✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Kiss 馃拫馃拫馃拫馃拫 18+ Episode 81 To 90 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

{That changed everything ✓
I dropped the remote when I saw Novan walk in.
He never knocks and I still don’t know how he manages to sneak in so quietly.
Maybe he sneaks quietly in order not to miss the sight of me making out with some other boy.
I giggled silently at my childish thoughts.
“Could you leave us? He’s here.” I said and got up with my hands swaying behind me.
I couldn’t get rid of the large grin plastered on my face and I felt giddy. The sight of him alone is enough to make me happy in a way no one else can.
“Oooh?” Betsy stood up.
I walked past her to meet him. My heart was already racing, beating wildly for him.
How did he manage to fill every ounce in me so easily?
“I came for a sleepover, Quinn and..”
“My girlfriend said you should leave Betty.” He opened his arms and I walked into them, held him tight, and inhaled him deeply. He smells good just like Novan.
“My name is Betsy, not Betty. How many times do I have to tell you?”
“Whatever but leave us the fuck alone for now unless you’d love to hear her moaning my name while we’re on it..”
“Novan!” I bit him through his shirt and he laughed, lifting me off from the floor by my thighs and my legs went around his waist while my hands locked behind his neck.
I can’t believe I am doing this in front of Betsy and I’m not feeling shy at all.
“See you tomorrow Mariana for the theories.”
“Lock the door on your way out,” I said and trailed my tongue on his neck. It felt nice so I sucked on him and I felt him tensed and held me tighter.
“And oh Novan, be gentle, and don’t forget to use a condom else I would have to get her on some birth pills. I don’t want to be an aunt yet and I..”
I gasped at her words.
“Just go!” Novan groaned and she chuckled before stepping out and I heard the keys turned and that was it. We are left alone and my heart begins to beat against his again.
“What did your mum say?” He asked and sat.
Once again we were back to the same position we were before mum came the other time.
I straddled him properly and splayed my palm against his chest.
“What can she do? She said I should be careful” I stared into his eyes and brushed his hair from his face.
“I’m glad you told her about us and I don’t really care if she likes me or not. You loving me is enough and I can’t ask for more.” The words roll out of his mouth smoothly.
“But for my parents to like you is also a good thing,” I said and twirled his hair on my fingers.
“But I don’t care.”
“Is it because she said bad things about you?”
“Not at all. I’ve heard more of those things and trust me, none got to me. You should know by now that I don’t care about people’s opinions and your parents won’t be an exception. I don’t care what they’ll think about me enough to try and change myself to make anyone happy. I am me and that’s what I will continue to be.”
“I don’t care if they don’t like me but you?… I can’t do without you Mariana. Please never stop loving me.”
“So you don’t like any of my family members?” I asked calmly.
“Nope. You people are rich with snooty behaviors. I so much fucking hate rich people but for you I will make an exemption.”
“Don’t you ever want to be rich?” I asked and held his face in my small palms while his hand still remained on my lower back.
“I just want to have enough for myself, my sister, and my girl. I don’t need all the glitz, glamour, and cameras.” He uttered disdainfully.
My heart melted hearing that he has me in mind but why must it be me alone?
“Babe, I don’t really have a problem with your family but if they won’t accept me for me then there’s nothing I can do. This is me.” He shrugged.
“They will accept you.”
“I hope so.”
“So can I kiss you now.” I leaned in to join our lips.
“First tell me about that Mike guy. Do you like him? He looks like someone your parents will want you with. He’s a fine boy in charming suits and a clean-cut.”
“You’re the only guy I’ve ever loved Novan and I love everything about you,” I whispered against his lips.
“You sure?” He whispered back, staring at me with so much intensity in his eyes.
“Would I lie?” My fingertips trailed on his jawline.
His tongue snaked out to wet his lips. “You’re sounding so damn sexy, It’s giving me ideas.” He tilted my chin up.
“Tell me why you get so jealous, Novan. Why don’t you see how much I love you?”
“I get jealous because you’re only mine” he rasped and moved his hands on my thighs.
My breathing hitched and I bit my lips.
“No one has the right to touch you..” he squeezed my waist like he always does then moved his hand to cup my boobs.
Sparks flew inside me, causing fireworks.
“To kiss you..” he whispered slowly and kissed me tenderly.
“Or to care for you” his hand moved to my shirt and he raised it up to my head, leaving my chest completely bare for his eyes.
I moved into his chest to hide my boobs. His hands moved to my back and rubbed it. I shuddered.
“All rights are reserved for me.” He finished his sentence and took my lips back inside his mouth.
My hands moved to my chest to cover myself while we kissed but he removed them.
“Don’t cover yourself, not for me.” He moved my hands and put them on his shoulders before grabbing me with both hands. I threw my head up and his lips began to work on my neck to my breastbone. The metal in his tongue shook me to my core and I held him tighter. His head moved down to my chest and he took my nipples in his mouth.
My entire system is on fire and it’s all thanks to him.
I nipped on his earlobe and behind his ear and he shook, his breathing changed and his lips sucked me harder.
I moaned and tugged on his hair then I began to roll my hips against his.
“Oh Novan!” I moaned when I felt that thing poking me from beneath again. I grind harder.
I would love to see what’s in there and what it looks like.
“Fuck Riana!” He cursed and flipped me so I am lying on my back and he came on top. Thank God it was a double couch.
He returned to kissing me and I began to fumble to take his shirt off.
“What do you want to do babe?” His voice was husky.
“Don’t say anything, I have a whole list of things I want to do to you.”
I have no idea what list he’s talking about or what I really want him to do. I just want us to do something apart from kissing and it can be anything at all.
He propped on his hands and stared into my face with his dilated pupils.
“I want to make you scream my name Riana, over and over again. Would you permit me?” His voice is filled with want and desperation. I can’t refuse him.
I pulled him to rest on me without thinking of the weight while I nod to his question.
“I want to hear you say it with those full lips of yours, Riana.” His tongue slithered through the valley between my chest and I writhed under him.
My hands went under his shirt and grazed on his back.
“Ye.yes.” I pinched my eyes shut and he smiled against my skin.
His tongue journeyed further and stopped at my waistline and without waiting, his hands hooked around my shorts.
“I’m taking it off.” He informed me and waited a minute if I’d refuse and when no reaction came, he tugged it down and I was left in my panties alone, the only thing covering me. I’ve never been this exposed to anyone except him of course.
“You you’re so fucking beautiful.” He looked at me from my face then he stopped on my chest for a moment before dragging his eyes slowly down my stomach then stopping at my panties.
“You’re so so gorgeous…the prettiest girl ever.” He complements again before coming on top of me.
I tried to remember the few things I learnt about sex. “Do you..uhm..have…a condom?”
I feel my cheeks heat up when his eyes widened on me.
“Condom?” He chuckled and his eyes swayed over my face in amusement. “I’m not going to have sex with you. Not today.”
“Oh.” I pouted and refused to look him in the eye.
“Then?” I added and began to get up. He pushed me by my shoulder gently back on to the couch.
“Where are you going?” His eyes searched mine.
“You said..we won’t so..” he put his hand over my lips.
“We ain’t done yet.” He moved his hands and kissed me slowly but passionately while his hand cupped me.
I moaned when he pinched and moved his thumb on my hard nipples. My hands moved into his hair and I arched my back, desperate for a body to body contact but he was still clothed. I want it off but I can’t afford for him to break off from his gentle assault on my body.
His other hand moved down to the waistline of my lacy pant then he lifted it up and slipped his hand into my pants. The contact of his cold hand and my warm skin caused me to jerk.
What is he doing? Will it hurt?
My thoughts came to an abrupt end when his hand went further into my panties and he sucked in a sharp breath. His lips grazed on mine and my chest rose and fell rapidly. My breathing was ragged and I felt as if I would explode. This is so extraordinary and out of this world.
My legs parted on it’s own to make more room and he began to touch me. My eyes remained shut.
“Does it feel good?” His warm breath fanned my face.
He was only rubbing me but it’s as if he’s doing more. This simple action of his is taking me over the edge.
I nodded and he moved slowly. “Better?”
“Torturous.” I moaned and he chuckled.
“Want it faster?”
I nodded and he moved a little faster then slowed.
He went back to kissing me and his hand worked me up and down on a sensitive spot.
“So wet….for me” He muttered and I moaned.
I felt a gentle pinch down there and it sent a shock through my body.
“Nov… Novan.”
“I..what did you do?”
He didn’t say anything but did it again and I turned to putty underneath him. His tongue travels back to my breast and he takes my nipple in between his teeth before releasing it and rolling his tongue on it teasingly. His other hand cupped the other and I felt a pressure building inside me and it was exhilarating. My eyes screwed shut and I bit my lips harshly. My back arched and I felt my legs shaking abnormally.
“That’s it baby. Come for me.” He cooed and I lost control over my senses.
“Look at me sweetheart. ” He purred and I opened my eyes. Immediately I saw the sight of him flicking his tongue on my nipples sent me over the edge and for some minutes, everything blurred around me

“Novan!” I moaned and he smiled before getting his hand out as I tried to catch my breath. I’ve never felt this good and relaxed before.
He tried to get up from me but I pulled him back with a frown. “Where to?”
“Nowhere..why?” He replied.
I thought he’d like me to do something for him as well. Though I don’t know what but he can coach me.
“Thought you’d want something too ” I ignored the wetness between my thighs and pressed it together.
“No, I am okay for now.” He chuckled and picked my shirt from the floor then he parts me slowly and wiped me off with it.
My hands flew to my face in embarrassment.
What did we just do? Oh, God.
He doesn’t seem to mind as he carried me from the couch and into the bedroom.
He placed me on the bed and covered me with my comforter. He didn’t join me in bed so I wanted to ask where he was going again but stopped when I saw him taking his shoes off then his shirt and jeans.
My eyes roamed on his sexy sculpted tattooed torso then to the angular shape that defined his abdomen and the dark thin hairs that lead into his shorts. He’s heavenly and I want to move my lips on every tattoo on him.
“I’m sleeping over.” His voice pulled me out of my drooling session.
“Not like I want you to go anywhere,” I said and got his shirt which had fallen beside the bed.
I got the comforter off and he watched me put his shirt on before joining me on the bed.
I moved into his arms and placed my head on his chest while throwing my legs over his and entangling them.
“How was it?” He asked and it took me a minute to get what he meant.
“Nothing I’ve felt before but the most amazing experience ever,” I whispered and he kissed the top of my head.
“I love you. You know that right?” He asked and wrapped his arms around me.
“I know.”
He hummed an appreciative response.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.
Waking up the next day, Novan was not on my side and neither was any of his clothes except the shirt I was wearing.
I yawned and sauntered into the washroom. My cheeks were still red and when I remembered last night, they got redder.
I got his shirt off and spotted tiny love bites all over my chest and neck. I felt different but it’s the slightest change that I couldn’t point at.
I spread toothpaste on my brush then cleaned my teeth before showering.
I dressed up and applied more makeup than I’ve ever done to conceal the tiny bites.
I panicked when I realized I haven’t completed the assignment I was going to submit today. I canceled my plans to meet Betsy and packed my bag with the necessary books before walking out.
Novan was not around and when I got out I didn’t see his car either. This could only mean that he’s left.
I called him when I got into my car but it went directly to voicemail.
I drove towards the popular cafe on campus though I didn’t plan on grabbing a coffee. Just in case I spot his car.
I passed the coffee shop and I saw Aria’s car then Betsy’s car. I wanted to stop and go in but then I have an assignment to do before I will have the whole day to myself.
I drove to the library and parked my car in the parking lot before coming out.
I greeted the librarian with a smile and walked in to find a seat. I was surprised to see a couple of students in with their notes and laptops and among them was someone I didn’t expect to see and he was just sitting across from me.
What the hell is he doing here in a library at this time? His hair fell onto his face as he continuously flipped through pages of a large thick book.
“Hey?” I kicked his shoe from under the desk.
He looked up at me with a surprised and embarrassed look before shutting the textbook.
I raised my eyebrows at him and he shook his head.
My eyes moved to check the caption of the book but he hid it away.
Now he’s behaving strangely. What is he trying to hide from me?
I peeped under the desk and caught a glimpse of the book.
*Bocuse d’Or.*
What does that mean?
My phone started ringing and I quickly silenced it in order not to disturb those inside.
It was dad calling.
It was almost 12 am and I just got home after dropping my daughter at her apartment and going for an urgent meeting at my Dad’s company.
Work is exhausting me to the core but there’s nothing I could do about it. Never in my life had I ever imagined that I would become this rich and a workaholic. My husband is worse. He’s not even home yet and I’m glad for once that I’m not a housewife else I will sit at home missing him all day.
I stood in front of the mirror and began to take every one of my accessories off.
The glass door glides open and my husband strolled in finally but he wasn’t looking tired like the usuals.
I watched him take his clothes off and came to stand behind me.
“How did it go?” I asked and he leaned in to kiss my neck.
“Successful. He’s in a mess than I thought but it’s all okay now. At least he didn’t get arrested and I found his girlfriend.”
“What happened? Did she get missing or something?”
“Not really. I think she just missed her way.”
“Is she pretty?” I asked and turned to face him.
“I didn’t look at her.” He frowned, maybe trying to picture her.
“Then how did you know she’s his girlfriend?”I furrowed my eyebrows.
“Because she has extremely long hair. When I saw a long-haired girl walking on the street I just got out and brought her into the car. She got scared a little when she saw me… but why are you asking me all this?” His hands settled on my waist with a grin.
“Nothing.” I smiled.
“You thought I looked at her more than I should’ve?”
“I saw her pictures on social media and she’s pretty. I thought you got lost in her beauty or something that’s why…you know she’s young.”
“So it was jealousy then?”
“Sort of.”
“You’re impossible. You’re still jealous after all these years.?” He shook his head in amusement.
“She rode in with you.” I pointed out.
“So?. You should see how scared she was that if it was possible, she’d disappear into the door just to be away from me.” He laughed and I joined.
I was being silly for no reason.
“Where were you the whole day? I saw a pic of you and my princess.”
“Yeah. We went out.”
“How’s she?”
“She’s fine. Just that she got a boyfriend.” I stepped back towards the bed.
“That’s great news! Oh wow! I can’t believe this! Did she tell you about him? Who’s he? I would have to call her early tomorrow morning”
“Don’t get too excited. She didn’t get any good boy.”
“What do you mean? Who’s the boy?”
“You won’t believe it if I tell you. Gosh, I can’t I believe Mariana.” I sighed and sat down.
There’s something about that boy which was far from his outlook that I despise. I don’t really care about those tattoos even though I hate it but I know it’s not enough reason to stop my daughter from dating him if that’s who she wants but…
To be honest with myself, Mariana surprised me with her choice of boyfriend and I’m scared for her. If anything that boy looks dangerous, hard, and bad. He’s a sinful package that if I have my way am going to keep Mariana far away from him.
Tattoos would’ve been okay but he went on and pierced his face. He doesn’t look good with my daughter. They don’t fit.
“Tell me.” Pablo places a hand and it soothes me.
“Pablo I don’t want to sound judgemental but the boy is no good for our daughter. I have a bad feeling about him.”
“What are you saying? Who’s the boy?”
“I think she got to know him from high school and now they’re dating.”
“What’s his name? We can have a look at his background.”
His name? I didn’t even ask. I guess I was too busy pinpointing faults about him to get his name.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know his name, Anna.”
{That changed everything ✓
“What’s his name? We can have a look at his background.”
His name? I didn’t even ask. I guess I was too busy pinpointing faults about him to get his name.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know his name, Anna.”
“I didn’t like him.”
“So? You should at least know his name first before deciding to like him or not.”
“You should see him.” I grimaced and got into the bed.
“What’s it about him? He stood above me and took his clothing off.
“He’s gothic.”
“I don’t get it.” The edge of the bed dipped and he rolled over to sleep at my back then turning me to him.
“You should shower,” I muttered.
“I did that already.”
“And when was that? I didn’t notice.”
“On my way home. Dave and I passed one of his suits.” He explained.
I looked behind me and noticed the scattered clothes on the floor. They weren’t the same he wore before leaving for America.
I scoot closer and buried my face in his neck. He smells like someone who just had a shower which means he wasn’t lying. Not like I doubted him before though.
“Are you done, madam inspector?” He smirked.
“Yes Sir.”
“Then pull back. We need to talk.” He held me by the shoulders to pull me back.
I cling on to him like a limpet, making myself comfortable in his arms.
“Wifey, you were telling me about our princess’s boyfriend right?”
“Yes but I am tired. I just wanna sleep.” I closed my eyes when his strong arms came around me.
“Why don’t you quit? I really don’t want you to work.” I imagined him frowning.
“If only you’d also quit. I can’t stay at home all by myself while you’re gone.” I retaliated and bit the inside of my cheeks. My head was still buried in his chest and I breathed in his heavenly scent.
“I’m working on it. I want the workload to reduce so we won’t have much to do. We can work from home after that.”
“It means someone is taking over then.”
“Yes but not just anybody. A trustworthy person who we will appoint.”
“Who do you have in mind apart from our daughter?” I asked.
“I only have my kids in mind and if someone should come, then it will just be temporary. I wanted Morgan since he’s left with only a year to graduate but that boy doesn’t want anything to do with business. Not like I blame him. And then we have Edward. He’s a nice hardworking boy and his father and I are good friends. I’ve worked with him a few times and he’s good. Mike is also not bad. He can manage our estates. And you know of Landon’s son right? What’s the name?”
“Mason?” I reminded him.
Mason’s dad is a lawyer while his mother Deanna is one of New York’s bestselling authors and owns a publishing firm. I’m thinking of getting Mariana to go for her internship at one of her branches.
“Yeah, that’s him. He’s not bad. Those are the few people I can think of. They’ve matured and older than Mariana and have experience.”
“Morgan doesn’t have experience and he’s not even serious with anything other than his love songs and tours. I think I should talk to Amy to get his eyes on Meghan/ Morgan or whatever.”
“Let him be, he’s good at what he’s doing. He doesn’t need the suit and ties and an enclosed area called ‘ office’. That boy likes to fly just like the mother.” Pablo jumped to his defense.
“Okay? I really don’t have a problem with that but I just wish Mariana was Dating Edward or even Mason. I prefer Edward more.”
“You said she has a boyfriend already so let her be.” He stated flatly.
“She doesn’t have a boyfriend Pablo. Just some rude annoying tattooed punk. He’ll only corrupt Mariana which I believe he’s already started. He’s so rude and unclean.”
“Is he that bad?” Pablo asked.
“Really bad.”
He sighed. “So what do you think?”
“Mariana thinks she loves him and I’m sure the boy manipulated her. And do you know that he’s the same boy who used to pester her?” I asked.
“The one who caused that silly video of Mariana attempting to kiss him go viral?”
“He didn’t have any piercings.” Pablo countered
“He has them now and he looks so ugly.” I snorted.
“Okay, but stop saying those things and judging him. No offense but allow the boy.”
“So you don’t have a problem with Mariana dating a guy like him?”
“If they love each other then why not? I can’t prevent my daughter from having her own love story. I just want our baby to be happy wifey and if he makes her happy then I have no objections at all.”
“I also don’t mind though he’s a bad boy. I just fear his intentions are not good plus he doesn’t look like someone who will help her with the family business. Looking at him, I only picture him in a bar with stripers around him, a cigarette between his teeth and alcohol sitting in front of him. He has no focus or aim and we can’t trust our daughter with him because there’s a little tingling feeling creating the illusion in our daughter’s mind as Love. There can’t be anything called love between that boy and my baby. She’s so innocent and I bet she has no idea whatsoever she’s doing.” I huffed, already infuriated by just picturing that boy.
“Whoa! That’s a lot. I’m not taking sides but looks can be deceiving dear wife. The same way you can’t judge a book just by viewing the cover. It takes more. I know his outlook gave you bad vibes about him and was really a huge turn off but who knows, he can be nothing like what you’re saying. It’s just his looks that suggest that so I’ll say we should try and know him. Who knows, he might just happen to be one of a kind.” He sounded so optimistic.
He doesn’t seem to mind his looks unlike me.
“But you’d make him stay away from our daughter if we find something fishy about him right?”
“Fishy like what?”
“Like he has bad intentions and just someone sent by one of our enemies to use our daughter against us. We ain’t ordinary Pablo. What if all is just some plan and our daughter will end up hurt in the process? Or it could be that he belongs to some dangerous gang and he wants to steal our properties by getting closer to our daughter and make her fall in love with him then he’d leave after acquiring everything. I hope you know that Mariana has the biggest share in the empire? If she thinks she’s in love with him then signing a paper for him won’t be so difficult because she wouldn’t even think twice. She’s our heir, Pablo. One signature from her and everything will be gone. I don’t even care about the properties that much but I fear if that’s the case then she’d be hurt terribly. She has suffered enough, Pablo. I don’t want her to go through any other pain cause it will break her.” Tears sting my eyes as I remembered everything that happened. I love my daughter so much and I don’t want anything to happen to her.
Pablo held me tighter.
“Thanks for telling me this Paula. I never thought of it. Marian’s life could be in danger or the boy can be some criminal.”
“Yes, Pablo. Come to think of it, what will such a boy be doing with my sweet and innocent daughter? He could get someone like him but no, he chose our daughter which is strange.”
“I get it. I will call Mariana tomorrow then I’d tell Daniel about the boy so he could carry out investigations on him. When will her exams begin?”
“In a week’s time.”
“Good. I think she should come home so we can talk to her. I don’t want to disturb her with this while she’s busy with her exams.” Pablo suggested.
“You’re right. I won’t bother her about it until she’s home. By then, Daniel would’ve found everything there is to know about the boy.”
“Yeah. Thanks for caring about our daughter, Paula. You thought of her farewell and our family when my mind wasn’t on it at all. You’ve always been great and now I know why you’re so concerned about the type of boyfriend she took. Sometimes I forget who we are and you’ve always been there for her unlike me. I’m sorry.”
“Oh come on. Please don’t say that.” He’s starting to feel guilty about the past.
I feel sorry for him actually because he didn’t even get a glimpse of our daughter when she was born till she was five years then when she was 7 years, we had that plane crash and we’ve been away from her for good ten years. That’s a lot. We missed a lot of things. I in particular missed her first puberty. I wanted to be there for her through but..guess destiny had other plans. Pablo spent only two years with her before she left and when she returned, it’s only a year now so practically, he’s only spent three years with our daughter. That’s bad. And it’s not fair.
You won’t blame us if we’re being overprotective and caring over her right?
She’s all we have though Marion is there.
Mariana deserves the best in everything and I won’t sit around and watch some disrespectful rude punk mess with her. He’d have to pass through me first.
“You know that’s true. I ruined our lives.” He said remorsefully.
“We are not ruined, Pablo. And whatever that happened is in the past Pablo. Don’t use what happened in the past to invalidate your current mindset. We grew and it’s all behind us.”
“You remain the best you know that right?” He kissed my ear and nibbled on my earlobe.
“Yeah, but I wouldn’t be if you were not with me. I depend on you, Pablo. I wouldn’t be this Anna if there was no you in my life. We had our differences in the past but we grew past it and we’re happy now.”
“Aye. I’m thinking of making another baby wifey.” He said and began to lick behind my ear.
“Huh? I’m thirty plus Pablo.” I reminded him. And he’s almost forty four.
Aside from that, the accident we had caused serious damage to some of my vital organs. Giving birth to Marion left me with several complications. The doctors even said I can’t have a baby again. I didn’t tell Pablo all this if not he won’t be talking about baby-making.
“So? We can still make one. You’re yet to be forty, two years more. Let’s give it a try. I really want another baby.” He drawled and I lifted my head from his chest and stared at his matured handsome face.
“Pablo there is something I haven’t told…” He cuts me off with his lips.
“Shhh. Just don’t take your pills again.” He breathed against my lips before taking them back.
He doesn’t even know I only kept them and that I haven’t been taking it really just so he won’t raise eyebrows.
“You’re stiff which is not like you. Are you an old lady already?” He frowned with a pout.
“Or you’re tired of me.” He added.
I laughed and pulled him by the nape back down on me then locked all my thoughts away and trashed the key.
“Can I ever get tired of you? Impossible. Every kiss, every touch, every foreplay, every lovemaking and all our passionate moments feels like the first time and I can’t really have enough of you till now Pablo. It’s weird but I still blush everything you smile at me or just look at me. You might not notice but you still have that strong effect and the fire is still alive, burning for you and for us..”
“Okay, that’s enough flattering. I love you.” He said and came on top of me.
I can’t have enough of this man and I wish a man like him for my daughter, not some lousy lowlife opportunist. Rugged looking, with tattoos all over and horrible piercings. Damn him!
I let dad’s call end then I texted him that I was busy and will call later before focusing on my boyfriend.
The dude snuck out on me and I saw him at a library with a huge historical culinary skills book.
Bocuse D’or is the caption I saw on the book cover but I don’t know what that means. I’ll research it when I have free time but for now, I just want to interrogate him or do my assignment.
He got up with the book and began to walk towards the librarian.
“What?” I whispered.
I’m torn between doing my homework or following him.
I thought of following him but I received a text from him.
NOVAN: Babe I’m sorry. Hope you ain’t mad. I will be gone the whole day. I’m sorry about that. Call me if anything and don’t talk to Dylan. I’ll know. I might visit you in the night. Been thinking of eating you out then have you wrapped around me later. Fuck! I’m getting hard just by thinking of it. If after 8 pm I couldn’t come, then come to my apartment. You know the code. Love you. Xoxo.”
After reading it I sprang to my feet but only to see his car drive out of the lot when I got out.
I read the text again and I blushed and my core clenched at the dirty words at the end. If he says he’d be coming tonight then I can’t wait.
But he should’ve at least given me a good morning kiss or talk to me before leaving. I don’t have any class today which means I’d be missing him the entire time.
Another text came in and I quickly checked it out.
NOVAN: “Stop pouting. You’re beautiful.. and smile. I want to see that.”
I looked up and saw the tail of his classic car and saw his hands pushed out of the roof of his car which had an opening and he made the heart sign.
I shook my head and smiled.
He gave me a thumbs up and I smiled more. He’s really seeing me.
I turned back inside when his car disappeared and I pulled my laptop out. I shoved my notes aside and typed in what I saw at the back of the book in the Google search engine.
After a minute everything I wanted to know came on my screen and I ogled at each word.
“The Bocuse d’Or is a biennial world chef championship. The event takes place for two days near the end of January in Lyon, and is one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions.” I readout.
Is Novan thinking of participating in this world championship? Unbelievable. I didn’t know he was this serious about his culinary skills.
If he partakes it’s going to be a great opportunity for him which will brighten his future forever especially if he wins.
I squealed mentally at the idea of my boyfriend winning. Now I can’t wait for tonight. I’ll question him about everything and if there is anything he’d need my support with, I’ll promise to be there for him, always.
I hurried up with my assignment then submitted it. I was free for the day.
I called Betsy and asked her to meet me at McDonald’s.
When I arrived, I parked my car in the parking lot and got out.
I was shocked by a familiar car in the parking lot. It was Novan’s car. What is he doing here? And why do we seem to be meeting at the same places?
I got out with just my purse and rushed into the restaurant hurriedly. I hope Novan didn’t come to meet any girl here. My stomach churned at the sudden jealousy. I don’t know why he likes to keep things to himself so much. God, I’m his goddamn girlfriend for goodness sake.
I bumped into someone on my way in and muttered a series of ‘sorrys’ before raising my head to meet the person.
“Ed.?” I mumbled.
{That changed everything ✓
“Ed” I mumbled.
“Hey!” He smiled shyly and I scanned him. He’s tall and well-built form was clad perfectly in a dress shirt and trousers. He left the top buttons unbuttoned, revealing his hard chest. A strand of his tousled jet black locks fell on his firm forehead. He has a thin scar just close to the end of his brows and his lashes were as long as a lady’s. His face is flawlessly cute. Damn! He’s cute. But my Novan is more handsome. If no one sees it, I do.
He’s the guy from the party, the same guy mum talked about and the same guy who always stared at me and thinks I don’t notice.
“You remember me? I’m Edward Fernandez” he flashed his perfect whites.
“I think I do!” I said and his grey eyes spark.
“I didn’t expect to see you here. Can we sit? I’ve been meaning to have a word with you one day.”
I looked around the restaurant and didn’t see Novan and Betsy is still not around. I can pass time with him until Betsy shows up. I will be bored if I sit here all alone. Besides I would like to know this mysterious guy who always ogle at me from afar.
“Sure.” I nod with a smile.
“Great. This means a lot.” He said and led me to a booth.
“Want anything?” He asked when we took our seats.
“Fresh juice will do but let’s talk for a while.”
“Okay. After the last time at the club, I never saw you again. Morgan and your friend come often but I don’t see you.”
“How did you know she’s my friend?” That’s rather a lame question. Who doesn’t know that Betsy and I are friends?
“I’ve seen you a number of times with her. I see her with you most at times so yeah.”
“Thanks for looking out for me the last time. I don’t drink but I can’t help myself when I am around it. Reasons why I don’t normally party. Betsy just gets carried away and I find myself alone all the time. Not used to partying so it’s the least places you can find me” I answered his question.
“We’re organizing a frat party tonight. I will love it if you come. I promise to look out for you and I’d make sure you don’t drink.”
Is he convincing me? I’m really not a fan of parties so I am not attending.
“Ed I don’t think …”
“Please. I want us to be friends. It will make me happy. Forget what the boys said at the club. I’m not obsessed with you. I just like you.”
Okay. So he already likes me. Like is like right? Just like how I like Dylan right?
“I’ve seen you at our galas before. I always catch you staring. Why’s that so?” I asked bluntly and wriggled my eyebrows.
He blushed and looked down on his lap. His hair fell and when he raised his head again, his hair bounced back. That was cute.
“I’m sorry. I’m a die-hard fan.” He admitted and licked his bottom lip. He’s not looking at me again.
“Why? I’m not a celebrity.”
“You’re really beautiful and more than a celebrity. I’ve always admired you from afar but seeing you this close… I’m honored. You have no idea what this..” he pointed between us. “means to me.”
For some weird absurd reasons, I found myself blushing.
Never knew I’ve got an admirer.
“Did you come to eat here? I know it’s silly to ask that but I just happen to be curious.”
” Came to meet a friend.” I said.
“Betsy right?”
“Yeah, you got it.”
He grinned. “Why isn’t she here yet?”
“I don’t know but she’d be here soon. Did you come to eat as well?”
“No, I manage this branch.”
“What? No way. You’re supposed to be in school.” How come?
He chuckled. “I’m in my final year. I’m taking over my family’s business but I’ve been working here since the first year at MacDonald’s.”
“Do you cook?”
Please say no.
“Yeah, I do. I love it actually but just for the fun of it. My dad will slaughter me if he catches me going that line.” He laughed. I know he’s only making a joke.
“I don’t believe this. You’re definitely not working here and you don’t cook. I won’t buy those.”
” See for yourself.” He showed me an ID that bares his name and position at McDonald’s.
“Oh, I see. It’s really true.” I beamed and he shoved it back into his pocket with a grin.
“So can you tell me a little about yourself?” He asked and clicked his tongue.
“Thought you knew me. I’ll tell you but please I want my juice now.” I demanded and looked around. Why’s Betsy not here yet? And why am I not seeing Novan?
“I’ll get it myself. Just give me a minute.” He stood up and strolled leisurely in attractive manly steps across the large restaurant.
After some minutes he returned with two glasses of juice and gave me one.
“Thanks,” I muttered and dropped it in front of me.
“Is that your favorite color you’re wearing?” His eyes focused on me as he raised his glass to his lips.
“No. It’s not it.” I don’t actually have a favorite color but I love red more and maybe white.
“But it looks good on you. You should consider it a favorite. So your outfit, which designer label is it? I haven’t seen anyone wear anything like this before. Was it customized?”
I laughed. “No, it’s just normal clothes. ” I have designer wears but this is just not one of it.
“You make it look like it’s designer wear. Don’t blame me.”
I was only wearing a yellow oversized crop with black jeans and yellow sneakers. It’s normal and he’s making a big deal out of it.
I raised the juice to my lips and frowned a little at the first sip. Yuck! I hate these artificial juices. I prefer to take fruit instead.
When I left the library I drove to MacDonald’s since I work there as a part-time chef. I actually have a lot to do and study because I’m thinking of maybe partaking in that championship. I tried reading something on it before my girl arrived and my time was also up for me to leave for the restaurant.
Sometimes I get really busy because I am a part-time chef at many restaurants and they can call me anytime.
I only have an hour with McDonald’s then I would move to another then another. This is how it’s always been. But it’s only thrice in a week.
Unfortunately, today happens to be just one of my busy days and I just hope Mariana doesn’t get mad at me.
I don’t tell her about these things because I feel a little shy and maybe uncomfortable with it. She’s in the business world and I don’t know how she’d feel when she knows that I’m not interested in her world.
After an hour and a half, I was through and changed back into my usual clothes. I wanted to pass the staff entrance to the lot but then, I felt thirsty and went to get one only to see Edward or whatever he’s called order for two glasses of fresh juice.
He’s a junior assistant manager here and I hate him for no concrete reasons. Maybe it’s because he’s rich and can also cook. I will settle for the first. Dude is taking over Fernandez’s business and always tryna act bossy. I fucking hate him and it’s good he never crosses my path.
“Hi, Anderson.” He said with a fake smile. What’s wrong with him? It’s not by force if you don’t wanna act nice to me. He’s fake.
“Hey, Fernandez. Got some bitch?” I asked and took my water.
“She’s not a bitch and not your type of girl. I guess you’re only used to bitches so you think somehow we have similar tastes.”
I scoffed. He should see my girl. My eyes settled on the juice and realized he wasn’t given what he asked but he’s too dumb to notice.
“So you have a girl?” I mocked. He always act innocent and nerdy with his pretty face but I can’t count the times I’ve seen him fuck the likes of Aria. Such a dick! There’s no way he’d get someone like my dolly as a girlfriend.
“All the best with your new whore.” I raised my bottled water at him and gulped it.
He rolled his eyes like a bitch and sauntered away.
I turned to actually see who the new bitch was and I choked on my water then spilled it out.
What the fuck!
What is Mariana doing here and with this asshole?
I clutched the bottle tightly when he said something to her and she laughed.
What the fucking hell?
Why’s she laughing and what did he tell her? I’ve never made her laugh and seeing someone I hate make her laugh made me jealous and angry.
This girl will kill me. I can’t take it. Can’t she be by herself on the days I’m busy? Must she hook up with someone all the time? The last time was Dylan and now fucking Edward.
Must she do this all the time? What to do?
I looked around and there were customers around. I just want to go there now and punch the hell outta him. But unfortunately, I hate scenes and public attention. I can’t go and do that now but I’m sure I will break his nose when I see him at a frat party or anywhere that is out of the public eye.
But I would have to get her away from him. Didn’t she tell him that she has a boyfriend?
She sipped her juice and frowned. She doesn’t like it but she’s taking it because she’s too nice to decline. Fuck him. How can he get her something that she dislikes?
I looked at the entrance again and huffed. What’s the hold-up? Why is she still not here
“Your friend is still not here. I don’t mind waiting here with you.”
“You don’t have to worry, I…” I felt a hand on my shoulders.
“I think she’s here.” I smiled and bended my head to the back to look at her but saw Novan instead.
“Yes, babe.” He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. I looked back at Edward and gasped. I hope he’s not having the wrong idea about me sitting here with Ed.
“What is it, Anderson?!” Edward asked through his teeth.
What’s wrong with him.
“Nothing. My girlfriend doesn’t like the juice you brought her so I brought another glass of what she wanted .” He pushed the juice Edward brought which I’ve barely taken two sips of and replaced it with the one he brought.
“Your girlfriend?” Edward asked, disbelief written all over his face.
“Didn’t you tell him? Babe, tell him. He wants to know.”
“Is this a joke? How can she be your girlfriend? I mean look at you. There’s no way she’d date you so quit dreaming.”
Why does everyone think Novan and I can’t be? I didn’t expect this from Edward considering we just spoke only today.
Now having someone talk bad about Novan is something that I don’t like and won’t tolerate no matter who it’s coming from.
Novan wants me to tell him but I rather show it.
My next action shocked Novan as well as myself.
I turned to him, pulled him by his nape, and claimed his lips. He didn’t waste time returning it which I’m grateful of. I can only imagine Edward and those around’s face. Edward will be shocked for sure.
Novan hissed and placed his hand on my waist possessively and the other ran on my arms. My hands got lost in his hair and I tugged on it gently. He moaned silently in my mouth. He seems to like it when I do that.
“Get a room, lovebirds. I’m here now.” I heard Betsy’s voice but Novan still didn’t let me go when I wanted to pull away.
Betsy smacked my ass and I chuckled, forcing my lips from Novan’s.
“You took long,” I said and turned with a flushed face. Everyone was staring and Edward was nowhere to be found. Good for him.
“I can’t believe you guys are so in love that you show public affection freely. Gosh!” She fanned herself dramatically.
Novan cursed silently beside me then removed his hand from my waist.
“Novan I …”
“You still have to give an explanation for what I just saw. I’ll be going and please and please, stay in your room if you can or do other things that won’t involve you flaunting around with some guy. Please.”
I scowled at him. As much as I like to see him jealous and act possessively, I hate it sometimes. Even after what I did he’s still mad somehow.
“Don’t go to any party either, come to me and if someone gets close to you tell him I am your boyfriend. You can mention my name. Most of them know me so they’ll stay away to avoid missing a tooth.”
I nod like the little obedient girl I am and he brushed my cheeks softly before walking out.
“What was that? It looks like a mother giving lectures to her daughter.” She grabbed my juice and chunk it down.
I sat down, facing her.
“He saw me sitting with Edward and walked to us. He’s a jealous freak so I kissed him to erase his jealousy a bit but it seems it didn’t work at all. Edward was also criticizing him indirectly and that was another reason why I kissed him.”
“Looks like it’s not the first time.” She asked skeptically.
“Yeah, he flared when I called Lenna and Dylan for a sleepover but only Dylan made it. It was horrible.”
” Whoa! I’m sorry for not making it that day. By the way, I saw Edward super pissed when I was coming and he didn’t even notice me. I think he has a thing for you.”
“He said he likes me.”
“He said that? Wow, the boy is whipped. Sorry for him though. You’re taken already.”
I guess.
“What took you so long? You caused this and now Novan will give me attitude.” I accused.
“Sorry, we had a presentation and my group was the last to present.”
“Okay.” I didn’t know what he came to do here but he keeps scolding me for the little things. My mood has changed and I just want to leave from here.
“Is Mike gone already? I couldn’t talk to him.”
“Yeah he left but I gave your number to him. He said he’d call you.”
I nodded. I really feel guilty for not talking to him when he came.
“Mind if we do some girly things?” I asked Betsy.
Her eyebrows shoot up in interest. “Of course. We can get a haircut, do our nails and shop. ”
” A beauty treatment it is then.” I smiled and grabbed my purse.
She squealed and jumped out of her booth, giggling like a child who has been surprised with chocolates.
I feel like I’m doing exactly what Novan wants. He did tell me to make myself busy but not with any guy and now here I am going to pass time with Betsy until it’s eight in the evening.
Betsy and I drove around town in all the prestigious boutique shopping for new things. I got myself the latest makeup kit and expensive cosmetics. We got new summer clothes for the Christmas holidays, not precisely though and new shoes as well. After shopping in almost half of the boutiques in Australia, my mother’s inclusive, we drove to a beauty spa.
We arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled time so we had a steam bath for fifteen minutes.
After that, the treatment began and we had a normal massage then a special one which was only available in this spa. By the time the massage was through, I felt relaxed than ever but my first orgasm was the best.
We then had a facial treatment then a special body treatment. By the time they were through, our skins were glowing and I couldn’t help admiring myself.
“I have an idea, Quinn. Let’s fly to Hawaii tomorrow. This skin needs to be flaunted. I think we should shop for crazy swimsuits before going home and yes, you can always book the flight online. Wow, just look at this! I can’t wait actually and if you won’t go then I’d go alone or bring Morgan with me.” She turned around in the mirror cladded in just a Calvin Klein’s sets, admiring herself.
It’s summer and I haven’t had a proper swim in a long time so a trip to Hawaii won’t be bad.
I can’t wait to have the feel of the ocean again.
“Trust me, I won’t miss it,” I smirked. I will tell Novan to come with. I pray he agrees.
“Yay! I think I should get a new phone too for some cute pictures.”
“You already have a phone, Betsy.”
“I want the latest iPhone. You will get it for me won’t you?”
“Yeah, why not. I’d just order some online.” I picked my phone and placed an order.
It was expensive but I care less. It’s not like my money will finish. It’s good to have things to spend money on when you have it in excess.
“Thanks, Bestie.” She grinned like the Cheshire cat and hugged me.
“Okay, time to take care of the hair,” I announced and pulled away.
I got a haircut and had it styled while Betsy dyed a fraction of hers Purple and red. It was crazy but looked good on her.
Leaving the spar, we drove to a restaurant and had dinner.
It was already seven when I got home all spent. I didn’t bother taking the things I shopped out and staggered into my room.
I stripped and wore Novan’s shirt before getting on the bed. I took my phone and went through the missed calls and messages but none was from Novan so I put the phone aside and tried to keep awake until Novan comes.
I haven’t even called Dad back and Marion also called. There was an unknown number miss call too. I picked the phone back and dialed the unknown number. After the first ring and the person couldn’t pick, I threw the phone somewhere.
It was 8:30 and Novan was yet to come. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I can’t drive all the way to his apartment either.
I disappeared under the duvet and closed my eyes.
“Riana…?” I felt a light tap when I was drifting slowly and jumped upwards.
Novan’s hazel orbs peered into mine. “You were sleeping.” He said and helped me up.
“Where are we going?” I got up weakly like a drunkard. His arms went around my waist to steady me.
I rubbed my eyes, yawned, and stretched.
I heard him chuckle then lifted me into his arms. “You look so cute when you’re sleepy.”
“Tell. me. where…. you’re taking me Novan.” I slurred and wrapped my hands around his neck.
“Chill. It’s somewhere special….”
Where can he be taking me at this time in my sleepy state? Can’t he wait for tomorrow?
“Is it your apartment?” I asked when we got outside.
“No.” I heard him say….
{That changed everything ✓
I didn’t ask any more questions as he placed me in the car and fastened the belt. I might be really sleepy but I can’t ignore what the movement of his hand on my chest did to me.
I relaxed in the seat and tried to stay awake as he pulled away from my driveway.
He placed his hand on my thigh and stared at me then back to my thighs.
I was still wearing his shirt so my thigh was naked.
“You didn’t wear anything under that. You know right?” He asked quietly and focused on the road.
“Must you say it?” He’s responsible.
“I can’t help it…” He rubbed me then squeezed me. It awoke my senses and my sleeping hormones.
“Babe…” His face was dreamy and his eyes were full of lust.
“Did you..see it?” I asked, referring to the absence of my panties.
“Yeah. I know you’re not wearing it but I haven’t seen it.”
“How did you know if you haven’t seen it?” I turned my head to his direction.
He went silent for a minute. “You don’t want to know.”
“Okay.” I’m not prepared to hear anything embarrassing. Nothing good can come from those lips.
“I will say it anyway.” He laughed. “You won’t get away that easily.”
“Please don’t.” I don’t know what he wants to say but I know it will be embarrassing.
“I saw your panties on the floor just before the bed and…”
“It’s okay!” I screamed. He laughed harder.
“It’s not okay. So I picked it up and looked at…”
“Novan please!” I whined. My face was already burning as if a fire had been set on it.
“Okay. So what if you start bleeding now. What will you do?”
He didn’t ask that.
I whisked my head to the side. This is totally embarrassing and he doesn’t even want to stop.
“Take me back to my apartment Novan.” I said sternly but he doesn’t seem to mind.
“To do what? Pick some plugs?”
“What is a plug?” I turned to look at him.
He gave me a naughty grin and whispered. “Tampons.”
“Ahhhh!” I covered my face and curled into the seat. I wish I could just disappear.
He laughed loudly, throwing his head back and clutching his stomach with one hand and the other on the wheel.
“This isn’t funny Novan. Please stop.” I pleaded.
He calmed and brought his hand back on my thighs, igniting a fire in me. I relaxed in the seat and enjoyed his touch.
His hand traveled further into my thighs and brushed my entrance. I squirmed and licked my lips. My legs parted on its own to make way and he began to rub me.
My breathing became heavy and I dug my nails into the seat.
“Novan..” I moaned.
“Shit! Come to me.” He pats his laps and move his eyes to the road.
No way. We’re driving.
“You’re driving.” I reminded him in case he forgot.
“It’s not a problem. I’ve done this many times…”
My eyes widened and I looked away. Imagining Novan messing with a girl in his car got to be the most painful thing ever.
I readjust his shirt and closed my eyes while folding my arm across my chest.
“That was then Mariana. I don’t do that anymore.” He didn’t deny it. I wish I didn’t know about it.
I ignored him and sucked on my bottom lip with eyes closed.
“Did you hear me?” He asked.
“I did.” I stated.
“I’m sorry.”
I kept quiet and looked out of the window. I realized we’ve passed his apartment. I want to ask him where exactly he was taking me but after what I discovered, I don’t wanna ask anymore. I hummed softly and my sleepness resumed. I felt his eyes on me the entire time.
“Riana..” I heard Novan’s familiar voice again and I wondered why he was calling me.
I ignored it. “Mariana, wake up.”
I opened my eyes. I didn’t know I slept.
“We’re here.” He said and I looked up to see him holding the door for me.
I nodded and he held my hand then helped me out.
My hands came around my body the moment I got out and the furious wind blew my hair and made Novan’s shirt clung on to me.
Has he brought me to another planet? This place is so cold.
When I looked around, I saw only trees and in front was a cabin filled with glowing yellow lights. Behind the cabin was a beautiful peaceful lake. It was nightfall so that was all I was able to see. The place looked like the countryside and I’m sure it’s very far from campus. Even a mountain was beside the cabin. I hope there are no wild animals.
My lips clattered and I held him to me by his t-shirt.
“Let’s get out of here Novan. It’s too cold.” I said against his warm chest.
“Yeah.” We walked with his arm wrapped around me to the cabin and he fetched a key then opened it.
“Welcome to my little hideout. If you don’t find me anywhere, then come here.” He said when we got in and he shut the door.
He sounded so proud of the place.
It’s warm inside than outside so I relaxed and looked around the beautiful cabin. The interior was exquisite. You wouldn’t have believed that it’s a hoodhouse if you’re not shown the outside.
My eyes scanned the living room which had a loveseat and dining table for two in the porch swing. On the porch is a tub built for two.
I smiled gleefully and rushed into the inner room.
I saw a king-sized canopy bed in the bedroom and in the bathroom is dual-headed showers and double vanity sinks in the bath.
I rushed to the kitchen and it was fully stocked and had modern decor.
Aside all that there was a flat-screen TV with surround sound in the living area and small flat screen in the bedroom both with DirecTV, electric corner fireplace, and porch equipped with a propane grill, rocking chairs, and small outside dining table.
Wow. I run about the wonderful room like a child, all the sleep gone from my eyes again.
“Is there internet connection?” I asked when I returned from the small tour.
“Yeah, Wireless Internet is available.”
“Did you rent it? Or you bought it?” If it was rented, then I will buy it for real. This is amazing.
“I bought it.”
“Was it expensive?”
“It was but I would’ve given up everything just to buy it anyway. Getting them to sell it was the difficult aspect.”
“So you own this whole place? The land, the lake,the cabin and all?”
He nodded.
“I’ll pay well. Maybe times five or ten. Sell it to me,Novan.”
He laughed and pulled me by the waist to himself.
“This cabin is ours. You just need to sign on the leash that’s all.”
“Yeah, I bought it in our name. Recently.”
“Before we started dating or after?”
“How sure were you that we’ll date?”
“I just knew it somehow but I would’ve still found a way to bring you here anyway. I knew you’d love it.”
I’m loving him more. He had me at heart all this time.
“You’re sweet..” I said without thinking.
“Just sometimes, don’t let it get into your head.” I knocked his head. “I don’t like it when you’re jealous and acting possessive. You really don’t have to be possessive. Jealousy is allowed but..”
“I get it.” He stepped away and stormed into the bedroom.
I ran after him. “What is it, Novan? Are you upset?”
“You want me to fucking sit and smile when I see someone hitting on you? You want me to do that? Tell me, Mariana!” He got his boots off and unzipped himself.
I shouldn’t have brought this up. We were having a good time. We could’ve discussed this tomorrow but my big mouth won’t permit me.
“I get it. You want him because he wears suits and ties. He’s nothing like me and just someone your parents will want you with. Was it a date? Since when have you been seeing him and I didn’t know? He even cooks so you definitely like him.” He took his jeans off and sat on the bed.
How’s it possible that he can switch from sweet to bitter quickly?
“You’re going far Novan. I really don’t like how possessive you are over me. Have you forgotten who I am?”
“Tell them you have a boyfriend and they’ll stay away. It’s not like you guys were talking about business. He was fucking flirting with you and you were giggling like a…a..”
“Bitch. Come on say it. Go on.” Did he bring me here to murder me with his harsh words then burry so no one will ever see me?
“You know I didn’t mean it. You’re not a bitch, you know it.” His voice calmed.
“But you said it ”
“I wanted to. I’m sorry. I lose it when I see you with people who are my opposite. I feel like if you spend more time with them you’ll not want me anymore and you’d ditch me for them. I know your parents may not like me which I don’t care but what will I do if you also don’t want me anymore? I don’t want to feel or go through rejection Mariana. Please understand me and stop being close to them if it’s not business-related. I can’t take it. When you sat there with him, you looked like a perfect couple but I couldn’t picture you and me like that. What can I do for you to stop spending time with them? I will do anything.” He breathed and buried his head into his palm sadly.
What can I also do to make him know that I want nobody else but only him? I love Novan and even the heavens can testify that.
He’s so insecure. What do I do?
I kneeled in front of him and took his face into my hands. I parted his legs and settled into it.
His eyes were red and he looked away, taking his lip ring in between his teeth.
“Look at me Novan.” I coos. “Please,” I added and he met my eyes. I only saw fear in his eyes.
“Are you scared that you’ll lose me?” I whispered.
He looked at me then nodded slowly.
“Don’t you think I love you?”
“I know, I know.” He groaned and bit harder into his lip.
“Then why? Why are you scared? It is not easy to fall in love with someone so easily.”
He gave me a skeptical look and cupped my face.
“Sometimes love is not enough. You love your parents right? I know you do so won’t you do anything to make them happy?”
“Why are you asking?”
“Just answer me.”
, “Yes I will.” The moment I said this, he dropped his hand from me and got up.
“That’s it. That’s my fear. You’d do anything to make them happy even if it means cutting ties with me. They will then hook you up with one of those nice boys and you’d live happily ever after. Whereas I will remain alone.”
“That’s not what I meant.” I got up. “I love you Novan. My family can’t decide for me if it is you that I want. They’ll either accept my decision or prepare to lose me forever. Look if anything of that happens, I will elope with you. We’ll go far away from everyone.”
He chuckled. “This isn’t the fucking lame-ass movies. This is reality and reality people don’t elope. They either stay and fight. Whatever outcome that pops they accept and move on.”
“So what do you want me to do now? Tell me and I’d do anything. I don’t like you being this insecure.”
“Don’t stop loving me. No matter what and please don’t get too close to those people. Don’t give me a reason to be insecure.”
I closed the gap between us and brushed his hair from his face. “I will never stop loving you no matter what and I won’t go close to any guy if it’s not work-related. I love you Novan, only you.”
“Thanks.” He rested his head against mine then kissed my nose.
I smiled and pushed my lips to meet his in place of my nose. I didn’t succeed.
He raised his head to look at me properly.
“You seem to be glowing tonight when I haven’t even fucked you yet. What did you do?” He raised his eyebrows with a smirk.
My stomach tightened and sparks flew inside me. I held him to myself.
“I went to the spa with Betsy.”
“Why spend your money when I can give you that glow?” He traced my hairline seductively.
“How will you do it?” I asked.
“I will fuck you every single day, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in bed, in your office, and practically everywhere.”
My eyes go wide on him and laughed. He’s laughing a lot ever since he came to pick me.
I detest dirty talks but I love to hear them come out of his lips.
He doesn’t seem to mind either. He just spits them freely. I can never talk dirty.
“I’m still clothed down there.” He pointed to his lower body.
He has already taken off his jeans. “I should take it off to make it fair.”
“No!” I squeaked. I can’t see something I am not prepared for.
“Why? You also don’t have your panties on.”
Does he have to say that?
“Let me take it off.” He let go of me and began to pull his boxer briefs down.
“You might as well take off your shirt.. you know, for some skinny dipping.” He added with a smug smile.
“You’re crazy.” I turned around. This cabin is so nice, I can’t wait to tour around the area tomorrow. There’s even a lake. The cabin was made for two and even the bed and the bathroom. Wait.
I turned back to him but he wasn’t there.
“Hey, Novan!” I called and looked around carefully.
I ran to the door but it was locked.
“Novan.” This is not funny at all. Why would he play such a prank on me? He can’t just lock me in here and where the hell did he go?
I ran to the bathroom but he wasn’t there. I turned to leave when I saw the sliding doors. Opening it, I peeked and saw him in a tub which was perched up on the side of the mountain, a perfect spot for stargazing.
“That was not fair Novan. How can you disappear like that?” His body was buried into the tub, only his head was visible.
“I was naked. You would’ve seen me if you had turned. Now go to bed, I’d join you in a minute.”
“Did you take any of my belongings? I only have your shirt on.” And not even a panty and what if my monthly visitor decides to show now? Novan will tease me about it until I can’t take it anymore.
“Why would you need your clothes when you can wear mine? You look perfect in them.” He splashed water at me and I jumped back.
What of panties?
“We’ll live early tomorrow morning right?” I asked.
“No. Today is Friday so we’ll live Sunday afternoon. It’s our weekend sweetheart.”
What? What of my Hawaii trip with Betsy? She’s so going to be mad at me.
If we’d be spending the weekend then I’d need my things. What if..? No. I won’t think about it. It might just come out of the blue.
“Wait, don’t tell me you’re bleeding already.” He blinked at me in bewilderment with a mocking smirk gracing his cute lips.
I groaned and stomped inside. I heard him laugh.
{That changed everything ✓
When I got back into the room I looked around. Everything is comfy, beautiful and simple. He even has a closet.
I opened it and looked through the few clothes he’s roughly shoved inside. I opened the drawers and took his Calvin Klein briefs. I stepped into them and pulled it up. It fitted me perfectly which I am surprised by. I thought the waist would be too big for me but it didn’t.
I was lifting his shirt off to wear another when I heard his footsteps behind me.
I brought the shirt back down and turned to him. His towel hangs loosely on him and had another towel which he was busy drying his hair with. I take in his designed torso, reviewing every tattoo.
Tattoo has never looked good on anyone but here he is rocking it like no man’s business. I would like to do something…the urge is overpowering my senses.
I want to lick him. It’s crazy but I just want to feel his inked torso on my tongue. He looks so delicious right now and I’m glad he’s all mine, for me.
“I will switch off the light if you don’t quit staring at me…in that way.”
I didn’t bother to ask what way he’s talking about because I know I look like someone who’s salivating over her favorite food. Novan has to be that food. First I can’t get my eyes off him especially when he’s not cladded.
What is he doing to me? I never fancied any of this. All the things I thought I’d never do, I’m doing it now and I feel like I’ve been cursed.
” She wouldn’t stop staring.” He remarked and before anything, he turned the lights off.
“Why would you do that? I love to look at you.” I admitted.
“Really?” He chuckled. I can barely see him because it was dark.
“Yeah.” I followed his voice to him and wrapped my hands around his torso. He smells so nice.
“It’s not good for you.” He pulled me back and shook his wet hair into my face. I smiled and wiped the droplets off my face. My thoughts went wild when he dropped the towel and bended to pick something to wear. It was dark and I couldn’t see him but the thought of him naked right now triggered things inside me and I want him…
“Novan.” I stepped closer to him.
“What?” He stepped into the boxers and pulled it up.
I walked into his arms and wrapped my hands around his neck then pulled him down. “Kiss me,” I whispered with need.
“What is wrong with my girlfriend?” He chuckled and placed his hands on my waist.
I stepped even more closely so that our groins collide. He was looking into my eyes and just smirking. Probably wondering what had got into me.
“Please..”. I practically begged. I can kiss him but I want him to do it first. I want to feel his lips claiming mine.
One of his hands moved to my face then he did it. A moan escaped me as he kissed me slowly, slowly igniting the fire. I kissed him back hastily and brushed my hand into his hair. He raised my shirt up and snapped his shorts that I was wearing against my skin before snaking his hand inside to grab my behind. I gasped a moan and the kiss that started gently got fierce and rough.
His other hand went straight under the shirt and cupped me. My whole body was on fire and I think I want more. He pulled back a second before going back to kiss me. I could sense the faint mint on his tongue blended with his sweetness.
Oh, God! I love this man so much.
He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His lips went to my neck and he sucked the spot down my ear and I jerked. What was that? He did it again and I turned into mush. The coldness of the metal in his mouth sent goosebumps rising on my skin.
I held onto his neck and moaned. Things his lips can do is just out of this world and we’re only making out. With him, even the little things are intense.
I tugged on his hair and he moaned on my skin. His lips grazed my neck and he bit it gently as he walked.
I felt my back hit the soft cushion and he hovered above me. The bedside lamp was on and when I saw his face, I almost exploded. So raw and sexy.
His eyes skim me seductively then he took his lips into his mouth while staring at me
He moved his hands to my clothed chest then let it crawl to my stomach and stopped on my waistline.
Our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat and drummed. My breathing was distorted and I could see my chest rising and falling.
“You wanted just a kiss…I want more now.” He informed me quietly, his eyes getting darker and darker. I can’t resist those emotions in his eyes, he can do whatever he wants.
“I’m taking this off.” He said, referring to the Calvin Klein briefs I had on. It didn’t look like he was asking me, he’s just telling me. I like that he didn’t ask. It proves that I’m his…and his mine.
“Told you I want to eat you today.. I’m doing it now.” He peeled the shorts off and when his eyes settled on my sex, my core clenched and I felt a bit embarrassed. No one has ever seen me before except him of course and this is the first time. I waited in anticipation of what is to come.
“You’re beautiful.” He purred, his eyes glued on me. Thank God I wax and shave every damn morning. Mum taught me…
Talking about mum, she’d freak out if she should walk in on us now and I can’t imagine my embarrassment.
“You’re soaked.” He said and tossed the short on the floor.
He parted my legs and got in between them. He brought his lips to mine and snaked his hand below then rubbed on my spot in circles.
My eyes screwed shut and I bit my bottom lip harshly. I could feel the pressure building up in my body already.
He moved his lips on my jawline then spread kisses on my neck before getting up from me.
He shuffled to the end of the bed, kneeled, and pulled my legs up such that I am completely exposed to him. His head dipped and his breath fanned my core. He breathed in then released it on me. He grabbed my thighs then I felt his lips on me. I intake a sharp breath.
Okay, I accept that I am really inexperienced because I don’t know any of this exists. His tongue moved on my clit then he sucked hard. I moaned louder than usual and called his name.
Both his lip and tongue ring didn’t help matters as he continued to work his lips on me. I whimpered, squirmed, I screamed and spilled gibberish. I did all that.
He flicked his tongue inside me and moved out, then thrust back in. My eyes rolled back and I began to vibrate. My stomach tightened and I was near. He sucked on me harder and twirled his tongue then licked me.
This is utterly amazing and mind-blowing.
One final thrust and stroke of his tongue inside me caused my entire system to shake and I cum undone. I was sweating and my hair was sticking on my face.
Yet again, I felt relaxed but weak. He went on and licked my juice away, stirring things inside of me all over again.
He came on top of me again with a proud sinister smirk then kissed me. He tasted different and strange.
“You taste so good.” He whispered and laid down beside me.
I moved into his chest and laid my head on him. His arms came around me and he kissed my temple.
I raised my leg on him and felt something hard in his boxers. He groaned and when I looked at him, his eyes were closed.
“What’s that?” I asked and moved my legs on him again.
“Stop.” He muttered. I ignored him and moved my hands to touch him instead.
He held me tightly and jerked when my hands touched him through the boxers.
I’ve seen pictures of a dick before but I haven’t seen a real one to talk about touching it. A hard one for that matter. I darted my eyes below and saw a huge bulge in his boxers.
My hands moved slowly on him and it jerked under my hesitant touch. That surprised me so I snatched my hand quickly away.
He chuckled and got up. “I’ll be back.”
He disappeared into the washroom then came out minutes later and laid beside me.
I nuzzled into him and finally settled for a sound sleep.
My naked ass cheeks are being pressed against something hard when I open my eyes. It’s morning and the birds were chirping noisily. How come he’s still sleeping?
And what’s that that is pressed against me? As if I don’t know.
His face was pressed against my back and his arms looped around me. His snores competed with the bird’s chirpings. Gosh, those birds were even singing and it was loud as if it was our roof they came to perch.
I moved slowly from him and got out of bed. He stirred and laid on his side. He puckered his lips and let out incoherent sound before blocking his face from the sunlight.
I stood in front of the sunlight from disturbing him and he smiled briefly. He’s beautiful even with the pieces of metals on his face.
He only had his shorts on and he was laying on his stomach, blessing me with his ink-free tan and the star in the middle of his back. My hands itched with an urge to feel it but I will wake him if I do so.
For now, I’d just go on a tour around here while he sleeps. I closed the curtains to avoid the sun from bothering him.
When I got to the door it was locked and I couldn’t see the key. I walked back in and picked the jeans he wore yesterday then fetched it out.
After opening it, I stood at the entrance and took in the natural environment. From the green lawns to the tall trees, the mountain, and the lake. On top of that, I heard a familiar faint sound like a waterfall.
It can’t be near because I can hear it from afar. I slipped my feet into his slippers and stepped out.
His car has disappeared into the morning fog and I could barely see anything. My feet got wet at each step I took on the slippery wet lawn. A total countryside almost like where I stayed with Tobi in Palau.
I still love that place to date and I love this place more. Life in the countryside is so simple and peaceful. Everyone minds their business unlike the city and these people get to eat the fresh foods directly from the source, unlike the processed ones we take in the city. I like a simple life and I guess Novan does too.
He doesn’t like flashy and extravagant lifestyles but in his little way, he makes it plush. Just look at this place, it’s simple but cozy. There’s no way you’d feel uncomfortable staying here. It has basically everything that you’d ever need and more.
I padded on the wet lawn to the bridge and stared down at the peaceful water. It looks clear but one can’t tell if it’s safe to swim in or not. But I’d definitely have a swim in it before we leave and that’s for sure.
I walked back inside and was surprised to see that he still hasn’t woken up. My boyfriend sleeps like a log. I’ve noticed him as not a morning person unlike me.
I bet he’d groan and whine like a little boy when I try to wake him. That will be cute.
I moved to the sizeable washroom and saw only one used brush. No extras. How can he bring me here when he didn’t make provision for my stay?
I rinsed my mouth and stared at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was a mess so I brushed it back and braided it in one tail. My face held a natural glow in addition to the spa we went to. My skin was also glowing beautiful and it was clear, free of dead skin. The natural environment also helped in a way.
Looking on my neck, I saw red tiny bites. A reminder of last night. I traced my hand on them and crossed my legs tight.
What is Novan doing to me?
I picked his brush and spread toothpaste on it. I will take his scoldings later, for now, I need to get rid of the stink in my mouth.
After brushing, I splashed water on my face before getting out.
Novan was still sleeping. Gosh, this man can sleep.
I will go to the kitchen and see what he has and if I return and he still hasn’t woken up, I will splash water on his perfect face.
I opened the fridge first and was surprised that it was filled with foodstuffs. If he lives at his apartment then who eats them?
My eyes met a pen and paper on the counter with other books and also a tall stool close to the counter.
I picked a book with the tittle, Bocuse D’or guideline then another which entailed the menu and also a recipe book. On the paper, he has scribbled some ingredients.
Was he studying last night after I slept?
I looked carefully around and saw that this place looks more like a study room than a kitchen. Papers with recipes were being pinned above every cabinet..
Is this where he does his practicals? I’m sure of it.
I baked some brownies since its ingredients were in excess. I made coffee afterward before leaving. I made sure I got a glass of water. I wasn’t joking when I said I’d do it.
He was still sleeping despite the noise from the birds.
I hope he doesn’t get pissed. I dipped my hand into the glass and sprinkle water on his face. Initially, I wanted to splash him but I will end up wetting the bed.
“Is this how you wake your boyfriend?” He said without opening his eyes. His morning voice was thick and hoarse. His lashes were full and longer than I’ve imagined.
“You’ve been sleeping like forever. Tired of moving about alone.” I dropped the glass and stood akimbo in front of his form.
“You’d be penalized for using my toothbrush. Really girlfriend?” He feigned anger but still didn’t open his eyes.
“How did you know?” I sat beside him.
“I wasn’t sleeping. I was waiting for you to wake me up with a kiss or something but it turned out I still have to give you some lessons on how to be romantic. I bet you wanted to pour that water on me. That was savagery, doll face.” He yanked me on top of him and wrapped his hand around my waist.
I raised myself and straddled him.
“So what were you making?” He still hasn’t opened his eyes or he did and closed it back so I won’t notice.
“Look at me.” I pulled at his cheeks.
“No. Kiss me first.” He puckered his pink lips for the kiss.
I bended and pressed my lips to his quickly. I pulled back and stared at him.
“Now open your eyes.” Our faces were just inches apart.
His eyes fluttered open and landed on my lips. His hand moved to my back then he pressed me down to claim my lips.
His hands drove into my hair and unbraided me. I rocked on him gently as we kissed.
“I can’t have enough of you.” He whispered after the kiss.
“I think I should have my coffee now. I know you prepared it.” He added so that I’d get up but I didn’t.
He raised his eyes to my face and gasped.
“Damn! My girl is beautiful!” He exclaimed and raised me up by the waist and got up.
He carried me to the kitchen and rested my ass on the counter.
“Where’s my phone Novan,” I asked and picked a brownie from the plate he placed beside me.
“I didn’t bring it, don’t kill me.” He made a puppy face
“My parents will be worried sick.” I can’t imagine.
“You can phone them on my phone.” He offered and poured himself a coffee then another for me.
I remembered my agenda with Betsy and paused my chewing. She’s going to feel bad.
“Novan can we go back?”
“Why?” He raised his eyebrows from his cup to look at me.
“I have a pending trip to Hawaii.”
“What!” He dropped his cup. “Why didn’t you tell me? Is it about business?”
I shook my head slowly and he scoffed then brought the cup to his lips.
“Cancel it. I thought it was work.”
“Yeah?” He finished his cup and rinsed it in the sink.
“Who were you going with and why?” He asked and came between my legs.
“After the spa yesterday Betsy and I planned to go to Hawaii. It’s summer.”
“Sorry about that. You can always go with her some other time or I will take you. ” He rubbed the pad of his thumb on my cheeks gently.
I nodded and raised the cup to my lips. “What are we doing today?”
“Fucking!” He blurted and dropped his hand from my face.
“Nothing.” He grinned and stepped back.
“I heard it.” I grinned back.
“If you heard then what do you have to say about it.”
“You didn’t bring me over to fuck me did you?” I rolled my tongue inside my mouth absentmindedly.
“That was not the motive but I’m straight. Anything can happen.”
I looked up at him and he winked.
I blushed and looked into my cup.
“Why don’t you tell me if this is where you come to study.” I finished my cup and jumped from the counter.
“It’s quiet here so when I take the theory from class and online, I get the ingredients then come here to do my own practicals. Main reason why I even got this place.”
I’m grateful for his explanation. If it was to be some weeks ago he would’ve told me straight to the face to mind my goddamn business.
“So what about the Bocuse d’Or? What is it about?” I pretended.
“Don’t pretend. You little pretty detective.” He poked my cheeks with his index.
“I know after getting a glimpse of the book in the library you’d go and do your research.”
Okay. He really got me on that.
“So what are your plans on it? My research told me it’s an international championship.” My eyes roamed on his inked torso and settled on his prominent v line that leads into his boxers.
” You would listen or drool?” He raised his eyebrows at me.
I swallowed and tore my hypnotized eyes from him but it was almost impossible. I can’t function with him standing in front of me in only boxers.
“I will listen.” I finally said and he smirked.
“I’m just trying to practice all the dishes that were prepared at the finals each year. I don’t have any plans for participating.”
“What? Why?”
“I don’t feel like it. I hate failure. What if I don’t win? Gosh, it’s going to be pathetic.” His hands run through his messy hair.
“You think you won’t win?” How can he think that way? He should at least give it a try.
“I don’t think. I know it. I’m not underestimating my skills but it’s a world championship. It’s not that simple.”
“Nothing is simple. You just gotta try. You rather fail if you don’t make an attempt. Attempters are not failures, it’s those who do not even make any efforts. If you tried and didn’t win, that does not make you a loser. You just get experienced and definitely your next attempt will make a success. Hope I am making sense here.”
He just pouted jokingly at me. “Since when did you turn into a motivational speaker?”
“One more thing. Nothing is really difficult under this sun. Get rid of that mindset and you’d understand. You just gotta try, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail.”
“Oh wow. Seriously? Let’s drop it. Thanks for your words though.” He sounded bored, embarrassed even.
I’m not ready to back down. He has to participate. I will make him.
“You gotta do this Novan.”
“Don’t try to convince me. I’ve made up my mind.” He left and I followed him.
“Just think of the great impact it will have on your cooking career. You can earn a Michelin star from that. That’s a lot.”
“Okay, gammy.” He opened his closet and got a shirt out.
He isn’t taking me seriously.
“Why don’t you try? You can quit when it gets tough at the Nationals. I will come along to cheer you all through. I promise.”
“You’d do that?” He turned to me with an amused smile. “This isn’t a basketball game, Mi Lady.”
“I’m being serious, Novan.”
“I’m not laughing.” He pulled his shirt over his head.
“You ain’t taking me seriously as you should.”
“I think I have to put restrictions on how you talk about my business. I said drop this shit. It’s irritating and you’re getting me pissed!”
Oh. I ignored the ache in my chest.
“You’re my boyfriend.”
“So?” He snapped. I felt like we’re back in the days before we started this.
“What is my fault here Novan? Is it that you’re trying to be a coward and I’m trying to rejuvenate you? I’m just trying to make you see what you’re trying not to. Is that too bad?”
“Fuck Mariana! Stop this and I’m begging you. Don’t you get it?”
“No. You’re not being fair to yourself which isn’t helping? Why must you accept defeat when you haven’t tried yet? Honestly, I didn’t know you’re a loser!”
He stared at me in rage and fuming. His nose flared in annoyance and all softness left his eyes and face.
“I’m not a loser!”
“Then why not prove it!” I yelled back at him.
“This is my life. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Me not participating shouldn’t be your business. You always have this nosy attitude which I hate. Why are you so fucking stubborn. I told you to drop it but No. You like to control things but must I remind you that I am not one of those things?” He huffed and looked away angrily.
Ouch. That hurts but I’m still holding my ground.
“Why don’t you admit that you’re scared. That you’re a coward. That you’re a loser? Admit it Novan and I swear I’m fucking gonna let you be!”
” Jesus! You got to be doing this on purpose! You know I am not a loser. Not a coward either!”
“You just have to prove it. You don’t make sense when you keep blabbering. Show me what you got.”
“You won’t give up will you?” He asked calmly and ran his hand through his hair.
” I don’t,” I whispered.
He huffed and puffed. “Come here.”
I got close to him. “You have to understand me okay? I’m just a college student and I don’t really have any achievement in my cooking career except for the jobs I do. I’m now trying to learn about this world championship and how it goes. Don’t forget that the competition is not even for college students but people with higher certificates in culinary. Like PhDs and Masters. I don’t even have a degree yet. How do you expect that to be possible? Not like I won’t participate one day because I will. It has always been my dream to win an Oscar. For now, I just want to learn and groom myself for it. Please do not talk about this anymore. I don’t like it when we quarrel and I shout at you.”
I understand him now but.. I want him to do this. It might work. You won’t know if you don’t try. He’s not learning how to cook, it’s like he was born with it.
“And with all this all over my face who will want me in their midst?” He circled his face and laughed.
I didn’t catch the humor. And I don’t want him to think that because he’s like this he can’t be among people who are not like him. Novan deserves everything as much as he deserves me.
“Do you believe in you?” I stared into his eyes.
“Yeah, I do.”
“Then you just gotta be positive, believe in yourself wholeheartedly, and tell yourself that you deserve the best and every good thing will work their way to you. This isn’t about degrees and qualifications. You told me that you’re learning and preparing which is good but failure is also part of the learning process. When you fail you notice your mistakes and definitely, you won’t make those mistakes again. It forms what we call experience and those experiences is what will lead you to success. Failure isn’t a bad thing, embrace it!”
He didn’t say anything but just stared at me. I wonder if he heard what I said to him.
“Novan did you hear me?”
“I did. I just don’t understand why you’re strong-headed and…and.. pretty.”
“What? Really?” I laughed.
“Really. You’re even sensible.”
Is that a compliment?
“Do this for us Novan. I believe you so much and I know you can do it.”
“What if it doesn’t..” he began to say.
I placed my finger on his lips to quieten him.
“A failure is not a loss. It’s a gain. You learn. You change. You grow…”
“Michael Barata.” He lifts his eyebrows with a broad smile.
He just mentioned the owner of the quote.
“So you knew all this and did not act on it?” I wrapped my arms around his waist.
“Maybe I was waiting for you to remind me.” His hands came around me lovingly.
“So you’ll consider, right?”
“Don’t you think we’ve talked enough about this? We can’t do everything in one day. It’s step by step. We talked about it today so let it rest for now. We’d settle on the final decision when we’re back from horse riding.”
‘step by step.’ his usual anthem.
“We’re gonna ride on a horse?! ” I exclaimed, already getting excited with the idea.
“Yeah.” He opened his closet and brought a cowgirl straw hat out and fixed it on my head.
He got another one out and fixed it on his head before proceeding to bring out whatever we’ll be needing. I kept grinning at the new adventure.
“Is there a stable around here?” I asked as I wore my cowgirl boots. I’ve already put on blue jeans with a long sleeved shirt and a western-style cowgirl belt. I can’t believe Novan made arrangements for all this.
“Yes, there is a stable with cute horses.”
My smile blossomed as I got up and stared at my reflection in the mirror. I saw a down-to-earth gorgeous wild cowgirl. Novan stood beside my back, complimenting me. He’s currently my cowboy.
He shoved his hands into his front pockets and posed with a hard face. I rolled the sleeves of my shirt up and posed beside him with one hand in my pocket and the other holding my hat with a naughty smirk. We look perfect and silly.
He nudges me and we burst into laughter before stepping out of the cabin with our boots rocking against the wood floor.

{That changed everything ✓
I woke up early today then packed my bag. Hawaii here I come! I squealed and got a bath before putting my white dress shirt on.
“Where’s my girlfriend going all dressed up? She didn’t tell me.” Morgan walked in and hugged me from behind.
“I’m going to Hawaii with Mariana.”
“For what? You didn’t tell me!” He stepped back with a pissed face.
“Chill, you can come with us if that’s what you want.”
“I don’t want to come with you. I’m just pissed that you didn’t tell me. If I had not come here then you would’ve left. I told you to not always make me feel unimportant or little.”
Here we go again.
I sighed and turned to him. “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you but it was just yesterday.”
“Alright. I’m also traveling anyway. Have a safe trip. ” He hugged me briefly.
“Where are you going? It was my turn to be surprised.
“Just California. I will be back on Sunday. I would’ve taken you but you have exams on Monday and you also have plans with your bestie.”
“I will miss you,” I whispered. I’ve always followed him wherever he goes almost all the time but today is different.
“Chill out. Tomorrow is Sunday. By noon I will be here.”
“Yeah.” I smiled and wrapped my hands on him before joining my lips to his.
He tasted like cherry. He kissed me back in no time and deepened the kiss.
“I love you.” He said and kissed me once more.
“Love you too.” I hugged him again before seeing him off.
I drove to Mariana’s apartment and rang the bell but she didn’t answer so I used my keys.
Her five cars were outside so I am sure she’s inside. She’s either learning or not yet awake. I can’t wait to get my latest iPhone.
“Quinn!” I called when I got in. I went to the kitchen first but didn’t see her then to her study then to her living room, bathroom and bedroom but she wasn’t there.
“Where could she be?” I asked rhetorically and got my phone out to call her.
Something vibrated under my feet so I looked down and saw her phone.
This is her phone? Has she been kidnapped? No. It can’t be.
When the doorbell rang, I ran to it but only saw the delivery man.
“Good morning madam. Your phone is in!”
I snatched it and signed before closing the door. It was ordered in my name and she has already paid so. I can’t believe I have a new phone. Mariana is too sweet.
I walked back inside and for the next one hour, I was sitting on the couch and getting familiar with my new phone, forgetting about Mariana’s absence and our trip until her phone began to ring.
I checked the caller ID and it was her mum. I ignored it and put the phone back.
The call came in again and this time it was her dad and just like that, in a span of another hour, her family called almost fifty times before starting to call me
What do I tell them? I won’t say anything till I know her whereabouts. But where could she be? We plan on traveling.
I entered one of her cars after picking the key and drove to where the guys always meet. If I don’t see Donovan, then it means they’re together.
I parked the car in front of the bar and stepped out. I saw Aria’s car so I know she will be there as well.
I rushed inside and stood at the entrance to check. If they see me then I will have to go and sit with them.
I could see Nina, Aria, Courtney, Ronnie, and those couples but there was no Novan. The boss himself is not around so that means Mariana could be with him. But I can’t dwell on my speculation alone. What if she’s not with him?
I will have to call Donovan to find out but I don’t know his number.
I walked to them and when Ronnie saw me, he pulled me onto his lap.
“Hey, girl. I missed you.” He said into my neck then sucked there.
I elbowed him and got up. “Are you crazy? You can give a hickey with that!”
“So? Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked. They don’t know that I am dating Morgan.
“Betsy, where’s your billion dollar friend. I mean Her Majesty!” Nina inquired and raised her cup to her mouth.
Ever since I took Mariana to that party, they named her Majesty.
“Her Majesty is busy.” I told them.
“Yeah, she has to. But you should bring her along more often. She’s going to be the light among us. She’s too pretty and innocent.” Ronnie suggested dreamily.
He has liked her the first time he saw her but I know he isn’t genuine. He just wants to have a feel of her and I won’t allow him to go any closer.
“If you haven’t noticed, Donovan has been fucking her lately. You see he’s not here?” Aria said as she twirled her hair around her finger and chewed noisily.
“Feed yourself that crap!” I snarled.
“What is your problem flat bottom?” She smirked.
“Flat bottom but am not a whore! Now stay out of my issues!” I warned.
“Whoa! Don’t fight! So what if Donovan isn’t taking care of you again Aria? I’m here for you. I can even fuck you here right now!”
That was from Ronnie. Nina threw her cup at him and he laughed. He’s so naughty but I’m sure he didn’t mean it. However, Aria got up and went to sit on him shamelessly.
She’s so shameless and immoral. How did she manage to be our friend? She’s even greedy.
She raised her short skirt up a little then settled on him properly and began to grind him.
I looked around the bar but there weren’t many people and those around were minding their business.
“What the fuck is wrong with you two? Make use of the washroom already. I can’t witness live porn when my virginity is still hibernating in my pants!” Courtney said and we laughed.
I really have to get Novan’s number but it is only Nina that could have it. They’re that close. The rest won’t have it, even Aria. Ronnie might have it but he’s busy at the moment.
When I looked behind he was finger fucking her and she was moaning softly. Gross. They should really get a room.
“Have a seat Betsy. You didn’t plan on standing all day?”
“Actually, I want Novan’s number,” I whispered to Nina and she scanned me suspiciously.
“Why do you need his number?”
“It’s urgent.”
“What is so urgent? Tell me first.”
What do I tell her? I’m sure she really doesn’t know that Novan and Mariana are dating. Novan might get mad if I was to be the one to break the news to them.
“I have it. Don’t you mind Nina.” Evan draws his phone out.
“I will send it to you via WhatsApp.” He added.
Thank you.” I smiled and Nina glared at him.
“Why would you give his number out just like that? He might not like it.”
“Who knows, she’s planning to hit on him. He also wants to have a feel of him.” Aria laughed from behind.
Dirty whore.
“Thanks, Evan. Bye guys. And Ronnie, fuck her good, let it enter in her tiny brain. Teach her some lessons with it.” I waved them and left.
When I got back into the car, I called but he didn’t pick his call. I called him five times but he didn’t pick and Mariana’s parents wouldn’t stop calling. I’m sure they’ll be here in no time to check on their daughter.
If Mariana eloped with Donovan secretly then I won’t spare her. We were supposed to be in Hawaii. She can’t cancel our plans for Novan. I wish I followed Morgan. Now I would have to spend my Saturday alone or go back to sit with the guys.
How could Mariana be this careless? She knows her parents don’t stay a day without talking to her and yet she left without taking her phone.
I tried his line again and he picked. He didn’t say anything but I could hear his deep breaths.
“This is Betsy Donovan. I called to check if Mariana is with you.”
“Yes, she is.” He answered.
“Okay.” I can’t believe Mariana. She didn’t even tell me anything considering the fact that we had somewhere going. I’m so mad and she’d have to pacify me when she comes.
“Anything else?” He snapped. He has always been mean.
“Can I talk to her?”
“Novan it hurts.” I heard Mariana whimper.
“Fuck. I’m coming.” He said and the line went dead.
Now I am worried. What happened to my friend? Did he do something to her? From her voice, she seems to be in a lot of pain.
Her parents are still calling on my phone and hers. What do I tell them?
I decided to pick her dad’s call since he won’t be so paranoid like her mom.
“Hello, Uncle!”
“Thank God you picked. How are you?”
“I’m fine uncle.”
“Is my princess with you? Give her the phone.”
“She has been in the library since morning and she left the phone at home that’s why you couldn’t get a hold of her. She’s fine. I will call you when I get to her. Right now I have class.*
“You have class on a Saturday?”
Oh no. I mentally slapped myself.
“Ye..yes please.” I stammered.
“Alright but don’t lie to me. You’re too good for that. Now tell me where she is. There’s something I want her to do. I sent her an important email but she didn’t do anything about it. Hope she’s alright.”
“She’s fine. I will tell her to call you.” I told him.
This man is sweet unlike Paula. She worries too much.
“Okay, let it be soon. Her mum is worried.”
He dropped the call and I released the breath I never thought I was holding.
I’m a fool. I really shouldn’t have lied. What if her guards already followed them? They will surely tell her parents.
Oh No!
What will they think of me?
“Are you sure you can handle him?”
Novan questioned after I got on the horse. I had insisted on having my own horse instead of sharing with him even though I haven’t ridden any before.
After so much argument, I won.
“I can. You shouldn’t worry.”
“Okay, hold on to the strap above your chin and sit up but in a relaxed way. Don’t be rigid.” He instructed frantically and got on his own horse.
“We’ll move side by side so I can be teaching you what to do okay? Don’t do anything if I don’t tell you.”
“You worry too much!” I giggled and began to walk.
“I have to. This is your first time and I don’t want you to get hurt so please listen to me. I’m your leader for now.”
“Okay, master.” He has taught me everything before I came on top of the horse.
“Be joking.” He chuckled. “Remember horses have small brains. These beings don’t think properly.”
“Alright. Can we start trotting already?” I’m loving the feeling of being on a horseback.
“Eager that much?”
I captured my bottom lip in my mouth and nodded.
“You’re cute.” He smiled and pouted.
My cheeks burned and I looked in front. His horse walked to my own and he placed his hand on my waist which made me jump and the strap almost slipped from my hands.
“Behave yourself, young man.” I glared playfully at him.
“Let me join you. I want us to be close.”
“No.” I objected.
“Okay then let’s kiss. I want to do that babe. Please.”
“No. We’re riding a horse. You can kiss me all you want when we get back. Now get your hands off or I’d start galloping.”
“You won’t dare.” He got his hands off and pouted.
He doesn’t have to get whatever he wants all the time.
“Now you can trot.” He said and I eagerly squeezed the sides of the horse with the insides of my legs and it began to trot.
“Whoa!” I exclaimed as my hair bounced behind me.
This is amazing. The horse was going a bit fast and the feeling is incredible.
“Are you loving it?” Novan asked and I glanced quickly at him before looking in front.
“Of course.”
“I will lead you now so that you follow. Remember to watch my every of my move and act on it.”
“Alright.” He went ahead of me and I watched him. He’s so good at this. A typical expert.
“Ready for more speed?” He asked.
“Alright. Let’s rock and roll baby!” He said excitedly.
“You know what to do right?”
“Yea, For this gait, sit deeply and add pressure with both legs while keeping the back straight and tall to avoid tumbling forward.” I mimicked his voice.
“You know it already. Now let’s go!” He added speed and I watcyh the muscles on his shoulder and back contract.
I added pressure but my pony was still trotting. I tried again but still.
“Hurry up Dolly!” Novan shouted and his back was almost disappearing behind a cluster of bushes.
What is wrong with this pony? It’s not obeying me and Novan has almost disappeared.
“Novan this tiny brained pony doesn’t wanna listen to me.!” I yelled.
“Add enough pressure. It will obey. Hurry up!”
“Okay!” I added a lot of pressure on the pony and it started moving at a terrible speed. I couldn’t control it and I feel like I will be falling off. Sweat formed on my forehead as I began to panic. I could see my life before me. It has already taken another direction from where Novan is going.
“Novan!!” I cried. My heart was thumping as I’ve totally lost control over this stupid horse. I will die.
“Novan!” Tears stream down my face. I’ve never been this scared. Oh, God!
“Novan where are you? I’m falling off!!” I yelled again and I don’t know if he even heard me.
“Mariana!” Novan yelled my name from afar.
“Novan!!” I yelled back and my voice echoed in the forest.
“Hung on! I’m coming! Please use the reins. Pull it back and it will stop!” His voice was almost near.
I tried to get the reins but.. gosh.
Damn! I’m falling.

{That changed everything ✓
“Are you alright? I’m so sorry. Should we go back to the campus? You have to check for any dislocations. I’m so sorry” He rushed his words and examined me carefully, looking so worried.
“I’m fine and we don’t have to go back,” I said to ease him. I was still very much shaken up after what happened.
Novan came in time to catch me before I fell but he lost balance and we had to roll continuously on the hilly ground.
I haven’t seen any bruises on me yet. I’m just shaken up. It was dangerous and the horse wasn’t ready to comply. Once we left the place, he carried me at the back straight home.
“You sure? Can you get up?”
“Yeah. Don’t worry.” I lay back on the pillow and began the undo my belt while he stepped away to receive a call.
I realized I couldn’t use my right hand and I could feel pains on the wrist. I tried to use it again but I whimpered. “Novan, it hurts.”
“Fuck. I’m coming!” He put the phone back and walked to me.
“Where? Show me.”
I raised my hand and he inspected my wrist.
” I think you had a sprain and it’s even beginning to swell. I will get ice and some ointment.” He rushed to the kitchen and came back with a first aid kit.
He sat beside me then placed the kit on the floor. He massaged my wrist carefully with eyes locked on mine. If I show any sign of pain, he’s going to wallow in guilt. He’d take the blame meanwhile I was the one being stubborn when he said we should share a horse.
“Is it hurting again?”
“It’s better now.” I smiled.
“Keep on lying.” He picked the ice and used it on my wrist. I flinched at the contact. It’s so cold.
He did that for 20 minutes carefully then he applied the ointment and wrapped the compressor bandage around my wrist.
“I pray it heals before Monday.” He said quietly.
“It will. You don’t have to worry.”
“Yeah but there’s a clinic nearby. I will take you and you’re not going to object.”
“What are we going to do in a clinic? This is not even a sprain. Just a minor injury.”
“Let the physicians say that.”
“I’m not going to go!” I crossed my hands over my chest stubbornly.
“For my sake. Please.” He begged and held my left hand.
How will I refuse with that tone he just used and the way he’s looking at me with so much care and love in his eyes.
“Okay, but I won’t take any injections or medicines either.”
“Okay your highness.” He brought me my exact size of sneakers and I got up from the bed.
He bends on one knee and placed the sneakers in front of my feet.
I placed my hand on his hair while I lift my feet up and he directed my feet into it and we did the same thing for me other one.
“Is the shirt not itchy? You could change them and wear mine instead.”
“I’ll manage. It’s not itchy by the way.”
“Alright.” He moved to take my hand but I stepped back.
“You’d stop treating me like a patient. I’m fine okay?” I scoffed and brushed past him.
The drive through the gravel road to the clinic was quiet until we reached the clinic.
It wasn’t as big as the one in the city but moderate and beautiful with a lot of flowers surrounding it.
I got my wrist checked and we were told that it will heal in one or two days since it wasn’t any serious sprain.
I heaved a sigh. I was scared that I could not write my exam on Monday.
I was given anti-inflammatory medicine and we drove back to the cabin.
“You were worried for no reason,” I remarked and got my sneakers off at the door before getting in.
“I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He got his own shoes off and we stepped in together.
“On your accord?”
“No! Generally. You should not think that I was scared because maybe what your family might say. I was scared because I can’t bear you going through any pain.”
“You care that much?” I grin sheepishly and got into the kitchen.
“You don’t know?” He answered me with a question and followed me into the kitchen.
“I’m starving.”
“I figured. What will you take?”
“Anything edible.”
“I’m also edible.” He smirked grabbed me by the waist In to him.
He brushed my hair from my face then traced his finger on my jawline.
“You look pretty when you’re dirty.”
I scrunched my nose up and pushed him away. He managed to tell me that I look dirty in a nice way.
I know I’m dirty but his more dirtier. We both rolled on the ground and I was sheltered in his arms while we roll so I didn’t accumulate dirt like him. His hair had dry leaves and debris in it.
“You’re also dirty. You should look at your self.” I chuckled.
“Really?” He ran his hand through his hair then shook it. I’m sure there will be sand in it also.
“We’re both dirty. We should take a bath first.”
“Not until I’ve taken something. What do you have here?”
“What will you take?”
“Cheeseburger or barbecue ribs.
“You should lay down in the bedroom. Your food will be ready in a jiffy.” He rolled the sleeves of his shirt up and stepped into the kitchen fully.
He washed his hand then went for the flour.
“I told you to go.”
“I wanna watch.”
“Suit yourself.”
I jumped on the counter and watched him go about the kitchen. It’s such a thrill to watch him cook. It’s so exciting.
He was smart and fast. Within a twinkle of an eye, the cheeseburger was ready and he even made hot dogs and a chocolate cake with ice cream toppings.
I went for the cake instead and it was delicious, delicious than the once I take in five star restaurants.
“Now I am full. I can go a bath now!” I walked into the bedroom.
“You’d have to wash the used dishes. You know I hate to wash.”
“Load them into the dishwasher!” I hollered and took one of his shirts and briefs from the closet and went to change in the bathroom.
“Have you bathed?” He asked when I got out.
“Not yet.”
“But you changed.”
“Yeah ” I walked past him before saying my motive.
“Going for a swim.” I quickened my Pace.
“What! No way!”
I laughed and rushed out of the door as I heard him coming after me.
I ran to the lake and after checking the depth which was indicated on board, I stood on the bridge and jumped into it, making a loud splash.
I moaned at the feel of the clear water on my skin. It has just the right temperature. Not too warm or cold.
I dived deeper and stayed beneath for some minutes before coming up to breathe.
I floated for a while and let the sunbath my face before diving in back deeper.
A hand hooked around my waist then brought me to the surface.
“Are you on a suicide mission or what?” He breathed and rubbed his palm on his face to clear his vision.
” I was having fun. ” I said and pushed his shirt down to stay put. It got raised up while I was swimming and I didn’t mind but I do now.
“You were going too deep. What if you meet some sharks?”
“What? Sharks? In this lake? Impossible. ” I laughed and waved my hands.
“Yeah but you’re going too deep. I haven’t even gone that far before. Who knows, you might get to the estuary which will get you into the wild deep sea where you’d meet dangerous and bloodthirsty sharks.”
His words cause a shiver to run down my spine. I haven’t thought of that.
The water suddenly turned too cold around me and unappealing for me to swim in. “Can we go?”
“What? You’re scared?” He laughed and swam towards me. He lifted me by my thighs and I hooked my legs around his waist. That electricity between us appears again and we stared into each other’s eyes.
“I wasn’t scared. I have swam deeper lakes than this and I have even swam to the deep sea. Swimming is my specialty if you don’t know.” I’m a good swimmer but it doesn’t mean I’m not scared of sharks. I was scared when he said that.
“Alright. I just didn’t want to take any chances after you almost fell off on the horse.”
“It doesn’t mean I won’t ride again. When I see a horse right now am gonna ride.”
“How would you? You couldn’t control the first one.”
“It wasn’t complying like yours. He was difficult for a first time rider. Tell me, didn’t I try?”
“You did. You really tried” he moved his thumb over my lips slowly.
My eyes settled over his lips and I moved my hands to his neck. The water reached his neck. I will disappear into it if I was to be on my feet.
” Things these lips do to me.” He whispered seductively and took his lip ring between his teeth.
Out of instinct, I snaked my tongue out and swipe it down his thumb. His finger gets into my mouth and I sucked it tentatively. His eyes go dark and he snapped his finger from my mouth.
“I want to do something..to you.” He rasped and raised me out of the water properly and began to walk to the bank.
We got Into the cabin and without putting me down, he walked to the washroom then took a towel and dried me. He then dropped me then right in front of me, he took his own shirt off with his eyes on me then came closer.
He pulled the shirt from my head at a go then bend in front of me and took the boxer brief I was wearing off . Getting up, he hooked his arm around me and turned the shower on. We were stark naked under the shower and everything was so intense. My hands ran on his back then I looked and he kissed me that moment. He caressed my arm and grabbed me. I moaned into his mouth as his other hand worked on my boobs.
I tugged on his wet hair. I like the feel of his silky hair on my hands. He hoist me up then began to walk to the bedroom and dropped me on the bed.
“Wait here. Don’t go anywhere. I’m coming.” He breathed and disappeared.
I waited in anticipation of what is to come and the seconds seem like hours. The fire he started was slowly burning out… I wonder what he wants to do this time. Here I am waiting here on a bed all naked like a bride waiting for her groom to join her on the bed.
He finally arrived and he had something in his hands. He was fully dressed and I’m wondering when he put his clothes on.
“What’s that?”
His phone began to ring and he fetched it out, looked at it and frowned.
“Nothing. I’m just gonna put it down.” He turned around and walked out again.
After laying for what seems like forever, I realized how of a fool I’m making myself look.
I’m a fool. I shouldn’t have let us gone this far. He left me here halfway through what he was doing. Why would he do that anyway?
Now I’m embarrassed and totally humiliated. I wish I never came here with him . I could be in Hawaii with my friend now.
I covered myself with the duvet and closed my eyes for sleep. I wish I could sleep in to the next day and I wouldn’t have to encounter him.
Why did he do this to me? He wanted us to do something he backed off without giving me any explanation.
And when he came he had to leave because of a phone call.
I heard footsteps and shut my eyes tight.
“Hey, am sorry.” He said and sat at the edge of the bed.
I kept quiet.
“Mariana?” He touched my shoulders.
“Are you sleeping?”
I ignored him.
“Come on, you can’t be sleeping now.” He got the duvet off and I felt him staring into my face.
“You’re really sleeping? How can you sleep? I know you’re angry and you’re ignoring me on purpose. I said am sorry okay?” He stroke my cheeks gently and I stirred. Why must he have so much effect on me?
He didn’t stop, he kept stroking my cheeks, igniting a fire as usual. Its amazing how that simple act could cause my breathing to change and my insides to tighten.
“You’re so responsive to my touch. I bet I can make you cum just by doing this.” His sultry voice was close to my ears and his breath fanned my neck.
“Give up already. I know you’re not sleeping.”
How wrong you are. I don’t back down easily.
“Okay.” He stopped stroking my cheeks and began to tickle me through the sheets.
I was able to hold myself for a minute and I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I tried to push him off but who am I kidding? He’s stronger so I kept laughing and writhing under him.
“Stop it Novan. That is in enough.” My sides were hurting and my stomach tightened. I could hardly breathe and the sheets were peeling off from me.
“I said am sorry.”
“O..Kay” I laughed.
“You forgive me?”
“Let’s.. talk about it” I said and he stopped. I rolled to the other side and tried to catch my breath.
“Get me a shirt. I need to put something on.”
“No. I won’t be looking. You can use the duvet.”
“No. I want to put something on.” I insisted.
He removed his shirt then tossed it to me.
I can’t think properly if he’s bare-chested in front of me. I rather hide under this duvet than have him bare before me.
I took the shirt anyway. I can’t make him believe that he has a lot of effect on me. That will only inflame his ego so I have to act unaffected.
After putting the shirt on, I sat up. “Why did you do that?” I asked him.
“I was losing it and I guess when I left, I overthink everything. That changed my mind. I swear if I had not left then I would’ve done it. I didn’t want to do anything we aren’t prepared for and I didn’t have a condom on me. You don’t know how irresistible you are. You drive me crazy and make me want to do things but it’s not the reason we’re here.”
The heaviness lifted off my chest with his explanation. I thought he did it on purpose to humiliate me. It on purpose.
“I wouldn’t have refused you.” I blurted.
“I’m irresistible as well. You’ll beg me to go on instead of stopping me and it will happen. I don’t want that. If anything, then not now.”
He’s right. I have no will power when his hands are on me. I’m still not ready for that thing called sex.
“The phone call? Who called?” I asked and watch his jaw clench.
“No one important.”
“It was my dad. I didn’t know how he got my number.”
“What is wrong with that? He’s your dad.”
” A lot is wrong. He wasn’t supposed to. Not all of us have sweet parents like you okay? Now don’t ask me more.”
“What did your parents do?”
“I didn’t speak Japanese now did I ?” He barked and I curled back.
“I’m sorry.” He said and ran his hand in his matted hair.
“It’s okay. I was just prying intrusively and you hate it.”
“How’s your wrist?” His eyes focused on my bandaged wrist.
I even forgot I had a sprain. It also mean the pain has dissipated.
I raised my right hand and checked it. “I think it’s better now. I don’t feel any pains.”
“That’s great. I want to go get some things around. You’d stay in and not go anywhere okay?”
“I want to come with you.”
“No. You should stay. I will be back right now. It’s just for some few minutes.”
“Alright, I’d try and keep myself busy but you’d have to come early.”
“I will.” He perked me and got out of the bed. He picked another shirt and got out.
Once he left I went for his laptop.
I wasn’t really going to do anything but my dad just keep calling me and i want to warn him to stop. That man is up to no good. He’s only nice when he knows there is something he’d get from you. He’s a greedy parasite.
I’ve blocked his numbers but he kept calling with different numbers. I tend to switch my phone off most at times because of him. Why won’t he just go to hell and leave me alone?
I drove down the gravel road and stopped at the middle. It doesn’t look like cars pass here quickly.
“What is it again dad?” I asked the moment I picked his call.
“Where are you? You’re not on campus.”
“Since when did you start caring? Don’t pretend okay? Tell me what you want this time.”
“You know me so well.” He laughed.
“I will hung up if you don’t answer me.”
“Okay. I don’t want anything. I just want to congratulate you for making me proud for the first time. I’m so happy for you son! You got a good catch. Unbelievable!”
“What do you mean?” He never liked what I was studying so how can he be happy with me?
“I don’t know what you’re talking about but don’t call me ever again. I mean it!” I dropped the call to leave when some men in black stopped me.
” Baby shark doo doo doo doo doo.
Mummy shark doo doo doo doo doo.
Daddy shark doo doo doo doo doo.
Granny shark doo doo doo doo doo..”
I looked up from the laptop and saw Novan.
“What are you doing with my laptop? I should give you a crayon instead.”
“Why crayon?”
“You know, to do some colouring while you sing that ridiculous song.”
I smiled and looked back on the laptop. Thank God I did everything before he came.
“What are you doing on that?”
“Browsing some movies. You said we haven’t watched any romantic movie before so am selecting some.”
” How did you get through it? There’s a lock.”
You tell me why you have to use Nervisa and my name as passwords.”
“Because you two are the most important things in my life right now.”
His words melt my heart and I didn’t know what to say again.
He got onto the bed and mimicked. ” Girlfriend Shark Doo doo doo doo doo.”
I laughed and he snatched the laptop from me.
“Hope you didn’t do anything you shouldn’t do on it?”
“Alright. We’ll be busy after tomorrow. Will you be going to you parents for the Christmas?”
“Yeah. I will celebrate Christmas with them.”
“Oh okay.”
“Why? Did you ask?” Did he want me to celebrate it with him?
“Was wondering. I will be busy also so. I might be here all the time or go home to see Nervisa and then come back.”
Everybody spends Christmas holidays with their family but he prefers to stay alone instead.
“Have you ever celebrated Christmas with your family?” I asked.
“When I was very little.”
“Okay. We could celebrate it together. You can come to my house.”
“What? Hell no! I’m never doing that.” He laughed and rolled on his back. He picked the remote and flicked through movies on Netflix.
“What will you watch?”
“Anything you’d watch.”
He settled for some action movie spiced with a little romance. He took a keen interest but I started dozing half through. It was already nightfall anyway. I can sleep.
My body was tingling all over I couldn’t continue to sleep again.
My eyes opened and I jumped up, a little frightened.
“Relax babe.” Novan pushed me back down and continue his weird mission.
He was hovering above me with a small jug in his left hand and he was bare-chested.
I looked down on my chest and saw a sticky almost brownish thick liquid on my breast.
God! I’m naked beneath him.
“God, what are you doing?” I shrieked.
“Tasting you… It’s my breakfast.”
I looked back down on my body and saw that the liquid travels from in between my breast to my waistline. And on my nipple was vanilla and the liquid which looked like honey was all over my breast.
In my navel was a raspberry sauce, cream and the honey I guess.
“You’re weird. What are you doing and what are all those?”
“You already know. ” His eyes raked every of body intently with so much passion as if he was trying to mesmerize me. I feel more naked than ever.
“I’m going to lick you clean.” He rasped and licked his lips.
My core clenched tightly as I imagined his warm tongue on me.
“I’ve been meaning to do this since Friday Riana.” His voice is sexier.
He dipped his index hand into the jug and brought it to my lips. He opened my mouth to taste it but he painted my lips instead.
“You were glowing so invitingly. I wanted to lick you. Your entire body.”
My sex clenched tighter and arousal swell in my lower belly.
He dropped the jug and he supported his body in a push up position above me.
“Don’t lick!” He warned when my tongue darts out to lick my lips.
His lips came on to mine and he kissed me slowly but sucking on my lips hard in a teasing way.
His mouth was sweet from the honey and laced with the faint mint on his tongue.
He kissed me thoroughly, licking every sweetness of the honey away.
My hands roamed on his back aimlessly. What a nice way to say good morning.
His mouth moved to my cheeks then to my jawline. He sucked on the skin below my ear and I moaned loudly.
“Oh, Novan.”
His warm tongue move to my chest then worked their way to my hard nipples. I let out a low moan as he began to suck on me harshly. My nails dig into his scalp wildly.
He continued his wicked assault to my second breast, sucking it and flicking his tongue over it. His hand pinched on my clean breast and he twisted it painfully but a huge turn on.
Seeming that my second boobs was also clean, his burning eyes leveled on me.
“You’re clean from here. Let’s go down” he licked his lips once more and his tongue latched on my stomach, tasting me and licking the creams and honey.
This nigga won’t escape diabetics after this.
Desire swelled inside me as every touch he gave me got me pulsing below.
He kneeled in between my legs and am unaware of how wide I spread it to make space for him.
“Is my baby wet already?” He teased.
“Let’s check.” His fingers crawled on me then to my sex. Before I could adjust to this new feeling, I feel him inside of me a bit. I groaned and shut my eyes momentarily.
He pulled his hand out. “So wet.”
Something garbled out of my mouth and it took me a second to decipher what that was, that It was a plea for him to do something about my aching core.
“Did you..add something there?” I managed to ask.
“Let’s find out.” He murmured and buried his head in my thighs.
I bit my swollen lips harshly.
“I’m going to try my finger on you okay?”
I nodded hastily. I just want the ache to go away. The sensation was overwhelming.
“It’s gon’ hurt a little.” He cautioned.
My eyes snapped open. ” Really hurt?”
“Not much. Just a little. You’d be fine. It’s just some seconds.” He picked the words.
“What are you waiting for?” I asked in desperation.
He chuckled and his head disappeared. He smirked and his nails dug into my thighs, raising me up then his face lowered
His hair tickled my lower belly as his tongue moves expertly inside of me.
I jerked and pushed my hips forward as blood rushed to the bundle of nerves between my legs that he was busy drawing into his mouth when I felt a prick and his finger slide inside slowly. The tiny pain disappeared as soon as it came.
“Fuck!” I gasped as he increased the pace. My voice sounds strange to my ears.
My eyes opened to take in the man between my legs and the dangerous things he was doing to me. His tongue together with his finger moved relentlessly in and out of me and I could only grab the sheets tighter and make incoherent sounds as my vocabulary was lost.
I was sweating, panting and my head was swimming.
He sucked on my spot one last time and my orgasm hit me hard, leaving me breathless and numb.
“What did you find in there?” I breathed as he came to lie beside me.
“Sweetness. Only sweetness.” He drawled.
“You sure know how to use those lips of yours.”
He smiled, turning on his side to look at me. “Taking ice cream does it.”
I laughed, resting my head on the pillow then staring at the ceiling.
His voice draws me back to him.
“God. Your eyes are so brown and intense…wild when you’re cuming for me.”
I blushed and stared into his dazzling jade.
“You’re beautiful.” He said, staring at me as if I was a goddess or the most important thing ever.
I will want to do him just what he did to me but I have not the courage. Some other time. Already, he was embarrassing me with sweet words.
I turned to the other side and took the sheets along with me towards the bathroom.
“Where are you going?”
“To washed all the sugary stuff properly from me.”
I dropped the sheets at the entrance and got into the washroom.
I turned the faucet and allowed the water to ran down on my freshly assaulted body.
What has Novan not seen yet on me? Everything.
I increased the pressure and let the water scold my skin.
I wasn’t surprised when I sense my new occupant. He leaned into my body and wrapped his arms around me as the water rained on us.
We ate late breakfast after our crazy euphoric foreplay in bed and in the bathroom in just towels before going to pick something to wear.
“We’ll drive around before going back.” He informed me and slipped his shirt on.
“Okay.” It was almost noon anyway and I need to go and prepare for Monday.
I got my bandaged wrist off before grabbing his shirt and walking to the bathroom. We’ve done a lot of dirty things but I can’t bring myself to change in front of him. The shyness hasn’t disappeared as it seems but it’s not like before either.
His shirt hit the middle of my thighs and I held my hair up. I wore another set of his briefs and stepped out.
“I like it more when your hair is down.” He stepped in front of me and with his hands above my head, he let it fall.
“That’s it.” Appreciative and a satisfactory smile graced his lips as he used his hand to smooth it.
Right now we’re so happy. I hope nothing comes between us to destroy what we have.
“We should get going.” He stepped back and picked his car keys.
He turned to the bedside table to pick his phone when it beeped. He checked the message with a deep frown.
“You did this!” He accused.
“Don’t pretend!”
“Will you tell me what I did already?!” I know I did something. I guess that’s what he found out. I knew he will get angry when he finds out so am prepared for it.
“You fucking went through my laptop, gathered my information, bought the form for the competition, and used my information to fill the form and submitted. Why are you so addicted to snitching? And you don’t listen to me! What is your problem? Why are you always on my neck on things I forbid you to stay clear from? Can’t you listen to me for once?”
I welcomed them. I don’t regret what I did one bit. He can scream all he wants. The deed is already done and I guess he was picked or wasn’t he?
“Were you picked?” I dare to ask.
He opened his mouth probably to lash at me again when his phone began to ring.
He picked and raised it to his ears. His angry features turn to surprise and shock.
“I’m..fine..yes… okay.” He said and pushed the phone to me and mouthed. “Your dad.”
I took the phone nervously and checked the number. It’s really my dad. I put it to my ears and try to sound playful and normal.
“Hi, my King.”
“Don’t my king me.” His voice wasn’t harsh or loud but it wasn’t my normal friendly dad’s voice.
“How are you?”
“I’m fine.” I replied, running my hands in my hair.
“Okay. Right now am speaking to you like your dad so let me ask you. Is this what you do in college? Take mini-vacations and don’t care to tell your parents about it? Is this what you do? What happened to school first, everything second? You even have exams tomorrow and another you missed this morning.”
What! I gasped.
I clamped my hand to my mouth as I remembered.
Gosh. I totally forgot I had an online exam. Oh no. It’s going to affect my GPA terribly.
“This is so irresponsible of you and am not happy. Wherever you are make it up to your apartment now and I want to see that boyfriend of yours!”
Oh No!


{That changed everything ✓
“What did your dad say?” He asked when I return the phone to him.
“Nothing. He was just worried and wanted to know if I’m fine.”
“Was that all?” He arched his brows suspiciously.
“Yeah. Can we go?”
“You weren’t in a hurry before.” He heads for the door after doing a final check around the place.
I followed behind in just his t-shirt and sneakers. I hope I look presentable enough to face my dad.
I walked ahead of him to his car and stood in front as if waiting for him but I was secretly checking myself in the windshield.
I smoothed my hair with the back of my hands and rubbed my palm in my face. With my hair down and not neatly combed, I looked like a wild girl. A sex therapist will surely know what I’ve been up to by just glancing at me. I hope that therapist won’t be my dad or I will be extremely mortified.
“What are you doing? Checking out yourself?” His voice was close to me.
Alas, I’m caught.
How did I not notice that he was already here?
“You look nervous. What’s wrong? What did your dad say?” He opened the door and closed it after I sat.
I tried to form some stories as I waited for him to join me.
“Answer me.” He demanded once he settled.
“I already told you. What else do you want to know?”
“Everything. You don’t look cheerful. Is it anything major?”
I looked up at him and shook my head. Taking business administration online is very difficult and I try most times to meet up but I can’t believe I missed a whole exam and have to resit. How much I hate resit. It has never happened to me before. Gosh, I was good, I never failed any of my exams. How did I forget something so important?
” What’s wrong babe.” He cooed worriedly and placed his hand on my thigh. Surprisingly, it soothed me.
When I tell him, he’s going to feel bad about it and I don’t want that. This was my fault. If I had informed him then he wouldn’t have even brought me here. I guess I got too carried away with everything; the spa, the trip, and especially Novan. I can’t think when he’s here. How did things get out of hand in such a manner?
Each second, minute, hour, and days that passes by, I feel myself falling hard. It’s drowning me and if there was something I couldn’t do about it, I wouldn’t even do it. It feels wrong but right at the same time.
“It’s nothing Novan.” I looked away.
“Will you stop fighting me all the time?” He also turned to me and I fought back a smile.
“Then stop being stubborn and tell me what you’re worried about.”
“It seems my dad is waiting for us at my place and he wants to see you.” I dropped the bomb.
“Is that all? I don’t think so. Spill it all out.”
“Then start driving already. We don’t wanna be late.”
“Okay.” He pulled out and down the gravel road before getting to the street and I began to talk.
“I also missed an online exam this morning and dad seems a little mad.”
He didn’t utter a word for some time before finally speaking.
“What are we going to do? You’d Resit?”
“Looks like the only option. Will you meet my dad?” My eyes turned back to him.
” I don’t mind.”
I thought as much.
“I’m sorry. I made you miss your exams.” He apologized quietly and took his lip ring between his teeth.
There’s no doubt regret and remorse are engulfing him.
An idea popped in my head suddenly.
“I will only forgive you if you’d participate.” I bit the insides of my cheeks and looked away.
“You’re taking advantage of the situation and it’s not fair. I’m supposed to be mad at you for taking the forms for me. In fact, I’m still very angry about what you did.”
“Whatever I did, I did for your good. It’s not something you should be angry about.”
“Oh really?” He deadpanned.
“I’m sorry though. I just wanted the best for you.”
“I also wanted the best for you but I let my guards too low. You missed an exam. Forgive me, I will partake.”
“What did you say?”
“You heard me.” He smirked.
I squealed and kissed his cheeks. “Thank you so much. I promise to be there at every of your auditions and…”
“You don’t have to come. I will be fine. Being there will only make me jittery.”
“Why is that so?” Do I also have an effect on him like he does on me?
“You don’t know what you do to me.” He said under his breath.
“Let’s try it first. If you feel jittery then I won’t come again. I should be your muse, an inspiration if I must say.”
He glanced over at me with a smile. “We’ll try it once. If your presence does not inspire me then you won’t show up again.”
That’s a hard bargain.
“I’m positive. I’m not your girlfriend for nothing.” I winked and he laughed.
“So were you picked? I tried to fill up all your details..”
“And you recommended me. I guess that’s why I was picked and the more reason why I’m pissed at you. If I’m doing this then it should be solely my efforts. I want to do this genuinely and win or lose honestly. I hate all those protocols and contact shit. In the end, credits will be taken for your own victory. I want all the credits to come to me, not to someone else. It will feel as if I didn’t do anything.” He grumbled.
“I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s because I recommended you that made them choose you. And if that was it, then there are more competitions ahead and I promised to stay off. I won’t interfere, I promise.”
“So when is it kicking off?”
“It starts on Wednesday. If I am able to pass the first stage, I will be able to get to the second stage then the third, quarter-finals, semi, and the final itself where I will be selected as the best in our state. I will compete with other states and when I am able to win that too, I will be chosen to represent Australia then finally competing with 23 finalist countries. You know what happens next…”
“You’d win!”
“I like your spirit.” His smile blossomed.
“I’m trying to inspire you.”
“I bet you’re trying.” He chuckled.
“You’ll see.”
“I’ll try.” He shrugged.
“You’re not going to try Novan. Give it your best.”
“You know you won’t be seeing me frequently right? I will be gone the entire December and somewhere early January. Unless you come stay with me, you won’t see me. Even if you move in, you’d be seeing me in the evenings. Other than that, then you won’t see me at all. It’s a lot and I’d miss you.”
“I can move in.” I said without thinking.
“You’re crazy. Won’t you spend the Christmas holidays with your family?”
“Yeah. I will only spend Christmas. I can stay with you.”
“You’re not saying that.” He glanced at me and back to the road.
“I am.”
“It means you want to be a mother at 18.” He wasn’t smiling.
“What!” I punched him playfully.
“Don’t worry, if you’re still ready to stay with me then I will get you on birth control. I might forget to use a condom and there is no way I won’t fuck you if you come live with me. I’m no saint and I can’t resist you far too long.”
I won’t deny how his words caused daggers from every direction to spark something in me. I cringe when I hear someone talk dirty but his is not the same. It makes me feel something strange inside of me.
He went on…
“Sometimes I keep awake just imagining you on top of me, kissing the hell outta me, I feel your hands running on my chest and I can almost feel you. Your sweet scent and all but you were not there. It’s just my wild imagination thinking of all the filthy things I could do to you.”
He got to be doing this on purpose because I’ve freaking turned on right now.
“And you know something, the day I’d finally fuck you, I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name and how to spell it..”
“Novan!” I was panting.
“What? I know you like it when I say filthy things to you, you love it when I talk dirty. I could make you cum just by doing that.” He boasts.
It’s strange that those words turn on. Does it mean I love it too?
Once again, I’m disappointed when I saw that we were close to my apartment.
Within a minute he pulled up in front of my apartment and I took in a deep breath before exhaling.
I rubbed my palms and turned to Novan. “Is my face red?”
“Obviously. I caused that.”
My cheeks couldn’t have burned any harder. I’m already flustered and he wasn’t doing anything to help out.
“So your dad is inside?”
I nodded.
“I can’t believe I will be meeting the ever famous trillionaire of all time in person today. Wow! This calls for a celebration.” He exaggerated.
“You’re not going in. You’ll meet him some other time.”
“Please, not like this. Your encounter with mum wasn’t a memorable one. I don’t want same thing to occur. I will personally introduce you to him okay?”
“If you say so but I could meet him. You know I don’t care about those things. Your mum looked a bit intimidating and I know your dad might be worse but trust me, rich people don’t intimidate me at all. Extend my greetings to him and get out of my car.”
“You’re sacking me?”
“You should know when I’m joking. Now come here, I want to kiss my girl.” His lips thinned into a smile.
I crawled on to his laps and his seat reclined, creating enough room for us. With my hands around his neck and his under the shirt and fondling me, our lips fought for dominance. I grind softly on him as he moves my hair from the way and kisses my neck, biting and sucking it softly. My hands got lost in his locks and I moaned.
How did a simple kiss turn into this heated intense make-out session?
His lips moved to my shoulder blades as his hand worked their way into the briefs I was wearing. His bulge made contact with my crutch and a sweet sound poured out from his sexy lips.
A knock on the window was all it took me to fly out of his laps to my seat in a blink of an eye as if an invisible force carried me.
Usain Bolts couldn’t have been this swift. I will congratulate myself later but for now…
slowly, I raised my gaze. I will just disappear into this leather seat if it’s my dad. My dad can’t see me doing this…God!

{That changed everything ✓
Novan cracked up and I turned to him, about to throw a punch at him when I saw that the person was not my dad but my beloved friend.
“Seriously, did you think I’d kiss you knowing that your dad is around? Look around. His car is not here and that only means he didn’t come or he came and already left.”
“I’m relieved Novan. Seriously, I don’t think I would’ve been able to see my dad eye to eye if he’d seen us… doing what we were doing.”
He grinned and rolled the glass down to reveal Betsy clearly.
“You scared her. How could you interrupt something as important as what we were doing?” He reprimanded playfully.
Betsy rolled her eyes and he also rolled the window back up.
“So till when?” I asked, feeling nostalgic already.
I feel as if he’s my drug and I’m slowly getting addicted to him.
“I don’t know. You just made me extra busy by taking those forms for me and you also said I should try my best. Only me, I’ve got so much to do and even you to fuck!”
“Stop saying those things around me Novan.” It’s becoming too much and I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable though I kinda love it.
“I will stop…for now. You really got me busy. I have a lot to do. Really.”
“So I won’t see you at all?”
“When you come to watch me. That will be Friday I guess..I’m not sure but I’d tell you when to come. I’m going to revise from here and I know you’re also going to do the same thing.”
I sighed. I’m really going to miss Novan. I want to be seeing him at least every day even if it’s just for an hour.
“Can’t I steal any of your time?” I don’t care how pathetic I sound.
“Greedy criminal. You stole my heart, body, and soul, and now my time? Oh, come on.”
My hands went to his face. “You’re MINE Novan. I have every right so I am not a thief. I’m just taking what is mine.” I can’t believe my possessive tone.
“I’m yours.” He whispered and covered my lips with his. He kissed me slowly and passionately.
“I love you. I’d try and make time.”
I nodded and kissed him again before getting out.
“Seriously Mariana? Have you guys started fucking already? I saw what you were doing there on his laps.” Betsy said once I stepped inside my room. It was messy. I think she has repeated that line before. Must she always assume that?
“It’s not what you think. We were just kissing.”
“You were riding him. I saw it.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d just freshen up.” I ran into my room and got my clothes off then prepared a steamy bath.
I shaved my legs then brushed my teeth before getting inside the tub.
First of all, I’m elated that Novan considered taking part in the competition. It means so much to me.
On the other hand, I feel bad for not taking my exams. Also, not informing my parents and not calling them was not like me and I’m sure mum and dad are upset about it. I need to talk to them and apologize if I have to.
“So where did he take you?” Betsy walked in and took a seat.
“Somewhere… I didn’t ask but it had a cabin and a lot of trees surrounding it. We went horse riding as well. It was so much fun even though I…” I didn’t know I’d be so excited that I’d tell her all that.
“Even though what?”
“Nothing. Did my dad come here?”
“He left a while ago. He was waiting for the both of you to come but you delayed.”
“How was he? Did he look upset?”
“No. Just worried.”
I sighed.
“Sorry, we couldn’t travel. Forgive me.”
“It’s okay. Your boyfriend comes first.”
“That is not it. Please do not think that way. I didn’t know he’d be taking me out the night we returned from the spa. If you could check I didn’t get the things I shopped out of the car.”
“You’ve become careless since you got a boyfriend Mariana. This is not you. Please don’t get too carried away with him.. everything matters and always remember that your parents have their entire hope buried in you. It’s gonna break their heart if you should let them down.”
“You’re right but I Novan is not responsible for this and it’s not because I am dating that this happened.. I just forgot and I don’t know why.”
“You spent the entire time thinking about him and you forgot everything that mattered. That was why Mariana. This has never happened before. You’re always focused but not after him.”
“After him.” I chuckled and stepped out of the tub.
Her eyes followed me as I went under the shower to rinse myself.
I felt uncomfortable and shy. Betsy has seen me naked countless times before and I didn’t feel this way. Right now I feel like covering myself from her, something I never thought of before.
I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me once I was done rinsing myself.
“You have red marks all over you..are they hickeys? Did he lick you entirely?”
The image of Novan’s warm lips on my skin made goosebumps rise on my skin.
“Betsy I think you’re prying too much and those marks are nothing.” She’s my best friend but I have a boyfriend now and she has to know her limits as to how far she should talk. I can’t fuck Novan and come talk about it in detail with her.
She just doesn’t have to talk about anything about my intimacy with my boyfriend, it makes me uncomfortable.
“I’m not prying. I was just saying.”
I walked to my closet and got an oversized hoodie and denim shorts. I pulled my hair up after brushing it and walked to my study.
She followed me as well and when I sat she also did the same, taking the seat opposite me.
“Are you mad at me?”
“No. Why will you think that way?” I looked up at her before drawing my laptop out and switching it on.
“Do you know where my phone is? I forgot to pick it along.”
“It’s on the couch. I will get it.” She stood up and left.
I took my planner and went through. I’m paranoid as I saw that there’s actually a lot for me to do and am far behind. The exam I missed was accounting which I will be writing next semester. I really shouldn’t have missed this one.
When Betsy returned, I called my dad then my mum. I received a little scolding and a lot of advice from them and that was it…we are cool.
Betsy stayed over until we completed our exams.
Novan was right. I didn’t see him the entire two weeks of our exams and I have to force myself to act okay and write.
I was also extremely busy because I was writing an exam both online and school but I could spend an hour with him. He doesn’t even call or text me.
I bumped into him in the second week when I was going to my hall for an exam. He pulled me aside and hugged me. He looked stressed and the bugs under his eyes gave it away that he hasn’t been having any proper sleep.
In the midst of hundred students passing by, I wrapped my arms around him then pulling him down to my level, I kissed him.
I missed him so much and now it’s been two weeks already. I didn’t know I could miss someone this much and it only been weeks.
Today is Friday and my parents will be expecting me at home tomorrow or even this evening but how can I leave without seeing Novan?
And why’s he not coming to see me in the first place even if it’s just for some minutes? I know he made it clear that he’d be busy but I didn’t envision this.
“There’s a party tonight at the frat house. Care to join? I’m not missing it.”
“I’d go and see Novan. You know I haven’t seen him in ages and don’t you think you should be resting after the exams? Why do you wanna party? You’d only add more stress.”
“Save your lectures, it might pop my party.”
“Alright.” I checked myself last time in the mirror before picking my bag.
“Have a nice time.”
“You too. Remember to lock my door and don’t drink too much.”
“Okay mummy.”
I stepped outside and got into one of my cars. It’s only 5 pm and if I should see Novan, it’s likely we’d spend more time together. He should just be at home. He also haven’t told me anything about the competition so far.
After fifteen minutes approximately, I parked my car in the lot and raced to take the lift to his room.
When I got to his door and inserted the code which I obviously still remember and stepped inside.
I know I should’ve called him but I didn’t want to miss the surprised look he’d have when he sees me.
This is my second time being here and there haven’t been any changes.
When I got to the bedroom, his clothes were scattered around more than before including his books. He has totally emptied his shelf on the floor and more importantly, he wasn’t around.
I still didn’t call him although am worried as to where he could be after waiting for an hour.
I decided to tidy up the room to pass time. I only used twenty minutes to finish putting his things in place though I intentionally slowed down.
It’s 8 pm and I couldn’t wait anymore. I called him and it went straight to voicemail.
I waited another thirty minutes and called again but it was the same issue.
I sat on the couch beside the window and hugged my knees to my chest. My eyelids got heavy and I found myself dozing.
After battling with myself to keep awake, I gave up and coiled on the couch.
The ringing of my phone jerked me up and I quickly grasp my phone and put it to my ear.
“Novan where are you? I’ve been calling and I’ve been waiting here at your apartment..”
“It’s me Betsy, not your obnoxious boyfriend who left you to suck other faces.” Betsy’s voice slurred.
She’s drunk.
“You should come to the party and stop being boring. Novan won’t come.”
“Why do you say he won’t come?”
“Have you seen the time? It’s 11 pm sweetheart.”
I pulled the phone back from my ear and truthfully, it was 11 pm. I thought I just closed my eyes to sleep.
“Come to the party Mariana. I’ll be waiting and the guys want to see you as well. It’s fun here and you’d love it.” With that, she laughed before hanging up.
Alcohol can make you crazy and stupid. What was the laughter for anyway?
I got up and walked out of the room. I can’t stay in his room all alone when he’s not here. I prefer to join Betsy at the party for the last time.
I got to my car and sped onto the street.
I miss Novan above all. Why’s he not coming to see me for just a few minutes? I might be leaving tomorrow then what?
I found a space to pack my car among the loads outside the frat house.
It’s the last day in college until we resume so I am sure students came in their numbers.
I walked to the entrance which was lined up by students with red cups almost in everyone’s hands.
I let my hair fall in waves with a face cap over my head so it will be difficult for anyone to see me except someone who can recognize me without having to see my face.
A red cup was handed to me as I worked my way inside. I was finding a place to leave the cup when I bumped into someone or the person did. Whichever way, there was bumping.
When I looked up, I saw Edward.
“Hey.” I squeaked and I know he wouldn’t hear because the music was loud.
He stared at me for a moment and smiled. “Is your boyfriend here?” He whispered into my ear.
I don’t expect to see Novan here so I shook my head.
“Can I borrow you from him for just a few minutes?.”
“I can be with you for some minutes but you can’t borrow me from him, not even for a nanosecond.”
“Whoa!” He laughed and took my hand then walked us to a couch.
“Do you want anything?”
“Water will do,” I answered and looked around the hall which was babbling with tons of dancing sweaty drunk bodies.
He got up and head towards the kitchen. Some horny drunk couples settled beside me on the couch and engaged in a sloppy kiss. I cringed and sprang to my feet towards the kitchen.
It’s always the same thing at every party. Drink dance and do immoral things. It’s boring but they keep coming.
I spotted Betsy among Nina and the rest of Novan’s friends and they were giggling and laughing around a table which had cups filled with drinks arranged on it. I think they’re playing beer pong.
I began to walk to them but stopped when my heart skipped as my eyes caught a figure beside the stairs that leads to the upstairs.
I stopped my movements to take in the heartbreaking scene going on live in front of me.
There was my boyfriend caging Aria on the wall and whispering something to her. Their faces were barely an inch from each other. Any slight movement and they’ll be kissing.
This is fucked up. How can he make me stay away from Dylan and be here with Aria?
He’d lose his shit if I should do what he’s doing now or he might not even care.
I couldn’t watch anymore when Aria’s hand came around his waist. I began to walk towards them. I just want to rip Aria away then I could deal with Novan later.
Their standing too close for my liking and I won’t take it.
A hand pulled me back and I looked behind to see Edward. I took the water he brought and gulped all of it.
“Are you alright?”
“Yes, I am.” My eyes moved to the duo and my heart constricted and couldn’t breathe.
He didn’t make her take her hands off like I thought he would.
“Is that not your boyfriend?” Ed whispered into my ear.
My eyes closed for a moment then I opened it back and when they didn’t disappear, I was convinced that this was actually happening. My feet worked on their own towards them.
I cleared my throat and crossed my arms over my chest, staring at them.
Once he saw me, he stepped back from Aria and yanked her hands from him. He looked shocked to see me.
“Is this what kept you from seeing me? Is this how busy you are that you you couldn’t phone me for two weeks? No call, no text nothing while I’ve been trying everything just so I could see you. You didn’t even miss me.” I darted my glossy eyes to Aria before turning around to leave.
I wish I had not come. I would’ve saved myself from seeing this.

{That changed everything ✓
This is what happens when the devil is with you all the time. Why must my girlfriend see me with Aria today at this fucking party?
I haven’t seen Aria in ages although she tries to call me at times. We talked on a few occasions but not always.
I didn’t even come to the party willingly. I arrived from the cabin not long and Nina called that she’s gonna get drunk and that I should be around to pick her. That was the reason why I came and only to meet Aria.
She was taunting me and I was only warning her off. When I sat, she sat beside me also and I had to get up. She followed me anyway and I just grabbed her and pinned her to the wall. We weren’t doing anything…I was only telling her to stay off and she was rather threatening me.
She said I didn’t miss her. How wrong. I wanted to come see her tomorrow at 4am or three. because as it is, I am already tired. Having an exam and competition at the same time wasn’t an easy one for me. I had to learn for both competition and exams.
Many times I thought of coming to her or calling her but I don’t want to distract her. I knew she’d be busy with her exams and the last time I came around, she missed it just because of my foolishness.
I felt bad.
She might not know but I don’t want my relationship with her to impact anything negative on her or her studies.
I thought we could meet up after the exams. I didn’t expect her to see me at this party and in such a position with Aria.
She looked hurt and it pained me even more…and she’s leaving.
I walked to the guys and looked at all of them. They were all drunk except Courtney who was browsing through her phone.
“Your sanity is still intact. Drive Nina home for me and you’re dead if you wreck my car!” I dropped the keys in her palm.
She laughed and I felt like inspecting her mouth if she also had something to drink. That car is my favorite, I pray nothing happens to it.
I looked back and Mariana was already gone.
I rushed after her through the crowds and got outside on time to see her going to her car and with someone following her.
That got to be fucking Edward. Why’s he following my girl?.
“Stay off her!” I pulled him by the collar back, causing Riana to turn.
He wants to use this opportunity to get close to her. Fuck him.
“You don’t tell me what to do.” He shrugged off and adjusted his shirt.
“Follow her and you’re dead!” I glared at him with a raised finger pointing to his face.
“Don’t you see the condition she’s in? I have to drive her home.”
“That is not your problem. She’s my girl so why should you be bothered about her? I’m her boyfriend so I’d take care of her. You should fuck off.”
Mariana did the weirdest thing by taking his hand. I eyed it dangerously. What is she trying to do?
“What is this?” I asked.
“From now on you don’t have the right to tell me who to hang out with and all that. I will see Dylan anytime I like and that includes Ed. You won’t put any restrictions on me you hear?!” She yelled and pulled Edward along with her.
What the hell!
I eyed their joined hands and feel my anger together with jealousy boiling. She knows I don’t like this and yet she’s doing it to spite me.
I rushed forward and separated their joined hands.
“I’m warning you to stay off her before I do something to you.”
“You won’t dare!” She warned.
“Go with him and I’d beat him to death. If he dies it will be on your head! I don’t mind getting jailed!” My threat worked and she let go of him that instant.
She’s too nice. If something should happen to Ed because of her, she’d feel bad and hold herself responsible. I know I shouldn’t use that against her but it was the only way.
I meant it though. I will actually beat his ass thoroughly and vigorously if he dares enter that car with her.
She scowled at me before running to her car.
“You don’t deserve her” The asshole spewed.
“So? He chose me and not you!” I smirked before racing to her before she drives off.
Get jealous
That’s all he likes to do. He doesn’t even allow me to give him a taste of his own medicine.
I wanted to use Ed to spite him but he threatened me and he looked serious with it.
Even if it was a single punch he throws at him I will feel bad. I can’t let him hurt anyone because of me.
I put the key in the ignition and about to drive away,when he opened the door and slide in.
“Get out of my Car Novan!”
“Listen to me first.”
“I don’t want to.” I looked away when he tried to lock eyes with me. I will forget everything if I should look into those eyes.
“So you’ll stay angry and not talk to me again?”
I’m not angry at him. I’m just hurt and I miss him. I can’t stay without talking to him. This is how helpless I am.
“I’m sorry.” He breathed.
“For what exactly?” I turned to look at him.
“Aria and I… it’s not what it looks like. You know I won’t cheat on you with her..”
“You didn’t call or text me all this week. You came to a party when I was at your apartment the entire time waiting for you then I came to the party only to see you with her. How would you have felt.? ” I hate myself for feeling this way. I put my head on the wheel to hide my sad demeanor.
“I’m sorry. I was busy.”
“Busy but you came to a party and you were close to her..after everything.” My voice was brittle.
” A simple call could’ve done it or even a text. Were you even thinking about me?” I sound vulnerable as well. I feel as if I can’t do without him. Like I depend on him.
“I wanted to come tomorrow. Nina called me over and that’s why I came. I didn’t know I’d meet Aria.”
“You came by accident but when you met her the old flame lit up. And your affection for her rekindled. You couldn’t hold back so you wanted to kiss her. If I hadn’t been there you would’ve or you already did.” I shut my eyes at the image of them kissing.
God, it hurts.
“You have to believe me. You know I wouldn’t do anything like that. I love you.” He placed his hand over my thigh.
I raised my head and glanced at him. “Don’t do this to me again!” I muttered before moving out of the lot and hitting the streets.
“I won’t…I promise.”
“Your place or mine,” I asked.
“Depends on where is shorter.”
“Yours,” I muttered and changed direction.
“Did you miss me?” I looked at him then back to the road. I want to know because I missed him a lot.
“Very much.”
“You’re not showing it.” I blushed and bit my lips.
I missed his hands on me.
I feel him smirk. “Let’s get home first.”
My butterflies jubilated and my hormones got the best of me.
“You won’t see Aria again,” I told him.
“Yes, and you also won’t go close to Edward or that Dylan or any boy.”
“I’m the one talking to you so listen and comply.. After what I’ve seen you won’t stop me from seeing those people. If you can see and get close to Aria then why can’t I ?”
“I don’t want Aria.”
“It doesn’t change anything.”
“It does. Those assholes are secretly in love with you. They’ll jump at any opportunity to be closer to you and I won’t have it!”
“Will you seriously have killed Edward?”
“If anyone tries to mess with what is mine, I will. I won’t think twice.”
“You’re a psycho.” I smiled.
“I’m not. I’m just protective.”
“You must promise me that no matter what you won’t hurt anyone for me.”
“It depends.”
“You have to promise me Novan.”
“Please don’t make me do that. I can’t. If they had the balls to mess with you then they must as well have the balls to face me.”
“You’re not going to promise?”
“No ma’am.”
I stayed quiet and turned into his street.
“How’re your auditions? Have you started yet?”
“Yeah. I’m done with the auditions though.”
“Then? What’s next?”
“I have one last round on the 14th of this month. The person who will represent Canberra will be chosen after that. It’s only one person and the rest will drop!”
“If that person is chosen then what?”
“He or she will compete with the other states in Australia and the winner will represent Australia in the finals. That’s how it is.”
“Sound tough. How has it been so far? Was it what you expected?”
“I didn’t expect it but I am not surprised either.”
“When is 14th? Did you mean this month?”
“14th is Sunday and today is Friday Novan. Why did you not tell me?’
“I told you. Now.”
“Where is it going to be held?”
“That’s in Washington, USA and it’s on Sunday?” We’re already in Saturday.
“I’m coming ”
“Won’t you go home? It will be aired. You don’t have to come, you know it’s far”
“We’ve already talked about this. I’m coming. I will talk to my parents so you don’t have to worry.”
“If you say so. Once your presence makes me jittery then you won’t show up again.”
I nodded and parked the car.
“More importantly, I’m glad you’re coming so I won’t have to take the walk of shame alone after I’ve been evicted.”
I threw my head back and burst into a fit of laughter before getting out and slamming the door. I can’t imagine Novan’s face after he has been evicted.
I pray that doesn’t happen.
He walked to meet me then picked me up and placed me on the car. It was cold outside and I can feel it even though I wore a hoodie.
“Do you know the time now?” He came in between my legs and I put my hands around his nape.
“12 am.”
“No.” He showed me the screen of his phone and it was 2 am.
“And do you know the flight hours to Washington? It’s 20 hours.”
“Yes. So ideally, we should leave right now or 4 am tomorrow. Which do you prefer?”
I furrowed my eyebrows in concentration.
My parents expect me tomorrow and I can’t even call them at this time of night. I don’t want what happened in the last two weeks to happen again.
Maybe I should send them a message. It’s not appropriate but it’s better than not saying anything to them.
“Don’t fret over this. I’m okay.”
“I told you that I am coming. Pick your things including passport. I’d book our flights online then we can go back to my apartment for my passport as well.”
“You sure you wanna do this?”
“We’d leave right now.”
“I know.”
“And we’d reach Washington 12 am.”
“That’s good. You’d get more time to get ready and not goof”
“We’d be back on Tuesday.”
“It means you’re ready?”
“I told you.”
“This trip should be fun. Let’s get inside or you’d wait here for me.”
“No way!” I looked around the empty area and jumped on him. He was strong not to let us fall and began to walk into the building.
An hour and a half later, we were at the airport about to get on board. I sent a message to my parents and also to Betsy before we came to my apartment. I parked a few of my things and picked my traveling documents.
“Are you ready?” Novan asked for the umpteenth time.
I intertwined our fingers and smiled brightly at him.
“Verrry.” I’m so excited about this trip with Novan.
The girl is leaving the country this time…
What won’t she do for Novan? Find Out By Hitting Here