Married To The Prince Episode 34,35 & 36

episode 34
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(In the palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).

Queen Dorah has had one burden off her head. And now she was thinking of how to get the second off her head as well. She kept scratching her hands and thinking deep. Her chamber door was widely opened and she looked through it waiting for her guest. She had dressed and made up in the readiness for the occasion but her mind wasn't in the occasion. She had started regretting taking the pot to Queen Meerah's chamber.
She walked to and fro in her chamber. Her guard entered and bowed down and she gave him a sign to let her guest in. The guard left and the kingdom's priest himself entered. He was dressed up to suit the occasion. He entered and closed the door behind him. Queen Dorah sat slowly on her bed. She seemed more relaxed now and she poured herself a glass of grape wine from a golden jar.

'' Your highness. Your message got to me and I rushed here as soon as I can ''. The priest said.
'' Good ''.
'' Please, let's make this fast before more and more people get here. Else this place will be crowded and if anyone should see that am coming out of your chamber. You and I will be in a hot soup ''.
'' Priest. I did exactly what we planned. I hid the pot in Queen Meerah's chamber ''. 
'' Well,but that's good. Right? I's safe now ''.
'' Queen Sheena has convinced the king to give Queen Meerah's chamber to Majid's bride! ''.
'' Oh no. That is bad your highness. Not only for us,but the entire kingdom ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' Listen,ghosts are ruthless okay? It doesn't matter how good they were when they were alive. But when the human dies,the brain and the heart dies with it. So resurfacing makes it very difficult to recognise their loves ones. They get very dangerous and will hurt anyone ''.
'' That is why we can not allow the stupid girl own the chamber ''.
'' How do we stop that if the king's already made his decision? ''.
'' She has not entered the chamber yet. They will officially give her the keys today after the occasion. So I need you to do something for !e. Before it is too late for us ''.
'' Tell me what to do ''.

(Kingdom of Jhansi=Royal Palace=King's chamber).

The Jhansi kingdom had no time to waste. The palace were coming in with gifts since the wedding fate of their only princess was drawing closer. There were noises around through, and the king was made part of the the arrangements. Queen Salma entered the chamber, with a frown on her face. He turned to her and smiled. He opened his arms to her for a hug. But she pushed his hand away. She sat on his bed,breathing heavily.

'' Is something wrong with Ragah? ''.
'' My daughter will never be okay after being rejected by Majid! And you,you seem cool about it. Go to her chamber and see how she is in pain by being given to Faruk instead ''.
'' But I...I thought.....
'' What?! Do you know the embarrassment that rejection has caused our family and Jhansi throne?! ''.
'' Queen Salma, I thought we has discussed....
'' Did you even know the Prince Majid is today,being allied with another girl? ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Yes your highness! King Shaker only accepted our alliance before, just to shame and embarrass us! ''.
(King Siamak shook his head in disbelief).
'' No...Shaker is my bosom and childhood friend, he can never....
'' Oh stop trusting that everyone is good like you Siamak. They exchanged our beautiful daughter with a low class village girl. And that is a be big insult to is your highness ''.
'' How did you even get to know all this?! Are you spying on Ujani? ''.
'' Does it matter at all? Your so called blossom friend is holding a coronation for the new bride and you weren't even invited! How does that speak well of him? Your highness, and you think he's still your friend? You have to make sure that he pays for this. This is not fair to our daughter your highness! Ragah is hurt,she's wounded in the heart. She fell in love with Majid the first day she saw him,and he just rejected her like she was nothing. Shaker didn't say nothing about it...but now,he is giving Majid a village girl. Who is not even royalty! I am very disappointed. If it wasn't that,Prince Faruk was our last option now,I would have spitted in Shaker's face and never give Ragah to him as a daughter in-law! ''. She stormed out of the king's chamber and went straight into her chamber.
(She wiped away the tears she feigned in front of the king. Then she took a paper and a feathered pen. She dipped the pen in an ink and wrote a letter. She called her personal guard).
'' Your highness? ''.
'' Take this. And give it to the Ujani soldier. Make sure that no one sees you giving this to him ''.
'' Yes Queen ''. He said and left...
(Queen Salma's facial expression changed and she adjusted to her middle bed and took out a matches and kush. She lighted it and started smoking. She blew some smoke out and laughed).
'' This is not going to end well at all. Not for you Shaker, not for your son...and I will enjoy watching you suffer when everything is over...for all the embarrassment you have caused my family ''.

(Ujani Kingdom=Royal palace=Refining room).

Everything was ready,and the herna dried off on Rishi's hands and she was just waiting for someone to come and take her to start the ceremony. She turned her back and sat on the bed. She turned her back and starred at Majid's sweatshirt for a while and took it slowly. Tenderly like it was a little baby. She placed it on her laps and started brushing her hands on it. She smiled and took the sweatshirt close to her face. She smelled the sweet scent from the sweatshirt so deeply into her. She put it back on her legs and brushed it again. She didn't even realised someone had entered the chamber.

'' Oh God Rishi! You are stupid now! ''. She said and hit her head three times. '' Oh,when have I ever not be stupid? Now,am holding the cloth of the crowned Prince of Ujani. Who hates me. Who is about to marry me. Mother always said that,love was be strong feeling. And....when you felt it,you did unimaginable things. Crazy things and whenever you see the person you loved, your heart jumped up and down and beat so fast like you've being running for a long time. And you would think of that person all day long and give your life for them. And whenever they hurt you,then you feel like dying. And mother always said that,I wasn't ready for that am too young to love. But am about to get married, probably soon. And I don't even know how I feel. About the Prince. I am going crazy just because of the scent of his cloth... Is this love? ''.
'' Yes. It is love ''.
(She quickly turned and it was Kushi and her mother, the three quickly embraced each other tightly. Kushi went crazy with Rishi's transformation).
'' Oh goodness Kushi! You wore that dress you said you will never wear until there is an important occasion ''.
'' It came in handy...I told you! ''.
'' You are looking so dashing! ''.
'' Me? Dashing? Look at you. Oh my goodness... I hope this is not one of our man silly imaginations. Is my best friend really about to be married? And that too with the crowned Prince? ''.
'' Enough Kushi. You will have lots of time to enjoy later ''.
(Bhavna said and sat the two girls down on the bed,with Rishi sitting closer to her. She brushed her hand on Rishi's cheeks. Tears fell out of Bhavna's eyes).
'' Oh come on aunt Bhavna... you are such a party pooper! Is this the time for tears? Really? ''.
'' Shut up a little Kushi... your mother will cry when your turn comes. I never knew this day will come Rishi. Now,it is here ''.
'' It is not even the wedding day yet mother ''.
'' Yes. But I want to film you up with the quality of a good wife now. Before the wedding even takes place. The date has not being announced yet. It !at be tomorrow... next week,we'll never know. Okay? ''.
'' Okay mother ''.
'' Rishi... very soon,you will become a wife. And it is not an easy task at all. And I am not trying to scare you dear. But it is not easy...protecting him,loving him,keeping him stable, keeping him happy, and most importantly... getting him to love you everyday and never leaving tour side. As a wife, no matter the situation, love your husband. Never make him ask you for food. But well,of course he will never ask for food because once you are married, you will never even be allowed to enter the kitchen. That will be the maidens job to do. When he is angry,never leave him all alone. Because you may never know what he will do to himself in the state of anger. And when he makes you angry and not ready to comfort you....just leave him to have a conversation. A positive conversation with anyone. Your husband must be your god. Because that is what they stand for. They are our lords. No matter what...don't let yourself be the reason why his smile fades away. And when he is talking to you,just be silent and listen. When he is done and you also have something to say,then you can also talk. Care for him more than you care for your own life. And whenever he needs you Rishi, never hesitate....
(Queen Sheena and a maid entered).
'' The marital priest has arrived. It is time to go ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. Bhavna said and they helped Rishi up.
(They covered her face with a red veil and the heavy pink shiny saree she wore was weighing her,Queen Sheena took her left hand,while Bhavna held her second hand. Ad the maids started throwing flowers on them as they walked out).

In the palace temple, Majid entered and everyone was surprised about his dressing code. He bowed down and touched the king's feet and the four priests waiting to make the ceremony successful. There were two golden comfortable chairs in the middle of the crowd. Prince Majid went to one chair and sat comfortably down. He tossed one leg on the other and started scrolling through his iPhone. The chairs were facing the royal family and the priest, while lord Genashtemi's statue was standing huge behind them with chains of flowers and lanterns all around it. And the statue was holding a metal rod in both hands. There was lighted fire in a pan with lanterns around it. The priest kept chanting and throwing things in the fire. Majid didn't give a demn because he didn't understand any of the things going on. His face was shining. His friends and Cindy were sitting among the crowd on a mat on the floor.
That was tradition, apart from the bride and groom,no one was allowed to sit on a chair. Except them,and the royal family. The subjects were all ever ready to see the face of their Rishi. Majid wore a pure golden ear rings in both ears. And to avoid any more controversy, he was quietly wearing the elephant necklace. The priest kept starring at him as he wasn't concentrating on the ritual but his phone instead. Queen mother stood up quietly from her seat and went closer to his seat and bent down.

'' Majid, please stop this ''. She whispered into his ears.
'' Stop what? ''. He whispered back.
'' That! I mean,pay attention to the ritual please. It concerns you as well,and you are embarrassing us ''.
'' Oh am I? What about the embarrassment I had to endure because of this forced marriage Queen Gayatri? You slapped me in the face,in front of everyone ''.
'' Majid. You are the crowned Prince, so act as one! ''. Queen mother started loosing her cool.
'' Oh,I can see how exactly well you respect the crowned Prince Queen Gayatri ''. Majid also started loosing his cool.
(Queen mother's waist started aching because she had bent down for long,whispering into Majid's ears).
'' Listen to me Majid. I wish you had eyes to see what is going on around you. And ears to hear the truth. But is only you knew how this arrangement is to going to save you yourself. You think everyone here loves you? No. Not everyone, and you know nothing about the past! And what we went through before your mother and I fought to make you the crowned Prince, you wouldn't be joking around. Now give me that phone and concentrate on this! ''.
(Queen mother said this and Majid was stunned. He was totally confused now. Queen mother snatched the phone away from his hands and he shrugged then cleared his throat. Just then,there was a beautiful sing being sang loudly from the outside by a beautiful voice of a maiden. Queen Sheena and Bhavna, holding Rishi's hands entered the temple. Everyone got up. And they walked slowly and slowly towards the chair besides Majid. They sat her down on it and they went to sit besides the royal family. The priests started chanting and then took a red band).
'' My Prince, you should bring tour left hand now ''. One priest said. '' Queen Sheena should do this now,you tie the red band on his left hand ''.
(Queen Sheena stood up and did that,then Bhavna tied another on Rishi's wrist).
'',where is Prince Majid's horoscope? ''.
'' It is here priest ''. Queen Sheena said and stood up and handed a heavy book to the pries,which had he signs of an Aries on it.
'' And Rishi's horoscope? ''. Another priest said.
'' Bhavna, please hand over Rishi's horoscope to the priest now ''. Queen mother said.
'' Yes ''. Bhavna took the horoscope from Kushi and handed it to the second priest ''.
'' Now,as I read Prince Majid's horoscope... It says,the probability of getting married at the age of is very 25 very high. And with a woman who will stick to your heart. And the sun and moon smiles on this union ''.
'' Rishi's horoscope is reading that,Rishi's soul is connected to her future husband and a set of circumstance bound them. All the readings are perfect. So now,horoscopes results clearly gives us the go ahead to set a date...the date. What do you think fellow priests? ''.
'' Yes. Let's set the date ''.

In the crowd, sitting among the people, Cindy was shaking and gnashing her teeth with hatred and sorrow. Natalya kept patting her hands through her hair in a way of comfort.

'' This people are so strange ''. Natalya whispered.
'' Stupid is the right word Natty...stupid. They are stupid for thinking that Majid will ever be interested in that village, low class bitch! Majid is mine alone. I give him more skin,more sex,more kisses... I arouse him. He breaths me and he is trapped in my soul ''. Cindy started becoming uneasy and angry as she whispered those words.
'' Cindy calm down. It is pointless by this time to be angry. This is happening, this is really really happening ''.
'' Let it happened Natalya. This people will never get away with this. Because not only will the family suffer, but their marriage will never last. Let's see if any wedding will even take place ''.

Rishi's face was still covered and all the rituals was finally done. After the final ritual, the leading marital priest got to his feet in all smile.

'' The most excellent auspicious time for the !marriage ceremony is one month from now. On the last day of next month...the !marriage ceremony will take place and they will finally be married. But now that Rishi has being coronated into the family... her veil can now be raised up. And she may no longer cover her face anymore... please, shall we all be on our feet ''.
(Everyone including Majid and Rishi got to their feet. Majid couldn't wait to leave the place and go back to his chamber).
'' Now,as tradition demands and has being done since ages past,the groom,can now raise the veil up from the bride's face ''.
'' Fuck this...gosh do I have to do this too? ''. Majid thought as he was facing Rishi.
'' Majid...we are waiting ''. Queen Sheena said and laughed.
'' Okay goes nothing ''. He whispered and without wasting time,he raised up the veil with his two hands and was surprised....

episode 35
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Majid starred at Rishi's face for the first time. And she also looked into his eyes for the first close. It now turned out that Prince Majid and Rishi would even get married before Prince Faruk and Princess Ragah. The priest took a little bowl of pink wine and he himself gave Majid a sip of it. He turned to Rishi and gave her a sip from the same bowl and same wine. Majid's heart was boiling with annoyance. The priest now officially announced the rituals over. Majid and Rishi took blessings from the priests and royal family. Majid left the ritual ground and went closer to his grandmother and snatched his phone away from her.

'' I hope you are happy now,Queen Gayatri ''.
'' Majid...please,this is not the time for all this okay? The ritual is over now and....
'' It is only your wishes which are met in the kingdom isn't it? ''.
'' Majid,why don't you just try and....
'' I remember you telling me that you were the only one who ever lived me. Well,do you know how I feel about you? I curse the day, I became your grandson ''.
'' Majid....
(Majid didn't say another word but just left. Queen mother's eye balls were shaking,as tears fell out of them. She quickly dried her tears with her palms and gave a fake smile to the occasion. All the priests and guests started leaving one after the other. The king bided them all good bye as they received foodstuffs and gifts at the entrance when they left. The guards gave them,one by one as they left happily. It was now time to take Rishi to her grand chamber. It was no longer going to be Queen Meerah's chamber... but Rishi's chamber. Rishi,after taking everyone's blessings, was taken to the walk ways of the chamber with the entire royal family. The king was holding the keys. Queen Dorah's mouth was shaking and her hand as well. She rolled her eyes to look at the priest who stood besides the king and the priest nodded to her. Two maids arrived there with a pan of olive oil and a lantern and split flowers. Queen Sheena turned to Rishi and wined the lantern in front of her. She dipped her middle finger in a red vermilion besides the lantern and touched Rishi's forehead with it. The king turned to the chamber door and opened it. He opened it widely and memories came flashing fast like rain water. There was a very huge painting of Queen Meerah hanging on the wall. Gosh! They forgot to remove that from the wall. But that was the first thing Rishi saw anyway. One of the maids placed a pan of olive oil in front of the door and bowed down, then she stepped aside. Bhavna,Kushi and Meho stood there. Meho's eyes were red with all the golden accessories hanging on the wall handing on the wall. Even though the room had being locked for twenty five years, it still looked as good as new. But in anyway, it had to be renovated).

'' Okay Rishi,this is your chamber now okay? So you are going to step into the pan of olive has being consecrated. So it will get every evil eye from you ''. Queen mother said.
'' Urrrmmm,your highness wait please! ''. The priest shouted.
'' Any problem priest? ''.
'' Yes Queen mother. This is not right ''.
'' Priest,what are you talking about,is there something we should worry about? ''. The king asked,looking worried.
'' Yes your highness. We can't just let her go into the chamber like that ''.
'' And why not? ''.
'' Well,Queen Meerah's chamber has not being opened for the passed number of years,your highness. And who knows,there might be evil spirits hovering around ''.
'' Wait,what?! There can never be any evil spirit in Queen Meerah's chamber. She was a good person, and besides... Priest Chanakher always said that...evil can never go close to goodness ''. Queen Sheena said.
(Just then,the kingdom's priest turned his face to kook at priest Chanakher with an angry look).
'' I am the kingdom's priest your highness. And I know what am saying. This is an innocent girl here,you will really not want to make her suffer in the hands of evil spirits. I have to perform some small rituals to petition Queen Meerah's spirit, before Rishi is allowed in ''.
(Priest Chanakher, Queen mother, Queen Sheena and even Bhavna began to suspect the kingdom's priest's action).
'' No priests, there is no need to make any of such rituals ''. Queen mother boldly said. 
'' Tour highness, you don't understand what....
'' I do understand your concern priest. But my Meerah, when she was alive, was the most beautiful and kind person I had ever met. And if she was good when she was alive, there is no way her spirit will be any different ''.
'' I agree with Queen mother ''. Bhavna said and put her hands together. '' I am sorry for cutting into this conversation. But I got to know Queen Meerah only once. And that faithful moment we spent together, made me believe...there will never be anyone like her in this world ''.
(Queen Dorah pressed her saree so hard in anger as Bhavna spoke up).
'' She was a true goddess. Irreplaceable. She is a real woman,good..inside and out. Queen Meerah had no evil in her heart...there is no way there will be any evil in her now ''.
(The king nodded his head in a silent tears then he faced Queen Meerah's painting which hanged in the chamber).
'' You are right. My Meerah was never like that. Thank you for your concern priest. But Rishi must be very tired now after a long day. Let her rest now. And renovation will start in the chamber to suit her taste. Mother, please let's start the ritual ''.
(The king said and Queen mother made Rishi face the oil pan in front of the chamber. Queen Dorah's soul was out. She was suffering out of fright. She looked at the kingdom's priest and he looked back at her with hopelessness. Rishi slowly stepped into the olive oil and Queen Sheena helped her stepped out. She entered Queen Meerah's chamber together with everyone else. Rishi looked around the beautiful chamber and she smiled. The king was overwhelmed, he couldn't take so much memories and just left the chamber. Queen Dorah looked at Queen Meerah's portrait with so much fury. But there was also a little bit of fright behind).
'' I just need to make Faruk the king, Meerah. I just need to make him the king and get your memories out of Ujani for good. Why are you dead and still working to ruin all my dreams?! I have to do my best to get that pot out here ''. Queen Dorah thought and looked at the big wardrobe. Exactly were she his the pot.
'' We are going to leave you to rest Rishi. Tell the maids to serve you once you need anything. Okay? ''. Queen mother said and left.
(Queen Dorah and the priest left. Everyone started leaving. Bhavna embraced Rishi tightly. Meho stood aside,feeling ashamed to look at his daughter. But he went closer to him and touched his feet,Kushi started sobbing as she embraced Rishi, not wanting to let her go).
'' I guess this is it Rishi. Out fooling ends here ''. Kushi sobbed. '' I am going to miss you my friend ''.
'' Kushi... you can't leave me! ''. Rishi embraced her as they both wept. '' How am I supposed to live without you Kushi? ''.
'' You don't have to leave Kushi. I can understand the pain you both feel. It is not easy to live without your best friend ''. Queen Sheena said as she remembered Preeta immediately. She quickly wiped her tears in other not to create a scene. '' Kushi... how would you like be Rishi's handmaiden? ''.
'' Oh? Like...really really sure your highness? ''. Kushi was flabbergasted.
'' Yes dear. The both of you are not willing to separate. You can live with Rishi, as her best friend, and handmaiden ''.
(The two girls jumped up together, laughing like crazy. They embraced each other and Radah gave her daughter her full support).
'' Your highness, Kushi is asthmatic and she has always being with am worried....
'' Don't worry. Everything is provided here in the palace. Kushi will be we'll taken care of. I promise ''.
'' Rishi, we have to fo now....but I will come and visit soon. Okay? ''. Bhavna said.
'' Okay mother ''.
'' I hope you won't cry now that Kushi will be here with you. You two mosquitoes better not bite okay? ''.
'' Yes aunt ''.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She looked around her room and saw a small bowl and took it. She went closer to her favourite black pot near her window. She opened the pot and took out her pet the evil cobra. The priest looked into his things and gave her a red band.

'' Are you sure this thing is going to work your highness ''.
'' You couldn't do any better thing for me so just shut up and get out! ''.
'' You can't talk to me that way Queen Dorah... you still need me in the game. Besides, I did all I could. How is this my fault? ''.
'' Did you hear me? I said get out now! ''.
'' Hm. Okay...but remember to send me the gold coins you promised ''. He said and left.
(Queen Dorah's guard entered the chamber and bowed down).
'' What do you also want?! ''. She shouted angrily.
'' The message from Jhansi has arrived please ''.
'' Bring it fast! ''.
(The guard looked into his sack bag and handed the paper to Queen Dorah and left...she closed the door and went to her bed. She unwrapped the paper).

from the queen of jhansi.
I have done all I could to convince king siamak to rebel against ujani. and I think I got through him this time. now it is up to us to start the plan. as soon as faruk and ragah are married, we will execute our plans. I just can't wait for that day,dorah. now I finally understanding why you thirst to make faruk the crowned prince. in fact,I support you completely, i wouldn't want my daughter to be the wife of just any prince. just as faruk has the possibility of becoming a king in jhansi,that is the same way I would want ragah to become a queen in ujani. and after we eliminate all the obstacles, we can both rule as gods and goddesses in both kingdoms. I will soon send my game plan,be alert.

'' Mmmm...she finally agreed. Well,let the games begin then. So stupid of you that you think I will rule with son is not even interested in your dumb daughter, we will get rid of you as soon as the plans succeed Salma ''. She laughed profusely and threw the letter aside her bed. '' Now,it is time for more important things to do. Like making sure that idiot, don't list a single second in Queen Meerah's chamber. She herself will run from there..I will make sure of it ''.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He had ordered five jags of strong wine into his chamber. The maids quickly arranged the jag in front of his bed and his friends and brother joined him. Prince Faruk loved the situation Majid was in. This could be his only opportunity to get Majid to go to her stres free walk with him. They all poured wine a golden glass and swallowed it full,and continued repeating. They all took a little but Majid took more off it. They kept starring at him in wonder, his friends knew him,more than Faruk knew him. And they knew Majid never drunk that much. Meaning, thee situation had hurt him deeply. They took the drink from him and he layed down on his bed quietly.

'' Majid... I have an idea to forget all this okay? Drinking won't be the solution ''. Faruk said as he stood up.
'' Please do something man,he really needs to relax,what do you have in mind? ''.
'' Night camping ''.
'' Jeezzz... what? That sounds crazy ''. Maxwell said.
'' Yes...and crazy is what my brother needs to forget this madness! Majid, what do you think? ''.
'' I want to get out of here for a while Faruk. Whatever you think is right,let's just do it ''.
'' That's my little brother! Trust me Majid, u will love it. In fact,after we are back,you won't think about this nonsense again...okay? ''.
'' So...where are we going for this night camping? ''. Jimmy asked.
'' We?! ''. Faruk exclaimed.
'' Yeah sure. Ain't you taking us along too? Majid is our friend after all ''.
'' But....I just wanted it to be a brothers night out. Not....
'' Oh come on Prince. Majid would love us to come along. What do you think buddy? ''. Maxwell hit Majid's legs to answer.
'' Yeah sure. The four of us will go. No problem ''.
(Faruk didn't like what he heard. He frowned and was not going to allow any intruder in his plans at all).
'' Okay fine. I will make arrangements for four. Excuse me ''. He said and left the chamber.
'' Your brother is kinda strange Majid. Seriously, I don't like that guy ''. Jimmy said.
'' Why? ''. Majid said as he sat up to pour another drink for himself.
'' There is something about him. Something fishy that is just not right...but anyway, I better shut up so I don't get beheaded like everyone else ''.

(Rishi's Chamber).

She looked around the chamber with Kushi and they both opened the numerous jewelry boxes in the chamber, checking the jewelries out. Kushi turned her face and starred at Queen Meerah's painting.

'' Did anyone tell you about her? ''.
'' It looks like,even my mother knew her. But I have never heard of her...I wonder why. I wonder who she might have being ''.
'' She was so beautiful right? I mean,by the hearing of things today,she was the king's first wife ''.
'' Yes. Well,we shouldn't be gossiping about her okay? Let's rest a little ''.
'' We are not gossiping. Just admiring her beauty. But she actually resembles Prince Majid a little ''.
'' Really? ''. Rishi starred closely at the painting. And she as very shocked. She also realised Queen Meerah had the elephant necklace on her too. '' What?! ''.
'' Why? ''.
(Rishi removed her necklace and starred closely at it. Then she looked back at Queen Meerah's painting).
'' But,how come she is wearing the same necklace? I don't understand ''.
'' Rishi, there is something strange going on in the palace. I am beginning to feel scare. I...I..I, I don't know but am beginning to feel butterflies in my stomach. Scary butterflies ''.
'' I...I am thirsty Kushi ''. Rishi started coughing, she went closer to a jug and it was empty.
'' Don't worry... I will get you water now...wait here ''. Kushi said and stepped out of the chamber.

As she walked on the walkway, she came closer to a door. She was new in the palace and had no idea where she was going. So she slowly opened the door and heard voices from the room. Strange voices. Voices of men.

'' His stupid friends have decided to come along ''.
'' So then,what are we going to do about that? ''.
'' Idiot... why are you my friend? Is to give me ideas when I run out of some. What should I do? ''.
'' I don't know my Prince. I think, if they want to come along. We should let them them ''.
'' Then all my plans will fail Shiv. I want Majid to die alone, not some filthy foreigners! ''.
(Kushi gasped out of fright when she heard that. Prince Faruk and Shiv heard her voice).
'' Who is there?! ''. He shouted.
(Kushi looked around her and spotted a pillar near by. She quickly took to her heels and his behind the pillar near the door. Shiv and Prince Faruk got outside and looked around. And the place was quiet as a cemetery).
'' There is no one here my Prince ''.
'' I know I heard someone's voice. Look around now! ''.
(Shiv removed one of his short knives from his sack clothe and started walking near the pillar)....
Queen Mother

episode 36
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Shiv started walking towards the pillar in slow with his short knife, while Faruk looked around too. He then spotted Queen mother and Queen Sheena walking towards the place. Prince Faruk saw them coming from his side and whispered loudly to Shiv.

'' Hey! Come over here! ''.
(Shiv saw this and his his short knife in his sack cloth immediately, Queen Sheena arrived there,starring at Prince Faruk who was smiling at them like some idiot. They didn't understand anything, but they had no idea what he had in mind. Queen mother smiled back and caressed his face).
'' Faruk,is everything alright? ''.
'' Yes grandmother. Absolutely. I just came from Majid's chamber, and am heading to my chamber ''.
'' How is he doing? ''.
'' He is okay....just angry ''.
(Shiv turned and looked back at the pillar secretly, whether someone will appear from there).
'' I have to go and talk to him right now...I have to make him understand how important this is ''.
'' I have already done that grandmother. And he said he wants to be alone now. And that's why I left the chamber ''.
'' He is so stubborn. Okay,I will talk to him later. I will talk to you too later. Let's go Sheena ''. Queen mother said and left with Queen Sheena.
(Prince Faruk and Shiv took a deep breath and turned to the pillar. Shiv quickly went closer to the pillar and checked around and saw no one there. He frowned,he then smelled perfume of a woman in the air).
'' No one? ''.
'' No one my Prince. But I am also sure there was someone here. And that someone was a woman ''.
'' How sure are you? ''.
'' Because I scented the perfume. My Prince, if someone has really heard our conversation, I think we should forget about leaving tonight ''.
'' Don't be a coward Shiv. We are surely leaving tonight. The lion must not die without killing Majid as well,I hope you have made preparation for attack ''.
'' Yes. It has being starved for the passed two weeks. It might be waiting for someone to devour right now ''.
'' Hahaha... And that person, is Majid. Tonight, he will die....and by tomorrow...father will make me the crowned Prince ''. He said,patting his cheeks.

(Rishi's chamber).

Rishi couldn't stop coughing. Suddenly, Kushi entered, breathing heavily with a golden jag of fresh water. Rishi was confused at her reaction but said nothing. Kushi poured a glass of water and she took it fast. After drinking, she took a deep breath and stayed calm a while.

'' I don't know what was going to happened to me Kushi. I was suddenly coughing ''.
(Rishi realised that Kushi wasn't listening to her but just held her chest,breathing heavily).
'' Kushi? Talk to me! ''.
'' Rishi...promise me you are going to believe what am about to tell you please ''.
'' Kushi, you know I trust you...ever since we became friends at five years old. What is the matter.... I know you never lie ''.
'' Rishi... his life is in danger ''.
'' Life? Who...who are you...
'' They are planning to kill him Rishi! ''. Kushi said in horror as she was shaking and her asthma was about to start.
'' Kushi.. Calm down. Please relax ''. Rishi said and poured her a glass of water. Kushi took the water and started relaxing, then she got fed up and stood up.
'' Rish...Rishi...we have to do something! We have to go and tell everyone right now! ''.
'' Kushi what is it? Just speak up because you are scaring me now! ''.
'' They want to kill Prince Majid! ''.
(The glass from Rishi's hand fell and shattered at her feet. Kushi was shocked as she saw the broken golden glass on the floor).
'' Pri... Prince Majid? What are you trying to say Kushi?! ''.
'' I heard them myself Rishi, please believe me. I swear...I know what I heard. Prince Faruk is planning to kill Prince Majid! ''. Kushi shouted then she started acting restless. Loosing her breath. Rishi quickly sprinkled some water on her and she !ade Kushi lie down with trembling arms. Kushi then started calming. Just then,Rishi starred at her for a while and break out into laughter. Kushi sat back down,looking confused as to why Rishi was laughing.
'' Oh my goodness Kushi. You are so funny. I mean,I know you very well... we have being fooling all our lives but you really made a horrible joke today ''.
(Kushi got to her feet and had an angry look. Rishi had not seen that look on her face before).
'' Oh really? So am now a comedian to you right? You are about to get married to Prince Majid... and am telling you his life is in danger and you are here laughing about it. Rishi, are you going mad? I said I heard it myself! ''.
'' You might have imagined it Kushi. This does not make any sense! They are brothers.... and I haven't seen any enmity between them. So what are you.....
'' They are taking Prince Majid somewhere tonight Rishi... I swear! '' 
'' They? ''.
'' Prince Faruk and another man. I heard them. His name is Shiv! ''.
'' This is madness Kushi! Why would Prince Faruk want to kill Prince Majid?! ''.
'' So that he becomes the crowned Prince ''.
(Both Rishi and Kushi panicked immediately as the strange voice answered her question. They turned their faces at the door and were shocked).

(In the kingdom=Meho's house).

Bhavna started packing all her clothes from the room into her sack bag. The guards that dropped them,left a lot of foodstuffs and gifts for them in the house. But that didn't matter to Bhavna. She packed her belongings and got ready to leave and Meho didn't know what to do or say. He just stood there helplessly. Bhavna opened the door and looked back into the room. She remembered everything that had happened in her life and wept. Meho turned his face into a helpless bitch. When Bhavna took a step away from the door,he quickly went down on his knees in tears. He held twelve skins of alcohol and threw them away at once.

'' Please Bhavna...please. Who is going to take care of me now? ''.
'' I hope you keep in mind that...all that is happening now,is all your fault. You can keep the foodstuffs we got from the palace ''.
'' Bhavna please. Please, am beginning to come back to my senses. Please Bhavna, take me back....Rishi has forgiven me so why can't you...
'' Point of correction Meho. Rishi forgave you...only because she doesn't know the real truth. Now listen carefully... am going to live with Radah. Never come to look for me... I will go to the priest tomorrow and do all the necessary rituals to end our !marriage. Good bye Meho ''.
'' Please Bhavna... I have changed please ''.
'' Oh you changed too late Meho. You only changed when Rishi started living in the palace. You are such a hypocrite ''.
'' Why don't you try and understand that,we are supposed to be united more than ever because Mr Raul might be planning something against us or Rishi at any moment?! ''. He shouted in anguish, then got to his feet.
'' What?! What are you trying to say? ''.
'' Bhavna... I didn't want to tell you this. Mr Raul, he has threatened to kill me if I don't provide Rishi in a month's time ''.
'' And do you think I will stay just because of this nonsense? Let him kill you. You alone spent his money, you alone die. Don't involve me or Rishi in this anymore. Good bye Meho ''. Bhavna carried her heavy load away.
'' So,this is the disgrace Bhavna wants to give me. I am the man of the house,and it is by my strength, that you got pregnant... So if you have decided to get me out of your life,then we shall see ''. He said and carried his skins of alcohol.

(Mr Raul's mansion).

He was feeling weak. He sat on his favourite sofa in front of the mansion. He was holding the invitation of Rishi and Majid's coronation. The coronation he didn't attend. He lighted a stick of cigar and started smoking. He raised the invitation card up and placed the burning cigar close to it. He touched both the materials and the card started burning. His guards and son were all worried about his situation and didn't know what he had in mind.

'' What do we do now father? ''. Rishab asked him.
'' I am soon going back to London ''. He answered slowly.
'' Father, when are you leaving, you can't leave me here all alone. You just arrived here and now you are deciding to leave? If that is the case,then let's sell this mansion and let's sell this mansion and let's all leave together ''.
'' Meho wants to play with fire. And I will make sure he gets burnt by it. I want him dead in three days that? ''.
'' Yes boss! ''.
'' I am going to take care of this situation myself. He decided to give out my own wife for free. No. He is a dead man. Majid has being like a son to me for the passed twenty years....but I won't let him take my wife from me ''.
'' I can't wait to get to London soon father... It will be so much....
'' Oh shut up Rishab! You are not going anywhere. There are more gold here that I want to own,so watch over my businesses here for me ''.
'' But father please. It will be my first time....
'' Did you hear me say shut up? You were born here,and you will die here. I am not taking you anywhere close to London boy! But there is one person who will surely go with me. And am going to take her,by hook or crook. Rishi is mine,and am going to take her from the palace at all cost. Or else there will be war. And she's going to live with me in London ''. He said and blew out a dark smoke from the cigar.

(Royal Palace=Prince Majid's chamber).

It was getting late and he got out from the bathroom. He started drying himself to get dressed for the night camping. He wasn't wearing the necklace now. He dried himself off the sweet smell off the sweet smell of the expensive rich soap. He sat on his bed in silence, and flashes of Rishi's face passed through his brain. He kept remembering her face and he himself was confused about it. He stood up and opened his grand wardrobe to select a his dressing room only contained expensive clothes, mostly white. This was a night camping and he thought it was nothing special. He started keeping himself busy with the selections in order not to get the reflection of Rishi's face anymore. His chamber door was opened but he ignored it. Some minutes later,Cindy arrived, all dressed up in a very short jean knickers and a barebacked top. She wore a black socks and a brown sneakers,holding a water bottle in all smiles as she starred seductively at Majid. Majid saw her and smiled,then he gnashed his teeth.

'' Oh baby I promised that tonight was going to be you and I right? Demn it! I totally forgot ''.
'' Hey,it's okay. Don't be too hard on yourself cupcake. I know you are going on night camping with the boys ''.
'' Yeah... about that....
'' I and Natalya are coming along ''.
'' What?! No..but this is a night for boys. It is a boys night out ''.
(Cindy suddenly frowned, making herself noticed with a crocodile tear).
'' I thought you never wanted to be away from me ''.
'' Of course not! It's just that....alright. Fine,are you ready? ''.
'' More than ready....
'' Okay,I wanna just get a black or blue shirt for this. We won't be long out's just a big tour,you know what I mean? ''.
'' Yeah baby...have you found one? ''.
'' Still searching ''.
'' How about... I give you a little bed exercise huh? Then you can finally decide on the perfect cloth? ''. She said cunningly and placed the water bottle aside. She blushed her hair up on down,looking all hot and sexy,drawing closer to Majid.
'' Cimdyu,this is not the right.....
(She made him go silent when she started swimming her hands down his waist and dropped her right hand into the towel tying his waist. He took a deep breath and his veins were appearing in his body as blood started rushing through them. He looked down at her. Lips shaking and he locked his lips with hers and kissed her like crazy. She started getting rid of her clothes while kissing him deepily and he loosened his towel as they both slowly layed on the bed. Caressing and moaning).

(Rishi's chamber).

Rishi nd Kushi stood there,speechless as Savitri held her walking stick and went near them.

'' What your friend just told you,is the truth Rishi ''.
'' Who are you? ''.
'' I am someone who has lived in the palace for many years. And I know what am saying. Prince Faruk, truly wants to kill your will be husband ''.
'' no no. This is impossible. I said who are you? ''.
'' Savitri. The head of all the maidens in the palace ''.
'' Oh god. I think I remember you. Yesterday you....
'' Yes. I am the one whose daughter was sentenced to death yesterday. Listen girl,I have being living in this palace for the passed forty years. I know everything about this place. Believe me when I say,apart from Queen mother, Queen Sheena, the king...and now me,no body loves Prince Majid. Prince Faruk, has hated his brother for many years because...he was the elderly son,but he s not made the crowned Prince. There is no love in the palace... and I can prove it to you Rishi ''.
'' They want to kill him? ''. Rishi wiped a tear from her eyes and sat slowly down. '' No...but why? ''.
'' I would have loved to tell you the whole story, but I might be crucifying my own self on top. So all you need to know is...Prince Faruk, and his mother Queen Dorah... wants to eliminate Prince Majid, so they can take over the throne ''.
'' And why should I believe you? ''.
'' Because I used to be Queen Dorah's handmaiden. Until she betrayed me yesterday... and I want my revenge on her. Rishi, are you willing... to stand firm and save Prince Majid from the enemy?.......

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