Married To The Prince Episode 40,41 & 42

episode 40
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Rishi's chamber).

Kushi held the pot in her hands,wondering. She shook the pot and felt nothing,but it was heavy.

'' I wonder what this is. And it also has a red band on it. I am having a bad feeling, something is wrong somewhere. I am absolutely sure that,the maid who came here was looking for this. But I wonder who sent her because she sounded like she was sent. So many things has happened today,but should open it? It's heavy but it looks empty ''. She said and shook it again. '' I have to keep it somewhere safe where no one will find it until Rishi is less busy for us to know what to do ''.
(She stood up and went into the dressing room. Thunder blasted outside and it started raining heavily).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Rishi's legs were swollen because she stood on it. Couldn't sit at one place. She took the large feathered fan and started fanning Majid. The curtains hanging in front of the largest window blew violently due to the wind. The rain became heavier and heavier and Rishi kept fanning him. She refused to sit on the bed because she had it back in her head that she was nothing compared to that level. And she was more scared that Majid might open his eyes and fund her on the bed. She put the fan aside and dropped the the clean towel into the cold water. She squeezed it and placed it on his forehead.

'' Prince Faruk...I promise, this is going to be the last time,the very last time you will ever hurt Majid. Never again..and you,will never be the crowned Prince of Ujani... Neither the king. I will make sure of that! ''.

She said and kept on massaging his head gentle. Seconds turned ti minutes and minutes turned to hours and she started yawning. She yawned on her feet, feeling dizzy and she fell in a chair behind her. She starred at Majid with barely opened eyes and he was still the same. He never moved his body. He was tender and still,the only hope was,he was breathing.
She started dozing off. Thunderstorms stroke heavier and she opened her eyes and got to Majid's side. She started fanning him again and this time,she fell to the floor besides the bed in sleep mode. She went fast asleep. Some minutes later,Majid slowly opened his eyes and he was in a lot of pain. His vision was burry and his eyes touched the roof. He had no idea he was alive. He couldn't get himself to remember what exactly happened. The last thing he remember was he,sitting on the horse with his friends and Faruk. He groaned silently and his head ached a lot. He tried raising his hands to his head but his shoulder twisted and he moaned heavily and it quickly woke Rishi up. She quickly got to her feet and sadness was all over her. She didn't know the next step to take. She starred at him and she was suffering in her legs. She started fanning him gain and Majid rolled his eyes and realised someone was standing there. His vision was cloudy and so he had no idea who it was but he realised the person waa fanning him. And he forced his mouth to open.

'' Wa..water...water.....
'' Water? ''. Rishi quickly set aside the fan and poured him a glass of water. She went closer and bent down,putting the cup on his lips. He drank the whole water and coughed a little. Then he became stable.
'' Wh...where am I? ''. Majid asked as his vision was clearing little by little.
'' In the palace....? ''.
'' Calm down my Prince. You should relax tour head right now okay? Tomorrow will be better ''.
'' How did I get here? ''.
'' I don't know my Prince. But you are safe now...please sleep ''.
(The pain became severe and Majid started sweating. His temperature went high and he developed a high fever. Rishi then realised that the blood from his tummy started coming out again through the bandage. Majid's breath became uneasy. Rishi started her weeping. She went fast,closer to Majid's wardrobe and opened it. She saw a stretch shirt and removed it. She forgot herself and sat on the bed besides him).
'' Stay with me Prince Majid. Please don't do this ''. She said,weeping more while the rain became heavier and heavier. '' I won't let anything happened to you I promise. I won't ''.
(She said and with her hands shaking, she removed the bandage from his tummy an placed a gentle hand on the wound. She squeezed water from the towel and started cleaning the blood with the towel. Prince Majid groaned louder in pain and Rishi lowered her head to his tummy and started blowing air from her mouth to the wound. Then as the blood reduced, she tied the stretch shirt on his tummy instead. The pan of water WS now full of blood and Rishi placed it aside. She massage his body with the olive oil and took the the herbal medicine the royal doctor had left,she slowly raised Majid's head from the pillows and sat behind and placed Majid's head in her laps instead. She made his mouth open and she poured the bitter medicine in his mouth. Majid spitted it out in disgust but his eyes were still closed. Rishi laughed silently. He quickly went into the world of sleep on her laps. Rishi's eyes were heavier and she let herself go as well).

(Next Day=Royal Guest Room).

Cindy and Natalya were dressing up after taking a fresh bath. They both looked exhausted because they didn't have a good night sleep. Cindy wore a short skirt with a long sleeved shirt and she left her hair down. She was in a hurry to go and see Majid.

'' You are not going to leave me in this dump hole all alone, right Natalya? ''.
'' I don't know girl. This place is too much. Come on,I have seen enough of India. First, I was thrown in a dungeon and then a lion tried to kill us? ''.
'' But Natalya, I also want to go back to London badly. But I can't leave without Majid with me ''.
'' You mean,the Majid you left to die last night? ''.
'' Hey...don't even go there. It wasn't my intention. The animal was right behind us. You can't blame me. Besides, I couldn't have gotten down from the horse and help Majid out....things happened so fast. I seriously didn't mean to ''.
'' So,what explanation are you going to give Majid on that? That you didn't mean to leave him to die? I am very disappointed in you Cindy. Remember four years ago,when we were graduating? The school organised a bull fight party...and you insisted in involving yourself even though you had no idea how to bull fight. A bull nearly killed you on the park,but what did Majid do? He jumped from the crowd and entered the park and saved your life...but you......
'' Hey...that's enough! Am I Samson or what? Why are you judging me? I am a girl,how strong am I to save Majid. And besides, Majid is so strong he can defend himself from anyone and anything. How is it my fault if I became so scared? I have never being in this kind of situation before ''.
'' Anyway, I spoke to Maxwell to calm down and wait until we make a plan so that we all including Majid,will run away from this demn place and go back home soon ''.
'' Good Natalya. I promise you won't regret it. We will all go back soon. My poor baby, he must be very mad at me right now. But I need to see him and convince him to forgive me... I will see you later ''.
'' Sure.......

(Prince Majid's chamber).

They were both fast asleep like nobody's business. Majid opened his eyes. He felt the pain but his strength was much better now. He tried to turn but his tummy hurt. His hair covered his face and this time,he was able to raise his hand a little to push his front hair aside. He realised his head wasn't on a pillow. He looked up and rolled his eyes to the top and he became aware that someone slept there and his head was on her laps. He starred at her closely and realised it was the girl he despised most in the world. 
His head was on her laps? That was very unusual. He was absolutely baffled. His eyes touched her face and he couldn't look away. Until a cock outside crow very loudly and woke her sleepy head up. She opened her eyes and yawned. She turned her head down and her eyes met Majid's. She realised he had woke up already and was starring at her. Her eyes widened and she quickly but gently got up and placed his head gently on his pillow. He starred at her,still puzzled and she put her hands together.

'' I'm so sorry. So so sorry. Please, I...I ...I was just....
'' What are you doing in my room? ''.
'' I..I was just...I will leave immediately! ''.
'' That's not what I meant. I mean.....what are you doing here? ''.
'' You were......
'' I am hungry ''.
'' I will get you something as soon as possible ''. She stepped forward to pick up the pan of blood water and she stepped on one opened burn under her feet,she loosed balance, making her to fall straight over Majid and ended up,locking their lips together. Majid was shocked, Rishi was shocker. The two looked into their eyes while their lips touched each other. Rishi quickly got away. '' Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry. Please please please... am sorry,sorry sorry sorry! I...I didn't mean to,I swear..I...that was a mistake! ''.
(She quickly dropped the bloody bandage into the pan and picked it up with the towel and left the chamber. Majid layed there,with a big question mark on his face).
'' I wonder if she's even gonna remember me saying I was hungry ''. He said and forced himself to sit up,relaxing his back on his pillow. He looked down his tummy and realised colour green of one of his favourite stretch shirt was tied on his tummy, and it was stained with dried blood. '' Oh shit! Shit shit shit! Who the hell has done this to me? Oh !an,that's my favourite stretch shirt. Haaa.... Impossible. The person who did this will buy another one for me. How can they...Sushim! Su...ouch! ''.
(He groaned and touched his tummy in pain,Sushim entered in a haste and smiled as he looked much better than last night).
'' My Prince, you called. I was standing right in front of the chamber ''.
'' Yeah I see that. Sushim, look at this...who did this? ''. He pointed at his stretch shirt.
'' Urrrmmm... I don't know my Prince ''.
'' Is that so? What happened last night? You...brought me back here,didn't you? ''.
'' Yes my Prince. I am very sorry for following you secretly. But I had to. I have sworn to protect you with my life ''.
'' Never mind. But,I don't understand. Sushim, did you know I was gonna be attacked? ''.
(Sushim cleared his throat and scratched his head).
'' My Prince....
'' Don't you dare lie to me! Sushim, what is going on? All of you are hiding things, what the hell man?! One thing am most confused about is,why I didn't see Faruk again. He took me there, but when trouble came, he WS nowhere to be found. It was strange. They all left me. Including Cindy.... Sushim, should I suspect something? Who wants me dead? ''.
'' My Prince,you are thinking too much ''.
'' Shouldn't I? Give me one reason. Grandmother told me that,the people who loved me in the palace were very few ''.
'' That's true ''.
'' So tell me. Give me one name. Who are one of the haters?,is is crazy. Is Faruk one of them huh? ''.
(Queen mother, Queen Sheena and some maids entered with Royal breakfast)...

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

He refused to eat and kicked all the maidens out of his chamber in anger, leaving only him and Shiv in the chamber. He pulled his hair down and got all his royal apparel down. He poured a lass of wine for himself and Shivand he kept biting his lips.

'' Find me one of the most finest maidens Shiv. Got that? ''.
'' Okay. But is that the only thing to calm oh down? ''.
'' What else do you have in mind? ''.
'' Discuss the situation. It might finally give us a master idea which will get your brother out of the way once and for all ''.
'' Have you got sense? I have master planned two of the most dangerous massacre. It kills a large number of people. First he survived from the statue, what shocked me is how he survived from the lion ''.
'' Maybe Sushim secretly followed us my Prince. You said he was the one who brought Prince Majid back here. But Prince Faruk,how are we going to work on our next plan? ''.
(Princess Lakshmi badged into the chamber. And upon seeing Faruk's face,her anger was rekindled and she gave him a loud slap of a life time).
'' Get out of here Shiv! ''.
'' How dare you enter my chamber without permission and slap me! Don't you have any respect?! ''.
'' If you had any respect for yourself Faruk,you wouldn't have done what you did! And me,I only respect those who respect themselves! ''.
(Prince Faruk was confused. But he knew their was something wrong. He made Shiv to leave and he ead now alone with Lakshmi).
'' What do you mean by that? ''.
'' You are such a hopeless crook! She was my handmaiden, and you had no rights to do that to her. After here,I am going straight to father to tell him that you raped Charu! ''.
(Prince Faruk went back from her,unblinking).
'' I have no idea of what you are talking about ''.
'' He is such a liar too! I know you Faruk. I grew up here with you. I am going to report you to father. No wonder you were never made the crowned Prince. And you will never know why? Because you have no respect for humanity. You don't love anyone but yourself. But thank goodness Majid will become our future king, and he will put your place! ''.
(Prince Faruk laughed profusely. He couldn't control his laughter. He clapped his hands up and down and sat comfortably on his bed).
'' Oh really Lakshmi. Keep dreaming about that... It will take you by rapture when soon enough, I turn to be your king instead ''.
'' And how will that happened? You are going to be king? Remember tradition, when a man is set to be married, and he ia going to have a child with another woman, then he is expected to put his first marriage on marry the mother of his unborn force? ''. Princess Lakshmi gave a cunning smile.
'' Where are you going with that? ''. He slowly got on his feet.
'' Charu is pregnant! And I am going right now, I am going to tell father that you are responsible. Too bad your marriage to Princess Ragah will be cancelled and you will be marrying Charu instead ''. She said. As she turned to leave, Prince Faruk grabbed hold of her hands and pushed her into his bed. He leaned over her and with all his strength, he covered her mouth with his right hand.
'' You think you are the only one with a big mouth right? Be my guest sister. Go and tell father about this and disgrace me in front of him and the entire kingdom. It will be my pleasure to announce to them also about your secret romantic affair with that filthy man servant. What was his name again? Raj or Jay? ''.
(Princess Lakshmi pushed him aside and got to her feet. He did same and starred at him with disbelieve).
'' did you know about this? ''.
'' I know everything. So come on ''. He held her hand. '' Let's go and tell father about our secrets ''.
'' No! Let's go off me! ''. She said and rushed out of the chamber in fright.
'' Foolish girl. That maid will be a problem. If mother hears about is,she will kill me. I have to get rid of that maid first....

Episode 41
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Her chamber was locked and she had layed a black mat with the symbol of a snake in the middle. There were lighted candles all around her and she sat in the middle of the mat and candles. There was a pan of bubbled water in it and she had a female doll on her hands with her eyes closed. Her mouth was shaking in a state of chanting. She spoke unknown languages and suddenly, her father's spirit appeared in front of her. As soon as,she opened her eyes and the white side of her eyes had disappeared, and black had taken over. She was possessed. Her father sat in front of her and with the both of them facing each other,they chanted together for a few minutes and snapped out of it.

'' We are running out of time father. Things are getting out of hand ''.
'' Treat Faruk better from now. I don't like the way you talk to him at all. He is the next king, make people respect him first ''.
'' I am sorry father. But he is so reckless. He ruined everything yesterday! What am I supposed to do now that everyone in the palace, including the servants are suspecting him? ''.
'' He did try his best last night. He tried to kill Majid. But that necklace saved him ''.
'' Exactly father. What would we do with that necklace? ''.
'' Now... We have to start the controlling session ''.
'' What is the controlling session father? ''.
'' My spirit wondered around the mountains and the forests. I possessed a lot of power now Dorah. You have come far enough. But you need to learn more. And you need to teach Faruk more as well. Our family's black magic must not loose its balance in this kingdom. The one made Majid the crowned Prince, can undo it,only if he or Majid is controlled ''.
'' You mean,you have possessed the power to either control Majid or the king? ''.
'' Exactly! And the vulnerable one right now is Majid. With all his refusal to marry Princess of Jhansi,Shaker is still proud of him. Let us make Majid crazy above what he is now. He is a spoilt brat. He had being pampered by Raul for so many years now. And so he takes no orders from no one does what he wants. We can not allow Shaker to think that Majid is going to make the future of this perfect. Let is create chaos in the palace like we did in the past ''.
'' But dad,is that all we can do? I mean,making everyone in the palace turn against Majid,will not actually change anything,will it? He will still be the crowned Prince ''.
'' Yes he will. But Dorah,I have another trick...haha ''.
'' What father? Because I was only thinking of a way to get that pot for now. Else am doomed ''.
'' Don't worry dear. You will get that pot soon ''.
'' I hope so. I sent Avni last night to search for it from the chamber.... She will bring it this morning hopefully ''.
'' But if she doesn't, only one person can go and bring the pot to us ''. He said,smiling evilly.
'' And who may that be father? ''.
'' Majid ''.
'' Majid. How is that possible now? ''.
'' Watch what I do. And learn. Very soon, Majid himself... Will put down all his rights as the crowned Prince of Ujani...then he will either go back to London, or die for our Faruk to become king. Give me just few days. To eliminate that necklace,that pot...and anything that stands in our way. In the mean time,do all you can to be the favourite Queen of the king. While I destroy all our opponents to pave way for Faruk...are you ready? ''.
'' Ever ready father ''.

(Rishi's chamber).

The royal doctor had provided some herbs for Rishi after she checked on her. She left the herbs to Kushi to apply under Rishi's feet. As they were left alone, Kushi started applying the herb while Rishi sat on the bed with her mind out of the world. Kushi asked her the same questions a thousand times about how her night with Majid was but she had her eyes up to the roof and smiling in the air,and not even listening to what Kushi was asking. Kushi raised up her head and realised this and pinch her feet. Rishi screamed out of pain and frowned at her.

'' I was talking to toy madam day dreamer! How was your night? ''.
'' Normal. It was just like any other nights you and I have spent together ''.
'' Right. Did you pillow fight with Majid? Did you bite his ears? Did you strip naked with him and danced foolishly like we used to? ''.
''! Not that! Why would we even do that? ''.
'' Then don't compare our nights ''.
'' Okay fine ''. She said and blushed. '' Kushi, do you know what happened? ''.
'' I wasn't there with you ''.
'' Hey! Be a little nice. What is the matter with you? ''.
'' Nothing. Just tell me what happened ''.
'' Kushi. This morning, when he woke up... I...I tripped on my legs and fell over him and......
'' Oh my goodness! Does that mean that you fell on his wound? That must have being so painful! ''.
'' Eeew, no Kushi! That's so creepy. I didn't fall on his wound. He would have just died that instant! Another thing happened ''. She said and showed her white teeth in a gleeful smile.
'' Oh...what happened? ''.
'' My lips touched his lips ''.
(They both laughed out loud hilariously).
'' Oh my goodness, oh my god oh my god ooo myy gooodd! Rishi, you kissed Prince Majid?! ''.
'' Not kiss Kushi. That was a mistake. At least that's what he must be thinking ''. She said and slowly got up. '' But Kushi, he feels absolutely nothing for me you know. He only loves the foreigner ''.
'' Oh are you sure? Did he get angry about the kiss mistake? ''.
'' No. He just starred at me in a confused manner ''.
'' He is confused in your live Rishi, stop being an idiot! ''.
'' No,you stop being an idiot Kushi. Prince Majid hates me. He has being forced to marry me,so I am burden to him. Nothing more! But hey,you said you wanted to say something to me about last night? ''.
'' Yes Rishi. Last night, something strange happened.....
(There was a loud knock on the door. Kushi walked to the door and opened it,then Queen Sheena entered holding a huge brown box. She closed the door. Queen Sheena got closer to the bed and gently placed the box on the bed).
'' How are you Rishi? ''.
'' Fine mother. What is this mother? ''.
'' I am very much in a hurry Rishi. I have to quickly go and see Queen mother, we both are expecting some jewelry and saree makers and flowers. You know,your wedding to Majid is drawing closer. We all have to get prepared ''.
'' Okay...? And the box? ''.
'' This box just arrived from Mumbai. Majid had ordered some clothes from their expensive boutiques and it arrived they packaged it in here. In the box. I would have taken it,but you know,I am in a hurry,and since you have decided to take care of Majid yourself, well,please, can you take this to him? I already bathed him and gave him something to eat,now it's your turn. Take this to him ''.
'' But mother....
(Queen Sheena ignored what she was about to say and quickly turned her back and smiled and quickly walked out of the chamber. Rishi started scratching her hands and head. She was feeling restless. This couldn't be happening to her. Not when she mistakenly kissed Majid,making her shy of him the more and now that she wanted to avoid him,she had to do this?).
'' Well Rishi... hurry up. Come back soon to hear what I had to say ''.
'' No! No way Kushi ''. Rishi carried the box and handed it to Kushi whose heart skipped a beat. They made the same face. Frightened. '' You take this. Go and give of to Majid ''.
'' What?! No way. I can't Rishi. No! Oh please don't do this....
'' My legs hurt a lot....Kushi please. Just this once...please, do this for me. I can't face him after what happened this morning. Go! ''.
(Kushi quickly turned and said a silent prayer then quickly walked out of the chamber).

(Royal Guest rooms).

'' Yes,India is cool mother... How is London? ''.
'' Oh come on! Stop treating me like some kid okay? I am okay here,and we will be coming home soon. Problem is, a lion tried to eat us last night and....
'' That is enough mother. Look,let's talk later alright? ''. Maxwell said and hanged up.
(Jimmy wore a shirt and yawned).
'' Feeling sleepy? ''.
'' No man. Just wondering how Majid is doing. I feel demn ashamed to go and see him ''.
'' Yeah. Me too. But hey man,it I not our fault that we were puzzled. Who will stand there to be eaten by a real life lion? ''.
'' But he is our best friend. He has provided everything we ever needed for us,all our lives. Your law school, my medical school... Everything was on him like he was our father. We should have at least risked our lives for him ''.
'' Hey,it's enough. What's done is done. Now we just have to go and check on him alright? But hey,am starving... I thought we sent one of these servants to go get us pasta ''.
(A knock banged on the door and Maxwell opened the door. Maxwell walked to the door and opened it then Charu entered with tray of fresh fruits and pasta. Jimmy's eyes couldn't stop looking at her. She was beautiful though her pregnancy was hidden. He even saw her beauty through the veil covered on her face. She served them and bowed down).
'' Will you need anything else gentlemen? ''. She asked.
'' Yes please. What is your name? ''.
'' Charumhetra. But everyone calls me Charu ''.
'' Charu is okay. It's much more short and easy to mention. Charu, please when you go out there,get us some water to go with our breakfast ''.
'' Yes sir ''. She answered and quickly left and Maxwell chuckled.
'' Where you flirting with the maid or what? ''.
'' Was it obvious? ''.
'' Totally....
(They both laughed and started dishing out).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Kushi arrived in front of the chamber with the box. She looked up at the very tall Sushim who smiled at her. She forced a smile out s well and stretched the box at him.

'' This is for Prince Majid ''.
'' Okay ''. He said and opened the chamber door. '' It must be the clothes he ordered from Mumbai ''.
'' Yes I think ''.
'' You can go in. Don't worry ''.
(Kushi entered the chamber. She went passed many curtains and arrived in the bedroom. Prince Majid layed down with his laptop on his laps. He kept typing, something which Kushi had no idea of. Kushi's hands kept shaking and starring at him. He had not realised someone was standing there. He was shirtless but the bedsheets covered his waist. Kushi looked aside and cleared her throat).
'' My Prince? ''.
'' Yes? ''. He raised his head to her but couldn't make her out. '' Who are you? ''.
'' Ku..Kushi. Ku...I mean am....
(Just then,Prince Majid immediately remembered Rishi. That was the same way she was stammering that morning after the mistake of a kiss. Then he laughed silently).
'' Calm down. Take a deep breath ''.
(Kushi quickly took a deep breath).
'' My name is Kushi my Prince. Your clothes arrived from Mumbai. And so Queen Sheena said she was in a hurry and came to give it to Rishi to bring it but she got scared and said I should bring it instead ''. Kushi then realised she ha made a stupid mistake. Her big mouth just spilled everything. She quickly hit her head thrice.
'' Mmmm, is that so? My mother gave it to...what was her name again? ''.
'' Ri...Rishi? ''.
'' Take the box back ''.
'' What? Please why? ''.
'' Tell Rishi to bring it herself ''.
'' Prince?! ''.
'' Are you disobeying my orders? ''.
'' Oh no! Never my Prince ''.
'' Good. Now go ''.
'' Okay ''. She said and left.

(In the kingdom).

An exclusive car arrived into the kingdom. It was flashy and dashing. The villagers couldn't stop starring. The car arrived behind the market then Max and an Indian friend for out from the car in spectacles. He removed his dark shades and starred around and nodded.

'' So,this is the kingdom of Ujani ''.
'' Yes man. The Almighty Ujani ''.
'' It is very large. I didn't view it like this ''.
'' Oh,but you haven't seen anything yet ''.
'' Oh,you don't say ''.
'' This is just a little of the place. The kingdom is large enough to contain the whole population of London ''.
'' I have being watching Indian movies. And their dresses and women are just as dashing like I saw on TV ''. He said,as he fancied the ladies.
'' So,I shall take you to my boss's house. Since tpu didn't make any preparations to stay or....
'' I already told you the reason why am here Akshay. Relax, okay? I am the future brother in-law of your crowned Prince. I know why am here,so just follow my flow,am starving, don't you guys have any restaurants here? ''.
'' Nope. We only eat home made foods here ''. Akshay said and break into laughter while Max frowned. '' You have to start learning how to eat our foods ''.
'' Demn!....
'' Hey...hey,just kidding okay? We have foreign foods here too. And yes,there is a traditional restaurant here ''.
'' You let's go to your boss's house first. Are you sure he will allow me to live in his house for now? ''.
'' Don't worry. I have worked for him as his sales man for many year. He trusts me so let's go ''.
'' So,what do you sell for him? ''.
'' Don't ask too much Max. That is none of your business... Let's go ''. They both entered back into the car and drove off.

(In the royal palace=On the walkway).

Rishi was leaping on her toes,walking around and waiting for Kushi. Some servants passed by and bowed down,then left. She saw Princess Lakshmi running from the chamber lines. They bumped into each other and she realised Princess Lakshmi was weeping. She tried talking to her but she just left. When she turned to her front, she saw Kushi coming with the box......
Prince Majid

episode 42
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(In the royal palace).

As she saw Kushi coming back and holding the box,her facial expression changed and she took a deep breath. Kushi got closer and forcefully handed the box to Rishi, then she herself gave time to calm down.

'' Kushi, what is this?! ''.
'' Well...what is it? It is the clothes of course. I went to Prince Majid and unfortunately.. He didn't take it. He said you should bring it yourself ''.
'' Oh my goodness Kushi! Did you mention my name? How could you be so dumb Kushi?! ''.
'' It was a mistake Rishi,I swear. I didn't mean to. But then,what's done is done right? Just take it ''.
'' Hmmmm.....
(Rishi with shaky hands,took the box and stepped passed her,walking slowly to the chamber lines).
'' Go girl! That's the spirit! I will be waiting for you in the chamber! ''.
(Rishi turned to look at her in annoyance while she mocked her. Rishi disappeared behind the pillars and with laughter, Kushi turned to leave when she bumped into Shiv. Kushi's eyes widened with fear. Shiv looked down at her and he recognised that fragrance. That scent of a woman. He knew he had heard it somewhere but he just couldn't remember. He smiled at her but Kushi wouldn't smile. Fear took over her and she quickly rushed passed Shiv and bounced away towards the women's chamber line. Shiv was confused, but when he turned to look behind Kushi, he quickly recognised the scent. That was the same scent he smelled when he heard someone was eavesdropping on he and Prince Faruk. His eyes widened op and he quickly rushed and followed Kushi).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Cindy arrived in front of the chamber and thanked God that there was no one in front. She looked around her and opened the door and entered. Majid was still typing on his laptop. He raised his head and saw Cindy coming. He closed the laptop and adjusted to his bed. Cindy had her head bowed and her face didn't look happy. She sniffed wiped her eyes of no tears. She raised her head to look at him. He starred at her quietly and she went a little closer to his bed and sat at the edge.

'' Hey....
'' Hi....
'' You okay? ''.
'' As you can see ''.
'' How is your wound? ''.
'' A doctor came to dress it this morning ''.
'' Yeah ''. She smiled and started acting normal. '' You look much better than you did last night ''.
'' Really? Oh thank you Cindy. Thank you so much for standing by my side to fight the animal. You are such a to die for lover! ''. Majid said this in a hostile tone and without a smile and Cindy's smiling face disappeared.
'' Well...that's why am here. Baby, I....
'' Baby?! Cindy, really? Baby? What would you have called my dead body huh? Corpsy? And you would have being far gone to London. By two weeks,you have had a new boyfriend, isn't it? ''.
'' How can you say that Majid? You know I will never do that. Majid,you know deep at heart,that there was nothing I could have done for you last night. You said you would always protect me from harm, so why are you talking like this? ''.
'' You also told me you will stand by me through the good and bad times. So what happened last night? ''.
'' Baby am sorry! Okay? Please. You can't imagine how hurt I was in last night to get here fast and get help for you. But it was too dark. Things happened so fast. I mean,I have never seen a real life lion, and this one was about to kill us. And I.... ''. She break down into uncontrollable tears.
(Majid starred at her while she wept. He breath in and out,then sniffed. He looked besides his bed and removed one apple from the fruit basket and took a bite).
'' I am sorry. Please. I can't do anything to change what happened. Only apologize. You know I can't live without you! ''.
'' It's hard to believe that ''.
(Cindy shifted closer to him and placed a han on his shoulder and he groaned s in pain).
'' Oh! Sorry. I thought....
'' You thought I was Mr incredible? I'm still in pain okay. Careful....
'' Okay. But I can do something else ''.
'' Do what? ''.
(She pulled hr head closer to his face and locked her lips with his. Majid suddenly felt uncomfortable when Cindy kissed him. In the past,he would have felt so den good,and feel like having sex in no time. Many women ha turned him on before. But Cindy turned him on the most. He was astonished to feel like he wanted someone else's lips. Whose lips was that? He had lost the vibe he had for Cindy. Cindy started deepening the kiss,but she didn't realise Majid wasn't kissing her back. She was enjoying this. She didn't realise Majid was hurt and she started pulling closer. She took Majid's hand and while kissing him,she placed it behind her waist. She swam her hands through his soft silky hair. Rishi entered the chamber with the box. And what she saw,hit her like a rock. The box fell out of her hands and Cindy quickly stopped. Majid realise Rishi was already there and he was upset. His eyes couldn't leave her and her eyes couldn't leave him either. But her eyes were filled with tears. Even though they hadn't fall out. Her hands were shaking, an arrow had hit her heart. Couldn't Majid understand that she was dying for him? Why would he even be kissing that foreigner? Cindy angrily got up and faced Rishi).
'' Don't you have any manners huh? Did your mother not teach you how to knock on people's door?! ''.
'' I...I never knew....
'' Next time, when you are entering here,make sure to knock first because Majid and I might be probably busy ''.
'' I am sorry. I.... ''. She bent down and took the box of clothes and placed it in a couch besides her. She turned to leave.
'' Wait! ''. Majid said in a shaky voice and Rishi didn't take another step. But her back was facing them. Cindy was shocked at Majid's reaction.
'' What? Majid....
'' Cindy,can you please excuse us? ''.
'' Impossible! That's crazy and insane Majid! Hell no,am not moving an inch! ''. She said and arrogantly folded her hands to her chest.
'' Cindy! ''. Majid screamed and a sharp pain passed through his tummy. He groaned and painfully held his tummy.
(With her back facing them,tears fell out of Rishi's eyes. She squeezed her cloth and rumour of the chamber. Majid's face fell out of disappointment and Cindy smiled comfortably, taking her position on the bed).
'' Good girl. Just what I expected her to do. Baby,are you okay? ''.
'' Get out ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Cindy. I am a man of my words. You have known me for seven years,you know I hate disrespecting ladies. But one thing you never knew was,I care about no fucking body when am angry. Now get out,or should I call the guards to show you to the door? ''.
(Cindy's eye ball started shaking and tears fell out,she got to her feet).
'' You are treating me this way because of that village girl? Majid....
'' Are you leaving.... Or not? ''. Majid said this through his nose while holding his tummy and sweating. Cindy quickly left the chamber.

(Princess Lakshmi's chamber).

She walked up and down her chamber in worry. She thought she had made a very big mistake by confronting Prince Faruk. And if she as to tell Queen Sheena about it,then her secret would also come out. Raj entered the chamber with Charu and closed the door. She quickly embraced Raj tightly in tears and Charu smiled lightly.

'' What is wrong Princess? I hope no one's hurt you ''.
'' Even if someone hurt me Raj,there's nothing you can do. You can't do anything against royalty ''.
'' I know that. But I have the gust to defend you. Please tell me ''. Raj asked helplessly.
(Princess Lakshmi went closer to Charu and held her hands).
'' Forgive me Charu ''.
'' What is it Princess? You are scaring me ''.
'' I confronted Faruk ''.
'' What?!!! Oh my goodness, am doomed. But I told you...
'' I know! I know okay?! But I was so angry that's why. And now,he was threatened to tell father about me and Raj! ''.
'' Oh no. How did he even know about you and I? ''.
'' Because he is a devil Raj! But Raj,we have to help Charu escape from the palace as soon as possible, else Faruk will kill her! ''.
'' That bastard of a brother is so cunning! What can we do? ''.
'' Charu,I know Faruk. His thirst for power and superiority is on the peak. And he will do anything to get what he wants. Mother has told me everything there is to know. Just that,we have no evidence against him. But Charu,your pregnancy will one day haunt him down. That's why we need to protect you at all cost. One day,you can use it against him, and he will never be king. Raj,please do something! Charu is my friend, I love her. I can't risk anything happening to her because of my stupidity! ''.
'' Okay Charu,I need you to go back into the maiden's chamber and secretly pack all your things. No one must know you are planning to leave. I have a small hat in town. It is really far from other hats. I trust that,no one will ever know where you are once I hide you there ''.
'' Okay...I shall leave now ''. She said and left. Princess Lakshmi turned to face Raj.
'' When all this is over. I promise that I will tell father everything about us and....
'' You don't have to promise me anything Lakshmi. I know why you are scared to tell your father about us. But keepmind,now that tour brother knows about us,then it's more dangerous for us. I am willing to endure any pain for you,I swear. Trust me ''.....

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Ever since the pain started, it had not ended. He kept groaning and touching his tummy. He looked besides him and saw two different herb mixtures. Yellow herb and green herb. He had no idea which to apply to the wound. He slowly removed the bandagbandage from his tummy and starred at the scratch. It was closing little by little.

'' Fuck this. What I hate most in the world has happened. I hate scars,now am gonna have this forever. I guess am gonna go for surgery to make it disappear ''. He said and groaned louder. Sushim quickly entered the chamber.
(Majid's mood was not good. He was angry at himself, and he didn't know why. Sushim looked silently at him. But he didn't look back at him. His eyes had become red and he kept rumbling on his bed in pain).
'' My Prince, should I call the royal doc....
'' I don't need no fucking doctor okay?! ''.
'' O...okay. Then what about Queen mother? ''.
'' No! ''.
'' Your mother? ''.
'' Sushim! ''.
'' Sorry. Sorry, am sorry. But you are in pain...what should I do? Or,should I....urrrmmm, should I call Rishi? ''.
(No response).
'' My Prince? ''.
(Majid was silence. He lifted his eyes and looked at Sushim. He bit his tongue and took a deep breath and drunk his own blood. He slowly layed his back on the head of the bed. His heart was bleeding fast. His lips were shaking. He raised both hands and covered his face,breathing through his fingers. Why was he feeling this way? Why was he feeling such edge to see Rishi again. What the hell?! What the fuck?!πŸ˜‚. This felt strange. He uncovered his face and looked at Sushim who was expecting an answer from him).
'' I wanna be alone Sushim ''.
'' Okay then. I will just call Rishi ''. He said and turned to leave.
'' No! Don't call her. Are you deaf or what? I said I want some alone time. Alone! ''.
'' Hmmm...okay ''. He said and left.
'' What is happening to me? Demn,why Ami feeling so strange now. This feeling so deep,why? ''. He layed down straight on the bed,starring at the roof. Then he remembered Rishi falling over him and their lips colliding. '' Why does this make my body go high? It wasn't even a proper kiss but I want more. That's crazy,like some fire from her body entered mine. Why do I feel her skin? Why do I feel like I want her,and I need her. I mean, I have never felt this way with Cindy, I swear! How can I hate a girl yesterday and suddenly feel...I can't live without her., this can't be it. I can't be in love with her....

(Rishi's chamber).

Shiv had followed Kushi secretly and found out that she entered into the chamber. He stood close to the chamber door with his ears on the door. Kushi crumbled on the bed,shaking like a wet chicken.

'' IT WAS HIM. I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE,HE WAS THE ONE WHO PLOTTED TO KILL PRINCE MAJID....WHERE ARE TOU RISHI? ''. Kushi thought to herself and heard a loud knock.
(She had locked the door when she entered the chamber. She got to her feet and went close to the door. She stopped and refused to open it. She put her ears on the door to listen to what's happening outside. Rishi walked to the door and saw Shiv standing close to the door. She wiped her tears off and tapped on his shoulder. He panicked and turned to her).
'' What are you doing in front of my chamber? ''. She asked with a fierce look.
'' Oh,am very sorry empress. I was,well....
'' Well? Who are you?! And what do you want?! ''.
'' I'm very sorry. I was just passing by. I will leave right now ''. He said and left without a word.
(Rishi turned to the door and tried opening it but it was locked inside. She knocked while mentioning Kushi's name. Kushi quickly opened the door and Rishi rushed into the chamber in tears. She fell on the bed with her face buried in the bedsheets and weeping. Kushi closed the door in confusion and turned to her. Rishi wept into the bedsheet. Kushi went closer and sat,then touched Rishi's back).
'' Now what? ''.
(Rishi cared not her speech. Her heart was aching. She sat up,starring at Kushi. But said nothing, only hr eyes were red).
'' What,you are not going to tell me? ''.
'' What for? It's not worth it. I am not worth it ''.
'' Are you crazy? Rishi, we are trying to survive in the palace together. We are supposed to have each other's back. And once you are married to the prince,things will start going down for real. What did he do to you? ''.
'' Kushi. He just wanted to hurt me. He just wanted me to take the box to his chamber just so I am able to see him with the foreigner ''.
'' What?! That's not true...I went there and the foreigner was not with him ''.
'' Forget it! The bottom line is...I saw them...together. Very close, together. So close, kissing ''.
'' Oh my goodness Rishi. What can I say? Gosh,just when I thought all our dreams of finding men who loves us would come true ''.
'' I never knew...this could feel like a heart attack Kushi. But I have to stay in my own lane from now on. I should never even try to go close to him ''.
'' Rishi, you know what? I think you should forget about love for now and let's get focussed ''.
'' Yes,I miss mother. I should try and visit....
'' That is not what I meant! I mean,the pot we found yesterday? ''.
'' Which pot? ''.
'' That pot? From the wardrobe? ''.
'' Oh yes. The beautiful one! Where is it? Please don't tell me you break it! ''.
'' No I haven't! But someone wants it! ''.
'' Someone? Who? I don't understand ''.
'' One of the maids entered here last night, and...she opened the wardrobe while I was in the dressing room. And she said,that if she doesn't find that pot,then that person who sent her will very much punish her for sure ''.
'' Really? But what's in the pit? What's so special? ''.
'' Why don't we find out? ''.
'' Where is it?.....

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