Married to the Prince Episode 13, 14 & 15

episode 13
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Next Day).

The day was bright and the sun was put. The weather was absolutely clear and beautiful. Most of the subjects of the kingdom had gathered outside the palace, waiting for the king's announcement. The ministers, wise men and priests had arrived also and the royal family as well. As usual, the Queen mother held Majid in her arms and Queen Dorah had Faruk, sitting on her laps. She was all smiles and in a white saree. Some maidens arrived and served all the guests with wine. Some of the guests were kings from the neighbouring kingdom. The speaker of the court stood up from his seat and cleared his throat.

'' You are all welcome members of the court. As usual we all meet here as one big family to make decisions for the future, concerning Ujani. And his Majesty the king has an announcement to make today. And so I hope we all clear our ears today to listen to what the king has to say '' 
'' Oh my goodness, I wasn't able to do what father ordered me to do yesterday, I wonder what the king has to say....the stupid Queen mother spoilt all my plans when she entered the chamber ''. Queen Dorah thought.
'' Good morning members of the court ''. The king greeted in a heavy tone.
'' Good morning ''.
'' I have something that's necessary for me to to tell you all. (Signs). Queen Meerah was buried yesterday. I had married two wives. Queen Meerah, and Queen Dorah. I had one wife left to marry, and so I was waiting for the right time,when Queen Meerah gave birth. But she died through delivery, as you all heard. Now,I have formed an alliance with a young lady who has agreed to be my third wife ''.
'' Huh?! ''. Everyone exclaimed in astonishment, especially Queen Dorah who was shaking in shock. She had dealt with Queen Meerah enough to get another competition.
'' Silence!!! ''. The speaker shouted and they all kept quiet.
'' I know you are all Ber shocked because Queen Meerah was buried yesterday... but she is dead and never coming back. So I believe it will be safe to get a new mother for Prince Majid. And that is why I have decided to marry again, so early ''.
'' Your highness, of is a good decision that you have made ''. One minister got to his feet and said. '' But who is this young lady you are talking about? ''.
(The king turns to his left and starred at the Queen mother. And the Queen mother got to her feet and looked ahead of her,where two maids stood).
'' Maids! Bring the new Queen to be in for everyone to see her ''.
(The maids bowed down and left,and then everyone begun to murmur).
'' Oh no!!! So Queen mother knew about is all along? She must have being the one who convinced the ming to marry a third wife so quick. I wonder who that wife so quick. I wonder who that new wife is ''. Queen Dorah thought.

Some few minutes later,the two maids walked hand in hand with the Queen to be who was completely dressed in royalty. With a vale on her face which snatched her face away from their view. She walking in the middle of the court room and stood there. The Queen to be,wore a deep blue saree with shiny little diamonds on the material. She had a heavy blue vale. 
The Queen mother stepped down from her throne with Majid in her arms and went to stand besides the two maids and the Queen to be. Everyone, especially Queen Dorah who was clearing her eyes well to see who was under the vale.

'' My dear ministers, priests, wise men and everyone gathered here to witness this day. I present to you,our Queen to be. Please, unveil yourself, let them see you ''.
(Slowly, Sheena raised her hand under the veil,and slowly raised the veil away from her face, which had completely changed, beautiful. No one could recognise her).
'' Sheena!!! ''. The Queen mother shouted.
'' What?! ''. Queen Dorah jumped out of the chair. '' Sheena, Queen Meerah's maid?! ''.
'' Yes of course Queen Dorah... please, start rehearsing to cal her Queen Sheena, because the marriage is tomorrow ''. Queen mother said with a mocking smile at her.
'' But...but tour highness you? Have you accepted this proposal? ''. 
'' Yes of course Queen Dorah. It was not my mother alone that spoke to me about this. It was Queen Meerah as well,and I made a promise to her that I would marry the young lady. And that is exactly what I will do ''. The king said.

Everyone in the court room were astonished. The entire room was quiet. Queen Dorah fell back into her chair and was breathing heavily with anger. Her maids stood the door with shocked face as well. All the elders got to their feet as custom demanded and Sheena went to touch all of their feet's and they blessed her.
But there was another news no one knew was coming. Especially Queen Dorah. The king looked at Queen mother's face she nodded her head for him to give the second announcement. The subjects outside the palace were shouting for the king to come out and give the announcement he had called them there for. The elders sat down in their chairs and Queen mother leaded Sheena to a seat besides her and made Sheena sit on it. It tore Queen Dorah's heart into pieces. Her bitterness had raised to another level. She looked at Queen mother with the devil's eye. And she was beginning to sweat already.

'' There is another announcement ''. The king said.
'' We are still all ears your highness ''.
'' This is about the announcement of the future of Ujani. I don't want to waste time at all. I want to choose my heir now ''.
(Everyone's eyes was widened and they were confused about why the king was such in a hurry. Queen Dorah calmed down for a while when she heard that because she knew it was also her time to smile).
'' I don't want to wait. And that is the reason why I called all the subjects to be present here before I made the announcement. So please, shall we all get to the balcony to end all this with them? ''. The king said and got to his feet,he stepped down from his throne and Queen mother followed with Sheena, then Queen Dorah and everyone else followed.

(On the balcony).

They arrived at the top of the building and looked down,outside the place where numerous subjects standing and waiting for the king. They also looked up,and as soon as they saw the king and the rest of the royal family... they all chanted with joy.

'' Glory to Emperor Shakerderah!!! ''. One man shouted.
'' Glory to him! ''. They all replied.
'' Glory to Emperor Shakerderah!!! ''.
'' Glory to him!!! ''.
(The king gave a sad smile and raised his right hand up as a sign of gratitude).
'' I thank all of you,my loyal subjects!!! ''. He raised his voice. '' I am hoping with your enchantment that,you are all fine. Today, must not be a very happy day for all of us since our first Queen was buried yesterday. But you are all invited to the third royal wedding for your third Queen tomorrow! ''.
(They all chanted with joy and Queen Dorah who stood besides him whimpered in anguish).
'' also the day you know...who the crowned Prince and your future king would be ''.
(The people chanted louder in joy).
'' For the past months, I had being straggling for a child. But the god of Ujani has granted me two sons (he took Prince Faruk from Queen Dorah, and took Prince Majid from Queen mother as well and put them both in his arms). Prince Faruk, my first son... and Prince Majid, my second son. Prince Faruk, the son of Queen Dorah, and Prince Majid the son of.....(sobs).
'' Shaker, this is not the time to break down please, no one is supposed to see you cry,relax ''. Queen mother whispered into his ears.
'' Any all know,Prince Majid... the son of the late Queen Meerah. As morning and evening comes and goes,we all stay but grow. And it will be better to make the decision now. Prince Faruk, is my first son ''.
(Queen Dorah nods her head with a smile).
'' But Prince Majid is the son of my first wife. His mother may have delayed in bringing him to the world, but he is still here though. And to make decisions for this kind of things, the Queen mother and the king must talk about it first, and last night, the Queen mother and I came toe to toe with this decision ''.
(Suddenly, all the subjects began to shout together).
'' Prince Majid!!! Prince Majid! Prince Majid!!....
'' Glory to Prince Majid!!! ''. One man screamed.
'' Glory to him!!! ''.
'' Glory to Prince Majid!!! ''.
'' Glory to him!!! ''.
'' That's right Ujani! ''. The king shouted and handed Prince Faruk to Queen Dorah, and her face changed like someone who had swallowed a bitter medicine. And the king raised Prince Majid up with both his hands. '' Hail,Ujani... your crowned Prince and future king, Majid... Samrat! ''.
'' Glory to Prince Majid!!! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''.
'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''.
'' Glory to him....

Queen Dorah was out of her body. She held her son in her arms like a statue. She was speechless and her legs started carrying her back in weakness. Her legs couldn't carry the sudden weight on her body and fortunately, one of the guards snatched Prince Faruk from her before she fell backward and fainted. The entire celebration was suddenly mood. Silence bought the celebration at once. The guards quickly carried Queen Dorah towards her chamber, followed by her maids and the king, with the others. And all the Queen mother could do was hold Majid in her arms and laugh profusely with Sheena.

'' Oh my goodness, your highness, you really got her this time ''.
'' Call me mother from today Sheena. You will become my daughter in law tomorrow ''.
'' Yes mother (smiles and they both hug each other and she took Majid away from the Queen mother and kissed Majid). My son ''.
'' That is it. Now wherever Meerah is, she must be content right now I believe ''.
(All the subjects departed one after the other in happiness).
'' But I believe Dorah has something to do with the death of Meerah, and I won't rest until... I pay her back with the same coin ''.
'' Mother,I also think that,now more than ever... Prince Majid may be in danger ''.
'' How? ''.
'' Listen mother, Queen Dorah was only fighting all this while just so her son would be the crowned Prince, right? ''.
'' Yes....
'' And now,the king has chosen Majid instead,do you think Queen Dorah would be so calm nd share this happiness? ''.
'' Hm,you've made a point Sheena. You are right. I think Majid's presence here would not be safe, since he is so little now and can not defend himself ''.
'' Then,what do we do now? ''.
'' We shall wait for a little while. When he turned 5 years old and get to know us all as his family. You,his mother, me his grandmother, the king... his father. And we teach him so many things about royalty, we shall send him away ''.
'' Send him where mother? ''.
'' Calm down Sheena. The king has a friend in the kingdom, one of the most very prestigious people in the kingdom. Mr Raul Pupadhea. The king trust him,we shall talk for him to take Majid with him to the country he's being traveling to often when he is ''.
'' Will the king agree to this mother? ''.
'' My son does everything I say. I just pray the cunning priest won't be there on that day...just relax,everything will soon be okay ''.

(In the evening=Queen Dorah's chamber).

She had being attended to. Earlier when she was brought into her room,she was revived from her faint with cold water. And when she saw the king, she kicked him out together with the ministers and wise men and other kings. She was enraged. Her maids calmed her down and she fell asleep. She had now opened her eyes after a long sleep. She sat up on her bed and saw her maidens standing beneath her bed. She break into tears they had ever seen before.
She wept so badly and got up in her feet and started destroying all the valuables in her room until her maids said thousands of coming words for her to calm down.

'' I killed her!!! And I thought after her death,everything would be okay. But is after her death that the worse things are happening to me! ''.
'' Relax your highness... remember that walls have ears. If anyone should hear you say this,we are all doomed ''.
'' I am already doomed you fool! All I wanted was for my son to be the crowned Prince! Now,it is that stupid baby Majid who will be crowned Prince, and not my Faruk! And I know,all this is Queen mother's doing! She must have deceived the king ''.
'' Exactly your highness.... Queen mother is the cause of all this ''.
(Queen Dorah slowly went closer to a small pot near her window and opened and she removed her pet snake and caught it by the neck and it opened its mouth, then she put one of her fingers in the snake's mouth).
'' I should have left Queen Meerah and killed her son instead. But all is not yet lost.....(she removed her finger and it was wet with poison, then she licked the poison into hr mouth seductively and her maidens were more than shocked).
'' May we know what you mean your highness? ''.
'' It's simple and short. Majid... oh baby Majid... will slowly and slowly, meet his mother soon enough, if there is no Majid, then there isno crowned Prince... and if there is no crowned Prince, there is no choice... but to crown Faruk instead, hahahahaaa....
(The three of them continued laughing evilly).....

episode 14
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(5 Years Later=Mr Raul's mansion).

The old man waa preparing himself since it was bright say and he was preparing himself to travel to London. He had his guards pack his things in his car because he was in a hurry to get to the palace to pick up Majid since he was taking him along. He was in anger although he couldn't complain, because of the matters with Meho. He left his properties with his son Rishab. And when he was accompanied outside with his employees, Meho got to the house immediately and fell at his feet.

'' Sir,please... don't leave yet ''.
'' Meho,you again? ''.
'' Please, forgive Bhavna for the way she treated you the last time you came to our house ''.
'' You should have spoke to her calmly, for her to understand our agreement you useless man. Now what do you want from me? ''.
'' Bhavna is in labour sir. I called the midwife, they are all with her in our house right now...please, come and see your future wife before leaving ''.
'' Do Bhavna is about to give birth to my wife(laughs and celebrates). Okay... you all,let's go together ''.
(They leave together).

(Meho's house).

There was a loud cry of a baby on the compound and people clapped inside the room. In the room,four women were with Bhavna. Three were her friends and the other one was the midwife. She held the baby in her arms and slowly got to Bhavna's side. Bhavna was so weak and was sweating, but her joy was proof, that her wish had finally come true.

'' Congratulations Bhavna. It is a girl. An angel in fact ''. The midwife said and handed the baby to Bhavna.
'' Oh my baby, welcome to the world. Thank you Lord ''.
'' Everyone is going to be so happy about this news Bhavna... congratulations again my friend ''.
'' Thank you ''.
'' Give her to me,let me wash her body and bring her for you to breastfed ''.
(The midwife took the baby and took her aside, closer to a basin of water to wash her).
'' I wonder where Meho has gone. He will never change, even though his wife has given birth ''.
'' Bhavna, what are you going to do now? ''.
'' I don't know where he has gone to. All I want is to hold my baby in my arms ''.
(Suddenly, Meho and Mr Raul arrived in the house and entered the room with two guards).
'' You vile creature,what are you doing here? ''. Bhavna said in pain and anger.
'' Where's my daughter? ''. Meho looked around.
'' Midwife!!! Give me my baby! Please! Don't give the baby to Meho. Bring my baby to me,fast!!! ''.
(The midwife handed the babu back to Bhavna and she held her tightly).
'' What is wrong with you Bhavna?! Are you not going to allow me carry my own daughter? ''.
'' Not until that monster get out of the place. I can't believe this are as heartless as Mr Raul,how can you sell your own child to him even when she was not born yet? ''.
'' Shut up..shut up Bhavna, I did it for our future!!! ''.
'' Get out Mr Raul... leave. And forget about the deal you had with Meho, because my daughter will never be greedy bastard!!! ''.
'' An agreement is an agreement Bhavna. Meho already signed the deal on paper. With his finger prints. I have fed tour family for the past five years because of that deal ''.
'' I am going to pay you until the last penny. But I will never give my daughter to you. Read my lips ''.
'' We shall see about that Bhavna. Thank your stars now that I am traveling to London. But this is not the end,you have stepped on a lion's tail and it will definitely devour you ''.
'' Well,we will see about that Mr Raul, I hope you leave this place and never come back! ''.
'' Oh,I will surely come back Bhavna, I will be coming and going, but a time will come,when I finally come here and stay for good,and take your daughter way from you forever! ''. He looked at Meho's face with detest and left the room with his guard.
'' Are you satisfied now Bhavna... you can keep your beloved daughter to yourself. Never bring her even a little closer to me ''. Meho warned.
(Bhavna was in disbelieve).
'' Else, you will regret it! ''. He added and left the room.
'' Don't listen to that drunkard Bhavna. He doesn't know what he's saying. I think he has being drinking and listening to Mr Raul just too much ''. Dharma said.
'' My baby... ''. Bhavna caressed her baby with a smile. '' Rishi... I have fulfilled my dreams. Her name would be called Rishi ''...

(At the Royal Palace).

The royal family had gathered outside the palace. Queen mother held Prince Majid's hand and a big car arrived in front of the palace. Queen Sheena bent down and gave Majid a big kiss on his forehead. Mr Raul got out of the car in his suit and tie and spectacles. Queen Sheena wept when she saw two guards carrying Prince Majid into the car. She had delivered a baby girl for the king.
Prince Lakshmi. The king took Mr Raul aside.

'' Your highness... this is the end of the road now. I should be getting to Delhi airport now,else I might miss my flight ''.
'' Okay good. I have given you this responsibility Raul. Do not disappoint me. You know,that is the crowned Prince of Ujani. Make sure he always remember where he comes from,so he does not forget for values. Please, he is the future king and I would prefer him to learn more about life....okay? ''.
'' Yes your highness... trust me. Everything would be okay ''
'' He is spending 20 years there with you. Take care,as soon as the 20 years ends,he should come back to his fatherland and take responsibility for his royal duties... may the gods be with you ''.
(Queen mother embraced her grandson tightly and asked Mr Raul never to remove the elephant necklace from his neck, and the departed finally).

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

She was standing at her window and looking down at the large compound and saw the royals entering the palace. Her maids were busily dressing Prince Faruk up after bathing him. She looked through the window with a lot of hatred and anger. She dropped the curtain and turned to the maidens.

'' For five years. For five good years we have being trying to kill Majid, but no...that necklace and the Queen mother and Sheena has always protected him. Now,they have finally convinced the king to take him away ''.
'' Your highness, I think it would be better to leave this work to Prince Faruk when he grows up and is old enough to fight for his rights ''.
'' In what way? ''.
'' I mean,you have fought a good fight. You have done all you could to get Faruk his rightful place in this kingdom, but the Queen mother and Sheena stood in your way for so long. So I think we should just install thirst to be king in Prince Faruk ''. Savitri said.
'' Mmmm...I think you are right. Give him to me. (She carried Faruk and he looked at her and gave her an innocent smile). My son,you may not be the crowned Prince today,but you will be king tomorrow. If I don't get my revenge on what they did to my family, then what do I gain from this stupid marriage? ''.
'' Your highness... do we have to wait until Prince Majid returns? ''.
'' Relax Avni. Right now,I don't have a competition yet,since Sheena gave birth to a girl. But,I have heard so much about that foreign country they are taking Majid to. That country has lots of spoilt brats. Now come to think of it,what if Majid comes back years later and he is not interested in the throne? ''.
'' Your highness.. how is that possible? He had being made the crowned Prince, and he will have to take over his royal duties ''.
'' I have a perfect idea. To make Majid stay in that country forever without coming back here again. And when that happens, the king will have only one son left..Faruk. And he will have no other choice, but to hand the throne to my son!!! ''.
'' How will you do that tour highness, can we help? ''.
'' You don't have to know everything I two may leave now ''.
(The maidens left).

(Queen mother's chamber).

The old queen mother was older than ever,she was blind and couldn't see anymore. She sat on Queen mother's bed with her golden stick and her face upward. Queen Sheena couldn't stop her tears as she was already missing Prince Majid. Queen mother and the old queen couldn't stop making fan of her. She had princess Lakshmi on her laps who was fast asleep and was very proud she could be an excellent mother to both she and Prince Majid.

'' We knew this was the best decision to make for him Sheena. Now that he is gone, he is left out of danger ''.
'' Don't be a 100% sure about it Gayatri. Don't be so soft on spiritual things okay. Spiritual matters does not care whether you are here or there. If an evil spirit wants to haunt you, it doesn't care whether you hang in the sky. It will still follow you there ''. The old queen said.
'' Oh my God,mother, you are already scaring me. What is all this? So,are you telling me that it was a bad idea to take Majid away? ''.
'' I am not exactly complaining about his departure. It is actually good. My son,Shaker's father also left the kingdom to a foreign country to learn more about life. And that is what also encouraged many people to be traveling. I am only saying that,I would be very happy if Majid was having some protection ''.
'' Oh,if it's for protection, then relax mother. My boy has all the protection he may need. And the next time he comes here,he would already be a man. And,he will soon take his father's place as king ''.

(20 Years Later=At the Temple).

It was very early at morning when the bright sun was taking its time to shine and most of the women in the kingdom had gathered at the temple as usual to give their offerings. The stairs to the was many and she walked slowly, climbing the stairs one after the other. Her long white shorts and veil was covered on her neck. She hated covering her face with a veil because she said it blinded her view.
She slowly got to the entrance of the temple and her lips was widened in a smile. Her small beautiful white teeth showed and she got to where're the temple bell was. She loved the temple bell so much. She loved ringing the bell for so long even though the priests had always warned her that it was supposed to be rang only once by everyone when entering. She looked at her left and her right, and when she saw no one looking, she hit the church bell like a thousand time, and they turned their faces to look at her,they frowned at her. Because they knew it was that troublesome girl,she quickly ran into the temple with laughter.
And she lighted her lantern of tray and flowers and went to offer thanks to lord Hanuman. When she got to the priest to take her sweets,she saw that the queue was too long for her,and she didn't have time to wait. She needed to take an offering to her mother.
She got to one woman who as forth in line and scrolled her eyes around to see whether someone was watching them. And she intentionally fainted on the woman. There was confusion and the priest Chanakher couldn't do anything because once he was seated on the ground, he couldn't stand up until everything was over. People brought water and sprinkled on her face.

'' Rishi? Rishi... get up! ''.
(She slowly opened her eyes and coughed).
'' Are you okay? ''. One of the women asked..
'' W..well....
'' I think we should let her take her sweets and go home to rest,she look sick ''. Another woman said.
'' Yes yes,you are right. She should take her sweet. Come child, get up ''.
(Two women held her hand and she got up and got to the priest and knelt down and stretched her hand).
'' Rishi, did you have to pretend and faint ''. Priest Chanakher said and laughed.
(She smiled lightly).
'' Make the sweets two priest, one for me,and one for mother ''.
'' But everyone is supposed to take one dear ''.
'' Yes,but I came in place of my mother as well. Please make it fast. Do it for your Rishi... please? ''.
'' Hmmm...okay ''. The priest gave her two sweets and she got to her feet and got outside.

She raised her head and saw the bell again and laughed. She raised her hand to ring it again and heard a loud calling.

'' Rishi!!! ''.
(She turned, and it was her best friend, her partner in crime and her sister. A beat friend is more than a sister, and she turned her back. The passing wind blew her hair up and back and Rishi's angelic face showed. Her colour was a bit dark and her hair was the longest, among all the young ladies. Her long pointed nose and eyes that pierced through the soul. She hated wearing ear rings and she smiled. Her best friend walked up the stairs. And held her hands down).
'' We have to go now Rishi... remember our plan yesterday? ''.
'' Yes yes yes. But come on..let's run fast else, if one of the priest sees me,they will force me to clean up the temple ''.
'' Okay, on your marks,get set..and run!!! ''. Kushi shouted and they run down the stairs together then took to their heels.
(One of the priests sees them running away).
'' Rishi!!! Rishi come back here now...Urrrggghh! This naughty girl,that was not how her mother was. Now look. Bhavna always used to clean the temple, but this one? No! I will write her name down and give her such a punishment, she will never forget ''. The priest said.

(The royal Palace).

The palace had completely changed. Mr Raul had brought beautiful colours of paints from London as ordered by the king. And other foreign goods like chandelier, television and other stuff to decorate the palace. They had painted the palace. They had painted the palace and even created a swimming pool. They had never seen anything like that,bit it was requested by Prince Majid who was still in London and had threatened not to come to the kingdom until all this foreign things were not provided in the palace. He had gotten used to the foreign air,foreign friends and ladies. For years,20the palace was now getting a renovation. Everyone was busy here and there. Mr Raul sent the foreign stuff by messengers but he himself was in London, preparing himself to finally come back to his kingdom. As the preparation was going on, the Queens had also invited jewellery sellers and saree makers to select a beautiful necklace and materials for the welcoming party.

(Prince Faruk's Chamber)....

episode 15
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

The chamber was created specially because he was the first son. He had everything in that room. His bed was in the middle of large room and there was a red and black painting on the walls and weapons hanging on the wall and the roofs. And from morning to that time,he had covered his whole body from head to toe with his expensive golden bedsheets until he heard a violent knock in his door. The person tried opening but he had locked himself from the inside.
He took off the bedsheet and quickly sat up on the bed with a horrible frown. His eyes were red from sleep,through his handsome. He looked upset as to why someone knocked the door violently. He wasn't going to forgive the person if he opened the door.
He got to his feet and his nakedness showed. He lived sleeping naked. Only reasons due to himself, but he lived nakedness. He just loved it. And wore his bed slippers and tied his waist with a bedsheet and walked to the door. The knock came again and opened the door.

'' What do you want? ''.
'' What do I want? Faruk,what do I want? ''. Queen Dorah shouted and entered in her glory with a big heavy card ''. Do you even know what is going on around you? ''.
'' You can't just enter my room like that mother. I have not permitted you to enter ''.
(Queen Dorah turns and is about to slap him,but she stops in mid air and rather throws the card at him).
'' Look at that! Take a look at it ''.
(Prince Faruk bent down and picked up the card and read it).
'' Have you now realised what is going on? You don't have any attention at all,everyone is rather waiting patiently for the crowned Prince of Ujani...your little brother, how does that sound you senseless fool! ''.
'' Why are you talking too much mother? What do you want? (Slowly tears the heavy card with all of his strength and throws it at Queen Dorah). Do I have to let you know about all my plans, before you know that I am planning a big surprise for Majid? ''.
'' I am your mother Faruk! And I have every right to know about all your plans. So that if I have to correct in some way,I will do so ''.
'' When can I ever go wrong mother? (He turns his back at her). I have learnt everything I am from you. So...just relax, and watch how..your son,turns everything around in our favor, just in the blink of an eye ''.
'' You better keep your promise. Because, we still have lots of time to turn tho GS around. I can't stand how people look down on you because your little brother was made the crowned Prince instead of you! I can't stand it anymore! ''.
(She shouts and leaves the chamber, and some few minutes later,someone knocked. He turned to the door and opened it. It was one of the maidens, holding a bowl of clean water and a towel in the other hand. She had her face downward and as usual she had a veil which covered half her face. Her name was Charu. And Faruk whimpered and went back to his bed while Charu still stood at the door because she had to be invited in before entering. He sat on his bed in relaxing mood).
'' Come in ''.
(Charu entered the chamber and placed the bowl of water close to Prince Faruk's legs and kept the clean towel on her shoulders).
'' It is time for tour morning feet wash my Prince ''.
'' Go ahead,and carry my legs into the water ''.
(She carries his legs into the water and starts washing it).
'' You must be the new maid ''.
'' Yes my Prince. I am Princess Lakshmi's hand maiden ''.
'' Mm..(starring at her with a seductive look). And where is Lakshmi? ''.
'' She is selecting jewelry with the Queens my Prince. (She finish washing his feet and uses the clean towel to dry them).
'' Come and see me tonight ''.
(She is shocked but didn't let him see it. She took the bowl of water and got to her feet).
'' Did you hear what I said...or you want me to repeat myself ''. He asked angrily.
'' Y..yes Prince. I'm sorry ''. She said and turned to leave.
'' And no one must know you are coming here. No one!!! ''.
'' Yes my Prince ''. She said and left.
(Prince Faruk got up and entered his bathroom).

(In the kingdom).

Rishi and Kushi got to the market. They were starving to death. They both knew the deal of stealing food from the market,and they did it so well,no one ever saw them steal. They got to the middle of the market where people were busily buying and selling. Is time,Rishi decided to do the first trick. Kushi stood behind her with a little sack and they got close to the fruit vendor and gave him a smile. He smile back and took paper to wrap their goods.

'' Hello beautiful Rishi. All your favourite fruits are here. Apple,banana.. grapes...
'' please? (Fakes a smile). I want..ten apples ''.
'' Ten...then it is fifteen gold coins ''
'' That much? ''.
'' You already know the price,do you want it or now? ''.
'' Urrrrrnnmn.. this apples don't really look fresh, can you please look behind you in your basket and get me the red apples, I prefer them to the green ones ''.
'' Well,okay. But the red ones are much expensive ''.
'' Just give me those ones. I will pay ''.
(The man turned to look into his basket of red apples and Rishi started picking up the green ones in front and throws them into the sack Kushi was holding and when she got to picking number nine,the man turned his back and is shocked and started screaming for people to come).
'' Thief!!! Rishi and Kushi are stealing my apples... help!!! ''.
(The girls then took to their heels in laughter. Kushi was not a good runner. And whenever she tried, she got very tired and couldn't breath because she was asthmatic. She held the apple and run at the same time with four men running after them. Rishi stopped on the way and took the apples from Kushi).
'' Lakshmi!!! ''. Rishi shouted and her mother's horse quickly rushed out of nowhere and she helped Kushi onto it. '' Ride it to our secret place Kushi, I will be there soon ''.
'' Are you sure you will be okay? ''.
'' Yes yes,just go! ''.
(Kushi quickly rode the horse away and Rishi continued her run towards the town's river. As soon as she got to the river, she turned her back and saw the men running towards her and she quickly stripped herself naked and jumped into the river and when the men got there,they quickly turned their backs and closed their eyes because it was a taboo in the kingdom for a man to look at a woman's nakedness if she wasn't your wife).
'' Hahahaaaa.. If you look at me,you are all doomed, now all you four should get back to the market and forget me because am not coming out of this river until you do so ''. She said in laughter while she held the sack of apples in the river.
'' Then don't come out of that river Rishi, because we will teach you a lesson if we meet you in town ''. They said and left.
(Rishi got out of the river and quickly wore her clothes, with her whole body and hair wet. She took an apple from the sack and took a bite,she went away to look for Kushi).

(United Kingdoms=London).

The country was very busy. Everyone had no time for boredom because everyone was busily going to work to make money. And others were busily having fan at the beaches, the spa and clubs.
At the beach,three girls layed on their beach beds close to the sea in their bikinis. And the sun was out and scotching. As one of the ladies, expensive lady..Cindy,the daughter of the richest governor of the state, sat in the middle of her friends, applying sun lotion on her white body and looking towards the sea with a smile.
She was the only daughter of the governor, they were just two. Her elder brother, Max and her. She hated taking bodyguards with her around because, that would make her feel uncomfortable and not do all the nasty things she wanted to do with her boyfriend.

'' Baby girl...when are we going for shopping? ''. Natalya asked.
'' We can go to the mall anytime Nat..let's just wait for the boys to come and pick us up ''. Cindy replied.
'' Well..and I also heard you talking about a fan filled trip to India the other time we were at Captain Hooks restaurant? ''. Bella said as she removed her dark sun glasses.
'' Yeah yeah...I really didn't hear all about it. But when everything is settled, I will let you girls know. Are you willing to go with me? ''.
'' Well of course Cindy baby... wherever you go,we will go ''.
(The three laughed. Cindy was sexy,beautiful, tall and slim. She had beautiful blue eyes and every guy that saw her was literally in love. Just like some two guys who saw her at the beach and got to them and started acting naughty with her. One of them touched her tights and she gave him a big slap. The three girls got to their feet in anger. One of the boys was a body builder and had scary muscles).
'' Don't you respect a lady you fool? ''. Cindy shouted angrily.
'' You slapped me? You have no idea who you are messing with baby. If you don't want any guy to touch you,then cover your whole body bitch! ''.
'' You are senseless.. you have no idea who I am. Just a tip of my finger nails can feed your entire generation for life you dirty boy!!! ''.
(The muscular boy pushed Cindy back into the chair and he'd hr hair,and forcefully kissed her and she tried resisting. She lifted her right knee up and hit his balls and abdomen and he groaned in pain. She got to her feet in anxiety and he lifted his hand to give her a dirty slap when another arm grabbed hold of his strong arm tightly. He tried taking his arm away but the other hand was stronger. He stretched himself up and turned to look at the person. And there came that smooth face. That pink lips. That beautifully shaped nose and the brown eye,the air blew his wavy thick black hair and the fair face which showed like the sun in golden rays. The muscular guy wa in fury,who the hell was that guy that held his hands? Yes,it was Prince Majid. The muscular guy lifted his other hand to hit Majid and Majid just headed him to the ground. Majid bent down and scooped out some beach sand and opened the guy's mouth and threw the sand in his mouth and gave him a hot blow with his strong left arm. The guy coughed out blood with the sand and started pleading. Majid's two best friends held the muscular guy's friend and he also pleaded. Majid made the muscular guy get on his knees in front of Cindy. Cindy smiled.

'' Apologize ''. Majid simply said.
'' Oh I am sorry madam,I really didn't know what I was doing, please ''.
(Cindy gave him a dirty slap on top).
'' Get out of my sight asshole! ''.
(Majid pushed the guy aside and he took to his heels with his friend. Cindy starred at Majid and he gave her a sexy wink with his left eye and she embraced him tightly with a sob. And he hugged her back).
'' I was so scared baby ''.
'' Are you okay? ''. He said with his heavy voice. Indeed, Majid was the cutest. He had a baby face and a heavenly smile. Even when he was angry,he still looked handsome. He was the real definition of beautiful. He was even more beautiful than most girls. But he was a man,and all the ladies died to have him. But Cindy was the lucky girl who caught his heart. They were madly in love with each other. And they never wanted to be apart from each other.
'' I am okay now. Shall we go to the mall now? ''. Cindy asked and took her clothes.
'' Sure sure...anything for you baby ''. Majid said with a smile.
(Majid had earring on his left ear. He is a Prince. And his ears were pierced when he was 5 years old. He wore a silver earring and it !ade his face look sexy. Cute,and sexyand demn hot. He was a fitness maniac. He loved going to the gym too. He was the ladies choice).

(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Horse stables).

Prince Faruk had his horse being saddled by his personal bodyguard and friend Shiv. He held a small pot in his hands and he never stopped that evil look in his eyes. He opened the pot and a cobra hopped out then he caught hold of the cobra quickly. His horse mumbled at the sight of the snake. Prince Faruk turned the snake close to his face.

'' Hurry up Shiv. This plan of mine must be prepared so well that,my mother will not come nagging me for failing again ''.
'' But Prince Faruk, are you not afraid of going to the forest? Because, ancient says that,there are evil spirits there ''.
'' I myself am evil.(laughs madly). Evil spirits fear and bow down to me,so as my friend,you don't have the right to be a coward ''.
'' I am sorry Prince, just advising.. (finish saddling Faruk's horse).
'' I am such a good brother. How many brothers do what amanout to do now? My little brother is about to return home,and he has no idea what is installed for him(giggles). He will never forget this surprise, for the rest,of his life.......


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