Married To The Prince Episode 37,38 & 39

Episode 37
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Rishi's chamber).

'' What?! How am I supposed to trust you? ''.
'' Because I am your only hope in saving Prince Majid. Let me remind you now...that I already told you that,I was Queen Dorah's handmaiden ''.
'' You are not my only hope Savitri. I am going to Queen mother right now. And am going to tell her everything ''. Rishi said as she started walking out but Savitri quickly pushed her back.
'' Are you mad? What are you going to tell Queen mother huh? That Prince Faruk wants to kill his brother? ''.
'' But what do you expect me to do?! I am so confused right now...oh god! ''. Rishi started becoming weak and tears appeared in her eyes. '' No...I thought my life would be better and calm now. I thought the palace was perfect and peaceful. I never thought the rich had any problems ''.
'' Then keep that thought from your head girl. Even the rich has more problems than the poor. So never envy any rich man ''.
(Rishi took a deep breath and stood still, looking at Savitri tensely).
'' I don't trust you. What do you want? ''.
'' I told toy...I only want justice ''.
'' Justice on what?! How am I supposed to believe you are not planning....
'' I already told you....that I was once Queen Dorah's handmaiden. I have lived in this palace for the passed forty years okay? And I know all the truth,the secrets and the lues in this palace. So do not underestimate me. If what your friend really said,is what she really heard from Prince Faruk,then Prince Maid's life is in real danger ''.
(Rishi break down. She weakly fell on her bed,sobbing. Tears run down her cheeks and her world came crushing in on her. She wept bitterly as Kushi and Savitri stood there starring at her).
'' No no no. Nothing can happened to Majid. No! This can't be happening please no ''. She wept.
'' Hmmm..oh I see now. With your reaction right now,it only tells one thing. You are already in lobe with Prince Majid,aren't you? ''.
'' Savitri,you haven't told me the whole truth.. have you? If Queen Dorah was your mistress... then how come you are betraying her? ''.
'' Because she first betrayed me! ''. Savitri snapped angrily. '' And I regret everything I have ever done for her. Whatever I did...
'' But why would Prince Faruk want to kill his own brother?! ''.
'' Because he was the eldest son. And the king went ahead and made Prince Majid the crowned Prince instead of him ''.
'' And why did the king make Prince Majid the crowned Prince instead? ''. Kushi asked.
'' Because Queen Meerah was the Queen he loved most,more than....
'' Wait...what?! What has Queen Meerah got to do with this? Savitri, what are you hiding? Who was Queen Meerah? ''.
'' Urrrmmm.. I...I. You don't know what you heard. Don't get confused okay? I didn't mean....
'' How am I supposed to save Prince Majid if you are hiding part of the truth from me? ''.
'' Because by then,I would be incriminating my own self. And between a royal and a servant, the royal is always right. And I don't want to die without seeing Queen Dorah suffer or die with me. He is tour soon tone husband Rishi, let the power of a wife him from the clutches of death now or....
'' What?! What do you want me to do? I am just twenty years old. How am I going to do this alone? ''.
(Savitri looked around the chamber with guilt written all over her face. She held her walking stick tightly and turned her back to both Rishi and Kushi).
'' If your friend really heard right,and Prince Faruk is really taking Prince Majid out this evening, then get ready to live without his presence forever. Because you will never see him again. A wife has the power,only a wife,has the power to save her husband's life. Save him Rishi, it's now or never ''. She said and left the chamber.
(Rishi got to her feet. Heart beating so fast. And tea rushing out her eyes. She held her necklace so tightly in her palms and it burnt her painfully and she moaned in pain and quickly made it fall from her hands. Kushi picked up the necklace and starred at Queen Meerah's painting closely. She slowly sat besides Rishi and caressed her).
'' Rishi...can I say something? Look,I am here for you okay? Nothing will happened to Prince Majid. I hope you know,that what money can do,prayer can do even better. All we need to do is to have faith in lord Hanuman. But tell me this,do you really love Prince Majid? ''.
(Rishi wiped her tea away,but the sadness was still showing on her face and she slowly nodded her head).
'' Yes Kushi. I love him Kushi. I know we are both stupid and we know nothing about life or love,our parents just too us fairytales. But you don't understand how I feel Kushi. It feels like,I have known him forever. He has never spoken to me before... but it's like,when I wore his shirt the other time...I felt connected to him ''.
'' That is madness Rishi ''.
'' It is love. Mother said it is love ''. Rishi got to her feel with a little strength and determination. '' I can't let anything happened to Prince Majid. It will totally kill Queen mother and Queen Sheena ''.
'' And you? ''.
'' Especially me ''.
'' Rishi, what if the maid was right? I mean,she has lived here all her life and she know things we don't know. Your necklace just burnt you. You remember that day you saved him from the falling statue? You told me the necklace burnt you. And now,it has burnt you today...that means,Prince Faruk is really plotting against Prince Majid. How are we even going to prevent this? Savitri already said it will be dangerous to tell Queen mother about it ''.
(Rishi went closer to the wardrobe and opened it. She removed her engagement saree and quickly started scrolling through the wardrobe. Her hand hit a hard surface and something rolled from the wardrobe. Falling to the ground, she quickly caught it fast. It was a pot. She starred closely at the pot wo a red band on it. She looked closely at the pot which was so small,yet so heavy. It was a beautiful designed pot,and she had loved pots all her life. But this was not time to fancy pots. She looked at the top of the wardrobe but it was so tall. She saw a big golden drawer near the bed and she gave the pot to Kushi to put in the drawer. Kushi was in a hurry and placed the pot under Rishi's pillow. She also removed her clothes. Rishi looked through all the beautiful sarees and too and down traditional dresses. She took traditional top and down which was royalty and richly made. And she put it on. She gave Kushi another of it which was filled in the wardrobe. And they both quickly stepped out of the chamber and closed the door).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

They bit dressed up after a second shower. Majid wore a simple blue top and down and a slippers. While almighty Cindy wanted to look hot and sexy. She wore her short white and tight skirt and a tight barebacked with sneakers and a cap on her head. They held each other tightly and walked out of the chamber. Sushim cleared his throat and paraded in front of his master.

'' My Prince? ''.
'' Yes? What is it? ''.
'' Should I go with you? ''.
'' No...I don't need a guard on this. And besides, it's just not me,my friends and Faruk will come no worries ''.
'' Prince Faruk is going as well? My Prince, please don't take this the wrong way,but don't you think it is getting late,ad going in the morning is much better? ''.
'' I don't know Sushim. Faruk suggested tonight and I can't turn him down. This is the first time I ever get to spend some brotherly time with him..and get to know more. Never mind, we won't take long ''.
'' Don't explain yourself to the servant my love. They are not worth it ''. Cindy said arrogantly.
'' Watch the way you talk to him Cindy ''. Majid said angrily.
'' Oh baby...don't get mad. One on,the truth hurts ''.
'' My Prince... you are not wearing tour necklace? ''.
'' Oh jeezzz... Sushim, this is just a night camping. Not some war. Please, can I take a break from all this royal ties? ''.
'' But my Prince...
'' Sushim! That is enough. Do I have to wear that thing for the rest of my life? I have to remove it sometimes. Stay here and guard the chamber. I will be back...

He said and walked away with Cindy while Sushim started feeling uneasy, he quickly left the door and headed to Queen mother's chamber. Prince Majid and Cindy kept chatting and laughing together while walking down the walkway. Rishi and Kushi also walked down the walkway and then came face to face with them. Kushi opened her eyes widely, looking down Prince Majid to his head and started blushing behind Rishi. 
Cindy's evil eyes fell on Rishi and her heart became hot like a toasted bread. Majid's eye fell on Rishi and he couldn't look away. Rishi's shyness increased and as she looked at Prince Majid,she quickly looked away. The four of them stood the,starring at each other for about some minutes. Some hours ago,Majid saw Rishi, made up up,with her hair tied up,but now,her heavy long hair was down and the wind kept blowing passed them. Cindy held Majid's hand tightly and whimpered at Rishi with an evil smile. She rose her head to look at Majid and started pulling him away.

'' Let's go baby ''.
(They were walking passed Rishi and Kushi when Rishi quickly put her hands together).
'' My Prince! ''.
(Majid and Cindy suddenly stopped besides Rishi and Kushi. Majid was now besides Rishi. So close. Majid didn't turn his face to look at her,but he was astonished that she had the gust to call him. Cindy was shocked, wondering what the village girl wanted. Rishi was shivering and she didn't turn to look at Prince Majid either).
'' My Prince, please, I pray go and wear your necklace ''.
(Majid now had confusion on his face and that was when he stepped two steps back and faced Rishi, face to face. His eyebrows were hollow and his heart was pumping. He stood in front of her,looking down at her face while her hands were put together close to her mouth with eyes closed. She then opened her eyes and realised Prince Majid was standing just as close to her like a pimple).
'' And why should Majid go back to get that old fashioned thing on him? ''. Cindy asked,annoyed.
'' It may be old fashioned, or call it however you want. But it has the power to save hundred thousand souls ''.
'' How dare toy talk to me? ''. Majid asked in a whisper and Rishi's heart skipped a beat.
'' Please my Prince... I can't live if anything happens to you ''.
(Cindy was thrown aback. Her anger reached thekimit and she felt uncomfortable standing there. But Majid was surprised Rishi said that).
'' What? ''.
'' If not for anything at all,please wear your necklace for protection. To wherever you are going ''.
(Majid rolled his eyes down nd realised Rishi was not wearing her own necklace. And he turned his brown eyes to her face again).
'' Why are we even standing here listening to this girl baby? Let's go now...the others must be waiting for us! ''.
'' Are you wearing your own necklace? ''. Majid asked Rishi in a tone which seemed calm.
(Rishi realised she was not wearing hers and she quickly took it from Kushi and wore it. But she couldn't look into Majid's eyes. When Majid saw this,he suddenly left Cindy's hand. Cindy was more than shocked now).
'' Fine...wait here Cindy ''. Majid turned and left,walking towards his chamber. Cindy looked at his behind with opened mouth. She turned and looked at Rishi and Kushi... with written battle. She was ready for it.
'' How dare you even talk to him. Who do you think you are?! ''.
(Kushi stepped forward with a daring attitude).
'' She is his soon to be wife. First wife for that matter. And you? Who are you? ''.
'' I am Majid's love. He loves me...
'' Is that so? I thought you were just a skinny bones missy. Cindy or whatever you call yourself....
'' You watch the way you talk to me else you will regret! Shut up and get out of my sight, you are not my class ''.
'' Oh idiot. We don't need to reach any class with you because we already completely school in the village okay? ''.
'' No wonder you act like an animal ''. Cindy said and chuckled.
(Rishi held Kushi's hand and moved her aside and faced Cindy).
'' We act like animals? Do you want us to show you how animatic we can me...foreigner? ''.
'' Yuck! Disgusting! ''.
'' You are much more disgusting for dressing like a whore around the palace ''.
'' What?! Did you just call me a whore? ''.
'' If you have a problem, go and fight with Queen mother, not me. But if you ever cross my path with such disrespect, I will tech you what you mother refused to teach you ''.
(Rishi said then she and Kushi bypassed her and left. Cindy groaned. She had never being so humiliated in her life. She looked around her,then behind her and saw Majid coming with the necklace on his neck. She kept her cool in order not to let Majid know she was angry. She made a fake smile and held his waist as they walked down the hallway).

(Queen mother's chamber).

'' I am sorry tour highness. I tried to stop him,but....
'' Listen carefully Sushim, I need you and two more trusted guards to follow them. Are they walking, taking a horse,a palanquin or his car? ''.
'' I am now yet to find out ''.
'' Oh goodness... and you are still standing here,if anything happens to Majid, I won't forgive you Sushim! Go now...go! Queen Dorah has no Ife that I already know Faruk is evil. So do this in secret. If you see something fishy,don't hesitate to kill anyone who tries to hurt Majid. Don't hesitate to kill the person. Even if that person is Faruk. Is that clear? ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' Bring Majid back home,safe and sound. Go! ''.

(Princess Lakshmi's chamber).

Her handmaiden served her with dinner and she started dishing out. Charu looked weak and exhausted but she kept herself intact.

'' My father said he wants to talk to me tomorrow morning... I wonder what he wants to say. He didn't use to call mebur now,am afraid ''.
'' My Princess... gather the courage to tell your mother about your secret relationship with Jay ''.
'' I think you have finally gone cray Charu ''.
'' No I haven't. If Prince Majid was given to a commoner,why can't you be given to the guard? ''.
'' It's not the same thing. At least, that commoner is going to live in the palace. But me,if am married to Jay...I will leave the palace instead to live with him in his dump hat in the kingdom. And my father will never allow that. He said I am his little princess and doesn't want me to suffer ''.
'' Well....
'' But hey,what do you think about Majid's bride? ''.
(Charu coughed and looked around her. She was about to vomit. Princess Lakshmi jumped to her feet in fright).
'' Hurry! Get into my bathroom and do it ''.
(Charu quickly entered Princess Lakshmi's bathroom. Then Queen Sheena entered. She smiles at Lakshmi who was looking very worried. Charu spent more than five minutes in the bathroom, vomiting and she opened the shower to wash it off. She took some of the sanitizer and cleansed the bathroom).
'' What is going on? ''.
'' It is Charu. She has not being looking good this days mother ''.
(Charu came out holding her stomach and she panicked as soon as she saw Queen Sheena. Queen Sheena starred at her closely went near her,then she took her hand and checked her temperature).
'' What happened? ''.
'' I don't know your highness. I think I will need a day off...please ''.
(Queen Sheena touched her chest and opened her eyes widely,then took a far in breath).
'' What have you done Charu? ''.
'' What's wrong mother? ''.
'' I can't believe this Charu! You are pregnant!....

Episode 38 
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Princess Lakshmi's chamber).

'' Me?! ''.
''! I can't believe this. How did this happened Charu? You of all people? ''.
'' Your highness please...
'' I trusted you said you were a virgin! ''.
'' Yes I.....
'' Shut up! How could you do is forbidden in Ujani to even see a man who is not yet your husband! ''.
(Guilt drew on Princess Lakshmi's face when her mother said that).
'' Please your highness... please. Have mercy on me please! ''.
'' Who is responsible? Who has done this with you Charu? Answer me now! ''.
'' No please... No.....
'' Charu..tell us. You are pregnant Charu. Tell us what is going on ''.
(Charu bent down her head to the floor, sobbing and she was not caught between a rock and a hard place).
'' IF YOU DARE LET ANYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TODAY,I WILL LOOK FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY AND KILL THEM ALL ''. That voice kept echoing in her head a thousand times at once and she screamed.
'' Charu am so sorry, are you scared of my mother? Mother please, can you excuse us for a moment? ''.
'' But Lakshmi....
'' Mother please! Do you want her to say the truth or not? I think your presence is disturbing her...just go! ''.
'' Fine! But remember, if she's really pregnant, then she can't be in the palace anymore ''. Queen Sheena said and left.
'' Now Charu...she's gone. I am like a sister to you, am I not? ''.
(Charu nodded while sobbing).
'' And you are going to tell me the truth right? ''.
(Charu got to her feet. Princess Lakshmi slowly took her to her bedside. Then Charu nodded again).
'' So tell me. Who is the gather of your baby? ''....

(In the palace temple).

It was now dark and works in the palace and around the kingdom was coming to an end. Queen mother had asked some maids to prepare the royal temple for a prayer. She stood there while some guards prepared the hot coal of protection prayer. The coal was straight up to lord Krishna's statue in the temple. The coal was burning and Rishi stood there,touching her necklace and praying in silence. 
Kushi and Queen mother stood besides her. Queen Sheena arrived and joined them. She didn't understand what was going on but Queen mother explained to her and she was shocked that Rishi was going to do that.

'' Mother,they are not even married yet. And Rishi has to pass through this pain for Majid? ''. She whispered to her.
'' I have tried to convince her to stop. It was I who decided to do this but she came here and told me she will do it ''.
'' If Bhavna should come here and see her daughter hurt,she will never forgive us. She might even stop the wedding ''.
'' Hey keep quiet. It is not my fault. And besides, Rishi is doing this for her future husband... what is so wrong with that? In the tradition, the wife is supposed to pray for her husband in fire for his protection. She is to walk on the holy burning coal toll the end in front of the lord. And that can get her husband from any danger. I know that Majid has the elephant necklace to protect him,but remember, that in this world, we know that the lord protects us from harm,but we always add guards to the protection in order to be scared ''.
(The servants were done with the preparations. Rishi was dressed up in a simple top and down traditional clothe and her eyes pierced painfully to the burning coal and she took a deep breath. Kushi's eyes were teary and she wanted to stop her friend from doing this but the decision was finalised. If Rishi changed her mind,then either Queen mother or Queen Sheena would do the ritual. Queen mother and Queen Sheena got to her side).
'' Are you sure you want to do this Rishi? ''.
'' Yes mother. I am certain. I will do this a thousand times for Prince Majid ''.
(Queen mother and Queen Sheena were surprised at that statement).
'' But why Rishi? ''.
(Rishi's lips started shaking while she starred at her friend and the Queens. But she didn't want to answer that question. She was too shy. The palace priest arrived in his while robe and sat in front of lord Krishna's statue and the burning mat of coal. He put his hands together and nodded his head for the ritual to begin. Apart from Kushi and the Queens, no one knew the reason why Rishi wanted to do this. She took a deep breath with her hands still touching the necklace and she removed her slippers. With her bare feet, she stepped into the blazing coal and screamed in outmost pain and anguish)....

(Around the thick Kingdom's forest).

They arrived as it was dark. They held torches and some of Faruk's bodyguards leaded them in front as they sat on horses. Faruk was surprised even Majid a good rider. He rode the horse perfectly. He frowned. If any danger should occur, then Majid might be able to defend himself. Cindy sat behind Majid in the horse,cuddling him tightly and the others were feeling weird about the quietness of the surrounding. Faruk cleared his throat like he wanted to say something but he was indirectly signaling Shiv to start plan. Shiv and his colleagues and he turned to them.

'' Why have you stopped Shiv? ''. Prince Faruk asked.
'' My Prince. I really need to go and release the urine bordering me ''.
'' You wanna pee? Why didn't you just say that before? ''. Prince Majid said.
'' I am sorry my Prince. Please....
'' You can go Shiv,but be fast about that ''. Prince Faruk said.
(Shiv left them with one of the guards and it was left with one more guard who led them into the forest. Prince Majid and his friends had an idea where they were going but Prince Faruk and the guards surely knew. Sushim and two trusted guards of Queen mother secretly followed their tracks in the dark with arrows and swords. Prince Faruk kept rolling his eyes around the strange trees in the forest, and so was Prince Majid and the others).
'' This place is freaking weird Faruk ''. Prince Majid said.
'' I know. It is always this way....
'' I know. It is always this way in the night ''.
'' I think we should have come in the morning so scared. Please let's go back to the palace ''. Cindy said,holding Majid tight from the back.
'' Oh come on...this is an adventure you might never experience in your life again ''. Prince Faruk said and laughed.
'' I feel the same way. This place looks scary...I wanna go back ''. Natalya said,sitting behind her boyfriend Maxwell.
'' Majid,come on....tell your friends you are not scared of some common darkness. That is the reason why I wanted Majid and I to come alone. I knew the girls will surely be a hindrance to our fan ''.
'' It's okay guys. It's fine. Okay? We will just get down on some broad ground, we will make a bonfire with some woods,and we'll chill for a while. Then go back ''. Majid said.
(They rode deeper and deeper into the forest,which was becoming more strange. This time,Majid himself started feeling bad and his instincts wasn't clear. He looked around the trees and they saw bats flying quickly away and making noises at the sound of human presence. He cleared his throat).
'' Faruk, where is your personal guard? Is it not strange that...the both of them are not here yet? ''.
'' You are right. That fool is so incompetent. I will punish him severely ''.
'' I wonder if he really even went to pee at all ''. Jimmy said suspiciously.
(Faruk's face turned frightened when he heard that and he quickly changed the subject).
'' I never knew you could ride a horse Majid. When did you learn that? ''.
'' There are many things in London Faruk. I learn horse back riding at eighteen. And marshal arts as well ''.
'' Oh really. So you can fight with swords as well? ''.
'' Sure ''.
(Then suddenly, they heard a silent roar. It didn't sound human. It sounded heavier and deeper and stronger).
'' What the fuck was that? ''. Maxwell panicked.
'' Oh goodness. Majid let's go back now! I am scared. Please let's go! ''. Cindy cried.
'' Relax baby,am sure it's nothing ''.
'' Majid,are you crazy? We just heard the roar of something strange and you are saying it's nothing? Hell,am going back to the palace ''. Maxwell said,obviously upset.
'' Majid...your friend is right, I think we should go back to the palace ''. Faruk said cunningly.
'' Oh thank you! ''. Maxwell shouted.
Just as they were about to turn their horses,a fierce lion,looking almost bony nd starved to death jumped from nowhere and landed in front of them. It looked angry and hungry. The lion's roar became heavier. Prince Majid was flabbergasted. Cindy and Natalya started screaming loudly. Majid's necklace lighted up and brightly and he was shocked. It electrified the lion's eyes and it roared out painfully. His friends saw that the lion was distracted and they rode their horses speedily away. Prince Faruk groaned in anger and rode his horse speedily away into the left side of the forest. Majid turned his horse and started riding fast away with Cindy behind him. The lion chased them from behind them.
Sushim and the other guards with him were astounded with this total turn around. Quickly they run through the woods with arrows and bows being stretched begin the lion. Majid made a cross on the forest road with the horse and the horse lifted itself up,making Majid fall off the horse. Cindy screamed his name but didn't get down,instead, she looked back and saw the lion rushing towards them. She shifted in front of the horse and rode it speedily away. Majid layed on the dusty floor of stones. He groaned in pain and opened his eyes. His vision was blurry...his brain started crashing to the fact that Cindy left him there to die. He forced himself up to his butt. He sat on the floor,holding his head and groaning in pain. His blurry vision viewed the lion standing in front of him and glaring at him.
His heart skipped a beat and he slowly got to his feet. The animal snored angrily at him with it's yellow eyes and roared. He saw an old broken wood beside his leg and slowly picked it up. Thunder blasted. Lightening stroke and the weather became cold. Thicker and darker. Majid's vision was still blur and he held the wood tightly at the animal. Blood poured from his head, dripping down his forehead, down his nose and lips. The animal was thirsting for blood and in need of meat. It leaped up high and Majid hit it had with the wood,it landed on the ground and got back up,jumping up high against Majid, he grabbed hold of the lion's head and they both fell on the ground hard,both his ham were grabbing it's mouth from closing in,he used all his strength to keep the mouth opened without closing in on a bite of him. The lion's strength was fading away an straggling to breath due to the fact Majid was pinning it. The roar became louder and it used the last strength to raise it paws up and scratched Majid's stomach through his shirt with it's claws. Majid screamed in displeasure and pushed the animal away,he was fading away. The lion got up and jumped to towards him to tear him apart but there came a loud roar from its mouth where an arrow had being thrown and entered its head and appeared in it's mouth. It dropped down dead with blood oozing from its head. Sushim and the other guards quickly got out from the woods with bows and arrows in their hands. Sushim shot the arrows at the lion from the woods. He quickly bent down besides Prince Majid.
'' My Prince! My Prince... speak to me! ''.
(Majid had few breath left. He coughed and blood was all over him. He was bleeding profusely from the head and stomach, Sushim quickly removed Majid's shirt and the marks of the scratch from the lion's claws were opened and visible. Blood kept oozing out. Sushim quickly tore the shirt and tied it around Majid's stomach to prevent more bleeding).
'' My Prince... My Prince calm down...nothing will happen to you I swear! ''. Sushim said while shaking.
'' Yes my Prince! It is me..stay calm,I will get you out of here as soon as possible ''.
(Prince Majid turned silence at once).
'' My Prince? My Prince open your eyes! ''.
'' Boys...get the horse we brought now. Hurry up! ''.......
(In the Royal Palace=Royal temple).
Rishi had just a few more steps to reach lord Krishna's statue and step out from the burning cool. Tear run down her eyes. Even Kushi and the Queens. Kushi had covered hr mouth with both her hands,weeping silently and watching the pain her friend was passing through. The priest kept praying in front of a pan of fire. Rishi got to the front of Lord Krishna's statue and her feet was all sore and burnt. She was sweating profusely and her breath was turning uneasy.
The foreigners arrived quickly in the temple and fell hard on the ground in sweat. The king walked into the temple and waa confused. Kushi quickly went to hole Rishi whose legs were shaking. Her hair and face were covered in sweat. Queen Dorah arrived there as well in a haste. Some of the servants arrived and were all confused.
'' What is going on here? ''. Queen mother asked,her heart beating fast.
'' We...we...oh my God! I am getting the hell out of this place first thing tomorrow morning ''.
'' I regret what I have done. I should have stayed back to help Majid! ''. Jimmy said while breathing fast.
'' Majid? Where Majid?! ''.
'' We were attacked! That is what happened. I don't know where the hell Majid's brother took us. But it surely was dangerous! ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' A what? ''.
'' Where are my sons? I said where are my sons? ''. The king shouted angrily.
'' Where is Faruk?! ''. Queen Dorah screamed and grabbed Maxwell's clothes. '' I said where's my.......
'' I am here ''.
(Faruk entered the temple. His clothes were torn and there were marks of scratches on his face neck as if he was attacked)......

episode 39
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Royal Palace=Royal Temple).

(Faruk stood there and he had a clarified feigned sadness on his face. He then break down into tars and put his hands together. Queen mother felt dizzy and was held tightly by Queen Sheena. The king went closer and touched Faruk's shoulder and he groaned like he was in pain. Tears run down his cheeks and he fell on his knees in front of his father. Queen Dorah smiled by the other side of her lips since she thought the job was finally done. Queen mother's heart was hot and her anger reached the peak).

'' Speak up Faruk! Where is Majid? ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' I am very sorry grandmother. I tried all I could to......
'' No! ''. Queen Sheena screamed. '' My son can't be dead no! ''.
(Rishi had a shock and collapsed in Kushi's arms. Queen mother shouted for the guards and they quickly carried Rishi straight to the royal check up room. Queen mother turned to lord Krishna's statue with anger in her eyes. Suddenly,they heard noises outside the compound and they all rushed out. Cindy arrived in the compound on Majid's horse and she was weeping bitterly. She stepped down from the horse and Natalya embraced her tightly. When Faruk saw this,he realised that this plan of his was a success. Cindy was sitting on the horse with Majid. So if Cindy has arrived alone,then that means the job is done).

'' Cindy...oh girl am so happy you are here and okay ''.
'' I was so scared ''. She wept.
'' Cindy,where is Majid? Where is he?! ''.
'' Oh my God Natalya. Majid.....
'' Faruk? ''. The Queen mother called from behind.
'' Yes? ''.
'' You said you did all you could to help Majid? So how come you arrived in the palace before the foreigner? ''.
(Faruk then realised he had made a very stupid move. His heart beat changed and Queen Dorah's appreciation towards turned into anger).
'' Grandmother I....
(The king's heart loosed balance and he fell to the ground. His heart attack started and the guards gathered around him. Queen Dorah prayed that he died that instant because that will make Faruk the king since Majid was dead. The Queen mother's attention was shifted to the king. The foreigners wept for the demise of Majid. And suddenly, there was a louder noise getting nearer the compound and entered, was Sushim with Majid on a horse in front of him. The king saw this and jumped on his feet. Cindy's face lighted up with a bright smile. Prince Faruk's facial expression changed instantly and so WS Queen Dorah. More guards arrived and carried the bleeding and unconscious Majid into the palace).
'' Oh lord...thank you. My grandson....
'' What happened Sushim?! ''. The king cried.
'' He is badly hurt your highness. I followed them secretly and suddenly, a lion appeared from nowhere and attacked Prince Majid. Please, he needs medical attendant now! ''.
(Everyone of them rushed unto the building, leaving Faruk and Queen Dorah outside. Prince Faruk's personal bodyguard and other two guards entered the palace with disappointment on their faces).
'' How can you be so incompetent Faruk? ''. Queen Dorah slapped him in disgust.
'' Mother! ''. Faruk shouted like he was possessed. '' How dare you slap me huh? ''.
'' You fool! ''. Queen Dorah slapped him harder the second time and he snapped out of it. '' Shut up, when your mother is talking, you shut up and listen. See what you've caused? Now Queen mother and tour father... even those foreigners will suspect you! ''.
'' But I did all I could mother! ''.
'' You should have told me you were going to execute your plans today,and maybe...I could have given you an idea,but your stupid arrogance got in the way didn't it!. Your brother is still alive ,and still your crowned Prince... I don't know why I gave birth to such a disgraceful useless human being! ''.
'' So you are blaming me now? ''.
'' Who else? ''.
'' What were you busily doing then mother? When I was planning all this. All you do is leave everything to me. When I do something good, I get praised just a little. But when it's can use the whole year to insult me ''.
'' Did you see Majid's condition when he was brought here? He is almost lifeless. At least that should give you a clue of how dangerous my plans,it was about to be accomplish. But I don't know what happened.... That he got saved. I just don't know ''.
'' It all lands on one thing. He is still alive. And time is going Faruk. Your father is not getting any younger, he is so old now,if he dies without pronouncing you the crowned Prince while Majid is still alive, then get ready to bow down to tour little brother ''. Queen Dorah stormed off angrily.

(Royal check up room).

One of the royal doctors had checked on Rishi and they had cleared her body with warm water and clean towel. Kushi and Queen Sheena sat beside her while she was unconscious. The royal doctor smeared some grinded wet herbs under her get,on the burns she got from walking on the burning coal. Her feet were all red. Some parts were blotted o and it looked painful and terrible. Queen Sheena and Kushi wept at the sight of Rishi and Majid's demise. The royal doctor stood up and prepared her medication on a pan and got ready to leave.

'' How is she now? ''.
'' She fainted out of shock. But her legs are looking very bad tour highness. The burns were severe...she is too young and shouldn't have done that. She should rest for this whole night and I will come and treat her tomorrow ''.
'' Thank may leave now ''.
(The royal doctor left and Queen Sheena wiped her tears. Kushi sat besides Rishi on the bed and caressed her).
'' Your highness? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' Is Prince Majid really dead? ''.
'' ........ ''.
'' Did Rishi really walk on fire for nothing. I have loosed all hope in the lord? How can he break his own commandments to his children. He said the only security way to a husband's life is for his wife to sacrifice her own life. How can Rishi be suffering like this? It's not fair! ''.
'' My son can't be ''.
'' But he is! You heard Prince Faruk yourself! Now my friend is a widow! And her hair will be cut and she will go and live in the mountains of widows! ''.
(Queen mother entered the room with a wide smile. But there was blood all over her saree and hands).
'' Majid is alive! Sushim brought him...and the royal head doctor is treating his wounds ''.
(They all put their hands together and closed their eyes in happiness. Queen Sheena and Queen mother embraced each other happily. Queen mother checked on Rishi. Rishi opened her eyes at once. She got up and sat down fast,breathing heavily. Then memories of Prince Majid's death news flashed through her head and she screamed while holding her head down and sweating. Kushi held her tightly and she pushed her away).
'' Majid. Majid..... ''. She acted like someone possessed.
'' Majid is fine Rishi. Rishi listen..... ''. Queen mother calmed her down.
'' Majid? Where's Majid, mother? ''. Rishi cried.
'' He is I'm his chamber right now Rishi... he is alive calm down. Your suffering didn't come in vain ''. Queen Sheena said calmly.
(Rishi quickly forgot herself and got down from the bed. She felt a sharp pain under her feet making her fall. The Queens and Kushi were surprised at her reaction. Queen Sheena tried getting her back on the bed but she refused).
'' I want to see him please. Please! ''.
'' Royal doctor said....
'' The royal doctor is not who I care about mother. Please let me see Majid ''.
'' Okay...let's go ''. Queen mother said.
(Kushi and Queen Sheena held Rishi's hands,side by side as she leaped and took her out).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He layed down in the comfort of his grand bed,half naked. His head was bandaged with a green fluffy linen and there were little scratches on his cheek. He layed the still in an unconscious state. The king and Sushim stood there,starring at him while the royal doctor cleared all the blood from his body and tummy. She wrapped a heavy bandage around his tummy and placed some mixtures of medication on the drawer fixed to his bed. He was in his tight boxers, and after treatment, the white bedsheets on his bed was used to cover his body,leaving his chest to his tummy were he was wounded badly. The Queens entered with Rishi and Kushi. The king was more than astonished to see Rishi in that state. They closed the door behind them.

'' What happened to her? ''.
(The Queens hesitated to answer but he became more serious).
'' I said what happened to her?! ''.
'' Urrrmmm, it is...well,she performed the Loha Chastra ritual ''.
'' What?! Mother, how could you let her walk on burning coal of protection... and for what?! ''.
'' To protect Majid of course! Meerah used to do the same thing for you when war used to emerge here remember? ''.
'' It's not the same thing! They are not married yet....
'' It doesn't matter your highness ''. Rishi put her hands together. '' I am willing to bath in fire to save my Prince. I am just fulfilling a wife's duties, that's all. And even though the wedding is not yet here,but I want to be ready to sacrifice my life for him ''.
'' What a brilliant young lady. Thank you very much dear. Your prayers are answered by the lord ''.
'' How is my son? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' He is in a bad shape tour highness. He is not looking good at all. He may have an infection and some fever through the night. So someone will have to stay here with him through the night, in order to serve him with water an the medicine I have left. I will check on him tomorrow. The scratch is not just any scratch, it ha turned into a cut and gone deep. But thank the lord it didn't go in that deep to kill him ''.
(They all took a deep breath and cooled down).
'' So,what do we do now? ''.
'' I will come back tomorrow to check on him. He may develop some fever this night due to the severe pain of the cut. Some headaches and other discomfort. So I suggest someone stay here tonight and watch over him. And let some servants arrive here with a basin of cold water and a clean that it is used to massage his head if that headache and body pain arrives ''.
'' Sheena, go and call one of the maids to stay with Majid.....
'' No your highness! I will stay here ''.
'' Rishi? ''.
'' Please mother, I know amnot worth it. But I won't listen to you tonight. I am sorry. You wouldn't prevent me if I was his wife ''.
'' This is a job for the servants. You have to rest ''.
'' Let that servant also rest mother. Please I beg you, I want to take care of him. At least, until he feels better... Please? ''.
'' Okay dear. Well done Rishi. Please, rest in the couch when you are tired okay? Or better still,sleep beside him when you feel sleepy,the bed is large enough to carry five people. We shall leave now, the servants shall bring you the basin of water soon ''
'' Yes Queen mother ''.
(Rishi touched their feet's even in her pain. The king was amazed. The royal family got out of the chamber and Rishi embraced Kushi as they both laughed).
'' You can go to my chamber and sleep Kushi. You are my sister, you have the right to sleep on my bed ''.
'' Jeezzz yes of course! Where else did you think I will sleep? I will see you tomorrow Rishi. And you know what? ''.
'' What? ''.
'' Take care of your Prince...real good ''. Kushi mocked at her.
(They both laughed and Kushi left the chamber. Two maids brought a pan of cold water and a clean towel. While the other brought fruits and olive oils and they bowed down and arranged the items on another table beneath the bed and they left. Rishi sat down on the couch and starred at Majid on the bed. Her legs were aching badly and the green herbs had dried off on the sore. She leaped closer to bed and was afraid to sit on it since she considered herself not worth it. But she standing was hurting her feet and she was in a lot of pain).

(Rishi's chamber).

Kushi removed her clothes and entered the dressing room to look for a night gown. She started looking through the closet to select from the numerous things and just then,she heard someone opened the chamber door. Her heart stopped a beat and quickly stopped what she was doing. She tiptoed to the dressing room door and slowly opened the door and saw someone in maiden clothes, searching over the whole room. She was shocked but didn't make a sound. Avni opened the wardrobe and looked exactly where she was ordered to search for the pot but didn't see anything. She looked around the bed and opened all the drawers and still couldn't find the pot.

'' If I go back and tell her I couldn't find it,then she will punish me for sure ''. Avni said holding her waist. '' And if I stay here any longer and someone catches me,I will surely be beheaded. Where am I going to find that pot now? I guess I will come back tomorrow ''.
(Avni said as she walked out and slowly closed the heavy door behind. Kushi stepped into the chamber, looking all confused).
'' Pot? And who was that? Oh goodness, this place has become a lot scarier ''. She said and quickly went closer to the door and locked herself inside. '' But who sent her? What does she want in this chamber? ''.
(She said and let herself fall on the bed and her head hit something hard under the pillow. She held her head in pain and rolled over the pillow and took the small pot with shocking face).
'' Wait. Is this the pot?.....

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