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Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 111 - S.e.x Trumps Disputes
"Had a great sleep?"

Nik softly kissed the tip of Karna's nose while he used the bedsheet to wipe the puddle of drool on his chest. Aside from Karna's drool, Nik also had to deal with Yue's limbs pushed behind his back, making his sleep anything but comfortable.

But remembering the ride back to the inn, he slowly craned his neck up and found June, Katara and Toph sleeping around him, their slender body covered in nothing but a thin sheet while Pavāka and Virya were nowhere to be seen.

'A small price to pay, indeed.'

Nik gently caressed Yue's cheek before planting a kiss on her pinchable cheek and slowly got up, trying his best to not wake any of them up.

Personally, Nik loved to sleep. It is one of the few luxuries in the world that did not demand anything monetary in return. So, he really didn't like disturbing anybody's sleep either.

Finally getting out of the cramped bed filled with beauties, Nik freshened up and put on some clothes before looking at his stats. As expected, there were some changed.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Intern)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

ENG: 11

CHM: 6

LUK: 2


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


He still had a few stat points left from his partnering-up with the girls back at his homeworld as he couldn't just increase his stats. It was a painful process, or so he had heard, but the increase of his strength due to his Bloodline was a welcoming change.

Finally, he pushed open the door of his inn when he started hearing a lot of panicked whispers.

It was Azula.

Nik took a moment before contacting her mentally. While Pavāka could simply contact her due to her strange physique, Azula had no such abilities, and Nik hadn't even explained her the ability to contact him mentally.

'Yo! Azula! What's up!'

He immediately connected with Azula's mind, who, in return, immediately shot up from her bed within her royal chambers as she immediately looked behind with an incredulous expression.


"Nik?! Is that you?!"

She asked out loud only to sigh at no response.

'What the hell... I am not getting crazy without his sessions, am I?'

She questioned internally as Nik's voice rang within her consciousness once again.

'As much as I am flattered. If you really wish to talk to me, try sending me your thoughts. So? What's up?

You seem tensed?'

While Azula had a lot of questions regarding this new ability and why she wasn't made known to its existence, she had to set her priorities. Who knows if Nik was actually bedding someone? She couldn't have that! At least, not now!

'Nik! Can you really hear me? If yes, don't screw anyone else!

I have a surprise for you! So don't fill that last spot!'

She hastily replied. She wasn't even this anxious when her father decided to set her prized daughter away after Iroh claimed the victory over Ba Sing Se and finally decided to add Zuko into his family as per Iroh's wishes.

The topic currently in her mind was way more important!

'Hmm? A surprise that is connected to me not filling my last spot... it's a girl, right?'

Nik chortled while continuing.

'Listen, Azula... you do understand that I like to find my own partners, right?'

'It's not like that!' Azula sent before continuing.

'It's actually my friend, just like Mai. We three have been... well, in-known with each other since we were kids.

While we were not friends exactly, only Mai and Ty-Lee are the two people, aside from you and your little group, that I do not want to tear their skin from their bodies.'

Not minding her apparent hate for the entire world, Nik just thought that future sessions with Azula might just be more enjoyable as he spoke in a righteous tone after hearing her pleas.

'I see... it would be extremely unfair to your friend to not being able to feel the same thing you and Mai felt.

Disastrous, even.

Fine, I'll make my way towards the Fire Capital.'


After concluding their chat and also the limit at which Azula should contact him for not spamming his consciousness with her hot, steaming thoughts that would only give him a boner every single second, Nik placed his thoughts to partner-up with Nina aside.

Previously, he simply wanted to partner up with her and finally leave this world, but Azula's pleas were something he did not wish to overlook.

Who knows, he might really be in for a surprise?



Sokka opened the door as Nina was extremely clear that she loved her sleep. Seeing her body, Sokka did regain his vigour and the sleep did regenerate his lost fluids, but still, he respected her decisions and didn't want to ruin his morning or her's by waking her up.

As he stepped out, the refreshing air of dawn, even in the desert-like region, was extremely pleasing. A small smile touched his lips but the moment he saw Nik, all his happiness was dumped away.

He wasn't even angry about the siege of Ba Sing Se anymore, making him realise that he needed to stop with his own naive thoughts once and for all.


With narrowed eyes, he walked up to Nik, who had his eyes closed as he leaned back while taking one of the seats in the hall.

"Good Morning... slept well?"

The coldness in Sokka's voice was easily conceivable. Opening his eyes, Nik smiled at Sokka before nodding.

"Believe me, after the number increases, sleep is only a luxury."

The subject referred to in his statement didn't take a genius to understand as Sokka immediately turned livid.


But before he could speak, Nik raised his hands in defeat and smiled.

"Why don't you take a seat? Let's talk things out."


Sokka snorted, but still took the seat in front of Nik.

"I take that you have thought things through? Regarding last night?"

Nik asked while his question immediately put Sokka in a spot. Admitting his own mistakes was something Sokka didn't like to commit, but at this moment, he had little choice. With a slump of his shoulder, he looked at Nik with a sad expression and nodded.

"Alright, then. Let me discuss my future plans with you."

He smiled before tapping the table in between them to get Sokka's attention.

"I am planning to travel to the Fire Capital."

His words immediately garnered a frown from Sokka, but he still waited before putting his questions.

"Before I continue, I must ask, do you have any plans to actually follow me all along if Katara agrees to come with me?"

"Of course!"

Sokka immediately snapped as Nik nodded.

"I see... it is unfortunate." While Nik's words remained a mystery to Sokka, he still didn't like him following his sister termed as— unfortunate.

"Either way, it looks like you have calmed down. Do you know why?"

Nik continued with a smile as Sokka nodded.

"I just needed some time to think things through."

"Incorrect." Nik grinned and pointed at himself. "You let go of that issue because I created an even bigger issue. Like... sleeping with Katara."

His words were barely a whisper yet Sokka's eyes flared in anger birthed from unconditional emotional protection only for Nik to grin once again.

"But what I am going to tell you will force you to move on from this situation, too.

Don't you want to know why I am making my way to the Fire Capital?"

After gaining Sokka's attention, Nik smiled. And he remained true to his words. The moment Nik spoke his true objective, Sokka paled visibly as he finally figured out that someone capable of even thinking such a feat was definitely crazy enough to claim about sleeping with a woman in front of the said woman's brother.

"I'm gonna assassin the Fire Lord."

Story 100% Written by Fanharam
[1/28, 7:16 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 112 - Feared Pirates
Vigorous waves crashed against the wooden behemoth while the black flag at the top painted with green skulls gave away the identity of the ship.

"Capt— Err... Haiko! We are nearing the Fire Capital! Could you please inform the captain?"

A scar-faced man spoke with a formal tone while the middle-aged, broad-shouldered man named Haiko, the previous captain of the infamous Spectral Pirates nodded naturally, yet, the swirl of madness in his eyes betrayed a hint of rage when his own right-hand brother called another man— Captain!

It was a feeling worse than having his women stolen, his treasures looted and apparently, his future grave uprooted.


A title he fought for with his life. The scars on Haiko's body could speak of his legacy, his courageous actions and reckless abandon when it came to his own crewmates.

And yet his most trusted crewmate...

Haiko released his deepest sigh ever, the blue mark right between his chest seemed to throb, as if reminding him his limits while he nodded towards the man one last time before making his way towards the Captain's Cabin.

*Knock* *Knock*

He knocked the door leading to a room that once was his paradise. Money, Women, Weapons... he took them all and brought his riches here.


A lazy voice emerged from the other side of the door.

"Um... Captain! We are soon going to contact the dock of the Fire Capital."

"I see... prepare Ignit and Nyla."

The voice spoke before the room went silent as Haiko nodded before leaving the area with a bit of giddiness hidden in his gait.

Finally, he would be free of his servitude! And then...

His eyes flashed with wild hate.

The betrayal of his crewmate was the most logical path.

'Then... my revenge is the most logical thing, right?'

In his happiness, he personally prepared the carriage and cleaned much of the... spots with a slightly dark expression, but he dared not keep a single spot on the surface.


"It's so fresh..."

Katara exclaimed as she entered the carriage personally cleaned by Haiko while Ignit and Nyla also looked quite refreshed alongside the three goon Salamanders.

"As expected of my follower!"

Nik exclaimed as he rubbed his chin in appreciation while the group around him rolled their eyes. But they had to admit that Nik's method got them results. Hijacking a pirate ship might sound as fantastical as it could be, but assassinating the Fire Lord was a similar level of mythical thought.

This time, Sokka took the reigns once again, much to his anguish as Nik was a wanted man in the eyes of the Fire Nation. While there was a small chance that he would be recognised in the myriad terrorists identified by the Fire Nation, but still, nobody in this group was keen to take chances.

Of course, the group sat in a similar seating plan as their previous rides while Nik held his palms up, accommodating Virya.

"So? What's with this assassination? I can once again feel Gaia's need to spill the blood.

It's unnatural.

And, what is this?"

Virya asked with a frown while she showed a tiny translucent screen to Nik. Seeing the screen filled with his accomplishment of this world, he smiled happily before speaking.

"Honestly, it is hard to explain. I can only show you guys in time."

Nik smiled while Katara frowned.

"Are you talking to... Virya?"

Katara knew the name from a strange screen that actually held Azula's name. After learning that he had actually banged the Fire Princess herself, a small commotion was caused within the group, especially, June.

Whose eyes actually glimmered before she gave an unnaturally flirtatious wink to Nik. She was thoroughly impressed.

"Yeah." Nik nodded before continuing. "Don't mind her too much. She simply doesn't like to mingle."

"Oh... that's a bummer." Katara spoke with a bored expression, sarcasm oozing from her voice. Why would she want to see more women flocking around Nik? The number was just enough!

But something told her... Nik wasn't done... no, he was far from done.

"It's not like I don't like to mingle... but not with Humans."

Virya spoke as Nik shrugged.

He wasn't going to act as a mediator between his women. When he accepted Virya into his despicable fold, he also accepted her disregard for human beings. He would definitely welcome a change within Virya that might actually accept other women around her, but Nik wouldn't go out of his way to force her to accept her sisters.

His c.o.c.k would mediate physically occasionally, but he wasn't delusional enough to think that orgy sessions were enough to create a sense of camaraderie between women sharing one man.

While Nik definitely felt fortunate to meet the seven women who seemed to be actually accepting not only him but also their peers, but half of this situation was actually attributed to the fact that most of them knew each other one way or the other.

Just like this, the group made its way to the outskirts of the Fire Capital, where, a special someone was waiting for them.

It was Mai, the mistress under Azula's little group. And fortunately, she was on her own carriage. Their own carriage was already cramped enough.

"Well, well, isn't my sc.u.m looking hot between all these girls."

Mai smiled gently before making her way towards Nik with a quick pace, seeing her footwork, June raised an eyebrow, but kept her quiet while Nik grinned.

"Woof, darling."

Their lips interlocked in an ardent kiss while their tongues immediately intertwined.

Ohhh! How much she waited to lock her lips with his grinning face. He was a sc.u.m, it was an established fact between his women. Fortunately, she was one of his women and he was her own sc.u.m, in all his entirety.

Her arms gently wrapped around his waist while Nik cupped Mai's cheeks, continuing the kiss until the urge to breathe broke them apart.

"I came to understand a gift is waiting for me, all wrapped up?"

Mai grinned before hugging Nik tightly, burying her face into his chest for a while minute while breathing deeply.

"You'll be surprised."

She whispered while Nik reciprocated the embrace with hid arm warmly hugging her back.

"Let's go... I can't wait."

[1/28, 7:17 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 113 - Benefits of Harem
"No kidding..."

Toph muttered, her voice remained bemused as she finally focused on the leg piece in her hands without giving a single thought of the people present in the room while eating loudly.

"Oh, this is tasty!! What is it?!"

Toph immediately started nudging June, who whispered the name of the dish without any apparent irritation on her face, quite the opposite of cold look in Azula's eyes.

"Who's this barbarian?"

She pointed at Toph without concealing her disgust while Mai stood beside her with a calm look.

Right now, the group... Nik's partners, Sokka, Nina and Nik himself sat within the largest room present in Dragon's Whiskers Inn.

"Is she talking about me or Sokka?"

Toph immediately asked with her face stuffed with food, making Nik smile unconsciously while June sighed.

"She is—"

"Aren't you a smart one for a barbarian, Kid? I am talking about you."

Azula cut June short before snickering arrogantly.

"Hey, that's not a nice thing to say."

Katara immediately frowned while Karna and Yue shrugged. Honestly, they both couldn't care much about the disposition of women Nik slept with. They were somewhat accustomed now. In fact, they both felt unfortunate that they weren't alone in this situation like June, Toph or Katara.

"See, Sis! I told you Azula is interesting!"

Pavāka grinned while Virya nodded as impassively she has ever been.

"Arrogance with a hint of madness... though common, this Azula has kept herself quite restrained."

Virya looked at Azula with her wide silver eyes as Azula kept looking at Toph, who seemed to have no effect from her insults.

"Hey, I told you—"

"Yeah, yeah! Barbarian, right? I get that a lot! So? What should I do?

If ya' got no solutions then bite me, princess!"

Toph snorted while Azula's frown deepened.

"You are lucky that Nik took you—"

"Woah! I gotta stop you right there!" Toph grinned once again as she dangled the piece of meat from her hand before grinning.

"Let's not start the discussion surrounding Nik, alright? We know how good he is, emotionally and physically, so I don't care for yer preachin'!

But get this one thing straight, even if Nik wasn't here, I could still wipe the floor with you!

Understood? Little Princes?"

The room fell dead silent, even June turned her head to hide her smirk while slow, and mind-numbing crackles of lightning emerged from Azula's body, her golden pupils hid a furious storm, and yet, before she could explode, she took a deep breath. The surge of lightning slowly receded while Nik and Pavāka had a look of interest, surprise, even.


Pavāka grinned at Virya, who also had a bright expression on her face.

"She is certainly more interesting than the rest of the Fire Losers..."

Virya whispered.

"Whatever!" Azula finally heaved a deep sigh before looking at Nik.

"It may not look like much, but I... I am trying."

She whispered while lowering her eyes.


Everyone in the room, except Mai and Toph whispered simultaneously.

"Alright, then! Let's get to the main topic!"

Nik smiled as he clapped his hand, almost instantly, Sokka and Nina lost their consciousness, slumping onto the soft mattress.

"There's something I will be explaining to you guys now."

Nik smiled lightly as he opened up.

"You guys have less than 5 days to live in this world."


Nujia City, Docks.

"General, the destroyer is ready to sail!"

A fire soldier saluted in front of Iroh, who simply nodded while looking at the contents of the letter in his hand.

'Azula... writing such a letter. There are only two things that can happen.'

Iroh rubbed his eyes while heaving a sigh filled with regrets. He felt worthless whenever it came to Azula.

From their childhood, he had been focusing on Zuko because of his talented sister, but never in his life did he imagine that the talented sister needed more attention than Zuko himself.

While he severely wanted to chide Ursula, their mother, he also realised that he wasn't also entirely right about the situation.

'Did she cross that line... or is she really trying to change?'

Iroh muttered as he gently folded the letter asking for his return to celebrate his victory over the Earth Kingdom.

Till now, Nik's credit regarding the fall of Ba Sing Se remained unknown. Even till now, Iroh couldn't understand what Nik would gain after betraying every single elemental power of this world.

'Does he work for someone else?'

'Is another faction eyeing the fire nation?'

'Who or what is the next target?'

Such thoughts swirled within his consciousness as he set off for the Fire Nation to conclude his victorious return and finally retire from all this war for good.

He realised— he was too old for this stuff!


The room fell into a heavy silence. Aside from Pavāka and Virya, the others knew that Nik was of mysterious origins to actually wield so many elements. Even when he claimed that he could only be considered as a— pseudo avatar— the title was amazing in its own way.

But never did they dream of discovering such 'otherworldly' facts.

But, as Nik wished, the changes made by him during their last confrontation finally kicked in.

Starting from Yue.

"I see... so, are you saying that there is a much bigger world... somewhere... out there?"

She spoke with a face filled with hesitation while Nik nodded naturally.

"I see... sounds interesting."

Even though no changes were made to Azula's consciousness, she still replied candidly. After all, she hated everything and anything, especially her own blood relatives.

This time, Toph actually nodded at Azula's words.

"I know it's a bit hard..."

Nik spoke softly while June suddenly spoke up.

"I just want to ask... when will we able to... live again?"

Nik thought for a moment before replying.

"For you, it would be an instant, I can promise that. But in reality, it might take an entire year, at the very least."

Hearing his words, the group fell into silence once again. Seeing this, Mai sighed and finally spoke up.

"Alright then, it is imperative that you bring Ty-Lee into your fold, too. Because, if I am leaving, I want the entire gang."

"True enough."

Azula chortled while Nik smiled and stood up.

"Lead the way."

His lascivious grin was completely ignored by the group, to them, it was a simple smile filled with his true intentions, nothing to fear about.

"Oh! Wait! Before you go, at least tell us your plan!"

Toph suddenly shouted when Nik grinned, although Toph couldn't see, she was already somewhat aware of his tendencies after hearing June's explanation and Katara's grumbling.

"He just grinned, didn't he?"

She asked towards June, who smiled at her words.

"Spot on."

"The plan is simple actually." Nik smiled as he turned towards Azula.

"When is Iroh returning?"

"5 days."

Azula replied.

"In five days." Nik turned towards the group while making a grand gesture.

"I'll be slaying the fire lord and appointing Iroh as the next king.

Good day, ladies! Rest well, cause you guys are not getting any sleep tonight!"

Nik left as his words trailed within the room, inciting various reactions from the group.

Allegedly, the earth and water girls didn't like Azula and Mai, but even though Nik wasn't going to interfere, he would also give no shit when it came to his orgy nights.

That is the most important benefit of a harem.


[1/28, 7:20 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 114 - Dat Split


Azula bit her lips the moment the door to the room was closed as she immediately hugged Nik from behind, letting her apprehensions, fears and madness slowly leave her body when she felt Nik's chest through her own hands while burying her head into Nik's back. Her calm breathing increased in its pace marginally as her embrace slowly grew tighter.

"Hey, don't worry."

Nik didn't know what was going on. It was the truth, but devils forbid if the carnal demon actually spoke his thoughts of the unknown out loud. Whatever was Azula's troubles, he was more than willing to bear them. His hands gently reached for Azula's hands over his chest and grabbed them tightly.

"I am not worried..."

Azula whispered before loosening her hold while Nik spun to match Azula's gaze, a pure smile finally formed on her naturally ripe and plump red lips as she leaned forward and cupped Nik's face before engaging in a soothing kiss. No longer was there any semblance of arrogance or cold hatred on her face. Neither was there any desperation left.

In Nik's eyes, Azula felt... happy. Incomparably so.

"I am just happy to see you again."

She broke the contact before flashing a charming grin. Before the trio left, Azula suddenly opened the door of the room and waved her hand with a happy smile.

"Barbar— Toph, was it? I am sorry for my earlier behaviour."

While the others suddenly felt stunned by the emergence of apology, Toph simply waved her leg piece, her gaze held no emotions... for she was blind, but her voice was still calm, with a hint of cheerfulness.

"Don't mind it! I can smell desperation from a mile away."

She tapped her nose before Azula nodded and closed the door. Toph's words finally clicked into the group as they looked at the closed door with wonder.

Was that it?

She was simply frustrated because she wasn't able to—

Oh, wait a minute. We would be the same, wouldn't we?

The group had a sudden realisation as they looked at each other, and as expected, all of them came to the same conclusion.

Yes, we would.


"Ai! Sometimes, I am the fool!"

Nik grinned before picking Azula up in his arms, his lips once again seized her lips and this time, no amount of push from Azula could break the contact as Nik thoroughly ravaged her ravishing mouth p.u.s.s.y, her fleshy tongue before kissing her cheek one last time when her eyes grew a bit hazy.

"We got much catch-up to do, right?"

He grinned before placing Azula down and pulling the silent, yet, pouting Mai in his arm, his hand grabbed a fistful of her delicious butt before he gave her the same treatment as the little fiery princess while breaking the kiss with a spank, making her whole butt vibrate that formed into a blissful m.o.a.n till the vibrations reached Mai's mouth.

"Alright, you wanted to recommend your friend, right?

Let's see if she can catch my eyes or not."

Hearing his words, clarity once again touched Azula's eyes as she smiled lasciviously.

"Fufufu! Catch your eyes... you have to prepare much more than that."

She seductively walked towards Nik before letting her hand touch his slumbering c.o.c.k, making her intentions clear.

"Much more it is, then."

He smiled before leaving with the Fire Princess and the Mayor's daughter in tow, attracting attention from many, yet, the traitorous sc.u.m of the fire nation wasn't recognised due to Azula's actions. No images of Nik were circulated even after his name was officially registered into the bounty book.

After leaving the inn, Mai led the way while Azula suddenly took out a veil out of nowhere and hid her face before gingerly hugging Nik's arm and letting out a soft sigh, her entire body relaxed almost instantly and her soft breaths tickled his neck.

"Even though that is unfair... I'll just get my payback later."

Mai muttered darkly while Azula only let out a smug snicker before the group once again started moving towards the center of the capital, near the royal palace.

The cobblestone streets slowly morphed into a better, ironwood streets that matched the splendor of the inner district of the capital that housed many nobles that worked directly under the Fire Lord Ozai after pledging their loyalty, Mai's father being one of them.

The market, too, slowly turned, matching the upper district. Many shops had lavish fronts while even the most basic of shops held goods worth thousands. The most prominent change was the fact that unlike the women of the other outer districts, the women in the inner districts did not cover their body from head to toe.

Women of various figures and sizes walked in groups, some were young couples while others entered the shop with a clear motive in their mind.

All things said, Nik had never actually explored the inner districts of the Capital before and now, Mai was clearly leading the group to a brightly coloured building that also housed inscriptions of various animals.

Elephant Koi, Frog Loins, Trumpet Bees!

There were simply too many!

"This is a..."


Mai completed Nik's sentence as she looked at the door guard and took out a ticket from her wide sleeves. The guard instantly took a more respectful approach after looking at the ticket and bowed towards the group before allowing them to enter the building.

As they entered the building, a scantily dressed lady bowed in front of them, her large, surprisingly, natural b.r.e.a.s.ts hung low as her dress almost slipped down, causing her to smile in embarrassment, but only gaining not a single response.

Not from the two ladies and neither from the surprisingly handsome and... oh god!! ehm, man.

As the lady slowly and seductively moved her h.i.p.s sideways, she tilted her head slightly to look if her assets incited any other reaction and yet, she only hung her head low when Nik failed to give her any reaction.

Finally, with a crestfallen look as if her husband had abandoned her to a fat and ugly middle-aged tycoon, the lady left the group after leading them to their private chamber that was comprised of three walls and the front part being covered in a long, crimson curtain.

The moment the group entered, Azula immediately pushed Nik down on the luxurious seat fitted alongside the wall and tore off her veil, immediately sitting on top of him while peering into his eyes.

"You were surprisingly calm about.... that cow."

'Ah, she really was irritated.'

Nik thought internally while he gestured Mai to sit next to him while the backside of his hand grazed Azula's cheek gently.

"What if I wasn't?"

He questioned with a bright smile that sent chills to Azula spine, something she longed for and Nik knew it.

His hand slowly reached towards the beginning of her neck and then he gently wrapped his fingers around her slender neck. Pulling her forward, Nik gave her another rough kiss, making her pant and whimper while her juices soaked her p.u.s.s.y, leaving a stain on her inner garments.

"You really want it harsh, don't you?"

Nik whispered into her ears while his eyes shimmered cruelly.

"You want it like that time on the destroyer, right? Where I f.u.c.k.i.e.d you full, leaving not a single inch of your body uncovered, right?"

He whispered once again, making Azula whimper in need.

"Y-yes!" She exclaimed only for Nik to slowly place her beside him while he pointed at the curtain.

"Well, then. Wait."

He grinned while suddenly, bringing Mai onto his laps while hugging her waist.

"We are here to see your friend. Meanwhile, I'll be sure to tend to my sweet Mai! You, on the other hand."

Nik grinned once again and spoke cruelly, making Azula groan in passion, yet making her stay her hand.



The curtain opened up as a middle-aged man slowly performed various creative acts before a slight window was given only to a single woman.


And as Azula had stated, Nik had to prepare much more than just his eyes, after all...

'Dat split...'

Nik felt his mind buzz in various possibilities when he looked at Ty-Lee's flexibility and finally understood the term— Fruit of patience is always sweeter.

Had he really partnered-up with Nina, even though he wouldn't regret his choice, he would still have an urge to go back in time and smack his past self senseless.

A woman like Ty-Lee is always worth the wait.

[1/28, 7:21 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 115 - Performance of Their Own
The show finally came to an end when an Ostrich Tiger jumped through a fiery hoop without its feathers and furs affected by the flame at all. The crowd, both, upper-class and middle-class cheered loudly, some even took their game to the next level and whistled loudly. After arranging for all the performance beasts into the cage, the Circus Master finally revealed his whole crew to the crowd. While there were many women with astonishing figures, Nik's eyes only trailed over Ty-Lee's figure, and just like him, many others looked at the young woman with long, braided hair and a cheerful look on her face unaffected by the leers towards her exposed abdomen.

Sporting a healthy amount of muscles that intertwined with a lean build, Ty-Lee's abdominal muscles were a sight of there own while her healthy, modest bosom remained hidden under the petal-like, peach-pink crop-top while the top of her head was covered in a crown-like ornament.

"Mai, Azula... have I ever thanked you guys?"

Nik whispered as he squeezed Mai's soft b.r.e.a.s.ts while her body quivered under his touch while she released hot and heavy breaths as Nik suddenly pinched her erect n.i.p.p.l.es through her clothes, making her yelp softly. Just like Mai, Azula was burdened with strained gasps. She wanted it deeply, his c.o.c.k that is. Her thoughts were slowly forming around his c.o.c.k and took an entire minute for Azula to process the sentence before her flushed face turned to Nik, a needy desire feeling her eyes, yet she complied like a good girl Nik taught her to be and whispered.

"Gratitude? For what?"

She once again tried to sneak into his embrace, feel his warmth to quench the ever-rising need to have a deep and hot f.u.c.k, relax her tense body while enjoying Nik's slanted c.o.c.k to fill her up nice and hot, make her feel stuffed, her mouth ruined and her b.r.e.a.s.ts and butt pinched and squeezed until his hands felt satisfied. Her body's erogenous zones erected at her dire, despicable needs as Azula saw Nik smiling gently.

"I never thanked you. Both of you, in fact, for appearing in my life. So, you both have my long, overdue, gratitude.

For letting me indulge in my own desires."

Though his hands continued playing with Mai, his eyes betrayed his seriousness as Nik finally spoke.

"So, I don't feel any desire to tease you guys anymore! I feel like I am gonna explode already."

Nik smiled before he pulled Mai into an ardent kiss. As he watched Ty-Lee's acrobatics, he couldn't help but vision various s.e.x.u.a.l scenarios with her and how much her flexible body would be tantalizing in bed. His c.o.c.k was erect, and it refused to go down before any kind of release.

Hands, he must not use, their snatches, he must fill, and fill he would.

Mai's hazy eyes glowed with a l.u.s.tful, hungry light as her hot breaths soon escaped into Nik's mouth while his tongue enjoyed her mouth while his hands pulled on her b.r.e.a.s.ts k. opposite direction before letting them go and making them 'yoink' to their original position. Her back leaned against his chest while her hands went gently hugged Nik's neck, completely revealing her underside as Nik let his hands run over her entire clothed body.

Pulling Mai's legs and placing them to the side of his own thighs, Nik immediately pulled her dress up while revealing her dark, tight pants that stuck to her wonderful and long legs. It didn't take long to pull her pants down while his erect c.o.c.k found its way into Mai's dripping snatch, immediately inciting a strained m.o.a.n that riled Azula up.

She couldn't hold herself any longer and immediately latched her lips against Nik's empty mouth, internally scorning Mai at how easily she let go of the treasure his mouth was. And as expected, Nik didn't disappoint her expectations. No longer was she treated as an annoyance. While she loved Nik's droopy, impassive expression, when it came to s.e.x, she wanted a beast that could cast aside multiple plays needed to make a woman's body hotter and just dominate her dirty body while purifying her with his white, holy, and oh so creamy, juice!

Her plump lips immediately felt his lips while her deviant tongue made sure to get coiled obediently as one of Nik's hands immediately supported Azula's back and pulled her further into a tight embrace while Mai bit her own finger in pleased anguish as she tried moving her waist in a front-back motion while her ass cheeks would kiss his crotch more than once, making Nik gently wrap his other hand against Mai's waist while using his unnatural strength to pull her up before pushing her down in one cruel motion, making Mai m.o.a.n even louder.

M.o.a.ns were now finally getting loud enough that it was undesirable, so, with much reluctance, Nik let go of Azula's prized lips and finally filled Mai's needy mouth. Words were unable to touch Mai's mouth as there was no place for them, while Nik simply asked Azula to lick Mai through his mental connection. And lick she did.

Getting on her knees, Azula let her face get close enough to feel the impacts of Nik's balls as he started to move before she placed her hands on his thighs while taking a deep whiff, as if branding the scent of her childhood friend getting ploughed by the only man she is willing to recognise before her thumb started rubbing Mai's extremely excited c.l.i.t.o.r.i.s, sending waves of pleasure to crash into her spine, making her tingle while forgetting to inform Nik in her own heat that there was someone else who knew about their room and had the access to enter this particular chamber.

Azula's eyes glowed brightly while her own hands immediately pulled her pants down as her fingers stuck within her soaked p.u.s.s.y, enjoying her own hot flesh while her face finally got even closer after Nik stopped moving to allow Azula to continue to work her way with her tongue and lips. Just like that, instead of the full-blown session of mindless slamming of his rod, Mai took the lead and moved her waist and h.i.p.s alongside clenching her abdominal and anal muscles to provide even more pleasure.

At this moment, at the spot of their connection, Nik and Mai felt Azula's tongue gently licking their private regions with gusto, her tongue flicked Mai's jeweled clit while she would also sometimes take the entirety of Nik's balls and gag and gasp in a needy manner. Her own thumb kept playing with her own clit all the time.

Pure Bliss.

Soon, Mai ended up orgasming only for Azula to lap up her juices while her fingers moved within her juicy flower even passionately, sending waves of passion to her spine, almost making her collapse.

"Oohhhh! I love you, Nik!"

Mai released an extremely hot and relieved breath as she kissed Nik while leaning her head back.

"The feeling's mutual, Mai." Nik whispered through the short intervals in their kiss while giving her one last peck before gently peeling her off while immediately pressing his shaft against Azula's cheek, making the latter smile blissfully.

Without needing any instructions, Azula opened her mouth wide while letting her tongue lick against the underside of his shaft hotly, her upper lip still opened wide, kept breathing hotly as she covered the tip of Nik's c.o.c.k with her already moist hands, covered in her own love juice.


A relieved breath escaped Azula's mouth as she gently kissed the base of Nik's shaft before she slowly pulled his c.o.c.k down, adjusting the tip against her mouth before slowly putting her entire mouth in action. Even though her mouth was already full, a drool mixed with Mai's juices covering Nik's shaft gently leaked through the corner of her mouth as she bobbed her head back and forth, gently enveloping more of Nik's generous girth without much issue.

The decadent sound of slurping soon reached the corners of their chamber while Nik suddenly sensed another presence reaching for the door to their room.


Azula immediately widened her eyes when Nik gently pushed her mouth against the base of his c.o.c.k while the veins and the shaft bulged significantly larger before he burst his hot nut deep within Azula's throat while he mentally informed the duo about the sudden approach only for Mai to reply while panting about Ty-Lee's appointment.

Wait... was she panting through the mental communication?

Nik frowned but Azula's meaty throat was definitely a feel while the door was finally clicked open as Ty-Lee walked in with a cheerful smile.

"Heeya! So? What was the big surp—"

Ty-Lee immediately stopped when she saw Mai's pulled up top with her p.u.s.s.y still gaping as the innards twitched every now and then while Azula's throat bulge was even more prominent with her eyes rolled up.

Of course, she still couldn't give enough attention to Nik as she was already struck speechless.

Maybe she entered the wrong room?

No, that cannot be it... there was the s.l.u.tty Mai and Harlot Azula sucking someone ball's deep...

Now that she thought of it, maybe, she really entered the wrong room. If it was the Mai and Azula she knew, men are usually skewered in their chambers, not pleased.

[1/28, 7:22 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 116 - Dangerous
"Gahhh! *Gasp*!"

Nik finally took his member out, even though ejaculating once was far from satisfying, he knew how to remain patient, at least, now. Even though the bridge of saliva and love juices between his c.o.c.k and Azula's lips was enticing enough for Nik to defile her hot, needy mouth, Nik still controlled his erection, something he wasn't fond of, and pulled his pants up before taking out a small cloth from his pocket and gently wiping Azula's mouth while whispering.

"You were great, Azula."

After regaining her bearings, Azula accepted Nik's tender care and smiled naturally while showing a glimmer in her arousing set of golden eyes.

"Of course, I am."

She spoke before looking towards Ty Lee, ignoring the already exhausted Mai while licking her lips akin to a deviant.

"So? Lee? Enjoyed what you saw?"

Azula eyes the dazed Ty-Lee, who still held onto the knob of the door before she muttered, loud enough for Azula to hear.

"Woah... did she really took that profession?"

Not minding Azula's dark expression, Nik gently scooped up Mai before pulling her dress down as he gave her a small peck on her forehead, while affectionately stroking her rosy cheek. Mai had just claimed her affection for him, so, there was no way he wouldn't take care of her.

"It's going to be fine, don't worry. Just try and rest a bit." To have such a reaction by single orgasm made Nik realise that both of them were really pent-up, making him feel even more determined to make it up to them by filling them up real nice. While he may not have much strength or riches, he was man enough to dedicate whatever he was born with.

Fortunately, until now, his women were extremely satisfied by his techniques, but Nik felt that he needed to be something more other than a kind s.e.x fiend. But, now was not the time to ponder on such matters so deeply, all he could do was get the maximum benefit of the situation and with such thought, he grew a bit determined to see the end of his second chain quest.

He was already in the Fire Capital, might as well slay a king.

"I haven't taken any new profession!" Azula's frosty voice shook Ty-Lee, who immediately pointed towards Nik while pointing back at Azula's face.

"Then, I might be mistaken." Ty-Lee spoke absentmindedly. "If that wasn't a super long and thick lollipop, then yes, you have taken a new profession."

It was a lollipop, alright!

Azula subconsciously licked her lips as she narrowed her eyes.

"Enough with the pleasantries."

"I don't do pleasantries, Azula." Cheerfulness finally receded from Ty-Lee's face as she looked at Nik.

"I don't know who you are, but you must know... that what you did to the Mayor's Daughter and the Holy Friggin Princess might as well cost you your life."

Hearing her words, Nik smiled, he almost laughed.

Dramas caused due to misunderstandings were really great.

Even Azula rolled her eyes while she pointed out.

"Ty-Lee... he is Nik. Better known as the Continental Traitor. If it's his life you are worried about, then don't be.

In fact, if I were you, I would worry about walking normally the next morning."

Azula smiled mysteriously while Ty-Lee went into a daze once again as she discovers new facts.

She really couldn't handle surprises, quite ironic because her body could potentially take any kind of surprise with gusto.


"So... this is my date?"

Ty-Lee sat in front of Nik, who was flanked by a calm Mai and a smiling Azula. With her left thigh above her right, Ty-Lee scrutinized Nik carefully before looking at Azula and Mai. Unlike their previous state, they both were showing a shocking level of calmness when it came to sharing a man.

"You guys... are hiding something from me, aren't you."

Ty-Lee frowned as she looked observed the twitch of Azula's and Mai's lips.

'Can you guys give me some time alone with Ty-Lee... this is getting awkward, even for me.'

Nik finally sighed and sent his words while the duo looked at him with a wronged expression, making him roll his eyes before he tapped both of their foreheads. In the end, they simply stood up with a sigh, Mai, was a bit unnatural as it was truly a long time since she had such a satisfying, even if short, session. Meanwhile, Azula moved her back seductively, trying to entice Nik till the very end.

Sadly, even if Nik felt his heart itch, he didn't let it be shown on his face as he smiled towards Ty-Lee.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Ty-Lee. I am Nik Faran, and even though I have the title of a traitor, my actions have always been for the good of the fire nation."

Raising her eyebrow, Ty-Lee leaned back on her couch while a look of curiosity and interest flashed on her face.

"For real? How?"

"I am afraid that it is a piece of nation-level confidential information."

He smiled before leaning forward as he observed the disappointed expression on her face.

"Of course, we can put a price on my month-long experience.

How does a day with me sound as a price?"

Nik honestly didn't know how to properly court a woman. That was the truth. He could sweet talk, flirt and do many things that are elusive to men in real life, but courting with a sincere heart wasn't one of them.

After all, it was not on their course.

Heck, he needed to become a master mathematician at a young age to impress old hags just to get a higher tip. And by a higher tip, he meant a few more coins because any hag interested in maths and accountancy would understand the value of money and not easily squander it even after squealing under his masterful technique.

And all this inexperience led to Nik speaking an extremely baseless pick-up line. Seeing the look of amus.e.m.e.nt in Ty-Lee's face, Nik wasn't disheartened by his lack of experience.

He had enough confidence that he would still bed her by the end of the night, but he was also receptive to criticism and change. Just relying on his own physical skills may someday backfire, so he decided to finally start improving his vocal skills to include the concept of sincerity instead of a rogue-like quality.

"Alright, alright!"

Nik finally sighed as Ty-Lee kept her quiet while he returned normal. If acting all mysterious and gentleman couldn't work, he might as well start adding a change to his normal, casual game. A small, yet, an honest-looking smile finally formed on his face while he pointed towards the single rope dozens of meters high right above the performance stage where Ty-Lee performed dangerous acts.

"You like danger. The rush of adrenaline is addictive, I can vouch for that."

He continued while he finally seemed to have attracted Ty-Lee's attention.

"You may not know me, but I can also share with you that I don't like danger at all.

But believe me, when I say this.

My whole life is just a mixture of dangerous situations with a few treasures that I have been fortunate enough to meet up with.

And you will definitely find my experience, not just my saga of espionage, but my entire life, quite interesting."

He grinned before standing up.

"So? How about I share with you my best... well, my worst experiences and you do the same? Maybe, we might just click."

He extended his hand forward. He didn't know if he was correct in changing his approach. But he knew that his methods needed a change as one day, there will be a day where his skills might just fail him and he might need a backup plan.

Meanwhile, Ty-Lee looked at the thin rope where he found her fame and wealth. It was her strange approach to a dangerous situation that allowed her to meet many interesting personalities, such as Azula and Mai.


She looked at Nik's hand and thought back at just how enormous Nik was. Yes, he was definitely dangerous in his own way... even his aroma...

But the most dangerous thing about him was...

Ty-Lee found herself gazing into Nik's eyes while she recalled how easily he accepted his own lack of approach and changed his game instantly.

'As expected... interesting and...


[1/28, 7:22 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 117 - Day Out


Nik smiled as Ty-Lee's outburst attracted many men and women from the middle district, who, immediately frowned at her revealing clothes, but the moment their eyes fell on a very prominent motif on her rubber band at the base of her braid, the public averted their eyes with a respectful expression.

"Nine... like, one, two, three...—"


Nik smiled as he blew at the hot skewered meat before placing it within his mouth. Spicy!

"And Azula let you?"

"That's the best part." Nik grinned as he ate another piece of red-hot spicy meat. "She actually loves it with the company."

Ty-Lee opened her eyes with shock imprinted in her dark pupils.

"Never thought Azula would have such tendencies..."

Even though Nik and Ty-Lee had been warming up to each other nicely, Nik held no delusions that without his skills and consecutive sessions, he could convince Ty-Lee to leave this world for him. So when he used his Pheromones to slowly guide Ty-Lee, he held no guilt, just the determination to make it up to her in the future.

Meanwhile, Ty-Lee just enjoyed the stories, no matter how politically implicative those adventures were, she just listened while relating it to her own experience over a plate of street snacks.

"So? I could be considered the sloppy tenth?"

Ty-Lee suddenly tilted her head and asked with glimmering eyes. Even though her voice held a slight tone of blame, the small smile on her round fave betrayed her intentions to tease Nik.

"More like, I am the sloppy tenth."

Nik smiled while shrugging, but the piece of spicy meat had already caught hid attention. He somewhat fell in love with this particular stall. Even though it was the same situation when a child fell in love with unhealthy food, Nik's situation was of even a higher level as he may never be able to return to this place.

Thinking for a moment, he placed the thought at the back of his head before devoting his attention towards Ty-Lee. Unlike Azula, Ty-Lee was quite 'normal' yet a deviant in her own way.

If she was placed between a rock and hard place, her plan would be to use the hard surface to jump over the rock, avoiding the trouble completely.

While it may sound completely delusional if a similar situation is simulated in real life, such a response and approach to life was enough for Nik to respect the little leg-splitter of danger.

"Alright, let's go!"

After paying for the food, another quality that Nik found strangely endearing, he was pulled away by Ty-Lee who showed no more resistance to physical contact, making Nik realise that his skills had proved themselves worthy once again, not to mention the enchanting eyes of the various female passerby that was immediately attracted to his scent.

Sometimes, Nik even wondered if he was actually transported to a world filled with beast-men, he could easily make many were-women pant with a single whiff of an aroma.

As enticing the thought felt, Nik took a breath to take reigns of his imagination while Ty-Lee led him to various stalls that prepared awesome street snacks that easily won Nik's favour. Of course, he had also created a plan to steal their recipes, but after a few moments, he had to scratch that plan because of one single reason.


Did his homeworld house exotic dishes as Cat-Hen? Koi-goat?

The reason why the dishes were so amazing could be pointed towards the origin of the ingredient.

Maybe, using the similar spices, he may only end up cooking an average chicken.

So, very reluctantly, he pulled his thoughts away from easy money and simply enjoyed Ty-Lee's company. There was nothing much to do anyway, not during the day time.

The group must be having a rest while Azula and Mai would get a piece of him during the night... maybe, everyone would get a piece of him tonight, making him feel giddy.

As a carnal demon, he can never get tired of ejaculating within his beloved women. If he could, he wouldn't even think of putting them in a comatose-like state within the harem. In fact, even if it was impossible, he would have tried to devise a plan to take each and every girl for a round every night.

'But my skill set... no matter how abnormal, need to be enhanced...'

His thoughts were borderline greedy. By now, he felt that no [Incubus Intern] should have such a skillset and that combined with the way he earned his stat points and [Talent: Carnal Concept], his status should be way higher than a simple intern.

Things were hidden from him, he understood it, but he or his partners weren't harmed in any way and simply rushing for unintended information might bring him troubles he is incapable of facing, so he could only bite the favour in disgust and make use of it to the best of his abilities.

"So? Even though I understand that you aren't recognised here?

Why did you still take the risk to come here?"

Ty-Lee suddenly asked out, making Nik think over his answer before he looked at her.


Ty-Lee rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Because of you." Nik replied candidly, making her tilt her head in confusion even of he could observe a strange glimmer in her eyes.

"Well, to be more specific, Azula... contacted me that she had a surprise for me..."

"She said the same to me."

Ty-Lee nodded before gazing at Nik with a serious expression.

"Were you surprised?"

Nik raised his eyebrows before tilting his head and looking at her long, slender legs, not hiding his action at all before looking up and grinning.

"Most definitely so. What about you?"

Ty-Lee chuckled before looking at his crotch seriously as she nodded.

"Maybe... more than you."

Just like this, the duo spent some more time until they parted their way during the evening. A part of him wanted to hold his much anticipated orgy after he took Ty-Lee into his fold, so he simply asked Azula and Mai to meet him in a different room.

While Karna and others may not show any distaste when he openly comforted other women, he still wasn't insane enough to actually take their silence as acceptance.

Acceptance is only attained over a period of time and time he did not have.

While, a part of him also held the expectations when his skill grew strong enough, he would have no reason to be so considerate as the women around him won't hate each other even if they bicker around. After all, he had read stories about many lascivious kings with harems envious even by Gods, more often than not, their downfall was also due to the internal strife of the said King's women.

Something Nik thought to be completely undesirable.

He was a peace-loving guy who only killed when there was a need to... while Ozai was an exception because the bounty of 30000 SO and 4 SP was too much, he wouldn't ordinarily sell his services, well, at least, not anymore.

As he slowly thought about a passable plan to enact upon the day of Iroh's return, Nik soon found himself standing in front of a room other than his previous one.

With two soft knocks, the door was finally opened by a light-clothed Azula, her narrowed down golden eyes expressing much more than her mouth ever did.


"Zuko, your uncle is going to return in five days."

In a dimly lit throne-chamber, Ozai looked at his kneeling failure and spoke with a calm tone. If it wasn't for his elder brother— Iroh— trading his services for his failure of a son's entrance, Ozai might have even forgotten that the filth his wife actually gave birth to him.

"Yes, Fath— Lord."

Zuko immediately corrected himself while expectation rose within his heart.

"On that day, I'll be taking the throne of the first United Kingdom.

And on that day, I'll have you take an important role."

"Yes, Lord."

Zuko chortled with happiness blooming within his heart. Finally!

"That day, when Azula take the seat of the Fire Lord under me, you and Iroh are to support her in every way possible."


Colour receded from Zuko's face as he felt his mind buzz in absolute shock. Matching his own father's merciless gaze and cruel yet, mocking smile, the burn of the left side of his face stung once again.

[1/28, 7:23 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 118 - Formidable Trump Card?
After hours of passionate session, Azula and Mai finally succ.u.mbed to their exhaustion. Their expression intertwined with tiredness and blissful relief as their sweaty body hugged each other. Of course, after taking them in various positions, Nik was also compelled to gently wipe their bodies with a clean cloth soaked in warm water, but not before Nik actually used his waterbending to remove the sweat from their bodies, making them feel comfortable.

Tucking them in, Nik let Azula and Mai rest instead of waking them up to continue his despicable plan for the future of the fire nation. With gentle pecks on their forehead, Nik finally put on some clothes before leaving the room and making his way towards his group only to find them still sleeping.

Now that he thought of it, during their journey, his group, especially Yue and Pavāka had grown way too lazy. Even though Yue did spend a little time every day to train and control a thin line of Gravitational wave. She would often control the gravitational waves around small objects like an article of clothing or a glass.

Meanwhile, Nik had already assumed that Pavāka was born lazy, always keeping Virya's laps occupied in the process, making Nik unable to sleep on Pavāka's and Virya's laps since their first session in the carriage.

As he looked at the bed filled with his women, putting on such an innocent face while sleeping, even Toph, who was quite rough around the edges, Nik didn't have the heart to continue his streak of ejaculation. While his body, especially his c.o.c.k, twitched in anger with the sudden decision of his heart, Nik paid the reaction of his body no mind and sat cross-legged on the couch before closing his eyes.

After sleeping with Virya, he did gain a passive affinity with the light element, but till now, he didn't know how to control it aside from using his own Elemental Energy units to form some semblance of a light beam before it ends up dispersing.

In fact, Virya and Nik had even tried to form a set of bending arts for the Light element but ended up failing spectacularly. While Virya was born to bend the light element, to actually create a bending art, there were many prerequisites like having a group of people with same Elemental affinity and also the fact that the group was willing to dedicate their lives to find the secrets of the elements.

Then came the Earthbending, which he gained after making Toph scream under his c.o.c.k for a moment before she ended up succ.u.mbing to the pleasure while realising amorous m.o.a.ns.

The art of Earthbending was relatively easy and straightforward. But till now, aside from the Gravity Bending, which he trained regularly, Nik didn't possess the qualification to become a master bender in any other elements because he felt that thinning himself wasn't the best way to pursue the matter of training.

He held no doubt that he would be finding abilities way above the norms of this world and hence, only trained in the ability he felt would be the most useful in future endeavours— Gravity.

The ability to push, pull and control the Gravity around a person could provide Nik with an amazing skill, even against other hosts! While his speciality was his touch and the ability to impart carnal pleasure, he still recalled that Brian could stop the friggin Time!

He needed to have a trump card of his own and the ability to bend and use the gravity at his own will sounded the most plausible option. While his ability may not be able to trump a Temporal Fiend, he did not necessarily have to make an enemy out of him. At least, not yet.

"You are training with gravity again?"

A soft whisper filled with a tiny amount of indignation grazed Nik's ears as he opened his eyes to look at Virya standing in front of him, in the dimly lit room, her eyes seemed to glow unnaturally, making her look beyond ethereal.

"Usually, a woman is jealous when his man is out with another woman...

Not when he is training in another element."

He smiled and pulled Virya into his laps, the latter complied without any hesitation as yer soft butt was placed over his thighs, her eyes looking around the room aimlessly, yet, Nik understood that she wanted to hear a proper answer. Placing his own chin over her head, Nik wrapped his arms around Virya before feeling the warmth of her tiny body that no physical being should be capable of feeling.

"In the future, I may come across the art of controlling the light... while the possibility is small, it is still there.

So, I want to polish my gravity bending as much as I can. Either way, don't I already have you to pierce other guys with light?"


Virya nodded as a rosy colour touched her otherwise beautiful and soft cheeks.

"You promised that we will be able to experience other worlds..."

She whispered softly once again as Nik smiled lightly.

"Yes, I did."

"Good... Now let me sleep on you."

She whispered candidly before closing her eyes and leaning her head into the base of his neck while her impeccable back was pressed against his chest. A peaceful expression that never left her face, even when she cruelly shredded bandits slowly morphed into a peculiarly innocent expression, somewhat different from her usual expression while soft and melodious snores soon reached Nik's ears as he exhaled lightly.

'Might as well sleep....'

Nik simply leaned his back and closed his eyes. If all went well, he would leave this world after four days, even if there was another chain quest, Nik didn't feel like continuing his stay in this world.


The next day, everybody in the room woke up due to Sokka's incessant knocking, making Nik curse his relatives, except for Katara, before Karna ended up opening the room while rubbing her eyes as Nik didn't move from his couch even when Yue groaned and complained.

Heck! They were asleep for more than 14 hours! Even though Nik didn't like disturbing his women's sleep, he felt that too much sleep might just be counterproductive.

"What the hell? Sokka?!"

Karna immediately glared at Sokka, who showed a weird expression at such a reaction.

"Good morning to you, too?"

Sokka scratched the back of his head while Karna sighed and went inside the restroom to freshen up as Sokka looked at Nik and waved hid hand.

"Nik, can we talk? I need your help."

Nik finally groaned loudly before Virya turned smaller as Pavāka also turned smaller and flew over to Nik while rubbing her eyes and yawning.

After leaving the room, Sokka looked at Nik before hesitating a bit.

"Oh, my god! Just speak already!"

He rubbed his head while Sokka sighed and finally spoke up.

"I need your help to... get Azula's help to find my father..."

He finally spoke up, gaining Nik's interest.


"So? You think he might be a part of the acclaimed terrorist group?"

Nik questioned as Sokka sat opposite to him, nodding heavily. He exhaled heavily as he waited for Nik's response, meanwhile, Nik's own thoughts started to spiral at an impeccable speed.

'Terrorists... the sudden death of Fire Lord... and finally, the crowning of a new Fire Lord...'

As Nik continued his thought, the more he felt that the plan could work out. Even if the band of terrorist couldn't take Fire Lord's life, Nik was more than enough to squash him...

But the problem was that the quest wasn't only to kill the fire lord, but also appoint a suitable fire lord as a replacement. From Virya, Nim already found out that his Wuest Missions were somewhat related to 'Gaia' of this world.

This meant that somehow, the world itself wanted a ruler that was different from Ozai or it would not have hired Nik's blade with 30000 SO and 4 SP.

"Sokka... I can understand why the terrorist... the group trying to rebel would operate when there was no alliance.

But now? After the Fire Lord has unified the world? What are they trying to achieve?"

Hearing Nik's words, Sokka scoffed.

"My dad... used to say that everyone should respect the mighty but not the tyrannical. I still don't know if he is alive... but if he is alive and kicking, then that group is definitely my best shot.

Honestly, if that old man Iroh took Fire Lord's place... even though there will still be many enemies for the Fire Nation, the situation wouldn't be so much out of hand."

"Iroh, you say..."

Nik rubbed his chin while a gentle smile soon touched his face.

"Alright, let's meet up with this group. Get ready, in two hours, we will leave."

Nik smiled while he immediately sent mental notices to Azula and Mai about their departure in two hours and asked them to find sufficient information.

Of course, when they asked to tag along, Nik simply invited Ty-Lee through them to join the group, which, they weren't opposed to.

[1/28, 7:24 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 119 - Towards the Palace
In two hours, Nik and the group quickly freshened up before eating a hearty brunch as they continued chatting. With the Fire Nation's victory, it didn't actually matter if people of other regions visited the capital, especially the Water Tribe for they had already submitted to the fire nation way before it actually won the hundred years war. Of course, that did not prevent the judgemental gazes of others being directed towards them.

At this time, Karna and Katara actually felt fortunate that Toph couldn't see. Even though they immediately chided themselves internally after having such thoughts, it was the truth. Toph was way too rough and if someone actually glared at her, the water bender duo reckoned that Toph might just spike their eyes out of spite.

The arrival of Azula, Mai and Ty-Lee took the group by surprise. By now, they already knew Nik's situation and his requirement for ten women. Since, until now, Nina wasn't even touched, the group, except for Toph, eyed Ty-Lee in a serious manner before June pointed out the strangeness of the situation where Azula had asked both Nik and Sokka to follow her, finally inducing Katara to confront Sokka about the situation.


Katara almost screamed in shock as she felt his mind buzz. She immediately glared at her own brother before speaking.

"If there is a chance that dad is alive then I want to follow, too!"

Katara immediately looked towards Nik with a fierce expression. But before Nik could respond, Sokka tried to intervene, he didn't want her hopes to get high only for them to get crushed, but he was shot down with an unusual look of disgust and hatred flashing past her expression.

"Don't you dare stop me, Sokka! He isn't only your father!

Or do you think that low of me that I don't even have the right to look for him?"

With that, Sokka was finally silenced as the group looked at the tensed environment with a serious expression, even Toph.

Just at this moment, a drunkard, who obviously got drunk, remarked at how uncouth those from other nations were only for an earthen pillar to send him flying with blood spurting through his mouth.

Since Azula and Mai had their faces covered, the surrounding people were immediately riled up only for Ty-Lee to step forward and use her own reputation to curb the outrage while Azula inched closer to Toph and whispering a praise that came as a surprise to all of them.

"Nice shot!"

"Don't mention it, dollface."

Toph shrugged while Azula became even more amused.

"You ARE blind, right?"

Toph grinned towards Azula and pointed towards her own face.

"If Nik actually still is interested in you after looking at the angel Incarnate my beauty is, then, of course, you are a dollface."

"How do you know you are beautiful?"

Ty-Lee also stepped in with curious eyes.

"Ah, you are the new one, aren't you? When you get to my age, you'll notice things that should be otherwise oblivious to normal blind people."

"I am older than you."

Ty-Lee chortled with amus.e.m.e.nt within her heart growing stronger.

"My point proven."

Toph shrugged and actually spanked Ty-Lee accurately before shooting a look towards Nik while placing her thumb up.


"Toph was a really pleasant girl, unlike you guys painted her."

Ty-Lee pouted as she pointed out the fact to Azula and Mai. Meanwhile, Katara and Sokka sat on the seat in front of Nik, beside Ty-Lee.

"I just said to be careful of her."

Azula shrugged and didn't refute the claim but Mai had a troubled expression.

"I don't know... she still feels dangerous... remind me of someone..."

As she whispered, the eyes of the group trailed onto Nik, who shrugged in response.

"Don't look at me. Toph is a pleasant girl and absolutely wild in bed."

"Too much details!"

Ty-Lee groaned while Nik nodded and chortled happily.

"I know! So? Enticed enough?"

He looked Ty-Lee in the eye as she averted her eyes anxiously. While she was somewhat shameless, it hadn't reached the level of Nik's shamelessness.

"Can we not talk about it?" Katara groaned a response before looking towards Azula with a hesitant expression.

"You might already be informed about my father, right?

So? Do you know—"

"He's alive, alright."

Azula cut Katara short. Immediately, a gratified expression touched Katara's face as tears threatened to spill out of her eyes. Since she was pretty much still angry at Sokka, she immediately jumped into Nik's arms while nuzzling her face into his chest.

Of course, Nik didn't care for Sokka's ugly expression and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tighter without any words. Meanwhile, Ty-Lee observed Mai's and Azula's expression and finding not a single change within their expression, she finally exclaimed internally.

Nik was telling the truth! Azula and Mai really were sharing a single man! While it may have been understandable if they shared Zuko, because Azula was mentally unhealthy and Mai had a stupid crush on the boy, she wouldn't have even dared to entertain the thought of the duo actually sharing a man, not only amongst themselves, but seven other ravishing women.

This finally ignited the last spark of curiosity within Ty-Lee.


Seeing that Azula's expression was still impassive, Sokka couldn't help divert his attention from Katara's and Nik's nauseating moment to Azula.

"But... you may not like what you see."

Azula completed Sokka's statement as Katara immediately looked up and frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that with Uncle Iroh taking the battlefront, the Fire Lord finally had the most crucial resource within his grasp.


He finally eradicated the opposition to his throne and also captured the Terrorist Group."

Hearing her, Sokka suddenly felt a bad feeling within his heart as he clenched his jaws and soldiered up.

"What... happened to him?"

"Describing the process may not be the best idea."

Nik suddenly spoke up. He was acutely aware that Azula wasn't the type to take pity on others and surely, she would describe the torture his father-in-law— Fire Lord— inflicted upon his other father-in-law— Katara's father—.

"For real?"

Azula narrowed her eyes and licked her lips, making Mai and Ty-Lee sigh while Nik ran his hand against Katara's back to soothe her anxiousness.

"So? That's why we are moving towards the Palace?"

Nik looked towards Azula, who nodded impassively.

"Yeah... although, I did consider the situation and got the man out of the prison to get cleaned up..."

"Thank you."

Katara immediately spoke up. The two didn't like each other so Katara actually never expected any kind of consideration from Azula.

"Don't mention it... there should be a difference between actions and words..."


Ty-Lee finally felt she had seen everything! She never could have known that the presence of a single man could impact Azula this much!

"What's with the— woah—?" Azula glared at Ty-Lee before snorting. "Get in a room with him and then we'll see."

Katara immediately grew crimson at her words while Ty-Lee was struck speechless. Meanwhile, Sokka was finally forced to eat his own medicine as he thought back at how he and Nina acted in front of the group.

The only one who winked towards Ty-Lee with Katara in his arms and Mai and Azula flanking him was Nik— The Shameless one.


As the group reached the royal palace, the guards did not stop the caravan. They still remembered how Azula stripped the previous guard of his clothes and skin before executing him for his audacity to stand in her way.

With a precedent already set, the guards faltered to the side and saluted while Azula suddenly smiled mischievously.

"I might have forgotten to mention this... but one of the Four Beastmasters has arrived as the representative of the Water Tribe to collect the Water tribe prisoners for a price.

She winked followed by a charming grin while Nik simply shrugged. He wasn't the least bit affected by the presence of a beastmaster. Of course, being cautious was the bread and butter of any world traveler, so he wouldn't dare underestimate an already defeated enemy.

Soon, the carriage entered the left wing under Azula's command where she got out of the carriage while making a gesture to keep on moving.

As the group finally crossed the corridor that led to Azula's chambers, Azula suddenly stopped and looked back. She opened her mouth for a moment before she turned her back towards the group once again.

Even she knew that no matter how much she tried to comfort, the impact would still be way harsher.

[1/28, 7:25 AM] I Am Horlawahley: Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 120 - Meeting
The royal chamber was as luxurious as ever. Beautiful master bed covered in a crimson red sheet while golden curtains hung around its wooden frames as a wonderful scent, credits to the incense, immediately grazed their nostrils. The only thing, or person, that actually marred such a wonderful sight was a middle-aged man. Tanned skin and a tired expression entered Nik's vision as most of the body of the man hid under bandages and clothes, only revealing his scarred face that looked too fresh to be called a battle scar, given the circ.u.mstances.


But Katara held no such things in her vision, at least, for the moment. Pure bliss and joy filled her heart, once again threatening to spill out of her heart in the form of tears as she squealed and immediately rushed towards the middle-aged man with eyes similar to Katara and a face that resembled a tired and defeated Sokka, beard and the long hair excluded, of course.

Not minding his own soul-numbing pain, the man immediately showed an incredulous expression before quickly opening his arms wide and accepting a warm, yet, excruciatingly painful, hug. Yet, the pain couldn't cause his tears to finally leak out, it was the cheerful voice of his own daughter that he had almost abandoned after steeling his heart.

To leave his kids back in the tribe irresponsibly before they even grew up to avenge his fallen wife was nothing short of abandonment. He knew it, his son, Sokka also knew it and in the deepest corner of her heart, even Katara knew it. Her father gave in to vengeance, but she couldn't hate him.

"Ooh... that's gotta hurt... like, a lot."

Ty-Lee muttered as she observed how the man winced under the tight hold.

"This could amount to some payback, at the very least."

Sokka muttered with clenched jaws. Relief had already given way to indignation and loathing for his father. Until he was unaware of his father's status, worry occupied his mind, but now, he couldn't help but think how irresponsible his father had been. Given his condition, and the fact that similar scars might cover the entirety of his body, Sokka scowled.

He was angry at himself, his father and the fire nation!

"Those wounds..."

Nik looked towards Azula, who shrugged while releasing a soft sigh.

"I contacted the Whale Beast Master in private...

Took me some time and resources to reach an understanding. Just a temporary solution, though."

Nik nodded before he decided to leave the room and give the family a little alone time.


Aside from Azula's personal chamber that was currently occupied by the family, Azula's side of the palace also had a lot of guest room, which, Azula happily led Nik to as she was finally free from her burden to help someone other than herself and Nik. God! She hated helping others unnecessarily. But when she recalled how happy Katara actually looked, with tears of joy spilling out of her eyes as even the man who didn't shed a tear after weeks of torture ended up shedding a few tears, Azula couldn't help but feel bittersweet.

Something she never felt before...

No, in reality, such a feeling wasn't a stranger to her, but she chose to suppress it. Deep within her cold heart that refused to open up to anyone aside Nik. And she was thankful that Nik wasn't the kind of man to actively learn a person's past. Although such a quality could be extremely fatal, but when she thought of Nik's capabilities, she registered this ability as a quality. A good one at that.

Azula was a grown woman and she knew what she wanted. A good night with Nik and now, apparently, her own father's head.

As the quartet entered the guest room, decorated a little less luxuriously than her own room, understandably, Nik immediately gave Azula a passionate embrace, without any regards to other presence in the room.

By helping Katara's father, Azula had taken a great risk. Not only did she keep the man in her own room to safeguard him without any chances of him getting discovered, but Nik also reckoned that the discussion with the beastmaster would have been anything but an easy one.

"Hehe, this isn't like you, Nik."

Not withdrawing from Nik's hold, Azula enjoyed Nik's hot breathing against her exposed shoulder while she placed her hands over his overlapping arms.

"I can say the same about you..."

Nik whispered, making Azula's smile a bit stiff, but he continued regardless of her condition.


"Do not thank me."

Azula suddenly spoke up, making Nik smile as he chuckled openly.

"I was going to say— let's make out!— but alright. I can understand that your friends are here."

Nik grinned as he turned Azula's body, making her face him while looking at her charming smile as she continued.

"I really should start listening before commenting."

"That would be a good start."

Nik locked lips with her as he wrapped his arms around her thin waist, pulling her closer while enjoying the feel of the backside of her hands gently grazing through his cheek.


Ty-Lee coughed while Mai looked at Nik and Azula with an impassive face.

"I don't mind such a show of affection." Mai spoke up as she looked around before walking closer to Nik and pulling Azula away.

"But everyone should get a turn."

She immediately wrapped her own arms around Nik's h.i.p.s and locked her light-peach lips against his with enough force to leave a bruise, and yet, her tongue immediately lost all its glory the moment Nik attacked. Meanwhile, Azula was already fuming and she pulled Mai back, making her suddenly m.o.a.n out loud as she immediately gave a swift pinch on his butt through her dexterous fingers.

"Do not perform the same stunt again."

Azula glared into Mai's impassive dark eyes while growling, making Mai smirk as she immediately latched onto Azula's lips, making Ty-Lee sweatdrop.

"You are cute Azula..."

Mai whispered before she also gave Azula's pert butt a good grab before pinching her tight ass, making Azula mewl suddenly.

"See? So? You should stop making such an angry expression all the time...

Why don't you try it? Smiling more, that is..."

Mai smirked while Azula suddenly grinned, but somehow, she looked more feral than ever, as she suddenly let her hand latch onto Mai's slender neck before Azula took the initiative to lock her lips with Mai while her free hand gave Mai's b.r.e.a.s.t a gentle, yet firm squeeze.

"Wanna say that again? Mai."

Azula whispered while she leaned her face closer as her lips latched onto Mai's soft ear, nibbling it without any hesitation while Mai's open mouth immediately gave way to amorous m.o.a.ns.

"You guys..."

Ty-Lee was speechless, a healthy flush had already touched her face while Nik simply sighed before enjoying the show. Devils forbid if he actually stopped such a tantalizing show and this scenario also made him recall the need of modern devices like a smartphone.

To capture the moment, of course.

"Hey! Aren't you going to stop them?"

Ty-Lee immediately inched closer to Nik and whispered, but her eyes still kept a close observation on how easily Azula dominated the previously smug Mai with just a few moves, making Mai a drooling mess of upturned eyes and mewling m.o.a.ns.

"Why should I? If there wasn't some important task, I would have joined them."

Hearing her words, Ty-Lee frowned as she looked at the illicit scene that was slowly inching towards the soft bed without any hint of stopping and then looking towards Nik once again.

"What important task?"

"Making an impression on you... although, I think, joining them would make an even better impression on you."

"Not cool."

Ty-Lee shook her head, making Nik shrug. After all, it was worth a try, he was only learning from his experiences.

"Alright, then let's leave. I think, we should wait for Katara and Sokka... and leave these two until they actually calm down.

Although... I could have helped them..."

Nik sighed reluctantly before making his way out with Ty-Lee, who kept looking back with a blush while looking towards Nik back as she bit her lips in frustration!

'It's all Azula's fault!'

Ty-Lee screamed internally, but still waited with Nik outside the rooms. Although, she was especially thankful to Nik as he kept chatting and asking out the most common things of the nation while trying to reduce the awkward environment around them. It was only at this moment that Ty-Lee realised that if it had been some other guy, they might have made the whole situation, potentially, more awkward.

But thinking till here, Ty-Lee reckoned that if Nik actually made the whole situation more awkward, he wouldn't have been able to nail nine outstanding women in both beauty and temperament.

"You definitely have what it takes... you know."

Ty-Lee suddenly blurted out, making her go crimson once again while Nik only nodded politely.

"I appreciate the praise, Ty-Lee."

Nik smiled while he didn't care about how close he was to Ty-Lee. He hadn't made any inappropriate move that he might have made in the past due to his impulses. While Ty-Lee may not reject his advances, he had a few days of time so he decided to slowly get closer.

The only time he had felt such calm was with Kyouko, his buxom okusan!

Just like this, they both spent their time outside until Katara finally opened the door acter half-an-hour with her face covered in tear stains while a relatively impassive Sokka and a bitterly smiling middle-aged man followed while limping.

The moment the man's eyes fell on Nik, his face turned green and white, but he kept his quiet as he opened his arms wide to take another painful hug from Katara only for her to snort coldly before leaving while looking towards Nik before continuing her walk. Sokka didn't move at all, so, Nik sighed and nodded at Ty-Lee one last time before calling Azula mentally and describing jer the situation before picking his pace and walking towards Katara.

While he didn't know what happened during the reunion of the family, all he knew was that he wasn't sleeping with the male section of the family, so Katara would always have his complete support.