Married to the Prince Episode 25,26 & 27

episode 25
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Royal Palace=Guest Rooms).

Cindy and her girlfriend Natalya were given one of the bedrooms to feet at home and she didn't like it one bit. Even though the room was to her taste and looked beautiful and classy,she would have preferred to be in one room with Majid,but it was forbidden. She never knew she would be separated from Majid in the kingdom, she wouldn't have allowed them to come there.
She and her friend Natalya started placing their things into the provided wardrobe and she was exhausted. After the party was over and everyone separated, she got to talk to Majid and he had assured her that he was going to announce their relationship the next day. That gave her a little hope. She looked around the walls and saw that they were built of gold. After arranging the thing,Natalya sat up on the bed and switched on her phone . while Cindy was touching some little statues and sculptures around.

'' Demn,no network ''.
'' Wow,this people really have a thing for statues and gold ''.
'' They are royals. What did you expect,the only person looking odd among them is Majid, and us. Majid didn't grow up here ''.
'' Yes,and that is why he is so smart and sharp. This people are so dumb! How can you look for a wife for someone who does not even have any idea of it? ''.
'' I was so shocked girl. Gosh,this is 21st century. Who does that?! ''. Natalya said while laughing.
'' Tomorrow, they will all have to accept that,Majid and I are together. And nothing is going to separate us. Majid is mine,do they have any idea how I suffered for us to get to this point of our relationship, and his crazy family wants to separate us and get him married to some Princess? ''.
'' Relax ''.
'' Do they know who I am? Am a fucking princess of England. In a way,I also match to their class because am also from a rich home. I think they will change their minds tomorrow, when Majid himself my hand to meet them ''.
'' Yeah,I guess they would. But if they don't.....
'' Majid is the crowned Prince Nat. They can't go against him. And as for me,if anyone tries to get between my man and I,I will burn them alive ''.
'' Wow! Things we do for love....
'' Can be very deadly ''.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She didn't know how to control her laughter. Faruk sat on her bed in anguish. His plans failed terribly and instead of his mother to tell him something sensible, she was busily laughing like nobody business. It annoyed him. He started thinking of how to execute plan B and make that work perfectly. The thing is,his mother had an idea in her head,which she didn't want to tell him at all. She knew he wasn't going to agree to her plans. But it was going to take him like a rapture. He got to his feet with anger and fetched water from her pot and guzzled up.

'' What are we going to do now mother? ''.
'' Everything is sorted out my son. Go to bed,you must be very tired from the party ''.
'' I am not tired in any way! Besides, you shouldn't be laughing by this time. Majid is still alive ''.
'' You don't even know how your father is angry with him right now Faruk, why are you even worrying yourselves. Everything that is happening now,is a blessing in disguise for us my sin. Please, just relax...and see how I change things to our favor tomorrow ''.
'' My father is angry with Majid? Wow,I guess it's because of the way he reacted about the news of his marriage to Ragah ''.
'' Exactly ''.
'' But how is that a blessing in disguise for us? ''.
'' Just go to bed now. Go....
(Prince Faruk left and Avni entered with a small light back clothe in her hands,and she bowed down).
'' Avni! I almost forgot you,what took you so long? ''.
'' It wasn't easy your highness ''. She said and remembers.

(5 hours ago)

The welcoming party was going on and Avni walked up the tall stairs in the walking yard to the king's chamber and saw two guards standing in front of the chamber. As usual,she had a veil on her face and she got to their front.

'' What do you want? ''. One of the guard asked.
'' Queen mother has sent me here to take something for her ''.
'' Are you sure? Everyone is at the party ''.
'' Don't worry,believe me ''.
(They let her in the king's chamber and she quickly went to where the thousands of key of the palace had being hanged. She mistakenly hit her hands at the key board and the board fell on the floor. She panicked and the guards entered and suspicion).
'' What are you doing besides the keys? ''.
'' The Queen mother said I should bring the store house keys please ''.
(One of the guards bent down and started arranging the keys on the board. He raised it up and hanged it on a golden ladder. One of the keys fell down and the guard picked it up and hanged it separately from all the other keys. And that wa when she realised it was Queen Meerah's chamber keys. The keys were two. The guard then asked her to search for the keys in ease so that they don't fall. He left the chamber and Avni quickly took the keys and removed one of them and fixed a fake key to it. She his it in her saree and left the chamber).

(Back to the present=Queen Dorah's chamber).

'' Wow,so where is the key now? ''.
(She opened the cloth and handed the key over to Queen Dorah).
'' But,are you sure this is the key? ''.
'' I think we should try first your highness, but I am sure this is the right key ''.
'' Good,I will reward you heavily if it turns out to be the may leave now ''.
(Avni left the chamber and Queen Dorah dropped they key on her bed. She then looked under her bed and took the pot containing Queen Meerah's soul).
'' From tomorrow, you are going to be a thing or the past Queen Meerah... Good bye!!! ''. She said laughing.

(Next Day=In the kingdom=Meho's house).

In the wide hall,she opened her eyes and felt a very sharp pain in her head. She mumbled and realised she wa lying down on a mat with a blanket covered her body. She screech in pain and turned her eye ball to her left side and saw her mother smiling at her. She WS surprised, but her mother smiled. There was a small towel folded and placed on her forehead. And she also realised that there was a plaster on her forehead with a herbal medicine. The towel on her head was warm and she realised she was being massaged.

'' Mother, is that really you,or you are both dead? ''.
(Bhavna laughed her head off) 
'' Don't be silly! ''.
'' How did I get here mother? ''.
'' Kushi brought you here ''.
'' Kushi?! ''. She wa surprised and began to sob. '' Kushi, where....
'' Kushi is fine dear. And she told me everything that happened last night ''.
'' Mother, am sorry. I can explain ''.
'' Don't explain anything my dear. You are okay now. It's all that matters okay? ''.
'' Okay mother. (Remembers what happened last night). Mother, you always told me that...the elephant necklace was one in a million, and were the only one who had it in the kingdom,then how come I saw the same necklace on the crowned Prince's neck? I didn't see his face clearly, but I saw the necklace ''.
(Bhavna was absolutely shocked).
'' The Prince? ''. (She also quickly remembered 26 years ago,the day she handed one of it to Queen Meerah).
'' Mother?! ''.

(Outside the House=On the compound).

Meho had arrived on the compound with seven royal guards, who had given him five gold coins. They were in town,searching for Rishi and Kushi, they described both the girls and used their slippers as well to ask for more information. Meho is passing by and as soon as he saw the slippers and the kind of description, he was so exited that the royal family was looking for no other than ?Rishi. She fitted the description perfectly. And he went closer to one of them and ratted out that he knew the girl they were looking for. They gave him five gold coins and that was why he brought them in front of the compound.

'' This is my house. And my wife and that Rish....I mean,my wife and daughter are inside. Let me go and check things out for myself ''.
(Meho walked to the door and opened and entered. He saw Rishi lying down).
'' You have a visitor Rishi ''.
'' Who would that be? ''. Bhavna asked.
'' Guards from the palace ''.
'' What? ''. Bhavna jumped up. '' What do they want from her? ''.
'' I don't know. But it looks like they have being sent to fetch her ''.
'' Rishi is not going anywhere ''.
'' Don't let them come here and take her away with force Bhavna ''.
'' You wouldn't dare do that Meho! ''.
(Meho poker his head outside and shouted for the guards, Bhavna quickly pushed Meho poked outside and shouted for the guards, Bhavna quickly pushed Meho out of the room and locked the gate. The guards rushed to the front and started knocking violently for her to open but to no avail).

(Royal Palace=Majid's chamber).

The cocks in the palace were not planning to stop crowing. Majid had never heard this in all his life and it was quite disturbing. He opened those angelic eyes and sat up. He yawned n scratched his eyes a little. He looked around the room and smiled. He was feeling the royalty. Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. A guard entered and bowed down to him).

'' My prince,it is time for your morning feet wash ritual ''.
'' Feet what? ''.
(Queen Sheena entered the chamber with two maidens, who held a basin of warm water and a clean water ).
'' Your feet wash my son. Good morning ''.
'' Good morning mother, what is all this? ''.
'' Every morning, the feet of every royal is washed as tradition demands, so that the whole day goes well for them ''.
'' Wow...(he laughs and dropped his feet down for the wash).

(In the kingdom=Meho's House).

The guards were still knocking violently on the door. Suddenly, they started using force, the forced themselves and break down the door and entered with swords. They looked around and it was only Bhavna who was standing there.

'' Where is the girl? ''.
'' There is no girl here! ''. Bhavna said,panting.
'' She is lying. She was lying right there boys! ''. Meho shouted.
(They raised up their heads and saw a wide opened window shock indicated that Rishi had jumped out of there,the suddenly grabbed Bhavna's hand with anger).
'' What are you doing? Let go off me! Don't touch me! ''.
'' We are going to take you to the palace, and throw you into the dungeon, until your daughter herself comes fetch you!.....

episode 26
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Meho's House).

The guards held Bhavna's hand and she kept trying to resist. She regretted by that moment for getting married to Meho. She couldn't separate herself from the guards and her tears couldn't stop falling out. This wasn't what Meni had planned. He wanted them to take Rishi and not Bhavna. He tried separating Bhavna from the guards but one of them raised his hand and gave him a dirty memory lost slap. That was the most painful slap slap Meho had received all his life. He slipped and fell on the floor.

'' How could you this to your own daughter Meho, is this the love you claimed to have for me? The only mistake my late mother made was to betroth me to you ''.
'' But Bhavna, I can explain this....
'' When I come back from the palace, you and u ate got that?! I will pack both my tings and Rishi's things as well...and you will never see us again! ''.
(The guards took her away with force. And when they got into town,people just kept wondering what had happened. Many eyes saw this embarrassing moment. Some of them scorned and laughed at her).
'' It might be that,her daughter has infected her with her stealing ''. One mam said.
'' Yes. Or maybe,her drunkard husband has caused some trouble ''. Another said.
'' This woman is so unfortunate in life ''. Another shouted.
(But the guards went ahead and took her away).

(In the Royal palace=Prince Majid's chamber).

He got out of the shower with a white towel on his waist. After his morning feet wash earlier, the maids arranged his things in his wardrobe and so he went straight to the wardrobe and removed one of his very cute shirts and jeans. His expensive sneakers were arranged on a huge shoe rack. He watched it for more than five minutes and didn't know which of them to choose.
Suddenly, he heard his chamber door opened and he turned his back. He didn't know who it waa since there were a lot of curtains in the room and the door was very far away from his bed side. He bent down and started looking through his shoes collection to know what to wear.

'' Take the white one baby ''. Cindy said from behind.
(He turned and got ti his feet and gave out a heart warming smile,Cindy walked fast ti him and tightly embraced him. She raised her face under his lips and kissed his lower lip with passion. She slowly bent down and picked up his original Gucci white sneakers and held his hand to his bed. He sat down and she sat besides him. He was already dry and he started applying pomade on his body).
'' Majid,it is morning now,when are we going to see your family and announce everything? ''.
'' Hey,relax. Okay...we are in India Cindy,no longer in London. We don't do what we want here,my mother said that...we can only see the king when he has called for us,and my father only calls people when he gets into the court house. So let us wait a while ''.
(Suddenly, a guard opened the curtain and entered the room).
'' What?! Don't you have manners? Who asked you that,you can enter the Prince's room at any given time,and without knocking? ''.
'' I am sorry madam ''.
'' Hey,Cindy... relax okay! ''. Majid raised his head at him. '' What do you want? ''.
'' The maidens are here with your breakfast my prince ''.
'' Cool...let them in,am starving ''.
(The guard left).
'' Cindy, be careful okay? This is not London, you can't talk to anyone anyhow here. That is my personal some respect ''.
'' I can't believe this Majid. You should be supporting your woman! ''. She started weeping some crocodile tears.
'' Hey sorry. Relax.. Shhhh ''. He said calmly and cuddled her to his side.
(Two maidens entered the chamber and are shocked to see the crowned Prince, topless and smooching Cindy romantically, as they both embraced each other tightly. They both looked at their faces,and even Majid nor Cindy had not realised their presence).
'' My prince. Your breakfast please ''. One of the maids said. The other one set a golden breakfast table besides the large bed and the other one also arranged the breakfast on it and they both bowed down. Cindy smiled.
'' You may leave girls ''. Cindy said but they were still standing there.
'' What are you standing there for? ''. Cindy asked. '' I said you should leave ''.
'' We only receive orders from the Prince madam ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' You can leave ''. Majid said and they both left.
'' In fact Majid,your people are so disrespectful and mean. They should just wait and see,the day I become their crowned Prince's wife,then they will regret treating me like this ''.
(Prince Majid is totally surprised about Cindy's statement).
'' What? ''.
'' Oh baby come on...I was just kidding. You know I am not like that ''...
(Majid begun to dish out with Cindy).

(The Palace compound).

The guards arrived with Bhavna an she was weeping and resisting. They quickly took her to the front of the dungeon and the lions embarked on their roaring. They opened the dungeon and pushed Bhavna into it and she screamed because of the lions. They locked her and left.

(Queen mother's chamber)

Queen Sheena entered the chamber in smiles and they both held their hands together.

'' Mother, it is time to execute our plan now. Today,Queen Dorah needs to be exposed no matter what ''.
'' Yes I know Sheena. Let us do that later okay. In the evening maybe,but for now...I have not heard from Shaker and am waiting for....
(There was a very loud bag of the court bell was heard. Suddenly, the quiet surrounding turned noisy as everyone was running to the court room. The queen mother and Queen Sheena also left).

(In the court room).

Everyone was present. Except the king. The Queens quickly entered, the wise men and the priests. Some guards had filled there and the maids with golden cups of water were serving the visitors, including the Jhansi royal family. There were two royal family. There were two seats for the princes which was both an opposite directions.
Majid entered with his friends. They were visitors and they were separated from the royal family. Cindy was frowning because of the act all the way. Everyone's eyes was on Majid as he was in foreign clothes and looked completely foreign. But they didn't dare watch him too much because he was the crowned Prince. Finally, there was a loud entrance notice announcement of the king by the spokesperson of the king. Everyone got to their feet as the king entered. He went straight to his throne and climbed the stairs to his throne. He sat down and lifted his hand for them all to sit as well.
The king of Jhansi was frowning terribly. King Shaker cleared his throat and Cindy was finally smiling because he knew she was going to be adored after the court meeting when Majid announce who she was to everyone.

'' Thank you all for heeding to my call and arriving here as soon as possible, I want to make it known to you all that,last night,the crowned Prince arrived in the kingdom. So those of you who weren't at the welcome party, that is Prince Majid for you(he said and pointed at Prince Majid who gave out a light smile and drop his face to the floor). The crowned Prince of Ujani ''.
(All the people who couldn't attend the party all got to heir feet and bowed down to him. Then they sat back).
'' So,Majid, do toy have anything to tell your followers? ''.
'' Urrrmmm... I don't think so father. I guess am quite honoured about their warm welcome. And thank you all ''. Majid said.
'' Okay. Honourable members of the court. Last night was also the same night I announced about Majid's marriage alliance with Princess Ragah ''. The king said,pointing at the princess, and she smiled.
'' That is good your Highness. Please, shall we start the proceedings? ''. Queen Dorah asked with an evil smile.
'' I can not marry the princess! ''. Majid shouted in anger.
'' Majid! ''. The king shouted back.
'' But I thought you went to think it over last night after the party ''. King Siamak said.
'' I am sorry everyone. But I can't marry someone I have never seen,spoken to..or have any feelings for ''.
'' We are not talking about love. We are talking about responsibilities. You can fall in love with her after marriage ''. The king roared.
'' Are you going to force me? Because am already in a relationship father ''. Majid stood up and turned to Cindy's sitting place and stretched his hand to her. She got up and cat walked to Majid's side and put her hands in his. '' This is Cindy Blake, and she's my girlfriend, and my love ''.
(Everyone was in a hot seat and started murmuring).
'' The foreigner?! Over my dead body will I see this happened Majid! ''. The king roared.
(Queen mother got up as the court was becoming chaos).
'' It is enough! Let everyone be silent! ''.
(Everywhere turned silent).
'' No mother! My own son can not grow up to this stage an disobey me like this! Majid, you either change tour mind now,or step down as the crowned Prince! ''.
'' No! None of that will happened! Majid is the crowned Prince, and he will stay the crowned Prince. He loves the foreigner right? Fine,then he will marry her(Queen mother said and looked at Majid). But she will not be your first wife Majid ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' As a king in future, you are supposed to marry three wives. And those are the laws of the kingdom ''.
'' Majid will not marry a foreigner mother! ''. The king shouted.
'' Neither will I marry the princess. If that is what it takes to be the crowned Prince father,then I will gladly step down and return to London! ''.
'' No! ''. Queen Sheena cried. '' Majid, you are not going anywhere. You belong here...this is your kingdom.. And you will stay here ''.
'' I can't believe this disgrace has fallen on my family. I thought things would be resolved peacefully today ''. King Siamak said.
(Queen Dorah gave an evil smile and turned her face to a far distance at where Queen Salma, the mother of Princess Ragah sat,and the two Queens nodded their heads together. Then Queen Dorah got to her feet and break the silence).
'' I want to say something ''.
'' What? ''. The king asked.
'' To avoid a disgrace and a riff between the two kingdom, then I suggest, Princess Ragah, be given to someone who loves her,instead of Majid ''.
(Cindy held Majid's arm so tightly in fright).
'' And who will that be Queen Dorah? ''. Queen mother asked in annoyance.
'' Faruk! ''. Queen Dorah shouted with her fingers, pointed at Prince Faruk who had his mouth opened widely in shock. He didn't see that one coming.
'' Mother, what do you.... ''. Faruk tried to defend himself.
'' Oh my son,you don't have to feel hurt anymore. Tour brother is in love with a foreigner. Don't you think, you should keep your father's dignity to the highest by marrying his preferred wife material? ''.
(Princess Ragah tried to stand up and say her mind but her mother held her hand tightly to sit as she was in tears).
'' Wow...I can't believe this. This is such a heart warming news. My son Faruk has made me proud ''. The king said in happiness.
'' Hail Prince Faruk! ''. One of the wise men shouted.
'' Hail him! ''. Majority of the court members shouted back.
'' Hail Prince Faruk! ''.
'' Hail him! ''.
(The Queen mother and Queen Sheena were astonished as how Queen Dorah had quickly turned thing around into her favor, even though things were not in their right place,but King Siamak was not happy. He preferred the crowned Prince to Prince Faruk. But he still smile. Prince Majid was furious with this embarrassment and pushed Cindy's hand away from him and quickly walked out of the court room. His friends run after him but his walk was faster. He walked down many stairs as the court was at the very peak of the palace building. He got to the compound and entered his expensive and sparkling car. He got in and drove speedily away).
'' Majid!!! ''. Cindy screamed as the car drove away.
'' Where the hell is he going? ''. Jimmy asked.
'' I don't know. He doesn't know this place. Where would he go? ''. They wondered.

(In the kingdom=At the river side).

Rishi sat near the river and kept throwing stones into it. Wondering what might have happened to the guards and her parents. She scooped some of the water and washed her facras tear fell into the river. Kushi arrived there and sat besides her because she first passed at her place before getting to the river.

''You will have to go home sooner or later Rishi ''.
'' I don't want to hear it ''.
'' Why don't you first go with them,and find out why the royal family wants you ''.
'' The only reasons why guards from the palace goes out in search for a person, is when the person has committed a crime ''.
'' But you did not commit a crime,in fact... you saved their future king ''.
'' Kushi, am so scared ''.
'' Rishi... what if,your wish is coming true? ''.
(Rishi panicked).

(On the dusty road,Prince Majid rid in full speed with his heart heavy with anger about how his family treated people. He parked the car in the middle of the road and saw some farmers working on their lands. He shouted for one of them and he quickly stopped his work and rushed to the car. He had no idea that was the crowned Prince, and Majid didn't want him to know neither).

'' Urrrmmm, good morning sir ''.
'' Good morning son ''.
'' I wanna know. Do you people have any water site in the kingdom? Maybe,a lake...or a river? ''.
'' Yes son. (The man said and gave him the direction). It is right behind the market. When you get there,you will see one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in the world ''.
'' Thank you sir ''. Majid said and drove away towards the river....
Cindy Prince Majid London Girlfriend

episode 27
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(At the royal palace=On the compound).

The court meeting was over and the Jhansi royal family asked to take their leave back to their kingdom. King Shaker and King Siamak got ti the compound ahead of the others. King Shaker was very excited that,this change of marriage plans did not affect his friendship with King Siamak. They went closer to King Siamak's palanquin and smiles at each other. King Siamak had a clear conscience though. At least,no matter what,his daughter was going to be married to the royal palace of Ujani.

'' The end of the road lands here my friend ''. King Siamak said.
'' Preparations will soon start for the marriage ''.
'' Don't bother your head about it friend. We have some long months ahead of us for the marriage ceremony ''.
'' You are right. So prepare princess Ragah, just like,I will prepare prince Faruk,they will get married on Lord Krishna's birthday ''.
'' That is am auspicious time. Such a wonderful moment for the marriage to take place. Okay,I will see to it that everything will be ready by then,so that we move back here and tie the knot between our children ''.
'' Okay my friend ''. They both embraced each other. '' Have a safe trip back home my friend ''.

The Jhansi royal family left Ujani and the king was proud with his shoulders lifter up high. Queen mother and Queen Sheena walked around the compound in restlessness as the king's appreciation was now on Queen Dorah's aide. They needed to execute their plan now and Queen mother was ready,today was the end of Queen Dorah's deception. One of the guard got to their side and bowed down.

'' What is it? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' Your highness, I was part of the guards who you sent to go and capture the girl who caught the statue ''.
'' I didn't ask you to go and ' capture ',don't use that word because she's not a criminal. But,did you find her? ''.
'' No your highness,but we found her mother ''.
'' Her mother?! ''. Queen Sheena asked surprised. '' But how come? ''.
'' Your highness, we searched for her the whole night and this morning too. Someone directed us to her house. But the problem was that,her mother refused to let us bring her and made her daughter escaped without our knowledge. And so....
'' And so what?! ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' We had no other choice but to arrest her and put her in the dungeon your highness ''.
'' What?! But,how dare you......
'' No Sheena. They did the right thing ''. Queen mother cut in.
'' How is that right,mother? ''.
'' If they do this,then her daughter wouldn't stay in hiding for a long time. Come,let's go and see her in the dungeon. Lead us to her guard ''.

(In the dungeon).

Bhavna was shaking in the dungeon. The heat and the scary images of the lions were too much for her to bear. She sweated and wept,but at the same time,she prayed Rishi wouldn't fall for their tricks of the soldiers and get to the palace. Bhavna quickly caught a fever and her temperature went high.
The lions never slept,they just looked at her gave and licked their lips. And was waiting for a taste of her. The dungeon's gates were opened. But Bhavna was deep in the cells. The Queen mother and Queen Sheena got in front of the cell with the guard behind them and the guard moved forward and hit the metal bars with a rod he held. Bhavna slowly got up in fright.
She only had two things in mind. It was either they had caught Rishi or they were there to set her free. She stood and turned to the opened to the opened gate were day light had flew into the cell and she was shaken with sight of both Queen Dorah and Queen Sheena. The two queens quickly recognised her from 25 years ago at Queen Meerah's funeral. 
Bhavna also remembered that day. Only difference was that,she wasn't wearing the necklace.

'' I don't quite remember your name,but I remember you are the same woman I met at Queen Meerah's funeral ''.
'' Yes. Are you here to let me out? '' 
'' Where is your daughter? ''.
'' I don't know where she is besides... She's just an ordinary girl...what do you want from her your highness? ''.
'' Things would have being simpler if you had just delivered your daughter to the guards ''.
'' But what do you want from her. So you were the one asking for her? For what? I am her mother, and I have every right to know what you want to do with Rishi! ''.
'' Rishi. So that is her name...beautiful ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' I don't want to get Rishi involved, I don't want to ever get her involved in any !matters like this Queens. I don't want her to be in things which will make her suffer in future ''.
'' How are you already concluding things? What is that something which will make her suffer in future? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' I don't know. But this is the royal palace,and the home of the royal family. And things are heavy here,especially things,which deals with the spiritual world ''.
'' Guard! Exit now! ''. The Queen mother commanded and they all left. '' What do you know about the royal palace? ''.
'' I don't know anything. But with the little I saw from the forest 25 years ago,when a snake tried to attack Queen Meerah...and my necklace saved her,I perceived at that moment that,things were not going well here,and that was why I gave her mu other necklace ''.
'' Young lady,for your information... What you saw,is what you Aline saw. But don't snatch Rishi's destiny from her ''.
'' What mind of destiny?! ''. Bhavna asked confused.
'' Her destiny, to be married to the crowned Prince of Ujani as the first wife ''.
(Bhavna couldn't take this shock and just collapsed. The Queens shouted for the guards and they quickly entered the cells and carried Bhavna away to the Royal building and called the royal herbalist).

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

He had never being this angry in his whole life. Even that day when his mother had told him that,they had snatched his birthrights as the crowned Prince from him,he wasn't that angry. He wasn't expecting his own mother to put him in such a tight corner. He scattered his whole chamber in anger and his friend Shiv couldn't do anything about it. 
He just stood there and watched him. Queen Dorah entered the chamber and was angry about how immature her son was acting. Shiv quickly bowed down and left the chamber. She stood there and folded her arm and said nothing but just watched Faruk throw things around in anger. She closed chamber door and went closer to his bed and sat down. Faruk realised she was sitting and stopped what he was doing. With his eyes red,he turned to her like he was drunk and breath heavily like a hungry hyena who wanted to pounce in her.
He caught hold of her hands and she got up and gave him a hot slap.

'' Control yourself! ''. Queen Dorah screamed.
'' No! No,I will not. How could you do this to me mother? When did I ever tell you that I was in love with Princess Ragah? I don't want her,I am not even ready for marriage ''.
'' So that you keep sleeping with all the maids in the palace Faruk? Learn how to appreciate your mother,you good for nothing boy! Did you see how happy your father was at the court because of my announcement? Now you are his favourite son. And you will also have the chance to conquer two thrones. Jhansi and Ujani. If we keep on with this act,it won't be too long before your father announce you as the crowned Prince. So wake up! ''.
'' But I don't love that princess. She looks too chubby for me ''.
'' It is okay Faruk. I know what I am doing okay? Just trust me and put yourself together. Just concentrate on how to eliminate your brother, and I will take car of the rest... okay? ''.
'' Okay mother ''.
'' Good. If you don't like Princess Ragah, it is okay. I am not after love,but for the throne, all for you! And nice our dreams one true,you can then treat her as you please. Or better still,make her your slave ''.
(Mother and son laughed according to their evil).

(In the kingdom=At the river).

Rishi felt the water with her hands and Kushi got up. Rishi also got up and removed the dirty clothes she was wearing.

'' I can't go back home now Kushi, please get me some of your clothes from your house ''.
'' Okay,no problem Rishi... I will be back ''.
'' Okay,hurry up. I am going to wash myself in the river now so,please hurry up okay. My dress is not clean, just get me some clothes ''.
'' I will be back then. I will take your dress for my mother to wash it with mine okay? I won't take long ''.
'' Okay ''.

Kushi left then Rishi jumped into the river with her naked body. She was completely naked and the water wet her hair and body completely. She swam beautifully into the water and reached the middle of the enormous river. The surrounding was very quiet and some leafs plucked off the surrounding trees,falling into the river.
Prince Majid's car arrived on the road,near the river,there was a loud foreign music played from his car. He lowered his window glass and turned his face to the left side. There lied the most beautiful blue river he ha ever seen. He removed his dark glasses and got out of the car without putting off the music. He walked down the hill and got closer to river in anger. But the beautiful sweet and clean air which passed on his face made him calm,it was sweet and soothing. He saw pebbles besides the river bank and took some into his hands and started throwing them into the river.

'' I am gonna go to London as soon as possible. As soon brother Faruk's wedding with the princess is over. I can't stay here anymore with all this trouble and too much nagging. And grandma said something about Cindy not being my first wife,so how many wives were they expecting me to marry? This people are a joke''. He looked at how the breeze was passing on the river and he felt it. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it and his shorts and sneakers and it was left with his boxers. 
That spotless six packs and heavy shoulders were tempting. He dived into the river and seam up. The water had wet his body and hair. The sun came up,scotching. He swam deep into the river. Rishi was still swimming under the water with her eyes closed and she was enjoying it. She reached the bank of the river and realised that Kushi had not returned and she was getting annoyed.
It was now that some people from town were getting to the river side. How could she be in the river naked,with the people getting there one after the other. She quickly got out of the river and covered her breast and under with her hands then rushed behind a tall coconut tree. 
She was shaking since the people were getting closer. She didn't know where else to pass,she looked behind her on the rod and saw a very expensive car,parked on the road. The music was changing, then she rushed to it fast. She tried opening the door to enter but it was locked. She started hitting the car with her leg so that the door could open. She had no idea how to deal with this thing. She got to the back of the car and angrily hit the bout,and the bout opened up. As soon as the bout opened, the car alarm started beeping loudly. It caught the attention of some of the people who turned themselves to look at that direction. Rishi was frightened since she had never seen something like that before,she turned to hide behind another but she loosed balance and fell into the bout then it closed her up.
She commenced in hitting the bout from inside and shouting for help but the music in the car was too loud. Some people got closer to the car and was checking how sparkling it was. Prince Majid swam up and his head got out of the water and saw people surrounding his car with the alarm so loud. He swam quickly to the bank and got out of the river. All the ladies were like '' Woooow ''. And others were fainting. He took his clothes and shoes then got to his car.
'' What are you all doing near my car? ''. Majid asked.
'' Oh my goodness. It is the crowned Prince ''. One of them said and they all fell and bowed at his feet.
'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''.
'' It's okay,it's okay. The glory is okay. How are you all? ''.
'' We are all fine your highness ''.
(Majid hated it when they called him that).
'' You can all leave now ''.
(They left while Majid went into his car and entered. He dropped his clothes on the other front seat and Parke the car. Rishi who was in the bout became frightened and kept quiet. He drove speedily away).

(Mr Raul's Mansion).

He sat in front of his mansion with his guards who had gone to catch Meho and threw him down at his feet. Mr Raul had a fat cigar in deeply. He slapped Meho and he fell. He was so angry as Meho knew that Mr Raul had returned from London and haven't come to see him yet with his wife. Meho was on his knees with bruises on his face because of the beating given to him by Mr Raul's guards.

'' Where is Rishi? ''.
'' I swear that o have no idea Mr Raul, believe me ''.
'' So,you have no idea. And you think I care? I have being letting my guards give you money for the past 20 years when I left the kingdom for London... I asked you to use half of everything to take care of Rishi, and use the other half for you and Bhavna, but guess the news I got Meho ''.
'' Sir? ''.
'' You never took care of Rishi and buy the expensive clothes I asked you to buy for her,but instead, you used all the money for alcohol ''.
'' That's not true sir ''.
'' My guards are lying then ''.
(The guards pounced on him and beat him black and blue. He apologized and told !r Raul that the royal guards came to his house in the morning to search for Rishi. He told them all he knew).
'' But I hope you remember we had an agreement 26 years ago. I give you only one month Meho. I am too good. So I give you one months to present Rishi to me in this house,so I can start our wedding preparations... Or I will send you to the next world to continue tour drinking there.Is that clear?! ''.
'' No..I mean yes sir. I will sir ''.

(In the royal palace).

Prince Majid arrived on the compound in his car and he got out of it in his boxers, everyone that saw him,turned into a statue,he got his clothes out of the car and entered the building. The maidens, the guards, every other worker just murmured among themselves.
Everyone just left the scene and went to continue their work. Rishi poked her head up from the back seat chair and saw that no one was in the car now. She looked through the window and realised she wa in e palace. She was more than scared now and she got to the backseat of the car and pressed all the pressable things I the car to make the door open, but it couldn't open. She was naked,and she was in the crowned Prince car. What was going on? This was annoying and she was loosing her breath.
Luckily, she pulled the lock from the door and there was sound from the door,a click. She panicked and the door opened. Her heart skipped with joy and she slowly poked her head out of the door and realised no one was around. She got out inner nakedness and closed the door. Then she tiptoed into the palace building.......

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