Married To the Prince Episode 28,29 & 30

Episode 28 
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(In the royal palace=Royal check up room).

This room was designed for minor injuries only. The royal check up room was close to Queen Meerah's chamber. And Bhavna was placed there. It had a huge door and it was a large room just ad the other chambers. Bhavna was lying on one of the beds in the room and she was still unconscious from her fainting. The royal herbalist checked her temperature and shook her head. She looked beside her and took out an ointment from her pan and mixed it with some green herbs and smeared it on Bhavna's forehead. She grinded some garlic with water and placed it besides a table near the bed Bhavna layed on. Queen mother and Queen Sheena were super worried about this and stood together with two guards,starring at an unconscious Bhavna.
The herbalist was done and she got in her feet and carried her pan in her hands ad well.

'' What now Saroj? ''.
'' Her fever will soon go down when she opens her eyes your Highness. Please, make sure to give her the garlic juice I have prepared for her, as soon as she gets up ''.
'' But will she be alright, I hope it is nothing serious ''. Queen mother asked.
'' No. It isn't serious at all. I this it was because of stress and fright ''.
'' You may leave now ''.
(The royal herbalist left with one guard).
'' I said it mother,the guards shouldn't have put her in the dungeon ''. Queen Sheena said in a worried mood.
'' It is okay. She is here now. Let's go Sheena. It is time,to make our plans come to realisation. It is time yo expose that witch for who she really is ''. Queen mother whispered to her.
'' Yes mother. You are absolutely are the first person to take action... So please, take the lead ''.
'' Yes should also go into your chamber now ''.
(They both turned to the last guard standing in the room with them).
'' Stay here,and when she opens her eyes...give her the garlic juice. And don't...let her out of here ''. The Queen mother ordered.
'' Okay your highness ''. 
(The two Queens both left).

(On the chambers walkway).

Rishi tiptoed, looking around her like an armed robber who was being chased. She still covered her breast and under with both her hands and had no idea where she was. She looked back and front and moved forward. She was feeling so cold and sadness took over. 
And she climbed some stairs,she saw some maids coming towards where she stood, they were happily chatting among themselves happily, so didn't look forward. She quickly his behind a tall pillar. The maidens got ti the place and passed then left. She got away from the pillar and rushed into a dark corner the opened a huge gate which was closed. 
She entered and there were lanterns of light which was lighted in a row on a long distance walkway with flowers hanging around. And there was a huge door which was closed at the last end.
No one stood at where she was and she quickly rushed with speed and opened the door. She used force,she had never dealt with such a heavy door. She entered the room and the gate closed by balance and pushed her from the back and fell into the room. That was the mist beautiful room she had ever seen. Everything was of gold. And the largest bed she had ever seen. She quickly took the bedsheet ,covering the bed and quickly covered herself. She looked around and saw a wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe and to her surprise, it contained foreign clothes. Foreign clothes she had never seen before.
She looked through it and it had the most beautiful fragrance in the world. She kept on looking through it and she heard someone open the shower in another room. She looked on her right side and saw a big curtain. The curtain was covering the passage way to a huge bathroom. She panicked. Whose room was she in? She kept on wondering. But she looked back into the wardrobe and took out a blue shirt. It was a designed shirt and it was a long sleeved. She quickly dropped the bedsheets on the bed and wore the shirt,and she realised it was a man's cloth. She turned to her left and saw another door which was barely opened.
She entered the room and saw it was a dressing room,she looked at herself in the huge mirror in the room and took a brush,she combed down her hair and rushed out of the room. The shirt looked more like a sweater and it was only long to her tights. Rishi walked on the walkway and saw some guards standing at the end point. Unfortunately, the two guards also saw her.

'' Hey!!! Who are you?! ''. One of them shouted.
(But already scared Rishi run back,being chased by the two guards. She quickly turned to the left side and saw another walkway and she rushed passed many pillars. She run as fast as she could and got in front of Queen Meerah's chamber. She caught hold of the handle of the door and tried opening, but it was strongly locked. She groaned in anger and run pass the chamber,then she got to the royal check up room door. She quickly opened it and entered then closed it behind her with a loud bang. And there standing behind the door was a huge guard with a frowning face,standing in front of her. She looked on the bed and she was shocked).
'' Mother?! ''. She screamed and rushed to Bhavna's side then held her. '' What is wrong with her,and what is she doing here?! ''.
'' She is tour mother? ''.
'' Yes! ''.
'' Then you must be Rishi ''.
'' Yes I am Rishi, so what is my mother doing here?! ''. Rishi snapped angrily.
'' Guards!!! ''. The guard opened the door and allowed three guards into the room and they all grabbed hold of Rishi who started resisting.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He got out from shower and saw his wardrobe opened. He scratched his head in confusion. He didn't open it,so who was it? He had his towel on his waist and he went closer to his wardrobe and realised his clothes were messed up and his favourite sweatshirt was not at it's rightful place. In fact,it wasn't there at all.
He started searching through his things and didn't find it. He entered the dressing room and checked his shelves of clothes and his little closet but didn't find it. That sweatshirt was one of the most expensive in London, and it was given to him on his 24th birthday as a gift from Cindy. He loved that sweatshirt and now,it was nowhere to ne found. He heard his name being called outside the dressing room in a hostile manner.
He got out of the dressing room and got to the bedroom and it was angry Cindy. She had her hands wrapped around her waist and she wasn't smiling. She was sweating and she wanted to be out of that suffocating kingdom as soon as possible.

'' How could you leave me and the guys in that horrible court? And even when you got back,you should have come to see me first! But no,I am no longer important to you...isn't it Majid? ''.
'' Do you have to shout about it? Do you even have any idea what I was planning when I left. I needed to think of a secured state for our relationship. Whether to choose between you,or my family. And guess what,I chose you...and you are here shouting? ''.
(Cindy suddenly became regretful and sober a little).
'' I'm sorry baby. Its just feeling suffocated here that's all. I will try and control my temper. But there was something your grandmother said earlier Majid,how many wives are you to marry? ''.
'' Look,I will marry only you..okay? I am not going to fall for this sick tradition. I am suffocated, even more than you. Because I am the one who is being pressured here ''.
'' They called me a foreigner. They don't even accept our relationship Majid,what are we going to do now? ''.
'' Don't think about that too much. We will find a way to solve all this. But I promise you one thing, we will go back to London as soon as my brother's wedding is over ''.
(Cindy hugged him tightly and calmed down).
'' But help me look for my favourite sweatshirt ''....

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

It was now the perfect time to take the pot into Queen Meerah's chamber. She had not got time all those while and she needed to do it fast since she had no idea why she was weak all of the days. She took Queen Meerah's chamber key and the pot. As she started walking to the door,there was a very loud shout outside. The shouting was out of many mouths and she wondered what was going on, suddenly, four guards batched into her chamber with arrows with Queen mother and King Shaker. 
Queen Dorah panicked and her hands were shaking with the pot in them. She placed the pot on her bed and hid the key in her skirt cunningly. The king and Queen weren't smiling. She wondered what happened.

'' Your highness.. Queen mother, what are you two doing here? ''. Queen Dorah asked with a fake smile.
'' You have to get out of your chamber Queen Dorah ''.
'' What?! What for? ''.
'' Everyone has being called out of their chambers and are being watched oberby guards, so that no one gets inside their chamber ''. The King said.
'' But,what is going on? ''.
'' Our family's diamond ring which hailed from first Queens of the royal family has being stolen from my chamber ''. Queen mother said.
'' What?! Mother, are you implying that...I stole the ring? ''.
'' You are not the only one who is being searched in the palace Queen Dorah ''.
'' But,your highness...
'' I am sorry Queen Dorah. But this has to be done ''.

Queen Dorah panicked and she was escorted out by two guards. Her heart started jumping up and down as she was confused and didn't know what to do. She was shaking all and quickly, two guards entered the chamber an started searching. Queen Dorah's father's spirit appeared there,invisible to everyone except her. He nodded at her and she nodded back,he later disappeared. 
She was surprised, but then her confidence level was now high. Some guards and Queen Sheena arrived at the spot while Queen mother entered into Queen Dorah's chamber.

'' Your highness. We didn't find the ring anywhere. We searched everywhere ''. One guard said.
'' is time to search Queen Dorah's chamber now ''. Queen mother said with a bold smile.
(The guards searched everywhere in the large chamber and couldn't find anything. They got to where one of Queen Dorah's curtain covered a secret door in the chamber. She started sweating and the guards and the guards pulled the curtains away from the wall,but shockingly to her,there was no door behind the curtain. She smiled evilly. Queen mother got closer to Queen Dorah's bed and carried the pot in her hands. Queen Dorah's heart skipped a beat. Queen mother was astonished as the pot was so heavy but empty).
'' Mother, please... be careful with that ''.
'' What is this Queen Dorah? ''.
'' Huh? But a pot of course Queen mother ''.
'' Oh yes. I know it's a pot. But the designs on the pot,and the anklet bells around it...where did you get it from? ''.
'' I made it myself ''.
'' I never knew you made pots ''.
'' Well now u know..

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

'' I never knew you made pots ''.
'' Well now you know. Please, can you put it back? That pot is very precious to me ''. Queen Dorah said.
'' Put it down mother. Are you even sure you searched your chamber well for the ring? Because it is nowhere to be found ''. The king said.
(The Queen mother and Queen Sheena's face fell into total shame and awkwardness as their Almighty plan had fall into the ash. Queen mother and the guards hot out of Queen Dorah's chamber and she gave a light victorious smile. Quickly, two guards arrived there from the second walkway,and there were some screenings coming from the second walkway).
'' What is going on? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' Your highness...we found the girl. She is here,she is in the palace right now ''.
'' What girl? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' The girl you asked us to go and search for. The girl who caught the statue...she is here ''.
(Queen mother turned to Queen Sheena in excitement and they all took to their heels leaded by the guards).

(The royal check up room).

Rishi kept on weeping on her mother's unconscious body as two guards were looking over them. She kept on shouting and telling the guards ti let her go away with her mother,but they wouldn't dare have pity in her tears at all,lest they get their heads chopped off by Queen mother's orders.
They kept their eyes away from Rishi's tears. Bhavna finally opened her eyes and a very horrible pain passer through her head and she realised Rishi was weeping over her. She quickly got to her butts on the bed and Rishi embraced her tightly. She remembered perfectly what happened before but she didn't understand how Rishi got there.
Her heart starts pounding when she remembered what the Queen mother told her about Rishi getting married to the crowned Prince and her head pained her the more. She saw the tall strong guards standing at the door and realised there was no way out now. She and her daughter were stuck in the palace. The door was shut and there was a loud knock in it. The guards opened and the entire royal family entered. Prince Majid was shocked to see his sweatshirt on Rishi.

'' What the fuck? ''.
(Everyone was confused, except Queen mother and Queen Sheena of course. They all stood there watching Rishi and Bhavna. Rishi got on her feet and put her hands together in tears).
'' Please your highnesses.. Am begging you,let my mother and I go,we haven't done anything ''.
'' You are not being held captive here for a crime Rishi. You are here for a special reason ''. Queen mother said.
'' Mother,can you explain all this? ''. The king said.
'' Shaker,this is the girl I told you about the last time ''. Queen mother said and smiled, she went closer to Rishi and brought her closer to her. Rishi was more than confused. '' She is the girl who caught the statue from falling on Majid ''.
(Everyone was amazed and they all realised that Rishi was wearing the same necklace as Majid. She looked beautiful in Majid's sweatshirt).
'' What the hell is going on, nd why is she wearing my sweatshirt? ''.
'' Forget that my grandson...Rishi, is going to be your first wife ''......
Kushi , Rishi Friend's

Episode 29
Written Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

The news came crushing on them like a bomb. Prince Majid was speechless and turns his face to look at Rishi. His deep brown eyes pierced into hers and she had tears falling from them. She was most astonished than any of the people in the room but she remembered some weeks ago,when she unfortunately wished for this. Her mother was surprised that she was quiet. Majid kept starring at Rishi.
Cindy was frowning terribly and shaking her head. Majid looked at her,standing besides him and looked back at Rishi. He was damn angry. He hated her so much. So she used her saving skills to save him,just so she could cunningly deceive his family to make them get married to him. But he as going to end this nonsense at that moment.

'' This is enough! ''. Majid yelled. '' I have had enough of all this,I haven't been saying anything but this has gone to the limit ''.
'' What are you talking about Majid...this is tradition ''.
'' What sick tradition is this? I can't take this shit anymore. My friends and I ate leaving this kingdom. We are going back to London, right now! ''.
(Majid and his people were about walking out and the Queen mother frowned. People were now about to see her hidden behavior. And she needed to do this to her beloved grandson on order to save the whole of Ujani. Her eyes were red with fury by Majid's reaction and just as Majid was about walking out the door,Queen mother took a step).
'' Guards!!! ''. Queen mother shouted.
(The guards quickly rushed in front of Majid and his friends at the door. Majid frowned, he turned his back and looked at his family with an angry look. The door was wide opened. Queen mother walked slowly closer ti him with a threatening look).
'' Where do you think you ate going? ''.
'' Away from all of you. Now,ask your guards to get out of my way grandmother ''. Majid said,pointing at the door.
'' How dare you disobey your grandmother Majid?! ''. Queen mother asked angrily.
'' Mother please ''. Queen Sheena tried to sooth things down but Queen mother raised her hand angrily and stopped her.
'' are not going anywhere! ''.
'' What the fuck....
'' Shut up you foreigner! ''. Queen mother shut Cindy up and she panicked. Queen Dorah and Prince Faruk were not able to hide their devilish smile.
'' Don't talk to her that way grandmother! ''.
(Queen mother loosed her temper and raised her hand to the air,landing it on Majid's left cheek. The king was with his eyes,widely opened, apart from that,everyone else covered their mouths with their hands in total shock. Majid's face had fallen,he wasn't expecting that slap).
'' You are going to marry Rishi...whether you like it or not Majid,I swear to you! I am tired of staying calm with you...I said you will marry her! ''.
'' And who will make me?! ''. Majid shouted back.
'' I will! Guards,hold them! ''.
(Queen mother ordered and seven guards caught hold of Cindy,Natalya, Maxwell and Jimmy. Majid was thrown into confusion as he had no idea what was going on. Cindy and Natalya tried resisting in anger).
'' something, let this smelly goons,get their claws off me! ''. Cindy uttered.
'' Majid,it is tour choice now. I know you brought your friends here to see where you came from and take them on a tour on your culture. But things had changed now. It is up to you...either get married to Rishi,or see your foreign friends thrown into the dungeon for life ''.
'' What?! Father,say something! ''.
'' I am his mother and he has nothing to say about this! ''.
'' This is against the fucking law Majid,what bullshit is this? ''. Maxwell snorted angrily.
'' Oh well foreigner... this is my kingdom and I do what I want! I am the law here and I give the you get that?! ''.
'' I am going to call my father...and all of you will regret this! ''. Cindy threatened.
'' Oh look over here...the little butterfly is showing her true colours... Is this the woman wanted to marry Majid? ''.
'' She is this way because of you. You don't have any rights to control me this way! I will forever regret for coming here...I regret it! ''. Majid said and angrily stormed off towards his chamber without looking back.

Even though he heard the cried of his friends,he didn't look back at all. The king was surprised at his mother's behavior and was angry that she didn't mind to involve him in all that. Queen Dorah remembered she had not put the pot in Queen Meerah's chamber and quickly stormed off followed by Prince Faruk. The king was surprised and he turned to look at all the women, especially his mother. He shook his head and walked away as well.
Queen Sheena calmed herself down with her hand touching her chest. She turned to Rishi and Bhavna then smiled, Rishi was shaking.
She didn't bargain for this,she was scared out of her body. She looked down and tears fell out her eyes. She guessed she was not about to go out of the palace any time soon. Her mother had held her tightly and praying silently. A guard arrived at the scene with seven self phones in his hands and bowed to the Queen.

'' Your highness, I got what you asked for ''.
(Cindy and the others couldn't believe their eyes).
'' What the fuck is this? ''. Natalya asked rudely.
'' What on earth are you doing with our phones? ''. Cindy also yelled.
'' Well foreigner.. you threatened by saying that,you were going to call your father and we were going to regret then I imagined were going to get in touch with your father through this things. Your phones are going to be in my chamber while you spend some great vacation in the dungeon. Until Majid agrees to marry Rishi, then it will be given back to you ''.
'' Have you all gone crazy or what? What if Majid takes years before agreeing to this absurd pressure you have put on him? ''.
'' If he takes years, then you will also spend years in the lion's den ''. The Queen mother said,straight forward. '' Take them away!!! ''.
'' You won't get away with this you crazy girl! You even have the audacity to wear the sweatshirt I gave to Majid on his birthday... You are nothing to him and you will never be!!! I will never share my man with any that,bitch? Majid will never accept to marry you,he doesn't even know you exist and you are not our class you poor loser! ''. Cindy kept on shouting insults while seven strong guard pulled her and the others away like dogs.
'' Take those phones to my chamber ''.
(The guard bowed down and took the phones away towards Queen mother's chamber. She and Queen Sheena turned to Bhavna and Rishi).
'' This is not the life I want for my daughter Queens. Please,let us leave. We are poor,but we are living in peace... That is the most priceless gift in the world ''.
'' Bhavna... how can you be so blind? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' Me,blind? ''.
'' Yes. You are being blind. Because you refuse to see destiny working. Have you studied your poor daughter? Look Rishi ''. Queen mother said and got closer to Rishi who was shaking like a Christmas chicken and Queen mother gently made her sit on one of the beds then sat besides her. Queen mother caressed her hair and Rishi couldn't look at her face. '' No one has to tell you that,she is a Queen. She was born a Queen. Have you even realised the clothes she's wearing right now? ''.
(They all turned to look at the sweatshirt she was wearing, and she herself looked down on her and saw the cloth).
'' Do you know whose clothe is that? I don't know how Rishi got to wear that shirt,but it belongs to Prince Majid ''.
'' Oh my goodness, oh my goodness... Am so sorry. I'm so stupid! ''. Rishi said,trying to remove the shirt in anguish.
'' Hahaha... don't do that Rishi. You don't want to get naked in front of the Queens do you? ''. Queen mother laughed. '' We will dress you up. And then you can remove the shirt...maids! ''.
'' I can't do this your highness... Please let me go ''.
'' Yes you can Rishi. You can do is your destiny. You don't know the truth yet but....
'' What truth? ''. She asked,confused.
'' I shall talk to you later. Okay? some maids Sheena ''.
(Four maids immediately entered the checkup room and bowed to the Queens).
'' All you four should make the necessary arrangements to usher Rishi here,into new royal clothes. She is the soon to be first wife of the crowned Prince of Ujani. She is now part of the royal family, even though she is not officially welcomed, treat her with respect and make sure that,she gets all she that clear? ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. They all responded.
'' Now,just like you were all taught at the royal school of maidens... go and transform her completely... make me surprise when I see her again..make her up in the readiness if a Queen, feed her...then bring her back to me. Is that clear? ''.
'' Yes tour highness ''.
(Rishi looked at her mother for the last time in a grumpy look and the maidens took her away).
'' Don't worry Bhavna... Leave Rishi in our care. She is safe here we swear.. Because we are going to protect her with our lives. We promise you that ''.
'' She is my only child ''. Bhavna sobbed.
'' We know. But you can also stay here with her if you want Bhavna ''.
'' No. I am a married woman. Besides, deep in my heart...I knew a day like this would come. But I didn't expect it to be this soon. She is just 20. But anyway... I guess I can go now ''.
'' You are free now Bhavna. Tomorrow is an introduction day. I mean,I hope you already know our tradition... once we find the first wife to be for the crowned Prince. We announce it for the whole kingdom to see her. So there will be a festival here tomorrow morning. Everyone is invited, especially you and tour husband. I will send the announcer to give the news to everyone in the kingdom as soon as possible ''.
'' Okay ''. Bhavna said silently.
'' But Bhavna... Wouldn't you like yo stay? At least,until your daughter is transformed? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' Of course I will stay your highness. I will never leave my baby ''.
'' Okay then,shall we leave? ''.
'' We shall mother ''.
(The three of them left the room,without Bhavna drinking the garlic juice. They all forgot it).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He stood in the middle of his room. He turned to a huge drawer close to his bed with arranged golden statues on it but he scattered them all around his room. His wavy hair fell on his beautiful spotless face and he breath heavily through his hair. He pulled the bedsheets on his bed and threw them out of his sight and he finally gave out a loud angry scream.
He needed to take all his ahnger on all the beautiful decorations in his chamber. He started remembering all the promises he made to Cindy of never leaving her when they were in London. His personal guard quickly entered when he heard the scream and he bowed down.

'' My Prince, please is there anything you may need? ''.
(Majid started looking around his room for his phone and he dropped all the droppable things and raised and shifted all the things in his chamber but couldn't find his phone).
'' Cindy was right! You gyards are all useless! Who the hell took my phones from here? ''.
'' The Queen mother, my Prince ''.
'' What the....
'' She sent a guard to come and take your phone from here ''.
'' For what? ''.
'' I don't know your highness ''.
'' Hmmm. (Majid sat slowly on his bed. His heavy chest,moving up and down in anger).

(Queen Dorah's Chamber).

She entered her chamber with a wide smile. Her mission was accomplished. Now,no one was ever going to see that pot again since it was now in Queen Meerah's chamber. She was now relaxed more than ever. Now she needed a way to take the key back before any suspicions were raised.
She went slowly to where the curtains his the secret door, she raised the curtains and to her astonishment, the door was there. She laughed out loud and went back to her bed. She started thinking of how to use the current situation to her and Faruk's advantage. A guard entered and bowed down.

'' Your highness. Savitri asked herself in your presence ''.
'' Sa..Savitri? Let her in ''.
(The guard left and Savitri quickly entered. She didn't bow down to her. Her wings was higher than ever).
'' What do you want? ''.
'' You know what I want Queen Dorah ''.
'' Watch you mouth! ''.
'' No,you watch your back! I can't wait any longer. Give me your answer now. Because I didn't like the news of Prince Faruk and the princess of Jhansi's marriage at all. Have you already forgotten our deal? ''.
'' We had no deal you fool. I told you that your daughter and my son,can never be! ''.
'' Then you seriously leave me with no other choice Queen Dorah. I will expose you...right here,right now ''. She said and turned to leave.
'' No wait! Don't di this Savitri. I have done a lot for you,you can't betray me like this ''.
'' Oh really now. So,is that a yes or a no? ''.
(Queen Dorah entered into a deep thought for a while).
'' Okay fine! Fine,I accept the deal. Get out of here,I will call you tomorrow so we can further discuss ''.
'' Good girl Queen Dorah. Good girl. Enjoy the rest of your day. And I know you very well...don't try anything fishy with me,don't even dare try anything against me...else,you wouldn't like the results at all ''. Savitri said and walked to the chamber door. She opened the door,Queen Dorah and Savitri are shocked to see who is standing at the door,frowning......

Episode 30
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Faruk seemed terribly annoyed and was looking down at Savitri who gave out a fake smile and walked pass him and away. Prince Faruk entered the chamber and closed the door shut behind him. He walked closer to to his mother. Queen Dorah who was speechless didn't know what to say. She was hoping that Faruk had not heard anything but she was wrong. Prince Faruk folded both his hands on his chest,looking suspicious but Queen Dorah turned away and ignored his gaze. 
He was shocked to tears in his mother's eyes. Who dared to make the Queen of witches cry. The mother of Satan. He hated to see his mother torn apart. She was his confidant. His everything.

'' What is it mother? ''.
'' Nothing ''.
'' Why was the foolish maid Savitri threatening you mother? ''.
'' Faruk...don't get....
'' And don't tell me not to get involved in this. And don't dare lie to !e. Now tell me the truth mother. Why,just tell me now! ''.
'' Okay fine! Just keep your voice down,do you have to shout ? ''.
'' So tell me ''.
'' The cheap good for nothing woman,have the gust to threaten me ''.
'' Yes I heard that part,and am asking, why is she doing that? ''.
'' She wants me to form an alliance. Between you and her daughter for marriage ''.
'' Huh? ''.
(Prince Faruk looked down at his mother for a while and break out into a loud laughter. He couldn't control his laughter. This sounded like a comedy to him and he let himself fall on his mother's bed. Queen Dorah couldn't believe Prince Faruk. She shrugged and hit him on his head. He sat up and starred at her quietly. Then that evil glow in his eyes).
'' How dare she? That maid thinks,she can put my mother in a hard spot? ''.
'' I had no choice but to agree Faruk...please forgive me. Or else she may expose me! ''.
'' None of that will happened mother. Leave this issue to me. I will take care of this before tomorrow comes ''.
'' Really? ''.
(He got to his feet and turned his back at his mother,looking through the biggest window in the chamber).
'' We have so many other important things to worry about,than to let that thing,stand in our way ''.
'' But what are we going to do then? ''.
'' I said leave everything to me. Have you his that pot in the first Queen's chamber? ''.
'' Yes I have. I just have to find a way to get the key back into the king's chamber ''.
'' Give me the key ''.
'' For what? ''.
'' Just give it to me and stop asking so many questions okay. We don't have all day and I also have a meeting with father ''.
'' Your father wants to see you? Oh my goodness Faruk,I told you my plans were going to get you closer to him ''.
'' Yeah yeah whatever. He is only calling me to teach me the values of marriage. Gosh, I don't know what to do with this anxiety am feeling. Princess Ragah is just not my type ''.
'' I want all power to belong to you when am no more Faruk. You have no idea the big plans I have for you ''. She said and handed the keys over to Faruk. '' We can take this as an advantage to make your father change his mind about the announcement he made 25 years ago. And also,this may be our advantage in making you the king of Jhansi as well my son ''.
'' How about we talk about this later mother? Just stay calm,and anticipate for the fall of that stupid maid of yours. You should also do the little things you know how to do best,and make sure everything is in place while I execute my plans ''.
(He said and left the chamber).

(Refining Chamber).

This chamber was specially design for important needed reformation. Especially when women were about to be married into the royal family, they were taken in there to be dressed up. They were taken there to be bathed,fed,clothed and transformed in the likeness of royalty. This was no ordinary coronation for Rishi, this was the transformation of the soon to be wife of no other than the crowned Prince of Ujani. And the Queen mother was precised when she said she wanted to be surprised when she layed eyes on Rishi after the transformation.
So the maids had to do their absolute best or else they would have a hard time dealing with an angry Queen mother. They took Rishi into the room. Her eyes couldn't stop blinking on all the beautiful decoration the large room. Full of women's stuff. Make ups and everything were intact. Big golden wardrobe all around the room and a door which was closed on their left. 
That was the bathroom. Two maids held her hands and made her sit slowly on the bed near the big mirror. She was feeling uncomfortable with all the attention being given to her. Three other maids entered. One holding a pan of white milk. The other holding a pan of olive oil and the last one,holding a tray of expensive perfumes. Rishi was feeling uneasy. But then two maids entered with three varieties of different meals. Then her smile appeared.
She rubbed her palms together and licked her lips. She was starving to death. Just then,they served her the three meals on a large table in front of her and bowed down to her.

'' Oh !y goodness! Do I get to eat all of this rig now? ''.
'' No empress ''.
'' Empress? Please call me Rishi. That is the na!e mother gave me. If not,then don't call me at all ''.
'' No Rishi. You are not supposed to eat all. You are to choose the one you will like to eat,so that we take the rest away ''.
'' Awww...but am starving ''.
'' We are going to teach you the courtesy of eating the right food at the right time, how to eat,what to drink, table manners, how to comport yourself in public and everything. So please, finish your meal and let's begin ''. One of the maids said.
'' Okay. I guess I want the first plate. I love pasta ''.
'' As you wish ''. One of the handmaiden of Queen Sheena said and clapped her hands twice. Then two maidens carried the rest of the food away.

Rishi started dishing out. She had eaten so many pastas that her mother had cooked. But she could swear that this food was better. It was more rich and had all the healthy ingredients and spices. This one was also hot and smelled good. She chewed on her mouth with her eyes closed and wining her head endlessly. She opened her eyes to scoop full when she realised the maidens were starring at her with smile. She looked at them and cleared her throat immediately. It was funny. She bursted out laughing and they laughed with her.
Suddenly, they quickly stopped laughing. She didn't understand why. She also couldn't make out their identity since they had veils covered on half their faces. She quickly finished her meal and four maidens entered the chamber immediately. With golden cups on a tray,each maid,holding each tray. They bowed down to her.

'' Sweet after meal ''. They said.
'' So,what do we have here? ''. Rishi asked.
'' I have mango juice ''. The second maid said.
'' I have pineapple juice ''. The second maid said.
'' I have an apple smoothie,mixed with coconut oil ''. The third maid said.
'' Wow! ''. Rishi exclaimed.
'' And I have banana smoothie mixed with ginger ''. The forth one said.
'' Oh my goodness... so much pampering, just for a commoner like me ''. Rishi did as tears appeared in her eyes.
'' You are no longer a commoner Rishi ''. Queen Sheena's handmaiden said. '' You are now the soon to be wife of Prince Majid..the future king of Ujani. And that makes you our future Queen. It is our duty to serve you my empress ''.
'' Of course. A marriage which I don't even know whether will come to pass. I didn't really look into the Prince's face,but he must surely hate me by now ''. Rishi thought.
'' So,which of this desert do you want mistress? ''.
'' Errrmmmm...I think pineapple juice will be okay ''.
(The maid with the pineapple juice bowed down and served her. Rishi guzzled up the pineapple juice to the surprised of all the maids and she licked her lips. The maidens cleared the place food and drinks and left. Living five maids in the chamber with Rishi).
'' So,what is next now? ''.
'' It is time for your royal bath ''.
'' Royal bath,as are going to bath me? ''. She asked in amazement.
'' Yes empress ''.
'' Hey! I'm an adult okay! I can....
'' It is our duty. Or do you want us to and tell the Queen about this? ''.
'' But...okay fine. But can you close your eyes while I remove the cloth? ''.
(The maids burst out into laughter).
'' Of course not. Come on empress, let's get you out of that cloth immediately. Let's go! ''.

They helped Rishi up her feet and walked to the left side. The door was closed. The handmaiden of Queen Sheena opened the door and inside was painted all white with a bathtub in the middle. Two maids stood besides the bathtub and poured milk and olive oil in the bathtub containing warm water. They bowed down to her and she walked towards the bathtub. It was full of wonderful fragrance. Rishi smelt it and remove the sweatshirt slowly. 
The maids turned their faces away. Except Queen Sheena's handmaiden, Priya. Rishi held the sweatshirt tightly and slowly stepped into the bathtub. Priya then took the sweatshirt from her without her knowledge and dropped it on the floor.

'' No! Don't! Pick it up quickly! Hurry up... pick it up. It belongs to the crowned Prince! ''.
'' Oh my goodness! ''. She shouted and quickly picked it up. '' Forgive me my empress ''.
'' Please give that to me ''.
'' But it is time for your Royal bath ''. Priya said.
'' I said give it to me. Now! ''.
(She took the sweatshirt from Priya and drowned it in the water. She remembered, taking it from the wardrobe and sobbed. What if this was going to be one of the very reasons why Majid would even hate her more. One of the !maidens poured a heavenly fragrance liquid soap into the water and it bubbled up. And instead for Rishi to bath,she started washing the sweatshirt in the bathtub).
'' One of the maids can wash it for you if that's what you want ''.
'' No. I will wash it myself. I wore it. So I will wash it ''.

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

He was holding the key of Queen Meerah's chamber. He heard a knock at his door and smiled evilly. The show was about to go down. He had promised his mother that he was going to take care of the situation and that was exactly what he was going to do.
He got to his door and opened it. He took a deep breath and the maid Roshni smiled. He smiled back and let her in the room. He closed the door and went closer to her with an innocent look.

'' My Prince. Please you called for me? ''.
'' Indeed. I hope you are not busy ''.
'' My work for the day has completed and am not busy at all ''.
'' Oh really? So,does that mean,I can have you all to myself? ''.
(She stupidly smiled and started blushing. She bowed her head and answered).
'' You have me all to yourself my Prince. Except that,I fear Queen Dorah might get upset if she sees us together ''.
'' My mother? Forget about her. Look,she is even starting to like you. I spoke to her. Did you know that your mother is my mother's handmaiden, and my mother really appreciate Savitri a lot. Just like I appreciate you Roshni ''.
(Roshni was not able to believe what she heard. Prince Faruk had always being aggressive. And now,he was acting all nice like Peter Pan).
'' appreciate me? Oh my Prince... I am honoured ''.
'' I have a surprise for you,okay? ''.
'' You need to first close your eyes. Then I can give it to you baby girl ''.
'' Oh I can't wait! ''. She blushed and closed her eyes tightly.
'' Okay,are you ready? ''.
'' Yes my Prince, ever ready for you ''.
(Prince Faruk cunningly went closer to Roshni with the key and caressed her face softly, which made her smile. He looked down at her maid's uniform pocket and dropped the key into her pocket. He hugged her tightly and she hugged him back).
'' You are so beautiful Roshni ''. He whispered.
(She giggled in happiness).
'' You are also handsome my Prince. You are a god ''. She said with her eyes closed.
'' I promise you that,when my marriage to Princess Ragah is over,I shall make you my second wife ''.
(Roshni quickly opened her eyes. She jumped up nd down in happiness and embraced Prince Faruk tightly while he whimpered behind her).
'' Oh my God! Really? ''.
'' That is my surprise for you beautiful, but make sure,that you keep this between us both for now okay? ''.
'' Okay my Prince. This definitely is our little secret ''.
'' You may leave now. And please... I need you to meet me here tonight. Okay? ''.
'' Okay. Excuse me my Prince ''. Roshni said and left.
(Just then,Prince Faruk raised his hand and clapped them together in laughter).
'' Now,Savitri... your daughter will pay for the mistake you made by threatening my mother. No one,ever messes with my mother... next stop,that girl who is being given to Majid for marriage might be a problem to me. I should start thinking of a way to get rid of her as well. But before that,let me try my lu ck with the missing lion and my little brother ''.
(He said and fell onhisbed,his eyes lighted red with evil)....

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