Married To The Prince Episode 31,32 & 33

episode 31
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Refining Room).

Rishi's royal bath was over and she was taken into the dressing room. She was holding the wet sweatshirt of Majid and she layed it on the bed. Priya asked the maids to take the sweatshirt to the dryer to dry it off. More maidens walked into the room. Rishi was looking fresher than ever and her skin was looking amazing. She couldn't believe her own eyes. She lifted the sweatshirt and gave it to two maids.

'' Please, make sure to take care of it. Bring it to me as soon as it dries. Please..bring it straight over here ''.
'' Yes Rishi ''. They said and left.
'' Good,finally someone called me by my name. That feels so good ''.
'' Okay,now,it's time for your make up and dressing. Please sit in front of the big mirror ''. Priya said.
(With a towel on her,she went to sit on a golden chair which was facing the big mirror. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail and she looked at her face in mirror. She took a deep breath and the maids surrounded her. First,one of them went behind her and untied her hair and started combing it,then the other one started one started dealing with her nails and feet. The other started applying makeups and applying pomade on her body. She felt so pampered).

(In the Queens chamber).

This was another chamber where only the Queens could enter to get the minds of stressful kingdom stuff and get to bond as one man's wives. It has being designs since ages. The Queen mother and Queen Meerah used to entertain themselves there with dancers and drummers. But when she died,of was now Queen mother and Queen Sheena who entered there.
And this time,they entered with Bhavna who was still waiting in the palace to see how her daughter would look like. Queen Dorah also often entered there,but she only went when she was sure that Queen mother and Queen Sheena wouldn't be going there. Guards surrounded the four comers of the chamber and some maidens served the Queens and Bhavna with grape wine in a golden glass and some food to ear. Bhavna didn't hesitate and ate the food. And they cheered for future peace and happiness in the palace.

'' that things are going on well as planned, our next also,finding one of our very refined chamber for Rishi ''.
'' That is not hard. I had already made up my mind,even before we found her ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' No, the chamber Rishi would sleep in,shouldn't be of a problem at all. What our next aim should be,is to make Majid fall in love with Rishi ''.
'' You are right my Queen. Please do anything you can to make that happened. Nothing is more painful in life than a husband who does not love his wife ''.
(The Queen mother nodded and took a sip of her wine).
'' Don't worry Bhavna, leave everything to me,okay? ''.
'' I can't wait to see Rishi ''.

Just by that moment, there was a huge trumpet blown in the palace. It was so loud that,everyone in their chambers closed their ears. People started getting out of their chambers to check what was going on. Queen mother and the others got to their feet with smiles. The Queen mother told the guard holding the horn that,as soon as he sees the maidens bringing Rishi from the refining chamber.
Everyone was outside and maids had surrounded Rishi and had covered her face with a veil. Something she had hated all her life. A veil. But this time,she had no choice. The surrounded her and other maids who were in front, sprinkled rises in front of her while she walked on the compound. The king walked to the compound, followed by some guards and he was still frowning. Majid stood on the balcony, looking down at them.
Rishi got in front of the Queens, she bowed down and touched their feet. Queen mother chuckled and smiled. She blessed her. Her mother stood besides them and she touched her mother's feet. They all saw the king standing there. Rishi left the maids and Queens aide and went in front of the king boldly. He whimpered, looking else where but Rishi bowed down and touched his feet. He said nothing an she straightened herself up. They all walked closer to her.
Majid looked at this from the balcony, still frowning. Rishi's back was facing him. The Queen then raised her hands and stopped the horn which was being blown. The king turned to leave.

'' Your highness wait! ''. The Queen mother said and the king stood there. '' Don't you want to see the face of tour future daughter in law? ''.
(The king signed).
'' Yes tour highness... please wait for just a while ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Maids! Please, raise the veil up ''. The Queen mother ordered.
(Priya went in front of Rishi and bowed down to her. She slowly and carefully touched the veil and raised it up. Queen mother, Queen Sheena and Bhavna's eyes opened widely. Queen mother's eyes started wetting with tears when she layed eyes in Rishi. Rishi was so confused. But the king exclaimed in shock).
'' Meerah? ''.
'' Yes Shaker, see how Rishi has resembled her so much? ''. The Queen mother whispered into the king's ears and he smiled and shouted.
'' All hail future Queen Rishi!!! Glory to Rishi! ''. The king shouted.
'' Glory to her! ''. The servants shouted back.

Majid who was on the balcony couldn't hold his anger and left the balcony side. Bhavna was pleased and her heart was at peace now as it looked like the king had now accepted Rishi into the royal family. But she also needed to leave the palace. The king wanted to spend some more time with Rishi and the Queens,even Bhavna. But Bhavna wanted to take her leave.
Rishi's eyes begun to pour with tears. She walked slowly by her mother, followed by two guards, and they got to the palace entrance, holding each other's hands and looking into their eyes.

'' I promise to be here tomorrow too Rishi. I won't miss your coronation for anything in the world ''.
'' Okay mother ''.
'' And stop that tears,you are in safe hands now ''.
'' Okay mother ''.
'' I will miss you the rest of the day ''.
(They both laughed).
'' I can't believe all this is happening mother ''.
'' We both knew that,one day you would get married one day and go and live with tour in laws Rishi. And it has happened. Let's hope for the best dear ''.
'' Can't you spend the night here mother...please? ''.
'' No dear. This is your in-laws place. It is inappropriate. And besides, I want to have a word with your father.... I will see you tomorrow. It is getting late ''.
'' Okay mother ''.
(She still held her hand tightly and Bhavna forced her hands out of hers and left. The guards then stood by her sides and walked her into the palace, Rishi met the royal family on the compound and bowed down to them).
'' You can stop bowing to us now dear. Let us get inside please ''.

They all walked away into the building and the king walked them to his chamber. Queen Dorah, Prince Faruk and Prince Majid were invited to go to the king's chamber. They all heeded to the king's invitation except Majid. The king understood the situation and Rishi was then shy more than ever. She kept quiet and sat on a chair besides the Queen mother and Queen Sheena.

'' I want to officially welcome Rishi, to the royal family before her coronation tomorrow ''.
'' She is now part of the royal family. And tomorrow, we will set the date for the marriage ceremony ''. Queen mother said.
'' But mother, how can that happened? ''. Queen Dorah intentionally jumped in.
'' What?! ''.
'' Yes Queen Dorah, what do you mean? ''.
'' I don't mean anything bad,but tour highness... Is this marriage plans not involved with Majid too? Then why is he not here? Majid does not accept anything from us. He didn't accept to marry Prince Ragah, and now he has refused to marry this one too...
'' She has a name Queen Dorah! ''. Queen mother shouted in anger.
'' I'm sorry mother. Majid has refused to marry Rishi as will this even work? What will we do,if he refuses to show up at the marriage ceremony? ''.
'' Hmmm. Mother, Queen Dorah has a point. The wedding date is always fixed and announced at the coronation day,so that people can prepare themselves for it ''.
'' Oh my goodness! Queen Dorah wants to ruin this special moment for Rishi, but I won't allow her ''. Queen Sheena thought.
'' Well Queen Dorah, why don't you leave that problem for me to take care of? The important thing here is,the king has now accepted this alliance and given his consent, right my son? ''.
'' Yes mother. Absolutely ''. The king said and opened his arms for Rishi ''. Come my dear,you have made me smile genuinely... after 25 year ''.
(Rishi slowly walked towards the king and embraced him. Queen Dorah became infuriated but couldn't show it. Prince Faruk was restless. All he and his mother wanted was to make the king keep some hatred in his heart for Majid so that they could use that to manipulate him to get the position of the crowned Prince from him,but it looked like their plans were now trembling into chaos).
'' There is also one thing your highness ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Ask and it shall be given Queen Sheena ''. The king said.
'' I would really love it, if Queen Meerah's chamber would be given to Rishi ''.
'' What?! ''. Queen Dorah shouted.
(Rishi looked confused. All she knew was three Queens. Queen Sheena, Queen mother and Queen Dorah. So who was this Queen Meerah she just heard. Prince Faruk's face turned pale and Queen Dorah started trembling).
'' Maids! ''. Queen mother shouted and two of them entered and bowed.
'' Take Rishi on a tour around the palace ''.
(The maids took Rishi away).
'' But Queen Sheena... that chamber has not being opened for 25 years. Also,there are so many memories of Queen Meerah there,all her clothes and jewelry are also there. I promised myself not to let anyone go in there,except me myself, when I want to remind myself of her ''.
'' Faruk dear. Can you give us some time to talk? ''. The Queen mother said and Faruk walked out. All he and his mother's plans were about to fall apart. The pot was in Queen Meerah's chamber if Rishi is given that chamber, their lives would be over. He quickly went around, looking for Roshni to take the key.
'' Yes Queen Sheena... Rishi can never be given Queen Meerah's chamber. Do you want to erase her memories or what?! ''. Queen Dorah shouted as she looked exhausted.
'' Hmmm..why is Queen Dorah so upset about my suggestion. There must be something wrong somewhere wrong somewhere, when has she ever cared about Queen Meerah, and to talk of her memories? ''. Queen Sheena thought.
'' Shaker. I think Sheena is right ''. Queen mother said calmly.
'' What?! Mother you can't do that! I thought you cared about Queen Meerah's memories! ''.
'' Rishi will be Majid's first wife Queen Dorah. And Queen Meerah is Majid's real mother, even though he doesn't know, because the truth might affect him badly. It is only right,if Rishi is given that chamber, to cover all the wounds Queen Meerah left ''.
'' So mother, are we going to remove everything of Queen Meerah from her chamber? ''.
'' No Shaker. Rishi will be using them. Her jewelry, her sarees. Rishi will use everything. Meerah had many unused items, sarees and jewelries she never wore,we shall refine them so that all of it belongs to Rishi now ''.
(The king took a deep breath and signed).
'' Please say no. Say no say no say no say ..nooo ''. Queen Dorah pleaded in her head.
'' Okay mother. Fine. It is time to put all the pain in the past. Even though the wound still feels fresh like it happened yesterday ''. The king said and walked to the keys collection.
'' This is bad..bad bad bad ''. Queen Dorah kept thinking in horror.
'' What?! ''. The king exclaimed.
'' What is it? ''.
'' The keys to Queen Meerah's chamber. Someone has tempered with it. Guards! Guards!!! ''.
(Three guards quickly entered and bowed down).
'' Hurry! Assemble everyone to come outside now!!! Whether servant or royalty. And don't let anyone enter or go anywhere, keep am eye on them all. Hurry! ''.
(The guards bowed down and left the king's chamber).
'' Oh my goodness. How is this even possible. Who can be bold enough to enter the king's chamber and do this? ''.
'' A real thief would, mother. That person will be beheaded as soon as possible. Let's go! ''.
(The king held the fake keys in infuriation. He followed the Queens out).

(In the dungeon).

Cindy and the others were feeling real hell and heat now. Feeling uncomfortable and terrified. This had never happened to them. The others kept hitting the dungeon's metal gate,shouting to be released, more because of the cages lions roaring at them. They kept their faces away from the animals to reduce tension. Cindy didn't sit down one moment. She kept on walking to and fro like a crazy woman.

'' No matter how long you stand or walk,we are still stuck here ''. Natalya cried. '' I didn't bargain for this. I thought we were coming here to have fan,oh God..I wanna go back to London right now ''.
'' I can't believe Majid is watching them do this to us. He's such a dick man ''. Maxwell said.
'' Hey don't talk about him that way! ''. Cindy shouted. '' It is not his fault that,his stupid family are forcing him to do this ''.
'' Are you crazy Cindy?! All am wishing now,is for Majid to get his butt I can tell him to accept the marriage alliance and free us ''.
'' You wouldn't dare Maxwell! You wouldn't dare! I will rather spend a thousand years here than see my man with another woman ''.
'' Well,maybe you want to stay here a thousand years...but me,I don't want to even spend the night here. So shut the fuck up because for me,I will convince Majid to marry that girl ''.
'' You are right Maxwell. I agree ''. Natalya said.
'' Natalya... you too? I thought you were my friend! ''.
'' Oh that's nonsense. I have a life in London okay. I can't spend my life in a stupid dungeon because of stupid case ''.
'' Guys please. Let's all calm down...everything will be okay by tomorrow ''. Jimmy silently said.
'' This is not going to end well. If I loose Majid, then someone will have to die. Someone will surely die....

episode 32
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara(Daisy Cartel).

(Prince Majid's Chamber).

It was getting late,and he was lying in bed. He had not eaten anything since afternoon. He kept starring at his glass roofing and kept blinking his eyes. He could care less about the noise which was going on outside the palace. He thought to himself and there was only one person who could help him get out of Ujani. And that person was Mr Raul. But how could he get in touch with him when his phone was taken from him and he had no idea where the Queen mother had hidden it.
There was a knock on his chamber door and he chuckled. Two guards had earlier came to tell him that the kin had assembled everyone outside the palace for some unknown reason. But he didn't bother to follow them outside, rather,he kicked them out and stayed alone in his chamber. He heard the knock and someone opened the door of his chamber.
He still layed down and didn't do anything. His personal bodyguard arrived there and bowed down.

'' My Prince ''.
'' What? ''.
'' Please my Prince I...I...
'' Just speak up man ''.
'' My Prince. I know am not in a right full position to tell anything but...please, may I have a word with you? '' 
(Majid raised his head from his soft and fuzzy pillow,starring at the huge guard who was standing and looking down. Majid was quite confused but he sat up on the bed. His legs,straightened on the white covered bedsheets. He layed his back on the head of the bed and kept silent, just starring at the guard).
'' Say what? ''.
'' It is about the alliance the royal family has formed between you and the town girl my Prince ''.
'' And...what about that? Are you involved? ''.
'' My Prince... I know that,what am about to say may be the end of my life today since,am a servant, I do not have any rights whatsoever to even talk to you ''.
'' Just go straight to the point. I care less about your position in the palace. Just talk to me. Man to man. What do you wanna say? ''.
'' Mr Prince. Please, if it were up to me,you should marry the girl ''.
'' What did you just say? ''. Majid was flabbergasted and the words he said soured like a whisper.
'' Yes my Prince. Please relax yourself and listen to me. This kingdom is yours and responsibility now. You are the future king. And in this kingdom, and in our tradition,we do believe in destiny. We all have a purpose to serve in life,and if we don't fulfill our purpose, then my Prince, what is the essence of our lives ''.
'' are saying that,my purpose in life is to...marry someone, I don't know,don't love, never spoken to,never spoken to, never touched ''.
'' But you touched her when she saved you from the statue. When she fell on you ''.
(That statement was funny that both Prince Majid and the guard laughed).
'' I don't know about this Sushim. If I knew this was how my life would turn out,I would have just died ''.
'' You never know until you try it my Prince. Please, try your best and accept this,all the girls here have being trained very well and they are very calm and submissive. Trust me. You won't regret it. Please do all you can and accept that the plans of your bro...sorry ''.
'' What were you about to say Sushim? Plans of who? ''.
'' No my Prince. I mean,don't let the bond between you and your family be broken because of...sorry to say this but...because of some foreigner ''.
'' Sushim....
'' Mr Prince please. I know am just your personal bodyguard. But for me,I see you as a little brother. I have lived long on this earth to realise that,family is everything. Please my Prince. I shall take my leave ''. He bowed down and left.
(Majid entered into a deep thought which started cracking his brains).

(Outside=On the large front compound).

Everyone had gathered. All where confused but majority were terrified. To be summoned by the king in such a hot afternoon, and not even in the court house but the compound. They stood there murmuring to each other in wonder. Prince Faruk started looking into the servants to find Roshni. He was restless more than ever. He had to save the day for his mother. He knew that Savitri was threatening Queen Dorah, but he knew that Queen Dorah would have chosen being threatened by a common maid than to be haunted by a ghost.
He saw her afar in the crowd,standing besides her mother in her uniform. He started walking towards her when the royal family arrived. The horn was blown and everywhere was silenced. The Queen mother, Queen Sheena, Queen Dorah and Rishi stood at the side of the king. Prince Faruk panicked and went back away from the servants and went to stand by the royal family to avoid any suspicions. The king was still frowning and there was no ounce of smile on his lips. The guards who were sent to assembled them also stood in the midst of the people so that no one tried anytime fishy. 
The spokesperson for the king stood forward. They were high away from the servants as they were standing on a golden stairs at the entrance of the building, while the servants stood on the ground.
The king stretched his hands and handed they keys to his spokesperson. He took the keys and raised his hands up to the people and raised his voice.

'' People of the palace. Today is not a good day for anyone. If the king does not find answers to his questions. Even the royal family has being searched. Now it is your turn ''.
(All the servants looked confused).
'' The keys to the late Queen Meerah's chamber has being tempered with! ''. The spokesperson shouted.
(Everyone started murmuring in horror).
'' They were two keys,joined together. The person removed one week from the other and placed a fake key to it. Now,that chamber contain lots valuables. Like golden jewelry, diamond rings,expensive sarees...slippers, even golden coins. As you were all out here,we ordered the guards to go to your various rooms to search for key. But they found nothing. And since we don't know,the exact moment that person came to steal the keys from the king's chamber.. we are about to search on you all. Maybe the thief came to the king's chamber today without anyone seeing them. And they stole it. Guards!!! Make sure that you stand firm besides anyone and make sure they all stand straight without moving, the person might hide the key again ''.
(Everyone's heart begun to pound. Others were confident. Avni stood besides Savitri and she started sweating. She looked up and saw Queen Dorah breathing fast and wondered what she did with the keys. Savitri looked at her silently and began to suspect. She turned and looked at Roshni who had closed her eyes and smiling, day dreaming of the day Prince Faruk was going to marry her into the royal family. But Savitri had idea what was about to go down. She turned and looked back at Avni who kept scratching her head,looking agitated).
'' Avni? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' What is the matter with you? Why are you shaking? ''.
'' Nothing you should worry about ''.
'' Better tell me and let me help you now ''. Savitri whispered. '' Are you involved with it? Do you have anything to do with....
'' Hey shut up! ''. One guard standing besides them shouted.
'' Oh my goodness. I hope Queen Dorah does not betray me. Then I will never forgive her ''. Avni thought.
(The king raised his right hand up and flipped it).
'' Guards! Search them now! ''.

The guards started searching all the maids. The guard standing besides, searched on Avni, then searched on Savitri. He didn't find anything and got to Roshni's side. Roshni raised her hands up and the guard searched on her. He told her to open up her uniform pocket. She happily placed her hand I to her pocket then her facial expression suddenly changed. 
She started trembling. She removed her hand and opened her palms,just to find a key in her hand. Savitri and Avni's eyes were widely opened, the faces turned red. Roshni's sweat started dribbling down her chin like rain water. Just then,the guard shouted on top his voice.

'' I found the key!!! ''.
(All attention was drawn to his place. The guard aggressively held Roshni's hands and started pulling her to the front).
'' No! Leave me alone. I swear I didn't take the key please ''.
'' Leave my daughter alone. She has not done anything pleas! ''. Savitri wept.
(Queen Dorah's mouth was opened in shock and she slowly turned her face to look at Prince Faruk who was standing besides the king. Prince Faruk also rolled his eyes to the left,starring at his mother and Queen Dorah smiled at the corner of her lips.. Prince Faruk adjusted his robe and threw his hair backward and smiled, looking into the crowd. The guard got to the front and pushed Roshni to the ground, in front of the royal families feet. The guard snatched the key from Roshni and showed it to the king. The king took the key and frowned. Savitri came running and fell at the king's feet. She touched the king's feet with her forehead in tea).
'' Your highness please. I can bet my life on it. That Roshni is innocent... please don't don't make any judgement yet ''.
'' Oh...she is innocent is she,so why was the key found on her? ''. Queen Dorah said cunningly.
(Savitri heard her voice and realised her biggest mistake. She raised her head and looked into Queen Dorah's face,who was smiling by one corner of her lips at her. Savitri bent down her face again. She became aware that all was Queen Dorah's plans. More tears fell our of her eyes and started regretting whatever she did. She held the king's legs tightly in tea. Rishi started feeling bad and helpless. She quickly had pity on them and wanted to say something. But Queen Sheena held her hand tightly, stopping her from talking).
'' This is q cri!e in the highest degree Savitri. It looks like your daughter herself has nothing to say to defend herself. Which makes her guilty! ''. The Queen mother said.
'' No! Say something Roshni. Defend yourself... I believe in you my child...say something! ''.
'' I didn't do anything your highness. I can never enter into your chamber. Never! Not without permission ''.
'' Shut up!!! ''. The king shouted angrily. '' You were planning to do nothing but to steal. That chamber has numerously valuables. And that was the chamber of the woman I jadever loved in my....
(Queen mother touched the king's shoulder tightly and shook her head).
'' Don't get to emotional Shaker...just pass your judgement and let's leave from here ''. Queen mother whispered.
'' Yes mother. Guards! Throw this thief in the dungeon and exactly by 7 Am tomorrow morning, take her to the ancient mountains... and behead that clear?! ''.
'' Yes your highness! ''. They replied.
(The king and the royal family turned and started entering the building, except Queen Dorah who stood there,looking at Savitri and Roshni on the floor).
'' No! Have mercy on us your highness. Please. You Majesty! Roshni! ''.
(Two guards grabbed Roshni away from Savitri and pushed her away onto the ground. Pulling Roshni who was shouting away,Savitri fell,hitting her waist on the floor. She tried getting up but she couldn't, all she could do was scream. While Queen Dorah walked down the golden stairs and got to where Savitri layed. All the servants departed to go back to their various works. Queen Dorah couldn't help but laugh).
'' Oh well oh well oooh weeelll! My dear months ago loyal Savitri. Look at your end now...stupid witch! ''.
'' Queen Dorah. I knew it. I knew that you would do everything to stop me. Please I beg you. Don't let my daughter die. You know she's innocent. Please ''.
'' Oh yes she's indeed innocent. As if I care about. Now you will know...that no one,absolutely no one,ever stands up against me and win. Now look at you,you are not even able to stand up...Hahaha. It's time for dinner. Bye bye ''. She said and left.

(In the kingdom).

The news has rushed through the kingdom like harmattan bush fire. Every mouth was talking about the news of Rishi who was to be married to the crowned Prince soon. They all couldn't get themselves to accept this sudden turn in Rishi's life. Bhavna reached the town after leaving the palace and as she walked in town,no one could get their eyes off her.
As she walked among the people everyone quickly made way for her to pass. They all made their possible best not to be touch by her flowing saree. One palata seller (toasted flour and cheese with meal),quickly carried ten palatas from her bakery and packaged it well in a big paper and met Bhavna with it then smiled widely. Bhavna was confused. The palata seller bowed to her.

'' Hey! What are doing? ''.
'' Well Bhavna. This palata is for you. Eat them all and become fat and beautiful ''.
'' What? ''. Bhavna laughed.
(Just then,the fruit seller who embarrassed her the other day quickly got to her side with lots of apples and watermelons in a brown sack and stretched it to her,bowing down).
'' Hey,what are you all doing. Mr Malhotra... I can't carry all those. Please take it ba....
'' Hey boys! ''. Mr Malhotra called his two employees and gave them the sack to hold. '' Take this to our dear Bhavna's house right now! Okay? ''.
'' Yes boss! ''. They said and took the sack.
(Suddenly, almost all the vendors in the market took a piece of they were selling to Bhavna's side and she got annoyed).
'' It is enough! What do all of you think you are doing? I don't need anything from any of you! Oh I get it,you all have heard that Rishi is going to be married to the crowned Prince isn't it? May the lord have mercy on you all ''.
'' Please Bhavna. Please forgive us. We....
'' I don't need tour apologies! I amnot going to change because of all this. Please.. go back to your works. Am going home ''. Bhavna said and left.

(Next Day=Meho's House).....

episode 33
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Next Day=Meho's House).

The entire kingdom was noisy and everyone was heading to the palace happily. Bhavna had looked into her wardrobe and selected her best dress. There was a very loud knock on her door. She stopped what she was doing and went for the door. She opened it and it was Meho. Surprisingly, he wasn't drank,he looked a little bit gentle. He walked passed her into the room and she also went back to what she was doing without closing the door. He sat down,watching her and she said nothing but kept checking her dress and slippers out.

'' Ate you going somewhere? ''.
'' Don't act like you haven't heard the news. You can see everyone in the kingdom rushing on top of the hill towards the palace ''.
(Meho opened his mouth widely).
'' So it was true? My daughter is getting married to the crowned Prince soon? ''.
'' Oh I see. So she's your daughter now. What a coincidence ''.
'' Why didn't you tell me this?! I have the right to know! ''.
'' When I came home yesterday... you weren't here. And it all happened so fast. But Meho,do not even think that...I have forgotten what you did. You wicked soul. I am leaving this house soon.. And we will both go and see the priest and end our marriage! ''.
'' What? Bhavna, this is the time we are supposed to be close, more than ever. See how lucky I am,my own daughter is about to marry the crowned Prince of Ujani! This is so huge Bhavna! ''.
'' Shut up! You monster. You are lucky you are Rishi's father...I will never have allowed you to go. Because the royal family might ask of you..but if you dare take advantage of my daughter Meho,I will tell the whole world about tour conspiracy with Mr Raul! ''.
'' So you are going to blame me for everything that happened in our lives now! It was you who refused to let me hold Rishi when she was born! ''.
'' Because you were going to give her to Mr Raul! Did you think I was stupid? And why am I even talking to you. You and I will soon be over by the end of this month. But the sweet things is.. I will be leaving tonight! ''.
'' That is against our tradition ''.
'' As if you ever cared for any tradition! ''.
(And there was another knock on the door. Bhavna stretched her neck and found palace guards and maidens standing tall with four trays in their hands. She asked them to come in and they entered and bowed down).
'' Oh goodness! I feel like a god right now! ''. Meho shouted.
'' Please, is there something wrong? ''.
'' Her highness the Queen mother has sent this gifts for you and Rishi's father. It is a Royal attire and she said you should put it on ''. One guard said and Meho snatched the trays from,looking hungrily at it.
'' And we also brought a palanquin to carry you two to the palace ''. Another guard said and they walked away into the compound.
(Kushi and her mother entered the room. Kushi had put her best dress on...looking all happy and chippy at the same time. She kept on jumping up and down. Meho quickly entered the bathroom to quickly take his bath).
'' Oh my goodness oh my goodness! Is Rishi really marrying the crowned Prince? I can't wait to see her naughty face ''.
'' Bhavna... how are you feeling? '' Radah asked.
'' Accepting destiny Radah. What else can I do? ''.
'' It will be fine. Hm,this news has now brought Meho back to his senses ''.
'' Don't be deceived by his appearance here Radah. He is still the same old greedy bastard you knew before. I wish I was not introduced to the royal family as his wife. I will be so ashamed ''.
'' Bhavna... have you even realised something? ''.
'' Something like what? ''.
'' Mr Raul might also be there ''.
'' I am more confident than ever that...Mr Raul will not be able to harm my girl. Not ever. But I am feeling scared. If the truth comes out that Rishi was sold to him...then it will tarnish Rishi's image...
'' What will you do about that now? ''.
'' I will find a way ''.

(In the royal Palace=Queen mother's chamber).

She was already dressed up in a beautiful saree and was now wearing her jewelries when her personal guard entered the chamber and bowed down.

'' Yes,tell me? ''.
'' Your highness. Prince Majid wants to see you ''.
'' What?! ''. Queen mother exclaimed and jumped out of her seat. '' And you dare let him stand outside waiting. Go! Hurry,let him in ''.
(The guard left,and Prince Majid entered the chamber. Wearing a blue jeans and a tight white jeans and in a black slippers. He was looking handsome than ever. But he wasn't smiling still. Queen mother's heart rejoiced when she saw him. She quickly opened her arms to embraced him but Majid rejected her. Her face turned red in sadness as Majid turned his back at her).
'' Good morning grandson ''.
'' Good morning tour highness ''.
'' Your highness? Majid you are calling me your highness? But...
'' I don't see you as my grandmother anymore. Queen Gayatri ''.
(Queen mother was shocked. Tears appeared in her eyes. She tried touching Majid's shoulder but her hands were trembling and Majid moved away from there and stood somewhere else in the chamber).
'' can you say that to me. If there is anyone who has ever loved you since you were born...that's me ''.
'' Okay. Whatever. But I want you my friends out of tour prison... now ''.
'' Majid...the condition....
'' Fine!!! You still stand on your grounds right? Okay,cool. I accept okay? I will marry that girl. Whoever she is,I will marry her. But please get my friends out of that demn hell hole...I can't bare to see Cindy in such a disgusting state ''.
'' Cindy is all you care about?! ''.
'' Yes! She is all I care about... she is the love of my life! She makes me whole. So let her out of there now! I said I accept your decision, didn't I? Am gonna comply with the marriage thing. And I will do what you want. Call your guard now! Let them out ''.
'' Guards! ''. Queen mother shouted.
(Two guards entered the chamber and bowed down).
'' Hurry to the dungeon and set the foreigners free. Hurry up! ''.
(The guards bowed down and left).
'' Now give me my phones back! ''. Majid said and stretched his hands to her.
(She quickly opened a drawer under her wardrobe and removed seven expensive phones and handed them to Majid, he turned to leave and Queen mother hugged him tightly from behind in tears. She rested her head behind his broad back as he waa so tall).
'' Please don't be angry at your grandmother Majid. I love you so much. I can't stay alive for even a day if you are angry like this. I am just doing what is best for you. And what will save Ujani ''.
'' But of course! ''. Majid screamed out angrily and turned to her. '' It always has to be because of Ujani right? Why the hell should I care about Ujani before my own feelings?! I don't know how I ended up like this. But listen to me very well...I will never forgive you...or the entire royal family for treating me this way! Don't come close to me..and don't yell me what to do after this stupid wedding! ''. He said and stormed out of the chamber, leaving Queen mother heart broken.
'' Oh my lord. This is some of the times I miss Meerah so much. Meerah, wherever you are..if only you can hear me..please bring your son his brains back. Don't allow a rift to raise itself between he and his father... please ''. Queen mother put her hands together in silent prayers.

(In the dungeon).

Four guards arrived at the dungeon and unlocked the metal gates. The lions started roaring and two of the guards grabbed hold of Roshni who started screaming and took her away. The other two got to the metal gate and unlocked it.

'' The Queen mother said you are free to go now ''. The guard said.
'' Wuuuhuuuu! Hell yeah! ''. Maxwell shouted excitedly.
'' But why?! Why is she freeing us? ''. Cindy asked with red face.
'' What sort of nonsense question is that Cindy? They are freeing us! ''. Natalya said and started walking out.
'' Then...that only means one thing ''. Cindy said,and her body language changed. She started shaking.
'' Yes Cindy. It only means, Majid couldn't see us in this demn hole any longer and agreed to marry the village girl he was offered ''. Maxwell said in laughter. '' I swear Jimmy, I take back every nonsense I said about Majid yesterday man ''.
'' Whatever ''.
(Cindy couldn't believe this and took to her heels).

(Refining Room).

Rishi had being dressed up beautiful and now,some excellent kingdom artist started applying herna in her palms. Queen Sheena... was watching this and smiling. In the tradition, the artist was to apply the herna from the bride's elbow to the back of her hands and then her palms. So after flowers were drawn around her palms,the middle was to be left blank to draw the name of the groom in it. And as tradition, the woman was asked of the name of her groom. Queen Sheena got up and went closer to Rishi.

'' Please... what is the name of tour groom? ''.
(Rishi was so embarrassed and Queen Sheena was ready to laugh).
'' But you already know who he is ''. Rishi said shyly.
(Queen Sheena and the maids around bursted out laughing).
'' What is funny here? ''.
'' You have to mention the groom's name Rishi. It I tradition. Ancient says,when the groom's name comes out of the bride's lips,their souls always bond faster ''.
'' What a ridiculous and stupid ancient talk. As if that will work ''. Rishi thought.
'' So come on! Mention his name. Ask her again Beeji ''.
'' What is the name of the groom? ''. The artist asked.
'' Well....
(Two maids entered with Majid's sweatshirt which was looking fresher than ever. The ash colour was still looking bright and the fragrance from it filled the whole room. They layed it slowly on the bed and left. Rishi kept starring at the sweatshirt and Queen Sheena was also starring at her and at the sweatshirt,and smiled).
'' Majid. His name is Majid ''. Rishi said and took a deep breath.
(The artist drew Majid's name in both her palms).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He was in the dressing room and as usual, he wore a foreign clothe. A white shirt sleeved shirt and a white jeans with white expensive sneakers. He has ordered more foreign clothes from Mumbai and it was soon to arrive. He combed his hair and his cuteness wasn't reducing at all.
His guard had brought him a traditional clothes he was supposed to wear. But he placed that aside and wore foreign. Since that was how he saw himself. A foreigner. He heard someone batched into his chamber and he got out of the dressing room to the bedroom. Cindy quickly arrived and in a hurry,she embraced him tightly, smelling his hair and skin. She smelled his clothe and body so deeply and hugged him again.
She started kissing his whole face intensely, is was getting odd for Majid. He had never seen Cindy so aggressive. Her grip on his body was so tight that he couldn't tear her from him. She was breathing so heavily and started unbuttoning his shirt,still kissing his face. Majid was out of words,he became upset and pulled Cindy away by her shoulders.

'' Enough Cindy! What are you doing?! ''.
'' Make love to me Majid. Please... make love to me ''.
'' Now? ''.
'' Why not? ''.
'' Have you even realise what today is,didn't you see people from the kingdom entering the palace? ''.
'' Who gives a demn? You are my man! ''. She said and went closer to him but pulled away.
'' Stop! Enough! I know you are aware that,the reason why you and the others are out of the dungeon is because I accepted to marry the family's first choice ''.
'' No! This can't be. You can't marry anyone else Majid. You are mine. I will kill myself! ''.
(Majid was flabbergasted).
'' Yes! I am capable of that and even more Majid. That is how much I love you! ''.
'' Or that Is how much you are obsessed with me Cindy! ''.
'' Obsession? How can you tell me that Majid? We have being together for the passed seven years Majid, seven solid years of love and passion, you and I were madly in love with each other... or should I say,you were madly in love with me ''. She started weeping.
'' Baby, still madly in love with you ''. Majid said and went closer then touched her face and back tenderly but Cindy intentionally moved away from him.
'' It doesn't look like it! Now you are calling my love an obsession Majid! Tell me,tell me now! Look at what your family is doing to us Majid, they are taking you away from me! Where did I go wrong to loose you this way?! ''.
(Majid said nothing but embraced her tightly and she hugged him back. Majid's fave was dry and there was no tears in his eyes. Just an ounce of anger).
'' No. No one will take me away from you ''.
'' But is going to happened now! ''.
'' Let it happened Cindy. But tell me,are you willing live here with me and forget your life in London? Are you willing to sacrifice your life in London,just to be with me here...tell me now ''.
'' I will disown my family... If it means,being with you. I will be here if you want. I don't care about London ''.
'' Good. Today is just the announcement of the wedding day. And some other stuff I don't know about. But tonight, will be about only you and I. Okay...go on,freshen up and come here so we have breakfast together ''.
'' Hmmm..okay. Love you ''.
(They kiss and she left).
'' Now. Let's see how this shit goes.....

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