Married to the Prince Episode 19 , 20 & 21

episode 19
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

Kushi looked around her in helplessness. She was so scared now. She run back towards the temple. There were thousands of people in the temple, including the royal family. The town's priest was the one sharing the sweets this time because didn't meditate in the mountains that day. 
Most people didn't know that the royal family would arrive and also give offerings in public. They were so happy. It was just the Queens and king that went there. The king was held in a palanquin and carried on the shoulders of six strong guards. While the queens were rid on horses. They arrived at the temple and people couldn't stop starring at them. People were already in the temple. And Kushi arrived there with speed. She looked into the numerous people and couldn't find Bhavna. She ran through the people and got into the temple without even ringing the bell. The royal family entered the temple. The queens put their hands together.
Queen Dorah eyed the priest who sat,giving sweets to people and he also eyed her back. Bhavna got to the priest and took her sweet. She turned to leave and saw the Queens. The Queen mother had put her hands together, and closed her eyes in prayers, in front of the big statue of lord Hanuman. Kushi arrived there in sweat and worry.

'' Kushi... you,you came here alone? ''.
'' Two men caught Rishi aunt! ''.
'' Two men? ''. Bhavna's heart skipped a beat. '' Where?! ''.
'' They looked like foreigners aunt. They caught Rishi, and put her in a car! ''.
'' Mr Raul! ''. Bhavna said as her chest moved up and down in anger.
(She and Kushi quickly left the palace, and the Queens arrived there immediately, they took their sweets from the priest and ate it).

(Royal Palace=Princess Lakshmi's chamber).

Princess Lakshmi was 21. She was beautiful and graced,she took after her mother's good heart. Even though she had never seen her brother Majid before, she couldn't wait for his arrival. She only saw his pictures from Mr Raul, who often came and go. 
She was actually lived by everyone, but of course, except her mother's enemies. She was of age and could be called by the king any time to arrange a marriage between she and a Prince. But that day had not come yet. She really didn't look like she was in a hurry to get married because, she knew deep in her heart that,the guy she was in love with, was very low behind the royal standards.
The man she was in live with,was not of a royalty, but a servant. They lived each other with all their hearts and hid their relationship from the public eye. They only saw each other in secret, and no one knew about this. It was time for Princess Lakshmi's precious breakfast. Her maiden,Charu knocked on her door and she let her in. Charu entered and she was looking sick. Her body was marked with finger nails,like she was beaten up. Princess Lakshmi was worried, because not only was Charu her hand !maiden,but she was also her friend.
The only friend she trusted in the palace. And even Charu's walking had changed.

'' This is your breakfast tour highness ''. Charu said and settled the table and breakfast. '' I shall take my leave now '' 
'' No! Wait Charu ''.
(Charu stood at the door).
'' Do you need anything else my princess? ''.
'' Yes. Come and sit besides me ''. Princess Lakshmi sat on her bed.
(Charu went to sit besides her and shrugged her shoulders).
'' What is wrong with you Charu? I have not been seeing you we'll lately. What is going on with you? ''.
'' princess. But,what makes you think that way? ''.
'' Because I know you very well Charu. This is not how you are. When you entered, I was lost in thoughts, if it was to be at first, you would ask me what I was thinking about. And even smiled. But for the past two day,you have changed,I have being meaning to ask you why you are acting that way,but I haven't got the,now,you tell me,what is wrong with you? ''.
'' Oh my princess, I swear that nothing is wrong ''. (Charu then remembers).

(Three Days Ago=Prince Faruk's chamber).

He rolled over from Charu and got to his feet. He started dressing up and Charu layed on his bed with blood all over and in tears. Charu sat up on the bed and couldn't get in her feet. Prince Faruk starred at her with scorn and held her hands,then pushed her to the floor near the door and threw the stained bedsheets at her.

'' Now,get out of my room. It I evening time,so no one would see you. But if you dare open tour big mouth to tell anyone at all about this,then I will kill your entire family ''.
'' (Weeps hard). Please my Prince, I swear I won't talk about this ''.
'' Good. Because even if you report, no one is going to believe you,is that clear? ''.
'' Y..yes my Prince ''.
'' Now get up,am dome with are nothing but a filthy maid! ''.
(Charu got up painfully and got out of the chamber).

(Present Day=Princess Lakshmi's chamber).

'' Charu,are you sure that everything I okay with you? '' 
'' Yes my princess ''. Charu gets up. '' I think it's because am exhausted ''.
'' Hm,okay. Please Charity,when you go out there,call the guard,Ranveer for me ''.
'' Yes my princess ''.
(Charu leaves and Princess Lakshmi starts eating).

(In the royal Kitchen).

The maidens were busily cooking afternoon meals for the Royal family. Every maid had separated themselves from each other according to their royal master or mistress. Savitri was looking very old now,and she had a daughter. Because of her supposed loyalty, Queen Dorah convinced the king to allow her daughter work in the palace with her.
Savitri was very greatful for this gesture of Queen Dorah did for her. But she wanted something more that that. Her daughter was young and beautiful. And Savitri's dream was to get her daughter Roshni married to Prince Faruk. Savitri thought that,after many years of serving Queen Dorah, the least Queen Dorah could do was to give her sin,Prince Faruk married to her daughter Roshni. Even though Savitri had not too Queen Dorah anything about her plans to get Roshni closer to Prince Faruk, she wanted her daughter to enjoy the fruit of her labour. Savitri and Avni were busily cooking Queen Dorah's food and Roshni entered in her maiden clothes to help them.

'' You are not a kitchen maiden Roshni, you are a cleaner, go and do that ''.
'' Oh aunt. I am already done with my work for the day,so I decided to come here to help you ''.
'' Roshni is right Avni ''. Savitri said and served Prince Faruk's breakfast on a table server and handed it ti Roshni. '' Take this ''.
'' For who? ''.
'' For who else,your Prince. Go and serve Prince Faruk, hurry up! ''.
'' Okay mother ''. Roshni said and left.
'' Wow Savitri. You are really doing all you can aren't you? ''.
'' Well yea Avni. I can't let small opportunities slip away ''.
'' What makes you think, Queen Dorah will welcome a common maid's daughter as her daughter in-law? ''.
'' Queen Dorah had always applauded me for so many years,about how loyal I am...why won't she do such a favor for me Avni? ''.
'' Because we are maids. Common servant Savitri! ''.
'' Well,Sheena was once a maid,until now...she's a Queen and can order us around ''.
'' She became a Queen because of Queen mother and Queen Meerah... but we are talking about Queen Dorah, Savitri. She might be applauding and praising us all this years,but only because we follow her orders and do her dirty work for her over all the years,that's why ''.
'' Oh she will accept my conditions now Avni, I will make sure that she gets my daughter married to her son ''.
'' How would you do that? ''.
'' We shall see Avni. Just wait,watch how I put Queen Dorah into a tight corner until she accepts to give my daughter to Prince Faruk as a wife. I won't stop,until Roshni becomes a princess. That will also give me an honourable position in the royal family, I won't stop,and that is why,I have asked Roshni to do all she can to seduce Prince Faruk and make him fall in love with her ''.
'' Okay then. Let us see what happens ''.

(In the kingdom=Mr Raul's Mansion).

Mr Meho stop in front of the mansion and this day,he was not drunk. He was absolutely clear and was patiently waiting for his reward. One man came out of the mansion and handed a hundred gold coins in a sack to him. His eye were so red at the sight of money. He laughed and turned to leave.

'' Hey old man! ''. 
'' Yes? ''.
'' No one should know that she is here,is that clear? ''.
'' Yes boss....
'' You can go ''.
(Mr Meho quickly leaves and the man entered the mansion. In the mansion, Rishi was unconscious, lying in one of the modern sofas and Mr Raul's son,Rishab starred at her with a smile. He was holding a phone as his father was the modern man. He sat on a wooden chair in front of an unconscious Rishi. He switched his phone to camera mode and started taking pictures of Rishi).

'' Boss,will your father be happy about this sleeping pictures, don't you think she should wake up before taking those picture? ''.
'' Did you not hear what her father said about her? He said he's crazy! How will she allow me take pictures of her,just shut up and let me do my job! ''. Rishab said in annoyance.
(Rishi mumbled and opened her eyes,she quickly got to her feet in shock with almost ten men surrounding her)....

episode 20
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Mr Raul's Mansion).

Rishi stood tall starring at this men. And she was confused, her head was seriously aching and she didn't know where she was. She was completely confused about all this. She looked through a window close to them and the place was empty and quiet. She aid never seen all the modern stuff around before. She was mesmerized and she couldn't stop rolling her eyes around the hall. She thought she had arrived in heaven because she had never seen glasses and other modern stuff before.

'' Who are you people? ''.
'' H..oh hello there Rishi ''.
'' You know my name? Where am I now? ''.
'' Urrrmmm my name is Rishab. I am urrrmmm, I saw how a good girl you are in kingdom, and I..I just wanted to give you some money? ''.
(Rishi started walking around, still in surprise. She didn't believe Rishab, she suspected something and she stood beside the hand of one chair).
'' I don't believe you,why would you give me money? You don't even know who I am. I don't really remember what happened, but how did I get here? ''.
'' We..we......

Rishi quickly took a small wooden statue besides her and raised it at the eight men standing in front of her. She started walking slowly towards them while they walked backwards in confusion.

'' Don't come close to me,I don't even remember, talking to any of you here...let me go now! ''.
'' Rishi, please calm down...we mean no harm. We just want to help you! ''. Rishab shouted and took a small sack of 50 gold coins from one of the men. '' Look,I will give this to you now. And you won't feel hungry anymore, just come over here anytime you are hungry and you will be immediately sorted out ''.
'' What?! ''. Rishi is unbelieved. '' You will feed me,for free? ''.
'' For free! Come on,just pur the statue down, and take the money ''.
(Rishi was having some doubts but she slowly dropped the statue on the floor,six of the men quickly went closer to her and grabbed her arms and she tried resisting, she then heard her mother shouting her na!e from outside).
'' Oh shit! Hold her still boys ''. Rishab said and as he quickly took snaps of Rishi's pictures in her angry mode. She shouted for her mother's name.

(Outside the Mansion).

'' Oh my goodness! Kushi, did you hear that? That was Rishi's voice. Rishi!!! (Begins to cry). Please answer me my child. Right! ''.
'' Aunt,let us Gert inside the house now! Rishi might be in trouble! ''.
'' Wait a minutes. (She looked around the large compound and she looked over the fields were flocks and horses were and there were some sticks in the fields. Bhavna jumped over the fence and took two of the sticks from the fields and jumped over to the compound and gave one of the sticks to Kushi). Let us go now,and fight as hard as you can if the need arises. Kushi, don't back down ''.
'' Okay ''.

(In the mansion).

'' Who are you,why are you doing this, what have I done?! If you do not let me go now,I won't spare you at all Rishab or whatever you call yourself! ''.
(Rishab just kept on taking pictures, while holding the gold coins in the sack. Bhavna and Kushi quickly entered, and without asking any questions, they started using their woman power. What a man can do,a woman can do even better and they proved it. Bhavna got to Rishab and with all her strength, she hit him behind the neck and he fell with his head,hitting very hard on their wooden hall table. Kushi got to the men holding Rishi and started beating them up mercilessly. Rishi freed herself and as almost all the end were down,Bhavna who was scared already shouted to the girls for them to run away. Rishi got to Rishab and stepped very hard on his balls and quickly took the gold coins from his hand and his of in her dress pocket then run after her mother and Kushi, away from the mansion on the horse).

(At the temple).

The worship was over and people were going back to their various homes. Queen mother and Queen Sheena asked the king to take the lead to the palace because they wanted to pray further. Queen Dorah decided to go to the palace with the king on her own motive.
When the king and his guards got outside the temple, Queen Dorah looked around her and no one was starring at them.

'' Your highness ''.
'' Yes Queen Dorah, is there anything you may need? ''.
'' Yes. Please, can you take the lead to the palace please? I just remembered that,I had to pray further for the entire royal family. Especially pur dear Majid who is coming home soon,so I have to pray for his safe arrival soon ''.
'' Wow,Queen Dorah, you really take care of the family very much. Okay my dear,you can go ahead...we shall meet in the palace soon ''.
'' Of course your highness ''.
(The king entered his palanquin and six guards carried it onto their shoulders and took him away).
'' Have a safe journey home tour highness... You will no longer be safe and happy this way,because very soon...your source of happiness, will join the love of your life in the ghost world ''.

Queen Dorah looked around and passed behind the temple where the high priest was waiting for her secretly. She quickly got closer to him,there was no one around to notice them.

'' Your highness... how are you doing? ''.
'' I will only be happy when Faruk becomes the king of Ujani. That is what I have promised my father ''.
'' And it will come to pass my Queen. But we can't do anything yet when Prince Majid has not arrived ''.
'' We have four days more ti his arrival. I can't wait to see his dead body,but for now,how do I take care of Queen mother and Queen Sheena? ''.
'' Your highness, you know that the army of Ujani is very loyal to the whole royal family. But you must get more of the soldiers to be on your side ''.
'' How?.......

(Inside the temple=Behind lord Hanuman's statue).

'' So,that is what lord Hanuman said through me? ''.
'' Yes priest ''. Queen mother said. '' I am wondering how and which time will lord Krishna's statue fall. That statue is an ancient statue, created by our great grandfathers, it is a huge and heavy statue, so how will a woman be able to stop it from falling? I don't understand the revelation at all ''.
'' The lord works in mysterious ways your highness. Just be alert. And be watching that statue, if that is what is supposed to happened for you to know who will be the Prince's wife,then it will happened ''.
'' So then,how do I tell Shaker about this? He already sent a reply to King Siamak of his acceptance of a marriage between his daughter Ragah and Majid. They had agreed for Ragah to become the first wife. How do I tell him this now? ''.
'' Let everything happened in its due cause your highness. Princess Ragah might be the king's first choice, but lord Hanuman also have another choice. We do what the lord says before obeying any human being ''.
'' We have prepared everything for the celebration, and we have dropped the garlic into Majid's room,it's time to drop it into Queen Dorah's food,what is she uses her black magic to find out that,there is garlic in her food? ''. Queen Sheena asked.

(Behind the temple).

'' This two senseless Queens, have no idea..that my Faruk is also a devil himself. Faruk said that,he was going to take care of his brother's demise himself ''.
'' And should we trust him with such a big responsibility,your Highness? ''.
'' Don't you dare underestimate my sin priest! Don't ever ''.
'' Sorry your Highness,I was just asking ''.
'' Hmmm...any son ha prepared everything already. And me,am going to do what I can to prevent those queens from saving Majid. I won't allow them ''.
'' But,what about the necklace that's protecting Prince Majid? ''.
'' Yes,about that necklace. It is very powerful, and that is why my father has gone deep into the mountain to search for the source of power surrounding it,and we can destroy it. The necklace was made by an old priest, many year ago..and my father is a black magician... he has the solution to that,I will have a conversation with him tonight ''.

(Royal Palace=Prince Faruk's chamber).

He was so content with special trap he had prepared for his little brother and couldn't wait till the time he returned. He heard a knock on the door while he was checking into his royal attire on what to wear at the welcoming party. He stopped and went to open the door and it was Roshni, holding his breakfast on a table server. She dropped her face down,as he was so cute for her to look at.
He smiled at the corner of his lips and let her in. He left the door opened and she served his breakfast besides his bed and turned to him while he still stood at the opened door.

'' My Prince, please... do you need anything else? ''.
'' Mmmm..I think I need a massage, can you do that for me? ''.
'' Yes yes yes my Prince... Sorry. Yes my Prince, I will gladly do tat for you ''.
(Prince Faruk closed the door and took off his garment, leaving his shorts an he sat on his bed and took his breakfast besides him. Roshni stood there wondering were she could stand to massage him).
'' You are free to climb my bed. What was your name again? ''.
'' Roshni my Prince ''. She said and climbed the bed and started massaging his shoulders seductively whiles he ate....

(In the kingdom=Meho's house).

Bhavna and Rishi got to the compound on the horse, they had dropped Kushi at her parents home. Rishi got down and Bhavna followed. Rishi had her face somewhere else as Bhavna who had gotten so emotional, hugged her daughter tightly and asked her to forgive her for being mad at her.
Rishi was surprised but very happy that her mother had forgiven her. She hugged her back tightly).

'' I thought I was going to loose you! ''. Bhavna said and took off the necklace and put it back on Rishi ''. I will never take it away from you again. It is going to protect you from any evil ''.
'' Mother, how did you know I was there? ''.
'' I..I urrrmmm.. I was just walking around. I was restless Rishi, all that matters is that,you are okay ''.
'' Yes mother (she hugs her mother tightly). I love you mother ''.
(When they hugged, Bhavna's tights hit Rishi's pocket and the gold coins made a sound).
''What is that? ''.
'' Mother.. It is....
'' Let !e see that Rishi ''.
(Rishi removed the sack and gave it to Bhavna, and she was astonished).
'' Rishi?! ''.
'' I took it from the guys who caught me mother, it was only fair..right? ''.
(Bhavna looked at her daughter silently, and they both break into into laughter).
'' Yes my love, it was only fair,let's get inside the room ''.
(They both got into the room,and Meho's back was facing them. He was sitting on the bare floor,seriously counting the gold coins he earned after helping Mr Raul's men to kidnap Rishi).
'' Wow,Rishi is so expensive.. Hahaha...I will sell her a thousand times if only it will get me such gold coins ''. He said while laughing and kissing his gold coins.
(Bhavna and Rishi were out of the world).
'' Father?! ''. Rishi shouted in hurt.
(Meho quickly got to his feet and with wider opened eyes,he looked at his wife and daughter).
'' You were the one who helped those people kidnap our daughter?! ''.
(Bhavna raised her hand and gave Meho a dirty slap he will never forget)....

(Royal Palace=At the dungeon).

The prison guards had gone to take their breakfast and quickly returned to the dungeon to continue their duties. Two of them realised the dungeon was opened widely. They quickly entered the dungeon with shock, one of the lion's cages were opened and one of the devouring lions was missing from its cage....
Queen Meerah( Mother Of Prince Majid)

episode 21
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

The rest of the lions were roaring at the sound of human presence. The guards were thrown aback and didn't know what to do. They walked out of the dungeon together. The roar of the lions were so loud that it sounded all over the palace, it was like they had being starve for ages,and looking for meat to devour. The guards took swords and arrows,looking around the little houses besides the dungeon to check whether they will fund the lion,but didn't.

'' Oh goodness. What do we do now? Who must have done this? ''.
'' Well,why are you asking me? We ha e to report this to the king as soon as possible ''.
'' Yes yes...let's go now ''.
(They both quickly left).

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

Roshni was busily massaging Prince Faruk's shoulders and he was enjoying every bit of it. She slowly lowered her head to his shoulders side and he turned to look into her eyes. His horses couldn't wait any longer. She was too beautiful. He felt her breath on his skin and he lived it. His feelings were heightened. He was so high now and quickly turned and held her neck.
His inner beast had arise. He wanted to devour her. He pushed her into the bed and she laughed seductively. She licked her lips like a hungry hyena. Just then,all his plans trembled into chaos when Queen Dorah batched into his room without knocking.

'' Faruk!!! ''. She was shocked her own son was in bed with a common servant.
'' What mother?! ''.
(Roshni quickly jumped out of the bed and shivered like a chicken who was being slaughtered. Queen Dorah raised her hand up high and wiped Roshni's face with a painful slap which left her palm prints on her face).
'' I am so sorry your highness... Please forgive me ''. Roshni cried.
'' I am going to spare you because you are Savitri's daughter. But I swear,that if I ever see you with my eyes,I will forget about my position ''.
'' Y...yes your highness ''.
'' Now...get out! You tramp,get out! ''.
(Roshni rushed out of the chamber and Faruk who was half naked got to his feet and stretched himself in anger,he walked closer to his mother with a threatening look).
'' Do I have to break your head and open your brain for you to know how to knock before entering my chamber mother? ''.
(Queen Dorah didn't hesitate for a second and raised her hand and slapped Faruk so hard that,his eye turned red at once. He was alarmed and he gave his mother a threatening look).
'' Mother! ''. She shouted in anger.
'' Shut up! Do you even have any idea what is going on in the palace? I am busily thing of your future, but what are you busily doing? You fool,you told me to relax,and that you were going take care of everything, and is that what you are taking care of? ''.
'' Mother....
'' Why not learn how to control that thing hanging in between your legs?! ''. Queen Dorah angrily threw a blow to Prince Faruk's balls and he shouted in pain. '' Learn to control that! ''.
'' What the hell is wrong with you? ''.
'' You have no idea what is even going on... You don't know what your father is even planning in his head,instead of you to get closer to him so he won't live you are busily having sex all around, and you ate leaving everything to me...don't you want ti become the king anymore? ''
'' Where are you driving at?! What have I done now? ''
'' The king of Jhansi,king Siamak has only one daughter. Princess Ragah, meaning, if King Siamak dies,only his daughter's husband may have the opportunity to become king ''.
'' How is that my business?! ''.
'' Your father,has set an alliance between Princess Ragah and Majid. So tell me,do you even know what that means? ''.
(Prince Faruk is completely shocked, but suddenly, they hear noises from outside and they are all very confused. Prince Faruk puts on his garments and quickly got out with his mother. One of the maids were running towards the court room and Queen Dorah calks her fast).
'' Hey,what is going on? ''.
'' Your highness, one of the lions in the dungeon is missing, and the king has summoned everyone to the court room ''.
'' Hmmm,okay. You may leave ''.
(The maid went away and Queen Dorah raised her head to look at Faruk who was already looking restless).
'' Faruk? ''. She held her waist. '' What is it? ''.
'' If I dare tell her everything now,she's going to overreact. It is not the action that matters, but the result of the action do matters most,and I will have to wait until she sees the results of my boom plan. But Shiv is so stupid. How can he leave such a huge evidence for them so soon,I will deal with him ''. He thought.
'' Faruk!!! ''.
'' Mother ''. He came back to his senses.
'' Let us go to the court house now! ''.

(United Kingdom=Mr Raul's Mansion).

Mr Raul opened his fridge and took out a box of milk and placed it on a table besides his fridge. His doctor had warned him to take Vee good care of his health because he was suffering from lung cancer because of his excessive smoking. So on order for him not to g any health attack,his doctor advised him to take milk to keep him calm.
He went closer to his favourite sofa and slowly sat in with his milk and his phone. Suddenly, the phone belled,as a signal of a message. And he heard a knock on the door. He put his phone away and went to opened the door,then Prince Majid,Cindy and their friends entered with their bags and a few provisions. They had only four days to go,and they arrived at Mr Raul's mansion to have their last days of enjoyment in London before leaving. Mr Raul closed the door and asked them to go and keep their bags upstairs and they moved there. It was left with Majid and Mr Raul, they both sat down,and this time,Majid had a necklace on.
Mr Raul's phone belled again and he took it and checked through it. His son Rishab had sent him the pictures of Rishi that he requested. He wasn't happy with the pictures because Rishi's face was covered by her long dark hair. He frowned and whimpered.

'' What is it uncle? ''.
'' My son is so useless Majid! He can't do a simple job for me. I asked him to take a picture of my wife,and he screwed up ''.
(Majid laughed profusely).
'' What,your wife?! Are you kidding me,are you married already, uncle... who will marry you? ''.
'' Hey,don't be silly okay? ''.
'' Okay..okay sorry. Can I see the woman who has become blind and agreed to you ''.
'' Yes...I promise you,that she is much more prettier than your Cindy ''.
'' Hey uncle, don't even go there ''.
(Majid took the phone and starred at the picture and continued laughing).
'' But uncle, I can't even see her face. The hair is saving her dignity by covering her ugliness ''.
'' I assure you Majid,that the day you arrive in your fatherland, you will forget all this foreign women for good. The women in India,are out of this world, nine to compare with ''.
'' You must be joking. Well,in my own opinion, am going there to tell my father that,I am not interested in the throne. And I want to live my life as a normal person ''.
'' In tour dreams Majid, it is only right, that you start acting like a king. Because nothing..will change your destiny ''.
'' I will change my destiny.....

(Ujani Kingdom=In the palace).

The court was adjourned and the investigations were still on. The guards separated themselves in the palace and kingdom to look for the animal. And it was announced in the kingdom for everyone to be indoors for the mean time.

(Queen Mother's chamber).

Queen mother was more than tensed. She wondered how to be alert on the day the statue would fall. But she also wondered how a statue which was built and fixed into the ground would fall. She sat down and thought on how to convince the king on how to accept the revelation of the gods which will also soil his friendship with King Siamak of the kingdom of Jhansi. One guard entered and bowed down to the Queen.

'' What is it,I need some peace right now ''.
'' I am sorry your highness. Queen Sheena wants to see you ''.
'' What might be the matter? Let her in ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
(The guard left the chamber and Queen Sheena arrived and !ade herself comfortable besides the Queen mother on her bed. The Queen mother offered her water and she didn't refuse. They took water together and the queen mother saw that there was a broad smile on Queen Sheena's face. The queen mother was wondering why her daughter in law was smiling, because that moment wasn't the time to smile. Queen Sheena looked into her garment and took out the small sack of garlic mixture).

'' I wonder how we are going to mix that in her food,we must do it faster than ever because we have only four days to Majid's arrival ''. Queen mother lamented.
'' I already mixed it in her food mother (laughs). She is going to eat right now ''.
'' Oh my goodness, how did you do this? ''.
'' When the king summoned everyone to the court,I sneaked into the kitchen and looked for Savitri's cooking. And just dropped the garlic mixture in all her foods ''.
(They both laughed).
'' Oh Sheena... you remind me so much of Meerah. May her soul rest ''.
'' Mother, I have another plan ''.
'' Tell me about it ''.
'' You remember that,priest Chanakher said,the once Queen Dorah eats her food mixed with the garlic mixture, the black magic power she possess would reduce, nd she won't be able to do some charms she used to ''.
'' Yes my dear, she won't be able to harm Majid ''.
'' I have a plan. After the welcoming party of Majid, I want you to act like your jewelry is missing ''.
'' What for? ''.
'' Mother, calm down. You know,25 years ago,I promised Preeta that,I was going to redeem her and get revenge for the injustice they did to her ''.
'' So how's this got to do with Preeta? ''.
'' When you lie to the king that,your precious jewelry is missing, he will announce a search in the whole palace for it. And when that happens, even Queen Dorah's room would be searched. So when that happens, the guards would search there,and...there and them,can they find things that would prove she actually uses black magic. Because by then,the garlic must have weakened her already, and she won't be able to make anything disappear anymore ''.
'' Oh wow Sheena, you are a queen indeed. My dear,that is smart of you. Now,we can finally give justice to Preeta and Meerah ''.
'' Yes mother. We just have to wait for now. Let's hope that,Majid arrives safely ''.
'' Yes ''. Puts her hands together in prayer.

(At the horses stables).

Prince Faruk Gabe his friend and personal bodyguard a dirty slap and he was angry and restless.

'' I am sorry Prince, just let me explain first,nothing has spoilt ''.
'' Because of your stupidity, we were nearly caught. I gave you a cool plan,and you made everything fall apart. You should have closed the dungeon! ''.
'' We put weakening pills into the meat for the lion ,after the lion ate,it was weak and fell into a deep sleep. And when two of my trusted guards carried it awy as you ordered, I was left alone to lock the dungeon and I heard footsteps of some guards coming closer, so I just run away ''.
'' What happened after? ''.
'' They have tied the lions with the ropes like you ordered. We just have to wait until your brother arrives ''.
'' Good ''. He smiles evilly. '' Get ready,we are not going to feed that animal for three days,until the forth day when Majid arrived. And we are still going to further wait for one more week,then,I will take him to a beautiful picnic ''.
(They both laughed evilly).

(In the servants hall).

Roshni arrived in the servants room in tear and quickly got to her bed side and took out an ointment from her bag and started applying it on her cheek. She took a mirror and checked her beautiful face which was now a mess because of the slap Queen Dorah gave her.
Savitri entered the room with Avni and she was shocked to see her daughter in that state. She got to her side got her up,her eyes were red out of astonishment.

'' What is this Roshni? ''.
'' Queen Dorah ''.
'' Queen Dorah did this to you?! ''.
'' I was doing want you had asked me mother... but she caught me massaging Prince Faruk, and she slapped me ''.
'' Oh my God Savitri. I told you Queen Dorah wouldn't like the sight or a servant's daughter besides her son ''.
'' Oh,is that so. Queen Dorah thinks she's a snake, but he doesn't know am the devil. Okay. This is not going to stay lik this,how dare she lay a han on my daughter? Avni, just wait a little, few month by this time,I will make her regret doing this,and she herself will run to the king and tell him to arrange a marriage between her on,and Roshni......

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