Married To The Prince Episode 43,44 & 45

Episode 43 
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

'' Where in the palace can this pot be safe? ''.
'' Let's go to the garden. I heard that place is pretty crowdy with flowers and grasses. We will by all means find a place ''.
(Rishi took a small cloth from the bed and covered the pot with it and she stepped out with Kushi).

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

He had sharpened a small knife and placed it in a small box on his bed. He took a medium sized towel and smeared it with alcohol. He prepared the two items on top of his bed and started walking out but Shiv bumped into him inside.

'' Shiv...just the kan I needed. I was coming to call you ''.
'' My Prince. I found our spy. That girl who listened to.....
'' Look,I don't have time for anything right now okay?! All I want right now is to see Charu dead! ''.
'' What?! Charu...the maid? ''.
'' Idiot, who else is called Charu here huh? Have you seen her around? ''.
'' Well,she went into the maiden's chamber from Princess Lakshmi's chamber. And she looked like she was in a hurry. What has she done Prince? ''.
'' Pregnant! ''.
'' Oh God. For you? ''.
'' Who else? Did you think I will care if the pregnancy belonged to someone else? ''.
'' What do we do then? ''.
'' If my mother should hear about thus,then that's it! I am ruined. And if anyone else hears about this then,I will loose my chance of becoming the king of Ujani '' 
'' So....
(Prince Faruk walked to the head of his bed and picked up the knife and towel then handed the over to Shiv).
'' Watch her. Make sure she is alone for a moment, an when the coast is clear,then you kill her without any evidence..are we clear? ''.
'' Yes okay. But you didn't listen to what I wanted to say. I found the person who was eavesdropping on our conversation ''.
'' Huh? ''.
'' More trouble for us my Prince. It is a handmaiden of your brother's bride ''.
'' Oh no! Do you think so. If not then,they would have come and confronted us long ago. But I am sure our secret is no longer safe ''.
'' Let us put her on the list of our killing beings. I don't even know what to do anymore. Don't worry....I will see to her demise myself ''.

(On the walkway).

Cindy kept walking fast to nowhere. Tears had blinded her eyes and she felt helpless and sad for how Majid treated her. As she walked in anger and she anxiety, she bumped into Natalya and without saying a word,she embraced her. Natalya didn't know what went wrong but she was sure things had started coming to an end.

'' Hey,it's okay. Cindy look at me ''.
'' You can't imagine what happened Natalya. Majid, he kicked !e our of his room. Because of that dirty thing ''. She groaned in anger. Not knowing what else to do.
'' Relax... Now,tell me exactly what happened ''.
'' I don't care what happened Natalya! I just want to kill that girl right now! I wat to kill her and take back my man. Where e hell is she? ''.
'' I don't know. But you have to calm down ''.
'' I hate this people so much. If I don't see any improvements then,I will burn this whole palace down Natalya. I will kill everyone here if Majid doesn't treat me better ''.
(She said this helplessly and she turned to leave and bumped into Queen Dorah who had Avni standing besides her. Queen Dorah had her normal face on,she was taller and watched Cindy with a smirk. Cindy blinked her eyes and wiped her teats away then cleared her throat).
'' Urrrmmm... Hi? ''.
'' Oh my goodness Avni, the girl who just threatened to kill us all because of Majid's just talking to me now. Ooosh am so scared right now ''.
(Avni laughed out).
'' What is funny madam? ''.
'' Queen Dorah! Don't call me any other name,from that clear? ''.
'' I am not one of tour servants okay? So you can't order me around... Is that clear? ''.
(Queen Dorah angrily grabbed her hands).
'' Show me respect girl! You are in my country, my kingdom...and my palace....
'' Hahaha.... your kingdom and palace? Oh gosh,but last time I checked, you are not even Majid's mother! And he's the crowned Prince....

'' Show respect girl! You are in my country, my kingdom... and my palace....
'' Hahaha... Your kingdom and palace? Oh gosh,but last time I checked,you are not even Majid's mother...and Majid is the future king. You are just a temporal Queen for now. Once you are old,you would be used for nothing! ''.
'' Cindy stop! ''. Natalya screamed in fright.
'' Oh really now foreigner. You want to challenge my power? I will show you ''. Queen Dorah tightened her grip on her hands. '' Guards!!! ''.
'' Oh please Queen,I beg of you. Don't take it out on her okay,she is devastated as it is. Please ''.
(Two guards rushed there in a haste and grabbed hold of Cindy's who started resisting and shouting Majid's name).
'' Take this worm to my chamber now! ''. Queen Dorah said and followed the guards who just dragged Cindy along. Natalya in a helpless state,dashed of towards Majid's chamber.

(In the garden).

The king stood besides the white jasmine flowers of Queen Meerah. Those were the flowers she used to water every morning when she woke up. He held a water pot and started watering it. This brought him so much memories. He used to enter into the garden together with Queen Meerah just because she couldn't wait to see her jasmine flowers. And Queen Meerah wouldn't eat until her flowers were watered. He placed the pot aside and touched the flowers which gave him a peaceful sensation. Rishi and Kushi arrived in the garden and immediately and gasped when they saw the king. They slowly turned to take on their heels but the king saw them first.

'' Rishi dear! There you are,where are you going? Come closer ''.
(Rishi panicked and slowly handed the pot to Kushi and they both walked closer to the king. Kushi stood behind Rishi while Rishi bowed down and touched the king's feet).
'' God bless you child ''.
'' Your highness... You are here? ''.
'' No...I am there ''.
(They both laughed).
'' I always come here Rishi. Most times ''. He said and sadly touched the flowers.
'' They are beautiful. My mother used to grow them in our house until the rain destroyed them all. Did you grow these? ''.
'' Mmmm...I didn't. This flowers belonged first wife ''.
'' Queen Meerah? ''.
'' Wow,you have heard of her? ''.
'' Queen mother said a little ''. 
'' And what did Queen mother say about her? ''.
'' Well...that she was a good person. And,she was very quiet and had a smiling face on all the time ''.
'' That is true ''. The king smiled. '' She was blameless. But death...death didn't spare her either ways ''.
'' Y...your highness. I don't mean to intrude in the family matters or grievances of the past but...what,really killed Queen Meerah? ''.
(The king sniffed and cleared his throat and looked down. Wondering whether to tell Rishi the truth or not).
'' But if you don't want to tell me then....
'' No dear. The truth is not a death penalty have the right to know. Queen Meerah and I got married when I was still a Prince. My father, went on a war and when he came back,I was already married to Queen Meerah, by my mother's orders because, the Prince had to marry before sitting on the throne. So,when my father took a long time before returning from the war with either of his soldiers, we all thought they had died in the war. So my mother brought Meerah,the daughter of one of the kingdom's weather herbalist. We were both very young by then,it was complicated. Queen Meerah's father dies so we were only family she had left. I fell in love with her on our wedding night. She was so innocent and had me running after her that whole night before she gave herself to me ''.
(Rishi and Kushi buried their faces in their hands and chuckled shyly, making the king laugh out).
'' We married for many years,my father came back from the war and died three weeks after and I was made the king of Ujani. He married three wives of course, but they all gave birth to girls,except my mother. And I was the last born. My sisters were later married off to other kings and were taken away. My stepmothers died. I was made king and for more than fifteen years,Queen Meerah and I couldn't have children. Until one of the elders of the court introduced Queen Dorah to me,and I married her. She got pregnant first, with Faruk,and Queen Meerah later got pregnant with Ma......I mean,Queen Meerah got pregnant too ''. The king adjusted his garment and got ready to leave. '' Queen Dorah successfully gave birth to Prince Faruk,but Queen Meerah... she died when giving birth ''.
'' Oh God. I am so sorry your highness ''.
'' Yes...she will never be forgotten ''.
'' But it seems she has really being forgotten. No one ever talks of her. I never heard of her. And also,if she died giving birth,end where is her child,isn't he or supposed to be here? ''.
'' Haaa Rishi, tour ears really is delicious to you ''.
(Rishi smiled innocently).
'' But I should leave now. I have a meeting with some elders in the court about the Jhansi kingdom. There has being a little complaint coming in. All you should know is,I am really grateful for your presence in our lives,thank you. You have being there for Majid, in this short time, and I don't know if anyone will be able to do what you did for him. Thank you Rishi... Meerah did that for me too,thank you, for being a second Meerah to Majid ''. The king said and left.
(Rishi was suddenly thrown into confusion. Kushi went in front of her with the pot in her hands).
'' He thanked me for being, a second Meerah? ''.
'' Yes..why? He means,you are doing good,just like Queen Meerah did ''. Kushi said and started leaving but Rishi stopped her.
'' Wait Kushi. Oh my goodness! I now understand everything the king said ''.
'' What exactly do you mean? ''. 
'' Kushi look! Put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle with me. Queen Meerah couldn't give birth right? And then later she got pregnant and gave birth. She died,but her baby,where's her baby? Nowhere mentioned in the picture. And we saw Queen Meerah was wearing the same elephant necklace, which only I and Prince Majid have,and that was strange. Now the king thanked me for being a second Meerah, not to Tue entire family but he mentioned Majid alone! Do you know what that means? ''.
'' Oh my goodness Rishi... does that mean that...
'' Majid is Queen Meerah's son Kushi!!! Queen Sheena only gave birth to Princess Lakshmi, but Majid is Queen Meerah's son! Even that Savitri mistakenly said,Majid was made the crowned Prince, because Queen Meerah was the king's favourite Queen! That means,Majid, is Queen Meerah's son! ''.
(The pot in Kushi's hands shook and fell on the ground with a loud crush, and the two girls stood there shocked).....

episode 44
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(In the garden).

Rishi shouted in horror as the pot fell on the ground and she quickly took it back. There was a crack on it. She signed in relief and held it with all her strength and covered it with the cloth they brought.

'' It almost bursted ''.
'' Oh my God Rishi! There is something in that pot Rishi. I am scared now...that pot shook in my hands by itself I swear! ''.
'' Yes I know Kushi,I saw it. Now let's keep this pit away from the human eye. In my own suggestion, we should rather take it to priest Chanakher, I trust him more than the town's priest ''.
'' Me too ''.
'' Yes. We shall take it there in the next fast. When we see him alone, then we go ''.
'' I don't think the fasting day is the best option. Many married couples will be there. Wives would be fasting and praying for their husbands, and husbands will be waiting to break their wives fast on full moon. We should go there in the pretence of going to pray for the royal family, then we shall see priest Chanakher when no one can destruct us and give him the pot to find out what's in it ''.
'' Good idea. Kushi,I wonder why no one wants to tell Majid that his mother is dead ''.
'' Maybe,to protect the throne. He was just a child by then. And they sent him away to a foreign country. And they couldn't get in touch with him. So I think they are afraid now,to tell him for the throne,he might never forgive them for keeping him in the dark from such painful truth. And you have already studied Prince Majid's attitude. He has an unbearable temper and does not listen. He might abandon the throne and go away from here ''.
'' I think so. Let's go from here ''. They left.

(In the court).

The king entered the court then all the elders and wise men with some few palace priests got to their feet. Until he sat down and permitted them all to sit down. They got to their seats and Queen mother was seated in her position as well.

'' Let the court begin please. What is the news? ''.
(One guard entered the court,followed by five more guards who carried a ladder bed on their shoulders with things on them,covered in white cloths. The guards arrived in front of the king and placed the three ladder beds on the grand floor and removed the cloths. It contained three different palace warriors who were dead with white foam on their mouths. The king pusher his face to the other side in disgust and their bodies were covered again).
'' What happened to them?! ''. He asked.
'' Your highness. We were five hundred in number,guarding the entrance of Tue kingdom. This three separated themselves from is to get us feed from the outside forest as that is what we the war soldiers eat. But it took very long and they had not arrived. So as the commander of the army,I sent five soldiers to go in search for them. They arrived hours later with their dead bodies, saying that they drunk from the huge running lake which separate Ujani from Jhansi ''.
'' What is that supposed to mean? ''. Queen mother asked,frowning.
'' We didn't know what else to say your highness. So we brought some of the water to the palace for q check up ''.
'' Commander, you you suspect something? ''.
'' Your highness, they were absolutely fine this morning. They can't just drink the water and die. This looks like poison ''.
'' What?! ''. Everyone in the court started murmuring to themselves.
'' And who would poison running lake? That is just impossible ''. Queen mother said.
'' It is possible my Queen. The thing is,the river lake is no longer running ''.
'' What's that? ''.
'' We went to investigate the lake's head. And we met a strange huge river rock and a log which was choking the the water from going any further into flowing waters. Someone intentionally plotted the stone to block the water from going to their destinations. And not only that,the water has changed from colourless to dark green ''.
'' What?! All this is so confusing. Call the royal doctor here now! She can determine if the water is poisoned or not ''. The king said and a guard bowed down and walked out.
(Queen mother stood up and went closer to the king).
'' Shaker, take the time to decide wisely my son. I think this is all strange, considering, Tue river is what separates our kingdom from Tue Jhansis, who could have done this? ''. Queen mother whispered to the king.
'' Don't worry mother. I have things under control. Let's just see whether it is poison or not ''.
'' Then what ''.
'' Then I will have a word with Siamak ''.
'' King Siamak?! Why would the Jhansi kingdom poison the water? What for? They are our friends! ''.
'' So mother is it Ujani that poisoned the water?! Come on mother. The people here hardly leave the kingdom. This is all confusing, just give me time ''. He whispered back and the Queen mother went to take her seat.
(The royal doctor entered the court with the guard and they both bowed down. E doctor took the skin of water from the commander and started her magic. She mixed some herbs together in a transparent cup and opened the head of the skin of water).
'' I am done your highness ''.
'' what? ''.
'' I am about to pour the water into the herb that I have mixed. If the colour turns white,then it is not poisoned. But if it turns black then...there is poison in it ''.
(She raised both the water and the herb up high for everyone in the court to see it. She slowly poured the lake water into the herb and shook it a little. The herb started separating themselves in the water. The whole court was quiet. Then as the herbs died down,the water turned completely black,making everyone's faces turned completely blank).
'' What?! And we are staying quiet? ''. One elder shouted.
'' Tour highness, that river flows,and at the end of the day,it pours into Ujani river. That means, someone is trying to kill us! ''. Another screamed.
'' I can't believe this. Who will possibly do this,when we have not done anything wrong ''.
'' Who else but Jhansi people! I mean,they are just opposite us! While the other kingdoms are behind them. That is it! ''.
(The king got up).
'' We cannot jump into conclusion elders! King Siamak will never do that. I trust him! ''.
'' Your highness. This has to be taken care of with immediate attention. If water is destroyed, it can never be replaced. And we use water to survive, now they have poisoned our water bodies ''.
'' The court is adjourned for today. Let's meet tomorrow ''. The king said and they all got up in anger and confusion. They bowed down. They bowed down. The dead bodies were taken away and the king left the court with Queen mother, followed by the others).

(Prince Majid's chamber).

Natalya entered and with fright, she went closer to Majid.

'' Natty? ''.
'' Majid,do something now! ''.
'' What happened? ''.
'' The Queen. Some Queen, I don't even know her name. I think she's your brother's mother ''.
'' What about her? ''.
'' The thing is, Cindy was so upset and well...Cindy spoke rudely to her. So she called her guards to take Cindy into her room ''.
'' Oh gosh Natty,why are you telling me? ''.
'' Please do something Majid! Please... Look,I know you are upset at her about last night...
'' It's more than that ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' Never mind ''.
'' You are the crowned Prince after all Majid. Please, go get your woman from the Queen ''.
'' I don't think aunt will do her any harm. I guess....
'' Majid come on! You used to save Cindy in a heart beat! Please... What's wrong? ''.
'' Nothing....? ''.
'' Then come and save her Majid. You can let any harm befall her after leaving her country behind and following you here! ''.
'' Mmmm... You know am still hurt right? I am not allowed to get up ''.
'' Oh shit! I forgot that ''.
(Majid groaned painfully as he forced to be on his feet. He was more muscular now than ever after fighting a lion. He shoulders were sharp,and he opened his wardrobe then took out a shirt and wore it).
'' Let's go...

(Queen Dorah's chamber).

Cindy sat on Queen Dorah's bed,now comfortable after hearing the real reason why she was brought into the chamber. She carried her left leg onto the right one,smiling evilly nd Queen Dorah folded her hands close to her,also smiling. While Avni stood behind Queen Dorah. Queen Dorah poured a glass of grape wine and handed it over to Cindy while she also poured one for herself.

'' Wow...I am beginning to like you now Queen...? ''.
'' Dorah. Queen Dorah it is. And like I said before, if you want....I can help you with Majid's issues okay? You just have to trust me ''.
'' Well..sure sure... I don't trust you now ''. She said and sipped her wine. '' Now that you say is true,the rest of the royal family hates me...and why would I not trust you when you are the first member of the royal family who has approached me and offered me help ''.
'' Yes right? My heart is such a gold dear. We cannot allow Majid to have any feeling for that girl. And you know,we can both help each other. Tu possible do not want to live in this kingdom do you? ''.
'' Hell no! I just want to go back to go back to London with Majid so we can forget this place for good. This is not my thing... my life is know,going to the beach, clubbing, shopping... I have a fan life in London. So why would I want to be stuck here...because of one stupid throne? Majid's bank account has got money than the whole of United Kingdom and America. His bank account everywhere, can feed every country's president and all their famous celebrities! ''.
'' That is the spirit. So now,we have a plan. You want Majid, and I want the throne for my son. We work hand in hand,no one gets hurt? ''.
'' Exactly ma'am... Sorry,Queen Dorah. I really can't afford to loose Majid. I will just die. But what is your plan for this idea? ''.
'' Just make sure to stay closer to Majid all the time, even if he tries to avoid you. In order to prevent that girl from getting any closer to him. Because remember that,if he falls in love with that girl then,he will never go back to London. Use tour brains girl...and I will do my part alright. When it's time for us to also work together, then I will tell you ''.
'' Cool cool. I get it now. I will do exactly that ''.
'' So you know the rules then. Both you and I must not be seen together, and this plan must ne a secret, just between us here ''.
'' Okay great,whatever way you want it ''.
'' Good. You may leave now. Show her to the door Avni ''.
(Cindy stood up and walked to the door with Avni. She opened the door and got out then closed it. She turned right and saw Majid walking towards the chamber with Natalya and she quickly opened the door and entered back into the chamber).
'' What is it?! ''. Queen Dorah asked stunned.
'' Water! I need water. Give me water now!!! ''.
(Avni quickly poured her a glass of water and Cindy sprinkled some of it under her eyes and sniffed. Her face fell into total sadness and she placed the water aside. The water run under her cheeks like tears and they heard a knock in the door. Cindy quickly rushed to the door and took a deep breath,she opened the door in a rush as if she was running away from the chamber and bumped into Majid and Natalya. When Majid saw her,his face turned pale and she break into crocodile tears. Queen Dorah and Avni walked out and when Queen Dorah saw this act,she smiled evilly but secretly. Cindy quickly embraced Majid, sobbing. Majid trued resisting but he felt the need to comfort her since he had no idea what happened. He embraced her and placed his hands together at Queen Dorah).
'' I am very sorry aunt. Whatever that happened, please forgive her. You know she's not from here ''.
'' Don't worry about that Majid. I think she has learnt her lesson. But keep her closer to you always. And keep an eyes on her because.... I might not spare her the net time at all ''.
'' Sure ''.
(Queen Dorah and Avni entered back into her chamber and closed the door. Cindy drew back from Majid and wiped the water from her eyes and sobbed).
'' You came for me didn't you Majid? ''. She asked,more innocently.
'' Listen carefully Cindy, if you can't keep up with the conditions around here,just leave....
'' Listen carefully Cindy, if you can't keep up with the conditions around here then...better just go back to London! Have you loosed every respect for the elderly now?! ''.
'' Majid,why are you shouting at me now?! After what I just went through? I am tour woman for fuck sake! Don't you love me anymore or what?! ''.
(Majid tried to say something but he held back and walked away. Going towards his chamber with his left hand on his tummy).
'' Are you okay? ''.
'' Better than I could ever be ''.
'' Really? Cindy,what really happened in there with that Queen? ''.
'' Nothing special. She was just teaching me some Royal values ''.
'' Royal values huh? The woman you just fought with? Okay. But I need to get back and sleep. Got a headache ''.
(They both left together).

(In the evening=Queen mother's chamber).

She had black coffee wit Queen Sheena and after telling her about what happened at the court,the both loosed appetite immediately.

'' Oh goodness, he must be so devastated right now ''.
'' Yes,putting together his friendship with Siamak and the safety of his people, he is confused ''.
'' Well,the safety of the people is more important... That is the king's obligation ''.
'' I don't understand, why would the king of Jhansi do that? ''.
'' It might not necessarily be the king of Jhansi mother. It can also be..well...some other people. But it's surely is them ''.
'' What for? ''.
'' Maybe because we didn't allow the marriage between Majid and Ragah...I mean,they wanted the the crowned Prince after all ''.
'' But that wasn't our fault! Majid refused to marry her! She could have being his second wife but any doesn't matter now. You might be right Sheena. We might all be in danger ''.
'' If Queen Meerah was here...she would have given him the inspiration. The strength to make the right decision ''.
'' But you can also comfort him Sheena. You are his wife aren't you. I know how much you love Shaker when you both got married ''.

'' Oh mother. Well,let's jump from that part please. He must want some time alone. Let's just leave him ''...
episode 45
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).

(Maiden's chamber).

Charu closed her bag after packing her things. She felt more at ease when she saw there were no maids in the various rooms. She left her room and closed the door behind. She walked to the main gate and opened the door. Raj took the bag and placed a veil on her head while they tiptoed away. They had a long walkway and pillars and hallways to pass before walking down more than ten stairs before even getting to the compound which was covered with numerous guards. 
As they walked down the first hallway, they were lucky to find the whole place empty. It was now that some guards were walking there to take their positions for the night protection. They walked down the stairs and for to the second hallway. All the maids had finished their works and were all matching, leaded by Savitri into their various chambers. Raj and Charu quickly his behind one pillar until all the !aids had passed. They Enti ahead and started walking again. Shiv held the knife and small napkin wet with alcohol, he walked down the hallway looking around. He saw Raj and Charu from far away,running down some stairs. He quickly took to his heels and chased them. After Savitri organised the maids to their beds, she went out and started walking down the hallway as well. Finally, their toil was over and they got to the front of the building. There were numerous guards standing there among the trees. They went behind one pillar and got to the side of the main door of the building.

'' What's next Raj? We should have planned this before planning a run away act ''.
'' You already know we didn't have time to plan. Who knows,Prince Faruk must even be searching for you by now ''.
'' so true ''. Shiv revealed himself from behind one of the pillars. '' Where fado you think you are going? Well,let mW guess, errmmmm... Charu is pregnant and Raj is afraid that everyone will know he is the father and so she is helping her escape? '' 
'' You fool! You know that is nothing but a lie! ''.
(Savitri, as she was walking down to get out,she heard arguments and stood behind a pillar to listen).
'' Oh,so am a good guesser then, am I not? Charu is indeed pregnant ''.
'' Yes I am pregnant. It is indeed true that am pregnant. But you know that Raj is not the father as you claimed. Prince Faruk is the father! But I am sure he already told you that ''.
(Savitri was shocked. But a thin smile appeared at the side of her lips. She peeped her ears to listen to more).
'' Do you think I care about that? I am only here to obey my master's orders ''.
'' What?! What are you talking about? What kind orders?! ''. Raj asked a she made Charu stand behind him.
'' Please Shiv,let me go! It is not my fault that Prince Faruk raped me...but what has my baby done to you? Let me go ''.
(Shiv got the knife out of his back pocket and pointed it at Raj and Charu. Charu gasped and Raj also removed a sword from his saddle).
'' Oh I see...he is willing to protect the mother of his child. What a traitor. I am ni letting you go Charu. Prince Faruk feels threatened by your pregnancy. And I think he has good reason to feel that way. Who knows what you might do many years later with that child? ''.
'' I just want to get away from here and never come back I swear! I will not do anything. Please let !e fo...I don't deserve this ''.
'' Don't waste you breath talking to this crook Charu. He only does what Prince Faruk says remember? He's his puppet! ''.
(Shiv loosed his cool when he heard that and started running towards them with the knife but suddenly stopped on the way with a very painful expression on his face. Blood oozed from his head,down to his white face. He fell to the ground, motionless and Savitri stood behind with a long wooded paddle and they all starred at Shiv lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Charu was about to scream when Raj held her mouth. Savitri went closer to them).
'' Is he dead? ''. Charu asked.
'' I don't know. But that is not important now. Most important thing is, you can now go in peace ''.
'' Savitri... where you listening to everything? ''.
'' Is that what's important now? Some guards will come here in no time to guard this entrance... better go now! ''.
'' Why are you helping us Savitri? ''.
'' Charu,are you seriously going to interrogate me now that you have the perfect opportunity to run and save yourself and the baby? ''.
'' But...
'' Don't worry Charu. We shall meet again. I promise. Just go! ''.
'' Let's go Charu ''.
(Raj held Charu's hand and they passed behind one of the trees and rushed into the palace fields in the dark without the knowledge of any of the guards standing in front of the trees).

(Next Day=Rishi's chamber).

She had such a sweet night sleep and she opened her eyes at the sound of the loud shower coming from her grand darling bathroom. She sat up and looked besides her and Kushi wasn't sleeping there. She raised her hands and spread them in the air and yawned sweetly. She stepped down from bed and realised it was Kushi who was bathing. She frowned. She had never slept this much. She always used to wake up first before Kushi. But how come she loosed today? Or was it a broken heart sleep? She frowned and swung her wardrobe opened. She removed yesterday's clothes and placed on a new shiny saree of a top and down. She entered the dressing room and opened one drawer and took out Majid's sweatshirt and tacked her hair behind her ears and went back to the bedroom. She carefully folded the shirt and carried it into her hands gently like it was a new born baby... she walked closer to the bathroom door.

'' Kushi? ''. 
'' Yes? ''. She put off the shower. '' Angry that I beat you to waking up first today? Hahaha ''.
'' You are lucky. Anyway.. Am coming ''.
'' Where are you going now? Rishi remember the royal rules? Members of the royal family are supposed to keep themselves nice and decent to receive any visitor any day,because you may have no idea when you will get visited ''.
'' Oh wow Kushi. I think you should have being the one to marry the Prince instead and not me ''.
'' Idiot. But seriously, where are you going? ''.
'' Returning something that's not mine ''.
'' Oh my goodness! The pot? ''.
'' No way! I am wiser than you okay. You just wait for me ''. Rishi said and left with the sweatshirt.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He stepped out from the bathroom all fresh and looking good. But his wound still hurt. A royal doctor entered with his guard and dressed the wound for him.

'' When will this wound heal? ''.
'' Just give it a few more day my Prince. Two to three,and you will be good as new ''.
'' in a hurry to get a surgery ''.
'' My Prince, what is a surgery ''. Sushim asked.
'' Like seriously Sushim, should I explain that as well? ''.
'' Well...sorry. I just wanted to....
'' Surgery is an operation. In a good way,it saves lives. I need it to make the scar disappear. I hate scars ''.
'' Oh my Prince. That is just too easy. We have traditional herb in the kingdom which makes scars from a wound disappear ''. The doctor said.
'' Amazing! Are you absolutely certain? ''.
'' Yes my Prince, when the wound is a day away from healing completely, we mix yellow flower and red beats together and meat them on the scar. And in just one week,the scar disappears completely. And no one will even know that you got hurt at that particular place. It also makes the skin more beautiful and flawless. That is what most of the ladies use on their bodies when they are one week from their weddings ''.
'' Wow...but does it have any allergies? ''.
'' No side effect my Prince. And it is good for every skin type ''.
'' Get me some as soon as possible please ''.
'' There is only one woman who has being making that mixture in the kingdom my Prince. Her name is Bhavna. I shall call her and make arrangements ''.
'' Whatever. I just need this thing done with ''.
(They both bowed down and left the chamber, leaving Majid alone. He got up in his towel, tied around his waist and opened the wardrobe then selected a white shirt. It wasn't to his taste, he threw the shirt back into the wardrobe and entered his dressing room. Rishi entered the chamber with the sweatshirt in her hands,shaking. She swallowed thousands of saliva and looked around the chamber, wondering where Majid was. She went closer to his bed and layed the sweatshirt on too of it. She lifted herself up and turned to leave only to find Mr tall man Majid, starring at her,and they were close. She gasped and swallowed the biggest saliva. He looked down at her face, rolling his eyes down from her lips to her neck and chest and then below with so much intensity. Rishi's legs started shaking, as he was not wearing any shirt and just his towel tied down his waist and even half of his abdomen was appearing. His hair was wet,he turned his head behind her and saw his sweatshirt on his bed. The water from his hair sprinkled into Rishi's face and her heart bounced. The scent coming from his body and hair was so sweet and enticing. He looked back at Rishi. The closeness was too much for her,even though her eyes had died down,she was lost in his own eyes. Majid's breath hit her face and she could feel his heart beating so slow. Majid was holding a black jacket and a jeans from the dressing room. Hw threw them on the bed with his eyes still on Rishi's face. He wasn't smiling, neither was he frowning. But he looked so hot and sexy like a pepper in chicken wings. Rishi quickly came back to her senses and break the closeness and walked away from him to one of the couches which leaded to the door).
'' What do you want? ''.
'' To return what I took. I swear that it was a mistake. I just needed something to wear so bad at the time ''.
(Majid took the sweatshirt and threw it at Rishi, she caught it in midair in a heartbeat).
'' And who should wear that? ''.
'' Don't... don't you want it? ''.
'' After you hearing it? No thanks ''.
'' I promise that I washed it. I used all the expensive perfumed soap and sanitizes. I am sorry,I didn't mean to....
'' You are confusing me!....
'' What?! ''.
'' Just leave okay? I don't want it anymore ''.
'' But you said,it was tour favourite ''.
'' was. But you made it my least favourite ''.
(Rishi's face fell into total darkness and torment).
'' Am I that bad? I make things loose their glory.. am so sorry my Prince. I just....
'' Whatever....
'' But I don't want it. And this looks very expensive, and....
(Majid got to his feet and started walking nearer Rishi while she started stepping backwards, heart pumping).
'' I said..I don't want it. Okay? ''.
'' O..o..okay ''.
'' Excellent ''.
(He turned and entered back into the dressing room).
'' I won't do anything with this either ''. She said and went back to the bed and placed the shirt on it and rushed out of the chamber.

(Prince Faruk's chamber).

He kept throwing blows at Shiv for not completing the mission and he was going insane.

'' You don't remember where they passed? ''.
'' What I remember is what I have said. I had them my Prince. I swear that, I had them right in front of me. But someone just hit me from behind ''.
'' I am so sure that,it was Lakshmi ''.
'' No no. I peeped into Princess Lakshmi's chamber last big and she was fast asleep. She didn't even realise someone was in her chamber ''.
'' My chances are fading away Shiv,you are trying to sy,someone else knows about Charu's pregnancy? ''.
'' It is possible ''. He said and held the back of his head which was hurting so bad.
'' You may leave. Go and take rest for now. I will call you later ''.
(Shiv bowed down and left).
'' If I don't take care of this fast,it will start spreading like a disease. And I refuse to look into mother's eyes as a failure and a common Prince. No. I must act fast...I won't let a common maid and my own little sister, put me in such tight conner ''. He said and stepped out.

(Prince Majid's chamber).

He walked out of the dressing room and saw the sweatshirt on his bed. He was all dressed up now and he tucked his hair backwards and took the shirt and stormed out of the chamber. He saw Sushim busily guardian the door and held his waist.

'' Where is that girl? ''.
'' What girl my Prince? ''.
'' What?! Tell me you are not willing to play this game with me okay? ''.
'' What game my Prince? I don't.....
'' Shit!.....
(Majid said nothing and walked away towards the other chambers, leaving Sushim laughing and shaking his head).

(Rishi's chamber).

She walked out of the bathroom with towel on hr breast and her tight were brighting. Her hair was completely wet. She removed the towel an started drying her body. She sat in front of a dressing mirror besides the wardrobe in hr nakedness and started clearing water from her hair with the towel. She looked at her firm breasts with laughter and removed her necklace and placed it on the table. She took a body splash and sprayed her body in a sweet fragrance. She for up and raised her right leg onto the table and started applying pomade, slowly to her soft skin. She pur the towel away and raised her left leg and started applying pomade as well. There was a loud knock on the door.

'' Gosh...thank goodness. Iam starving, it must be Kushi with our breakfast now. Kushi, when did you start knocking on my door? ''. She shouted and laughed. But the knock became louder and more violent. '' I can see this girl wants to play jokes with me ''.
(She stopped applying pomade and walked to the door and opened it with her nakedness and screamed so loudly and rushed back inside as it was Majid. !Majid was flabbergasted. She reached her dressing table and took the towel and covered her body quickly. But her left nipple was showing, all red and she didn't realise that place was not covered well. Majid stepped into the chamber and closed the door behind him. He looked up and saw Queen Meerah's painting. He starred at it for a while and felt a sharp anxiety in his heart but he ignored it and looked at Rishi who was panting helplessly. Her hands grabbed her towel tightly and her hair covered her face and Majid starred at her so seductively. His brown eyes glanced at her from her fresh neck to her breast to her tummy and appearing tights. He held the sweatshirt in his hands and began to walk slowly towards her. She turned her back at him fright with her eyes closed. He got behind her and his cheat touched the back of her head and she felt like fainting. She sharply turned herself to him,making her wet hair fly in the air and made on his face. Majid's eyes closed as her hair fell on his face. He opened his eyes and they were closer than ever. There was no gap or space between them now. Majid looked into hr eyes through her hair and both their lips were shaking. Rishi was just shivering and Majid's blood was running hot. Majid slowly put his hands on his face and started clearing her hair from his face. The fragrance from her hair was heavenly. Majid placed her hair behind her and saw her left nipple peeping out and crying out for him,he stretched his hands to the towel and covered her breast well,that made her feel so embarrassed. Rishi was just starring those soft rose pink lips of his. He felt the electricity pulling him to her and who was he to resist? He needed to find out what he really felt for her. He pulled her head closer to his with a strong right arm and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Rishi's eyes were opened widely in surprise, but as Majid and her tongue wrestled, she melted away and her eyes shut closed a stheir kiss deepened. The sweatshirt fell away onto the floor from Majid's hands. Her breasts pressed tightly against him while Rishi's hands shivered, wondering where to hold him,but she had no idea where she learnt how to kiss like that. Majid kissed her so deep,so intense like his life depended on it,Rishi finally handed her arms on his shoulders, this looked like his stomach pain had disappeared for good.....

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