth Kingdom, The Water Tribe and the Fire Nation?

Nik, I do appreciate that my niece wasn't harmed by your most recent actions."

Iroh smiled at Nik gently before pointing at the young lady with a huge pout on her face after she heard Iroh's voice.

"Now, please put down my subordinat—"

"I am not your underling, old man! I am the feared Blind Bandit that robbed every merchant blind!"

She sniggered once again, probably, she felt that her remarks had finally crossed the lines of sarcasm to humour.

"Toph, you are just a young girl."

Iroh continued calmly while keeping his gaze trained towards Nik.

"Now, put her down."

He asked— commanded— his tone betraying a sense of anger burning within him.

"Mister Iroh, I never pledged myself to the Water Tribe. So, I only betrayed two factions." Nik smiled. Since his position was already exposed, he had a lot of ways to neutralize the threat titled as the General of the Fire Nation— The Dragon Slayer, Iroh.

"But." Nik continued and slung Toph on his shoulders after sending her unconscious by pressing a special acupuncture point on her neck. While Nik may not be a good fighter, he was definitely a good masseuse. And the knowledge of acupuncture points of the human body was definitely something he needed to master.

"I don't think I will be leaving the girl in your old hand. After all, she deserves someone better and sturdier, like me."

He jumped back at the slightest movement of the fiery bird, making Iroh pause while Nik continued with a darker tone.

"Although, I wonder why Ba Sing Se hasn't fallen? You already have an Earth Bender in your ranks, even though, its apparently against her wishes.

Are you trying to stall time?

But why?"

Nik asked rhetorically before smiling brightly.

"Ah, I know. If I am not wrong, this must have something to do with Prince Zuko still staying within the Fire Capital."

The moment he mentioned Zuko, Iroh's eyes flared in anger and the fiery bird raised its head before letting out a silent screech as Iroh performed a series of strange motions that quickly morphed the bird into a malevolent dragon.

"Here we go!"

Nik laughed as he kicked his body upwards and then, instead of falling down, he stayed mid-air with a smug smile.

'While I cannot control a larger magnitude of gravitational waves, the smaller area is still somewhat manageable. Right now, Nik was simply controlling the gravitational waves to pull and push his body at the minuscule intervals, allowing him to stay still in the air.

"Iroh, the gates of the city would be opened. Maybe, you never wanted that, but I guess, you need to prepare for the siege within an hour, right?"

He grinned before his body glowed brilliant silver and almost instantly, the dark-looking Iroh was pressed on the ground.

After a few minutes, the pressure subsided and the moment he looked up, Nik was nowhere to see.

Meanwhile, a few minutes earlier.

The moment Iroh fell face first, Nik immediately landed gently and rushed towards the gate at am astonishing speed while he actively used his skill on the unconscious Toph.

He knew that no matter how much he explained, the earth bender wouldn't destroy or breach the wall, else, Iroh would have already subjugated the city, even if he didn't want to.

And now, after seizing the control of his group, he felt a sudden need to leave this place entirely. He had a realisation on how much time he simply wasted when he could have easily gained partners.

Maybe, the lowest level of incubus wasn't even supposed to have the same skill-set as him, this thought became more concrete after the mind-numbing benefits of his talent.

But deep down, he also felt that not everything was a total waste. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he enjoyed staying with Karna, teasing Yue while poking Pavāka's soft cheeks every now and then.

Not to mention Azula's quirkiness...

Looking down at Toph, Nik pressed another spot on her neck before a grunt passed through her soft pink lips as Nik smiled and placed his arms around her shoulders to keep her from falling.

"Ugh... I just had the— Wait... what happened?"

Her pale white pupils looked straight with a daze before she came to a sudden realisation as she looked towards Nik, more specifically, she turned her face towards Nik as there was no need to make eye contact.

"Hey, spit it out! What did you do to me?"

"Except slinging you on my shoulders, nothing inappropriate." Nik chortled while he tapped Toph's forehead before increasing the intensity of his scent, making the observing Virya mewl in delight as she started rolling over his hair once again.

"Curses! That old man! What happened to him?!"

She immediately asked while the scent around her triggered a strange reaction within her body. But she cared the least about her own body while worrying over Iroh.

"Well, he is preparing for war. Now, chop chop, breach the wall for me, will you?"

Nik assured before leaning forward, due to the difference in height, he had to lower his back a bit as he softly whispered into her ears.

"Just breach the wall and all this suffocation will be over in an instant."

Nik's words were akin to a blessing for the sudden eruption of scent, Toph was certainly suffocating. Her breathing was short and rough, her mind was a mess and only illicit thoughts prevailed from the remaining sanity she held onto.

Suddenly, Toph stomped her foot as a spike emerged right beneath her, wishing to impale Nik, the source of her suffocation. After all, if Nik kicks the bucket, the scent would still disappear, but suddenly, through her seismic sense, she felt the tip of the spear touching the base of Nik's foot, and instead of piercing his foot, the tip of the spike actually 'pushed' him up.

"Hehe, now do you understand." Nik snickered as he was already in love with the feel of controlling the gravitational waves to make him weightless. Without further ado, he used his mind control skill to make toph do his bidding. Until now, he still hadn't rewired her, but now, he didn't see the point to stretch the task any further.

But the sudden thought of Toph's own will being pointless struck Nik to his core. Somehow, he has already started to lose his own morals at a rapid pace after he denied Sokka's thoughts and placed the group under his skill.

Taking a deep breath, Nik stayed his hand. Instead of rewiring her, Nik felt that convincing her using his own methods would do well for him.

Nik was many things, a man-whore, sc.u.m, apparently— a certified lolicon, but even he felt that actually playing with someone's mind was something beyond his own limits.

While Nik added a core to the group's thinking, he never rewired them to do his own bidding, something, he was about to do on Toph.

And to add a similar 'core' to Toph's morals, he needed to spend time with her and slowly wear her defences down.

'Forced seduction it is...'

Nik reaffirmed his thoughts and slowly landed on the ground, a few metres away from a flushed Toph who was already biting her lower lip.

Smiling at her reaction, Nik couldn't help but chortle.

"Aww, save some expression for the bed, sweety."

He shot towards Toph and immediately jumped up, from his observations, the little lady, just like Virya, loved to spike her enemies, so, Nik assumed that a spike would definitely await him.

While he was still confused about how Toph could still see him even after being blind, he decided to save his curiosity for the bedroom.

And as he predicted, a spike awaited him the moment after his leap, making him smirk.

"Did you lose your aim? My little chilli?"

Nik didn't stay in place and immediately shot sideways as once again, an earthen spike touched the ground, but immediately stopped in its pace while Toph's attention was attracted to the cl.u.s.ter of vibration produced by Nik's steps. She couldn't 'see' the area ahead of his path much clearer, but she still predicted the direction and softened the land a few metres away in the same direction the moment she lost her sense of Nik's footsteps.

"Sorry, but I am behind you."

Nik spoke while immediately picking Toph up once again, making her lose contact from the ground and taking away her vision once again. This was something he observed during his chat with Iroh. Even though Toph had all the chance in the world to attack him, she didn't.

Now, he changed the— didn't— to — couldn't.

But unlike his previous hold, Nik flipped her while immediately seizing her lips. While he did want to enjoy his time with each and every woman he meets, he was currently on the clock.

Even though Iroh may prepare the army, he definitely would have sent a team to scout out Nik's location. Of course, Nik could silence the army, but it wasn't according to Nik's style.

He preferred more... sc.u.mmish... methods.


Toph immediately started to hit his chest, all to no avail, as her grinding thighs came to an abrupt stop as Nik's tongue immediately coiled around her tongue while drinking her pseudo-nectar from the mouth.


Retracting his head, he asked once again.

"Will you breach the wall?"

"Hell, no! Are you insane?!!"

Toph immediately screamed. Even though she couldn't see anything, the feeling transferred was definitely sensational, to say the least, but her... well, her little bandit would like to disagree and call that feeling fabulous, a marvel, even.

"I see. Thank you for bestowing upon me this opportunity."

Nik smiled at Toph's denial and his lips seized any chance to kiss her lips, without allowing her to resist his actions.

He may not rewire his women, not now, at least, but he never lost his sc.u.mmish attitude of attacking females.

Meanwhile, Virya, who has already felt Nik's lips couldn't help but frown at Nik's favouritism.

'Does he like denying women? He just kissed me once and he keeps on kissing her... I see...'

As if understanding something of great importance, Virya nodded before she crossed her hands and spoke to Nik.

"Alright, do not kiss me from now on."

She spoke up, but gods forbid if Nik actually diverted his attention when taking care of one woman in his arms.

Receiving no immediate response, Virya panicked for a moment before stammering.

"W-wait. Forget what I said. Keep on kissing me!!"

She spoke with a healthy flush while Nik's ever-present scent kept her company.

[1/26, 4:10 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 108 - Fall of Ba Sing Se
"Ha! Hah! Alright! I'll do it!"

Toph shouted with flushed cheeks and a thin trail of drool running down her chin.

"What? You won't do it?"

Nik questioned once again while Toph sudden stopped... as if affirming to Nik's sudden question, once again branding her as a rebellious woman doomed to have her lips taken and her mouth ravaged, her body teased in ways unimaginable to her shallow mind while sending electrifying sensation down to her lower lips that made the bandit quiver under Nik's touch.

"Just kidding..."

Nik pulled Toph's cheeks before whispering.

"Now we play this game the other way... you refuse, and I will leave you, in fact, I will send you back to Iroh.

You do a good job, I'll reward you well, extremely so."

The last thing Toph wanted was to get stuck with that old man. While Toph didn't have any sense of beauty, she was forced upon the realisation that she was beautiful in the eyes of many.

The dastardly acts of sneaking into the tent of a lone blind woman made her accept that fact.

While Iroh would cruelly punish those who tried to commit such illicit actions and got caught red-handed, much of his time was spent away from the camp, allowing Toph to slowly beat respect into the bodies of all the filthy mutts that tried to take a piece of her.

But aside from that, the reason her disgust was aroused due to the fact that even when courting a woman, they had to be so sneaky.

It wasn't the Earthbending way. An Earth Bender has to be direct and honest in his own actions. Somehow, just like Nik, she thought secretly before cursing under her breath.

But she had already agreed that she would breach the wall... not for the reward, definitely not for the reward.

"Well, then, don't try anything stupid. My punishment isn't something you can still bear."

Nik whispered into her ears while giving a swift spank to her bottom, making her yelp, before she stomped her foot, creating a thin wall between herself and Nik.

"Keep your hands to yourself! I told you that I would do it, right?!"

She gritted her teeth, before stomping once again, this time, assessing the area through her seismic sense as the vibration from her foot slowly spread across the area, allowing her to map the construct of the small portion of the wall.

"But still, are you really willing to betray the Earth Kingdom?"

He asked curiously while Toph placed her hand on the wall.

"I haven't pledged myself to anyone." Toph patted a part of the wall before frowning.

"Either way, the quicker the war is over, the quicker things would settle."

She replied while instantly punching at the wall.



She punched once again as visible cracks spread across the wall while Toph hissed as she held her bloodied fist.

"Whoever made this wall is an asshole!"

"What happened?"

Even Nik was surprised by the sudden revelation of the creator being an asshole.

"Isn't it easy for an earth bender to carve earth?"

Nik patted the cracked part of the wall before looking at Toph's bloodied fist and scowling even harder.

"Earth Bending is quite versatile. Earthbending can also be used to reinforce structures, just like this wall. So, other than the one who created the structure, others cannot easily destroy the wall."

"Then we dig."

Nik replied back while he still couldn't get over the fact that Toph was bleeding. But his frustrations weren't revealed. He kept them close to his heart while simply chanting that he wasn't 'practical' enough.

He needed healing skills, or potions, so that such accidents could be skillfully handled.

"Dig... that would have been possible, but the wall goes 500 metres deep... and that is the point I can sense the surroundings vaguely..."

Nik finally looked up at the tall wall and then sighed darkly.

"Alright, then we fly. Virya, would you help us?"

Nik asked candidly. If he didn't even ask for assistance at such a moment, then when would he?"

"Sure? What do you need?"

While Toph was confused at who Nik was talking with, she didn't simply attribute Nik to have a rough childhood that played with his head.

She was blind, aside from Earth, there are myriad things she isn't capable of sensing. Though arrogant, she had accepted her... defeat under Nik's lips— NOOO! HANDS! She was defeated under Nik's hands!

"Just make us invisible, can you do it?"

Nik asked while Virya nodded naturally. She was a light bender, such basic applications came to her naturally.

"Easily... but—"

"I'll kiss you a lot, I get it."

Nik smiled while he gave an advance payment in the form of another passionate kiss to the original-sized Virya's lips while hugging her waist tightly. Unlike Pavāka's sweetness, Virya had a somewhat fruity taste to her, even her scent was somewhat mystifying, being more prominent near her lower torso.

"Hmm! Good!"

Virya nodded naturally. The thin trail of saliva failed to throw her off of her game while she immediately started to glow brightly.

"Alright, Toph! You did a good job! Rewards are incoming!"

Nik immediately picked Toph once again, making her vision go dark, but his arms wrapped tightly around her remained the sensation that bypassed her vision itself.

Just as Nik had thought before, the top of the wall was filled with soldiers holding their weapons with a stern expression, ready for battle at any possible moment as they saw the flurry of activity in the distant fire camp.

It didn't take long for Nik to manipulate the gravity to slowly float down to the other side of the wall akin to a feather while continuously manipulating Toph's tongue while his hands kept shuffling between her calves and inner, moist thighs.

Once again, Toph lost to Nik's hands.


The opening of the gate was a simple task. With a few defeated soldiers swept away, Nik simply destroyed the somewhat larger gate openly, so that the destruction of the gate couldn't be hidden anymore, forcing Iroh to finally command all his troops and weaponry to defeat the final defence of the Capital.

Meanwhile, Nik had already rushed back to their hiding spot and finally sighed loudly when he saw the notification appearing in front of him.

[Chain Quest— I

Status: Complete

Description: With the Death of the current Avatar, the balance of the world has changed. To appease this world's Gaia, start restoring the balance. Infiltrate and destroy Ba Sing Se.

Rewards: 4000 SO, 1 SP (Skill Point)]

Penalty: Forceful departure.]

The rewards were collected while Nik slowly woke each of his group members through a sprinkle of water, making them groan in frustration simultaneously.


"This is..."

Sokka's lips trembled as he heard of everything Nik stated truthfully. Ba Sing Se was no more.

"Hey! Get me more buns, damnit!"

Toph raised her plate and shouted smugly as she immediately created an earthen wall in front of Nina, not allowing her to leave.

"Listen here, shorty! I already served you six times! Now, get your food yourself!"

Nina frowned, but seeing her cute face while a smug smile still hung on her face, Nina couldn't help but sigh.

"Alright, last time!"

She once again brought more bread while June sat beside Toph.

"So you are saying that you actually sense and see through vibration?"

"Yeah! Pretty nifty, don't you think?"

Toph grinned before opening her mouth wide and engulfing the poor bun in one whole go.

"Oi! Get me more!"

"Aaagh! Fine, damnit!"

Nina really couldn't resist Toph.

Meanwhile, the three waterbenders also stood near Sokka and Nik with a worried expression.

"What you did was wrong, Nik."

Sokka finally uttered as he suddenly felt a sense of loss deep within his heart. His stay with Nik allowed him to slowly realise that Nik was a kind man. A reasonable man that operated outside the usual norms. His encounter with Min in the restaurant while calmly backing off was still imprinted within his consciousness, always making Sokka think more than thrice before acting up.

But today, he was utterly devasted to find out yet another facet of the man he respected.


Behind the calm visage that seemed to be able to even reason with death itself was simply a heartless man who wouldn't bat an eyelid before committing actions that would affect thousands of people negatively.

"What I did was wrong? Alright, let's agree for the sake of argument." Nik finally spoke up, while he was surprised that even after planting a core into Sokka's ethics, his will remained ineffective, making Nik realise that he still had ways to go in the truest form of manipulation.

"Then what?" Nik continued with an impassive face that betrayed neither his thoughts or his newfound respect for Sokka.

"Then what?" Sokka frowned and muttered Nik's words, his expression turned hesitant for a moment, just like the other three girls that stood witness to the confrontation.

June had no interest in the life of others, Toph wasn't a saint either while Nina was forced to be sold by her own parents, so it was safe to assume that even she did not hold the same opinion as Sokka.

But out of the trio waterbenders, surprisingly, Karna seemed to be sighing while making her way towards Nik as she gently embraced his body without any hint of passion, but endless warmth and comfort radiated out of her physique.

"I don't know if it was a hard decision for you or not..." She whispered before tightening her embrace, as if trying to convince herself.

"But, I want to believe in you, no matter what."

She finally whispered while Nik gently wrapped his arms around her quivering body as he whispered a— thank you— in a sincere tone that echoed from the depths of his heart, making Karna feel that she might just have selected a right path for herself by giving their relationship another chance.

Although there might not be much openness between the duo, Karna was already a decisive woman held by the bonds of society. Now that she could think for herself, no matter correct or foolish, she intended to follow through her own decisions.

Yue, on the other hand, looked at Nik before looking at the city and then once again looked at Nik.

"Um... is there a chance that the city would have fallen even if you hadn't contributed?"

Yue finally questioned. She didn't know what was right anymore.

And from Nik's point of view, the confusion was the most normal reaction he observed after Sokka's blames.

"Maybe, maybe not. Did my answer satisfy you?"

Nik still smiled, even though, he couldn't help but feel a bit dejected. Even Yue's expression soured a bit after hearing his question, the tone of blame hidden in his voice was too apparent. Never had she thought that Nik would actually blame her for his own actions, but his tone also served as an awakening call.

Gazing at the empty ground for a moment, she realised, that she too, did not care. To care for people she hasn't met, even in her own vocabulary, was too stupid. Not to mention, comparing them with someone who has been taking care of her all this time.

Even after leaving her tribe, never did Yue recall any of her experience in a state of blissful nonchalance. All of this was possible due to Nik's tender affection that left little room for sadness.

"Your answer does not satisfy me..." she spoke honestly while matching Nik's gaze. Their eyes locked onto each other before she smiled gently.

"But I suppose, I could try to be on the compromising side of our relationship for once."

She walked over to Nik before softly caressing his cheek while whispering gently and affectionately.

"Can you forgive me?"

"After a round of punishment, of course." Nik grinned before planting a soft kiss on her forehead while patting her back gently.

"I see... let's get it sorted out then."

Sokka sighed heavily. While there were no winner or loser in this scenario, seeing how easily other girls took Nik's side still served as a tool of dejection within him. He looked at Katara, who could be considered the most troubled within the group and sighed once again.

"Katara, what do you think of this situation?"



[1/26, 4:11 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 109 - Carnal Carriage (1)

Katara was stuck. Her mind was a mess, but soon, she looked towards Sokka and sighed.

"Truly, I don't know what to do... but if Sokka leaves the group, I am leaving with him."

She finally stated and turned her heels, making her way to the carriage with an impassive expression.

Meanwhile, Nik looked at the next chain quest and pondered whether he should take it or not.

[Chain Quest— II

Status: Pending

With the defeat of Ba Sing Se, the Fire Lord has finally unified the entire world. But, his tyranny is against the wishes of a few important beings of the world.

Defeat the Fire Lord and appoint a rightful ruler as the first unified king of the world.

Rewards: 30000 SO, 3 SP

Penalty: Forceful Departure]

After reading the description, Nik really had no intention to follow through the quest. While it seemed simple at first glance, the quest was fraught with intricate difficulty that required genius use of strategy and tactics, something he was admittedly lacking in.

Brute strength and seduction was his forte.

"Let's return to the Coconut Shade before we come to a final decision."

Nik spoke before making his way towards the carriage, leaving Sokka alone as his expression would often turn hesitant then determined before turning hesitant all over again.

He knew what Nik did was morally against what Sokka left to do when he joined Aang in his adventures. But deep down, there was this strangest feeling that compelled him to overlook the matters when it came to Nik. It was as if his own body wasn't willing to go against Nik, whether physically or emotionally.

The most shocking fact was that this feeling seemed to be completely natural. And Sokka felt that if there was no such feeling, he would have been an ungrateful swine. If he simply forgot Nik's kindness and only focused on his defects, what would he be called other than a swine?

Sighing, Sokka decided to take the reigns once again. He needed a little alone time before he came to a definite decision, while Nik had already decided a few matters that he would complete during the hours of duration till coconut shade oasis.

He named this journey— The Conversion.


"Hey, what's going now?"

Toph asked with interest as the soft m.o.a.ns leaked through Yue's lips flushed everyone within the carriage. Meanwhile, Toph kept nudging Katara, who simply sat with her head down!

"Don't ask me!"

She hissed while June smiled at her reaction and whispered to Toph.

"Nik is currently fondling Yue's b.r.e.a.s.t as if they are buns."


Toph shouted happily as she just thought of her internal joke while Yue, who currently sat on Nik's laps burned in embarrassment and a strange mix of excitement that coursed through her body before electrifying her p.u.s.s.y, making her drip without any stop as Nik gently nibbled on her ear without minding the crowd that kept their attention on him and Yue.

His hands massaging her b.r.e.a.s.ts, almost threatening to expose them while pinching her delicious chocolate as his erect c.o.c.k impacted against the crack of her perky ass, making her pant roughly while whispering pleas.

"Come on! I am sorry! Please, don't do it—"

Alas, Nik wasn't in the mood of hearing cries of apologies. He simply wished to enjoy the entire journey. Before Yue could complete her sentence, her lips were seized by Nik as he showcased his expert french kiss in front of the group.

After a few moments of kissing, Nik finally looked at the somewhat embarrassed yet hopeful Karna.

"Wanna punish her together?" He asked with a smile that made Karna looked at the flushed Yue before her gaze trailed towards Pavāka chatting with empty air, completely unconcerned by the illicit actions of her man while June seemed more than interested to join the group. Only Toph, who wasn't a part of the carnal group, remained a little sober while Katara's thighs grinding against each other spoke volumes about her own thoughts.

"*Gulp* Y-yes."

Karna nodded meekly before Nik grinned and grabbed her hand before pulling her body and immediately planting a ferocious kiss on her lips, his hands moved up and immediately took a fistful of her short hair before he started ravaging her mouth, warming her up for a few moments as he soon broke the contact, leaving the hazy-eyes Karna to look at Nik with a bit of indignation.


Yue exclaimed weirdly as Nik immediately placed his hands on her thighs and immediately pulled her kegs up while separating her knees, giving Karna a direct look at Yue's soaked pants. Since the carriage wasn't that big and the place was already a little bit cramped, the shifting of Yue's position for Karna's comfort took a whole minute.

But with all said and done, Nik smiled at Karna and winked.

"I can trust you with these lips, right?"

He spoke while he gently removed Yue's top as she squirmed under his touch while Karna had a hard time controlling a predatory feeling slowly building within her body. She nodded while gently lowering her head, her hands immediately shifted beneath Yue's butt to make her a bit comfortable as she gently placed her mouth over the soaked fabric, taking a deep whiff before revealing an enchanted look.

Nik meanwhile played with Yue's b.r.e.a.s.t as he slowly pulled her tunic, first, revealing her beautiful and smooth stomach before making his way towards her warm b.r.e.a.s.ts as he gently removed her top.

Before continuing, Nik gave June a grin as she thought that her time to contribute has also finally arrived.

Removing his pants without any thoughts of Katara's reactions, he exposed his veiny glory for all to see... well, except, Toph. She would be directly feeling it while the miniature Pavāka slowly explained the entire process of enlightenment to the curious Virya.

"June... wanna help me out?"

He smiled while sitting grandly, his legs slightly parted to keep his c.o.c.k comfortable as he turned his head to slowly kiss Yue's back while leaving a stream of hickeys as he gently twirled and played with Yue's soft chocolate while squeezing her b.r.e.a.s.ts simultaneously. Meanwhile, Karna had already pulled Yue's pants down with one swift motion and wrapped her lips against Yue's darker flower, enjoying the warm sensation of pink flesh while letting her own tongue taste every inch of flesh marked with Nik's scent.

"Don't mind if I do..."

June licked her lips lasciviously before getting on her knees, removing her long-sleeved gloves before spitting on her own hand as she gently wrapped the thick, juicy shaft with her hands, covering the bulging rod in her own juices before giving it gentle strokes.

With her 'eyes' moving out for battle, Toph once again started nagging Katara.

"Hey! Goddammit! What a wuss?!! You just have to tell me what they are doing, you know!

It's not like you are doing the same thing! So tell me, how is June licking that tough guy!

What's his size? I could only sense his flaccid state before, I want answers, woman!"

She kept nudging poor Katara, who already had steam releasing from the top of her head, her eyes were growing dizzy as she witnessed the sheer size of his c.o.c.k.

The girth... that juicy tip and those dominating veins...

Nothing like the monotone water tentacles she has been using, Katara concluded.

In the meantime, June got ready to taste her serving, her mouth opened up wide before taking half of Nik's c.o.c.k into her mouth, hiding the glorious shaft from Katara's view while her throat bulged as her cheeks sunk in while her eyes turned a bit crazed. Her soft and luscious lips glided across Nik's c.o.c.k while her hands cupped Nik's full balls, waiting to nut into her raunchious throat that would wrap around his shaft while always waiting to suck him dry.


"You shouldn't be too hard on others, Sokka. Life isn't all black and white. For most of the parts, it is grey."

Nina whispered gently as she kept her hand on Sokka's thigh, caressing and patting his leg.

"I know that... there is nothing good or bad. A starving beast kills an innocent animal. What's wrong with that?"

Sokka asked rhetorically before smiling sadly.

"It's just that... I want to live a life that defines and distinguish between good or bad."

"That's a naive thought."

Nina continued gently, her expression was still warm and comforting while she looked at the road ahead.

"As Naive it is... I wish to follow my thoughts till the end. Whether there is light at the end of this tunnel, I will know after reaching that point— mmghphh?!!"

Sokka wasn't even allowed to impart his wisdom as his lips were sealed with an impatient Nina's.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!"

He immediately pushed her away in panic while Nina simply smiled while licking her lips.

"Can't you hear it?" She cooed gently while placing her hand on his chest while whispering her words and hot, steamy breaths into his ears.

"Can't hear what?" Sokka frowned before his expression turned strange as he looked back at the covered carriage.

"Now." Nina smiled at his response while immediately jumping on top of him, her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing against Sokka's chest while her hot, moist crotch already grinding against Sokka's slowly hardening p.e.n.i.s in an illicit manner.

"This is one of the joys of being a couple. Caravan S.e.x."

She smirked before she pulled her top and pushed down her pants, revealing her smoking hot body, her soft pink and a nubile p.u.s.s.y that dripped onto the tip of Sokka's tent.

Narrowing her eyes, Nina grinned at Sokka.

"I won't let you think of others, you can count on me."

[1/26, 4:12 PM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 110 - Carnal Carriage (2)


'What? What!!!!'

Shluck! Shluck!

Pak! Pak!

'What's with his c.o.c.k? Three times! And even then, he is still f.u.c.k.i.n.g June ball's deep!!'

Katara couldn't look away. The mesmerizing expression on June's face as Nik remained standing with absolute balance while f.u.c.k.i.n.g June right in front of her face made Katara hot, extremely so. Her fingers were already rubbing her soaked p.u.s.s.y while even Toph knew now what was happening due to the sheer intensity of the m.o.a.ns. Unlike Katara, Toph being an Earthbender, took a more direct approach.

The ends of her tunic were bitten by her teeth as she had already pulled her pants down while she used one of her hands to play with her light pink c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s while her other hand slowly massaged her b.r.e.a.s.ts without any proper technique, just pure instinct.

Wherever it felt good, Toph's hands would immediately start caressing that place, heightening her own sensuality.


As if a cork had been removed, a slight sound echoed before Nik gently placed June down while covering her sweaty body with a thin sheet as his gaze fell on Toph and Katara. His sloppy c.o.c.k was still covered in juices from god knows which and whose lips as she smiled.

"You wouldn't mind, would you?"

He sat in between the embarrassed Katara and the oblivious Toph. His n.a.k.e.d body glistened softly as a mystifying aroma assaulted both of their senses, making them almost lose their control.

"I... think..."

Katara gulped, trying to tear her eyes off from Nik's c.o.c.k while stuttering to form excuses and leave the carriage, only for Nik to smile.

"Nah, don't think." Nik smiled and let the back of his hand gently caress Toph's ruddy cheeks while her m.o.a.ns remained suppressed after biting onto her tunic. He looked at Katara before leaning forward. Following his pace, Katara couldn't help but slowly lean backwards before she found her back touching the seat while Nik was already over her, his shimmering violet eyes gazing into her pitch-black eyes, mesmerizing her as she even forgot the pleas of her aching w.o.m.b.

"See? If you don't think, just for a moment, you can find clarity."

Nik smiled gently before his head descended slowly, his eyes never leaving her's, always gazing at her to refrain from startling the frustrated woman as his lips gently overlapped Katara's. Instantly, his body exploded with a tantalizing scent that even made the unconscious Karna and Yue whimper in comfort while the duo kept hugging their sweat-covered, c.u.m-soaked bodies.


Relief, excitement and frustration morphed into one suppressed m.o.a.n that leaked into Nik's mouth, allowing him the passage to her mouth as Nik's hand gently pushed beneath her body, finally pulling Katara's head up as the duo engaged in an ardent kiss.

His c.o.c.k kept striking her abdomen, her tunic was already ruined, but that was the least of her worries. This kiss broke something within Katara.

Her Hesitations.

Katara's hands flew forward, hugging Nik's neck while her h.i.p.s bucked up, wanting to enjoy the kiss to her full extent.

Her clothes were removed in swift motion as Nik's mouth soon worked its way down towards her modest choco treats. His arms still supported her back while Katara's hands gave Nik's generous girth a few passionate pumps as her m.o.a.ns finally leaked without Nik's lips restrain them. The hot, scalding feeling transferred from Nik's rod only increased her sensual excitement.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Nik!"

Words failed to express Katara's emotions, expectations and excitement. But her chants comprised of hot m.o.a.ns followed by Nik's name in tandem was a welcoming sight to Nik's eyes as he soon found his head in front of Katara's soaked p.u.s.s.y covered with dark fleshy mounds that hid pink squirming p.u.s.s.y and a prized jewel that was immediately licked passionately.

Aligning his c.o.c.k against her warm p.u.s.s.y, Nik looked at Katara before pushing forth. Hesitating at this moment would only be counterproductive and with his special skill set, piercing her at one go would be a kindness for Katara as the pain would subside almost instantly.

The moment Nik pushed in, his c.o.c.k was immediately wrapped tightly by her squirming fleshy hole as a pained gasp escaped Katara's lips, she felt breathless and stuffed at the same time.

Sadly, Nik had to overpower her grip, making her sting a bit before a warm current of energy seemed to pass through her body, peaking her l.u.s.t and the already built up orgasm as with a strange and loud groan, Katara ended up c.u.m.m.i.n.g with just one thrust. The crystal clear liquid impacted against Nik's crotch as he smiled gently and simply moved his h.i.p.s a bit back before striking deep.


His balls kissed her soft butt cheeks, her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled in response and as if accommodating the motion, Katara's eyes moved upwards as a series of unintelligible gibberish escaped her mouth.

Of course, a single conscious thought formed within her mind.

God! She loved it!

Her legs straddled Nik's waist, not willing to let go of the c.o.c.k she had been hungry for the past few days. Her back door gaped in need, just like how her p.u.s.s.y started accommodating Nik's wondrous size. Even with all the tentacle training, she had severely underestimated Nik.

Compared to his girth, the gentle curve of his c.o.c.k and the sheer intensity and heat that rocked her world, the previous tentacles seemed plain and saggy.

Thin and dull.

She purred in tandem as she felt Nik caressing her back while her cervix was pushed and impacted by his scalding c.o.c.k without any restraints. Her tongue lolled out with each smack, her innards would shiver in joy and she finally ended up c.u.m.m.i.n.g once again.

But this was just the beginning.

Taking her mouth, Nik finally decided to fill her other needy hole. She was ready for it, the gape of her anus had already pointed that out.

Aligning his c.o.c.k against her tight hole, Nik pushed without much consideration. He had already molded her p.u.s.s.y to be shaped according to his c.o.c.k, it was her anal's turn now.

A suppressed shout leaked within Nik's mouth as the grip was definitely tighter in the back door, making it both, painful and a pleasing sensation to f.u.c.k.

With each and every thrust, Katara's legs grew tighter around Nik. She still hadn't felt it.

His c.u.m.

If his c.o.c.k was so hot, how satisfying would be his c.u.m, she could only think through her broken mind as a severe need for his soothing attention started to ache her three holes. Her w.o.m.b, specifically.

She still recalled how easily Nik pumped his hot c.u.m deep into June's p.u.s.s.y while she squirted with a loud m.o.a.n that finally engaged with Katara's and Toph's l.u.s.t.

She wanted it.

Her h.i.p.s started striking against Nik's c.o.c.k rhythmically. Her anus would squeeze around his c.o.c.k gently while her p.u.s.s.y would twitch every now and then.

She could feel it.

The subtle bulge of his c.o.c.k while he rammed his c.o.c.k as deep as he could, f.u.c.k.i.n.g the living shit out of her while his tongue kept enjoying her mouth.

Her p.u.s.s.y was ruined, so was her mouth and he slowly made his way to ruin her anus, too.

And she loved every single second of it.

She finally let go of Nik's waist as her calves bucked up while a stream of a hot, creamy liquid filled her insides. Finally!

She thought before finding her way towards the dreamland.

Smiling in satisfaction Nik looked towards Toph and the duo spirits. Pavāka was actually teaching her eldest the homos.e.x.u.a.l path of enlightenment as Virya's soft pink tongue gently caressed Pavāka's clit.

Smiling widely, he continued his streak.

Sending the unconscious Katara an invitation of partner-up, he made his way to get two more partners.

[Main: Nik Faran












Meanwhile, Azula walked around with worry apparent in her gait.

'How should I contact him?'

She kept thinking while she sorely wished that Nik wouldn't fill the last slot. She was already told that Nik only had the capacity to get ten partners. But never in her life, she would have thought that three spots would be filled in a single day.


She cursed inwardly while Mai sat on her bed with a similar expression. Beside her, a young girl with her long brown hair tied into a single braid sat with a curious expression.

"Say, Mai... what's with Azula? Did she finally go insane?"

Rolling her eyes, Mai shook her head.

"You wouldn't understand Ty-Lee... not now, at least."

It took Mai a lot of self-control to hide a dangerous glint slowly making its way out.


Coconut Shade Oasis

"Honestly... I am afraid to look inside."

Sokka sighed. His face was a bit pale. He still didn't know what took over Nina in the middle of their session as she immediately showed the best of her skills and sucked him dry... literally.

It still hurts him physically when he got a moderate boner while thinking of Nina's sensual body.

"I'll look into the carriage." Nina nodded naturally as she stood up and made way towards the back before opening the entrance. Her eyes widened instantly as she closed the carriage with a loud smack.

"So... I was correct for not looking inside, right?"

Sokka asked with a bit of frustration. Katara was in there for god's sake.

"Well..." Nina took a deep breath to suppress the agitation within her heart. Exclaiming— monster— internally, she looked at Sokka with a strange gaze.

"It was the best decision of your life... and worst for mine.

Anyway, you should hurry and get rooms booked... you really don't wanna see this...

And it's not even for you or Katara...

It's for both of us."

She replied vaguely but her tone made Sokka leave with a pouch of coins while Nina heaved a heavy sigh.

At this point, the entrance was flung open and the blushing maidens started stepping out.

"Ah... thanks..." Yue whispered while Toph grinned.

"Yo, buns! You just missed the best stud!"

Toph grinned while patting Nik's abdominal region in a rambunctious manner.

Rolling her eyes, Nina simply stated with an impassive expression.

"Whatever! But for f.u.c.k's sake! Don't wiggle you snatch right in front of the entrance, Katara!

If it was Sokka..."

She didn't complete her statement while Katara, who stood behind Nik simply buried her head into his back with deep shame.

"Ah... we should take a bath... sadly, there is no lake here... we could have done it together."

Nik spoke with mock depression while the girls, including June, glared at him.

They were sore!

Meanwhile, the miniature spirits were simply snoring within his pockets as he shrugged.

"Bath, that is. I am not that childish you know."

With that, Nik took the reigns and made their way towards their previous Inn. As expected, Sokka was just going to leave for their group only for his lips to twitch when his eyes matched Katara's.