Married to the Prince Episode 22 , 23 & 24

episode 22
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

The kingdom was blushing. Men and women rushing. Rushing to where? Rushing to get for themselves some very nice clothes to attend the welcoming party of Prince Majid. Everyone was moving around and about in happiness because their future king was returning home after 20 years away. Kushi's mother was a seamstress and her little shop was filled with people who were waiting to take their clothes. 
She parceled their various clothes and took the money. Rishi and Kushi got to the shop in chippy happiness and Kushi's mother had sown identical clothes for them like they were twins. Everyone in the kingdom knew that those two girls were the best of friends,inseparable criminals. They took their clothes and Kushi went to first try hers on and came out. They were all surprised. Her mother was happy that she had done a good job.

'' Okay Rishi, it's your turn now. Go and try your dress on ''.
'' Okay,I will be back ''. She said and went behind a door to change herself while more customers came to take their clothed away.
(Bhavna arrived in the store because she had not given Rishi the permission to go anywhere with Kushi. Bhavna knew deeply in her heart that something was about to go down. And she wasn't going to involve her daughter into such big things. She saw Kush wearing her new dress and she smiled and checked her well. Kushi was looking beautiful. But then,Rishi came out of the changing room and everyone exclaimed. She was fitted in that long white dress. It fitted her perfectly and she was looking extremely gorgeous).
'' Wow,Rishi is looking like a queen ''. One woman shouted.
'' Yes you are right. It looks like she's going to be married off to royalty ''. Another woman shouted.
'' Yes. She's looking like she's from the palace ''.....
'' Shut up! All of you should shut up!''. Bhavna shouted in anger. '' She is just Rishi, my daughter ''.
'' Mother,what is wrong with you? ''.

Everyone at the store took their dresses and left immediately. Kushi's mother,Rada was quite surprised about Bhavna's behavior since she had no idea of what was on her mind. Rishi continued whining herself around the room with jog because her dress was so nice. Bhavna knew Mr Raul was arriving in the kingdom and wanted to keep Rishi in the house.
But her crazy daughter wanted to wanted to be a free bird. Rishi had no idea what waa about to go down,but Bhavna did. And Bhavna didn't want to tell her the truth ,that her father sold her even when she was not in her womb. Because if she did,she knew Rishi would carry the burden of hatred in her heart. Bhavna smiled in her heart and she how happy Rishi was. She saw how Rishi was blushing. Kushi went to stand beside her and they both laughed.

'' Okay girls,go and remove your dresses now before you stain it. You can wear it in the evening when you are leaving for the party. Hurry,go and remove it ''.
'' Yes mother ''.
(They both entered the changing room while Bhavna sat besides Rada).
'' Will you go ti the party? ''.
'' No Rada. And i wish I could stop Rishi from going too,but she won't understand ''
'' But why? Bhavna, why don't you just let destiny take it course? Rishi is a very couscous. And I don't think you should be afraid, Mr Raul is going to the party too,yes...but I don't think the lord is so wicked to hand her over to Mr Raul. He is a dying old man ''.
'' I hope,what you are saying is right ''.
'' Yes I am right. Just relax and let her enjoy her youth. Sooner or later,the truth of her being sold to Mr Raul will come out to her...and she herself will know how to handle the situation, give her a chance to grow Bhavna, and I know...that he won't disappoint you ''.
(Bhavna signs).

(The west=Jhansi Kingdom).

After the beauty of Ujani, Jhansi was the second. It had everyone it habitants needed to live comfortably and as usual,the royal palace was to die for. The royal family and their elders and wise men had prepared themselves specially for the occasions. The guards, maidens and palanquins were waiting on the compound for their departure.

(Princess Ragah's chamber).

The one and only child if the ming had dressed up in her glory with the help of her mother ,Queen Salma. She was beautifully and properly made to befit a king indeed. Her mother took her to look into her huge mirror to see how she looked. They both smiled while looking into the mirror. Queen Salma took a precious ancient emerald necklace of her family and placed it on princess Ragah's neck.

'' It is beautiful mother ''.
'' Yes dear. It belonged to your great grandmothers. When I was your age,my mother gave it to me because I was of the age to get married. And she told me,to give it to my daughter when she is in her marital season ''.
'' Mother,I am very happy that,father is giving me to the crowned Prince of Ujani instead. Which means......
'' Which means,you will become the first wife,and first future Queen if Ujani. Congratulations my princess. I am happy, now that I know,tour future would be secured in the hands of the Ujanis. Now,hurt up..let's get going. The journey is quite far,and we must arrive there before the Prince. Come on,let's go ''.

(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Compound).

The huge fat statue of lord Krishna stood there and anyone who passed by it,had to bow down and touch its feet before entering the building. Prince Faruk and Shiv stood besides it and Shiv had a metal rod in his hands. He bowed down to it and made a large crack at the feet of the statue and Prince Faruk was being on the look out. 
Shiv later got to his feet in sweat and wiped the sweat away. Prince Faruk gave a cunning smile and brushed his eye brows and smile at the corner of his lips. He looked up at lord Krishna's face and smiled wider.

'' If plan one does not work,there always have to be a plan two. And this,will be my first target ''.
'' Okay Prince, are we done here? ''.
'' Oh yes we are done ''. Prince Faruk looked into his pocket and removed 10 gold coins and gave them to Shiv ''. You can go now,and make sure to throw that rod away,don't make another mistake ''.
(Shiv left,Roshni passed by and Prince Faruk stopped her. She got closer to him and owed her head down).
'' My prince? ''.
'' Hey you...I want you to come to my chamber tonight. Is that clear? ''.
'' Please my Prince, for what?! ''.
(Prince Faruk was enraged).
'' How dare you question !y orders?! ''.
'' So . sorry my Prince. But Queen Dorah.....
'' Hey! Forget about my mother. Just come to my chamber,and if you don't, you already know the punishment for disobedience ''. He said and left.

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Her entire body was weak. She herself was very shocked. She didn't understand what was happening to her health,but she swore to herself that, no matter what happened, he was going to attend the party and study something. Also,for the passed months,she had not finally decided the perfect place to hide the red pot which had Queen Meerah's soul in it. She ha decided to put it in Queen Meerah's chamber. That was a brilliant idea.
Queen Meerah's chamber had being closed for 25 years. After her funeral,the king didn't want to hurt himself anymore by remembering her memories, so he locked her chamber and warned everyone in the palace, never to go near the chamber. So for the passed 25 years,no one had ever gone even a little close to the chamber. So Queen Dorah through, that she was going to look for the keys to Queen Meerah's chamber door and hide the pot in there,that way,it will forever be there. She took the pot from under her bed and smiled at it. She heart a knock on the door and she quickly put the pot away on her bed and a guard entered and bowed to her.

'' Your highness, please Savitri asks herself in your presence ''.
'' Let her in ''.
(The guard left and Savitri later entered, she wasn't smiling, but she took a deep breath because she was about to do something that she ha never done before).
'' Savitri, I was even about to call for you ''.
'' Is anything the matter? ''.
'' Yes. Same old problem. I need a favour from you ''.
'' Hm ''. Savitri whimpered.
'' Hey...what is your problem? Are you okay? ''.
'' Why are you asking, do you see through me? ''. She asked rudely.
'' Hey,you shut up there! Who do you think you are Savitri... Oh,so you are now growing wings right? ''.
'' I am not growing wings your highness. I an only growing protective over my daughter whom you slapped four days ago. She is even having a hard time talking ''.
'' Are you challenging me or what?! Do you know what she did,did you ask her? Let me tell you,I caught her in my son's bed! ''.
'' So what?! Is she not a human being? Maybe your son was interested in her and....
'' son can never be interested in a meer servant,a common !aid. No! Do you know the dreams am having for my son?! ''.
'' You don't also have any idea of my dreams for Roshni, let me tell you this my dear Queen Dorah, I didn't serve you all this years, just so I can remain a servant okay? So for every help I have lended to you,you must pay me,not with gold coins, but by letting your son...marry my daughter ''.
(Queen Dorah couldn't believe her ears. She opened her eyes and mouth widely and slowly get up from her bed and went closer to Savitri, she slaps Savitri and started calling some guard).
'' You can slap me all you want Queen Dorah. I am giving three days to think about this. Remember, that I know all your secrets. Everything about you. And I also have evidence... look at this! (Savitri raised her right hand and opened her palm and there was a design of an elephant head in her palm. A burnt design). Remember this? ''.
(Queen Dorah was suddenly looking confused).
'' This is a design of an elephant's head. It has being in my palm for 25 years. That night when you told me to remove the protective elephant necklace from Queen Meerah's neck,I followed your orders and did as you told me,and as soon as I got hold of it, it burnt my hand,and that is how I got this scar. And I can use it against you Queen Dorah, remember that ''.
'' You,Savitri? You dare stand in front of me and threaten me? ''.
'' You are such a greedy person. Look at Sheena. She once used to be a maid,but because of the good mistress she had, Queen Meerah. Because she HD Queen Meerah, she showered her with the goodness of royalty too,what have you done for me so far? ''.
'' Is that so? ''.
'' I am not going to do anything for you until you do as I say. And if you try in anyway,to ever hurt my daughter or me,I will expose you. I promise ''. She threatened and left.
'' Savitri? I thought you were loyal. Not knowing, you had this evil intention forms. I won't spare you at all. You have forgot so soon,that I am a high witch myself, and I will show you,that if you are a devil,then am the devil's mother ''.

(Mumbai Airport).

Their airplane had landed in India city,Mumbai. The fresh air was intense. Cindy was plasted on his body like a tattoo and didn't even want to be awy from him for even a second. They were five friends in all. All had their lovers by their side. Majid and Cindy, Mark and Nataoya,then Jimmy. They arrived in India with him because apart from Majid, no one was the richest an they needed to experience a new surrounding apart from London.
They got to a car shop and bought two of some of the most expensive cars to continue their journey. Cindy saw some India women and held Majid's hands so tightly, Majid on the other hand,was taking a deep breath to go and see the royalty he came from,and he didn't have his mind on anyone but the moment he arrived in the kingdom. They all got into the cars. Mr Raul and Jimmy in the first car with some of their things and Majid and the rest in the other car and the rest of their things,Mr Raul's car leaded them away. They had a long way to go. Majid drove the second car and Mr Raul drove the first car.

(Ujani Kingdom=The royal Palace).

The royal family Jhansi and other neighbouring kingdoms had arrived in the palace ahead of time. And the servants welcomed them,taking some of the gifts they brought along with them to welcome Prince Majid. King Siamak arrived in his palanquin, followed by his wife and daughter's palanquin and other royal family members. They got out out in their glory and welcomed with a bow from all the servants, and flower being showered on them. King Shaker got out from the palace building into the compound with the rest of his royal family and put their hands together with smiles. They welcomed the other neighbouring royals into the building. And the men separated themselves from the women to have a little fan until the important reason for their gathering arrived.........

episode 23
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

After receiving the neighbouring kingdoms with the rest of the royal family, she was restless, even though all the Queens had gathered in the grand hall,she couldn't stay calm but entered back into the chamber. She needed someone she could trust. But she was suspecting whether Avni was in this act with Savitri. She needed to know whether Avni was betraying her.
She called for Avni and she was waiting for her to arrive to know what they could do against Savitri. A loud bang was made on her door and she got to her door and let Avni in. She closed the door and went to sit on her bed. There was a small sack on her bed. She knew that since day one,Avni had always being interested in nothing but money. And she was willing to strike a deal with her and get that arrogant Savitri off her neck. Avni bowed down and gave a smile.

'' Your highness you....
'' Yes I called for you ''.
'' Yes. Please, do you need anything, because Queen mother has ordered us to finish the cooking before the clock ticks 6pm ''.
'' Don't worry,I won't take a lit of your time. I just have something to give you,that is why I called ''.
(She took the small sack from her side and handed it over to Avni,and Avni couldn't believe her eyes).
'' Your
'' I heard your husband was sick. Take it and get him treated by the kingdom's herbalist ''
'' That is true your highness. I can't believe this...thank you so much my Queen. I really appreciate this kind gesture ''.
'' You are welcome my dear. I also need a favor from you,can you do it? ''.
'' I will do anything for you,your highness. You know am going to be loyal to you for your life ''.
'' Good. What I want you to do is........

(United Kingdom=London=Blake's Estate).

The estate was an ancient estate built by Cindy's great grandparents. They left it to her grandparents and he also left it to her father who is now a governor in London and serving the government, he is filthy rich and had two children by his late wife. His first son,Max and his baby girl Cindy. Mr Blake loved his daughter with all his heart because she reminded him of his late wife. They had the same face,had the same personality and even voice. So he didn't joke with Cindy at all. And he didn't joke with Cindy at all. And he didn't want his daughter away from him. But what he hated most in this world had happened to him. His daughter was away from him,and was taken away by no one but someone from one of the tribes he hated most in the world. Indians. He hated Indians with passion. His dream,growing up wasn't to become a governor but to deal in gold business.
Until when he was about to rise higher and one of his business partner from India he used to do business with,betrayed him an stick him in the mud until he was raised up high again by one if his best friends. But what the Indian did to him,he never forgot. And he never supported Cindy's relationship with Majid until Cindy told him that,Majid was no common person but a crowned Prince in India, the kingdom of Ujani. His eyes lighted red. Cindy told Mr Blake that,Majid was born with silver spoon in his mouth. He had heard that kingdom's name before. Ujani. He remembered that,the man who betrayed him so much, and leaded to the death of his parents also came from Ujani. Bit wasn't important anymore... he was going to get his gold back. He was coin to get all what he loosed through Majid. He just needed to endorse Cindy's marriage to Majid,and once his daughter his accepted into the royal family, he can take away all the gold he wanted. Because once he returned from government work,the only property he had left was the estate, and he wanted something more. He didn't want to leave his children with that life children with that little property, he was greedy bastard. And he wasn't going stop.

(The Blake's Mansion).

Mr Blake had one of his most expensive wines in hand and crossed his legs in the hall with his serious son,Max,who does business with him. And he had no idea that his father had allowed Cindy to go with Majid.

'' I am very disappointed dad. All of this four days that I haven't seen Cindy,not knowing you had allowed her to go to India with a stranger ''.
'' That guy is your meal ticket, so keep fooling yourself Max ''.
'' Meal ticket? Are we not secured with your position as governor of the city? ''.
'' The only property you are going to get when I die,is this estate and the rubber company. I was busily spending all the money I earned on you and your sister since you both wanted to live expensive. Keep it into your head,if I should die today,you wouldn't get a single cent in my account. So better listen to the plank have for you ''.
'' How come Cindy's boyfriend is our meal ticket dad? I don't understand ''.
'' Then listen. I want you to prepare yourself.. because you ate about to leave for India ''.
'' What?! This is a whole new continent dad...who the hell am I even going to speak their language? ''.
'' Because you won't be going alone. Find any friend. Anyone who understands their language. You are going to spy on your sister and give me updates on whatever that happens there ''.
'' But dad,this a useless work. What do I get from all this? ''.
'' Cindy's boyfriend is a crowned Prince in India fool! ''.
'' P..Prince? You mean,a real Prince? A king's son? ''.
'' Yes exactly. And not just any Prince. But a crowned Prince, who would become king after his father the king dies ''.
'' Wow! Oh my God! Update me dad. Tell me what to do ''....

(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=7pm).

The palace was filled up and beautiful scenes were created. Some royal dancers kept dancing to the tunes of the drums being beaten by the royal drummers. Other maidens threw flowers on the Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses who made way out of the building to get to their seats among the people. Foods were being shared among the people, and wine as well. Prince Faruk kept on frowning because some people kept walking around because some people kept walking around Lord Krishna's statue and prayed in his head that,no one mistakenly touches it because by then,all his plans would be destroyed.
Queen mother and Queen Sheena also kept starring at the statue and waiting for the final moments of its fall.
Seven strong guards stood at the entrance of the palace, and three of them held a big horn which they would blow out when Prince Majid arrived. Rishi and Kushi arrived at the palace in their beautiful dresses. They were super excited. They got ti the entrance and their smile disappeared when they saw the guards standing at the entrance with their frowning faces.

'' Show your invitation! ''. One of them said in a heavy tone.
(Truly, Rishi and Kushi had no invitation. An they really needed to go to the party to consume all the rich foods that soul be shared).
'' Did you not her him? Where is your invitation? ''. Another guard asked.
'' Do we have to have an invitation before entering the palace? ''. Rishi asked.
'' Yes. Everyone that entered showed their invitation ''.
'' Oh no Rishi, what are we going to do now? ''. Kushi whispered to her.
'' I don't know Kushi... we have to go to the party no matter what,am sure there will be delicious foods there ''. Rishi whispered back.
'' Then do something ''.
(Rishi cleared her throat and looked into her small purse and took out five gold coins and stretched it to the guards).
'' Urrrmmm...please, take this coins and let us enter ''.
'' Are you mad?! Who do you think you are?! Are you trying to bribe us?! ''.
'' Mo no....
'' You are under arrest! ''. One of the guards held Rishi and Kushi and they tried letting go but he was too strong for them. '' I am taking you to the king for your punishment, you dirty commoner ''.
'' Please don't do this,we just wanted to go to the party ''.

Suddenly, two cars were driving from afar towards the palace. As the car were drawing nearer,the rest of the guards were alert and the first car stopped then Mr Raul poked his head out of the window, then the three guards holding Rishi and Kushi loosed concentration and turned to the car,Rishi stepped on his feet with all her strength and he let go off them. The two girls dashed into the palace immediately.
The drums became louder as they had realised Prince Majid had arrived. The royal dancers,danced slowly outside with the flower maidens. The palace huge gates were opened and Mr Raul slowly drove into the compound together with the second car. The royalties all got to their frets in all smiles. The guard also entered the palace and started looking for Rishi and Kushi. The thousands of people dashed near the car.
Ten guards quickly paved way to the car and pulled people away from the car and pulled people away from the car. Mr Raul and Jimmy got out of the first car and flowers were being rained on them. The king got closer to Mr Raul with a wide smile and hugged him tightly. They put their hands together as tradition demanded in a form of greeting. Mr Raul gave Jimmy a sign and he quickly bent down and touched the king's feet.
Then finally, Majid got out of the second car with the rest of them and a wild wind blew over them,his wavy hair dashed back by the wind and he gave a wide smile. His family were more than surprised. His father the king,was filled with tea,as Majid looked exactly like his late mother. Cindy quickly dashed to Majid's side with a smile. All the girls were about to faint by his handsomeness. Even the old ladies. Majid bowed down and touched his father's feet the put his hands together. His father brashed his fingers through his son's soft hair with a smile and embraced him tightly. Queen mother and Queen Sheena got closer with Princess Lakshmi and the others.

'' Majid ''. Queen mother said in a shaking voice and tears.
'' Grandmother? ''. Majid asked in confusion since he was meeting them for the first time after 20 years away.
'' Oh my God,he recognised me ''. Queen mother said in joy and he bowed down and touched her feet. Receiving a light kiss on his forehead from her.
(Queen Sheena who was smiling and crying at the same time got in front of him with her eyes filled with love for him. She caressed his face and Queen Dorah whimpered. Majid bowed down and touched her feet as well and smiled).
'' Mother? ''.
'' My son,you have been missed, you are finally back home my son. Welcome ''.
(Princess Lakshmi didn't let Majid get to hernaide before she jumped all over him with a tight hug,and Majid who had foreign blood in him now gave her a kiss on her cheeks as he realised it was his little sister. He looked on his left side and bowed down and touched Queen Dorah's feet. She gave out a fake smile when Majid called her aunt. Then finally, the two brothers face up. Majid was surprised, he actually saw his elder brother for he first time. Prince Faruk gave a be wide innocent smile and quickly embraced his brother tightly. Majid innocently hugged him back and layed his he's on his shoulders.

'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''. One guard shouted.
'' Glory to him! ''. All the subjects present shouted back.
'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''.
'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''.
(And it went on and on and on as they all walked to the royal chair. Prince Faruk, who walked besides his brother had his facial expression changed. He wasn't smiling. He started thinking of a way to get Majid closer to the statue. The party then officially started).

Rishi and Kushi were busily chewing a big roasted chicken at the food side. The maidens were still dancing widely and the drums were loud. They ate so much that they felt like vomiting. And Rishi started dancing, followed by Kushi, while the both of them held roasted chicken tights in their hands and danced among the people. Some few hours later,after instructions were made,the king decided to give the announcement of the marriage alliance between Prince Majid and Princess Ragah.
The spokesperson for the king gave a sign to one of the hornguards,and he blew his horn so loud and got everyone's attention. The king got to his feet. Rishi and Kushi saw the guard who caught them at the entrance was getting nearer and they both quickly rashes behind lord Krishna's statue. The king was on his feet with the royal family. Majid and his friends had no idea on what was about to go down.

'' Thank you all,my supportive subjects for gathering here to honour your crowned Prince with this warm welcome. And there is another good news(the king stretched his hand at the direction of Princess Ragah and nodded his head. Sle slowly climbed up to him with a smile). Meet Princess Ragah, she is the Princess of Jhansi. Princess Ragah and Prince Majid are allied together to get married ''.
(Majid is shocked. Cindy is blown away and their friends are amazed. But the subjects shouted with joy. Cindy turned her face to look at Majid who was shockingly starring at his family who was busily jubilating about the news).
'' Stop!!! ''. He shouted and got a distance away from them. '' What the fuck is going on here? ''.
(The Queen mother and Queen Sheena quickly got closer and held him still).
'' Majid, calm down ''. Queen Sheena whispered.
'' No! What do you people think you are doing? How the hell have you found a bride for me without my consent? ''.
(Cindy was shaking in fright, the royal families were thrown into confusion).
'' Oh my oh mine..I think the gods are working in my favour already, just imagine Majid,now refusing to accept the alliance between he and Princess Ragah, and that will also means,disobeying his father's orders and embarrassing him in front of his fellow kings. Wow Dorah,this is your chance to add fuel to the fire and put your long awaited plan into action ''. Queen Dorah thought.
(Prince Faruk hypocritically got to Prince Majid's side and pleaded with all the kings and royal families to forgive his brother's behaviour. He then asked to take Majid aside to speak to him. They were given the permission and he took Majid right o lord Krishna's statue. They stood in front of the statue, far away from the crowd. The party was still going on high).
'' Majid, what do you think you are doing? ''.
'' What do you mean by that? You saw everything yourself, come on! Do you know the things I got packed in my head? ''.
'' fact,you are absolutely right brother. If I were you,I would have done the same thing... I mean,how can father set a marriage for you without your permission? ''.
'' Thank goodness someone finally understands me. Thanks bro ''.
(Faruk gave a fake smile).
'' Just relax Majid. This thing is not force okay? It is evening time and neighbouring kings have gathered with us. Let morning come,and everything will settled you need a drink? ''.
'' Sure sure ''.
'' Stand right here brother. Don't move an inch,I will be back with drinks for both of us ''.
(Prince Faruk turned to leave and saw his friend Shiv,standing from afar. He gave Shiv a sign and left. Shiv cunningly sneaked behind lord Krishna's statue with one of his trusted guards who served Prince Faruk. Prince Majid stood in front of the statue in anger. He took out his phone and switched it on. Shiv and the other guard pushed the statue. Cindy saw the statue first and screamed Majid's name,the Princess saw the statue too and shouted for Majid to watch out,Rishi stood in the crowd and the elephant necklace she wore burn she wore burnt her chest and she moaned in pain,as she raised her head,she saw the statue coming down on Prince Majid. She shouted and started running towards Prince Majid. The entire party was quiet now. People were screaming, that was when Prince Majid realised the statue was coming down to crush him,he was so shocked and was watching the statue which was coming down to kill him. Rishi got to his side and pushed him down and caught the huge statue, her forehead hit the stone and she got a cut. The elephant necklace lighted and Majid also felt a burn by his necklace too. Rishi screamed in pain as her hands slipped off the statue and ten guards quickly arrived and held the statue with all their strength. Rishi slipped on her legs an fell over Prince Majid. Their necklace lighted together and they were both shocked. The light bright on their faces and the looked into each other's eyes. Queen mother and Queen Sheena are shocked. The wild wind blows on both Majid and Rishi....
Queen Sheena ( Queen Dorah Maid)

episode 24
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Everyone was amazed. Some were flabbergasted about this scene. They all started running towards the scene and the ten guards slowly pushed the broken statue to the other side. When Rishi saw the people running towards them,she quickly got off Prince Majid,everyone surrounded them and some guards helped him on his feet. The people were numerous, thousands of them wondered and were murmuring.
The royal family got there and Rishi slowly passed through some of the people. Kushi threw her meat away and as Rishi was looking for her among the crowd,Kushi held her hands from no where and pulled her to another side.

'' Let's leave Kushi... Fast! ''.
'' Yes let's go! ''.
(The two girls flashed out of the palace. The royal family got to the scene and the Queens quickly got to Majid. Queen Sheena turned and checked him over and over again like a little boy,some of the people tried getting closer to him but they were stopped by the guards. The Queen mother looked around in anguish).
'' Mother I am okay,don't worry ''.
'' Ate you sure my son? Are you sure,what about your head? ''.
'' I said am fine..come on! ''.
'' Where is the girl that held the statue?! I said,where is the girl who caught the statue from falling? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' She was right here your highness....''. One guard said,looking around.
'' I saw her running out it the palace your highness ''. One of the subjects shouted from inside the crowd.
'' Guards!!! ''. The Queen mother shouted and pointed at the far away entrance. '' Go after that girl,and bring her back. Go,and don't come without her ''.
(Four guards took to their heels and went after Rishi and Kushi. And at the same time,the party continued for a small while and it ended).

(In the Woods).

Rishi and Kushi kept running with all their strength. Kushi's asthma started and she fell down on the road. She couldn't breath properly now and she fainted on the dark road. Rishi was terrified and she cried. Her forehead was also bleeding due to the hit on the statue. The only thing that could stabilize Kushi was when she was put in the river.
Anything her asthma arose,only the water could stabilize her. Kushi was gasping for breath and was sweating. Rishi carried Kushi on her feet and used all the strength she had left to carry her unto her back. The guards arriver in the woods with lanterns, looking for the girls. Rishi was walking in the woods with her bare feet as when they were running, their slippers slipped off. The guards saw their slippers on the road and took it to search for them.
Rishi carried Kushi at her back and walked up to the town's river. Rishi started feeling dizzy because of the blood she was loosing from her head. The guards got ti the woods and saw their feet prints and followed the prints. Rishi got to the river and collapsed with Kushi,making both of them fall into the river together. The guards searched in the woods for many hours and didn't find the girls. They got to the river and everywhere was quiet.

'' Oh my goodness, we have searched everywhere, where must they have disappeared to? ''.
'' The Queen mother has warned us not to return to the palace if we don't find them ''.
'' Oh no!!! I can't believe is,it looks like we loosed track of them,and their feet's on the muddy ground. But we must go back and tell the Queen mother that we couldn't find them ''
'' You must be joking... they will behead us. I am not ready to die? I will continue searching ''.
'' Where else can we search? ''.
'' Wait ''. One guard said.
'' What? ''.
'' I think I know the girl that caught the statue. My eyes were in her,and I wanted to catch her because she entered the palace without invitation with her friend. So when she caught the statue, I saw it. It was strange that a girl like her could hold the statue which takes ten guards to carry...if I see her face,I will recognize her ''.
'' Okay boys,let's go and continue our search ''. They said and left.

(Royal Palace).

The party was over. The king was disturbed as he didn't know what else to tell King Siamak. It was such an embarrassing moment for him. He said something calm to King Siamak and so the Jhansi royal family decided to spend the night in Ujani palace. They were given special treatments and granted one of the beautiful royal rooms.

(In the court room).

The king was more than furious because of the embarrassment he had to face back at the party in front of his fellow kings. He had called the three Queens because he needed solutions for the problem. Ujani kingdom and Jhansi kingdom were the best of friends since ages now and they both helped each other in the developments of their kingdoms. And the two kings were the best of friends,King Shaker didn't want to loose this long time friendship. The Queens sat in their various seats and saw the anger of the king. Queen Dorah couldn't be much happier. But both Queen mother and Queen Sheena were thinking of how to get hold of the girl who caught the statue.

'' What do you say about Majid's attitude mother, why are you both quiet?! ''.
'' He will come back to his senses son ''.
'' His senses?! What sense, now...I can see he does not take our tradition seriously, he doesn't even care! And I blame no one but you and Queen Sheena!!! ''. The king screamed.
'' Us? ''. Queen Sheena asked innocently.
'' It is the both of you that forced me to send him away! All because of something you both were protecting him from,but you never even told me anything about it again. Now my son has changed completely. Mother, I hope you know that...there will be a rift between King Siamak if his daughter and Majid dies not get married. The news has being announced in all the neighbouring kingdoms, and if Majid refuses to get married Princess Ragah, no one will agree to marry her because they wouldn't know the reason why Majid refused to marry her ''.
'' Shaker,I need to speak with you. Alone ''. She turned to the two Queens. '' Both of you should excuse us ''.
(They both got up and left,the Queen mother got to her feet and faced the king).
'' I hope you are going to give me a better suggestion to make Majid get married to the Princess ''.
'' No. This is the problem Shaker. Princess Ragah can not be Majid's first wife ''.
'' Mother! You too? ''.
'' You don't understand Shaker! I went to the temple some days ago. And do you know what happened? Lord Hanum spoke through priest Chanakher, about the woman to be married to Majid as the first wife ''.
'' What?! So what are you trying to say? Are you saying that lord Hanuman wants to embarrass me in front of my fellow kings? ''.
'' Not that,but Princess Ragah can not be married to Majid! ''.
'' Then who should be married to him? ''.
'' The girl who caught lord Krishna's statue. She is the one to be married to Majid ''.
'' must be crazy mother, if such fairy tales existed. I have promised King Siamak to marry his daughter to the crowned Prince as a first wife, and you want me to make an ordinary subject my son's first wife?? Will lord Hanuman embarrass me like that? ''.
'' Shaker listen.....
'' No mother! No. I made Majid the crowned Prince to honour Queen Meerah's memory, go and talk to him. If he doesn't think this over and give me a good answer tomorrow, I will have no other choice, but to get the crown off him,and give it to Faruk ''.
'' What?! You wouldn't dare! Listen to your mother, I know what is best. I am not saying that Princess Ragah will not be married to Majid. She will be married to him,but not as his first wife ''.
'' Leave my chamber mother ''.
(Queen mother was shocked).
'' Just leave mother, I have made my final decision, I won't ruin my relationship with the Jhansis because of a common hallucination you had ''.
'' It wasn't a hallucination Shaker,it was real...listen you your mother ''. Queen mother cried.
'' Mother! ''. The king shouted angrily. '' Leave, my decision is final ''.
(The Queen mother left).

(Guest Royal room).

Princess Ragah was given a room and she wept her heart out with the way Prince Majid acted with the announcement of their marriage. She believe that people had already started talking about it. She was already in love with him. She was already in love with him. After seeing him for the first time. It was love at first sight. She looked through the window while tears fell out her eyes. Her mother, Queen Salma entered in her glory and saw ho her daughter was fading away,when Ragah saw her,she break down into tears in her expensive saree.

'' Mother, I swear that if Majid refuses to marry me then,I will kill myself ''.
'' Don't be silly! Of course he will marry you. I think he was just shocked because he didn't know about the plans of his father, but I think about it and give us a befitting answer tomorrow ''.
'' Are you sure mother? ''.
'' No one can reject a beautiful girl like you. You two have been put together to be married, whether he likes it or not,he must marry you, one will want to marry you...he can't be that heartless ''.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

The room was to die for. His chamber was manly and gracefully made. He was the crowned Prince after all,and he deserved such a room. It was painted in white and light blue. His bed was covered in heavy white bedsheets and almost, ten pillows. His roof was made of glad and there was a tall heavy pot full of cool water and arranged glasses of gold cups besides the pot on a golden table.
The floor was made of gold and his wardrobe was also made of gold. The room was the largest apart from the king's chamber. There maidens standing there with heavy fans. Maidens had surrounded hisned and dropped their faces downward, with big fans shock looked like that of the feathers of an ostrich. Majid was leaded into his room by Queen Sheena who was smiling like no other,even though Majid wasn't smiling with the news he got earlier. He needed to announce his relationship with Cindy as soon as morning came. The maids bowed down to him and he asked them to get out.

'' No son. You need to sleep right now. You must be very tired with the stress of your travel. I know you want to say something. We can talk about everything tomorrow ''.
'' I am serious about the answer I gave the royalties mother. I will not marry anyone unless the person is chosen by me ''.
'' This is your kingdom Majid, and he is your father. He knows what is best for you,just sleep, and you will see everything in a different light tomorrow ''.
'' I will not see anything. I am serious about this ''.
'' I am happy you brought your friends along with you to see your customs ''.
'' Such fucked up customs. I am very disappointed that,this is how you do your things ''.
(Some guards dropped Majid's luggages in front of of his large wardrobe and they bowed their head and left. Queen Sheena sat besides Prince Majid in a calm mood).
'' Did you see the girl that caught the statue? Can you remember her face? ''.
'' No. I don't know. (He removed his shirt and his spotless beautiful body was blushing). But there was something very strange,I have never seen something like that before ''.
'' Something like what? ''.
'' Can you imagine, she had the same necklace as mine. And she slipped and fell over me,I saw both necklace light up ''.
'' The same necklace? ''. Queen Sheena is flabbergasted. '' You mean,she was wearing one of your elephant chain? ''.
'' Yeah yeah. That one ''. Majid said and let himself fall into his soft flamboyant water bed. Queen Sheena got to her feet.
'' Good night son ''. She said and got out of the chamber. '' Oh my goodness, this can't be ''.
(Queen mother saw her standing there and walked closer to her).
'' It is already late. Are you not going to bed? ''.
'' Mother, I think I might have a clue about the girl who caught the statue ''.
'' Really?! Tell me,we must find her as soon as possible ''.
'' Do you remember the elephant necklace? Queen Meerah told us a woman who helped her get to the wishing stream gave it to her ''.
'' Yes? ''.
'' Majid told me that,the girl that caught the statue was wearing the same necklace as his ''.
(Queen mother's face is suddenly ghost).
'' The same? Are you trying to say it is the woman who caught it? ''.
'' Remember this. That necklace is one in a million. No one had one. Queen Meerah said,the woman who gave it to her,made it known to her that,it was her father who made it. It was only two. She had one,and gave the other to Queen Meerah, meaning... If Queen Meerah's necklace is with her son now.....
'' Then the woman's necklace is with her daughter. We even saw her 25 years ago at the funeral of Meerah. And Majid's hand fell on her stomach ''.
'' Destiny was working right in front of our eyes and we didn't even see it mother ''.
'' Oh my goodness... Okay. Let's go to bed now Sheena. Tomorrow is a new day,we are going to find that girl. And whether the whole world turns against us,she will have to be Majid's first wife.....


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