Married to the Prince Episode 16 , 17 & 18

episode 16
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Prince Faruk jumped on his horse and Sheve also jumped onto another horse and they rode speedily away).

(Meho's House).

The two best friends arrived in front of the compound on the horse and they both got down. Kushi had eaten three apples and Rishi ate two. She decided to bring and the other three to her mother.
She quickly hugged Kushi and bid her good bye since it was getting late and Kushi's house was just a mile away.

'' Don't forget to bring two coins tomorrow Kushi, in case I don't get a coin ''.
'' I am so happy tomorrow is the stream wishing day. It only comes once a year Rishi, so write all your wished down so you don't forget,okay? ''.
'' Okay mo problem Kushi. You should also write all your wishes down ''.
(They both laughed and departed. Rishi entered the compound with the horse and tied the rope off the neck of the horse to the old mango tree and when she turned her back,her mother stood in front of her with a smile. Rishi bent down and touched her feet).
'' God bless you my girl ''. Bhavna said and kissed her forehead.
'' I brought apples mother ''. She said and handed the sack to Bhavna.
'' Three apples? Where dis you get these? Apples are the most expensive fruits, where did you get money Rishi? ''. Bhavna asked suspiciously.
'' Urrrmmm..well,mother,you..why..gosh why am I trembling?! ''. Rishi groaned and Bhavna laughed.
'' Because any time you want to say a lie,you always tremble Rishi, now don't you dare lie to me...where did you get this apples? ''.
'' Priest Chanakher! He gave them to me. Because I cleaned the temple very nicely mother ''.
'' Oh really? Okay. So,where are the sweets from the temple? ''.
'' Oops...I ate it all mother ''.
'' Rishi! ''. Bhavna said in surprise.
'' Oh sorry mother. The sweets is so sweet!!! ''. They both laughed.
(Meho as usual,arrived home with a leather of alcohol. He was feeling all dizzy and didn't know where he was heading. He saw both Bhavna and Rishi standing besides the horse,Rishi quickly rushed to hold him up when he was falling back down and covered her nose because of the alcohol stench,but Meho pushed her away).
'' How many times...have I warned you not to touched me. Don't even come a bit closer to me okay? ''.
'' Well,okay sir. But,I really need one gold coin father ''.
'' Gold coin? For what? ''.
'' Tomorrow is the stream wishing day ''.
'' All your wishes will never come true you insolent girl ''. He said and walked drunkenly into the house.
'' Don't listen to him Rishi, don't be surprised since he has always being this way ''.
'' Yes,he has always being this way because you refused to tell me why he hates me so much ''.
'' He..he doesn't hate you! I don't want to tell you something that will hurt you so much sweetheart. (Bhavna removed the elephant necklace from her neck and puts it around Rishi's neck). It is time I give you is ''.
'' Wow mother,you finally gave it to me! It's so beautiful ''.
'' Come...(they both entered the house).

(In the royal palace).

Queen Sheena walked on the walkway with her daughter, Princess Lakshmi. They walked towards the king's chamber where two guards stood because the king had called the Queens to his chamber. They got to the chamber door where two guards stood. And they both bowed their head.

'' Let the king know that I am here ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Yes your highness ''. One guard said and entered the chamber.
(The other guard stupid there but used the corner of his eyes to stare at princess Lakshmi, she also rolled her eyes secretly to look at him and smiled. The other guard came out of the king's chamber).
'' He said you can come in your highness ''.
'' I will come back soon Lakshmi, go to your chamber and wait for me okay? ''.
'' Yes mother. But I prefer to go on a horse ride on the fields ''.
'' Lakshmi, don't dare go out of the palace, is that clear? And take one guard with you ''.
'' Yes mother ''.
(Queen Sheena entered the king's chamber. Princess Lakshmi looked at the guard she smiled at,and asked him to follow him).

(The King's chamber).

All the queens sat on a golden stool in front of the king who also sat on his bed,facing them. He held a brown paper,contains a letter on it and he stood up. Queen mother, Queen Dorah and Queen Sheena alerted their ears and was ready to listen to whatever the King had called them there for. He opened the letter.

'' Where did that come from my son? ''.
'' This is a letter from his highness king Siamak from the kingdom of Jhansi. He sent this letter in the afternoon and I couldn't wait to read it to you all,because it's such a good news ''.
'' Oh wow,please, read it out loud son ''.
'' Yes mother. (Starts reading). Greetings from the west side your Highness King Shakerderah. It is a lighted honour to write this letter to you my friend. With the past years,we thank the god of Ujani for keeping your kingdom safe from all evil. My letter is simply, for an alliance. Both our kingdom have being friends for a very solid union between the two kingdoms and tighten our relationship. I hope we can get a respond from you soon your highness. And we also got the invitation card for the party of Prince Majid's return. We will surely come and celebrate your happiness with you. Greetings again ''.
(Queen Dorah frowns and whimpers).
'' Wow...isn't that a great news? But of course my son. As soon as the sun rises tomorrow, please, send a good response to the king of Jhansi,what do you think Queen Sheena? ''.
'' Well,yes mother. Of course, Majid deserves everything good ''.
'' But Faruk is the eldest your highness! Is it not enough that you made his little brother the crowned Prince, now you want to make his little brother get married before him?! ''.
'' Well my dear Queen Dorah, if king Siamak wanted Faruk for his daughter.. no one would have disagreed, will we? ''.
'' Oh shut up Sheena! Shut up you traitor!!! When did you become Queen to talk to me like that useless servant! ''.
'' Queen Dorah! ''. The king shouted in anger. '' Show Queen Sheena some respect, do you hear me? ''.
(Queen Dorah is at the brim of crying, b she sobbed and forced tears not to come out).
'' I think I deserved better treatment that you have given me all this years your highness. But I was always second best. Never good enough for anything. And now,my son is also being treated the same way. This is so unfair! ''.
'' Queen Dorah, please....
'' No your highness, no! I have had enough of all this...(Queen Dorah quickly walked out of the chamber).
'' But mother, what did I do wrong? ''.
(The Queen mother stood up and touched the king's shoulder).
'' You haven't done anything wrong my son. You always make the right decisions for your entire family ''.
'' I want to be alone mother, can you two please excuse me? ''.
'' Okay son. Good night ''.
(Queen mother and Queen Sheena left).

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

He was in his shorts and was impatiently waiting for Charu, the maid. He was getting restless as he had a long day,preparing evil deeds in the forest. He suddenly heard a knock on his door and he quickly went to open the door and it was the maid who had her veil on her face and her long maiden dress like Angel Gabriel. She had her head downward and was shaking like a Christmas chicken. Prince Faruk smiled at the corner of his mouth and let her in. He quickly closed and locked the door. Charu heard the click of the lock and quickly turned to him

'' prince. locked the door? ''.
'' Yeah,so what? ''. He whispered.
'' P..please my Prince..I...
'' Shhhh ''. He put his finger on his lips. '' Shut up ''.
(He slowly goes closer to her and ripped off the veil from her face and pushed her onto his bed. Charu mumbled in fear the Prince Faruk took a knife from his bed table and layed on Charu. She shook and was sweating in fear. She sobbed and pleaded through her nose).
'' If you dare make a sound, I will kill you. Got that? ''.
'' Please my Prince, please....
'' Is that clear? ''.
(She nods. He slowly got the knife under her dress and cut the dress through inside to outside and ripped off the maiden clothes and Charu wanted to shout. She wanted to shout. She closed her eyes tightly and wept. 
Prince Faruk got to his feet and took off his shorts and covered them both with bedsheet and he went into her. She gave out a loud moan with pain all over her face. She gasped for breath. But that wasn't his problem after all. He pushed in with all his strength with a stupid face. He sweated on her. She moaned painfully and he smiled about it. He loved the way she moaned. And blood drizzled oo the white bedsheets all high long).

(Next Day=At the temple).

As usual, everyone is busy in the kingdom, rushing here and there. Others were busily going to their working sight, while others rushed to the wishing stream to be the first in line. People had gotten their coins ready.
But unfortunately for Rishi, Bhavna decided to go to the temple with her. If it were up to her,Bhavna would stay home so that she could skip the temple work but then,she was not lucky enough today. Bhavna dressed up and the two rode in the horse to the temple. When they got there,Bhavna covered her hair with a veil but Rishi refused to do so. 
Bhavna had loosed control of her daughter and couldn't control it. She was happy the way she was. They both walked up the stairs and Rishi rang the temple bell once because her mother was with her at that moment. One of the priest came out with a try full of flowers and when he saw Bhavna and Rishi entering, he stopped them. He wasn't smiling at all.

'' Oh priest.. good morning ''. Bhavna said and put her hands together.
'' Good morning Bhavna, how are you today? ''.
'' I am okay priest.. What about you? ''.
'' Well...why don't you ask tour daughter,Bhavna? How she left the temple yesterday without cleaning? So,all the guest and the priest worshipped in dirt yesterday ''.
'' What?! ''. Bhavna turned to look at Rishi.
'' We are very disappointed Bhavna, your daughter is nothing like you ''.
(Rishi kept her face downward).
'' I am very sorry priest... I don't know what's wrong with this girl. I will make sure that,she cleans the whole temple today ''.
'' What?! But mother, today is the wishing day. If I spend all the day here,cleaning, I won't be able to wish! ''.
'' You should have thought about that before leaving the temple yesterday ''.
(The priest left).
'' Mother please....
'' If you don't clean,I will do the cleaning myself Rishi! Is that what you want? ''.
'' No,no... I didn't say that ''.
'' Come with me,so that I give you brooms and rugs..come! ''.
(She took Rishi's hand and pushed her along).

(United Kingdoms=Majid's Building).

Prince Majid was old enough and needed his own privacy to do things of his own. He relaxed in his bedroom on daily basis with Cindy. He had taken his bath and got out from the bathroom into the bedroom with his wet body. He cleaned himself up and applied pomade on his body am started dressing up. His phone rang and he answered. That was Cindy calling. He never missed her call.

'' Baby.....
'' Majid.. guess what? ''.
'' Oh I see,your guessing games again huh? ''.
'' Oh come on... Guess what?! ''.
'' Okay,you guess what? ''.
'' What is it? ''. She asked and laughed.
'' I'm naked right now baby ''.
(The both laughed).
'' Oh gosh,I wishing was there so we could make love ''.
'' Demn you absence. Jeezzz... don't get me into the mood ''.
'',I spoke to my father yesterday about the trip,yesterday when I got home ''.
'' Cindy, you know he will never allow you go with me to my country. He hated me,the first moment he saw me. When he saw I was Indian ''.
'' Well,good news is,my father has now agreed ''.
(Majid is not surprised, he is actually shocked).
'' You said,your father agreed? ''.
'' Yes baby...I swear. He said,we can go together ''.
'' And,what were his conditions? ''.
'' Oh come on Majid! My father is not as grumpy as you thought. There are no conditions. He just said, I should take care and come home soon ''.
(There is a knock downstairs at Majid's door).
'' Okay baby,I am be happy about that,I will call you later,okay? Kisses ''. He hanged up and quickly dressed up. He went downstairs and opened the door. '' Uncle ''.
(Mr Raul entered with two luggage and placed them in front of ong of the hall chairs).
'' Majid, have you packed everything you may need to take back home? ''.
'' Mmmm, some few things, yes. I am not going stay there forever you know ''.
'' Majid, stop this madness, if you won't stay there forever, where else would you go? ''.
'' London is my home dude ''.
'' Remember, that you are the crowned Prince of Ujani. You don't have a choice, but to take responsibility ''.
'' We shall see about that Uncle ''.
(Me Raul realises Majid is not wearing the elephant necklace)......
Queen Dorah

episode 17
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Majid's Building).

'' Oh lord have mercy... Majid,where's your elephant necklace, I have told you so many times....
'' Hey,uncle.. Relax. Okay? ''.
'' I promised your grandmother, never to let it off your neck,so am begging you Majid,just go and take it from wherever you are keeping it,and wear it ''.
'' What's the relevance? It's too old fashion man. Look,we are still here,okay? Let me some air (laughs).
'' You are stubborn aren't you? It is only your grandmother who knows the reason why,she warned me to make sure,that necklace does not get off your neck. So Majid please, go and wear it. She says it protects you ''.
'' Alright,alright... I will look for it and wear it. Don't even remember where the fuck I kept it,I will search...okay? ''.
'' Well,thank you. But please, pack your things fast,we are leaving just next week. And we must be totally ready before that time comes ''.
'' Yeah,okay. Is that all? Because am going out to meet Cindy...
'' Sure..that's all. I will see you later...
(Mr Raul left the house and Majid walked upstairs).

(Ujani Kingdom=Royal palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).

She had wept since last night to the morning. She was failing in her plans now. Everything was absolutely ruined. Her son as moving backwards in the kingdom and she didn't know what to do. She thought the death of Queen Meerah was the end of everything, but no. The Queen mother convinced the king to marry Sheena and now,she was indeed a real competition now. She needed to do something before it was too late.
She sat on her bed,holding the red pot she used to snatch Queen Meerah's soul twenty years ago. She was feeling angry and regretted for killing Queen Meerah instead of Majid. But she had some plans in mind. Majid was coming home soon and she didn't want to make anything worse than it was.
If she wanted to make Prince Faruk the heir to the throne, then Majid had to die. An she was going to make sure of that.

'' My dear Meerah,how are you doing in that pot? (Laughs like a witch). You know,I can imagine how hot you must be feeling in there. For the past 25 years. You never even got to look at your son's face. And he,he thinks Sheena is his biological mother. He calls her '' mother ''. He doesn't even know you ever existed, because the king announced that,Sheena was his mother, and so you...your name has disappeared from the palace and the kingdom as a whole. And am so happy about that. But,I am not happy at the situation at hand,because of son Faruk,never got the respect he deserved... Because you went ahead and gave birth to Majid. But do you know something else,Majid won't be on this earth for long. You know why,because I am going to kill him! ''. As soon as she said that,the pot shook in her hands and panicked. '' What?! So you are listening to me? The priest was right after all,if I don't take care of this pot very well,that will be the end of me. If the red band on the mouth is removed, Queen Meerah's should may come out and haunt me down. Well,Meerah... forget about coming out. Because no one will ever save you from me. I will hide this pot, somewhere that, no one will ever find it. Hiding it in my chamber might not be the best idea. So I will hide it somewhere, no one will ever think of going to even look for something ''.

(Queen Sheena's chamber).

She was walking to and fro in her room,waiting for the Queen mother. She had asked her maiden to call her,but she had not arrived yet. And some minutes later,there was a knock at the door and she herself opened. It was one of the maids, she left the way and Queen mother entered. She closed the door. Queen mother went closer to Queen Sheena's bed and sat down in relaxing mood.

'' I was with the king just now. We have sent the response to the kingdom of Jhansi,we have agreed to the marriage between Majid and Princess Ragah ''.
'' Okay,that's a good news mother, but....
'' Oh my God,I can't wait to see my grandson. Princess Ragah is such a beautiful girl,and she is also a calm minded person. Majid would be very happy to meet her ''.
'' Yes mother, listen first! You and I are both happy that Majid is coming back. But we have also forgotten that,Queen Dorah is still around. Did you see the way she reacted yesterday at the mention of marriage between Majid and the princess of Jhansi? ''.
'' I don't really know what to do right now Sheena. Because Queen Dorah would have to strike before we can also fight back. But it looks like she has been calm all this years ''.
'' That I what we think mother. Buy come to think of it,what if she is planning something on Majid's returns? I am so scared right now mother. What do we do now? ''.
'' Don't worry Sheena. So long as Majid is with that necklace, nothing would happened to him ''.
'' Mother, are you sure? Because Queen Meerah used to wear that same necklace and what did we see? She died didn't she? ''.
'' She died because someone removed that necklace from her neck! And only God will expose that person one day. But for the time mean,let's concentrate on what's more important. Like preparing something big on that day of Majid's return. Because that will be the same day,Princess Ragah and the Jhansi royal family arrives here. It'll be a double celebration ''.
'' I have an idea mother. Why don't we fo and meet priest Chanakher, since we don't trust the kingdom's priest ''
'' On the last court meeting, after the meeting was over,I saw him looming out of Queen Dorah's chamber. We must investigate this matter Sheena. But you are also right, we should both go priest Chanakher. This evening, as soon as possible ''.

(At the temple).

Rishi had worked her head off and while she wa working, she was crying. She was completely exhausted because she he worked all day.
Kushi had searched for her frown around the kingdom and their secret place but didn't find her. It was getting to evening time and people were coming and going from the wishing stream. She went around the market and then when she didn't see her,she headed to the temple. She met Bhavna in the way and bumped into her without seeing her.

'' Oh my God Kushi, look on your way when walking ''.
'' I am very sorry aunt. I didn't see you. I was looking for Rishi ''.
'' She is cleaning the church. I am sure you are the reason why she left the temple yesterday without cleaning, isn't it? ''. Bhavna asked with a frown.
(Kushi falls her face down).
'' I'm Sir aunt. We had planned to steak apples and.....
'' What?! ''. Bhavna held Kushi's hand tightly. '' So priest Chanakher didn't give her those apples after all? Oh no,and Rishi dared to lie in my face. Disgracing me all around the entire kingdom? ''.
(One of the market workers were passing by to the temple and stopped when he saw Kushi. It was the apple seller, he was super angry. He got to Bhavna and Kushi, then Vought hold of Kushi's hand).
'' You insolent girl! I told you and your pesky friend that I'd get my hands on you one day ''.
'' Oh please Mr Malhotra, please have mercy on is not intentional ''.
'' You stealing my fruits wasn't intentional? ''.
'' Not that sir...we were just hungry, please ''.
(The apple seller raised his head and looked at Bhavna with scorn).
'' Oh,look at who we have here...Bhavna! It is Bhavna, the drunkard's wife ''.
(Some people gathered around).
'' First,she married a drunkard, who can't stay a single without at least, one bottle of wine ''. The apple seller said.
(People laughed).
'' And now,she has given birth to a thief... what else can we expect from her ''.
(Bhavna is shaking in shame and tears drops out of her eyes).
'' Don't you dare insult her you brute! Why don't you blame Rishi and I for the situation and stop insulting aunt Bhavna! ''.
'' Don't you dare say a word Kushi! This is both you and Rishi's fault! And this time,I won't forgive you both! ''.
(Bhavna held Kushi's hand and pulled her along to the temple while some of the people mocked her for being a mother of a thief. She and Kushi got behind the temple where Rishi was cleaning the floor,it was her last work of the day. She had gone a great job,cleaning the whole temple. Bhavna got behind her and held her shoulders and turned Rishi to face her. She gave her a loud heavy slap. Rishi held her cheeks and Kushi was shocked, covering her mouth with her hands).
'' You stole those apples you brought to me yesterday Rishi? How many times have I asked and advised you that,I would rather starve to death,rather than inflicting pain on others to satisfy myself. Do you know the embarrassment you have caused me? YWou have crossed all limits Rishi... you don't even deserve my mother's necklace! ''.
(Bhavna said and forcefully tore the necklace off Rishi's neck).
'' My mother was not like you,and I..I brought you up in the best way I could, but I don't know where you got this behaviour even lied to me on top. Next time when you want to lie,don't think of bringing the priest's name into that clear?! ''. Bhavna shouted and left.
'' Mother! ''. Rishi tried following her but Kushi stopped her and the two friends break down in tears.
'' Rishi, we don't have much time...I brought two coins. We have just some few minutes to 6pm,you know that the lucky time for wishing ends at 6,let's go now ''.
'' We were just hungry(sobs). And we stole some few apples, but mother has gotten angry to the extent of taking the necklace she gave me away ''.
(Kushi took two gold coins from her sack purse and gave one to Rishi).
'' Why are some people born poor,nd others are so rich and comfortable. Lord Hanuman is so cruel! ''.
'' Rishi, it is a taboo to say this,it's okay...please ''.
'' My mum is angry with me now,because poverty led me to steal. She took the necklace away from me! ''.
(Rishi got to her feet and started running. Kushi couldn't run so she rather put more speed in her walking. Rishi's tears kept being wipe off by the wind. It was dark now. And it was five minutes to 6pm for wishing time to be over. She got to the stream in tears and held the bridge over the stream. Her tears fell into the stream and she was only sad buy angry as well. She was angry at herself, at the gods and everyone around her. Her father hated her and now her mother too. Where else could she go,she looked up in anger with trembling hands and with the coin in it).
'' You are so cruel, for making good people poor. We don't even eat three times a day. Just one. Sometimes, we don't eat at all. Why did I come into the world then?(puts her hands together). Please, take me out of this world, will you? Because, I am a subject, so it makes me less important. The only time we eat good food is when there is a party at the royal palace. (She becomes weak). They eat good meals everyday. How I wish I was part of them. I wish I was respected too...I wish I was treated like a queen..maybe,married to a Prince. And when I become Queen, I would give mother all the luxuries in the world. But no,wishes are not horses. If it were up to me,if I was God,I could command everything I want,and it would come to me...and I would wish to marry a crowned Prince. A Prince who will do everything I want for me ''. Rishi said in anger,she put the coin on her lips and was about to make her wish when Kushi arrived behind her and shouted her name. Rishi panicked at the sudden shout of her name and her coin slipped off her hands and fell into the stream. '' Nooo!!! ''.

Rishi screamed and with her shocked face,she starred at the stream. Kushi got to her and she was breathing heavily. It was 6pm and wishing time was over.

'' What is it Rishi? ''.
(Rishi was speechless).
'' Rishi?! What is it...tell me. I couldn't run because of my asthma. And I even loosed my coin,I think I will have to wait till next year to wish...did you wish? ''.
'' Ku..Ku...Ku..Kushi!!! ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' My coin slipped! (Rishi said in anguish). I was about to do my wishing, and when you called, my coin slipped and fell into the stream ''.
'' So does that mean, you couldn't wish? ''.
'' I was so angry...that when I got here,I was talking to myself in anger. And how I wished to marry a crowned Prince and become a future Queen! ''.
'' Noooo......
'' I swear that I was not serious about it Kushi! My coin fell(she cried). You already know,I was going to wish for my mother and father to get along with each other and love me. But instead....
'' Oh my God Rishi, you have wished to marry the crowned Prince by mistake, and tour coin has fallen into the stream...Rishi, what if that wish come true? ''.
(Rishi opens her mouth in astonishment)......

episode 18
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
Little Adult Language (18+).

(In the temple=Evening time).

The Queen mother and Queen Sheena arrived in the temple on two donkeys with one guard and a maid as well. They told no one that they were leaving the palace and no one also knew about it. They got ti the temple doors and arrived at the entrance. They asked for priest Chanakher and they were directed behind the temple were Rishi had cleaned.
The priest was checking the work of Rishi and was smiling with happiness. Hr thought of giving her a gift the next day. He held his priesthood rod and turned to leave the temple when the Queen mother and Queen Sheena arrived there and put their hands together in all smiles.

'' Hello priest ''. Queen mother greeted.
'' Oh my goodness... your highness, you are here,by this time of the night? ''.
'' Yes priest. Please, shall we talk? We won't take long. And it is very important ''.
'' Oh of course tour highness ''.
'' But priest, is the main priest here? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' No,the kingdom's priest is not here. He went home early today ''.
'' That is good. Please, do you have somewhere quiet for us to talk? ''.
'' Follow me your highnesses ''.
(They walked into the temple and the lights were on. They went straight behind lord Hanuman's statue were a !at layed. And the three sat on it. Priest Chanakher closed his eyes and out his hands together and took a deep breath with the queens,and they opened their eyes).
'' You are welcome again my queens. Please, let's talk. I want to know why you are here ''.
'' Priest,Majid is arriving home by next week ''.
'' Yes,I heard about it,everyone in the kingdom knows ''.
'' Priest,this has a connection with Queen Dorah ''. The Queen mother said.
'' Is it the same old issue your highness? ''.
'' Yes. I got you in this situation about the palace problems ten years ago,and Queen Dorah stopped acting strange and evil as soon as Majid was sent out of the kingdom ''.
'' Yes your highness. You see,that is the problem, until Queen Dorah should act or make a move, we can't expose her. She's very smart. Unless we can bring up an idea which won't fail ''.
'' What kind of idea priest? I mean,we have done all we soul in the past,but we re not able to bring up anything. And now that,Majid is coming afraid she might be planning something against my son ''. Queen Sheena sobbed.
'' Oh surely, she will plan something your highness. It is unfortunate, that the main priest who holds the power of Ujani and stand in place of the gods,is a suspect in this matter ''.
'' I don't really know his role in this matter with Queen Dorah, but as soon as he is exposed, I will make sure he is removed as the priest of Ujani, and you will be made the head of all the priests ''. Queen mother said.
'' That won't be very necessary your highness. My main aim is to service Ujani with truth and sincerity ''. The priest said and got to his feet. He entered a certain room and came back minutes later with a red sack in hi hands. A small red sack,he sat down again and handed the sack to the Queen mother. '' I prepared this garlic myself tour highness. I have mixed it with so many ingredients. Make sure, that sine of this garlic mixture is mixed into Queen Dorah's morning meal. It will lessen every power she ha everyday. Until Prince Majid arrives, it will prevent her from acting evil against him for the mean time,but it won't hold her down for long. And also,sprinkle some at the four corners of the room you have prepared for Prince Majid, it will prevent evil from going near him ''.
'' Priest, Majid has protective necklace on his neck. It has always protected him since he was born,what do we do with that? ''.

As soon as Queen mother said that,the priest acted like someone possessed, like another soul had entered his body. He put his hands together with his eyes closed. It was like he was being controlled to talk. And the wind started carrying him up,he opened his eyes ad it was lighted in deep blue colour. He got to the head of the statue and the Queens were scares,but they didn't make a sound.

'' Hail,I am lord Hanuman ''. The priest said in a strange voice.
(As soon as he said that,the Queens bowed down with their forehead touching the floor).
'' You are going face tragedy in your lives. Both the royal and the kingdom a a whole. Remember this,that the person who sits on the throne, is to marry three wives. The first to be his soul,the second to be his head,and the third to be his heart. And behold, there shall be some tentacles, I applaud you for sending my chosen one from all evil until today,as he is old enough to take over his father's as king. The young woman,chosen to be the light in place of the late Queen Meerah, in her son's life,will be the one to save lord Krishna's huge statue from falling and crashing to take a life. Make sure you are alert,she will be the soul of the future king. And if you succeed in getting hr into the royal family, things may break down in chosen,and thing will still fall into place ''.
(Thunder stroke hard and the Queen's screamed. The wind brought the priest back to his sitting place and the thunder stopped. The guar and maid quickly arrived there immediately due ti the screams of the Queens).
'' Your highness,please is everything alright? ''.
'' Yes guard. You can go now. Queen Sheena and I will be out in a minute ''.
(The guard and maid stepped out of the temple. The priest opened his eyes and had on what had happened. He looked at the Queens and they smiled).
'' Priest Chanakher, the lord Hanuman is really using well ''.
'' What happened your highness? ''.
'' It is getting very late priest. I can't explain everything that happened, but all you need to know is that,I will make sure that one day,you become the head of all the priests ''. She stands on her feet with Queen Sheena. '' Let us go Queen Sheena, we shall come and give offering together with all the subjects priest. We shall talk by then ''.
'' Okay your highness, may the lord be with you ''.

(Next Day=Meho's House).

The cock on the compound couldn't stop crowing. It was morning again and the sun was very hot. It was a Sunday morning and people were rushing on top of the mountain especially the women, with their trays to go get flowers and lantern to give offerings to lord Hanuman. That is how Bhavna got ready early in the morning and stepped outside for her compound with a tray to rise her horse to the temple.
She saddled the horse and heard to the outside. Rishi quickly run out of the house and with speed,she rushed to her mother and hugged her tightly from the back in tears. Bhavna became weak. Rishi was her weakness for sure. Her face became sad as Rishi cried behind her. But she needed to be strong enough to punish this girl for her mistakes, because is she always forgave her so easily, she knew Rishi would go back to her old ways again.

'' Please mother, please...don't be angry with me anymore. I can't stand your anger ''
'' Get yourself away from me Rishi... leave, leave me alone! ''. Bhavna shouted and pushed Rishi away from her.
(Rishi was astonished that her mother was very serious about her anger).
'' Mother, you know that I was very hungry since morning ''.
'' So,that gives you the right to steal people's hard earned farming? Don't dare try to cover your mistakes ''.
'' No I am not covering anything mother. I used to work and earn some money for myself. I used to work with the laddoo seller,and I earned some few gold coins to feed us. But now,nobody wants to give me work,all because of father! When father sees me working for someone, he comes there to create a scene,what was I supposed to do? ''.
'' I am going to the temple. You better take your bath and also get there,to ask for forgiveness. It will help you clear your conscience, because me....I don't feel like you deserve my forgive Rishi ''.
(Bhavna said,she sat on her horse and rode it away).
'' I wish she had hugged me. And tell me everything was going to be alright. Now am no longer able to tell my problems to anyone. I made the most foolish wish of my life last night. (Whimpers). I was just talking to myself, it wasn't like I was serious about it. I don't think it will come true since I didn't wish from my heart. Oh lord,please help me...that wish wasn't from my heart please ''. She said and entered back into the house.

(United Kingdom=Majid's Building).

The angel was taking a shower in his bathroom. He stood talk on his naked body and the fresh cold water washed off the soap from his body. His six packs was drowned in the water and bare chest was full of bubbles which as being washed away. His hair was wet and his fresh spotless face was lifted up for the water to fall on it. He opened his beautiful brown eyes and closed the shower.
He took his towel from the hunger and heard someone enter his bedroom from outside the bathroom. He wasn't expecting anyone but he continued drying himself up. H stepped out of the shower and suddenly, Cindy entered the bathroom in a bikini. She heard Majid bathing when she entered the bedroom and decided to join the fan.
He was surprised, but he smiled at the corner of his lips and starred at Cindy seductively from head to toe. Cindy pushed him against the wall and moved both her hands to his back with her long nails like a possessed person. She swam her hands from his back to his back head, into his soft back hair and pulled his head down to her face level and planted a deep kiss on his soft pink lips. One of the main reasons why Cindy love Majid was that,he was a maniac in bed. And she wished, love making with him never ended.
She kissed him deeply and he went with the flow by kissing her back. He got his hands behind her back and destroyed her bra. He swam his hand to her waist and tore her panty into piecesπŸ˜‚πŸŒΉand she laughed in a sexy way. He moved her into the shower while kissing her still and turned on the shower. He carried her and she wrapped her legs around his waist and the water rained in their nakedness.
He licked hr ears down to her neck and she moaned silently. He kissed her chest, in between her bfeasts and the feeling was deep,her body was responding to the feeling, and she couldn't control her emotions even though Majid had not entered her yet. His strong arms made her feel comfortable and she became so wet,Majid lifted his face to look into his eyes and she smiled, he slowly penetrated into her with gentleness and she moaned loudly. It had been a long time since they made love and she was tight. He pushed with his strength and the water covered then in passion. His lips dropped on her breast an played with her nipples with his tongue an she went crazy, when he heard her laugh, he giggled too.

'' Jeezzz.. Majid! Oh my God,you gonna drive me crazy,wuuu!!! ''.
'' Kiss me ''.
(Cindy kissed him,she kissed him deeply. She was crazy in love,she wasn't going to loose him,not for all the gold in the world. She had cum all over him,but she wanted more. She wanted to penetrate into his soul,he thrusted into her a thousand times,and she screamed so loud that even the neighbours heard of her voice).
'' Jeez..Cindy,relax! ''.
'' Oh my word! Ouch,baby! One more please baby! ''.
'' I gotta prepare for the trip ''.
(Majid dropped her down and she was about to faint,he held her and they both laughed and showered together. They went into the bedroom and they both fell into the bed. Majid was weak. He was so weak that his breath couldn't move still. He breath heavily and Cindy slept over him).
'' I also packed my things. Last two days. I can't wait to meet your family Majid ''.
'' I hope you did what I asked you Cindy. No one else, apart from you and our friends... no one else should ever find out that am a Prince ''.
'' Well... urrrmmm.. sure baby,I...I told no one ''. She said and faked laughter.
'' Good ''. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. He took a deep smell of the scent from her hair and smiled.
'' I am sorry sweetheart.. but if I had not told my father about your true identity,I don't think she would have allowed me go with you ''. Cindy thought to herself.
'' We are going to see my roots. It's some how compulsory to go,since I haven't seen them in 20 years ''.
'' Will we come back soon? ''.
'' Hell yeah. Why would I stay there forever? You feel comfort here,so do I,we will come back okay? Once I introduce my beautiful girlfriend to the royal family, then.....
'' We might even get married there sweetheart ''.
'' Marriage?! (Laughs profusely). Cindy, I have told you a thousand times,that ambot ready for that shit okay? And besides, why would we get married in India when your parents won't be present there ''.
'' But I can call them to come ''.
'' Don't call anyone girl,when I want to get married,you won't be the one to tell me..okay? Let's free ourselves first,okay? ''.
'' Hmmm...okay. But I will still be your one and only love,right? ''.
'' Right ''. (They both laugh).

(Ujani Kingdom=At the temple).

The temple was filled. The women covered their hair with veils and was receiving blessings from lord Hanuman. Rishi had dressed simple and was on her way to the temple. From the house to the temple was quite far. She was walking on a quite road and she felt like someone was following her. But anytime she turned, there was no one behind her.
She started to put more speed in her walking. She and Kushi had agreed to meet at the end of the road, and when she saw Kushi standing at the far end,she stopped walking fast. They waved at each other as she was still walking but suddenly,a small car arrived behind Rishi and two men came out and covered Rishi's mouth and dropped her into the car and drove away. Kushi screamed in horror as the car drove away.....


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