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{That changed everything ✓
“Mariana. where. are you?” Mum picked her words calmly but behind that calmness there’s a thin layer of worry filled with sentiments.
“I’m not at home mom,” I replied as I twirled Novan’s hair around my index.
“Yeah I know you’re not at home so where?”
“Don’t act as if you don’t know.” I know there are guards on me so she must be aware of my whereabouts.
“Do you want me asking about my daughter from outside when I can ask her? Is that what you want me to do?”
“Not exactly but why ask something when you already know the answer?”
“I trust you and what you say not what people are saying but if that’s what you want then fine.”
“Let’s talk tomorrow.” I sighed. This topic is going deeper than I thought. I can’t do this on the phone with her and at this hour.
“Was that your cook or whatever’s voice I heard?” Mum asked.
“Yes, goodnight.” I hanged up before she could say more. I felt bad. I should’ve heard her say goodnight to me.
My eyes met Novan’s when I looked down. “It was my mum.”
“I know.” He declared with a thoughtful face.
“Do you have a clock with an alarm?” I changed the topic before he’d ask what we were talking about. Not like I won’t tell him but not now.
“You don’t need it. I will wake you up early tomorrow. When do you want to wake up?”
“5:30 am. Are you sure you can wake me?”
“I don’t sleep deep so I usually wake up before 5 am.”
“So I can count on you?”
“You can.”
“What should I do to you if you don’t do as you said?”
“Anything.” He moved his head from my laps to the pillow then opened his arms.
I went into them and placed my head on his chest and our legs entangled. The beats from his heart soothe me and soon my eyes got heavy while he snores softly.
I was sweating, and something was weighing me down.
When I opened my eyes, it took me a moment before realizing that I was not in my room. My eyes landed on the cause of the weight on me.
He was lying in between my legs with his head on my stomach. How did we end up like this?
He told me that he’s a light sleeper and that he’d wake me but is it not five already?
I picked my phone and it was 7:33 am. My first class starts at 8:30 which means I have less than an hour to get ready.
What do I do with this man? He told me I could do anything yet he didn’t make it a point to call me even at six.
I plucked a strand of my long hair then fold it in two. It was still long so I made it three then put into his ears and stirred it in circles.
He stirred on me before using his hand to brush his ear.
I moved my hand back and shut my eyes when he turned to the other side of my stomach then his eyes opened.
“Oh No!” He said under his breath then sprang up from me in a haste and I foolishly missed his warmth.
After a minute he shook me gently. I opened my eyes and didn’t bother pretending as if it was he who woke me.
“Good morning,” I said and got up.
“Yea. Sorry..”
I got inside the bathroom before he could start giving any apologies. I plan not to say anything to him the whole day since he said I could do anything to him. It’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to it.
I used his spare brush then took a bath. I didn’t wash my hair since I had not the time to dry and style it.
I looked around for a towel when I was done but there wasn’t any in sight which means I will have to tell him to give me one.
“I need a towel!” I shouted in a bossy tone and in a minute or two I heard footsteps and he entered the bathroom. I closed the curtains immediately and brought only my hand out.
When my hands got hold of the fabric I bring it back and dried myself.
The moment I came out, he entered the bathroom and walked to the room and grabbed my used clothes. I don’t feel like wearing them back but I have to. I can’t wear his clothes all the way to my apartment.
I put on my miniskirt and top then wore my white sneakers. My hair was held up but the strands that pulled out were much so I removed the hairband and held it back neatly. When I turned, I caught him staring and he quickly looked away.
He was back in his normal plain shirt and jeans and his hair was a bit messy but he looked good, always.
He grabbed my bag before I could and drooped it on his shoulder.
I took my phone and stepped beside him as we made it out of his apartment.
“Are you mad at me?” He asked once we got outside.
“What makes you think that I am?”
“You’re not talking to me and acting so unusual.”
“I just saw how good of a light sleeper you’re so allow me to recover from it. Seriously, you really are a light sleeper and I should get you some pills like sedatives what do you say?” I cocked an eyebrow, waiting for him to pass a snarky comeback but what he said surprised me.
“It’s true, I don’t sleep as I did. I think it’s because you were here. I slept better.” My heart swelled and I
“And I get to go to school late.” I opened my door and settled behind the wheel.
“So you’d pretend to be mad at me? I know you’re not.” He opened the door and sat beside me, throwing my bag on the backseat.
My poor bag.
“What happened to *you can do anything if I don’t wake you up*?” I glanced at him before igniting the car and driving out of the driveway.

I catch a smile on his face and it grows as he place his hand on my lap. “So this is it.” His fingertips draw circles, warming me.
“I’m driving,” I stated and focused on the road. If he continues, I’m pulling over. I don’t know what it was about him that gets me affected by him in the smallest things he does to me.
“Drive.” He chuckled.
“Jerk!” I whispered, giving him a sideways glance. He knows what he’s doing and he’s enjoying it.
“I missed you calling me that. You know, in high school you used to call me that a lot..all of the time.” He went down memory lane.
“It never departed from you.” I smiled softly.
“I didn’t do anything this time.” His hand moved further into the inside of my thighs and I gasped.
“You’re doing something now.” I breathed and licked my lips.
“Stop playing innocent Novan!” He wants me to admit what he was doing to me, what his touch was doing to me but I won’t.
“Don’t you like what I’m doing?” He whispered in a sexy low tone and the hairs on my skin stood.
“Stop it…for now.” I flushed when the words came out. I can’t believe that I said that.
“So when do we continue? You can skip class.”
That’s Donovan for you.
“Get…get.. them off me.” I glanced at his hand. I flushed, even more, when I realized that I wasn’t wearing anything under the skirt.
What the hell? How did I forget?
“I bet there’s nothing under this.” He lifted the hem of the skirt up and I jerked in my seat and swat his hand away while he laughed.
My whole face was burning more as he laughed.
How did he figure out that I wasn’t wearing anything?
“You dropped my shorts and I saw your undies in your bag so…I knew.” He shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal.
Oh No! Goodness! Holy moly! He saw my goddamn panties and he knows I am not wearing a pant now.
If I weren’t to be driving I would have covered my face or jumped through the window. I squirmed on my seat uncomfortably and avoided his eyes. I kept biting my lips as if the embarrassment will go away when I do that.
” It’s bad to go through a girl’s bag,” I muttered.
“I’m your boyfriend… don’t be shy.” He folds his arm on his chest.
He’s right but I’m not used to all this. It’s only mum and Betsy that I don’t get embarrassed when my pants are open to them. I don’t even allow dad to see them and him?… I don’t know how I’m going to recover from this.
I didn’t say anything but just concentrated on the road.
“I only got a glimpse of it.”
He tried to reduce my embarrassment, to make me feel better.
“I’m not telling a lie.”
Is he a mind reader? Why’s he answering all my thoughts?
“I know you more than you think…I don’t read minds.”
See? He did it again. Am I so open to him? Is everything I think about written on my forehead or somewhere on my body that I don’t know?
“It’s in your face.” He gestured by circling my face in the air with his finger.
I shook my head and stopped the car in front of my apartment, took my bag, and got out.
He followed me of course and sat on my bed while I went to get something to wear.
I got a chain print dress shirt and picked another white sneakers.
“Are you wearing that?”
Novan asked when I came out.
“Why? Is there a problem?” I looked down at the shirt dress I was wearing. It was on my knees and I think it looked great.
“Your legs are exposed and what you wore yesterday too.” He gave me a disapproving look.
I didn’t know he had a problem with what I wore yesterday. He should’ve said it.
“I didn’t know my choice of clothes is provocative”
“You make every dress you wear provocative. I prefer if you wear conservative clothes like long skirts and…”
“It’s okay. I know why you’re saying all that but know that I’m not going to stop wearing them because you said so…well some.”
“Alright but hope you didn’t forget to wear…….you know your panties” He smirked and pointed to my lower body.
He won’t stop teasing me. I turned around and disappeared.
I got back to my closet and took a high waist Jean trouser and a green crop hoodie.
I got the previous one-off and replaced it with the one I just chose then wore my white sneakers. I brushed my hair so that it fell on the side of my face and I got out.
“Now this is what I like.” He beamed and stood up proudly. Proud that I changed my clothes even after blabbing that I won’t.
I rolled my eyes and walked ahead of him with my bag.
“I wish I had not taken a ride with you. Now I don’t have a car.” He grumbled when we got outside. I still have 10 minutes until class starts. I opened the door and got in and he slide in beside me.
“You can take any of my cars,” I suggested.
“Yes I can. The problem is driving it back. I don’t want to be the one to bring it.”
I see. So this is it.
“I can bring it back since my boyfriend is lazy.”
“I’m not lazy. Say that again when we are back in bed.” He snapped with a serious look that the weird feeling that came with his words vanished as quickly as it came.
“I just don’t want us in separate cars when we’re going the same direction.” He added.
“You can take a cap or public transport.” I chuckled.
“How about we take it together.” He smiled and put his hands on my lap.
“Ronnie will give me a ride home after school but that means we’ll only see tomorrow.”
“Yes. If only you’d let us take the ride in public transport to my place so I can drive us back in my car.”
“We can take a cab.” If we part ways now and he goes, there’s no chance that I will be bumping into him on campus and he said he won’t be coming back.
“Seriously? Do you miss me that much.”
“I hate to admit,” I whispered and pulled over in the lot.
“I have some work to do today and I’m sure you didn’t learn anything yesterday so I will see you tomorrow.”
“You work?” I’m amazed.
“Sometimes, after school.” He answered.
“What work?” I can’t picture him doing any work.
“You don’t ask all of it in a day. It’s step by step.” He looked away and opened the door.
I rolled my eyes. “You’re full of suspense.”
“Hop out.” He got down.
I got down and he took my bag from me, a gesture I secretly love.
“What do you study? You still haven’t told me.” I reminded him as we climbed the wide stairs to my class.
“BSc in Home Science. You should know.” He mumbled.
When I glanced at him, he looked uncomfortable and shy.
What is bad about his course? It’s a wonderful course and I admire him for taking it. He took something he’s good at though his features speak otherwise. Who would imagine a tattooed man like him busy playing with utensils and ingredients? I’ve never seen anyone like him do that. I’m so proud of him and he’s shy? Come on, he can’t be serious.
“That’s wonderful Novan…”
“Yes it is.” He chuckled.
“I’m not lying. It’s really cool. Do you take any English classes?”
“Yeah, communication.”
“I also do that but why don’t I see you in class?”
“Because I always sleep through and you’re always at the front with that Dylan. Sometimes I feel like knocking him out of his seat but he’s lucky that I hate public attention.”
“I have it tomorrow. You should sit with me.”
“That will be the back, I can’t take front seats.” He smiled and it took my breath away for a moment.
“Okay but where are your books or bag?”
“My books are with Nina. I hate carrying these.” He pointed to my bag hanging on his shoulder.
I smiled, shaking my head as we walked in the long hall. I felt bad when I saw my class a few feet from us. I miss him already.
He removed the bag and gave it to me when we got to the door. “Later,” I said and about to go but he pulled me back and kissed me.
I didn’t expect it but I am glad he did. He just made my day with that.
“I’ll see you.” He said and I nod, leaving before I’m tempted to follow him back.
Oh Mariana, thought you said you won’t talk to him the rest of the day.
What has he done to me? I tend to fall harder each day that passes. How’s that possible? For hate to turn to love so quickly but did I ever hate him?
Question for the deities.

{That changed everything ✓
“So how did it go? Are you guys cool now?” Betsy and picked a fry into her mouth.
I placed my head on the table and watched her eat. We came for lunch far from campus where we could get homemade food. You know Betsy doesn’t eat anything.
“It’s not like he has a choice anyway.” She went on.
“Yeah we made up,” I said.
“You still haven’t told me what he has been doing to you. You got that natural glow since you started dating him.” She looked up from her food at me.
“We don’t do anything actually. Not what you think we might be doing…”
“I see.” She cuts in.
“What have you been up to anyway? Got any plans?”
“I want an internship. I want to look for some work.” She said and burped.
“What for?” I picked the fry and tossed it into my mouth.
“I always see myself not doing anything if not partying or learning. I want to do something else and working will be perfect. Not for the money but it’s going to prepare me for my task ahead. I need a job where I could be getting credit on my academics.” She explained.
“Wow. I think I also need an internship…” I mused.
” Wait, you?” She laughed.
“What’s wrong?”
“What will you need it for? You’re the heiress to your family empire. You don’t need to go for any internship at some company?”
“Not that. I want to intern at a publishing firm and my family doesn’t own one.”
“Yeah but they have contacts. It’s going to be simple.”
“Yours is going to be simple as well. Tell me where you want to have your internship”
“Anosova company.”
“Are you crazy? It’s in America and we’re in Australia. How’s that going to be possible? You can’t be serious.”
“A new branch has recently been opened and not far from campus.” She revealed.
“I’ll find out then talk to my parents about it.”
“What do you mean talk to your parents?”
“Mr. Anosova and my Dad are partners so it’s going to be easy.”
“Oh wow. I feel like I’ve already been given the job.”
“Yeah you have to. You already have it so you don’t have to be worried anymore.”
“Should I say thank you?” She smiled.
“After you’ve been accepted and started working.”
“Yeah. By the way my brother will be coming on Thursday. To visit. He said he missed you.”
“Oh okay.” I shrugged.
“Is that what you say after hearing that someone you haven’t seen in a while is coming to visit?” She said as she licked the chicken wings.
I raised my head from the table with a bored look.
“I haven’t forgotten his flirtatious ways but I missed him so yeah, I’m seeing him when he comes. I don’t have to jump around and clap my hands just to show how happy and eager I am to see him.” I practically rolled my eyes.
“Forget about the past Quinn. Mike changed. I agree he had a crush on you back then but he has a girlfriend now.”
Good for him. Everything he does back then in Palau irritates me but I hope when I see him tomorrow it won’t be like before.
“You just called me Quinn. It has been a while and I miss it.” My mind began to reel back to the wonderful moment we shared when I was just Pearl and in some poor neighborhood.
“Yea, I didn’t know your actual name then but I do now. After everything. So as I was saying, you should forget about the past and you have a boyfriend now. I really wanted to hook you up with Mike but you were so headstrong and you hated him. ”
“I don’t hate him. You know how I hated boys in the past and I still do some…”
“You disliked Novan too but now you’re head over heels in love with him. Mike can also have that if only he followed us here. You guys would’ve been more close now am sure.”
“So what are you trying to say now? Should I leave Novan and start falling for him because he’s your brother?” I’m getting irritated.
“Don’t get me wrong, I was only assuming.”
“Then stop it.”
“Yes madam.”
“Exams will be in a month. What plans do you have for the vacation?” I asked and sipped a glass of juice.
” Morgan wants us to go to Paris.”
“Wow. That’s awesome. What did you say?”
“I have to talk to my parents first and I plan to do it when we go home. Will you come with us or you have plans?”
“I don’t have any plans. Just the usual, I’ll resume my duties” Just like when I was in high school, every of my vacation is spent at work. This vacation won’t be different.
“You can come with us in case my parents agree.”
“That won’t be bad but..” I trailed off. I can’t be away from Novan and leaving for Paris means being away from him plus I don’t know if he’s going to agree.
“You can talk to Novan.”
“Well..” it’s their time and they need privacy. Novan and I presence might ruin their time and I don’t want that. Besides, I also want some alone time with Novan.
“It’s going to be fun.” She tried to convince me.
” I know but let me tell Novan first.”
“Okay but he won’t deny you, that I’m sure. If I will be going, I really will love for you to join us.”
“Spend the night with me today.” I proposed and gulped the juice. Enough of Paris.
“Let’s make it tomorrow, I’m spending the night at Morgan’s.”
I nod and got up. “We should get going. It’s almost time.”
I really wanted her to spend the night at my place but she has other plans. I wish she didn’t have a boyfriend. I’m jealous.
I guess I will have to call Lenna or Dylan. Any of them will do. I just don’t want to sleep alone today.
If only my boyfriend didn’t say he’s busy today.
“You’re pouting,” Betsy said.
“You should know why.”
“I’m sorry.” She’s not ready to compromise. How cruel.
“Yeah,” I muttered.
The rest of the day went by quickly and soon I was at home doing my assignment and waiting for Dylan and Lenna to arrive.
After doing part of my homework to submit on Friday, I ordered popcorn and pizza.
While I waited, I decided to return mum’s call. Dad also called today and I thought mum told him something but after speaking to him, he didn’t make mention of what I thought mum will tell him.
“Hello mum.”
“Are you home now?” She asked.
“Yes why?”
“I’m busy so I’d call you back. I’m sorry. I need to attend to something. I love you.”
“I wanted to talk to you.”
“Can’t it wait? Mariana, I am really busy.”
“It’s 8 pm mum. What are you still doing at the office?”
“Mariana please. I’m preparing for a meeting. You can talk to your dad and he’d tell me later when I get home. I need to go. Take care.”
She hands up and I groaned. I know my parents are one of a kind and always try to make time for me despite their schedules but it can be annoying sometimes. The day I need them the most they won’t be available. I wanted to tell mum that I will be spending the weekend so they’ll make time for me. I don’t want to meet their back and the earlier I tell them, they will get enough time to adjust their schedules.
My phone began to ring and at the same time, the door opened. I saw only Dylan.
I looked back at my phone and Novan was calling.
“Hey.” I picked the call.
“I missed you. What are you doing now?”
I smiled and bit down on my lips gently.
“Sleepover at my place and I invited..”
“I am here Mariana.” Dylan’s voice cut in and I looked behind him for Lenna.
“What is he doing at your place, Mariana?” Novan asked sternly, bringing my attention back to him.
“Don’t tell me you called him for a sleepover. Why?” He added and I could imagine him pacing around.
“I’ll call you back.”
“Don’t you dare hung up on me for goodness sake Mariana.”
“I said I’d call you back.”
“No. Let’s keep talking and tell him to leave please.”
“I’m hanging up, sorry.”
“Hey don’t! I am..”
I thought he said he’s busy?
I dropped the call and faced Dylan.
“You’re here but where’s Lenna?”
“Sorry, she got a date. I can leave if you’re not comfortable.” His eyes went to my phone.
Novan was still calling and texting at the same time.
“I just came to tell you. I can leave.”
“You don’t have to. I needed someone here and I’m glad you came. The only problem is how we’ll manage to consume all that I ordered.”
“I’m here.” He chuckled and sat on the couch beside me.
{That changed everything ✓
“So what do we do first?” He asked and put my ringing phone down.
Novan is so going to kill me for ignoring him this way. But if I pick the call he’s going to tell me to make Dylan go which I won’t be able to do. Dylan is my friend and I have the right to choose whoever I want to befriend. Novan has no right over me and he can’t dictate for me. I can’t make the dude go just because I have some insecure boyfriend who doesn’t want me around him.
If I should tell Dylan to go now, he’s going to feel bad and next when I call him, he won’t come again. Novan has to know that I don’t see anybody else apart from him. He’s just it for me, I don’t want anybody else.
I passed him the remote. “Select some movie let’s watch on Netflix. I’m not sleeping now. It can be a series.”
“Romantic or horror?” He asked as he began to flip through movies.
“Romantic.” I answered. I can’t deal with horror at night.
“Titanic.” He said.
“That’s an old movie, almost everyone has watched it before. Haven’t you?”
“I have. What of the vow?”
“I will watch it again. It’s a great movie.” I smiled and settled on the couch.
Not long before the movie began, the doorbell rang and I went for it. It was the food I ordered so Dylan helped me bring it in.
I sat cross-legged with popcorn in between my legs as the movie began. Dylan also sat beside me in the same position with eyes focused on the screen.
I almost cried when Paige had the accident. I’ll remember not to ever kiss Novan when we’re in a car. Wait. I think we already did. Next time I’d remember not to.
“You’re focused like you haven’t watched it before.” I looked at him after ten minutes into the movie.
“Should I say it’s my favorite even though I’ve watched it over and over again and can recite all the lines and every time I watch, it feels like I haven’t watched it before?” He smiled.
“I see. Did you have a girlfriend who lost her memory?” That was silly but I need to know if this cute guy ever had a girlfriend.
“Not really but I like that Leo tried to make her fall in love with him all over again and though he signed a divorce they still ended up together.”
“It’s sad to have someone love you then the next day, that person doesn’t remember you or any of what you shared together,” I whispered softly.
I’m getting emotional and this is one of the reasons I don’t like the vow. It reminds me so much of my own past. Though it’s not the same it’s more like it.
“It didn’t take Leo much time to get her back but then it was worth it.”
“Still, those times they spent apart could’ve been used to build more quality memories. They could have done a lot or even have a baby. They could do so much more. Then, as you were faraway without your memory, that’s when you get the feeling of missing someone but you don’t get to tell who exactly but you know deep within you miss someone…”
“Wait, are we still talking about the movie?” He turned to me then put his popcorn down.
I didn’t know I drifted from what we were talking about and now I’m being sentimental.
“Oops sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just thinking..”
“About what? Did your boyfriend forget about you?” He threw my question back at me.
I chuckled.
“Let’s say I was the one.”
“You mean you had a boyfriend then just like Paige in this movie you lost your memory and forgot about him entirely?” He queried inquisitively.
“No. You’re thinking too much.” I laughed.
“I never had a boyfriend then, so it’s not what you’re thinking.”
“You’ve suffered a memory loss before and you have a boyfriend now?” His voice was low.
I nod and looked down at my laps.
“What happened? Was it an accident?”
Talking about all this is like reliving on all those bad memories and it’s bringing tears to my eyes. I really shouldn’t have accepted to watch this movie.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to..”
“No it’s okay. Everything is in the past and I’m fine now. So it was a plane crash you know, I was little and I got lost and separated from my family. We got back together not very long ago. I was already getting to my final year in high school.” I explained briefly, not giving the details but the relevant ones.
“Oh. That explains your absence for ten years. I didn’t know that was the case… I’m sorry.” His voice was filled with concern and he took my hand.
I looked up at him and my eyes met his gorgeous blues. His hand then moved to my face and caught a tear that was about to fall.
“We shouldn’t have watched this movie, I’m sorry I…”
I hugged him before he could finish and he was taken aback by the gesture.
“You said you have a boyfriend.” He muttered.
“Yeah, I have a boyfriend.”
I felt his body tense for a second then he tried to pull away.
I held him back and tentatively, his hands came around me.
I stayed in his arms and though it wasn’t like Novan’s, it comforted me. I wish it was Novan in his place. Why did he have to say he’s busy?
I have money and he really doesn’t have to work while in school. I could provide him anything. He only has to ask.
Why am I thinking of him when I was almost crying just now for different reasons. Now I just feel like it’s his absence that’s making me sad.
His hands moved at my back and I nuzzled into him, holding him tight, all Novan’s rule forgotten.
“What the fucking hell?!” Novan’s voice thundered, separating Dylan and me instantly.
I jumped up, feeling guilty when I looked at him.
He glanced at me swiftly and bounced on Dylan almost too quickly.
“Did I not tell you to stay the fuck away from her? How many times do you want me to say it?!” He grabbed him by the collar and threw a punch directly to his face.
What the heck! He’s mistaking everything.
“Novan stop it!” I grabbed his shirt.
I’m spooked. I haven’t seen him so violent before and seeing him this way is shaking me up.
“Let go of me!.” He glared before facing Dylan who already earned a split lip.
“You sure don’t miss a chance to get close to my girl, Dylan. I warned you!” He pushed him into the couch and came on top, giving him punch after punch.
I’m horrified and I just stared in shock.
“Stop it Novan, you’ll kill him!” I screamed and grabbed his shirt again, pulling him from Dylan.
“Allow me to. The asshole touched you! He hugged you and God knows what else he did to you or what you did together. Fuck Mariana! What is wrong with you?!”
“We didn’t do anything. Now let him go!”
“Don’t tell me I am blind. I saw how he was holding you…and you were okay.”
His grip might’ve loosened a bit because Dylan pushed him away and got up.
I felt bad for him. Novan just hit him for nothing.
“You guys are dating?” Dylan asked, wiping his bloody lips.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know!” Novan jammed, his chest rising and falling rapidly. A hand on his waist and the other buried in his hair and his feet tapped noisily on the floor
He looked angry, mad, upset, and something else I couldn’t decipher. Something like that look one gets when you lose something.
“Leave from here!” He added, looking at Dylan intently with pure rage.
I walked to Dylan but Novan pulled me back.
“Have some shame!” He yelled.
“Let me go!” I yelled back at him. Who does he think he is?
“Dylan didn’t know I was dating you so don’t say he’s pretending and what you saw was nothing…”
“Did the real thing end before I came?” He cuts in.
I glared at him. “I’m trying to say we only hugged. Nothing more.” I tried to walk back to Dylan but he stopped me yet again.
“I said go!” He barked.
Dylan stared at me as if to confirm what Novan is saying from me.
“This isn’t your apartment, Donovan. I will only leave if she tells me to.” Dylan retaliated, returning Novan’s furious look.
Hearing that, Novan walked back and forth, digging his nails Into his palm angrily. He was trying to control his boiling anger.
“Tell him to Leave Mariana.”
“Why should I ?” I crossed my arms on my chest.
“Seriously? ” He stared at me unbelievably and swiped his tongue over his dry lips.
“Ask me that again and I will go out there right now and sleep with any lady I lay my hands on, Aria inclusive!”
I gasped.
My eyes widened and a pang of jealousy hit my chest just imagining him with Aria or any other girl.
“And I mean it!” He added.
I nod and mouthed ‘tomorrow’ to Dylan. “I’m sorry Dylan. We’ll talk.”
“Will you be okay?”
“She said leave! I’m her boyfriend so I can take care of her. You don’t need to be worried about her!”
“Novan!” I scolded.
“I’m sorry Dylan…you should leave.” I mumbled.
“Okay.” He muttered and threw a stare at Novan before walking away.
Novan matched after him like an angry soldier then closed the door and leaned against it.
He eyed me from that distance before walking towards me. I felt trapped. He looked intimidating and I don’t know how to be around him when he’s like this.
He walked to me and I moved back.
His expression softens. “Are you afraid of me?”
His voice was cool as well.
I shook my head sideways.
“Your eyes speak otherwise.” He muttered and moved closer to me again.
I found myself going back again.
“Don’t go, come here.” He drawled and I walked back to him.
His hand moved to my face and he tucked my fallen strands of hair behind my hair. “I was mad, I didn’t mean to hit him that way but you shouldn’t be scared of me. I will never raise my hand to you okay?.”
I nodded. Thank God he’s calm.
“All that said..” he moved away from me and his angry features arrived.
Where did he keep his anger? I thought he forgot about everything and has forgiven me.
“You cheated on me Mariana! How could you? Do you know how many times I called and texted but you didn’t pick and neither did you return any of my texts? What was the meaning of that?!”
“Shut up! You even hung the call on me. You fucking ended the line when I was talking to you just so you can talk to him?!” He growled.
“I’m sorry..”
“You always say that and yet you keep behaving like a little spoiled brat all the time!”
“I’m not a brat!” I shouted and I could feel my own anger seeping inside me.
“Oh yes, you are! Who hangs up with her boyfriend just to have time with another boy? Who does that? Will you be happy if I were the one to do what you did to me today? Be honest with yourself Riana. You always keep doing this and I’m getting tired of it despite that I love you.”
His words hit me, hard.
I realized that I’d go mad if he was to be the one to hang up then I heard Aria’s voice in the background.
I will break up with him immediately and won’t speak to him for weeks.
“Did you seriously plan to make him sleepover? In the same bed as you? Gosh! What kind of a girlfriend are you?! I only said I was busy today and immediately you replaced me with someone that I dislike! You’re unbelievable!”
What is he saying? I can’t take it.
“Novan I’m sorry but you need not say all this. Betsy was busy and I called Dylan and Lenna over. Lenna went on a date so it was just Dylan that came. I didn’t plan to have a sleepover with him alone.”
“Why didn’t you send him away then? You like him so you made him stay is that not it?”
I shut my eyes and took a deep breath.
“You’re getting everything wrong Novan. Yes I like Dylan and I allowed him to stay because he’s a friend and nothing more. I didn’t replace you with him. How can I ?” I walked closer to him.
“Don’t come near me!” He warned and I stopped in my tracks. He turned away and hooked his hand in his thick dark brown hair.
He turned back to me and was looking hurt.
I regretted all of what I did.
“He touched you…and..you were hugging in very close proximity. You cut me off as if I was a nuisance just to be with him. Not like I haven’t told you enough that I don’t like seeing him around you but it seems you enjoy torturing me and hurting me therefore you kept going close to him. Do you know how it was like for me to see you cuddling so fondly in his arms and he was holding you? You guys were romancing, literally.” His voice was filled with emotions, indicating how hurt he was.
His hands covered his face and he leaned against my bedroom door.
I was speechless. I know that I hurt him and I was wrong. How do I always manage to hurt him all the time? When did the tables turn?
“So tell me how you’d feel if I was the one who did what you did to me.” His gaze went to the screen which was still showing the vow.
“I’m sorry Novan.”
“No. I don’t need you to be sympathetic. Tell me how you’d feel or I will defy all rules and start entertaining Aria. I will see her frequently and make her spend the night with me. Trust me, I will keep you informed and if there’s some you need to see then I’d personally get you a front-row seat…”
“You won’t do any of that Novan. I didn’t know my action would hurt you this much.”
“How did you not know? I thought I was the only one that did not think before doing anything to you.” He asked quietly and I am glad he isn’t shouting again.
“I won’t go that close to him again.”I said.
“Is not about you going close to him. You enjoy it and it’s driving me nuts.” He looked at me, expecting me to deny what he said.
But I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have a problem hugging him so I liked it, maybe.
“You enjoy it? Is that what your silence means? So I’m right?” He moved away from the door.
“It was more of a brotherly hug and two friends hugging. Nothing more, nothing less. You’re being jealous for no reason at all. It’s not like I love him. The way I care about him is not the same as I do you..”
“I am not jealous.” He lied and rolled his eyes.
I almost smiled at how cute that was but stopped myself when his stern look returned on me.
“So couldn’t you have watched another movie than that?” He pointed to the screen.
“He suggested Romance and horror so I opted for a romantic movie,” I answered.
“That bastard! I should’ve beat him to a pulp when I had the chance. No worries, I can still go and find him now.” He fisted his hands behind him and made for the door.
“Where are you going Novan?”
“I’m going to find him and beat his ass again!”
“What? For what? Haven’t you done enough already?”
“Enough?” He chuckled.
“The dick didn’t leave you with a choice and you’re too naive to notice.”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you get it? If it’s a romantic movie, both of you will get caught in the moment and God knows what he’d be doing to you and if it’s horror, you’d get scared and look for cover in his arms. In the end, both choices will land you in his arms in one way or the other.” He rumbled.
Oh! This is rather amusing. I’m sure Dylan didn’t have any of that in mind but my jealous boyfriend can’t stop thinking beyond what he saw.
“You’re too jealous, Novan.” I smiled.
“I’m not. It’s just as it is. You just don’t know your limits. Maybe I should really hug Aria for you to see and if you ever loved me as you say, then you will know how it feels like. It is only then you’d know.”
“Did you also know how I feel anytime I see you with her?”
“Don’t start that shit with me! This is about me seeing you with someone while we’re officially dating. When I was with Aria you weren’t there and I didn’t know you liked me. But I stopped seeing her since this thing between us started. Stop spewing bullshit to buy my sympathy when this is about me!”
{That changed everything ✓
“Don’t start that shit with me! This is about me seeing you with someone while we’re officially dating. When I was with Aria you weren’t there and I didn’t know you liked me. But I stopped seeing her since this thing between us started. Stop spewing bullshit to buy my sympathy when this is about me!” He yelled, throwing his arms in the air.
My eyes watered.
“You’re yelling at me.”
“What should I do? Sing you a romantic lullaby or sing your praises for keeping a man in your house when you have a boyfriend? Tell me should I applaud you and give you a smiley face as if I am okay?!” He scoffed.
“Oh Novan, don’t you think you’re taking this too far? I said I am sorry.”
“Sorry? You’ve never watched a movie with me before but you chose a romantic movie to watch with that Dylan. Not even any other movie but romance!” He snorted.
“We could watch some now.” I breathed. I don’t know what to do anymore.
“Some what?” He scowled at me.
“A romantic movie.”
He rolled his eyes once more.”Who said I want to be here and with you? I don’t have the time.”
“Where will you be if not with me.” I asked.
“I’m going to see Dylan.”
Why’s he so determined to beat him again?
“You won’t go anywhere, Novan. Dylan didn’t do anything. I was the one who called him over and I was the one who also hugged him. He even wanted to go but I made him stay. This is the truth Novan, Dylan is innocent.”
“Of course, he’s your boy so why won’t you defend him?”
“I’m not defending him. I just don’t want him to get hurt because of me. Please, just forget. I promise this won’t happen again.” I walked to him again and this time he didn’t stop me.
That’s a good sign.
“Did he kiss you?” He reached for me aggressively and my chest crushed into his.
This action was more of a turn on and I pleaded within for him to kiss me and stop being jealous.
“I said did he kiss you too?” He swiped his thumb on my lips and gulped.
I shook my head. “We didn’t kiss and never will.”
He nodded and our eyes locked.
“You won’t kiss me again if he had kissed me?” I wanted to know what will happen if I should kiss Dylan one day.
His jaws clenched for a moment. “I don’t want to think about it but if it happens, then you won’t see me again, not this close but only from a distance.”
My heart skipped. I can’t imagine myself without him.
“You’d.. break up with me?” I asked shakingly.
” Yea.” He answered boldly with sincerity.
He cupped my face. ” I mean it. Please don’t ever kiss anyone except me.” He lowered his head down on mine.
My throats went dry and I just nod, waiting for his heavenly lips to meet mine perhaps.
I moaned when I felt his lips on mine and quickly opened up and deepened the kiss.
I welcomed his familiar minty flavor and savored it. I circled my arms around him as his hand moved into my hair.
His lips teased my lower lip and sucked on it.
My tongue connects with the metal on his tongue and it drove me insane. I just want to put my legs around his waist and feel that thing that always pokes me from beneath.
I got on my toes and moved my hips to meet his groin.
He groaned but didn’t stop kissing me. He groped me on the waist through the light fabric called nightie and I moaned. He pulled back to catch our breaths and I pulled him into me again after some seconds.
It’s like I can’t get enough of him, my body feels like it’s on fire and I can’t control myself.
The kiss slowed as he tried to break it. I protested by kissing him harder but he ended it anyway.
I looked at him in confusion and he stepped back.
“I need to go.” He muttered and walked to the door. Not waiting for me to say anything.
“Why?” I followed him.
“You can’t leave just like this.” I added.
“Why can’t I ?”
He opened the door and stepped out, banging the door and the next thing I heard was his car driving out.
I stepped out into the cold night air and watched him drive away.
If he knew he’d be leaving then why did he kiss me then left, left me hanging without saying anything to me?
Right now what I’m feeling is inexplicable but it hurts.
Why must it always hurt?
Is this how people in love feel anytime there’s some kind of misunderstanding?
I love Novan so why can’t he see it? Why must he make a huge fuss out of nothing?
Fine. I know I shouldn’t have allowed Dylan to stay but my intentions were pure. It was by chance he saw us hugging and that was it. I didn’t do more.
I know I would’ve also gotten jealous if I happened to see him in the position Dylan and I was but that will only be because I know that he had something to do with Aria in the past.
I’ve seen him with Aria on so many occasions messing around and if I were to see him now with her I’d lose it but that’s just it.
I never had any past with Dylan nor with any other guy apart from Morgan whom I kissed or kissed me. But for him, I can’t even begin to think of the number of things he must’ve done with Aria and other girls in the past.
And I seriously don’t want to know about it. It’s in the past so it should stay that way. I’m in his present and therefore I can’t see him with any other girl except me.
Why must he be so jealous that he’s trying to possess me even? This isn’t good. I was only hugging him and nothing else. Can’t I hug any guy again just because I am dating?
But, to avoid all this, I will try not to get close to any guy again. I will shake their hands instead and not give a hug but I can’t promise to stay away from Dylan.
He’s my friend and Novan is only my boyfriend, he can’t tell me what to do.
I just hope he doesn’t go and hurt him again.
I turned around, got in, and locked the door.
When I got to the living room, I saw how messed up it was by the popcorn and I offed the TV.
I will just live it for tomorrow which is Thursday and also means that Mike will be coming too.
I put my phone on charge and proceeded to my bedroom.
After so many tossing and replaying of what happened earlier, my eyes succumbed to sleep and it carried me away to somewhere just I and Novan exist. Somewhere we don’t fight and everything is just pure bliss.
I woke up earlier than usual and cleaned the mess in the living room then disposed of the leftovers. We couldn’t even take the pizza I ordered.
For the first after Amandla left, I went to the kitchen and made breakfast for myself.
I got to school my normal time but didn’t see Dylan waiting at the door like he always does most of the time.
Since the professor wasn’t in yet, I decided to call Dylan.
After a few calls and he didn’t pick, I stopped and brought my notes out to go through before class begin.
Two minutes before class starts, Dylan walked in with a face cap covering almost his entire face.
I was glad I reserved a seat so when he came and looked around he only saw the one I left for him.
We had french but Lenna is taking Spanish so she wasn’t here with us.
I didn’t move my eyes from him when he came to sit and he also tried to avoid my gaze but I wasn’t having it.
“Hey,” I whispered and he looked up from his face cap at me and a gasp escaped my lips.
I saw dark circles around his eyes and his split lip was a bit swollen.
All thanks to my boyfriend and I.
“Dylan I’m sorry..”
“Not now Mariana.” He said and the teacher walked in.
I nodded and faced front.
Exams start next three weeks and I will be dropping french. Gosh, I don’t enjoy it at all but I need to keep an impressive GPA.
After the class I had three more and it was over for today. When this week ends, there won’t be any more classes and I’m glad. I just have to do all my assignments today and submit tomorrow and that will be it.
I’m already prepared for the exams so I’m not panicking. I can’t believe the first semester is almost gone and we’re soon going to celebrate the Christmas holidays.
“Dylan,” I called when he was already up from his seat and leaving already.
“Why were you leaving without me?” I asked and slung my bag on my shoulder.
“No.” He simply said.
“I said I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“I don’t have anything against you and him neither…I mean your boyfriend.”
“But I didn’t know you guys have started dating. When did all this happen?”
“Tomorrow will be a week.”
“Wow. And you’re okay? Do you love him”
“I do.” I nod.
“I see.. but why?” He breathed.
“What do you mean?”
“I didn’t know you have a thing for guys like him. I mean you two are so different. You’re so innocent and he looks like..like.. a devil. ”
Huh?. I gaped at him.
“Sorry…I didn’t mean to say..”
“But you said it and it’s okay. It’s true Novan and I are different in a way… physically in an actual sense but we’re bonded by love. And as time passes by, I’m starting to realize that we aren’t really different like people think.”
“Alright. Just be careful. He’s crazy. You saw how he came on me last night right?” He chuckled.
“I did.” I smiled and we began to walk out.
“Yeah. I’m still surprised that you went for someone like him though..when I am here.” He said and I stopped walking.
“What are you saying?”
“Was just trying to joke. Don’t take it seriously.” He smiled and I nodded.
I almost believed what Novan said about him with just that statement he made.
“So he said you should stay away from me?”
“Not exactly. He said I shouldn’t come close to you.” I replied.
“It’s the same thing. So you’re going to do as he says?”
I kept mute. I didn’t know what to say to him. When I tell him that I won’t get really close to him and that there’ll be no touching, he’d feel bad.
“He’s jealous,” I said instead.
“So? Are you going to do what he said just because of that? Come on Mariana, this is the 21st century and you’re independent. Don’t allow him to tell you what to do. You’re not even an ordinary girl. He should even be glad you’re looking at him. I for one knows that, no girl like you will date him..”
“Okay?” I snapped at him. I’m not comfortable with how he’s talking.
“I’m sorry but this is just the truth. Don’t let any man draw out rules for you. You own yourself, he doesn’t. Make him understand this else he’d keep beating any guy that just stands beside you and he’s going to land his ass in deep shit! I gotta go.” He said and took a branch towards the library.
I don’t want to think about what Dylan is telling me now.
What does he mean? Why’s he trying to degrade my boyfriend?
Novan is not lucky to have me. I believe we deserve each other in the same sense we’re happy to have each other.
I’m just going to talk to Novan not to hit anyone again because guys being around me is like death, It’s inevitable. I have an empire to run and I will be associating with every gender. He must learn to live with it.
I’m just glad Novan didn’t go back to hit him because if he did, then I would’ve seen it on him.
As I was taking the stairs down, someone removed my bag from my shoulder and I knew it was him.
I looked at my side and he took my hand.
“How are you?” He whispered.
“Not fine”
“You left me yesterday and I missed you.” I looked at him.
“Sorry girlfriend.” He smiled and my heart skipped at how handsome he gets every day and especially when he smiles at him. I always lose my breath.
“Hey Quinn! Mike is in.” Betsy hollered before getting into her car with the short-haired girl I always see in Novan’s circle of friends.
She waves me before getting inside the car with a smile.
“Who is Mike?” Novan asked and took my car key from me.
“Betsy’s brother..”
He nodded without saying a word.
“Have you forgiven me?” I asked when I got in beside him.
“I wouldn’t be here.”
“How many names do you have?” He asked and pulled out of the parking lot.
“It’s just Mariana.”
“Betsy just said, Quinn.”
“That’s how she used to call me when we were in Palau.”
“Oh.” He said and his pink lips remained in that ‘O’ shape.
“But there’s a lot of names we can get from your name like Ari, Aria, Arian, Ariana, Maria, Ria, Marian, and my very Riana.”
“Wow, that’s a lot.” I exclaimed.
“Yeah, did you count it?”
“Nope, you were fast.”
“I didn’t add the Mariana itself. When I add it then it’s nine.” He said and got into the street.
“Look for one and add it to make ten.” He said.
“I will give a try.” I smiled.
“Ana,” I said after a while and he beamed.
“That made it ten. Do you have more?” He asked and I shook my head.
“That’s it then.” He brushed my cheeks with the back of his hand and gave me another heartwarming smile.
“Seems like you got a guest.” He said and parked the car.
There was an unfamiliar car in my driveway and I wonder who it could be.
Novan and I got out and since my door was already opened we entered.
My eyes met the back of a tall boy once we entered and he seemed to be engrossed in what he was doing on his phone so he didn’t notice until I cleared my throat.
He turned and I was surprised to see a handsome man who looked so much like Betsy’s dad. He wore a dress shirt, trousers and shoes. The once slim lanky guy I knew is now well built and looking matured with manly features. His hair was clean-cut and he looked formal and decent even.
His own eyes widened in surprise when he saw me and he smiled, revealing his incredible diastema. He looked handsome than I imagined and I couldn’t believe this was the same boy who was trying to hit on me back in Palau. He looked exquisite.
“Mike,” I said when I found my voice after he had blown me away with his unexpected new look.
“Marian!” He exclaimed.
I began to run into his open arms forgetting that he once flirted with me and I hated him for it. But then, I remembered what happened yesterday and behaved myself.
I stopped in my tracks and offered him a handshake instead.
He looked at my hand and behind me before bringing his arms back to his side.
“I’m Donovan, her boyfriend.” Novan walked to my side and stretched his hand to Mike with a fake smile.
Was that even necessary? Novan is just too much.
“Hey Mike, you’re here!”
Looks like we got another visitor.
I turned around and saw my mom walking in elegantly.
What is mum doing here today too? She didn’t tell me she was coming. And Novan is here too.
I guess I’d just have to do the honorable thing today.
I can’t keep up with my lies anymore. She needs to know whatever is there for her to know.
“Hi mum. It seems you’ve found a new habit.” I took her handbag.
She pulled my cheek playfully and kissed me on the other.
“What habit is that?” She asked and wrapped her arms around me.
“Showing up without telling me ahead.”
“It’s just to surprise you. I missed my baby.” She kissed me again on my lips.
I pushed my lips up in a pout before wriggling from her embrace.
“Hey Mike! Your parents informed us that you’ve come to stay in Australia and I’m glad I met you here.” Mum began to chat with Mike and I pulled Novan along with me to the living room.
“Should I go?” He asked, looking uncomfortable.
“Why would you?” I made him sit beside me.
“You got some visitors and I hate to be around guests.”
“My mum is not a guest,” I whispered when mum and Mike began to walk towards the living room.
“Still. I’m not used to it.” He looked down uneasily.
I took his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. He returned it slightly and stared into my eyes.
“Can you get us something to drink?” Mum asked, startling Novan and me.
I got up to get them the drink.
“Not you. The other one.” She pointed to Novan.
“Why would he do that?” I asked.
“Did you not say that he’s your new cook?”
Last week’s guilt hit me again.
“He’s not,” I said and walked to the kitchen.
After getting the drink and placing it on a tray, I turned to see Novan standing at the door.
“What are you up to?” He asked quietly.
“What do you mean? Come with me.” I said and walked out.
“Here’s the juice for you mum and Mike.” I gave it to them and went to stand by Novan.
“What did you mean by he’s not the cook? Then who is he?” She asked coolly, looking up at me and sipping her juice.
I took Novan’s hand in mine and intertwined it. My heart was beating and I don’t know why. I looked up and met Novan’s gaze. When I opened my mouth to speak it was dry.
I hate how I’m feeling. This is not how I imagined it.
I could feel mum’s eyes on us as well as Mike’s.
“He’s my boyfriend.” I breathed, not breaking eye contact with the love of my life.
“Your what!” Mum shrieked and the glass fell from her hands, wetting my carpet.
“My boyfriend. I told you I fell in love and you asked who the lucky guy was. Well he’s the lucky one. I love him.” Novan’s hand tightened around mine and mum looked like she have seen a ghost.
Mike just sat there drinking his juice and looking unamused.
“You..your boyfriend?” She stuttered and got up, sizing Novan and me up and down with her eyes and hand.
“Why do you look surprised? Do you have a problem?” I asked.
“As in?” She scoffed, clearly displeased.
“Me having a boyfriend. Do you have a problem with it? Don’t you want me to date?” I asked quietly.
“I don’t have a problem if you date but I have a problem with the person you chose. For goodness sake how can you date someone like him?!” She screamed.
I gasped.
“What is wrong with him, mother?” I tried to remove my hand from Novan’s but he held it tighter.
“Mike can you excuse us for now? You can come see her later today or tomorrow. I’m sorry” Mum said and Mike nodded in my direction before leaving.
“Can you leave too? I need to talk to my daughter. I don’t know what it is but she thinks she’s in love with you. A delusion.”
What the hell!
“He’s not going anywhere mum!” I equally yelled.
“Babe we need to talk. You’re so innocent and you don’t know anything about ‘this things’. We need to talk, seriously.” Mum said calmly.
“What do you want us to talk about? You can do it now.”
“He has to go.”
“Not happening. If you can’t talk to me while he’s around then forget about talking to me.” I jabbed angrily.
Why’s mum doing this now?
She sighed and bit her upper lip with a worried look.
“Look mum, I love him. He also feels the same way. We love each other and I just wanted to introduce my boyfriend to you today that’s all. I don’t understand all this fuss when you’ve always wanted me to get a boyfriend.”
“Yes I wanted you to get a boyfriend but not..not this..filth..this punk with all that on him. It’s disgusting.” She closed her eyes to emphasize her point.
Mum is disgusted with my boyfriend? How come? When did she migrate from sweet to being a judgemental bitch!
“You will watch your tongue mum or I might as well do that for you! You must know that you can’t talk about my boyfriend in that manner, it’s disrespectful. What is even wrong with you?”
She chuckled.
“Please can you leave us? Except you want to keep hearing all this. I really need to talk to her.”
“What the fuck is there to talk about? She said she fucking loves me so fucking accept it and let us be. Why are you tryna complicate shit for us?!” Novan spoke for the first time but he sounded rude.
Mum gaped wide-mouthed.
“You’re cussing at me? And so shamelessly? Who is this you said you’re in love with Mariana? I can’t believe you. I trust you enough for you to make this mistake.”
“Will you stop it mum! You’re irritating me.” I whined.
“So Amandla was right. He’s the reason why you fired her?”
“Yes. She can’t seem to mind her motherfucking business so I showed her her place.” I answered her truthfully but I can’t believe I just cursed.
“Jesus! What have you done to my daughter? My daughter never uses swear words and it’s evident that you’re a bad influence on her. You’re polluting my daughter..”
“No one is polluting me mum.” I defended him.
“The evidence is all over him. He’s only capable of corrupting you. You’ve never lied to me before but for him, you did. You lied to me about Amandla and you getting a cook not knowing you’ve been keeping some hooligan in your house telling me you got a cook. When I came the other time too you introduced him to me as a cook then you told me that he wasn’t the same boy who used to pester you in highschool. Since when did you start all this and I never noticed Mariana? Is it from highschool? How long have you been lying to us?”
“Tomorrow will be a week. We just started dating mum. I wasn’t sure at first that’s why I didn’t tell you. I thought it was all a dream but it’s all true. I fell in love.” My voice calmed again, hoping she’d just give in and stop saying negatives things about my boyfriend.
Do you know him?” She asked.
“Since high school.”
“You see what I am talking about? I don’t mean the type of ‘know’ that you think. I mean do you know him? His family, who he is and all?”
I admit I don’t know much about Novan but does it matter?
“We’re still getting to know each other. It’s just a matter of time. You just don’t get up and know someone, it’s a gradual process.” Novan answered her and this time without swearing.
I’m grateful.
“Whatever. I don’t want you for my daughter. My daughter doesn’t look good with you. You should see yourself in the mirror, you look like hell.” She snarled.
I’m surprised by all this. What is wrong with my sweet mum? She just changed overnight. What is this side that I am seeing?
“This is not right mum. How will you feel if someone speaks badly about your Pablo?” I raised my eyebrows at her.
She seemed taken aback a little.
“My Pablo is not like him. He’s way better and decent. Don’t compare your father to this..this thing..”
“Enough mother! You’re clearly crossing your limit and I won’t have it! Another bad word from your mouth against my boyfriend and I’d kick you out!” I threatened venomously.
I can’t believe I said that to my mum.
{That changed everything ✓
“Enough mother! You’re clearly crossing your limit and I won’t have it! Another bad word from your mouth against my boyfriend and I’d kick you out!” I threatened venomously.
I can’t believe I said that to my mum.
Pain flashed through her eyes and she slumped into the couch sluggishly.
I clamped my hands to my lips.
“Mum.” I walked to her. “Mum I am sorry…”
“Don’t apologize honey. Please just let him go. I want to talk to you.”
I nodded and turned to Novan.
“Novan I …”
“I understand. You should talk to your mum.” He cupped my face and swiped his thumb on my cheeks.
“I love you.” He pulled me into his chest and I wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face into his warm chest.
“Call me when she’s gone.” He whispered and kissed my cheeks.
“Okay.” I stepped back and he walked away without looking at my mum.
“I really love him mum. Please.” I looked at her ruefully.
“Come here.” She said and I went to sit beside her.
“Tell me everything Mariana. Tell me all that you’ve been hiding from me.” She placed her arms on my shoulders.
“There is nothing to say except that I fell in love with him without knowing. Mum I’ve always loved him since high school and I just found out recently but he has always loved me from the beginning. I’m sorry for lying to you but that was only because we do argue a lot and I was having doubt but it’s all settled now. He’s crazy and so am I but we love each other regardless. Please don’t be mad and say those things to him. ”
“Okay. It’s okay, calm down.” She pulled me into her bossom.
“What is it that you like about him so much?”
“Everything. Do you want me to tell you?” I got my head off her chest.
She nodded.
“Okay so? He’s super crazy, crazy for me actually. He looks more handsome when he smiles..his smile alone is enough to set my day right and it makes me come alive. He makes me happy, mom. He’s sweet and caring and even cooks for me sometimes. He can be rude and annoying a lot but I love him still because I am not perfect and I don’t expect him to be. I know you don’t seem to like him because of his numerous tattoos and piercings but that’s just his outlook. His appearance seems to be harsh and inappropriate but he’s a good person…”
“Okay that’s enough. You’re so much into him and I can see that. Can you pinpoint one reason why you think you love him so much?” She stared into my face.
“I don’t have a reason mum. I just love him. With him, all the wrongs seem right. I love him with all his flaws and imperfections…”
She’s just cutting me off.
“Alright. Are you sure he loves you as much as you think you do?” She brushed her hand on my hair.
“I know he does.” I bit my lips and looked at her. “Did you not see it?”
She shook her head. “I only saw how infatuated both of you are with each other. You really think you love him but I don’t think the same. Listen, I’ve encountered boys like him before and I know what they can do. They go after innocent girls like you and ruin them under the pretense of love then after they’ve ruined and gotten what they want, they discard the girl for another. He’s gothic with dark intentions trust me.”
“You’re beginning to be judgemental again mum. Novan is not gothic, it’s just the way he is.” My anger is beginning to boil once more but I tried to neutralize my tone.
“He’s a bad influence sweetheart. Did you see how you talked to me for the first time? And did you see how he cussed me out without thinking twice? He’s changing you dear, not for good but bad. You were never like this.” She groaned.
“What is wrong with me mum? What has changed? I’m still your daughter and I haven’t done anything wrong. I just got a boyfriend and you can’t just stop being a smellfungus that’s all.” I shifted myself away from her.
“I’m not being judgemental Mari. I’m just concerned about you. He’s not good for you but you’re too blinded to see that. What makes you think he’d love someone like you? He just wants something..”
“Okay mum. That’s enough. I told you to stop badmouthing him. He’s not what you think so stop all this. I love him and that’s final. Nothing you say or do is gonna change my mind.” I stood my ground.
“So you won’t listen to me then?” She asked calmly again. I hate that I am fuming and she’s just calm.
“I will if you stop criticizing him for no reason.”
“So you like his harsh look; the horrible tattoos all over him and the holes he’s created on his face. You like all of it? He doesn’t even dress properly if not jeans and some black T-shirts. Let me take a guess, he drinks and smoke then top it off with messing with girls all the time. Is that who you think you love?”
“No. I don’t.” I tried not to reflect on her poor opinion about Novan. Hearing her say all that is actually disgusting and I will never fall in love with a description like that she gave. I know I wouldn’t have fallen in love with Novan if I had not known him not to be like what she just described. She’s right about his physical looks but it’s lame of mum to assume that Novan is something like that.
“I didn’t fall in love with what you just described mum. I don’t love anyone like that.”
“But you said you love him and that’s how he is”
“You’re mistaken. That’s not my Novan you described. Novan is nothing as such. I think you should stop being judgemental and invest that time to know him and you’d love him for who he is and gradually you’d accept all his flaws. Seriously, mum, I don’t have any problems with him or his tattoos and piercings, I find them rather attractive. I find them that way. He doesn’t need to be in a certain way before I like him. I won’t want him to change for me either. I like him the way he is and for who he is. He doesn’t need to be what you want a boy to be before I like him and I think that’s what true love actually means. I don’t find any fault in him mum and don’t tell me I am blinded by him to notice because I’m not. He’s good and I know you’d like him too if you take the time to know him. Other than that, you can keep your opinions because I’m not going to use them if you voice it.”
“You’re so strong-headed but that’s how it is. This is what happens when you’re influenced and manipulated. How deep are you into this that you can’t know from right to wrong?”
“So what’s your ideal boyfriend? I wouldl like to hear your opinion.” I asked and leaned back into the couch.
“Someone like Mike or even Dylan. There’s even this guy I’ve been meaning to introduce to you. What’s the name.. Uhm… Ed. Yes, Edward. His father is a very good friend of ours and he’s also taking over his family business just like you. Both of you will make a nice couple. You should see him. He’s so nice, handsome, and decent. He’s going to be a good support for you in the business world.. just think about all this and do some assessment, Mariana. You’d see the difference and it’s then you’ll realize that I’m right after all. Just look at your dad and me for example. Don’t we look good together? Your dad has no tattoos or piercings but he’s handsome, caring and loving. He’s the sweetest thing ever and he loves me. Think about it honey.”
Oh. Is she talking about the same Ed I saw at the club and the same guy I catch staring at me each time there’s I go to a business function and see’s him.
“You’ve stated your preferences mum and I won’t criticize it but don’t expect me to adjust myself to it. I have my own preferences as well and it’s not the same as yours. And don’t try to make any decisions for me because I am matured enough to make one. The fact that you like your man in a certain way doesn’t mean I also want mine that way. Allow me to choose who I want to be with and don’t interfere. Take note mum because once I’m done we won’t talk further on this. I love him and to me, that’s all that matters and nothing else. Forget about changing my mind because you won’t succeed. And if you love me enough as your daughter you’d accept who I chose to love and respect my decision. I know you wouldn’t be happy if someone tells you to stay away from Dad or try to separate you just like you said grandma Floren…”
“It’s okay Mariana. I don’t want you to bring the past into this. I’ve heard you and I understand but I’m just scared that you might be making a mistake. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you should be out with because you two are far polar opposite and it’s odd seeing you both together. Trust me, it doesn’t look nice at all. And if you think I am lying, you should try walking with him in town and you’d see the kind of look people are going to throw at you. Seriously.” She rubbed her temple.
“Their opinions don’t count and I don’t care how they choose to look at us. That’s not what I’m seeing.”
“Okay. If you say so.” She sighed.
“Does that mean you’re going to allow me to date him? Are you in favor of it?”
“You didn’t leave me with a choice.”
“Thanks mum.” I tried to hug her.
“Don’t be so happy Mariana. My opinion about him still holds, it hasn’t changed. Because I love you, I will just cope and try to tolerate him but that doesn’t mean I like him. I’m doing this for you and nothing else.”
“Okay.” I know with time she’s going to accept him but for now, I am glad she’s not forbidding me to see him.
“Promise me you’d be careful and don’t dare hide anything from me ever again Mariana. You know I love you and it hurts to know that you kept certain things from me.”
“I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” I pukered my lips and she smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes.
“You wanted to tell me something yesterday and that’s the reason why I even came. So tell me.” She reminded me.
“I wanted to come home for the weekend to see all of you and also to tell you about him. I know if I don’t tell you ahead I will be meeting your absence.”
“Oh. Your dad is not even around at the moment. He took an early flight to America and I haven’t heard anything about him yet but I don’t think he went for business.” Her demeanor changed to seriousness.
“Why? Don’t tell me you’re suspecting that he’s going to hook up with some other lady.” I teased.
“Oh no!” She laughed.
“You know about Dave Anosova right?”
“Yeah Betsy even wants an internship at one of his banks which she said is a new branch here. What about him?”
“He’s in some kind of trouble and I’m thinking that’s why your dad left. I’ve been calling but he isn’t picking now.”
“What kind of trouble? And what’s his relationship with Dad apart from business?”
“They’ve been friends for a while now before the partnership and he’s like a younger brother to your dad.”
“Oh okay. Now tell me the kind of trouble he got Into. He doesn’t look like the kind.”
“You should listen to the news Mariana. Don’t expect me to tell you when you have a big TV in your apartment. Make use of it.” She rolled her eyes and I laughed.
“Okay but is it serious? Betsy wanted an internship.”
“Kind of. Betsy will get the internship. I’m sure it will be over before you start a new semester. When are you starting your exams? I can’t wait to have you home.”
“Just next month and I will be home.”
“Wow. I can’t wait. I think we should go on vacation. What do you think? Just you and me.”
“I’d love to,” I said happily but tensed up when I realized that it means I will be away from Novan.
“What!” My eyes widened.”you don’t mean it!”
“I mean it.”
“Oh my God!”
“So it’s Santorini then.” She finalized and I nod but the idea of leaving Novan didn’t make me happy like I am supposed to.
I’ve heard a lot about Santorini and I’ve always dreamed of going there. Mum sure knows how to make me happy.
“So don’t you want anything? You don’t even ask anything at all.” She pouted, raising her perfectly sculpted eyebrows slightly.
“I haven’t emptied the money in my accounts because you keep dropping it in without my permission. Then again, I have dad’s credit card and you still provide my clothing and everything I will need. You left me nothing to spend my money on so it can finish for me to ask another. Even Grandpa is taking care of the kids. I don’t spend a dime of my money on them anymore”
“You can ask for a new car every week or move out every month. You can ask to be taken on a fun trip to tour around the world. You can go to Paris or Dubai to shop. You can do all that but you don’t. I really think you should move out of here.” She looked around and scrunched her nose.
“There’s nothing wrong being here. I like it.”
“It is. You’ve been here almost four months now. It’s good to have a change of environment.” This isn’t the first time she’s saying this. She said it like a thousand times now.
“Have it your way then ” I shrugged.
“Good. You won’t come back here next semester.” She beamed and went on.
It’s like she doesn’t know what to use her money for.
“And you’re going to get a lot of servants. I don’t want you doing any chores. I just want you to live the best of life and in comfort and luxury.” She opened her arms wide.
“How’s everyone back at home?”
“Good. I haven’t been with them lately but Marion told me everything is fine. Your grandpa is also there.. so.”
“Okay. I just came back from school, let me freshen up.”
“Alright. I’ll wait here.”
“Will you be spending the night?” I pray she says no.
“No. I will just take you out for dinner then will leave from there to the airport. I have some work to attend to, so some other time.”
I smiled and disappeared into my bedroom then the bathroom.
After bathing, I decided to go with a peach-colored dress and a black stiletto heels. I pulled my hair up in a tight pony and applied makeup. I put my necklaces and bracelets on then stepped out.
“You look beautiful.”
“Thanks Mom.” I smiled and she took my hand. I made sure I picked my phone and tugged it into my purse before we left.
I entered her brand new sleek Lamborghini and she drove us to a five-star Italian restaurant.
I enjoyed all the attention we got when we stepped into the restaurant. The camera’s from nowhere flashed on us and I did my best to smile not for the camera but because I was happy spending time with my mum despite our little argument earlier. It still baffles me that I have wealthy parents after living ten years of my life in poverty and struggle.
Once we entered, I needed no one to tell me that this place was actually established for just the rich. All the men who were in there were dressed in expensive suits and tuxedos while the ladies looked classic and exquisite in their designer wear.
If I had not come with mum, then I would’ve felt out of place and uncomfortable.
We ate while we chatted and bickered about random things.
The food was nice but there’s no hell of a way I will be coming here alone to eat if not with mum or dad or Morgan. I don’t know if Novan will like to be here though.
Thinking of Novan, I brought my phone out and checked if he called but I just saw a message of him asking if I was alright. I wanted to reply to him but mum was looking at me from her plate secretly and it made me uncomfortable so I put the phone back in my purse and concentrated on the meal.
After the meal mum dropped me back home and left for the airport after we said our goodbyes and a long speech for me to be careful with Novan.
The moment I got into my apartment I pulled my phone out to call Novan.
“Hey you’re back. I promised to sleep over today so I am here.”
Betsy said from the living room and I wanted to tell her that I don’t need her today. I want my boyfriend here not her. When I needed her she wasn’t around and it landed my ass in trouble.
“Where did you leave your boyfriend?” I asked and took my shoes off.
“I saw a picture of you and your mum in this same outfit on Instagram and it’s going viral on social media. Come have a look.”
“I will change first.” I walked into the bedroom and into my walk-in closet then got a new set of nightwear. I wrapped my hair up and got out after wiping my make-up off.
“We went out for dinner,” I said and sat beside her.
“I can see that. Your mum is really beautiful.” She said as she flicked through her gallery filled with pictures of my mum she downloaded online and the ones they took together.
“I’m more beautiful.” I pout.
“In your own way.” She chuckled.
“Were you able to talk to her about my intended internship?” She asked, putting her phone down.
“I did but may I know why you’re bent on working in his company?”
“He’s hot, charming and young”
“Seriously? Is that all?”
“It is just some of the reasons.”
“I think he has a girlfriend so if you plan on seducing him it won’t work.”
She laughed, throwing her head back.
“I heard he’s in some kind of trouble. I should check the news.” I picked the remote and switched the TV to a news channel.
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